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Daily Beatings Are The Only Thing Left For Employees To Get The Way Employment Is Going.

Aiman is FOUR!

President Michael D Higgins addresses the European Parliament

Supreme Court: States Can Limit Freedom Of Information Requests To Their Own Residents

Arabs soften stance on Israel's final borders

Massive Pandemic Wage Theft Is The Result Of Actual Deregulation - The Enforcers Are Gone

President Obama trying something new

Pro-Hillary Clinton PAC To Hold ‘Bill For First Gentleman’ Event

Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo Makes History with 1st Rocket-Powered Flight

Trap Neuter Release can be so tough!

SOPA creator’s latest bill proposes stripping peer-review from science funding

Did any of you watch the debate between Elizabeth Busch and Mr. Hiking the trail tonight?

Guns on campus bill scheduled for Texas House vote

A little info on background checks, how they work, cost, and mental issues

Conservatives crack down on abuses of foreign worker program

Glenn Beck honored with Disruptive Innovation Award.

Congrats to Jason Collins

FDA will investigate added caffeine in foods

Report: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's repeated requests for a lawyer were ignored

In light of the recent attack ads from the Harper camp to Justin Trudeau:

SoftBank allows Sprint to conduct talks with Dish

Beard Study Shows Heavy Stubble Makes Men Especially Attractive To Women

Herschel space telescope finishes mission

George W. Bush: Iron Man?

This straw-bale urinal turns your pee into compost

O’Connor: Maybe Supreme Court shouldn’t have taken Bush v. Gore

Roswell Balloon Festival

Mother of 4-year-old accidentally shot accused of child endangerment

Oh My God...Finally, fucking finally....

Bwaaaaaaaaaah Chris Hayes is playing the beat down of the Alex Jones

Is this a physics question? I don't know.

Article: Elizabeth Colbert-Busch Blows Out a Desperate Mark Sanford in South Carolina Debate

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Elizabeth Colbert-Busch Blows Out a Desperate Mark Sanford in South Carolina Debate

"He never imagined his .38 caliber gun would get anywhere close to his two sons."

Alaska Shots

Magnificent New Timelapse: Death Valley Dreamlapse 2

???SPOILER??? Showtime’s “The Big C” goes to the great beyond with “Hereafter” ???SPOILER???

Superstorm Sandy Six Months

Rick Perry Was Stung By A Bee

Smoking gun in West, Texas, fertilizer blast: lack of government oversight


Everything You Need To Know About The Syrian Civil War

What does WET PAINT mean to you?

DU this #Legalize #Marijuana poll #mmot

Everything You Need To Know About The Syrian Civil War

Gun vote backlash: Five senators who said 'no' see ratings plunge

‘Pants on fire’ for Perry’s claim that Obama ignored letter on border security

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Tar, Baby & a new Kitteh gif

Feds: Dallas Military Contractor Falsified Bills

Most Hazardous Material On Planet Leaking At U.S. Nuclear Site

My dog's a trooper

I will share with you my review of a movie...The Croods..

Life in Spain's ''slum of shame''

My dog's a pooper!

"Extreme political attitudes may stem from an illusion of understanding"

That socialist Muslim is something else. Now he's covering up the West fertilizer plant explosion

Rachel is covering the fall of the austerity model with Ezra Klein?

None Dare Call It Treason: O'Connor has forfeited the right to be respected

Dog Poop Pictures! (Pic Heavy)

"The Right Wing Cult Machine Exposed"

One final set of fractals

"The Economic Whodunit"

climbing trees


So if you had 2013 in the pool, you won,

U.S. Rep. Gary Peters expected to announce bid for Senate seat

FBI looking into relationship between McDonnells, donor

This is some of the most UNINTENTIONALLY funny B.S. I have ever read in my life...

FBI Wants to Fine Companies That Refuse to Hand Over Your Online Communications

The Texas fertilizer plant explosion was a Muslim plot!

Anyone seen a poll on Grassley approval since the background check vote.

Afghan Leader Confirms Cash Deliveries by C.I.A.

The Cycle of Abuse Illustrated Through Single Photos and Multiple Models

Hollande on the ropes as French industry faces higher power prices with nuclear in decline

Red Pandas

Seeking Corporate Accountability for Crimes at Abu Ghraib

Shaw's To Donate $100K to The One Fund, Matching Customer Donations

#GOP Proposes Paving Airport Runways with Elderly and School Children.

best actress worst actress

Obama’s campaign finance reform plans have faded

Heracleion Photos: Lost Egyptian City Revealed After 1,200 Years Under Sea

Catherine Zeta-Jones checks in for treatment for bipolar disorder.

Sloth & friend

Karzai's Ghost Money...He Warned Us in 2008!

Cop Sexually Assaults Woman, Then Arrests Her For Protesting The Assault (w/video)

According to the GOP.GOV website: Obama Canceled the Keystone Pipeline

Neil Macdonald: The 'monarchs of money' and the war on savers (quantatative easing)


Obama and the Myth of Arm-Twisting

Doing a DNA test is a waste of taxpayer money?

After Tesla Becomes A Success, Fox Forgets Its Federal Loan

Sacramento Bee’s JACK OHMAN ‘stunned’ by governor’s response to his hot-button cartoon

Psst, Uncle Bernie has a Poll going

Chris Christie: Obama 'Kept Every Promise' On Superstorm Sandy Aid

What happened to Ed Schultz?

The Dogs of Moscow (You won't believe this!)

Baby Elephant Navann's Outing

today in women's herstory--29 april

"Corexit, Oil Dispersant Used By BP, Is Destroying Gulf Marine Life, Scientists Say"

Rethinking Prisons conference (Nashville) May 3-5

*Colbert Busch v. Sanford debate discussed @ Lawrence show,

a biography of the day--margherita arlina hamm--journalist, war correspondent, suffragist

New poster

WSJ: Karzai Confirms Accepting CIA Cash Monthly for 10 Years

Surviving hell in a Bangladesh factory collapse

Questions for daughter traveling to Italy

Elizabeth Colbert-Busch and Mark Sanford Full Debate - VIDEO link

Obama: GOP's 'misguided priorities' could cripple scientific innovation

He's in the top 15 most dangerous people list and seems to be liking it.

What is a "squish"? nt

Cool page from a Creationist science book

Stop Blaming Israel And America For Fayyad’s Fall

SPCO Musicians Ratify Contract, end Lockout

France shows us how to deal with jihadis

Some really amazing (and positive) tweets supporting Collins!

The Father of LSD Dead at 102.... Albert Hofmann

Latest GE Works TV ad, look who appears in it!

Holder To ADL: Protect Rights Of All, Including Muslims, After Boston

What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday April 30th Edition

A guide to being an acceptable feminist on the internet

Egypt Walks Out Of Nuclear Talks In Geneva, Citing Slow Progress Toward Nuclear-Free Mideast

A bourbon hamburger?

Richard Falk Chided for Linking Boston Bombings to U.S. Support for Israel

What do you find incredibly sexy?

The Real Reason America Can't Make a Nuclear Deal with Iran

Investigators Obtain DNA From Widow of Bombing Suspect

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer Signs Bill Banning Destruction Of Guns Surrendered At Buyback Events

It's raining in Corpus Christi!

Being a Met's fan is so frustrating!

What’s Best For The Jews: Agencies Split Over Assad Vs. Rebels Options

Court allows Bolivia's Morales to seek second re-election

bird of prey--- up close

The High Human Price of Cheap T-Shirts

Hyatt says it won’t put a housekeeper on its board

Ron Paul slams 'military-style occupation' following bombing

Camel is looking for more snacks, tries to eat a baby

I've seen Iggy Pop play twice

Smith Of Texas - National Science Foundation Must Justify All Science Research That Is Fed Funded.

Some low aspect photos.

Jon Stewart Slams ‘[email protected]#k***d’ Congress For Only Fixing The Part Of The Sequester That Affects Them

Ryan Braun supports NBA player Collins coming out

Water fund bill dies in Texas House

The "Jason Collins is teh gay? Ewwww..." squad is already at it...

VA withholds disability claims executives' bonuses

Rememer When Mark Sanford?

Imagine if women lived 10 years less than men!

Ending oppression in the Middle East: A Muslim feminist call to arms

Suddenly the Board of Trustees regretted letting Michael Bay take over the Bob Hope Open.

Study in white

Shit or get off the pot

Lawyer who defended Unabomber, Loughner to represent Tsarnaev

Florida charter schools get 91 million for facilities. Public school funding dwindles. Why?

SEC accuses Victorville officials of fraud

A 93 YO women I know is passing now.

Punishment: Maduro retains funds from the state of Miranda because the electors voted for Capriles

we are the 99 purrcent

Electoral body denies audit under the terms requested by dissenters

My new YouTube audiobook channel


Hens acting like roosters... some homespun bonobo wisdom

Dick Harpootlian on MSNBC said he counted Mark Sanford say 'Pelosi' 16 times during debate

NY's Cuomo: Clinton no bearing on 2016 thinking

No amount of kitty litter...

Is there a way to insert line breaks into the About Me box in the Profile

Indian tribes move into payday loans, evading state laws

Colombia’s Jewish community asks inspector general for position on Holocaust

Study finds 'soup of toxic chemicals' in the air near Arkansas ExxonMobil spill site

EU Agrees To Protect Bees From Pesticides, But Britain Votes Against

Climate Activist on Day 29 of Hunger Strike

Japan forced comfort women into sexual slavery

Mexico ends open access for US security agencies

Venezuelan state universities' strike starts today

Mexico ends open access for US security agencies

Most Texas government workers got no pay raise from 2009 to 2012

Time to call out the anti-GMO conspiracy theory (Mark Lynas)

Is slut-shaming contributing to STD rise?

Marquez: Majority of Venezuelan Universities in favor of an indefinite strike

‘Misha’ Speaks: An Interview with the Alleged Boston Bomber’s ‘Svengali’

US panel: Afghans need more religious freedom

Louie Gohmert at it again, muslim brotherhood in the white house. TyT

Raúl Castro's sexologist daughter bound to New York during U.S. visit

The Republican war on science continues!!!!

Martina Navratilova's great statement about Jason Collins:

Obama's Judicial Nominees Blocked On All Sides By Senate Republicans

Obama's Judicial Nominees Blocked On All Sides By Senate Republicans

Dinner tonight smells good.

Louisiana Purchase Exposition Opens in St. Louis April 30, 1904

April 30: National Raisin Day

A Tale of Two Unattended Backpacks

A open letter to the 99 percent

Did anyone catch this segment with Brian Williams

Parasite 'resistant to malaria drug artemisinin

Gene therapy: 'Heart-healing virus' trial starts

Bees Self-Medicate With Honey To Beat Pesticides

Virgin Galactic Breaks Speed of Sound in First Rocket-powered Flight of SpaceShipTwo

Those who choose utilitarian ethics have empathy deficit, study finds

National Day of Prayer leader thinks marriage equality is Satan’s war against the family

Michael Pollan: Americans Cook Less Than Ever,- Takes Food Revolution into the Kitche

Pilots and Professors Barely Scraping By? 9 Surprising Jobs That Pay a Pittance

"Sober Living" is Prime Real Estate for Slumlords Exploiting Recovering Addicts

Concerning recognizing a reply as being spot on

'A Kaleidoscopic Sense of Possibility': Interview with David Graeber on Democracy in America

Plan to sink I-35 underground in downtown Austin

Adam Lanza vs. The Knock-off Jihadis

Shingles vaccine to be routine for people in their 70s

Every child to get flu vaccine in bid to prevent epidemic{uk}

Join us this weekend for our Regional Grassroots Democracy Convergence in Portland, Oregon, May 3-5

“Unclaimed” charts search for forgotten Vietman vet

Six admit planning to bomb English Defence League rally

Keystone XL oil would be processed in sick East Texas community

The Daily Show on Congress and the Sequester: very funny and true

Guantanamo gets extra medical staff as hunger strike continues

Central Damascus 'hit by explosion'

Why climate change is not an environmental problem: The video

Army Says No To More Tanks, But Congress Insists

A hidden world, growing beyond control

Mark Sanford, Elizabeth Colbert Busch trade jabs in only debate Read more here: http://www.thestate

The Disastrous Tim Tebow Experiment In Four GIFs

Why Jason Collins's Coming Out Is Such a Big Deal

Republican Factionalism and Tea Party Activists

Cruz Breaks With Senate Tradition While Criticizing Colleagues

Money Buys Happiness and You Can Never Have Too Much, New Research Says

India-China Border Dispute : Chinese troops now 19 Km (12 Miles) inside Indian Border, Tension rises

Why Still So Few Use Condoms

Bangladesh bosses plead with Western firms to keep doing business with them after tragedy

12 Uncommon Suggestions for Amending the Constitution

Should the sequestration be left in place to preserve the additional cuts to defense?

Climate change may force vineyards to relocate

Why is this missing from all of the stores in New York?

Gene therapy: 'Heart-healing virus' trial starts

Treasury Department: Lew Remains Opposed To Bills That Would Weaken Wall Street Reform

Cern re-creating first web page to revere early ideals

Italy Dog Frequent Churchgoer Since Owner Died

DU math whizzes, I have a question for you, if you can help this nongeometrical thinker

Hello, I'm new :)

Call for constitutional amendment to end ‘corporate personhood’ on way to Maine Senate

CEO Pay 1,795-to-1 Multiple of Wages Skirts U.S. Law

Europe's Moral Quandary: The High Human Price of Cheap T-Shirts

My email to Joe Scarborough today.

CIA's Bags of Cash to Afghanistan's Karzai

The cost of cheap manufacturing (graphic)

Democratic Members Of Congress Tweet Messages Of Support For First Openly Gay NBA Player

Policy on paid posters?

US forces in Afghanistan nearly destroyed vital airfield

Palestinian Kills Israeli Settler, Israel Strikes in Gaza

Israeli man killed in West Bank terror attack

NC NAACP president, 16 other protestors arrested outside NC Senate

Washington's nuclear hypocrisy

I went to vote this morning - machines were broken

Kids Creating Peace

Study Reveals 30 Toxic Chemicals at High Levels at Exxon Arkansas Tar Sands Pipeline Spill Site

"Boy oh boy, nbc sure is baiting the audience with this one"

Scalia Never Going to Another N.B.A. Game revealed by Andy Borowitz

Eurozone unemployment at record high as inflation drops

Australia's boom is anything but for its Aboriginal people

Collapsed building owner's property to be seized

Distorted Priorities: Military Spending vs. People's Health

Is Bob McDonnell Turning Into Virginia's Version of Rod Blagojevich?

Robert Scheer: Google’s Spymasters Are Now Worried About Your Secrets

Despite hurdles, Cuba real estate market buzzing

American eyewitness describes ‘terrifying’ brawl on Mount Everest

Pakistan court bans Musharraf from office for life

Harper, Inc. (aka "Canada") Removing Tar Sands Processing From Environmental Review Process

How Big Pharma Is Killing Americans

More and more, it seems the culture of some states from others is so different

Charlie Sykes: Conservatives must stand up to crackpots

Ansel Adams.... Visionary

Lonaconing Silk Mill

The illusion of growth

Mike Brodie: Documenting America's homeless train-jumpers

is it a bad sign when you sleep through your alarm...

Grand Canyon uranium mining set to go ahead despite ban from Obama

Hello NeoCon Tea Baggers

How Jeff Flake Became the Most Unpopular Senator in America

I just applied for a job

Even after closing 24 schools and massive layoffs, Phila. Schools Still Face Huge Deficit

The Guantánamo Memoirs of Mohamedou Ould Slahi

Random thoughts for a Tuesday morning....

SHOCK: Owning Guns Doesn't Preserve Freedom

FUNDRAISER FOR WISHADOO (and me): Never-used, 45-piece Noritake china set

Martha Stewart is on

The Myth of America's Tech-Talent Shortage

Most Misleading Headline/Photo Combo in History (or at least, the day) Award

Atheists to hand out pamphlets in Orange high schools Thursday

Coworker obviously doesn't realize her dress is do you handle?

Venezuela detains U.S. filmmaker

The Joke that is Mark Sanford

Case-Shiller Home Price Index - Going nowhere (and that's not a bad thing.)

CEO Pay 1,795-to-1 Multiple of Wages Skirts U.S. Law

Do Louisianans Have the Right to a Speedy Trial? Supreme Court says No

(UK) Am I paying a lot for 'green' energy?

Willie Nelson Celebrates 80th Birthday With Old Friend by His Side

Drug-War Logic: These Costly, Failed Policies Must Continue Indefinitely

WorldNutDaily: Texas fertilizer plant explosion was a terrorist attack... aimed at Bush

Federal panel says everyone 15 to 65 should have HIV test

NJ teacher to appeal firing for urinating in class

Hockey playoffs start this week

FYI: Defense Budget FY 2001 through FY 2014

Another Florida story. Disgruntled ex-employee kills boss' dog.

*IF* it is true that money and the 1% own our government, and if it is true that . . . .

A Confession: I have broken the rules.

On deficits, declare victory and go home

Meanwhile in Asheville,

Pro-gun propagandists using Native Americans as pawns for their media war

I hear people on DU say those with CWP rarely use their guns to shoot others

Deep Thoughts and Stuff

Corbett: Unemployment is so high because so many unemployed Pennsylvanians are on drugs

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Perry and Bush

Why is Reuters puzzled by global warming's acceleration?

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- Sequester

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3- Collins comes out

Tuesday Toon Roundup 4- War and Bombs

Hot Off the Presses!!! First Web Site Evah

Tuesday Toon Roundup 5- The Rest

McConnell Mocks President at Exclusive Bar for Republicans and their Fantasy Companions


Foreign policy : The One-Man Show

Fallen Angel

Papantonio: The War On Whistleblowers

62% say 'stay out of syria'

Flow of Tainted Water Is Latest Crisis at Japan Nuclear Plant

Affair site buys Mark Sanford billboard

Grand Canyon uranium mining set to go ahead despite ban from Obama

What should we do about Syria??

A's beat the Angels in 19 innings and 6.5 hours

Industrial worker falls into meat blender, dies

Report: Officials cut ObamaCare application form to three pages

Steve Stockman is an idiot.

The President's News Conference:

I NEVER thought i'd say this: I am impressed by this rhythmic gymnast.

Human sustainability as seen by a by a fisheries scientist

Abortions are illegal in El Salvador.

Would you be OK with targeted assassinations in Syria?

Consumer Confidence in U.S. Rose More Than Forecast in April

Top Colombian intelligence official investigated in new wiretap scandal

Chicago Business Barometer Falls To Three-Year Low In April

Republican activist pleads guilty to official misconduct and unlawfully altering a cast ballot.

CIA Cash to Karzai Said to Fit Afghan Patronage System

Question for British/European folks:

Car Bomb Explosion in Damascus Kills 13, State TV Reports

Plastic bags, tape, broomsticks fix San Onofre leak

New Research: Economic Austerity in US and Europe 'Is Killing People'

Human sustainability as seen by a by a fisheries scientist (xpost from E/E)

Handgun-Sales Age Requirement Upheld by Court in NRA Suit

Guantanamo’s Death Row

Oh, Chris Broussard.

State Testing here in CA this week...

Gov. Hickenlooper aiding and abetting billion dollar oil and gas industry...

Four Republicans Who Don't Understand the Constitution They've Sworn to Defend

Evangelical Christianity, Catholicism Labeled 'Extremist' in Army Presentation

Rafael Correa connects the dots

Wealth Inequality and Political Inequality

I'm surprised.

A Mother's Bill of Rights

It Is Such A Pleasure And A Learning Experience To Listen To President Obama At A Press Conference..

Today in Peace and Justice history on April 30, 1967

Today in Peace and Justice history on April 30, 1967

Ontario's nuclear renaissance helps lower GHG emissions 18% in 7 years

More charges to be weighed in Steubenville

Twain Tuesday.

No rushing to judgement regarding intervention in Syria, said the Prez…

Obama On Closing Gitmo: ‘I’m Going To Go Back At This’

Poll: 42 Percent Unaware That ‘Obamacare’ Is Law Of The Land

Idiot mittens!

I have a little one who's training wheels are worn out and she isn't ready to give them up. Help...

Name Marvel's newest super hero.....

Anybody know

Obama Administration Simplifies, Significantly Shortens Application for Health Insurance

McGovern only MA pol to vote against FAA bill. Congrats to him.

Krugman re-explains core inflation to knuckleheads

Obama: Sen. Graham ‘Generated Some Headlines’ On Boston, Benghazi

Hey, thanks Congress...

Obama On Syria Response: ‘It Is Important For Us To Do This In A Prudent Way’

Rude: "Bang with Shaq" is an unfortunate phrase.

Money actually does buy happiness

This Indian outsourcing giant is outsourcing its own jobs—to computers

Obama On Closing Gitmo: ‘I’m Going To Go Back At This’

The Forgotten Radical History of the March on Washington

Obama on why he wouldn't veto FAA bill: GOP would have blamed me for flight delays

Horsey does Koch

Happy Birthday Willie! You have schooled some pups, for sure!

Miami-Dade Transit installs info monitors for Metrorail commuters

Bus company threatens to sue Reddit moderator over bad press

Please thank these protesters!

BREAKING: MSD Sewage Spill (Western NC)

The Forgotten Radical History of the March on Washington

Army says no to more tanks, but Congress insists

Fake Benghazi Story

An elegant weapon for a more civilized age ..............

White House Press Conference now

today in women's herstory--30 april

Bad joke from the San Diego Union-Tribune:

Making Jobs Good

Irate Boston man confronts sh*theel Alex Jones reporter

"C.J. Chivers: On The Ground In Syria"

a biography of the day-louise dilworth beatty homer (operatic contralto, recording artist)

WA state senate staffer says gays "can go grow their own food"

Where are the Billionaire contributions ?

Armed Robber Has Shotgun Snatched by Unassuming Superhero

George Zimmerman Agrees With Attorneys, Won't Use 'Stand Your Ground' Law Before Murder Trial

2-year-old gets trachea grown from stem cells

‘Time Crystals’ Could Upend Physicists’ Theory of Time

Can atheists and Christians work together? An interview with Harvard’s Chris Stedman

Presenting the Mexican Kim Kardashian:

Don’t Worry, GE Labeling Will Not Cause World Hunger

U.S. Congressmen introduce bill calling for sanctions on ALBA countries

Pilot Had Passenger Detained For Not Flushing Toilet

Handgun-Sales Age Requirement Upheld by Court in NRA Suit

Maria Shriver Is Coming Back To NBC News

The Cast Of "Friends" Drank Enough Coffee To Kill 1900 People According To Study

Rethinking Agriculture: National Climate Assessment Provides (Another) Reason

Turkish Sociologist Fehmi Kaya Apologises For Suggesting Link Between Atheism And Autism

U.S. manufactured false intel on chemical weapons in Syria, winks Dennis Kucinich

Austerity is hurting our health, say researchers

Rhino Rescue Project.

Archaeologists plan more digs at Richard III site

Bad Reporter

So, you think I should?


Give Guantánamo Back to Cuba

Divided EU to preach religious freedom abroad

OK. Fess up! Did you go vote today? For who??....

Pic Of The Moment: Here's What You Get For Voting Against Universal Background Checks

CEO Pay 1,795-to-1 Multiple of Wages Skirts U.S. Law

Maya Sun Observatory Hints at Origin of Civilization

Maybe our President is taking a nap for 6 months.

New Hampshire Man Loses Life Savings On Carnival Game, Gets Free Stuffed Banana

White House Press Corps Diversity

Los Angeles Area School Accidentally Gives Students Wrong Prom Date

Should a Sarah Palin adviser speak for America's Catholic bishops?

UPDATED: Sen. Jeff Flake: Yep, My Vote Against Gun Control Tanked My Poll Numbers

The Netherlands gets a new King on Queen's Day

total meta thread

How the CIA’s Bags of Cash Undermined the Afghanistan War

Raped 5-Year-Old Girl Dies in Central India

Vermont Time Bankers Build a More Personal Economy

Maduro says Venezuela has had a dictatorship for 14 years

US woman soldier Kimberly Rivera jailed for desertion

2-year-old girl gets windpipe made from stem cells

Britain looks to tackle deadly legacy of nuclear power plants

The silent partner of government nobody ever talks about or knows.

Online dating, affairs service picks Sanford as poster boy

Stabbing stole Monica Seles' career

More on that awful billboard

On HIV testing

Ron Paul's Dictator Fan Club

Bird Photography in Nature--a comparison to finding Waldo

Kids say the sweetest things.

Nuance products suck

School District Gets Bulletproof Whiteboards

Warning: Graphic Plane Crash Footage

Advice to gun control crowd: your arguments already have majority support and often more

Man claims he lost his life savings playing a carnival game

Health Care Providers and Fear of Not Getting Paid...A Rant

Time for my triennual blog post....

Just about a year ago: BREAKING: Joe Biden Endorses Same-Sex Marriage

Tea Party and Rand Paul Endorses Mark Sanford

Three schools in West will have to be demolished

Papantonio: Democrats Cave On Financial Reform

Obama To Press Corps: I Can’t Make GOP Cooperate On Budget

Mark Zuckerberg's Self-Serving Immigration Crusade

Anyone here working full time or actively taking care in your art/music/creative endeavor?

Anybody familiar with Phillip Kerr's novels, featuring Bernie Gunther?

Were the Tsarnaevs nuts or revolutionaries?

Vintage American Postcards, 1950 to 1975

Which Topic will graywarrior's new group be in?

US home prices up 9.3 pct., most in nearly 7 years

Just passed the Vienna Socialist Youth pre May Day rally

Obama administration simplifies health care form

Memo to the South: Go Ahead, Secede Already!

Xena the warrior puppy

*US Military Calls in 'Force-Feeding Teams' as Guantanamo Hunger Strike Continues*

Bill eliminates phrase ‘mental retardation’ in Florida law

Poll: One in Five Americans Believes Obamacare Has Already Been Repealed

5 things to watch today in Mass. Senate primary

I need a website. Care to share your faves?


I wasn't expecting this…

Parliament in Cyprus passes international bailout deal

RAP Style Gangnam Style from Hitler

Awesome movie abut gay siblings being made.

Muslims targeted during more violence against Burma's minority community

Daily Beast Wins Webby for News

So if even a mixed system of well regulated capitalism and socialism sucks, what's the solution?

Anyone watching the HBO series Vice, follows Real Time?

After falling out of Round 1, Jets rookie quarterback Geno Smith fires his agent

Black Turnout, GOP Denial Both High - by Michael Tomasky

Why is Skinner passing the buck?

The Past is Prologue...toon from today's LA Times:

These 5 Women Came Out Long Before Jason Collins

Anyone else notice that the Tsarnaevs' father looks a whole lot like Robert De Niro?

2-year-old girl gets windpipe made from stem cells

"George W. Bush Library gift shop claims to have Weapons of Mass Destruction figurines for sale but

Brazil Catholic Priest Excommunicated over Support for Gays

Whew! I'm IN! My work computer shut me out of DU for a while, there.

An Old-School Confessional Revives the Sacrament of Confession

World's first website is now live again; surprise, it looks like crap

CEO Pay 1,795-to-1 Multiple of Wages Skirts U.S. Law

Do Not Touch! {very ugly photos} WARNING!


How Sandra Day O’Connor’s Vote In Bush v. Gore Helped Unravel Her Own Legacy

Jobs and Freedom Scholarship

Hezbollah chief suggests militant group would intervene in Syria on Assad side if need arises

I had a revealing conversation with a coworker today

the world's first web site is back online to commemorate the 20th anniversary...

Rising seas clearly evident along South Carolina coast

Sen. Boxer To Hold Hearing On West, Texas Chemical Explosion

Pa. abortion doctor's murder trial goes to jury

Civil trial depicts two sides of Michael Jackson

Robertson: ‘There isn’t anything bigoted’ about calling gay NBA player an abomination

Robert Reich: Public Debt and Economic Growth

Tsarnaev family received $100G in benefits

DU is being Filtered By My ISP

What American Majority Wants: Polls

Monster suing SF city attorney over energy drinks

Rove: How can Obama close Gitmo if detainees didn’t get Miranda warnings?

What kind of person does something like that?

Sex Superbug Could Be 'Worse Than AIDS'

World War Z -- an epic nightmare to make -- but I'm sure it will be worth watching.

Apparently no one considered the sun when designing this wall....

How do you feel your faith has affected your life?

It's 2013 and Bubba Watson is an asshole

Starbucks poison (rubbing alcohol) suspect booked on suspicion of attempted murder

Patrol car video catches ‘super drunk’ principal escaping handcuffs

Airline, Airport Employees Caught Abusing Security Badges

Let Spare Rib reflect all the richness of online feminism

Energy compariSUN

Here's What You Get For Voting Against Universal Background Checks

Parent trigger bill fails in Florida, killed by Senate's tie vote

Thinking inside the

What Russ Feingold can do for Africa — and America

What Russ Feingold can do for Africa — and America

The sport that Tebow could play and he would be good at it. Seriously.

Big Manosphere Reveal: Matt Forney was Ferdinand Bardamu

Happy 80th to Willie Nelson!

Thom Hartmann: How Big Pharma is Killing Americans...

Thom Hartmann: Here's How U Can Join Alex Jones' Dating Site

Big Sugar's secret documents echo tobacco tactics: intent to use science to defeat critics

New ad urges Minnesota lawmakers to approve same-sex marriage

Just sent to Cornyn

The "black widows" of Dagestan

40 Minutes

Nick Casey launches 2014 US House run (WV-02)

Beef offer Tim Tebow a contract

Frank Conniff Tweet on Obama's WH Correspondents Dinner

Some perspective...

Racist White Georgia Jackasses Hold a “We Hate Black People” Prom

Boston manhunt a victory for cooperation - not tyranny

Woman Arrested for Trying to Poison Orange Juice at Calif. Starbucks

Urban rat hunting, New York City style

We are the Guinea Pigs

This year will be the fourth time in the past five years

Police face discipline in deadly Ohio police chase

...the Green Lantern Theory of Presidential Power...

Zero questions about jobs or workplace safety at Obama press conference

Expedited death penalty process on its way to Gov. Scott (FL)

New ad urges Minnesota lawmakers to approve same-sex marriage

Bail-Out Is Out, Bail-In Is In

Carbon bubble makes Australia's coal industry ripe 'for financial implosion'

Until this past Friday, I didn't fully understand. {Picture heavy}

President warns Texas that massive resistance to Obamacare implementation will hurt residents

Paul Ryan Regrets Voting Against Same-Sex Adoption

Dear Microsoft:

ROFL, 'Donald Trump moth' found in Amazon rainforest

Houston preschool, elementary cancel NRA gun safety classes

Houston police investigate bomb threat made to court

North Forest ISD defies state order to fire teachers

Any Republican reaction to Obama's renewed vow to close the US torture chamber at Guantanamo?

Saturday is World Naked Gardening Day

N.J. Senate committee approves slate of gun control bills

New technology allows professors to track whether students are reading their textbooks

The Republican members of the House are the f*cking base, motherf*cker

Journal warned of San Onofre issue

Thom Hartmann: Angry God & Mental Illness Go Together...

Has anyone else been watching Rectify on the Sundance Channel?...

Is this ad racist/sexist?

Silent Thread for Five-Year-Old Rape Victim in India

"I can hire one-half of the working class to kill the other half."

Update: (Sacramento) Judge orders transport of Baby Sammy to Stanford Medical Center

How YOU Get Screwed with Nuclear Power (Follow the Money)

Lindsey Graham: Boston Bombing is 9/11 all over again

Women, Action And The Media's Jaclyn Friedman On How Pop Culture Can Be Used For Both Good & Evil

The Struggles Of Funding Independent Progressive Media- Jason Barnett Discusses

Insight: Why did Cypriot banks keep buying Greek bonds ?

Somewhere in Jersey right now...

US Catholic Bishops hire Palin operative as official spokeswoman

PHOTOS: The Face Of Israel's Discriminatory Home Demolition Policy

Thom Hartmann: Who's really at the core of terror in America?

The first RICIN suspect was an Elvis Presley impersonator, the one arrested now is a Wayne Newton...

Boston Man Whose Video Trashed Alex Jones To MSNBC: He Runs ‘Westboro Baptist Church Of Journalism'

May Day activities in New York City

"Willie, this video is our gift to you."

Biden chats with McCain at McCain Institute dinner

"Schizophrenic. Killer. My Cousin."

If it looks like a duck ... and it snores like a duck ...

Russian Political Analysts Comment On US-Planned Military Training In Persian Gulf

Windows 7 rant and question: the f*cking TASKBAR!!

A Rose by any other name ...

May's Starself Astrology Newsletter - "Now is Astrology's Time"

Skyrocketing Inflation: Russia Now Charging NASA $70 Million Per Seat To Fly US Astronauts

Anatomy of Bubble Tea

Life Without Economics: Part One

Matthew Shepard’s family responds to Jason Collins’ moving tribute

Russia Bans Commercial Flights Over Syria Following Incident On Monday

Your next flight

Jeb Hensarling, House Finance Chair, Goes On Ski Vacation With Wall Street

The Spending that Needs to be Cut is Defense Spending

What frikkin' PLANET is Ted Nugent on?

EVE Universe: Origins & Stellar Council Update

FDA Lowers Age Restriction On Plan B Morning-After Pill

Logic Deficit: Why Were Reinhart-Rogoff Ever Taken Seriously?

Israeli officials offer tepid response to Arab League bid to jumpstart peace talks

“The Disapproval Matrix,” a Handy Chart For Understanding Your Haters

magnificently we will float

Salt Lake NBC Won't Air 'Hannibal'

House debate live on Medicaid

Paul Ryan Regrets Voting Against Same-Sex Adoption

Daughter Of Newtown Victim Confronts Ayotte Over Gun Check Vote

Let's say you won a contest, and can go on a date with Rachel Maddow.

Woman Inseminates 14-Year-Old Daughter

Early discussion under way on Boston bombing suspect avoiding death penalty

Bail-Out Is Out, Bail-In Is In

FDA Authorizes Over-The-Counter Sale Of Emergency Contraception To Women 15 And Older

Wikileaks: 1975 Russians not into soul music

If you think our dogs don't know the difference between life and death (hankie time)

Israeli defense minister: Gaza assassination in line with terms of November truce

Man Who Trashed Alex Jones Infowars Dan Bidondi. 'It's Westboro Baptist Church Of Journalism.'

I don't know why this cracks me up: Taylor Swift pays cash for 17.5 million dollar mansion

Elected officials in rural Nebraska pass anti-Keystone pipeline resolution

back again!

Nancy Pelosi on how GOP is failing women

ACLU Statement on President's Guantánamo Comments

Cargo plane in Afghanistan falls out of sky after take off (Video)

FDA: Morning-after pill to move over-the-counter

Gun vote stirs passion at Ayotte town hall meeting

Workers threaten strike at Exxon's largest US refinery

Appeals court OKs ban on handgun sales to minors

Son pays off mom's mortgage

Four-Star General Smacks Down GOP Congressman Who Attempts To Walk Out During Testimony

John Kerry blasts politicized Benghazi misinformation

Pro-Environment Light Bulb Labeling Turns Off Conservatives, Study Finds

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 1 May 2013

2-year-old gets trachea from stem cells

Andrew Sullivan: U.S. stopped being a free country under Bush

Add President Barack Obama to the Jack Hoffman bandwagon. (You're gonna love this)

While Wronged Homeowners Got $300 Apiece in Foreclosure Settlement, Consultants Who Helped

Taylor Wilson was 14 when he built a nuclear fusion reactor in his parents' garage. Now 19

Larry Flynt Endorses Mark Sanford for Congress: 'He's The Sex Pioneer of Our Time'

Luckovich Toon: Liberty's Blind Spot

Forward + OLB - A documentary of the Wisconsin uprising

NPR first listen; Natalie Maines 'Mother' ( I like it!)

My Bush / Cheney bumper sticker finally arrived

Pssssssssst!! Governor Vagina probe Bob McDonnell Under Investigation By The FBI

This morning I saw a "Dr. Ben Carson - 2016" bumper sticker.

Most Muslims want sharia law, split on interpretation: study

Consumer Reports: Dangerous bacteria on 90 percent of ground turkey tested

Why DU has a "Creative Speculation" forum

Hezbollah is helping Assad fight Syria uprising, says Hassan Nasrallah

Affidavit: Dust mask tied to suspect tests positive for ricin

GPS tags for dementia patients

Somebody has to tell the E.P.A.

Interesting Poll of Young Americans Regarding Gun Control

Dusty Chaps - Don't Haul Bricks On 66

IRS eyes U.S. accounts at Caribbean bank

41% of college grads overqualified for what they do

Cyclists to ride for the Cuban 5 in Italy

"To force Ohio’s universities to do the dirty work of voter suppression is unconscionable."

Libya Militias Besiege State Buildings, Pressuring Government In Islamist-Liberal Power Fight

Raytheon agrees to pay $8 million fine for export control violations

Take Five (Conduct Unbecoming edition)

Honor Venezuela's Election; Maduro Won Fair and Square

Thom Hartmann: Congress Flies While People Die

Pope accepts invite to Israel, urges peace talks

"Which Tech Companies Protect Your Data From the Government?"

U.S. Homeownership Rate Falls to Lowest Since 1995

Kelly Ayotte Confronted Over Background Checks Vote By Erica Lafferty, Newtown Victim's Daughter

RI gay marriage bill headed to final vote

Late night at the clinic tonight.

Apple taps markets for record $17bn funding

Tea baggers v. Thomas Jefferson

(TX) Richardson PD charges deaf parents in 5-month-old's death

Obama Moving Toward Sending Lethal Arms To Syrian Rebels, Officials Say

White House says jobs program has exceeded goal

Syria Is No Libya

Anyone Here Have Knee Problems? Need Some Advice

Witnesses describe Nigeria assault that killed 187

America's Dumbest Congressman melting down before our eyes

Yay for Vets.. the FL announced that America’s businesses nearly tripled the goal set by Pres Obama