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Archives: April 3, 2013

A BBC investigation has uncovered a postcode lottery over the cremation of babies in Scotland.

A few pictures from my backyard, today...

Fox News Ratings Plunge To New Lows...MSNBC Gloats In Press Release

Emma Watson's version of Pretty Woman.

The Sundance channel REALLY pisses me off.

I don't know if this is the proper forum. I would like some advice from

Exxon Gets Off the Hook for Arkansas Cleanup Tab; Dead Ducks Found Soaked in Oil

Sanford wins GOP nomination for his old House seat

Court asked to bar piece of Ariz. immigration law

Afghanistan peace deal: Taliban talks hit deadlock

Court hope for parents who believe sons were killed to protect Ratko Mladic

Watching Chris Hayes' show for the first time....sorry,

"Transitional" Natural Gas Bridging the Gap Between Coal...and More Coal

Extreme poverty could be wiped out by 2030, World Bank estimates show

AP calls SC-1 for Mark Sanford

Coljam. Please delete your eat and kicker OP. We do not want OP shiters in our Texas Group.

Navy Sniper Chris Kyle's Account of Gas Station Killing Raises Questions


Amazing aerial footage of the Arkansas oil spill

april contest submission update 7PM

NRA Proposal Will Fail to Keep Our Children and Schools Safe; A Message From AFT

Oh God... North Korea not allowing South Korean workers into Geaseong Industrial Park

Give Freedom to people in NK, but its regime

Luckovich Toon: Outrage dying away....

If you care about North Korea, pls read, act & share: Give Freedom to people(Challenge for 30 DURec)

FTC Awards $50,000 in Robocall Challenge

Working late at the office tonight. How's everybody doing?

When someone says that the modem was setting the DHCP, instead

"Conservative campaign worker Sona charged in robocall probe"

a quick visit from the Appalachian Trail

Sequestration Cuts Soon To Hit Long-Term Unemployment Insurance

Repeating the lie.

EVERYONE! Stinky and Curmudgeoness solved it

Stadium Won’t Be Named for Private Prison Company

Income Growth For Bottom 90 Percent Of Americans Averaged Just $59 Over 4 Decades: Analysis

Girls Und Panzer - Historical Outrage or Dumb Manga Fun?

Is that over 16 oz.?

I just got caught up on Revenge (6 episodes..whew! )

Good read: The Red Fighter Pilot: The Autobiography of the Red Baron

How Howard Dean Plan's to Flip State Legislatures

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Nukes and Nutjobs & a new Polar bear cub gif

TURN ON Rachel right fugging now

oh goodie, state religion in NC... omg, what a bunch of idiots in Raleigh

Singapore’s Lessons for an Unequal America ( Joseph Stiglitz )


time to fund education in WA is now! Woohoo!

Does creating a crony capitalism overclass create a radical left wing? And do

Why a BA is Now a Ticket to A Job in a Coffee Shop

Capitalopithicus Robustus

Possible job

My Dream College Won't Accept Me Because I'm a Woman

Breaking..Sanford Wins So. Carolina runoff....

Touched by cluelessness. Tell us about a time you were completely clueless. I once

This video will not only open your eyes, it will piss you off.

"House bill would require background checks on those seeking federal benefits"

Any new news on Ed Shultz move

A Lesser Photographer - A Manifesto

"Why I Fear the Aryan Brotherhood—and You Should, Too"

Tree Returns Fire on Man Who Used It for Target Practice

Update:Roggensack takes early lead over Fallone in state Supreme Court race W/1 % of vote in...

Rabbit got sprayed by something the TruGreen man sprayed on the neighbor's plants.

Bill filed by Republican lawmakers would allow North Carolina to declare an official religion

Mental Illness, Evil, and Blame

'Finding Dory' Announced As 'Finding Nemo' Sequel With Ellen DeGeneres To Star

POTUS and First Lady with Rachel Robinson at movie screening of "42" in WH

"Obama proposes brain mapping project"

Nebraska troopers union to delay formal complaint over radio system

Strange find (sci fi pulp zine) at a vintage magazine shop

'Pregnant man' to appeal divorce denial

"How Inequality Corrupts Society"

28,000 rivers wiped off the map of China

Women in Canada had this to say

Only in Florida? City Considering Easing Up on Spitting Ordinance

If I were Lawrence, I'd move far away from Asa Hutchinson. He's about to be hit by lightning

Jay Hileman, Federal Prosecutor, Leaves Aryan Brotherhood Case Amid 'Security Concerns'

If Republicans are the Moral Majority...

The Gift of Breath-Matt Kahn

"This is the Republican Party’s biggest problem" Posted by Ezra Klein at the Washington Post

28,000 rivers wiped off the map of China

There's not a person on the earth, more "effing" slimy than Asa Hutchison!

"A friend in need's a friend indeed, a friend with weed is better..."

(Video) Willits, CA Tree Sitters Removed and Arrested in Highway 101 Bypass Protest

Can Yu do it?

Oil Flooding. Does the Arkansas homeowner insurance cover it?

I wrote on DU last week that my husband

NYT:Saxapahaw, N.C., Middle of Somewhere, Becomes a Draw

Lawrence O'Donnell just presented a lesson in what journalism should be.

"How Copyrights Suppress Innovation"

Who has a recipe for Polish Green Bean Soup? The one I remember so fondly...

Soup Nazi coming up on Lawrence.

For once, an honest Movie trailer. "Jurassic Park 3D"

(Kathy Boudin, Weather Underground & Brinks robber) Former radical now university lecturer

Former Prisoner's Dire Warning: America's Prisons Turning Out Violent White Supremacists

Exon Exempt from Arkansas Oil Spill as Oiled and Dead Wildlife Turn Up?

Yep, your neighbors are crazy

An April Fools’ joke gone awry? (Keystone XL pipeline)

Could the reason why we don't get universal health care be to help keep the U.S. population down?

Great news! Tea party candidates LOST their elections in my county today.

"Ottawa doctors behind breakthrough MS report"

Regarding the "History" Channel's "The Bible" - Jesus was not a white dude

Video Puts Rutgers Coach Under Scrutiny

Brady Campaign Statement on NRA Announcement

Senate support for Marriage Equality

Marlins tickets or a $5 Little Caesars Hot-N-Ready pizza?

Asleep in the Desert

Though furlough-exempt, Chuck Hagel to return portion of salary

Why St. Bernard did not have a cat.

Finding Nemo sequel in the works. Ellen Degeneres is the voice for Dory so she will reprise the role

Asa Hutchinson is a pos

Lawrence O’Donnell Grills NRA’s Asa Hutchinson Over Task Force Findings In Heated Interview

AP: Evers wins state school superintendent race

Aryan Brotherhood of Texas Among Groups Eyed in Prosecutors' Murders

If your paycheck gets stolen forged and cashed, can a person get their paycheck back? Ever happened

Obama administration pushes banks to make home loans to people with weaker credit

Vintage Social Networking

Life lessons from my dog

Made a big splash about arresting the Atlanta teachers. NOW what about these crooked reformers?

"U.S. corporate profits soar in 2012. Workers get little of it."

Jon Stewart Tears Into North Korea Over War Threats: Do You Really Want To Be Our ‘Rebound War’?

Florida DJ's may face felony charges over dihydrogen monoxide announcement

I think DU needs a "Primal Scream" smilie!!

Divisions Form in Atlanta as Bail Is Set in Cheating Case

China Announces 4 New Bird Flu Cases (total of 7 to date)....

The NRA suggest arming school staffers?

“We’re Witnessing a Reactivation of the Death Squads of the ‘80s”:

Let me get this straight, you want me to steal?

Fannie Mae Posts Record Profit; Paid Taxpayers $11.6 Billion In 2012

Smell-O-Vision: No Longer Just For Cartoons

Just a passing thought about the N. Korea situation...

Reagan Campaigns for Truman in 1948

Hanford Nuclear Waste Tanks Could Explode, Agency Warns

Front page of "Jackson doc sings from jail"

Obamas To Attend Bush Library Dedication

OUCH (Fux News warring) Laura Ingram Slaps the Fux Out Of Billo The Clown

Small school in West Plains MO allows teachers to carry concealed firearms.

Old EV Batteries as Solar Storage Solution

North Carolina May Declare Official State Religion Under New Bill * * UPDATED * *

California Legislature takes first steps toward 'ammo control'

Activist deaths and postponed peacetalks highlight struggle over land in Colombia

I didn't realize we had a bereavement group

North Korea Is Not Even Close To Hitting The US With A Nuke

Food 'n drink thread - leftover spaghetti, two kinds of ice cream, and a Gordon Biersch pilsner...


5 Legged Lamb Born In Northern England

Study: China's air pollution is killing millions

Shameful! Even Antarctica's King George Island is full of trash

Same Sex Marriage Makes David Brooks Crazy

Adam's Rib--1949 (Tracy & Hepburn) Trailer & The "Licorice" Scene

Does the WH/Obama really have total control...

World Social Forum meets in Tunisia

Salt Lake City Tribune: Next up, single payer

When America Came 'This Close' to Establishing a 30-Hour Workweek

James Hansen on CO2--Doubling Down on Our Faustian Bargain

Authors of new hockey stick paper backtrack on claims

Student with loaded gun taken into custody at Glen Burnie High

Video: Murderer Che praised Yoani Sanchez (Google translation)

"all men are potential rapists"

Poll: Obama Boasts Higher Approval Rating In Louisiana Than Jindal

Oklahoma Agenda 21 Bill Leads To Tea Party Threat Against State Senator

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday April 3rd

India can get back to 8 per cent growth: PM Manmohan Singh

Malaysian PM dissolves parliament for landmark polls

I have seen some pro-gun control comics

April 3: National Chocolate Mousse Day

Rep. Louie Gohmert links gay marriage to bestiality

April 3, 1860 The 1st successful United States Pony Express run from Saint Joseph, MO to Sacramento

When pipelines (oil companies) misbehave.

North Korea Blocks Workers From South at the Border

Canada is a Leading Market of Tourists to Cuba

With Legacy on His Mind, Bloomberg Adds More Schools

Australia opens national child abuse inquiry

Every once in a while she likes to get out and about…

U.S. Productivity Growth: An Optimistic Perspective

Iran's nuclear program entails huge costs, few benefits: report

6 Ahold USA Stores Earn LEED Certification

Whole Foods to Build Rooftop Greenhouse Above Brooklyn Store

New 'class groups', with 'calculator'

Steady turnout pushes Arch-Parks tax to win

Scotts Miracle-Gro – the bird-killing company?

Treatment Plant for Waste in Nuclear Cleanup Has Design Flaws, Panel Says

Panama Canal cited for shifting airport control from Charlotte

The most famous wolf on the world

STFU Morning Joe Scum et al

Just in case you missed Lawrence ODonnell with Asa Hutchinson last night -MUST SEE TV

My e-mail to the Joe SCABS circus

Tommy Chong knows how to fix America's gun control problems

DOD Inspector General finds $900 million stockpile of Stryker parts

16th Senate District field set with 5 candidates

When America Came 'This Close' to Establishing a 30-Hour Workweek

Welfare meme

Personhood and "heartbeat" legislation are not the real threats to abortion rights.

North Carolina legislators want to declare official state religion

J.C. Penney turning point?

Why you probably suck at sex, Mark Morford

Retailers Track Employee Thefts in Vast Databases

40% of Pak youth think Islamic law is best for country: Survey


Bill would broaden church property tax exemption

Freaky Florida: 15 Weird News Stories for the 500th Anniversary of the State’s Discovery

Absolutely ASTONISHING!!

Lack of Miracles in US due to higher education(ivy league) Pat Robertson

question about rebooting router and modem

Italy seizes record 1.7 billion euro from Sicilian

7 Misused Science Words

China Estimated to Dramatically Underreport Its Overseas Fishing Catch

a New Incentive to Cheat in the World of Financial Fraud: An Exclusive Interview with James Chanos

Author Iain Banks has terminal cancer

Politicians and Law Enforcement Have Trapped Too Many People in Jail for Life

Seriously? New York Times Calls Wall Street Front Group "Center-Left"

Investors launch £3.5bn compensation claim against RBS

Washington's Insane Iran Policy: Encirclement and Sanctions Over Fantasy Weapons

How to Count Komodo Dragons

Cyprus rescue plan will require great efforts, IMF says

Author Iain Banks has terminal cancer

Study: People Who Eat More Fish Live Longer

A Special Message For Kid President

Militants storm Afghan court as Taliban stand trial; seven dead

Some Serious Paper Shredding at the F-35 Program Office

7 dead, power cut in Peshawar after attack on Pakistan power station

Bradley Cooper all permed up.

AP Essay: My Cyprus, changed forever

Marine F-35 Jump-Jet PR: Caveataxpayer Emptor

YOu have got to see her - Botlahle - Winner Of South Africa's Got Talent

Syrian jet flies into Lebanon, fires missile

HB 588 "Community Engagement Teams" Passes the {NM} Senate

Guantanamo Bay prison plans expansion, while CIA official linked to torture cover-up gets promoted

I wonder if Colbert-Busch will get a free 30 minute info-mercial

At World Social Forum: Unity and Dissent Within Global Movements

CBO To Army: Scrap Ground Combat Vehicle, Buy German Puma (BREAKING)

U.S. Economy Added 158,000 Private-Sector Jobs in March, According to ADP National Employment Report

New York needs the NYPD to stop stop-and-frisk – and stop it now

Morning Joe ignores own poll showing 64% want Obama/Congress to make job creation top priority

I don't want North Korea to have nuclear capabilities any more than anyone else, but I wonder

Richard Wolff: Economics and Capitalism

OMG - North Carolina GOP Doesn't Think Constitution Applies to THEM???

Busha's Chicken Noodle Soup

Sad news -- Roger Ebert's cancer recurs.

How did we miss this Robert Redford upcoming movie?

I might change my mind about golfing with this new technology.

Felony Charges Dropped Against Colin Small, Republican Accused Of Destroying Voter Registration Form

Sometimes I wish I could have been a hippie

Latino Men Thrown in Jail for 39 Days -- No Charges, No Hearing, No Probable Cause

Sign a Petition To Extend the Federal Tax Credit of 30% to Installations of Solar Systems to Rentals

The strip-mining of the state - privating the state

Sign a Petition To Extend the Federal Tax Credit of 30% to Installations of Solar Systems to Rentals

Katie Goodman: Members Of Both Parties Are More Progressive Than Politicians That Represent Them

The Dark Side of DNA Evidence

How Little We Know About Heavy Tar Sands Oil

The Latest On The Grand Bargain, Sequester And Austerity Madness - Gaius Publius Explains

Sequestration hits Air Force museum

Mike DeWine: A Strong Argument for the Separation of Church and State

In the time it took Adam Lanza to reload, 11 children escaped.

Celebrating Obama's Nobel Peace Prize and his efforts in the spirit of the award.

Should Mark Sanford's adultery be an issue in his House race against E. Colbert Busch?

Fiduciary Duty to Cheat? Jim Chanos Reveals the Perverse New Mindset of Financial Fraudsters

Stephen Colbert's 'Word of Everyday', to Aid Sister's Campaign

Two weeks ago they decided they needed a 'replacement' for my position

919-733-5811. Call NC Governor to "oppose" NC State Religion / Constitution Not Applying to NC.

Obama's EU Trade Deal Would Include New Political Powers For Corporations

Don't Buy NRA-BULL: * No, public sentiment has NOT “waned” on guns

scientists: china bird virus likely silent threat

(H7N9 watch) Chef, 38, dies, scientists suggest testing birds in markets to trace silent killer

Obama to Attend Bush Library Dedication in Dallas

N.Y. Rep. Carolyn Maloney says she has received death threats...over her support for gun control

Anti abortion republicans work to stop sex education too.

"Illegitimi non carborundum"--means "Carbon is not illegitimate." Am I right?

Guantanamo Bay prison plans expansion, while CIA official linked to torture cover-up gets promoted

Swedish Judges Says Assange Allegations 'A Mess'

If you had a choice to live in only cold states, which one would you select and why?

A Heartbreaking Drug Sentence of Staggering Idiocy

i have got to be the all time champ on being called out with fabricated faux outrage.


Declaration of the Social Movements Assembly

Maryland County Approves Millions More for Troubled Transit Center

China reports another bird flu death

Morgan Stanley escapes suit over hospital's pension investments

29 Easy And Adorable Things To Make For Babies

Papantonio: How The Mainstream Media Failed Us Into Iraq (VIDEO)

North Carolina GOP attempting to nullify the 10th amendment

Declaration of the Social Movements Assembly

As most of society seems to be getting saner, are the loonies

Markie Sanford had his mistress/fianceé/hussy with him at his victory party:

Adobe Reader antagonizes Firefox but not Safari?

Feds Posit Ambitious Plan for Northeast High Speed Rail

13% of endangered tortoise species discovered in smuggler's bag at airport

All in with Chris Hayes on web?

Alabama Senate passes bill tightening rules for abortion clinics

Dinner’s Revenge: mealworms that survive in the stomach, then eat their way out of predators

When something is barbaric, call it barbaric

GOP: "Must Have Been Drunk"

WJC: Greek party's boycott call reminiscent of Nazis' action against Jewish stores in 1933

Interactive 2013 NHL Trade Tracker

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Equality

DC: Capital Bikeshare set a record Saturday — and is embarking upon a major expansion

Australia braces for ‘uncomfortable truths’ in national child sex abuse inquiry

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Weapons

Greece's neo-Nazi Golden Dawn goes global with political ambitions

Russian court announces trial of opposition leader Alexey Navalny

Yes, Antibiotic-Resistant Bugs Can Jump from Animals to Humans

What does marriage is between one man and one woman really mean

On the very day debate began ...

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Expanded Social Security - It's time for liberals to fight back

Break Out a Hammer: You’ll Never Believe the Data ‘Wiped’ Smartphones Store


The Trap

Rutgers fires men's basketball coach Mike Rice

Asperger's or socially challenged? As a younger person, I was definitely socially challenged.

Today in Peace and Justice history on April 3, 1958

Service Industries in U.S. Grow at Slowest Pace Since August

Today in Peace and Justice history on April 3, 1958

Some people can't get away with that shit. Some "people" can.

Sorry, Conservatives: You Are a Bigot If You Oppose Gay Marriage

Can you imagine a football club appointing a manager who praised the King's Cross bombers?

Droughts, and their Unmentionable Cause, are Targets of Texas Water Fund

dilbert: "how many decades... before a robot can repleace a CEO"

Fisker Hires Law Firm To Prepare For Possible Bankruptcy

The Myth of National Gun Registration

Rutgers Coach Mike Rice Fired for Video of His Kicking, Berating Players

U.S. Would Save $14 Billion Buying German Combat Vehicle

US Navy Instruction Confirms Retirement of Nuclear Tomahawk Cruise Missile

FAA Should Shut Most Air-Traffic Radar Rooms, Study Says

Final Four Set - ND, UCONN, Louisville, and One Non-Big East Team!

WTI Crude Drops As U.S. Oil Stockpiles Gain To Highest Level In More Than 22 Years

Deconverted: A Journey from Religion to Reason

Tonight on Nova: Ancient Computer (Antikythera)

No 2016 Republican Leader in Poll Showing Wide Disfavor

At What Point in Pregnancy Does a Woman's Personhood End?

Americans Are Consuming More Guinea Pig Than Ever Before

Scariest Ride Ever

Future Forum Presents Admiral Bobby Ray Inman - LBJ Library, March 26, 2013

Rethugs want official State religion

llinois, deep in pension hole, trying to dig out

Space station's antimatter detector finds its first evidence of dark matter

For background checks to pass the Senate, it's Tom Coburn or bust

US law says no 'oil' spilled in Arkansas, exempting Exxon from cleanup dues

Pic Of The Moment: One Reload, Eleven Children

Rutgers and Post-Modern Ethics

today in women's herstory

North Carolina May Declare Official State Religion Under New Bill (not an April Fools Joke)

Bank website attacks reach new high: 249 hours offline in past six weeks

Tennessee Republicans threaten to kill GOP voucher bill over fear of funding Muslim schools

Bardot's elephants set to receive royal treatment

'Third-sex' fear cited to snip (sterilize) transgender Swedes *facepalm*

Prelim. report from Arkansas Nuclear One industrial accident (with photos)

Call that launched the mobile era

Cuccinelli's Latest Scandal - uncovered by the Washington Post

Cancer Rates Drop After Nuclear Reactor Closes

Senator Bernie Sanders: "If an institution is too big to fail, it is too big to exist."

Teaching Indian sex workers to spot fake currency

Diagnosis: Human

Elizabeth Warren Decries ‘All-Or-Nothing Politics’ In The Senate

Yes, Healthful Fast Food Is Possible. But Edible? Bittman

Crucible of Change in Memphis as State Takes On Failing Schools

New Clues to the Mystery of Dark Matter

Don't post here very often, but I thought this was the place for this beautiful link....

Are You A Teenager Who Reads News Online? According to the Justice Department, You May Be a Criminal

The Thrasher - Remember this song? Talk of something hauntingly poetic and melancholy

Dumb Criminals: Same Couple Charged Twice For DUI, In Same Car, On Same Day

Rutgers fire basketball coach Mike Rice after ESPN shows abusive behaviour

White House Adviser: Obama A Big Fan Of Ezra Klein

about Healthful fast food, by mark bittman; several links included,

Stupid NRA. More Regulations Means More Gun Sales

Obama's EU Trade Deal Would Include New Political Powers For Corporations

MP Rob Wilson in accidental porn link tweet

Some thoughts on universal background checks.

Felony Charges Dropped for Virginia Republican Who Trashed Voter Registration Forms Last Year

Mark Sanford’s Argentine Love At Victory Celebration

Class Fights Nevada's 'Infamous Crime Against Nature' Law

NRCC Attacks Dems For Opposing Ryan Budget

will this picture be used in an ad against Sanford?

Meet Hommen: France's latest topless activists

Worthless Tool Larry Scott backs Ed Rush

Magic Johnson's Son Goes Public With Boyfriend For First Time

US yanks Cairo embassy Twitter feed-following an incident involving "The Daily Show"

Richard Cebull, Federal Judge Who Sent Racist Obama Email, Retires

Syria reveals my ambivalence about war

Roger Ebert's cancer recurs, critic takes 'leave of presence' from writing duties

Seven States Working Hard To Shut Down Abortion Clinics

GOP Issues an Order to the Elderly

Unexploded WWII Bomb Found Near Berlin HauptBahnHof

Another Floriduh "family values" leader...

Heh heh, Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood PANICKING over Mark Sanford

Central African Republic hunt for Kony suspended

Fiduciary Duty to Cheat? Jim Chanos Reveals the Perverse New Mindset of Financial Fraudsters

Congresswoman Gets Death Threats Over Gun Control Bill

Luxury skyscraper hotel completely engulfed by fire in Grozny, Chechnya (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Anxiety about retirement — for aging nuclear power plants

The Clap Looks Good By Comparison

Why silly speculation about the 2016 presidential race can do some real good

First hint of dark matter detected by cosmic ray on ISS

Oh man, Iain Banks is dying of cancer

Poll: 13% think Obama is the anti-Christ; 29% believe in aliens

I created a petition against the NRA

A question about Stephen Colbert's sister, Elizabeth

Are the Culture Wars Over? Look at the States

Mental Illness Is No Guarantee Insanity Defense Will Succeed.

The Walking Dead finale - Carl (spoiler alert)

Today's Dessert is: French Apple Pie with Ice Cream

Republicans Worry Sanford Could Blow Race

Help deciphering a probate record

GOP seeks to "relax" overtime pay rules.......

WTF is Kim Jong Un describing.. GIF... your choice.

Exxon off the hook in oil spill

I keep getting Yahoo - can not find this page...


Former Goldman Sachs trader turns himself in to FBI

Jabba the Hutt Legos are "anti-Muslim?"

THE source for gun control posters! Wow, here's a bunch for you to share.

"My underwear" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "my underwear".

DreamWorks, Participant Movie Focuses On Catholic Church Sex Scandal Uncovered By Boston Globe

Be careful coastal MS, AL and LA - High winds

Virginia 'serial arsonists' suspected of 77 blazes

Leno stoops lower than previously thought possible.

Youths who murdered Mexican activist Chavez sentenced

Is there a feminist reason to go to war?

Being the turd in the political punchbowl is more appealing to voters than you might think

Over $3 Million of PA. Funding for Seniors Wasted so Far on Lottery Privatization Consultants

Well, if the ends can truely justify the means, then I know what to do.

Writer Ruth Prawer Jhabvala dies

Yoohoo, calling all published writers looking for promo opportunities!

Well, if this isn't a bit unsettling.

Colorado gun group leader: ‘There’s a time to hunt deer’ and a ‘time to hunt Democrats’

Exxon booting media, restricted airspace in place over oil spill.

Crossposting from another group...

Study: Medicaid expansion will help lower out-of-pocket costs

Yikes: Body of "missing" North Carolina woman found inside her wrecked car 3 days after it was towed

Betty Bowers "Join The Party"

Poll: Majority of Republicans believe global warming is a hoax

Hillary Clinton makes first public speech since stepping down as Secretary of State......

Hillary Clinton makes first public speech since stepping down as Secretary of State......

Michigan: Right-to-work challenge alleging OMA violation will move forward

What is it about guns that puts any attempt

Conservative Legal stars urge confirmation of President Obama's DC Circuit Court nominee

Stuff that makes me scratch my head...

US World's Largest Exporter of Sperm

U.S. attorney: Keep names out of Aaron Swartz case

Korea...just learned that a 3rd destroyer has been deployed...and

Brooklyn judge slams birther's 'fanciful, delusional and irrational' lawsuit; must pay $177K

What Religion Would Your State Be?

More voter suppression. This time for college students.

Newly Discovered Microorganisms Named After Cthulhu

Wales Teen Who Catches Moles In Yard Found Rare White One

A Mother's Journey to Bearing Arms

British Cop Allows Offenders To Take Pictures With Him In Exchange For Help With Appeal

Overheard at the ammo shelf in a Walmart in Tennessee two weeks ago:

Got Arachnophobia? Scientists Discover Face-Size, Poisonous Tarantula In Sri Lanka

Help us get rid of Bigot Agema (Important!)

Parrot loves new bunny (video)

Let's Move the Lean In Debate Forward

National Review subscription pitch.

Mingo Sheriff Shot To Death; Suspect Shot While Trying To Get Away

Flash mob solution to crop surplus

re: North Carolina and State Religion (Constitutional re-cap)

Local idiot brings up "Clinton Body Count" in "Sound Off" section of my local paper today.

Damn you, Cole Porter. GO AWAY!!

Scientific fact vrs. religious faith?

Officials: US to offer $5 million bounty on Kony

North Carolina May Declare Official State Religion Under New Bill

FaceBook Refuses To Take Down Graphic Animal Abuse Photos & Videos

The Rise and Fall of Broadcasting as a Commons

Can GOP win without Hispanics? Look at Arizona

Poll: I Have This Great Idea for a Thriller...

Disney shuts down Lucas Arts

Arizona AG to sue to block civil unions in Bisbee

Damn I hate Clients coming over....

Praying for Dry Land in Panama

.Centers See New Faces Seeking Test Prep.

West Virginia Sheriff Shot Outside County Courthouse

Poll: 13% think Obama is the anti-Christ; 29% believe in aliens

Gun lobby to Congress:

Bell's Ten Big Ideas and the Future of American Religion

Bunny with a split ear.

9 high-profile champions of nuclear power

Dennis Rodman must have really pissed off Kim Jong Un. He really wanted Michael Jordan.

UPDATED: Cuccinelli Asks Court To Review Anti-Sodomy Ruling

US Embassy in Cairo deletes Jon Stewart tweet that offended Egyptian leader

Student with loaded gun taken into custody at Glen Burnie High

What do 'pro-Israel' image-mongers actually stand for?

There isn't a lot of good news to report on but once in awhile a really awesome event takes place

Amber Alert: 'Anti-government' parents tie up grandma, abduct 2 boys, deputies say

Roger Ebert's cancer has returned. From his article about changes:

Israel bombs Gaza Strip (turns out no rockets landed in Israel)

Robert Reich: What Immigration Reform Could Mean for...Workers, and Why the AFL-CIO Is Embracing It

One of the very few things I like about rampant laissez faire capitalism is how stupid it...

Obama To Give Back 5% Of Salary

Graphic Depicting Adam Lanza's Home Arsenal

Updated: PP Responds: RNC Chair Priebus Suggests Democrats Support Infanticide

Recipe from Southern Recipe Series

States With Weakest Firearm Laws Lead in Gun Deaths: Study


Do conservatives really care about the Constitution?

Bangladesh police arrests another atheist blogger

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly Makes His Case For ‘Stop And Frisk’ To The Black Community

Yep. And then you've got to clean up their mess.

Thin clouds drove Greenland’s record-breaking 2012 ice melt

Disney closes LucasArts, Game cancelled

Should the Aurora Shooter be Executed?

Politicians criticize Shura Council for permitting religious slogans

Just another day in America...

Former Colombian congressman arrested for alleged paramilitary ties (Yet one more)

Petitioning PBO to pardon boxer Jack Johnson

Why I Officiate at Interfaith Weddings

"I Need An Assault Rifle Because..."

Fun at the gym today with all the FoxNews watchers.

Indiana's Marijuana Laws: Job Creation Through Imprisonment

MFM went to Opening Day at the Diamondbacks.

Fake OAS diplomatic SUV used to transport drugs (VIDEO) .

MFR: Carnival Truimph Has Broken Loose; People May Be in Water

Wash. state bill could let your boss get your Facebook password

Be Afraid, GOP: Hillary Clinton Is Back and She Will Beat You in 2016 - By Robert Shrum

Has Anyone Posted Lawrence O'Donnell's Interview With Asa Hutchison Yesterday? .....

Hi all -

Obama will give up portion of his salary

Exxon Mobil CEO on spill: ‘I’m proud of the response’

Obama's Central American Legacy? The New Generation of Honduran Death Squads

Exclusive: Bill Ayers On the Weathermen, Obama’s Crap Job & More

Obama's Central American Legacy? The New Generation of Honduran Death Squads

Rock Band Garbage Stops Concert for Same-Sex Marriage Proposal

Ray Carey of the caucus scandal is part of Abele's AB85 to usurp all the power in Mil. Co.

Raine Stockton Dog Mysteries by Donna Ball, anyone read this series?

Obama To Return 5 Percent Of His Salary In Solidarity With Furloughed Federal Workers

Ex-Tech, NBA player Crittenton indicted for murder, gang activity

Walter Rhett: Free Speech and Those Rubbernecking Toilet Smells

We have a winner: The stupidest repub in Congress is: **drumroll**

Blinn College alum wins Nestea commercial competition

Kid President and Bo - pic

Future Help Wanted Ad?

Greta van Susteren wrongly reports U.S. shuts embassy in Cairo

Ill. businessman facing more federal charges

'A better path' toward projecting, planning for rising seas on a warmer Earth

Tons of loot versus tons of upgrades!

U.S. to Send Missile-Defense Battery to Guam .

Zina's Story (husband shoots 7, 3 dead including Zina)

Poor Poor Pitiful Me .........

Double standard emerges between RKBA and drone-program opposition:

Modern Day Slavery

N. Korea approves nuclear strike on US

The Article Every Liberal Needs To Show a Conservative

Guatemala: Wave Of Persecution And Assassination Of Social Leaders

Obama to attend Bush library dedication in Dallas

Colo. dog owners: Train police to avoid shootings

Experts defuse unexploded WWII bomb in central Berlin

Why hasn't Mark Sanford married his girlfriend?

Oh, thank God...(or Budda, or Whomever) (or Not).

Unstable Man Plots To Bring Guns To Schools

GOP Voter ID Bill an “Unnecessary Impediment to Voting”

Pollster: 'Republican brand is essentially in the TOILET these days' and more Americans

David Axelrod Is Now Advising Brazil's Conservative Presidential Candidate

I'm curious about any anecdotes / insights other DUers may offer -

David Axelrod Is Now Advising Brazil's Conservative Presidential Candidate

Georgia high school students organize first integrated prom

Marriage: Senate Endorsement Tracker ~ Updated 4/9/13

Unbelievable laundry list, the Rs out to destroy NC!!

Judge to retire after sending racist Obama email

Uruguay: Marriage Equality Approved

Ancient climate questions could improve today's climate predictions

Army charges US soldier in militia case with killing pregnant wife

Largo man reports shaving cream explosion

NWS live web cam Tidal Basin:

Eleven North Carolina Republicans Sponsor Resolution Saying Their State Can Ignore The Constitution

Spain king's daughter suspected in corruption case

You Know Your Infant Daughter Did Not Enjoy Her Delivery...

Breakthrough Cancer-Killing Treatment Has No Side-Effects, Says MU Researcher

Karen Finney is not black enough...

Government Waste: DHS Documents Reveal Widespread Surveillance of Occupy Movement

Martin Bashir is interviewing an expert on the North Korean situation

Republicans should be scared. Watch how a Detroit crowd reacts to a gay proposal.

Noam Chomsky: The Cruelty That Keeps Empires Alive

NC Repubs Take the First Step Towards Secession

Live: President Obama speaks on guns at Denver Police Academy at 5:00 EDT:

North Carolina May Declare Official State Religion Under New Bill

How Capitalism Conquered the Internet.....And how we can take it back

Trilobites. At one time, they must have practically covered the earth, because now there are still

Mideast: Haaretz justifies Palestinian stone-throwing

Breaking: North Korea Approves Plan For “Merciless” Nuclear Strikes On The United States

Will China swat Kim Jong Un to prevent the US MIC from starting a war in thier backyard?

WTF is this - Disarming your critics - THE NRA takes over the Press Club

How long should you wait before you say you are in love with someone?

Some Logic For Any Democrat That Is Still "On The Fence" About Marriage Equality...

How Many Here On DU Are Actually Scared Of The North Korea...

Ruth Prawer Jhabvala, award-winning author and screenwriter, dies at 85

Obama speaking in Denver -- link

I have come to accept my body dysmorphia....

A mighty wind—Thrusters powered by ionic wind may be an efficient alternative to conventional atmos…

X-Post: A mighty wind—Thrusters powered by ionic wind may be an efficient alternative to convention…

Rep. Amash: ‘More sensible’ to ban abortions after three days and ‘certain’ birth control

Hiking the Argentine Trail..

U.N. overwhelmingly approves global arms trade treaty

Dead End? March LEAF Electric Car Sales Increase by 286.2%

"Even by 2013 standards, this is scary stuff."

Kerry post on bringing African war criminals to justice

(US) Federal Judge Bars Journalist From Covering the Haitian Prime Minister

Mike Huckabee: Obama May Be Planning To Grab Guns And Launch A Nazi-Like Dictatorship

Driver With Learners Permit Mistakes Brake For Gas, Crashes Into Sorority House

Maryland House passes gun-control bill with fingerprinting requirement, assault weapon ban - @AP

If you make a death threat towards somebody, you should be banned for life from owning firearms

New Zealand Man Asks For Refund After Explosion Scene Missing In "Jack Reacher"

Customers Get Kicked Out Of United Flight After Complaining About In Flight Movie

Taliban suicide assault team strikes courtroom in western Afghanistan

A Place At the Table

Rick Perry believes that his success as governor has made Texas a target for attack by North Korea

British Parliament Member Accidentally Tweets URL Of Porn Site

Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis on Fighting School Closures

Poco Live - A Good Feeling To Know

April Fools Joke Gone Wrong: 18 Year Old Pretending To Be Pregnant Stabs Ballistic Boyfriend

You can tell the tide is turning for marriage equality.......

"West Virginia sheriff was slain today by a gunman who walked up to his SUV"

Why Muammar Gaddafi's daughter was booted out of Algeria

More oversight demanded over tax incentives for sports, entertainment events

Administration Hits Pause On Health Exchanges For Small Businesses

Amazon tribe threatens to declare war amid row over Brazilian dam project

Terrell man arrested for making terroristic threat on Kaufman tip line

What the media should know about Keystone XL

The Sequester

Mapping the New Economy

Noam Chomsky: The Cruelty That Keeps Empires Alive

Why are South Koreans working in North Korea?

Judge to retire after sending racist Obama email

Hagel: US will be moving missile defense batteries to US bases in Guam

Can We Trust Exxon To Pay for Pegasus Tar Sands Spill Cleanup? Their History Suggests Otherwise

Cuba's Yoani Sánchez Speaks Out - Full Interview | MetroFocus

Study: States With Loose Gun Laws Have Higher Rates Of Gun Violence

Obama picks Goldman Sachs exec for ambassador to Canada

NYPD investigating death threats to Democratic congresswoman over gun bills

Save early voting rally in Asheville

This is heartbreaking. Jeremy Irons on marriage equality

How one man teaches kids about world peace (The World Peace Game)

Rick Perry: North Korea wants to blow up Texas to stop my awesome awesomeness

David Brooks’s Gay-Marriage Delusion

My "Holy S***!" story of the day...

Gender gap in tech salaries is all gone, Dice reports

As N. Korea Blocks Workers, U.S. Plans More Pacific Defense

State Rep. Bill Zedler Wants to Shut Down Those Grody LGBT Centers at Texas Colleges

Amber-Aler 'Anti-government' parents tie up grandma, abduct two boys, deputies say

OK, Worst Case Scenario... North Korea is stupid enough to launch toward the US or ...

Here’s the Poop: Warning Labels on Chicken

David Gray - This Year's Love, Live @ the Nobel Peace Prize Concert 2011

The Most Important Defense Of Women’s Rights You Will Read Today

Grown-ups Two Trailer -- Do yourself a favor and jump to marker 1:17

Worker missing; cruise ship breaks from Ala. port

How should we remember Ralph Klein?

The unworthy poor

Steve Alford lies about an incident at Iowa during presser

The First Global Generation

Good news: An NBA team is talking about drafting a female college basketball star.

A message to all Texas DUers

Woman injured in grain elevator explosion

Families in Mali splintered by slavery as culture and conflict converge

Trailer Park Boys Fans: Who's your favorite character(s)?

GOP rebranding gone wrong - tales from the party of stupid

Phishing? or Sequestration? Got an email from "Edfinancial" claiming my student loan

I shot a .223 modeled after the M4 this past weekend

Look what crawled out of the pine cones

Rightwing Bullshit

Guess I am happy I did not go in for Bit Coins:

NYPD investigating death threats to Dem congresswoman over her support for gun control legislation

Maryland House passes gun-control bill w/ fingerprinting requirement, assault weapon ban 78-61

Conn. State Senate approves sweeping gun control bill 26-10; bill goes to State House - UPDATED

Indoor jasmine plant - question...

Bill Clinton to receive advocacy award from GLAAD

Predicting the Number of Female US Senators after 2014.

Is It Too Much to Ask That a Working Mother Gets Paid Enough to Feed Her Family Without Food Stamps?

When Are The Americans That Vote For Repugs Learn That The Repugs Laugh At Them And Make Fun Of ....

STUDY: States With Loose Gun Laws Have Higher Rates Of Gun Violence

Argentina floods: Dozens dead in La Plata and Buenos Aires

Bob McChesney: How Capitalism Conquered the Internet.....And how we can take it back

My bro just reminded me of Roy Buchanan

A New Woman: Program Prepares New York Women in the Building Trades


WATCH: Israeli Activists Detained For Filming Illegal Settlement Construction

FBI Arrests "Proud Romney Supporter" For Extorting Money From Man She Met On "Sugar Daddy" Web Site

Cancer clinics are turning away thousands of Medicare patients. Blame the sequester.

McCrory wants Medicaid patients in managed care plans

CVS Pharmacy settles Federal Claims Suit

Forget Rutgers Coach Mike Rice: College Sports Abuse Virtually All Students

First phase of EPA furloughs begins April 21

Britain's biggest unions put weight behind plan for general strike

Tennessee May Deliberately Exclude Muslim Schools From New Voucher Program

Brian Banks, Who Was Cleared Of Rape Conviction, Is Signed By Atlanta Falcons

this BP commercial about the gulf pisses me off night after night...