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Recommendations for E-Cigarettes?

Live-stream LINKS for White House Correspondence Dinner - Updated with HD link

Saturday, April 27th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

New York Troublemakers School (May 18, 2013, 9:00 am)

How much US taxpayers' money is given out annually to other countries not in need

Perry disgusted by California newspaper cartoon depicting explosion after deadly West blast

The Prez is in the house! WH Correspondents' Dinner on C-span. 8:14 pm ET.

Mayor Menino an eager customer on Boylston St.


In Trek North, First Lure Is Mexico’s Other Line

Jim Brady on Gabby Giffords

Wide Open Spaces (in honor of Dixie Chicks being in the news)

Please tell me what would be so bad to have guns treated exactly like cars

GOP, Chamber of Commerce and Fox News: Did They Play a Role in the Fertilizer Plant Deaths?

Watching the WH correspondents dinner on C-span

Getting ready for the Correspondents’ Dinner

Buccos' and former Gnats' Jonathan Sanchez suspended Six games

Dirty Car Art

Up with Steve Kornacki will be discussing NC republican legislation

A. C. Grayling's new book seems to have caused apoplexy over in the religion forum.

act-now-to-reinstate-javier-rodriguez/ (Wal-mart)


Vegan supper last night...

Is Atheism Only for the Upper Class? Socioeconomic Differences Among the Religiously Unaffiliated

I didn't get an invitiation to the

Inside America's Dirty Wars: On the drone strikes that killed Anwar al-Awlaki and his U.S.-born son.

Please welcome Jeff R to DU!

Animal Rights Activists Hack Foie Gras Website, Publish Customers' Names

Italy Forms New Coalition Government to End Months of Political Stalemate.

Schweitzer Updates Campaign Site as Senate Speculation Swirls

Toddler will not eat healthy foods

Anybody else watching Giant on TCM.

Tired and heavy feeling.

First bonfire of the season tonight...

Let's do a caption!

Hailey Dunn Update: Remains ID'd as missing 13-year-old Texas girl, attorney says

If You Think That Guy Singing On The Subway Sounds Like Michael Buble, It Is!

A Brown-Ulman ticket could shake up Democratic primary for Md. governor’s office

Two Friends Dead Over Fight Concerning Phish Concert Tickets

'Revolution' Adds 'Cult's' Rockne S. O'Bannon for Season 2 (Exclusive)

I guess Student's First couldn't find a Klansman to call Reformer of the Year so they chose the next

Slow Motion Barn Owl Attack

Would-be squirrel-killer injured after taping cartridge to BB gun


Barbara BUONO (Dem candidate/gov NJ) pegs Tweety as an "ASS" & he has TENS of THOUSANDS of viewers!1

Amazing elephant birth (GRAPHIC!)

How does Ed Effing Fox Henry get to be Prez of the WH Correspondents?

Nothing better than listening to Vin Scully.

A perfect love song.....

Any possibility of ever making the code for DU3 open source?

OMG! The White House Correspondence Dinner is

Moody's, S&P settle lawsuits over debt ratings

U.S. role at a crossroads in Mexico’s intelligence war on the cartels

Mariela Castro Denied Permission To Visit Philadelphia To Receive LGBT Award

DU POLL - Will the US Really Experience a Violent Upheaval in 2020?

U.S. role at a crossroads in Mexico’s intelligence war on the cartels

California: Anti-Wildlife Cruelty Bill Moves to Senate

Does David Barton, Evangelical Host, Think 'Bioshock Infinite' Has Anti-Christian, Anti-Conservative

Dimming the lights for summer

Mexico’s border schools deal with an influx of English-speaking students

Mexico’s border schools deal with an influx of English-speaking students


Chile's top statistician quits; accused of fudging the census and underreported inflation


U.S. deploying drones in drug wars

What was the magazine cover?

admire cnn's commitment to cover all sides of a story,

Still plenty of fresh fractals

Jeb to Babs: But, Mom!

The man who ate at 6,297 Chinese restaurants

why don;'t YOU get a drink with mitch mcconnell!!!

WitStream does the WHCD!

Blame Bush Library!

The Great Myth of Conservatism

Russia had wiretap on bomb suspect (in which the suspect "vaguely discussed jihad")

Daniel Day Lewis playing Obama in Speilberg's movie


Four Psychologists at the Gates of Hell

Boston Globe and Pete Williams

Syria: Al-Qaeda's battle for control of Assad's chemical weapons plant

Million Fag March today in Topeka - pictures

Frank Conniff (at WHCD): D. Gregory asked WH Corresp. dinner waiter about soup, but not the entree..

Remember all the pronuclear-antirenewable BS about industrial power prices in Germany?

Spielberg and Daniel Day Lewis apparently did something funny!

U.S. officials concerned about Japan's plan to reprocess nuclear fuel

I am interested in people's stories of going from a believer to non-believer or vise versa.

Scalia is sitting at Fox's table?

Mayday Mayday

Disney World Fights Against Paid Sick Days For Florida Employees (GOP Complies)

2013 White House Correspondents' Dinner

Saturday Night Blues Break: Doyle Bramhall - Shape I'm In

House Of Cards Spoof Featuring Dem And GOP Lawmakers Mocks WH Correspondents Dinner

How did George Jones last this long?

Steven Spielberg's "Obama"

Man lives with wife's corpse for six months after her death

As Elizabeth Warren said..

White House Correspondents' Dinner...

President Obama's White House Correspondence Dinner Speech - video (23:01 mins)

Justice Breyer Hospitalized After Accident

This is NOT a map of the Czech Republic

Stephen Colbert on Bankers

Teacher Suspended for Showing Gardening Tools to Class

Just found an old pic of The Nashville Cat.

George W. Bush's magic calendar returns

"Do-Nothing Congress Gives Inertia a Bad Name"

Keep Calm and Play On

Bulldog on a trampoline

Philosophers on strike

Trying to Slam the Bailout Door

Morning swim

Anti-intellectualism, the way of the rethugs

The difference is subtle

President Obama's Best Jokes Ever

Obama Jokes At White House Correspondents Dinner

White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner feeds on Hollywood’s star power

If gay people can take a bullet for their country...

omg could you even imagine Romney trying to give a funny speech?

Canadian Bacon?



Icelanders Oust Government Over Austerity Program.

Red Tail Hawk

Phone Calls Discussing Jihad Prompted Russian Warning on Tsarnaev

"Republicans Too Busy Ranting on Fox News to Actually Write Any Bills"

Sometimes,,.......just gets fucking weird!

Obama: Flight delay fix a 'Band-Aid'

"Terrified of Hillary: Fox News and Darrell Issa Team Up for Bogus Clinton Benghazi Smear"

How do you see the world in 100 years?

as Elizabeth Warren said

VPOTUS Joe in Sedona!

Federal regulations, emergency protocols not followed in West

"And all the books that you've been through, seem too sad to ya now..."

Conan O'Brien's White House Correspondence Dinner Speech - video link (27:24 mins)

Imagine a world where "gay" was "straight" and "straight" was "gay"

American tourist faces death penalty in North Korea

U.S. soldier gets 16 year sentence for trying to sell military secrets to Russia.

Justice Scalia sitting with Bill O'Reilly at the Fox News table at the WHCD - Photo

Obama with Bangs (WHCD) - Photos

Fracking firms should offer sweeteners (i.e. bribes) to locals, say British MPs

Teacher Suspended For Showing Box Cutter & Pocket Knife To 2nd Graders> NOT GARDEN TOOLS.

Mom's Scathing Message For Pro-Gun Senator Corker

Let's Boogie!

Naki’o the dog can walk again after being fitted with prosthetics

Black Peanut Butter

I just saw Obama's zinger at CNN...

Comic relief for faculty and students

Hidden environmental costs of cattle ranching will haunt Colombia’s future: Study

Obama at WHCD Obama's Full Remarks/Daniel-Day Lewis Video/Full Conan Bit/House of Cards Spoof

Prominent feminist Mary Thom dies in motorcycle crash

Hidden environmental costs of cattle ranching will haunt Colombia’s future: Study


Santos to spend night in ‘free housing’ apartment

Leftist priests: Pope Francis can fix church 'in ruins'

The reasonable doubts about April 14 presidential election

Minister Varela threatens to put Henrique Capriles behind bars

The most important criminological trend of our time is completely ignored

SWAT team fires semi-automatic guns at unarmed 18 year old

Wife of one of the "martyrs of the Revolution" killed in CCS after the election thinks he was shot

Palin's tweet about the correspondents dinner

So, Da Vinci used hair jell to get that oh so philosophic look...

Venezuela's Capriles raised false hopes on vote audit: election body

College Station, Texas A&M System hash out details of new development

Would anyone here eat this?

I can't get this video to embed

WWII vet who provided flag on Iwo Jima has died

Boston and Venezuela: Terrorism There and Here

Amazing A Capella video game pieces.

NY Times/Bruni: The Lesson of Boston

Bangladesh Building Collapse Death Toll Hits 362

50-milllion-year-old Canada rivaled tropics in diversity

Are we a police state yet?

Glenn Greenwald on Boston Marathon Arrest: Will We Deny Constitutional Rights in the Name of Fear?

When Your Boss Steals Your Wages: The Invisible Epidemic That’s Sweeping America

Congress Makes Sure they Have No Flight Delays, While Sequestration Heaps Huge Damage on Millions

Slaves to Our Stuff: A Creative Vision to Break Away From Consumer Culture's Destructive Grip

We Are in the Middle of a Global Civil War

Insecticide firms in secret bid to stop ban that could save bees

92-year-old still fitting bras

Hostess To Reopen, Expand Bakery In Kansas

This faith in the markets is misplaced: only governments can save our living planet

Analysis - Bangladesh still works for retailers, despite disasters

Iceland vote: Centre-right opposition wins election

Gunshots fired near Italy prime minister's office, injuries

Hybrid grass 'could reduce flooding impact'

Water group sounds alarm; Lake Amistad level at record low

Analysis - No good military options for U.S. in Syria

a hand sticking out of the rubble clutching a crumpled note

China Premier Asks to Stay on High Alert on H7N9 Bird Flu

Houston Fire Department: 50 water rescues and counting on stormy Saturday

Shirley Bassey - I Am What I Am

Red Cross arrives at Guantánamo as hunger strike hits 100 mark

The forgotten neighborhood: Residents still waiting for response from Exxon

Rana Plaza owner arrested at Indian border while trying to flee

ExxonMobil rakes in $9.5 billion profit, on which it will pay a 13 percent tax rate, if that

Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?

President Obama: '. . . something I did in college around 2:00 a.m'

Vermonters (lots of them) can buy energy generated from cow shit

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Seven Texts Ago Edition

Bomb kills 3 Afghan policemen; Taliban claims it's the first attack of its spring offensive

spain Is Beyond Doomed: The 2 Scariest Unemployment Charts Ever

How Not to Die

A Real-Life Window Into How Virginity Obsession Hurts Teen Girls

Come to Knoxville in May!

Wealthiest Americans Only Winners in Recovery, Pew Says

Charges Against Transform Now Plowshares: Two Down, Two To Go

Gun Group Raffles Off Assault Rifle Model Used In Newtown Shooting To ‘Resist Barack Obama’

Bradley Manning is off limits at SF Gay Pride parade, but corporate sleaze is embraced

Three notable people of conscience submitted declarations in support of Transform Now Plowshares

Sunday's Non Sequitur Toon

Pentagon Claims $757 Million Overbilling by Contractor in Afghanistan

we should build another library or museum across the bush institute

Arch Coal Denied Permission to Blow Up West Virginia Mountain

Spain Is Beyond Doomed: The 2 Scariest Unemployment Charts Ever

Syria and sarin gas: US claims have a very familiar ring

'Reservoirs of disease': Private school pupils 'at much greater risk' of getting measles

Sarah "Assclown" Palin. Thus be it forever.

"Some days...."

Corbett makes 80 year olds find out value of their burial plots before they can receive food stamps

Steven Spielberg’s surprise “Lincoln” follow-up

A post-history strip tease

A post-history strip tease (xpost from GD)

Fatah Central Committee Member Abbas Zaki: Israel Involved in 9/11

Have Another Hit of Fracked Air

Scientists May Be On Brink Of Major Discovery In Hunt For HIV Cure

This is the crap I woke up to this morning

Sarah Palin Called Everyone At The White House Correspondents' Dinner 'Assclowns'

Iraq pulls licenses of Al-Jazeera, other channels

Reims building collapse after blast 'kills two'

Jim Armitage: Profiting by helping brutal regimes to snoop

Scientists develop lithium-ion battery that charges 120 times faster than normal

What do you think of this set by Louis CK?

Killer Beaver!

Please Remember Oklahoma City

Everything Is Rigged: The Biggest Price-Fixing Scandal Ever

Waters off Northeast US coast unusually warm, says NOAA

Forgotten Victims; Black Kids

Army says no to more tanks, but Congress insists

Klaatu Barada Nikto, Mutha Fuckas


War against Taliban being won in Afghanistan: Dunford

MSNBC sure did a shitty job over covering the Nerd ball yesterday.

How Big Pharma Rips You Off on Drugs

Young war veterans struggle to find jobs

Just tried this yesterday. I recommend. My sweet tooth needs something :)

Thomas Gibbons-Neff: With Boston bombs, the war comes home

Here's a tip, guys . . .

The Game is Rigged

Another bird flu to watch for... H7N9 in China

8 Reasons Liquid Cake Is The Best Idea Ever

Share your confidential thoughts here!

Pete Peterson bankrolled debunked austerity study, could make billions off safety net privatization

Low Wage Workers Strike—Because YOLO

The Southern dialect (or is it?) command "Do!" Anyone familiar with it?

bu$h library: The Decision Points Theater makes the presidency a multiple choice test

A post-history strip tease (xpost from GD)

"Just keep swimming..." delightful and inspirational photo shoot by a creative photographer

Today is the Fifth Sunday of Easter.

The President's remarks at the 2013 Correspondent's Dinner

Is the owner of that collapsed garment factory in Bangladesh a mass murderer?

The Napalm Girl, Then and Now...

Claim: Kan. pill mill tied to soldier overdoses

Good morning, DU friends!

A thought about the dinner last night....

What it was like growing up with a "gun nut" as a father

RIP Bob Edgar, Longtime Common Cause President and Former Congressman

Resisting Evictions Spanish Style

Syria Lashes Out At Chemical Arms Use Claims

An epiphany: Those who claim the U.S. is now a police state

"He has voted to ban semi-automatic rifles, pistols and shotguns...."

karen hughes? are you kidding me? karen hughes?

Lamestream Media: TV titans lose US viewers over slanted stories

Question: Are there any laws regulating when a neighborhood can be locked down?

Toles To Repukes: "Everybody Saw That"

Thousands of Greek civil jobs to be axed as parliament vote looms

"Go to Sleep or I Will Call the Planes"

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, April 30: Glenn Ford in the '40s

"Jesus Christ, Gramma"

Must See!! Beautiful Painting on The Dirty Car Window,

DU weekly challenge

Graham: Without Intervention In Syria, Region Will ‘Fall Into Chaos’

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, May 1: Priscilla Lane

Is anyone watching the Viking series?

Video of extremist rightwing cells behind Capriles generating chaos in Merida (Camiula)

Liberation theologians see Pope Francis as able to fix a church “in ruins”

Have you ever heard of Julie d'Aubigny?

Public and Private Sector Payroll Jobs: Bush and Obama (Calculated Risk)

Don't hate me for saying this, but Dick Morris is an idiot

Sunday Dental Thread: express edition

Bean Spill at Flying J Could be Worst in History

Cuba's young see bleak future, many want to leave

Venezuela's Maduro pledges continued alliance with Cuba

American made clothes and fabrics: I've seen them going away for 20 some years.

McCaskill Won’t Rule Out Putting Boots On The Ground In Syria

(LOL) Kevin Spacey's Correspondents' Dinner Spoof - "House of Nerds"

Former Reagan Budget Director Stockman Slams GOP as 'Coalition of Gangs'

.Chainmaille Coin Purse with Antique Finish Clasp

Check out this battle of the church signs.

Do any of you bass fishermen have experience with Senko plastic worms?

Our Government: By the Wealthy, For the Wealthy

Muslim Congressman(Ellison) Slams GOP’s Call For Religious Profiling After Boston

KRUGMAN..... Bush...The Great Degrader

Signing statements: Bush vs Obama

Fixing Sequestration (for the rich only)

VERY cool 8 & 1/2 minute video of the Space Shuttle SRB's.

More than 35% of U.S. Public Transit Buses Use Alternative Fuels or Hybrid Technology

Bob Greene writes: Is Big Brother coming to your job?

Bob Graham's daughter to run against Rep. Steve Southerland

People can change!! (Jonathan Krohn, FORMER conservative whiz kid)

Do Not Piss Here!

How many people on this forum have changed something they do as a result of this forum?

Another reason for raising the taxes on corporations and wealth in general.

An Aside To My Readers | John Michael Greer

Mary Thom Dead: Former Ms. Magazine Editor Dies In NY Crash

Reminder: There’s Always Something to Do… Right Now | Mickey Z.

police arrest man after he threatens his wife with gun

'We need to know what your'e doing'

Word War II vet who provided flag at Iwo Jima dead at 90

Garfield minus Garfield.

Wanna' Know About Terror? Ask a Native American (What We’re Up Against) | Mickey Z.

A Hundred Deir Yassin and Counting: Beit Daras and the Buried History of Massacres | Ramzy Baroud

Fed Extended Unemployment Benefits Slashed 17.69% in CA

Matthew Yglesias shows his true colors

Bombers’ mother told older son to go to ‘Palestine’

Don't miss this weeks Making Sense with Steve Leser - WH Correspondents Dinner and News of the Week

Lebanon bans acclaimed film partially shot in Israel

Minnesota middle finger!

Bill Moyers: Trading Democracy for ‘National Security’

I did a pointless doodle.

Juan Cole: Serbia and Kosovo: A EU Success Story?

Hey doods, can you let me know what bits of html or variant thereof is/are allowed?

Guatemala genocide trial: legal challenges, debates, attacks on "hairy hippies, communists...

Michael Marchines Allegedly Kills Nate Roman, Himself Over Concert Tickets

Global Capitalism - April 2013 - Richard D Wolff

The greatest exhibition shooter Tom Knapp has passed away

Elizabeth Warren quote

Texas Fertilizer Plant Disaster: Little Coverage, Much of It Wrong

From deep within the annals of Improbable Research

Apple won't fix your computer if you smoke near it

48 years ago today, the US invaded the Dominican Republic

Renaissance of grey green, midnight blue, taupe and burgundy house colors?

Please "like" this FB page to help stop animal control from killing this little dog.

What's for Dinner? ~ Sunday April 28th

Who are we at war with this week? I can't keep up! Is it Westasia (Iran, Syria) or Eastasia(Korea)?

Match Game Story: Pete Pryotechnic's last words were, "Hold my _____, and watch this!"

Thurston High School shooter Kip Kinkel seeking shorter sentence

Army Says No To More Tanks, But Congress Insists

Vallejo police return weed to two pot shops raided last year

Eric Holder - Death Squad/Torture Lawyer

Darden Restraunt Brands...So you know....Against sick pay for their employees..

NYPD whistle-blowers testify at stop-frisk trial

got my first new pair of glasses in close to ten years

What does it mean when a profile contains e.g. '74 of membership'?

HA! Think this will make boehner cry?

army says no to more tanks but congress insists

Exclusive - Boston bomb suspects' parents retreat to village, cancel U.S. trip

"Five things everyone should know about US incarceration"

What the Legislator's want and what we'd like the Legislators to have...

Fugitive owner arrested as Bangladesh building toll reaches 377

Mom is home from the hospital now.

I’ve always believed that business would lead to world peace.

Doyou see THIS? I need it to be explained to me NOW.

Cake decorating help

"I sold my soul for a White House Press Pass" - sign held by the devil

100 Largest US Employee and Worker-Owned Companies

Bill Moyers: Trading Democracy for ‘National Security’

The Rent is Too Damn High!

Another nifty fact for you…

"Knaves, Fools and Me"

So much more GOOD to share that I've found, but here's a video for now...

Lakota activists: Buy Wounded Knee, face protests

Ohio politicians support Abrams Army tank that the Army doesn't want

Is having no text books common in elementary schools now?

Story update: UK nurse blamed Australian radio jockeys in suicide note

Italy's rightwing Northern League attacks first black minister as a symbol of the do-gooding left.

Spiritual mentor of ‘Brother Dean’ proud of ‘You deserve rape’ sign

I was warned about MTP today,

KRUGMAN: "Bush lied us into war. Let’s repeat that: he lied us into war."

UN chief writes to Assad with new request for access for chemical weapons investigators

energy drink ads banned over 'sexually explicit reference'

John McCain, America's War Monger

Conan O'Brien at the 2013 White House Correspondents Dinner

President Obama at the 2013 White House Correspondents Dinner

Slideshow: Six Whistleblowers Charged Under the Espionage Act

Books where whatever the protagonist was worried about turned out to be nothing at all. SPOILER

Rep. Rogers: FBI Pursuing ‘Persons Of Interest’ In Boston Probe

Former Bush Aide Shames Congress: More Worried About Airport Delays Than Dead Kids

Anyone here ever been to my hometown?

North Korea Set To Stage Major Military Drill

Bernie Sanders: From 2009-2011, 100% of all new income went to the top 1%

In A First, Black Voter Turnout Rate Passes Whites

How do you observe your Sabbath?

Huggin' Muslims Round The World!

Seen on Facebook

UK’s Military Chief Warns Intervention In Syria Risks All-Out War

Carousel, Live from Lincoln Center, on PBS, DC area, now.

Game of Thrones 3.5 "Kissed by Fire" (spoilers)

Kudos to Bangladesh. ** PERP WALKS** less than 4 days after the collapse!!

The Worst Congress Money Can Buy (Bill Moyers & Michael Winship)

Even if Democrats win a landslide in 2014 (like GOP in 2010: 54-46) GOP would retain House control.

Inmates Now Reviewing Prisons on Yelp

Chile's Humboldt penguins under threat of extinction

Cartoonists Demand Action To End Gun Violence

The Lesson of Boston

Seen on Facebook

Uruguay scientists genetically modify sheeps to glow in the dark

New National Stupidity Record Set!!!


FYI - posted yesterday in General Discussion

need job interview vibes


Perfect gift for my stepdaughter's ordination as a Reform rabbi!

Libya's Foreign Ministry Cut Off By Men Wielding Anti-Aircraft Guns, Official Says

"The Hard Rock Cafe of catostrophic policy decisions"

A little help, where is the will you change your buying habit over the building collapse?

How Bradley Manning Disappeared From the SF Pride Parade


My first impression of Windows 8

Retired Winnipeg cop wants to see drugs legalized and regulated

Latin America threatened by mounting cancer epidemic: study

Trying to Suppress the Vote Backfired

kim jong-il, no match for bush

Vatican Under Scrutiny As Nuns, Landowners Lose Israel Wall Challenge

Amanda Knox says she wrote unsent letter to Meredith Kercher's family

Bangladesh collapsed building's owner arrested

More Killed in Pakistan in Bombings Ahead of Election

German role in steering euro crisis could lead to disaster, warns expert

The death toll in Bangladesh has reached 377 and they expect

Libya faces growing Islamist threat

Wealth Gap Among Races Widened Since Recession

Umm, just give me a bogey and let me move to the next hole.....

Robbed at Gunpoint, Some Gamble With Their Lives

Report: Phil Jackson was diagnosed with prostate cancer in March 2011

Is it crappy of me to go to my grade school reunion only in the hopes I see SCJ Sotomayor?

OUR Walmart ForRespect Rap by Picketman

Big Ten announces switch to East and West divisions

Sacramento couple fights to get their baby boy back from authorities

Girl, 14, forced to become pregnant with donor sperm bought by mother

smug fuck

Symptoms Of Chemical Gas Occur In Some Syrian Soldiers: Report

Jealous ‘Assclown’ Sarah Palin Attacks the Correspondents Dinner Charity Event

A New Front for Gun Background Checks: the Ballot

Heh. First place in the NL Central goes to the...

Apparently you can buy sperm over the internet

How Jerry Brown Scared California Straight

Source: Charlotte mayor to be nominated for transportation secretary

(Audio)Matt Taibbi Discusses the Market Rigging in the Swaps and LIBOR Markets By the Banks

So about the Air Traffic Controllers,

Balloons & Teddy Bears

How to debunk George W. Bush’s attempts at revisionism

Republicans Who Criticize Obama Were Silent When Bush Tried Terror Suspects In Civilian Court

ALEC - The American Legislative Exchange Council - Explained in 5 Minutes

Obama to name Charlotte mayor Anthony Foxx as transportation chief

Gregory Crawford's Friday Newsdump Rant April 26, 2013

I can't believe I spent the whole afternoon assembling a piece of furniture only to find..

I'm a Human Being

Let's be clear: The Bangladesh government is complicit in the Rana Plaza tragedy

Barbara Bush Disses The 'Four Families,' in Favor of The 'Five Families'

Manchin: Gun Bill to be Reintroduced

26 Million and counting!

LeBron James, Heat sweep Bucks in playoffs' first round

UKIP outraged that their candidates' public announcements are repeated in public

Why do politicians like Schumer complain that the Russians didn't share the intercept of Tsarnaeva

Scientists recreate Egyptian trading town buried for 1,200 years

Shoppers Turn Blind Eye to Bangladesh in $6 Bikini Hunt

Scientists recreate Egyptian trading town buried for 1,200 years.

Domestic Spying Victim: Virginia Cody-her crime is being against drilling....

EPA dramatically lowers its estimate of methane leaks during natural gas production

Grumpy Cat FINALLY makes the big-time!!!

TRUE art appreciation:

One of Canada's most-treasured historical artifacts is being eroded away by Global Warming.

Kim Jong-Un has finally conquered the world.

Some claim that MiddleFingerMom wasn't really serious about his college "career".

MiddleFingerMom is starting to get PRETTY desperate in his increasingly-frantic search for a FWB.

Right Turn; Conservative Perspective: Obama Erases His ‘Red Line’

"We don't need to move the needle from 90 to 99 percent. The public is with us on this."

Gene Robinson on Episcopalianism on Colbert

Miller Prom King Shows Royal Character With Gesture

2012: Unprecedented melting in Greenland

Man Stabs 4 at Albuquerque Church

"Speaking is physically difficult for me, but my feelings are clear. I'm furious."

US Health Leader Warns Of Human-To-Human H7N9 Bird Flu

NBC Nightly News will be having a story

CAPTION this. I'll start...

just sad

Took the camera to a track meet yesterday

The world is beautiful

Nuclear arms card for Japan

Xena the Warrior Puppy and her boy Jonny

Clear Channel Loses $424 Million in 2012, StopRush Rolls On

Wife accidentally kills husband during gun lesson

I'm looking for evidence that socialized medicine does not increase "frivolous" visits.

Former Mossad Head Dagan: Israel Should Do Whatever It Can To Bring Down Syria’s Assad

San Francisco Man Poses As Congo President's Son, Gets $1.6 Million, Jail

President Pressed Patrick on 'Shelter-in-Place' - '...Point at Which it’s No Good Anymore.’

Are G W Bush's service records at his Library?

Woman Ordained as Priest in Defiance of Roman Catholic Church

"...I proposed a toast...."

Some good old-fashioned TRUTH-TELLING here:

Texas Republicans want to make you dumb.

Slow down and take a closer look.

Congress finds it hard to let Federal Helium Program run out of gas

Maryland passed new tough gun control laws -- with something for Guns rights advocates:

African Daisy Macro

trof: Internet Sleuth...the final act: Update

Solar Jobs Beat Out Ranchers In Texas, Actors In California, And Coal Miners Nationally

Exclusive: Boston bomb suspects' parents retreat to village, cancel U.S. trip

Glenn Beck: I left Fox to save my soul!

North Korea plans to put American citizen on trial

Democracy At Work - Richard Wolff Interviews Chris Hedges

My my, I could never let you go!!!!!

Yikes! Clouds, Mountains, Lake and Spider

Kudos to FL blogger Bob Sikes. Rhee submits Parent Trigger petition with names who did not sign it?

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day

Fire 'kills last survivor from Bangladesh building collapse'