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John Boehner's soon-to-be Rastafarian SIL

Others may have helped the suspect get rid of evidence after the bombings. (CNN Anderson Cooper)

Why are folks more concerned about guns than the loss of lives!

Ask ourselves...

Syrian officials deny use of chemical weapons

Friday Afternoon Gigglesnort

Can this be anything other than a methane leak?

Weekend Economists Revelations and Reviews April 26-28, 2013

Dutch Man Said to Be Held in Powerful Internet Attack

It has been a tough, long winter in

Venezuelan Audit Can’t Find Any Different Result in Presidential Election, Statistical Analysis Show

Hupacasath First Nation hold Canada's last chance to stop FIPA

NY court: Lousy workers deserve fair workplace too

No more protection for gray wolves in Lower 48? Draft rule proposes that

Deals Site LivingSocial Says It's Been Hacked

Michelle Has the Right to Bare Arms~

Cornyn dismisses immigration criticism as ‘complete BS’

W's "booky thingy"

Monet's Palate:Gastronomic view from Giverny Gardens

Monet's Palate:Gastronomic View from Giverny Gardens

Obama vows to defend abortion rights at Planned Parenthood event

Reminder: The White House Correspondenc Dinner is Saturday evening, April 27th

Raid(s) Of The Day: The CAMP Raids (The criminal war on drugs!)

Dave Letterman has been doing something very good and informative all week...

"Never Remember"

Garden putty?

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die

UN demands prosecution of Bush-era crimes

Caesar's Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus

My Project Runway idea: Design for Michelle Obama.

Some Friday night fractals never before seen

Congressional Report Card

Unemployment brings harsh times for Greeks

A little old, but in case you haven't seen it...

Feds Search Landfill for Boston Suspect's Laptop, tip from Kazakhstan friends

So, like, if you have a rotary telephone, you can't participate in a Rassman poll

Carpe Noctem Lounge!

Health Chaos Ahead

Moyers and Company: Glenn Greenwald on the High Cost of Government Secrecy

Krauthammer: "The Bush Legacy: he kept us safe"

Glenn Greenwald on Bill Moyers about the Boston Massacre Bombing

uh oh

Washington state bill would allow businesses to deny gays

The Race is on to fill his shoes

This picture!!!

Friday Talking Points (255) -- Helium Brains

President Obama is the first sitting President to address Planned Parenthood.

Study: Porn doesn't much affect sexual behavior.

The next Olympics will not be the same, if this practice flip is any indication.

Why is Sibel Edmonds on Info Wars?

James Blackshaw: Love Is The Plan, The Plan Is Death

Guy dunks himself.

Cheech & Chong Just appeared with Sean "Hasn't Any"

Red 2 Trailer

*Live from Lincoln Center CAROUSEL! NOW!

Chris Hayes - The untold story of deregulating chemical plants under the Bush administration

Marathon medical tent became Triage center

tennessee - 2012: 'Pattern of serious errors' undermined elections

Chris Hayes - The Bush presidency was just as bad as you remember

Brick wall collapse kills 70 year old worker

Austin: Mayor’s proposal to lease airport should have been made public much sooner

Flight Delays Deal Has Other Sequestration Victims Asking Congress, WTF?

new camera

TCM Schedule for Saturday, April 27, 2013 -- WHAT'S ON TONIGHT: MESSING WITH TEXAS

TCM Schedule for Sunday, April 28, 2013 -- Tonight on TCM: Lovers on the Run

Desperate plea...To Save Our Wolves from Extinction

What are those Five Presidents thinking?

Koch Brothers’ Wealth Grew By $33 Billion in 3 Years As America’s Schools Report 1 Million Homeless

i was posting something so depressing --then the internet went out

Chiheb Esseghaier was out of the country (Canada) until two weeks before he was arrested

US Jews among the most supportive of gay marriage

When Budget Cuts Hurt Congress, versus When Budget Cuts Hurt The Rest Of Us

The Corporate Betrayal - Chances Are Your 401K Money Invested In Hiring Overseas/Firing In US.

Video-Amina: Topless Tunisian Protester Tells Femen She Was Beaten,Kidnapped & Drugged By Her Family

The difference between dogs and cats

2 June Looms As Key Date For S. Texas Irrigation District; Potential Cutoff For Farmer Deliveries

Boston Bombing Suspects’ Mom Was in US Terrorist Database – Reports

Study: Projected 18% Loss In Key Indian Grain Crops To Destabilized Climate By 2020

Bill Maher... Says America Is Becoming A Police State

Nature Geosciences Study Supports Mann's "Hockey Stick" - And Even The Torygraph Concedes

Maher And Guests Tear Into Obama For ‘Lack Of Leadership,’ Indulge In Bush Library-Bashing

Wow! You Go Guy!

Fantastic Bill Moyers Journal: Norman Ornstein and Thomas Mann Explain Why Congress is Failing Us

New York Municipalities Decide To Reject Fracking Brine As Road Deicer, Though It Might Be Cheaper

GOP says no evidence deletions 'improper'---- interesting article early on in the game

Business is booming in Texas!

Guardian - Obama Administration On Verge Of Ending All Gray Wolf Protections In Lower 48

Business is booming in Texas! (xpost from GD)

What's for Dinner ~ Saturday April 27th - Doc Visit Results Edition

"Evidence" of Syria chemical weapons use not up to U.N. standard

Barney Frank vs. Bill O'Reily

WIS GOP lawmakers: We won't pay for redistricting investigation ...the saga begins. Stay tuned.

"George W. Bush and Dick Cheney were arrested Thursday morning"

Sherman stands by Skakel to the end (Michael Skakel=Kennedy cousin)

Newly-discovered lithium reserve could satisfy US demand for hundreds of years

The New Republic on the "Senate Cave"

The George W. Bush Presidential Library is said to contain "a treasure trove of 43,000 items"

Did you hear that Bush's library had a flood?

Mississippi school forces students to listen to christian lecture while teachers block exits

El Morro, la Dolorita and Palo Verde healthcenters (CDI) in Caracas were not attacked according to

Mississippi school forces students to listen to christian lecture while teachers block exits

Guns are for women.

The most unusual and fascinating day off from the ZOO

WP: 2001-09 - Miles Driven By 16-34-Year-Olds Down 23%


Athena, Greek Goddess of Wisdom and War

Special Rights vs Equal Rights

Special Rights vs Equal Rights

Walpurgis Night – The Other Beltane

Harrison Ford Won't Answer Star Wars Questions

Ex-French president top gift giver to Obama family

Rachel Maddow: Crackpot conspiracy theories enjoy mainstreaming by right

Time to levey a war tax on the wealthiest, just in case they go to war. An Eisenhower tax of 91%. I

This is so punny!

Maher: Sanford Had ‘International F*ck Fiestas’ And Got Redemption, So Why Not Weiner For D*ck Pics?

Dogen's Regulations for the Auxiliary Cloud Hall (1239)

The Blues

Some shots from a local state park.

If you didn't already know...

Laguna Beach

President Obama Not Rushing to Act on Signs Syria Used Chemical Arms

I am watching the movie "W."

Powerful Facebook Video

Music weirdness quiz

It is what it is...

Did Barbara Bush dis the First Lady?

PHOTO: Bush shocked by his own accomplishment:

Natalie Maines On George Bush Slam: 'I Was Right From The Beginning'

Homeless Hurricane Sandy Victims To Be Kicked Out of Hotels

Cliffordu had a fall off his bike.

three and a half years

Argentina's 'Grandmothers' seek pope's assistance

Argentina's 'Grandmothers' seek pope's assistance

Honduras: Director of Honduran free expression NGO warned of plot against him

Syria accuses Turkey of supplying rebels with chemical weapons

Scientists find fossils that are millions of years old in Panama Canal

Majority Say Pipeline More Important Than Climate Change

Canadian sailors opened fire in Jamaican waters, broke international law during war on drugs mission

Weird Original Pokemon Sprites

Guatemala high court apparently restarts ex-dictator's trial

Candidate recruitment troubles abound in states key to GOP's shot at Senate majority

Draft rule threatens to cut protections for gray wolves

North Korea to indict US citizen on coup charges

Two arrested as Bangladesh building toll rises to 325

So the debate is over, and Krugman won. Did anybody tell the President?

Federal officials leery of ‘increasingly warm’ coastal waters near Northeast U.S.

Taliban vow suicide and "insider" attacks in new spring offensive

Poaching blamed for 62 percent drop in Central Africa’s elephant population

Gravitycollapse got a traffic ticket today.

Scientists discover new genus and species of fairyfly, Tinkerbella nana

Overseer of US victim funds says work wrenching

new conservative lobbying push for gay marriage

Noam Chomsky: Obama's Attack on Civil Liberties Has Gone Way Beyond Imagination

Group tied to old guard could gain in Iraq unrest

How We Ended Up with the Worst Congress Money Can Buy

£13bn Iter project makes breakthrough in quest for nuclear fusion

This straw-bale urinal turns your pee into compost

In Gasland sequel, fracking saga’s pressure ratchets up

White House Sequester Moves Puzzle Allies

The Unluckiest Generation: What Will Become of Millennials?

The Decline of Emergency Care

Why Is There a 'Red Line' on Chemical Weapons but Not on 70,000 Deaths?

Police seek tips to get AK-47-wielding gunman off the street

The Nature Of My Primate.

Syria's chemical weapons red line has troubling consequences – for Obama

Canadian oil minister Joe Oliver condemns climatologist James Hansen

Has the MMR debacle immunised the media against other scare stories?

I was wrong

‘Even the leaves burned off the briars . . . It was something we had never seen before’

Please Tell Me How Is My Idea Of Taxing Corporation Based On Employee's Income?

What BP Doesn’t Want You to Know About the 2010 Gulf Spill

The Misuse and Meaning of GDP, the main gauge of economic growth

Check your Six!


The death toll in Bangladesh is now 341. Arrests made. Hundreds missing

Iceland's election: voters fear the EU more than a return to the bad old days

Antarctic nematodes and climate change

Are you going to change your buying practices because of the Bangladesh building collapse?

Interesting bit of history about Hitler....

Obama: Stay Out of Syria!

In Abbeville GA, the first integrated prom is being held this weekend

philadelphia passes groundbreaking lgbt protections in healthcare and employment

Signs of culture in whales and monkeys

More joy from Monsanto .............

Put Down That Bong. Try Some Firecracker Weed.

So, why the rise in peanut allergies anyway?

San Francisco: Bids to Build Central Subway are $100 Million Over City's Estimates

Military Contracts Awarded On 4.22.2013

Military Contracts Awarded On 4.23.2013

Performance, by MC SpandX

Military Contracts Awarded On 4.24.2013

Tony Auth again nails the Republicans on 'Sequestration'

Oh Really? Looking back-O’Connor said she isn’t sure high court should have taken the "2000" case

FAA: Where's the money coming from ?

Oops! Guyana's President tells the US to clean its own house

Hey Runners! What's Your Preferred Sneaker?

The difference between Texas and Bangladesh...

Republican calls on voters to drop the party if GOP in Raleigh continues on current path

Military Contracts Awarded On 4.25.2013

Military Contracts Awarded On 4.26.2013

NYT: E.P.A.'s Keystone Report Card

Air Force Secretary Donley Resigns; Female SAIC Prez Rumored Next In Line

Certified Escort


Army Plays Shell Game With Unfinished Apache Helicopters: Put The Transmission In, And Pull It Out A

Natalie Maines: 'I Was Right From The Beginning'

Since spring has sprung, buy like a Cajun

John McDougall and The Starch Solution

Pentagon downplays comment on F-35 fighter jet cyber threat

I need an economist or accountant to explain this to me.

Vandana Shiva - We Don’t Need Genetically Engineered Bananas For Iron Deficiency

Software problems could delay F-35's delivery beyond 2017

Join my phone campaign to demand your representative recognize the Armenian Genocide

Norway extends period for buying F-35 fighter jets

MARCH Onward for our Military Women!

my normally standoffish youngest cat, Dora has been really sweet this morning.

Affordability priority for F-35 program

Yes, Wikipedia is sexist--That's Why it needs You

Commentary: F-35 program is a shambles

Bill Maher slams Bush library: ‘What a bullsh-t rewriting of history’

Julian Assange on George Bush’s Library and Bradley Manning’s Trial

World's oldest and stickiest lab study ready for drop of excitement

Austerity Economists Continue To Defend Discredited Study

Sequester Cuts Funds For 375 Flood Gauges - But At Least We'll Be Able To Fly Out Of Danger On Time

First confirmed Japanese tsunami debris in California

Montana Ranchers Worried About Long-Term Impacts Of Otter Creek Coal - And They're In The Minority

Der Spiegel - Rapid Glacial Loss Changing Switzerland; 500-600 New Large Lakes Forecast

If you see me posting outside of the lounge...

If we only eliminated all help to the poor

No Sightings Since January; Last Rhinos In Mozambique's Limpopo National Park Likely Poached

Why Such Secrecy about Private Military Contractor’s Men Working the Boston Marathon?

Richard Wolff: Why the Economic Crisis Deepens

Hah! SacBee Nails Rick Perry's No-Regs Tour Of California, & The Guv Gets Seriously Pissy

What are you reading the week of April 28, 2013?

How the Economy Is a Ponzi Scheme

G. W. Bush--Innocent of the Theft of the Presidency?

How to create more Terrorists in 2 easy steps

Toon- Congress fixes the sequester!

"That's absurd, it's wrong. It's an assault on women's rights."

Are you all familiar with the story of Bobbi Gibb? I wasn't and she is awesome.

"Telling Lies in America". Excellent little movie.

Novartis Treated Doctors to Fishing, Hooters Outings, U.S. Says

White House joins Tumblr

Keiser Report: Stalinism of NYSE

LOUNGE-A-PALOOZA! The greatest music festival of all time!

Triple Shooting in Oakland Leaves One Dead

Medical marijuana activists' children taken from home, charges possible

Need some help from those smarter than me about Global Warming denial science

The Blowback from Interventionism

condemning Monsanto with bad science is dumb

We've uncovered the secret Republican Apology Machine.

Saturday Shooting Review

Oh shit...

The Debunking of a Missouri Teacher/Principal

James Everett Dutschke arrested, Tupelo Police say (Ricin letters case)

#FreeJahar: When Conspiracy Theorists and One Direction Fans Collide

Otter Squatter: Otter enters car, refuses to leave

Toomey gets slight bump from work on gun bill

This winter, my wife and I got a shelter dog.

What If the Tsarnaevs Had Been the “Boston Shooters”?

Iraq violence spills into fifth day

100 prisoners now on hunger strike at Guantanamo

Russia Mulls Foreign Same-Sex Couple Adoption Ban

Bloomberg to ban e-bikes

Bloomberg to ban e-bikes

Cancer Therapy Cost Too High for Patients, Doctors Say

Spacecraft photos show impact of colliding meteors on Saturn's rings

How (not) to convince people to support gun control.

I must be doing something right . . .

This is so puny!

Decisions, decisions

Chic-Fil-A family values: Mother-Son Date Knight. (No, really.)

Good idea

Chic-Fil-A family values: Mother-Son Date Knight. (No, really.)

Persistent Acid Reflux Disease

This is so pony!

New bed

God Made a Dog

Can you ever know your luck?

Just some funny/nice stuff, some of which you've undoubtedly already seen, still thought I'd share.

To commemorate the opening of the Bush Lie-berry:

Virginia’s assault on abortion claims a victim

"You're not a conservative. You're a vandal."

I could justify fighting in Afghanistan — until the Boston bombing

Bob Weir Helped Off Stage During Furthur Show

I'd take our icons over conservative icons any day of the week....

Graphic - Meanwhile....

Locally owned businesses can help communities thrive — and survive climate change

*UPDATE!* This weekend's edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day has been POSTED!

Mother (the film)

Sequestration playing havoc with lives of senior citizens. We must not excuse this.

Teabagger Perry Outraged About Explosion

Shameless Sack of S*** of The Week: Rick Perry

Mother (the film)

Poll: Are Wars a Financial Attack on Americans?

Gun pulled on woman waiting for mall parking spot

I watched this creepy show last night called XIII The Series, it was creepy. Texas....another industrial fire....gotta love deregulation

A warning to those cooking with butter (specifically when making a batter).

Mark Zuckerberg's Political Group Is Trashing Obama And Obamacare And Promoting Wildlife Oil Drillin

Coffee Party Radio: Politics Done Right w/Egberto Willies– Bombing, Fraudulent Economists, Sequester

Unanimous Consent-- If Not Courageous

The most segregated cities in America

Bradley Manning Won't Be SF Pride Grand Marshal

The Republicans SERIOUSLY fucked themselves with the FAA thing

13 yr old Disabled Ga. Girl Gang-Raped by 25 people aged 12-25

Your definitive guide to the Bush cronies' talking points, and why all of them are insane

Here's your goal…

Just in case you had any doubt -- Historians still despise George W. Bush

The Boston backlash is rooted in America’s paranoid past

I don't have an answer…

Why we lost the gun debate in the Senate, and why we'll keep losing it.

TCM Schedule for Monday April 22 - TCM Spotlight: Richard Carlson

"Migrant labor camp"? I'm having trouble unraveling this - help please....

Cuccinelli discloses more gifts from Star Scientific CEO

SFO Gate: GMO foods subject of bill in U.S. Senate

Singer found dead along road in rural South Texas

Hitler's food taster tells of poisoning fears

Glenn Beck: I left Fox to save my soul

Texas lawmakers pushing back on Gov. Perry in 2013

Israeli assessment: Iran behind downed drone

What's Wrong With Boys, Luscious 'Lolitas' and Yummy Mummies?

Whew… I'm glad that I'm safe. I just had some.

When will enough be enough?

‘Systemic’ 34-year long sex abuse at New York’s elite Horace Mann prep school cannot be prosecuted


Burt Bacharach - South American Getaway

W's sick, demented comment about the 9-11 exhibit at his new library

Barack Obama and the History of Fusion Politics

Article: Controversially, Physicist Argues Time Is Real

NATO: 4 service members killed in plane crash

Are we going through the 3rd Reconstruction?

The NYC church with 2 billion in assets thanks to Queen Ann

You Won’t Believe What These Muslims Are Protesting About

Ecuador launches first homemade satellite

Livestream now 2pm Sat: Amy Goodman, Jeremy Scahill and Noam Chomsky

Brady Campaign Sues Mississippi Gun Dealer on Behalf of Family of Slain Chicago Police Officer, Vet

aw. Dog Walks and Plays Again After Getting Four Prosthetic Paws

If a pressure cooker bomb is a WMD, why does that not apply to rifles like AR-15

"Our opponent is an alien starship loaded with atomic bombs."

EPA says Pebble Mine could wipe out salmon streams, wetlands

Feisty entry into contentious field of atheist manifestos

As the NRA actively worked for Obama's defeat

The Sexy Lie

Egyptian Activists: Our Religion Is None Of Your Business

Who says that social mobility is a thing of the past in America?

Salon - How to debunk George W. Bush’s attempts at revisionism

US Ambassador Tells Australia To Quit Pirating "Game Of Thrones"

Obama's Fault

Fake bomb detectors were being used in Iraq as recently as last month; Businessman Found Guilty...

Bishop of Shanghai's state-run Catholic church dies

Today in Peace and Justice history on April 27, 1994

Today in Peace and Justice history on April 27, 1994 South Africa held its first multiracial electio

Doctors Who Torture

Ever worried about getting older? Fuggedaboutit. This will make your day. Absolutely fabulous looks.

Doctors Who Torture

Boston Lockdown = Police State?

CSPAN is showing speeches from

The Warbird Pinup Girls (Pic Heavy)

The World's Most Bizarre Man-Made Disasters

Drones playing 'more important role'

In Your Face, Prole!!!

Mosque that suspect attended hosts interfaith service

How the Boehner daughter wedding is covered in Jamaica

39 Coolest Kids Toys You Can Make Yourself. The magnetic fishing pole is a super cool.

Don't mention a rack

Early home video of Ray Tomlinson, the inventor of email.

Just got a call from my MI State Rep, a GOPer, of course.

Water clock.

Savannah one-on-one with the President

Mom Calls "Anne Frank's Diary" Pornographic, Demands It Be Removed From School Curriculum

You know that moment...? When you realize the hair stylist completely misunderstood what you said?

2nd largest pipeline spill in Alberta history leads to charges

The Problem With How We Treat Bipolar Disorder

Oh, so THEY get in for a WH tour?

Papantonio: Neocon Crazies Blind To Minimum Wage Truths

Ouch: Justice Breyer breaks shoulder in bike crash

Krugman: The Great Degrader

Government wants CofE and Catholics to replace local democracy in running state schools

False Flags, Sharia Law and Gun Grabs: GOP Lawmakers Embrace the Crazy

Gilead-Bristol Hepatitis C Drug Combo Cures 100% in Study

Justice Breyer has shoulder surgery after bike accident

Islamic indoctrination in Boston (marathon bombing lessons from an Israeli perspective )

Baby taken from parents who wanted 2nd doctor's opinion

Poll Says Gun-Rights Supporters Fund Their Cause; Opponents Don't

So the mother of the suspected bombers was on the terrorist watch list

The True Story of the Battle of Bunker Hill (The Smithsonian)

Past White House Correspondence Dinner speakers are on now....C-SPIN

Syria Says Chemical Weapons Claims ‘Barefaced Lie’

Syrian Opposition Rejects Russian Chemical Weapons Experts

Joe Manchin: Vote Against Don't Ask Don't Tell Repeal Was 'Wrong'

Revenue Canada says BitCoins aren't tax exempt

Bloomberg aims money to defeat Pryor (D, AR) over gun control

How do I put in a request to be a host of a group?

Brooke Astor's Son does not get jailed.. - Question IS - Who Will Be?

Russia Had Wiretap on Tamerlan Tsarnaev

Russia Had Wiretap on Tamerlan Tsarnaev

Toon: 7 Epic Congressional FAILs

Question about computer speed

David Bowie: 42 words

Wisconsin leads the Nation in locking up African American men

Myth of free will?

Empty nets in Louisiana three years after the spill

Germany's clean energy drive fails to curb dirty brown coal

Do the Math: Full Movie

Question on dealing with contractors

Pick Your New Cat Name!

Putin: Russia’s Tip On Boston Bombing Suspect Didn’t Have ‘Operative Significance’

Quentin Tarantino's Stolen Car From "Pulp Fiction" Found In San Bernardino

Today's my Birthday...

Boston Police Ed Davis Want Drones For Next Marathon

Two of the owners of the building that collapsed in Dhaka arrested

Shark Saturday on SyFy channel. Hilarious.

Bluesbassman was MUCH more macho in his younger years.

The humans on Kali's ranch aren't the only ones fed a diet of exclusively beans, beans, beans.

Cats will give you constant updates on their lives. They're considerate like dat.

You're just wasting good jokes on your dog.

MiddleFingerMom had a SERIOUS complication following this last hospital stay.

MFM is like many of you. Part of his weight problem stems from eating just to alleviate the boredom.

Live-stream LINKS for White House Correspondence Dinner - Updated with HD link

Do you find Mother-Son Date Knight to be as creepy as the Father-Daughter purity balls?

Ah yes, the end of the semester plea conference

Media tearing Obam adminstration to shreds over Boston while GWB gets off scot free for Sept. 11

Wrong Bush Arrested at Bush Library Opening in Dallas

No, honey, it doesn't look like a lot of candles.


What's offensive and what's not

"Guns don't kill people. People kill people."

No bail for former Romney intern in nude-pics blackmail scheme

If Our Country is Going Broke ...

This week in the War on Workers: Eric Cantor's plan to give bosses added power over the clock

Officials: No sign ‘Misha’ tied to Boston bombing

Syria nerve gas claims undermined by eyewitness accounts

Bridging Cultures: Islam and the West

Birth defects from depleted uranium from conventional weapons in Iraq

Asian Music XVIII

I would like and endless supply of...

90% of America wants changes as to how we get guns, the Senate decided no, no change for you

Reports Of An Explosion At The Marathon Detroit Refinery

Broncos draft quarterback Zac Dysert (MAC Conference QB)

6 Months After Sandy, Thousands Homeless In NY, NJ

C-SPAN Is showing the brunch for the correspondents and it looks like a scene from

The Last Word

Psy will be at White House dinner tonight...

Testing for V2G goes to next level

Omar Khadr will appeal war crimes convictions, lawyer says

Most Republicans do not know how they are being deceived and betrayed.

Russian Cargo Spacecraft Docks With Space Station Despite Glitch

The actual reason that we lost on gun control.

School Holds First Integrated Prom

Legislature should pull plug on inept Medical Board of California

Bush's broad brush RE: 43's legacy

Tesla: Better Warranty? Check! Upgradeable Cars? Sure! 500-Mile Batteries? Maybe Soon!

Ass kicker


Internet Sales Tax Coming Too Late for Some Stores

'Zombies' invade University of Michigan campus

Reprieve for Long Island College Hospital in Cobble Hill

WATCH: IDF Soldier Screams At Israeli Activists: 'You Are Worse Than The Arabs'

Bikini ban: Emirate sets fines for skimpy swimwear

The DU Addiction Problem seems to be raging again. In hopes

Charter School Teachers Join the Union

What Is In a Human Voice? (video)

Netanyahu Orders Ministers To Keep Mum On Syria

Rick Perry's $487 Million Corporate Slush Fund Doesn't Need Your Stinkin' Audit

FAA says air traffic system to return to full operation

Iran, Not Israel, Faces An Existential Threat, Says Top US Analyst

Supply Chain Workers Tell Walmart’s Dirty Secrets

Leftist priests: Francis can fix church 'in ruins'