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Archives: April 23, 2013

Know you RW talking points: Issue 3889 "Excessive UW Surplus"

Waco explosion: Rick Perry seeks help from FEMA, which he tried to axe

Where in the Blazes is Glen Beck's big news?

TSA delays plans to allow pocket knives on U.S. flights

How many here on Facebook know about the 'Other' folder in your messages?

Students from Kazakhstan arrested on visa violations (may have known alleged bombers)

Who's responsible for the GOP filibuster of Gun Control? - Pres. Obama - of course! per Peggy Noonan

Senior Iranian Cleric and Seismologist: Promicuous women are to blame for earthquakes

BEST pick-up lines?

Abortion in other countries, and the problems women face.

U.K. may have slipped into a third recession

Bad names for proffesional wrestlers

BREAKING: EPA uses last day of public comment - Earth Day - to slam State's review of Keystone XL

Match Game Story: Botulism Bill dropped a few pennies in the fountain and _____ a wish.

Yarn Bomb...

Just for Fun Speculation: Maybe the Front Man wasn't the Older Tsarnaev, but the Younger

Had dinner at a somewhat upscale restaraunt last Thursday.

Progress toward clean air at California State University (CSU)

Yarn Bomb... (Dialup Warning)

Military commissions: A legacy of illegality and ineptitude

Protests Against Same-Sex Marriage Bill Intensify in France As Bill About To Become Law

If Tsarnaev is tried, found guilty and sentenced to life, here's where he'll spend the rest of his

Graham: Guns, but not trials, for terror suspects

How Therapy Can Help in the Golden Years

A Final Act for the Guantánamo Theater of the Absurd? ( Harper's Scott Horton )

Other day FoxNews bashed Pres Obama for not saying the word 'terrorism' (he did), now they're...

When the tug comes....

Mom is having another surgery on Friday.

This could move us forward

After Boston: Don't Get Fooled Again by the 'War on Terror' Hawks

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Earth Day & a new Kitteh gif

A little somethin, somethin for everyone on DU.

What's The Big Deal About A Knesset Member Acknowledging The Occupation?

On Rachel Maddow she read transcript of initial hearing for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

René Descartes

Motivated by religious fervor.

And sequestration hits Indy . . .

Finally have work

Rachel is making my case that this was not an Al Queda plot, but 2 guys with access to arms...

*Ali Soufan on Rachel show now

Finally have work!!!!!!

The Real News Occupy The Department of Education

911 calls capture terror of Texas plant explosion

ALLBenchmark (graphics card benchmark, check out the Catzilla mode)

Does Dzhokhar know that his brother is dead? I know D hit him with a car, but D might not realize

"ACTIVISTS AGAINST TORTURE" Arrested Outside Federal Court House in NYC!

The Amazing Health Benefits of Juicing Raw Cannabis (Marijuana) Leaves

Where does the "6000 Years" number come from?

Media at it again? 1+1+1 = suspect #1

"Brokaw: We Need To Examine Drone Policy As A Motivation For Terrorism"

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev conveyed to investigators that no international terrorists were behind the attack


SpaceX Grasshopper 250m Test - Ring of Fire

Slate: Is Boston Like Columbine?

Drop in gas prices benefits US drivers, economy

GOP NY State Senator Greg Ball Rants About Torture on CNN, Then Leaves Show During Commercial

Dangerous Thoughts: There IS a Tipping Point For Revolution in America ~ Dr. Richard Wolff

a sample of Wis. redistricting maps that would make Tom Delay proud

Happy Earth Day! Did you celebrate?

Why I think that adding the requirement for medical treatment for gunshots would pass and

Teamsters pension crisis sapping Hoffa’s support, power

Jennifer Lawrence is such a riot. She's so charmingly awkward she even screws up Clinton's name.

The FBI's "Most Wanted" fugitive has been caught

Allen West's Apparent Facebook Retreat...

These suspects should be charged with several accounts of manslaughter at the very least....

ABC News: Boston Bomb Suspect Eyed in Connection to 2011 Triple Murder

OMG, little sister of little Martin, who passed away,

ABANDONED - VoteVets S.C. ad

"Reddit's Boston marathon speculation shows the limits of crowdsourcing"

Are YOU ready for 4/21?

RIP Richie Haven...

E. J. Dionne coming on Lawrence to talk about the connection between Boston and gun laws.

The bombers took your rights.

A little something mellow

ENOUGH! Cartoonists Demand Action To End Gun Violence --- RIGHT NOW!

Deficits Are Bad and the Sun Goes Around the Earth

Ex-Congressman Weiner, a Twitter casualty, unveils new account

Sorry If This is Offensive BUT.....

The Real Karl Marx

a few more signs of spring from the last few days

Lake School Board stalls on new rules affecting gay-straight club

NC voters oppose many GOP proposals

Do You Even Hear Muslims When They Condemn Violence?

Reddit regrets role in 'online witch hunt' for misidentified suspect

What I learned from being a citizen of Boston

The catfish that strands itself to kill pigeons

Tomato-avacado salad

Boston attacks reignite debate on Islam and terror

Please de-activate my account.

Bayer and Syngenta Lobby Furiously Against EU Efforts to Limit Pesticides and Save Bees

James Taranto, Wall Street Journal Columnist: Gabby Giffords Could Not 'Produce 900 Publishable Word

An excellent very quick spring dinner I whipped up and tasty pasta dish.

Chris Hayes reporting that the Bomb Bros tried to grab SUV owner as he escaped - update

DDD - Double Dutch Doggy

"Less regulation is the key to the miracle economy of Texas"

Boston Marathon bombing suspect called mother during shootout.

Islamophobic bigotry

Pastor stole church member’s underwear to ‘pray for her’

Supreme Court weighs restrictions that Congress can impose on groups it funds

Sometimes I feel like a motherless child

Fellow travelers

British Doctor Looses Tooth In OR Brawl

NBC: Tsarnaev told authorities in writing he and his brother discovered instructions for bomb...

Why does America lose its head over 'terror' but ignore its daily gun deaths?

Karl Rove, Koch brothers lead charge to control Republican data

I could read here

A link to a two page article with tons of quotes by the Chinese man hijacked by the bombers...


Just cats

Turn to Religion Split Suspects' Home.

Official suggests rail car may have led to West explosion

There's such a thing as The Cinamon Challenge??!

New standardized tests feature plugs for commercial products

"Why Facial Recognition Software Didn't Immediately Identify The Bombing Suspects"

Missouri Senate votes to defund driver’s license bureau

Stewart Destroys His Favorite Target After A Chaotic End To A Terrible Week In Boston (New segment)

In Miami: Community Leaders Gather To Stop Gun Violence

Video: Snoop Lion Tells Congress To Do Something About Gun Control

Fukushima is Heating Pacific Ocean

How many of these terrorists/lone wolves had a "Mom?"

Solar panels anyone?

Mario Gotze on the move?

There seems to be some disagreement on DU about civil liberties as it relates to the Boston Bombings

"If you are a woman, then you are beautiful."

Your most prized possession? (autograph, lucky coin, baseball card in your spokes, family heirloom)

Halliburton seeking settlement over Gulf oil spill

Tsanaev should be put to death

Does anyone here have a solar energy system?

Palestinian prisoner agrees to end fast

Does anyone here have a solar energy system?

I gave up alcohol..

I am OK with Tsarnaev getting life without parole in Supermax.

As Bush library opening puts his presidency back in the spotlight, his approval rating is up

New poll says Assange could win Australian Senate seat

Raped Delhi girl 'recovering' slowly, say doctors

What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday April 23rd

John Oliver is back from Australia and compares gun laws with the USA. Amazing work John !

Congressman: Al-Qaeda Has Training Camps in Mexico! (Snark)

Here are some countries where life imprisonment is a legal sentence:

Money-printing scam at taxpayer expense - Godfrey Bloom MEP

Kim Jong-un, a leader who just went through puberty

NY Times Blames President Obama for GOP Intransigence

Peace be with you.

Hanabusa to challenge Schatz in dem senate primary in Hawaii....

Fukushima SFP#4 Inability to Retain Water

"Chechnya: What You Need to Know"

I'm having breakfast in a Viennese cafe. Ask me anything.

French embassy in Tripoli bombed, 2 injured

Pics Of Police Shootout With Bombers & Dzhokar Driving Towards His Brother (Eyewitness Account)

At least 26 killed after Iraqi forces clash with Sunni protesters: sources

April 23: National Cherry Cheesecake Day

April 23, 1940 1940 – The Rhythm Night Club fire at a dance hall in Natchez, Mississippi, kills 198

Japan vows to use force if Chinese land on islands

April 23, 1635 – The first public school in the United States, is founded in Boston, MA

Scientific Linux 6.4 released

A question of difference between Mulcair and Trudeau

Paycheck deception bill advances in Missouri, House

Alright now, let's get this straight…

North Korea: Defectors adjust to life abroad

The Failure of Fiscal-Monetary Policy, 2008-2013

Soldier pleads guilty to murdering five colleagues in Iraq

"Off with his head."


GOP Gov. drags Pennsylvania down to 49th rank re job creation.

1685 MPG

UK Government Called on to Help Address Sexual Violence in Colombia

french gay marriage: water cannon, police legions

US hospitals send hundreds of immigrant patients back to home countries to curb cost of care

Escher for Real The Belvedere, Waterfall, Necker Cube, Penrose Triangle 3D Printing from Technion

You're doing it wrong... 23 funny female sexy selfie fails

Reuters deputy editor charged with hacking says he was fired

Co workers playing Christian hymn songs nonstop

gay marriage faces pivotal vote in rhode isle=and

Rape evidence in U.S. languishes untested in police storage

Twin study shows environment interacts with genes in autism

Anderson Cooper Interviews SWAT Team Who Arrested Dzhokhar - Throat Injury Looked Like A Knife Wound

Chris Nogy, Arkansas Republican, Calls Essay Advocating Shooting GOP Lawmakers 'Misunderstood'

America's Focus on Terrorism Blinds Us To Everyday Violence and Suffering

Today there will be the first ever hearing in the Senate on targeted killing by drones

Bush and His Cronies Bear 'Ultimate Responsibility' for Torture -- So What's Stopping

Iron Age graveyard discovered in France

Josh Fox's 'Gasland' Sequel Opens, a Tour Through a Land of Abandoned Homes and Broken Promises

Does attorney general’s visit to West signal gubernatorial plan?

Anderson Cooper Interviews SWAT Team Who Arrested Dzhokhar

Economic Slowdown Coming - Even for the Fatcats

some sammich thread

Royal Mail sell-off in the post as £3bn deal mooted for Urenco

US immigration bill could slow indian outsourcers

Blumner: The shame of hedge fund masterminds

April Is A Lady In Red

Earth Day Lessons From a 'Backyard Jungle'{long, thoroughly enjoyable read}

Bombing Suspects Carrying Out Jihad One Eyed in Triple Slaying

News in Brief: Yangtze's age revealed

Circumcision changes penis biology

Robert Scheer: 277 Million Boston Bombings

Sherman A1 made the DU front page

So a tiger walks into a bathroom........

EPA criticizes environmental review of Keystone XL pipeline

Fighting the (U.S.-led) Shock Doctrine in El Salvador

A Progressive Forum should never advocate the Death Penalty.

Who Is Defending Austerity Now?

Muslims helped foil alleged Canada train bomb plot

"Lead abatement, alcohol taxes and 10 other ways to reduce the crime rate without annoying the NRA"

Nurses 'warned off whistle-blowing in culture of fear'{uk}

Who said you need wings to fly ?

Kelly: Dick Holland recalls watching in person rookie Jackie Robinson play

Jesus as Liberation Theologist

If Tsarnaev is found guilty, he should be visited by fundamentalist Christians every day.

Happy Birthday to Michael Moore! He turns 59 today.

Robert Reich: The Xenophobe Party

E. coli bacteria 'can produce diesel biofuel'

Muslims helped foil alleged Canada train bomb plot

Fighting the (U.S.-led) Shock Doctrine in El Salvador

O my gosh, this guy is .... *smokin*!

The Underground Recovery

Tim DeChrisopher was released on Earth Day! He bid on oil leases to save pristine wilderness.

Mourn For The Dead, Fight For The Living. A Contrasting View Of Safety In The Workplace

Venezuela threatens oil, trade in continuing election spat with US

Aaaaaaaaand Here We Go: China's Auto Market Shifting To SUVs, Other Larger Models

Buddhist monks incite hatred of Muslims in Sri Lanka too

The worst part about BP’s oil-spill cover-up: It worked

Don't mention the war !

Pat Robertson: Dungeons & Dragons Demonic, Destroys People's Lives

Psych Study: Free-Market Ideological Outlook Predicts Rejection Of Scientific Facts

Do you know somone who is still living pre-9/11 in a post-9/11 world?

At Least 14 Bornean Elephants (2,000 Remain On Earth) Killed By Unidentified Toxic Agent - Mongabay

The Second Amendment is NOT a License to Assassinate.

NY Times: How private prisons (CCA) are re-characterized as REITs to dodge taxes

UK businessman found guilty of selling fake bomb detectors to Iraq

We Need a Picture of Hillary Clinton In Every Room In America

The special dread of terrorism for Muslims in the west

Really bad metaphor

Gitmo Dilemma Remains a Monkey on the Back of US Democracy

2nd Child of Pa. Couple Dies After Only Praying

Contaminated Nation: Inhuman Radiation Experiments

Pipe Bomb Found, Detonated By Bomb Squad in Miami Beach

Dangerous Thoughts: There IS a Tipping Point For Revolution in America ~ Dr. Richard Wolff

Boston officials say 264 injured in marathon bombing

Do the practices of Supermax prisons constitute torture and/or cruel and unusual punishment?

We all can use a smile after the last couple of weeks.

IDF official: Assad used chemical weapons

David Colquhoun, Twitter-addicted scourge of scientific quackery

Report: Jordan has opened its air space for Israeli drones en route to Syria

Heh. Steve Rattner told Scar "He's losing" when Scar mentioned Mark Sanford today

lindsey graham...did he ever ask the bu$h adm. what they knew before 911?

Best Game of Jenga Ever

Safety Inspections By Social Audit Firms For U.S. Companies Called 'Facade' By Labor Groups

Simple Boston Bomb Plot Hatched Without Foreign Help, Authorities Believe

NYT: Kerry to Host Afghans and Pakistanis

This is for onenote:

There's no need for all this economic sadomasochism

America has some of the longest and harshest prison sentences in the world…

GOP Mentality-If You Don't Like Being Discriminated Against Leave And Go Elsewhere-GOP Legislator

Moment of Silence

Liar on MSNBC pipeline fuckwad. John Hoeven North Dakota piece of shit!

Another bad sign for iPhone sales: LG Display profit misses expectations

Amazing story, amazing pics of that morning in Boston

U.S. rejects North Korean demand for nuclear status

Brokaw: We Need to Examine Drone Policy as a Motivation for Terrorism

Cause of LED Efficiency Droop Finally Revealed

Any NCers out there?

The GOP Has So "F'ed" Everything Up In This Country It Seems Almost Hopeless

The United States Shows Its Contempt for Venezuelan Democracy

Walmart Workers Plan Wednesday Scheduling Showdowns in a Hundred Stores

277 Million Boston Bombings

Some friendly advice for all you freedom hating gun grabbers.

Papantonio: The American Plutocracy

Taliban captives 'well looked after' in Afghanistan's Logar

Finally - Proof that there is no God!

Japan PM Abe warns China of force over islands landing

Did you ever notice how big Lincoln's ear is on a five-dollar bill? I just observed that recently.

Marrying the US war on terrorism to Moscow’s assault on Chechen rebels is a terrible idea

I propose a DU satire rec for flamewars.

Orwell Does America...

Cuban opposition group Ladies in White to collect prize

Boston Globe endorses Markey, Lowell Sun endorses Lynch - Third debate yesterday - Fourth today

So Baucus isn't going to run again.

PA. is now 49th among the states in Job Growth (Daily News Column)

Weapon of mass destruction charge, explained

The Green Lantern Theory of Presidential Power

Baucus to retire rather than seek re-election in 2014, strategists say

Our Fresh Water Supply

considering our drone killings, I'm surprised we don't see more bombs in places like

Bennett draws best Immigration Toon Evah!

Israel Says Syria Has Used Chemical Weapons

Thank you Max Baucus for fucking America

Tiger Woods and Stevie Wonder are in a bar.......

The Gap Between What's In Corporate Pensions And What They Owe Retired Workers Grew Again

What does Al-Quaida have against Canada?

Couples 2nd faith-healing baby death

Is the Ricin Case Coming Apart?

max baucus will retire. Good riddance to garbage. He screwed up the ACA, and other things, and now

West Fertilizer Plant's Hazards Eluded Regulators For Nearly 30 Years

Random Notes from the Police State by Will Pitt

Homophobic Outbursts: Anti-Gay Attacks Spike as Marriage Vote Nears

Senate Republicans Block Progress On Budget

Pew: Wide Majority Expects ‘Occasional Acts Of Terrorism’

Well this is silly: Williams-Sonoma stops selling pressure cookers in its MA outlets

Like presidentin', nude photo shoots at the bordello are hard work, Stretch.

Based on a GD thread: Stupidiest show currently on TV (besides anything on Fox News)

Sirus youtube full movie now

15-year-old boy found shot to death blocks from President Obama’s home

House chairman bars consumer bureau chief from testifying

Twain Tuesday.

Obama To Deliver Keynote At Planned Parenthood Event

What 200 calories looks like

What (golf) balls! Businessman found guilty of selling fake bomb detectors to governments

California Assembly OKs money for gun-seizure program

Montana's Baucus latest to announce retirement

Sirus the full movie is up at DU

We Are All Russians Now

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC): Dzokhar Tsarnaev Will Likely Blame Brother For Attack

Cap-and-trade programs in California and Quebec to merge. "le rechauffement climatique."

Religion Takes A Lifetime To Research IMO

New Home Sales Rise, Housing Recovery Still On Track

Poll: George W. Bush approval rating up post-White House

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- CONgress

Help me out here: "The Marathon Bombing is Different than a Drone Strike Because..."

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- Bombers

Boston bombers planned to go to NYC next, carjacking victim suggests

San Francisco's Exploratorium opens in sparkling new home

I gave up coffee this morning.......

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Ex-CEO Jon Corzine Sued By Former FBI Director Louis Freeh For MF Global Collapse

Arkansan Assassin Advocate: Apology? Ain’t About To

I was a little worried when I saw W's Approval is rising...

Claire McCaskill Invokes Todd Akin In Race Against Mark Sanford

French parliament adopts bill legalizing gay marriage and adoptions

U.S. States Turn Against Renewable Energy as Gas Plunges

When will CNN fire Susan Candiotti?

Bill That Would End "Double Dipping" Gets Hearing

Bomb Suspect Tsarnaev Seeks Death Penalty Lawyers for Defense

Max Baucus retiring; Brian Schweitzer leaning toward running

NRSC On Baucus: 2014 Electoral Map Is In ‘Free-Fall’ For Dems

19,392 gun suicides

Coulter: Boston Suspect’s Widow ‘Ought To Be In Prison For Wearing A Hijab’

House Republicans Reject Legitimacy Of Leading Obama Financial Regulator

Baucus's Retirement Could Help Democrats

Pic Of The Moment: Flake The Fake

Conference: ‘Building Bridges: Towards Viable Democracies in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya’

Krugman kicking some austerian ass this morning!

TribLive: Shaw and Marston on the West Explosion

Nanny Dogs Strike Again!

North Carolina Man Tied to Gun Left in NYC Hotel Lobby

Do you like Dark Shadows? Do you hate Nazis?

Complex History Between Iran And Al-Qaida

The Boston Bombers’ Awful Parents

Worker's compensation.

Drudge Fail

Wallace Stevens: 13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird

Openly gay kicker tries out for the NFL

Ricin Suspect Hearing Cancelled, Announcement Set For 5pm CDT

Schweitzer Considering Bid For Baucus Seat

New Geochemical Method Highlights Links Between Terrestrial Climate and Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide

Napolitano: DHS Knew Of Boston Bomber Russia Trip

It's lights out as UCLA enacts tobacco ban on Earth Day

We all are so dumb! Republicans do have the answer for our immigration dilemma ...

Nicolas Maduro Did Not Steal the Venezuelan Election

2 words for the Boston Terrorists....Just two!

Ben Bernanke To Miss Jackson Hole Conference, Hinting At Departure

Jack Carroll, 14-Year-Old 'Britain's Got Talent' Contestant And Comedian, Is Our New Hero (VIDEO)

Anyone know why Suspect No. 2 isn't charged with murder?

Tweaking GDP statistics won’t hide the fact that Americans are doing worse

Newly Discovered Android Malware Was Downloaded Millions Of Times

UK ISPs betray customers, collaborate on government surveillance

Rasputin vs Stalin

Ed Schultz in Madison at the Barrymore Theatre May 2nd

Photo of Boston cop’s act of kindness goes viral

Nate Silver: Tom Corbett is 5th Most Vulnerable Governor in 2014

Inside a mile-deep open-pit copper mine in Utah, after a catastrophic landslide (pic)

Things to do in Denver when you're snowed out. Have an appendectomy!

Comedy Central needs an Ann Coulter impersonator, the way Colbert makes fun of O'Reilly.

"Holy Fking Shit. That's Dzhokhar!"

Discheveled man craps pants while shooting up a boat dock. Surprisingly not Ted Nugent.

The Logos of Terrorist Organizations Predictably Love Using Guns

Beloved church member also stole from it.

Max Baucus Retires and Democrats Celebrate, Nervously

Beth Wood needs public shaming for "sham" audit of State IT projects

today in women's herstory

Rent from RedBox this week! They are donating the entire proceeds of rentals to Shelter Me.

Rent from RedBox this week! They are donating the entire proceeds of rentals to Shelter Me.

Rent from RedBox this week! They are donating the entire proceeds of rentals to Shelter Me.

An enemy combatant, according to Lindsey Graham...

UC Santa Cruz police confiscate 2-pound joint from 4/20 party

We need him now more than ever. Note the SS part.

Ricin suspect hearing cancelled, announcement set

Going to NYC this afternoon!

Ron Fournier, former AP hack turned National Journal hack, strikes again

Inflation: I hope you all know what the real rate of inflation is

Mini-spit air conditioner and heat pump

McDonald's burger bought in Utah in 1999 looks exactly the same as the day it was first flipped

Medical Repatriation: A hospital's act of deporting unconscious illegal immigrants...

What One Thing Is Key To Turning The Table On Every Injustice In America?

What's the origin of the 4 20 / cannabis connection?

If we had a book club, I would suggest this masterpiece:

EXCLUSIVE: Video obtained by Global News reveals Calgary developer’s plan to control city council

This is one of those facts that makes me laugh....

Going to NYC?

Breast milk jewelry? It's the latest mommy keepsake

Elizabeth Warren on President Obama's chained CPI proposal

Man Caught Stealing 102 Bottles Of Nail Polish

Young Hikers Discover Creepy Looking Foot, Think It Might Have Come From Sasquatch

What Society Tells Us…

prof arrested for speaking out against graphic anti-abortion display

Richest 7% got richer during recovery, report says

"Look what I found…"

More Weird News Out Of Boston Marathon: Lockdown Forces Awkward Day With One Night Stand

Graham: I don't know where they got the guns, but what about those bombs?

Robot discovers 3 unexplored passages in 2,000-year-old tunnel near the Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico

prof arrested for speaking out against graphic anti-abortion display

Official: France Legalizes Gay Marriage After Harsh Debate, Violent Protests

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev confesses

A Road Through A Wildlife Refuge...And, A President Who Hesitates to Twist Arms

Judge drops 3 murder charges against abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell

Delaware Police Nab Serial Streaker After He Eludes For Two Years

F**k me, but I can't buy this excuse/reason from Tsarnaev

It's Benign!

Leading Men Age, But Their Love Interests Don’t

Chained CPI Proposal Would Cut Social Security Retirement Benefits by About 2 Percent, on Average

Dem strategist, fundraiser stabbed

How Thunderbirds were parked in 1960…

cant help but notice the difference between 2001/2002 and 2013

Men accused of rail plot in Canada followed extreme form of Islam, one berated Muslim co-worker for


Jennifer Rubin goes off the deep end...

Libya Looks to Spain as Model for State-Building

Things to regulate…

UNASUR gives a positive report on Paraguay elections (Spanish)

Hacked AP Twitter Account Reports Of Two Explosions At White House

Tiger Escapes Circus And Wanders Into A Random Restroom

Wyden Primed to Take Finance Gavel

Ex-Girlfriend: Tsarnaev a ‘Tough Guy’

SICK SICK SICK (AP hacked) This really didn't happen

Paul Kevin Curtis, Ricin Suspect, Released From Jail

TN Legislator jokes about pressure cooker bomb

Why Can't We See That Boston Is More Like Newtown Than 9/11?

E-mail from Progressive Change Campaign Committee: Senator from K Street - GONE!

France legalizes gay marriage despite angry protests

Schlafly: 'Reinstate the House Committee on Un-American Activities'

Why does Medicare and Medicaid attract leeches?

The xenophobia has already begun, conservatives are trying to act like immigration caused the...

Is It Journalism, or Just a Repackaged Press Release? Here's a Tool to Help You Find Out

A list of Baucus' "achievements"

Is it possible to get redemption after committing a heinous crime...?

Democrats Risk Backlash After Opposing Obama Gun Plan

Boston Suspect Purchased Fireworks

Self abuse ain't pretty…

Chicago teacher sues over pocket knife suspension

Anybody got access to a Toronto 1955 phone book and/or voting list?

AP Twitter Account Hacked, Incorrectly Says Obama Injured At White House

So they released the Ricin suspect? I think he's the wrong guy and they know it.

Twin Cities radio host gets heat for telling Newtown families 'go to hell'

How Capitalism Is Dismembering America

2nd child of Pa. couple dies after only praying

Ricin suspect released

microchip your pet

New Website Will Disclose Health Industry Payments To Doctors

scouting for all vs. astro turf

Minimum requirements for hosts.

Grumpy cat goes to war.

Michigan High School Chooses To Protect Star Basketball Player Instead Of His Rape Victims

Next stop, West, TX, to promote fewer zoning laws

"If men could get pregnant…"

.Puppies & Kittens & Censors...Oh my! (Texas) Government Muzzles Internet Pet Vet

Couple's 2nd child dies after they turn to prayer instead of doctor. They believe in "faith healing"

Nevada ships 1,500 mental patients out of state.

Missouri Republicans vote to stop issuing driver’s licenses over gun records conspiracy theory

Rand Paul Would’ve Been OK With Using Drones To Hunt/Kill Boston Suspect.

My, how things change…

Walmart CEO's Pay Jumps 14.1 Percent To $20.7 Million

Can we still do appreciation threads on members we admire...

The Stockholm Syndrome

North Carolina Senate Blocks Testing Themselves When Passing Welfare Drug Testing Bill

Bed is the best place to play with yourself…

The U.S. Continues to Be One of the Least Taxed of the Developed Countries

SeaWorld went public at the New York Stock Exchange

Steubenville football coach renewed for two more years on school board

M*A*S*H star Allan Arbus dies at 95

Oops! New York's Suffolk County Accidentally Defaults on Debt.

will a cracked screen brick my iphone?

Boston Bombing Suspects Motivated By Afghanistan, Iraq Wars: Report

President Romney's Admin would torture the Boston bomber until he implicated Iran.

Beck Battles 'Principalities and Powers' to Reveal Boston Bombing Cover-Up

Odd forum problem

happy independence day to the conch republic

Obama’s Turning Point on Detainees

EDF Energy to cut jobs to control cost of building nuclear power station

AP Twitter Account Hacked, Incorrectly Says Obama Injured At White House

LOL: RW loons' billboards blame "liberal media" for Obama's re-election (warning big image)

If the President is unable to get anything through the Congress for the remainder of this term?

Creatures of the Dark: Wisconsin GOP Caught Deleting Records, Again.

Secrets of the conservative media machine

US team to speak to Boston suspects’ parents

A One-Way Ticket to Mars, apply now!!

Tough Pot Law Doesn't Support Deportation

North Carolina Senate blocks testing themselves when passing welfare drug testing bill

White Supremacist Loses Appeal Over Black Jury

Rand Paul shows why Obama's drone policy is so important

Google Fiber Takes On Cable & Satellite Providers

Religious right architect dies at 72

Cat. In a shark costume. On a roomba. Chasing a duckling…

RIP Allan Arbus. Sydney Freedman is still one of my best analytic teachers.

What Drives Suicidal Mass Killers- Commonality Between Newtown & Boston & Suicidal Terrorists

Do Racism, Conservatism, and Low I.Q. Go Hand in Hand?

Papa was a Rodeo.

US Not Sure Syria's Assad Used Chemical Arms

"Making of Europe unlocked by DNA"

Bombing suspect’s condition reportedly improving

New lithium-ion battery design that’s 2,000 times more powerful, recharges 1,000 times faster

Okay, let's do a poll for the May contest

Nicaragua Nabs US Most-Wanted Child Porn Suspect

Help For 'Uninsurables' Mired In Political Battle

ENDA to be introduced Thursday

Safety Inspections By Social Audit Firms For U.S. Companies Called 'Facade' By Labor Groups

When do you think Hillary is going to announce her intention to run?

Today in Peace and Justice history on April 23, 1971

Today in Peace and Justice history on April 23, 1971

Bombers' carjacking victim says he's lucky to be alive

Could we have an MMOG Group?

Krugman: Conservative economist's prediction about inflation proves to be wrong - blame Obama.

Glenn Beck: “The burden of proof is on the federal government” to disprove my conspiracy theory

Brittney Griner's inspiring message

Reid: Ricin incident at Bolling Air Force base

Venezuelan govt targets disaffected ex-supporters

Ex-Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer will consider campaign to replace Baucus

Conspiracy much?

View from under the couch

Ravens' Rolando McClain arrest details out

"I'm goin' over the wall!"

Wingers Post the Damndest Things (#6 Oldie-But-Goodie Edition)

Venezuelan Government Declares 90 day Emergency period for Electrical System

The problem with the Bro-Choice campaign

DA's In Kansas Now Could Investigate The Demise Of A Zygote Or Fetus.

Pennsylvania Think Tank Plans to 'Slay' Unions, Like in Wisconsin

Two Florida Stories in one post

Boy, 15, shot to death near Obama home: "Call my mama"

CNN’s John King on Boston bombing news coverage: “We made a mistake”

Make no mistake: you ARE being watched!

Reid Tests GOP Outrage Over Airport Delays With Plan To Pay Down Sequestration For Five Months

Stay classy, Steubenville!

Would you tell your ex's current SO that your ex was physically abusive?

Warren DeMontague appreciation thread

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is

How do you respond to stress? (Introspective.)

Drug tests for welfare recipients: A solution in search of a problem

AP Twitter hack: Why the Dow fell so incredibly fast – and why it's a problem

Former GOP Candidate Reacts After Man He Allegedly Framed For Ricin Poisoning Is Released

Nice Richie Havens Tribute: "Rock stars do not live in Jersey City."

LA settles with women fired on in Dorner manhunt

Boston Bombing Update: The Tsarnaev Brothers Were Headed for New York

In Hopeful Sign, EPA Slams State Department for 'Insufficient' KXL Review

Crazy Parents Kill Their SECOND Child With Faith Healing

Drug tests for welfare recipients: A solution in search of a problem

Allan Arbus, actor who starred on 'M*A*S*H,' dies at 95

Supreme Court of Virginia rules in favor of diocese, Episcopal Church

Dollarocracy: How The Money And Media Election Complex Is Destroying America- John Nichols Discusses

Healthy, Meet Delicious by Bittman

Does anyone really think the Tsarneav Brothers...

California to spend $24 million to confiscate guns

Can the Koch Bros. be stopped from buying the media too? It's worth a try at least.

2nd child of Pa. couple dies after only praying, instead of a doctor

My little town's upcoming marathon now has extra security because of Boston. Security theater?

Court Rules for Immigrant in Deportation Case Over Drug Offense.

Marathon Attack Updates - And Why Self Care In Times Of Crisis Are Important


"They didn't listen. And that is not acceptable."

Senate’s No. 2 Democrat Presses Obama Administration On Use Of Drones For Targeted Killings

Beyond funny! kicks Rasmussen to the curb.

Cant help it, more Bowie

Papantonio: Legal Analysis of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Confession

GIZ EXPLAINS How the US Built Its Super-Secret Spy Satellite Program

The GOP’s new plan: Hit Dems from the left

Rush Limbaugh: Boston bombing suspects influenced by “liberal elite intellectual thought”

In split vote, Nevada Senate passes measure to begin repeal of gay marriage ban


Attention MIRT .........

Chicago Hell Commute, Round II

Sharron Angle: “It’s a possibility” that I would run for Senate again

Man Spends Evening With Colt 45s & Guns - Then Craps Himself When Questioned By Cops

Ancient Europeans mysteriously vanished 4,500 years ago

Director of Log Cabin Republicans: You can thank Mitt Romney for recent marriage equality gains

While you were distracted by Boston and Texas...

For Chinese Women, Marriage Depends On Right 'Bride Price'

'Traitor' to be revealed in next few days: army general .

One more fucking year of the BCS.

NFL prospect comes out kicking

Want to talk to Tony Bennett?

Racing to Inform Millions Unaware of New Health Coverage

I heard today that big brother made his money selling weed

Apple Forecasts Sales Below Estimates; Boosts Dividend, Buybacks

What the Boston Bombers have proven

Sen. Grassley floats Glenn Beck's Boston bombing conspiracy theory in the middle of Senate hearing

Not sure if you read Jennifer Rubin's latest at WAPO...

Former Middle Tennessee kicker was openly gay with teammates, coaches

Mass. House defeats proposal to restore death penalty

I posted an OP late last night/early this morning that turned out to be a HUGE mistake....

In honor of NOLA Jazzfest

So much for "Voluntary" lock-down and searches in Boston.

Dead Island Sequel "Riptide" Released today

Let Scott Brown Run

HEADS UP: If you have a 401-K --PBS FRONTLINE Tonight..."The Retirement Gamble"

Mosque that Boston suspects attended has radical ties

In honor of Ben Affleck living on $1.50 a day - The Amazing Adventure (1936)

Harvard to shut research center where monkeys died

Conservative Group Photoshops Out Minorities In Mailer Opposing Pro-Voting Legislation

Bulger says US has documents that can prove immunity

Slatest PM: How the Tsarnaev Brothers Learned to Make Their Bombs

Gun Ownership Neither Increases Nor Decreases the Crime Rate

'Economists and analysts failed to connect the contrast between reality and the stock market'

Homeland Security Failed In Boston

Madoff's Attorney Appointed as Head of Ethics Panel

A puppy PSA!

Analysis of 2,000 Years of Climate Records Finds Global Cooling Trend Ended in the 19th Century

This is kind of a question as a result of another thread.....

Spring is coming...Oh yeah!!!

Could it be their mother's honor and not a religeous jihad?

Fake tweet sends Dow plunging

A blast from the past: AOL Desktop 9.7

AP Report: Boston Bomber ‘Took An Interest’ In Alex Jones’ ‘Conspiracy Theory Website’ Infowars

Report: Tamerlan Tsarnaev ‘Took An Interest’ In Alex Jones’ ...

PETA buys shares in SeaWorld stock

Anybody need a little liftin up along about now?

I guess I am a "deracinated white liberal."

Disappointing those who 'stand with Rand'

With Ricin Case Crumbling, FBI Targets New Man

New material approach should increase solar cell efficiency

Salon: How will the Boston shutdown affect workers?

Tsarnaev reportedly fell under radical influences, including the batshit CT site INFOWARS

Bill Would Force Super PACs To Reveal Their Donors

Bomb suspect influenced by mysterious radical (bald man with a long reddish beard)

Ricin scare at DC base is false alarm

Stella Tremblay, New Hampshire Legislator, Says U.S. Government Planned Boston Bombing

13.8 billion years ago, a few seconds before the creation of our universe..

Lawmaker Says Government Planned Boston Bombing

Caiden Cowger Supports Waterboarding - Austin Sanders

The party of stupid

I just served on a DU jury...offered my opinion, but

ALBA creates joint defense mechanism for transnational arbitration (UNASUR too)

Texas House votes to end state lottery

Watertown boat owner David Henneberry tells story of finding Boston Marathon suspect

D$#&*!!! It's colder than Dick Cheney's soul today!!

Madoff's Attorney New Ethics Watchdog

Top of the Lake

Foreign professionals on business trip savagely beaten in Germany

Court Rules for Immigrant on Deportation in Drug Case

Bit of good news: HI Gov signs bill to make hospitals offer emergency contraception to rape victims

Kerry Compares Boston And Mavi Marmara Victims (Turkish activists killed by the IDF)


Local Tea Party is tying Common Core Standards to Agenda 21 conspiracy

State Dept. Report Raps Israel’s Treatment Of African Refugees

Boston bombing: FBI backlash 'risks turning US into surveillance state'

Damaging major flooding in Illinois as Mississippi River crests

Record flooding ends in Illinois and Michigan

Conservative Group Photoshops Out Minorities In Mailer Opposing Pro-Voting Legislation

Reid Tests GOP Outrage Over Airport Delays With Plan To Pay Down Sequestration For Five Months

Stephanie Cutter and Newt Gingrich in talks to host the new CNN "Crossfire"

Nevada Senator 'Comes Out' As Senate Approves Repeal Of Same-Sex Marriage Ban

Why the faith of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects doesn’t matter, but yours does

Alex Jones Downplays Connection To “Boston Bomber”

Poverty Stalks The Suburbs

'Economists and analysts failed to connect the contrast between reality and the stock market'

Slow is scary if France quits nuclear : state institute

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 24 April 2013

60 pills for $225 or 15 pills for $15 – my day at the pharmacy

The Simple Math Behind Solar Power’s Expansion

Our government cannot do magic tricks.

'Dragon Ball' creator Akira Toriyama’s newest work released to environmental groups

U.S. States Turn Against Renewable Energy as Gas Plunges

Best and Worst Jobs of 2013

John McCain on Chechnya

How is Everyone Here Coping? I'm find it very hard these days..

FAIL: Ted Cruz Attempts Gotcha Moment On Janet Napolitano

It's funny, huh gun nuts?

"A Rise in Wealth for the Wealthy; Declines for the Lower 93%"


Detroit: M1 Rail project gets final OK from federal government

Scaled-down California homeless rights law advances

Novel Heating System Could Improve Electric Car’s Range

Colorado may have private companies take over some of its roads

Vintage San Francisco Postcards 1900 to 1930

Tribune Company Scribes: Koch Brothers Purchase Could Turn Papers Into "Conservative Mouthpiece"

Coco Liners for a half basket.

Beautiful (This will make you smile)

Watch this amazing live recreation of Rembrandt's "The Night Watch" at a local shopping mall.

The Star Is Dressed in Red

Beware Chinese Leaders Bearing Gifts

Is ISP 'help' messing with me?

I feel like I understand every word ... fascinating

Black, Atheist and Living in the South

Democratic Traitor Max Baucus won't seek another term

A man was crushed to death by a tree in Moorea, Tahiti

Mother Of Boston Bombing Suspect: ‘If They Are Going To Kill Him, I Don’t Care’

Working late at the clinic tonight. How's everybody doing?

More hard-up Britons turn to food banks

Despite West explosion, Rick Perry sticks to his anti-regulatory schtick

After Plant Explosion, Perry Should Get Tough Questions About Texas Business Practices

Toon: "Everybody Saw That"

Nakita needs some DU Pet Group Love.

well it looks like Belladonna has gone feral again

Rand Paul reverses position, supports drone killings of American citizens on American soil

The Texas fertilizer plant explosion cannot be forgotten

Man Hides 55 Pounds Of Pot In Pac Man Arcade Machine

Colleges Are Slashing Adjuncts' Hours to Skirt New Rules on Health-Insurance Eligibility

Justin Bieber's Pet Monkey Still Detained In Germany With No Home