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Archives: April 22, 2013

Questioning of bombing suspect reportedly begins

ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN REVISITED.... on Discovery right now!

Turn on The Discovery Channel right now! Watergate!

Police: Boston Bombing Suspects Didn’t Have Gun Permits

Nevada buses hundreds of mentally ill patients to cities around country

Lyrid meteor shower peaks tonight...

Bronx 8th-graders boycott practice exam but teacher may get ax

How Monsanto Went From Selling Aspirin to Controlling Our Food Supply

Game of Thrones 3.4 "And Now His Watch Is Ended" (spoilers)

UNASUR: vote buying and exclusion of the left in Paraguay

A person started

A picture of Bill Clinton from the recent GLAAD media awards.......

Ex-CIA Deputy Director: Boston Bombing 'More Like Columbine Than Al Qaeda'

New Boat for Dude Who Busted Out Boston Bomber

I got a question about

Horacio Cartes, Conservative Party, wins Paraguay presidential election

Community of Christ church votes to allow same-sex marriages

BBC: Damascus: The changing face of Syria's capital

PA. Gaming Control Board Criticizes Privatization of PA. Lottery

Baseball Groups Donate $646,500 to Marathon Fund.

Nigeria: 185 killed in battle with Islamic radicals

Top of the Lake = The Killing downunder?

So you think fractals are boring

Jan 1, 2010 WATERTOWN POLICE DEPARTMENT GENERAL ORDER, Subject: Search and Seizure Buildings (PDF)

Official: Boston suspect awake, responding in writing

Lindsey Graham always ready to blame someone for something..

(Story Update)Kelli Johnston, Robert Watling Marry After Boston Marathon Despite Explosions

Which Country Saw a 20,000% Increase in Clean Energy Investing?

Lindsey Graham: FBI 'Dropped The Ball' With Boston Bombing Suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev

The Most Interesting Man in the World played a red shirt on Star Trek


I've been wandering through the Harwood Podcast recipes

'Half of Guantánamo' on strike

Guantánamo hunger strikers make up half of inmate population, officials say

Father And Son Don’t Get Their Chicken Wings, Return To Restaurant With AK-47

I know how the ACA is creating jobs, goodbye full-time positions

How about this as a compromise for the backround checks of private sales

Boston Teamsters to form human shield for bombing victim's burial as Westboro Baptist protests

Beck Gives Obama Till Monday to Admit Boston Bombing was Inside Job

Corpse flower almost ready to bloom in Edmonton

in honor of 4/20

One of the most powerful tweets I have seen about Islam

What happened at MIT?

2007: Glenn Beck inadvertently reveals his modus operandi:

Gas prices and subsidies

Omaha Steve was going to go up the gang way to his vacation luxury liner...

Boston bombings: Officer lost all blood but is expected to recover

Does anyone think that Feinstein really “slammed” That idiot Peter King on Fox..?

Unbelievable!! Pic of Bush's presidential library "Positive Contributions as POTUS" room.....

Advice for crafter/artists selling their wares - chime in with your tips

DU a Right to Work poll (link fixed I think)

Please keep an open mind long enough to finish this VA Democrat's blog post about gun control

What should be the limits on free speech?

Progressive Change Campaign Committee takes Sen Baucus to task for not listening

Mad Men! Nooooo!!!

Lee Terry (R-NE) Is Badly Out Of Touch With His Consituents

test post, fake disruption

Children's Author E.L. Konigsburg Dies ("Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler")

Something to realise

Do I look like a damn rabbit!

In-Wheel Electric Motor

What happened to North Korea?

.A Search for Home Led Suspect to Land Marred by Strife.

Luis "The Animal" Suarez bites a Chelsea player

Quick Question for the Loungers about being poor...

Russian Military Chief Arrives in Nicaragua to Develop Ties

Picture of Tamberlan Tsarnaev as "Loser" with "No American Friends" Doesn't Wash

*****April Photography contest****** photographer identities

april photographer identities revealed

Delay Gaza Talks, Kerry Urges Turkish PM Erdogan

Strange weather doughnuts on weather radar at the moment. Any idea what it is?

Second Boston Marathon bombing suspect responding to questions

It wasnt until I googled "Kim Kardashian fat pregnant" that I saw it

The rise and fall of AMD: How an underdog stuck it to Intel

World's Oldest Spacewalker: Russian Cosmonaut Makes Space History at 59 (!)

"GOP seeks $4B for ObamaCare program" by Sam Baker at the Hill

Stop CISPA! Call your senator!

Medicare: one size really does fit all

Andreessen, Schroepfer, Others Rally For More Women In CS At She++ Conference

"Let’s not pretend it was about math, the GOP just wanted austerity" by LOLGOP at electablog

U.S. Intel Chief Says Iran Isn't Building Nukes

Feds ask to interview wife of suspected bomber

"The Russian Connection: What Can Moscow’s Tip Tell Us About The Boston Bombings?"

What 15,000 Years Of Cooking Fish Tells Us About Humanity

Coffee and qahwa: How a drink for Arab mystics went global

Comic book store owner will ink up for fundraiser (Make A Wish raffle for“Amazing Spider-Man #1)

Pickup Artistry, Victorian Style

Report: Post-9/11 Torture “Indisputable” and “Unprecedented”

The State of the Occult: 2013 (Richard Smoley and Mitch Horowitz)

Hey Boy Scouts? Yeah, your organization STILL sucks!

A Note in the New York Radical Feminists

14 dead, 100's injured in Texas

A Slightly Different Take on Mother's Day (lol):

"500 Internal Server Error" Again? Trained Monkeys seem to be invovled.

The Constitution can be changed...And Its Constitutional

Analysis: Ahead of reform, medical care slowdown hits companies

I have yet to go to any of these restaurants, but...

You ever notice when you're driving that everyone going faster than you is criminally irresponsible?

Dumb Criminals: Woman Accused Of $170K Embezzlement Spent $7K On Boob Job

Ahhhhh! Some Jackson Browne anyone?

Plants Grow Faster With Blast Of Heavy Metal Music Says Radio Gardener

Our bees arrived 3 weeks ago, about the usual time...

The True Cost Of Marijuana Prohibition: $20 Billion / Yr

Data shift to lift US economy 3%

CISPA Amendment Banning Employers From Asking For Facebook Passwords Blocked!

Venezuela considered an emergency OPEC meeting for falling oil prices (no go)

Divinyls Singer Chrissy Amphlett Dies (Sang "I Touch Myself")

We have to save North Koreans

The End of Government as we know it

Coal Ash Is More Radioactive than Nuclear Waste

Venezuelan Music. We are with Chavez

Lead bullet fragments poison rare US condors

Police: 5 dead in shooting in Federal Way

Guns are Rarely Used to Kill Criminals or Stop Crimes New VPC Analysis Reveals

President Obama's Weekly Address: America Stands with the City of Boston

Four-thousand year old gold-adorned skeleton found near Windsor

April 22: National Jelly Bean Day

Krugman: Destructive Creativity

Phil Ochs - When I'm gone

CISPA, the Fourth Amendment and You

Claims of Fraud in Venezuela: The Fake Evidence of Henrique Capriles

Coleen Rowley: Chechen Terrorists and the Neocons

Palestinian marathon kicks off with tribute to Boston victims

Can Bolivia teach the US how to fight drugs?

Police: 5 dead in shooting in Federal Way

Boston Bruins honor first responders

Battle with Parkinson's inspires winning shirt

No dictator love?

How to Collect Micrometeorites in Your Backyard

Malaysian Firms Urged To Venture Into Latin America, Caribbean

You Can't Just Shut Us Up Now That Margaret Thatcher's Dead

From Syria to Boston, from Boston to Syria...

Chile air force says Chinese ship in Antarctica still burns

Playwright drags Chile's conscience into the spotlight

1,000-Plus Protest Bill Targeting North Carolina's Movie, TV Tax Breaks

Happiness Clubs Spread Good Vibes on College Campus

Syria activists report massacre near Damascus

April 22, 1970, the first Earth Day -- the "New" Party's "Dead Orange" Parade in Miami

Resource Shock: How Resource Scarcity and Climate Change Could Produce a Global Explosion

How Boston Exposes America’s Dark Post-9/11 Bargain

Christy leads Buono by 30 points but down from 42 points

Love Shack

EARTH DAY 2013: Let's Widen Our Circle of Compassion

What Will Inspire You to Take Action? 5 Earth Day Photos You Should See

Gun control: the NRA's victory may sow the seeds of eventual defeat

Greetings to everyone on Earth Day…

Dzokhar Tsarnaev 'conscious and responding' as questions asked over whether FBI 'dropped the ball'

French fisherman left with a 'few holes in the head' after surviving crocodile death roll attack

The mafia left Naples in ruins. Can they do the same to Pompeii?

Syrian Bombing Victims send Condolences to Boston

Chris Hedges: The Persecution of Lynne Stewart

EARTH DAY 2013: Let's Widen Our Circle of Compassion

big disappointment on gun check vote

If it's Monday...

Twin Cities radio host gets called out for his "go to hell" comment

Rocking the baby does work, say scientists studying crying youngsters' heart rates

Science moves step closer to developing hydrogen as cheap and clean energy form

Robert Parry: What to Do with G.W. Bush?

EU ban on trade in seal fur set to be overturned

You know what's better than decisive action? Tough talk, that's what. (McCain & Graham again)

New Personal Best !!!!!!!!!!!!

3 judge panel on Republican missing files: “fraud, misrepresentation or misconduct”

Serious Threat to Asian Economic Model (TPPA)

Error in Austerity Approach! Math in a Time of Excel: Economists' Error Undermines Influential Paper

Juan Cole on the Graham/McCain hypocrisy in calling for enemy combatant designation of Tsarnaev

I marched on the first Earth Day. Anybody else?

Donald Trump: Waterboard Boston bombing suspect

Senate Democrats Raise Millions More Than NRSC - Best First-Quarter in its History

If you put a crouton on your sundae.......

Chris Hedges: The Persecution of Lynne Stewart

The difference between a warrior and a terrorist:

Cloning takes California's ancient redwood trees abroad

Oh, Monday...

Nearly half of Guantánamo prisoners now on hunger strike

Went to several places this weekend (pic heavy)

Green spaces boosts wellbeing of urban dwellers - study

Wall Street betting billions on single-family homes in distressed markets

Illegal loggers continue to threaten Amazonian tribe

Austerity on Trial With U.S. Versus Europe Amid New Evidence

Who all saw that coming on last night's Game of Thrones?

Did anyone see the story of the war dogs on last night's 60 Minutes?

Halliburton Reports Loss on Gulf Oil Spill Legal Costs

The Only CEO Pay Number that Really Matters

H7N9 Cases May Be Double Known Figure, Hong Kong Researchers Say

Walter Cronkite's CBS News broadcast on the First Earth Day (intro and conclusion)

The Building Skynet Webcast by Mostly Erlang

Where did they find the money to send troops to Jordan?

Federal undercover operation run out of fake Westgate store yields drugs, guns and dozens of arrests

Daily Kos Radio is LIVE at 9am ET!

Has anyone explained how not "Mirandizing" this jerk...

Republican King declares war on the United States.

Osprey. A couple from the weekend.

A delightful, wee bit snarky, piece from UMass prof about her student's exposure of Reinhart

Show These Charts To Anyone Who Thinks Debt, Spending, And Taxes Are At All Time Highs

What do you think of Congress?

My Boston

Mujica congratulates Cartes and invites him to participate in Mercosur

Monday Toon Roundup 1- In the pay of the NRA

Monday Toon Roundup 2- Boston

Monday Toon Roundup 3- GOP

Cocktail of multiple pressures combine to threaten the world’s pollinating insects

Monday Toon Roundup 4- The rest


Wisconsin redistricting scandal deepens

Legal questions swirl as prosecutors prepare to charge marathon bombing suspect

Colin Goddard (victim of Virginia Tech shooting)

i'm sick and tired of hearing this voice and seeing this face on my teevee...

First-ever West Bank marathon attracted 650 runners and highlighted the Palestinian plight.

Russia Is Pounding The 5th Generation F-35 Into Oblivion With Its 4th Generation Su-35

Restyled as Real Estate Trusts, Varied Businesses Avoid Taxes

Krugman strikes a nerve- "Very Sensitive People"

Android's slow updates create privacy risk, ACLU says

So, it appears that the Tsarnaev brothers didn't legally own the


NYT Columnist Maureen Dowd Rips Obama On Background Checks

This New Zealand Politician Unleashes One Of The Funniest Gay Marriage Speeches On Record

What religion was the guy who negligently let his deteriorating fertilizer plant in TX to explode?

Shouldn't there be some form of vetting in the selection of hosts?

Welcome to Rick Perry's Texas

For those who can get BBC iPlayer - Could We Survive a Mega-Tsunami ?

Still not "terrorized" by the Boston Marathon bombings (and stuff afterwards).

Pup Holder

FBI: Boston Bombing Suspect Still In ‘Serious’ Condition

Obama political arm strikes fear in GOP

WIS redistricting - *thousands of files deleted with the user names of Tad Ottman & Adam Foltz*

Boehner On Suspected Bomber’s Miranda Rights: ‘Get The Information Now’

Could We Survive a Mega-Tsunami?

Book Review Contest

another day in america......Five dead after shooting near Seattle

TOM TOMORROW TOON: Last week in #Fail

Senate Hearing On Immigration Reform (WATCH LIVE)

KRUGMAN: On "Permanent Class Of Jobless Americans"-"Let’s be clear: this is a policy decision."

Recall Bid Against Arizona’s Joe Arpaio Faces Tough Odds

China says new bird flu case found in northeast

Superbugs Invade America’s Supermarket Meat

How Capitalism Is Dismembering America by Paul Buchheit

George W. Bush: ‘There’s No Need To Defend Myself’

Another big lie against Venezuela. uses pictures of Egyptian violence and says Venezuela

E.ON must wait for approval on $3bn power plant

Reading a cook book from the 60s

Republican Creators of the Wis redistricting maps appear to be in deep shit

Living for 32

Republicans worry about hanging on to open Georgia Senate seat

WTF? Is the lamest excuse for a social networking site or what?

The Real Faces of the Minimum Wage by Richard Eskow

Sausage making: what are you willing to concede in return for background checks?

Christianity and the pressure to believe

America Stands with the City of Boston

GW Bush - ""I did what I did and ultimately history will judge."

Boston police: Facial recognition software didn’t help

Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. Settles Shareholder Lawsuit for $139 Million

Ditch coal for biomass and gas and build nuclear, urges UK report

"I've waited 5 yrs to see 1 figure on Wall Street speak in a moral language & I’ve not seen it once"

Statutes of Limitations Are Expiring on Some Bush Crimes

What pet projects are tacked onto immigration reform?

How Did the World's Rich Get That Way? Luck

Flying in and out of NYC-area airports becomes (an even bigger) headache

The Definitive “People Who Thought Chechnya was the Czech Republic” Collection

Venezuela Continues to Search for Solutions to High Crime Rate

Lake teen gets national attention for efforts to start gay-straight club

How Did the World's Rich Get That Way? Luck

Reese Witherspoons' mug shot.

Deval Patrick has asked residents to observe a moment of silence at 2:50 p.m. Monday

“F–k ‘em early and f–k ‘em often.”

Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper Movie to Resume Filming in Boston on Monday

Superbugs Invade America’s Supermarket Meat

Are the Tsarnaev brothers white?

Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev 'critical but stable'

Professor Klaus Schmidt on Gobekli tepi

The Dark History Behind Earth Day’s Murderous, Girlfriend-Composting Co-Founder

He didn't just put some fertilizer in a crock pot, he filled a big warehouse with it.

Google has an Earth Day day and night, season to season home page that is just lovely. Click on the

Murdoch’s horribly irresponsible tabloid is doomed - He (and it) won't be around forever

McLelland was armed to the teeth, murdered anyway

All autistic kids are atheists, and atheism is form of autism, says association head *UPDATED*

***** Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing LIVE Blog = Immigration Reform *****

eBay encourages sellers to oppose Senate’s pending online sales tax bill

Home Sales Slip As Prices Rise By Most Since 2005

Who tries to kill themselves by shooting themselves in the throat?

Study finds belief in free market economics predicts rejection of science

Chechen Bombers = Iran Did It!

Barry Zito is a reborn Christian, “really excited” about owning and shooting guns

Furloughs Lead To Flight Delays This Morning In Newark, Along East Coast

The Earth Day, Google home page is lovely. Click on the Sun Arrow and it moves from day to

‘French San Francisco’ Montpellier to hold country’s first same-sex wedding

The Blood Hound

Suburban bus use climbs across Washington region

Djokovic beats Nadal to win Monte Carlo Masters

Lily Tomlin Narrates New HBO Documentary AN APOLOGY TO ELEPHANTS Tonight

#Freejahar Hashtag Rallies Emerging Cult of Boston Bomb Suspect

Would you be willing to give up the 4th Amendment to stop guns?

Rand Paul: Immigration Bill Should Address National Security After Boston

More from the bottom of the sewer...

fallout for states rejecting medicaid expansion

Fundy parents let their kid die, now a second kid has died.

Two prominent GA. Democrats meet to see which one of them will run for the Senate

'I Touch Myself' singer Chrissy Amphlett dead at 53

OUCH, from Syria To US

Sex with Other Human Species Might Have Been Secret of Homo Sapiens’s Success

If you're not afraid of #CISPA, you're not really paying attention

Venezuelan Private Media Try to Cover Up Attacks on Government Health Clinics

Tom Toles on our dysfunctional Senate...

Oliver Sacks Shares Tales of Musical Hallucinations

That sound you're hearing?

Democrats (who helped defeat bill) Risk Backlash After Opposing Obama Gun Plan

Please let the the State Dept. know that you DO NOT support the Keystone XL

Pic Of The Moment: So Much For Self Defense

It looks like Mark Sanford is a serious STALKER

Half listening to the radio, I heard a "church group" will be demonstrating...

What Mushroom Clouds Can Reveal About The Waco Explosion

Chuck Grassley: How Come It's Okay to Politicize West, TX but Not Boston?

Are You An Expert In Druid Culture? Apply To Be General Manager Of Stonehenge.


Three Saudis Jailed For Plot To Kill Americans

Flight delays pile up Monday after FAA budget cuts

Westboro Sludge: no shows. Scum stays away. Buried in peace, Fuck Westboro

4 Year Old Tantrum Throwing Girl Is World's Youngest To Recieve Treatment For Digital Addiction

Do the people of Boston need to be protected from themselves?

John McCain Hasn't Given Up on Mark Sanford Yet

Bad Ass Of The Day: Guy Punches Alligator In Head Repeatedly To Save Son

Erdogan Disregards Kerry request to postpone Gaza visit

Pressure mounting on Obama administration to allow access to documents pertaining to TORTURE

Warning of this graphic photo gun post

Syria: not our war

Watch Live: 2013 White House Science Fair

Dumb criminals: Romanian Burglary Suspect Calls Cops Because He's Afraid Of Another Burglar

If you were "king/queen for a day" and could get just one thing passed through congress...

minimum wage raise essential to fix our economy

Guns are Rarely Used to Kill Criminals or Stop Crimes New VPC Analysis Reveals

Why Should Taxpayers Give Big Banks $83 Billion a Year?

Papantonio: Independent Media Becoming Mainstream

Boston victim # 2 Krystle Campbell memorial info (burial today)

NRO’s Robert Costa: Maureen Dowd Is Wrong

Latest "fad" (translation: Latest blithering stupidity)

Shame on Senator Heidi Heitkamp

The Biggest Challenges Women Face In The Media Today - Jennifer Pozner Discusses

the rule of law in times of ecological collapse

The Conservative Paranoid Mind

Dazzling fireball turns night into day over northern Argentina

Watch Live: 2013 White House Science Fair

Marcy Wheeler discussethe Obama admin's changing justification of Presidential assassination power

Obama: 1. Bush The Dumber: 0.

smashed by greed

Black powder - I know that guns are regulated, but what about purchases of ammunition

Benton County, AR Republican Nogy wants pro-Medicaid expansion Republicans to be shot

A wall of Teamsters protects Krystle Campbell's funeral from Westboro Baptists

The GOP Fends Off the GOP from Using Boston to Block the Immigration Deal

City Proposes Raising Minimum Age for Cigarette Purchases to 21

When was your first actual job and how much did you make?

Indian police arrest second man over rape of five-year-old girl

Japanese police target users of Tor anonymous network

R.I.P. Divinyls lead singer Chrissy "I Touch Myself" Amphlett

Gunman Sought After Shootout at Nuclear Power Plant in Tennessee

Newtown families: We'll keep fighting for gun law

Beating Terror with Calm

New York Post’s pathetic coverage - Inaccuracies about bombing pathetic

From the Stuff You Already Knew department: The Tangle of the Sexes

Need a gift, and want to donate to help shelter pets?

Google chairman Eric Schmidt defends tax avoidance policies

check out the Google for today!

Why is Alex from MSNBC also attending a StarTrek convention?

Pope is asked to make priestly celibacy optional

Beck Breaks Exclusive Information on Saudi National Once Considered a Person of Interest in Boston B

Barney Frank: Republican Extremists Root For Government Failure

Hospitalized Suspect in Boston Charged (Sealed), Will Not Be Charged as Enemy Combatant

Pakistan Government Says It Won't Charge Musharraf

Ted Nugent advocates public lynching of Boston bomb suspect

Today in Peace and Justice history on April 22, 1970

Today in Peace and Justice history on April 22, 1970

Japanese police target users of Tor anonymous network

Obama Going To Service For Plant Explosion Victims

GOP Ex-Congressman Testifies About Struggle Getting Visa For His Gay Partner

Boston marks week from Marathon bombs with silence

TPM: "Why Didn’t Obama Use The Fairy Dust?"

RT interview: Assange expresses concerns about UK embassy surveillance costs

IAEA: Japan Nuke Cleanup May Take More Than 40 Years

Thinking about Talking: Keeping your cool in discussions on gender

International Space Station visible over large portions of east coast the next three nights...

Suspects' Mom Says Dzhokhar Would Have Obeyed Older Brother

WH he will not be tried as enemy combatant

The fire and explosion in West should kill "let the market decide" for good.

On the gun amendments, did anyone notice the level of dysfunction in the Senate?

Aunt: Boston bombings suspect struggled with Islam

Tour The Brand New Plant Where GM Is Building Motors For Its Electric Car

Researcher: Men in kilts swing free, have happier sperm

North Carolina Lawmaker Forces Radio Show Off The Air After Hosts Criticized His Policies

Dubya's interview in yesterday's Parade magazine

Could I ask DUers to DU this poll?

Pope Francis "unblocks" Oscar Romero's cause for beatification

Carney: ‘Entire National Security Team’ Backs Decision To Not Treat Suspect As Enemy Combatant

*Andrea Mitchel Reports

The Universe picks metaphors or name plays to illustrate things

Doctors: All Boston bomb patients likely to live

Free copy of O’Neill’s "The High Frontier" (until April 23)

Voters Think Obama Is Trying To Take Their Social Security, Medicare and Retirement.

Tax Dodge of the Week: Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

Former AG: Settlements worse than Darfur

Affidavit says Bachmann approved hidden payments to Iowa senator

Brazillian Man Waits A Day To See Doctor - After Shooting Himself With A Harpoon!

American Errorists

Texas Plant Explosion Reveals Wide Gaps In Workplace Safety Laws

New information released soon about the fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas

Apparently antioxidants actually kill you

A sorry anniversary.....

Only in America

Police In Iowa End Day Long Standoff With Elvis Impersonator

ADAPT shuts down the White House

The Anti Women's Rights Legislation In GOP Controlled States Proves That Voting Doesn't matter.

spending your lunch break on hold is such fun

Israeli drones given leave to fly over Jordan

Why do RWNJs hate Texas?

Obama Proposal Gives Americans A Pathway Back to Work

Chris Christie Says Scooby Doo Was His Favorite Show At Age 4 But It Actually Wasn't

The 4th branch of the Federal Government

Tim DeChristopher Speaks Out After 21 Months in Prison for Disrupting Oil Bid

Prez rides a bike . . . at the WH Science Fair . . . on Vine . . . pics/vids

Question about "The Cat Who" series; where is Moose County supposed to be?

If the Tsarnaevs were Al Qaeda trained, then A-Q's tradecraft has turned to shit.

... younger brother NOT with him at time. Driver forced to go pick him up... from affidavit..

Texas wants federal disaster aid it refused to give others

for those who want to see how the police did their house to house search

Support federal disaster aid for Texas, and tell Texas Republicans to stop opposing it when other pa

It didn't take long for the right to start bashing Boston and Bostonians

No Bunker-Buster Bomb in Israel’s U.S. Arms Deal

UPDATED: READ: Bombing Suspect’s Charging Documents

Game of Thrones last night.

No Ricin Found at Poison-Letter Suspect’s Home, FBI Says

Welcome to Texas...

Greenwald: Why is Boston 'terrorism' but not Aurora, Sandy Hook, Tucson and Columbine?

A comment about META topics.

BTW I figured away to publish a question to the Administrators for the public before you release it.

Westboro Baptist Church is a no-show at bombing victim's funeral

Botched Tattoo, corrected.

I'm going to try posting collections again. Hopefully, some of you out there...

Kali's busy day after busy day after busy day after busy day, ad infinitum.

The moment of taterguy's self-appraisal/self-realization:

Tokyo has greatly overestimated Fukushima resident’s exposures

If THIS doesn't motivate you to think outside the box, I just don't know what would.

What the fuck can we do for YOU?!?!?

MiddleFingerMom was just never really any good at phone sex/sexting.

PPP: Colbert Busch leads by 9 against Sanford in SC-1

MFM has won EVERY marathon for 20 years now, but he's disqualified for using a performance enhancer.

Atheist Richard Dawkins: ‘Indoctrination of religion’ is ‘child abuse’

Graham Upset White House Won’t Declare Boston Suspect An Enemy Combatant

Report: Abbas wants Turkey to spearhead Palestinian reconciliation efforts

New Sanford vs Colbert-Busch poll

NYTimes Uses News Story to Express Dislike of Danish Welfare State

China: officials seek to banish superstition

FBI Found Clothing In Tsarnaev’s Dorm Resembling Footage Of Bomber At Marathon

Better Computer Models Needed for Mega Wind Farms

Vice President Joe Biden to attend memorial service for Sean Collier, White House says

NASCAR...... at the White House??!!

EXCLUSIVE: Did 'controlling' mother of Boston 'bombers' lead them on the path to radicalization

What's for Dinner, Mon., April 22

U.S. justices agree to hear Daimler human rights case

U.S. justices agree to hear Daimler human rights case

Give: Boston Marathon

" this is the future of mass media: loss leading corporate propaganda"

Hamas slams PLO accusations of 'Talibanization'

Canada 'thwarts major terror plot'

Texas explosion: Plant 'ignored safety rules'

Video: Tempers Flare Over Boston Bombing At Senate Immigration Hearing

Can we please mourn in this country without having to think about...

Boston Bombings: Read The Charging Documents

Capons! I learned something new on Chopped.

Francis will be 'boon' to ecumenism, expert predicts

Tsarnaev used a cell phone prior to blast. had gunshot wounds to the head, neck, legs and hand

Klobuchar Escalates Push To Repeal Obamacare Tax

RCMP foil plot to derail a New York/Toronto passenger train on the Canadian side of border. AQ link

Tsarnaeva Aunt crashed ?

HPV vaccine works. NO WAY!!!!

The Awakening of Tom Brokaw---"Drone Warfare as Factor in Terror Attacks"

Sherrod Brown's Bill To Tame ‘Too Big To Fail’ Banks Coming This Week

"Federal authorities charged Tsarnaev with using a weapon of mass destruction"

Catholic, Episcopal priests debate gay marriage

Rush the Fathead is back!

A massive manhunt and siege in West Texas now?

Religion and Child Abuse

Tsarnaev’s wounds may have been somewhat more extensive than other reports suggest

The Time Machine--the often not included "Grey Man" episode. I used to wonder why this rarely

Ted Nugent wants a return of the "good old days" of lynching.

Canadian police arrest two connected to bomb plot targeting train between Toronto and New York

Was $4.9 Million Given to Phila African-American Gov Candidate in PA because he was easiest to beat?

With the way Winter has stuck around in parts of the country, some DU'es must have

Reports: Police Eye Bombing Suspect’s Possible Role In 2011 Triple-Murder

A Hawk's Tale (dial up warning)


Why are so many people fascinated by Pompeii?

The European emissions trading system died at the hands of big business last week.

Elizabeth Colbert Busch EXPANDS her lead to 9 points over Mark Sanford at 50/41.

Just a few weeks ago GOPers were praising Ayn Rand Paul and Crazy Cruz for defending civil liberties

Rape and Death Threats: What Men's Rights Activists Really Look Like

The funniest thing I've seen in a while- Michael Shannon's dramatic reading of the Sorority letter

motocycle racing

(Canada) Government hurries debate on anti-terrorism bill

Here is a partial list of Industrial Accidents in the World.

Grand jury indicts former Kentucky Agriculture Secretary Richie Farmer

Gun Laws Threaten American Values

...Aaaand Here Comes Another War

A comment about and Bill Mckibben

Tell Walker's DNR: No dogs in wolf hunt!!

JJ Grey

The Family Research Council fakes a video

Government's Role in Protecting Health and Safety (New Eng Jour Med)

Vatican official: Romero saint effort 'unblocked'

*Bashir interview w interviewer of Tsarnaev parents NOW.

Pope Francis to overhaul the Curia

The United States shows its contempt for Venezuelan democracy

The United States shows its contempt for Venezuelan democracy

Affidavit Shows Bachmann Approved Pay for Iowa Senator's Work on Campaign

Reuters Fires Editor Accused Of Aiding ‘Anonymous’ Hackers

Attorney Of Suspect In Ricin Letters Case Points To Alternative Suspect

"I Jumped to Save My Body": Walmart Slammed Over Nicaragua Stabbings and Bangladesh Fire

"I Jumped to Save My Body": Walmart Slammed Over Nicaragua Stabbings and Bangladesh Fire

No denial

135 mph downhill pedal bike

Proof, you can find almost anything on the tubes

Iraq Makes Contingency Plans For Syria Dam Collapse

Richie Havens Dies at Age 72

J.R. Smith is NBA Sixth Man of the Year

Sad news - Richie Havens has passed away at 72.

You might just be a cyclist if this is your to do list

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaah Joe Walsh was just schooled by Alter and Bashir

Candle emoticon

Divinyls Singer Christina Amphlett Dies at Age 53

Anti-Gay 'Coach' Audibly Aroused by Mentions of Anal Sex

UK Guardian partially corrects Venezuela op-ed by Ricardo Hausmann

If a vegetarian eats vegetables, what does a humanitarian eat?

not yet released Steve Earle tune as performed by Rich Baxter -

Land Owner Says Israeli Forces Uproot 500 Trees

I am not the Tsarnaevs

11 Colombian ‘drug traffickers’ on death row in China .

New TRAP laws force Virginia abortion clinic to close after 40 years of service

Patty Myers from Montana has a message for Sen. Alan Simpson.

I don't know what this guy's views on other issues are

Boy Scouts to Gays: Come In but Don't Grow Up

Found in Dzhokhar's dorm room: green strands of fuse like those used in the marathon explosives

Moment of silence becomes one of violence in Brockton (Massachusetts)

Weiner is Back on Twitter

New TRAP laws force Virginia abortion clinic to close after 40 years of service

Moment of silence becomes one of violence in Brockton

so boston bombing becomes jobs bill for 1st responders? permsnbc

From the "patriot" right: Internationalists dis sovereignty of nation-states and require cosmic

RIP Richie Havens

Steubenville’s football coach gets two-year contract extension

Va te faire foutre, Microsoft.......

Help wanted: Stonehenge general manager

Pedestrian gets injured in the middle of a road.

Toon: Dubya tours his soon to be opened presidential library..

Thirty pounds of pot unknowingly: 30 lbs. of weed smuggled by woman

That time Polish partisans stole a Nazi V2 rocket

The Jerry Miller band (formerly of Moby Grape) - Now I See

Leahy: Boston bombings exploited in immigration debate

Boston Bombing Suspects' Sister Under Police Protection

Hello In There

Jeff Flake’s Rhetorical Games On Background Checks Come Back To Haunt Him

Four-thousand year old gold-adorned skeleton found near Windsor

Old White Men and Their Guns

Cano Associate Linked to Biogenesis

Joe Walsh Calls For Profiling ‘Young Muslim Men’

"Not worthy of an answer."

Boston Bomb Suspect Eyed in Connection to 2011 Triple Murder (ABC)

raleigh knows best.

Graham backs off FBI criticism

Woodstock singer Havens, 72, dies of heart attack

Lawmakers call for commission to probe wrongful convictions

Boston bombing: UA grad, husband face amputation rehab together

North Dakota News: Rookie news anchor sacked after first words on air are "f****** s***"

19-Year-Old Develops Ocean Cleanup Array That Could Remove 7,250,000 Tons Of Plastic From Oceans

Cardinals to urge Pope to appoint more women to key posts

What is the criteria for someone to be determined as an "Enemy Combatant"?

Bomb suspect read his Miranda rights at arraignment

Why would a man hang around in a mall parking lot,


Mark Sanford Spends 1,265 Words Telling Us Why He’s the Victim Here, Y’all

Chicago Tribune sent stacks of pizza to the Boston Globe newsroom today to show support

Maybe you should duck this joke...

Turn to Religion Split Bomb Suspects Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's Home

Wanna rate GW Bush's presidency? Go to Parade's web site:

Delta Employees Dig Through Trash To Find “Daddy Shirt” Worn By 7-Year-Old’s Late Father

Some days are better than others. This ain't one of them.

I blame Boston.

Facebook shuts down site of gun shop giving away AR-15

Az senator told mother of theater shooting victim that he supported gun background checks, then

Adopt Recycled Cats

white house science fair - white house pic

It's snowing. Again.

stacey campfield - TN Legislator jokes about pressure cooker bomb

White House: Internet Sales Tax ‘Will Level The Playing Field’

Ruffles Max Beer Battered Onion Ring -flavored chips.

The Boston bomber's constitutional rights

Authorities search in Cambridge where suspects’ father worked on cars

Why is a pressure-cooker bomb a "weapon of mass destruction" but

Allen West threatens FL college students. Incites others to do so as well.


Man jailed for under-paying for sandwich.

New Knesset Member Visits A Friend In Ramallah: 'This Is Not Normal'

I want to be read my Carmen Miranda rights.

Charity Runners

Funny Earth Day Memes and Cartoons

Are guns as destructive as bombs

classic campaign openings - remember: "I'm not a witch"

Flights Are Delayed At Major East Coast Airports As Sequester-Related Furloughs Begin

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev told authorities from his hospital bed Monday that he and his brother acted alone

Officials: Bombing Suspect Says He and Brother Acted Alone

Obama Hosting All Women Senators For Dinner

Women Are Not Their Own Worst Beauty Critics

Fugitive On FBI's Most Wanted List Arrested In Nicaragua (child porn)

(Roger) Waters 'still calling for Israel boycott'

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 23 April 2013

GE and matrix commercials.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Read Miranda Rights In Bedside Proceedings (TRANSCRIPT)

Lawyer question- need legal citation

The Attack on Unions: Which Side Are You On?

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Read Miranda Rights In Bedside Proceedings (TRANSCRIPT)

Chris Christie announces gun reform plan for New Jersey

Arpaio recall effort is 130k signatures short with one month to go

Larry Klayhead...I mean Klayman blames "Muslim terror" for Texas explosion.

Great Falls man reunited with bird after five years

Chris Matthews's MSNBC "Lean Forward" commercial is????

Poll: Colbert Busch Opens Up 9 Point Lead Over Sanford

Majority in U.S. Want Wealth More Evenly Distributed

Ashcroft: I Would Try Boston Bombing Suspect As An Enemy Combatant

Was Bush Cheney's Puppet?

Human IPO: Man Sells Himself For $10,000

Moment of Silence

Hapless, Disorganized, and Irrational - What the Boston bombers had in common with most would-be ter

Monday, the Senate will vote on a bill that was introduced only last Tuesday. ..curious?

Yup: Cutting spending means … you have to cut spending

In 2012 for the first time China spent more on the military than Europe

Good day in clinic today. Some of my diabetic patients are showing improvement.

Any signs of economic recovery where you live ?

People are going to end up in prison for this

Harmonia axyridis

Beware Of "Ties"


Will the mental health profession always be an art science ?

One reason I shave old school

The Fight of Our Children's Generation

Utah Elementary School Evacuated After Pipe Bomb Found