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Assessing Risk and Cost in India: Solar's Trajectory Compared to Coal

It;s fun and happy...Do Re Me..from the Sound of Music..

Is anyone else having problems with using Google to get into YouTube?

may I voice a concern w/o being labeled

The Rainbow Bridge

Pit bull defenders bite back at NC bill that would require background checks for new owners

Perhaps we should just leave Nationality, Ethnicity & Religion Out Of It, M'Kay?

Sweet Caroline, Neil Diamond for Boston Red Sox. We love you, Boston!

Protest party leader Beppe Grillo calls for millions to join him in Rome in protesting "the coup"

Rewinding History, Bush Museum Lets You Decide

Right Wing myth: The United States cannot rely on renewables

For those that need a laugh, 25 years of politicians making awkward rap references

Official: Boston bombing suspect suffered throat injury, may not be able to talk

Why museums shouldn’t be free

I am in one of those moods that only MUSIC can really describe! And it is all ohiosmith's fault!

Shame on those near celebrating that the Boston attacks were by supposed "Islamic" terrorists...

Boston Strong!

Wingers Post the Damndest Things (#5 Boston Bombing Edition)

I hadn't seen this pic before (suspects Pre-Bombing)

Colorado House gives initial OK to expanded lockout jobless benefits

Take Five (Mouths of Babes edition)

Bill Introduced to Begin Rollback of High Medicare Drug Prices

Medium Troy's "Run" - Mellow anti-fascist beats from Eugene, Oregon

New Corporate CEO and Executive Recruiting Video

USA--"$10 Billion Arms Deal with Israel, Saudi Arabia & the UAI, Missilles, War Planes"

Where are police, sheriffs , highway patrolmen, unions, nonunions and all other law enforcement on

Trade association sought to exclude fertilizer blenders from reporting requirements

Right wingers say they're all about the Constitution

Police State in Watertown

US prepares $130m military aid package for Syrian rebels

Boycott anti-Obamacare companies and CEOs

Pam Geller is dancing in the street.

Chuck Grassley Ties Boston Bombings To Immigration Reform

Cuccinelli Refuses to Answer Question: Did he ever commit any crimes against nature? (Felony again?)

Does this restaurant review sound too mean?

"Texas fertilizer company didn't heed disclosure rules before blast"

Time for Perry, Cornhead, and Cruise to eat some crow.

The Part-Time Jobs Crisis

Ted Cruz, Bill Flores Asked For Federal Aid After Texas Explosion, But Voted Against Sandy Relief

What happened to Meta?

Robert Reich: The Dis-Uniting of America (2): Social Issues and The Demographic Split

The 80's!

Will PA. Allow Fracking Wastewater to Be Used as Brine Solution on Public Roads?

What novel vegetable/filling can I put in to tomorrow night's tacos? I've got green onions,

“Dance of the Honey Bee”

A weekend out among people - and why I am always reminded how important it is and what one can learn

"Nate Bell, Arkansas State Lawmaker, Sends Insensitive Tweet About 'Boston Liberals'"

11 ignorant quotes from the Grand Dragon of Nassau County (Rep Peter King-R)

PA. is giving back HALF of the growth in state tax revenues from fracking - through new tax credits

Repugs continue to beat the Amtrak privatization drum

today in women's herstory-20 april

Who will win Project Runway

Kennecott landslide impacts global copper industry, Utah economy

Hilary Koprowski Dies at 96; Developed First Live-Virus Polio Vaccine

Bombing suspect suffered throat injury

Sex Change Didn't 'Magically Dissolve' Marriage

Last British resident in Guantánamo 'may never be allowed home'

Feds Roll on (63) SoCal Marijuana Stores

Tea Party Nation blams Obama for Boston attack!

Rep. Flores, who represents the Congressional District with West, TX, on the burden of regulations:

innocent moroccan wrongly accused of being Boston Marathon bombing suspects

Study: Majority Of Americans Not Informed Enough To Stereotype Chechens

The armpit tube map and other ideas

How about Some Soda with Your Cereal? Mountain Dew Rolls Out Juice-Like Breakfast Drink

Can one person be a threat?

Why Menopause?

‘Instapundit’ Tells Whats-Her-Name, That Lady Who Got Shot In The Face, To Stop ‘Bullying’ People

Just a thought, remember Occupy

Arkansas GOP chapter newsletter suggests shooting legislators


Amazing Grave

Therapy dogs bring comfort to Boston victims (w/pic)

The gun problem is very simple. There is no organization to counter the NRA.

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, April 23: Shirley Temple and Studio Archives

Just saw Oblivion.

Two pals of the accused Boston Marathon bombers arrested Saturday around 4pm

The Swimming Pool (2003/French-British)

Has any media reported how Tamerlan Tsarnaev earned a living? What was his job?

3 years ago I planted 12 Dutch iris bulbs.

The Minstrel threatens to topple the stock-exchange building

It must be spring

"Why terrorist bombings have been rare in U.S. in past decade"

Delayed nuclear deal faces inquiry

Younger bombing suspect tweeted that he wanted out

Fracking drives potentially explosive demand for potentially explosive ammonia factories

Fertilizer explosions listed and US facilities mapped

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, April 24: Star of the Month: Laurence Olivier

I love women. I love everything about women. I love the fragrance, feel, taste, sight, sounds!

Love not Fear

"Republicans Hope to Save Their Party By Modeling Themselves After George W Bush"

Maybe it's time to take a deep breath.

What about "shelter in place" do people not understand?

April 20: National Pot Smokers' Day..... Uh Oh

Before and After

Effects Of Drought, Production Of Ethanol Concentrating Aflatoxin In Remaining 2012 Corn Supply

60 Minutes Twitter feed has been hacked

What It's Like to Have Fracking in Your Backyard

4/18/13 - Beaufort Sea Ice Cracks Once Again - Shattering At Least Equals Early Season Storm Impact

If the Libertarians ruled America the fertilizer factory explosion would be common place.

Texas Attorney General- “I go into the office in the morning, sue Barack Obama, and then go home".

Keystone XL Public Comments

Czech foreign ministry advises geographically challenged Americans

"Boston Marathon Suspects Appear In Photos Taken During Race (PHOTOS)"

Shocking!!! Shocking!!! Raping Spree All Around INDIA....4 year, 5 Year, 8 year old girls are RAPED

CBS News: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev May Have Attempted Suicide Before Capture

The Future by Al Gore

What's for Dinner ~ Sunday April 21st

OK Glass, RIP Privacy: The Democratization Of Surveillance

Dedicated to Boston and West TX from The Pocono's in Monroe Co Pa Emergency Medical neighbors

Could I have that back?

How string of events involving Tsarnaev brothers unfolded (regarding the MIT cop)

Has anyone been to a Korean Spa?

Police, citizens and technology factor into Boston bombing probe

420 Rally Video - Shots Fired, People Running For Their Lives

Stop the Gun Violence Now!

CBS’ ‘60 Minutes,’ ‘48 Hours’ Twitter accounts suspended after being compromised

When Bees go shopping for honey…

Define the real problem already, America…

Republican Paradise…

We need to ask Skinner if we can get these for the Lounge!

Official: Boston bombing suspect 'sedated'

I would like to know if the FBI has spoken to the Uncle yet...

Anyone paying attention?

Columbine 20 Apr 1999: Never Forget

Damn Cigarettes…


Either/or, it was pretty bad…

Should We Be Concerned That Boston Suspects May Lead to Profiling of White Male Jocks?

Listen to this old Indonesian gentleman sing

FAA furloughs go into effect tomorrow, expected to cause flight delays

Camp Lejeune Water Contamination..........

"Yes, we…"

Brazilian government warns against foreign interference in the internal affairs of Venezuela

How The NRA Impeded The Boston Bomber Investigation

What do you say, Morpheus?

Crowd @ 420 Rally Terrorized By Gun Shots- 2 Shot

Peterson Toscano - Ex-ex-gay performance artist - two events in Northeast Ohio

Great response to Fundy FB post

Screencap of the Day: The MensRightsWiki "Activism" Page

This eclipses anything you have seen

Open with a prayer ... yeh, right

Lego Venn

Pause here: paws here

If you're in Cleveland 5/7 or Akron 5/6 - I have a treat for you

Mark Twain on cats and vice versa

Meanwhile in other news: China 179 Dead, 6,700 injured as Earthquake hits Sichuan province

I hope they had a garage

Beary cute!

Louie Gohmert: Al Qaeda camps in Mexico, Al Qaeda acting like Hispanics...

Has there been a post that had a phenomenal amount of "recs" on DU—above all others?

US ends logistical support for Bolivia drug fight

"swearing profusely in the ambulance ride after his final confrontation with the FBI"

Caption This - Ken Starr (and friends)

David Bowie

Guy Cooks And Eats His Own Finger

World's First Same Sex Dog Wedding Takes Place In Arizona

Hillarious bit from Manboobz

Bernanke to Skip Jackson Hole on ‘Scheduling Conflict’: Reuters

Speaking of the smileys

New York State Senator: ‘Torture’ Boston Bombing Suspect

The Week's Best Political Cartoons

Young Men Are Weird

Why, Dzhokhar, why????!

NYTimes: Legal Questions Riddle Boston Marathon Case

$50/Mnth 2Gpbs/1Gbps Yes Please. Yet another reason I want to move to Japan.

What should be posted on GD and what should be posted in the Lounge?

Ambinder: The insanity of blaming Islam

The Doggy thread. Post cute dogies :P

Why Do We Hate Certain Words?

****April Photography contest****** WINNERS

***** April winners thread posted in GD******

Independent Scotland would face currency problem - Osborne

I miss the flavours of South East Asia :( A small window into my experiences.

"Solidarity!" two years ago are now snarling "Austerity!"

Security beefed up for "Glo Run" in National Harbor, MD (near DC)

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Squeeet Caroline Edition

A small mystery solved: How the NYT got hold of Dzhokhar's UMass transcript


Philosophy of language

Just The Mention Of A Gun In School

Non Sequitur Toon: When did Global Warming Start?

Bill Moyers: A Mother's War Against Toxic Trespassers

Note to ACLU: No verifiable income for Taerian Tsarnev? Then: no Miranda rights for Dzhokhar.

The Fight Over Gun Control Has Revealed America's New Civil War

American Right-Wingers Are No Longer Conservative — They're Extremists

Happy San Jacinto Day, y'all!

Despite Track Record, US Hires Contractor to Provide Troops to UN Haiti Mission

Dylan Klebold and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

U.S. Helps Push Privatization Scheme in El Salvador

The Dropkick Murphys raised money for the victims of the bombings.

Goat's Head Delivered to Wrigley Field

Sen. Ron Johnson's "Victim of Government" was really nothing more than a victim of his own stupidity


Earth Day trip

Dancing queen at bus stop.

Imperial Overreach: Forces Driving Pentagon Spending and US Asia-Pacific Military Strategies

Jericho man wins Bethlehem marathon

Special thanks to DU members in Boston.

Flu Experts Probe H7N9 Outbreak as Cases Double in a Week

UNICEF: US 34th Out Of 35 Countries In Child Poverty

Meticulously Detailed Sculptures of Churches as Tanks

How Boston exposes America’s dark post-9/11 bargain

Jon Favreau on what we can learn from RFK’s speech in the wake of the Boston tragedy.

Millions Of Americans Can't Handle The Stress Of Work Anymore

Toon: Judgement Day Is At Hand

Pinnacle of, ‘Wow, That Really Made My Day,’

Chinese man makes an ice waterfall out of protest

Projected years of disappearance of Arctic Sea Ice

DEAR AMERICA: Here's Why Everyone Thinks You Have A Problem With Guns

Tributes to Boston at London race

Why We Should Reduce the Defense Budget

And They Are Us

US National Security State Fails in Boston: Brothers Tsarnaev Victorious!

Nestlé CEO Says Water Is Food That Should Be Privatized – Not A Human Right

Author Spotlight: Margaret Atwood

We're Not Broke

Up With Steve Kornacki is about to go one by one over the 47 no votes on gun safety.

The Question That Matters

The World's Most Pot-Friendly CEOs

F.B.I. Interview Led Homeland Security to Hold Up Citizenship for One Brother

Wisconsin: Costs, number of deleted files pile up in redistricting case

The other form of violence

The Only Effective Answer to Organized Greed

The Lost City of Solidarity

Americans Can't Stop Talking About Income Inequality, But No One Is Doing Anything About It

Bernie Names Names

Good Bomb, Bad Bomb

Conservative Koch Brothers Turning Focus to Newspapers

The other form of violence (GD xpost)

A 2014 Race Strategy for Opponents of Gun Violence

A million? Really? Their population is only about 23 million. That means 4-5% of households.

Amend 2A to provide national health care resulting from guns. This could be

Stop picking on Dick Cheney!

Shots fired at Colorado cannabis rally

Dzhokhar STILL has the right to remain silent.

FAA: Expect long delays at major airports -Air Traffic Controller Furloughs Kick In!

Who do you write like? Paste your prose/poetry:

Legislative Links (ALEC) - Tennessee General Assembly

America cannot assert moral authority while Guantánamo remains open


23 Brazil officers sentenced for prison 'massacre'

Kurdish women warriors battle in Syria

Obama accused of nuclear U-turn as guided weapons plan emerges

How to ruin a nice Sunday morning breakfast....or, speed to the recycle bin

Approximately 1.6 billion of the Earth's estimated 7 billion people are Muslim

Five Days in April

Update: Governor: No idea of terrorists’ motivation/Police commissioner: No suspect interview yet

100 Years After Kartini, Women Still Lack Rights in Indonesia

How much access to my private information do jury members have.? I only have a couple of

The huge, unanswered questions post-Boston - by David Sirota

Despite Track Record, US Hires Contractor to Provide Troops to UN Haiti Mission (DynCorp)

Understanding the underlying sub-text of works by listening to repetitive vowel and consonant sound

How Boston exposes America’s dark post-9/11 bargain

NBC: Prosecutors To File Charges On Boston Bombing Suspect Sunday

FBI: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Remains In Serious Condition

Need a new Lounge sweatshirt?.....

Measles outbreak: man suspected to have died of disease in Swansea

Bill of Rights suspended due to the inconvenience, but even that's not good enough for Republicans.

All of RW media is abuzz with the "Saudi National deportation" story - it is all FALSE (lol)

What These Tweets Tell Us About Boston Bombing Suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Isn't it odd that republicans are gleeful

4th grade Science test - please tell me this is not real

wow - Tom Lehrer captures today's politics from 50 years ago

What’s Walker doing on trade mission? Ancient Chinese secret, huh?

Peers try to block 'political' Paralympian Tanni Grey-Thompson (from being Chair of Sport England)

Failed marathon effort for justice.

Do you think Tsarnaev should be read his Miranda rights when he is deemed able to answer questions?

Sleeper Cell

1957 ?-To MLK Jr: ‘Why did God make Jesus white, when majority of peoples in world are non-white?"

Clean energy progress too slow to limit global warming, warns IEA

The Russian Connection? Experts Cautious About Moscow’s ‘Tip’ To FBI

So, if a tornado is going to hit,

Islamic society investigated over gender segregation

Woman Accused Of Taking Kids Around To Fire BB Guns At Car Windows

The Definition of Shelter-in-Place

Republican schism in Arkansas as GOP grows gov by billions

How Memorial Sloan-Kettering is Training Watson to Personalize Cancer Care

Bill Allows Refusal Of Health Care On Moral Basis

Bob Woodward is an idiot.

Marine Corps and Camp Lejeune water contamination......

Three Years After the BP Spill, Tar Balls and Oil Sheen Blight Gulf Coast

VIDEO: Final Moments Of Boston Bombing Suspect’s Capture

Boston Red Sox

Going on a DU vacation

Is Capital Punishment ever Justified?

No, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Is Not An Enemy Combatant. He Is A Criminal

A question about tornadoes. I have lived in SC my whole life (60-odd years), and I don't

U.S. Senate = An Embarrassment

Paraguay votes to elect successor to Lugo

why the 'spread sheet scandal' should kill obama's social security cut

Tamerlan Tsarnaev was thrown out of the mosque -- the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center --

Where did the Boston Marathon Bombers get their guns?

"Grace through grief"...

today in women's herstory-21 april


A letter to me from Allen Ginsberg (not censored yet)

From the Newsletter of the Benton County (AR) Republican Committee...

Report: Ex-HSBC man says US advised he go to Spain

When it's time to turn off the TV and go out side and play

The Real News: "Manufacturing Consent" 25 Years Later

Tweet of the day...

missed liberty

"Why should the guilty be read their rights?"

Tomorrow (Monday) last day public comments accepted on Keystone XL

I have a tree and don't know what to do with it!

The Tsarnaevs and me

Sexual Predator

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was shot in the throat and cannot speak

China criticizes US for its human rights record

How a dog's brain works

A Lesson from Boston: Police need training in night shooting

Video clip of MA State Police helicopter hovering over boat in thermal imaging

Arkansas GOP: 2nd Amendment Gives Us Right To Walk Up & Shoot Representatives Who Disagree With Us

Boston Top Cop: Bombers Likely Sought More Attacks

A different image of Cameras. I hope you enjoy it.

This is a killer recipe for a memorable Sunday morning breakfast - cross posted from elsewhere....

Why I don't think gun control in the USA is as big a deal as is made out, sadly.

DemocracyNow: Obama Signs Bill Gutting Transparency Provisions in Insider Trading Law

Legendary sportscaster Al Michaels arrested, charged with DUI

Big Papi says: Boston is our fucking city. FCC Chair gives it the thumbs up

So, did anyone in Watertown refuse police entry into their home? If so, what happened?

Why Tsarnaev Should Be Read His Miranda Rights.

a note to me from a facebook friend.

Koch Brothers Making Play for Tribunes Newspapers

An Almost Baby Boomer 50th HS Reunion

Guardian: Why does America lose its head over 'terror' but ignore its daily gun deaths?

Spoiler alert, a discussion of the movie "Breach"

Rich guys getting DUI's...never did get that. Al Michaels just got nabbed.

Two million Argentines across the country join the biggest anti-government protest in years

my first born and bred chick-

FOX Fail-Boston Manhunt Boo-Boo: Zooey Deschanel Called a Suspect in "Epic Closed Captioning Fail"

Earth Day: The History of A Movement

Noam Chomsky (MARCH, 2013) "Violence and Dignity"

This is totally naked.

Assuming this all accurate, is this ok when searching for a fugitive?

The "enemy combatant" question. It's not just about the suspect's rights, it's about OUR rights.

I hate the phrase: "They hate us for our freedoms." because it is

Slate: Can the Police Search My Home for a Bomber?

Arkansas GOP Newsletter: We need to threaten representatives with murder

CBS Twitter accounts hacked by 'pro-Damascus group'

The Corporation

Boston bombing , this is a set up

News Flash Philadelphia: Independence Visitor Center closed due to emergency

Albany man writes book to detail Catholic social teaching

same guy that crashed Maduro's speech crashed a Capriles speech

Independence Visitor Center closed due to 'emergency situation'

More nonsense about the West Fertilizer Co. explosion -- with the volume turned to 11

What does Iowa have in common with North Korea---Orascom

Hiring: News Writer

Datanalisis: 70% of Venezuelans support audit

Boston Marathon manhunt could cost $1 billion

Op Ed: American Fabulously Mongrel Language is Model for Immigration Reform

In Memory of a Friend, Teacher and Mentor

Newtown Victims' Families Slam Senators For Gun Control Failure

My niece wants me to take photos of her house for listing. Do you have

Where'd They Get All Those Weapons?

Question - wasn't the suspect found outside of the

Why does America lose its head over 'terror' but ignore its daily gun deaths?

Midwest Floods Turn Deadly

Help, please, need photo of Sandy Hook victims AND senators who voted no on background check bill on

"Do you believe in breathalyzers?" .... Famed sportscaster (and right-wing asshat) busted for DUI

With breathless anticipation the crowd awaited...

"Totally naked" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "totally naked".

What we need after this week is a little serenity

Charges Against Bombing Suspect Could Come Sunday

Sea is for Cookie

A word to the wise


CO: GOP-on-GOP attack mailer photo altered to remove African-Americans

I'm not okay with this.

The Chechen Grievance: Tolstoy’s ‘Hadji Murad’ After Boston

Fact Check Please

I just found out that hostas are edible... (warning: contains attempted humor)...

Second Child Death for Convicted Faith-Healing Couple

A question about Miranda. What would the be the effect of the alleged bomber asserting his Miranda

Pictures from the scene- Boston dot com


Feinstein Calls Out Peter King’s Islamophobia And ‘Hatred’ For Muslims

In the Tentacles of the "Kochtopus": Brothers Go On Media Buying Binge

Tamerlan thrown out of his mosque for 'raged filled rant' against Martin Luther King 3 months ago

How is Deval Patrick as Gov? I didnt know much about him until this attack.

ACLU to Kansas school district: Cancel creationist assemblies about dinosaurs

Wolf (CNN) harps on security re: hospitalized bombing suspect, yet again.

I'll bet there will be pressure on the admin to revoke Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's citizenship

Alex Jones' Boston Bombing Conspiracies Debunked

Well Donald Trump is enlightening the Twittersphere about the bomber among other things:

Hagel: Israel Has Right To Decide On Iran Strike

Search area to small?

On Boston suspects: Maher To Defender Of Islam: Equating Christianity And Islam "Liberal Bullshit"

Watertown Is No “Sleepy Town”

How did Tamerlan end up dead?

george w bush Library set to open soon

Syria: Opposition Anger Over US Refusal To Fund Arms; Opposition Leader Has Resigned

ACLU to Kansas school district: Cancel creationist assemblies about dinosaurs

Interactive map plots locations of more than 100 million species

Deadly meningitis outbreak among gays worries officials

The inmates have taken over the asylum.

Astrophoto: Paint the Sky with Clouds

Op-Ed: Pakistan's alliance with the US and the Afghanistan war

Obama Requests $580m. For Mideast ‘Contingencies’

May contest

New Private Rocket Set to Launch Today (21st April) After Delays

Israel Seeks Turkish Airbase To Enable Iran Strike

Have you considered going back to having the traditional moderators?

Anyone hear of any problems at airports today due to the sequester?

I learned a new word today "tittooing"

Researchers urge brain autopsy of bombing suspect (for brain disease from boxing)

Mujica Praises Unasur Quick Response on Venezuela

CNN’s Zucker congratulates staff

A Photo Tribute to George W Bush in honor of "Think Tank' and Library Grand Opening.

Two More Scud Missile Launchers Moved To N. Korea's East Coast: Source

Fact Check Please

Endangered Species

West Texas satellite before and after

Does this give you warm and fuzzy feelings on

Krugman today with further thoughts on spread sheet scandal...

Can you believe George Takei is 76?

Graham Admits Boston Bombing Suspect Cannot Be Tried In Military Tribunal

Boston Marathon suspect may never be able to be questioned, mayor says

Abdella Ahmad Tounisi, U.S. Teenager, Arrested Over Alleged Al Qaeda Links

can we all agree this is a good thing?

Questions remain unanswered for 8th grade student arrested over shirt

Fox Affiliates' Closed Captioning Accidentally Names Zooey Deschanel As Marathon Suspect

(New York) City Report Shows a Growing Number Are Near Poverty

Suffering from existential dread? Take a Tylenol

I think anyone who objects to their house being searched by cops looking for terrorists

Homeland Security considers new fee for land-border crossings

Meanwhile, in Ireland...

3 Doors Down bassist charged in fatal crash

Breaking - heavy flooding in six Midwest states

Leonard Cohen wins artist of the year at Junos

Today is the Fourth Sunday of Easter, also known as Good Shepard Sunday.

What a great guy!

April 17, a Maori Love Song burst forth. Anyone remember that far back?

One more added to the list of crazies. "Little League canceled after parent shoots gun".

North Vallejo Little League canceled after parent shoots gun

Illionis Little League Affiliate Holds Assault Rifle Raffle

Boston Bombing Suspects' uncle tells of familial break

Israeli Doctors Are Treating Boston Bombing Suspect: New Details on His Condition

Glencore traded with Iranian supplier to nuclear weapon's programme

Danes Rethink a Welfare State Ample to a Fault

Pentagon chief stresses Israel's right to hit Iran

Rep. Mike Rogers: Tamerlan Tsarnaev May Have Traveled To Russia Under An Alias

18-year-old headed for Syria arrested by FBI on terror charges in Chicago

1,300 year old Welsh oak tree blown down by wind

GOP newsletter author: ‘We most likely won’t try to kill’ pro-Obamacare Republicans

Christians should abandon Christianity

H7N9 Bird Flu Cases In China Top 100; Deaths Reach 20

OK, here is a hypothetical situation involving home searches and terrorists

Thousands run in NYC, elsewhere to support Boston - London's marathon began with a moment of silence

Gun regulation advocates should frame this issue as a health insurance expense.

Nothing to hide nothing to worry about

a little Howlin'

8,000 Pot Cookies Seized By Raid In British Columbia

Getting it wrong wrong

Q: Police are searching your neighborhood for lurking murderous terrorist. Would you feel safer with

Do they really think we're going to give up?

Who voted NO on the milktoast Gun Safety legislation?

Can I make one more comment about the Lock-down in Boston on Friday?

It's official. I am an "asstard". Plus, I hate women.

GOP newsletter author: ‘We most likely won’t try to kill’ pro-Obamacare Republicans

Hollywood, Bollywood and now Nollywood

Psychologistically homeless dogs in Russia

The FBI has released a composite sketch

Will someone please post in this group?

Pond Vibrations

PHOTO: London Marathon runners pass under a banner supporting Boston - link

Each day Luis wakes up not knowing when his next meal will be.

Russia moves to shut down Lake Baikal paper mill

Superstorm Sandy Shook US, Literally. It's Ocean Waves Registered Seismically.

Urgent message

Mass. police: Bomb suspects didn't have gun permit / and hijacked person 'escaped' not released

I don't know if DUers noticed but three ReTHUG candidates for that Mass Senate seat

The Upcoming Sci-Fi Movies of the New Era

Over 100 lawyers have said they will be available to represent (bombing) victims pro-bono

Expert on Mental Illness Reveals Her Own Fight.

Bill Maher, ‘The NRA Writes Laws That Make It Harder to Pinpoint and Apprehend Terrorists.’

Chuck Schumer: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Should Face Death Penalty

Yellow balloon lady...

Antares is scheduled to launch in 1 minute

Austerity Excel error - was it on purpose?

Dave Zirin: Why We Must Protect Next Year’s Boston Marathon from Ourselves

Justice Department says no charges will be filed Sunday in #Boston Marathon attacks

With membership declining, labor unions look to revitalize (Take our poll)

Physicist Proposes New Way To Think About Intelligence

Parents of Boston Suspect Describe His Russia Trip.

I posted a Turn Texas Blue t-shirt in the DU Marketplace

FBI denies report elder Tsarnaev was contacted last week

Republicans to Propose Constitutional Amendment Requiring Weekly Votes to Repeal Obamacare

I learned a new word today "Ptoooeeey"

I Will Destroy America

Master Lock-Financially stable company refuses to agree to fair contract

Dumb but sincere question. What criteria has to be met to make attacks a terrorist attack?

Rick Perry, Greg Abbott and the politics of never letting a crisis go to waste

The MJ Appreciation Thread

Yemeni Officials Say Drone Strike Killed Al-Qaeda Militants

Petition to President Obama to Pardon Don Siegelman

The Sad, Twisted Saga of Don Siegelman

Reese Witherspoon to arresting cop: "You're about to find out who I am"

Rick Perlstein: On Our Politics of Fear

I heard someone on GEM$NBCmcast say that the surviving suspect is in

New details emerge on Watertown shootout with bombing suspects (OP article link fixed)

If Ivanovic had absolutely clocked Suarez...

A Get Well Card and Thread for MFM.

PHOTO: DotArt project at Savin Hill Bridge honoring Martin Richard hanging over 93 into Boston

Rick Perry, POS Nonpareil

Hey Lindsey Graham and John McCain

Help me out here! Which is the opposite sex, or women?

It is a shame that fundamentalists have turned so many off to Christianity.

Republicans Revolt as Arizona’s Utility Proposes Cut in Solar Programs

Regarding Boston: a link to the best Live Blog for news, updates and photos, below

UK Guardian: America's fabulously mongrel language is a model of immigration reform

Connecticut gun makers demand apology from governor

Russia’s North Caucasus Rebels Deny Link to Boston Bombings

Is claustrophobia an excuse for not wearing clothes in public?

Don't forget to vote for Elissa Silverman this Tuesday! (April 23)

WH - West Wing Week: 04/19/13 or "Selflessly. Compassionately. Unafraid."

President Obama Speaks at an Interfaith Prayer Service in Boston

Ex-IDF top rabbi: Publishing discriminatory Jewish ruling was blunder

Lawmakers Criticize FBI fror Failing To Keep a Closer Eye on Boston Suspect

Amazing video with a happy ending

BBC Interview with Boston Marathon runner. There's a pink dildo at the top right of the screen.

How did "the brothers" support themselves.. I am curious about that

Two years ago, the FBI received a tip that Tamerlan Tsarnaev was a radicalised Islamicist

Surviving Bomber Suspect: now they're saying he has tongue damage -

It's a beautiful world.

Boston bombings: Officer lost all blood but is expected to recover

US, Russia missed chances to intercept Tamerlan Tsarnaev

Can a self employed person be guilty of sexual harassment?

It’s an old numbers game. What if they’re wrong?

Question regarding the bombers and their "radicalization": Is there much difference between...

Where did they obtain the guns?

U.S. defense shares soar as investors ignore predictions of contraction

A Personal Eyewitness Perspective on Monday’s Bombings: The Bad and the Good, Silence and Solidarity

A real lady, that Calamity Jane, a real lady....

US witness claims BP gas explosion cover-up

Is the Colorado River Damned? Op-Ed

ACLU protests creationism group's Kansas event

Authorities say #Boston bombing suspects may have bought bomb components locally, but guns came...

Bombing Suspect In and Out of Consciousness

The Massive Storm Facing Californian Utilities

The Massive Storm Facing Californian Utilities

It will be interesting to see if they tested the bombs somewhere.......

"Boston's Run to Remember"--Ninth year,will be on May 26.

BTW - it wasn't just Boston -

"but we have to have something...that they will fear that we will use if they step out of line."

Entering a Resource-Shock World

Back at College, Suspect Called Boston Bombs 'Crazy': Classmate

Mrs. 1StrongBlackMan and I ...

Oh No!

'FBI pumps resources into profiling Americans, ignores real threat'

Private Moon

If the younger brother did shoot himself in the mouth

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 22 April 2013 -- Earth Day

Russian Fleet Docks In Iranian Port Of Bandar Abbas

Police Release Thermal Imaging Video of Suspect’s Capture.

Michael Mukasey (Bush Attorney General) now on Jihad bandwagon

Desmond Tutu and Martin Luther King Jr. on the death penalty:

More on Alleged Bomber's Throat Injury

Anonymous Hacker Targeted Bombing Suspect While He Was On The Run

Texas fertilizer plant had 1,350 times the amount of ammonium nitrate that would normally raise red

The NRA Has Blood On Its Hands! (37 Seconds)

Ed Asner appreciation thread. He's 83, after all.

I know her.

How did the FBI "drop the ball"?

Jesus Christ , another example of Bush/ Chaney not protecting the country!

Earth Day founder Gaylord Nelson, U.S. Senator from Wisconsin created because of massive oil spills.