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National Geographic Channel 8PM EDST "Chasing Ice"

Finally. A quiet night at home watching the Pirates!

Tajikistan opposition leader beaten as election looms

Listening to the Police Scanner is absolutely riveting...

"We have an issue with your downlink. It's being broadcast on the internet." Scanner

Uh oh, sounds like they're getting ready to cut the plug on the scanner

Scanner Update: Police locking down Parker Street to stop media from entering.

If this kid survives, he will be taken to a hospital where doctors will fight to save his life...

Boat's on fire. Chris Hayes just reported live, via Pete Williams. nt

*Word of fire on the boat, Chris Hayes, MSNBC

who is the "Colonel" the cops are referring to (guy in charge)?

FIRE ON BOAT & the boat has a full tank of gas.

Scan:" "Watch your mics, you gotta open mic". .n/t

Official: FBI interviewed older suspect in 2011

Watch your mic. Watch your mic. Open radio. nt

"watch your mic , watch your mic"

Compare & Contrast

If he's still alive and wants to stay that way, it's pretty much his choice.

Ted Cruz, extremist; farther Right than 90% of Americans.

A Chechen-born terrorist is not necessarily a *Chechen Terrorist*

Kudos to old style reporters

I couldn't figure out why tweety was suddenly letting people talk....

Man being interviewed on TV about Boston bombers forgot to hide his huge pink dildo.


Sen. Lindsey Graham: Treat Boston Suspect As An Enemy Combatant

Local Fox has been invaded by Fox News...

Wolf Blitzer is such a moron!

Does anyone have a screenshot of the thermal imaging of the body in the boat?

Boston Globe: BREAKING NEWS: Three people taken into custody in New Bedford

BREAKING: Three college-aged suspects in custody in New Bedford part of Boston Marathon terror bomb

Split screen on CNN showing the driveway w/boat at end, officers on their stomachs

17 Broadway....Watertown...Unidentified black bag. (police scanner) nt

Globe photographer can hear police say, "We know you're in there. Come out on your own terms.

Scanner: unidentified bag near 17 Broadway in Watertown

For those who own cabins and boats

Why is there a hostage rescue team (HRT) on scene?

"Suspect in custody" YAY!

"Suspect is in custody. But still a hot scene."

"Suspect in custody, calling for a medic"

Self delete (lots of us posted the same thing at the same time).

Suspect in Custody according to scanner. nt

Did they just say suspect in custody? nt

Suspect in Custody!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's over: Boston bombing suspect captured alive, police say

In custody, alive.

***Alive, in custody, asking for medics on the scene.


Aunt want's to see evidence and is suspicious of just showing a picture of her nephews over and over

A Big Round of Applause for Law Enforcement, National Guard, First Responders, Everybody involved -

Way to go Boston! Thank You tax payer funded public servants!

A Round Of Applause For LE In Their Efforts Today!

Cops still on scene, bomb sniffing dog coming in. per scanner.

NBC Pulls 'Hannibal' Episode in Light of Boston Bombings

Whew Glad that's over, Conspiracy Theories time!

On CNN they are saying the suspect is being read his Miranda rights.

Death Toll Rises to 14 After Texas Blast

The suspect is being read his Miranda rights, per CNN.

Who'll be in the movie version of the recent events in Boston

Now Matthews and Sirota,

Shoutout to flamingdem and the "crew" furiously reporting scanner transmissions.

Transit police who was shot is not out of woods, but still alive.

This quote by Lindsey Graham (r) should scare every American to their core!

Big crowd of people applauding the cops as they are driving out

*pats pockets*

LEO's being applauded as they leave capture site.

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Best of Malloy & a new Kittehs gif

Muslim leaders condemn bombing suspects.

Does anyone have the Timeline yet?

Friday Talking Points (254) -- A Very Full Week

Sometimes this nation makes me so proud

Party in Boston! Everyone's coming out, enjoying their freedom after

@Boston_Police: CAPTURED!!! The hunt is over. The search is done. The terror is over.

MSNBC TV banner: Suspect suffered significant blood loss. n/t

The Last Bookshop

Who else wants to buy the Boston PD, FBI, MA State Police etc a beer?

The GOP And RW Will Still Be Bitching About Overpaid Police And Firefighters Who Sit On Their

When did Lindsey Graham get elected President?

The city of Boston has ERUPTED in celebration

I'm so glad he was caught alive.

Police Confirm: Three In Custody For Questioning Based On Affiliation With Bombing Suspect

I Wonder How Many Of Those People In Texas Have No Health Insurance That Were Injured By The Blast?

Tense Standoff Situation In Our Living Room Tonight!

The conspiracy theories are flowing on social media

Here's a link to a live local feed:

Finally! Zooey Deschanel has been captured!

May they have placed more bombs? Great they are dead/captured, but...wondering

A fitting end to the city that gave us John Adams.

Hysterical & awesome pro-gay marriage speech before vote in New Zealand:

Reporting on ABC that he will NOT get Miranda warning. n/t

Tom Toles Rant- Loaded and locked

Congratulations on a job well done, Federal, State and Local officials there in Mass.

DU: Glad suspect given rights; FR: Off to Gitmo!

Any doubt the feds will go for the death penalty? Like McVeigh?

Is it true They got that sick Mother f**ker that killed an 8 year old little boy

Boston didn't come together for revenge.

Is there something wrong with me that these stories make me sad as opposed to angry?

Who is Ben Affleck playing in the movie of this?

A Friday afternoon in Boston . . . . . .

Israeli trauma expertise helping heal Boston’s wounded

There's something so poignant about the crowds cheering the police as they go by.

A Miscarried Pregnancy Or Contraception Likely To Be A Criminal Offense In Kansas Now That

When the taxpayers are paying for public safety

The biggest losers in the Boston bombing story...

Boston - hope W and Cheney are watching.

Government Sneakily Repeals Its Own Insider Trading Law

Death is a poor punishment for a terrorist.

Well, this would be hilarious if it weren't so embarrassing

Rec for A Valentine Heart Fundraiser For BPD

Story off of "Naked Capitalism" about greek governments corruption, can anyone confirm?

Everybody in Boston is getting laid tonight.

UNASUR and NAM back Venezuela's Maduro, US Maintains Support for Capriles

The last time this happened my mother cheered when OSWALD was shot n/t

Man! You'd think the Patsies or Ped Sox had won a world championship again.


post-manhunt Newton, MA if Bush were president today

Here comes scrambled eggs, police briefing now

Venezuela's Nicolas Maduro Sworn in, Promises "a Revolution of the Revolution"

Thank you Boston police for taking him alive. Boston area DUers, I celebrate with you.

The outcome saved us.

Did Sheppard Smith just photobomb the press conference on NBC??? nt

Union Thugs Capture Boston Bombing Suspect.

Earthquake strikes Sichuan, China

Hats off to Brian Williams, coverage on NBC was great

Wait a minute. Wasn't there a bomb found at the Boston subway station? Who put that there?

Does the guy who owns the boat

President Obama will speak shortly. I suspect he will not re-invade Iraq. nt

Beware of Lyndsey Grahams "Enemy Combatant comment... Remember Military Commissions Act of 2006

Funny .gif!!!!! Funny doggie !

Why is anyone still surprised by Lindsey Graham's depravity?


So long to the Boston accents I've enjoyed hearing all week

Dolphin Assisted Fishing

In just: Obama will speak on 945 eastern time

It's difficult holding tears back at times like this.

I am thinking of applying to this job

No Miranda and Diane Sawyer sounds drunk again

Heads Up - President Obama to speak shortly n/t

What the hell is wrong with Donald Trump?

Random sh** that went through my head today

LAPD vs Boston PD: BPD did everything in their power to keep suspect alive

Why did someone just ask if he had been given his Miranda Rights?

Fox is on it.

Jahar will not be read Miranda due to the "Public Safety Exception"

Alabama jihadist pleads guilty in Africa plot

Oh, hell. Carmen Ortiz is the US attorney here.

You know the star of "Burn Notice?" I could have sworn he was standing with others applauding LE.

A big sigh of relief is being expelled right now

What if the big bro told him it was a smoke bomb? A crazy prank?

Hearing that the FBI questioned the older brother 2 years ago.

Hate radio is going apeshit on Muslims, again.

The Miranda exemption lasts 48 hours

If FBI q'd the brother, why wasn't he on the no-fly list?

Read him his goddamn Miranda rights.

President Obama to make live statement any minute.

May they finally rest in peace.

Obama Now Speaking On TV

Vacuuming Cat

First picture of suspect being taken

Photo of Suspect 2 being arrested

More U.S. Help for Syrian Rebels Would Hinge on Pledges

The moment of #Dzhokhar #Tsarnaev's arrest caught on camera

Looser Guidelines for Radioactive Waste Another Reason to Ban Fracking Now

File this under "Why didn't I think of this?"

I know it's been a busy news day but did anybody catch this?

President Obama is a gem. Talking tonight about Boston.

A surefire way to tell when your milk's gone bad…

How do you compel someone to speak if they're not Mirandized?

To Boston from a Yankee fan:

I know Boston folks are tough..


Do the Math Documentary Premieres on Earth Night, April 21

A toast to Massachusetts

"Hey, Good Lookin'!"

Good night DU and thanks for the coverage

Make Your Own Public Safety Poster: Choking

5 of the Worst Reactions to the Boston Manhunt

A few more fractals for a Friday night (Dial-up warning)

Is the president planning to come on the air tonight?

DU, I need your creative help!!!

Mother of Boston bombing suspects arrested last year for 'stealing $1,600 worth of clothes

It ain't pretty…

28 Year Old To Play One Year Of Football For UTEP Because

No Miranda rights for now for bombing suspect

It's been a long day, so ... BRING ON THE CATS !!!

Will this kid be tortured?

Pete Williams Becomes The Reporting Hero Of The Boston Bombings

Kitty klips

BTW, I just got done serving a week of jury duty.

Who id'd these guys

A new record! Two new ignores in fifteen minutes! Update: three in twenty four hours!

The message, not the messenger and all that

Next they are going to try it underwater

Lying Sack of S*** of The Week: CNN

Obama rolls back Miranda rights

I'm being punished! I can't post in GD until 10:06! Update: until 9:29 pm!

PHOTO Just Released: Boston Marathon Bomber Suspect Arrested by Police

RT tweeted photo of Boston Bomber's arrest...

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Reportedly Distraught That Interview With Bomber’s Cat Will Not Air

GOP rep from Arkansas apologizes for tweet about liberals in Boston

image of suspect in ambulance

folks here & Pete Williams mentioned a naked man last night

DOJ Official: No Miranda Rights For Boston Bombing Suspect Yet

WOW! SWAT teams, bomb squads, tactical units.....

Prayers For Boston Bombing Suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Pour In After Arrest (WTF?)

CNN Cooper Interview - Perhaps an Answer on Bombing Motivation

Denier propaganda illustrated

After the sad, gory images, here is something really great:

photo of suspect in the boat

CNE Head Tibisay Lucena's Speech: Venezuela's Voting System

A tale of two governments: Boston and Texas

Please vote for this dog, Bailey.

I just want to say thank you, DU

THIS is what a REAL mission accomplished FEELS like!!

Could you sticky this thread to the top for a day or two, please?

Wild Wild West vs Magnum PI

Juan Cole's interesting take: Father was working for the Russians, sons turned to Islam out of shame

Three People Questioned In Boston Bombings Released

Poll_Blind could give less of a shit about the exact moment he's read his Miranda rights.

Maher Rants Against Constitution, Founders: Filibuster Is ‘Silent Coup,’ Tiny States Don’t Deserve..

Fed judge rules in favor of Bush Center protestors, picketing ordinance ‘unconstitutionally vague'

Attorney General charges Dallas debt management firm with fraud

Thank God I am an Atheist

OK, it is now Friday. We have all had a rough week, so I say...

Milwaukee Co. Board Offers Bold, Broad, and Sweeping Reform.... Abele Balks....

Here's an observation about the Boston situation...

End your night with a smile

When the 2 Boston bombers got in a gunfight later, what kind of guns did they use?

Obama's "statement" tonight

Interview with Chomsky about OWS and Housing Justice

Apparently, killer whales don't just EAT them.

First in Pakistan, now Boston

Reuters: FBI Interviewed One Of The Suspected Boston Marathon Bombers In 2011

Poll: After a fair trial - Dzhokhar Tsarnaev should be...

CELAC calls (on the losing party) to accept the election results of April 14

I want to know how Dzhokhar Tsarnaev went from popular, easy going high school student

I hate to rain on people's parade but....

'People's History' of Gulf Oil Disaster Reveals Deadly Truth Behind Dispersant Corexit

Is there a website for people to post "I Love Boston" pics?

Teen says he was wrongly named in Rehtaeh Parsons case

Trial Annulment in Guatemala Rejected by Judge

Judge removes BPA from list of toxics

DOJ ill-considered choice for prosecution- of NSA Whistle Blower Thomas Drake....

Searching Watertown

President Obama's Statement Following Arrest of Bombing Suspect - Full remarks

Has anyone else seen the FaceBook

Meet the 28-Year-Old Grad Student Who Just Shook the Global Austerity Movement

"Boston Bombings Have Led to Multiple Revenge Attacks on Innocent Muslims"

What do you think my cat was doing in the dark bedroom with my husbands charging phone?

Is this the week that MSNBC really came unto its own?

Where did Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, a.k.a "Suspect #2, get his $900 shoes? Brooke Baldwin interviewed

A thread for the Doctors...

Contemplate celebration

It’s official now…

Overall 4Chan and Reddit spread bad information throughout this whole ordeal.

This is wonderful!

Not a tin foil hat question, I swear. Just a question....

Sister Teresa Forcades: "The current economic model, institutional and political order has failed."

Photo link: The early edition of Saturday’s Boston Globe

Enlightenment and ennui

The Debt We Shouldn’t Pay

"Sweet Caroline"-- even Yankees singing it!

Science - an unanswered question

Creative responses to fascism

Due to an inadequate supply of cats . . .

Boston Bombing Hero Who ID'd Suspect. Friends ask for Support.

How much cell phone time is 500MB? Will I use that up in how many calls or how much surfing?

Guns used by the bombers

Worker-Owned Cooperatives: Direct Democracy in Action

Are the Banks Already Orchestrating Another Meltdown?

Stop yelling, "USA, USA," and PAY them WELL.

California Gun Confiscation Bill Passes, Approves $24 Million To Expedite Illegal Gun Seizure

Should murderers be charged with two counts of murder if they murder a pregnant woman?

Belize Court Protects Barrier Reef from Unsafe Oil Drilling

Sun-Powered Plane Completes California Test Flight

Stephen Harper’s “Northern Foundation”

Noam Chomsky: How Close the World Is to Nuclear War

Statement of the Council of Heads of State and Government of the Union of South American Nations

Britain Accuses Glaxo of Paying Rivals for Delay of Generic Antidepressant

Think Progress: The FBI Cannot Indefinitely Delay Reading Tsarnaev His Miranda Rights

What's for Dinner ~ Saturday April 20th

Question about Miranda and mental coherence of the arrested person

Drone strike hits close to home

These dogs are driving me nuts!!!

What Does It Mean To NOT Be A Girl? Everything, apparently.

Bad doctor story.

Entitlement Texas Style

Funny Marijuana Memes (in celebration of 4/20)

Horsehead Nebula: Herschel telescope images astronomical classic

The strange case of the witness to both disasters

TCM Schedule for Saturday, April 20, 2013 -- The Essentials: Trapeze Acts

House Republicans have introduced a bill that would end the 40-hour work week


TCM Schedule for Sunday, April 21, 2013 -- Tonight on TCM: Spencer Tracy & Joan Bennett

Alleged king of contraband favourite for Paraguay’s presidency

Last year, West plant kept 270 tons of potentially explosive fertilizer

Last year, West plant kept 270 tons of potentially explosive fertilizer

UNASUR witnessed irregularities using fingerprint readers

420 Appreciation Thread (dial-up warning)

You've Got to Admit Though, the Economy Has Really Gone South Under Obama...

Adam Gopnik's take in the New Yorker: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Lost and Found

Why Should I Care That No One’s Reading Dzhokhar Tsarnaev His Miranda Rights?

For those idiots who call them selves ARMING up

'US security mega-profits don't protect people'

For Boston attack's amputees, road to recovery begins

This building sucks!

In just eight years ...

Guantánamo hunger strike count reaches 63

Is it safe ...

April 25: A Historic Day to Cut the Bloated Pentagon Budget

Indian police arrest suspect for rape of 5-year-old as protests build up

Students Object To Rep. Peter King As Commencement Speaker At St. John's University

The Real Terrorists are the Corporate Execs Who’ve Bought the Regulators

Time to Step Up and Speak Out Against Big Oil

Kansas’ new law increases restrictions

Army panel shut down over 'toxic' training methods

The FBI Needs To Explain Why It Failed To Monitor Boston Bombing Suspect Despite A Clear Warning

For Palestinians, human rights begin at home


Virginia’s New Anti-Choice Restrictions Will Force 40-Year-Old Abortion Clinic To Close This Weekend

This Week's Big Questions: Where Does Occupy Go From Here? (and others)

Cutting the Pentagon Budget: A Step to Curbing Climate Change and Healing the Planet

If there's a forum where this goes, I'd happily oblige...THIS is what they are saying...

Exonerated While Black: America's guilty secret about convicting innocents

Madigan health task force shut down

Beneficiary RX co-pays would climb for a decade

Ultra-rich SF suburb to bill White House, DNC, hosts for Obama fundraiser

The personhood part of Kansas' extreme anti-choice legislation is NOT A THREAT TO ABORTION

'The president's touch was a blessing'

There has never been a religious institution, parent, sibling

Airman woke up as he was being raped

Pilot Fly J fraud accusations outrage trucking companies---tennessee

Follow the Money

Why Should I Care That No One’s Reading Dzhokhar Tsarnaev His Miranda Rights?

Trust no one...

LA Times: "Boston bombings: Social media spirals out of control"

Study Finds Sharp Rise in Attacks by Taliban

All I care about is that he gets a fair trial.

I think the terrorist turds realized there would be many, many pictures made of them. But...

After Airstrike, Afghan Points to C.I.A. and Secret Militias

Pope cancels salaries of cardinals overseeing bank

Gun Control Action (cartoon)

Juan Cole: CNN Fail: Imaginary “Dark Males,” “Accents,” and “Arrests” Haunt Reporters

Fuck This Week

Silly season begins: Glenn Beck says he's got the dirt on the bombing coverup; will reveal it Monday

Military Contracts Awarded On 4.15.2013

Where did the Tsarnaevs get all this money?

Why Should I Care That No One’s Reading Dzhokhar Tsarnaev His Miranda Rights?

Military Contracts Awarded On 4.16.2013

Have we missed any?

Why is everyone assuming he will answer questions?

Hey Walker!

Hvanig tublroe rdanieg tihs?

Military Contracts Awarded On 4.17.2013


Lindsey Graham and McCain release a joint statement to treat them as enemy combatants. Wow.

Military Contracts Awarded On 4.18.2013

Attention Seeking, Exploiting Morons (Enemy Combatant Court)

regarding the MIR Team Process

Standing the watch...

Military Contracts Awarded On 4.19.2013

Another pro union post in GD gets no attention

Cross posting from GD. The righties are saying President Obama refused to deport


The shitstorm starts rolling tomorrow

Ok, DU, help me........

Government works!

ALL ABOUT COMP TIME and how to make it work:

Who has been using my desk?

So 9/11 happened on Bush's watch & Boston bombers were granted asylum on Bush's watch.

The Public Safety Exception To Miranda Rule

Rupert Murdoch Defends NY Post’s Bombing Coverage

When is the Texas Application for federal aid for West, Texas going to be submitted by Cornyn

Toon: Blame

The Boston bombers and civil liberties

After Calling Sandy Aid Wasteful, Ted Cruz Asks For All Available Resources for Texas

Toon: The Party Of The Working Man

A Gawdawful Week - Er, Year, So Far

Has anyone else wondered why no disguises?

Another Joke.

ACLU Statement on Boston Marathon Bombings

What Am I Missing Re: The Miranda Warning?

Oh, I see today we go from martial law/police state to wild speculation and conspiracies.

I dare you to read this.

Six percent of scientists are Republicans

What You Need To Know About Why The Boston Bombing Suspect Hasn’t Been Read His Miranda Rights

Boston Red Sox Prepare For Emotional Return At 1 PM

Update on AR state rep who apologized for timing of tweet slamming liberals in Boston

The best eggplant parmigiana ever!

Worst pick up lines?

Storm Thorgerson Died This Afternoon

My rotorcraft instructor said I did great except for one part

Miranda Exception: "Voluntariness is the linchpin of the admissibility".

Is China Changing Its Position on Nuclear Weapons?

Study Shows That Belief In An Angry God Is Bad For Mental Health

Brothers in Marathon bombings took two paths into infamy

Russian prosecutors suspend leftist opposition group

"Our common creed" Yes, sir, Mr. President.

FBI's full statement on interviewing Tamerlan Tsarnaev in 2011

I triple dog dare you to read this. TRIPLE DOG I SAY! Abuse of power.....

Maine Paper Covers Jeju Navy Base Fight

eerie image

Wisconsin Republicans continue attempts at election fraud.

Nestlé CEO Says Water Is Food That Should Be Privatized – Not A Human Right

Is there anyone in America today who has cable tv who cannot recite

Therapy Dogs Arrive in Boston to Comfort Survivors of Marathon Bombing (PICS)

Remaking the Federal Reserve, Building Public Banks and Opting Out of Wall Street

Andrew Card: "High Marks to the White House" for their handling of the Boston bombing situation

Stonehenge 5,000 Years Older Than Thought

I took a pretty good pic of my boys while on a trip to Chicago and wanted to share it here.

Homeland Security Regulations and the Texas Nitrate Explosion

What do you do when someone dies.( in place of prayer.)

First, everyone speculated about who did it.

How long before the Right Wing blames Obama for the Boston bombings

Get. Over. It.

A cool video on MLB fans' reaction to the events in Boston: Get your kleenex ready!

My wife raised the question: where are they going to try Tsarnaev?

Chinese troops camping in "Indian territory:" police

Boston as a Ghost Town

Saturday, April 20th. A Special Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

The Problem with One-Night Stands in Locked-Down Boston

Anyone else think that the guy who found Dzokhar is a bloody fool for looking under the

Boston Bombing Hero Who Identified Suspect Resorts To Online Fundraising To Pay His Medical Bills

What do the data bases tell us about who gets political asylum?

The Nicest Couple in Boston

The Manhunt, the Suspects, the Investigation, the Facts: Everything You Need to Know About Boston

Miranda and Obama

Why no tracking dogs?

From freedom fighters to terrorists: Identity of Boston bombers shifts US attitudes to Chechnya

Is it

'Thank you, Bill . . . LLAP'

Unreported Ammonium Nitrate storage at West Fertilizer Co. (Waco)

SUSPECT #2 Will Have Better Healthcare Than US

Was Tamerlane Tsarnaev involved in a triple-murder in 2011???

Oh, no! Not Popson!!

Will The Quickness Of How Fast These Two Guys Were Caught - Discourage Future Terror Attempts....

Boston Bombing Suspect Treated At Same Hospital As Many Victims

Why do sparrows steal nesting material from robins potential nest??

What are you reading the week of April 21, 2013?

Rafael Correa, defends the concept of Good Living as alternative to the capitalist consumer model

Corbett Drops 4 Pollutants from Fracking Regulations After Frackers Ask Him Nicely for It

Classmate ‘Can’t Believe’ Tsarnaev ‘Had The Balls’ To Return To School After Bombing

Colorado’s Marijuana Regulation & Taxation Bills Filed

Does the boat owner get the reward?

Curious, any photos of the boat the morning after?

Texas Fertilizer Plant Failed To Disclose Massive Amount Of Ammonium Nitrate

Is it cheaper to house a criminal for life or put them to death.....

Photo of the bomber at a party two days after the bombing. Totally relaxed.

A repeat of a fun old thread: What are your WORST DU qualities?

Today in Peace and Justice history on April 20, 1969

Sir Christopher overview.

Boston Suspect's Shootout - Why Not Revive Gun Control Effort?

Hope this picture of the FLOTUS and Bo turns's a w e s o m e.

HCV (hepatitis C) treatment hope

Mix the Bible and Electric Universe in a bowl, stir...

Lindsey Graham Hates the Constitution

Good Gawd, is there no end to this?

How come the 'well armed militia' wasn't heard from during the Boston crisis?

Widely Circulated Cell Phone Photo Allegedly Shows Suspect In Boat

Chechen Terrorists and the Neocons

Thurgood Marshall wrote a strong dissent in the Quarles case

More arrests in this week's murders of young Venezuelan Socialists

TCM Schedule for Monday April 22 - TCM Spotlight: Studio Archives

With Medium's Acquisition of Matter, the 'New Internet' Gets Whiter (and More Male)

5 household items you should insure

Graham Claims Suspected Boston Bombers ‘On A Jihad Mission’

Incredible pic of what is left of West, Texas explosion site

"I Don't Have A Single American Friend, I Don't Understand Them."

Boston Police Chief: ‘From What I Know Right Now’ Suspects Acted ‘Alone’

Keep Her In The Game

A lot of talk about the legal rationale for not Mirandizing him

...and now I can cry.

Juan Cole: Fathers and Sons and Chechnya

Does anyone know why they shot Sean Collier, the MIT police officer?

Florida Abortion Bill Debate Causes Black Women Lawmakers To Walk Out

ESPN showing fenway park pregame ceremonies

New standardized tests feature plugs for commercial products

Is it known where - on his body - suspect #2 was shot. They keep talking about

A respectful silence would only reward Cruz and Cornyn for their putrid hypocrisy

Dzhokha's twitter avatar: Freak coincidence or deliberate? His twitter handle speaks volumes

Dead M.I.T. Officer, Wounded Cop Shot Hours Apart Were Friends

I think what motivated Tamerlan could be relatively simple...

No Room for Non-Theists at Boston Interfaith Service

Rant from a news dude...

Not sure if the FBI/Boston PD stumbled across a shoplifting ring or a terrorist sleeper cell.

Will he talk?

MMR and me

Why are they preventing the media and the residents of that West Texas town

Earth Day: Litter Matters (with photo, if school kids can see it, so should you)

Handguns, a rifle and at least six bombs -- three of which exploded - were found at the scene early"

College Rapist's punishment? Write 5-page book report.

Speaking of Little Girls: When I was a Boy

This is seeming more and more like Columbine, and little to do with Muslim radicalism.

I like beer...

Ignoring Homeless Families

Facebook's big misogyny problem

Turning a critical eye on Yelp (LAT)

Impact of Economic Crises on People’s Health by César Chelala

Both hours up of The Rachel Maddow Show concluding the Boston bomber dragnet.

Brownwback doodles "JESUS+MARY" on notes next to abortion bill he is signing

When religion breaks bad

Man who identified bombers & lost both legs is appealing for help with soaring medical costs

We Are All Dropkick Murphys Today

NBC, Today Show Get Boston Marathon Bombing Coverage Right

In cases where everyone knows someone is Guilty

As a Texan

New info on the older brother

A Brief History of The Boston P.D.-The Oldest Police Dept.

Gun Control Fight Finally Lays to Rest the Obama-as-Timid Meme

Criminals or "enemy combatants?

In economic and trade policy with China, which is more important:

Free library Kiosks

Anyone have dark brown small freckles they can scratch off? I do. Seem to be only superficial

Reuters accidently puts up pre-prepared right wing leaning obit for George Soros

so I just heard on the news that the Boston bomber. .

So who's going to visit the George W. Bush Library and Museum with me?

"We May Be Wrong, But At Least We Were 1st."

Harriet Tubman, on this day in 1853...

I've heard the suspect's condition described as Serious, Stable and "Fighting for his life"

DUers conversing

Provacative? Girl dressed only in fur

Horsey on the Internet Sewer

ok who pays for damage to boat - yes crazy question - but it is ruined

Congress Should Not Reward Israel With Visa Waivers

Bill to rename stretch of I-35 after Chavez passes in House Read more here:

Official: Small Fires Erupting at Texas Blast Site

Why is financial terrorism treated so differently than a terrorist bombing in America?

wind power vs gas

Iran Makes Pledge On UN Nuclear Treaty

FLASH: Authorities On Alert As Hundreds Of Crazed Sociopaths Enter Congressional Chambers

Wave of Support to Replace Boat Ruined in Bomber's Standoff With Cops

George W. Bush responsible for Boston Marathon bombings?

Gold & Silver Survival Strategies for Libertarians

America's New Math: 1 Wall Street Hour = 21 Years of Hard Work For the Rest of Us

Anonymous warns the world:

For the record, the Texas fertilizer plant was NOT built "so close to people".

ON a lighter note for those who need a laugh. Check out kitteh and his hoover.

Vibrating underwear for phone sex!

Threat level

How To Get Filthy Rich in Obamaworld

The Mind of a Terror Suspect

Red Sox Fans Sing Moving National Anthem In First Home Game Since Bombing

Sanford's latest campaign stunt:

Bird feeders - I have a row of them outside my window,

Texas Explosion Seen as Sign of Weak U.S. Oversight

Venezuelan military pledges allegiance to new president

Violence Spikes In Iraq Amid First National Elections After U.S. Departure

Video: Public cheers as Boston bombing suspect Tsarnaev arrested

Obama acts to strengthen gun background check system

Tutti a Roma!!

Florida sues BP, Halliburton over 2010 oil spill

China Has Deployed Near Taiwan A Powerful Missile Designed To Take Out US Aircraft Carriers

U.S. Helps Push Privatization Scheme in El Salvador

Guess where....

We know where the really tough people live

UNICEF Tones Down Report On Child Detainees In Wake Of Israeli Pressure

(France) Fired for refusing to cut off poor families' water

The Quiet Population Transfer That Dares Not Speak Its Name

Megaupload says US trying to change rules to allow prosecution

Snopes link to Boston Marathon Bombing rumors.

President Obama was never timid

U.S. soldier accused in Iraq killings reaches deal: lawyer

Republicans want Boston bombing suspect treated as enemy combatant, sparking Miranda debate

Giorgio Napolitano re-elected as Italy's president, prompting relief and protests

Anyone notice all the para-military forces in Boston?

In Iowa---annual inspections aren’t required at most sites--Re fertilizer explosion in TX

Powerful earthquake in Sichuan province, China at 8.00am their time

CNN Quits Breaking News, Becomes “CNN Classic” breaking tale from Andy Borowitz

Jita Burn 2.0 Eve Online Live Stream THIS WEEKEND

Decades Later, State Seeks Release of Report on Attica Uprising

Rape of 5-Year-Old Girl Sets Off New Furor in India

" It was not the violence and mayhem itself but the lives that have been affected by it..."

Moore’s Law and the Origin of Life

OMG. Sometimes...

4/20 festival weekend

Women-only hours at gym has one guy exercising his legal options

Center for Constitutional Rights Condemns Miranda Exception in Boston Marathon Suspect Case

"Our Brand Is Crisis" - Greenberg Carville Shrum in Bolivia, America's Backyard.

Steve Stockman, who invited Ted Nugent to the SOTU, tweets/deletes Al Gore joke about Boston bomber

fun little song here - Mayer Hawthorne - The Walk

thermal image of suspect in boat

Is Russell Simmons the Yoda of Twitter?

Man Believes To Have Discovered Image Of Jesus In His Dirty Laundry

In Her Skin (2009)

Right now on the MLB network -- Neil Diamond singing "Sweet Caroline"

no mercy for Ohio man didn't mean to kill the baby when he raped her.

Indiana Sorority Girls Throw Tasteless Homeless Themed Party

The NRA and the Republican Party Made It Easier For The Boston Bombers to Get Weapons

I apologize...

Lexington (Mass) gun rally barred after Marathon bombings

Thinking about moving back home to Mass & have a question about excise tax

Marathon bombings, manhunt don't add to post-Newtown gun-buying surge

What will Kerry do?

Condaleeza Rice to visit Idaho

With all that's gone down this week, perhaps it's time for a few laughs. Remember Jack Soo?

I've just been gifted with a collection of small potatoes

Elizabeth Warren: " I'm so proud of our brave law enforcement officers and national guard."

Do you support the confiscation of all currently legal firearms?

Smugglers' rights violated by border agents, jury finds

Younger brother killed older brother...

Donor gave McDonnell and family a lake-house vacation

Did the dead Marathon bomber visit Pakistan..?

Texas fertilizer company didn't heed disclosure rules before blast

Keiser Report: Correlation & Causation of Gold Price (Paul Craig Roberts)

Special Boston Red Sox jerseys ... for charity

If proven guilty do you think the bomber should get the death penalty?

The Daily Mail is a lousy, unreliable and sensationalist source

Ralph Nader on Bush Presidency: He Is Comfortable with Bush’s Inferno

National Anthem At First Red Sox Home Game Since Bombings

Anyone know about wobbler syndrome in dogs?

Anyone remember Breslan?

the hijacked guy (victim) left his cellphone in SUV, that's how cops knew they went to Watertown...

Gas chamber back in California?!?

The nerve of this GOP'er calling Gabby Giffords ‘Childish’

have there been any reports on the surviving suspect?

I love this summary of fox....a lot

Justin Bieber brings that love to Anne Frank

After Boston, we should put Muslims under surveillance, says Rep. King

what weapons did the brothers have?

Some heartening information about the Muslim woman who was attacked near Boston

Al D'Amato: 'You've Got To Be A Jackass To Be Voting Against Background Checks'

Review: The Bonobo and the Atheist, By Frans De Waal

420 Poll, how do you think the Department of Justice will rule on CO and WA legalized pot?

Arizona Residents Freak Out Over Black Smoke From Cemetary

Saudi Arabia opens luxury ‘religious extremist’ rehab center for Al-Qaeda militants

The Boston bombing and the follow up pursuit brought out the best of DU.

Is this the stupidest show on TV?

Muslims Find a Welcoming Home in Famously Catholic Ireland

A poem dedicated to all those who can keep their head while all others are losing theirs. "IF"

Caption this. I'll start!

Republicans Don't Have a Ton of Empathy for Strangers

Big Ten to realign divisions by geography beginning in 2014

How to shut up a gun nut about his Second Amendment rights.

A ‘Green Light’ to War on Iran?

Oh joy. The Kochs are starting 2 more ALECs

To publicly eschew the principle of "innocent until proven guilty" establishes dangerous precedent.

What Muslims in the U.S. face post Boston

Poll: Your Civil/Political/Human Rights (a Poll)

I don't think this guy is really Canadian.

Americans need to face a few sad facts

The Power of a Woman

Why Using The “Criminals Don’t Follow Laws Anyway!” Argument Makes You An Idiot


"Vibrating underwear" is the Lounge phrase for the day. Go!

Thank you Skinner!

Question for you gardening types out there

Lone officer confronted marathon bombing suspects in firefight, chief says

Szechuan Chickens would like to remind us that they have nothing to do with Chechen Chickens

Boat where Dzhokhar Tsarnaev hid 'looked like Swiss cheese' after shootout

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

Hemlock Grove The new netflix production...

Authorities: 5 people buried in Colorado avalanche

Sheriff: 5 Snowboarders Killed In Colorado Avalanche

MSNBC is running the Rachel Maddow hosted McVeigh Tapes now 7pm EST

Jeff Bauman, Boston Marathon Bombing Hero, Receives Over $360,000 In Online Donations

Easy chocolate biscotti recipe

Pot Is Safer Than Booze: So Why Is Celebrating 4/20 a Crime, While It's OK to Get Wasted on St. Padd

The War on Drugs is a Failure

I stand with the American Muslim Community

DU Stand with Anonymous? CISPA Protest April 22nd, Calls for Internet Blackout

one factor that helped them save lives

"I'm from the government, and I'm here to help."

A World Without Landfills? It’s Closer than You Think

Despite Some Regional Improvements, 51% Of US Still In Drought; Outlook In West Grim

busy day in history--just to mention three--the ludlow massacre, the columbine massacre and

Here is my take on some of the lucky breaks we got in Boston last week:

Egypt Invites Russia to Join Nuclear Power Plant, Uranium Mining Projects

This Year's Earth Day Steaming Mound Of Shit: Greens Just Need To Stop Being So Darn Gloomy!

the ludlow massacre-20 april 1914

Ancient Chinese Buddhist Temple Facing Demolition | NTD China Uncensored | NTDonChina

Anonymous Calls For Internet Blackout On April 22 To Protest CISPA

the ludlow massacre-20 april 1914

Green in 365 - A Year of Going Green (one day at a time)

European Bison Return To Germany For First Time In 300 Years - Mongabay

Progress report: Omaha to Boston runners (Dedicate your actual miles to the victims)

Israel Police Parade Cuffed Palestinian To Protesters

Security vs. privacy concerns - the RW talking point of the coming week

Toyota To Build Lexus Cars In US State of Kentucky

After 10 Years and $30 Billion, Still No Firm Word On When Kashagan Field Oil Will Flow - Rigzone

Went to see "42" yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Two people shot at site of Denver marijuana rally, police say

45 GigaWatts of wind installed in 2012

Public defenders will represent Boston bomb suspect

Do you think there is a lot more to find out with the Marathon bombers?

'Reefer Madness', the movie . . .

What is America's problem?

FBI releases three New Bedford residents but detains two more

Big Potty Mouth >>

Police Officer – “I have never once arrested a member of the NRA” (O Steve is not in suppot of this!