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The Director of ATF on the recent bombings and shootings:

Pope Francis likely to cut staff bonus, citing hard times

You're a 2nd Amendment fanatic? Well, I'm a 21st Amendment patriot

I’ll never forget Enron Traders singing

Jesus Christ!! What the hell is wrong with this Country?

Anti-Thatcher Protesters Turn Their Back on Funeral Procession

Shouting "Shame on you" subject to background check

Be on the lookout for White Male Golfers....

Malala on Time's most influential list but her father is also an inspiration

Equality Street...

Bombers didn't leave the scene. Strolled checking the carnage.

Carbon bubble will plunge the world into another financial crisis – report

Texas Senators Cornyn and Cruz should be outwardly seeking aid for devastated West, Texas.

Adolphus Busch IV Resigns From NRA Board After Gun Control Defeat In Senate

The Carter Center Calls for Mutual Recognition and Dialogue in Venezuela

Can anyone save the Today show?

I lived in Billerica but Grew up in Boston

Adolphus Busch IV Resigns From NRA After Gun Control Defeat In Senate

Aloha State Leading the Way: Hawaii takes up universal background checks

Edit... here is suspect two running from scene no backpack

One reason why RWers fear the laws keeping "the mentally ill" from being able to buy guns ...

NC Film production tax incentives could be retroactively eliminated.

Scott Miller, Game Theory and Loud Family Singer, Dead at 53

"The most enormous big gay rainbow" Over New Zealand

Romney: Obama Gave A ‘Superb Address’ At Boston Bombing Memorial

Gawker: Is the New York Post Edited by a Bigoted Drunk Who Fucks Pigs?

FBI: Other Photos Of Suspects ‘Should Not Be Deemed Credible’

Need a laugh...

Rand Paul: "There is a perception that Republicans don't like people of color"

Most Expensive Landslide Ever?

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Enough is Enough & a new Kitteh gif

Gentlemen. You can't find in here. This is the war room!

paul ryan on abortion: "we want a country where it isn't even considered" another part of the USA..others are Suffering..

paul ryan on abortion: "we want a country where it isn't even considered"

Lost in space...topographical disortentation somedays is a real kick in the ass

In the Name of God

Rachel is going to cover the explosion in Texas

"Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion - Firm Cited Minimal Risks in Regulatory Filings"

What happens when you wring out a washcloth in space?

BBC 4: Obama is "Comforter in Chief" nt

God Knows Who the Senate Repubs are Working For These Days.

I'm calling upon the awesome power of the DU regarding a mortgage issue...

Do as San Marcos does- wear your underwear on the outside everywhere

can anyone make sense of our tax laws? HELP

Tennessee lawmaker (R-Obviously) passes resolution to honor himself

I just started to use Chrome and it is far better than IE....

Montana has 56 counties.

City of Madison Police Incident Report from Tuesday

YouTube prevails in huge copyright suit with Viacom

Atomic Bomb re-enactment dropped from Ohio Air Show

This New Zealand Politician Unleashes One Of The Funniest Gay Marriage Speeches On Record

Police bomb experts blow up package outside Tacoma Planned Parenthood

World War II atomic bomb re-enactment dropped from Ohio air show after outcry

70 years ago, a bunch of guys with balls of titanium went on a mission...

"Pride of the Dipshits"

"Study: A quarter million US guns are smuggled into Mexico every year"

I got mistaken for a Baptist preacher today

Mailing it in: Congress must be helpful with the Postal Service.

Germany’s Energy Storage Incentive To Start May 1

In Memory

Write to complete each sentence. Use the word bank.

Church and Taxes

Scientists: Yellowstone Supervolcano even bigger than previously thought

Joe Berti, Marathon Runner, Witnessed Both Boston Bombings And Texas Explosion

I'm sure this has been posted here before, but for those who missed it_Gabby Gifford's oped in NYT

Ex Chief of Staff to Confirm Bachman Financial Allegations

ABC7 Eyewitness News ‏@ABC7 2m #BREAKINGNEWS: LAPD investigating suspicious package found near USC.

TYT: Media Protecting Muslims? Pig Boy's Boston Bombing Reaction

Dozens of Okla. dentist's patients positive for hepatitis

Outreach and Rebranding----3 minutes of web plucking---WOW

Been busy all day. I'm trying to get caught up on the days events. they have 2

Conatel Reminds Media It Has An Obligation To Report News, not revert to 2002 coup habits

If YOU were one of the two suspects....

Adolphus Busch IV, heir to the Busch family brewing , resigned his lifetime membership in the NRA

The Sexism of Coming Out

FBI says the 2 suspects stayed at scene to watch the Boston carnage unfold

Any fractal art lovers left on board? (Dial-up warning)

Venezuela crackdown deemed worst in years

Minnesota "conservative" radio talk show host tells Newtown families to "go to hell."

FBI has video of #2 showing glee or similar when bomb #1 went off

Great Neptune’s Revenge! Coburn Falls Into a Fountain at Gala

Boston Bombing Victim in Iconic Photo Helped Identify Attackers

Republicans Accuse Labor Nominee Of Fighting For Civil Rights

Great idea!

Who Believes that ...

I'm drinking double chai black tea. Yummy. What is your drink of choice tonight?

Boston Bombing Victim in Iconic Photo Helped Identify Attackers

Can I ask DU ladies or anyone on DU for help? I don't get this issue with my wife.


Supreme Court Rules Against the Opposition's Appeal that seeks to stop the Inauguration

"No More Hurting People"

It is April 18, and this is my back yard.

Unluckiest Luckiest Man Survives Both Marathon Bombing and Waco Blast

New app helps Icelanders avoid accidental incest

Sleep safe, my friends. The super-sleuths over at Free Republic have solved the Boston bombing!

"Anheuser-Busch resigns life-long NRA membership" by David Daley at Salon

TCM Schedule for Friday, April 19, 2013 -- Friday Night Spotlight: A Woman's World

any Horace Kephart fans?

The Elvis Impersonator ricin guy sings

Does ACA ("Obamacare") 'penalize' companies for offering to much coverage??

I am listening to TV coverage now. Amazing how now it is being called a Bombing and

Bowles and Simpson Offer a Modified Budget Plan

State Patrol, union seek arbitrator for dispute over radio system

Don't want to freak him out more, but

Breaking on TV - Gun shots at MIT (think they said building #32)

More clues on Boston bombers (photos, bomb tests)

MIT Says There's a Shooter on the Loose and Officer Down on Campus (Update: Officer Has Died)

Rafael Correa Blames the Venezuelan Right Wing for the Violence

One picture is worth... (sorry I didn't realize people would think Boston)


Father & Son Bring AK47s To Restaurant And Demand Chicken Wings

Man Beaten Outside Bronx Applebee's in Anti-Muslim Attack after Boston Bombing

Ted "no relief for Hurricane Sandy victims) Cruz--will he refuse -Relief for Texas???

What a difference does ten years make…

My eleven year old, toy poodle needs to gain weight. She has been to the

Live (on Faux) MIT building surrounded by police -- gunshots (10 minute drive from bombing site)

Shooting at MIT. Local News.

New, Higher-Resolution Image of Boston Marathon Suspect Emerges (Photographer Says FBI Has It)

While cuts roll out of D.C., conservative Republicans across the country are demanding that state

Perry Urges Texas Lawmakers To Keep $7B In $12b Rainy Day Fund (is it 'raining yet' Gov.?)

Just Put A Combat Squad In Every School. With Troops Home They Need Something To Do

Musing about the FBI's request for assistance

CEO Gives His Bonus To His Employee's

Anyone else depressed about living in Idaho?

Venezuelan Government has built 373 527 homes in the last 23 months

Responses to the Shit Men Say in Defense of Street Harassment

Has anybody heard that new rap song by the NRA?

MIT shooting (edit)

Stockholm Syndrome. Or something.

Venezuela to audit remaining electronic votes

White House petition to stop CISPA

'Extremely dangerous': Gunshots reported on MIT campus

Panama protocol chief fired over message to Venezuela

Can the innocent people being called suspects in the NEW YORK POST sue the newspaper?

BREAKING NEWS MSNBC TV: Officer shot and killed at MIT

Haiti renames airport after late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez

shrapnel penetrated buildings 2 miles away

Anyone ever listened to "Brad & Britt" on WBT Charlotte?

Mazel Tov, Israel; Shalom, Mayor Villaraigosa

Fight Childhood Hunger in Just 1 Minute (PHILADELPHIA will donate $1 for every share)

*Chaos in Watertown, MA - Cops Under Fire, Suspects Have Grenades*

Behold the new power of the Internet and social media: Helping investigate bombings in record time

means testing vis-a-vis gun laws

Healing Our City - Interfaith Prayer Service - Full Boston Memorial

Healing Our City - Interfaith Prayer Service - Full Boston Memorial

This union post in GP needs some TLC

It's Personal This Time.

Gunfire and explosions in Watertown, MA.

Police Converge on Neighborhood in Watertown, Mass. Near Boston; Reports of Explosives (Arrest Made)

Thank goodness there aren't "bombnuts"

Police incident & explosion in Watertown, just beyond Harvard outside of Boston. Linked

HOMELAND SECURITY VEHICLES? Just heard on CNN rumors of these type of vehicles

Former Pakistani President Musharraf arrested

HOW After all this unfolding tonight with not just Explosives but guns being used CAN

A Letter I received from Senator DI-Fi on CISPA

I thought I stepped into a time warp when I read this.

India's shame: mother demanding justice for dead daughter beaten

Explosion at Watertown, I looking at a dead guy????

Judge overturns suspension of prosecutors in Ted Stevens case

Maine Governor claims U of M wind turbine is rigged with "a little motor that turns the blades"

I'd like one day this week when I'm not watching some bad shit going down live on CNN.

MSNBC is now following Tonights events live: In case anyone would like to switch to that channel

I wonder what Malcom Gladwell would say about the week's events?

IEA: nuclear energy must grow 5x as fast to hold warming to 2DC rise

CNN shut the fuck up until you are sure of the news you’re reporting,

I heard CNN saying that people are being evacuated from their homes in MA is that true?

Summary of Boston marathon bombing

The availability of black powder seems peculiar to me

Coming Cattractions

The good news is, peaceniks and pacifists will win out

Is what happening right now in Watertown connected to the Marathon bombings? n/t

Google forbids users from reselling, loaning Glass eyewear...

Video (Apparently) of Exchange of Gunfire in Watertown

F.A.A. Expected to Approve Fix to Dreamliner Batteries

U.S. Arms Deal With Israel and 2 Arab Nations Is Near

Direct FBI link of photos of bombing suspects

New York Times: "The Two Shooters Had a Large & Unwieldy Bomb... Left a Few Backpacks"

One Marathon bombing suspect has been caught reports Boston Globe

Man accused in case of poison-laced letters has history of legal and other troubles

Search for marathon bombing suspect locks down Watertown, surrounding communities

Police officer to reporter: "If you want to live, turn off your cell phone."


Toon: the fear of terrorism

New FBI photos released.

Is "Black hat" and "white hat" a joke of some kind?

If one or two of these guys turn out be the marathon bombers..

Micro-housing in Seattle

ABC just reported UNconfirmed suspect #1 in custody.

This is my farewell DU post

The Post-Boston Islamophobic Hate Crimes Have Begun

Socially responsible investment firms at home in the Northwest

High Schooler Protests ‘Slut-Shaming’ Abstinence Assembly Despite Alleged Threats From Her Principal

confirmed the Boston bombing suspects from whdh

CNN now retracting. 1 not 2 suspects have been arrested

***Local nbc news watertown said these guys are Marathon perps,

I feel bad for about six people one facebook named Mi*e Mu&ge^a

They're talking about explosives *everywhere*

Naked guy in cuffs on CNN looks like Suspect 1.

NBC's Pete Williams reports One of Explosives in Watertown was a Pressure Cooker

Are there more suspects. MSNBC is joining NBC for a "BREAKING NEWS thing-Saying it

Commission for a friend...

I hope due process is served

Pressure cooker found in watertown,

Rockets strike Israel from Gaza: reports

ABC has just confirmed Marathon bombing link.

MSNBC just played video of gunfire = war zone

FBI reporting one in custody, per ABC.

*Mass State Police tweeted watertown residents:

India police probe Delhi 'gang rape'

Boston Police have stated they want to wait until daylight before the go after the suspect.

Dailymail article concerning Sunil Tripathi from March 31st

A BIG FUCKING DEAL: ''Scientists Convert Cellulose Into Amylose Starch''

Argentinians rally against Fernández government

The protracted comfort women issue

*Mass state police will be going door to door in watertown.

Editorial: China model can save Venezuela's embattled project

So WTF were they up to at MIT?

The Blind men and the Elephant... watching Rashomon with the sound off

Argh...MSNBC: one in custody the other dead

Boston Bruins fans spontaneously start singing National Anthem before game

minute by minute account of Watertown shooting/ Marathon bombers chase

Rant. Having been doing well. Self destructing :'(

Boston Police Commish:One Suspect Dead,One at Large. Armed and Dangerous. White Hat Suspect At Large

BBC: FBI issued full face photos of 2 Boston Marathon bombing suspects

'white hat,' #2, in building in watertown,

*News briefing, watertown

If one suspect is dead, one is at large, who was the naked guy being hauled away

Briefing going on now

Press Conference on now-white male white capped bomb suspect

live updates reddit thread

High School class mate of Sunil.

Screen grab of Suspect 2 at 7/11

BPD, believes 2nd suspect may have a bomb strapped to his chest.

Four WA state Dems vote for CISPA

Clint Van Zandt: the naked guy was probably considered...

Oklahoma Congressman: ExxonMobil ‘Should Be Patted On The Back’ For Arkansas Oil Spill

Health Advocates Urge Congress: Enact Permanent SGR Reform without Shifting Costs--

If Naked guy is innocent he drinks free in Boston for the rest of his life.

Pete Williams, MSNBC: both men came from overseas, not Americans

Medicare Rights Endorses the Medicare Drug Savings Act

This is the search area

My thoughts and prayers are for the safety of everyone in Watertown MA right now.

If these guys were part of an organized jihadist group, wouldn't you think they'd have money

Wendell Potter: Medicare Advantage – or DISAdvantage?

Poll: Most say redistribute wealth

Police in 5 states and the FBI have been looking for the missing Brown student sicne March 28

This is so sweet

CNN has just had positive confirmation that Watertown is in Massachusetts.

Not to politicize unduly... but this could be pretty bad for Guns

They keep saying 'people who came here to kill. People.

Hope everyone in Watertown has bread and milk,

The media is one giant clusterfu#k.

I'm suspicious of MSNBC reporting suspects as being "foreign-born" and having "overseas training."

Not one of them is Sunil - Pete Williams

MSNBC reporting the suspect on the loose is NOT the missing Brown student (Tripathi)

The more I look at those pics the less I believe the guy in those pics is Sunil.

2 More Colleges Accused of Mishandling Assaults

The events overnight remind me of the Mumbai attack.

Isikoff says 'we believe' they are foreign,

Teen 'fearful' after portrayal as US bomber

@Beth Israel,

Tonight started with a robbery at 7/11...

British Police Arrest High Profile Entertainer in Sex Abuse Inquiry

Guatemala judge suspends Rios Montt genocide trial

They have located white cap

So, the spying on every single American by the NSA never did point the bombers out...

MSNBC: all public transportation in Boston being shut down

OFT accuses GSK over "pay-for-delay" drug deals

Mass. police advice people to stay at home, no mass transit;

Damn, they're effectively instituting "voluntary" martial law in Watertown.

They shut down the T. All of it. No one in Boston is going anywhere until this guy is caught.

Suspect attempting to catch a ride according to BPD.

So....where did these guys get the guns, grenades? Anybody

Here we go with the mentally ill BULLSHIT

Boston University telling students to stay in dorms/homes

Suspect is in custody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CNN: Killed Bombing suspect had explosives on his body

AP sources: Boston bomb suspects from Russia region near Chechnya, lived in US at least 1 year

Map of Marathon Bombing Suspect Manhunt

"View from my house...crazy #watertown" (PHOTO)

so, all that remains is a televised suicide bombing...

Chechen refugees - legal residents - changed to Kyrgyzstan

Been a while since we've had a good finger roll thread

Video of firefight with bombing suspect (last night)

Men with backpacks at Boston Marathon private contractors?

Four squad cars and a wagon were just on my street.

For what it's worth: NBC reporting they're brothers. lived in Cambridge

Mika on Morning Joe - This guy needs to go down!

Suggestion for Late Breaking News

The MIT suspects enjoyed pizza, coffee, many Western influences...

Associated press says 2nd suspect for the boston marathon blast is Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev

Yikes. West Fertilizer: New info

Chechyn's are generally Muslim, but their issues with Russia are political

This is almost literally going down in my son's back yard.

Entitlement, Texas Style

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was a city of Cambridge scholarship recipient

Hey Mass residents

MSNBC: fugitive is Djhokar Tsarnaez

What do you say to them?

It Is Hard To Believe That There Are Just Two Of Them. Has To Be A Cell In The Area.

4 Heartwarming Examples of the Healing Power of Animals (Videos at link)

So basically, the news media are just talking out of their asses?

Just a thought...can you imagine how many people

So "according" to the media from what I heard this morning...

Too bad for anyone planning a wedding this weekend around Boston!

Now to go find all those bookmarks of people who *knew* this was a right-wing tax protestor...

Retail Redlining: One of the Most Pervasive Forms of Racism Left in America

Possible photos of the Marathon bombers

Actually, the AP is calling them Russians from an area near Chechnya.

Fugitive Bomber Ran Over His Own Brother With SUV As He Fled

It's going to be very interesting to find out where they got their guns, re: Senate Vote Of Shame.

For any "Master and Commander" fans

MSNBC talking head: "These two men have changed Boston forever."

Anyone know what's happening in Kenmore Sq?

CNN's "Dark Skinned Man" now reportedly white terrorist brothers born in Russia!

After Days Of Torrential Rain, Chicago Releases Massive Amounts Of Sewage, Stormwater Into Lake

Senate gun vote exposes the corruption of America's bought democracy

*Press conference from Watertown coming up, MSNBC

Chilean Navy Heading To Aid 100-Meter Chinese Fishing Ship Adrift 30 Miles From Antarctic Coast

Will This Have Any Implications On The Immigration Bill?......

Mika is driving me nuts. "Tell us what we should tell the children" Geez!

M$NBC is now saying born in Russia -Kyrgyzstan

I admit to have speculated incorrectly. The bombers were not Glenn Beck, Alex Jones

BREAKING-shelter in place order applied to all of Boston

I've NEVER seen an entire city on lockdown for a manhunt before

I Wonder How Long It Will Be Before GOPPERS Say Obama Is Weak On Terrorism?

...and all on April 19th, of course.

One of the greatest cities in the world "sheltered in place" because of one 19 year old.

So do this two count as "white guys" since they are quite literally Caucasian?

Latest possible Facebook hoax: The Voter Registration form for one of the Marathon bombers

Potsdam Institute - Permafrost Zones Lose Capacity To Store Carbon Under Nearly All Temp. Outcomes

America Keeps Honoring One of Its Worst Mass Murderers: Henry Kissinger

Dozens test positive for hepatitis, HIV in 'dirty dentist' case

Really need to get this guy alive

What did we do to Chechnya? Shouldn't these guys be terrorizing Russia?

U.S. presence in Kyrgyzstan

I keep wondering.

President Romney Announces That The Invasion Of Chechnya Has Started.

Bombers Used Social Media Sites: Fugitive Last Logged on the Social Network at 6:04pm Yesterday

The question isn't "where are these guys from?" It's "who's running them?"

How active is the Tea Party in Chechnya?

The Orwellian Warfare State of Carnage and Doublethink

I just woke up. Can I get an update?

take this with salt: Everything We Know About Tamerlan Tsarnaev, Dead Bombing Suspect

March 2013 Atmospheric CO2 Content 397.34; March 2012 394.45; March 2011 392.49

Anybody Else Think This Whole Thing Is Playing Out Like A Novel Or A Movie?.....


Damn, MSNBC is a melodramatic station. n/t

How do you use the terms freedom and not cowering and lock down towns over a nineteen year old

Uncle of bombing suspects calls one of them a "loser."

Turn on CBS or FOX....Lots of cops have guns drawn on a house

PHEW - they have his location per GEM$NBComcast n/t

"Will Box for Passport"..Dead terrorist wanted to be an American

*MSNBC: Police believe they have a location for #2.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev's Youtube Channel

*MSNBC (mika) says a 3d person of interest (may be in custody,)

The bombers are brother and Russian Caucasus,

It has returned

What a fucking week!

And Joe Scum shows to to cry '9/11 2! 9/11 2!.'

The Best Senate Money Can Buy. Especially if it’s NRA Money.

Jesus Christ is Mika having a nervous breakdown?

I don't know who this woman on MSNBC is since I don't normally

What was that on the scanner? The suspect is posting online?

Is this going to end up being more like a Columbine situation than anything?

FBI Releases New Photo Of Remaining Bombing Suspect

He's tweeting... 'I will kill you all'

"...we banned this."

Mika, Mika, Mika

NYT Blog on events in Boston

April 16 President Obama sends letter to Putin to improve relations....

The Internet’s shameful false ID (Salon re: Boston)

So the two suspects are two Russian WHITE BOYS

"Shooter". One of the better action films I've seen in a while.

Boston update - 915am

He ran over his dead brother to escape?

Thoughts and prayers for the people of Boston and surrounding area.

*Andrea Mitchell discussing Chechnya on MSNBC now.

Colbert and Borowitz: U.S. now safe from maniacs

What was up a day or two ago at the courthouse in Boston?

Odd...USA today reported they have been here 10 years...

"Tamerlan"? Seriously?

Commentary: War costs last forever

Boston suspect's web page venerates Islam

Chechen terrorist immigrants...what could go wrong?

Boston Bombing Suspect Posted Video on Al Qaeda Prophecy on YouTube —(Mother Jones)

Mother Jones: Boston Bombing Suspect Posted Video on Al Qaeda Prophecy on YouTube

New technique developed at MIT could enable a major boost in solar-cell efficiency.

It is shocking what these two deranged brothers have done to America!

Based on what you now know is this an example of Islamic Terrorism?

Police source: 2 Russian nationals pulled over in Niagara Falls

You know, after this week, I'm really considering moving to a remote tropical island.

Proofs from The Book

Boston transportation update

An Oklahoma City mother reaches out to Martin Richard's family

Friday TOON Roundup 1 -Cartoonists Unloading on Congress, Barrel 1

Chechens? Who next?

Friday TOON Roundup 2 -Cartoonists Unloading on Congress, Barrel 2

Woke last night to the sound of thunder...

Friday TOON Roundup 3 -Media Bozos


Father Of Suspect At Large: ‘My Son Is A True Angel’

Friday TOON Roundup 4- The Rest

Conservatives stand tall against special interest group

Exploding your emotional bandwidth

I think it's safe to say... MSNBC has kicked the shit out of CNN and FOX....

Per NBC: Accomplice fled to CT

Thank goodness the media identified the suspects as "dark complexion". The media has done so much


Adolphus Busch IV resigns from NRA

Boston Marathon Bombers Now confirmed to be registered member of this group:

I wonder how easy it was for the Boston Terrorists to buy guns and gunpowder.

The Morning Plum: Foes of immigration reform pounce on Boston bombing

Just how "Chechnyan" are these suspects?

The Black Banners of Khurasan ..... background on the Chechen bombing suspects (mother jones)

Boston Bombing Suspect Posted Video on Al Qaeda Prophecy on YouTube

Let's see if I have this straight.

Under a new proposal by the NRA......

Honest question... If they're taken alive will they be held in Gitmo?

ABC interviewed the father of these two young men responsible for the bombing.

CNN Breaking News:Dogs Barking

PICTURE: Dzhokar Tsarnaev’s Reported Social Media Page

Ageism, intelligence and terrorism

Understanding the Venezuelan election: Two vital perspectives


New Image Released of Suspect in Bombing Case

UNASUR Calls Venezuelan Opposition to Recognize Election's Results

Well, it's now SNOWING in Chicago.

How is "Shelter in Place" any different than "Martial Law?"

I wonder why the suspect hasn't reached out via social media

CT police: Bomb suspect may have car

Samsung probed over 'fake web reviews'

The New Republic on how gun control advocates shot themselves in both feet

As a side point, I'm waiting to see where they got their guns for the shootout

Fucking State Department. Who do they work for, us or corporate bullshitters?

The mark of Cain - it seems very appropiate to me today -

Republican Lawmaker Spends Tax Dollars on Resolution Honoring Himself

CNN just interviewed a neighbor who was also a teacher at the High School and

Red Cross says security deteriorating in Afghanistan, as foreign militaries prepare to withdraw

Martial law = Military rule

TX Teacher Denies Fondling Black 1st-Grader; She's Racist & Doesn't Like Blacks

BREAKING: 12 dead, 35 missing, about 200 injured in Texas West fertilizer plant explosion

I was wondering.When background checks are done...

Police ARE looking for a gray Honda CRV, perhaps now in Connecticut, in which suspect may have fled

NY Post needs to be sued for big bucks for falsely accusing two people wrongly that they were

Wow! I was called to jury duty twice within 17 minutes this morning. Update...just served on #3

Rand Paul is featured on one of 7 covers for Time's '100 Most Influential People.'

The crazy always seems to run the fucking hen house. We have some corporate assholes who fucked up

Finding the bombers underscores one comforting thing about law enforcement

America 2013

Paraguay's Left Wing Denounces Television Ban before Elections

I think CBS has been giving excellent reporting

BREAKING: Gray Honda CRV found in Boston

Most relevant R&R Hall-of-Who-Cares acceptance speech... OF ALL TIME!!!

CNN: bomb suspects are Kyrgyz

Have you noticed that DU has more news on this than all the networks combined?

"Philadelphia Schools Unveil Catastrophic Budget" (Philly Inquirer)- 3,000 more layoffs

I really, really hope the younger brother that's holed up doesn't have any hostages.

In move to pwn boys, Girl Scouts to introduce game developer badge

Quick Question about Bomber #1

From Arbenz to Maduro, Killer Plots of the CIA

Glenn Beck demands Obama impeachment over Boston

I Want to Know If the Brothers Bought Their Guns Legally...

Local News reports UMass Dartmouth ordered to evacuate

CNN has what appears to be a police action right now in Watertown

UPDATE on:"Have a suspect on the ground"

For all the a**holes who hate unions

Interesting watching the coverage on Channel 5 Boston

Challenging The Myth That Guns Stop Crime

TYT: George W. Bush: People Are Surprised I Can Even Read

Man on ground: Police saying this is NOT Suspect 2

Scholarship fund established for Marathon victims and families by UMass Lowell

Google redirects

Buying my first home... any tips on choosing a Mortgage banker/broker?

For all the a**holes who hate unions (cross-posted in GD)

Can you scold a jury member for me? Because this is untenable.

Apache Helicopter: Congress Asks Army Why It's Accepting Unfinished AH-64Es

The Guardian live blogging of events in Boston

I know many here are not fond of law enforcement people, but

George W. Bush Hopes Jeb Bush Will Run In 2016

NPR: A 3rd man, who authorities believe was an accomplice of the bombing suspects, has been arrested

12 Bodies Recovered After Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion, 200 Injured; Search Ongoing

DU Welcomes the NRA!!

Thread to hope that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev surrenders himself to police.

Fuck! Things aren't what they used to be...

Dead Bombing Suspect: ‘I Don’t Have A Single American Friend’

Robert Reich on the two brothers~

Can we assume that Bomber #2 ditched his cell phone because the police would have

Any live coverage online of what's happening?

Papantonio: Disastrous EU Economic Policies Coming To U.S.

Joe Scarb: Do we need more surveillance cameras in cities across America?

”Black carbon” flowing from soil to oceans (so much for “Bio-Char?”)

We should send letters to congress DEMANDING that they approve background checks

Open Letter to Rape Apologists

Bombing suspect attended UMass Dartmouth, prompting school closure

Kerry declines comment on 'hypothetical' Chechnya ties

Right sees an opportunity, linking Boston and immigration

Men out to end violence against women

Glenn Beck: Government protecting that Saudi guy linked to Boston bombing is worse than Benghazi

White Hat's prom picture

Watching the sheer number and size of vehicles going to the staging area,

LOSERS, not able to settle themselves, so, they hated everyone else who did

Oh dear. I went to bed last night with some unknown guys

Uncle Ruslan Tsarni is as Causasian as they come

I like this Uncle, Ruslan Tsarni...

U.S. Boy Scouts set to end ban on gay members : spokesperson

From Everyday Feminism's facebook feed

U.S. Boy Scouts set to end ban on gay members : spokesperson

We should be calling Harry Reid's office

Wistful dislocation's effect on the psyche

All speculation aside, we may never have all the answers. There is certain senselessness to violent

This will make you cry: Gun stocks lag after gun control bill fails

Ghost town...

Let's look on the good side

Harvard Atheists Shocked At Exclusion From Boston Bombing Memorial Service

Tweet from God

Estranged family seems to be a recurring theme with mass killers

This is why you don't park in front of a fire hydrant

Boston Bomb Suspect's Dad Tells Him to Surrender, Warns ' Hell Will Break Loose' if Son Dies

Pentagon Sends Troops To Jordan To Counter Syria Chemical Weapons Threat

About posting photos

I am actually kind of amazed at how many people seem to be obeying

Rubio’s Office Condemns Attempts On Right To ‘Make Political Points’ With Boston Bombing

Nicolas Sarkozy investigated over alleged Libya funding

be advised we have four robots working on him right now

Serbia and Kosovo reach EU-brokered landmark accord

Interesting family dynamics between the Father and the Uncle of the bombers...

Cambridge woman shares address with at least one bombing suspect .

Tamerlan says he usually doesn't take his shirt off

Could Life Be Older Than Earth Itself?

Arkansas Lawmaker Mocks Boston ‘Liberals,’ Says They Wish They Had Assault Rifles

No Limits for Women and Girls

Ann Coulter tweets...

The helicopter that was circling the scene in Watertown is now stopped in a dead hover (UPDATE)

should this, in any way, be connected to Chechnya, the ramifications are grave

I don't think Boston has been changed by these events

Weiner Gets 15 Percent Of Dem Vote In NYC Poll

I'm pretty sure this tweet is bogus but it is kind of funny

U.S. Hospitals Told to Be on Lookout for H7N9 Bird Flu

U.S. Boy Scouts set to end ban on gay members : spokesperson

VIDEO: Uncle Urges Suspect To Turn Himself In, Calls Nephews ‘Losers’

Boy Scouts To End Ban On Gay Members: Spokesperson

"the better angels of our nature"

It appears that a number of people here don't understand "shelter in place"

Chechnya’s President On Suspects: ‘Seek The Roots Of Evil In America’

Question?? How does this horrible story play out politically..??

Who's says these two were not gun nuts?

Watching all of this unfold, One Phrase keeps rolling around in my head

Is it common for police to described people as "light-skinned"? These two look white to me.

My Eyes Were Opened By Palestine Journey

British Bus Driver Mistakes Town's Spelling, Drives 80 Miles In Wrong Direction

Papantonio: Are Americans Too Uninformed For Democracy?

Men Now Have A Medical Reason To Wear Kilts: It Keeps Sperm Cooler

I for one do not believe that all of this is for one individual -

Superstorm Sandy Shook the U.S., Literally

Carbon bubble will plunge the world into another financial crisis

Adolphus Busch IV Resigns From NRA After Gun Control Defeat In Senate

A powerful video made by the daughter of a good friend. Her father is

A curiosity: twitter feed for Tsarnaev and social media page that is still live

Rural California ISP launches white spaces broadband for remote customers

Appeals Court Turns Down Lawsuits Challenging Mexican Trucks In US

Glenn Beck, again, lets no crisis go unexploited

Governor's press conference on now. 12:33 ET.

"As they say: Developing."

Dzhokar Tsarnaev's bizarre post-bombing tweets (not a spoof, but it is CNN)

UPDATE:Boston suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev became American Citizen on Sept. 11, 2012

Chicago Bulls fan sues Derrick Rose for missing season due to injury

There are regions of the states that could use this:

Big Oil Strategy?

Something Just Happened*: The Absurdity of CNN

Remember this, conservatives, the next time you're complaining about paying taxes....

If someone blew up a balloon, and released it into space, what

Fat,sick and nearly dead

Noam Chomsky on Hugo Chavez's Death and Legacy (April 10, 2013)

Extreme Drought to Extreme Flood: Weather Whiplash Hits the Midwest

California unemployment drops to 9.4%, lowest in more than 4 years

Observers Observe.

Jobless rate down in 26 states, up in 7 in March; payroll jobs down in 26 states, up in 23

Arkansas Rep's offensive Boston tweet going viral

Boston Bombing Suspect Traveled to Russia Through NYC Last Year

Lawsuit: Judges Sometimes Award Disability Benefits To Clear Cases Faster To Meet Quotas

Frank Friday!

Boston manhunt used for point-scoring on immigration, gun control

So where did the name Mike Mulugeta come from?

CISPA passes U.S. House: Death of the Fourth Amendment?

"People are now glued to their little screens because they are terrified"

Controlled explosion planned in Cambridge

Live Link to Nicolas Maduro's Inauguration

"Yanking" is the word for today. Modify a thread title to include "yanking".

What's for Dinner ~ Friday April 19th

Liveblog: Boston remains in lockdown as officers go door to door in Watertown.

I wonder if Alex Jones still thinks this is all just a false-flag.

Big Ed HARPING on the fact that Boston is on lockdown

Fox "News" is still trying to push the Islamic theme with the bombings

30 very interesting photos of the suspect over the course of his years as a young man

My Facebook response to an extremely juvenile gun-enthusiast graphic. (Idiocy warning ahead)

Second Bachmann Staffer Will Testify In Ethics Case

U.S. Must Recognize Venezuela's Elections

The National Bomb Association

Portland Tree Lighting Bomb Case: I'm really glad this guy is in jail right now.

No matter the crisis or tragedy, WE ARE THE HOPE

Tamerlan Tsarnaev was apparently a fan of Salafi preacher, Feiz Mohammed

Twitter repeating news reporting a hostage

One guarantee


Meet the 28-Year-Old Grad Student Who Just Shook the Global Austerity Movement

Joke: The Power of A Woman..

Travis County DA Lehmberg pleads guilty, is sentenced to 45 days in jail

Everyone is losing their f"ing minds.

Wisconsin: Massive Bradley Foundation Education Privatization Campaign Exposed

I can't say I disapprove of how the authorities have handled this thus far.

NY judge tosses lawsuit against UConn's Auriemma

My stepdaughter is moving to Prescott. What can you tell me about the city?

Slain MIT Officer Sean Collier remembered as brave, devoted policeman

Judge permanently blocks North Dakota ban on medication for abortions

Hearts to Boston! With one of THE BEST rock songs EVER:

Did They Find The Site Where The Bombs Were Constructed?......

The stupid is strong with this one (Facebook post)

Gun Violence Victims Detained, Put Through Background Check For Yelling ‘Shame On You’ At Senators

Jeb Bush: ‘There Should Be No Surprise’ That Republicans Keep Losing The Minority Vote

Bomber Suspects’ Aunt: ‘Why The Hell Would They Do This?’

Venezuela at the crossroads

Police ask media to stop broadcasting home searches

Washington state florist sued again for refusal to service gay wedding

Chechen President: Suspects are product of American upbringing

Just had the inspection of my apartment!

Live Oak County Airport to expand; Eagle Ford Shale drives expansion

Boston Marathon victim Jeff Bauman helped identify bombers

In his final act, Hugo Chávez managed to stick it global corporations

Radio scans of Boston Police......lotsa chatter and interesting.

the UK Government looks forward to working with the Government and people of Venezuela ....

Dead Bombing Suspect Participated In 2009 National Boxing Tournament

Dunkin' Donuts In Boston Are Still Open During Lockdown

Question: Was the man shown lying on the street last night the dead brother?

Judge permanently blocks North Dakota ban on medication for abortions

DNA test reveals surprising origin of Texas man's record-breaking fish

Sen. John Cornyn: 60 people remain unaccounted for in West explosion

Nate Bell Receives Return Fire (Not Withstanding 'Apology')

Damn Muslim bombers (Islamophobia strikes again)

"Man being interviewed on TV about Boston bombers forgot to hide his huge pink dildo."

Colombia's poverty rate falls 1.4% in 2012: Santos (Venezuela up)

Doofus on MSNBC

18 Years

What we know about the Bombing Suspects, and How should we React?

How much sleep did you get last night?

High School Principal Threatens Girl For Speaking Out Against Wildly Dishonest Abstinence-Only Prese

Anyone listen to Here and Now on NPR? Host's nephew was friends with the 19 yr old suspect

Brother's aunt a lawyer who lives in Toronto is in denial. Very intense entire interview.

UMASS-Dartmouth students evacuated from campus as officials investigate the dorm room of Dzhokhar

Republican Congressman Condemns GOP Effort To Use Boston Bombing Against Immigration Reform

Chilling Final Tweet From Boston Bombers Official Twitter Account, From AFTER The Bombing

Why are we so obsessed with the religion/ethnicity/race of these killers?

Massachusetts Senate Candidate Calls Boston Bombings a ‘Godless Act’

BREAKING NEWS: Homemade device explodes outside middle school

Boston Bombing Suspect Spent Six Months In Russia Last Year

Venezuela poverty increases

Dozens Of Uncounted Presidential Election Ballots Found In San Mateo Vault

NRA Gun Ad as it Should Be!

BREAKING NEWS: Homemade device explodes outside middle school

I just turned down the MIRT offer.

Boston police now looking for green honda sedan

Last Inspection Of West, Texas Fertilizer Plant Was In 1985 (also paid fine in 2011)

Boston Bomb Suspect's Dad Tells Him to Surrender, Warns' Hell Will Break Loose' if Son Dies

Brace Yourselves

Family Research Council tries to equate Boston bombing with gays & abortion

Evo Morales responds to John Kerry: Never Again Will We Be Your Backyard

Tom Ridge don't understand why the president hasn't...

Massive Bradley Foundation Education Privatization Campaign Exposed in WI

I don't relate to "White."

So when I went to bed last night about 1:00 a.m.

Boston Bomb Victim in Photo Helped Identify Suspects (man aided by Carlos Arredondo)

To all of those affected by The Boston tragedy....

Talk about "Speculation". Clint Van Zant, on MSNBC, speculates every time he opens his mouth.

Does this Cavanaugh guy spouting expertise on MSNBC know that bin Laden is dead?

Cruz called Sandy aid ‘pork’ but wants ‘all available resources’ after Texas blast

Jon Stewart destroys Republican arguments against background checks

Aunt Alleges Conspiracy To Frame Boston Bombing Suspect (VIDEO)

I want to present to you Arkansas' Nate Bell, the Boston insult tweeter.

Dagestan Russian where the father lives has been a scene of low-level Islamic insurgency since 1990s

Thanks everyone for the support yesterday and this morning. This guy was phenomenal.

How did the Boston/Watertown PD lose suspect 2?

One Macro

The Colbert Report Intro: Apr 16, 2013

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev became a US citizen on 9/11/12

Tsarnaevs’ uncle experiences an immigrant’s shame - By Joan Walsh

US Report Decries World Crackdown On Civil Society

Shameless paper in mindless fog

Gun Votes Carry Big Risks For Dems In Rural States

Tamerlan was probably named after perhaps the most brutal man in history

This guy used to play for the Phillies? (Or stil does?)

Morons Take To Twitter To Complain Obama Boston Speech Is Interrupting "Price Is Right"

Ex-Texas DA Acted Improperly In Case That Sent Innocent Man To Prison (arrest warrant to be issued)

Papantonio: Republicans Suffering From Shared Psychotic Disorder

BSA announced proposed changes to its policies today.

NASA Opens Door to Commercial Partnerships on the Moon

Gross Parenting Trend Ditches Diapers, Allows Babies To Go Free Range

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I am staying in the Lounge!

Memorial Service Marks 20th Anniversary Of Branch Davidian Fire

Two Neighbors Named Hall & Oates Engage In Bloody Brawl

Sunil Tripathi family grateful Boston explosion allegations resolved (Reddit apologizes)

Nicolás Maduro to be sworn in as president after audit vote deal

Let's hear it for the awesome job LE has done!

Spanish anarchists send Catholics explosive packages containing vibrators


Savita Halappanavar's widower condemns 'barbaric and inhuman care'

Kerning Experts Strike Again! "Boston bombing identification attempts on social media end in farce"

Neale Bayly Rides: Peru Takes SPEED™ Viewers on ‘Adventure with a Purpose’

Just for fun, I tuned into Mr. Limbaugh's radio show.

KAZAKHSTAN: Imprisoned atheist mad, bad, or neither?

Interview with one of the sisters.Her husband a nonMuslim says he was never accepted by the family

Got laid off from the DJ job, now working for a bordello. So how are you?

Seems To Me That The Law Enforcement Officers That Are Searching Houses Are Committed To....

Can Ruth Calderon Unite Religious And Secular Israelis?

More Texas hating going on in GD, I just posted on it.

ASK A-THEIST: Why claim one religious authority?

The Syrian Revolutionaries sends Boston some love

Measles outbreak: man who died in Swansea was infected, lab tests reveal

Let me bring some New Order to the Lounge.

Have you ever spent a day waiting for a phone call...

Do we need to reconsider the future we are offering our youth?

Another episcopal attack on Catholic blogs. But . . . . Aquinas and Newman are with us

NFL Players Say They've Had Gay Teammate — and Didn't Mind

A Beautiful Statement on Marriage Equality From a Young French Filmmaker

Friend Reached Out To Suspect After FBI Presser, Fearing He’d Be Falsely Accused (VIDEO)

Young Afghans determined to rebuild war-torn country

NPR shows photos from people inside lockdown area. Spooky stuff.

Glen Beck already trying to pin these bombers on Obama

David Gregory with ES Cupp making stuff up about the Marathon bombers

Fuck You, Rudolph Giuliani. Pontificating Now On TV. You Put Command Center In World Trade Towers

FBI No Longer Seeking 1999 Honda Civic

Small in size, big on power: New microbatteries a boost for electronics

Federal Disaster Relief: This is a problem we need to fix now.

Uncle Ruslan is awesome.

Breaking the Silence (trigger warning)

Boy Scouts of America to ask ruling board’s permission to end gay ban

Boston is still on Lock Down --Sports talk Radio demanding a hockey game be play?!

Funny Bush picture

Boston And The Right-Wing Media's Collapse

Portrait emerges of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

For a country RULED by an evil "Dictator",

How is this for a bizzare coincidence for the Tsarnaev Family?

Is there going to a controlled explosion at the Cambridge home the suspect/s lived in this

Arkansas Democrats asking people to tell Nate Bell to really apologize.

Wonder how long...

Dzhokhar's friend of 5 years from wrestling team at Cambridge never been to his apartment

The terrorists fired over 200 rounds in last night's gun battle with police.

Bomb suspects threw pressure cooker bomb at Police

Nitrogen has key role in estimating CO2 emissions from land use change

Tornado watch until 9pm. NE SC

NAACP Criticizes CNN for Erroneous Boston Arrest Report

WaPo: Uncle Ruslan’s inspiring words — a moment we needed

Toon: Right on schedule, the vermin surface...

Most Deranged Sorority Email Ever

Bomb Suspect's Dad Warns 'All Hell Will Break Loose' If Son Dies

Thom Hartmann: "Shame on You!" Congress

CBS: Police say 7-11 robbery apparently unrelated to bombing suspects

Photo of white, anti-government bomber who employs torture revealed

My response from the President to the COLA budget proposal

Hamid Karzai seeks to curb CIA operations in Afghanistan

It Wasn't Sunil Tripathi: The Anatomy of a Misinformation Disaster

A small voice is starting in my head

On the Path to Low Cost Renewable Fuels, an Important Breakthrough

These pics from Boston residents are very chilling.

Thank you Martin Bashir for having an intelligent show

NRCC Raises $8.1 Million in March but Trails DCCC

Randi Rhodes:I'm from Russia

Detained: Testimonies From Palestinian Children Imprisoned By Israel

The Boston Bombings: Here Comes the Second-Guessing

UK Treasury Secretary sues over 11 countries' adoption of financial transactions tax.

[Canadian] Lottery winner puts $1-million toward effort to legalize marijuana

Slain Boston bomber had Muslim convert wife and 3 yr old girl but had 'dedicated' his life to Jihad


Image from Boston

Saw this on facebook, thought other Texans might want to share it too.

Photographer Takes a Boy with Muscular Dystrophy on an Imaginary Adventure

This guy seems as American as apple pie..

Is anyone else bothered by the military involvement in the manhunt?

UPDATE: MiddleFingerMom

So according to the news - the bombers let the carjacked victim go free?

Cons never let a good crisis go to waste: "Combatting Terrorism Act" returns for debate

I know this is a "consider the source" moment (Warning: The Blaze)

We're told there is no lockdown

Update: Views on Boston from

Stupid burnssssss

Anyone have link to the video of the Boston shootout last night?

Syria Envoy Offers Grim View of Conflict to U.N.

Thom Hartmann: $3.6 Billion Settlement Begins with Bouncing Checks

Hendrick Motorsports Confirms Tie With Slain Officer

"Huge pink dildo" is the second Lounge phrase of the day. Go!

It’s not easy being a United States Senator

Whomever that Mike Mulugeta was, I feel very sorry for him.

The Everyday Sexism Project: a year of shouting back

Rusland Tsarni: My brother not responsible for nephews' actions

Rep. Nate Bell apologizes after tweet gets national attention

I heard someone comment on CNN that, due to

Digital Public Library of America Offers a Wealth of Historical Photos

We're so used to S.W.A.T. at anti-war rallies that when there IS a dangerous...

Arrest warrant issued for former Williamson DA Ken Anderson in Morton case

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC): Obama Should Treat Suspect As ‘Enemy Combatant’

WBZ: Police checking cars on ferry to Long Island

Are the police legally allowed to search my/your home for a bomber without any warrant?

Having a crappy day? Let me cure what ails you.

For those who are STILL complaining about "lockdowns" and "Martial Law"...

"So this is my dog, and her name is Diamond, and she's my world." Firefighter rescues

Live video of armed SWAT team entering home in Watertown

Anyone know who's on Bill's show tonight

"Radicalization is epiphenomenal and opportunistic, and hence not a useful focus of policy response"

Glenn Beck: Boston Bombing? Buy gold!

Dumb shit Maine Gov..

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Was Failing Many College Courses

How the CIA Helped Disney Conquer Florida

The video Guatemalan president doesn’t want you to see

Sorry, folks, there will be no Friday Afternoon Challenge today...

Lawrence Livermore scientists discover new materials to capture methane

SCoC to decide if lawyer approved police notes amount to collusion

who pays

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev drove through a line of cops?

New Report Exposes Bradley Fdn Funding Behind “Massive” Campaign to Promote School Privatization

Genocide Trial of Former Dictator Ríos Montt Suspended After Intervention by Guatemalan President

What happened to the guy with the "dead man switch?"

"Tea Party Smells Blood In Immigration Fight" - (Due to the gun control vote, not Boston)

Bad pic of me at pool at 2:11 pm AZ time on 4/19!

Any truth to the rumor that one of the bombs was planted right behind the Russian flag?

FIRST commercial on MSNBC all day just now,

Ex-Boss Describes Bombing Suspects’ Dad As Big, Tough, And Quiet

The Boston Bomber Brothers mother and aunt both think the boys were set-up and framed.

Just curious. Where did you learn to type?

Which Congressional GOoPer will be the first to compare Boston to Benghazi?

Suspect Death Photo leaked..

Shityeah! Got my ticket for Suicidal Tendencies and Sick Of It All

Am I the only one tired of the nonstop media frenzy and social media judging & jury? There was a

Photos of Massive Underground Caverns Being Dug Under NYC

How Long Before RW'ingers Claim Obama Set This Up To Get Their Guns?

Lindsey Graham doesn't think the bomber should get a Miranda warning.

I'm beginning to wonder if Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is holed up wounded somewhere

If you live in/around Boston, you might want this pic of Boston today.

Michigan Tech Scientist's Discovery Could Lead to a Better Capacitor

MSNBC: Richard Engel saying that some Islamic websites are thrilled with what is going on in Boston

south and west of Raleigh, tornado warning eom

Shorter Lindsey Graham: Constitution? What Constitution?

Book indicates pope is a moderate realist

Why the fuck is Rudy Giuliano on MSNBC...

So many good guys with guns could not capture suspect #2 when he had advanced arms and bombs.

Uncle Ruslan's Inspiring Words

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

Rafael Correa and Pope Francis Analyze the Latin American Situation

Drudge Report is every much a hate site as Stormfront or any other white supremacist site

Cameras solved this crime. The more the better IMO.......

On the radio they played the last song posted to the suspect's Russian "facebook" page.

"So did he work for Goldman Sachs?" a poster asked jokingly

How long until your Youtube collections of Chomsky, Hedges, et al, make you "radicalized"?

Scott Brown, the ingratiator

Can we all just hope this guy is caught ASAP and no one else is injured or killed?

Cable Network Talking Head Handbook must

Study Reveals Nanoparticles Found in Everyday Items Can Inhibit Fat Storage (cause premature aging)

Eminem, Nutella, and Edmund Burke: A Close Reading of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s Twitter Account

"The last thing the police should be worried about is being sued for kicking in your door"

No Red Sox or Bruins games tonight...

I definitely support this!

Can the Police Search My Home for a Bomber?

Is anybody looking for the asshole whose plant blew up a WHOLE TOWN in TX?

Breaking News-Awaiting a News Conference

IF a terrorist was holding me hostage in my house and when the police came to knock on my door...

Rutgers Suspends Lacrosse Coach Amid Inquiry

Renewables Can’t Keep Up with the Growth in Coal Use Worldwide

How the Senate blocked background checks

The bombers family look so mess up

So, it they don't catch him tonight, or this weekend, does Boston stay shut down??

Homeowner question; re: driveways...

These are the things I'm having trouble with on this

Rep. Peter King calls for increased surveillance of Muslims after Boston bombing

Oh, look. "Martial law" is over

Stay indoors order lifted

Governor Patrick: "The stay-indoors request is lifted. The T is open. Stay vigilant."

Boston Suspect Remains at Large; Lockdown Is Lifted

Am I the only one who thinks of the German military

At This News Conference - Why Don't They Talk Directly To White Hat.....

Fall out from violence, has left me shaken.

200 rounds: Details of firefight emerge as manhunt focuses on one suspect

So- did he get away?

Mother of Boston bombing suspects arrested last year for 'stealing $1,600 worth of clothes from Lord

Stupid press question #5555551125, "How'd he get away?"

American style melting pot multiculturalism failing?

My Mom just gave me a great new title for the NRA...

Texas fertilizer plant was storing highly explosive ammonium nitrate

So you can't become a citizen if you've been arrested for domestic violence

How Exactly Did Suspect#2 Escape A 200 Round Gun Fight On Foot???

"Atlantic Wire" has Best Recap of Today's Events in Boston

Openly Gay Man Confirmed as Air Force Under Secretary

@CBSNews: FBI now acknowledges they interviewed Tsarnaev 2 years ago at the request of

Any Chance Alex Jones' "US Gov Did Boston" Idiocies Will Give Pause To DU's LIHOP & JFK CT Crowd?

Can You Make It Through Without Happycrying

Are they looking for a ghost? IMO, he bled out under a car or in someones backyard.

Owner of West Fertilizer Plant Says 'Heart is Broken'

NZ MP's hilarious gay marriage speech

On NPR this morning they said Tamerlan had a 3 year old daughter ?????

Msnbc : The bombers background

Nestle trying to patent a Herbal Medicine known for a Thousand Years.

Lesbian couple win anti-discrimination suit against Honolulu B&B

MA Police Superintendent: Suspect Escaped On Foot

Up to this point, I have been very impressed…

For Boston Suspects, Was Chechnya’s Violent Past a Motive?

Does anyone remember if DC shut down during the Sniper Attacks?

Inerpol Issues Global Security Alert Over Boston Bombing

tonight's drinking game

'Cowards' Billboard Lights Up Boston Skyline in Wake of Blasts (Courtesy: Local 103 IBEW)

how many first responders in West, Texas were Democrats, vilified and slandered by AG Abbott

China leads in the CO2 sweepsteaks

Series of shots and a bunch of police cars in Watertown. CNN

CNN reporting shots fired in Watertown

Family of dead suspect's wife issues statement

Can someone please explain why Harry Reid can not bring up the gun background..

Dzokhar Tsarnaev Had An Ordinary School Day Wednesday

Interesting graphic of ocean heat

My boys have been framed, father of Boston suspects says

Chechnya region is known as cauldron of Islamic militancy

Texas Explosion: At Least 60 People Still Unaccounted For

Channel 5 is reporting a body found in a boat in a Watertown backyard

Hot meals are on the way via The Ultimate Smoker & Grill.

Suspect pinned down * Live- Scanner Link * ... SUSPECT IN CUSTODY

Gentlepeople, Start Your Weekend! April 19-21, 2013

Jon Stewart nailed the Republican gun argument to the wall.

Just curious about First Amendment rights in Warertown...

"His legs are moving"

Breaking: gushots in watertown, fbi/cops say STAY INSIDE again

They're about to catch this Son of a Bitch! They have him cornered.

NBC reporting shots fired in Watertown

SUSPECT IS CORNERED FBI's firing gas now

Suspect Arrested in The Double Homicide of Chavistas Jose Luis Ponce and Rosiris Reyes

They may have him *Breaking*

It's HIM--Body (or BLOOD--conflicting report) found in boat in Watertown backyard on Franklin Street

Anyone else having a hard time getting sound on the Rusian Tsarni video after the 1st 2 min or so?

Marathon spectator in iconic photo loses both legs

CBS: FBI questioned Tamerlan Tsarnaev two years

USA TODAY founder Al Neuharth dies at 89

scanner saying to evacuate police out of line of fire....

They're bringing in armored trucks to a house in Watertown Ma.


There's an old curse, Chinese or Yiddish or possibly something else:

Body found in boat - Pete Williams

radio silence - thjey're going in

Canned Heat Sampler

he's still moving in the boat

Homegrown Brand of Eco-feminism...

CBSNews: JUST IN: Agent on scene tells Bob Orr that police haven't entered boat or determined if an

CBS Live coverage of scene....very good stuff.

Rush jams into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

I apologize. Last night I was a jerk

I read this on Fark, it was a winner in some kind of twitter contest I think.

scanner mentioned "Purple Intrepid" - I owned an Intrepid,

Family with kids unable to evacuate. Communicating by phone.

I hope the suspect makes a full recovery...

If someone checks your home while you are away,,,

"Not to fire your weapon. Not to fire your weapon."

Mother of Marathon Bombers: 9/11 Truth Advocate?

Here is Bing Maps view of the house and the boat!

scanner - pulling cover off the boat - no movement

Sitting up, flailing about, lots of movement!

scanner - he just sat up in the boat and he has a 5 gallon tank on the boat

Suspect just sat up in the boat. Is Flailing about. Still alive as of 18:40 Central standard

Off the wall programming problem

I hope they try and take this kid alive.....

Paging Aristus! White Courtesy Phone, please!

Boat may be on fire. nt

scanner "fire ont he boat", now silent

FBI Interviewed Older Brother 2 years ago

Chris and his buddy

All I can say is...

what is

They just shot him

He's going to need a bigger boat.

scanner - no flames on boat, 2 flashbangs, no movement

Just praying there are no more innocent lives lost

Channel 5 Boston, ABC, has streaming video

Heard on CBS,

To everyone who wanted us to throw out our Constitution to imprison innocent Americans...

Scanner "guys from up top want to negotiate" ? anybody hear that?

Tweety is really not good at this. At times he's frustrated because things are not moving fast