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Half of locked-out Crystal workers to return to work

MacIver Lied! The Madison-based group, which publishes items supportive of conservative causes --

Disaster compensation expert Feinberg appointed to run Boston fund

Why seniors are already suffering from inadequate COLAS and chained CPI would

The Prayin Coach At City Council Last Night

Who do you prefer: Barack Obama or Ronald Reagan?

Rage against the patriarchy, Dr. Nikita Levy, and the devaluation of black women

GUNS? Fuck Yeah!

Navasota teen charged after bomb threat at high school

Things that do cause rape...

Warren, Cowan, and Kerry eulogize victims

Finally, good comes from wars

Gohmert says radical Muslims are training to ‘act like Hispanics’ to get into the U.S.

Lifted from Facebook: UltraViolet's photo on the Senate and today's decision.

There's one happy guy in DC, anyway...

Report Finds Proof That U.S. Tortured Detainees After 9/11

Lee County (MS) Judge Sadie Holland received letter similar to Wicker, Obam

Try Being MORE Respectful?

Papantonio: Torture Is America’s New Identity

Help please does anybody have a link to "the gun background check vote" today?

Gun bill. Anyone have the list of who voted against it? TIA. n/t

Pull plug on Florida's nuclear tax

The Postman who built a Palace made of Pebbles

MSNBC is clowning on CNN and FAUX news reporting

Dayton Air Show: Cancel a display to celebrate the dropping of the atomic bomb

This is Martin, 8.

History Channel's "The Bible" in Under 10 Minutes - (but just parts 1 & 2)

2 Petitions to MPs: Vote to stop FIPA

Need to Test the World's Largest Particle Accelerator? Try a Ping-Pong Ball

Report: Pentagon requesting $395.9 million to buy Israel more Iron Dome batteries

It is precisely times like this that make me glad Obama is President

For the Love of God, Just Call It a Filibuster

British woman, 21, faces life in jail after leading gang who murdered teen falsely accused of rape

Why can't congress get gun control legislation done?

Gohmert: Radical Muslims ‘being trained to come in and act like Hispanics’

Star Wars actor Richard LeParmentier dies (lack of faith commander)

HADOKEN-ing Is Japan's Hottest New Meme And It Is Awesome

Citing Boston bombings, next week’s dedication of Bush library, Dallas police urge public to report

FDR Signs The Social Security Act

Miranda Legislative Council gives 24 hour ultimatum to Capriles

New Zealand House of Reps bursts into song after legalizing same-sex marriage

May I have this dance?

Yamaha Vocaloid Keyboard - Play Miku Songs Live!

Gabrielle Giffords, April 17, 2013

A Fighter for the Public Interest at the FCC

83 dead and another 163 wounded . . . . and no headlines about it.

'Instapundit' Prof. Glenn Reynolds wins Asshole of the Year, tweeting to Gabby Giffords

Repubs may be playing with fire?

Boy Scout leader fired for being gay delivers 64,000 petition for scouts to drop anti-gay policy

Next time a gun lover says they want to keep guns away from criminals...

Greetings future humans! I am a time traveler from 2005!

Tim Conway on Carol Burnett telling an elephant story

Witness Claims He Was Fired After Xmas-did not decorate Christmas cakes


Does anyone have a good recipe for squash and/or zucchini?

What shows are you watching now? I just finished the Sopranos and am watching M*A*S*H. It is

Maduro to the US: "Don't recognize anything. Your recognition does not matter to us,"

Danziger Nails Congress on Gun Control Failure

Toon- NRA's Trophy

Why is Max Baucus still chairman of the Senate Finance Committee?

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Church Night! Losing My Religion

Free smiles for all here:

UK McD's to source pork from farms that meet strict animal welfar criteria

Time to put our money where our mouths are. It's all they understand.

This website is apparently from the Ricin mailer

These Soldiers Did the Boston Marathon Wearing 40-Pound Packs.

Two words for those announcing that they are registering as Independents.

Currently On HuffPo's Home Page...

Dumbest Lawsuit bought against a famous person (Garth Brooks)

Street-level video of Thatcher funeral

Hate to say it, but I was right about needing the pictures of Newtown.

Boston STRONG! With the Boston Bruins!

For anyone who needs proof: "84% of Americans favor background checks..."

Mitch McConnell posted this to his Facebook page for all the grieving victims of gun violence to see

You might know, Batshit Crazy Michelle Bachmann managed to get airtime at Thatcher's funeral

Best off-season transaction of 2012-2013?

Overheard Conversation between RWers, Re: The Marathon Bombing ...

Breaking on CNN

If not now, when?

Oh, Goody... I have cyber stalkers

Some were asking how we could be so sure Chained CPI would never be accepted by Repukes

What was the problem with the background check amendment?

Just Fuck

Hugs to Boston~

*Rachel interview w Patricia Maisch

Can we import an avatar?

Run to Boston challenge: Dedicate your miles to the victims (SUBMISSION FORM INCLUDED!)

Happy about the Republican victory? I understand. It's nice to see one's party win.

Big Media as a news source is risking becoming obsolete.

Breaking: Explosion in Waco

I need a kitten thread...

Let's take a page from the Club for Growth Playbook.. Defeat Baucus.

Google will brick Google Glasses if owners resell or loan them out


Tucson Shooting Survivor Yells "Shame on You" at Senators as They Sink Manchin-Toomey

No conspiracy theories...but strange that Texas had two major explosions today

Explosion Rocks Fertilizer Plant During Fire

OP-ed by Gabby Giffords: A Senate in the Gun Lobby’s Grip

54-46 We Won The Vote - Harry Reid Has To Go!

AWESOME Natonal Anthem at Boston Bruins-Buffalo Sabres Game

Revision of gmo health threat news.

Urgent meeting of Unasur in Lima to express support for Venezuela’s Maduro

What do you pray for?

It gets worse: How the gun lobby has already blocked Boston’s bombing investigators

The ricin suspect wrote a long ripoff report in 2007 which contains clues as to his mental state.

Unintended Consequences Edition 1735: How prison reform failed

Gabby Gifford's just-published NYT op-ed: A Senate in the Gun Lobby’s Grip - Shame on them.

Criminals will get guns anyway...

Scramble an egg inside it's shell...Here's a neat trick

Who believes ...

They Decided Their Re-Elections Trump Our Safety

Mother Jones: How H1B Visas Screw Tech Workers

Riverbend's memorable post from 2003 about her country before we invaded.

Capriles calls for cacerolazos while Maduro calls for... fireworks

Good lord- check out these pictures from that Waco explosion:

Mid-week pause that refreshes. What everybody drinking tonight?

Scalia Escalates His Criticism The Of Voting Rights Act

Pierre Etaix DVD coming soon.

NE: Medicaid bill stalled by filibuster


Richard Wolff: How Class Works

"Shocker: 70 Percent Say GOP Not ‘In Touch With Most Americans’"

Meet Ricin Mailer Paul Kevin Curtis.

"A Fertilizer Plant Just Exploded Near Waco, Texas"

Group says major companies involved in tax scheme

We need to stop pretending we live in a Democracy

Student charged with urinating in St. Joseph teacher's coffee pot

Why bother?

Over? Did you say its over?

With what happened with the vote today, we need to think of 2014 and...

You can scroll, and scroll, and scroll...

Further gun control failed because of the people, not the NRA.

Tried the 1:1 image aspect today.

Florida to be among first states to regulate drones

George Beverly Shea - sang at Billy Graham Rallies Dies at 104


Fuck. The explosion in West, TX: Ammonium Nitrate + water

Thank you right-wingers for registering here in such big numbers today.

Obama ricin threats suspect complained on Facebook "We removed prayer from schools in 62"

We donated to the Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND) campaign TWICE through Act Blue last year

The Great Security Delusion

"I will pet him and call him 'George'."

Christopher Dorner gun being auctioned in North Las Vegas for charity

Letter from Venezuela: After Chavez, country on brink of an all-out showdown between the two halves

Smething went wrong with my jury duty

Aaron Brown on CNN’s bad day: John King will “have the hardest time sleeping tonight”

I would hope the President got the message, the repukes hate him, and will do everything to prevent

Texas fertilizer plant explosion: "every house within about four blocks is blown apart,”

Southland is utterly must see tonight

Awesomeness going on over at Mitch McConnell's facebook pag (i know some of you are doing this too!)

Texas Sodomy Law Repeal Bill Passes 5-0 Out of Senate Committee

Jon Stewart is having way to much

Where Is Pat Robertson?

Senators from a dozen states split on background check bill

USPS losing $25 million daily, waiting for Congress to fix ‘broken business model’

So Lawrence...

Love this - in honor of Mike Carp's three hits tonight, the All Fish Team!

Bush's Greatest Fear

Report Urges White House to Rethink Iran Penalties

It's very simple: If you want new gun control laws, you need the cooperation of legal gun owners.

Gold price fall points to global deflation

Ice Cream’s Identity Crisis

Ice Cream's Idenity Crisis

Congress Quietly Repeals Congressional Insider Trading Ban

Speaking of Texas Ammonium Nitrate disasters

320 people a day

Caught on Camera: Fertilizer plant explosion near Waco

Japan's population suffers biggest fall in history

Stewart Tears Apart CNN For ‘Completely F*cking Wrong’ Boston Reporting: ‘Human Centipede Of News’

It really was that bad.

Is the suspect the new "Tim" McVeigh?

Tax Analysts from BOTH the Right & the Left Agree Brownback's Tax Plan is WORST in U.S.

Our senator Dumbass (Wisconsin, Ron Johnson,) is a COWARD.

Shameful. From the White House

Anyone seen "Bicycle Dreams"?

Don't Know How Google+ Works, But Look At This User Review From Waco Fertilizer Plant.

Oh Boy, is My English Teacher Gonna be PISSED!

Was In A Local Store In Westminster, Colorado Yesterday And This Gun Nut Was Openly Carrying A Gun

Hundreds Believed Injured In Texas Fertilizer Plant Blast

Boston Bruins Fans Tonight. Amazing.

White privilege is knowing that even if the Boston Marathon bomber turns out

Fertilizer Explosion in Texas

Today's vote in Congress on gun legislation won a majority vote.But because of Repubs it required 60

Tax Analysts from BOTH RIGHT AND LEFT AGREE which TAX PLAN is WORST in U.S.

Best. Survivor. Ever!!! n/t

Anyone remember the politically subversive 60s rock band the MC5?

Over the 38 years that I have been voting Democrat...

Boston. Has. The. Best. Fans. In. The. World.

Some GOPPER Political Official Today Essentially Told The Sandy Hook Parents To Get Fucked

Thread for West. All good intentions and wishes for our Texas brothers and sisters.

It's very simple: If you want new anti-Jim Crow laws, you need to cooperate with Segregationists.

Having A Fertilizer Plant In A Residential Area Is Insane. Throw In A Nursing Home...

Carter Bloodcare is saying that their greatest need is blood

Anderson Cooper takes a swipe at John King?

Could someone tell me who Paul Kevin Curtis is?...

France recognizes Maduro

NY Times Front Page April 17, 1947

But when I do...

Oh, it is very simple indeed.

Are you active in your local Democratic Party

I need some confirmation that Harry Reid is still on our team.

What the HELL is going on!

Former chief of staff to break silence on Michele Bachmann

Tonight Rachel ran down 4-5 stories, any one of which

Active Duty Soldier Illegally Disarmed and Arrested


Disaster After Disaster Could Be The New Norm - Just What The GOP Likes - It's Obama's Fault

Venezuelan Judiciary Questions Opposition's Attitude

USGS reported a 2.1 earthquake at the fertilizer plant when it exploded

Correa Has 90 Percent Public Approval Rating

Clemson University Study Finds Beer Pong Balls Are Bacteria Death Traps

Texans are being asked to contact and go to Carter Blood Care centers as soon as possible:

I just entered a sweepstates for "Lunch at Olive Garden for a Year"

National Lawyers Guild urges Obama to recognize new Maduro government

I don't know the time-line. I am not second guessing this case.

"Poop-in" on Lindsey Graham's Facebook page - X-post from Lounge

Just saw this stat: "54,000 pounds of anhydrous ammonia" in the plant

How do you prevent anxiety spikes. Overreactions? (For those who suffer from anxiety related issues)

Ever google an old username that you used to use?

Televangelist Peter Popoff Investigation

NBC news DFW says there will be a press conference, 6am central by the authorities in West, Tx

'How MLK became an angry black man'

To me this is the most fascinating, hottest, man alive!

Kim Jong-un falls victim to mockery

Sick sick sick

Musharraf on The Run After Bail Cancellation

Do you find that you really dislike some very popular things ?

Miss. man accused of mailing suspected ricin described conspiracy theory involving body parts

Having a bad day

Democracy Now: Venezuela Accuses U.S. of Plotting Coup After Deadly Post-Election Protests

Many Texan cities and counties have weak zoning laws$$

*West explosion story on MSNBC now.

Has anyone asked the question about arson in reference to the West Fertilizer Co explosion?

Twitter Handles Of The Senators Who Voted No On Background Checks Bill

Is it possible to add a notation feature to our Ingore List?

April may be the cruelest month…

McConnell taunts Reid on Facebook

West Fertilizer Co.

perhaps a self-fulfilling accusation

Man of Steel - Official Trailer 3 [HD]

Correa recognizes Maduro, but says counting votes will end instability.

Does anyone else see similarities between King Jeoffrey to George W.Bush....

Human Rights Watch, right on cue

My Yamaha and I are in an abusive relationship.

Best Memes Mocking Gun Nuts

Star Wars - The Old Republic - Movie

Begich, Pryor, Heitkamp, Baucus

North Korea sets preconditions for talks' restart

Question for DU fertilizer "experts" on the West explosion...

Lions could become extinct in 10-20 years

Deadly Opposition Violence in Venezuela: The First Major Destabilization Attempt Since 2002-03

West Fertilizer Plant report to EPA: No Danger of fire or explosion

Horrific video of West explosion (warning loud noise):

If you have not seen the video clip of the explosion, watch it to get an idea of the power:

Young adult fiction: CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS

Jenny Sanford is pissed and she is working behind the scenes to smack Mark:

Bolivia Will Recover 300 Per Cent nvestment In Dakar Motor Rally

Hide and be careful in the week of Hitler's birthday: April 20th. It's what I told my kid for years.

April 18: Animal Crackers Birthday

Toxic cloud and wildfire threat

Baraka - simply amazing photography

Missouri State House panel adopts right-to-work (for less) bill

After monitoring every minute of CNN

Cacerolazo vs fireworks

Historic psalm book could fetch $30m

Support WalMart workers all along the supply chain

DUpost on JK by Al Giordano

Malwarebytes cripples thousands of computers with faulty software security update

April 19th is the anniversary

NY Times oped on Keystone XL, Nebraska, and citizen activists

Chavistas claim police infiltrators, wind up with egg on their face:

After makeover, Bodie Island Lighthouse to open

Later. Don't bother me now!

I saw a photo from the Boston bombing scene on Morning Joe Scum

A Senate in the Gun Lobby’s Grip ~ Gabrielle Giffords - NYT

Good LORD even Morning Joe is calling out the GOP this morning

Future of fossil fuels: Back-up for renewables

Why we failed and lost round 1

Joe Scum VERY upset with the 4 DEMS who voted against gun bill....

Report: Saudi National Ruled Out as ‘Suspect’ in Boston Marathon Bombings to Be Deported

Greece farm shooting: 30 injured in pay dispute

For those calling for Harry Reid's head...

I just can't believe that in 2013, articles like this are written.

"...a primal scream against Washington and the Senate that won’t ebb anytime soon"

Plan for new Cyprus vote casts uncertainty on bailout

Father and daughter, former Nebraskans, ran marathon, then raced to help others

The suspect is being described as white male 6'2.

Waco-area DUers: Everyone okay?

Ever Google an image related to your username.

Mika is putting up the faces and names of those who voted against background checks.

Wisconsin: 10 Reasons for the Tea Party's Cancelled Tax Day Event

Are Heaven and Hell the same?

National GOP abandons Mark Sanford

Gun control backers: Senate defeat won't stop us

Bush Library Opens

The harm it must do - the endless TV 24 hour MSM news cycle during disasters....

Joey Scar is flat-out SAVAGING the NRA and all those who voted against ...

Lord Wolfson, CEO of Next, Donates 3.5 Million in Bonus to Employees.

Harry Reid allowed this to happen.

Just a friendly reminder... if you can donate blood, please do.

Google Glasses - How will Google enforce this?

This poem says a lot.

My balls are even more impressive than you remember

Wash Post editorial: Maduro shoves aside democracy

You know, I haven't seen or heard from Eric Cantor for a good while.

Major news outlets saying pictures of two suspects will be released later today.

States threaten lawsuit to force EPA to issue power plant rules

Morning Joe: their non-stop posting of the "cowards" that voted NO on the background check

Missouri senator says ‘food Nazis’ block chili suppers

Old and New Media Team Up to Lay Bare Maduro’s CDI-Attack Lie

"You've disappointed me, and there will be consequences."

Yahoo is for shit

how does an Elvis impersonator get ricin?

Hillary Clinton reacts to Boston bombing

Jobless claims inch higher

Could you be bribed???

They don't seem too intimidated

Some people shame their children, others shame their Kitteh's?????

New Rule

Blast plant fined for lack of risk management plan, claimed ‘no fire danger’

Father of Newtown victim: We will not be defeated.

Concealed Carry across state lines - the Fugitive Slave Act of the 21st Century?

"If at first you don't succeed with an Arab guy, try, try again."

Why we lost. Why we didn't.

I saw in the USA Today that Harry Reid voted no on the Gun bill So he could reintroduce

CNN graphic changed from "Suspect Under Arrest" to "Wouldn't It Be Cool If There Was A Suspect Under

See Who's up For Election 2014

Professor Arrested for Swearing at Graphic Anti-Abortion Display

Gallup, Jan. 2013: Americans Back Obama's Proposals to Address Gun Violence

On gun control, courage in short supply

First, They Raped Her Body. Then They Raped Her Soul. Now, They are Spitting on Her Grave

"This Song Sucks."

LGBT overachievers

What a shitty week it's been.

Senators who voted for and against gun safety: here’s when they’re up for re-election

Rick Perry Will Have A Press Conference Today ----- From Austin......

Thursday TOON Roundup 1 - Gun Vote

Chills from Boston

Report: FBI to release video of two suspects in Boston bomb attack

Thursday TOON Roundup 2-Media stooges and Boston

My state (Florida) overwhelmingly supported universal background checks.

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest

While GOP celebrates today

Ex-Chief Of Staff To Confirm Bachmann Finance Allegations

Senators voting against background checks, it's obvious your career is more important than children

Making sweeping, generalized statements is usually a bad idea, but in this case...

I wish that the mods could/would fix it so you could rec a post.

Political Ad Idea

Heavy rain in Chicago, April 2013

This picture both saddens and inspires me.

If Obama were as forceful on Economic Justice issues as he is on Guns, I'd be 100 percent for him

Chicago: Massive Rains Create Widespread Flooding, Delays

Tea party (California) blasts 'amnesty'. "Won't vote for another republican if this passes."

Scan and frisk may be a better solution to urban gun violence

One Million Moms is at it again

2014 is now imperative.

Huge outpouring of grief in Edinburgh .... for Margaret Thatcher's funeral

Perry: Come to Texas where your business won't be burdened with regulations.

They didn't call 9/11 families 'props' when Bush deployed them

Robert Reich: The Dis-Uniting of America

One of the best renditions of the national anthem EVER!

Bomber prediction

Have Senators Cornyn and Cruz asked for federal disaster relief for the West explosion?

Bombing Investigation Severely Hampered by NRA! Demand Congress ACT!

Can you fix it so that we can recommend an individual post? Lots of times

On this date in 1775

Politicians care more about what other politicians think than what the people who voted for them do.

Can you Believe This??! Mortgage Relief Checks Go Out, Only to Bounce

The Great Photoshop War of 2013

Too Many Black-Hispanic-Gay-Islamic-Men Want Abortions and Access to Healthcare!!!

Look at West, Texas on Google Maps

CARTOON: Gun Rights -- A Matter Of Checks And Balances!

When news breaks...CNN is there

LaPierre clutches his new trophy

McConnell Blames ‘Dirty’ Obama Allies For Secret Recording In New Ad

Damn evil Muslims

West Michiganders stay safe: Big storm coming in.

The United States Congress, Official Portrait 2013

CNN to Change Name

Zoning needs to take dangerous industries into account when granting building permits.

Former chief of staff to break silence on Michele Bachmann

We need to replace the NRA with the RHA, Responsible Hunter Association.

I'm watching the news from Texas and it seems like no one is too upset. It is worse than Boston but

Silicon Valley is lying about the state of U.S. tech education

American Environmental Landfill project uses methane to make electricity

Gut Check Time: Who have I pissed off lately?

A somber thank you to Senators Manchin and Toomey.

What the DNC needs to do right now


Oh to be a fly on the wall when Rick Perry has to ask Obama for emergency relief.

New McConnell ad links Obama "allies" to secret recording

The gun measure failed because of dumb filibuster rules...

Republicans and their hypocrisy

I think the big losers were America's schoolchildren, not the WH, you fucking insane pig.

HUffPo is plastering RIcin Guy's "Christian Democrat" pic all over Facebook

A Shameful Day in the Senate - by Michael Tomasky

Regarding the media coverage of the Boston bombing and misinformation, what is worse?

Pic Of The Moment: How A Bill Doesn't Become A Law

Media Hails Sender of 'Ricin Letters' For 'Bipartisanship'

Politics vs. Photos of Kittens

Different Contexts for the Berlin Wall, or Where is Ronald Reagan?

I'm tired of reading bad news. Meet Einstein, the bird at the Knoxville Zoo

At what point does Congress reach its "USE BY" date?

"Be ye not afraid" - Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment **UPDATE: Bill passed last night**

The Taliban: We Didn’t Do It

lanny davis was on Stephaniie Miller this morning, and it dawned on me it was because of idiots like

Conservative bloggers on gun control: 'We win'

We probably need to see a couple more school shootings first, admit US Senators

Repubs have tried, what, 34 times now to repeal Obamacare?

California Man Describes Night Wife Cut off Penis

Deploying news resources to News Zones often makes for bad news

We're surrounded by idiots.

The best career advice you’ll never hear in a graduation speech

One Angry Girl: Myths of Porn.

New York Post repeatedly misidentifies Boston suspects

Remaking the Federal Reserve, Building Public Banks and Opting Out of Wall Street

Short Joke...about her 40th Birthday..

Warning: Chinese Local Debt Could Create Bigger Crisis than US Housing Implosion

Kinda funny that the cable network "news" stations only faux noise isn't covering the Boston

Harry Reid

Max Baucus, the person who insured the ACA did not have a public auction, now helps insure that

U.S. Infant Mortality Rate Fell Steadily From ’05 to ’11

Howard Zinn speaks on Emma Goldman, Anarchism and War Resistance

'Living fossil' coelacanth genome sequenced

"Take me off your mailing list. Freak."

Let's burn some books! (How to change the conversation and beat the Tea Party)

"Thank you."

Moms Demand Action!

mitch mconnell gloats on face book. I wonder...

Guns and bombs

Mobile apps bring religion to your fingertips

About the Boston Memorial service...

NH legislator sorry for calling women 'vaginas'

#PrayForBoston: Prayer as a Meme

Political Cartoon: Climatic Ending to "Dead Zone"

Why Newtown Wasn’t Enough - By John Dickerson

Insider Trading in DC Just Got Easier

Should atheists fight for religion in government?

Philly Fed Disappoints as Indicators Point to Economic Rut

Statement of Lucha de Clases, Marxist Tendency of the PSUV

Statement of Lucha de Clases, Marxist Tendency of the PSUV

Former Celtic Ray Allen has friend who lost leg in bombing.

"...the bombs bursting in air gave proof through the night that our flag was still there."

Independent Foreclosure Review Fiasco: OCC and Fed Decided Not to Find Harm

this group is awesome.

Zoning and/or Safety Regulation

Gay police officer featured on Boston Marthon bombing SI cover

Lawrence O’Donnell: NRA Hindering Boston Bombing Investigation

Consumer Comfort in U.S. Reaches Five-Year High as Finances Heal

Boston Children's Choir

For all the first responders at our various tragedies --

Howard Dean prediction

Fake Elvis and medical Body Parts

Citizens United II (The Sequel)?! It's coming...

U.S. Winter-Wheat Freeze Tonight Seen Compounding Threat to Crop

West, TX Home in Rubble

President Obama speaking live from Boston...

Kevin Curtis's (ricin suspect) complaint against North MS Medical Center

New Browns owner the truckstop tycoon in hot water with Feds

England Dan & John Ford Coley: Love Is The Answer

Headline Howler: It’s always opposite day at The Economist

Begich Explains Background Check ‘No’ Vote: We Shouldn’t Legislate With Our Emotions

Obama speaking in Boston now (12:04pm EST)

Here are all the companies and institutions that have never had a woman in charge

I don't get it, re: bombing suspect photo

The Wall of Shame

Pakistan’s former president Pervez Musharraf is now a fugitive from justice

Rep. Steve King Denounces ‘Aggressive And Outrageous Amnesty’

"The President's budget, Among Other Things, Cuts the Home Heating Program by 14%." - Grayson. Why?

Israel Bars Gaza Runners From Bethlehem Marathon

Note: ALL gun owners support the NRA.

Today in Peace and Justice history on April 18, 1960

Today in Peace and Justice history on April 18, 1960

“….we are going to get this right, the memories of these children demand it”

Gun control’s failure is great news for the firm trying to sell America’s largest gun company

Drug Czar: No State Can Nullify Federal Marijuana Ban

Anyone have any experience with a US fiance visa?

Why didn't Bloombergs money work?

Kerry Blames Iran For Attack On Iraq Camp

What did we actually lose in the failure of the Manchin-Toomey amendment?

HELP! To any 'Southland' fans...

Can you name all these cartoon cats?

Texas City...a lesson to those who say "it can't happen here"

wordpress question

Beautiful sentiment from our POTUS speaking now in Boston

Does the "Trash this thread" function have a duration of time associated with it?

Union Pacific reports record first quarter

Is Organic Better? Ask a Fruit Fly

Let's talk about fecal transplantation


The difference between a Democracy and a Republic?

They need to create a feature for the tv

i do not know where to ask. what would a reasonable interest rate be

The Rapidly Diminishing Returns of Outrage at Guns

Where's Mittens?

The week is not over yet and

GOPPER In Ohio - Fine Teachers $5000 If They Encourage Gateway Sex -

Goodhair's Texas: A Right to (Die at) Work state.

Dumb Criminals: New York Law Firm Employee Embezzles $376K of Copier Toner

As If We Needed Another Boob Story Out Of England: Nipple Tattoos On The Rise

Hagel, Dempsey Warn of Involvement in Syria

Lesbian Catholic school teacher fired after mother's death because obit listed her partner

President Obama at Memorial Service: 'We will finish the race'

Japanese Micro Brewery Sells Elepahnt Poop Beer

This (Mark + Gabby)

Police: Burglary suspect fell asleep in bar

Janet Napolitano smacks down repuke Jeff Duncan...

Venezuela election: Mother of seven murdered sons says time for change

PSUV chavista deputy scrutinizes those in Missiones who don't follow chavismo

Anti-euro party offers alternative to German voters frustrated by bailouts and Nazi jibes

Israel: Mistakes Made In War, But No Criminal Charges In Deadly Gaza Strike

Suspect in wheelchair arrested, cherry tomatoes covering... well, read for yourself

Question about Auto-trash by Keyword

Baucus Explains Opposition To Background Checks: ‘Montana’

Venezuela: the wealth of Chavez family exposed

Oliver North just has to make something up...

You know why this new "conservative" news outlet is called "Rare?"

New video of Texas explosion and damage to area.

Schools in West, TX were closed two weeks ago due to fire at the plant

We don't have to live with it.

Ex-Husker gets probation for faking anti-gay crime

I couldn't say it better myself.

Did we raise a sexist daughter?

DiFi's quixotic quest to ban 'assault' weapons is getting some heat from gun control supporters

two amedments voted on today passed by wide margins

US Vs North Korea from Tom the Dancing Bug

NASA to announce new Kepler discovery: Watch it live 11am PT/2pm ET

"Everyone's a suspect" Tom the Dancing Bug from 1996

Mitch McConnell, unhinged

Obama Calls Boston Bombing Perpetrators ‘Small, Stunted Individuals’

Hysterical buzzfeed regarding CNN's coverage yesterday.

Open letter to Congress, the Senate and the Supreme Court

I wonder why it's taking so long to release pictures of Boston's "persons of interest"?

This 2001 Onion piece on Max Baucus just gets more and more true

What is the criteron for joining NRA? Can people join who don't own a gun?

More Senators Vote To Loosen Gun Laws Than Tighten Them

In win for Shell, U.S. top court curbs human rights claims

Courageous Senators Stand Up to American People

Obama In Boston: ‘They Picked The Wrong City’ To Terrorize

Baucus Explains Opposition To Background Checks: ‘Montana’

Windows is Dying...

Chagossians suffer blow in fight to go home as court rejects WikiLeak cable

What happened to the victims in these 3 iconic Boston Marathon bombing photos?

Thom Hartmann: Does Torture Nullify American Exceptionalism?

Minnesota "conservative" radio talk show host tells Newtown families to "go to hell."

Did anyone happen to be listening to Ed Schultz on radio today at 12 noon (eastern?)

Sure leaders should condemn terrorists, but what should they say to would-be terrorists?

US House of Representatives passes CISPA cybersecurity bill

Ugh...just got an email from my brother with a link to infowars

Mike Lee: Why I voted against background checks

Ride a Lama

Brittney Griner acknowledges she's a Lesbian; "just be who you are"

Scalia Escalates His Criticism The Of Voting Rights Act (X posted at GD)

This is to anyone who accuses the Sandy Hook parents of being used as "props" by the President:

AP-GfK Poll: Public Lacks Faith In Government, Opposes Changes To Medicare, Social Security

Did mental health advocates win or lose re: Manchin-Toomey?

Mississippi Elvis Impersonator Charged With Sending Poisoned Mail To Officials

ALOHA Boston!

The gun lobby flat out LIED in their ads opposing the background check legislation

Anonymous...Our Freedom Fighters...

Nonbelievers Excluded from Interfaith Service, Despite Two Humanist Victims in Monday’s Bombing

State Reciprocity

Headlight flashing prosecution prompts lawsuit

A letter I sent today to Sens. Baucus, Heitkamp, Begich and Pryor

New DCCC Ad Mocks Mark Sanford’s Mistress Scandal

What's for Dinner ~ Thursday April 18th

The 45 Senators who blocked Background Checks:

New DCCC Ad Mocks Mark Sanford’s Mistress Scandal

Do we really "need" these so-called Democrats?

Women’s Basketball Star Brittney Griner Comes Out Of The Closet

MSNBC: NRA "in the Business of Helping Bombers Get Away With Their Crimes"

Facebook Page for 1130 AM, home station for Bob Davis who told Sandy Hook familes to "Go to Hell"

President Obama's remarks at interfaith prayer service, Cathedral of the Holy Cross, Boston

Give the Devil his due

Keystone XL Supporters and Critics Square off in Nebraska

New York City Council Members Rebuke Mayor Bloomberg's Exploitation of Boston Attack

I am hungry.

Who's a good boy!

Question for members of Disability Group...

Data privacy: What your zip code reveals about you

Tim Wise on White Privilege and the Boston Marathon Bombing

3 new planets could host life

Oh Joy!!!! Mitt Romney To Speak About Boston Bombing At 6pm ET

Mossad seeks new recruits via social networks

How to Become Internet Famous for $68

I have decided to follow the low fat Swank diet for my MS.

Lion of Hollywood: The Life and Legend of Louis B. Mayer, by Scott Eyman

NY Post strikes again.Claims police are looking for 2 high school runners,

So, what quote from President Obama has Fox "News" taken out of context today? N/t

Psychology Today - Does Pornography Cause Social Harm?

Okla. House leader utters derogatory slur during debate

Reid to shelve Senate gun legislation for now

Papantonio: Obama’s Rich Guy Club Runs America

Zetas Cartel Wants to Recruit Your Kids

Teen: I Am Not the Boston Marathon Bomber

Fox's Oliver North Attacks Obama Over Visit To Boston For Marathon Memorial Service

Everyone OK?

Last weekend the 16 year old kid across the street...

Facebook's big misogyny problem

Mika is really pissed about the gun control vote:

GOP and Guns: Just Digging a Hole - By: John Zogby

If'n you take my gun away I'll ______! *sniff* *sniff*

How can we lose $400,000,000,000 a year without raising any eyebrows?

Is the NRA helping bombers get away with their crimes?

Thom Hartmann: How to Create a Right Wing Terrorist

Right-wing media crowing about the gun bill vote...

More Children in Greece Are Going Hungry

It's looking like the Boston bombings were a Conspiracy

France threatens to block start of EU/U.S. free trade talks

Texas fertilizer plant was fined for poor safety,

It Took Two Whole Days for a Random Muslim to Get Assaulted in Boston

Landmark Court Victory Against Fracking in California

Rush To Rubio: Isn’t GOP ‘Committing Suicide’ Through Immigration Reform?

Capriles thugs burn down woman's home because she's a Chavez/Maduro supporter

I arbitrarily defined an arbitrary mathematical structure

Senator Roger Wicker had hired ‘Elvis’ facing threat charges


Dennis Johnson (R-Duncan, Oklahoma) -- "They might try to Jew me down

in the classroom

Hudson Taylor, Jackie Chan, Sarah Shahi come out of the closet.

No one ever says "people are going to die from terrorism, that's just the way it is."


New voter ID law could cost as much as $3.6 million to implement

Unequal Relationship

Reactionary Ricky Reacts To The Boston Marathon Bombings - A TMFS Sketch

Man assaults Muslim woman following reports of ‘dark-skinned’ Boston bombing suspect

Serious questions about pot smokers

Teach Your Children Well: A Guide to Gateway Sexual Behaviors

Tim Hwang Discusses The Awesome Foundation For The Arts And Sciences

The single most important step Congress could take to improve the lives of LGBT students

Paul McCartney adds voice to gun-control .

Just sent to the DCCC...

Homicidal Maniacs Rejoice As Senate Bends Over for NRA

Critically ill woman faces jail time if she goes forward with life-saving abortion

Jesus, This Week

I contributed today to the Gabby Giffords Organization ...

Obama hails Boston as 'one of the world's great cities' at memorial

My Suggestion About What to Do With The 5 Democrats Who Voted Against The Background Check Bill

Suicide Bomber Kills 27 in Baghdad Cafe: Officials

Give It Arrest

In Less Than An Hour We'll Have Pictures Of The Suspected Boston Bombers - Do You Think That They...

Demand there be no scans for weapons in government buildings. Claim they go against Constitutional

Remaking the Federal Reserve, Building Public Banks and Opting Out of Wall Street

GW student asks for injunction against principal over speaker

Republican outreach! Putting a human face on the party. Wow, they are just inches away . . .

this early on, NBC gives West Fertilizer a big pass: West Fertilizer had few violations, was pillar

Moroccan track fan labeled as terrorist bag man by the NY Post seeks to clear his name

A great quote from last night's episode of The Daily Show....

Spring, please

Rob Portman votes against gun control

"Lu Lingzi’s Journey to the Marathon"

DK x-post: Keystone East: Doubling down? Or admitting KXL defeat?

I' m clueless: what is a 'gungeoneer' , what is an 'alert on a post'?

Video of violent fascist attack on Tibisay Lucena

Robertson: 'Demonic' Dungeons & Dragons 'Literally Destroyed People's Lives'

Federal regulators fined Texas fertilizer plant in 2012 for safety violations

Gun control vote: all but three 'no' senators received pro-gun cash

Randi Rhodes: Report of a Dark Skinned man..

The Four Democrats Who Voted Against Background Checks (their reasons for voting no)

The more I think about it, the more it seems that there are some people who just love to hate

Need a little support for Friday AM appointment

'No alarms, automatic shutoff system or firewall'

Manchin: NRA Kept Background Checks Bill From Getting 70 Votes

Today is Ask An Atheist Day.

Internet Comes Up With 8.5 Million Leads On Potential Boston Bombing Suspect

Now That He Needs Disaster Relief, Barack Obama Is Rick Perry’s New Best Friend

Ego-theism: The Rise of the Non-Denominational, Secularly Religious American Novel


The right’s new Boston conspiracy theory

Gun control vote: all but three 'no' senators received pro-gun cash

Who was the Senator? Congressman? Who was grilling Napolitano about the

DK x-post in GD Keystone East: Doubling down? Or admitting KXL defeat?

Post editor on “Bag Men” cover: “We did not identify them as suspects”

It's stuff like this that bugs me about the explosion in Texas

*In moments, Boston briefing (msnbc)

Canada swipes at Venezuela in push for U.S. approval of Keystone

Britain, France claim Syria used chemical weapons

Thinking we need to call the four Dems who caved shamelessly to the NRA, "The Bloodbath Four"

Texas (Republican politicians) wants federal disaster aid it refused to give others

Bizarre Song Titles

The Internet's front page doesn't like being tarred as a vigilante. But it also knows it is guilty

Boston Marathon Memorial Speakers?

'Scouts seek models at Swedish anorexia clinic'

WATCH LIVE: FBI Briefing On Boston Bombings

Plant was cited in 2006 for lack of permit


BOSTON GLOBE: Authorities have clear video images of two suspects

Catholic Without a Church

Gymnast Says Group Gave Perv Coach a Pass

You Will Run Again

Since we don't have a picture yet, can we at least use the right color across the board?

Post-Election Sabotage: Washington Seeks to Destabilize Venezuela

Papantonio: Mainstream Media Helped Sell Bush’s Torture Plan

Pentagon War Budget Still Unknown

Oklahoma pol says he regrets 'Jew' insult

DU makes 62,000,000 posts. Congrats DU!

Texas wants federal disaster aid it refused to give others

clueless republicans

The sound of equality

Just now ABC news...

Updates on Investigation Into Multiple Explosions in Boston

Stay classy, National Review Online.

FBI releases photos, asks for public's help in identifying suspects (Boston)

More Problems for Carnival: Ecstasy Briefly Loses Power off Florida Coast

Secretary General of OAS, Ilsulza, recants. Drops request for a "recount"

FBI Releases: Surveillance Video Related to Boston Bombings (pics too)

Oklahoma Lawmaker Uses the Term ‘Jew Me Down’ and Everybody Laughs, Because Oklahoma

We form ourselves with every decision we make.

Pictures of Boston bombing suspects from the FBI. Updated w/video

Nicknames you really don't want right now: Suspect 1, Suspect 2

Pink Floyd album designer Storm Thorgerson dies

President Obama’s remarks at Boston interfaith prayer service (TRANSCRIPT)

Mayor: 35 killed in Texas fertilizer blast

Did anyone clearly hear with the nut job was screaming at the FBI Presser?

How long until Suspect 1 and Suspect 2 are either caught or killed

My mother went home from the hospital today.

Wanna go for a ride? Hop in! Please fasten your seatbelt.

South Carolina Woman Strips Down To Underwear At Anti-Littering Event

The responsibility is shared, yes, but not evenly.

New Jersey Woman Sues CVS for $1M for Racist Receipt

UK Juror Tells Facebook Friends He Wants To "Fuck Up A Pedophile", BUSTED

Scottish Mortician Accidentally Leaves Body In Van He Drops Off For Repairs

So I'm out shopping w. my son for sneakers the other day.

Please Come to Boston

Gay For Life? Apparently so, ‘Ex-Gay’ Superstar John Paulk comes out

David Axelrod outright told us that we have no representative gov't anymore

Jonathan Capehart: How much grief can we and Obama take?

Fancy That - Some RW Friends Of Ours Are Suddenly Supporters Of Obamacare

Well The Islamaphobes Cant Blame It On

Freeper reaction to Fox news guy saying the suspects in the photos are white:

"People have died ... There will be no impunity" (TSJ)

Hello everyone.

Rick "secession" Perry is a Welfare Queen

Storm Thorgerson: Pink Floyd album cover designer dies

Keystone Pipeline Will Create Only 35 Permanent Jobs, Emit 51 Coal Plants Worth Of Carbon

Westboro Baptist Church to picket Boston funerals...Anonymous says oh no you don't

How to make yourself thoroughly unpopular with the under-16s - and their teachers

Suspects 1 and 2: Phase 3 of Speculation can begin.

Let's not forget Richard Jewell. One or both of these guys might be innocent.

Go Away Mitt...Your Car Elevator Needs Oil....Wolfman has him on CNN NOW

A couple of days ago, someone here posted a pic of the white cap suspect

derp on steroids

Democrats Run Ads Against Sanford in SC House Race.

Effects of Gun Violence on Children and Youth

WHOOPS: Reuters Prematurely Releases George Soros Obituary And It's REALLY Harsh

UN has key role in empowering women in post-revolutionary Middle East, experts say

Lawyers ask the Public Ministry to accelerate the criminal inquiry of the violence Capriles promoted

One of the bombing suspects

Preacher Romney spewing

Rick Perry asks Obama for a ‘quick turnaround’ on federal aid after explosion

I worry about vigilantes with the release of the FBI pics

Album artist Storm Thorgerson, designer of 'Dark Side of the Moon' and more, has died

Wakefield sowed the wind, and British kids are reaping the whirlwind.

Cool Parrot

I would just like to say that Arabs are Caucasian. And they don't all have beards.

If you want new restrictions on DUI levels, you need the cooperation of alcoholics.

Bridgestone Golf Cap on Suspect #2

Cop Becomes Impatient While Waiting in McDonald’s Drive-Thru Lane, Pulls Gun on Teen Customer

One suspect is wearing a Bridgestone Golf hat and a v-neck white tshirt

West, Texas, Mayor Says 35 to 40 Dead in Fertilizer Plant Explosion

Keep it up, we can't wait until 2014!!

One guy is toast. Face very visible. The other guy seemed to hide his face better.

Texas fertilizer facility was a retail outlet for the farmers of the area not a factory.

Bioshock: a game as art?

Tea Party leader (Guess which one) suggests Obama is protecting Saudi tackled after Boston bombing

Three vets who ran towards the injured are on Rev Al

Kerry To Congress: ‘My Heart and Head Are in Boston

Florida House passes bill overhauling alimony, awaits Gov. Rick Scott’s signature

The Daily Show destroys CNN

Prof. Stephen Hawking tells students the universe does not need a God to exist

Former US Officials Called On The White House To Initiate Direct Talks With Iran

iPads, China: Twin Threats To Wisconsin's Paper Industry

Rep John Lewis on failure of gun control in the Senate

An entirely Speculative impression

America Keeps Honoring One of Its Worst Mass Murderers: Henry Kissinger

Senator Once Hired Ricin Suspect to Play Elvis

Fox News' Audience Is Literally Dying: Is Roger Ailes' Grand Experiment in Propaganda Doomed?

Does anyone know who the guy yelling at the press conference and at CNN reporters is?

The Names of the Worthless Senators who voted NO on gun safety

At least someone's happy

War and Peace

Random Act of Kindness in D.C.!

The downside of being a Democrat.

Judge suspends genocide trial of Guatemala's Rios Montt

Israel’s Response To Obama’s Generosity

While West, Texas, Burned, Its Famous Czech Bakery Kept the Kolaches Coming

Presidential Election In Iran Will Bring The West Unpleasant Surprises – Russian Expert

South America rushes to back Maduro as U.S. casts doubt on Venezuela vote

Willie Nelson To Hold Benefit For Texas Blast Victims

Real News: Massive Cheating Scandals Rock School Districts Nationwide

I guess George Carlin was right about the US having owners.

Crash! Bang! Boom!

OSHA Last Inspected Texas Fertilizer Plant in 1985

Sam Stein believe's that the 2nd guy's hat is this hat.

Whew! Tiring but satisfying day in clinic.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 19 April 2013

5 Men Who Have Been Wrongly Accused Of Terrorism

How to dice video

Mental instability plus a diet of Fox News

FBI releases images of Boston suspects

Saudi student hurt in Boston bombing not a suspect, not being deported

"If somebody paid these kids."..Boy wuz I wrong...

Research Shows That The Mere Presence of Weapons Increases Aggression.

FBI Bulletin: Potential Use of Exploding Targets as Explosives in IEDs

Anyone know the procedure when they see someone leave a dog in a car on a hot day?

DoD Issues Instructions on Military Support of Civilian Law Enforcement

Schoolbus transporting children less than 5 years old attacked, pelted with stones

So I've had this POS Windows 8 and Office 365 for two weeks

I came in for my Thursday Update from MFM

Jim Cornette's Rant

City (Chicago): 98-year-old water main cause of sinkhole that swallowed 3 cars