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NGEO The '80s: Reagan Love Fest

Why Doctors Can't Give You LSD (But Maybe They Should)

Pictures of bag in front of Boston Marathon spectators

I know, It’s still too early for this, but...

Documentary on PBS tonight.

From the president's remarks (What? No duct tape and plastic sheeting?)

The point of state power is to use it Selectively.

Chinese Consulate in New York Says Chinese National is 3rd Person Killed in Boston Blasts

Growing up, coming out and learning to speak "THE LANGUAGE OF LOVE".

Andrew Garfield: 'Of Course I’m in Favor of Marriage Equality'

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 17 April 2013

AP: Ex-wife says former SC Gov. Sanford trespassed

A good deed

Stop Scapegoating Muslims for the Boston Attack

My subjective, general-public judgment and hunch says 70-30

New Man of Steel full trailer... get your tickets now.

Conservative group sues Calif. over cap-and-trade

"More than cleverness, we need kindness and gentleness."

Anyone seeing that crazy conspiracy

Seth MacFarlane decries hoax 'Family Guy' clip on Boston bombings

Experts Skeptical Homegrown Terrorists Were Behind Boston Bombings

Tourism in North Korea business as usual despite threats of nuclear war

seriously though

To Boston. From Kabul. With Love.

F.D.A. Bars Generic OxyContin

What the world needs now......

An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 7.8 has hit the Iran-Pakistan border

The Islamic Emirate of Syriastan

Republican Senator Who Voted With Democrats on Gun Control Receives Ricin Letter

The Ricin Was Sent To Senator Roger Wicker (R)

The Plague. It went places.

The Republican Party's simple answer for all of life's problems…

How many here used to be conservatives?

Glenn Greenwald: The Boston Bombing Produces Familiar and Revealing Reactions

Union member's daughter was the second victim killed in Boston

In Grisly Image, a Father Sees His Son

If it is Al Qaeda, why aren’t they claiming responsibility?

Peter Hansen, New Hampshire Lawmaker, Calls Women 'Vaginas' In Email To Colleagues

Caller to local radio wingnut station demanded "equal" terrorist billing for LEFTies

AP: Ex-Wife Says Former SC Gov. Mark Sanford Trespassed

Bwhahahahahaha! Gov. Sanford has a court date two days after the Election

Kabul sends Boston some love…

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! April is the Cruelest Month & a new Kitteh gif

House Homeland Security Chair Reveals Details Of FBI Investigation On Boston

sleep paralysis and can't breathe, but no evil

Patton Oswalt, Posted: 2013-04-15 7:52 PM (Words on Boston, Wow, just wow!)

Roubini: 'Sleeper cell' behind Boston attack


Parenting. They're doing it right.

Oh ... Aristus ~ Nashville is calling you .........

This man used a cake to resign from his job at an airport so he could focus on making cakes.

Senator Brian Nieves (MO) Writes Insane E-Mails to Constituent Who Doesn't Want His Newsletters

Mrs. ZBDent didn't get that I was making a joke when I "pondered" why I wouldn't be


From the Guardian: It's time to bury not just Thatcher - but Thatcherism

If House Pets Were Libertarians…

"That's not a soldier, that's a terrorist" - or, "Is anyone else sick of this shit"?

I just can't get the thought of that 8 year old boy killed yesterday out of my head

More Photos From Boston Including A VERY Speculative Possible "Suspect"

Awesome Two

Senate to start votes on gun bill on Wednesday

Could we have a new avatar added, please?

After GOP, Obama to dine with Democratic senators

Senate to start votes on gun bill on Wednesday

Once Again-

Woops. I took a phone call earlier today. Someone scheduling two appointments for my dad.

A good question from Senator Dianne Feinstein

Has Rep McCaul (R - TX) give out too much info?

"The Other Face Of Political Violence"---Charles Pierce

"My American dream was never to become a billionaire," Tran said…

California Democrats Blast Efforts to Reform Schools...

Yankees play 'Sweet Caroline' in Boston tribute

Are Kurt and Blaine the Greatest TV Couple of All Time?

An excellent message for the Michelle Rhee Crowd…

Ex-UGA coach Jim Donnan charged in Ponzi scheme

California Democrats Blast Efforts to Overhaul Schools...

CEOs Earn 354 Times More Than Average Worker

Luckovich Toon: Book Deposit

...then suddenly, it all drops away

13 Oil Spills in 30 Days

Giving Blood after Emergencies

"Capitalism Is Great, But It Assigns No Value To Your Grandchildren" --Geremy Grantham

Did Our Founders' Lack of Foresight Doom Gun Control?The tyranny of small states in the undemocratic

Two opposition assemblymen beaten by chavista assembly men

14 arrested at protest against Peabody Energy

Make it STOP!

All kinds of wrong.

NY Loves Boston

Ricin particularly susceptible to false positive test results

Freedom of Speech & Assembly at the Wisconsin State Capitol

Sanitation Worker Rescues Dog Left in Trash Bag (video)

Scientists quietly announce a potentially huge discovery in physics

Steve King’s Cash Raises Eyebrows, Doubts About Senate Bid

FU Alex Jones

Don't forget. It's not just one little kid who died due to the tools or terrorism.

"Sweatshops on Wheels" by Chris Hedges at Truth Dig

Kitty rescued from tunnel

Immigration measure’s opponents hope delays will kill bipartisan bill

Describe your political stance

ATF and its emergency responders get too little respect from Congress

A moment of true decency for Erick Erickson

Climate scientists struggle to explain warming slowdown...

Spring game star Jack Hoffman (7 year old Make A Wish) gets an Upper Deck trading card (with video)

Parks chief defends handling of budget cuts as Republicans question impact of reductions

NickMom @ night

NYT article on How Big "Non Profit Hospitals" Refuse to Disclose

Look what happened in the MO capitol today

Need job-hunting vibes - something good might be developing (maybe)!

"One Tax Day, Five Ways the Tax Codes Subsidizes the Wealthiest Americans"

Bowler-hatted impersonators mark Chaplin birthday.

Labor secretary nominee blasted over St. Paul deal

Peter Hansen, New Hampshire Lawmaker, Calls Women 'Vaginas' In Email To Colleagues

How to make symbols with keyboard

Pervez Musharraf banned from standing in Pakistani elections

“It may be against the constitution but....

Any thoughts on who might do an attack like this and not claim responsibility?

Stray cat survives shooting (story and video)

Conservative Supremes thwart fair wages claim, and Kagan lets 'em have it.

Supreme Court conflicted about what law dictates for Baby Veronica (Indian Child Welfare Act case)

Well, what the hell!

I'm starting to think maybe the Sandy Hook families WERE the target.

Gun control: Senate to vote Wednesday

"How Conservatives Invented 'Voter Fraud' to Attack Civil Rights"

Campaign promotes the use of U.S.-made products in home construction

Will it still be call terrorism IF the person or persons who attacked Boston is found out

F.D.A. Bars Generic OxyContin

A Republican Blames A 'Global Warming Hoax' On MoveOn, But Bernie Sanders Isn't Having It

Roger Wicker (R-Miss) Dines w/Obama, Votes to move forward Gun debate, gets envelope full of Ricin

Saw Congressman Ed Markey (D) on L.O. tonight...

Can the editorial page of the Washington Post get any worse?

Ashley Judd bought a house in Kentucky in March

Michele Bachmann to Headline Conference with 9/11 & Sandy Hook Truther, Birthers and Anti-Gay Activi

Bellevue 4th-grader who brought toy gun to school faces discipline

Venezuela: Economic War in the Run Up to the Elections (2010)

watching this documentary on the 80s

Venezuela: Economic War in the Run Up to the Elections (2010)

A little shout out to our RW friends whining about something tonight:

Stage 3 Water Restrictions to Begin May 16 in Corpus Christi

Why is a bomb "a cowardly act of terror" and a Newtown-style shooting "a horrible tragedy"?

"Immigration bill ready for debut" (I know it is politico but they go into the first details)

misogyny means hatred of women. what is the word that means love of women?

14 year old shoots 6 year old cousin in doctor's office

need help - preparing to tell our close friends about taking our son to rehab for opiate addiction

A turtle turned turtle and another turtle practiced a randome kindness...

"Join us at the Grand Feast" (New York City)

Standing in 'Defiance' in both game and TV worlds (Rock O'Bannon)

Arizona: battleground state

Five Misconceptions about Asian Food by Danielle Chang

How guns have changed and why we must change with them.

Erin Burnett calls the release of the info about the person of interest who was a Saudi national

Can you hear me now?

Fox pulls "Family Guy" episode that depicts deaths at Boston Marathon

SF/East Bay housing?

North Korea vows 'sledge-hammer blows' of retaliation over protests in South


Iron Man 3 Premiere In Japan Will Feature A New Dimension

Student claims fondling, teacher claims dislike of blacks

Nude Woman Strolls Into a Local Walmart, Destroys Merchandise

"Yes, we like the Yankees, but today we're all rooting for Boston."

World leaders congratulate Israel on its 65th birthday

Expert On All In With Chris Hayes: 'When you get amateur help, you get amateur results'

Pakistani Taliban Denies Involvement in Boston Bombing (via CNN)

So, now we know what Capriles has on the CNE (infographic).

Stewart Gets Serious... Thanks Boston For Being Courageous In The Face Of ‘Gross Inhumanity'

Star Trek Into Darkness Official Trailer #3 (2013) - JJ Abrams Movie HD opens May 17th

Mess With Texas

Stewart Blasts Immigration Reform: Finally, ‘A Barrier That Immigrants Will Not Be Able To Get Past’

Homemade Mosquito Trap

Iraq Sends Boston Some Love…

Can you substitute baking powder for baking soda when you're trying to

CFL bulb question (brown goopy droplets!)

Psychiatric Hospital Apologizes For Not Keeping Better Track Of Alex Jones’ Online Privilege

Company Files Defamation Suit Against Customer For Complaining

A message from Travon Martin's parents to the family of bombing victim, Martin Richard

No, I will never be this cool!


Peter Hansen, New Hampshire Lawmaker, Calls Women 'Vaginas' In Email To Colleagues

Capriles Calls Off Protest After Venezuela Threatens Crackdown

Leopoldo Lopez says he and Henrique Capriles ordered arrested.

US Senate: Will back Israeli attack on Iran

The Poem that Can't be Written

International Court visits Colombia to review State crimes .

BBC "North Korea undercover"

Special program on Genocide

Pat's Run

The 'Gentleman' music video - PSY savages misogyny in Korea and the West.

Peruvian President Congratulates Venezuela's Maduro On Election Victory

"the better angels of our nature" and GW Bush

Gravitycollapse is feeling kind of down...

Photos of the violent opposition protests today petitioning CNE:

Tales of Reagan’s Guatemala Genocide

xpost from GD: Special program on Genocide

This Week in Poverty: Banks Got Nowhere to Run, Baby

CPA Claims Sex Toys Can Be Deducted From Tax Returns

Do you think it is likely the terrorists may have already left the country?

Ask your representative to sign the Deutch/Maffei letter against chained CPI

Tales of Reagan’s Guatemala Genocide

Bachmann challenger Jim Graves interviewed by WCCO radio's Chad Hartman

Okay, want to get even with Alex Jones?

These false equivalences are indeed ridiculous.

Venezuela: Brazil, Latin America UNASUR Bloc Full Support For New President Maduro

Humble first-grader says teacher sent kids out, fondled her

If you haven't seen Paris is Burning, I highly recommend it.

April 17: National Cheeseball Day

I've called 11 theorpists to try to set up apointments twice

Urban Chestnut To Build St. Louis' Largest Craft Brewery

Letter with ricin sent to Senator Wicker of Mississippi

Online voter registration bills see support from House, Senate committees

Letter from retiree organizations to WA State congressional delegation on chained CPI

Some may be interested in this link ('Don't Hate-Donate')

April 17: National Sleazeball Day

20 Reasons Why Going To The Gym Is A Huge Waste Of Time

Mark Sanford caught creepin' his ex-wife's house:

US to hike H1B visas, merit will count for green cards

Juan Cole: Can Boston Bombings Increase our Sympathy for Iraq, Syria, & other such Victims?

NH Repub Legislator calls women "vagina's". Issues worst non-apology evah.

Were 'hobbit' hominids island dwarfs?

i love listening to the snow fall

Iron Age warriors point to glories of Gaul

Rockets hit southern Israeli resort of Eilat

Pulitzer for Reporting on the Biggest Tar Sands Spill You've Never Heard Of

Hospitals Profit From Surgical Errors, Study Finds

Nut case Representative Steve Stockman demands apology from Wolf Blitzer

Nutcase Republican Representative Rodgers: Opponents of CISPA are teenagers in their basements

First discovery of a pre-Columbian port on the Gulf Coast

need assistance w/ visual

Mark Sanford should have taken a left turn at Albuquerque

Must Read- it's time not just to bury Thatcher, but Thatcherism itself

Legislator unveils another approach to insure low-income Texans

Texas A&M researchers with team of scientists study possible new human species

Texas A&M researchers with team of scientists study possible new human species

Tarrant County commissioners want high-speed rail to DFW

The struggle of religious minorities in Indonesia

Texas SpaceX site gets preliminary OK by feds

Texas SpaceX site gets preliminary OK by feds

Abortion legislation round up: Texas, North Dakota, Arkansas and Oklahoma edition

Dove's 'Real Beauty Sketches' Ad Campaign Tells Women... (VIDEO)


New Zealand passes gay marriage bill

Why is "We don't know" unacceptable?

I haven't seen a single non-white person on the streets or inside the church for

CNE of Táchira formally requests recount after peaceful protest

Another way social media does good: Reddit's response to Boston

I Used to be a Liberal but...

There is something significantly wrong in America ...

Lighten up, Francis.

Thatcher Opponents Turn Their Back, Boo at Funeral Procession

How the Obama Administration Destroyed Thomas Drake For Exposing Government Waste

A Recent History of Homemade Bombs Built in the United States

Katie Goodman's videos are a must-see (but NSFW due to epic profanity!) LOL

Iraq Is Such a House of Trauma, It Doesn't Take Much to Get PTSD

Seeking Gun or Selling One, Web Is a Land of Few Rules

Newtown Therapy Dogs Headed To Boston To Provide Comfort In Wake Of Boston Marathon Attack

Business control of the image?: Plenty of pictures of carnage for bombing....

David Sirota (in Salon): "Let’s hope the Boston Marathon bomber is a white American"

You May Leave Boston, but Boston Never Leaves You

The Rise of Standalone ERs Irks Doctors and Insurers

What the former Governor of our state had to say about the latest terrorist act

Exploding your emotional bandwidth, Mark Morford

The C.I.A.’s Angry Birds

Monkeys can identify human hunters

Deadly Poison Found in Letter Sent to US Senator

It's true: Men can't read women's emotions, study confirms

Lead bullet fragments poison rare US condors

Gitmo Is Killing Me

Pulitzer for Reporting on the Biggest Tar Sands Spill You've Never Heard Of

Pity the poor reporters - Digby -

Senator: Police Have Suspect in Ricin Mailing

Science - Seasonal Color Changes In Snowshoe Hares In Rockies Increasingly Out Of Sync With Seasons

Freedumb! House GOP Pushing To Stack EPA Science Boards With Lobbyists, Industry Reps, Cut Comments

FDA Commissioner: "I Wish We Had Acted Earlier" After 53 Killed, 700+ Sickened By NECC

Milwaukee Catholic officials knew of California sex abuse allegations against priest

Messing With the Wrong City

Yangtze Porpoise Numbers Fall By Half In Six Years; About 1,000 Left In World's Most Degraded River

Oriole SMASH!! Oriole SMASH!!

Your Congress In Action

Mark Sanford caught creeping around his ex-wife's house

Rita MacNeil has died. May she rest in peace. So sad. Another Canadian icon gone.

Inverted Totalitarianism

Chavez supporters attack peaceful demonstration in Maracaibo CNE (video)

How much unemployment did Reinhart and Rogoff's arithmetic mistake cause?

Funeral of 'Iron Lady' Thatcher starts after London procession

Demand for lion bones offers South African breeders a lucrative return

The fine line between capitalism and socialism

Pig Boy jokes about pressure cookers in wake of bombing & deaths

Reagan’s Guatemala Genocide

Iowan who fatally shot dog on Christmas Eve is found guilty of abuse

Damn all the speculation. Damn gut feelings. In the absence of evidence, ignorance is all we have.

Family member of WH counter-terrorism adviser running in marathon, located after 'frantic' search

There's things these two women might be but stupid is not it

How do I say "Holy Shit" without saying SHIT.

Risotto with ham, peas, and mushrooms

Beyonce's latest wardrobe choice included the wardrobe malfunction.

GOP’s Demand For Dem Budget Just Backfired Big Time

Occupy Love (a film)

Occupy Love (a film)

Jaime Foxx as Electro for the next SpiderMan--Sneak Preview

We all know this. And we've heard it before.

NRA Ad: Listen To Police On Guns, Not Obama And Bloomberg

Occupy Love (a film)

Occupy Love (a film)

Is there life after love ...

Chamber, union have shared picks in OPS races

4-year-old bird flu 'carrier' worries China

WaMo: How gays won the right to raise children without conservatives even noticing

There's security, then there's security.

Why 'financial literacy' is a bunch of hooey – and why the banks promote it

Anti-Gay Activist Found Guilty of Child Porn & Sex with Daughter

Did this magical little crystal help the Vikings rape and pillage across the world ?

One year cigarette-free today!

The US really has no place lecturing Venezuela on the need for a recount.

Arizona lawmakers want cities to sell guns from buyback programs

"If you want to know who we are . . ."

How we see ourselves

Noam Chomsky & Glenn Greenwald Tag Team for Defense of Liberty and Justice

The Saudi Marathon Man

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Look for the Helpers

Has anyone here who lives in the South turned their air conditioner on yet?

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2-The Rest

There is some confusion about the fire at the JFK Library. It's been closed indefinitely

John Kerry and Me - By Al Giordano

Misleading Chinese Ginseng Deal ( NewWisGov)

NBC: Manchin Concedes That Background Checks ‘Will Not Get The Votes’

Dennis Lehane on the bombings in Boston

The Golden Age of Guns

former CIA director Woolsey is a jerk. He is being interviewed on Bloomberg, and the first thing

In box messages...

Facebook flexes political muscle with provision in immigration bill

Developers banned from putting ads in Google Glasses. Google's saving the ad spamming for itself.

The North American Man-Gun Love Association (NAMGLA)

Was David Frum correct?

Bergen's analysis with some pretty interesting data

Papantonio: The Republican State Strategy

Obviously, for election purposes, Repubs want the gun bill to fail and the immigration bill to pass

Authorities recover pressure cooker lid

Latest update on the hospitalized bomb victims:

Makers of fraudulent breast implants go on trial in France

EU to allow purchases of Syrian oil from opposition

The Boston Feeding Frenzy Begins

Reid: Supporting Assault Weapons Ban More Important Than 'Preventing Imagined Tyranny'

Good morning, Lounge ("morning" only applicable in CDT & western time zones; local fees may apply) )

Report: Investigators Examining If Bachmann Used Campaign Funds To Promote Book

Who was that masked man? A great story!

Hi friends. Anyone have natural pine finished kitchen cabinets?

Finally. I got some farmland for this season! Just in time.

Why We Should Fear the Evangelical Adoption Boom

Harry Reid To Vote For Assault Weapons Ban

Stephen Colbert's message to the people of Boston

The latest Facebook crap...

How Politicians & The Press Continue To Spin Us Into War: War Made Easy Author Norman Solomon

Online hacker Jester posted an interesting pic from Boston day of the race.

Dianne Feinstein speaking now on C-Span2

New York City mayor poll: Anthony Weiner in 2nd place

The Boston tragedy is providing cover

The Shocking Lack Of Transparency In The Obama Administration - Trevor Timm Explains

Fracking causes climate change via methane

The FBI is analyzing parts of the bomb they have recovered.

The Winner of Venezuela’s Election to Succeed Hugo Chávez Is Hugo Chávez [The Nation]

Fox Yanks ‘Family Guy’ Episode Showing Mass Death At Boston Marathon

Climbing Heartbreak Hill

amateur pdocs

Get ready for a Rabrrrrrr-style rant.

Wife of former Kaufman County JP arrested on capital murder charge

The Battle over Electricity

BOSTON: I am sad, but not scared. My life is going on as normal.

Is Peddo Teddo Nugent dead or in jail yet? Pretty sure the deadline has passed.

CFK ask US government to 'recognize Venezuela's elections results'

Beck: "when our crazies go off-they target the government, not streets that are crowded with people"

Third Bombing Fatality Identified

Neighbor Discusses Saudi Man Cleared In Bombing Probe

Rand Paul Feels People Were Too Hard On Him After Howard Speech

Venezuela Denounces Financial Boycott Against UNESCO

Congressman: ‘Radical Islamists…Are Trained To Act Hispanic'...

Message sent from the Atlanta Track Club...

Stop Assuming the Boston Bomber Is a Muslim

National Security Brief: Pressure Mounts On Obama To Investigate Torture

GREAT gun control ad:

Awesome Richard Wolff "Economic Update" show with guest Chris Hedges

Congressman Explains Boston: Al Queda Camps On Mexican Border Are Training Islamists To Act Hispanic

Comfort Dogs Arrive In Boston To Help With The Healing

Let’s hope the Boston Marathon bomber is a white American

Texas teacher claims she couldn’t have fondled black student because she’s racist

This is the gun market at least 41 senators want continued because curbing it would tick off the NRA

Colombia no longer on human rights 'blacklist'

A Right and Proper Death of the Euro

Texas teacher claims she couldn’t have fondled black student because she’s racist

Atheists find a Sunday-morning connection with other nonbelievers

College Professor Laura Curry Arrested for Swearing at Pro-Life Display

Why do people run marathons? Ask the woman in Kenmore Square...

we did it. we did it with gusto...

Listening to all religiou traditions

Study: Belief in an angry God associated with variety of mental illnesses

Another Intercepted 'Ricin' Letter Sent to President Obama

Boston Marathon bombings conspiracy theorists thwarted by man who purchases website

Thank you, Harry Reid.

Han Solo wants the air-traffic control towers kept open

Protections For LGBT Families Left Out Of Immigration Bill

New Zealand legalises same-sex marriage

Sweet Caroline at Yankee Stadium

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday April 17th

Saudi religious police aren’t funny

Speaking in Cursive - A Cole Cartoon to help make living in NCarolina bearable.....

Boston Probe Turns to Possibility of Domestic Terrorism

Ariz. bill passed makes cities sell turned-in guns

Few in U.S. See Guns, Immigration as Nation's Top Problems

Colbert's intro for Boston

Richard Wolff's "Economic Update" with guest Chris Hedges (audio)

Supreme Court DUI Blood Test Ruling: Police Must Try To Obtain Search Warrant

May Caholic Supporters of Marriage Equality Receive Communion?

Warning: Chinese Local Debt Could Create Bigger Crisis than US Housing Implosion

Why Republicans Suddenly Became Afraid Of Their Own Budget Shadow

Kerry is being shown live at a budget hearing right now

A runner films the first explosion.

Germany: 25 hospitalized in sandwich poison scare

Gold Wipes $560 Billion From Central Banks as Equities Rally

Senate office building being cleared due to suspicious package...

Boston Strong avatar

Suspicious Letter Sent to President Obama, Link to Ricin Letter Investigated

Boston Strong avatars

As much as I like Rachel,

Philadelphia Bars Public From Mayor’s Investor Meeting

"10,000 bombs dropped worldwide since 2011" - per Cenk. 4/16/13

Condom Snorting! Is it safe?

Capriles Falsifies Evidence in Order to Claim Fraud in Venezuela’s Elections

Afghanistan war can yet be won, US general tells Congress

Question: What happens to the uninsured victims of a disaster like Boston?

Oil Falls Fourth Time in Five Days on Production; production rose to highest level since July 1992

Hill's Science Diet petfood brand losing market share

Whoops! Turns out debt doesn’t ruin economies.

The media debate about whether the bombs were "sophisticated"

Europe faces threat of full-fledged depression

Painting Tigers

Rand Paul Considering 2016 Presidential Bid; Planning Iowa Visits

Refuse to be terrorized.

******* april finals should be up in the next 24 hours******

Boston Bombing: Pressure Cooker Bombs Explained

new summary of state by state voter ID actions

60% Of Girls Have Quit a Sport Because Of Their Looks

Desertification crisis affecting 168 countries worldwide, study shows

"Jesus Loves Everybody. You Should Have Expected Us." Westboro FB page "brandjacked" by Anonymous.

Updated: Louie Gohmert: Islamic Terrorists Training To ‘Act Like Hispanic’

Mid-April Linked With National Tragedy

Suspicious package found at Sen. Shelby's Captiol Hill Office.

It is WRONG to recklessly post pictures of "suspected bombers"

Letter sent to Obama tests positive for ricin, officials say

Ted Nugent .... today is the day.

Report on U.S. Meat Sounds Alarm on Resistant Bacteria

"Condom Snorting" is the Lounge phrase of the day. Go!

Be afraid people, be afraid

Europe Car Sales Heading for 20-Year Low on German Slide

Bipartisanship in DC

Whoopsie. PA. Auditor General Finds Mistakes Resulting in $35 Million in Unpaid Corporate Taxes

Praying the Boston Bomber is Not Muslim

Speaking of transgender fictional characters...beta readers needed...


The Only Public Comment Kerry Needs to Deny Keystone XL

Senate Softens Resolution Pressing Obama To Help Israel In Iran Strike

"Love in the Butt" - bad or naughty translator?

Senator Ann Rest, DINO, New Hope, wants to shift partly from income tax and towards the sales tax

TCM Schedule for Thursday, April 18, 2013 -- What's On Tonight -- Welcome to the Pearly Gates

Two more West Hollywood Medical Marijuana Collectives Closed After DEA Raid

Report: Williams' wife arrested in killing - DA Mike McLelland, wife killed in March;

SFPD, Bay to Breakers will take hard look at security concerns

Walmart Pays Workers Poorly And Sinks While Costco Pays Workers Well And Sails

Can you help me find the infamous "I will not be silenced" thread?

U.S. Capitol Police are evacuating the first floor of the Hart Senate office building

Any economists out there who know about Reinhart-Rogoff...the two people, not the paper...

Robert Reich: Widening inequality is not inevitable

Bush is back -- but not his popularity

Block Sender in Hotmail! Cannot figure out how to do it.

What Clues Do Explosions Leave Behind? Incredibly useful ones.

I hope the person who will be arrested for the bombings

Carl Levin's Office Got a 'Suspicious' Letter This Morning

Truck causes brief evacuation, bomb scare in Oklahoma City

Column: Americans Should Prioritize Education Over Prisons

Reaganism And Thatcherism Pretty Much Has Destroyed Both Countries.

the congress is about to vote on a gun bill

the congress is about to vote on the gun bill

Mark Sanford releases a statement about trespassing charges:

Will the Real Terrorist Please Stand Up (Democracy Now)

In remembrance of Margaret Thatcher. The poll tax riots that brought her down...

Boston Bombing: Pressure Cooker Bombs Explained

Thank You Mr. President – In Big Win for Privacy, Administration Issues CISPA Veto Threat!

OMG I have discovered my evil side. Robot Combat League. I WANT one!

IBEW Local 103 billboard in Boston today taunts with one word: COWARDS

Supreme Court blocks overseas human rights cases from U.S. courts

in the end, it was the state in all its glamour and grandeur that was the star of her own funeral.

The Boston Marathon *Is* in Boston, and Other Things The New York Post Got Right

Supreme Court limits civil lawsuits alleging atrocities committed abroad

IMF warns world economy risks chronic new phase of financial crisis

Big boy wants to play…

The best gun control commercial ever made by anyone, ever.

In remembrance of Margaret Thatcher. The poll tax riots that brought her down...

Breaking: Suspicious envelope forces evacuation of Sen. Carl Levin's Saginaw office

North Korea open to talks but not with US 'brandishing a nuclear stick'

Amory Lovins: Germany's Renewables Revolution

Something's fishy going on here…

New Zealand MP Maurice Williamson: 'Rainbow across my electorate'

Clean energy progress too slow to limit global warming - report

Dumb criminals: Man Files Fradulent Taxes On Behalf Of South Carolina Bloods

INFOGRAPHIC: How Immigration Reform Will Boost The American Economy

Chinese Man Accidentally Creates Frozen Waterfall After Leaving Tap Running

Boston Officials believe they've id bomb suspect.

Obama: ‘Any Time Bombs Are Used to Target Innocent Civilians It Is an Act of Terror’

Ted Nugent Compares Heroic First Responders In Boston To The NRA

CNN guest reporting they have clear ID of suspect. Edit Now: Made arrest

Scientists support reducing and eliminating lead based ammunion into the environment, citing dangers

Monsanto's Hometown Paper Takes Missouri Senator Roy Blunt to Task for Monsanto Protection Act

Source tells CNN's John King that Boston authorities believe they have identified a suspect in bombi

Patton Oswald doing an improvised filibuster. One take. Utter brilliance!

New avatar has been made available.

New Zealand Passed Marriage Equality And Immediately This Happened

A future Dear Leader finds out how big the whale is.

Obama Misses Hillary Clinton, But Says 'She's Earned Her Rest' (VIDEO)

FB is saying someone identified person has been brought in for questioning. nt

Lead bullet fragments poison rare US condors

Boston marathon bombs 'not part of larger plot': Napolitano – live updates

Today in Peace and Justice history on April 17, 1960

Today in Peace and Justice history on April 17, 1960

Chris Kluwe's New Roles: Gay Pride Grand Marshal and Author

Gorilla Warfare: The Animal-Prison/Industrial Complex | Mickey Z.

Former Wyden aide to lobby for ExxonMobil

fox news is reporting that Ricin was found in a letter to President Obama!

Savita Halappanavar inquest told abortion might have prevented death

PA. House approves state tax cut for buyers of private and corporate jets

Authorities have image of suspect dropping black bag near Boston Marathon bombing scene

Senate Republicans Vote to Place TN State Attorney General Under Their Thumb

According to Pete William's on MSNBC just now

Blitzer just asked King whether he could tell man's ACCENT from camera footage of Boston suspect

Mike Konopacki: Scott Walker’s Jobs Fraud

That Dreadful Day | James Howard Kunstler

ALJAZEERA - Boston Explosions Live Blog

BREAKING NEWS: Letter addressed to Obama has tested POSITIVE for deadly poison ricin - one day after

Ted Nugent claimed to have never done drugs...

A New Story of the People

Reports: Investigators identify suspect in Boston bombings

Obstruction or hope

Sweet Caroline at Coors Field last night >>

CNN reporting an arrest has been made in Bos Marathon bombings.

Gohmert: Radical Muslims ‘being trained to come in and act like Hispanics’

Search function just in MIRT...

Interesting new comic from Image released today

NBC/MSNBC: No Arrests Made/Pictures of Black Bags Carriers Important

14 arrested during Patriot Coal protest

I hope that they have the correct person in the Boston bombing and

RW Wants Their Guns So They Can Overthrow The "Gbmint" They Don't Like. The Arm Everyone Is A RW

Celebrate with me (and EFerrari) the irony of John Kerry demanding a full recount

Did a Senator receive a letter like President Obama received today?

***** LIVE Blog = Boston Bombing = suspect in custody *****

The OAS recognizes the legitimate victory of President Nicolas Maduro!

Lid Of Pressure Cooker Used In Boston Bombing Was Catapulted To Nearby Roof

Thank You, First Responders

Ted Cruz Admits Background Check Bill Doesn’t Seek To Create Gun Registry

Republicans pull plug on Mark Sanford

NRCC To Mark Sanford: You’re On Your Own

News, Go Home. You're Drunk!

I volunteer to throw the first stone at the bomber(s).

No Arrests Made in Boston Marathon Bombing Case, FBI Says

Just a question about the bombing...

Schrödinger's Suspect - Is Boston Bomber in Custody or Not in Custody?

"I’ll get straight to the point — Gov. Scott Walker is a failure". Spencer Black

OMFG -Wife of ex-judge confesses in Texas DA slayings

CNN: Arrest means guilt. Police will not make a mistake.

fucking wind

Is there a way to see our D.U. Message OutBox?

The Invisible Class | David Glenn Cox - World News Trust

Rita McNeil, R.I.P.

Cool stuff

George W Bush Says: Prosecute Torture!

Per KNX radio in Los Angeles... FBI is supposed to give a news briefing

Fox and CNN told us that Obamacare had been overturned

NO Arrest - per CNN

I'm turning off CNN....

CNN now backtracking on "Arrest made" report.

Breaking: our media is composed of clowns.

Next FBI Presser Scheduled For 5 PM ET

Walter Rhett: Eleven Tools for Policy Review

Senior White House official confirms NO arrest in Boston bombings -

MSNBC confirmed from many sources that there has been NO ARREST.

DuPage Forest Preserve IT Criminal Case -- 317 Felony Counts of Nothing in Particular

I only have one thing to say about the Boston Marathon and then I'm done with it.

Here is what we know about the Boston Bomber.

*snicker*: House GOP campaign pulls support for Mark Sanford

Suspect now saying there may not be a CNN.

Where have you gone, Walter Cronkite?

Maria Tallchief, the first Native American to become a prima ballerina

My Yearbook teacher was a creep.

Guess who's responsible for CNN's blown "Arrest made" report? Go on, guess...

CNN - Talk amongst yourselves.

Tim Walz and Al Franken claim STOCK Act was not gutted

Streaming coverage from WCVB Boston

AP says suspect in custody, didn't act alone

CBS - Finally, a decent news report on "person of interest" in Boston bombing

Anyone notice that the President was also sent a letter with Ricin in it?

North Korea is Evil

Live Video Feed Of Federal Courthouse In Boston

MSNBC now showing gathering crowds at courthouse in Boston

Feds need to pull the plug on CNN....

Things that do cause rape...

Videos point to 2 suspects in Boston Marathon bombing

"US Attorney: No arrests, no one in custody in Marathon bombing"

BROKEN: The Marathon Bomber was Ted Nugent!

CNN Reporters Looking A Bit Glum Over Epically Messing Their Bed On Boston Bombing

CBS NEWS Now reporting suspect is a white male.

CNN Arrest in Boston case too close to call.

#CNN: A white dark skinned male has not yet been arrested but it may be imminent.

GOP abandons Mark Sanford; ex-wife says sons ‘upset’ over encounter with former mistress

Sen. Richard Shelby's Washington office searched after 'suspicious envelope' found

CNN, AP & Faux just smacked by FBI on MSNBC

This. #So CNN is trending

CNN is now backtracking on a report from Anthony Bourdain.

Judging by the amount of "don't knows" I've heard on CNN today.

How does John King still have a job?

Lord & Taylor is on the other side of the street

Do you think Jon Stewart's going to be gutsy enough to slam cable news tonight?

CNN: Lindbergh Crashes Over Atlantic

CNN Exclusive: TSA crotch-sniffing dogs used to apprehend Boston suspect.

Starting to sound like someone leaked information about the "arrest" *before*...

There's a reason Chamillionaire mocked the "evening news" years ago

We are reminded once again how the media bought all the lies of the Bush Administration...

Sen. Baucus on Obamacare: "a huge train wreck coming"

Senator Brian Nieves Writes Insane E-Mails to Constituent Who Doesn't Want His Newsletters

Harvesting Asparagus.... It just seems so WRONG!

FBI Statement on (non) arrest in Boston:

My doctor wants me to have the treadmill stress Echocardiogram there


CNN is the toilet for Fox "News".

Spring contest update and POLL

Pete Williams and MSNBC

Boston's JFK Library closed 'indefinitely' for probe into whether fire was linked to bombing

Fed Courthouse being evacuated. ( Now all clear @4:15- staffers only being allowed back in today)

Republicans Abandon Mark Sanford Over Charges That He Trespassed At His Ex-Wife's House

WCVB Channel Five in Boston-Heavy Security at Federal Courthouse; People Moved Across Street

Race is the elephant in the room in the Gosnell women’s clinic murder trial

This question MUST be answered!

was Fran Townsend also responsible for the WMD Iraq disinformation?

Hopeless at Gitmo: 'Torture & desperation with no end in sight'

The Religion of Progress | John Michael Greer - World News Trust

Hospitals Lobby Hard for Medicaid Expansion

Way to go, CNN. Bomb threat called in to Boston Federal Courthouse.

FYI possible pic of baseball cap suspect

won't someone think of the computers?


Reuters: witnesses confirm that Boston police have cleared the Boston courthouse,

DU please Help! VivaMom is sick and I need to get home..

Live Stream: Coast Guard Cutter Patrolling Near Boston Federal Courthouse

More incredible pics of suspect planting second explosive moments before blasts tore through

Georgia teen who shot parents wanted to read bible, not to do chores.

Apple Falls Below $400

Shorter FBI: Pipe the fuck down!

No more Dan Markingsons

Paying the Price for Defending Religious Freedom in South Carolina

Gaza’s Siege Intensifies: The Plan to ‘Moderate’ Hamas, Control Gaza | Ramzy Baroud

Taking up Toomey Manchin background bill now on C-SPIN2

US to deploy 200 troops to Jordan over Syria war: minister

TPM: Arrest Imminent In Marathon Bombings

anyone else adding 2 + 2 and getting deja vu all over again?

If you were one of the clearly photograghed people that 4chan honed in on would you step

CNN's 90 minutes of Awesome (condensed version)

Yea, its the Muslims all right..

Individual Mandate Struck Down by SCOTUS!!!!

Has this been posted at all today?

Self image experiment

Watching this media circle jerk, I wish "The Weekly World News" was still around.

PLEASE HELP: Sign Petition to save children's park from evil privatization!

It would be nice to be able to self-delete locked OPs

Super-powered battery breakthrough claimed by US team

One PITA thing about being a southpaw is when you eat with a group of people

Fox pulls ‘Family Guy’ episode referring to deaths at Boston Marathon; no plans to re-air

New Hampshire legislator calls women 'vaginas' in House email

New Zealand politician and the passing of marriage equality.

An Open Letter from a member of the running community to the Boston Marathon Bomber

Madredeus - Haja O Que Houver (Mother of God - Come What May) Dedicated to Boston

Need info about Green tourism! Are zip lines environmentally OK?

"I am the senator. You are the citizen. You need to be quiet."

Rocket test launch scheduled Saturday at Wallops Island

Assad Accuses West Of Backing al Qaeda In Syria


I still hope the bomber is a white American By David Sirota for

How can so many people on a "progressive" board want the right-wing to take over in Venezuela?

Quarantine in WI - envelope containing 'white powder'

"...Senators should ask themselves what else the NRA is lying about."

John King said he confirmed the rumour there was an imminent arrest twice from

Israel School Opens Daniel Pearl Journalism Center


GOP Congressman Says Poor People Don’t Pay Enough Taxes

Breaking CNN ...... BiPart Gun Control Bill Fails 54-46

What's going on?

Senate Defeats Manchin-Toomey Amendment

Wednesday Update: MiddleFingerMom

Israeli police head to US to aid in Boston Marathon bombing investigation

5PM FBI Presser Postponed

Starwood's W Hotels to Debut in Israel

Suspicious package closes Milwaukee bridge

Hey Reddit, Enough Boston Bombing Vigilantism

Senate Defeats Background-Check Plan, Imperiling Gun Bill

Watch this video then SIGN PETITION to save kids' park from evil privatization!

If done correctly squats are good for strengthening aging knees.

Illinois House Approves Medical Marijuana

Roger Waters Reconsidering Israel Boycott Stance

5pm news briefing on Boston bombing postponed indefinitely, per local Boston news station

Congressman Says Bombings Reveal Danger Of Immigration Bill

If you've got a strong stomach, check out the comments on the FoxNews story about the ricin-laced...

New Research Undermines The GOP’s Austerity Offensive Against U.S. Economy

UN chief: Syria still has not allowed entry of chemical weapons investigation team

What time did the first bomb go off? 2nd?

Dems voting no: Heitkamp, Baucus, Begich and Pryor

Wife of jailed TX Justice of Peace confesses to DA murders

I want to congratulate the NRA on their great return on investment

GOP proving yet again they're wrong on history.

"In a major defeat for supporters of tougher gun laws, the Senate has defeated a compromise...."

Fuck the NRA

Israeli police head to US to aid in Boston Marathon bombing investigation

Does High Public Debt Consistently Stifle Economic Growth? A Critique of Reinhart and Rogoff

Tucson survivor Patricia Maisch yelled, “Shame on you!” Outside of chamber said, “They have no soul"

Breeder’s Choice Recalls Active Care Healthy Joint Dog Treats

E!'s "Fashion Police" writers go on strike

Boston Will Rise

Capriles campaign coordinator assassinated

4chan, Reddit users claim to identify potential suspects in Boston Marathon

After VP Biden called the finally tally, Tucson survivor Patricia Maisch yelled, “Shame on you!”

NRA Celebrates Failure Of Background Check Bill In Senate

Check in if the last few days just make you want to scream "FUCK."

The Barbarians Are Back.

Study: Hospitals profit when surgeries go awry

Here is a list of useless Democrats...

Bloomberg: Defeat Of Background Check Bill ‘A Huge Victory’ For Criminals

Bachmann faces fresh ethics questions

Russia Rejects Military Intervention In Syria

Did Harry Reid vote against background checks? nt

IMF Warns U.S. Austerity Will Slow Growth (Don't they realize this will only encourage the Repubs)

Senate filibuster flushes background check bill away in 54-46 vote

Teen used stun gun at SF school

No poultry contact in some Chinese bird flu cases : WHO

Capriles has a new girlfriend: Caterina Valentino

Even with the four GOPers IF all the Dems had voted yes then we'd still be one vote short.

The throngs at services for Thatcher (Updated with new images)

Hooray, I'm finally done with the Iditarod galleries.

Democratic Rep. Introduces Legislation To Tax Financial Transactions

The ironies of the Venezuelan opposition, part 17

What The Austerity Paper’s Intellectual Collapse Tells Us About Modern Journalism

Fuck the NRA and all its bought

Posters go up supporting boys in Rehtaeh Parsons case

The bill that failed had a HUGE LOOPHOLE in it. We need a better bill!

Maduro's NG defends revolution by shooting oligarch fascist's mansion

Man arrested with loaded gun on Capitol grounds

PPP poll: 12 million Americans believe lizard people run the USA

White House press conference has begun - Sandy Hook parent speaking

"I once worked for a fire hyrdant factory."

Has CNN Not Heard of The Daily Show?

Three more gun amendments fail

ZZ Top

WH presentation NOW, msnbc.

Nothing will get done in Washington until we get the money out of politics.

The "no" voters on Gun Safety.. are they responding to

List of senators who voted "no"?

Obama is calling out Republicans big time right now!!

In the middle of a Terrorist Crisis, the GOPNRA stood up for Gun Terrorism.

I would love some ideas for a debate I have tomorrow.

Rubio Rushes To Quiet The Right-Wing Rumor Mill

Assault Weapons Ban amendment fails, 60 Senators vote 'NO'

He said it...

Albany Police Union sends a letter to legislators regarding gun control

The gun bill that was killed today was as lukewarm as can be imagined.

Epidemic of starving sea lions in California

The President is talking tough

Stay classy Fox News...

Papantonio: Obama Weakens Financial Regulations on Government Officials

Obama is giving one of his most intense appearances (re: gun bill)

This Congress is one of the most broken, unrepresentative, dysfunctional...

What can we do to lessen the grip of fear from terrorism??????????

List of the no votes from the Senate

That'd be great

French cancer patient 'saves ambulance man's life'

I need a hug

President Obama speaking on background checks.

"A Pretty Shameful Day for Washington" as per CNN

Tweety is madder than POTUS

U.S. Supreme Court Shell Decision Emboldens Corporate Torture

What's for dinners? I'm having Pad thai. I think I'm in love.

The GOP is fucking scared of a group who has Nugent on their Board of Directors!!

Conspiracy Theorists are Just Like the Westboro Baptists

José Luis Ponce RIP

WOW!!! the President was powerful

In 2014, it will be the NRA against the American people

Henceforth I shall refer to the NRA as the National Republican Army


European Car Sales Plummet, Even In Solid Germany

AP release earlier today: BULLETIN: Suspect in custody in Boston bombings (still being denied)update

If anyone can link the CNN woman who summed up Obama’s speech right after it ended..

Sugar ant problem? Try this: Borax and jelly.

Archaeologists Uncover World's Oldest Harbor in Egypt: Papyrus Collection Discovered

Western Conference's final playoff spot (NBA) comes down to tonight

Wolf Blitzer just held up a pressure pot while interviewing gov. Patrick..

Fire at Venezuela's Cardon Refinery Controlled - PdVSA

Guns don't kill gun control legislation....

Gov. Perry is Chicago-bound to tout Texas

Gov. Perry is Chicago-bound to tout Texas

I'm an FDR Democrat, and that doesn't mean shit to the current Congress

Just emailed my Alabama senators.

Whoa. Even the media won't go there; so glad he did!

Israeli Military Court Sentences Palestinian-American Teen For Throwing Stones

Maduro blatantly lied about specific CDI attacks

Drug Testing State Officials?

I need a rug


American Woman

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaah Rev Al is tearing CNN, John King and Blitzer a new one

Called Jeff Flake about CPI

President Obama’s Fury Over The Failure Of The Background Check Bill, In 7 Lines

Web sleuths scour through thousands of Boston Marathon blast pictures to identify FIVE people they

Iditarod photos

I need a Fug.

If you like elephants (not GOP, but real, live elephants), here's an opportunity to help in Thailand

Florida woman arrested for violently yanking ex-boyfriend’s penis

Pope Francis and the American Sisters

Grassley visits each of Iowa's 99 Counties every year

Sew kitty's asleep at the switch?

In Big Win for Privacy, Obama Administration Issues #CISPA Veto Threat.

After Company Executives Get Bonuses, Regal Theater Chain Cuts Employees’ Hours To Avoid Obamacare

I need a pug

Everyone. Right now . Please email your senators. Post the replies.

Paying the Price for Defending Religious Freedom in South Carolina

Am I wrong for hoping this

President Obama's agenda will not be advanced by the current Congress.

I hope the Democratic party does not spend a dime on Mark Pryor

Pat Robertson On Boston Explosions: 'Don't Talk To Me About Religion Of Peace' \

Chickenshit gun whores

President Obama: Gun Lobby and Allies "Willfully Lied About the Bill" (Full Rose Garden presser)

Scientists describe new species of see-through fish from the Amazon

Europe Faces Threat of Full-Fledged Depression

Canada's Resource Minister: No, Really, We Think Climate Is A Real Problem. Seriously. Honest!

the most corrupt, despicable congress ever.

Vid of Pres Obama: Gun Lobby and Allies "Willfully Lied About the Bill"


BBC - Swansea Measles Epidemic Hits 765 Confirmed Cases


Like prohibition it's time to amend the second amendment.

I need a lug.

Assault Weapons Ban, High-Capacity Magazine Measures Fail In Senate Vote (HuffPo)

Hagel: US Can Support Israel If It Strikes Iran

In 2008 60% Of Rice Samples In 3 Provinces Contaminated W. Cadmium; Cancer Villages Still Producing

I need a plug

More Than 3,300 Gun Deaths Since Newtown; Faith Leaders Say 'Enough'. Just so that we don't forget

Harry Reid statement as yes vote for AWB was BS move to distract from HIS personal failure

Attlee versus Thatcher: We need to pick better heroes.

Boston Marathon Bombing Injuries: Blasts, Shrapnel and Traumatic Brain Injury

The Second Amendment is a non-starter in the 21st century

Any preference for free email providers? Google? Yahoo? Hotmail? ?? ??

Seriously good documentary - Erasing Hate

After Senate GOP blocked background checks, Mitch McConnell’s Facebook page posted this:

DeKalb, Ga, cop arrested for alleged assault at McDonald’s

Jonathan Papelbon: Obama 'wants to take our guns from us and everything'

Endgame Arrives For Island Nation Of Kiribati - Photo Essay From The Guardian

grrr. AZ moving to sell buyback guns to gun dealers.

I <3 Pete Seeger.

Captain America is coming back to Cleveland ...

Obama: 'Pretty Shameful Day in Washington'

Oh No! "Lord" Monckton May Be Preparing To Leave Denial Circuit - Panned On Farcical NZ Visit

If John F. Kennedy wanted to write "Profiles In Courage" about today's Senate

Marathon Bombing ‘Hero’ Questioned By FBI, Police At Boston Home

Children are a political tool

Filibuster was a GOOD thing today--our shitty goddamn Congress and Senate are the problem.

Democrats should run against the NRA and those that side with the NRA...

Did anyone see Wolf Blitzer hold up that brand new Pressure Cooker with Gov. Patrick today?

Fuck Mitch McConnell!!

Deforestation of the Brazilian rainforest down 80% since 2004.

Looks like medical marijuana bill will pass in Illinois

Welcome to the U.S.A., Everybody...

'Someone knows this person'

Investigators Say Video Points to Boston Bomb Suspect

You know DUers Bush, Cheney et al really fucked up

Super-powered battery breakthrough claimed by US team (BBC)

I wonder, how much did the NRA have to pay per vote?

American Airlines resumes most flights

Feds arrest suspect in ricin-positive letters sent to Obama, senator

Right wing nut watch, playing the blame game

Let's understand the gamesmanship behind NOT reforming filibuster

I am the 90%

Not tonight, maybe not tomorrow, but soon - the Senate will pass a background check bill

Ohio Teacher Reportedly Fired from Catholic School for Mentioning Her Partner in an Obituary

Help! I spilled coffee on my laptop and now besides having trouble with the keyboard I am having

Government removes words ‘Environment Canada’ from popular weather website

Canada starts the day with Holy Crap

Justin Trudeau takes up father's torch for Canada's Liberal party

Reports: Officials say arrest made in mailing of letters that initially tested positive for ricin

Ricin letter -- arrest made per CNN.

Armin Wand III sentenced to three consecutive life sentences for killing his children in Argyle fire

Judge: No More Delays in Trial of University Park Woman Accused of Distributing Child Porn

******April Photography contest FINALS******

Paper used to justify harsh austerity programs riddled with problems including a spreadsheet error

I need a jug!

Obama Says NRA ‘Willfully Lied’ To Beat Background Check Bill

I'm glad that this weak-ass bill failed.

***** April finals are posted in GD****

Anti-Gay activists looking for glamorous, unintelligent celebrities to advance their cause

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 18 April 2013

For those who sadly need to blame the Boston tragedy on America's "karma"

Urban racial purity

House Passes CISPA, Jumpstarting Cyber Privacy Debate All Over Again

My mother got through her surgery just fine.

There Was A Pic Posted On DU Earlier Today - Check Out The Link.....

John King: Walter White aka Heisenberg arrested in ricin attack, citing "source"

Sen. McTurtle just posted this to his official Facebook page (seriously):

Accused Child-Molester Cites Her Racism as a Defense

AND Sociopaths.