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Very interesting survey -Britons favour state responsibilities over individualism

Despite tension, NKorea lets in tourists, athletes

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 15 April 2013

Peyton Manning Comes Out As Gay For Football

I have never posted a thread hope it's OK for me to post here...

"On Gosnell “blackout,” where were conservatives before this week?"

the media bows to it's republican sunday talk shows...

President Obama isn't just destroying the Democratic Party and the country,

Poll: 23% of Jewish Israelis Support Apartheid, 13% Support Status Quo

Time for Weird Pics!

Capriles has alleged via Twitter there is a plan to “change” the country's election result

Former NY Drug Lord Turns Life Around Helping Seniors, Yahoo News:

MLK's Fight for Economic Equality

Rat Kidneys Made in Lab Point to Aid For Humans

The thing that pisses me off the most about Obama..

Guards shoot at Gitmo inmates forcing them to solitary cells

KMart ‘Ship your pants’ commercial goes viral

Eleven-Year-Old Brings AR-15 To NH State House Rally

Abnormal Is the New Normal

"Huh. It works. It makes sense."

'A Budget Focus on Inequality'

We're batting 2 for 1 in the good news department.

We're Not Broke (film) - just watched in its entirety

I want to tell you about my mom.

Dad's Story Of Getting His Son A 'Sofia The First' DVD


Wal-Mart, Sears Refuse Compensation for Factory Victims

BEACKING NEWS: Kim Jong-un declares war on PSY due to doing what he can't!

Toon: Drip Drip Drip

United Auto Workers union sets its sights on Alabama's Mercedes-Benz plant

Howard Dean (Tweet): I May Have to Become an Independent

U.S. drone kills 4, Pakistani sources say

Justin Bieber hopes Anne Frank would have been a Belieber

In Swat Valley, U.S. drone strikes radicalizing a new generation

Lens mugs

Barry Goldwater explains: why Chained-CPI is such a big, hairy deal

1964 Johnson VS. Goldwater Social Security commercial (must see)

OMG!! What to do???????????

"Sit down, Podrick. We're going to need details. Copious details."

I still love Madman..but honestly,

"Cuban Embargo Has Far Outlived Its Usefulness"

Adjuncts from more than 20 Boston-area colleges announce plans to unionize

My son almost died from this little recognized condition.


Peter Dinklage on the MTV Awards.

USC teacher's remarks about Republican Party ignite controversy

Party Rifts Complicate Chances for Gun Bill Passage.

Tensions up in Venezuela after polls close

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, April 16: Charlie Chaplin Birthday Tribute and Pierre Etaix

It's nice to see lefty progressives stirring the pot

Wow..Game of Thrones... ((((Spoiler))))

Europeans Reach Deal With Google on Searches

Dog wants a Kitty! (video)

CBS's Good Wife Ripped From Headlines Again Tonight: Anonymous & Party Rape Tweeting

Wayne LaPierre: Behind the Rhetoric

Game of Thrones thread.

I'm watching "To Hell and Back" on Retro

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, April 17: Star of the Month: Laurence Olivier

Happy 56th Amy Goodman!

Watching Vikings on History channel

Organized Labor post in GD needs some love

Police Cover up?: Ga. Teen Dies After Getting Stuck Upside-Down Inside Wrestling Mat

Meet Israel's most popular comedian. He's Arab.

"Republicans bring in media specialists to teach them how to speak to women and minorities"

Barking for Barack!

Senator Bernie Sanders: The 'Hoax'

Great Lakes oil proposals threaten repeat of Kalamazoo spill

Fears over North Korea missile launch as country marks Kim Il-Sung's birthday

Lethal secret: Georgia’s unusual effort to supply its executions


The truth about extreme global inequality

In Obama’s Budget, Poverty Initiatives Face an Uphill Battle

My sister asked me just a week ago about the times when I miss mom

Perry, backer of GOP causes and Houston builder, dies at 80

Obama administration divides over whistleblowers

And the new President of Venezuela is.....

Ex-Rep. Charlie Wilson dies at 70

And the new President of Venezuela is.....

Catching Fire Teaser

Obama Is Flying Blind on Drones

Was NOT fired for being a Christian or a homophobe.

Israel Extends Law Obstructing Israelis' Reunion With Palestinian Spouses

(Capriles) Venezuelan candidate demands recount (Maduro won)

Humanoid Robot wearing a hazardous materials suit...

The Peruvian Connection: Federal Agents Bust Alleged Antiquities Smugglers Network In Utah is such a fucking joke.

Three Macros

Is SS in trouble like the conservatives say?

Perry, backer of GOP causes and Houston builder, dies at 80

I guess we now know the question.

Is 70 Percent Renewable Power Possible? Portugal Just Did It For 3 Months

Who should you have voted for last election?

In Surprise, Recovery in China Loses Steam

Obama destroyed Chained CPI and I don't understand why we're not celebrating

Amazing Race tonight was good!

Thatcher funeral protesters get police go-ahead to turn backs on coffin

I just lost a dear friend.

A Brinicle...

The Religious Right Wants To Take Over Government And Run The Country Their Way

Capriles refuses to recognize the election results

Cue the cats in 3...2...1...

A first in the history of baseball - a quadruple header featuring Jackie Robinson, Richie Allen, ...

My Mom passed away this afternoon...

The need to counter North Korea’s missile threats through the ROK-US alliance

Margaret Thatcher's Roasting (sinking of Belgrano in 1982)

Old man at the ice cream parlor

Irish joke.

I am no longer a Cheese Burger

So now the talking point is that Obama destroyed chained CPI with his masterful brinksmanship.

"I can lick my elbow."

What is your go to recipe for fish?

(LEAD) N. Korea believed to be ready for missile launch: Seoul's defense chief

What is going on with West Virginia?

Can I self-delete my post that was hidden by a jury? I would

Kim Jong-un resurfaces

Carnegie Mellon University students, fingers are the future of buying

At least 22 people killed, over 100 wounded in string of attacks across Iraq

Poll: Thatcher's economic policies seen as a failure after her death

Ever been to The Hooters? What is your opinion?

National Committee to Protect Social Security and Medicare statement on Obama's budget

April 15: National Glazed Spiral Ham Day

Manila offers US its military bases

Truthout/Democrats Hide When Asked About Ending High-Income Loophole to Assure Social Security's Fut

Grand jury to be seated in Ohio football rape case, will look at whether other laws broken

If Companies Are People... Tax them as such

What do I do about this:

Super Donor Bob Perry Dies...

Nevada buses hundreds of mentally ill patients to cities around country

Oh, VTV.

F.E. Warren's nuclear future could be in jeopardy

Is this what Baby Boomer Heaven looks like?

Need a smile? Watch video of young girl after cleft palate surgery

Senate Gun Control Bill Actually a "Christmas Tree" of Pro-Gun Measures?

US strategy could result in nuclear war (with China)

Florida Dems Record Worst Fundraising Quarter in 8 years.

Tiger should not have been penalized.

Look out below

Chris Hedges: Sweatshops on Wheels

A Little Hand for Sec. Kerry in Tokyo

TNGA Rep. Matlock presents HB0540 Anti-Establishment Clause Bill in House Local Govt. Sub (Video)

How America's Corporate Overlords Cheat and Screw Us on Taxes

Does anybody know the proposed income threshold before Chained CPI kicks in?

How Right-Wingers in Congress Came to Represent a Whole Different Country

America Has Turned a World Without Serious Enemies into the Most Threatening Place in the Universe

so funny and true!

Marijuana Research Funding Cut as Support for Drug Grows

Hey Joe Scum - at least Obama's tax returns are public knowledge

China bird flu: Reported H7N9 cases rise to 60

Kerry Steps in the Line of Fire, Offering NK Talks for Peace

Not that I do a lot of it, but I'm glad I'm free to insult religion

"Ding Dong", the witch is dead you say?

Canada "Consolidating" And Culling 100 Years+ Of Information As 7 Fishery Libraries Close Nationwide

Even After 53 Deaths In MA Outbreak, Only 2 States Routinely Track Number Of Compounding Pharmacies

Brunch with Bernie

Turkish pianist Fazil Say convicted of insulting Islam

a girl in my nieces school is pregnant.

Wave of luxury apartments pushing central Ohio rental rates to lofty heights

NYT Op-Ed: A Fairer Corporate Tax

Court: Can human genes be patented?

Tom Engelhardt: "The Enemy-Industrial Complex"

Jane Seymour, James Keach divorcing after 20 years

North Korea can nuke us! We need to spend more on the military!

Minimum wage to increase to £6.31

GOP super donor Bob Perry of Texas dies at 80

German Elites Drawn to Anti-Euro Party, Spelling Trouble for Merkel

Conservatives to Obama: Spend More!

Iceland becomes first European country to sign free trade agreement with China

UN: Afghan opium production increases

Syria: Jordan to spearhead Saudi Arabian arms drive

French ministers to release all personal asset information

Exclusive: U.S. Recovered North Korean Rocket

James O’Keefe in Defense of Taping Mitch McConnell, and Everyone Else

Kidney grown in lab successfully transplanted into rat

Trayvon Martin targets? Really?

Highest Earning Hedge Fund Manager Made $2.2 Billion in 2012

House Republicans aim to weaken gun bill, focus on mental health

Guantánamo Bay's last UK detainee: 'people are dying here' in hunger strike

Not the Picture Picasso Would Have Painted

Margaret Thatcher funeral: Galloway attacks 'canonisation of wicked woman'

In state after state the inmates are running the asylum

Matt Drudge: ‘2014 Is Everything’

I'm giving up on posting for awhile.

Does Mitch have LaPierre’s back?

George W. Bush Opens Up About Painting

USAID's Dubious Allies in Paraguay

I had dinner with Helen Thomas again last night

Giant Rat-Size Snails Invade Florida

Paying 14% on $13m is exactly the same as paying 18% on $600k because shut up that's why

Spies And Soju: North Korea’s Man In Manhattan

Dog wants a kitty (video)

Monday Toon Roundup 1- Tax Day

Breaking: US Supreme Court Declines to Hear Gun Rights Case (Upholds New York's Gun Control Laws)

Monday Toon Roundup 2- Politics

Breaking on Bloomberg News tweet: US Supreme Court upholds New York State gun control laws

Monday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Kentucky Newspaper: ‘Despicable’ Content Of McConnell Tapes Is The ‘Real Story

'Why it’s vital we support the middle class,' by Justin Trudeau

Finally, we can all breath a little easier. Citigroup’s Earnings Rose 30% in 1st Quarter

Before ABC TV's "Scandal:" SCOTUS v. POTUS v. SCOTUS

McCain ‘Favorably Disposed’ To Gun Background Checks Bill

NHL Takes 'Historic Step' for LGBT Equality

TNGA Rep. Jon Lundberg sponsors HJR0295 resolution honoring self, his business

NHL Takes 'Historic Step' for LGBT Equality

Papantonio: Busting Wall Street’s Regulation Myths

A Tax System Stacked Against the 99 Percent - By JOSEPH E. STIGLITZ

George W. Bush: I'm 'Comfortable' With My Legacy On Iraq War

Parents sue NY county after coroner gives son’s remains to fire chief for dog-training lesson

New Tom Tomorrow. Right. On. Target.

Why is it reasonable for Democrats to negotiate...

This Modern World by tom Tomorrow

The Simple Act of Validation and Acknowledgement

Help! I can't see any of the replies to this thread!

veep! veep!


Thank God for the Internets

I Really Don't Think CEOs are worth 354 Times MORE THAN Regular Workers

Powerful and frightening NYT OpEd piece: Gitmo Is Killing Me

Light for N. Korea

I was just thinking this morning that the Republicans haven't been in a panic

George W. Bush: 'People Are Surprised I Can Even Read'

Opponents of Medicaid expansion put politics over people (CS Monitor)

Gun-rights leader: ‘We snookered the other side’ on Toomey-Manchin

Obama & Chained CPI - Opinions, Please.

Gas dropped to $3.29 per gallon this morning by me, hamster dance time

If John McCain had won in 2008, we would have two more conservative justices on the SCOTUS.

The real Kermit Gosnell story? Misogyny

Small Farms Fight Back: Food and Community Self-Governance

Hamas Military Wing Damages Gaza Heritage Site

Those of you who share space with a cat and/or dog - a delicate question -

Justin Bieber criticized for hoping Anne Frank would've been a 'belieber'

Is President Obama's entire budget DOA

Jamie Foxx wears T-shirt with pictures of Trayvon Martin and Sandy Hook massacre victims

Jackie Robinson steals home... against 5 Phillies

James O'Keefe has a column over at The Daily Beast

So what's everyone think of GW's art prowess?

How did they know there were 153 fish?

Obama Joins the Club

Fear causes people to make mistakes. If JFK had listened to his advisors, we'd all be dead.

A Whiff of Dark Matter on the ISS

Pet Bereavement.

Selective Perception

Companies won’t even look at résumés of the long-term unemployed

Democratic Strategy for the 2014 election. Is it working?

Is it a law that says I need to give a phone number to donate to Warren?

HoF is by far the most used forum in the Gender and Orientation

Bloomberg Group Targets Jeff Flake On Guns

I'm so sleepy, I keep falling over at my computer

In Memoriam -- Kurt Cobain

On this morning, Abraham Lincoln joined the ages

Bitcoin is ludicrous, but it tells us something important about the nature of money

U.S. Home Builders' Confidence Falls for Third-Straight Month

14 Theories for Why Kermit Gosnell's Case Didn't Get More Media Attention

Repubs are coveting an agreement on immigration?

Religious women press for change

Help! I'm not real good with my 1-year old MacBook Pro.

Pope Francis approves report bashing US nuns as 'radical feminists'

Foundations for Muslim-Buddhist Interfaith Dialogue

Marine algae show resilience to carbon dioxide emissions

Commodities Tumble, Stocks Slide as China Growth Slows

Woman Tracks Down Lifegard that Saved Her Nearly 50 Years Ago

Happy Birthday, rug!

Dish Network makes $25.5-billion bid for Sprint

Construction Pay Seen Rising as Much as 30% From Keystone

14 Theories for Why Kermit Gosnell's Case Didn't Get More Media Attention

Today's Lesson in Congressional Arithmetic

Venezuela to proclaim Maduro vote winner despite protest

New York Fed Manufacturing Growth Slows In April

When media mention a woman's appearance, her chance of being elected falls, study finds

There's only one profession explicity protected by the US Constitution.

Cuccinelli Prevented Voters from Having a Primary, Got Himself Nominated by an Insider Convention

Pinellas domestic partner registration starts Monday

Paul Revere's Ride (Longfellow)

Who approved these ridiculously sexist “Avengers” T-shirts?

Anne Frank Museum Defends Justin Bieber After ‘Belieber’ Controversy

Well sure, if ...

Check out this kid in a child abuse prevention PSA:

Gitmo Is Killing Me

New York Teen Girls Threaten Each Other Over Wearing Same Dress To Prom

Psychiatrists Cure Alcholoism By Planting Fake Memories Of Bad Benders In Patients

Cubs unveil $500M Wrigley Field renovation plan

Cubs unveil $500M Wrigley Field renovation plan

Lean In and One Percent Feminism

Putin Warns Russia At Risk From Global "Crisis"

Kim Jong-un Comes Out of Hiding for Missile-Free Holiday

Lawsuit planned over assaulted Calif. teen suicide

Louisville Courier-Journal: McConnell Tape Contents Are "Despicable" and the "Real Story"

Besides Working with NRA. Al Qaeda Attacks Internet With Photo Of Adorable Piglet

iPhone-controlled bionic hands allow father to hold daughter’s hand for first time since accident

Last light on the Hudson

Solar panels and hail.

Liberal Love Affair with Francis Over?

Michelle Bachmann shares her innermost thoughts.

Ailing Sen. Frank Lautenberg will return to Washington DC to Vote On Gun Safety.

Police Recover Expensive Engagement Ring That Man Swallowed

Challenge to Connecticut's New Gun Law-violates the rights of disabled people

Gun Control PSAs By Moms Demand Action Are Striking And Powerful (PHOTOS)

Theft Checks May Cost Amazon Staffing Agent

i love springtime in the rockies

Police: Oregon City man prepping for new job killed girl

Tar Sands Timmy

Why spend $250,000 on a gold shirt?

Wal-Mart, Sears Refuse Compensation for Factory Victims

Bachmann To Attend Margaret Thatcher’s Funeral


Judge holds self in contempt over smartphone

Boat filled with protected species hits coral reef

Louisiana House Buries Jindal’s Last Hope To Repeal Income Tax

University of Manitoba Students Union ignores legal advice, votes to strip anti-Israel group

Report: Turkey Warns Israel Against 'Dirty Bargaining' Over Gaza Flotilla Compensation

Will Democrats losing big in 2014 help or hurt Hillary

Dish Network offering to buy Sprint in $25.5B deal

Court: Can human genes be patented?

11-Year-Old Accidentally Shoots And Kills 13-Year-Old With Unattended Gun

Female cop kills boyfriend, toddler in Brooklyn before killing self: police

Report: Iran Successfully Tests Three New Missiles

Turkey First State With Ambassador To Palestine

Krugman: Gold Does Not Glitter

Do You REALLY Think God Wants Morons for Followers?

Printer issue/System resent issue

Voting cards found along highway in Barinas state (Spanish)

Response to bungled NK attack?


Man shoots himself in the head during NASCAR race sponsored by the National Rifle Association (NRA)

BBC Under Fire for Using Students to Sneak Into North Korea

Since there will be no budget, what's the end-game?

CHANGE FOR A DOLLAR (one of my ALL-TIME FAVORITE videos is back!)

CHANGE FOR A DOLLAR (one of my ALL-TIME FAVORITE videos is back!)

Christensen: GOP goes after the wrong kind of voter fraud Read more here:

Boehner vs Christian cons vs corporatist cons in AR today

The Reagan Revolution Has Succeeded - In Creating A Low Wage Unstable Economy

Making cuts to Social Security the national Democratic Party agenda is something to celebrate?

The Fed messed with the wrong senator

Team reports on abuse of students doing anthropological field work

Lost the sound on my Motorola Razr M when I play videos.

Voting center coordinator assassinated in Zulia

Donohue: "Marriage is not about love."

Pic Of The Moment: Gun Nuts Accuse Obama Of Exploiting Grieving Sandy Hook Parents

A freebie from Amazon...

New York Registration Of Reclassified Assault Weapons, Magazine Ammunition Limit Begin

Could national reciprocity of concealed-carry permits kill the gun bill?

Will anyone disagree with this? President Obama deserves harsh criticism over the Gitmo horror

Keith Olbermann-Meet THE Kid In THE Jackie Robinson Photo

BREAKING NEWS: George W. Bush Decides To Run Across America

Man, sometimes I hate Mondays.

Do you wanna know a surefire way to get some gun laws passed in Congress?

GOP Fights to Rebrand the Party of No

The Hell of American Day Care

"It's a myth that most of Philly's illegal guns are driven up from the South"

Why Margaret Thatcher is like a Higgs Boson

The Truth About Extreme Global Inequality

W. Bush: "I'm comfortable with what I did"

Great effort by Volunteers of Distributed Proofreaders!

Homeless Man Who Returns Ring is Thrilled by Surprise Reunion With His Family

"People are surprised. Of course, some people are surprised I can even read."

Today in Peace and Justice history on April 15, 1967

Today in Peace and Justice history on April 15, 1967

How To Discuss HIV Health Issues With Non-Poz Folks **PSA**

How Right-Wingers in Congress Came to Represent a Whole Different Country

Too much news that isn't really news. Recently we heard about Jenna Bush's baby.

Flashdance 30 Years Later:: Crazy Legs

Bogota reggaeton singer found butchered .

Venezuela's Maduro gets twitter hacked 'from Bogota' .

War Criminal Comments on the Pursuit of Human Rights in the World

Temple Grandin is wrong on vaccines and autism

UK refuses to admit US embassy cables obtained by WikiLeaks are genuine

Boondocks- Ed Gets Shot

Toon: “Mr Invincible”

A simple reminder…

Pope Francis continues crackdown on US nuns.

Ready for Hillary: New Backers, High-Profile Endorsements Lend Legitimacy to Pro-Clinton Super PAC

Letter from Travis DA Lehmberg to prosecutors says she will enter guilty plea, accept jail time

Toons: NRA

Obama, Guantánamo, and the enduring national shame

A Child's Question To Her Mom That May Break Your Heart

The Most Ridiculous Tea Party Signs

Ex-Rutgers Coach Mike Rice Now Coaching 12-year-old Girl's Team

'Fifty Shades' makes list of challenged books

OOPS: This Funny-In-An-Awful Way Video Gets To The Truth Of Exxon's Spill Coverups

Supreme Court Declines Gun Law Case,

Global military spending falls for the first time since 1998.

Transgender woman banned from Idaho grocery store

HILARIOUS: 'F _ _ k This Sh _ t'

Limbaugh Going Away in Next 3 Years?

If everyone were aware of this fact, we'd have a much better chance of defeating him in 2014....

Post Scarcity Economies?

Fiat Dives Headfirst Into EV Mosh Pit with $20K (CA) 500e

Cyprus considering offering EU citizenship to Russian investors/depositors

Here's the thing. There are certain dems we love & respect for their courage & ability to speak

Why Thatcher's shadow still lingers over Latin America

Taste of beer, without effect from alcohol, triggers dopamine release in the brain

Anyone have any updates about South Africa?

2 explosions at Boston marathon finish line

Has the right no shame?

Possible terror attack at Boston Marathon...............

Laurene Powell Jobs on immigration reform (Dream Act Film) & Steve Jobs' 'private legacy'

Corporate media articles are getting funnier, if possible, following Chavez' death.

The real Kermit Gosnell story? Misogyny

Stuck in the middle

TED: 2,000 voice virtual choir

Portugal Achieves 70 Percent Renewable Energy in First Quarter

Mark Sawyer counters right wing memes about Che and Beyonce-JayZ-Cubagate

Howard Dean Threatens To Leave Democratic Party If Obama Doesn’t Cut Pentagon Budget

Capriles demanding CNE suspend proclamation that Maduro won. Threatening a cacerolazo at 8pm

Share This Post, Save A Square Of Rainforest

Mrs Thatcher explains the Khmer Rouge to British children

Corbett Signs 5 Year Long "No Bid" Sole-Source Contract to Outsource PA's Websites (They crashed)

Hobby Lobby hikes minimum wage to $14 an hour for full-time hourly employees

Fired Florida officer defends use of 'Trayvon Martin' targets

Family says boys were sober during sex assault

Vicente Díaz calls for audit of 100% of balloting stations (head of electoral council)

Feeling a Little Guilty for Over-Consumptive Habits? Blame it on the Breeders

The Denizens of Bullshit Mountain

Jesus Fucking Christ.

2013 Pulitzer Winners in Journalism and Arts

William Rice: Help feds rehire public workers

I used to intern for the NRDC; they're good. Here's a petition to Obama to help save blue whale

Help save blue whales - they are being damaged by commercial vessels. Here's a link to an NRDC page

Is it ILLEGAL to use SS to pay for the deficit?

BBC America is reporting 2 explosions at the finish line of the Boston Marathon

Let's not go overboard with speculation regarding the Boston explosion.

Total speculation, but if this is a bomb I would suspect terrorist right wing nuts using Boston

Regarding other people's "principles", including those of BO:

The Times Wins Four Pulitzer Prizes

Before people jump to conclusion about Boston, let me ask:

Gitmo Is Killing Me

Chemistry play idea for preschoolers

Mile where Boston Mararthon explosions occurred was “dedicated” to the victims of Newtown shootings

Oh fer crying out loud. Wolf Blitzer "speculates" on a Patriots Day connection to marathon event.

What the fuck is wrong with this country?

George W. Bush: People surprised I can read

Supreme Court declines Northern Ireland subpoena dispute

Offical press release from Boston Marathon:

A large fire also broke out at the JFK library in Boston at approximately the same time.

Boston Police, Fire and EMS Live Audio Feed

Toon: The VFW and the NEW Pilots

Black, Arab rail staff kept away from Peres visit to Paris: union

Greece slashes civil service jobs in new bailout

Activist Music Video: "Paradise-Keystone Pipeline" Protesting Keystone XL Pipeline and Fracking

Transphobic flame bait is OK by the jury system. WTF.

Third Bomb found and detonated by Police in Boston

Rick Nolan forcefully rejects chained CPI

Howard Dean Threatens To Leave Democratic Party If Obama Doesn’t Cut Pentagon Budget

CBS BREAKING NEWS: Possible 3rd explosion at Boston Marathon.

Airspace over Boston closed. Ball bearings found at the scene.

*Small i.e.d,

Boston Marathon Explosion

HLN says 2 dead and at least 20 injured in Boston.

Today is "Patriots day" in Massachusetts

Boston PD: 2 Dead, 22 Injured In Boston Marathon Explosions

Listen to Boston EMS here:

Smile...this is music...Do Re Mi.. Give it a chance to load..please..Flash Mob it is called..

Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler honoured by Google doodle

Pennsylvania Ave. across from White House closed to pedestrian traffic.

My HOPE is that this was all the work of one lone whackjob...

UPDATE: My daughter made it home safely from her job in Boston.

Penn Ave @ White House closed to PEDESTRIAN traffic.

BREAKING: Intelligence official: 2 more explosive devices found at Boston Marathon; being dismantled

Michigan Judge Holds Himself In Contempt After His Own Phone Goes Off During Hearing

And Alex Jones is already unleashing his crazy on the Boston explosion(s)

Another Gang-Rape. Another Crap Job by Cops. Another Dead Girl. How to Change It.

My thoughts and prayers to the victims and the people of Boston!

I will tell you this much re: the Boston bombing...

CBS' Tim Williams tweeted that Newtown families were in the VIP section right by the explosion

My money is on some teabagger anti-government, anti-tax extremist

Patriots Day

If you are in the area, can you donate blood?

(PIC) Boston Police respond moments after explosions:

Four days until the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing and the Waco raid...

Damn media

Saw this on twitter: Mass General is giving updates on victims' injuries they are seeing

Multiple reports of unexploded devices around Boston.

Waiting for the NRA to make a statement about protecting Americans right to carry bombs.

Ruger's new pistol...the "Congressman"...

Protests have already started according to private media. Rightwingers are *finding* "ballot boxes"

Hagel drops controversial medal for drone operators

Here's my assessment of the "Blame Game" in the next 24 hours

Scooter Store Files For Bankruptcy After Overbilling Medicare At Least $47 Million

Prayers for Boston...

Boston PD News Conference at 5 pm EDT,

Official: Firefighters found what they think is an unexploded device

Does the fact that we are nearing the annniversary of the Waco shootout have any relevance?

Scooter Store Files For Bankruptcy After Overbilling Medicare At Least $47 Million

Pardon my language but fuck this shit. Seriously, and damn whoever does bombs.

Third explosion at JFK Library

Alex Jones already has an opinion on the Boston explosions..


Two more explosive devices found at Boston Marathon

(side comment) Kudos to police, EMS and volunteer personnel on scene at the marathon bombings.

Some good news, woman keeps her home after Wells Fargo screwed up!

We need to stop and wait for all the facts.

Military chief dismisses "scandal" about lost ballot box

*News conference now @ msnbc,

FAA: No-Fly Zone Over Boston Marathon Site

Bomb found?....exploded...? at JFK Library.

I got called for jury duty ( grand jury summons)

This is Calculated, and Looking Very Suspicious

Please calm down Tweety

Is DU wonky for anyone else? I can't seem to download in the proper time...n/t

Obama Briefed On Boston Explosion, Called Patrick And Menino

Official: Cellphone service shut down in Boston

Insider Dealing For Insider Trading: Congress Guts STOCK Act Reporting Requirements

First draft of Casino Royale Found, Reveals Bond's Real Name To Be James Secretan.

Is it time to elevate the DEFCON in DU?

Thanks for the ideas everyone. I got it now.

Google releases boston victims search tool

Cel phone access in Boston shut down - if you are trying to locate someone in Boston today:

Google rolls out a person finder for those impacted by Boston bombs..

Now reporting five bombs found. Two unexploded. One at a hotel and another undisclosed.

Boston Police Knock Down NYPost Story about Suspect in Custody

check out the nypost as of now....

OK - The words "Boston Tea Party" and "Tax Day" keep popping into my mind.

Speculation, and labeled as such

455 runners in the Boston Marathon were from North Carolina

Anyone else disturbed

What Non-Pray-ers Do for Boston

Boston Police: No Arrests Have Been Made In Marathon Bombing

Google has put up a "Person Finder" for the Boston Marathon

Ferocious cats - Rawrrrr!

Protests have begun, police and military firing tear gas and pellets

Margaret Thatcher funeral: Galloway attacks 'canonisation of wicked woman'

Boston Globe just put up this footage from the finish line. WARNING

Tweety just reported that the fire at JFK Library seems to be unrelated.

Confirmed that JFK Library fire is mechanical, not related to Boston Bombing.

PHOTO: Obama Briefed On Boston Explosions

Chris Matthews should never be allowed anywhere near breaking news

For Boston folks, just wanted to let you know we're thinking about you during this difficult time.

Cat Lives Off McDonald's for a Year

Antisectarian Campaign in Egypt Urges Citizens to Remove Religion From ID Cards

Who protests Tax Day by carrying assault rifles and scream about a New Revolution?

AP: DOJ Deploying Full Resources To Investigate Boston Marathon Explosions

Helping Boston

Scooter Store files for Chapter 11 protection

I know shit about bombs but what I do know is that a lot of the information

Reid says Obama will speak to nation at 6 pm

Pres. Obama receives an update from the FBI director on #BostonMarathon blasts

Yeah! Free Republic! Yeah!

FBI locks down Cleveland Browns Owner Jimmy Haslam's Pilot Flying J headquarters

REPORT: 'Leave It to Beaver' actor Frank Bank dead at 71

New video - Greenland: A Ring of Mountains

President Obama will Address Nation at 6:10 PM EST (n/t)

Pres. Obama will address the nation at 6:10 p.m.

The fact that this was in Boston on tax day is not a coincidence.

My city.

Does your house need a face lift? Here's some idea's for you....

UPDATE: At least 90 people injured in #BostonMarathon blasts, according to area hospitals

From Greater Boston Zen Center - BRIEF LITURGY AND DEDICATION, in response to today's tragic event.

Boston: AP reporter says NEWTOWN families were in the VIP section by explosion but weren't injured

a sick joke...


International observers in Venezuelan election report their findings from yesterday

Obama to speak at 6:15 EST

*No suspect in custody according to

I'm not the praying type.

Senate candidates suspend activity after blasts

11 Trees You Should Never Plant in Your Yard

21 groups call for moratorium on Powder River coal in letter to new Interior Secretary Sally Jewell

I just have one thing to say about those "false flag" conspiracies nuts

Anyone else addicted to the Partially Examined Life podcast?

The Boston Marathon: All My Tears, All My Love

Photos from the bombing (warning graphic)

As a runner and member of a fairly tight running community

I hope Boston evidence doesn't lead down this road.

Well, WHO in the hell else comes to mind immediately. Let's see: Hates taxes, wears stupid clothing

Let me know when they identify the bombers

Oh for fuck sake!

Yes, individual homeowners who borrowed too much - they're the problem.

Hey, Does anybody know how much fertilizer is in a kiss?

Memory effect now also found in lithium-ion batteries

Please label Any Graphic Boston Photos

Murderous Motherfucker(s).

Obama On Boston Bombing: Responsible Individuals ‘Will Feel The Full Weight Of Justice’

how do you chat with individual posters?

11-year-old brings AR-15 to NH State House rally. Boy says he was there to "stand up for gun rights"

Can we just take a moment to acknowledge / thank all of the 1st Responders in Boston

People ran TOWARD the smoke.

NBC News Banner: one of the dead was just 8 years of age.

In respect for the bomb victims today, I'm not posting any jokes today nt

Obama: ‘We Will Find Out Who Did This’ (VIDEO)

Obama makes statement on Boston Bombings

Michele Bachmann's latest chart-topper

The reason behind this tragedy should not be in question

Study reveals seasonal patterns of tropical rainfall changes from global warming

Boston police: "No 'credible' group has claimed responsibility for this."

CNN: "Breaking News: Obama statement doesn't say 'terror'"

The Diameter of the Bomb

Speculative Indulgence; one of three groups.

AP: Cellphone Service Still Working In Boston

I sincerely apologize

Boehner announces House delegation to Margaret Thatcher funeral

Is anything LESS important that preserving the war budget?

NBC News: Law enforcement official confirms one of 2 people killed in explosions was 8 years old

Please Come To Boston, Dave Loggins.

Kerry typically would have been at the Boston Marathon (Foreign Policy Mag)

UCLA engineers craft material for high-performance 'supercapacitor'

The Senate learned of the bombing during Toomey's speech

What does it look and sound like when a hellfire missile strike?

Remember when the Repukes blocked chem. signatures on explosives?

Thoughts and Wishes to the people of Boston

Which Republican will blame President Obama?

Cheesy, but I don't give a shit.

Jordan extremist praises Boston bombing

WND writer Erik Rush knows JUST who to blame!

Wall Street Posts Worst Day Since November 7 On Gold's Drop, Boston Blasts

Why? Why Not?

UPDATE: Hospitals report at least 105 injured, at least 15 critically, in Boston explosions

For all those in Boston today… ( NH Labor News News and Information From A Labor Perspective)

Lawmakers suggest terrorism involved in Boston

Surprising findings on hydrogen production in green algae

White House: Boston Explosion ‘Appears To Be’ Terror Attack

A Gay Wedding Picture Is Worth 1,138 Rights

Hagel Cancels Creation Of New Drone, Cyber Medal; Military to add device to existing medals

What's for Dinner, Mon. April 15

Carnival to 'voluntarily' reimburse U.S. Treasury for Triumph, Splendor assists (updated)

my rePug governor is an owner of this company...raided by FBI--Pilot Flying J

OK - I have had enough, the media is insane

My son's facebook status...

Georgia Governor can't endorse integrated prom.

Fox regular jokes about killing all the Muslims

Watched the "news" for a bit, had to shut it off

WV principal threatens vengeance on student who spoke out over controversial abstinence-only speaker

Please, let us bring our friends and family home,

Why does MSM not Mention Atlanta Olymics Bombing..FALSE ACCUSATIONS /Richard Jewell

I am still a Democrat.

Because Boston, that's why.

And, tomorrow is the anniversary of the Virginia Tech shootings...

Big News for the FBI! Wow! one arrest and no connections to a Boston arson incident on the same day

Did the bomb attack in Boston have something to do with "Patriot's Day"?

Boston Marathon Tragedy Shows Why Brands Need Human Touch on Twitter ...

When they find out that it's an RW goon, will they focus

W.Va. student asks for injunction against principal over abstinence-only speaker

What is the over-under of when the Repukes start blaming Obama?

Boston Marathon: Official Information Sources

North Korea's UK ambassador defends Pyongyang's stance in rare speech

Just throwing the out there.Has there been a report on the inventory in the John F. Kennedy library?

Mr. Rogers: "Look for the helpers."

Perry calls for $1.6 billion in business tax cuts

My son's office is two blocks away...he's freaked. I'm freaked.

When farm kids get bored in Saskatchewan:

As awful as the attacks have been let's be thankful they weren't worse. The crude nature of this...

Months of April is not great month

The NY Times is reporting three other unexploded devices, including one in Newton outside Boston

Gov. Perry launches ad campaign to lure Chicago businesses to Texas

The Boston Marathon's Final Mile Was Dedicated to Newtown Victims

State Rep. Todd Hunter's windstorm bill to go before House insurance committee Tuesday

"Lights" by Journey - posting in dedication to Boston

CNN Security Analyst: speculating

Attorney withdraws from representing prime suspect in murders of Kaufman County DA and others


I wonder how much they will be able to enlarge these photo's..

Man convicted in Fort Bliss soldier shootings sentenced to 99 years

I just crossed 7000 posts!

Texas Motor Speedway will review policies after suicide during NASCAR race

Just back from 2 week post op doctors visit...

Boston: Humble suggestions on what NOT to do

Woman, 84, accused of ordering hit on Montgomery County prosecutors

Our drones do shit like this all over the world every day.