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Archives: April 11, 2013

Today is Wednesday, the day that Rachel and Chris Hayes will begin covering the SS cuts....

Iran says it will build more nuclear plants in area hit by earthquake

The GOP 2014 election strategy will now be to attack Dems for proposing Social Security cuts

Funny story... (Hitler was incredibly gullible)

Tax Evaders: Video game where you fight the 1%

Natnl Academy of Sciences: to cut U.S. gasoline use in half by 2030 no one technology will do it.

Pakistan test-fires nuclear-capable missile that could hit deep within India

It's Hard Out Here for a Penny

Amended NC auto insurance bill still faces opposition

Taco Bell promises better nutrition - by 2020

India, Germany want Iran to stop nuclear proliferation

Pork's Blood?

Uruguay Lawmakers Vote to Legalize Gay Marriage

Ok, everyone get your hands off our social security

Regarding Background Checks

"Paul Ryan Stumped: Can't Name A Single Area of Compromise in His Budget"

Street Artist Roadsworth Transforms the Streets of Montreal into a Visual Playground

It's been a couple of days since a four-year-old has gone on a shooting rampage.

Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.

Michigan: Amtrak's ridership up on Wolverine line

Florist sued for refusing service to gay couple

"Why Canada Can Avoid Banking Crises and U.S. Can’t"

FLUIDIC – A Sculpture in Motion: An Interactive Field of 12,000 Spheres Illuminated by Lasers

The hand/arm flailing on All In tonight, was spectacular.

We never watched Lost. Is it worth starting?

The Methanol Alternative to Gasoline - as a way to enhance our energy security. We are gambling

The President should be inviting Democrats, not Republicans, to dinner. He's starting to appear

Taterguy has been spending a LOT of time doing (ahem)... "research" lately.

Ptah is pretty liberal, though he does have a typical Arizona Red State doggie.

The only reason the rest of us get groupies is that there's not enough cat musicians to go around.

Adulthood sucks.

MiddleFingerMom dressed up as an Easter egg for this year's Tucson Easter Parade.

MiddleFingerMom just LOVES being able to get his weekly grocery order delivered to his front door.

Keystone XL Absent From White House Budget

TCM Schedule for Thursday, April 11, 2013 -- What's On Tonight -- Debra Paget

I know the feeling.

Homeschooling by Ron Paul?

Our FRiends have found a.....DIFFERENT perspective on the Atlanta gunman story

Last Year, the Number of NYC Women Killed in Domestic Violence Increased by 15 Percent

GODDAMMIT!!! "Well-behaved" and "self-control" are not supposed to be part of my fucking repertoire!

President Obama Betraying America over Social Security

Gun control deserves to be voted on. So... TAKE THE DAMNED VOTE!

Rick Santorum's warning to Republicans: Embracing gay marriage is 'suicidal'

More gun violence - GA man holds firefighters hostage

If Rachel doesn't lead with Social Security, then...

3D-Textured Solar Cells Will Be Tested in Space

The Elephant in the Room: Militarism

Why God didn't get a Phd (in part in honor of Rep Barton)

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Last Call

Roger Ebert Would Have Given His Obit Cartoons Two Thumbs Down

Long Exposure Neon Waterfalls

Margaret Thatcher Was a Privatization Pioneer, and This Is the Story of How Her Agenda............

Another disgusting display

Joe Barton (Moron-TX): Biblical Flood is Example of Climate Change not Caused By Man

Emotional Michelle Obama Chokes Up While Addressing The Need For Stricter Gun Laws

That's No Moon…

How to Make Candy Sushi

You F***ing Frisco Fans should be relieved that you didn't have to play in Denver.

Ella Fitzgerald and Marilyn Monroe - an example of women helping women

Toddler loses legs in lawn mower accident

How Exxon is bringing energy to you !

In Hebron, no arrests (of Jews) on Saturdays

My personal hell.

Join the Youth Progressive Movement

Uruguay legalizes gay marriage

Strange. I kicked this old OP in GD but cannot see it there.

I Like Alison "Discoveries"

"New Guidelines Call for Broad Changes in Science Education"

That was kind of weird on the Rachel Maddow show

One word...

Ed Markey of Massachusetts/ Special Election... He can make a difference!

Who said it: "(The President) is taking heat from the LEFT, the USUAL SUSPECTS"

Deficit Hawks, Rejoice! We’re in a Golden Age of Deficit Reduction

David Axelrod is spinning through his teeth. He and Gene Sperling as spokespersons do much harm.

Favorite TV Shows?

Statement by AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka on FY 2014 Budget Proposal

Rachel just PANTSED Axelrod on Chained CPI

If you ever make sugarless sorbet with splenda or some such, try this to make it . . . . .

I wish Axelrod had won the "debate"

Pardon my interruption of the Daily DU Outrage Session ...

Cameron's goons are making a complete mess of this Thatcher deification

NH Governor Hassan Signs Executive Order Moving NH Forward On Medicaid Expansion

2014 Democratic US Senate candidates likely to get elected.

an ongoing discussion

Rothkopf: Mitch McConnell greater threat to U.S. than Kim Jong Un

23 million


Senate Confirms Sally Jewell As Interior Secretary

OK, so why am I seeing ads for my local electric utility on DU?

Top Enron Fraudster Will Spend Less Time In Prison Than A Father Who Sold His Own Pain Pills

How the Republicans will win

Boy I really hate the Republicans. They want to cut Social Security benefits.

Kid Rock is embarrassed to be a Republican

Captain Murphy - The Killing Joke

Monsanto Claims to Ditch Herbicide While Selling More of It

"Kerry to Focus on Palestinian Economy as Part of Peace Process"

An Wasserflussen Babylon (Bach, performed by Albert Schweitzer)

Another friend is at the end of the road.

New York City Agrees to Pay Occupy Wall Street $230,000 for Destruction of Library

Rep. Alan Grayson: No Chained CPI!

Chips and beer and the NRA

I just realized something

Whatever our opinion of the President, can we all agree on one thing?

BDS -- "A Community Debate -- Achieving a Just Peace in Israel/Palestine"

NYPD nabs man suspected of torching mezuzahs in Brooklyn

A week ago it was freezing in the Philly 'burbs. Today, mid-80s. Tonight we had Summer like storms.

Report: 600,000 forced labor victims in Middle East

Joe Barton -- proof that "Idiocracy" was not completely fictional

Do you want better laws to come out of Congress?

Isn't Chained CPI Obama's "Don't Ask Don't Tell?"

about Frances Perkins (after Lawrence show):

Polluting plastic particles invade the Great Lakes

Arkansas oil spill will come up at Keystone XL pipeline hearing

Three Teen Girls Begin Trial for Human Trafficking Charges


For Bald Eagle Watchers

1945 or more rightly 1946 . . . . .

Spring has started

Agents found 678 guns,13 grenades in raid of Lincoln man's home

N. Korea shifts missile locations ahead of imminent launch: sources

Does anyone watch the TV show, "The Americans"?

Headline on Huffington

Major accident at Iowa wind farm

Decadent Capitalist John Stewart

Who are the Democrats that have the ear of the President?

Renewables Made Up 82% Of New U.S. Generating Capacity In First Quarter

Dr. Jeff Masters is reporting CSU's 2013 hurricane forecast

I just learned one of my classmates died yesterday. RIP Sandy.

Could an accident with a missle start a war?

The Gatekeepers: Inside The Minds Of Men Who Guard Israel

Satellite intel shows DPRK rockets have been painted with skull and crossbones motif.

Another Ignore Question

My sensible centrist Democratic Congressman supports Chained CPI

Can the Utility Industry Survive the Energy Transition?

Cutting Social Security does NOT add a penny toward the budget deficit

Right here: The problem with what calls itself "the Left" in a nutshell:

House of Cards performed on Late Night with Conan - Radiohead

How many Karl Roves does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Mom's Soc Security AND pension till she died

" one who works full time should have to raise his or her family in poverty."

Would someone PLEASE put Lazaro out of his misery?

I got this exellent book on how to improve your memory

Third Annual Minnesota Delegation Hotdish Competition

Building a litigation warchest, suggested by Cliff Arnebeck,

No panic in NKorea despite talk of missile test

I'm eating dry cake mix (Pillsbury German Chocolate). Will I die? (I't's pretty good)

The White House wants to reverse $500 million in Medicaid cuts

Texas Considers Backtracking on Testing.

Michigan: Grosse Pointe South Kids Will Hear Santorum Speak -- But Only With Parent Permission

The Pentagon plans to ____ more than 40,000 civilians over the next five years

As much as I like Obama, there's nothing I can say to defend him.

Man no longer allowed to visit husband at KC hospital

All I Need

Liberty University Professor: Atheists Want To Finish The Job Started On 9/11

House Intelligence panel OKs CISPA after closed door meeting

TIAA-CREF Proposal to Boycott Israeli Firms Illegal, Says Activist Group

Woman Robs Bank Fooling People She Had Bomb, Was Actually Can Of Spaghetti Sauce

God Bless the Sex Worker.

Fucking amazing how they push us around!!

Study Suggests Attackers Choose Victims Based on the Way They Walk

Anyone watching Top of The Lake??

I came out to EVERYONE

The Class War Has Begun

Reminds me of a futuristic vehicle out of the movie Tron

Expert: 8 out of 10 victims shot in the head Guatemala's ex-strongman

Social Security is mostly Fine. Medicare is a Mess. Neither would be difficult to fix...

Gov. Rick Scott signs Internet cafe ban bill into law

My Mom is dying. She has been under Hospice Care.

Expert: 8 out of 10 victims shot in the head Guatemala's ex-strongman

A great speach by Glenda Jackson, MP about Maggie Thatcher.

From San Francisco to Capitol Hill, thousands rally and march for immigration reform

Me membership star is missing

Venezuela's parliament speaker decries opposition's destabilizing plot

Dan Patrick Tries An End-Run to Give Texas Students Taxpayer-Funded Scholarships To Private Schools

Gov. Perry names new Kaufman County DA

Texas legislature considers making switchblades legal

I tried to set my DVR to record "The Biggest Loser" but...

Houston egg roll maker can reopen, but not prepare seafood items

Pentagon warns North Korea: You are 'very close to a dangerous line'

Putting the "gag" in Gag Order (Pink Slime)

What does "Universal Background Check" mean?

War chest to defeat the Rove/Koch/Chamber attack on democracy in America

If adoption agencies were totally truthful about adoption and their role:

hang in there everyone and me too

Why the NRA fights background checks

Environmental issues in Canada

How hard would chained CPI be to reverse? If not very, why does it matter?

'The Class War Has Begun'

Dog For Sale

Wealth Inequality in America (best infographic for the top 1% I've ever seen)

Russell Brand on Thatcher. Pretty interesting.

Regarding "fake pot," smokable "incense" or whatever you want to call it:

If Obama cuts Social Security could he be Impeached?

This just in.

An overview article about the Energiewende (Germany)

Here's the truth about Centerism.

Peter Oborne of the Torygraph: "This is a state funeral, and that's a mistake"

North Korean troops too busy farming (Spring planting) to start war.

No surprises at Keystone XL hearing: Both sides stand their ground

Looks like Social Security is an effective subsidy for Traditional Households

Severe storms hits Midwest with snow, ice, winds

Looks like the Presidents team got to the New York Times

How Obama wants to prevent future Mitt Romneys from sheltering massive amounts of wealth

5 Juicy Tax Breaks That Corporations Enjoy That the Public Can't Touch

The Southern State Fast Becoming Ayn Rand's Vision of Paradise

Rand Paul Explains Black History to Black People

Obama's New Treasury Secretary Pushes Austerity That Spreads Global Misery

Post Office to offer current accounts

President Obama’s Budget Makes Historic Investments in Young Children

Boomers Push Doctor-Assisted Dying in End-of-Life Revolt

Tamiflu-Resistance Gene in H7N9 Bird Flu Spurs Drug Tests

A Scientist and a Comedian Walk Into a Confirmation Hearing…

CIA and Amazon Agreement to Record Social Network Data

Panera pay-what-you-want chili introduced in St. Louis stores

Cyprus forced to find extra €6bn for bailout, leaked analysis shows

Keystone follies: Canadian oil sands not a major source of climate change (** pic heavy**)

Method Acting…

Story of Nathan and Sylvia (autism service dog and her boy)

Lending some help at grooming time…

Morning Blow is unwatchable

Matt Gurney: U.S. Navy sets phasers to “defend”

NATO makes no membership guarantees for independent Scotland

In this nuclear standoff, it's the US that's the rogue state

Let's rethink ourselves…

french hearing on contested hopi artifacts auction

NYPD officer charged with using badge, cruiser to help rob drug dealers

"I luv my box."

US judge raises bar in Bradley Manning case

Biden: The NRA Is Excelling At ‘Disinformation’

US rice imports 'contain harmful levels of lead'

Call to action: Defend the bloggers of Bangladesh

Barack Obama asked to protect religious minorities in Bangladesh

President Obama's Social Security Proposal Risks A Senior Poverty Crisis

Undue Influence: Monsanto Protection Act Just the Tip of the Genetically Engineered Iceberg

Meet the ‘Catholic NRA’

Why the paranoid obsession with a national gun registry?

Joeybee did you see this last night?

Pentagon underestimates Afghanistan by $10 billion, holds war request until May

PC outlook darkens as sales slump deepens in 1Q

State employees say LePage pressured them to deny jobless benefits

Canada Pays Up

Robert Parry: The Madness of NYT’s Tom Friedman

North Korea delivers new round of war rhetoric

FHA may need $943 million bailout

Nature’s Bioterrorist Agents - Just how bad is the new bird flu?

The Keaton Music Typewriter

BREAKING: Storm hits Mayflower, Arkansas site of Exxon oil spill.

Rand Paul goes to Howard University in peace, receives quiet

Interfaith leaders commemorate Yom Hashoah

is the right endangering our 2nd amendment

Amtrak Ridership Continues to Set Records — Despite Sandy Damage

The Making of Mykki Blanco

China detains 10 for bird flu rumors, death toll at 9

House Republicans push to give Keystone pipeline approval authority to Congress

Organic Eden Foods’ quiet right-wing agenda

Based on Thatcher's death prompts chart success for Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead

can the hardnose right cause a repeal of the 2nd amendment?

Toon: The Budget Battle

Permanent Unemployment for Everyone, Brought to You by Vulture Capitalism

(Pentagon) Tugboat sinks, spilling fuel in Guantanamo Bay

DINO Shaming: Montana's Sen. Max Baucus - Will he betray Dems Again?

California moves towards revoking Boy Scouts tax exempt status over gay ban

What's All The Hubbub, Bub?

What's for Dinner ~ Thursday April 11th

What kind of song is the one Candace Glover sang last night?

I wish somebody would release "Horsemasters" on DVD.

Sanders, Sherman Propose Legislation to Break Up Big Banks

Flying worst class: Air travel is about to get bumpier and barfier

Urgent Alert – Michiganders Unite for Wolves

Anti-gay Bryan Fischer Likes Mad Men, Netflix, Golf, The Beatles

Senate approves Sally Jewell to be new interior secretary

DNA pioneer Francis Crick letter sells for $5.3m at New York auction

The Intersection Between Hydraulic Fracturing and Climate Change

Oh, man. They got the nose all wrong. Betty White named the most appealing.

Open the Slaughterhouses

22-Foot Gash in Pegasus Pipeline Puts Gaping Hole in Safety Claims

Jobless claims improve sharply during tumultuous spring

Not a question really, just an observation...

Storm leaves extensive damage in Hazelwood, MO

There are no accidental racists. Just chickenshit racists.

Oh Really? McConnell aide claims that the FBI has “several leads” into alleged bugging of his office

Urgent Alert – Michiganders Unite for Wolves

Are you freaking serious?

US now naming force-fed Guantanamo prisoners

The Power of a Woman with a Meme

Ex-regulator: All 104 nuclear reactors in US have a safety problem that can’t be fixed. They should

Who needs a righteous Björking right about now?

Anybody else getting "threat has been detected" warnings from their Internet Security

Missouri man arrested at hospital for refusing to leave gay partner

yummmm ... chocolat!

More corruption from the Governor

Question about tipping?

Three years after BP oil spill, new research finds massive die-off of Gulf ecosystem

Male Gender Role

Highlights From Obama’s Budget Proposal

The Americans (Tanks) Are Gone

skinner, since you are so slow in ATA and probably all bored, can i ask for a favor.

Should I invest in season 1 through season 5 of The Wire?

For TZ: The Party Never Grows Old For UConn Players, Fans

Darth Cheney angling for new war

Social Security belongs to the American people. It is not Obama's to bargain with.

Advocacy Group Accuses Syrian Government of Unlawful Airstrikes

Shot In the Face Or Stabbed In the Back?

Strivers versus skivers: real life's not like that at all

German Waters Teeming with WWII Munitions

Maddow Calls Out Axelrod for Support of President's Social Security Cuts

Who's afraid of Kim Jong-un? - Interesting article IMO

Chained CPI- did anyone else notice that Obama is bargaining

NY Times Tom Edsall: In Political Campaigns, Do You Get What You Pay For?

Make no mistake--this North Korea crap is the fault of the Bush Administration.

As VA Backlog Grows, "Baffled" Veteran Allies Begin to Turn On President

Britain snubs Argentina's Fernandez over Thatcher funeral

Mr. Fish's latest batch of kick-you-in-the-nuts editorial cartoons: (DIALUP WARNING)

Obama budget proposal slashes LIHEAP funds

What public figure would you most like to see Joffrey Slapped?*

Very interesting report from SSA on chained CPI.

Wikileaks Was Just a Preview: We're Headed for an Even Bigger Showdown Over Secrets - Matt Taibbi

We Steal Secrets: WikiLeaks, Alex Gibney's New Documentary

Urgent Action Needed for Fair Pay!

This looks fun.

The Pentagon's 'Lost Year;' Time To Clear The Rubble

Howard University students eat Rand Paul's lunch and send him home hungry.

The adult generations of today are less healthy than their counterparts of previous generations

Navy Budget Share Grows, Boosted By Pacific Strategy Shift

I'm shocked! Why is Bush still controlling social insurance?

The wrong strategist, the wrong strategy

The Army Has It Worst 2.0: Readiness Shortchanged $13.7 Billion

Hacker Demonstrates Ability To Remotely Hijack An Airplane Using A Smartphone

Protected wildlife areas are 'welcome mats' for UK's bird newcomers

Bell Unveils V-280 Valor Tiltrotor For Future Vertical Lift Program

Obama's support for Social Security cuts allows GOP leaders to become defenders of safety nets.

Monsanto-Controlled Nutrition Board Deep Sixes Member Who Pointed Out Conflicts

Coulter: The killing of politicians’ children should ‘start with Meghan McCain’

Motivated Reasoning and the pscyhology of conspiracy theorists

Red Sox's sellout streak ends

Sinclair Broadcasting acquires 20 more TV stations

Unsurprising News: Major Organic Food Company Run By Christian Right Nutters


"Okay you cut SS benefits. We'll give you a big jobs program." HA!

The House I Live In - Doc on PBS

The hugely racist "White History" Facebook page

(Tacoma) Local military spending would go down under new budget

The Religion of Progress

Most Want Businesses to Offer More Jobs to Those Without Degrees

Senator Reid: I’m on my way to floor to hold a vote- Newtown family members seated in the gallery...

Thursday TOON Roundup 1 - Armed Society


Thursday TOON Roundup 2- Extremist Budget

Pentagon budget steers $5.5 billion to Evergreen State for military construction, new jets

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- Republicans and Thatcher

Thursday TOON Roundup 4- the rest

Boeing plans to invest $1 billion in South Carolina

Fox Contributor: "Women run wild and ruin everything" and should not vote

GOP campaign chairman calls chained CPI 'trying to balance the budget on the backs of seniors'

Capriles Attacks Venezuelan Electoral Council, Refuses to Sign Document

Venezuelan Government Releases Evidence that Opposition Planning to not Recognise Election Results

Russell Brand on Margaret Thatcher

Fiscal frauds

Jobless Claims in U.S. Plunged More Than Forecast Last Week

Why Taxes Stimulate the Economy...

Gain for Highest Earners Helps Bolster U.S. Consumer Confidence

If we support cutting SS and Medicare *we* are Teh Party of Stupid.

Boston Mayor's race - Where are the women?

GROVER NORQUIST: "Chained CPI Violates Taxpayer Protection Pledge"

House GOP campaign chief doubles down on attack against Obama budget's Social Security cut

Research Blog: Teaching Men Rape Prevention Actually Works

President Obama names volunteer program after George H. W. Bush

Help end sexual violence against children in war

WSJ: When a teacher is 2 feet tall (robots in education)

Senate Votes 68-31 to Allow Debate on Gun Legislation

Horrid and disgusting! Missouri man arrested at hospital for refusing to leave gay partner

Sexual Assault On Campus "one in five college students is sexually assaulted"

Foreclosures Jump in New York as U.S. Sees Decline

CNE's head: Venezuela faces a profoundly anti-democratic election

I could watch the clips of Rand Paul getting his ass kicked at Howard University all day long

Alan Grayson is doing an AMA on reddit today at 4.

Even in defeat, Assange's campaign can win

Men, how often do you "get your feelings hurt" ?

Profits Just Hit Another All-Time High, Wages Just Hit Another All-Time Low

Fiscal Conservative, social Liberal

How Chained CPI saves Social Security

Understanding the life of lithium ion batteries in electric vehicles

Pic Of The Moment: Mr. President, Keep Your Promise

Bird Flu Causing Suffocation Shows Severe Spectrum of New Virus

John Kerry's Middle East Mystery Tour

Is there anybody here that believes ANY Budget presented by the President would not be DOA

what poor folks and the elderly are contantly pressured to sacrifice vs. what rich folks

Israel Rejects Kerry Proposal For Renewing Talks With PA

Why fuck with people for the *Appearance* of Deficit Reduction?

chill out folks. BHO is just emulating FDR

Scientists use Nature against Nature to develop an antibiotic with reduced resistance

How did I get a static ip address?

"Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead" is now up to #4 on the British Official Singles Chart!

If the price of chicken goes up people will substitute buying.....

Iranian Scientist Claims To Have Developed "Time Machine"

New Orleans Noodle Dish "The Old Sober" Now Scientifically Proven To Cure Hangovers

'Non-amputees can also feel phantom limbs'

Ted Nugent promotes ‘Knife Rights’ with gun giveaway just days after mass stabbing

Several images from the north west side of Lexington, Ky

"The Rapidly Shrinking Federal Deficit" (Calculated Risk)

Maine "hermit" arrested, accused of hundreds of food thefts

Economist Michael Hudson: "...this is pure, naked class war."

"What Kerry Should Tell China"...

Hand-wringers just move along. This thread is about the Positives.

Bachmann-Graves rematch is on for 2014

Consumer Reports Newspaper Guild Members OK Contract With New Pension Plan (6% in raises, bonuses)

RIP, Kansas

Time to Bell the Obama Cat (and to end the growing hopelessness)


The Three Tragedies of Shulamith Firestone

High office, low church

Biden: Gun Owners 'Like The Way It Feels…Like Driving a Ferrari'

U.S. housing regulator extends HARP refinancing program

Food Politics Creates Rift in Panel on Labeling

I need to talk.

Giving a Hand Up to Low-Income Families

Jon Stewart: Politicians Prostituting To NRA. We are Syria, Iran, & North Korea. REALLY! (VIDEO)

It's official: Jim Graves to challenge Bachmann in 2014

Here's a listing for "Affordable housing" in San Diego -

AMAZING headline: Senate Votes 68-31 to Allow Debate on Gun Legislation.

Wherein we pose the question: WHY doesn't Obama propose raising the cap?

Remembering April 11 2002 - Uh Ah Chavez No Se Va

Does everyone else get all those e-mails from the Obama camp, and

Gold, Long a Secure Investment, Loses Its Luster

White House:We only proposed cuts to SS because the GOP asked us to WTF!!!!

Ethics Watchdog Files Complaint Against McConnell

72% of 2012 NYC Construction Deaths Took Place on Non-Union Work Sites

Kent Trumpets Canada's Environmental Record; $10 Mil In Aid (Of $1.2 Billion Already Committed To)

Jay-Z punches back with rap song aimed at critics Marco Rubio, Debbie Wasserman Schultz,

Pine Island Glacier Peppered With Scientists' "Javelins" To Record Rate Of Movement, Other Data

Meanwhile... the hits just keep on coming for the rest of us.

Bloomberg Ranks "Greenest Banks" While Completely Ignoring Fossil Fuel Loans & Investments

Its started ALREADY!!!

The return of the company town?

82% YOY Increase For Toyota Hybrids In Europe; 1/5th of Manufacturer's Total Sales

Budget Deficit Is Shrinking

Man slices arms with saws at Home Depot

New Discovery - Brilliantly Striped South Sudanese Species Dubbed "Panda Bat" - Mongabay

Does Anyone Know When My SS Payment Will Be Cut?

Obama launches daring life-saving effort

George Zimmerman's mother writes letter to public on one-year anniversary of son's arrest

Today in Peace and Justice history on April 11, 1968

Today in Peace and Justice history on April 11, 1968

In the 1970s, the Right finally gave up its futile effort

Thatcher's Funeral: "Round up the usual suspects"

how can we remain inspired?

(NC) Bill would bar sex-selection abortions

Bitcoin panic selling halves its value

Former Tenn. Lawmaker Allegedly Drove 90 MPH While Masturbating Out Window

Oliver Stone on Obama's Empire


Updated 3x Source: Progress Kentucky Behind Mitch McConnell Campaign Recording

Half of Bieber's Twitter followers are found to be fake

Guantanamo pretrial hearing delayed as legal files vanish

U.S. warns WTO global trade talks "hurtling towards irrelevance"

Do people here realize that the President's Budget doesn't come up for a vote?

Australian Couple Gets Out Of Car And Has Sex When Google Maps Van Goes By

‘Django Unchained’ Is Pulled From China’s Theaters

I need a Drink!

Boehner Disagrees With NRCC Chair’s Criticism Of Obama Budget

N.H.L. Announces Initiative to Support Gay Athletes

North Korea's aggressive stance condemned by G8 in 'strongest terms'

Scientists urge extra security for health workers in polio endgame effort

Murkin gets loved by the kittens

Automakers Recall 3.3 Million Vehicles Over Air Bags

Guess who came to the white house today?

British Company Melts Down Parts From Deceased Relatives And Turns Them Into Road Signs

Introducing the VIP's (MADE IN THE USA)

A Perfect Example of Non Union Workers Benefitting From Labor Unions

USA Today changes ‘illegal immigration’ style

Social conservatives warn Priebus they could abandon GOP

President Obama on the Phone to Newton Families Before Cloture Vote

Question: How far would chained CPI extend the life of SS funding?

Club For Growth Brands NRCC Chair A ‘RINO’

I used to really like James Bond movies.

Gun liability insurance: the work-around

Is there a celebrity who you are neutral about but their fans drive you crazy?

Will the Christian right flee the GOP?

U.S.-Palestinian boy faces Israel trial for throwing rocks

three consecutive years with a remarkable 19 named storms in the Atlantic

Airbus Is Installing Special Big Seats For Fat People — And Shrinking All Other Seats

Anxiety and alcohol use related to 1st year coll. students' emotional connection to facebook

Are you fucking kidding me?

Family values

Judge says cellphones can't be used for GPS, music while driving

My letter to Obama

Throw out the myths about Margaret Thatcher

Let sleeping dogs lie ... and sing ... and run ... really

Good NEWS (for a change)!!!!

Man slices arms with saws at CA Home Depot

Mocking old folks who are worried about paying their bills?

Kos: "White House Appears Shellshocked"

The big labor win almost nobody noticed

Goat's head sent to Wrigley Field

The fox is inside the henhouse...

Margaret Thatcher & Her Dictator Friends

WildBillforAmerica Tea Party Right Wing Conservative (Parody)

"You showed me that capital gains (taxes) hurt the poor more than the rich." LOL!

USAID's Dubious Allies in Paraguay

USAID's Dubious Allies in Paraguay

Background Check (cartoon)

At Least Four People Have Been Shot by Toddlers Since Last Weekend

Popular Children's Book Author Reveals The 'Spooky Truth' About Creepy Conspiracy Theories

NRCC's Walden not making many friends

Who are Vladimir Putin's pals, the Night Wolves?

If it's a Republican idea, why is Obama proposing it?

Conservative advocacy group Club for Growth defends Obama's proposed Social Security cuts

Badass of the day: 83 Year Old Indonesian Woman Survives Kimodo Dragon Attack

Missouri man arrested at hospital for refusing to leave gay partner

The "Iron" Lady (cartoon)

This Picture Of A Corgi And An Old Man Will Melt Your Icy Heart

Mitch McConnell Hit With Ethics Complaint Over Leaked Ashley Judd Tape

No, seriously: We can register our cars but not our guns?

Life in the time of cats

NYU prof to tardy student: "get your s*** together"

Happy Tunes! Post a happy tune video.

Hijacking airplanes with an Android phone

Kim Jong Poopy Pants couldn't destroy America if he wanted to!

there is a real opening for a 2016 contender to help him or her self and to help us in 2014

Who Knew? Our Freeper friends are fully in favor of truth-in-labeling when it comes to Aspartame

Mitch McConnell Hit With Ethics Complaint Over Leaked Ashley Judd Tape

Bitcoin technical questions

Black woman pretends to be white, job offers skyrocket

Reality Check: Obama Cuts Social Security and Medicare by Much More Than the GOP

BREAKING NEWS from BBC: Korean Peace Negotiations break down.

Hawking: people will become extinct on Earth within the millennium.

A "clever" cutting phrase came to mind about our President.

Comedian Rick Overton On The Intersection Of Comedy, Politics And Activism

How gay marriage splits the GOP

Anne Elizabeth Moore discusses her book on Cambodia, New Girl Law

Women held for breaching ban at Jerusalem Western Wall

Richard Dawkins has lost: meet the new new atheists

O'Malley weighing 2016 White House bid

Goodbye fluorescent bulb? Philips says yes.

I Am Not Oppressed

So now Republicans are the saviours and guardians of SS?

Any Dem Who Supports The Chained CPI Almost Has To Be Demented To Think Even Proposing It

The Secret of the Seven Sisters

President’s Budget Affirms That Washington Will Pay Nearly All the Costs of Expanding Medicaid

Watch out street racers, Dubai cops have Lamborghini

Hard right’s gun filibuster crashes and burns

Minnesota in April - gotta love it.

How Science and Technology Slammed into a Wall and What We Should Do About It

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) announced opposition to Chained CPI

Help Create A Comedy News Show That Corporate America Will Hate!

My 26 second call to the WH - it explains everything.

Russia buries beaten journalist

Korean Peace Negotiations Break Down

GOP Rep. Barton Cites Biblical ‘Great Flood’ As Evidence That Climate Change Isn’t Necessarily......

Noam Chomsky on Libertarianism

So all the Democrats running for the House in 2014 will be forced, from the get go...

Clergy Pray For Gun Control Among 3,300 Graves

Progress Kentucky activists behind McConnell tape, Democrat alleges

Boehner Defends Obama On Slowing Social Security

“Stephen Hawking dead 2013” : ‘A Brief History of Time’ author killed by internet death hoax

Francois Hollande's camel: Mali 'to replace eaten animal'

N.C. House lawmaker links Islamic prayer to terrorism

9 'Chained CPI' Facts They Don't Want You to Know

Montana votes to strike down law criminalizing 'deviate' gay sex

Rehtaeh Parsons Update: "Anonymous" Says Teen's Alleged Rapists "Will Be Held Accountable"

5 Juicy Tax Breaks That Corporations Enjoy That the Public Can't Touch (corprat welfare!)

Spot the question Boehner didn't answer

Obama congratulates UConn women on 8th NCAA title

The reason we can't stop global warming may be sitting right in front of you.

Obama awards Kapaun Medal of Honor (it took 60 years)

Rather than dancing with those that "brung" him, Obama eyes making a deal with the Devil

Parliament Debates Thatcher Legacy, as Vitriol Flows Online and in Streets

Noam Chomsky - Clinton's Vision - December 1, 1993 (free trade, NAFTA)

Doctors Reveal Dick Cheney Burning Through At Least 3 Hearts Each Week

Kevin Kolb: 'I've Always Dreamed Of Playing For The Bills Since I Was...

FEMEN Protests: Nobody Asked This Group to Speak For Oppressed Muslim Women

Son 'did everything he could' to save mom stranded in snowstorm

Sodomy! Zygotes! and Welfare!: Jon Stewart Breaks Down Right Wing Obsessions (VIDEO)

The Nation absolutely NAILS IT re: Obama and Social Security

Kid Rock On Republicans: 'I'm F--king Embarrassed'

Anyone hear about this? Recall Sheriff Joe Arpaio meeting?

Top 5 Myths About Chained-CPI, Debunked

The Clean Bin Project

Just sent to Ted Cruz, John Cornyn

Decline of religion might not be bad

Herring seeks inquiry into Star, Republicans

UP engineer (union thug) rescues puppy tied to tracks

chicago sun-times "up to 47,500 students in shake-ups"

New PA. State Study Finds Little Evidence that Halfway Houses are Reducing Recidivism Rate

How is it that the 10 Commandments (laws) didn't happened

X post from Texas forum

Michigan GOP leader Dave Agema compares gays to alcoholics: 'We'll help you get out of it'

Breaking: North Korean Missile Test Delayed By Windows 8

Man spends 27 Years in the Maine Woods, alone.


North Carolina Lawmaker Equates Islamic Prayer With Terrorism…Then Cites Need For ‘Religious Freedom

Turkish Police Say U.S. Embassy Was Target of Bomb Plot

U.S. sex offender posing as NFL scout likely in Ontario

Girl Sends Sext, Gets Kicked Out of School. Lacrosse Players Share Sext, Get Off Scot Free

Obama Tries to Make Every False GOP Attack True

In 2008 campaign, Obama made a vow specifically to never cut SS cost-of-living adjustments: video

We had an escape two days ago

Wisconsin Eighth Graders Taught That Conservatism Is About ‘Restricting Personal Freedoms’

Need Portable A/C advice

New Research Confirms Gun Rampages Are Rising—and Armed Civilians Don't Stop Them

U.S. charges ex-KPMG auditor in tips-for-cash scheme

I just fed my cats.

North Korea May Have Nuclear Missile Capability, U.S. Agency Says

Where the hell is the lefts Margaret Thatcher

I have got GOOD NEWS to share!

D Battery Elected To Philadelphia Sports Hall Of Fame

Must see documentary is...

Mr. President, let me ask you a question...

Amina a Tunisian Woman Protested about Anti-Women policies and Anti-Women acts in Tunisia.

This Is How Michael Caine Speaks

Fox News deletes Ann Coulter column that suggested killing Meghan McCain

Elizabeth Warren takes on the regulators

“It’s basically unzipped the whole ice cover...from Cape Lisburne ... to the Canadian high Arctic"

Chained-CPI, The Media and Governing by Con

McConnell recording: Local Dem Says He Outed Progress Kentucky To Protect The Party (VIDEO)

GOPer: "The Great Flood is an example of climate change" without hydrocarbon energy

Braless is Best? Study Says Bras Make Breasts Saggier

Dutch chip shop to serve cannabis mayonnaise

2 dead, dozens sent to hospitals after Dallas-area bus crash

Mubarak forces 'had official approval' to fire live rounds at Suez protesters

The only way Obama could possibly win with the Social Security ploy...

Presidential Memorandum -- Presidential Determination on Syria Drawdown

The ultimate Irony of Poll-Driven Pandering

"Move to the city and reduce your carbon footprint by 70%"

The "gangs" in the Senate...

UPDATE: "North Korea does not have nuclear weapons that could be delivered by ballistic missiles"

A Look At The Legacy Of Hugo Chavez From The Ground Up

Reebok dumps Rick Ross for date rape lyrics

This guy wants to become a human maxi pad (no joke)

Everybody in the WH including Obama needs to be drug tested

Double Dutch

Meghan McCain Fires Back at Ann Coulter’s Lethal Joke

Death Of Margaret Thatcher Causes Wizard Of Oz Number To Catapult To Top Of UK Music Chart

Poll shows Americans are obsessed with North Korea, overstate its threat

So, if the deficit has been cut in half, why are we still pursuing a Grand Bargain?

This clip alone should somehow become the next Democratic go to political ad for 2014..

Mark Thatcher - a nasty piece of work - just like his mother

Sea Mammals Find U.S. Safe Harbor

File this under ironic juxtaposition

Help Me Interpret This Song Verse

Elizabeth Warren Tears Into Federal Regulators For Shielding Big Banks

Antigay Neurosurgeon Ben Carson Won't Speak at Johns Hopkins Graduation

Enzymes from horse feces could hold secrets to streamlining biofuel production

David Gregory throws a fit over parking

Islamists in disarray after Israeli apology

Reports: Democrats blocking US Senate resolution honouring Lady Thatcher

Venezuela’s Globovision on the Block (our librul NPR @ work)

Kentucky Democrat Outed Progress KY To Authorities To ‘Protect The Democratic Party’ - video link

Is NASA Going to Buy a Moon Base From Bob Bigelow?

Obama budget adds domestic same-sex partners to Obamacare

This Queer Video Game Documentary Needs You!

Conservatives Threaten to Abandon GOP if Republicans Stop Hating Gays

"Profits Just Hit Another All-Time High, Wages Just Hit Another All-Time Low"

Laugh and deride if you want, but this is how it's going down...

File this under ironic juxtaposition

"Big Banks Attempt Secret Coup Against Cheap Loans"

I am trying to find a video that was posted here a while back

Obama budget adds domestic same-sex partners to Obamacare

Occupy Medical-What free universal health care looks like.

Save this eulogy. It will serve as a template for future neocon eulogies ...

No idea what to call this.

This was the best movie, ever!

Goat's head delivered to Wrigley Field in Chicago

Heard Korea tried to launch a missile, but...

today in women's herstory-11 april

Why is the DSCC running so many ads to "Stand With Hillary"?

McConnell's office was not bugged, it was recorded after an open meeting.

"Social conservatives warn Priebus they could abandon GOP"

a biography of the day-mary white ovington (suffragist, journalist, co-founder NAACP)

Chicken Pox Party?

Do you tip when you pick up take-out at a restaurant?

Texas learns (?) from Floriduh...

"Ginger is a good dog." (great with kids and does tricks)

a biography of the day-lillie plummer blisss (art collector, patron)

What will John Boehner say to Gabrielle Giffords?

Think Chávez was paranoid? Venezuela's Maduro warns of US-funded biker gangs

I posted this a year or so ago. It was created by one of my best friends since grade seven.

some quotes of the day-lucy stone

I haven't seen Biden comment on C-CPI yet

More NC firms drop health insurance for workers as costs soar

Illinois Supreme Court to Hear Retiree Health Care Case.

It's a straight forward proposal...

Science discovers ‘magic trick’ that causes partisan voters to switch parties

Glenn Beck: Obama might create a ‘monarchy’ and start decapitating Americans

Source: Israel will freeze settlement construction

Inhofe: ‘, George Soros, Michael Moore’ created global warming hoax

Lady Problems, yes they do

Israel Police Arrest 5 Feminists For Praying At Western Wall

Y'all are going to love this picture

McConnell Camp Denies Misogyny In Judd Plot: ‘Nothing Out Of Bounds In The Tapes’

Visionary young scientist working on cure for Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. She's 12

Who's advising Obama regarding Social security?

So on the evening CBS news I hear that some classified intel "slipped" out on Capitol Hill today.

Palestinian citizen of Israel indicted for joining Syria rebels

Remember Boner wanted Chained-CPI BAD...

Damn. One of my patients, who was recovering nicely, has relapsed.

John Denver: Headquarters of late singer’s environmental foundation for sale

Senators Push For Military Aid For Syrian Rebels

47 members of Congressional Progressive Caucus won't promise not to cut Social Security and Medicare

Why is there a cap on social security taxes?


44 years ago...about right now...I was pounding down Martinis or Rusty Nails.

It looks like a hunk of junk to me?

Question about the rules: How far does a "safe haven" extend?

My friend died last night.

Obama is practically handing 2014 to the Republicans

It was a Woman damn it! Thank you Lawrence O'Donnell

Mistreating Palestinian Children

GOP's Not-So-Shocking "Shocking Attack" On Obama's Chained-CPI Cuts

New Climate Crocks Video: Best Spring '13 Breakup Imagery I've Seen (Plus A Bonus -Lord Pantload!)

Rest in Power, Don Blackman

Oh dear- We are not amused-Thatcher funeral's military pomp raises concerns at Buckingham Palace

xpost: Jay-Z punches back with rap aimed at critics Marco Rubio, Debbie Wasserman Schultz,

The big banks have Sen Warren exactly where they want her, instead of

Petition WH for law requiring Congressmen to wear logos of their supporters on their suit jackets

Petition WH for law requiring Congressmen to wear logos of their supporters on their suit jackets

Girlfriend Coat

Oh crazy Israel! Rachel Johnson returns to the kibbutz where she and Boris worked

Well, well. I just got an email from DGA

Man arrested for filming police, phone said to be a weapon

Josh Marshall: Rand Paul and the Sweet Smell of Your Own Crap

Rick Warren: Son Used Unregistered Gun in Suicide.

Chris Matthews has guests on his show for one reason . . . .

Border Policeman sentenced to 75 days community service for attacking 13-year-old Hebron boy