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Rochester Professor Wonders Why Rapists Shouldnt Be Allowed to Reap the Benefits of Passed Out Girl

The Sound of the Gravediggers!"..."Where is GOD..He Shouted!"

Self Proclaimed Lazy Postal Worker Burns Mail Instead Of Delivering It

Feminism 'has failed working-class women'

Suspect in prisons chief's death may have been freed 4 years early

a biography of the day-mary abigail dodge (gail hamilton) author and social critic

Egyptian TV satirist bailed after police questioning

China bird flu: Two men die in Shanghai

How many do you have on ignore?

"How the Chicken of Tomorrow became the Chicken of the World"

Whose Housing Recovery?

UN Report Classifies Lack Of Access to Abortion as "Torture"

a biography of the day-muriel hazel wright (author, oklahoma/choctaw history)

Untitled 1, Rustam Series

One more day!!

How Much Does it Cost to Win an Election?

Why some of us REALLY don't understand religious belief...

Trends with benefits, This American Life drinks the kool aide.

Even if it were one of the last jobs available.....Would I want to work here? Not so much.

Louisville's Ware breaks leg in tourney game

Are you a "budget wife"?

I don't understand life..can you explain please..The Lounge Knows..thank you..

4 Year Old Boy Driving a Car Hit a Toronto Mc Donalds

Cuba’s Cohiba Trademark Theft Gets OK

Americans, lawmakers. Us.

Google takes Easter heat over Cesar Chavez doodle

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 1 April 2013

Michigan GOP head calls gays "filthy."

Disconnect: A New Movie Sounds the Alarm About Our Hyper-Connected Lives

That’s Why They Call It A Police State | David Glenn Cox

60 Minutes & The Lost Boys of Sudan: 12 Years Later

Gun Confiscation - A Baseless Registry Fear

Five Killed in Rollover near Mesquite, DUI Driver Charged

OK, so how come Jesus in "The Bible" looks like Brad Pitt?

Everybody sit down and shaddup...

Fold It.

Easter dinner.

The new supermarket greeter

Kitty's Special Easter Treat...

The video Exxon oil co and The GOP DON'T want you to see. Oil flowing down residential street

Romney Adviser Doesn’t Think GOP Platform Will Ever Support Same-Sex Marriage

Environmental war between citizens and legislators brewing in Arkansas.


Southern Baptist President Believes North Korean Threats And Gay Marriage Are Connected...

Out of the Blue, a Massive Arian Surge Forward

I love all our smileys.

5-year-old girl born without arms gets a custom-made bike (look at that smile)

Star Caught Circling Black Hole at Record-Breaking Speed

Toddler Killed In Shooting

LOL, Breitbart And Daily Caller Use Fake Video To Prove Obama Was Booed.

I have always wondered this about women, what's up with the shoes thing....

Another Cardinal win: Louisville upsets No. 1 Baylor 82-81

Warning tough read: Walkers Wisconsin:Rice Lake, Wisconsin, where homophobia reigns:

So My City Has Bought A Couple Of New Police Cruisers

Caption me!

AP: Marketing studies help craft health overhaul pitch

As a white christian male I don't feel privileged by any means

Genetically Modified Animals: Reject Speciesism | Mickey Z.

magnetic putty

Clicking on right wing Google Ad craziness: a good idea?

I'd like to get off the couch & refresh my drink

"States with "High Rate" Income Taxes are Still Outperforming No-Tax States"

Auto-title lenders (204% APR) thrive in Arizona after payday lenders outlawed

Lll Help with personal photos for DU post.......

"Boehner memo hails GOP ‘tactical plan’ against Obama as success"

Tom Barnard's meltdown

Bathtime ...well, maybe not just yet

Why do you care if someone has you on ignore?

Anyone one to give quick advice (asap)

Introducing: The Professional Troll

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, April 2: TCM Guest Programmer: Reggie Miller

A tisket a tasket, kittens in baskets

Sunday night Street Opera

Wendell Potter: A Helping Hand for Rep. Marsha Blackburn

Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) filibusters her witness, Wendell Potter

Oh Frabjous Day! Game of Thrones and Call the Midwife premier tonight!

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, April 3: Star of the Month: Laurence Olivier

struggle4progress has been blocked from the group

Got a mobile device and 10 minutes to help me out?

Thieves Steal Tusk From Louis XIV's Elephant

Some suggestions

In the 90's, Freddie Mercury Partied With Princess Diana At A Gay Bar

Park tells military to set aside political considerations, respond strongly to N.K. provocations

Neighborhood Solar Power

North Korean Secrecy On Bomb Test Fuels Speculation On Nuclear Advances

Norfolk (UK) Cop Trips Over Curb, Sues Owner Of Curb

Republican congressmen would deny this statement!

So what are the best trees to use to shade your house?

I passed an oil spill and a disabled nuclear power station on the way to Easter dinner.

LOL, has anyone actually read the "universal background check" legislation that has been proposed??

Hey, can one of you Lounge Lizards run down to 7-11 and get me a Bic lighter?

******announcing the theme for the april contest********

Louisville Player Breaks Leg - WARNING DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO

Texas DA slain in his home; had armed himself

I don't think the jury system is working and here is why.

The Wind Beneath My Wings

[x-post] 5-year-old girl born without arms gets a custom-made bike (look at that smile)

Something to laugh about. Or cry about. Apparently they're serious.

32 Reasons and Arguments There Was No Conspiracy Behind Oswald Killing Kennedy

Mandatory Arbitration Purgatory Over 6 Years - Mossy Toyota Flood Car


What do you think about M.M.A. cage fighting etc.....?

Cancer screening cut from state budget: Letter

Dad shoots dog, retrieves son's pinky finger in Bradenton

End of line for state's super computer

Original Sin: Why the GOP is and will continue to be the party of white people

*Clears throat*

Australian Jews seek reassurance on Qantas-Emirates deal

If you could live anywhere you wanted for the next 40 years (the last half

The Walking Dead --- MiddleFingerMom is feeling pretty traumatized right now.

Australian Jews seek reassurance on Qantas-Emirates deal

Exposing the Venezuelan Right-Wing’s Attempts to Discredit April’s Presidential Election

Kim Jong Un has his own comic book.

Loving this kid so freaking much...

Has anyone Tivoed this season's Celebrity Cheeese Rolling ?

Video: Tar sands oil flows through Arkansas neighborhood’s streets

Used car dealer indicted for mistreating servicemember with car loan

No church has EVER performed a marriage.

Mark Twain on April Fool's Day

Bolivia: The Unfinished Business of Land Reform

Game of Thrones

Israel's 'island state' is a dangerous illusion

It's a creepy feeling knowing I'm the only one here in the Lounge.

Google's April Fool prank is...

Can you find the hidden link in this post?

April 1, 1976 – Apple Inc. is formed

April 1: National Sourdough Bread Day

So, if we are drilling so much oil and fracking so much gas,

Nine Things You Didn’t Know About Your Easter Candy

Other planets put in place of the moon

Failed drug war? Make it legal says Guatemala’s president

Kim Calls Atomic Weapons Top Priority as Korea Tensions Rise

Facing water shortages, Minnesota proposes fee hike to study supplies

Top Court in India Rejects Novartis Drug Patent

Police: Man shoots father to death outside Ohio church after Easter services

A sort of shellfish disappears near Japan's crippled nuclear plant: study

new browser for your perusal: Pale Moon (Mozilla codebase)

I want a pair! LOL

German flea circus hit by freeze

Chris Hedges: The Treason of the Intellectuals

It’s a new-look Frozen Four field

Recommended Documentary: "They Killed Sister Dorothy"

AP IMPACT: Cartels dispatch agents deep inside US

A young black man in a nice car

Can't remember if I got this here or somewhere else.

Harold Ford Jr.

The white supremacist groups

Violence against Cyprus’s migrant workers trails in the wake of country's economic collapse

8 Ways the Prophets of Capitalist Greed Justify Their Success and Your Slide Toward Poverty

Now Is The Time For The AFL-CIO and The USPS Unions To Reach Out To Their Communities

Exxon Confirms 80,000-Gallon Spill Contains Canadian Tar Sands Oil

What is the point of the Jury system, when members can compare LGBT people to adulterers...

Mental health experts prepare for Hurricane Sandy's protracted emotional toll

South Korea Sets Out Plan Allowing Military 'Pre-emptive Strike' Against North; Park Guen-hye Pledge

Toon: Pay

Is Natural Gas the Next Bubble ? Has Fracking Promised More Than It Can Deliver?

Heads up, peeps.

As Views Shift on Guns, Reid Corrals Senate

Shocking: Tar sands oil flows through Arkansas neighborhood’s streets

Want to know how far back the Republicans want to take the country?

Pastor to rabbi, imam: U.S. is a ‘Christian nation’ but we ‘let’ you worship

Money-Laundering Banks Still Get a Pass From U.S.

For Breath That Sizzles! Bacon Flavored Scope Mouthwash!

States bully women trying to obtain an abortion while pretending they are protecting

Melt may explain Antarctica's sea ice expansion

I'm not sure where to put this, but need accurate feedback please

Seventeen years ago I was lucky enough to marry someone who was willing to put up with me

Marriage doesn't need religion thrown in

Complimenting Strangers (video)

Warning: Startling image


old growth - young growth

GOP to outlaw lobbyists!

*PSA poll* Meet-up

Bing or Google??

*PSA poll* Meet-up

*PSA poll* Meet-up

Is Elizabeth Warren a Trekkie?

Guardian launches 'augmented reality' specs to offer immersive liberal insight

Gold and poaching bring murder and misery to Congolese wildlife reserve

Choose from the following:

Earth-cooling schemes need global sign-off, researchers say

I heard that they have cancelled April Fools Day

A glorious winter, but the Alps face a warmer world – bringing huge change

Drunk and Naked for the Camera: Predators Exploit Young Girls for Online Porn Business

Traders gear up for U.S. shale gas

Monday Toon Roundup 1: Smite the Evildoers!

Georgia GOP Chair Warns That Straight People Will Enter Sham Gay Marriages For Benefits

Novartis loses landmark India patent case on cancer drug

Monday Toon Roundup 2: Repubs and Guns

Monday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

Ashley Judd Adviser: Small Group Of Dems ‘Duped’ Media And Shoved Her Out Of Race

To The Catholic Church And Fundamentalist Nutzies You Have Only 3 Choices If You Are Gay

The New York Yankees and MLB will honor the victims of theSandy Hook slaughter today

Marketing tomfoolery: 9 memorable April Fools’ pranks from the ad world


Georgia GOP Chair Warns That Straight People Will Enter Sham Gay Marriages For Benefits

The left's disinterest in abortion rights.

Gallup: Americans Think GOP Is Inflexible

Reading Palestinian Prison Diaries

Seahawks defense Chris Clemons claims NFL player plans to come out 'selfish'

C-SPAN caller says he buys his own insurance that is cheaper than what his employer

Women Are Giving The Ship On Abortion. Voting, Facebook, & Social Media Will Not Be Enough To Stop

Google Nose

Check out my latest cooking video

my kitty Belladonna has gone missing

Check out my latest cooking video

What's for Dinner ~ Monday April 1st

North Korea names Kim clan associate to premiership

Trying to Rick Roll at DU3 is no fun. No fun at all.

Repugs Angry at Google for Easter Snub

#safetytipsforladies (LOL!)

Ric's April newsletter post prompts this question:

"Sick" a documentary about teen reaction to forced in-patient mental health treatment

300+ teens attack pedestrians on Chicago's Magnificent mile. 28 arrested

Bill O’Reilly vs. Rush Limbaugh

Caroline Kennedy to be ambassador to Japan

Caroline Kennedy to be named ambassador to Japan

Americans' Top Critique of GOP: "Unwilling to Compromise"

New movie, soon to be released

David Stockman, Ex-Reagan Budget Director: George W. Bush's Policies Bankrupt The Country

David Stockman: "If this sounds like advice to get out of the markets and hide out in cash, it is."

Welfare cuts unjust, say four churches

Cyprus plans tax breaks, casinos to kickstart economy

Disturbing new study regarding purebred dogs

More Things You Have To Believe To Be A Republican Today, No. 11

My Extraordinary Easter Dinner With A Muslim Family From One Of The Poorest Cities In Egypt

JoScar practically ignored guest Chris Hayes but fell all over David Stockman

As Market Heats Up, Trading Slips Into Shadows

THE HILLARY EFFECT: Will Clinton’s Agenda Survive?

The Catholic Church And Fundamentalist Churches No Longer Believe In Separation Of Church And State

Chris Hedges: The Treason of the Intellectuals

Supreme Court Makes a Landmark Decision....

Davey Johnson quits Nationals on opening day

2,000 people expected to march in Ashdod’s first gay pride parade

Cardinal: LGBT People Shouldn't Shun Catholics Who Oppose Them

New models predict drastically greener Arctic in coming decades

Electric car maker Tesla says it's profitable

SUNDOWN IN AMERICA - Reagan Revolution Home To Roost — In Charts

The cover of the magazine you receive if you join the NRA.

The sacred bond - (Between One Penis & One Vagina.) byTom Tomorrow

Special Message From the President!

Denver: RTD's W light-rail line builds steam toward a late-April opening

Tennessee Republicans want to tie welfare benefits to student test scores

Afghan teenager fatally stabs US soldier

Drought Season's Early Start Presages Another Bleak Year

This morning, the White House released a special video message from the President

Peru Bans Monsanto & GMOs:"Once We Have Contamination, There Is No Going Back"

From the Facebook Page: Women's Rights News

Announcing El Supreomo's new avatar!!!

A Question for Tax Time: Why Do We Tax?

Tesla Sees First-Ever Quarterly Profit

Carbon-Dioxide Storage with Less Earthquake Risk

KRUGMAN: "California"

Underwater ceremony held to welcome new employees

BREAKING: Perry Announces Support for Medicaid Expansion

Townhall: Winning After Losing on Gay Marriage - by Kurt Schlichter

Et tu, Harper ...... you nutcase!

U.S. deploys stealth fighters from Okinawa to S Korea

How to say 'God' in the classroom: Teaching for religious tolerance in Israel

U.S. goes after sly, pesky feral pigs

Why doesn't Faux "news" just say what's really on their minds?

NYT Op/Ed (by a Canadian): The Tar Sands Disaster

Alabama Shakes - Hold On - Video

More from the archives (dialup=bad)

Tucker Carlson calls Cesar Chavez "Hugo"

The Treason of Intellectuals - by Chris Hedges

Conservative "Media Research Center" calls pro-gay informations "fascist propaganda"

Today in Peace and Justice history on April 1, 1983

Finding common ground

Today in Peace and Justice history on April 1, 1983

The lovely Pattycake has died

The Real Stolen Government: A bloodless coup has taken place in this state

In Spain, The Bitcoin Run Has Started

Fukushima play staged in Los Angeles

BREAKING....Colo. prosecutors seeking death penalty for Holmes NO APRIL FOOLS

Soils in newly forested areas store substantial carbon that could help offset climate change

2 Party Politics in a metaphoric nutshell

Cyprus President's Family Transferred Tens Of Millions To London Days Before Deposit Haircuts

Happy Dyngus Day, Poles!

US scraps plan to show base in S.Korea to media

Season Trailer for True Blood

Daily newspapers start publication in Myanmar

Is Google down?

Universal plan would slash health care costs in Colorado

5 Things You Need to Know About the Immigration Agreement

Happy All Fool's Day

10 years ago today, Actor Michael Jeter died

U.S. Navy’s carriers costly relics of the past?

Annual attack of the souless purebred dogs in GD.

Sox Finally Sour on 'Sweet Caroline'

Georgia GOP head is an idiot.

Nursing student whose mother died on 3/11 hopes to play trumpet for patients

Manufacturing in U.S. Expanded Less Than Forecast in March

Lawyer says zombies can’t be liable for criminal actions

Carbon emission savings from switch to shale gas negated by exported coal

Microsoft, Google swap April Fools barbs

Forget the Pope—We Need a New Caliph!

Where the fuck was THIS "patriot" during 8 years of Bush-Cheney?

Prosecution Pushes Death Penalty For Colorado Theater Shooting Suspect

Women’s health funding faces cuts: (Montana) House budget excludes $4.5M for Title X funds

Jim Carrey says Fox News slandered him in its coverage of his comedy web video

Dear Abby, how do I handle Erin Gray if she's getting out of line?

Citing Exhaustion, Kim Jong-un to Stop Threatening World on Weekends

Nursing student whose mother died on 3/11 hopes to play trumpet for patients

Historian Robert Caro: Today's Conservative Media "Quite Horrible" And Venomous

Top Income Tax Bracket Rate vs Economy Interesting Graphic

Family Says School Passed Along a Predator

Attorney General, Librarians Pounded As Porn Purveyors

Just saw Bo here on on the White House lawn.

Message from the president released at

'Anyone Know a Good Auto Mechanic?'

Joan Walsh: Mr. President, You Won the Election, Not Them! (Chained CPI, Medicare Deductibles)

PRNK Nuclear bomb test

"The shocking burden of $800 light bills"

That which has been heard cannot be unheard!

Being American is the ultimate privilege

11 percent of school-aged kids diagnosed with ADHD

Georgia Republican Party chair: Straight people will enter gay marriages to get ‘a free ride’

It's official: Al Gore running for president in 2016!

Making a new life after 20 years of false imprisonment

Foreign Investors Can Apply Online for Green Cards This Summer

An Atheist in the FOXhole: A Liberal's Eight-Year Odyssey Inside the Heart of the Right-Wing Media

Has the IT Salary Gender Gap Disappeared?

Wilding and hill jumping - fruit of the same poisonous tree -

West Virginia Pension RipOff

Republicans Miss Opportunity With Hispanics Over Google-Chavez Spat

Earliest known photograph of the Equator

Lawmakers Grapple With End-of-Life Legislation

The green, green grass of the Arctic: Researchers predict dramatic boost in trees and shrubs due to

President Obama, the greatest deficit reducer of all time

Senator Cornyn: Expanding Texas Medicaid Would Weaken It (updated)

Minority Voters Aren't Anti-Government

Google Nose

Nasa Mars rover Curiosity in threat to quit Twitter, destroy Earth

Is Perry-Powers Tension About College Rivalry, Policy?

Republicans Miss Opportunity With Hispanics Over Google-Chavez Spat

Looking to move to a low cost state?

When they execute the Colorado theater shooter

What titles are so repetitious that you might skip over it and miss something important?

Are Floating Pigs Behind China’s Avian Flu?

The two greatest words in the English language...

Here's The Real Reason SendGrid Fired The Woman Who Complained About 'Dongle' Jokes

About Assistant Professor of Veterinary Sociology Dr. Danny Myshrall

I think social promotion in schools is absolutely wrong...

Who heard that strange call on Talking Dead?

Ark state senator has photo op at oil spill

(WOW) Timbuktu's Desert Scrolls: Re-writing the History of Africa

Righteous Feminist Documentary Wins Award at Film

Easter is hard on me. (Not April Fools)

"Buckwild" Cast Member Shain Gandee Found Dead

Woman found with nearly 89 pounds of meth at border in Brownsville

Ashley Judd Adviser: Dems ‘Duped’ Media With ‘False Narrative,’ Pushed Judd Out Of Senate Race

for those of us old enough to remember the Chad Mitchel trio and "The John Birch Society."

Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton speak in Dallas, day before Bush Presidential Center Dedication

Former North Texas resident wins lawsuit over HIV discrimination

You know how almost everything was a capital offense in Olde Britain?

Pastor to Rabbi, Imam: U.S. Is a 'Christian Nation' -- But We 'Let' You Worship

Ex-hand surgeon Michael Brown released from jail

Houston DA protected by 24-hour security

FOX On the Poors: 'It Gets A Little Comfortable To Be In Poverty'

North Korea strikes first with phonecall to White House

ThinkGeek once again rules April Fools

Level up! You're now level 26!

You'll be happy to know that I've ordered a cellphone online from T-Mobile.

Oil soaked Mayflower, Arkansas needs your help

Papantonio: GranuFlo – Deadly Dialysis

Florida man shoots and dismembers pet dog to retrieve son’s severed finger

Texas Supreme Court Legalizes Gay Marriage

Armed Correlations

Camp Nama: British personnel reveal horrors of secret US base in Baghdad

Some great Google April Fools pranks...

Gene therapy cures leukaemia in eight days

Texas Atheist Group Message: 'God is Dead. Have a Good Friday'

Fracking: Pennsylvania Family Says Gas Drilling Turned Paradise Into Nightmare

Texas Supreme Court rules white Republicans can marry other white Republicans. nt

PROMISES, PROMISES: Obama Has A Year To Deliver On Pledge To Prevent Iran From Obtaining Nukes

How to Get a Black Woman Fired

CommonDreams: Looking Backwards at the Democrat's 2014 Implosion

Ted Cruz: Obamacare Forces States To Release Violent Criminals Onto The Streets

Beeper egg hunt

No Joke: Colbert Sister's 100% Unverifiable US House Election in SC

Killing Of District Attorney And His Wife Puts Other Texas Prosecutors On High Alert

Catholic group publishes book honoring seven Anglican martyrs killed in Oceania

Bra-clad “zombie ex-girlfriend” target bleeds when you shoot it

BREAKING NEWS: Conservatives decry so-called "War on April Fools Day"

Why Weirdos Outperform Normals

Weather Service Expands Severe Weather Warning

The Admins left the gate to the hot tub unlocked!

Elderly Obama And Boehner Daughters Arrive In Time Machine To Demand Climate Action

The NYTimes should be outraged for pandering to Twitter outrage.

Cops bark like dogs, trick burglary suspects into surrendering

Iraq: War's legacy of cancer and birth defects

So, I am considering moving from NYC to Portland, OR

What concepts captured by single words make US politics most dysfunctional?

Possessing a little marijuana no longer criminal in Rhode Island

World's Largest Rabbit Breaks Record At 75 LBS

Police Wearing Animal Pajamas Tackle, Arrest Suspect

Vermont Is First In Nation To Propose Rates Under Obamacare

British troops recount human rights abuses at US detention facility in Iraq

Pope Francis & the Washing of Feet

Nearly 1 million Americans killed or wounded by guns from 2001 to 2010, CSU study finds

Thom Hartmann: While all eyes were on DOMA...the Monsanto Protection Act was signed

ExxonMobil Tar Sands Oil Pipeline Ruptures in Arkansas as Obama Ponders Fate of Keystone XL

This is What Democracy Could Look Like

Breaking: Kim Jung Un to end threats if Dennis Rodman makes a full court shot "all net".

Well, this is disturbing.

Bill tying student performance to welfare benefits advancing in Legislature (TN)

Israel’s new health minister to remove ban on gay blood donations

I put in my garden Saturday and Sunday

Well, today is my 1st day of unemployment, packing up to move to Tucson

Robertson: God gives less miracles to ‘too-educated Americans’ who learn science

So what happens if one's April Fool's joke inadverntly causes a fellow DUer's post to be hidden?

Missing a couple of big sections.

Powerball winner resolves $30k child support debt

Harper Youngest With 2 HRs in 1st Game of Season.

Media mea culpas and the Iraq war

Small steps toward equality: Saudi Women Now Allowed Ride Bikes (w/male accompaniment)

Vt. Is First State to Post Health Insurance Rates.

Ignored School Violence Alert Raises Questions

Will The Supreme Court Rule For Equality In DOMA & Prop 8 Cases?

Stand With Us poster sends truly universal message – accidentally

Disconnect: A New Movie Sounds the Alarm About Our Hyper-Connected Lives

Gay Dads Send Open Letter to Supreme Court

FBI Issues Reflection Warnings (yes, april fools thing...but give it time....)

Oklahoma House Bill 1063 derailed, would allow armed teachers in public schools

Medicaid saves lives

Stockton eligible for bankruptcy protection: judge

North Carolina GOP Still Trying to Keep Dems from the Polls

Can we please stop proposing a lawmakers salary be tied to his IQ?

Possessing a little marijuana no longer criminal in Rhode Island

Is Montana ready for zombies? 'Permits' could place walking dead on endangered list

For a small additional monthly fee,.....MFM got a hands free device!

Consolation Hug From the Prez at Easter Egg Roll

Mainichi Exposes Widespread Nuclear Dark Money In Japan

O1APRIL2013 NaPoWriMo

Hey this kid, Bryce Harper, he's kinda good.

Question about ACA: I thought insurance companies could no longer charge more for women?

Israeli crackdown on Palestinian mobility began well before suicide bombings

When Your Easter Egg Rolls Off Course, You've Earned A Hug From The President

Arkansas House overrides Gov's veto of voter ID bill

Bio-diesel Fuel Company Owner Sentenced to 188 Months in Federal Prison for Crimes Connected to …

Would you shop at Wal-Mart if it was owned and operated by the government?

Monday Morning Music Videos--Hello Good News!

The April Fool >>

Chess (April): Magnus and Kramnik both lose in final round; Magnus to face Anand in November

U.N. General Assembly to vote on draft arms trade treaty?

Verizon Sells off 41,000 Pensions to Prudential without Protections!

U.S. accuses Egypt of stifling freedom of expression


Gays hate apple pie! A Kansas congressman writes the dumbest anti-gay marriage op-ed ever

It took about twelve minutes

"Maybe We Shouldn't Be That Concerned About A North Korea Missile Strike"

You can play a game and be a famous scientist

Extreme Algal Blooms: The New Normal?

Judge rules Stockton can file for bankruptcy

Toon: W's 'Masterpiece'

You can play a game and be a famous scientist NOW

You can play a game and be a famous scientist NOW


Sen. Casey Backs Marriage Equality

Has anyone heard a word about infrastructure and job growth plans

Action alert: Oregon AND Nevada holding hearings on universal background checks!

For those who do not know Easter is a 50 day season.

UNC CH: April 2: Chasing Ice, a film on the Earth’s changing climate

I'm a Dad!


Fox's Eric Bolling Criticizes Fellow Conservatives For "Desperately" Pushing Ben Carson

Flag burning?

***** april photography contest****** If youve ever thought about entering one of the contests.

Pharmaceutical Pollution Wreaks Havoc on Nation's Rivers

Uh-Oh Brits spill torture beans

George Will's annual baseball quiz (his only redeeming characteristic)

Texas Republicans Stand United Against Providing Low-Income People With Health Care

P-s-s-s-t-t-t!!! I think CaliforniaPeggy has a little drinking problem.

Despite all that she mucks out of the stalls, Kali actually bought MORE horse stools for the ranch.

For those of you with dogs -- next time... just sing along,

The best SO's can make your terrible day disappear within seconds after you walk in the door,

MiddleFingerMom remembers the EXACT second that he realized that his childhood was... over.

MiddleFingerMom has FINALLY found an underleg deodorant that works for him.

Bullseye from 1,000 yards: Shooting the $17,000 Linux-powered rifle

GA GOP Chair Sue Everhart: Legalized gay marriage leads to fraudulent marriage

How to write about Muslims

Ultimate Antibody Cures Every Type Of Cancer In Clinical Tests

Tourists abducted: Woman raped and beaten for hours on Rio minibus

What constitutes "gun porn" in GD gun related threads?

Did I miss something about Dr. Ben Carson?

Oil rivers in the streets: Many 'didn't even know' 1940s pipeline ran under their homes

Fast food will not kill you!

My GF's 94 yr old Cuban aunt can't visit the US.

The antiabortion movement’s brewing civil war

SCOTUS hands American Petroleum Institute its oily head on a platter

i posted a thread about the april contest in GD

We Need to Get Past the Energy and Environment Debates of the 1970s

Gay Marriage Already Won - Time cover story

Senator Casey supports marriage equality


Dem. Senator from very liberal state opposes marriage equality, was last vice-chair of DLC

In your best Jerry Sienfeld voice ....

xpost from GD: Making Sense with Steve Leser this week. We interview Amanda Marcotte on Guns

Tesla Achieves Profitability, Selling 4,750 Luxury Electric Cars in Three Months

Student-athlete breaks leg in NCAA Tourney. Family may get stuck with medical bills.

Quelle Surprise !!!: A small group of suburban voters defeated the LA County transit tax extension

Former Prisoner: ‘For-Profit’ Prisons Churning Out Waves Of Violent White Supremacists

Kristol: Republicans Shouldn’t Listen To Know-Nothing Young People On Same-Sex Marriage

Just checkin on dinner

The Sound of the Gravediggers | John Michael Greer

Fla. State Trooper fired for offering lawmaker break on speeding ticket

Lake Erie’s Record-Breaking Algae Bloom May Become the Norm

I like the pickle juice guy.

Why not write a law banning guns that can fire 150 rounds in 5 minutes?

White House plays down threat of imminent North Korea attack

Codeine is nice

MUST SEE: The risk inside your credit cards

Sleepy Kitties

Marriage should remain as God intended

Question about the jury system

COVER STORY: Is farming inside high-rise buildings viable?

Choice of Plans Under Health Law Delayed for Small Firms.

The Methane Beneath Our Feet

H-1B demand this year will be fast, furious

Expensive bed


Feel free to show some support here if you want to:

"Kid President" helps with WH April Fool's prank

Raiders trade for Matt Flynn

Donald Trump Drops His $5 Million Lawsuit Against Bill Maher

An interesting sporcle quiz about Presidents throwing opening day pitch

Hey Tweety you have way more to fear from the NRA and Aryan Brotherhood than

Rapping flight attendant

Religion and environment: water for the gods - now being conserved in temples

Trooper fired for offering Florida lawmaker break on speeding ticket

The Bible, Brought To You By Wal-Mart

YAY! I got called back to work!

Oil & Gas Frackers Attack Yoko Ono For Success in Raising Opposition

Aereo Beats Broadcasters in Big Appellate Ruling

Addendum to the fake Cyprus bailout

Frank Schaeffer and Al Sharpton on the latest attacks on

Full BP ad played before PBS Newshour today

Only on Fox Could Bush’s Personal Friend Become Obama’s ‘Pastor Problem’

Standardized testing

She is...

49ers trade for Colt McCoy

That awkward moment when...


Who Else Is Excited For The Premiere Of "All In with Chris Hayes" Tonight?

Great April Fool's Day Story on NPR tonight

As Profit Shares Hit New Highs, Washington Focuses on Abuse of Disability System

Cat Video Festival returns to US

Too Young to Wed: The Secret World of Child Brides

Thousands Protest the UK Government's Brutal Austerity

Conn. reaches deal on tough gun laws after Newtown

Stages of Grief

Left over pickle juice, I need suggestions

In the spirit of today's holiday, I offer the following

Question: Are you a socks before pants kind of person?

Great Gun Gobbledygook: The Paradox of Second Amendment Hardliners

I Wonder If The Arkansas Oil Pipeline Break Will Make Obama Think....

Climate Maverick to Quit NASA

'Buckwild' star Shain Gandee dead at 21

Israeli Cruelty Reached A Point Of No Return In The 2008-09 Gaza War

The IDF Must Stop Arresting Children

Steve Cropper, Lucinda Williams, Steve Winwood

Marx’s Revenge: How Class Struggle Is Shaping the World

Obama Shouldn’t Buy The Lower-Corporate-Taxes Line

Indiana Repubs reach another low...setting up abortion doctors for the terrorists

The Corporate Tax Myth - CNN

Colorado theatre shooter: accept the plea or go for the death penalty?

Beijing Curbs Second Home Buying as China Cools Property Market

Decoded: Chris Hayes takes on Prime Time.

The Jazz Crusaders - Eleanor Rigby

White House plays down threat of imminent North Korea attack

Too sick of winter to appreciate its beauty? (Dialup warning)

3D printing software in Fedora

Our Hidden Wealth: How the commons makes everything else work

Sunderland appoint "self-proclaimed fascist" Di Canio as manager (WTF?)

"Reality TV" claims another victim

As a long time mod on DU2, I want to echo your comment here -

Remember when GOPers attacked the Obama Administration for warning about white supremacists? Well...

Ex-Rep. Akin Doubled Staff Salaries After Defeat

Dedicated to Occupy Underground (Group)

The first honest cable company.

You've got be carefully taught

I am in shock. Just learned that my closest friend committed suicide.

Couple Wears Duct Tape Outfits to Prom

Rick Santorum Comes Out Of Retirement To Say The Craziest, Most Bigoted Thing I've Ever Heard

BREAKING NEWS: William Rivers Pitt fakes impending fatherhood for 9 months. Ultimate April Fools Gag

Gloria Steinem to headline Women to Women event

*All In, Chris Hayes, NOW!

Spring! Our trip to a local Arboretum to the pic gallery on my blog

"The International" is coming up next on FXM

Teach for America critics organizing ‘resistance’ at summit