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Archives: February 8, 2013

Giant asteroid killed off dinosaurs 66,038,000 million years ago: study

Anderson Cooper Recieved Bullet Riddled Coin, DVD etc from LA Fugitive Dorner

Crazed PA Tea Party Leader Outlines The Group's Highest Priority: Right to Work for less

McGinn: SPD ending drone program, returning drones to vendor

Rex Reed is not a nice man. Taking potshots at Melissa McCarthy.

School board might ban all clubs rather than allow a gay-straight one

Tribunal considers whether atheism a creed

McGinn: SPD ending drone program, returning drones to vendor

Florida Judge Approves Birth Certificate Listing Three Parents

Philly French Toast Brigade! 3" of snow is coming, we're all gonna DIE!

Lena Dunham is awesome. After she made a pro-election commercial for Obama,

BREAKING: It Wouldn't Surprise You If This Headline Was About 318 People Being Shot In 12 Different

250+ Immigrant Workers Gather in DC

Flights to Cuba cut back for lack of demand

Attention graywarrior!

Miami man in illegal business with Cuba faces 35 years in prison

Review: San Francisco Symphony tackles two massive religious works

From the beginning, I was against the Iraq War. Most people on this board probably share this view...

Dorner hunt: Legal analyist digs up some documents referenced in Dorner manifesto

Conscious MISLEADING is the most cautious description of what this man did... Learn the truth:

CNN just reported

Westboro Church dating website.

Einhorn sues Apple, marks biggest investor challenge in years

What bishops want.

IN YOUR FACE - all you folks who said ohiosmith was wasting his time protecting this tiny species:

All roads lead to cake!!!

When's the last time you were on a bomb squad and dropped acid?

"Your" cat. "Your" keyboard. Just surrender now and find something else to do for awhile.

MiddleFingerMom has actually become an EXPERT in what goes well with wine. Observe:

MiddleFingerMom vs CaliforniaPeggy -- Views on physical therapy getting easier with persistence:

(LOL) And THAT is what's wrong with the media... Spreading PANIC and FEAR!

Ash Wednesday panhandling protest planned

Walmart Workers Are Back on Strike Over a New Wave of Alleged Threats

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 8 February 2013

This year's Oscar Nominated Full-legth Documentaries Streaming on Netflix

Found at Twitter...Remembering Reagan.

I just figured out why I didn't want to like that new Spiderman movie last year.

North Dakota anti-abortion amendment for state ballot clears senate

A Pair of Aces...

It's Fido Friday! This week, "They are with us no matter what!"

If you even read Dorner's Manifesto, you're celebrating him as a "folk hero"....

Trust In Fox News At Record Low But Still The Most Trusted Network

Catholic bishops reject Obama offer on contraceptive coverage

Solly Mack, I have the video. :)

Feds enter investigation into Lt. Gov. Dewhurst campaign embezzlement case

NYPD Continues to Arrest Facebook Idiots

Justice Department, states weigh action against Moody's

I am making yogurt. Ask me anything!

You got mail.

The Owner Of Fox News Is No Geography Major

LPN's vote to unionize!!!

A Child of Hawaii

American Citizens Split On DOJ Memo Authorizing Government To Kill Them

Hagel Was Just the Appetizer; Blocking Obama’s nominees is currently GOP’s best policy-making tool

PCCC Gun Ad on MSNBC, Backing Obama

Settlements approved in Pittsburgh hospital cases

Findus beef lasagne contained up to 100% horsemeat, FSA says

Oilmen hope to make new history at Spindletop

The Reason Why I turned Down A Teaching Job In AZ.

Teaching a Neocon Exactly How WWII Is Different From the War on Terror

Major Blizzard that you remember and lived through...

Another First: Nobel Peace Prize Honoree Moonlights as One Man Death Panel

We should start a stupid legislation forum.

Living in a Constitution-Free Zone

Hagel Forced To Sing Israeli Lobby’s Tune For Now

"In the end, I hope that you will realize that the small arms I utilize should not be accessed with

Klan leader who plotted to murder North Carolina sheriff gets 15 years

CIA nominee John Brennan defends drone strikes

Conn., Mass., Maine nuke plants win fed payments

College student starts White House petition to repeal Right to Work (14 (b) of Taft Hartley

'Chickenhawk' Leads the Vietnam Vet. Chuck Hagel Witch-Hunt

Filters and sieves and screens, oh my!

Measure would strengthen mental health-care system

Blizzard Threatens NYC, New England; 2 Feet Feared

Why quantum mechanics is an “embarrassment” to science

Former Romney legal counsel launches Mass. Senate campaign

Remember: People outside of DU read these threads

Irving city council vote tonight could bring $90 million hotel to convention center

Corruption at CTC Placed Kids at Risk, Denied Teachers Credentials

Must See 48 Pic Slide Show On MSN Page - "Overloaded". Amazing.

Jimi responds to Justin

Papantonio: Obama’s Drones Will Fly Over American Skies

Arrest warrant issued for former hand surgeon Michael Brown

Israel’s Religious Zionist Vs. Ultra-Orthodox Rift

Watching "Beverly Hills Cop."

Somehow, the Republicans haven't gotten the message yet…

Why can't you let people on the kill list defend themselves or at least surrender?

Home Inspection Nightmares

State: Shut troubled North Forest school district (Houston)--updated 2/9/13

God Made A Factory Farmer.

Condoleezza Rice hits spectator in head

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Shadow Govenrments & a new Kitty gif

THis is a sickness and everyone should be mad about it...

Bach > Beethoven and Mozart.

Protesters interrupt Brennan Hearing

Thank you Rachel

Saturday is the 12th anniversary of the sinking of the Ehime Maru

Neocons Love Obama's Drones

"Young People And Minorities Are Brimming With Optimism — Republicans Are Totally Miserable"

GOP Supports Laws To Keep CEO Pay Secret. What Gall.

Sen. Sanders on Ed Schultz: End Offshore Tax Havens


Did a smash and grab photo walk downtown.

Palestinian textbook case closed, but more trumped-up Israeli charges expected

Obama Adopts Bush's Extraordinary Renditions?

I just ate 2 dozen oysters.

An Interesting Story about an informant during anti-war movement of 70's

Somehow seems like an appropriate time to quote James Baldwin:

The AW most frequently used in crime wasn’t a rifle.

This storm map is serious, holy pull your hair out

South America: A Panorama of Media Democratization

Anderson Cooper Sent Package With Bullet-Ridden Coin From Alleged Cop Killer

What do they make in China?

Take Five (The Wrong Remains the Same edition)

The single most serious ramification of the drone revelations in the US (IMHO)

Venezuelan Government Officials Increasingly Confident on Chavez Recovery

Who is holding the camera?

"dashboard believers"

Just in case you were unsure:

Does Obama's green-light on assassination of Americans change your view

So, I'm wondering...

Anderson Cooper Sent Package With Bullet-Ridden Coin From Alleged Cop Killer

Twenty players will make more individually in 2013 than the entire Astros team combined

"E-mails show plotting by lawmakers, GOP on Florida redistricting"

Anyone who thinks Beyonce can’t sing check this out around the 3:00 minute mark..

The Rifle on the Wall: A Left Argument for Gun Rights

Do you still run into people....

National fraternity suspends Duke chapter behind anti-Asian 'racist rager' party

"Voters consider NRA endorsement a negative"

WA State Dems are kicking out those turncoat Dems!

N.C. governor attacks higher ed, proposes funding colleges by graduates’ jobs

"Patrick Brazeau may be held overnight after alleged assault" (Senator)

Terrorism is not warfare

"Samantha Power Is Leaving Obama Administration"

I hate this food blog

Reps. Rafael Anchia & Garnet Coleman File Bills to Repeal Texas Gay Marriage Ban

UPDATE: Bill O'Clown Blames Lefty Loons For His NBC Drone LIE.

What works.....What doesn't

Jobs Seekers Tortured, Groveling, Begging, etc For Jobs In New Cruel Job Market.

Wow, Microsoft takes a big swipe at Google/Gmail in this AD:

Clearly, reestablishing Magna Carta is an unrealistic Left Wing goal....

This Is The Matter with Kansas. Increased taxes on the poor; Privilege$$$$$ for Brownback

DU Yankees? How's it looking so far?

Venezuela: Women and the Health of a People

TN bill would require woman to view ultrasound before abortion

I done hearing any more Chris Christie Fat Jokes..

Austerity in microcosm: Ks poor pay more taxes & Brownback takes spending PRIVILEGE$$$$$$$$$$$

"Death Of An American Sniper"

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry (James Burke on plastics)

Idle no more.

Four legged friends are always with you.

President Obama's notable Quotes.

Wingnut Voicemails

Calvin & Hobbes Lovingly Inserted Into 13 Real World Backgrounds

AFL-CIO launches campaign for immigration reform

New Study: Link Between Air Pollution and Low Birthweight Found

Makeup master Stuart Freeborn of 'Star Wars' dead at age 98

This is such a HOT guy!

America's genius glut: Don't expand H-1B program

Let us send our Senators the list of children killed by US Drones

"Every 30 Minutes A Farmer Kills Himself, You'll Never Guess Why"

Fox's Hannity Joins Right-Wing Media In Selectively Editing Panetta's Testimony

Women Delivering Newspapers In Torrance Shot In Manhunt For ExCop (one in the hand, one in the back)

Southern food, sugary drinks may increase risk of stroke

Dubya's been painting!

NOT satire:Hacker into BUSH family e-mails/cells/ photos/ and get this SHRUB's PAINTINGS(in bathtub)

Accused witch burned alive in Papua New Guinea

Fox firing Dick Morris sparks Freeper food fight!

Jon Stewart & Co. Take On Absurdities Of Spending Cut Fight: ‘It’s As Stupid As It Sounds’

Looking for free editing software.

Brain Tricks - This Is How Your Brain Works

Stewart Brand: Why Environmentalists Must Accept Nuclear

Same old BS: Marietta pastor talks gay scoutleaders and pedophiles in the same tired breath

Sweden wolf hunt suspended after legal challenge

A Short Grammar Quiz (Home-made) Test yourself!

Cecil Womack: Soul star dies aged 65

Tonik, Dog With 'Human' Face

Single Payer Rallies Set for Monday in LA & Sacramento

Do animals have imagination?

Winter storm update: Massive nor'easter could drop 36 inches in spots...oh Shit!

Findus beef lasagne contained up to 100% horsemeat, FSA says

under eye bags? what can i do???

Comet Lemmon near the South Celestial Pole (Named after Mt. Lemmon!)

Disabled vet asks for support; service dog faces euthanasia for biting woman who beat him w/pole

Now we have a great example of when a hold can be used legitimately

(New York City) Sanitation Dept. Wants Styrofoam Use To-Go

the isaac live lip dub proposal

The Post Office is not broke--and it hasn't taken any of our tax money since 1971

Georgia Drug-Testing Scheme Nabs Just One Person

Tennessee Christian quits job, refuses to file taxes over ’666′ on W-2 form

(France) Wolves to be 'educated' not to kill sheep

If your business model relies on slave labor

India swine flu outbreak 'kills 94'

HuffPo - "Jon Stewart Blasts Frank Luntz & Fox News' 'Messaging' Problem" - Hilarious!

Atty. General - Monumental Coward?

BUSTED: Karl Rove Blows His Cover On Ashley Judd Attack...

I was outside shoveling snow with my 8 year old dog.

West Point Combating Terrorism Center Report: Understanding America’s Violent Far Right

Audacious Hack Exposes Bush Family Pix...

Wanted...a good astronomy poster

An Updated Assessment of the Federal Assault Weapons Ban: Impacts on Gun Markets and Gun Violence

Scottsdale Inventions Electric Shock Handcuffs for Detainees Patent

64 die as Damascus rocked by fighting, shelling: NGO

What's going to happen when the robots take almost every job?

Women delivering newspapers in Torrance shot in manhunt for ex-cop

There is this movie, it's called America, America....

Some parts of Texas approaching worst-ever drought

The Gay Superbowl: a gay sportswriter decribes meeting Brendon Ayanbadejo

Letters To Newtown

Kojak was a dick.

The Rifle on the Wall: A Left Argument for Gun Rights

Grenades explode near U.S. Consulate in Nuevo Laredo

Perry, Abbott tell residents of other states that Texas is the place to be

Megan Phelps-Roper leaves Westboro Baptist Church, apologizes for inflicting pain

I wish I could tell you about Pippin

Democracy Now: "Ask Brennan" about the blood on his hands from 2,629 dead Pakistanis

The Golden State turns to brass for Texas governor

No drones when I was young.

China Is World’s No. 1 Gold Producer for 6th Year

Fox News Claims Solar Won't Work in America Because It's Not Sunny Like Germany

200 Years Ago: February 8, 1813

13th-century 'travel guide' for Vikings heading to Scotland

444 was enough. ***edited for clarity****

Mali conflict: 'First suicide bombing' in Gao

Vibriosis, Deadly Disease Associated With Raw Oysters, May Get More Common As Ocean Warms

Tucson City Fathers think I am a really handsome guy!

AFA's Bryan Fischer: Satan comes out to play during the full moon

Nigeria polio shootings in Kano 'kill 12'

Drone Debate Over Casualties Overlooks Cost to Those Who Survive

When was the last time you dropped acid and saw God? MiddleFingerMom remembers it well.

I'm convinced that most crazy proposed repub state legislation is posturing

Bullied 11-year-old in coma after brutal schoolyard attack.

Vermont Senate Committee passes anti-right to work legislation

Bullion - Pet Sounds - In The Key Of Dee

Magnitude 7.1 quake off Solomons, no reports of damage

Bullion - Say Goodbye To What

Ayn Rand's Gospel of Selfishness and Billionaire Empowerment Is Plaguing America

Hating Karl Rove: Not Just For Liberals Anymore

Being American Is Bad for Your Health

Bullion - Crazy Over You

"Killer Robots" No Joke. Blink twice, and they'll be here....

Measles cases hit 18-year high in England and Wales

Smith & Mighty - Same

'KKK leader' vows mass rally over renaming of Confederate-themed parks

Flying Lotus - Friday Night Funk

Chris Dave - Medley (Pt. 1)

Stranded, disoriented python hunters rescued in Florida Everglades

Obama administration embraces major new cut in nuclear weapons

Chris Dave - Medley (Pt. 2)

More on Kai the hatchet-wielding hitchhiker hero

Doctors die differently than their patients

Just when the image of George Bush is (thankfully) fading from memory

Gone but not forgotten

Karl Rove, Conservatives And The Battle For The GOP’s Soul

Prison is just another form of 'welfare dependency' for criminals, UK Tory MP says

How Right-Wing Billionaires Threaten To Undo 40 Years Of Voting Rights Progress

Robert Glasper Experiment - Move Love

Valentine's Day: Barack and Hillary's Love

Electric Relaxation - BADBADNOTGOOD

Happy Birthday Ronald Reagan (John Fugelsang)

Okay, I actually *agree* with NJ Gov Christie! (Which one of us is losing our minds?)

The GOP, Benghazi, and their insanity

DangerDoom - Sofa King

Mos Def - Auditorium

Here's How Democrats Want To Reduce Deficits By More Than $1 Trillion {progressive caucus}

How did I miss this? Liberal MP Trudeau pounds Conservative Senator- Literally

Wisconsin: State Rep Chris Taylor rips the mining bill and the Republicans clear the gallery.

New Poll Shows Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio More Popular Than Obama

Calif. lawmakers seek toughest gun laws in nation

Electric Wire Hustle - Buy Some Land, Put A House On It

Strengthening Social Security--what do Americans want?

Pelosi calls for 'boldest possible' gun legislation

Melting Arctic Ice = New Fishing Bonanza As Fleets . . . Oh, No, Wait . . . Oops.

Beitar club house torched in suspected protest over Muslim signings

The Stuyvesants - Panty Dropper

Anyone else having trouble loading AlterNet?

Everglades Python Hunt A Bust - Maybe 50 Snakes Killed Out Of Estimated 150,000

America’s Global Torture Network by Robert Scheer

Parasitic Striga Weed Spreading To Higher Elevations In E. Africa - Cuts Corn Output Up To 80%

Storm Update

15% Of Remaining Giant Panda Habitat Now Up For Sale As China Privatizes Forest

China Denies Directing Radar at Japanese Military

USDA Study Projects Massive Changes In US Agricultural & Forest Output By Mid-Century

Senators seek deal on gun-sale background checks


Autopsy: US Border Patrol agents shot Mexican teen 7 times from behind

Slate - The Myth Of Saudi America & The Shale Oil "Miracle"

Fifty killed in Syria bombing: monitor group

LAUSD, other California school districts use cafeteria funds meant for poor to cover other expenses,

Cyberbullying and a Green Bay Packers Cheerleader--(excellent!)

As someone who works in snow removal:

Speaking for everyone on the East Coast who is about to endure this blizzard, I say...

Monophonics - "There's A Riot Going On"

Dozens killed in Iraq car bomb attacks in Shia areas

If you're having trouble Finding Nemo...

Echocentrics - "Not Too Late"

Investigation opened into hacked Bush family e-mails

Blizzard "Nemo". Not so fast: Blizzard 2013 Live blog: Why call this storm Nemo?

Donald Byrd - (Falling Like) Dominoes

Karl Rove And Marco Rubio's Mutually Beneficial Alliance

Do you use Homeopathic "remedies"? Do you understand just what it is you are taking?

Welcome To Tomorrowland - The Golden State In A Destabilized Age -

Global Land And Water Grabbing

The Big House (Prison Industrial Complex) That Wayne LaPierre Built

The Stepkids - Suburban Dream

Hiatus Kaiyote - Shaolin Monk Motherfunk

smash, Smash, SMASH!

14 Propaganda Techniques Fox “News” Uses to Brainwash Americans

Friday TOON Roundup 1 -Gun rights apparently are more important than others

Higher Oil Taxes Would Lift the Economy

Korean Researchers Invent Bendable Battery

Friday TOON Roundup 2 -Due process in a drone world

Is it the drones or the policy that is the problem?

Top Republican on Foreign Relations panel (Corker) says drone war may not be lawful

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - No gun no drone rest of toons...

Virginia Voter ID Rules: Concealed Gun Permit OK; Social Security Card Not OK

Does this seem unethical to you?

Pentagon Mulls Restoring F-35 Safety Gear to Reduce Risk

DJ Mitsu the Beats featuring Dwele - Right Here

To what extent, if any, do you believe the right to arms has secured the American people

CIA Nominee Can’t Evade Drone Questions at Senate Hearing

Despite flap, F-35 still best jet for Canada, (Lockheed Martin) company official says

Keystone XL: pressure on Kerry ahead of meeting with Canada counterpart

Outgoing Energy Sec. Chu Bites Into The Onion

Un-friggin-believable. Now Fox cedes Solar Energy to Germany - This is the Apex of Stupid

Janet Jackson- Got 'til It's Gone

Lawmaker asks for timeout on F-35 siting at Burlington airport

So, weekend plans?

Budget cuts would trim flying hours, F-35 orders: Air Force

Chris Hedges NDAA February 6 Panel Discussion

45 Years Ago, a Stand That Turned Deadly (Orangeburg SC Massacre)

Why Are Conservatives Trying to Destroy the Voting Rights Act?

Capital STEEZ - Free The Robots

Best Vegetable Seed Companies

USAF may be forced to restructure F-35, KC-46 and MQ-9 under sequestration

"Family Research Council" recycles same old garbage...

Challenging NDAA Indefinite Detention, Second Panel (Chris Hedges, Michael Moore .... etc)

Japanese ramen noodle soup

The Big House That Wayne LaPierre Built

Axe Weighs Facts On WH Doc and Christie

Texas on the cutting edge of ed. First you kill education and then stick them in front of computer

Obama Stood Up (for Peace) in an Election Year

Are Atheists The New Campus Crusaders?

CAP: Success of Northeast Regional Cap-and-Trade System Shows Market-Based Climate Policy

Republicans Work to Kill the Postal Service

(I should know better than to start this.) Could POTUS order an infantry assault on my bunker

Indigenous in mining local take military hostages in Bolivar Department (Spanish)

Women's athletics a battle for respect

Bill O'Reilly Says NBC, Which BROKE Drone Story, Isn't Covering Drones

The Jewish Religion Must Be Reclaimed From The Ultra-Orthodox

Pastor On Arkansas Legalizing Guns In Church: ‘Loving Our Neighbor Just Got A Little Harder’

Despite his username, bluesbassman is actually a huge Metal fan.

Ptah has mellowed out a lot. His neighbors no longer refer to him as "that naked sunflower dude".

Sadly, I think we can all agree that it's time for us to DEvolve a little bit as a species.

Your cat(s) would be glad to help you with that present. In fact, your cat(s) would LOVE to help you

MFM feels getting his ass off the couch & to the gym is MORE than enough weightlifting for one day.

Ever civic-minded, MFM is, as we speak, headed for the NorthEast to provide emergency taxi service.

Neanderthal Bone Flute Music

Watch out, American Taliban...

LA Times: John Brennan's killer drones are new symbol of America in the world

Annie X66

Trade Deficit: I Blame Obama

DuBois leaving White House faith-based post

The inside story of Aaron Swartz’s campaign to liberate court filing

Ptah has mellowed out a lot. His neighbors no longer refer to him as "that naked sunflower dude".

I Still Pay My Bills Through The USPS And Will Continue To Do So....

Dorner story is big & insane as OJ, Richard Ramirez. A recap in bullet points from an Angelino for

NYT: Lost Votes, Problem Ballots, Long Waits? Flaws Are Widespread, Study Finds

BHO needs a little LBJ

Europe sees coal renaissance, but is Powder River Basin coal too late?

Short Stories - On The Way

New NYC Flood Maps Miss Climate Threat to Sandy Rebuilding

The Scary Truth About How Much Climate Change is Costing You

Flying Squid!

Dalai Lama says we need a ‘global system of secular ethics’

"The Giant Mechanical Man". Excellent sleeper of a film.

What did you do when you were a kid and they cancelled school because of a blizzard?

LA Police fire 46+ rounds at two newspaper carriers (in the back), saying they thought it was Donner

Major change to U.S. patent law goes into effect on March 16, 2013 (1st to file, not 1st to invent)

ICC investigates Uribe over mass execution of civilians during his terms .

New Englanders - how will you survive Teh Blizzard?

Cyberbullying and a Green Bay Packers Cheerleader--(excellent!)

Excellent series: terrorism, nationalism and the birth of the modern world

Fascinating and disturbing NDAA panel with Michael Moore, Chris Hedges, Daniel Ellsberg etc.........

Fox News: Solar only works in Germany because it gets more sunlight than US (false)

Panetta Exposes Rift With Obama Over Arming Syrian Rebels

Nation of Potheads story MSNBC right now.

A theory of why Obama is withholding drone memos

HILARIOUS! 6 week old puppy attacks giggle ball. CUTENESS OVERLOAD!

Trade Deficit in U.S. Plunges on Record Petroleum Exports

Tunisia mourns murdered politician Chokri Belaid

An apparition: extraditing Victor Jara’s suspected killer

It was totally faked

Mars Rover Spots Metallic 'Arm' Sticking Out Of A Rock

Drug Users Turn Death Dealers as Methadone From Bain Hits Street

Houston, we have a problem

Walter knows follow through

Oil Rises in New York as Brent Surges to Nine-Month High


FOX: We must invade Germany to get our sun back!

About the drones - are we exploring any other options?

Governments ban drug, eliminate toxic corpses to save a vulture population

Goodbye, Cruel World!

what would jesus carry?

45 Years Ago, a Stand That Turned Deadly (Orangeburg SC Massacre)

UI volunteer finds unknown Carl Sandburg poem- 'Revolver' takes aim at guns, violence (post more!)

Why is this racist asshole (Reagan-appointed Judge Lynn N. Hughes) still on the bench?

There used to be 408 varieties of tomato. Guess how many we have now.

Lighting the Lamp: The Week's Sickest Snipes

How Fitting - A Painting By GWB

Supreme Court Poised To Deal Serious Blow To Fighting Racial Discrimination In Housing


Palestinian Groups Meet In Egypt In Unity Quest

Ready for the Snow in Boston area

Secretary Kerry

New York Subway Expansion

This response ends the debate on gay Scouts.

Dog Shaming....arf arf arf

Something about this pic is a little disturbing

Comments please?

Forecast falling apart in WNY

Goodness Gracious, Guccifer !

Daikatana Comes to

We are so divisive...explain this

Certainty Test - Obama and the Drone Issue

John Yoo: The Real Problem with Assassinating U.S. Citizens? We Can’t Torture Them ... Not the onion

Faulty relay caused Super Bowl outage

Interesting excerpt from Dorner's manifesto

Row Blows Up Over Ownership of "Space Marine" Term

Right-wing Christian conservative says enough is enough - we need to teach our boys to respect women

“trust me” isn’t good enough

GOP Swears It’s not Stupid - by Howard Kurtz

Obsidian pitching Star Wars RPG set between episodes III and IV

Hey Mr. Rubio, The Savior of The Republican Party, what about this??

France’s iconic ‘Liberty’ painting vandalised at Louvre

Delusional Much?

John, Jim Harbaugh still haven’t spoken since Super Bowl

Midvalley locals launch library for seed lending

Rock on! Check out the newest Supergroup:

Training Video for LAPD officers, "Who Are You?"

Wow, that much huh?

What It’s Like to Experience New Technology After 25 Years in Jail

Jemima Khan Turns on Julian Assange, ‘the Australian L. Ron Hubbard’

EPA makes major turn to Climate Change Adaptation

Some old 'new' faces on MSNBC

Today in Peace and Justice history on February 8, 1968

A Personal Quest to Make Guns’ Toll More Visible

Today in Peace and Justice history on February 8, 1968

Refining and drilling for oil/gas is worse for the climate than burning it.

Obama Must Fight One More Campaign: To Keep Senate & Win House in 2014 - by Robert Shrum

GM Returns to U.S. Diesel Car Market

The view from Iceland

A New GOP? Not Yet - by Michael Tomasky

“It’s not that conservative people are more fearful, it’s that fearful people are more conservative"

PC won't connect to internet

Water balloon fight costs school its prom

should have chosen "vibrate"?

Whoa! Pic of winter storm Nemo from space:

Thom Hartmann: Drones - Obama vs. The Constitution

Toon: Trump vs Bill Maher

A question regarding empire?

Check out this cover of The New Republic that nails the GOPeas:

Fox News Claims Solar Won't Work in America Because It's Not Sunny Like Germany

Empire Of Panic And Ephemera: Applying Rigorous Imagination To America's Paranoid Style

John Brennan and the "So-Called" Americans

Couple Addicted to Coffee Enemas, Up to Four Times a Day

Fire Destroys Offices of Israeli Soccer Team That Recruited Muslims

Hillary Clinton most popular U.S. politician, poll shows

PSA: Winter Storm Live Streaming

I posted a story last night about the elderly women being shot by the LAPD

Levin: GOP Demands Of Hagel Unreasonable

Michigan Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Illegal, State Supreme Court Rules 4-1

UK Lesson- Austerity leads to more debt

The EPA's climate change adaptation plan is open for public comment.

Quick, what's for lunch?

Picture of the White House meeting on immigration...

Obama to nominate union-busting, sub-prime loanshark billionaire brat Penny Pritzker for Commerce

Novelist Junot Diaz’s take on Casa de Campo, where Sen. Menendez vacationed

Paul Krugman- Corporate Hoarding and the slow recovery

Why Do Cable Channels Run Back To Back Episodes Of Their Programs All Day Versus.....

Wash. police say homeless man sent dog to get help

The four most interesting revelations from the hacked Bush emails

Postal Service lost $14M a day in 1st quarter

The Centrifuge Brain Project

Pic Of The Moment: North-Eastern U.S. Hunkers Down For Historic Winter Storm

BREAKING NEWS: Wintry mix falling across NJ (I kid you not - on the fron page)

The Risk Ownership Society

Thom Hartmann: Ayn Rand Classes Forced on Children

Progressive Change Campaign Committee Expands Anti-Mitch McConnell Advertising

Iowa state legislators, (repubs naturally,) push "personhood" bill.

Senate rejects Republican version of VAWA without LGBT protections

"Out, damn'd spot! Out, I say!"

Homeopathy Again Strikes Out In Style (Dr. Oz)

Cyprus inaugurates 'Embassy of the State of Palestine'

Legendary jazz trumpeter Donald Byrd has died, says nephew

Maryland school promotes ‘ex-gay’ therapy as a solution to bullying

Hillary more popular than Obama, Quinnipiac Poll says

PPP: Alaska Voters Not Too Keen On Palin

Todd Hughes Appointment: Obama Nominates Openly Gay Judge for Court of Appeals

Tea Party Logic ('toon)

Fox's Varney Claims Historically Low Discretionary Spending Is "Out Of Control"

Wife drops gun in McDonald's, husband shot

DEA, police raid three medical marijuana dispensaries plus home in San Bernardino

Ireland sent girls, women to Catholic workhouses until 1996, report finds

Dorner - how was he able to pass the LAPD psych test?

Why do Jury comment boxes sometimes cut your comment off, even when you

NRA actively worked to weaken gun law enforcement

"Sen. Bernie Sanders...will oppose a U.S. Postal Service plan to end Saturday mail delivery."

Fictitious 'Hispanic Male' Blamed After Texas Woman Accidentally Shot in the Back by Idiot Friend

story from 2002 about Chris Dorner, turned in $7,792 in cash and checks he and friend found

Perception Poll: Who fires Guns in the US the most - hobbyists, career criminals or angry folk?

Say it isn’t so! Facebook urge harder to resist than sexual desires?

Epic Anti-Gay Highlight Reel #2

Was Miller held on Jones' 108-yard kickoff return?

Tea party students to protest sex toy giveaway at NC State Univ. (NSFW maybe)

Ah, what's the difference?

Rude Pundit: Obviously, it's Bush's face in the mirror..those are the eyes and brow of a haunted man

Ye gods -- literally.

Due to industry lobbying ...

BIG rescued piggy

More eyeroll-inducing right-wing humor.....

Here's the Deal

Thom Hartmann: The Homophobic Scouts of America

So GOP War On Women Intensifies With Personhood Bills In North Dakota And Iowa ---- Yet

Blizzard Begins to Wallop Northeastern U.S.

Newest chapter in the GOP civil war: Paul Broun's (Georgia Tea Party congressman) to run for senate

Phone Cone

Religious freedom? Christian Right group demands govt cut off church that supports gay rights

Toon - imaginary problems.

Study: 66 Percent of Your Fill-Up Goes Into Oil Company Coffers

Wisconsin: Scott Walker gets smackdown from Minnesota governor after job pitch

Chicago scandal leads to shake-up at red-light camera firm

Condoleezza Rice is playing at the AT&T Pro-Am

FU Andrew Wakefield

Okinawan cuisine: The Japanese food you don't know

Former San Diego Mayor: Public Schools Are Anti-American, Teach 'Hatred of White People'

10 cc - The Worst Band In The World

just in case I get my pizza today.

Image from the GHWB email hack (eye bleach alert)

Fewer people will have job-based insurance (CBO)

Krugman: Kick That Can

‘Hack’ Doctor Received Angry Phone Call From Christie

Think Again: Pity the Poor Folks at Fox News

Parent allegedly pulls loaded gun on another parent during argument at Chuck E. Cheese.

can you tell me how to discourage grackles from my suet station?

Poll: Hillary More Popular Than Obama, Biden, GOP 2016 Hopefuls

U.N. denounces "sorcery" crimes in Papua New Guinea

fed want a life sentence for the amish beard cutter.

I wonder why there isn't legal insurance -- like health insurance.

I Believe It Is The Intent Of Karl Rove & His Pac To Run Anti Ashley Judd Ads To Dissuade Her From..

Founder Of Anti-Israel BDS Group Calls Out Critics At Brooklyn College Event; Takes Swipe At...

Anderson's mea culpa (sort of)

Affordable Care Act’s ‘donut hole’ fix saves seniors $5.7 billion

Kisses Sweeter than wine - The Weavers

Clinton brings warning to House Democrats about 2014 campaign

HP Sets Labor Guidelines in for Chinese Suppliers

For the Strict Constructionist

Secretary of State Kerry and the Canadian Foreign Minister coming up on CSpan 1

Huntsman Calls Rove Plan for Primaries ‘Yesterday’s Ballgame’

Lounge, can you help me track down a version of a song.

A Personal Quest to Make Guns’ Toll More Visible

How come DU doesnt use a vbulletin format.

Senator: Let's Have a Targeted Killing Court

Moody’s warns investors over Texas school finance problems

May I have the courage to dance like Romy and Michelle danced with Sandy Frink.

Asian Music XIII

What's for Dinner ~ Friday Feb 8th

Neo-nazi Bill White just can't right wing threats down right

Rep. Jim Langevin's (D-RI) Personal Quest to Make Guns’ Toll More Visible

NRC accuses Exelon of 'deliberate' deception

Catholic School Principal fired over marriage equality stance.

50 of our favorite brutally honest cake inscriptions.

Obama Is A 'Wretched Coward' And Israel Is A 'Lunatic State,' But Norman Finkelstein Is Still...

Manhunt For Ex-Police Officer Goes On Amid Southern California Mountain Snowstorm

American Parents' Obsession With Status Is Keeping Kids Unemployed

The Former Terror Suspect Leading the Attack on the Brooklyn College BDS Panel

Amish Ringleader In Beard-Cutting Attacks Sentenced To 15 Years Prison

Poll: Clinton would have shot at winning Alaska in 2016; Begich re-election chances strong

More Marines Charged Over Corpse Urination Video

Utah Valley University Apologizes To 300 Students Who Got 4-Year Scholarship Offers By Mistake

Post No. 1776!!!

Just to set the record straight - 2 feet of snow is a BIG deal

DUers how would you respond

Marco Rubio' Signature Achievement Will Be Embracing President Obama's Plan

I Gotta Get The Bread & Milk !!!!!!

Prediction: Hagel does not get confirmed

Japan's porn stars make their way in the real world

Coining a new word: Absurdulous

No. No. Just... no. Canned Scotch.

Take News IQ Quiz from the Pew Research Center

I'll take my occasional earth quakes over these

US drones kill nine in Pakistan: officials

Tea party students to protest butt-plug giveaway at NC State Univ.(Not the Onion)

Pablo Neruda’s foundation supports decision to exhume poet’s body for autopsy

Just in case I get my pizza today....

Pablo Neruda’s foundation supports decision to exhume poet’s body for autopsy

Valentines!! (and a question about them) - resolved

My Valentine Hearts may be broken.

Tomorrow on UP with Chris Hayes...


Perspective: A wonderful video of first world problems being read by third world people.

Rand Paul To Deliver Tea party Response To SOTU

Well played, Dog. Well played.


EmDrive: China's radical new space drive

I have one remaining Valentine heart

I am glad to see the Valentine Day Hearts are back...however

Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God

The Canadian Maritime Provinces looks like they are really going to be screwed by this storm

Duke fans taunt NC State player over grandmother's death

States With Higher Gun Ownership and Weak Gun Laws Lead Nation in Gun Death


Ohio Governor’s Tax Plan Would Cut Taxes For Wealthy, Raise Them On The Poor

Papantonio: Drones – Coming To A Backyard Near You

Christe is out of his fucking mind..........!!!!

Some worry about snowstorms. Others...not so much.

Venezuela announces currency devaluation

A Map Of Where Drones Are Allowed In The U.S.

Listen to The Boss

Woah... I got a Heart

Former San Diego Mayor: Public Schools Are Anti-American, Teach 'Hatred of White People'

2 feet of snow a big deal? Meh....

Just a Little Snow???? Ahhhh, NOooo!

Bruins trade suspended G Tim Thomas to Islanders

VENEZUELA: Medical specialties suffer bloodletting

Have a heart, y'all

Tree House

The Truth Was Deliverd This Morning at Home Depot

Valentine thank you's. This is the week. thank you to those that gave me

Going to the Apple Shareholders' Meeting? There's No App for That.

Colombia to Decriminalize Ecstasy, Meth

Aurora victims harassed by conspiracy theorists

How embarassing....

Rand Paul to deliver ‘tea party’ response to Obama’s State of the Union

(UK) Police called in to investigate 'criminal' horsemeat scandal

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Funniest* Rightwing Headline of the Year (*delusional)

CIA doing a bang-up job! "Polio Workers Gunned Down in Nigeria"

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Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God

"you people"

Australian Kids Face Birthday Candle Ban to Prevent Spreading Germs

I don't think Dunkin' Donuts thought through their Valentine's Boston Cream donuts.

The Post Office Is Ending Saturday Service Due To A Manufactured Crisis

Vermont's Hill Farmstead Brewery named Best Brewery in the World 2013 (Ratebeer)

FBI: San Jose man who believed he was working with Taliban arrested trying to blow up Oakland Bank

Medieval Tea Party vs. Medieval Liberals

Disturbing. Something Senator Sanders said on the radio today.

Keith Olbermann Just Tweeted This Photo of Manhattan...

Please-take-Assange-to-Stockholm syndrome. It's the diplomat's disease

The Scooter Store cuts 150 jobs

Who would you allow tattoo your face? And would it be for love or for money?

Did they ever catch the guys who assassinated the DA in Texas?

Monument Square (Portland) snow cam

Let's Show The US Post Office FB Page Some Love/Likes

Figures on Government Spending and Debt

PSA: if you're sending flowers next week, Don't Use ProFlowers

Amish Sect Leader Gets 15 Years in Beard-Cutting Attacks

What has been America's best 10 year period? Or is the best still to come?

10 Grammy-nominated musicians raise their voices in support of same-sex couples

The LAPD is likely a corrupt Police Division, clearly a man like this does not belong there..

The meat industry now consumes FOUR-FIFTHS of all antibiotics - Mother Jones

Valentine's Day in Japan

Is there any music that just makes you so happy and

So hey, this just in: This Storm Is For Real

Tucker Carlson equates women in combat with domestic violence...

LAPD headquarters is currently ringed with officers and patrol cars along with snipers on the roof

Assisted Suicide On Legal Agenda In Several States

Internet groups form in support of fugitive ex-cop

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Tweety on the Fight on the Right

Here, again, is your Friday Afternoon Challenge, DUers! Today: “Backstory Redux.”*

Amish leader gets 15 years for beard attacks

Record U.S. oil exports cut trade deficit

A letter from a Farm Kid who joined the USMC, and is now at recruit training in San Diego

Joe Walsh criticizes Michelle Obama for attending Hadiya Pendleton funeral

I'm going to buy some hearts to give out on Monday...start buttering me up in...

US education official named NCCU chancellor

Ramping Up Pressure On Congress, White House Details Looming `Self-Inflicted' Spending Cuts

Lawmakers are testing legal waters for regulating drones

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New England Blizzard Worries Mass. GOP Senate Candidates

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Weekend Economists Writing Like the Dickens, February 8-10, 2013

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Words of Wisdom, from Carles.

President Obama - tv

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I give God 0% so you get 28%...LMAO!

Wishing my friends in the Canadian Maritimes well during this storm.

Christopher Dorner's 11 page manifesto, uncensored, and a glossary of terms

My favorite thing to do...

A Republican Sequester Self Destruction Could Cost Them at Least 10 House Seats

House of Cards Reviewed: Episode 7

Simple Question: Are all supporters of the 2nd Amendment inherently racist?

My all-white cat has been out in the blizzard, can't find him!

Asking for terms of ideas

hollow point bullets and auto brake lines

Appalachian Community Health Emergency Act back in Congress

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New PA. AG Closes Loophole that Allowed Almost Everyone to Have a Concealed Weapons Permit

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Some good news--Wife has new client.

Penelope Soto, Fla. teen who flipped off judge, apologizes and avoids 30-day sentence

Obamacare Medicare Changes Saved Almost $6 Billion On Drugs: Report

White Christian Supremacy Is The Goal Of Fundynutzies. Newton Pastor Apology For Praying With

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WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE® brought to you by The Weather Channel

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Suzanne Venker: To be happy, we must admit women and men aren't 'equal'

Righthaven: Ninth Circuit doubts newspapers can pass along IP rights

Teachers At Detroit's Largest Charter School Form Union

How do I buy a star for others without

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JK, Keystone Pipeline, and Charlie Pierce

Obama pays tribute to Leon Panetta at the Pentagon chief’s farewell ceremony

The DEA Wants to Use a $37 Pot Sale to Seize a $1.5 Million Anaheim Building

Zappa defines ''Fascist Theocracy'' for Moonie scribe on old Crossfire

Please help now - Dem Mega-Activist Aaron Swartz

Minneapolis cop charged with 6 felonies in sexual contact with girls ages 12-14

Venezuela Devalues Its Currency (by nearly 47%)

"It's transformational."

If The House Is Rocking

Confederate Battle Flag Raised Over Mississippi Supreme Court

New England Blizzard Worries Mass. GOP Senate Candidates

Favorite one-term president

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Nothing against tweety, but his love of Philly is overcoming his artistic sense, IMO...

Esquire: If Obama and Kerry put kibosh on pipeline there'll be mother of all hissyfits

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Obama to Reduce Nukes By 1/3rd

Victoria Soto's brother will be one of the President's guests at the State of the Union

Sam Mullet...

Jimmy and Stevie together

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Missed this in October. I agree that Debbie WS should have known about the kill list.

February is National Sweet Potato Month!

"political space for discussing Israel forthrightly is shrinking" -NYT Editorial

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Thanks for all the Hearts (plus) Stevie Nicks - Tom Petty

Just in case you thought the NRA was a rational organization because they

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Life in Red Hell: Having Fun with the LaRouchies

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Dear DUers who have lost a child...I need your advice.

Six Strings Down

Weather Forecasters Got This One Right So Far! It Started Snowing Exactly When They Predicted

Critics: 'Doublespeak' and 'Pure Show' at Brennan's Confirmation Hearing

I wonder if the number of hearts will be more than the number of people ignoring me?

Sarah Palin Hits Rock Bottom, Would Lose Alaska to Her ‘Rival’ Hillary Clinton

Orca and Nemo are the names of the winter storms in the northeast? When did they start

Is this accurate?

Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up?

David Sirota: The Sports Tax

I only include Lee Meriweather in this poll because the jpeg made me

Group Launched to Support WikiLeaks, Transparency Journalism Reports Incredible Success


Vibes needed......

Nude George W. Bush Self-Portrait

OOP's...That Secret US Drone Base in Saudi Arabia..on Hold by US Media?

Initiative Would Shutter California Nuclear Plants For Decades While Feds Ponder Waste

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You Are Beautiful: An Art Movement Turns 10

North Carolina Moves to Toss Out Regulators

Loving your Gun

today in women's herstory

Governor Christie Yells at Dr. Mariano

a biography of the day-maud slye (pathologist, cancer researcher)

The Post Office - A few random thoughts on what I would like to see

Congressman speculates Cuba may be behind Menendez scandal