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Archives: February 7, 2013

Seattle Talk Drones Today

NRA-backed bill would restrict anti-smoking programs

Nemo is coming to the northeast Friday and Saturday.

Papantonio: Drone Complex Engulfing America

Iran’s President Ahmadinejad Escapes Shoe Attack In Egypt

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 7 February 2013


Anon gathering the dirt on the Banksters, hacked the Fed. Reserve Board.

I don't fear drones.

She worked for NASA too. Wow! Star Trek...The Next Generation

Texas bill would allow doctors to delegate more

"Gerrymandering may not be the whole story" by Steve Kornacki as MSNBC

Mormons, Evangelicals Ask Supreme Court to Ignore Science on Gay Parents

Drone thought experiment

Obama aides talk sequester with defense contractors

Anti-Woman police chief will keep his job, issues non-apology through town council member

Taxing The Wealthy And Corporations Too Socialistic. Using Tax Money For A Safety Net Is Also -----

Jody Arias, murder defendant: Boyfriend had a "Bill Clinton view of sex".

75th Anniversary Tribute to Pan Am's China Clipper (video)

Proposed Nevada law would require drug tests to receive welfare

So I am getting ready for the Walking Dead weekend, the new shows start on Sunday.

Rubbers or Erasers?

Why does a big Black AD that says it will end in 22 seconds

Teaparty asshat refers to "ethnically challenged families"

Sandy Hook choir to sing at Grammys

I'm ready to sign up: Steve King for Senate!

Calif. gov rips Perry's Texas ad as 'barely a fart'

Minnesota cancels moose hunting as population plummets

Climate Chang

Mo. Legislative Black Caucus Opposes Photo Voter I.D. Legislation

GOP offers plan to avoid sequestration by a 10 percent reduction in federal work force

Is there a way to know whether ordering from a site is safe?

Rick Perry calls for more funds for I-69 project

Hearing On Right-To-Work Bill Draws Hundreds To Mo. Capitol

Goodbye Saturday Mail Service

AP Source: Lawmakers to Get Cassified Drone Info

McCaskill Unhappy With USPS Cutting Saturday Deliveries

No wonder Scott Brown decided not to run for Senate

Blunt: Path To Citizenship Hardest For People To Accept

Native American Man Shouts At Anti-Illegal Immigration Protesters: ‘You’re All F**king Illegal!’

Hanin Zoabi, Balad And The Jewish Vote

I come from the Deep South. I do not pronounce it 'The YOU-nited States.'

Delhaize America Cutting Jobs

Postal Cuts Are Austerity on Steroids

Obama Directs DOJ To Give Congress Legal Basis For Drone Strikes


Bashas' Cites Malware in Customer Data Breach

So how do we find out which members of Congress

Indiana GOP Lawmaker Wants To Block Out-Of-State Students From Voting

If sh*t could take a crap, the product would be a Republican state legislator

Hatchet wielding homeless dude named Kai saves women from guy who says he's Jesus

UFCW Local Ordered to Hold New Election

Say it ain't so!! Safety net cuts still in play?

I went out Delong Road, a favorite road for cyclist.

Demand a Plan

Economic Growth Absent From Television Coverage Of Debt Ceiling Debate -

California Coyote Shooting Contest

President Obama To Turn Over To Congress Classified Justice Department Drone Memos

DAMN!!! Ed's on FIRE about the Postal Service

NRA's "Dark Secret" LaPierre "A Menace With A Gun"

Jon Stewart Softballs Ray Kelly on Stop-and-Frisk

Attack on NY 'boycott Israel' panel threatens academic freedom

New study shows closest Earth-like planet ‘stroll across park,’ possibly 13 light-years away

Father and son build underground pot bunker

Thank you to Ed for covering the Post Office situation just now

The End of the Post Office as a Public Institution?

Papercraft Stop-Motion Music Video

A backyard visitor.

Luckovich Toon- Dragging Me Down

A nice statement on immigration by our President

Benedict Arnold. Aldrich Ames. Robert Hanssen.

I've got an idea for a series that all of the (few?) regulars here can take part in. "All about ___"

California to consider listing great white sharks as endangered species

The Post Office...

Hey girl...

For God's sake, people, use ordinary quotation marks not "smartquotes"

"Obama always blames Bush" ... no ...

I was but it's over now...

George P. Bush was scheduled to shoot with (late) sniper Chris Kyle today

How will cutting Saturday letter delivery play out in your life?

Karl Rove and his super PAC are a-skeered of Ashley Judd

Abbas calls for end to Gaza blockade

Passing The Bill: Mass. Taxpayers To Subsidize Church Improvements

A Republican Whose Nephew Was Killed In Aurora Explains In 80 Seconds Why We Need Stronger Gun Laws

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Wednesday Night Potluck

(Minnesota) Moose hunt cancelled after rapid population decline

Moose hunt cancelled after rapid population decline

Stand by... Obama has directed the Justice Department to release WHY

Did you ever have this chair?

cnn breaking: Obama to give white paper on targeted killings to Congress

When they say it isn't about the sex, it is about the sex and when people say criticism of fat

Saturday mail

If you are going to complain about a jury/juror--Please post the results and be honest.

How long will it be until we have a thread in Meta that is just a complaint about itself?

My browser's header is weird ever since I downloaded from this site...

It's all over.

Does vodka really kill bees and wasps?

"Noroi:The Curse" Full Movie Horror

Jury hides "skank" 5-1: good to see sexist insults not being tolerated.

Got a few photos published

If you could relive any year of your life,....what would it be?

It's Bob Marley and Ronald Reagan's birthday…

Cupertino lets dogs loose to fix geese problem at parks

Bacteria Found Deep Under Ice, Scientists Say, Opening New Antarctic World

San Jose residents warm to taxes (70% support tax hike for funding services)

Congress Fiddles While the Post Office Burns - The Nation

Sean Eldridge, Husband of Facebook Co-Founder, Running for Congress (against Chris Gibson, R-NY-19)

"Two Down and Sean Hannity to Go" From Juanita Jean

Iran's Ahmadinejad seeks strategic axis with Egypt

Another Domino Falls--UTLA Rolls Over and Accepts Student Test Data to Evaluate Teachers

Deasy Sued in Miramonte Molestation Scandal

Former teachers take news of handcuffed teen hard

Story Time’s Over Kindergartners—Time To Write Expository Essays!

Biden to Dems: Don't Let Politics Foil Gun Control

Who’s Hurting NY’s Kids? Cuomo's Attack on Collective Bargaining

Skyrocketing Executive Pay and the Educational Salary Gap

Thought Experiment, instead of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars we had only used drone strikes

There is a storm (now named) for the weekend. Please prepare if you live in the North East

Sotomayor Comes Out As ‘Independent,’ Teases 2nd Amendment Case In Candid Colbert Interview

WLS Chicago morning host Don Wade has retired

Can anyone else NOT view videos on DU right now?

The videos are coming up blank

Papantonio: Obama Apologists Overlook Drone Killings

Yeah, I'm watching it.

New York Republican on gun control: Hitler would be proud of Gov. Cuomo

"Left Wing Hate Radio"

Hagel would NOT be the first enlisted SoD...or is the media wrongly ripping Obama?

Former Target Store Manager to Oversee Nation's Nuclear Security

Sen. Menendez contacted top officials in friend’s Medicare dispute

Why did my mother throw this away???

Should Female Reporters be Allowed in Mens' Locker Rooms?

My usually liberal local newspaper editorial supports ending Saturday mail delivery

To those apathetic about the attack on the Post Office remember

Did you eat the roach! I always ate the roach!

Living Next Door to Mississippi's Last Abortion Clinic

Obama CIA Nom Approves Torture?

*Sonia Sotomayor on Charlie Rose tonight.

how come Religious groups don't have influence in Girl Scouts as they do Boy Scouts ?

Sonia Sotomayor Buys U Street Condo, Report Says.

If all your friends jumped off a bridge...

Teenage Girls, Rap Music and Why Kitty Pryde is the Savior

Sally Jewell's, Obama's Interior Dept Nominee Looks Great!

Join the fight: !

FYI all

Bjork - Bachelorette

Nevada Democrats banish Assemblyman Brooks from caucus

It's time for some Vita Meata Vegamin.

Senate Democrats Delay Hagel Vote After Desperate And Unprecedented GOP Stall Tactics

Okay, let's try it this way...

Mountain C.A.R.E in So Cal

Oh joy Diane Feinstein's husband behind selling off of Historic Post Offices in CA

Stewart Tears Into Obama Hypocrisy&Secrecy On Drones: Only Transparent 'About The Last Guy’s Secrets

Webster Fire Dept. WE STILL REMEMBER

US takes India to WTO over solar cell imports

Police: Ex-LAPD officer sought in killings (of young Orange Cty CA couple)

Do you trust President Obama to do the right thing against Americans in

Armstrong in Discussion to Tell Details to Doping Officials

China Activists Breach Liu Xia's House Arrest In Beijing

Michigan women, look what GOP men have planned for you. Pic of ultrasound.


Watching one of my favorite movies, V for Vendetta

The Ed Show - Republicans applaud the slow death of the US Postal Service

When does the need to know collide with too much information as far as

Imitation of Life

Are you guys watching the crazy in NC? Power grab,

Dayton defends budget, endorses same-sex marriage in annual State of the State address

Boxer: Nuke generator problems known before installation

I am so proud of my dog

I Would Just Start Closing Post Offices And Reducing Service In GOP Districts.

Don't expect people to do the right thing.

For Our Lovely & Caring DU Pet People...

Just got the full series M*A*S*H on

Dreams in Infrared: The Woes of an American Drone Operator By Nicola Abé - Der Spiegel

The Americans is quite something

With 1 minute left to go...

India child sex victims 'humiliated' - Human Rights Watch

NRA pushes a bill that would ban lobbying

Brass tacks: Why don't OTHER countries need to go around killing people?

I have 2 breasts hanging out

Crist says he didn't know Greer gave himself cut of each major donation

A Letter From A Former Letter Carrier

Christian Mingle ads sponsoring Will and Grace re-runs

Colombia largest producer, consumer of child porn in Latin America .

Ex-peace commissioner undermined demobilization process: Ex-paramlitaries .

Sexual trafficking under-reported in Colombia: US .

9-year-old gives birth: Mexican authorities seek 17-year-old father

Hezbollah's risky act of terror

Colombia's FARC Rebels Back Drug Legalization

Evo Morales Asks Chile for Sea Access Proposal

Yujiro Taniyama, parody video

Labor Voices: Brazil a model of recovery for America

Murder conviction in Drummond union leader slaying

Murder conviction in Drummond union leader slaying

Enemies of the state: Questions about the drone policy

Transgender woman runs for office in Ecuador for first time

Transgender woman runs for office in Ecuador for first time

This Dress Turns Clear When You're Turned On

State's new Pre-K chief opposes pre-K

Drones (cartoon)

A dangerous power grab at the legislature

Here's my moral dilemma when it comes to the Drone Discussion.

NM abortion complaint highlights privacy concerns

Kansas strippers win unemployment benefits

Yemen Drone Strike Kills Cleric Who Denounced Al-Qaeda

Michiganders, hunker down, here comes the snow!

Feds: 4 from Wash., Ore. sold bleach as cure-all

Could we possibly take a Georgia Senate seat in 2014? Yes, I think we could.

WWF plans to use drones to protect wildlife

The David Parkman Show: US Post Office Stopping Saturday Delivery to Save $2 Billion

February 7, 1935

Next time someone mentions gun rights

State testing air around Bridgeton Landfill

Republican Attack Ad On...Ashley Judd?? (Video)

February 7 Is National Fettuccine Alfredo Day!

Germany toughens banking-laws

Construction to start on 93 new flood defences

Darrell Issa Goes Postal

The Worst Part of Being Homeless: 'No One Sees Me'

America Is Far from #1

Why We Must Rescue the U.S. Postal Service From the Brink of Death

An America cramped by defensiveness

Rise in antisemitism makes 2012 third worst year on record

America's Housing "Recovery" -- It's Wall St. Buying Homes to Rent Back to Their Former Owners

Corporate America: Saving the Twinkie but Not the Workers by Dean Baker

On Perry’s mind: Jerry Brown

On Perry’s mind: Jerry Brown

Ashley Judd responds to American Crossroad ad

Hey, Joe Scarborough, go fuck yourself!

Nudism Wasn’t Practical in Ice Age, London Show Proves

Gun lobby's bad aim shoots down myth of 'constitutional conservatism'

Why are Religious people so fucking thoughtless? (Warning: Personal Rant!)

Public dollars can feed endless private industry at the public trough

french try to root out would be jihadists at home

Obama to honor slain Sandy Hook teachers with medals - wonderful!!

Poaching boom sees thousands of elephants killed in Gabon

Above The Law. Why Bother?

why are gas prices going up this time?

House Of Cards and The Usual Subjects *possible spoiler alert*

GOP objections to Obama's Drone Strikes---ARE THERE ANY?

Protection 'insufficient' for Yangtze finless porpoise

Ethiopia dam project is devastating the lives of remote indigenous groups

Paying the bin Laden tax By Tom Engelhardt

Pro-gun lobby overplaying hand

President Obama Plans Fund-Raising Trips to Aid Senate and House Candidates

Obama: Don't let pro-gun lobby block "common sense" gun laws

Fox News The Least Trusted Network Among Americans, Poll Finds

Lucy Lawless says trespass ruling 'great victory'

Lawfulness of a Lethal Operation Directed Against a U.S. Citizen Who Is a Senior Operational Leader

Amy Goodman: Brennan and Kiriakou, Drones and Torture

I left a surprise for the next people who redo the carpet...

San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro headlines the 2013 Ohio Democratic Party Legacy Dinner.

Planned switch from GCSEs to Baccalaureate in England 'abandoned'

New England braces for major snow storm

Penelope Soto, my hero: Florida teen flipping the finger at abusive judge

How Secrecy Corrodes Democracy

Deb (R-NE) Fischer: Why I can't support Hagel nomination

New York expanding nation's biggest transit hub

I bet Dick Morris gets a job offer from CNN

Imagine China sending a drone into the USA airspace to kill someone....


Fly Over a Pristine Lunar Crater

Weird, the Canada Geese went nuts about an hour ago,

Hello! You've been targeted for a U.S. drone assassination!

1969: Richard Pryor and the Moody Blues on the Tom Jones Show

February 7, 1812 New Madrid earthquake

Questions for John Brennan That Won't Get Asked

What a Novel Concept: New York Hopes To Expand Abortion Rights

Seagull Nebula Spreads Cosmic Wings in Amazing Photos

Living Next Door to Mississippi's Last Abortion Clinic

Organized crime’s hand seen in border town radio station owner’s murder

How the Ape Got Its Frown.

No volcanos, fewer tower blocks - Ecuador lands a 'safer' airport for Quito

"Drones" seems to be a rubric for three separate issues that DU is conflating

more than 75% of americans delayed their retirement to avoid losing health benefits

I think it is just awesome!

Polar bears 'may need to be fed by humans to survive'

Luckovich nails the GOP

Juan Cole: Top Five Objections to the White House's Drone Killing Memo

BIAW takes it in the shorts

Ex-Cop to Be Charged Over Bribes From News Corp.’s Sun Tabloid

No excuses not to workout! The ultimate in multitasking.

As EU (US and Japan) pares (foreign aid) budgets, Turkey and Korea step up aid spending

Ongoing compilation of Republican election fraud

New poll finds that NRA endorsment hurts candidates

Obama close to nominating Penny Pritzker for Commerce

That day it hits you you've been out of the military longer than you were in it

DU this poll - should BSA lift ban on gays?

Juan Cole: Deep Democratization in Egypt: How Women are Driving the Changes

Call off the faith wars

Wall Street Success With Germans Boomerangs: Mortgages

Why Immigration Reform Won’t Increase Government Spending

The plot to derail Chuck Hagel

The Longest War: Afghan People Face Fearful Future as American Troops Prepare to Exit the Ravaged Co

Filipino Faces Jail Time for ‘Offending Religious Feelings’

Drone Home

The Great Tax-Cut Experiment Has cutting tax rates for the rich helped the economy?

Jobless claims dip after last week's spike

The Priest That Preyed

Celebrating LGBTQ Black History Month

Why Chris Christie won’t be president - By Joan Walsh

Did Ray Lewis use "the God Band-Aid" to make his problems disappear?

Look to diplomacy, not war

Congress — not email — destroyed the Postal Service

Guns and VAWA: Two sides of the same coin.

How to Deflect Killer Asteroids With Spray Paint

Man allegedly shoots couple to death over dog poop

Pastors' Wives Attend Christian Sex Therapy Session

Catholic school has just the girls take 'no swearing' pledge

NASA’s Mars Rover Curiosity Captures Image Of Strange Shiny Metallic Looking Object

Over 90 percent of Americans support gun background checks: poll

N.C. governor attacks higher ed, proposes funding colleges by graduates’ jobs

Teaching a Neocon Exactly How WWII Is Different From the War on Terror

Meditation, yoga may offer answers for PTSD, combat stress: Camp Pendleton class teaches meditation

Iran rebuffs US offer of direct talks

Thursday TOON Roundup 1 - Droning on

5 Practical Ideas To Rein In The Presidential Power To Kill Americans

Thursday TOON Roundup 2- Republicans

I used to be auto logged in when I went to DU from bookmarks

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest

15 per day at the Bello Monte morge in 2013 (Spanish)

Living Under Drones: Death, Injury and Trauma to Civilians from US Drone Practices in Pakistan

Why not use drones for Saturday mail delivery?

2/7 Drought Monitor - Some Improvement Around The Margins; Drought Core Holds In Plains

Brown University study: Fear and Conservatism

Corruption charges fly in Venezuela

Malala Yousafzai is a young woman who is my hero

NC Democratic Party chairman addresses goals

IMF's Lagarde - Climate, Not Debt Or Austerity, Is The Biggest Economic Challenge Of This Century

Michael Moore: Happy Ronald Reagan Day....remembering the real Ronald Reagan

8 Reasons Why Marco Rubio Is Not ‘The Republican Savior’

DRONES: It isn't the PERSON - It is the POLICY.

Train spotting..

Real Trouble at Fox News as Viewer Trust Falls to An All Time Low

Norway's PM Rejects Call To Drill Off Environmentally Sensitive Lofoten Islands - Bloomberg

The tea party is still focused on their Agenda 21 conspiracy theory - now in New Hampshire.

No Question About It - GOP Policy About Controlling When Women Have Sex

Gangster's paradise: prisoners make mockery of Venezuela's jails

Pastor apologizes for role in prayer vigil after Connecticut massacre

God, Guns, and the NRA

America Is Doomed Unless Women Start Having More Babies: How Convenient

Scott Brown: 'I'm not dead'

Over 90 percent of Americans support gun background checks: poll

Obama Plans Fund-Raising Trips to Aid Senate and House Candidates

POTUS Looms Large Over Prayers

Bangladeshi man to plead guilty in plot to bomb NY Federal Reserve

Two of Phelps' granddaughters leave Westboro Church

U.S. Cancels Regular Drone Strikes on Saturdays as discovered by Andy Borowitz

Arkansas Senate passes bill to make gun-permit records private

The most important poll you'll ever participate in........


Libya must hand over Gaddafi spy chief: Hague judges

Misguided Moralism From Both Sides of the Gun Debate

Misguided Moralism From Both Sides of the Gun Debate

Iraqi Kurds press on with oil pipe to Turkey despite U.S. fears

Armed Service Republicans Reveal Unsustainable GOP Position On Sequestration

East Coast peeps, gird yourselves !!!

Obama considering MIT physicist Moniz for energy secretary

"I'm Batman"

Privatization and unions

Wishadoo question

The End of (the Atlantic) Cod

Ga. group plans gun violence rally at GLOCK Inc.

Memo to the Postal Service: You Can't Be Partly Pregnant

Iran broadcasts footage 'extracted from CIA spy drone'

Egypt secures liberals' homes after calls for their death


raise the price of 1st class stamp to fifty cents

The wrongness....

help me rebuttal

Even IMF Chief: Unless We Take Action On Climate Change, Future Generations Will Be Roasted, Toasted

Tip Your Server and Save the World

Megan Phelps-Roper of Westboro Baptist Church: An heir to hate

I wonder if Natalie Portman, Jennifer Aniston and Rachel Ray would be upset if they knew I did not

Egypt's government condemns death fatwas

Ethics case against Schock outlined

NASA TV: ISS Event with William Shatner at 7:30am PST/10:30am EST (5 minutes from now)

DUer needs some advice

Ending the gun industry’s legal immunity

On what topics do you generally feel that the people who disagree with you are bad people?

An inconvenient fact about drones: The first private drone to cross the Atlantic was 15 years ago

For too long organized labor has failed to ask the Dems, ‘Which side are you on?’

Obama, I agree with the ACLU.

" fuckin' turn up and say well done." -- Eddie Izzard (photo)

Even In Blue Minnesota, Gun Control Seems A Tough Sell

Muddy Waters

Interesting Australian look at diversity among US whites: ‘Southern White’ as an ethnicity

George Monbiot on Obama's hyprocrisy regarding his drone war...

Federal Prison Population Spiked 790 Percent Since 1980

Victims, witnesses in Colorado theater shootings pestered by conspiracy theorists,

Massachusetts Republicans Missing in Action in U.S. Senate Race

Please help keep this thread kicked. THANK YOU!!!

Today in Peace and Justice history on February 7, 1926

CBS asks Grammy stars to dress modest.

Federal judge orders Tucson schools to teach black and Latino culture

Today in Peace and Justice history on February 7, 1926

Iran claims released footage is from downed U.S. drone

Yoohoo, admins...

Exclusive: Obama considering MIT physicist Moniz for energy secretary - sources

In Afghanistan: U.S. Violating Human Rights of Children, Says U.N. Committee

God Made A Factory Farmer

Dick Morris’s Fox Exit Latest Fall—and Rise?—of a Political Survivor

Jesus’ Children (Mr. Fish)

Senator Ashley Judd?

*** props to ohiosmith *** Ponder this, if you will:

I should have gone to my high school prom.

What Is Wrong With US? Pastor apologizes for praying alongside Muslims, Jews at Newtown vigil

Mmmm fine dining now available at Macca's

today in women's herstory

NRA fights legislation that would ban gun sales

I have spent a significant portion of my morning ...

Former LA police officer sought in murder of women's basketball coach (story update)

What Right-Wing Media Won't Tell You About Assault Weapons

"Water-proof tape" included with First Aid kits -- what good is it?

Confessed shooter planned to use Chick-fil-A sandwiches as political statement

GOP (specifically Ted Cruz) throws new roadblock in Hagel's way

a biography of the day-emma nevada (opera star)

GOP resolve on sequester begins to crack

a biography of the day-ethel perrin (physical education)

Peabody exec claims SuperBowl blackout demonstrates "a world without coal"

Cleveland Browns to get new uniforms

The shame and stupidity of drone warfare...

Pic Of The Moment: PPP Poll: Fox News Credibility Hits Record Low; Viewer Trust Drops To 41%

I Caught A Little Bit Of CNN This Morning - It Looks LIke They Are Supporting Privatization Of USPS.

South African girl's gang-rape and murder triggers political outrage (as happened in India)

Bruce Braley will run for Harkin’s Senate seat

Exclusive Audio: MO legislators conspire with national agents to plot anti-worker attacks

The Great Tax-Cut Experiment

A Girl Like Her ~ A film from Ann Fessler

EU unlikely to blacklist Hezbollah despite accusations over 2012 Bulgaria bombing

Palestinian ex-hunger striker freed from Israeli jail

"Nemo"? OK, I missed the bulletin - so why does a forken snowstorm have a name?

Boeing's Real Problem With the Dreamliner: Bean-Counter vs. Engineer

Politico buries the lede in their story about the Republican Party and Fox News

Pants full

Hey, that car looks like the suspect's car, let's start shooting!

Scary Health-Care Statistics on the Broken-Down Boomer Generation

321-951-7985 when they call they claim they are offering Disney World vacations

Meet The New Fox (Same As The Old Fox)

Rude Pundit - Family Research Council: ...

Rush (i.e., GOP) plans for a "sour economy"

Shot by Police versus Execution

The first few shots were probably justified.

Senator Introduces Bill To End Huge Corporate Tax Giveaway

Things In Politico That Make Me Want To Guzzle Antifreeze, Part The Infinity Read more: Things In P

Living in a Constitution-Free Zone

I've met Lou Ferigno before, he's a dynamite guy, this right here just confirms it

US media yet again conceals newsworthy government secrets

A Profound Statement By President Obama On The Inequality Of American Women

Florida GOP wants to offer charter schools rent-free use of public buildings.

CNS News’ Terence Jeffrey: ‘Rove Is No Conservative’

Foamy The Squirrel Tosses Logic At Those Opposed To Gay Marriage*

A toast…

Been watching House of Cards. I want minions!!!

Another attack on early voting

"With this ring…"

If Corporations Were Honest: How Exxon Feels About Our Children

Iowa Lawmaker Seeks to Define Abortion as Murder

Full text of serial murderer Israel Keyes' sick suicide note.

Two of Phelps’ granddaughters leave Westboro church, regret the pain they have caused others

Mother of Flags!

Man Bites Dog: A ProChoice Religious Leader on TV

VP Joe Biden and gun control

Laughed so hard I nearly drove off the road.

Kitteh is trying to tell you something

Colbert: I’m too objective to mention that my awesome sister is running for Congress

Between 1945 and 1949 we thought we had a long-term Nuclear Monopoly....

Newton Mother: "Let Them See What They've Done"

If you're black and have a blue Nissan Titan pickup, don't drive it in California today

Do the popular kids in high school go on to do great things, or is that the high-water mark of their

First World Problems #1

Minneapolis license plate data raises privacy questions

Oink, oink

Poll: Majority of Americans support gun control, assault weapons ban

Hospital Graduation Fulfills Mom's Dying Wish

The Plastic Bag Problem

They Talk Deficits Instead Of Jobs ... It's Corruption

First World Problems #2

A Hospital Offers a Grisly Lesson on Gun Violence

Ironic juxtaposition of thread titles in GD

Michael Moore asks citizens to stand up to Obama on civil liberties issue

BRING IT ON: Rats Vs Roaches

People skills are so important. Perhaps the executives at Girl Scouts could use some.

North Dakota: Bill to prevent discrimination based on sexual orientation

Matt Tiabbi is on Reddit, taking questions

Uganda moves to deport British theatre producer David Cecil

US shifting to a decentralised power system says FERC boss

The highest form of ignorance is...

White House Alert: A Memo To Kill

Well Lookie Here: "Nearly Every Voter (92%) Supports Universal Gun Background Checks"-Only 7% Oppose

Serenity is knowing where you are…

Poll: 9 In 10 Americans Support Background Check For All Gun Sales

First World Problems #3

First World Problems #4

Guilty Plea and Big Fine for Bank in Rate Case

First World Problems #5

Ever feel like you are in way over your head?

Soundtrack of my morning 1983 Nostalgia Threads.

How "Kill List" Defenders are Wrong (Unethical Rationalizations and Misconceptions)

E-Mails Imply JPMorgan Knew Some Mortgage Deals Were Bad

New DHHS Early Ed director called Hillary Clinton “butch”

Tour of the space lab

Head of UN Inquiry Into Drone Strikes and Targeted Killings Backs Brennan for Top CIA Job

There Must Be Notification, Judicial and Congressional Oversight, and an Imminent Threat

Is the word "hysterical" offensive if used to describe an emotionally unstable person?

First World Problems #6

Anyone know if an applicant to the LA PD is required to pass a psychological screen?

First World Problems #7

Chris Dorner's Manifesto - Exposing LAPD corruption & racism while on the run.

First World Problems #?

Increased Alcohol Prices May Decrease Deaths

First World Problems #8

Chris Rock backs Obama gun control pitch

That Pro-Gun "Sandy Hook Father" Isn't Actually a Sandy Hook Father

First World Problems #9

First World Problems #10

First world problems read by third world people

House Democrats to unveil gun control package; mirrors Obama's

Will Boeing’s 787 Battery Issues Ground Electric Vehicles, Too?

Curt Schilling Says Red Sox Encouraged Him to Take PEDs

The school board voted to close the neighborhood elementary school last night.

Will assault weapons go the way of the musket once criminals acquire drones?

No matter what sort of an asshole a judge may or may not be

A look at human sustainability

My new favorite singer

Meet the 18 For-Profit Companies Fighting Obamacare’s Contraception Coverage

WOW. Nails it.

ER visits due to pubic hair grooming on the rise in both men and women

Music That Inspired A Movement

Happy Birthday, J Dilla!

Aurora Theater Shooting Victims Being Harassed, Conspiracy Theorists

Conservation Districts Must Have Pissed Off the Frackers - Corbett to Eliminate Their State Funding

About that "Day of Resistance"

The New Virginia Currency that they want to start using...

Diet sodas raise risk of type 2 diabetes MORE than those sweetened with real sugar

British Library to open first national Women's Liberation archive

Most Idaho Lawmakers Decline Invitation to Human Rights Discussion

That Pro-Gun "Sandy Hook Father" Isn't Actually a Sandy Hook Father

Four Hilarious Lies in Dick Morris's Sit-Down With Piers Morgan

“It’s not that conservative people are more fearful, it’s that fearful people are more conservative.

Cecil Womack: Soul star dies aged 65

Va. House of Delegates Approves Start of Work on Issuing their Own Currency -using precious metals

batten down the hatches northeasterners....

Bright Screens Could Delay Bedtime

Rev. Lennox Yearwood: Forward on Climate Feb. 17

Found on Facebook

Rise of the Female Gun Nut

Religion, readability and the presidency: a historic combination

L.A. County Sheriff's Department intends to fire seven deputies

Cookie the cockatiel dies in house fire after saving teenager from bedroom blaze.

A meaty question. Who should regulate kosher and halal food?

A 'I did not know that' keyboard shortcut re:volume up and down.

I am not a Democrat. I am a democrat. I oppose drone strikes.

Yes. Drone attacks are bad. The Death Memo is bad too.

Scientology hides from grave allegations behind the mask of religion

Zero Dark Thirty, Manhunt and Obama Admin. Justify Use of Torture

To Do List

World’s oldest known living wild bird gives birth at age 62

"So God Created Transit"...a response to the Dodge Ram "God Made a Farmer" commercial

Aurora theater shooting victims harassed by conspiracy theorists

The creeks flowed a lifeless blend of yellow and orange...

Retailers report strong January sales

LAPD chief to fugitive former cop: 'No one else needs to die'

Hair is dead tissue! There is no such thing as HEALTHY HAIR!!!

Why, oh why, do gun enthusiasts feel the need to continue to bullshit us about Sandy Hook?

Saved! A Front Yard Vegetable Garden in Quebec

"O'Reilly needs a better research team"; Accuses NBC of not covering drones to protect Obama.

Games Workshop trademark bullying goes thermonuclear:

I'm throwing out my handtowels for these

'Mo' Cowan sworn in, giving Senate a record number of blacks -- 2

Games Workshop trademark bullying goes thermonuclear:

Dear America, your welcome, love Rupert

Protests at Brennan hearing -- Silent signs at first; erupts

this sank like a stone in the other forum

Every American has the right to know when their government believes that it is allowed to kill them

"Republicans and Fox News are moving to purge the controversial political creatures they created."

Where did you get your DU name from?

666 Stamp on W-2 Form Prompts Contech Maintenance Worker To Quit

You are all on the Internet and you are all WRONG.

E-Mails Imply JPMorgan Knew Some Mortgage Deals Were Bad

LA killer-cop's "manifesto": A whistleblower whose life was ruined seeks revenge?

Manhunt underway after ex-cop allegedly shoots officers and threatens ‘asymmetrical warfare’

Spinoff of another thread: Forgotten Fast Food menu items

Rapehoolicans - GAG WARNING

Michael Moore asks citizens to stand up to Obama on civil liberties issue

Even with brain damage ...

You can watch Democracy disintegrating, Live, on Cspan-1 right now

Raiders Will Reduce Seating Capacity To The NFL’s Smallest In Attempt To Avoid TV Blackouts

On Assignment: Doctor considers gun violence a disease

Aurora theater shooting victims harassed by conspiracy theorists

Turkey tells US envoy to stop meddling in its affairs

Deficit Obsession Has Hurt The Recovery: CBO

"Hey 1% want to fix the debt, pay your damn taxes"

'Light' sodas hike diabetes risk: study

Breaking: The story about the CA police shooter being found below is out of date.

Adam Cramer, a bike builder from Philadelphia asks....

We’re going to blow up your boiler: Critical bug threatens hospital systems

Warren Buffet quote on cheap people....

GOP senators assail Gen. Dempsey and Obama for response to Benghazi attack

Winter Storm warning for Southern Ontario...

House Democrats to unveil gun control package; mirrors Obama's

An excellent point.....

House of Cards Reviewed: Episode 6

Sounds like Bruce Is IN!

That Pro-Gun "Sandy Hook Father" Isn't Actually a Sandy Hook Father

Chocolate for Valentine's Day

NYC/Nemo- should we stay or go.

Common Ancestor of Mammals Is Plucked From Obscurity

The (Cheaper) Future of Medicine

Gun-wielding Layton homeowner charged in burglary case

Boehner says he's seen Gov't avoid addressing the deficit since he's been in D.C. and he's

Where would we be?

Findus beef lasagne withdrawn after tests show high level of horsemeat

US everyday life to feel austerity

(Democratic) Gun control bills unveiled in Kentucky legislature

Poll Finds a Boost for Obama on Handling Immigration

Obama predicts Pelosi will be speaker again soon

What's for Dinner ~ Thursday, Feb 7th

In aftermath of Swiss shooting, echoes of U.S. gun-control debate

Attention Ohiosmith

Sen. Sanders:The Corporate Tax Fairness Act

Hydrothermal liquefaction -- the most promising path to a sustainable bio-oil production

A political test emerges in Georgia

Ideology? None for me, thanks (but I might have one for you!)

Anyone ever use coconut oil in a pie crust to substitute for lard or Crisco?

Poll: Americans Back Climate Change Regulation, Not Taxes

CTA Service Cuts, Fare Hikes & Rahm Emanuel's Austerity

7 Interesting facts about Oolong Tea

Obama's White Paper On The Assassination Of American Citizens Is A Sick, Unconstitutional Joke

Levin: GOP Asking Hagel ‘Things No Prior Candidate Has Ever Been Asked For’

no title for this thread, the news itself is...i really can't find the words...

Do we really need Secret Death Panels and Assassination Drones to protect us?

The rise of the 'nones': Why our generation is moving away from religion

Relaunch of ‘Declaration For Democracy’ Campaign to Overturn Citizens United - PFAW

Tennessee man quits job after getting W-2 with ’666' on it

Need help with surreptitous recording apps for Android

Raul Labrador: Immigration Reform With Pathway To Citizenship Won't Get House GOP Support

Was the killing of Osama bin Ladin morally justified?

A tribute to our education system lol.

EPA to issue climate change plan Friday

This a good time to bring this up...

This young man gives me hope.


Meet the two defectors of the Westboro Baptist Church

The question should be: In this technological age, is collateral damage during war still acceptable?

Did Chris Kyle's uncritical thinking in life — revealed in his bestselling memoir — contribute to hi

House for rent in Sedona $1595/month

Michelle Obama to attend funeral for Hadiya Pendleton

CBO: Deficit will tumble this year, but obsession with fiscal tightening will hurt economic growth

Studio for Rent in Uptown Sedona $700/month

Anyone else having trouble with the "Mark as Read" function - Resolved.

Charles Dickens instructions for his funeral:

William 'Mo' Cowan is sworn in as U.S. senator from Massachusetts

What if Badfinger and The Raspberries had an argument...

New Mexico exonerates late-term abortion doctor

Brennan has convinced me what he does and knows about is way over my head

Does anyone know what "jusched.exe" is? What type of program

Dorner hunt: SECOND incident of police opening fire on car in case of mistaken identity.

Meet the 18 For-Profit Companies Fighting Obamacare’s Contraception Coverage

Obama Tells Dem Caucus He's Still Chasing The Grand Bargain

Fuck the "folk hero" LA killer cop Christopher Dorner AND his manifesto!

You're so lucky Houston!

I'm pissed. This sucks. I keep my car radio tuned to our local progressive radio

Another Winner Facebook Picture

I’m sending a donation to the Tea Baggers today..

Brennan is referring to torture as "mistakes" we (CIA) made.

Agree or Disagree?

Michigan’s GOP House Speaker Rules Out Transvaginal Ultrasound Bill

I'm pissed. This sucks. I keep my car radio tuned to our local progressive radio

Ray Rice Falling Off Parade Float

He was a boy who hadn't seen his father in two years

Gun Control... WE WON!!!!!..... WE WON!!!!!

Bradley Cooper is going to play Chris Kyle (American Sniper) in an upcoming movie.

House Members To Introduce DREAM Act

This lil punk Rubio has no understanding of International Law

War on Drugs in Latin America Is to Advance US Economic Interests, Not Reduce Drug Trafficking

How to Make Okonomiyaki (Japanese Assorted Pancake)

So-Called Social Security ‘Crisis’ Solved With Facts

Bangladeshi Admits Trying to Bomb Federal Reserve Bank

Christie: whether climate change fueled Sandy is an "esoteric" question

TCM Schedule for Friday, February 8, 2013 -- 31 Days Of Oscar -- Twentieth Century-Fox Film

Let the poaching proceed - Gov. Perry heading to California Sunday on business recruitment trip

Volcano location could be greenhouse-icehouse key

Oil industry launches full-scale assault on ethanol, says it's "worse than tar sands"

Let the poaching proceed - Gov. Perry heading to California Sunday on business recruitment trip

Report: Jackson Jr. Plea Deal Includes ‘Significant Jail Time’

Bill O'Clown: NBC Silent On Drone Story. WTF?

Rest In Power, Donald Byrd


Donald Byrd - You & Music

Anderson’s lawyer complains about adversarial proceedings

I suspect I'm late to this party , but have you heard of the rally to fight climate change?

North Korea's generals and their medals - pic

Justice(s) at Work by Linda Greenhouse

Vermont Introduces “Right-to-Work” Kryptonite Law, S.14 the “Fair Share Bill”

Forgotten tunes! Post a piece of music that has been lost to history!

Egyptian Preacher: Raping women protesters in Tahir Sqare Justified. They go there to get raped

Donald Byrd - Think Twice

Catholic Bishops Reject Compromise On Contraceptives

California Democratic lawmakers unveil gun control legislation

Mapping Paid Maternity Leave

Thank you Pell grant and Perkins Loans. I'm 38 years old and loving life.

The kind of thread that results in over-sharing

First Lady Michelle Obama Will Attend Slain Chicago Teen's Funeral

Gov.Patrick is calling for cars to be off the roads by 2pm tomorrow in MA!

Common Ancestor of Mammals Is Plucked From Obscurity

A Giant Lizard is coming....

More Americans convinced of climate change, poll finds

Watching the original Bionic Woman on Amazon Prime. Lindsey Wagner was gorgeous...

FYI to the rude jurors.. Sometimes a post is edited while an alert is being sent.

Child Abuse

NTSB: 787 battery approval should be reconsidered

Keiser Report: The Birth of a Scandal

Do you think Chris Christie will undergo gastric bypass surgery

Winter Storm Nemo: Potential Historic Blizzard Looms (MAJOR WEATHER EVENT!)

Novel Designs Are Taking Wind Power to the Next Level

Chemicals Linked to Obesity in Black Children

Timing of Winter Storm Nemo

Donald Trump weighs in: “Karl Rove is a total loser”

To help you relax here in teh Lounge: songs about nuclear war!

Billionaire Tax Avoider Penny Pritzker For Commerce Slot?

UNACCEPTABLE! Brennan Stops Short Of Calling Waterboarding "Torture"

Chris Hedges and Daniel Ellsberg: NDAA Lawsuit Update

Super Wealthy CEO Admits Spending Cuts Will Hurt The Economy, Wants Them To Happen Anyway

A Cleaner Way to Use Coal

How a Secret Memo Justifies a Kill List

Molokai Big Wind Deal Falls Apart

Iowa bill would jail raped women for ‘murder’ of single-cell zygotes

U.S. Representative Massie Introduces Industrial Hemp Bill

Jesus Christ Tiger, how about entering a few more U.S. tournaments..

Hard work and wealth

What do you see boy!?

The Parable Of The Good Samaritan As Retold By Wayne LaPierre

Reps. Rafael Anchia & Garnet Coleman File Bills to Repeal Texas Gay Marriage Ban

Poverty and Progress: Comparing the US and Venezuela

Matt Taibbi: Breaking Up Banks 'Should Be The Holy Grail Of Activist Goals'

If the manhunt kills more people than the suspect, should it be called off?

Lent Madness - which saint will take the Golden Halo?

Unity Rally For ATU 1181 Workers On NYC Bus Strike (Sunday NY)

Dorner hunt: Hour after Portland man lands in San Diego, surrounded by cops with guns drawn

I have a video question

Sometimes I wonder...

"Lies from the pit of Hell " Rep. Paul Broun to run for Saxby Chambliss Senate seat

Climate Change Impacts Absent from FEMA's Redrawn NYC Flood Maps

Can anyone explain this recurring dream?

Who's a good widdle boy?

Angry Senators Afraid of Debate

Any DUers watching

Patagonia 60% off sale going on now...

President Obama: DO NOT appoint anti-worker Penny Pritzker as Commerce Secretary

Sci-fi writer makes $50,000 for charity off of his “troll” -Salon

Old, but interesting news. John Tyler has garandchildren: ALIVE!

It's completely legal to pull out into the intersection and wait for a clearing to turn left.

Alabama Republicans Advance Bill To Close Last Five Abortion Clinics In The State

In SodaStream boycott push, Palestinians may be the victims

Pope Still Protecting Pedophile Priests

Scary picture. School bus flips on side after car hits it.

PPP: Rubio & Hillary lead their parties for 2016; Hillary 8 points ahead of Rubio in matchup

666 stamped W-2 leads to man quitting job

President Obama to do eight fundraisers for House Democrats in 2013

BREAKING: New Report Reveals Palermo's Manipulated Immigration Audit (federal law & more)

Oath Keepers ‘Patriot’ Group Plans 50 Anti-Gun Control Rallies (on Friday 2/8/13)

MN Gov. Mark Dayton endorses same-sex marriage in State of the State Address

GOP infighting turns ugly over ‘hater’ comment

Wow Al Sharton weights 145 down from 300

Jennifer Granholm leaving current tv, possible replacement for Ray LaHood. Tonight is her last

Wisconsin police arrest actor James Cromwell for protest against animal testing at university

Post images of delectable cupcakes.