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Archives: February 6, 2013

(WOW) "CHASING ICE" captures largest glacier caving ever filmed..

Jacksonville Jaguars reveal new logo for 2013 season

Service Industries Sustain Gain as U.S. Hiring Climbs

Gladys Kravitz Ate Her Wheaties

City in Virginia Becomes First to Pass Anti-Drone Legislation

"There's a time to fuck and a time to crave...

World's tiniest car (top gear) absolutely hysterical.

Kashmir Girl Band Breaks Up After Threats

Sale on MADE in the USA clothing!

Toronto’s first Tool Library gears up to open in Parkdale

Now is the time …. to honor them

Recruit w/ Auburn tattoo commits to Alabama

now is the honor them

Wouldn't it be nice...

CIA rendition report author believes UK could face human rights court

All the King's Drones

John Brennan faces grilling over drone leak as senators demand answers

The Bizarre, Flexible Paper Sculptures of Li Hongbo

Fox News drops Dick Morris

Solar lighting for the very poor

Hidden Computers, Secret E-mail, Subpoenas and Legal Fees Mar Wisconsin Legislature as trial...

High school student suspended for picture of gun on laptop

Six Spanish tourists raped by gunmen in Mexico, authorities say

Something to think about . . . .

Physicist Lawrence Krauss on teaching creationism: It’s a form of child abuse

Python count now at 50 snakes

Bipartisan House group pushes gun trafficking proposal

Physicist Lawrence Krauss on teaching creationism: It’s a form of child abuse

Just a few stories about shootings in Central Ohio

Teabagger Creed


Pennsylvania GOP Governor Turns Down Medicaid Expansion

Facebook Is Said to Create Mobile Location-Tracking App

Virginia Voter ID Bills Would Tighten Strict Voting Laws

Eight Senators who Support Wife-Beating, Rape, and Other Heinous Crimes

Rep. Marsha Blackburn has not had a bowel movement since first elected to Congress.

Groups: McCrory's Duke Energy ties cloud judgment on Utilities Commission

Why the long face?

Two Great Lakes hit lowest water level on record

Newtown children to be featured on Grammy preshow

Here's a nice letter to the editor of the New York Times from former AK governor Tony Knowles

Pat McCrory Promise Tracker

Ryan Braun's name listed in Biogenesis clinic records

Gridlock at the NLRB: One Step Back, Two Steps Further Back

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad issues challenge to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

Photo of the Day: A Wise and Empathetic Latina

New route to justice for poorest being denied to millions

what if there is a God...

Will a Federal Compromise on GMO Labeling Trump State Law, Forever?

Assault rifle...

So, is the real problem that we have a culture of GUNS...

Fed says internal site breached by hackers, no critical functions affected

What Yair Lapid's anti-Zoabi comments reveal about Israeli politics

LED Mushroom Lights by Yukio Takano

Face-off coming up. Candy is the topic.

Immortal Words from Thomas Jefferson and George Washington...

How Jews should relate to Palestine

The Latest Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory: Obama Death Squads Targeting Gun Rights Activists

Mag 8.0 Solomon Islands

(PPP) Americans consider NRA endorsement to be a negative

Govt. Use Of Drones and Fear Towards President Obama: One Important Thing NBC Left Out

Easier to legally buy a Firearm... than Vote? Way to go VA!

'It was morally wrong': Catholic hospital apologizes for arguing that a fetus is not a human.

photo slide of Catching Fire set.

'It was morally wrong': Catholic hospital apologizes for arguing that a fetus is not a human.

Poland becomes eighth EU country to ban Monsanto maize

Maher vs Trump

Human Design For Everyone with Karen Curry.

We are back!!!

Caught earlier on Andrea Mitchell Reports...

Joe Walsh forming super PAC to fight Karl Rove’s super PAC

Has Support For Israel Become A Narrow Ideological Litmus Test?

I wonder where we got the idiotic idea that certain plants should be outlawed?

Sheehy's (R-NE) gubernatorial campaign shutting down (had 4 women on the side)

I passed a homeless couple on my way to the dentist.

It all makes so much sense now!

Hall of Shame Inductee: Republican NC Governor, Pat McCrooked

The Family Research Council Called

Does the new and improved Myspace stand a chance ?

A 3D Printer That 'Prints' Tissues Using Human Embryonic Stem Cells

"Waiting Times at Ballot Boxes Draw Scrutiny"

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! There’s No Place Like Drone & a new Kitty gif

President Carter investigated FDR's Japanese American Internment.

Netanyahu vows to change electoral system

An Isolated and Outdated U.S. Cuba Policy - Wayne Smith - Alan Gross case

An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 8.0 struck off the Solomon Islands in the South Pacifi

Latest Lauren Corgo

White House: Drone Strikes ‘Legal,’ ‘Ethical’ And ‘Wise’

FBI: Ala. man engaged in 'firefight' with officers

Recycling is a great way to

A One-Sided House Hearing Against Palestinian Reconciliation

Something small happened today that I feel very good about.

"Too Fast To Fail: Is High-Speed Trading the Next Wall Street Disaster?"

Gun rights advocates push agenda at NC legislature


"Fixing ‘too-big-to-fail’" by Richard Stallman at Reuters

Block on health overhaul options clears NC Senate

Food for thought

Post a You Tube of your favorite Musician, band or both from the 1970's

NC House gives initial OK to unemployment changes

Frank Serpico joins forces with whistleblower suing NYPD for $50 million

Wyden Statement on DOJ Memo on the Killing of Americans During Counterterrorism Operations

God bless President Obama for his courage, and shame on the media

So, Who's really is on first?

I put a spell on you

Brennan nomination exposes criticism on targeted killings and secret Saudi drone base

Conn. congressman sees factual flaw in 'Lincoln'

Michael Phelps cheers on Ray Lewis, Ravens

Albatross named Wisdom astounds scientists by producing chick at age 62

See the Future in Ancient Japanese Architecture

To teach

Va. House speaker is expected to kill GOP Senate redistricting plan

On guest-worker program, White House tries to foster a deal between business and labor

George Bush's admin had a legal memo too - to define torture as necessary for security.

"You're worthwhile, no one can take that away from you."

Well, I reckon the impeachment proceedings will be happening pretty soon.

23 years ago: ‘Down the road, he plans to run for public office’

‘Did You Say ‘F**k Me?’ Judge Sentences Florida Teen To 30 Days In Jail For Cursing At Him

"Chilling Legal Memo From Obama DOJ Justifies Assassination of US Citizens" - Glenn Greenwald

8.0 quake Solomon Islands. Tsunami detected.

Fox cuts ties to commentator Dick Morris

Hundreds of birds take to the air in an incredible ballet that just needs to be seen by all

They call me mellow yellow

Yes, He Can: 20 Ways Obama Can Use Executive Power to Push a Progressive Agenda (NOT ABOUT GUNS)

Just saw the most wonderful stage performance at Butler University tonight!

The Million-Ton Gorilla

Quake off Solomon Islands triggers 3ft tsunami

How can music that goes nowhere be so drop-dead gorgeous? Ambient lovers only....

Crystal River Nuclear Plant, Owned By Duke Energy, Closing Due To Botched Repairs

What S&P's Role Was in the financial meltdown

Excerpt from the DOJ white paper

The Iditarod has been delayed. Seems there isn't enough snow. In Alaska.

Voted Third Party In the Presidential 2012, and Bragged About It, Banning, IMHO.....

Now what? Legislators, education advocates and think tanks respond to Texas School Financing

Which version of "Landslide" is the best?

In many states...

Bill Would Force Calif. Gun Owners To Buy Insurance

Best/worst advice I ever received was the same: "fuck it,...let's get drunk."

Rick Perry Has An International Ally For His (Possible) Secession Plan: Belarus

Roger Hedgecock goes full race baiter: "hatred of white people an epidemic", blames Obama

Houston judge accused of racist remarks

Gun Background Checks Drop By 10 Percent In Jan. (as retailers continue to run out of guns to sell )

Jon Stewart Shows A President How To Shake Them Haters Off

Ahmadinejad Visits Egypt, Signaling Realignment

Flashback: Russ Feingold 'Pleased' Anwar Al-Awlaki Was Taken Out By Drone Strike

Jon Stewart Rips ‘Ferrett News’ For GOP Rebranding: ‘Takes A Lot Of Hard Work… To Remain Stupid’

Remember those guys that wanted to patrol the border along the Mexican border?

I just opened...

Cool, huh?

Parents joining Seattle teachers' test boycott as principals give exam

Teabag Brand Destroyed

The problem with jury service is anonymity

Brain Blister, Week Two: "Name This Game and Win $10,000"

Nigerian prostitutes promise “week of free sex” if they win Africa Cup of Nations

Walk Of The Cock: Lawrence O’Donnell Gives Dick Morris Greatest Hits Sendoff

Skylanders 3 videogame announced...

Entire Villages Wiped Out as Tsunami Hits Solomon Islands

Northland teen, handcuffed in his basement, is rescued

A DU Lament...

I found a book on Google Books about my g-g-grandfather.

Am I the only one disgusted (now) that the Administration is contemplating using DRONES on their

Don't get your hopes up yet for an assault weapons ban.....

Study: Americans Should Work Less, Play More to Help the Environment

Local company gives shipping containers a new lease on life

Who released the drone white paper?

Scientific Projects in Venezuela Received $465 Million in 2012

I think tomorrow I'll take those chicken corn chowder suggestons, but...

US Senator Ron Wyden, statement on the DOJ killing americans memo

Yet another asinine school administrator: suspends 7 yr old for throwing an imaginary grenade.

The Worst Online Dating Site In The History Of The World

Rupert has a choice tweet about liberals and drones:

House of Cards Reviewed: Episode 4

North Korea's usage of Youtube

I feel like throwing my life away.

No indictment, no arrest warrant, no kill list.

Lawrence O'Donnell: Rewriting the Romney cheerleaders

Bummed. Stewie, the worlds longest cat, has passed away.

FORWARD, America

Memphis renames 3 parks that honored Confederacy

NYT Editorial: "To Kill an American"

Is is fat cat a job creator?

John Fire Lame Deer Quote: Lakota Native American

Anti-McConnell television ads signal beginning of long reelection campaign

U.S. historian compares Murdoch with Hitler

Aerial survey reveals tsunami debris widespread across Alaska coast

When drones get cheap enough, Mexico will be able to take out whole blocks in LA and Phoenix

No Missouri State Money for New Rams Stadium

Ten Years After Powell’s U.N. Speech, Old Hands are Ready for More Blood

Missouri joins suit filed by several states, including Illinois, against Standard and Poor's

Dean Baker: Capping tax deductions is a bad idea

These Scary Maps Explain What Sea Level Rise Will Mean in Boston

Desperate People Ripping Off Copper in One of Our Poorest Cities

Signing up an estimated 30 million uninsured Americans for coverage under the health-care law--

Myths of river transportation benefit

Busting the Myth That Christians Are More Generous Than Non-Believers

Teachers Forced To Tell Parents If Their Kids Are Gay? 5 Utterly Horrifying Right-Wing State Bills

4 Secretive Ways Wall Street Extorts You

Check out this photo illusion:

Some 54 countries helped CIA detention efforts: report

We need parents across FL to boycott FCAT and end of course exams like in Seattle.

'Ex-Gay' Christian Blogger Found On Male Hookup App

Insight: Shrinking U.S. labor unions see relief in marijuana industry

pbs last night from 7-8:13

Another Weird Shiny Thing on Mars

For Morning Joe to highlight a story in the WAshington Post on the first ladies

This Modified Transport Plane May Be The Deadliest Weapons Platform On The Planet

Thanks Mica - the drone killing of Americans

Traffic fumes linked to lower birth weight

African elephants prefer Serengeti National Park

Monopoly to get new lineup of tokens

The only reason the GOPeas in Congress aren't shouting at 200 decibels about the drone policy

5 years later, Kirkwood, MO reflects on the end of its innocence

Talent takes on new roles on defense, U.S.-China policy

Market Basket Eyes Factory Site

Austria keeps draft so military can prepare ski slopes

Panetta to extend some benefits to gay and lesbian military families

CIA operating drone base in Saudi Arabia, US media reveal

It's time civil servants were open about energy lobbying

Thousands protest in Sidi Bouzid after Tunisian opposition figure killed

From Arab Spring to global revolution

Paranoia Strikes Deep: A Cowering America still Haunted by Bin Laden’s Ghost (Engelhardt)

Wisconsin: Don't forget to vote today!!!

Wisconsin: Scrap The Open Pit Mining Bill (video ad by Wis League of Conservation Voters)

February 11th is coming (The anniversary of Scott Walker “Dropping The Bomb” on Wisconsin)

The Law: Presidential Inherent Power: The “Sole Organ” Doctrine

The Cantor plagiarism video

2013: The year women abolish God

The Indian women pushed into hysterectomies

Ya gotta "love" this about Brokaw and his ilk:

Belarus accuses U.S. of human rights violations for suppressing Texas’ secession

Churches must change to survive

Right-to-Work: Missouri Unions Push Back Against GOP Rep. Eric Burlison's Labor Bill

Young women dating even younger men

Happy Birthday, Bob!

POTUS told Harbaugh and Newsome he and FLOTUS were moved by the inspiring story of O.J. Brigance

Joe Scarborough is full of s#it.

Obama sends support to abortion rights group

Breaking - Saturday first class mail will be history come August 1st

Hillary gives John some advice...

Stafford Hospital: Hiding mistakes 'should be criminal offence'

Stunning Underground Art In Stockholm’s Metro Station

US Navy details how it will dismantle USS Guardian

Europe-wide raids target people-smuggling network

Hurray for Tim McGraw !!!

Nanomaterials now being found in food

Jewish man mobbed outside Marseille for wearing Jewish symbol

John Kerry, Chuck Hagel confront historic rivalry (politico)

Boiling blood and Arctic blasts

Multiple Iditatrod Qualifying Events Canceled, Rescheduled - Not Enough Snow - NYT

"Thermal Runaway" in 787 Dreamliner Batteries Must Be Stopped

RBS Hit With £390m Fine For Fixing Libor

Check out the new Monopoly token:

As Fukushima Meltdown Proceeded, Internal State Memo Described "FUBAR" Situation In Japan's Gov.

USPS to announce Saturday service cuts in effort to slash costs

I think I just had phone sex! Someone called and asked for Larry! I said "there's no Larry here!"

30 Baby Animals That Will Make You Go ‘Aww’

Food for thought: Hangin' with Harangua and finding good local food

Anyone else old enough to remember when COINTELPRO was murdering citizens by the dozen?

Safety As Freedom

I've been trying to figure out where I stand on the French intervention in Mali

January 2013 Atmospheric CO2 395.55; January 2012 393.14; January 2011 391.25

Reich: So is the priority (for immigration reform) to be those who need us, or those whom we need?

U.S. scales back goal on veterans' health records with an eye on costs

Air pollution linked to low birth weight

EU Bans 3 Neonicotinoid Pesticides For 2 Years To Test Bee Recovery - Uses Precautionary Principle

Fast asleep...until her favorite song comes on.

Pakistani ambassador to U.S. calls CIA drone strikes a ‘clear violation’

Eight members of The American Taliban ie: "The Anti-VAWA 8"

Anyone have the results of this one?

Retrograde Lessons: Learning from Afghanistan’s Logistical Nightmare

Have you ever had one of your posts hidden and after a few hours decided it was probably for

Crisis Junkies: Can Washington Break Its Addiction to Emergency Economics?

Ear Worm Music.

Second-grade Loveland student reportedly suspended for imaginary weapon

Robots Won't Steal Your Job Next Decade (They'll Just Steal Your Raise)

Introducing Monopoly's new token, the cat

Thanks a lot rethugs

Ortiz on the hot seat-U.S. attorney facing Congressional scrutiny

AP: U.S. Postal Service To Discontinue Saturday Mail Delivery

Dick Morris DROPPED By Fox News, To Appear On CNN

People of Timbuktu saved manuscripts from invaders

Twenty Years After the FMLA, Our Family Leave Policies Are Dragging Us Down

I'm a loyal member of the Democratic Party and I don't have a problem with Drones

Obama to nominate REI chief Sally Jewell for Interior Secretary

Nearly Half of All US Farms Now Have Herbicide-Resistant Superweeds

Oatmeal - I hate it but I'm gonna have to eat it

Excellent sign on electronic board in front of union hall this A.M. on way to work...

Ahmadinejad gets the Bush treatment

Sometimes I feel as if we're all living in a precursor-Soylent Green world

imo: Even postal workers need a break.

Amy Dunbar: Tardiness-Hating OB/GYN Now Most Reviled St. Louisan on Facebook

Any other Jews having moral qualms about remaining a part of DU?

Rachel Maddow ---please help us

E-mails show plotting by lawmakers, GOP on Florida redistricting

International Space Station photograph captures giant underwater wave spread over hundreds of miles

Pregnant Guard Had Affair With Cop Killer, charged with sexually abusing inmate

China pledges to narrow income gap

Webster Groves Council expands housing anti-discrimination protections to include sexual orientation

Nearly Half of All US Farms Now Have Superweeds

American Crossroads Goes After Ashley Judd With $10,000 Ad Campaign (VIDEO)

Cops: Mom Pulled Gun at Conn. Chuck E. Cheese's

Essay: A Brief History of Poverty and Homelessness

MJ: Nearly Half All US Farms Now Have Superweeds

(Aus) Attack on sniffing to spark sale bans

Shampoo warning

Number delivered to morgue grows to 98 in February (Spanish)

Baby Boomers Sicker Than Parents’ Generation, Study Finds

Airline Bans Children From First Seven Rows

Brennan: Waterboarding saved lives

All dogs in England must be embedded with microchips by 2016

Stephen King: why I want assault weapons banned

The argument for and against government

MAP: The US Government Is Sitting On $128 Trillion Worth Of Minerals

Fracking seen by EPA as No. 2 emitter of greenhouse gases

Oregon DUers currently on Medicare...? Please

What makes republicans so DESPERATE to hold up Hagel? At the least, THEY think he's the real deal

How The F-35 Turned Into Such A Disaster

This Could Be The First Drone-Proof City

Should Service Dogs be Allowed to be Buried in Military Cemeteries?

If it's Wednesday,'s,......THE WHO!

Internationals in Gaza

I have seen this disarray before in American Politics...

Apple warns against jailbreaking

Euro MPs back large-scale fishing reform to save stocks

Argentina freezes prices to break inflation spiral

Lake Michigan and Lake Huron hit all-time low water levels

Gray proposes $100 million for affordable housing

Al Gore on fracking

Duke Reactor Shutdown Plan Shows Shale’s Sway Over Power

Tepco to Buy U.S. LNG From Mitsui, Mitsubishi to Cut Fuel Costs

Postal Service to stop delivering mail on Saturdays

Duke students to protest fraternity’s ‘racist rager’

China state media: North Korea would 'pay a heavy price' for nuclear test

All dogs in England must be fitted with microchips by 2016

She left the Westboro Baptist Church

My 2 cents on drones

Memphis changes names of 3 Confederate-themed parks

Dell Acquired By Gateway 2000 In Merger Of 2 Biggest Names In Computer Technology

The Republican Party is the most vile, puerile, evil, sick, disgusting, and cruel organization

WIll those who accused Ryan Braun issue a mea culpa?

Military Arrest in Doubt as U.S. Fights Rookie Judge

Did Scott Walker's budget cuts hurt economy? Some economists think so

TransCanada Expects Approval ‘Very Soon’ for Keystone XL

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Drones

German science minister stripped of her PhD

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

Ed Rendell Intervened For Oil Company to Stop EPA Contamination Case Against Range Resources

Moonrise Kingdom: Final opinion

Do not let a teenager read today's XKCD

Deficit Obsession Has Hurt The Recovery: CBO

Marijuana Program A Windfall For Michigan Government

Tonight I get to experience truly weird. My daughter is taking me to see The Residents.

Smallest car in the world is terrifying.

You really know you're old if you can remember when....

The Unions Are To Blame

The drone white paper sparked a debate.

French rapper Booba ‘cyber-lynched’ for mentioning Shoah

Reopen Filibuster Reform . . (Petition ~ Daily Kos)

Montana: Stapleton Announces Challenge to Baucus

Obama nominates Sally Jewell CEO of REI for Secretary of the Interior

(repost) Yemeni Government Covers Up U.S. Responsibility for Civilian Drone Deaths

Judge Rakoff Delivers Big Blow to Bank of America and JP Morgan in Flagstar Ruling

Boy Scouts: We need more time for decision on gay membership

Questions abound in regard to US drone assassination program

US Mass Shootings: An Extreme Outbreak Of Violence (Voice of Russia)

Bodies in Bikinis: Are You Buying It?

Repuke compares homosexuality to heroin addiction

Last call for Saturday mail, folks.

Ahmadinejad: Iran Already A Nuclear State, But Has No Intention Of Launching Attack On Israel

Obama Chooses REI Executive to Lead Interior Dept.

O’BRIEN Schools & Shames Tony Perkins: Are you saying that someone who is gay is a pedophile, Sir?

Inequality for All – another Inconvenient Truth?

Federal Reserve Admits It WAS Hacked By Anonymous As Group 'Takes Revenge' For Suicide Of Swartz

Corporate welfare

Facts and honesty about facts have to be the foundation of any gun control discussion

Breaking News: Rinse Penis has Eastwood's Chair

Comm. On Gaza Flotilla:Political Echelon Could Be Held Criminally Accountable For Alleged IDF War...

U.S. Envoy: Obama's Trip To Israel Will Bring 'Urgent' Peacemaking Agenda

Huebsch: Scrap the income tax, replace it with 13% sales tax

Really cute Sheepdog pictures....

One of my "friends" shared this on Facebook

God made a banker

History Won’t Forgive ‘Spoiled Child’ Israel, Turkey Says

Yale Suing Former Students Shows Crisis in Loans to Poor

"I like big butts' and the NFL

A Death Penalty Fight Comes Home

I Fully Support What Jim Carrey Tweeted About Gun Nuts Who Rush To Buy AR-15's Post Sandy Hook

Panetta: Defense Budget Cuts Will Damage Economy

Virginia passed two laws restricting voter ID

The Latest Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory: Obama Death Squads Targeting Gun Rights Activists

Derf on Guns

The Role of Religion in Civil Wars

Inequality for All – another Inconvenient Truth?

Vatican official thanks media for uncovering sexual abuse in the Catholic Church

Study Looks at Particles Used in Food

Candlestick Park slated for demolition in early 2014...

Thanks To Congressional Incompetence, Saturday Mail Delivery Is History

Florida Woman Jailed after Flipping Off Judge

Death to PETA

Today in Peace and Justice history on February 6, 1961

Today in Peace and Justice history on February 6, 1961

It's kinda funny when a wingnut pretends NOT to hate minorities.

Denver Shooting: Two children and one woman found dead inside Colo. home, police say

Does anyone seriously think...

The Rude Pundit: You Can Hate Obama for Drone Strikes and Support Him on Other Things

Nobody has a better plan than this. Not House Republicans, not Senate Democrats, & not the president

Mecum Auctions to sell entire antique microcar collection.

A Note On 'Drone Strikes', Ladies And Gentlemen

Damned Dirty Ape Bath!

Do you know how to stop this Drone problem?

Turkey Has Stopped Israel To Be A Observer Member Of NATO

Timothy Geithner heads to CFR (Council on Foreign Relations)

Calif. Republican Assembly president: 'The ACLU is a communist organization'

Beautiful Minds: Richard Dawkins (documentary)

Catholic Church enslaved 30,000 Irish women as forced unpaid labor in Magdalene Laundries until 1996

I Respect the Anti-Drone Position, but I am Still Very Ambivalent

Gov. Snyder Urges Michigan Legislature To Approve Medicaid Expansion

What happened to the love DU had for Anonymous?

"Well, you don't eat a pig like that all at once."

Betty White spreads!!!

Rub the Buddha's belly's Buddha's belly for TWICE the luck.

This way to Heaven. That way Hell awaits.

The Key word here is COSMETIC

It's impossible to predict ALL the joys that new technologies (even OLD new ones) will bring us.

MiddleFingerMom likes a full garnish with his Bloody Mary. He said a FULL garnish, tyvm!!!

MFM tried bowling, but he's WAY too clumsy -- even a little dangerous -- for it. (DIAL-UP WARNING)

Howard Dean Calls Prez, Cuz!

Poll on Drones, are they OK to use ever? Only in certain circumstances?

Piss up a rope, OK, piss off, uh no

Chelsea Welch-Fired Applebee's Waitress- Heroic "Statement On Behalf Of Wait Staff Everywhere'

GOP senators call for delay in Hagel committee vote

Keiser Report: Horror Bankers Attack!

There really is no defense of the extra-judicial killings. There just isn't.

We have an obligation to try...

Tweet from the Occupy the NRA representative...

Pic Of The Moment: Fox News Fires Dick Morris; Surely Nobody Could Have Seen That Coming

North Korea govt. propaganda video depicts nuclear attack on USA

I’ll Have the Whale, Please: Japan’s Unsustainable Whale Hunts

"I Liked The Macho Skeet-Shooting Photo-Op Better..."

"Even with brain damage, Liberal icons are still smarter than wing-nuts"

just found out I have gestational diabetes

David its like the two guys in the mountains . . .

Who cares if some don't have a prob with drones/kill lists/assassinations?

Jim Carrey Tweet on buying an assault rifle

Boehner Onboard With Revealed Obama Drone Memo

The Hardest Conversation

Condolence Thread for madinmaryland...while his El Supremo-like devotion to the Ravens

My "WTF?" news story of the day...

We've had liberal Democratic presidents prosecuting American wars since the early 20th century

ABC News/ Washington Post poll show public approval of Obama's handling on immigration...

Gorgeous Patterns of the Sea: Macro Photographs of Starfish

The Looming Republican Crackup Over the Sequester

Big Ed is breaking it down TRUTHFULLY!! on the Post Office and how this pension funding got started

Michigan: Former Delphi Flint East Work Is Going To Mexico After GM-Delphi-UAW Agreement Ends

Rep. Eric Cantor 'Mimics Obama' on a Campaign To Rebrand The 'Heartless, Racist' ...

Idaho Republican Proposes Bill Requiring Students To Read ‘Atlas Shrugged

Panetta to recommend pay cut for military

Let's play: What's Wrong With This Pic?


Michigan signs full 2013 class before noon

President Obama: The Harvard Years

I find it amusing and a bit scary how easily a group of people can be directed

Boehner: Dream Act path to citizenship ‘worthy of consideration’

Can't add comment to facebook like

This Is a ‘Beast’ of a Chicken Egg — And You Won’t Believe What Was Found Inside

First World Problems Read By Third World People

Break out those tiny violins: Fox News drops Dick Morris: Hooray

Home Depot to Hire 80,000 Seasonal Workers

Thom Hartmann: Did Ronald Reagan kill 20 children in Newtown?

Potentially Cancer Causing Flame retardants may leach from your walls

Assassination plot of Colombia congressman unveiled .

Fur Elise

Boy Scouts Postpone Decision on Gay Members

Beware, homophobes: Yelp commenters are watching you

Marijuana Use Doubles Risk Of Stroke

Jemima Khan: The inside story of how Julian Assange alienated his allies

Julian Assange: From Jason Bourne to L Ron Hubbard

Video: Asteroid 2012 DA14's safe passage near Earth on February 15 | Space | EarthSky:

We killed Yamamoto

What's up with Headline News' obsessive coverage of the Jody Arias murder trial?

Regarding the new Monopoly game token...

Can We Solve the Climate Crisis If We Don't Solve the Democracy Crisis?

Christie vs. Cuomo: Trickle-down vs. middle-out economics

Can Liberals Get a Witness?

U.S. sanctions Iranian broadcasters, citing censorship

Hydroelectric Project Threatens Chile’s Lake Neltume

Why is everyone freaking out?

WW II Photos: well worth viewing...

Oil additive polymer PIB may be responsible for seabird deaths

U.S. judge dismisses Iraq lawsuit over U.N. program

Senate bill is an end run to get religion into Arizona public schools

Alabama Hostage Standoff: Jimmy Lee Dykes Seized Boy to Gain Attention

First Solar deal in New Mexico brings solar in line with coal prices

WaPo/ABC Poll from last Feb, 77% of Liberal Democrats support use of Drones

(UK) Gender abortion scandal: ministers rule out monitoring sex

Ford quadrupling electric vehicle dealers

Time to start on those Christmas yard art: Subject Candy.

PM's daughter blows whistle on 54 nations that helped US detention programme

Colombia is a model for Latin America: John Kerry

When will the "(Global) War on Terror"/"Overseas Contingency Operations" be over?

(Alabama-based) Drummond Faces Fine in Colombia After Allegedly Dumping Coal into Sea

Drummond Faces Fine in Colombia After Allegedly Dumping Coal into Sea

Thom Hartmann: Drones...the ultimate stalkers

ACLU Court Filing Argues for Judicial Review of U.S. Targeted Killings of Americans

"15 Motorcycles That Will Make You a Man".


Corvallis/Salem Oregon ... anyone?

I am not a"Loyal Member of the Democratic Party" I am a Democrat

60 Groups Ask Kerry to Prioritize Climate Action and Reject the Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline

Idaho lawmaker’s bill forces students to pass ‘Atlas Shrugged’ test to graduate

Fox News’ Latest Sexist Attack Against Hillary: ‘Face Lift, Perhaps?’

Chilean sailors’ warlike chant makes noise online

Lance Armstrong facing criminal investigation

Palestinian President Abbas chides leaders over Gaza visits

Everything You Want Is Within Reach.

John Bolton Praises Obama’s Drone Program As ‘Sensible’ And ‘Consistent’ Extension Of Bush-Era

Parent speaks out after 9 arrested in Ola HS food fight

PR Firm Advises U.S. To Cut Ties With Alabama

Lance Armstrong facing criminal investigation

Exotic Dancers Can Collect Unemployment, Kansas Supreme Court Says

Corporate Land Grabs Reveal a Hidden Agenda: Controlling the Water

Senators grill Texas governor's office on funds

PETA Slams Beyoncé's Super Bowl Costume

Repost as OP: All this talk of "right to retaliate" and "insurgents" is just legalistic twaddle

Obama aides talk sequester with defense contractors

How to Celebrate Ronald Reagan's Birthday today!

Tunisia protests after government critic shot dead

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday Feb 6th

I believe the Constitutional Right ''peaceably to assemble'' includes Democratic Underground.

White House: No New Peace Plan On Israel Trip

Top New York judge calls bail system unfair to poor

There are two problems with extra-judicial killings, IMO

NOT The Onion CNN's Erin Burnett is claiming that there is a war on gunmakers

I can't wait to see how the GOP sells the end of Saturday mail delivery

Monty Python members to reunite for sci-fi comedy 'Absolutely Anything'

Well, at least this dude was 'in' the hospital when he crashed:

Wheeeee - Ever feel like this everyday?

Help me out here. 2 dems co-sponsored the bill to kill the postal service?

Sign of the times? My nephews deployment has been deferred!!!

Ex-Gay Therapist's Children's Book, Submitted To Supreme Court To Oppose Gay Marriage

Art Pope still funding climate disinformation

Budget strains prompt Pentagon to cut aircraft carrier presence in Persian Gulf from 2 carriers to 1

George Kalogridis Becomes Walt Disney World's First Openly Gay President

WHOA: A Former Fox News Reporter Airs Fox's Dirty Laundry

'Muslim Patrol' police London streets

How regularly do you send letters through using the United States Postal Service?

Apple announces 25 billionth download in iTunes store

Go Ahead and Fight Each Other

‘Dr. Ruth’ and Neil DeGrasse Tyson settle the question of ‘Does size matter?’

WH petition: Return Medical Records Transcription to the US.

Virginia Kills Surprise Redistricting Plan

People With Mental Illness More Likely to Be Smokers, Study Finds

special education and head start funding part of the sequester?

Graham defends Obama on drones

Are kids today ruder and more disrespectful than they were in the past?

Patent trolls want $1,000—for using scanners

Via Media Matters: What Right-Wing Media Won't Tell You About Assault Weapons

Scott Brown joins Kadant paper company board of directors

RW refudiation of any concerns over climate change

To hell with psychedelics! THIS is an acid trip!

Colorado Rockies Star Todd Helton Busted for DUI

If Consent Was Really That Hard, Whiny Dudes Would Fail At Every Aspect of Life

High school basketball coach fatally shoots teenager during an attempted robbery outside the school

Tiny capsule effectively kills cancer cells

What Would Candidate Obama Say About President Obama

Today’s Google Doodle Celebrates Anthropologist Mary Leakey

Unknown to John Cleese, his cinemagraphic efforts were not considered showbiz material.

Governor Christ Cristy tells ex White House doctor SHUT UP!!!

Republican Congresswoman Likens Regulations Of For-Profit Colleges To The Holocaust

PM's daughter blows whistle on 54 nations that helped US detention programme

Allow me to introduce you to some of the coolest damn parents in the whole wide world.

Do you remember where you were on Drone Day at DU?

Of Shay, Nat Turner and the Green Corn Rebellions...


Republicans bad....going to pathetic.

Open Pit Mining Bill Ad (Radio)

Washington Post: The American public loves drones

Open Pit Mining Bill Ad (Radio)

So THAT's why the "Just Us" Dept. brought charges against S&P but NOT against Moody's.

Lefty talk radio listeners: does it seem that a lot of RWNJ's are calling in?

Likud official: Livni will be appointed as minister in charge of peace process

More drones in the hands of the good guys


"I'm not sure that even if we finally reach the other side that things will be quite the same"

Walter Rhett: Repeal the Second Amendment!

Alabama lawmaker pushing ‘personhood’ because ‘aborted babies’ might go to Hell

Marco Rubio to rebut President Obama's SOTU in English and Spanish

Delanie Walker's aunt and uncle killed by suspected drunk driver..

Two ‘young children,’ one woman dead in Denver murder-suicide shooting

The end of an error

Pittsburgh gun shop owner gives away assault rifle and 1000 rounds of ammo to protest Obama

In Honor Of Dick Morris's Leaving Fox, I Give You SEPARATED at Birth!! Dick Morris vs. The Blobfish!

Thom Hartmann: Why the U.S. is suing the S&P

Guys, this forum is great, I really appreciate it, but, it's SLOW.

Drones... explain to me how extra-judicial killings of U.S. citizens deemed to be terrorists...

The party of Reagan, or the party of the Club for Growth?

Maybe we could learn a lot from the folks in Mayberry...

Eat Worm Music.

What is Gun Violence Liability Insurance?

New coalition backing Maine laws to prevent gun violence

The role of protein?

‘Straw Purchases’ Contributing To St. Louis Gun Violence

What are some of the most bizarre dreams you've had about random celebrities?

Christie to ex-White House doctor: 'Shut up'

Another Kind of Extra-Judicial Killing

How Women Burn Calories in France!

1) I trust Obama, 2) Obama will be President Forever

The Dude breaks it on down

Wondering about guns

Cook that Mother Clucker

Why did any Democrats and progressives suppport the 2006 Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act?

Dick Morris: More Than Just Terrible Predictions

Justice Served? Morton says he takes no pleasure in turning tables on Williamson DA Anderson (updat

The president likes to make Republicans look like “kooks.” And they usually take the bait

A funny probably everybody's already seen: Thank-you to the internet for all it's taught me

Is it supposed to be this much fun?

Why not have regular people run for Congress?

Karl Rove Pokes Tea Party Hornets' Nest

Targeted killing: "What Would the Godfather Say"

State investigates fracking waste spill

Did Prop 37, GM food labeling, win or lose in Calif??

Kerry's swearing ceremony

Who leaked the kill-list memo?

Michigan Republicans Introduce Bill Mandating Transvaginal Ultrasound Before An Abortion

Tell the Romulans to wait until I've had my coffee

PZ Myers: A Despairing Perspective on American Education

Exclusive: How Ohio’s Republican governor sold the state on expanding Medicaid

Blizzard to Bury New England at the End of the Week

Scott Brown in talks with Fox News (Dick Morris's replacement?)

Netflix happy about Sat. mail delivery being cancelled

Insurance company to sue Lance Armstrong for millions in bonus prizes

GOP demands delay in Hagel vote

Do you support Drone warfare or not?

Ashley Judd Responds To Crossroads Ad

When did George W Bush make his first presidential trip to Israel?

NJ Girl Charged Over Racist Tweet

Jeb Bush tried to buy the Marlins, but Jeffrey Loria turned him down

So Obama eliminates the Drone Program....and months later there is a vicious attack on

The late Rory Gallagher in Germany 1972

Canada-U.S. price gap report calls for import tax cut

I don't give a flying duck if the drone program its legit or not

Question for DUers

House of Cards Reviewed: Episode 5

Verdict against Sonoma officer overturned (by federal court)

401Ks are a disaster: Column

(Japan) Put pants on ‘David’ replica, locals urge

"How many husbands have I had?" "You mean apart from my own?"

Best Memes Mocking Republicans

Sens. McCain, Graham & Ayotte Seek Oral Argument Time in NDAA Lawsuit

The Strategic Effects of a Lethal Drones Policy

Anyone using/playing Ingress on Google/Android?

Why do DU polls now reveal which posters chose which opinions?

GOP Senate Leader Endorses National Union-Busting Law

Roman arena bans lone visitors after suicides

Those who live in states that border Mexico. We have been hearing a lot lately about more violence

(France) Bored MPs play Scrabble during gay marriage vote

Junk mail is environmentally destructive, pollutes, uses energy, & we can't even stop it from coming

Jon Stewart Calls BS on GOP 'Messaging Problem'

During confirmation, Kerry on drones:

I was in a conversation with a particularly ardent "2nd Amendment Defender" ...

REI chairperson named Secretary of the Interior

A short documentary about suicide bereavement

NDAA Indefinite Detention Provision Challenged In Federal Appeals Court

President Obama is the Best President in My Lifetime.

Budget Strains To Cut Carrier Fleet In (Persian)Gulf To 1

Sen.Sanders to introduce new legislation to end tax havens

ACK! Bill would write Ayn Rand into curriculum

Congress is up for a rude awakening when the post office eventually dies

Fox News' Credibility At 'Record Low': PPP Poll

It was reported Jan 30th that Justice Kagan would swear in Kerry, but VP Biden did. What happened?

#UniteBlue for Tweeters!

Snowstorm Friday Has Potential To Be Historic (New England, Boston, etc)

F**k the Boy Scouts

Is the NRA’s message backfiring?

Senate Panel Postpones Vote On Hagel Nomination Amid Republican Calls For More Information

Marco Rubio To Give State Of The Union Response For GOP

Study finds a spoonful of cinnamon improves health

Do you pay your bills on line? How often do you use snail mail?

Lance Armstrong Subject Of Government Criminal Investigation: REPORT

A short documentary on suicide bereavement

2 children and 1 woman killed in denver shooting

Now that we're all potential targets

With all due respect, Colonel Wilkerson

Is 62 too old to become a mom?

has everyone seen the google doodle for today? honouring mary leakey's 100th birthday

Dammit Kellogg's! Now you've pi$$ed me off!

2 Great Lakes hit lowest water level on record

Brain scans could prove offenders are predisposed to violent crime

Next Xbox will use persistent ’Net connection to block used games

(Sweden) High tolerance' cited in man's drunk driving win

Anyone else watching the weather reports for this week-end?

Need some inspiration and hope?

Was Lincoln wrong not to place every confederate soldier under arrest,

Former Houston hand surgeon accused of choking flight attendant

Tonik, Dog With 'Human' Face, Available For Adoption (PHOTO)

Turkey Hints at a Breakup With Europe (waiting to join the EU)

Austin Industrial Inc. pays back wages to workers at Borger refinery

today in women's herstory

Michigan Republicans Introduce Bill Mandating Transvaginal Ultrasound Before An Abortion

African American History | First Black Elected to Head Harvard’s Law Review

Visit the DU Asia Group for Lessons in Japanese

a biography of the day-mary leakey (paleoanthropologist) 100th birthday

Megan and Grace Phelps leave Westboro

Sgt. John McClane opposes gun control

Reich: The Economic Challenge Ahead: More Jobs and Growth, Not Deficit Reduction

Tony Bennett, in the Situation Room, wants to see an assault weapons ban.

I'm not having the easiest time with this month's theme.

Gun Trafficking Bill Gains More House Republican Supporters - 5 Dems + 5 Repubs - incl. Conyers!

"The American Lockdown State"

High school robotics team helps a kitten walk again.

Progressive Caucus Leaders Introduce Measure to Replace Sequester and Create Jobs

Violent Death on a Sunday Afternoon

Does anybody know the story on this tree?

Zombie or troll?

Brenham looks to give final OK to brewery

How Secrecy Corrodes Democracy

Nurses Oppose Keystone XL Pipeline, Cite Adverse Effects of Increased Air Pollution, Climate Change

If you are between 30-50 .. how do you feel about your nest egg?

"Karl Rove SuperPAC attacks Ashley Judd" by Aliyah Frumin at MSNBC

“Republicans” WANT the Government to Fail

So does Christie really believe that he is not overweight

When "God made a farmer" wasn't it a punishment?

College Station breaks ground on psychiatric hospital

What news channel do you think the majority of Americans watch?

"Post-Legal Drones and the New Legalism"--John Brennan's Hearing

I have an idea on how to close all the gun loop holes quite easily.

One Donantion - many beneficiaries.

This is from the lessons learned file.