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Archives: February 5, 2013

Rand Paul Praises Chris Kyle After Ron Paul’s Controversial Tweet

a biography of the day--happy 100th birthday, rosa parks

"The New Extremism and Politics of Distraction in the Age of Austerity"

Happy 100th birthday, rosa parks

Insight: Electric Cars Head Toward Another Dead End

Richard III parking lot sign

Obama presses his gun proposals in Minnesota

Well, I was half-right.

U.S., Allies Ready More Anti-Mine Drills As Iran Tensions Simmer

Political & Social Justice Activists Join to Fight for Living Wages & Benefits for Retail Workers

Canada stops distribution of penny coin

Easy Riders

Beyoncé’s Super Bowl Performance Inspires Conservative Freakout

Forgotten Fast Food restaurants.

New York State gets further $185.5 million for health exchange

Another GOP declines to run in MA

a biography of the day-betty friedan

Marine charged in Navy SEAL's slaying says he "traded his soul" for victim's truck

Arkansas House passes bill to allow guns in churches

Eight GOP Senators Vote To Block Violence Against Women Act

Dept of Labor revised 2012 increase in employent UPWARD by 335,000 -- oops. But that's not all ..

some quotes of the day-betty friedan

Eight Senators Vote To Block Violence Against Women Act

China's thick smog arrives in Japan

Watching 20 hours of television each week may cut men's sperm counts in half

how to see past posts?

A Romance for the Centuries

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Paire-Davis dies

I've only been here for three years, but not once have I felt this way.

Strom Thurmond's mixed race daughter dies.

Dodge ad to benefit Future Farmers of America

Fossil of Flying Dino-Age Reptile Found

Mexico's top court orders Frenchwoman's release


Greek police 'battered four terrorist suspects then launched cover-up'

Alabama hostage situation - Fox News tries soften the story for the gun toting madman Dykes

speaking of pr0n: Ron Jeremy Hospitalized In Critical Condition With Heart Aneurysm

This is what happens when Rush Limbaugh reads Freud.......

What Role Should Religion and History Play?

I hate seeing the threads about tortured and murdered children

TYT: Billionaires Choking Out Climate Change Science

What is the purpose of the Universe? Here is one possible answer.

You know who gets up early and does the

Donald Trump's ego can't tell a joke... threatens to sue Bill Maher because he won't pay up.

Just WTF are we buying in our supermarkets?

Anti-Gay Homophobic Pastors and Politicians who turn out to be gay.

Student loans: The next housing bubble

Again, doing the opposite means success.

Bush Monument proposed for Capital Mall

Corpocrisy: The Systematic Betrayal of American Workers

Essie Washington-Williams, the mixed-race daughter of the late Sen. Strom Thurmond, has died

Michelle Rhee is on the Daily Show tonight

Obama Says Assault Weapons Ban Deserves A Vote In Congress

NYPD surveillance of Muslims violates anti-spying rules, lawsuit claims

**More Update**

The Point: Military Industrial Complex, Drones, & Torture

E-mails show Senate and GOP plotted in secret to redraw districts

Alleged shooter of Navy SEAL Tasered after being aggressive with jailers

All states except Oregon now limit abortion access

Superomniphobic Material Vigorously Repels All Fluids

Check in if you think Brownie should STFU

Well, finally a republican is creating jobs.

After Spending $51B, U.S. Can't Verify Size Of Afghan Security Force

CJR - Entertainment News Stories Outnumber Environment Stories 3-1


Hagel Pentagon Nomination Picks Up Steam; Armed Services Committee Votes Thursday On Nomination

Stanford Team Develops Tech To Allow Far More Accurate Surveys Of Permafrost Melt

How Oreo Won the Marketing Super Bowl

Strom Thurmond's Mixed-Race Daughter Dies at 87

" Barack Obama, Drone Ranger" ---Bill Moyers and Michael Winship

A brief and subdued grave dance

Pig Boy: Super Bowl Patriotism Must Have Been ‘Tearing Liberals Apart’

Bring a book, take a book.

Years later, same as it ever was...

AZ Sues EPA Over Federal Coal Plant Emissions, Because Freedom Or Something - Reuters

Music you say

Save Texas Schools Rally - State Capitol on February 23

Oops - Turkey Releases Invasive Guinea Fowl To Eat Ticks, Except That The Birds Carry Them

Ms A. will be in Austin tomorrow

California abandons algebra requirement for eighth-graders

New GOP Energy Plan: No Price Increases Allowed, No Limits For Consumers, Lots & Lots Of Drilling

Question from clueless woman.

Move over Batman and Robin!

"Extremely Dramatic Decline Curves" Hallmark Of Horizontal Shale Drilling: No $ Margin For Error

Yo NRA (Keene) if the AR-15 is the musket of today,

A final summation of Super Bowl XLVII

!!! CULTURAL PSA !!! King Richard III

While Leading the Laziest House in History, John Boehner Tells Obama To Do His Job

Feds give FL permission to privatize long-term Medicaid care

Budwieser Blues

Stock market has worst day this year; Dow off 129

Papal theologian explains why no women priests

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Monday Morning Quarterbacking & a new Bunny gif

Forget Beyonce, Tom Petty, WHOever. Time to bring back a CLASSIC Superbowl halftime performer

Obama signs bill averting government default

'He used to be quite a maverick...'

Because DU simply needs more dubstep (heh heh heh...)

"Not Even A Gun Range Had Enough Good Guys With A Gun To Stop One Bad Guy With A Gun"

The Actual Corporate - Government Causes of Death in the US

Leicester Code Enforcemen'ts Fast Response Team is on the job

Okay, I just need to effin rant...

If anyone's interested - Full Funeral of Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch

Competition is everywhere these days.

Anyone ever get test results for a test you never had during a medical physical?

All states except Oregon now limit abortion access

"Panetta: We Didn’t Need Torture To Get Bin Laden"

What would be the commercial value of a jumping robot?

"Voice Over" (an incredible short film -- about 9 minutes)

Richard III dig: Facial reconstruction shows how king may have looked

Bill O’Reilly Slams GoDaddy Super Bowl Ad For Being "Offensive To Men"

Vatican signals options for protecting gay couples

Dog/Drunk ..Joke...

Hard day at the office

Only one

Riding The Big Electron

EXCLUSIVE: Justice Department Memo Reveals Legal Case for Drone Strikes on Americans

My Take On Beyoncé's Show: Not Enough Variety = Bland

Radley Balko: His Police raid Fail of the day.

Many more new questions being asked about Corbett's lack of investigation of Sandusky for years

Family Of Smokers On Airplane Forces Costly Diversion

French daredevil climbs Havana hotel without net

If you want to have faith in your fellow human beings, read this thread.

The Frenchman survived scaling the Havana Libre Hotel (xpost - GD)

Do you have any favorite novenas?

For Ptah

Three dead in Murphys double murder, suicide

First there were there are...wait for it...skeeters

Who would you rather narrate?

Updated report - Who pays?

As A-Rod's alleged doping pattern is revealed, MLB turns up heat..

Police: Man drunk, high when fatally shot friend at Super Bowl party

Donald Trump Demands Obama Produce His Skeet-Shooting Certificate

Mama's latest Right Wing Radio World beef

Malware Strikes With Valid Digital Certificate

Richard III's scarred skeleton becomes a battlefield for academics

Party-Line Voting Makes Scott Brown Part of a Dying Breed in the Senate

Military function versus military style

U.S. Army To Build Soldier "Resilience" To Fight Suicides, Violence

I really wish the term domestic violence would go away

Violence Against Women Act Still in Limbo in House

The littlest soldier.


$3.49 a Gal Near Tacoma WA.... up .15c overnight last night

Don't you hate being the middle of something and then there is a knock on the boat...

Donald Trump sues Bill Maher

In case you missed

Could UNHRC's settlement report put the ‘S’ back in BDS?

Donald Trump Sues Bill Maher: I’m NOT An Orangutan!

Florida father with assault weapon forces wife to watch as he kills two sons

Piers Morgan Shocked By ‘Unbelievable Power’ After Firing Assault Rifles At Texas Gun Range

Ted Nugent Attacks Piers Morgan For His ‘Obsession’ With Guns: ‘Will You Leave Us The Hell Alone?’

Pics &Vid from PBO's trip to Minn today with Sens Al Franken, Amy Klobuchar, & Rep Betty McCollum

Could we have a few more threads griping about the soulless vapidity of today's music?

Question for those who think 2A can be "reinterpreted" if you can come up with the right judges.

Bloons Tower Defense 5

Is anyone still stupid enough to put Ann Coulter on a show?

We need a real movement to repeal the AUMF.

Chris Christie on Letterman . . . . .

Random Thoughts on Tuesday 2013

Is it getting worse or is it just my imagination? Is violence in America increasing ...

You know if you own land

OMG this is beyond anything I could have imagined they would do

Gasoline Prices Rise At Fastest Rate In Almost Two Years: AAA

I saw a look on Letterman's face I never saw before...

Report: Tech fund firms better at attracting investment than jobs

Who You Gonna Call?

There are a lot of important issues we need to tackle. Free and fair elections must have a high

Gas Buildup Caused Blast At Mexican Oil Company Headquarters

If you thought the arguments about Beyonce were bad, read this:

*Chris Kyle 4/12 interview, C-SPAN2, now.

ATF Approves Prepper Paradise Firearms Company (The Citadel)

Diabetes program with successful outcomes forced to downsize after state pulls funding

How patriotic are you this year?

Democratic Senator Floats Plan To Raise $200 Billion By Closing Corporate Tax Loopholes

Piers Morgan brings gun-control crusade to Katy, Texas

If your Jewish like I am and feel that there is a lot of things which make sense on the right

Democrats propose raising New Mexico minimum wage to $8.50

TEApublican: Women On Birth Control Have “Little Tiny Fetuses” “Embedded” in Their Wombs!

Kim Jong-un said to have made “important conclusion”

Cat Boxes

Five minutes of joy (kitteh lovers)

The Superbowl and American Exceptionalism

HBO Documentary did it again. Mea Maxima Culpa: The Silence in the House of God

Two killed in Ecuador pro-government rally-President Correa

Fake - but I have seriously considered some of this

Rove’s Move Into Republican Primaries Enrages Tea Party

Alabama Hostage Taker Jimmy Lee Dykes Died at Cops' Hands

Why Does MSFC Point NASAIMAGES.Org At Pictures of Weapons?

Remarks by the President on Preventing Gun Violence in Minneapolis, MN (+Video)

This is a stripper

Teen Pregnancy down 27% in New York City over the last decade: report

Here's the best Superbowl commercial this year, and you didn't see it.

U of Mich: Fuel economy of new vehicles at a new record high of 24.5 mpg

Survey Shows High Levels of Discrimination Among Young Chileans

Colombia: trade union leaders killed and threatened

Paper firm says to stop cutting Indonesia's natural forests

Judge: Texas school finance plan unconstitutional

Report says dam removal good for Klamath salmon

February 5 is National Pancake Day

U.S., Mexico Make Tentative Tomato Deal

I wouldn't try it on a full stomach, but check out the violent Tory homophobia ...

Magdalene laundries report to be published

The Boy Scouts may change no gay members/leaders policy - except for that one catch

Stand and Launch

New Jersey Congressman Blasts Biblical Creation, Proposes National ‘Darwin Day’ Holiday

'Pray the Gay Away': On Being Beaten with the Bible Belt

Attacks on Buses Continue in Southern Brazil

Obama proposals on gun control align with religious leaders' pleas

Fidel Castro Says Venezuela’s Chavez “Is Much Better”

Question about jury duty.

Fact check: Gov't officials and assault weapons bill

Venezuela Foreign Minister Jaua in China For More Loans as Shortages Bite at Home

The extended interview The school deform movement (aka Michell Rhee) goes on Jon Stewart

10 Craziest Right-Wing Reactions to Boy Scouts Lifting Gay Ban

2 Years in Jail for Sitting on a Milk Crate? The Shocking Ways America Punishes Poor People

Hard Times, USA: Would You Consider Thinking Differently About Poverty and Poor and Homeless People?

Labor Dept.: Baby Boomers Hit Hardest By Recession's Aftermath

These are examples of what a real singer sounds like:

Bright spot in Palestinian economy: more women opening businesses

Mystery, Paranoia, Confusion: You Won't Believe What's Happening at Guantanamo

Progress on getting progressive radio back; guide to accessing progressive talkers published

A Debunking of Pseudo-Historian David Barton's Book on the Second Amendment

Politicians In One Of America's Most Conservative States Are Starting To Turn On Gay Rights

NBC reporter on leaked memo: Obama admin. using ‘elastic’ definitions to justify drones

Leaked Justice Department Memo Details 'Legality' Of Drone Strikes On Americans

Chris Hayes: Why We’ve Been at War, 11 Years and Counting

Extraordinary rendition report claims 54 countries ‘offered covert support’ of CIA torture operation

Can Trashed Threads be blocked from Greatest Threads?

10 States Where People Are Living On The Edge Of Financial Ruin

Japan protest over China ship's radar action

Wisconsin: Mining Industry Targets “Prove It First” Law

Obama gets power to wage pre-emptive cyber warfare

Why won't the GOP just come right out and say they want to cut SS, Medicare Medicaid?

How often are you getting called to serve in a jury these days?

GOP Mass. state rep. Daniel Winslow to make Senate announcement

Storm Thurmond's secret daughter dies

press reports on JK's first day at State (please add to this!)

Plz enjoy ~ I_T_W's gift to Teh Lounge on Feburary 5, 2013.

So, the MEdia is NOW concerned about overuse of executive power.

Documents Raised Concern About Power Outage Before Super Bowl

"The sounds of conservative talk radio filled his home" - description of Jimmy Lee Dykes

Wall Street is threatening to cut off the spigot ahead of 2014 in the face of disappointing results.

Federal Appeals Court Decision Would Have Invalidated Hundreds Of Recess Appointments From Reagan To

Aussie of the day

Sunshine may 'reduce arthritis risk'

Falklands will be under our control within 20 years, says Argentina

Guantanamo Food: How To Eat At GTMO

private medicare plans drive up health care costs by offering insufficient coverage

High doses of calcium supplements can 'raise men's heart risk by 20%'

CIA rendition: more than a quarter of countries 'offered covert support'

You know how you're supposed to stare at a guy until he blinks? This is what a blink sounds like.

Minnesota's severe drought damaging homes' foundations

Mexico says gas leak caused deadly Pemex blast

Affordable Care Act Timeline

corpocrisy: the systematic betrayal of american workers

"Wild Thing" singer/rocker Reg Presley has died at age 71

Yale Suing Former Students Shows Crisis in Loans to Poor

The snake is so deadly, say villagers, if you are bitten the furthest you will get is five steps

Through use of the fed No-Fly list, authorities are subjecting individuals to de facto exile

When it comes to the war machine...

After Richard III, archaeologists hope to find grave of Alfred the Great

Is This the Most Bungled ATF Sting Operation Ever?

By 2015, Chinese Coal & Chemical Industries On Track To Use 25% Of Yellow River's Flow

Flame me and I don't give a damn! Enough of how Beyonce shook her rump. There are still too

Rebooting Computer Crime Law Part 1: No Prison Time For Violating Terms of Service

Goodrich School District (MI) to consider random drug testing for students

Leading paper firm pledges to halt Indonesian deforestation

"If Jesus Christ were to come today, people would not even crucify him.

I’ve seen all the episodes of Magnum on DVD, also all of Matlock, Murder She Wrote,

Richard III: The King in the Car Park

Let's all move to Minnesota, where it is illegal to lie during campaigns

Commentary: Calling out bugnut idiocy

Excerpt from "MiddleFingerMom's Handbook of Social Etiquette for All Occasions #43":

Licensed to Share

Anyone have a really good recipe for ramen?

Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona apparent victim of credit card fraud

Comedy gold on Morning Joe today!

Michigan Tea Partier: Charter Schools Are for Kids From "Ethnically Challenged Families"

First U.S. City Passes Anti-Drone Resolution

New Study: Common Pesticides Kill Frogs on Contact

Polite Fascism at Home, the Real Stuff Abroad

IRS stands by ID’s for preparers amid challenge to its authority

Rebuking Austerity, Americans Say: Strengthen Social Security

Very dangerous breaking situation in Senkaku Island dispute

This object is blocking part of a N.Philly highway:

70-Year-Old High School Coach Shoots Attackers, 1 Dies - Victory?

Corpocrisy: The Systematic Betrayal of American Workers

"We're gonna have a surprise lockdown this week."

SC Republican (Trayvon Martin a 'gay hustler' deserved to be put down) wants to show you his penis.

Hometown U.S.A.: Whiteclay, Neb.: Liquor stores divide a dry reservation

X-Post fr. Native American: Hometown U.S.A.: Whiteclay, Neb.: Liquor stores divide a dry reservation

'Gravely distressed': Religion looms large over Boy Scouts decision on gays

Just saw this and immediately thought of the Photography Group.

Obama’s Shifts May Affect U.S. Legal Plan on Gay Marriage

Documents: Worries about outage before Super Bowl

Helen Mirren confronts the final female taboo

Alex Rodriguez believes Yankees and MLB are behind PED controversy, says report

I wish the economy would hurry up and reach those of us at the bottom.

VIDEO: Constituent Confronts Pro-Fracking Republican Over His $126,000 In Oil And Gas Money

The US Has Been Involved In These Wars For Nearly Half Its Existence [INFOGRAPHIC]

Corporate Lobby Tells Businesses To Shift Cases To GOP-Friendly Court

All-girl Kashmiri rock band Pragaash gives up after threats and abuse

High School Coach Shoots Two Attackers In School Parking Lot.

Tax Games and Redistributing Income Upward by Dean Baker

Ah, America. Texas couple fatally shot in argument over dog feces

World trembles in confusion and/or fear at Iran's fiberglass airplane

If you are interested, Lindsay Vonn has had a very bad crash

Simplifying Our Language: A Defense of Agnosticism

Astle, Young voice support for repealing Maryland’s death penalty


Md. ethics panel says delegate should not have tried to silence football player

Syria: the former English teacher turned Aleppo's female sniper

Immigration reform a challenge for all Catholics

Ladies and gentleman,....please allow me to present Tuesday at The Troubadour!

INFRASTRUCTURE FAILURE:Documents: Worries about outage before Super Bowl

UK Conservative heavyweights lobby FOR gay marriage bill.

Bulgaria says Hezbollah behind Burgas bombing

Catholic group opposes Ash Wednesday execution

North Korea video shows US city in flames after missile attack

HUFFINGTON POST: U.S. Gun Deaths Since Sandy Hook Top 1,280

The rise of the female White House prospect

Why Millions of American Children Will Not Have the Tools They Need to Succeed

" NO OBAMA tears for the aborted unborn"

The white South’s last defeat

Dean Baker: NYT and WAPO Can't Find Out About Franken Amendment on Bond Rating Agencies

Infographic: Detroit then and now


What is your personal 'line in the sand'

How the Iraq War Was Sold

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Dum-dums

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- Guns

Two Senators, “Proud Eagle Scouts,” Urge Boy Scouts To Allow Gay Members

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Obama’s gutsy gun control push - By Joan Walsh

2 L.A. High school students lose fingers during tug-of-war

...Court Decision Would Have Invalidated Hundreds Of Recess Appointments From Reagan To Obama

Was a Rocketown Employee Fired Over a T-Shirt Supporting Same-Sex Marriage?

Kristen Wiig Joins Anchorman 2

Sen. Menendez's supposed illicit sex partner says she never met him

Robert De Niro Breaks Down While Discussing Bipolar Disorder on Katie

On...20th Anniversary Of The Family Medical Leave Act, Meet The Republican Men Who Voted Against It

Chris Christie Eats Doughnut, Makes Fat Jokes on David Letterman (VIDEO)

Pic Of The Moment: Eric Cantor: GOP Must Better "Express Why We're Doing What We're Doing"

Do plastic bag bans help spread disease?

A bunch more people died in KC from gunshots this weekend.

Juan Cole: Malala Yousafzai nominated for Nobel Peace Prize, Starts Foundation for Girls’ Education

How Is THIS Ok? Texas man guns down couple over dog poop on his porch

Police Brutality Greatest Hits 2012

Anticipating domestic boom, colleges rev up drone piloting programs

Bulgaria Implicates Hezbollah in Deadly Israeli Bus Blast

Another great reason to shoot: Super Bowl sparks fight, shooting in southeast Oklahoma

‘A League of Their Own’ inspiration Lavonne Paire-Davis dies at 88

Rep. State Rep. Dan Winslow will form an exploratory committee to consider run for MA U.S. Senate

Happy Belated Birthday Yo-Yo Man!

Study debunks notion that men and women are psychologically distinct


Risotto with Italian sausages and roasted peppers

Can someone explain IP addresses to me?

Give Caleb Kai Lawrence, the Hitchhiker who stopped the Racist Jesus Nut's attack, a little help.

Could we have a "jury dashboard?"

Texas man guns down couple over dog poop on his porch

Another Nutjob Inciting Violence

Despite Presidential Push, Congress Still Cool On Tackling Climate Change

82-year-old civil rights case revived in Alabama

Former GOP Counsel Drunk-Tweets Racist Comment During Superbowl (Warning: Disgusting Tweet)

The Rude Pundit: Things in the Memo on the Killing of Americans ...

At 1:15 President expected to call on congress to delay march spending cuts today.

Social Cognition, the Male Brain and the Autism Spectrum

3-year-old boy fatally shot in the head after finding pink gun

Michigan Congressional Democrats Back Lon Johnson To Replace Mark Brewer As Party Leader

The American Lockdown State

Seems that MSNBC in is full tilt mode this morning to coach the GOP on how to

Sneaker tax? Illinois considers a 25-cent charge

Serious challenge to Brewer

MPGs. What happened?

President Obama To Urge Lawmakers To Delay Automatic Spending Cuts

House Leaders Weigh U.S. Spending Bill Below $1 Trillion

Who Is NOM RI and Why Do They Hate Marriage Equality?

Who Is NOM RI and Why Do They Hate Marriage Equality?

Dell announced plans Tuesday to go private in a deal that is worth $24.4 billion.

The Humble Republican

Mother earth, as you have never seen her before

Amid Criticism, College Says Event on Israel Can Proceed

Homes Sell in Two Weeks With Low Supply for Spring Buyers

Modern Conservatism includes an extremist perversion of liberalism

In honor of Black History Month - Ranger Shelton Johnson on the Buffalo Soldiers

(Warning) Pics of Assholes Here:

Study Says States Lose Billions in Offshore Tax Avoidance

RIP Reg Presley (The Troggs)

Bo Obama Receives Visiting Dognitaries From Furuguay

Republicans Cave & Accept Obamacare - Reality Trumps Ideology (VIDEO)

Lufthansa halts Libya flights due to security worries

You know, Bolivia f'ing rocks. They lead by example.

Sony World Photography Awards 2013: shortlists revealed

Keiser Report: Fake-It-Til-You-Make-It Economy

The Daily Vapors From Senator Graham

Today in Peace and Justice history on February 5, 2007

Pistol-packing pupils becoming an everyday occurrence

Today in Peace and Justice history on February 5, 2007

#ICouldHaveBeenARepublicanBut is trending on Twitter

Called 'the most beautiful photograph ever taken'

Air Force Splits With Army, Renews NASCAR Race Sponsorship

The coming catastrophes and the Rawlsian veil of ignorance

Thought-Provoking New HSBC Ad Campaign Going Viral

POTUS Doesn't Have Power To Stop Us From Killing Each Other -But He Has FULL Power To Do It Himself?

How to detect a Trekkie in a room full of people

Partisan mapmaking takes power from the people

Might Actually watch -gasp- Reality TV!

Holder's Feds file suit over S&P mortgage bond ratings (Standard & Poor, McGraw-Hill)

Vatican signals options for protecting gay couples

There was a huge spider.... Don't worry....

The Not-So-Lofty Origins of the Evangelical Pro-Life Movement

Last-stand Neanderthals queried

Florist sued for refusing to deliver to atheist teen

Did the ball go through Buckner's legs in the 6th game or the 7th?

Obama's Memo on Killing Americans Twists 'Imminent Threat' Like Bush

UK government report urges alternative nuclear development, including thorium

North Korea ‘May Stage Multiple Nuclear Tests’

Blacks, Hispanics Waited Almost Twice As Long To Vote As Whites In 2012

Michelle Rhee: My Break With the Democrats

Democrats seek to give states say over marijuana, levy tax

Grin and Abhor It: The Truth Behind ‘Service with a Smile’ (Women & 'emotional labor')

Ad attacks McConnell on gun control

Life's Little Pleasures? I love ,.....LONG,.....HOT,.....STEAMY,........

When Twitter attacks: how trolls use social media to silence

Just a great rant from Facebook's "Mrs. Facts" - AMERICA, YOU'RE THE LAUGHING STOCK OF THE WORLD!

From the WTF Files

Montgomery County, MD politicians try to feed themselves for a week with only food stamps

This picture is shortlisted for a Sony World Photography Award...

Homefree Kai

Sea Urchin Holds Secret to Carbon Capture and Storage

Sea urchin nickel 'trick' could be key to capturing carbon

A Boy Scout Tale: Acceptance and Assholes

What year is it supposed to be on Downton Abbey now? Sometimes in the 1920's....

*POTUS on MSNBC now.

Today is Trayvon Martin's 18th birthday.

APNewsBreak: Agency Rejects Alaska Refuge Road

Paul Ryan vs. Eric Cantor in the Battle for the Future of the GOP

US criticizes deteriorating security for Colombia’s indigenous .

US criticizes deteriorating security for Colombia’s indigenous .

BP hit by new $34bn Deepwater Horizon claim

Is Dan Winslow the Next Scott Brown?

National Review: Obama shouldn't have insulted the Nazis like that, calling them 'senseless'

Wow, this is one hard-hitting toon...

Still believe the jury system works? Check this out!

Wealthy Greek Diplomat Underwrites Mexican Ex-President Calderon At Harvard

Let them eat cupcakes. Plus why Michelle Rhee is lawyering up.

Some omega-3 oils better than others for protection against liver disease

Good column on Pennsylvania's Mis-Placed Budget Priorities

Ignorant Swine

No, This Isn't The Problem, Either*

Tech company forced to repay Mexican workers after getting caught paying them in pesos

Hillary Clinton Just Quietly Disbanded Her Presidential Committee

The NRA’s fuzzy, decades-old claim of ‘20,000’ gun laws

Eric Cantor is reading from' Emma Lazarus' poem...

The new USPS Rosa Parks stamp


Keiser Report: Horror Bankers Attack!

Does anyone know what kind of cool assault guns the Alabama Bunker Dude owned?

On 20th Anniversary Of The Family Medical Leave Act, Meet The Republican Men Who Voted Against It

Warning signs of Dementia, Use this tool to Check Your Senator or Representative

The perfect music accompaniment for Yoko ONO's "art":

The Old South's Last, Desperate Stand

Offshore wind: how the 'suction bucket' technique works - video

Florida judge won't delay trial of Trayvon Martin's killer

Cat Urine Leads To Road Rage Attack

GOP For Regulating Sexual Activity And Deregulating Everything Else.

Don't worry, the police will protect you if someone breaks in, etc....

Obama will visit Israel

Former Oregon commit Dontre Wilson flips to Ohio State

Another survivalist development in Idaho?

Memo justifies drone kills even with patchy intelligence

What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday Feb 5th

She is just a click away...

Tina Dupuy: Dear Republicans, Cubans are not Mexicans

Here's The Ingenious $400 Million Plan To Deal With The Wrecked Costa Concordia (Dial up warning)

And on the 9th day, God said: I need something small and furry to lord over the humans.

Rethink Breast Cancer- It affects everyone (VIDEO: vaguely NSFW)

A&M, UT to join forces in lobbying Capitol

FYI - Israel's former MI chief: Choice of Kerry and Hagel sends 'bad signal' on Obama's Iran policy

Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon And The People Gas Companies Tell You Don't Exist

Extraordinary Rendition Report Finds More Than 50 Nations Involved In Global Torture Scheme

"Velvet Prisons: Russell Jacoby on American Academia" documentary free online

Evidence Moles Can Smell in Stereo

Christian Post Blogger Who Wrote About ‘Leaving Homosexuality’ Found Cruising for Dudes on Grindr

Ducks too

Best way to hide Aryan gangster snitch? Make all look like snitches

Obama to visit Israel in spring (Obama will also travel to the West Bank and Jordan.)

S&P Analyst Joked of ‘Bringing Down the House’ Ahead of Collapse

An Incredibly Detailed Map Shows The Potential Of Global Water Risks

Trade Associations Lend Support for Medicaid Expansion

Canada not ready for major offshore spill -watchdog

Study Slams Nuclear Waste Practices at Hanford

A Poem About A Gun. Yes, Really. And You'll Be Glad You Read It

TCM Schedule for Thursday, February 7, 2013 -- 31 Days of Oscar -- Universal Pictures

Ready for another Dot.Com bubble?

Deficit projected to shrink considerably

A Revealing In-Person Demonstration Of What 32 Shots In 16 Seconds Means

House of Cards, anyone??????

Labor Wins—in China

Obama to visit Israel in spring for first time as president

3-year-old S.C. boy killed after mistaking pink handgun for toy

Forget About Fresno: How One CA County Clerk Stopped Prop 37's Oversight 'Recount'

Forget About Fresno: How One CA County Clerk Stopped Prop 37's Oversight 'Recount'

Speaking of Dance Moves on widely watched TV shows...

Man arrested for DUI on a Walmart shopping cart

Gay marriage: Legislation passes Commons despite Tory opposition (UK)

Is lots of music from the 1950's-1970's available on itunes?

Tracy Weitz On ANSIRH's New Study On Early Abortion Providers

The sad story of climate change, told through neighborhood ice rinks

Why are cats fluid?

Sketch: Impeach Beyonce!

To Conservatives: I do not want kids, so get over it!!!!!

Christie segment on msnbc now

Former FEMA head Michael "Heckofa Job" Brown uses Super Bowl power outage to attack Katrina victims

WTF?? FBI arrests & detains Malcolm X's grandson as he travels to Iran? <-- Stinks to high heaven

Fla. judge: No trial delay in Trayvon Martin case

Funniest Memes Mocking Fox News


Feds look at reducing river flow from Lake Huron

Copyright monitoring firm flags for pirating HBO content

Do earworm songs usually have certain characteristics? Some songs I've had as

An asteroid is coming, and scientists are excited. Fear not, Earth is safe

Santorum Blames The 'Intolerant Liberal Mind' For The Boy Scouts Reconsidering Its Stance On Gays

This Old House ~~ CSNY

Knock, knock. Who's there? A new Mersenne Prime!

Hamas Pushes Islamization of Gaza

My dogs (Cindy and Murphy) got into a porcupine carcass this morning

Documentary about maverick scholar Russell Jacoby free online

Stolen California Petroglyphs Returned, But Many Questions Remain

Help save a sweet pit bull!

Hagel Likely Has Votes to Overcome Potential Filibuster

Former Fox News Reporter Tells All

Twitter Mentioned In 50% Of Super Bowl Commercials, Facebook Only 8%, Google+ Shut Out

We are moving forward with efforts to recall Lindsey Holmes,

Ecuador’s wheelchair revolution

Americans willing to pay for improved Social Security benefits?

Flash Mob Mayhem: Violent Groups Of Teens Leave NYC Businesses In Ruins

College presidents call for stricter gun laws

NYPD releases stop-frisk data.

Help save a 2 year old dog's life....

Ted Nugent Blasts Piers Morgan, Defends Gun Owners: 'Would You Leave Us The Hell Alone?'

US played role in blocking general from becoming Mexican defence minister

US played role in blocking general from becoming Mexican defence minister

The biggest asteroid threat we know of (2036)

"Nowhere in the Bible does Jesus have a sword fight."

Do you post a reason when you serve on a Jury?

Kashmir all-girl rock band gives up singing after fatwa

Woman’s Unique Therapy Program Helps Unadoptable Cats Find Homes

Please, Tell me about

Planning on moving from Seattle to Philadelphia in April

(Excellent Interactive Map) How Many People Have Been Killed by Guns Since Newtown? Death Tally 1615

Son of Venezuelan Opposition Leader Killed

UNI urges President Santos to end death squads targeting union leaders

Is my butt better than Michelle Obama's butt

You'll Never Look At Topless Women The Same Way Again

Immigrant rights groups re-make ‘So God Made a Farmer’ Super Bowl ad

3D-Printed Human Embryonic Stem Cells Created for First Time

Pentagon to extend certain benefits to same-sex spouses

Can Sea Urchins Show Scientists How To Capture Carbon Affordably?

Man murders mother for health of Chavez (Spanish)

So, Light Homophobia and Sexism Great!

NC Senate Republicans want to clear several boards

Gay marriage: MPs back legislation

Why the princes in the tower are staying six feet under

UK : Gay marriage: MPs back legislation

Texas judge rules pensions of former lawmaker-lobbyists must remain secret

Using Solar Energy to Create Wind Power

Evidence moles can smell in stereo

My cat was attacked by a neighbor's dog...

Partisan cracks appear early in House immigration debate

Afghan corruption, opium, and the strange case of Kam Air (CS Monitor)

Girl Launches Hello Kitty Doll Into Space

Corbett Says NO to 700,000 Pennsylvanians. WE SAY YES! Act now to bring coverage and jobs to PA!

President Obama gets it too.

I can give Beck at least 10 fathers I know,who could kick his sleazy ass and are worried..........

Attorney General Defends Rationale for Killing American Terrorists

Starting a Business Is a Huge Pain

Britain Gay Marriage Bill Supported By Lawmakers

Jerry Brown calls Texas Gov Rick Perry's ad 'barely a fart'

Native American at Anti-Immigration Protest: 'You're All Illegal'

First of all, the debt cliff agreement was more taxcuts than tax increases.

"It's kind of like 'The Bad Seed' meets 'No Country for Old Men'"....

Rachel Maddow Mocks Every Obama Conspiracy Theory Since the Long Form Birth Certificate

Here's one of the dumbest bills to ever pass...

Rep. Steve King (R/w crackpot-Iowa) trailing badly behind Dems

Congressman Ed Markey for US Senate - Progressive Massachusetts

Did the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban Work?

Phrase of the day is "barely a fart." Modify any thread title to include.

Any questions?

Hey guys. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to extend the Thread Title. It stops around here

Mother Jones - Exposed: The Dark-Money ATM of the Conservative Movement

‘Wild Thing’ singer and frontman for ‘The Troggs’ Reg Presley dies at 71

Two Legislative Measures Introduced by Polis and Blumenauer (NORML)

Eight Senators who Support Rape, Wife-Beating, and Other Heinous Crimes

Catholic College Sees Double Attendance for Atheism Course

SURPRISE! Over 50 Countries Complicit in US Worldwide Torture Campaign

This kid has a great smile.

Bernie Sanders statement on the suicide level of veterans..

Study debunks notion that men and women are psychologically distinct

Colorado Democratic Rep. Jared Polis: Remove Cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act

Another child dead from a pink handgun

Several schools in Arizona placed on lockdown after report of student with gun, police say

$50 million lawsuit pitting gas company, Town of Avon enters court today (fracking ban)

How come there is not an official Golf topic listed under sports?

Three stabbed, one fatally, in downtown Baltimore, police say (during Super Bowl parade)

Status quo unacceptable in Palestinian-Israeli peace process - Ban

Obama’s voting reform push is doomed (because it would mean more Dem votes)

Eric Cantor says undocumented children should be offered citizenship

The Demise of Talk Radio? Maybe.....

Standing with Israel, the kid everybody loves to hate

Gas-Industry Group: (New York) DEC’s (Proposed) Fracking Rules Have “No Foundation in Science”

X-Post: $50 million lawsuit pitting gas company, Town of Avon enters court today (fracking ban)

X-Post: $50 million lawsuit pitting gas company, Town of Avon enters court today (fracking ban)

I hope I'm not a distraction to you boys...

Hello! Moving to CT potentially...

For those of us who live in confederate states and won't get a health insurance exchange,

Second annual Betty White 90th birthday Special on NBC tonight

Little Mind Benders

Walker's WEDC Gets Credit Denied From State of Wisconsin Investment Board (Pension Fund)

Thinking 'Bout You...

Kill List Exposed: Leaked Obama Memo Shows

Hillary Clinton opens new website:

Garbage Homes

Keystone XL pipeline protester arrested in Oklahoma

Shark food.

Vitamin D, omega-3 may help clear amyloid plaques found in Alzheimer's

I'll take one of each, please

Wisconsin: Supervisor of Schools candidate wants to recruit armed guards for our schools

Maine panel advises against voter ID laws

Massachusetts Republicans can't find a Senate candidate

ATOS declare Richard III fit for work.

Native American Confronts Protesters on Illegal Immigration (wow)

I used to lament I had no junk until I met a man with no face

I hope this guy has a VERY miserable next four years

How long before the mad-dog Righties demand that Jim Carrey be deported?

Some Call for 'Cease Fire' in Atheist Infighting

Why I never take the 4 train...

Anybody here know why my CHAMPVA co-pay went up?

Blowing hot and cold: U.S. belief in climate change shifts with weather

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Eruv: The (Nearly) Invisible Borders That Define Religious Jewish Life

Arson at London's oldest anarchist bookshop

Holy Shit - Cantor plagiarized Obama's Kansas speech

OMG, my wok is gone!

I love stories like this.

Further update

U.S. News: Obama: 'Smaller package' acceptable - gotta love UPI! also kangaroo fights

Life sentence sought for bishop in Amish hair-cutting attacks

Now they want to arm our nation's school children

Virginia Currency Bill Passes House

Anti-woman police chief Zeb Hemsworth attacks women's rights with hate speech (Language warning)

You want to know why Obama Admin is Wrong on Drone Killings?

Watch my Rector dance!

How The Pro-Israel Right Lost On Hagel