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Archives: February 4, 2013

Alexandra Elene Maclean "Sandy" Denny

Doritos with the guys playing dress up instead of football

I'm watching the referees on the SuperBowl

Reid details positions in gun debate

HuffPo’s new ‘Conversations’ will improve comments — and make money for AOL

Farmers sue Ukrainian billionaire who closed Mocksville chicken plant

Steve Leser interviewed me on his radio show tonight!

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 4 February 2013

"A2" documentary about Fukushima children with thyroid cysts and nodules (TRAILER)

The ads on the Super Bowl are pretty good this year...

To Football fans. I can’t stand Phil Simms. His color comments have always been plain awful...

NRA faces major test of clout in Minnesota

The NRA's enemies list:

So this morning I had no audio on my TV...


That Coke ad was priceless!

"Aspiring Americans" - Super Bowl 2013 Define American Ad

Beyond all those trees----------is a forest.

Revenue must be part of any budget deal: Senator Reid

I think that says it all for the NRA

IN's First Black Physician Is Finally Honored With Headstone

Superbowl halftime Score. Ravens 21 49ers 6

Paraguayan presidential candidate killed in helicopter crash

Dog Shooting In Sarajevo

Could they just, collectively, have little man syndrome?

No team has ever come back trailing by more than 10 points to win the Super Bowl.

Bill Clinton To Speak At Ed Koch's Funeral In New York City

What game?

Jennifer Hudson's family was murdered in 2008


Rosa Parks on her 100th Birthday: “I had been pushed as far as I could stand”

It is a true shame that they didn't pay Beyonce enough to afford enough leather for her dress.

Beyonce blowing the doors off the place.

Ala. standoff suspect 'kept to himself and listened to a lot of conservative talk radio'

NRA Supported Universal Background Checks After Columbine Massacre


Suck on it SF!

109 yards

NFL - Why not just cut to the chase and have a strip show for your half time interlude?

Would love to be a fly on the wall

power outage in the Superdome.

Did The Lights And Sound Just Go Out At The....

Did they just have a blackout at the SB?

Power Outage at the Superbowl

Foxconn plans Chinese union vote

The Century 21 ad with the groom passing out

The Democrats' Moment of Truth By: John Zogby

It is all Bobby Jindal's fault for the SB power outage.

Oh no!! Beyonce blew the lights out!

My beautiful daughter called and said I was a butt monkey for not watching the game

They used non-union electricians at the SB.

Obama shut off the lights at the Superdome.

(Power outage delays Super Bowl) AP: Lights out: Power outage stops game at Super Bowl

Canadian man misses Super Bowl trip after 1981 pot bust denies him entry to U.S.

O.K. what DU 49's fan pulled the plug?

People pay $3500 a pop for this bomb

Bravo Bobby Jindal Powercut!!!

Obama causes power failure at Super Bowl!

Family of Muhammed Ali Dispute UK Reports of Ill Health

"Brownout, you're doin' a heckuva job."

OK - I've known who Beyonce is for years

Politics are like driving...

DRE drug scandal: Metro cops gave drugs to Occupyiers in MInneapolis... civil lawsuits starting up

Hey, The Music Man is on TCM!


Half time score: Strippers 6, Beyonce 0

They should have had the Dropkick Murphys play the halftime show!

Bryan Fischer's latest chart-topper

NFL using delay to get competitive team quickly to Dome


Announcers on the radio blamed Beyonce for the power outage at the Super Bowl

Wow. My cousin who works for CBS just texted me and said they're considering calling the game.

It's the Superdome curse. Welcome to New Orleans, suckahs.

This SB is very boring!!!

Visa gift cards -- where can I buy them?

The old turds are out in droves tonight..

How bad is the game going, all the cars parked on the street are leaving.

Um...Crumbling Infrastructure anyone?


Looks like John Harbaugh (Raven Coach) is being an asshole.

Broncos open as 2014 Super Bowl favorites in Las Vegas

Haaretz: Israel right to say 'Enough!' to grotesquely biased UNHRC inquiry

Damn Chinese light bulbs! n/t

Problems with streaming

Breaking: George Bush to fly over next Thursday...

***** Official Superbowl Lighting Failure Joke Thread *****

Damn I'm pissed with the delay of the SB.

Let's have another power outage at the SB.

Beyonce could have dressed like this

So, when do the good superbowl commercials start?

Trapped in the Super Dome

Ghost of Don Meredith visits the Super Bowl

GunFree Civil Rights. Sandy Hook is our Seneca Falls, our Selma, our Stonewall.

Power Failure.

Dibs on the first "Can't you power failure posters post on the same thread" thread!

That Kia commercial might be insensitive.

Live blogging the Super Bowl ads - if you missed any see them here

Bill Maher - Irritable Bowl Syndrome (the NFL and Socialism)

Beyoncé’s Super Bowl Outfit

How is this NOT "Ageism"?

Lights out at the Super Bowl **~ghosts~**- God save the King of New Orleans

Misty's pups - nursery cam. Cute!!!

Did The Blackout Get the 49ers Back into the Game?

The Waitress, the Pastor and the Applebee's Meltdown...a perfect internet storm.

Man Spends 7 Years Drawing Incredibly Intricate Maze

I Wonder How Many People Sitting In The SuperDome Thought Terroist....

We have a game now, it is getting rough.

The Formerly Advanced Economies

Bud's cute Clydesdale commerical steals the show...

I miss Paul Harvey...

I really don't understand the anti-Beyonce posts

Wow. That "God Made a Farmer" ad was incredible.

The SB XLVII MVP should be...

"What Does Public Support in Obama’s Second Inaugural Speech?" 538 Nate Silver

GOP Rep Compares Gun Regulation To ‘Banning Spoons’

Great! My SO is jumping around and is sooooo happy!

So tomorrow we're gonna have to listen to a LOT of BS about "outage changed

A Steelworker, A Pipefitter, A Welder, A Ditch Digger...

"The Empire Strikes Back!" by Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo

Syrian opposition chief under fire for talks with Assad allies

Super Bowl Commercials 2013: Watch Ads Aired During Ravens, 49ers Matchup (VIDEO)

$3 million to be spent on ‘internet trolls’ as EU looks to 2014 election

Having a great time...

Fidel Castro votes, chats in Cuban election

So, how is Michael Oher doing?

Thatcher's Hometown Prefers to Forget Its Famous Daughter

How long is the delay between alerting on a post and having a jury review it?

How is Michael Oher doing?

Baltimore should take the safety. n/t

Help fight for the interests of all North Carolinians

Lying Sack of S*** of The Week: John Kasich

"Top rebel leader arrested in northern Mali" at Al Jazeera

That was actually a great game.

Haters will be hating! Congratulations to the Ravens.

Ravens Win Super Bowl XLVII, Defeating 49ers 34-31 In Superdome Thriller


Corgi Flop

CNN: superbowl still too close to call.

New Rules - Taking from Rubes Edition

Interesting article about Koch and AIDS (would NYC AIDS patients been better off with a straight

I hate to break it to you fear-mongering life-time NRA members,


You Think You Heard It All -- Ingraham -- How Can We Compete With China, India, et al. When We

A dress code needs to be instituted for all Superbowl performers.

One thing is sure about tonights Superbowl game....

My pick is the Clydesdale ad. What's yours?

Oh Gawd. GOP looking to Romneys for MA Senate

Bald eagle nest

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, February 5: 31 Days of Oscar: Allied Artists Pictures

The Right to Keep and Bear Arms has been abridged many times already

Did anyone else watch the Puppy Bowl today?

Boss lady Michelle Rhee. Wonder who gave her all this power over public schools? Video This Week.

Roast Beef, Yorkshire Pudding and a version of Tyler Florence's Ultimate Potato Gratin. (New Video)

House of Cards

"Friends of Fraud" by Paul Krugman at the NY Times

Photo Of Person Responsible For Superbowl Power Outage Released..

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, February 6: 31 Days of Oscar: Universal Pictures

Beyonce singing in a gown

Another reason to cheer this Super Bowl

I might get my first hide tonight...

Holy Cr*p! "UCF ranked among Top 20 schools where students seek 'sugar daddies'"


Taxes Pay for The NFL, But City Can't Afford Police

Karl Rove was just on Fox News and said they called the game too early

$3.8 million for 30 seconds.

See The ‘Green Soda’ Ad Banned From The Superbowl

True Confessions -or- Don't be an idiot like Hunter

I spent a phone free weekend, no phone of any kind.

Canadian Super Bowl contest winner denied entry to U.S. -- marijuana possession in 1981

Male Sexual Response

forget the super bowl--today was puppy bowl IX

That Clydesdale ad was so touching that I decided to

Beyonce is the new Laura Branigan...

forget the super bowl--today was puppy bowl IX

So my nephew's 18th birthday was Friday, and . . .

THIS is the Beyonce performance to end all Beyonce performances (IMHO):

The new coke: At Clairton, U.S. Steel invests in jobs and health

"If I Were the Devil" by Paul Harvey - the Snopes page

Joe Flacco's post-Super Bowl swearing may draw ire of CBS brass

hillary 2016?

The Simpsons' demolition of Paul Harvey

Pentagon Expects U.S. to Retain Presence in Afghanistan

I wasn't on DU much today, but am I hearing that the cranks were badmouthing Beyonce tonight?

So tonight I went to the failblog to get my daily dose of fail...

Canadian man misses Super Bowl trip after 1981 pot bust denies him entry to U.S.

Now that Football is over, we have something else to look forward to.

Not that I'm some puritan freaking out over how Beyonce was dressed

What is Obama's plan for the Sequester?

South Korea, US begin naval drills amid nuclear tensions

Random Thoughts on Monday 2013

Revisions to Prawer Plan for Negev Bedouin expose the farce of law in Israel

What makes a farmer?? A Stan Rogers trilogy...

The biggest Super Bowl gaffe

Confronting racism and fear of 'the other' in Israel

"Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court upholds state's gun storage law"-could be HUGE!!!

I has a happy!

At-Large Council Race Financial Update

Routh's Mother Asked Kyle To Help Her Son

For 40 Years, This Russian Family Was Cut Off From All Human Contact, Unaware of World War II

Joe Biden in Paris to reaffirm US support of France in Mali

Kerry makes calls abroad in first weekend on job

Reason for Superbowl Blackout revealed

Karl Rove launches initiative to keep tea party candidates out of elections

100 years ago today.

Cubans vote in parliamentary elections

New Mexico Utility Agrees To Purchase Solar Power At A Lower Price Than Coal

Texas Attorney General brands Super Bowl 'greatest human trafficking incident in US'

Why do taxpayers pay the stupid FBI for doing nothing to protect U.S. citizens online?

Incredible lip-dub from SPCA (ABBA)

Michelle Obama Loved Beyonce's Superbowl Halftime Show

Daring skyscraper climber eyes iconic Havana hotel

I'm tired of hiding all these moronic secrets

Beyoncé Flashes An Illuminati Message

Might be counted as a "Gun Thread" - Doonesbury yesterday

8 Dead, 38 Hurt as Tour Bus Crashes in Calif

So...did anyone watch "The Revisionaries" on Independent Lens?

It's National Homemade Soup Day

Storm-Damaged ShopRite in Hoboken to Reopen Feb. 9

Whole Foods Eyes E-commerce: Analyst

Fire Hits Historic Cleveland Market

Retailers Cater to Twinkie Lovers

The 15-Day Celebration of Chinese New Year (2013: February 10th Year of the Snake)

Police: Florida mom forced to watch estranged husband kill their sons

The Surprising Connection Between Food and Fracking

Noam Chomsky: The Paranoia of the Superrich and Superpowerful

'Richard III' DNA results revealed - its him !

Richard III dig: DNA confirms bones are king

A Look at Who Gets Left Out of Black History Month

The Endgame of Capitalism

Scientists confirm that 500-year-old skeleton found under parking lot is England's King Richard III

Journalists Win Release of Documents Tracing Right-Wing Funding For Texas Gay Marriage Study

Some interesting art to start your Monday (dial up warning)

This is all your fault ...

Chris Huhne admits perverting the course of justice, will step down as MP

Arctic nations' oil spill plans too vague, say environmentalists

Pew: The Tahrir Square Legacy: Egyptians Want Democracy, a Better Economy, a Major Role for Islam

Black-and-white TV makes comeback in UK

Best day of the week to book a flight?

Wisconsin: Republican legislators want to hide their votes, move to secret ballots.

uk sends hand held helicopter drones to war zone

In labor of love, volunteers digitally mend personal photos battered by Superstorm

Damage From US Navy Ship to Pristine Reef Far Worse Than Estimated

China's Cloud Of Smog Arrives In Japan

Chris Hedges: Breaking the Chains of Debt Peonage

Should buyers of Lance Armstrong's books get a refund?

European Snub of 4G Prices Spurs Rate Cuts

Swiss love affair with rail turns sour

This guy is thinking of running for Mass Senate race

I think this is kind of interesting: The descendent of Richard III who they used for

Missouri Leads Nation in Black Homicide Victimization for Third Year in a Row

Homing pigeon 'Bermuda Triangle' explained

Pewaukee man charged with voter fraud

Ex-Marine Charged with Murder in Sniper Chris Kyle's Death

Will Wall Street spurn GOP in 2014?

'The Last Bit of Paradise': Giant Dam Threatens Brazilian Rainforest

'Not believing in God makes life more precious': meet the atheist 'churchgoers'

Tuberculosis vaccine hopes dashed

In rush to urbanize, China flattens 700 mountains

Behind the Lens: A religious experience in Nicaragua

Robert Reich: The Jobs Report and Why the Recovery has Stalled

Investigation Finds Suspected Fixing in 680 Soccer Matches

Racist language in children's literature: In or out?

The Superbowl in 70 tweets

Bid to divide people on caste, religious lines: DYFI

Sexual violence and the paradox of anonymity in the digital age

Are you cool with rural folks' hunting guns?

What you "young turds" are missing about halftime show

Nevada Desert Experience Sacred Peace Walk 2013 March 23-29

Friend being foreclosed on, but the bank can't find the mortgage. Where can he find help?

Smart peeps -talk me down over here...1st play of the superbowl

Jeff Danziger: Beer Consolidation

Stranded US ship threatens Philippine reef

Here's the halftime show I'd tune in for

Daily limit on my debit card -- what are my other options?

30,000 Golden Dawn Supporters March in Athens Under Neo-Nazi Banners

Was I wrong?

Who Decided U.S. Megabanks Are Too Big to Jail?

To Make Doctors’ Errors Less Common, Keep a Public Record

Tech, telecom giants take sides as FCC proposes large public WiFi networks

Land Battles Rise as U.S. Eyes 450,000 Miles of New Pipe

Future U.S. Congressmen Forced To Withdraw From Harvard For Cheating....

Chicago River Flowing Backwards Would Be Least of Region's Concerns

Japanese whaling industry 'dead in the water', says animal welfare group

Japanese whaling industry 'dead in the water', says animal welfare group

Ahmadinejad says he is ready to be first Iranian in space

Sec. Kerry to be speaking LIVE at about 9 AM. Video link:

Google searches expose racial bias, says study of names

What was the best Super Bowl Ad (Dial Up Warning)?

French tanker believed held by pirates off Ivory Coast

Damage From US Navy Ship to Pristine Reef Far Worse Than Estimated

We can ignore specific posters (though I don't). Why can't we ignore certain topics (Beyonce,

Sellafield clean-up cost reaches £67.5bn, says report

Defense Secretary Panetta, Gen. Dempsey: 'We're Not Leaving Afghanistan in 2014'


Malala Yousafzai: 'I am getting better, day by day' (w/her video)

your Diva Meter is running low --Gloria Gaynor - Never Can Say Goodbye / I Will Survive

Iran says Israel will regret Syria air strike

Conservatives and Science Don't Mix.

Full Throttle Ahead: US Tips Global Power Scales with Fracking

Cuts could make USA a second-rate power, Panetta warns

Phishing warning for those in the midwest using Wide Open West

Meta has a new mascot

John Kerry to 'stay in touch' with Canada on Keystone XL

Free Association thread. Topic of the day: Side Effects

Lebanon issues arrest warrant for Syrian official

Mini helicopter drone for UK troops in Afghanistan

About that blackout....

My son was forced to pray at a school-sponsored event; sucks to be agnostic in a Christian culture

Chris Hedges: Breaking the Chains of Debt Peonage

Monday Toon Roundup 1- Gun deaths in perspective

Could Rove’s new effort backfire?

Pythons in Florida

Monday Toon Roundup 2-The Rest

Cause of Super Bowl power outage determined.....

Like to a two-year old. "Big Dog" explains something...

John Lindsay, Ed Koch and the end of liberalism

Monday, Monday!

Report Outlines Plan To Fix Long Lines On Election Day

This is important. Central Florida leadership and accountability don't usually go hand in hand.

Federal Judge Approves Minnesota Law Banning Campaign Lies

How Obamacare Will Help Extend Health Care To Part-Time Workers

Koch Bros. give $17,500 to Rand Paul, he gives them most radical anti-union bill in Congress

Wendell Potter: Favors for Special Interests

The Other GOP Plan To Blow Up The Electoral Vote

The Beyonce Wars - a Poster

Marines reset training for the next war

Protecting earth's whales!

The coming death of seven-day publication

Am I the only one who's 1st reaction to the blackout was that it was a cyber attack?

Beyonce & Illuminati

Rove's 'No More Akins' Group Outrages Conservatives

Generation gap and Beyonce

Gulf War (I) veterans still sick and not getting better

Easy Starter Bread

Kerry's talking at State on C-Span...

God tweets during the Super Bowl

King Richard III, paved over in a parking lot!

Krugman: Friends of Fraud

Keith Ablow to run for MA Senate race if ...

Prince George's County schools considers owning student and teachers' work

Trayvon Martin, white privilege and yes, female privilege

Report says Fayetteville VA failed vets at high risk of suicide

This what I got out of DU last night:

Toronto Star: Getting sick in the States: Be insured, be very insured

Walkergate: APCO Worldwide (esp the comments below)

What are some breads that keep well?

Cuningham: Army must always plan for the challenges ahead

Senator Geraldo Rivera? Seems Unlikely the Fox News Pundit Will Run - by Howard Kurtz

Arizona sues U.S. EPA over coal power plant emissions

This Modern World: WAYS TO SAVE THE GOP

McConnell on Kentucky Democrats: 'They want to take me out'

Let's do this one, too: subsistence hunting.

Israel arrests 23 Hamas men including three lawmakers in West Bank

What's for Dinner ~ Monday Feb 4th

Why Obama Is Right To Call Out The Carried Interest Loophole (Again)

Rove declares WAR on the Tea Party! Delicious

Kittery shipyard to see hiring freeze, terminations

TOM TOMORROW: Ways to save the GOP

Why Do Republicans want proper ID for this, but not for this?

CPB status

Invisible No More

NRA President: The AR-15, Which Can Fire 700 Rounds Per Minute, Is The ‘Musket Of Today’

An' ANUDDER one bite de dus' ...

Activists aim to halt wolf-hunting season, Referendum sought to stop Michigan law

Venezuela spying on its Jews, documents reveal

Marc Dutroux case: Belgium child killer asks for release

Malala Yousafzai, Pakistani Girl Shot By Taliban, Speaks Out For First Time

Navy Will Cancel Maintenance On 23 Ships On Feb. 15; Small Shipyards, Readiness At Risk

Schoolbooks ingrain Israeli-Palestinian enmity: US-funded study

Salary Gap And Salary Cap New Reality For Most Workers

Malala speaks publicly for first time since surgery

The Dead Zone is coming on IFC tonight!

Mali Tuaregs seize two Islamist leaders fleeing French strikes

FCC Proposes Groundbreaking Free Public Wi-Fi Throughout United States; Mobile Companies Protest

Texas judge faces 'court of inquiry' into wrongful conviction

Well, it didn't take long to blame Obama for the superbowl blackout:

This Week in Poverty: Time to Take On Concentrated Poverty and Education

They caught the guy who caused the blackout.

Anyone here getting calls from #803-393-4089?

European Snub of 4G Prices Spurs Rate Cuts

Pennsylvania Republicans To Introduce New Election-Rigging Plan

McCain: Iran’s president is a monkey

Forget Conseripedia go to Uncyclopedia

ABC News: Tagg Romney Unlikely To Run In Mass. Special Election

How Republican gerrymandering effectively wiped out 1.7 MILLION Democratic votes

The GOP's Piñata

'Gravely distressed': Religion looms large over Boy Scouts decision on gays

Californians brace for Anthem Blue Cross (double digit) rate hikes


Honey nut brittle

The Guardian: How Disco Dancing Aims To Crush The English Defense League (EDL)

Shots Fired In Student Suicide: Coweta Intermediate High On Lockdown

New Report: Angels & Aliens in Texas Schools

Undercover deputy targeted mentally disabled teen, parents say

Share your restaurant fantasy...

In Hard Economy for All Ages, Older Isn’t Better ... It’s Brutal

Cuomo Said to Seek $400 Million to Buy New York Beachfront Homes

Can MA Repubs even find a Senate Candidate? Weld bows out

Hoppy the deer

Said on the TeeVee

This house believes 'religion has a place' (Report on the Williams - Dawkins debate)

49er coaches over-think

Donald Trump says Bobby Jindal's 'stupid party' remark could hurt Republicans

John McCain's Racist Tweet of the Day

I agree with Republicans about rewarding Makers and punishing Takers...

Ray Lewis Crying Over Embarrassing Spectacle He's Become

Thin-Film Solar Power To Be Sold For Less Than Coal Power!!! (Solar is Simply Cheaper, Cleaner)

Malala Yousafzai fund 'to boost education'

US News and world report, 1956 article on Rosa Parks (pro/con)

Meteorologist Jim Cantore was inducted into the Punxsutawney, Pa. Meteorology Hall of Fame

Beyonce Shmeyonce.

Florida father with assault weapon forces wife to watch as he kills two sons

NRDC produces Keystone XL video that will turn your stomach.

Harry Potter has grown up and is playing...Alan Ginsberg.

The Rude Pundit: Observations on Insanity, Stalking, and Wayne LaPierre


Mali: Two men saved from execution for being gay, following French intervention

I just went by the police/FBI set up for the hostage situation in Alabama

Need Help With A Visa Issue- Does Anyone Have a State Dept. Contact?

Rove's 'No More Akins' Group Outrages Conservatives

The Boy With a Thorn in His Joints

Which place to put this post ... Sports, or Media? A "conspiracy thought" on the SB blackout

Police arrest three Betar fans for racist jeers ("we are a pure team")

Rand Paul Pushes Gun-Running Conspiracy (Libya to Turkey to Syria) Theory During

Alaskan Brewing Co. goes green by installing beer powered boiler

Haberdasher Lobby Joins NRA to Push For Mandatory Hat Legislation

Multimillion dollar bike-sharing program planned for University of Michigan and downtown Ann Arbor

The Army only issued 20 round mags when I served, wondering where the 30 round.'standard' came from?

Can't a woman enjoy her sexuality without being called a whore?

Obama Calls for Boy Scouts to End Gay Ban

Best Tweets: Put a Super Bowl Ring on It

As far as I'm concerned this is all you need to know about Ed Koch

First Muslim college in the US

I Love Keyword Trash

Yes Another Super Bowl Half-Time Performance Gripe

President given “broad authority” to order cyber attacks

Canada falling behind on poverty, inequality, says report (guess who fares far worse?)


WDJQ radio DJ 'Mo' suspended after mocking woman with Down Syndrome on air

David “the awesome power of the moon” Tredinnick joins the Commons Science Committee

Superbowl Half-Time Quality

DU's awesome. I got some incredibly good information on my mortgage/foreclosure question ...

Am I the only one more excited about the ID of King Richard's III bones than the Super Bowl?

William F. Weld latest Republican to bow out of race to replace John F. Kerry in US Senate

YouTube Trolls Bully Mentally Disabled Veteran

Adopted 2 shelter cats update. Day 29

WTF? ...... Billings, MT, meth lab raid.....except there was no meth lab

Maybe if Geraldo becomes a Senator...

Sandpaper Spelling Assignment At Florida Middle School Leaves Kids Bleeding, Parents Outraged

Conservatives Pushing Austerity In Europe Are Connected To the Billionaires Pushing It Here ----

"Holy Shit!! Fucking Awsome!"

Scarborough Says Cuccinelli is "certifiable when it comes to mainstream political thought"

Papantonio: Is The Tea Party Over?

Super Bowl Commercial

Deval Patrick needs to appoint someone Republican senate nominee

Legal loophole keeps fracturing mixes murky

The guy who Invented the Etch-A-Sketch Has wasn't Mittens

Oh noes! Now the hosts are locking their own threads!

Beyonce: Agitprop Tool of the BFEE (R) or Mutant Alien Cultural Imperialist (R)?


Superbowl AD Meter final results

Good Lord is This Awesome


Pic Of The Moment: Embarrassing Power Loss Causes Distress At Major National Party

Milwaukee man is competent to stand trial over shooting teenager

Toon: Gun Silencer

The Week That Was -- GOP Senate Candidates - An uptodate list of potential candidates by a MA paper

New Reason/Rupe Poll: 72% say don't interfere in CO and WA legalization

MRIs are exciting!


A mass shooter’s tragic past (Amy Bishop).

I totally missed that surviving Newtown kids sang 'America The Beautiful' at the Super Bowl.

The Associated Press Top 25 Mens Poll 2/4/2013


FTC: “Nonprofit” crammed $70M in bogus charges on phone bills

the best and worst of skeet shootin' Obama photoshops

Best typo ever...

"So, when is Wonder Woman getting here?"

100 Books by Black Women Everyone Must Read

Cliff Schecter Discusses The Latest On Proposed Gun Control Legislation

Just have a question which is probably a stupid one, but

If Budget Woes Continue, Panel Says DOE Should Shut Last U.S. Collider

Mayor Scolds “Liberal” MSNBC Host False Equivalency On Children In NRA Debate (VIDEO)

Maryland approves Gay Marriage. Ravens win Super Bowl. God loves Gay Marriage


What's An Assault Weapon?

Just Who Do They Represent: At Hagel Hearing, Concern for Israel Tops U.S. Troops in Combat

I signed up for 20 boxing lessons at a local gym.

Me too

Grieving Newtown couple raises money for autism

FCC chairman developing plan for free wireless Internet access: report

PTC Calls on FCC to Take Action on Unedited F-word During the Super Bowl Broadcast

The Ladies had a takeover

Liberal reformers in China push government to live up to their constitution.

Fingernail diorama

Graham draws potential primary challenger in South Carolina

What happens at an atheist church?

The Fed Prison Industries Board decide who will have access to UNICOR's prison workforce.

The Walking Dead returns this coming Sunday, February 10

The Best Laid Plans…

CBC: The death of the Canadian penny

Simply ‘Marr’-velous: Forest Service leader hailed as hero merely doing her job

Almost ready for The Bat

GOP to Reid: Thanks for caving on filibuster reform, we will now destroy the Consumer Financial Prot

We want Bat Cookies

Bill urges Colorado school debates on creationism

What is it you call it when someone has a total lack of self-awareness? No irony gene?

Wanker of the Day: Howard Kurtz

Dark stains on safety yellow athletic clothes

President Obama in Minneapolis to talk guns today n/t

How I Was Able To Buy 4 AR-15s In 20 Minutes

QuikSCAT replacement funded

But if the customer wants liver pate', then who gives a damn about the goose?

Former NHC director Bill Proenza fired

SKorea envoy says NKorea nuke test seems imminent

Conservative has-been Pat Boone loses his wig on TV

Screw sanctimonious Dodge and their truck

Catholic Hospital: It Was 'Morally Wrong' To Argue That A Fetus Is Not A Human In Colorado Court

I see music... at work today

GOP leaders are now trying to kill their Frankenstein monster

Heads Up - President Obama about to speak about the guns

Fracking for State Dollars . . .

Vote-rigging in PA, WI. MI, and elsewhere. What can stop it??? What can we do now?

The Tea Party alone didn’t cripple the GOP

For insiders, community group UNO’s charter schools pay

Scarborough: Cuccinelli is 'Certifiable' on Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security

Evan Bayh for President? Seriously?

If you're an Anthony Bourdain fan,

Why President Hugo Chávez's Twitter Account Went Silent

Perhaps it’s time the NRA left America’s kids alone.

End Times Leader Claims to be Working with Members of Congress to Reverse God's Judgment on America

Mitt's son has reportedly been approached by Republican officials about running to fill Kerry's seat

And the GOP wonders why they are out of touch: McCain compares Iranian leader to monkey

So God Made an IDIOT From Arizona

Spoiler Warning! I watched the rest of Downton on DVD...anyone else?

Toon: The Palin-olithic Era (h/t Steve Leser!)

Wow! At least to me. I submitted 4 photos to....

Skeet Truthers? Please Stop Sniffing Glue.

good for blank stares from 2nd amendment LUVAHS: the RKBA is in the Declaration, 2nd is CONTROL!!!

"Sexual self-gratification on stage" ...... "A strip-tease with clothes on".

Ohio GOP Gov To Accept Obamacare Medicaid Expansion

GOP ReBranding Inc.

87% of Americans Say Tax the Wealthy More to Protect Social Security Benefits

Missing Texas Senators?

Alain de Botton publishes ten commandments for atheists

My Fred Phelps Score is 6! How about yours?

There have been several reports of people nearly dying smoking fake pot. While there have been no

Frankly, I'm sorry that many of us failed to realize what occurred at the Super Bowl last night

500 bikes go up in flames in Yokohama

Super Bowl Ads Serve Up Sexism

McConnell not ruling out Hagel filibuster, says opposition to nominee ‘intensifying’

Finding More STEM Students

U.S. to Sue Standard & Poor's Over Mortgage Bond Ratings

Super Bowl Champ Brendon Ayanbadejo: It’s #Time4Marriage

State corruption risk report. More than half the states received a "D" or an "F"

Rand Paul Again Planning to Take on TSA, Airport Security Screenings

I started a petition to the Gov. Please consider signing and forwarding.

And conservatives think people on food stamps are "welfare queens."

Young black men and minorities should start buying up AR-15's and ammunition.

Wondering what it says on Kaepernick's arms?

Boy Scout Families Deliver Petition Urging End to Policy Banning Gays

How Eric Cantor Is Trying to Soften the Republican Party

Among the Rubble

USAA sues car dealer over name

Carlyle Group Acquires Dupont, Will Remain With Gordon

Argentina pegs supermarket price rises for two months

If you were offended by Beyonce's performance last night...

Rick Perry urges businesses to flee California and come to Texas in new radio ad

APNewsBreak: Effort building to change US pot laws

Man Hurt as Samsung Phone Explodes in Pants Pocket

New York attorney general arrests construction firm owner for wage theft

we need truth in advertising about guns

Sanity-wise, Glenn BecKKK was borderline for a while. I think he's crossed the border.......

Great news regarding Mars!

Roger Ebert: Gabby Giffords made me cry. America? And you?

It's Rosa Parks' 100th birthday, and...

Once again, football player is covered up for, and throw in religion too.

A Few Kind Words About Gabby Giffords

Scientists Notch a Win in War Against Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

San Francisco Fans, Get Happy!

U.S. court says won't expedite Apple appeal versus Samsung

Politics are like driving....

Coastal First Nations Quit Northern Gateway Pipeline Review

Huge DU thread concerning the father who killed his kids in front of his wife today.

Toon: A funny twist to the "personhood" laws.

There's a time and place for porn and I loves me some porns but...

The Internal Memo That Allowed IBM's Female Employees to Get Married

Anyone else watch Camp 14: Total Control Zone?

Sheldon Adelson Winning Israel's Newspaper War

True the Vote files lawsuit against St. Lucie, FL Supervisor of Elections

The NRA's Enemy List From 10 Years Ago

Wayne "Elmer Fudd" La Pierre! I would love to see that catch on!

'Little Tiny Fetuses' on Women's Wombs Caused by Birth Control!

Confirmed: bones belong to Richard III

Creationism Commotion: Five states have anti-evolution bills in play

BREAKING: Hostage Situation Ends, 5-year-old Child is Safe, Kidnapper Dead, U.S. Official Says

WHY do Repubs think Tagg Romney is a good choice for the MA Senate race???

Wow, Repugs really are tired of this direct democracy stuff, aren't they?

Media Hate Fest for Venezuela Keeps on Keepin' On

Harry Reid Was Endorsed By LaPierre and Was "Staunchly Opposed To The Assault Weapons Ban"

GOP Delight - Public Sector Austerity Still Slowing U.S. Economy

BREAKING: Alabama hostage standoff reportedly over

Obama presses his gun proposals in Minnesota

Alabama hostage taker dead and the child is okay, according to Alabama television

Ron Paul One Of The Most Corrupt Members Of Congress, Report Finds

Teabagger family got rich defrauding phone customers of over $70million dollars.

The Definition of Irony…

New York City’s teen pregnancy rate plummeted after high schools expanded access to Plan B

Judge: School finance system unconstitutional

Freedom vs Justice

The 70s was the best decade for music.

Online advertising’s racism mess

Congress Ignores Jobs, Despite Americans Ranking Issue Their Top Priority

Kerry Bentivolio (R-MI) calls fellow repubs 'shameless' for immigration reform

Woody Allen on the NRA

SERAVINCE - U Love (Unrequited Love /Ft. Renee' Neufville)

Report Outlines Plan To Fix Long Lines On Election Day

Oregon baker denies lesbian couple a wedding cake

Ok, I'm a little pissed off.....Al Franken's get Al re-elected campaign called, and

"I'm tired of seeing rock'n'roll being respectable."

Good news!

Texas Lottery bringing William Shatner to Dallas to set some kind of Trekkie world record

Girls Lead in Science Exam, but Not in the United States

French Government Strikes Down 200-Year-Old Pants Ban for Women

I emailed Senator Feinstein asking her to vote "Yes" in confirming Chuck Hagel as SOD and I get this

Finding my religion

Former FBI official questioned on role in abuse of intelligence-gathering tools

*Press conf now, ALA hostage situation.

I have just started to watch Vertigo (1958), I have never watched the whole movie before.

China to permit religious freedom but will prevent misuse: CPC

It's time for Veterans to campaign against all wars

Our local news just reported on new pistol permit application with the County Clerk

Ronald Reagan’s home will not be leveled for Obama library

Gun violence in America: How many years of life have been lost?

Alex Gibney’s ‘Mea Maxima Culpa’: Sex, Lies, and the Catholic Church

Our Congress is almost totally corrupt, representative Democracy is dead!

What the fuck do the "Young Turks" have to do with the SB Halftime show???

Jimmy Lee Dykes is dead. The boy, Ethan, is safe.

Palm-Sized Nano-Copter Is the Afghanistan War’s Latest Spy Drone

Scientists Have Created Crystals That Are Almost Alive

If the GOP filabusters Hagel does that mean we get a Democrat as SecDef? and who?

Janet Napolitano: A woman to watch for 2016

Climate Crocks Interview: Joe Romm on Climate, Obama, Keystone, and Consequences

Standard & Poor's expects lawsuit over subprime ratings

Cal State Fullerton assistant women's basketball coach, fiance found shot to death in car


"As the saying goes, I have big heels to fill."

The Troggs - The Troggs Leader Reg Presley Loses Cancer Battle

The Top Three Most Aggressive Dog Breeds- You’ll Be Surprised!


When a Justice attains celebrity status

Richard III dig: Facial reconstruction shows how king may have looked

OK. Just add "clueless" to your list of shortcomings.

The 7 stages of cat-falling:

There are darn good reasons for dogs not being regarded as "deep thinkers".

If "The Wizard of Oz" were written today:

MiddleFingerMom turns another frown upside-down.

Way, WAY before Li'l MiddleFingerMom knew WHY... he knew what he liked.

I just now watched the Beyonce half time show!

Tennessee State Senator proposes partial end to direct elections of US Senators,

REPORT: Economic Growth Absent From Television Coverage Of Debt Ceiling Debate

House of Cards Reviewed: Episode 3

Duff Goldman, 'Ace Of Cakes' Chef, Offers To Bake Rejected Lesbian Couple's Wedding Cake For Free

Bill urges Colorado school debates on creationism

I wish there was a way to hide threads with similar themes or whatever you want to call it

Best Argument for Socialism ever: #richkidsofinstagram

Board suspends (not fires) FB coach who made anti-gay and derogatory comments about first lady)

VIDEO: Hitchhiker uses hatchet to save woman from bear hug attack, gives best NSFW interview ever

Can anyone tell me why there are no news photos on the Huffington Post.

What happens at an atheist church?

Mitch McConnell (aka The Turtle) Raises Chuck Hagel Filibuster Possibility

Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right - A 54-Year Old Waitress Speaks Out On The Applebees Debacle

Your nightly spit your drink on your keyboard video

Student loans: The next housing bubble

Will people quit attacking Beyonce and her performance last night.

McCain: Don't Filibuster Hagel

Women in Chicago being arrested for wearing one piece bathing suits - 1922

60 years of love

Don't tell me using an assault weapon for insurance isn't using it.

My coworker just assaulted my brain...


Michigan man accused of burning dog alive in woodstove (story and E petition)

Why do men like porn so much?

American Patriot Beer is no brew for Unions

Menendez Denounces Prostitution Allegations As ‘Smears’

Ted Cruz: The ‘biggest loser’ on Capitol Hill — and he couldn’t be happier

Frida on "Single Ladies"…

Former SC GOP Exec Director Fires Off Racially-Charged Tweets During The Super Bowl

Can we pretend to be outraged about somebody of substance?

Report: Fewer IDF Soldiers Held Accountable For Alleged Crimes Against Palestinians In 2012

Low rainfall and extreme temperatures doubles risk of baby elephant deaths

I've been having a lengthy argument on facebook with a former neighbor

today in women's herstory

McCain: Don't filibuster Hagel

Congress to meet in ExxonMobil-Citibank U.S. Capitol building