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Archives: February 3, 2013

Why is this story not receiving any media attention?

Conn. funeral directors recall horror of Newtown school shooting

Timbuktu Gives France’s President an Ecstatic Welcome

The National Review Complains That Obama Was Too Hard On Nazis

Sandra Bullock Attending Super Bowl to Support The Blind Side’s Michael Oher

Sylvester Stallone: I Support Gun Control, Assault Weapons Ban

I DEMAND that the WH release a photo of Obama

Homicide: Cigarette Butt

How do you cook a skeet?

Fracking Our Food Supply = The NATION

Larry Allen, Cris Carter, Jonathan Ogden, Bill Parcels, Warren Sapp inducted to Hall of Fame

Toon- Immigration Innovations!

Mitt Romney's campaign manager dies.

Malala, teen champion of girls' rights, nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Cost to Shell of Kulluk grounding? $90 million and counting.

Why We Like the President

Another school shooting, but this one not widely reported...

AGP closes corn processing plant in Hastings (NE)

Auburn University's poisoned oaks to be removed

The Juju Orchestra - Kind Of Latin Rhythm

Is gun ownership Christian?

I have a theory. A conspiracy theory maybe, but just something I was thinking about.

Citizens Object To State Of Kentucky’s Backroom Deal With Coal Company

Asteroid 2/15 and a link from pokerfan

Alright let's shake it up a little. Time for some early metal.

Should you circumcize your pitbull while watching fetish pr0n?

Totally Biased: The Most Racist Things of All Time

Question about Robin Wright--House of Card watchers may have notice this too.

Missing Staten Island Woman Found Dead In Istanbul; Police Detain 11

Lulz from jury duty

I'm looking forward to the game tomorrow

Alabama hostage suspect urged to let boy 'go home to his mother'

question: why would a surname totally change in the middle of a long line?

Question: Can you find out who has you on "lgnore"?

Quick, Someone explain the Big O Notation to me.

U.S. Attack on Iran by Spring?

1 dead, 1 injured in shooting near Detroit high school

Yemen says intercepted ship carrying weapons was Iranian

Ex-CIA Agent, Whistleblower John Kiriakou Sentenced to Prison While Torturers He Exposed Walk Free

Legal Precedent Set as Shell Found Guilty in the Hague

East Tennessee man kills wife, 2 children, self

Peyton Manning named comeback player of the year.

House of Cards Reviewed: Episode 2

In These Shoes?

What did you call your parents?

The end of fear: Why that hoard of cash is streaming into stocks

49ers Chris Culliver will begin sensitivity training

ohmygodohmygodohmygod make it stop

When Dogs Lose Their Friends

Does it bother you when your post to a thread is #13? nt

The U.S. has some of the lowest energy taxes in the developed world

Senator Leahy's hearing on guns, lilke Reid's "support" for filibuster reform, was a SHAM...

Spanish protests after PM Rajoy denies slush fund claim

Duck Roast at the Ponda Center!

Meh. It's not real skeet shooting without David Niven.

16 things only a total jerk would do

Israel evacuates Nablus protest village, dozens injured

Message from Mexico: U.S. Is Polluting Water It May Someday Need to Drink

Got out in the snow, took pictures, came home.

Bill Moyers: Exploring Drones and Democracy

Teaparty Community page is already down. Wah?

A mental picture not for the faint at heart

The 'Fool Soldiers' of the Lakota

Palestinians erect third West Bank outpost, are attacked by IDF, settlers

"Obama's Bad-Cop Act is Working"

Koterba Toon: Second Amendment

The day the music died...

How's Hagel going to do?


Never buy a plastic snowblower

Sunday Talk Shows

The Past

Nebraska Lt. Gov. resigns after phone scandal

I lived in L.A. for 35 years and I can not believe the development of the downtown area.

Chicago marchers urge Obama to come home to address gun violence

This is why we really need to bring new people into Congress

We have a creepy tree in our backyard...

I love Eddie Vedder.

Bus hits overpass in Boston, injuring more than 30


The NRA vs. America

Paul Robeson - Joe Hill

As an aside: I live in DC. My Rep can't vote and I have no Senators

The new Facebook for Teabaggers site is up & running today, and someone has noticed something funny

I hate driving in the rain.

ANOTHER Pic of Obama Shooting!

"e=mc^2 is liberal conspiracy to justify abortion" conservapedia

Applebee’s Overnight Social Media Meltdown: A Photo Essay


#UniteBlue: Liberals Fight Back Against Conservative Attacks on Twitter

Political Insider: Just when things looked like clear sailing for Menendez

Best show on Netflix?

I got an e cig last week

Before the FDA


CSPAN has a forum of Bushites defending torture

Good thing this guy didn't have a gun! Vancouver stabbing spree injures seven.

Anybody been to Terminal A of National Airport at night?

Tea Party is planning a 'Day of Resistance' on Feb. 23

Super-Excited Conserva-Texans Give ‘Democrat’ Happy Ending

Info about the Applebees skinflint pastor

Random Thoughts on Sunday 2013

Should The Lounge Have a Pet Honey Badger ?

2nd amendment

50 Greatest Comic Book Characters

The 'new' House of Cards vs. The Newsroom - which one is your favorite?

'American Sniper' author slain in Erath County; suspect arrested

For those interested in the origins of Rock and Roll.

Obama Paranoid Government Coming For His Guns

Spoiler Question about Durango.

What is shooting therapy?

Krugman: To paraphrase an old line about Vietnam...

Wayne LaPierre's mental illness (#NervousDisorder ) granted him a draft deferment.

2 killed at TX gun range-one was a vet/author of "American Sniper"

Anyone use Show of Hands?

Should the RKBA be infringed for the following?

A wise man once said

Gun Control Group Superbowl Ad

Stephen King...anyone?

Does anyone have a NutriBullet? What do you think of it?

February Photo Contest Theme

One Second After by William R. Forstchen... the ultimate power outtage...

Scores Of Harvard Students Suspended In Cheating Scandal

Author of "American Sniper" Chris Kyle shot to death

Ahmadinejad To Make First Egypt Visit By Iran Head In Decades

Former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle Reportedly Killed at Shooting Range

Weekly Republican Address seeks unconstitutional 'don't pay Congress.'

I'm not sure, Honey. What do you think?

US, Japan, South Korea Warn North Korea Of Consequences Against Further Provocations

Stamp ceremony kicks off day in Parks' honor

Dear Juror Number 2...

Top G.O.P. Donors Seek Greater Say in Senate Races.

U.S. military expands its drug war in Latin America

U.S. military expands its drug war in Latin America

Pat McCrory Lashes Out Against 'Educational Elite' And Liberal Arts College Courses

McCloud River takes central role in dam-raising proposal

Survey shows physicists can't agree on fundamental questions about quantum mechanics

Montana drafts new bill giving felons the option of being spanked

Right-wing groups use 'right of return' to evict Arabs from East Jerusalem

I love my cat, but dogs fu&@ing rule.

Almost Two-Thirds Of Older Workers Plan To Delay Retirement


A revealing list of the most-mentioned words at Hagel’s confirmation

Kitchen Sink Replacement

Though Obamacare Pays Less, Providers Flock To 'Bundled' Medicare Payments

"The right is screwed."

Insane, hate filled Freepers believe that Obama murdered Chris Kyle

So, Lounge, do you watch the Superbowl. All, or just part of it? Halftime only?

Antarctica's First Great Author: The Fascinating Life and Death of Nick Johnson

How the Public Can Win the New Financial War

Chu Resigns, Writes Of Our ‘Moral Responsibility’ For Action Amid Growing Evidence

A Ground-Eye View of the 'Valley of Deportation'

Syrian TV airs purported images of Israel strike

It is hard to trust GM when it is in the grip of a few global giants

Walker to public pension fund manager: Can you spare $200 million?

koch brothers pour more cash into think tanks, alec

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Train Wrek Edition

in britain, entrusting healthcare to the loan sharks who ate us

After 30 years, is a GM food breakthrough finally here?


9/11 Military Commission: More Tragedy Than Farce

I may request a volunteer or two for a new NC anti-fracking website.

Blowback From US Drone Strikes on Pakistan Leaves 10 Civilians Dead

Ex-Gitmo Prosecutor: Obama's Drone Surge as Damaging as Bush Torture Program

Any fans of the manga "One Piece" here?

Sunday Morning Music Videos

Moyers and Company: Corrupt Amgen deal explained. shocking, unsurprising, typical

Why Are Suicides Climbing in the Military? Let's Look at the Drugs Being Prescribed

What Else But Madness

Spain Is In The Hands Of Thieves

ABC is spending more time on a dead sniper than a live kidnapped child

Homelessness: Still Not Getting It

If the repubs don't have a leader anymore,

Gun Control Group Buys Ad Spot for Today's Super Bowl: Watch It Now

Breaking the Corporate Trance

DARPA's 1.8 Gigapixel Drone Camera Could See You Waving At It From 15,000 Feet

Public school proselytizing prohibited: Federal appeals court rejects new prayer scheme

Free Movie Sunday: The Lords of Flatbush

AP: Ethanol industry poised for surge in fuel made from crop waste

It's Easy To Cut Programs For The Poor

She Gets It. She Just Flat Gets It.

Tomgram: Ann Jones, The Afghan End Game?

Some of you seem to think the media should be providing wall to wall breathless coverage

An America cramped by defensiveness

A little something to help you get up this morning!

Wisconsin: State Supreme Court Justice Caught Taking Money From Out-of-State Voucher backers

Kaiser report details Medicare options

Kim Dotcom: 'I want to encrypt half of Internet, total govt spying must stop!'

Bernie Gets It

Ann Romney for Senate?

Drumbeat: February 2, 2013

Oh My!!! ReTHUG v ReTHUG warfare heating up for Senate races

Chuck Hagel: Obama's Hatchet Man?

Progressives Trying To Divide The Country Through Class Warfare

Defense industry in late surge to stop spending cuts

Ted Rall Toon: It Worked for Dems

Being humanist: Will a redefining of the law see humanism woven into mainstream society?

Film "Dear Governor Cuomo" is a Musical Truth Force Against Fracking

My thread

Now this should be, Interesting!

tennessee: Don't say crazy, but Sen. Stacey Campfield is a head case

Howard Zinn talks about EMERGENCY

GOPer Richard Tisei Will Not Run In Mass. Special Election

Feinstein gun bill plugs state ban holes

The Baffling Response to Arctic Climate Change by David Suzuki


Gun gluttony stopped (WY)

Tamarac shooter legally bought gun despite signs of mental illness

Police: 3-year-old shot in head, killed

Woman who testified guns make a woman safer opposes renewing the Violence Against Women Act

The Golden Age for Congressional representation for New York State

scientists to reveal results of richard III hunt

Top G.O.P. Donors Seek Greater Say in Senate Races

Phantom "Likes" on Facebook.......

As a general rule, I don't believe that gun owners are mentally troubled, but when there are signs..

Tax season is here. WOOT!

2 days of Cat vs. Automatic Feeder

All Republican voters and Republican jurors welcome to DU WITH OPEN ARMS!!!!

N.J. Catholic School's Civility Code: Only Girls Pledge Not to Curse

Best video from the NFL award show.....

Fox News Host Calls Out NRA Chief: ‘That’s Ridiculous And You Know It, Sir’ (video)

Violence Runs Deep In Our Society - A Distrurbing Scene At A Pizza Restaurant & Sports Bar....

Sunday's Doonesbury- Different Responses

About those who think the government is going to take their guns...

The Trickery of the Military Budget

"A good pot of gumbo is so hard to make that nobody makes a small one. And that's a good thing."

Attn: Gun Owners. This is a PSA. Take 5 minutes and do one small thing for gun safety. U know u can!

Arizona Recall Group Says Arpaio “Hijacked” Republican Party

Power and the internet

Newbie to posting

Visual of Sandwich before some of us dig in today/ Snack for Super Bowl

Sunday Shooting Review

R.I.P. Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, J.P. "Big Bopper" Richardson"!

Not even a gun range had enough good guys with a gun to stop one bad guy with a gun by Lefty Coaster

Man gets Gun, Gets Trained, starts acting like a complete moron

Meet Sergio...

Our Economy Still Faces A Cliff: European-Style Austerity–Learn The Facts

Alley Cat Allies Responds to "SCIENTIFIC STUDY" on birds and cats

Great picture of window washers at a children's hospital:

How software patents are delaying the future

How much of a fool is Harry Reid?

LOL!.. NYT is dunning Iceland for not prosecuting ENOUGH!

GOP Threatens To Block Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Unless They Can Cripple It

Fox News Host Calls Out NRA Chief: ‘That’s Ridiculous And You Know It, Sir’

Cats DO have a job. Believe it or not... they accept that. And they're very, VERY good at it.

Bacon yes or bacon no? WTF was I thinking? It's not only bacon yes... it's bacon OF COURSE!!!!!!!!


Internet dating vs traditional mating/dating rituals:

MFM's middle name is "Mr. CPR". He just doesn't like to BRAG about how many times he's been a hero.

Long before it was a common cultural icon, Li'l Tiny MFM was a consummate multi-tasker.

Why Won’t We Talk About Violence and Masculinity in America?

Rush Limbaugh vs. Republican Caller

Why am I receiving junk mail (in my home email) from DU?

Cat caught trying to help inmates escape from jail

Al Gore: US democracy has been hacked

Happy 100th birthday Income Tax!

Mr. La Pierre, I just don't understand how I survived to be 61 years old

Recycled an old pokerfan post

Liberal Hollywood liberals from Hollywood. Why are they so liberal?

what's on the menu for Super Bowl Sunday?

Now, Joe, remember you're playing in white this week

Harry Reid Predicts Immigration Reform Will Pass...Must Include Protections For Same-Sex Families

Fox News' Chris Wallace Explodes At NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre: 'That's Ridiculous, Sir, And You Know It

The Moonrise that pokerfan posted...question

PSA for "Walking Dead" fans:

Robert Reich:Today, an Anniversary of America’s First Progressive Revolution

Pioneer birthdays Elizabeth Blackwell and Gertrude Stein

Lounge artisans, steer me to mosaic alphabet pattern if you're disposed

Inflation and Workers

Love this website! Dharmaseed

2nd amenment refers to gun ownership in terms of belonging to a 'militia':

Mary Cain, remember the name.

Keystone XL pipeline decision delayed until at least June

Republicans Are Bad At Math

Islamization in Gaza Erodes Women's Rights

NJ School Implements 'No Cursing' Rule But Only for Girls

Krugman makes an important observation about the opposition

Number of people who died by shooting themselves was almost 4 times greater in the high-gun states


I just want to know if God has got the over or under line.

First-Ever Incredible Footage of a Thought Being Formed

Enjoy the game: American electricity use drops 5% during Super Bowl

Not a Mistake, Misunderstanding, or Well-Intended Criticism But a Deliberate Campaign to Bash Israel

What would "high intensity cardio" entail?

Religion at the Academy Awards

Mushrooms in chili

McCrory communications chief leaving job

CPUSA leader turns up the volume on labor’s future

Rhode Island flower shops shun atheist teenager

Wouldn't it be awesome if.....

Your eyes are Very Sensitive

today in women's herstory

Lawrence Krauss speaks out against science denialism

Without comment: what's your score on the Pitbull-2nd Amendment matrix?

Cities, school boards bow to Freedom From Religion on prayers

a biography of the day-elizabeth graeme fergusson (poet and writer)

a biography of the day-elizabeth blackwell (first woman to get MD in US)

Reid: ‘A Bad Day For Our Country’ If Immigration Reform Fails

Check in here with your crazy off the wall Superbowl side bets.

Who's calling in sick tomorrow.... and why?

The "Message Auto-removed" thing is working very nicely.

LaPierre: They’re Coming For Our Guns No Matter What They Say

some quotes of the day-elizabeth blackwell

Top Conservatives Fund White Supremacist PAC

Shadow No Longer Scary For Phil

Dont miss Tonight's Pre-Superbowl Making Sense with Steve Leser at 5pm EST - IdaBriggs joins me!

Auto Revolution: A Promising Future for Self-Driving Cars

My solution to gun insanity

Graphic: Detroit Then and Now

Chimpanzees and humans have the Same Blood Types

Al Gore: Democracy has been ‘hacked’ by big business

ABC This Week... No Battle Realated Deaths To Report This Week.

Hillary Clinton in 2016: Be Afraid, Republicans

the Conservative Victory Project

Scientists to reveal result of Richard III hunt

imprinted: kids' brains 'branded' with fast-food logos

Can the NRA types adapt to a cyber-era world?

Prince George’s considers copyright policy that takes ownership of students’ work.

Ex Navy Sniper Killed at Gun Range....

How many safety latches am I going to have to install???

Well, for today's adventure, cauliflower breadsticks.

It's Puppy Bowl Time Again!

No wonder the religious right has run amok with impugnity...

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

Rep. Lou Barletta (R - PA) compares guns to spoons

Saudi Cleric who raped, tortured murdered 5 year old daughter must pay fine

Plans for political change are irrelevant and futile

Well, sure it sounds stupid when you say it *out loud*... (toon)

Petition - End the war on Kansas workers and unions.

"Hillary Rodham Clinton conferred privately with David H. Petraeus"

Puppy Bowl starts at 3:00 EST. Who's watching?

New York Times: In Hard Economy for All Ages, Older Isn’t Better ... It’s Brutal

Today in Peace and Justice history on February 3, 1893

Today in Peace and Justice history on February 3, 1893

49ers fans think Ray Lewis will be blinded by his own shoes

Am I the only one who just doesn't give a shit about the Super Bowl?

Ralph Reed is one of those people

Rmoney supporters shaken up

Krugman: The NRA Is An ‘Insane Organization’

The very idea of Google Glasses makes me giggle.

The Great Backyard Bird Count

Movie quotes that resonate.

Paul Krugman Destroys GOP’s Talking Points On Government Jobs

LA Times - "GOP legislators propose California school districts arm teachers"

This Week Panel Spars Over Paul Krugman’s Assertion That NRA ‘Revealed’ As ‘Insane Organization’

House Group Works to Present Its Own Immigration Plan.

Making a Killing

What causes a message to get auto-removed?

Brendon Ayanbadejo

Best Hillary Clinton Memes

Satire: Gun Sales Soar on Photo of Armed Obama

Super Bowl XLVII - Final Predictions

Some facts about Fox News and President Barack Obama...

This seems like an absurdly easy way to achieve universal background checks on gun purchases

The only hand gun people should own...and PBO has one...

just a helpful fyi, you can watch the Super Bowl live at the link in this post:

Superbowl Sunday! What's for dinner, C & B'ers?

Hillary Clinton quote

Bloomberg Group Airing Gun Control Ad During Super Bowl

Presented to the Lounge as a Public Service Announcement.

Focus or obsession?

Panetta: Enhanced interrogation did not lead to bin Laden

Don't Let Them Pull Out Your Teeth

India’s President approves death penalty in some rape cases

Good luck to both sides of this much ballyhoo'ed sports ball competition

CNN fails to disclose Chao married to McConnell as she slams Obama’s ‘far-left agenda’

In honor of Stupid Bowl, it's stupid gifs time

Wholesale wings hit record price ahead of Superbowl


Cartoons: So Long Sarah!

Tea Party and GOP are in full battle mode!

What happens when you try to fly a Cessna on Venus or Titan ?

I want to make a batch of muffins ... What flavor?

Water Burger!

Treasure trove of Max Factor artifacts found in Redondo Beach garage

Warmer earth will have less rain, not more: study . . .

Raising taxes

These Four Women are Giving Canada's Prime Minister a Headache

Go right ahead, knock yourself out

70 years ago today ... The Four Chaplains ... RIP

Halftime Preview


When Black History Month Goes Wrong

Attn gun nuts! Here's a chance for you to pile on. Whovian has been shown the door.

Reserve Marine Corporal is charged in fatal shooting of ex-SEAL/author Craig

What's in those chips?


Hundreds In Need of Drinking Water in Macy, Nebraska

Chris Kyle ran a nonprofit that provided fitness equipment for wounded veterans.

As Washington state eyes gender-neutral language, dairymen, freshmen, penmanship face chopping block

Out again today, playing with the ND filter

Some Super Bowl counter programming: A Prairie Home Companion with guest New Orleans musicians

Anyone remember Richard Foster??? -- he has retired

Gun nut, up close and personal. Visual warning! :D

Ford Strike, Walkout April, 1941 221689-29

Grumpy Cat picks a Super Bowl winner

AP Exclusive: 787 grounded, but batteries can fly

What type of person does it take to be a sniper??

UPDATE: SoCal preschool closes due to sexual activity between students

Hitler was NOT a Marxist

The Annual SuperBowl interview with the President was so much more professional than the one

Obama: Scouting should be open to gay members

VIEWPOINT: How A Very Smart Senator Showed Us Everything Wrong With The Modern GOP In One Week

9 Gay Reasons To Watch The Super Bowl

Senator Rand Paul Submits A National Right To Work Bill

An important question for Oregon DUers

Last night I noticed my brother-in-law's gun safe was open

How about a little Sunday Santana?

Does anyone know if one's membership can lapse

Ladies and Gentlemen, Please Stand for the National Anthem

It's National Carrot Cake Day

SNL The Californians unaired version

Florence Arizona Student Suspended Over Picture Of Gun

True Facts About Sloths

RCMP snooped on Occupy Ottawa protesters

When crisis becomes opportunity: Progressive organizing after Bill C-377

Stateless in the Age of Islamophobia

Rosa Parks: “I had been pushed as far as I could stand”

President Obama's Super Bowl Pregame Interview

So, Just How Powerful Is The Israel lobby In The US?

So does this mean "The Good Wife" won't be on tonight?

Obama seeks closed loopholes, ‘smart’ reductions

One major reason that background checks are meaingless

TYT: Teacher Tweets: 'I'm Naked, Wet, & Stoned'

John Nichols: Scott Walker’s defense fund raises questions

Obama says he won’t hesitate on women in combat

Ten percent of American high-schoolers graduate without basic object permanence skills.

Secretary of State John Kerry gets to work

Three Sazeracs and I'm on my way! Hope I make it to kickoff!

I'm going to enjoy the Superbowl because the N.E. Patriots are not in it.

Gentlemen and Gentleladies - Cushion Yourselves!

On Decimated Shore, a Second Life for Christmas Trees

I bet I won't watch the superbowl. Who wants to take the bet?

Who Congress really works for.

If you didnt hear it live click for Tonight's show-Gun Control (with IdaBriggs), Economy , Immigrati

India's undiscovered gem: the hills of Meghalaya

The Official "I couldn't care less..." Thread

Take that NRA - the Sandy Hook Choir singing at the Superbowl

Ok,just had tears in my eyes watching those beautiful children singing at the super bowl

Hateful bigoted letter to the editor about Planned Parenthood.

29 Conspiracy Photos Crazy People Will Be Forwarding Next

Watching SB during ceremony

Details emerge about man at center of Alabama hostage standoff

Obama says Boy Scouts should allow gays as members

'Israel considers building buffer zone inside Syria'

Has anybody got the jury results for this disgusting rape threat?

*records #Superbowl without express written consent of NFL

So,...who did Lady Freedom Returns pick for this game?

Honest question, are there any non-whites in Newton, Connecticut?

Why does regular TV programming have to be suspended for the stupid football game?

My first "WTF?" of the night...

Super Bowl XLVII -- a homophobe's worst nightmare.

OK Go Daddy gets the nod for the WORST SUPER BOWL COMMERCIAL EVER MADE!!!!

You may have missed your chance to join the Tea Party Community (aka Facebook for Asshats)

Ten worst states for retirement, guess what