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the constitution requires that congressional pay is not a negotiation point

Chinese Cooks I need to know what was in a sauce.

Symantec discovers 2005 US computer virus attack on Iran nuclear plants

michele bachmann--presidential debates made me a "virtual wikipedia"

Trial: Man denies claims of Haiti child sex abuse

Lost Rudyard Kipling poems published (BBC)

City councilor launches campaign for mayor in Boston

If you are the member of a privileged group AND call yourself progressive

Whose Side Is God On?

It's snowing again...

Tony Blair says Iraq would be far worse today under Saddam Hussein

Archaeologists digging at Peru sports center uncover 11 skeletons from 2 pre-Hispanic cultures

Love hurts: Man arrested for releasing helium balloon with his girlfriend

Tony Blair says Iraq would be far worse today under Saddam Hussein

'Obey': Film Based on Chris Hedges' 'Death of the Liberal Class'

Anonymous Vs Bank of America

Belgian city imposes fee on foreigners

Hagel got 58 affirmative votes for

Florio: NFL Teams Want To Know If Manti Te’o Is Gay

Sikh shot dead in US in suspected hate crime

Michigan Republican: ‘Strange’ no one is looking into Obama’s birthplace

Widow asks supreme court to strike Doma on grounds of discrimination

Palestinians wielding new power against Israeli rule

Secret Agent Muslim, Secret Agent Muslim. They've given you a number and taken away your name.

This may be a little late (or a little early) from John Lewis of the UK

Christie Signs NJ Internet Gambling Bill Into Law

The latest in Conservative Demotivational Posters from Canuckistan:

Michele Bachmann: Presidential debates made me a ‘virtual Wikipedia’

Kathleen Kane is on Hardball. Coming up next!

Update: Indiana Senate approves abortion bill

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 27 February 2013

*MAKERS, Women who make America, PBS now.

Former Salvadoran general: I did not commit or order acts of torture, killings in civil war

Trying out my new imgur account.

Former Salvadoran general: I did not commit or order acts of torture, killings in civil war

Maldives: 15-yr old girl raped by her father sentenced to 100 lashes for "pre-marital sex"

Defining the troll

If you like the mussels in white wine sauce they serve at Carrabba's, here is a great copy of it.

Teens' online habits 'lead to better behaviour'

Regulatory Dissent Slows New Calls for Nuclear Plant Safety

Scientists Reconstruct (Russian) Meteor's Journey To Earth

What should the response be to someone wanting to be paid in cash for a service?

France confirms tough fight in northern Mali

GOPers are going ballistic over the recent release of immigrant detainees by the Feds

Elizabeth Warren's Q&A of Ben Bernanke at Senate Banking Committee

Call to action re. Jennifer Rubin's hateful WAPO column about 1st Lady's Oscar appearance

Army Squandering Millions on Unreturned Clothing, Equipment

White House Regulatory Office Too Quiet About Its Activities, Study Finds (over last 12 yrs)

An interesting idea re the states that are making abortion inaccessable.

Impressive sculpture of Nelson Mandela, situated at the place where he was arrested in 1962

Spitzer is on Ed Shultz on the criminal banks

Religion and Motivation

Boobs - Fugs

Any tips of calming a feral cat for capture?

Is there a burning desire in anyone for a theme for the March contest?

8 Inspiring Things That Happened Since Trayvon Martin Was Tragically Killed One Year Ago Today

"Mind of a Rampage Killer"

Frank Sain's lawyer releases statement:

Phony right-wing outrage alert: The coming "you can't do things by yourself" storm of BS

Is there a lawyer in the house? QDRO

Carrie Fisher briefly hospitalized after bipolar episode during bizarre performance on cruise ship

Justin Trudeau inexperienced? Think again

EU consuls recommend imposing sanctions on Israeli settlements

Nato admits 'error' in claim of fall in Taliban attacks

The literary roots of Taylor Swift

Robin Kelly is winning in the race for Jesse Jackson Jr's seat she is the most liberal

2 officers, 1 suspect shot dead in Santa Cruz

This news item might make your day - ex-con sets up foundation to

WaPo Blogger Rubin epitomizes RW delusion syndrome.

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Get Off Your Ass ?! & a new Kitty gif

Uh OH!...Did I End up in DU Lounge II? Some Morph?

Can new technology save fish? (Smart Nets)

Election (primary) RESULTS for Jackson Jr.'s U.S. House seat (UPDATE: AP calls it for Kelly!)

Why does Twilight like fig newtons? She's never gone for cookies before. She tried

Students Occupy University President’s Office To Protest Naming Stadium After Private Prison Company

Democratic Congresswoman Signals ‘Intention’ To Challenge Pennsylvania Gov. Corbett

A "good guy" with a gun?

Colorado Transgender 1st grader banned from girls bathroom

Freeper thinks McVeigh should've bombed the New York Times

Christie unveils $32.9B N.J. budget that expands Medicaid, covers pension payment

Respect baby!

Liberal dem Robin Kelly won Jesse Jackson Jr's seat!

More Power...

Seth MacFarlane drew largest Oscars TV audience in three years

After years of silence, Maryland honoring Lefty Driesell speaks volumes

Why should we elect you world dictator?

IT CEO Defense Of Threatening State Senator - Arrest Violation Of Free Speech Rights

Sometimes you just know from the sound that the ball is going over the fence in centerfield

Needy families can apply for pet food stamps through donation-based program

Investigation Reveals VA Gov. McDonnell Orchestrated Ouster of Pro-PLA MWAA Members

Guitarist Dan Toler of Allman Brothers Band dies in Florida

Update on Kai, the ax-wielding hitchhiker hero

Juror #3, you too.

Rachel interviewing two sisters and a brother of a Dead Sandy Hook Teacher.

Turkey: More than 100 public sector unionists arrested (E action)


What could go wrong?

Single women: How do you react when a caller insists on speaking to the man in the house?


Tell us what you *really* think, Juror #3!

AMAZING story - restoring faith in humanity in Texas

This Modern World - "The B.S. Approach"...

BCA stats show self-defense shootings rare for MN permit holders, criminal activity more common

How to Turn The Sequester Lemon Into 'Lemonade'

"Hagel Accuser Ted Cruz Wants Everyone To Stop Asking Questions About His Past"

Bobby Valentine: 'Connie Mack wouldn't have won with that team'

In Oakland, Mercado Chain Workers Protest Alleged Sexual Harassment, Firings

How to draw a Chihuahua…

Progressive Robin Kelley defeats Debbie Halverson for IL congressional seat.

Phoenix City Council votes to amend discrimination law - adds LGBT

Papantonio: The Demise Of Corporate-Controlled Media

Special thanks from the Midwest to all those clearing roads and driveways

HELP. i am NOT a puter geek, which is WHY i have an OLD OSX from 2006.

The "perpetually outraged" are roundly criticized here. Are you "perpetually outraged"?

From Jezebel: Sexism Fatigue...

DNA Privacy Goes to the Supreme Court

Nation’s Top Latino Civil Rights Groups Join Global Boycott Of Hyatt Hotels

A DUzy of an idea

Florida man shot by his dog, police say

Barbara and John Ehrenreich: The Real Story Behind the Crash and Burn of America's Managerial Class

"This Brutal Poll Says Everything You Need To Know About The State Of The GOP"

Anti-whalers Sea Shepherd are pirates, says US court

"What" do you value the most ?

'Put disabled children down' Cornwall councillor sorry

It's officially on in Texas. Battleground Texas launched today!

"Chris Christie Snubbed By CPAC Over Gun Control Stance: National Review"

Bill would create Bible study elective for high schools

Who'da thunk Ben,....was the smart one!

A shout out to Elad who has been busy making MIRT life easier.

Couple face felony charges for sneaking into movie

Alas! Thou pokest!

Cosmic Fuggedaboudit: Dark Matter May Not Exist At All Read more:

This is why Kurt Vonnegut is underrated

This is rich...are you ready? Ind. Senate calls for U.S. constitutional convention

Americans United Asks Federal Court To Bar Sectarian Prayer At Maryland Town Council’s Meetings

Sam Harris simply destroys catholicism

I guess my day could have been worse...

LTE: ‘Fox’ The Debt; Corporations Pushing For Cuts To Social Security and Medicare

Veterans Gun Seizure Hoax Debunked…Somewhat (updated)

Most Republicans IN government are hostile to the ideal OF government

Ind. Senate calls for U.S. constitutional convention

2 27 Occupy Homes MN & Brother Ali at the State Capital & march to Wells Fargo Mortgage Campus

Head of Mexico's Powerful Teachers' Union Arrested

After 3 years the 99% wins at Castlewood Country Club

83 Billion Dollars Profit

In the Shadow of Dr. Tiller

AP sources: US weighs direct aid to Syrian rebels

Italian voters are really going to make Draghi “do whatever it takes”

Whenever you come across a person who says that they don't ever make mistakes…

Quartz: The budget sequestration will make US air travel a nightmare. Probably.

Jessica's Story: Reclaiming Our Homes

Colbert endorses political candidate


This is just plain CRAZY! Kentucky and Alaska pass UNCONSTUTIONAL bills on purpose

The Taliban's New, More Terrifying Cousin

Watch Fox News? @ 9PM Western-1st 10 minutes are a HOOT!

Jon Stewart Tears Into Robert Gibbs For MSNBC Gig, Flippantly Admitting He Lied On Drones

Rep. Ellison explodes on Fox News

US court brands whale activists Sea Shepherd 'pirates'

The GOP’s Karmic Retribution — The Iraq War

Swine flu jab linked to narcolepsy

Just found out... the freaking "sequester" now a certainty?

Woman receives bill after making restroom pit stop

New Amazon Kindle ad supports same-sex marriage

Cardinal Roger Mahony: "Stop Condemning Me For Shielding Child Rapists"

Hannity Stops Interview After A Brutal Ass Kicking By Keith Ellison

Louisiana Forces Homeless Shelter To Destroy $8,000 Worth Of Deer Meat

I rescued a human today

This woman is making it harder for rape victims.

Prism Appreciation Thread

U.S. Circuit Court Of Appeals Rules: No Second Amendment Right To Carry Concealed Firearms

A dog food question

Debbie Halvorson goes down in special election. She blames Michael Bloomberg's anti-gun super PAC

APOD image that will blow you away.

Shooting at Coastal Carolina University (Conway, South Carolina) - UPDATED

An email from LinkedIn...

Time To Say Goodbye

Why Asian-Americans Have Turned Their Backs on the Republican Party

Driving stoned bill clears 1st Colo. hurdle

BREAKING: House Republicans Backing Down On Violence Against Women Act

Ted Cruz's 'curious' defense

'Make BP Pay!': Gulf Residents Decry Oil Giant as 'Deepwater Horizon' Trial Opens

Seth MacFarlane is an awesome liberal. I hope no one bashing him watches South Park.

How do you delete bookmarked items from the list on an apple computer using safari?

Republican Supreme Court Challenge to Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act Could Be Devastating

Republican Supreme Court Challenge to Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act Could Be Devastating

Cat owners

'MSNBC: Selling the Iraq War' or: 'Hubris' in the Mirror

Japanese medic veteran's whistle-blowing

I got my first post ever hidden by a DU Jury. I apologize. (*cross post from GD*)

The next Einstein

The Most Frightening Facebook Graphic Ever?

What more can we do to help end alert stalking?

Texas senator moves to tighten abortion pill rules

Three inches of snow my butt! (Sheboygan blizzard)

Arkansas Abortion Bill Vetoed By Governor Mike Beebe

Cats fight. And cat sleeps.

Advanced breast cancer up in younger women

Porn industry helps restore man's stolen collection

San Antonio Democratic stalwart Mikal Watts under federal investigation

I am no friend of the current Pope or the Catholic Church

Colorado family sues school over transgender discrimination

A State Rep. Wants Ten Commandments Posted in Public Schools, Because Republicans Say So

Big Tex Gets a Hand -- Just Not a Very Big One

Today, Democrats Are Officially Gunning for Texas' Electoral College Votes

According to a New Survey, Republicans Turn to Olive Garden For Quality ‘Ethnic Food’

Want to limit the influence of money in politics? Tax legislators who become lobbyists

I appreciate Rep. Ellison’s effort to shut that piece of shit Hannity up tonight..

So much to do

Rep. Dan Flynn (R) says it takes too long to get concealed gun license

"The Age of Aquarius"....

Colombia’s rights defenders under fire - U.N.

Carrying Fire Extinguishers while riding

I dislike this Pistorius guy more by the minute

Italy halts austerity plan leaving EU in turmoil

NRA takes a beating in Chicago

Bobby Jindal, Mary Landrieu spar over Medicaid

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday Feb 27th

Tuition increase approved for 90,000 college students

Critics blast governor over $100K kitchen renovation

Dean Baker (and others) on Social Security

What should my next big post be about?

Radiation detection devices and procedures

These two ladies covering this pope farewell circus

Place I have and have not been to

10 things men know about women

Cheetah mauls lion

David Bowie - The Stars (Are Out Tonight)

Q&A: Argentina's NY court showdown on default debt

Serious practical joking

Seth MacFarlane criticized by female California lawmakers

Putin calls for upgrade of Russian army

Shut up for one tiny second, Mark Morford

EU discourages investment in Israeli settlements

Cardinal O'Brien and the Church's Sexual Confusion

To Pope Benedict: Farewell,

Reports of rare superbug jump in US, CDC says

Two Boys Found Dead After Amber Alert

Three dead in Swiss factory shooting

It's National Strawberry Day.

Pain from hoaxes goes bipartisan

Guilty plea by Chardon High School shooter T.J. Lane spares community painful trial

For those who hate the Geico gecko... (earworm alert)

Senate GOP ponders shifting sequester power to Obama

Italy Confronts Vacuum as Leaders Seek to Avoid Election

The Ravages of War Related PTSD Spread to Partners and Children of US Soldiers

Backers of Syrian rebels endanger Iraq: Iraqi minister

Hurry! Chuck Todd is coming up on MORNING JOE...

Why Are New York's Pot Laws So Awful?

Turning lemons into lemonade: Which programs should we cut because of the sequester?

EU ministers back fish dumping ban

Air Force to Stealth Fighter Pilots: Get Used to Coughing Fits

Chief Of Dysfunctional F-35 Program Calls Out The Pentagon's Defense Contractors

Do any of the rest of you feel like this?

Leaked Info Allegedly Shows The Absurd Lengths BofA Goes To Spy On Hackers

North Korea blames U.S. for tension on peninsula


Republican Congressman Faces Tea Party Wrath for Flying Air Force One

Chinese traffic police given anti-smog nasal filters

Locked Out of Jobs, Formerly Incarcerated Struggle to Reintegrate

Wisconsin: Scott Walker’s budget lifts restriction on foreign purchase of Wisconsin land

Three-Quarters of Progressive Caucus Not Taking a Stand Against Cuts in Social Security, Medicare

Uzbekistan, here I come...

There is no liberal media to not believe in

Candidate Who Backs Gun Control Wins Race

Manning's Right to a Speedy Trial Not Violated After 1,000 Days, Judge Rules

In emotional farewell pope says he resigned for good of Church

After watching bits of that propaganda from Rome this morning

Corporations Urge U.S. Supreme Court to Embrace Gay Marriage

The Very Magnificent First Lady!

Inspirational French writer Stephane Hessel dies at 95

Gun advocate tells Dem Rep, 'I Hope Someone Giffords Your Ass With A Gun'

Sequestration Puts Spotlight on America’s Dangerously Overcrowded Federal Prisons

"Covered California" Press Conference

Lew’s Latest Shows US Increasingly Out of Step in Holding Wall Street Accountable

two questions (I am relatively new to the new DU)

Are the views and opinions of the disadvantaged always superior to those of the privileged?

Wanna fix the debt? Here's an idea.

CaliforniaPeggy was a delightful, very welcome corrupting influence on the local senior center.

ohiosmith REALLY needs to learn not to leave his drugs just lying around.

The world's most dangerous animal:

In vino veritas... but don't blink.

This is no shit -- MiddleFingerMom has been here FAR more often than he likes to think about.

MiddleFingerMom KNOWS teh sexay (but YOU knew that already).

Walling Ourselves Inside a Militarized-Police State

Wall Street bonuses rise 8% for 2012 but industry warns of looming layoffs

Greece and Spain helped postwar Germany recover. Spot the difference

John Kerry in Paris

Illinois House committee advances gay marriage bill

Urinal Spin: Top earners get much of Scott Walker cut but pay more in income tax

Women Trail in U.S. Employment Gains as Governments Cut

NY-on-the-Gulf: The Warmer World of 2200

Salmon spread

Tony Blair: People are still 'very abusive' to me 10 years after the Iraq War

Ghosts of the Tea Party

Hillary the field-clearer

Democrats Kicking Ass

GOP challenges Chuck Hagel one last time

Good morning, Lounge!

No, Hillary Clinton is not too old to be president

Obama has 24 hours left to file Prop 8 brief. Will he?

Financial issues at the Vatican. It's always the money.

Tony Blair says Iraq would be far worse today under Saddam Hussein

Obama Officials Won't Say If Assassinations Within US Are Legal

Will we ever… understand what dark matter is made from?

Funny Fox News Fails Trying to Blame Democrats for Detroit

Bob Woodward attacks President again!

Bachmann touts her flawless run for the presidency and love of Beyoncé

Obama Labor Dept. Scraps 2006 Barriers to Investigating Pay Discrimination

Rep. Keith Ellison hammers Sean Hannity: You’re a shill for the Republican Party

Texas lawmaker’s bill cuts concealed gun training hours and ‘proficiency’ requirements

Ladies and Gents, I give you... the Crocaduck!

Obama Golfs With Oil Executives While Tens Of Thousands Protest Keystone XL Pipeline

Steve Schmidt: CPAC ‘Star Wars bar scene’

Firing an AR-15 with a printed lower.

President Obama, John Brennan Refuse To Say If They Can Assassinate Americans On US Soil

The most dangerous animal

WARREN TO BERNANKE: "So when are we gonna get rid of 'too big to fail?'"

Leatherback Sea Turtle Could Be Extinct Within 20 Years at Last Stronghold in the Pacific Ocean

Pentagon to keep Gen. John R. Allen probe a secret

Lawmaker attacks oil companies’ ‘free’ drilling in gulf

Pentagon F-35 program chief lashes Lockheed, Pratt

What Makes a Man?

Forget dog butt Jesus, now we have bird turd Jesus

Syria crisis: Are the two sides ready to talk?

Keith Ellison appreciation thread.

Next 10: Budget Challenge. A nonpartisan budget simulation

Parties see positive results of Iran nuclear talks

Cars, Homes Flooded By Water Main Break In San Francisco - See more at: http://sanfrancisco.cbslocal

Name your own Winter Storm.

State Taxpayer money needed for fracking roads

Corporations urge Supreme Court to embrace gay marriage

Studying the Studies on the Minimum Wage

Army assault ladders — headed to Afghanistan soon

Pink's after baby body is super human.

I made my calls, have you?

Why You Need WhoWhatWhy to Grow

So are we down to 49 states today. Some Alaskan turdmite thinks we should be.

Let's just leave Orie-Melvin's seat empty until the next election!

The Future Is Dark

Chris Christie is not invited to C-Pac ... good for him

Dad and Equal Employment Opportunity in Black History

How to Tame the Corporation - Nader

Federal Appeals Court: There Is No Second Amendment Right To A Concealed Firearm

Set the minimum wage

Yesterday in Arizona, I heard a news report that a soldier from AZ had been killed in Afghanistan

In case you are wondering why we still have no openly gay NFL players this might give a clue

Climate Change, Nuclear Economics, and Conflicts of Interest

Orders for U.S. Non-Transportation Goods Jump Most in a Year

Pat Robertson: Goodwill Sweaters Could Have Demons, No Harm In Praying Over Them

Governor Feingold. Has a nice ring to it.

How you can tell when MFM is out of the hospital

Quvenzhané, the C word, and innocence lost

Pending Sales of U.S. Existing Homes Rise More Than Forecast

How the U.N. caused Haiti's Cholera crisis -- and Won't Be Held Responsible

Congressional Leaders to Meet With Obama as Cuts Take Effect

The Unemployable 50 Something Will Be Permanent Part Of The Labor Landscape Now

Pictures of Kerry in France (from the State Department)

Lords of Disorder: Billions For Wall Street, Sacrifice For Everyone Else

It's now apparent why things aren't getting done in Congress

Obama’s SEC Pick Wary of Zealous Wall Street Prosecutions

Australia Begins Super Hornet Study As F-35 Slide Continues

They're Baaack: U.S. Banks Had Their Second-Best Year Ever in 2012

Another day, more senseless tragedy..more CT killings.

$30,500 average: New Cars Increasingly Out of Reach for Many Americans

After Talks End, Netanyahu Calls For ‘Military Sanctions’ On Iran

F-35 chief Bogdan to execute, not cheerlead

Voicing the Unvoiceable: Why energy healing is so Un-PC

Texas Rep. Joe Farias Does "Harlem Shake" For Public Education

Lockheed dispute clouds Turkey’s F-35 commitment

5 Easy Ways to Spot a B.S. News Story on the Internet

Brief Supporting Same-Sex Marriage Gets More Republican Support

The Rude Pundit - Tweets About Elaine Chao: On the Left, We Treat Our Screw-Ups with Honor

From GD about workers over 50

Pic Of The Moment: Steve Schmidt: CPAC Is The "Star Wars Bar Scene Of The Conservative Movement"

Mississippi Republicans Would Prohibit Towns From Establishing A Minimum Wage

Five Military Cuts That Would Fix Sequestration

What The People Ted Cruz Describes As ‘Communists’ Actually Believe

President Obama Speaks at the Unveiling of a Statue of Rosa Parks

They don't make 'em like they used to, but did they ever?

Dale Schultz on Sly:"Humiliating when Legislators Hauled into (WTMJ) to Swear Alleg...

Mitch McConnell speaking now at the Rosa Park statue unveiling on CSPAN? My, My! nt

Oh and ~ Happy Hump Day.

Mississippi Republicans Would Prohibit Towns From Establishing A Minimum Wage

Miss Teen USA contestant resigns after porn video surfaces

Arkansas Abortion Bill Vetoed By Governor Mike Beebe

Good news, bad news, good news

Chief Justice Roberts' Long War Against the Voting Rights Act

Hickenlooper Declares War: State Will Sue Cities Over “Fracking”

Governments Must Let Failing Banks ‘Die,’ U.K. Lobby Group Says

Conservative Justices Voice Skepticism on Voting Law

Get off their ass?! Boehner just came off a week-long vacation!

No, no. Not my dashboard Jeezus!

Why we must cut the Big War budget by twice what is called for in the sequester:

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Sequestered

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- New Pope

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Obama is sending an undocumented worker to live in your house while he awaits his deportation trial.

'Slight in Stature but Mighty in Courage'

Meanwhile, in the House: The prospects for universal background check legislation take a blow

Panic in Greek pharmacies as hundreds of medicines run short

· A Reminder: What the Hagel Farce Was Actually About

Interlude: The Wing Has Come Off of John Boehner’s Nut

Question on Storage and back up

Thom Hartmann: Bush v. Gore - took away your right to vote! (Pt. 1)

Lean In Feminism . . . Religion Style.

Want To Limit The Influence Of Money In Politics? Tax Legislators Who Become Lobbyists

Republicans start working on 2014 House races: by targeting their own

March Madness: Make your picks in the Vatican’s Sweet Sistine brackets!

Europe's Austerity reaches the U.S. "This sequester is basically an American austerity program."

U.S. will increase assistance to Syrian opposition -White House

What The People Ted Cruz Describes As ‘Communists’ Actually Believe

3 Charts to Stop Military Madness: Starving Granny for Pointless Wars that Americans Don't Want -

Michigan Gov. Snyder’s Expected Move To Name ‘Emergency Manager’ Of Detroit Draws Charges Of Racism

(Reuters) - More than 200 businesses will urge the U.S. Supreme Court on Wed to strike down DOMA

Christie’s Honeymoon With Conservatives Is Over

Faith in Values: Misusing Religious Freedom to Cloak Intolerance

Oh, yeah!

Senate GOP Ponders Ceding Power To President Obama

Delaney Named to Joint Economic Committee.

Ridin' Dirty

Are the US and Russia bridging their divide over Syria? (CS Monitor)

Did you ever underbake a loaf of bread? Is there a way to fix this?

Thom Hartmann: Big Brother is Watching

The friend I took to the ER had her surgery today and she has cancer.

Boner turning US into the "So-Be-It" Union

American pianist Van Cliburn, whose 1958 triumph at a Moscow competition impressed world, dies

MARYLANDTEA PARTIERS Sponsor Civil Liberties Legislation to Stop NDAA Detention

Help vaccinate 2 shelter cats -- if you can, buy a "Paws Galore" baking set

Help vaccinate 2 shelter cats -- if you can, buy a "Paws Galore" baking set here:

Tomorrow's Technology News Today

Dear Republicans

Hannity admits he's a big fat Republican

Top court strikes down part of Sask. hate speech prohibition

Poll: Most don’t believe in being a tax cheat

Papantonio: NRA Lobby Money Keeping Guns In Killers’ Hands

Just As Nixon Went To China, Should Obama Go To Iran?

Mad Tony ( Scalia): Voting Rights Act Is ‘Perpetuation Of Racial Entitlement’

After a night of barhopping in Cedarburg, the Racing Italian Sausage is missing

Smithsonian Vows Regular Hours If Cuts Take Effect

White House Believes G.O.P. Will Bend as Cuts Take Hold

Clarence Thomas (R) on Voting Rights Act: "z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z."

NASA: Climate change thins forests in eastern U.S.

Israel: Mortar Shell From Syria Lands In Golan Heights

Is a Comet on a Collision Course with Mars?

Toon: We question Chuck Hagel's judgement...

Non-invisible bank robber caught

Second laptop stolen from Israeli nuclear chief

Toon: Sequestered...


The party 'in need of a major makeover'

Dennis Tito's "Inspiration Mars" webcast has started (10am pst)

If austerity is the answer, what is the question?

Only thing I care about today is the Voting Rights Act

Scalia: Voting Rights Act Is ‘Perpetuation Of Racial Entitlement’

Ted Nugent finds a soapbox...

Behold the genius that is today's Republican Party:

Minister: PA to sue Israel over prisoner death

Sequester for Dummies Thread... (I'm the Dummy who needs a simple explaination of This whole

From a repub: Why Asian-Americans Have Turned Their Backs on the Republican Party

LIVE hummingbird nest cam!

I don't know which is funnier, the video or the audio

Holy Shite -Insurgents have launched rocket attack on Camp Bastion,main military base in Afghanistan

Chuck Hagel Sworn in as 24th Secretary of Defense

John Boehner's Latest Sequester Proposal: The Chat & Cut

Star Trek Fans...

Finish this sentence: We need to have a frank discussion about..........!

Corbett's Spokesman keeps posting on blogs

Former Insiders Criticise Iran Policy as U.S. Hegemony

France’s Hessel, Who Inspired Occupy Wall Street, Dies

US food shortages loom amid budget cuts

This post is kind of interesting

I just want to give ...

As AG, Corbett Couldn't Find What He Was Not Looking For (Corrupt Republican Officials)

Lawmaker: Make all Idaho adults militia members

A Place at the Table: Actors' Equity Now Affiliated With AFL-CIO

Chuck Hagel stirs up India-US storm over Afghanistan

Iran hails turning point in nuclear talks

I was assured both Green Singing Finches were male

Gorilla enrichment

60% favor stricter gun laws. 4% favor less strict gun laws.

Critique of Republican tax policy from a Republican subject-matter expert, via KS Rep. Paul Davis:

Generals and Admirals Demand a Plan

Adam Strange killed by shark

Pianist Van Cliburn has died at 78

Ex-campaign volunteer charged with obstruction

Farewell for the last ten years, Mister Rogers

Congress Keeps Funding Little-Used Airports ($150k for one used mostly as a bathroom)

Critique of Republican tax policy from a Republican subject-matter expert, via KS Rep. Paul Davis:

NASA ScienceCasts: What Exploded Over Russia?

Rare spider halts pipeline construction (With less than 1,500 feet to go)

De Blasio Urges NBA To Hold All-Star Game At Barclays Over MSG; Rips James anti-union Dolan

Clothing company sparks patent row after registering 'Jesus' as a trademark

No Decorah Eagle watching this year. Moved to a new nest.

Wanted: Married Couple for Private Mars Voyage in 2018

‘Thank you’ The unveiling today of the statue in honor of civil rights activist Rosa Parks (Photos)

Asarco smelting stacks in El Paso to be demolished April 13

Obama Helps Unveil Rosa Parks Statue

Van Cliburn has died

Sergey Brin: Smartphones are 'emasculating'

APNewsBreak: Lawyer to Probe Penn St. Grand Jury

Kilgore College police used pepper spray on losing Navarro players

Rampant child labor keeps Colombian youth out of school .

If you have/had a mortgage via Countrywide, you need to read this:

Update of SCOTUS oral arguments on Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act

something different (worth a look through the pictures)

The cheapest restaurants pay all of their staff minimum wage or higher

My problem with Voting Rights act pre-clearance provision

Sade - Keep Looking

House Judiciary Chairman Says He Opposes Universal Background Checks On Gun Sales

GOP Really Only Interested In One Thing - TOTALITARIAN RULE. And They Are Working To Guarantee -

How FDR Would Bring Back America’s Middle Class: Tax the Rich

Sade Live - No Ordinary Love

Because of "the toll that military has taken on the blood, treasure, and happiness of American peopl

Today in Peace and Justice history on February 27, 1973

Today in Peace and Justice history on February 27, 1973

This Virginia Class Submarine…

Royal Dutch Shell PLC announces it will not drill in the Arctic in 2013

Kilgore College police used pepper spray on losing Navarro players

What, you think you got some fancy 'racial entitlements' or something?

Will the US Continue to Obstruct Justice for Duvalier's Victims in Haiti?

Will the US Continue to Obstruct Justice for Duvalier's Victims in Haiti?

For Jennifer Anniston and Patricia Clarkson fans.

The Most Ridiculous Tea Party Signs (in honor of the Tea Party's 4th anniversary)

Father of California police shooting suspect says son was "ticking time bomb."

Jennifer Lawrence & Kristen Stewart are besties.

Gun nuts espouse Charles Manson's Helter Skelter

A Charlie Brown Christmas Reunion

Americans worry more about gun violence than losing their jobs

Rosie's rescue

5 Easy ways to Spot a B.S News Story on the Internet

Made gnocchi for the first time.

I'll be able to drink wine again tonight after FIFTEEN FREAKING DAYS!!

Legacy of Reagan, Bush I and Bush II....

A broken clock is still right twice a day UNLESS....

What I just encountered

Supreme Court Conservatives Express Skepticism Over Voting Law Provision

Austerity, Wal-Mart and you

Norway disburses budget support to Palestine

I need some help with an LTTE.

Industry warns financial support needed if UK marine energy is to make waves

Has Clarence Thomas spoken up about the voting rights act today?

Ultimate ethnic joke.

Yosemite Jr. Ranger Pens Letter to Park Officials Apologizing for Accidentally Bringing Home Sticks

This Day in History: February 27

Jumbo win for Bardot's death row elephants

Feel safer now?

Havana Says It Cannot Visit Cuban Agent in US

Suicide attempt foiled with aid of Facebook

On First Day at Pentagon, Hagel Warns of Budget Cuts.

Why exactly are conservatives attacking the right to vote?

Three people have been killed and seven others injured in a shooting at a factory in Switzerland

Have You Seen This? Photographer As Witness - A Portrait of Domestic Violence

Abcess in a cat? Ever seen this?

French troops in 'very violent' Mali combat

Well, at least someone else is calling Bob Woodward out on his lack of constitutional knowledge...

Fraternity raises money for transgender brother's surgery

It Would Seem That Bob Woodward Does Not Understand How The Constitution Works

No ruckus about Medicare cuts in sequester

sequestration is like saving time by undercooking eggs.

Bill Moyers: NRA an "enabler of death."

Titanic II Interior Plans Revealed

Update of SCOTUS oral arguments on Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act

We think of the Middle Ages as being more violent than modern times, but I wonder if it really was.

*****Poll*****March contest search for theme

House Republicans Clear Path for Renewal of Violence Against Women Act

Sheriff: Suspect in fatal shooting of California police officers had body armor, 3 guns.

IMPEACH Scalia---He Thinks He Can TRUMP Our Constitution In Another NAKED POWER GRAB For The Right

Rep. Gallego: Single Biggest Threat to Border Security Is Sequestration

Say Goodbye to the Voting Rights Act; Prepare to Fight For Your Right to Vote

Medicare Uncovered: What’s in a name? (the GOP prettifies vouchers)

Europe Frets over Italy: 'Two Clowns Won the Election'

Generals and Admirals Demand A Plan

Arne says sequester will force large Title I, Special Ed cuts. Meanwhile billions go to "reformers"

#RosaParks statue unveiled as #SCOTUS debates Voting Rights Act. What a country.

Pee Wee hockey coach jailed for assault on 13-year-old player

How reliable is The Globe magazine?

Is it Art or is it Discrimination?

Everyone needs a buddy to golf with

Caiden Cowger laughs at Holocaust

That a black man-born 1948 in Pin Point, GA-could be party to such a ruling simply boggles the mind

Have We Got a Deal for You

5 Easy Ways to Spot a B.S. News Story on the Internet

Disney Fired Whistleblower, Manager Says

Homeland Security official resigns after release of illegal immigrants blamed on budget cuts

Report: Guardiola spied on players

Formula 1 - Tests show F1 now even closer - Lotus

Study shows wealth gap between whites and African-Americans tripled in 25 years

Canadian Parliament: 'Canada Will Never Become a Safe Haven for Zombies'

President Obama shares a moment with 3 year old Terrell Anderson - pic

President Obama at the unveiling of a statue of Rosa Parks in Statuary Hall - pics

He said, 'everything's going to be ok, Dad, it's all going to be ok.' And it wasn't ok."

The parrot who challenged scientific beliefs about animal intelligence

Behold, the Kindle of the 16th Century

Republicans really care about deficit spending

Looks like Harkin's seat should be safe

Anyone remember Liberace?

Spinning Black Hole Measured for First Time Ever

Not BOO. More like boo hiss.

15 Accidentally Awesome Photos

New Computer? Not for me.

Liberal Guest To Hannity: 'Most Republicans Are Fat Asses,

New Documents Reveal U.S. Marshals’ Drones Experiment, Underscoring Need for Government Transparency

Lobbyists and Legislators, working both sides of the street - Bill Moyers and Michael Winship

Bob Woodward has lost it. He wants Obama to ignore federal law because its just a "piece of paper"

Extreme Exoplanet-Hunting Telescope to Go Online This Fall

Latham not running for senate in Iowa, clears way for kook, Steve King

In 5 years, we're going to send two people to Mars.

Rosa Parks Statue Unveiled At US Capitol

My privilege rant. It bugs the hell out of me to read these

Steven Brill Appreciation Thread - VIDEO

Please help me pound a monkey

Holy damn...And I thought *I* was good back in the day

OK. Here I am again.

Ah, technology. I think I'll wait for the Samsung version.

Watch Lindsay Graham get slapped......

Info concerning Season 4 Walking Dead

Justice Sonia Sotomayor NOT Buying Scalia's Interpretation Of The Voting Rights Act

Touching History: Photo...

TPM re: Scalia: Who does he think he is, Chris freaking Matthews?

If The GOP Were The Captain Of The Titanic They Would Be Looking For & Ramming Icebergs

NFL looks into combine sex orientation question

Melanoma surgical update ...

Teacher pink slips claim by Duncan not backed by evidence

State Court Candidate Roggensack and Special Interest Backers Tout Her Experience ...

Chris Christie on CPAC snub: ‘I can’t sweat the small stuff’

Lords of Disorder: Billions For Wall Street, Sacrifice For Everyone Else

The Roberts/Scalia Supreme Court would vote 5-4 to re-institute slavery if they could....

We are ruled by people who think $250,000/year means you're poor, but the minimum wage is too high

Ex-hand surgeon Brown changes his mind on bankruptcy


pay up or else

Some officers at Newtown so traumatized they are not working.

Winter Storm Whatthehellever has arrived

Public hearing sees vehement opposition to use of dogs in wolf hunt

For those interested in details of Supreme's oral arguments,

CAP: 13 Progressive Faith Leaders to Watch in 2013

an angel and not an angel :-)

One thing about it DS Chuck Hagel

Oxford Student Union Votes Down Israel Boycott

The Wealth Gap Between Whites And African-Americans Tripled Over The Last 25 Years

Collin Brewer, British Councillor, Condemned For Saying Disabled Children Should Be 'Put Down'

Sebastian Swartz, 9-Year-Old Boy, Dead After Shooting Himself With Father's Gun In Ohio

EU: financial tax should be used fight poverty and climate change

Sunlight Foundation Launches " Open States": Search Legislative Data in all 50 States

Fox News Could Be Facing Extinction as 29% of Their Younger Viewers Drop Fox

Grandma shot self, grandsons in car

Father Of Newtown Victim Testifies He's Still Waiting For Answer On Guns

Idaho lawmaker: Force all adults into militias to protect gun rights

City politicians rush to save Ticketmaster's user fees

Did you see Martin Bashir light into Tim Huelskamp

O.K. its time for a laugh..

Conservative Group Gets Jump On 'Primarying' Republicans In 2014

Neil Heslin is on Tweety right now

The Black Hornet...Tiniest Drone Sees Everything in Slow Motion

US army forced to release WikiLeaks case documents

Piers Morgan Lays Into ‘Idiotic’ Pizzeria Owner For Gun Promotion: ‘I Hope It Fails Miserably’

Papantonio: NRA Lobby Money Keeping Guns In Killers’ Hands

A question for the Trekkies...

Difficulty with job interviews.

The Next Hate Fest: CUNY Mockery on Gay Rights

Michigan: Synder's Viviano Appointment Consolidates GOP Supreme Court Majority (5-2)

Crosby, our former feral, reflects on life as an indoor-only cat:

Police Chief Embarrasses Lindsey Graham At Gun Hearing

Union Leaders Call on Obama to Fill Labor Board

Buffett’s pledge goes global (Billionaires pledging money)

Sick House Tea Partiers Celebrate the Sequester’s Human Carnage

"Sure Shots," an Austin social and shooting club for women has nearly 300 members...

Since we Asked... Scalia cannot plausibly be impeached for that comment

“You're being detained right now because you're audio recording and you're not supposed to,” officer

AFL-CIO: Time to repeal the sequester

In a previous thread that was locked re: Christian martyrdom

The NRA is utterly shameless (Recent tweet).

Third trailer for Stephenie Meyer's, "The Host."

Wellmark BC/BS 2012= $925.60/ mo. 2013=$1273/mo.

Anti GM-Salmon Petition Nears One Million

trying out my Olympus Tough Tg1

Martin Bashir - Boehner won’t get off his ‘ass’ to compromise on sequestration

Lawmakers scramble for unclaimed lottery prizes

Scalia's bold new view of the Supreme Court

Which city is better, Sarasota or St. Augustine?

Well, this IS Wisconsin...Pro-gun Milw. Co Sheriff accuses County Executive of Penis Envy.

Senate approves Lew as new Treasury chief

Water Piks

Martin Bashir - Conservative Justice sees ‘racial entitlement’ during Voting Rights Act arguments

Notorious P.O.P.E.

Larry Flynt Looking To Out Republican Congressman

Here's an afternoon treat for DUers - Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn tearing

I agree with what Scalia said

Dog shoots man.

Denver woman who shot children, self used two guns

Pat Robertson: Goodwill Sweaters Could Have Demons,

High, low, and average approval ratings for every president from Truman to Obama -

GOP Signals Surrender on VAWA!!!?

Senate Confirms Jack Lew As Treasury Secretary

"Annihilate! Obama’s very secret plot to end the Republican Party"

Apple's Chinese suppliers still exploiting workers, says report

In my training days we had a term for transcendentally bad people:

Can NFL Teams as Manti Teo if he is gay? Depends on which team is asking

What long term physical ailment do you have that you wish would just go away?

Supreme Court rejects challenge to secret warrantless wiretapping

Sugar is behind global explosion in type 2 diabetes, study finds

Question about beets.

Hey, respect the Harlem Shake!!!

OSHA promises to protect workers who report healthcare reform law violations

Bradley Manning trial: US government to call 141 witnesses for prosecution

Anyone else having trouble viewing responses?

180 Boeing Supply-Chain Workers Vote to Strike

WikiLeaks soldier to take witness stand in own defense

Too much?

New Rules Would Prevent St. Louis County From Buying Clothes Made In Sweatshops

We Canadians have been telling you for years.... your beer is watered down!!

Flowers Wins Bidding for Wonder

J.C. Penney sales plunge, much worse than expected

Walter Rhett: What Do You Believe?

N.Y. Stop & Shop Workers to Hold Strike Vote