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And God promised men that good and obedient wives...

JFK speech from November 21, 1963

Firm enlists expert for propsed $300 million mine in southeast Nebraska

Check Out Our Awesome Vice-President's New Portrait

French children kidnapped in Cameroon 'shown in video'

"If Geology Is Destiny, Decline Rates Are Its Script" - More On The Shale Oil "Miracle"

Okay this has me really pissed off at Grant Morrison. (Spoliers for Batman Inc 8)

4 Famous Black Feminists You Never Learned About in School

Man arrested for threatening Colorado Gun Control Advocate Representative Rhonda Fields

"Go home, Sidewalk…"

BP spill trial told it 'put profits over safety'

Leron Thomas - Kept

a question about grapes, about plants that were cut way back

Republican Senator: Native American Jury Will Not Try White People Fairly? Racist? (VIDEO)

Only 14, Bangladeshi girl charged with adultery was lashed to death

Ever have one of those days where you just didn't do anything right?

Jennifer Lawrence. You just can't help but fall in love with this kid.

My Dog Shane really, really blew it yesterday!

You know, I'm glad that missed the Oscars last night…

Ted Cruz Demonstrates Texans Will Elect Anyone, No Matter How Stupid, If He’s A Republican


High-stakes trial begins over 2010 Gulf oil spill

Rocky Mountain Way/Air America

4-year-old kills himself with dad's stolen gun

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Oscar after parties are just for movie stars.


Alabama needs a 'Gandhi'. Gaining home rule by civil disobedience.

LOVE This Amazon Ad!!!

Jack Nicholson video bomb's Lawrence's interview with george stephanopoulos

fun with drones!!!

SEC nominee White likely to face confirmation hearing in March: aide

Friends Of Distinction - Going In Circles

The Right-Wing Money Putting John Stossel In School Classrooms

25 Things Cats Are Secretly Obsessed With

OK what would you do?

Papantonio: Drones Are Unquestionably Unconstitutional

I was quoted in cover story of today's USA Today.

Los Angeles dealing with tuberculosis problem

Some advice from the Chicago's teacher's union

Both teams won this game.

Russian Meteor Special coming up on Science Channel 5pm west coast time.

Graphene Breakthrough — One Photon Can Be Converted Into Multiple Electrons

These are amazing ideas. 31 Insanely Easy And Clever DIY Projects

Legalized Bribery -Senator Bought by State Farm

A Poem on the Sequester by Mark Russell

Should prostitution be legal, or illegal?

The Berlusconi Effect: Political Gridlock Wins Italian Elections

Why cruise ships don't have backup power

42 People You Won't Believe Actually Exist

How Republicans Plan to (i.e. Will) Rig the Electoral College and Steal the White House

Australia dismisses Assange fears as 'fantasy'

Moscow Police Seize Large Cache of ‘Black Market’ Weapons

For Quvenzhané Wallis....Beautiful!

A Better Plan Than 'Endless Growth': Enough Is Enough

Russian Fisherman Rescue Stranded Dog On Ice Floe

Nevada Assemblyman Brooks is denied access to firearms for one year

Westboro Church visited Santa Monica High School in CA today....

Otters' shrinking genitals cause fertility scare

"Freedom fries" Congressman: Dick Cheney going to hell for Iraq war

Has your area assessed the effects of sequestration? Our local station

Kansas Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Same-Sex Adoption

*sigh* Watching Antiques Roadshow...

Hi all. Back from my niece and her beau's wedding weekend, movable feast.

How Long.

Just an English bulldog puppy dreaming

Why does my DU suddenly look like the Freeper website??

Coburn Calls For Federal Hiring Freeze to Address Sequester

Mitch McConnell is from Kentucky!

The Unstable Elements In Colorado Making Gun Threats All The More Reason To Pass Gun Legislation

A street photographer who got ripped off by DKNY

NASA has plan for big asteroids.

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Backfire, Mike's Live!& a new Kitty gif

Chris Christie "Not Being Invited" To CPAC This Year

Immigration and Customs Enforcement Frees Detainees As Sequester Looms

Attention Episcopalians, take action now! (violence against women)

Lessons of the Italian election

"Teen Pregnancy Is Most Common In Rural America" by Tara Culp-Ressler at Think Progress

Physicist: If All Science Were Run Like Marijuana Research, Creationists Would Control Paleontology

Ashley Judd To Give Talk On Women’s Reproductive Health In D.C.

"White House directs open access for government research"

An accomplishment to brag about: Our own Bonhomme Richard made himself proud

Hey Guys, it is a new Honey Boo Boo show, the Christmas show.

Gun deaths vs. gun laws

Santa Monica high school blows Fred Phelps out of the water with mega-protest

Starvation in Skibbereen and Compassion of the Choctaw Nation

So my Mom was recently diagnosed with shingles.

Baltimore Sun critic calls MSNBC "worse than Fox" and an "organ of state propaganda"

2 Palestinian Teenagers Hurt Amid Israeli Gunfire at Protest

The Last Trip

New Fears That Michelle Obama's Appearance At The Oscars Could Bring Down The Obama Administration

As an inconsequential individual,....I declare The Lounge to be a Drama Free Zone!

Okay, I might be laughing at this yoga pose...

Sotomayor chides prosecutor for ‘racially charged’ question

Thank-you Ron Obvious.

Catapulting the propaganda...

The True Cost of Healthcare: A View of Healthcare Costs from the Inside

First nominee for the 2013 Golden Crocoduck

Top Senate Republican doubts damage from defense cuts

EDF confirms it wants 40-year contracts to build nuclear plants (UK)

It's rodeo season. You can actually do this in parts of Houston right now

"Prolonged, uncontrollable, oily anal leakage"

Speak to me of your iron.

Java, again. Thank you in advance!

"The Morning Plum: On issues, GOP is badly out of step with America"

Funny twitter hashtag: #TedsRedScare

Indiana House Approves Drug Testing For Welfare Recipients

"CNN Host Schools Bobby Jindal For Sprouting 'Misleading' Economic 'Nonsense'"

If no cuts to Social Security, why must the president include "protections for the vulnerable?"

9-year-old rapper's adult-themed videos prompt state probe

Prosecutors: NYPD officer was 'deadly serious' about cannibalism scheme

Disabilities that are not covered by the ADA?

Moonlit Commute

Moonlit Commute

Any Amazing Race fans out there?

The intrigue is high in the Catholic Church. A cardinal who came out in favour

Ben Affleck thanks Huma Abedin

A recipe (with measures) for a sophisticated meatless macaroni dish

Another somewhat challenging but remarkable film - "Indencies"

How Debt Obsessionists Tip Toe Around Austerity

Can Foreign-Born Sen. Ted Cruz Prove He’s Not A Member Of Some Subversive Prganization?

THIS is how apologies are given

Dysert proud of his football roots...

What Researchers Learned About Gun Violence Before Congress (NRA) Killed Funding

Missouri Lawmaker Introduces Bill to Jail Any Legislator Who Proposes an Anti-Union Bill


Come on, can't you take a joke?

Just for the hell of it - list the next 10 movies in your Netflix's mine.

I have a cough. It is a pretty dry one. Related to a cold. But dam does it hurt my trachea

"The Following" WHAT THE F............! (no spoiler's on my part)

Pets may qualify for 'Pet Food Stamps'

GM seeks $11.1M pay for Akerson, a $2M raise over last year

Paroled sex offenders disarming tracking devices

10 Phrases Progressives Need To Ditch (And What We Can Say Instead)

Cracking the First Amendment: USG builds conspiracy into the trial of Bradley Manning

Funniest Bumper Stickers Mocking Republicans

Israel secretly repatriated 1,000 to North Sudan, without informing UN

How something nice and calm and soothing to listen to and watch?

I got this in the mail and was wondering if anyone used their service - CREDO moble

AU Legislation State News Roundup!

In face of coming budget cuts, U.S. frees illegal immigrants from custody (Some good from sequester)

UNC Sexual Assault Survivor Faces Honor Code Violation After Speaking Publicly About Abuse

cat box - need I say more?

can opener!

"Why Are You Still Here?"

Gun owner - Vietnam Vet

thank a teacher

Colombia senator surrenders to justice to face 'parapolitics' charges .

Honest Coca-Cola

Children dismembered, parents threatened: a week in Medellin’s Comuna 13 .

Moving to Philly in April, have a couple of questions about living in the city

Colbert Drops Character, Delivers Hilarious Introduction For Sister At Bowling Fundraiser

Jack Johnson (boxer)

Convicted officer told Colombian soldiers to lie about 'false positives' .

L.E.D Zeppelin

Mediterranean Diet Is Shown to Ward Off Heart Risks.

Boehner Tells Finance Pundit President Obama Has ‘Balls Made Out Of Marshmallows’

Boehner? McCain?

Russell Crowe on the tonight show tonight. Gotta go.

WWE trolls TheBlaze @ Glenn Beck HQ

(France) McDonald's set to make fries '100% French'

The only thing to stop a bad guy with good information is a good guy with bad information.

‘We’re Doomed!’ Jon Stewart Dons Hazmat Suit To Mock Sequester Panic

Frankly my Dear I don't give a Damn!

The local impact of sequestration

Renewing the National Commitment to Putting America’s Heroes Back to Work

x-post from Health, Mediterranean Diet

the early days

Oreilly Lies About Laura Bush Not endorsing Awards Show,When She did.

Pshaw! Pope's People Pissed at Prolific Postulations of Popelgangers Porking Proximate Population?

Singer Morrissey says no to Kimmel, 'Duck Dynasty'

Immigration detainees released in budget crunch

Texas Governor Rick Perry Refuses to Expand Medicaid to One Million Uninsured Texans

Savings from Superlative CPI

Elderly man kills intruder in Oak Cliff home

Just working my way through "The Religious Beliefs of America's Founders: Reason, Revelation, Revolu

Group: Syrian regime missiles kill 140 in Aleppo

Robertson: Worth Praying Over Clothes to Rebuke Demons

"To sleep, perchance to Dream": How do you dream?

Hugo Chavez Keeps Showering the Poor

(75) Republicans Sign Brief in Support of Gay Marriage

The tech support guy needs some tech support. HDMI issues

Pastor Stanley Wilkinson Pleads Guilty - He Mistakenly Shot his Granddaughter

Saudis Step Up Help for Rebels in Syria With Croatian Arms

I’m just asking....

Expert: Salvadoran general didn't probe abuses

you think Michelle at the Oscars was bad we dodged a bullet tonight

More Phones than Peeps

Keith Olbermann on Craig Ferguson Right Now...

Chinese state-owned oil company CNOOC completes $15.1B purchase of Canada’s Nexen

Excellent piece by Shannyn Moore re Alaska and the Voting Rights Act...please read this.

David Bowie just put out a new video and it's quite bizarre

UN human rights experts urge greater oversight of private security firms in Honduras

North Korea passes on Kippumjo for three generations

Trouble Sleeping? Try some of

The most strangest thing Monday in the Jodi Arias trial ...

The Oscars - One Last Vote Please!

"No Shit" really

Germany investigates organic egg 'fraud'

Still buddies!


'Robosparrow' created from dead bird

The Orgasm Gap

White Dwarfs May Hold The Key To Finding Alien Life

Planetary Nebula Fleming 1 Space Wallpaper

The motion “The Catholic Church is a force for good in the world”

Maize was key in early Andean civilisation, study shows

"A Supreme Court that tramples its citizens' inalienable rights has no authority."

Christie urged to expand Medicaid

The NYT's Problem With Leftist Presidents

Mew-Genics - The Cat Lady Simulator

NJ town plans to use rainforest wood on boardwalk

NJ town plans to use rainforest wood on boardwalk

Immigration detainees released in budget crunch

Bernie Sanders: "You have given the wealthiest [portion] of the population a break...

Texas A&M System Chancellor John Sharp named Mr. South Texas

What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday Feb 26th

Troubled cancer agency readies $182 million in grants

It's National Pistachio Day

Voting rights case has Texas implications

Senator wants broader oversight of major events fund

Perry: Texas will never turn blue

Want to know ONE Federal agency that won't be butchered by the sequester cuts? (For a change?)

San Antonio council candidate failed to pay workers overtime

Ted Cruz Stands By His Claim That Harvard Law Was Crawling With Pinkos

Bipartisan report says Fannie and Freddie should be eliminated

Kinky Friedman Says He May Run for Governor, and This Campaign Will Be "Serious"

The entire right wing circus's objective is to keep the administration off focus with

Senate confirmation of public insurance counsel delayed

Convicted ultra right wing murderer now senior advisor to Spain's Guardia Civil

Raising awareness of teen dating violence

MiddleFingerMom -- my past week in review

Kunstler--Scale Implosion: After Ruining America, the Era of Giant Chain Stores Is Over

Dear Job Creators

Deepwater trial: US lawyers say BP ignored warnings on 'well from hell'

Stop fugging lying Joe Scum

Please, please, please, would someone throw a banker in jail

Ted Cruz Demonstrates Texans Will Elect Anyone, No Matter How Stupid, If He’s A Republican

Jack The Cat Has Died

Feminists can be sexy and funny – but it's anger that changes the world

Scorpions ~ Dust in the wind

Two U.S. sailors admit to Okinawa rape charges

Redefining Torture and the Waterboarding of Americans (Turse)

1 Day Late on Rent Can Land You in Jail? A Shockingly Draconian Renters Law (Hard Times USA)

9 Fascinating Things You May Not Know About the Penis

Question? Does anyone know what happened to MSNBC's Steve Schmidt?

Land Grab Cheats North Dakota Tribes Out of $1 Billion, Suits Allege

The New 'Friendlier Face' of Conservatism Is an Old-School Homophobe

Female Yahoo! CEO Kills Work from Home Option? Why Americans Need a More Flexible Workplace

Bad sleep 'dramatically' alters body

Babies can hear syllables in the womb, says research

How does a message get "auto-removed"?

First slide show in HuffPo worth thumbing through

Why is US life expectancy lower than the top 26 countries on the

Defense industry finds few old friends on Hill

Hillier Lake: A Beautiful & Mysterious Pink Lake In Australia

Keith Olbermann on Craig Ferguson.

Bank of England's Paul Tucker backs negative rates idea

Pope to be called 'emeritus pope,' will wear white

It may be wrong of me but I've come to believe there are some states

World's Largest Food Companies Shun Poor People Growing Their Ingredients

Teenager spotted walking 10 MILES in the snow to interview for $7-an-hour job is given work

AP newsbreak: drop in taliban attacks incorrect

Thinning Arctic Sea Ice Prompts Algae Blooms, Which Then Drop, Rot, Drain Oxygen From Ocean

Accountability in Vermont?

Two More Batches Of Carcinogen-Tainted School Uniforms Uncovered In Shanghai

Watch Your Wallet! Much Ado about Nothing in Budget Debate

Study Projects BAU Scenario - Bleaching Every Year For 74% Of World's Coral Reefs By 2045

For Iraqi women, America's promise of democracy is anything but liberation

Global warming and airflow changes 'caused US and EU heatwaves'

Elephant seals help scientists solve climate mystery

After sequester cuts hit, it'll be a hoot watching republicans demanding to cut more from Americans

The U.S. Simply Doesn't Have Enough Available Rental Housing, Whether You're Rich or Poor

Pentagon: Crack won't affect future of F-35 fighter

Orlando taking illegal communications between public officials seriously.

Still don't have my backpack nuke or stinger missiles.

Prominent Republicans Sign Brief in Support of Gay Marriage

Afghan police accused of corruption and child abuse

New York assemblyman apologizes for blackface party costume

John Harbaugh not impressed with Manti Te’o...

New at Fort Riley, Kansas: A nicer place to call home

Gaza rocket lands near Ashkelon in southern Israel

Oregon gun control bill attracts national publicity; sponsor says it appears dead on arrival

"A Thing Of Beauty": Santa Monica High School vs. Westboro Baptist Church

Simple question on the Sequester

Just what in the hell makes Rush Limbo so damned silly?

To Beat Austerity, Obama Must Campaign for Democracy

U.S. military denies abducting, killing civilians in Afghan province

Honey Boo Boo aims for world domination as reality show is set to be a hit in Europe, Australia.....

Pope did not ask Keith O'Brien to stand down, says English cardinal

Workers over 50 are the new 'unemployables'

On the subject of horsemeat.

Star Wars Rock - Interjections (By One Minute Galactica)

Interesting - is there a progressive argument against polygamy?

Mouthy, Gun-Toting Law Student Talks Back To Police Officer, Doesn’t Get Shot 51 Times

Two people go shopping

Feedback please on Daily Mail story

Shared Sacrifice My A$$

The People's Will Be Damned. What Exactly Is “Politically Acceptable?”

Chicago votes in House race dominated by gun control issue

Ex-NBA star Dennis Rodman on peace mission to North Korea ( Alrighty then....)

The Debt is not the same as the Deficit

Latest Help a DUer thread in GD (3/3/13)

Senate drops Zero Dark Thirty inquiry

My g-g-grandfather was a liberal too! It's in my genes!

I didn't see "We saw your boobs."

Kerry defends liberties, says Americans have "right to be stupid"

Fox Legal Analyst Napolitano Floats Obama Impeachment Over Sequester Cuts (Lol. Who would try him?)

What do you eat that other people find disgusting?

Sen. Graham reveals sequester strategy: Give Obama power to cut, then "criticize everything he does"

Living On A Prayer (Goat edition)

Most every practical crisis in my life has been solved by spending money.

what researchers learned about gun violence before congress killed funding

I'm worried that I'm simply not outraged enough

Illinois: Voters Head to Primary Polls to Replace Jackson

College Rape Survivor Faces Potential Expulsion For ‘Intimidating’ Her Rapist

Greta Christina: Why Are You Atheists So Angry?

Limbaugh’s New Racism | Joel S. Hirschhorn

Employee ‘rights’ during snow, severe weather

CNN's Hard-hitting Soledad O'Brien Gets Bumped Out

Honeywell to test some F-35 parts after smoke incident

"Prepare to Suffer"

DHS bigwig 'adamantly opposed' to degree fetishism

"Infantile Conservatism" By Pat Buchanan (Good lawd.The world might end.)

Republicans Sign Brief in Support of Gay Marriage

Why Everything Republicans Are Saying About The Sequester Is Wrong

Missouri lawmakers propose cut in tax rates

State plans additional testing at Bridgeton Landfill

Video: Syrian rebels shoot down helicopter

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Sequester

The White House is resigned to the fact that nothing is going to get done with this Congress...

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- Politics

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3- Issues

MLBPA Considering Making PED Penalties More Severe

Honey's cat aggression is worsening.

Tuesday Toon Roundup 4- The Rest

The "Fix" Is In: Laying Bare Some Sequester Lies

Greece Helicopter Prison Escape Attempt Foiled

Hey Boner, here is one of those spending cuts you like so much....

US 4q bank earnings up 37%; highest in 6 years

NC man 'I was fighting for my life'

With Tasers And Placards, The Women Of Egypt Are Fighting Back Against Sexism

New-Home Sales in U.S. Surge to Highest Level Since 2008

Judge lifts order sealing Tucson shooting records

Home Prices in 20 U.S. Cities Increase by Most Since 2006

Republicans say, "The revenue side has already been addressed..."

Here's The Emails Sent to CO Lawmaker - Warning

You saw their boobs? Now go fuck yourself.

Wow! DUers are damned impressive.

This is the Way of the Ancestors: Idle No More and Indigenous Resistance

Plouffe: Boehner A** Talk at 11th Hour Not Helpful

Scalloped Potatoes?

Pelosi To Boehner: Bills You Passed Last Congress Don’t Count

This is the Way of the Ancestors: Idle No More and Indigenous Resistance

Crude Export Ban No Match for Lightest U.S. Shale Oil

17 inches of snow for Amarillo; 1,600 without power

Wind has overtaken nuclear as an electricity source in China.

Teen birth rates across the U.S. (with map plus another link to the interactive map)

Republicans Sign Brief in Support of Gay Marriage

How do I delete the automatic suggestions that pop up in email?

Gasoline Pump Prices Soaring On Refinery Repairs, Oil Rally

Haven't been here much

Low Pay at Weight Watchers Stirs Protest as Stars Rake It In

Electing An "F-NG" Republican TO ANYTHING Is Like Hiring A Pedophile To Watch Your Kids.

Swedish Horse Balls, South African Donkey burgers and Water Buffalo Sausage everywhere but the U.S.

Anybody use Enlightenment?

Has anyone tried a Chromebook? I have one on order, the Samsung Chromebook. I need

Act Of Sportsmanship Gives Texas High Schooler Shot At Glory

Why Women Talk More Than Men: Language Protein Uncovered

How can the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal be compared to Watergate and Iran-Contra, direct violations of

Court To Determine If Ex-Sen.Craig’s(R-ID) Airport Bathroom Sexcapade Was Official Senate Business

Who would be affected by President Obama’s proposed minimum wage increase?

Bill Halter is kicking off his grassroots campaign for governor.

Pic Of The Moment: Worst Poker Player Ever

How We Know That The Sequester Isn't "Obama's Idea"

Another example of bullcrap propaganda

Prospect Of Cuts Prompting US To Release Some Migrant Detainees

For my future wife...

Not the onion: Boehner gets salty to prod Senate on sequester

Enraged by abusive lawsuits, anonymous troll slayers fight back

Nice coverage of Kerry's German Youth Connection town hall in the BG (AP article)

One year ago today, Trayvon Martin was murdered.

Family missing at sea: An unsolved mystery (+video)

Daytona 500: Why did 3 Toyotas blow/fail in quick succession after leading

'Mini' Sumo

Not So Smart | James Howard Kunstler

Happy Birthday to the Man in Black

I guess I'm the only one surprised so many people watch this stuff

First times... (not the "obvious" first time)

Nowzad Animals- Rescuing stray dogs & cats in Afghanistan and Iraq

Senate Committee OKs Lew Treasury Nomination

So, what should replace the F-35?

Ron Johnson: John Boehner Would Lose Speakership If He Caves On Taxes To Avert Sequester

Seth MacFarlane's Oscars Had a Deaf Ear and a Blind Eye to Women

I know I"ve come to the right place to get this information.

John Boehner Flunks Constitution 101

Supreme Court blocks challenge to anti-terrorism law

Oscar Ratings Up, Seth MacFarlane Says 'No Way' To Second Go-Round

Moves underway to export fracked natural gas in liquified form from PA.

Oscars: Does Anyone Know How They Did The Bear "Ted" On The Oscar Telecast?......

NFL Teams Want To Know If Manti Te’o Is Gay

"I don't tip."

Benedict XVI to Keep His Name and Become Pope Emeritus

One more time, SS is good thru 2090. The only fix 4 SS is jobs creation and raising the Min Wage

"Word Police" terms and sensitivity to them

Freepers .. eat your hearts out...

Today in Peace and Justice history on February 26, 1966

Today in Peace and Justice history on February 26, 1966

The Mayans were right, just off by a few months ... a sure sign of the end times ...

Elizabeth Warren is the smartest person in the room asking Bernanke questions. Her questions are

It was an absolutely wonderful time.

Quick question on registering to vote. Is a Drivers license required?

My 1000th post.

Smoke at Halifax Hospital after 500

"If you’re in trouble, or hurt or need"

Ten Commandments for Starting Your Own Religion

Can anyone help me with a story of a boat that capsized, and only one man survived?

Artificial Brain Blueprint Outlined by Scientists: Constructed Synapses May be Key

Alabama offers scholarship to eighth-grader

Secularism Destigmatized

I like to think that my "lost" beloved Doggy girl, sent me this pup!

Ed Markey for Senate website - New...

This is Not America

Young Hispanics Leaving Catholic Church for Protestant Faith

Thom Hartmann: Dr. Richard Wolf - DC's Dangerous Game

The false equivalence pundits are part of the problem

California officer accused of sexually assaulting 6 women

Voting now on Hagel - cloture vote - looks like he is winning

Justice Sotomayor Slams Prosecutor’s Racists Remarks

today in women's herstory

Between Seth MacFarlane and the Onion, Oscars night was a festival of misogyny

Same-sex couples and adoption:

The Senate is now voting to move the Hagel nomination forward. He needs 60 votes...

Judges Refuse To Reappoint Top GOP Voter Suppressor To Election Board = von Spakovsky

The Rude Pundit: Sequester and the GOP Brand of Crisis, Part 1

I have a vet coming to my house on Friday...UPDATE and looking for advice**

The United States of Propaganda (What We’re Up Against) | Mickey Z.

Republicans Sign Brief in Support of Gay Marriage

a biography of the day-sybil luddington (female paul revere)

Need something to de-stress? Might I suggest The Brothers Four, Try to Remember

What's the Pop up Survey all about?

Creeper misogynists in MMORPG's

"Boners" Two Bill Passed In Last Congresss Were The Ryan Budget If We Remember Right

Boehner, might I remind you of this prop?

Found a bombshell about my Irish heritage.

GOP Meme Poor, Vets, Seniors Causing Deficit And Wrecking Economy.

The Gospel of Republican Jesus

Ha, Ha! One Republican Cave After Another

How do you say Fracking in Chinese

The Owl Comes Into Its Own

Senate Votes To End Debate On Hagel Nomination

Pakistani Ambassador To The U.S. To Be Investigated For Blasphemy

Biden To Address AIPAC Conference

Gold’s Cycle Seen Turned by Goldman Sachs as ETP Holdings Drop

i have internet. i have INTERNET... yea.

Now the Desert Is Just a Desert

Toon: With the Sequestration ax poised to fall on struggling Americans, Congress agonizes...

Democrats Must Call Out The Absurd Canard That Spending Cuts Make The Economy Grow

The Sequestration Fight Is Based on Lies and Stupidity

GOP: Sequestered from Reality

Description of Impacts of Budget Impasse upon Pennsylvania

Family missing at sea as search off California coast continues

"Quaint and touching"? I would have gone for "stupid and assholish" but that's just me.

Why can't the people decide everything

Why The Arab World Needs a New Wave of Feminism -- and Who Could Lead It

Elad, are you missing with the system? all for good, i am sure. anyone else not getting highlights

Taking the sting out

Waiting for the Tantrum to End

The AR-15 Is More Than a Gun. It’s a Gadget (


Air Force to Stealth Fighter Pilots: Get Used to Coughing Fits

If Iran goes ahead and develops a Nuke ...

You Will Be Asked To Do Something After You Watch This 30 Second Video

Boobs in public view?

Online Misogynists Are Not Fringe Characters

Stuxnet Missing Link Found, Resolves Some Mysteries Around the Cyberweapon

A Gun-Control Battle That Could Actually Damage The Industry Is Escaping Public Attention

Sequester Will Hit Me Where It Really Hurts

What if Seth had sung "we saw your ass"?

Malloy Proposes Confiscating Guns From Owners With DUI Convictions

Woman accidentally shoots herself at Detroit's MotorCity casino

THIS is how we should be taking care of all our disabled veterans...

Thom Hartmann: Will the GOP plan to rig elections in Michigan work?

DU Theme Song?

"Apparently, Obama is supposed to use Jedi mind tricks...."

How You Could Get Sick From The 'Superbugs' Coming From Your Meat

GOP Senator Tries To Link Hagel And Iranian Holocaust Denial

Cobras: This man doesn’t give a flying f

Tom Tomorrow Wins Herblock Prize!

US orders Fung Wah to suspend bus service

They keep telling us it makes them look bad, but they keep doing it anyhow.

Billboard converts desert air into drinking water

Marissa Mayer under fire as she brings baby to personal nursery that she built next to her office

Food Stamps ... For Pets?

Connecticut School, Under Pressure, OKs Anti-Gay Shirt

SoS Kerry: "Americans have the right to be stupid"

There are seven states with no restaurants

So I installed the Firefox update a few days ago...

Senator Warren: Why Isn’t Wall Street Paying Back Taxpayers For Being ‘Too Big To Fail’?

Karma can bite you in the ass sometimes...

Report: Chris Christie Will Support Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion

Even cheap junk can save lives...


The concise history of black-white relations in theU.S.A....

Why Americans are the weirdest people in the world

Environmental Lawyers Refute WMC On Mining Disinformation

Number of male nurses triple; average pay: $60,700/yr. Female nurse average pay: $51,100.

The most dangerous animal in the world, responsible for millions of deaths every year....

Should DU do a shamrock fund-raising thing in March?

Mainstream Media Must Blame Themselves For President Circumventing Them To Access Citizens (VIDEO)

WSJ/NBC Poll: Obama Tops GOP on Unifying the Nation

The difference, boiled down

Unions seek stronger labour laws in US-EU free trade talks

Scott Walker's creative bookkeeping will scare off businesses

LOL: Republican Congressman invokes the "I" word

Need Help Remembering a Punchline

So Marco Rubio has no problem with the "N" word.

You MUST choose one and ONLY one OR YOU WILL DIE!!!!!!!!

NBC: Zimmerman doesn't deserve a payout from us

Perhaps I'm nuts but I found the Boob Song not only a parody of Hollywood musicals which

Do you remember your first time?

Amazing, really, that people need reminding (or informed) of this

I wish all the boob nuts would just slink back to the Boobgeon and leave GD alone.


What researchers learned about gun violence before Congress killed funding

Amazing Animated GIFs Capture Nebulae in 3D Using Artificial Parallax

'Battleground Texas' effort ramps up

A belated apology to OKNancy and one_voice

Sequester Questions, or why hasn't anyone yet published Sequester for Dummies?

Tax Payers Fund For-Profit Charter Schools as They Fail Miserably (repost from Saturday)


More on the Mediterranean Diet, including recipes:

$15.35. All that is needed to start a pleasant and good paying business.

Refuting the lie

Miracle grow: Indian farmers smash crop yield records without GMOs

My mind was just blown to pieces

when is a rape joke not a rape joke?

John Nichols: Avoid sequester cuts by taxing Wall Street

5 Reasons the World Is Catching on to the Financial Transaction Tax

Not a total defense (by any means) but the context of the 'saw your boobs' bit...

Kerry: Obama plans to 'listen', not present peace plan

Colorado Representative Rhonda Fields responds to man arrested for threats

PPP: Russ Feingold Poised For Comeback, Could Top Scott Walker Next Year

This is NOT rocket surgery people.

Can anybody see my avatar picture?

Can people make recs on blender vs food processor for me if I'm only going...

Damning testimony at Bounty sinking hearing.

Pew Poll: The Public Supports a Transatlantic Trade Pact – For Now

Worlds Most Accurate Pie Chart

The Italian Perfect Storm

For those Oscar watchers who fell in love all over again with Shirley Bassey - The woman sizzles.

I know republicans lack imagination and creativity

Israeli soldier's ID found near arson attack in Nablus

I never post in the Lounge, but I had to post this.

If You Look At Kansas - GOP Believes Rich & Business Should Pay No Taxes.

Coast Guard suspends search for missing boaters, citing possible hoax

For the truly lazy, a K&R button.

New Hampshire bill proposes aerial photography ban

GOP Mantra - Be Grateful The Rich "Job Creators" Give You A Job With Some Of THEIR Money

Senator McConnell Seeks Flexibility in Looming Spending Cuts.

Democracy Now: Billionaires for Austerity: With Cuts Looming, Wall Street Roots of "Fix the Debt"

'Cannibal Cop' Lawyer Slams Charges as Thought Policing

Mosaica: Muskegon Heights classroom cameras will help monitor teacher effectiveness

Freshman California Congressman, Ami Bera, challenging the status quo.

Why adult conversations are difficult to have in meta

Oyster Farm Facing Shutdown Wins Reprieve

14 Cats Being Subservient To Dogs

Do you remember your first name?

22 Things You're Doing Wrong

In the Name of the Law: What the Public Isn’t Being Told About Police Misconduct

Tom Rooney (R) FL was my representative...

March Calls Out Georgia's National Disgrace: Will Regents Finally End College Ban for Undocumented?

Obama Campaign Aides Launch Effort To Turn Texas Blue

Dancing with the Stars Season 16 Cast Announced

Colombia: Human rights activist’s controversial death amid wave of threats

This is the type of investigative journalism we need in this country

Why the Republican Party should be retitled the Retcon Party

PPP: Brownback numbers in the dumps....But beats us anyway

Those poor, overworked congress critters!

Conservative Logic 101

Russia meteor's origin tracked down

The Family Budget

A couple of points: "It's a joke, you must have no sense of humor" is a lame

27 Ways To Make Your Groceries Last As Long As Possible. AMAZING IDEAS

Is this the goal? To transfer responsibilities from government to private groups?

To This Day: My Experiences with School Violence Still Echo Through My Life

Women should NOT be economically penalized for bearing children and caring for their families.

27 Ways To Make Your Groceries Last As Long As Possible. AMAZING IDEAS

Moments of Spirituality Can Induce Liberal Attitudes

51 Post Offices You Should See Before They're Gone

Big powers offer Iran some sanctions relief, await reply

A la Carte Wars: Cablevision Sues Viacom for Bundling

Trayvon Martin's Parents Hold Hoodie Vigil on Anniversary of His Death

JPMorgan to slash 19,000 jobs by end-2014

AB InBev Overstates Alcohol in Budweiser, Lawsuit Claims

What disease is treated with homeopathic asshole?

15 Things That Will Make You (Even More) Obsessed With Shirley Bassey

Toyota to ship US-built cars to Russia, Ukraine

Bitter Pill: Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us (Time Magazine)

Symantec discovers 2005 US computer virus attack on Iran nuclear plants

Texas public school students don burqas, learn that Muslim terrorists are freedom fighters

No human rights in Venezuela

MN: Bipartisan efforts emerge following historic amendment defeat last November

And then there were eight (Christie will expand the state's Medicaid program)

FDIC wants to no longer insure deposits at foreign branches of American banks.

Protecting White Kids From History.

Honduras: the Killings Continue

Word is that ReTHUGs would have won the Presidency

Honduras: the Killings Continue

$195 for an emergency passport!

Jury: Just because a troll claims he's using facts, doesn't make it so

Why relying on conspiracy loons is bad for progressives.

9 insane laws proposed by Republicans

Baltimore gynecologist used camera hidden in pen to film patients

Huge political victory for occupiers, indignados, pirates, real democracy: Beppe Grillo in Italy

Coral comeback: Reef 'seeding' in the Caribbean

Hagel vote on C-Span 2 now, if you're interested.

So now these idiotic motherfucking ads are floating in the center of the page (UPDATE!)

Keiser Report: Media Moron Mockery

snow's are heavy, voter turn out is more voter tune out.

There are always assholes.

When you eat other people who finds it disgusting

Derailing for Dummies, redux

Breaking news: Senate votes to confirm Chuck Hagel as defense secretary

Tweety is pissed off with all those rethugs who voted against Hagel. He is about to

Larry Klayman: You are either extremely against Obama or you are one of "Hitler's Jews"

On Purposely Getting Arrested, to Get Life-Saving Surgery

Federal Appeals Court: No Suspicionless Welfare Drug Tests

Talking head on MSNBC just said with Hagel's "less than stellar" showing at the hearing,

Hagel finally confirmed

In Topeka today, KS Republican senators block good jobs for Kansans

Excuse me while I blather on...

Just announced on MSNBC, Hagel confirmed...

I took great delight in making some consverative/libertarian types' heads spin today . . .

French factory workers in last-ditch plea to Obama

40 of the 50 most violent cities in latin america

Iowa State Fan Drops Racial Slurs & Death Threats On Kansas Guard Elijah Johnson

Overturning The Voting Rights Act Would Be Seminal Moment For Conservative 'Legal' Movement

Tar Sands Blockade Plans Week Of Action To Protest Keystone XL Pipeline

White House ‘Cannot Support’ House VAWA

The NFL Is Afraid of Manti Te'o Being Gay, but Not Recruiting Criminals

BOOM! Feds release hundreds of immigrant detainees in face of sequester

Post Office Threatened By Manufactured Crisis - Dave Johnson Explains

With Easter just around the corner...

Facebook Makes Over A Billion Dollars, Pays Zero In Taxes

I propose the Ron Obvious Award be awarded as needed to certain posters for, um,

Christian leaders weigh in on policies which would seriouly impact the poor.

Allyson Schwartz is running for PA Governor in 2014

JPMorgan Chase swings the ax at 19,000 jobs

Lessons in Disaster Capitalism > KS Republicans block good jobs for Kansans

So my key takeaway from the post-Oscars reaction is that everybody hates Anne Hathaway

The next time you sign a petition that is headed for the WH -

Making a tax-free holiday for guns?

(Secretary Kerry's) Remarks at Youth Connect: Berlin

Israelis To Press Obama To Free Convicted Spy Jonathan Pollard

Perry: Texting-while-driving ban is ‘government micromanagement’

Perry: ‘Quit playing politics, Mr. President’

The true sore losers

Am I the only person who would enjoy a trip to the South Pole ?

Glenn Garvin: The left’s science deniers

wow. look who voted for Hagel

Softec Responds to Violent, Racist Threats to Rep. Rhonda Fields

Theme song!

Sources: Raiders eye Mike Holmgren

The Great Fort Collins Pro-Fracking Petition #Fail

Fuck, I miss Frank Zappa.

Pat Summitt Ends Her Career on a McCarthy-esque Note

4 Republicans voting for Hagel: Cochran(MS), Johanns(NE),Shelby(AL), and Rand Paul (KY)

Go go dancer stops ax wielding maniac at gay bar

Arrested Colorado man threatened lawmaker:‘Hopefully somebody Gifords both of your asses with a gun'

Some companies to back gay marriage in coming Supreme Court cases

What an honor! Canadians are so different from us.

Most Venezuelans think Chavez will recover: poll

We have a Black POTUS!!!

Union Rep to NYC Teacher: Leave me the fuck alone.

Christie Says He’ll Accept U.S. Money to Expand Medicaid

The Sequestering of Barack Obama

Australian Billionaire Plans to Build Exact Titanic Replica to Sail in 2016

Arkansas Governor Vetoes 20-Week Abortion Bill

You know that NY state assemblyman who dressed up in blackface?

NHL realignment proposal adds playoff wild cards, drops league to 4 divisions

Trayvon Martin's parents are on Rev Al now n/t

May I suggest the first 535 layoffs?

Seth McFarlane or Bill Maher?

Chinese Cooks I need to know what was in a sauce.

New Kadampa Tradition