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Liberal Watchdog Group: 'Fix The Debt' Movement More Astroturf Than Grassroots

Happy birthday, Jocelyn Bell Burnell! (discovered radio pulsars)

So My State House Rep. Voted His Faith and...

The Diff

Meryl Streep wore the same outfit in 1979 and 2009

Link for watching Oscars online here

Who really thinks thinks the world would be a dark and

Four alarm fire at DFW Gun Range

Any Atlanta DU-rs Know What Happend to Pastor Cleflo Dollar

A little comic relief... Pick-up artists trying to chat up a robot horse

One 13-year-old girl contacted, another still missing in pair of city reports

Kale chips

The sequester is terrible, yes, but the timing may help us.

I haven't watched the Oscars in years.

"Official" Academy Awards Thread!

Greek Cypriots elect Nicos Anastasiades as president

How lusty, relative to overall American lust, is your region of the country?

Cuban leader Raul Castro announces he will retire in 2018

Some Good Cleaning Ideas (I got these in an email)...

Idiocy of the Virginia road funding plan

Thank you Rachael Maddow, George Clooney, and many others (about Senator Ted Cruz)

US plan to control Guam's snake population with toxic mice angers Peta

“I Begged for Them to Stop”: Waterboarding Americans and the Redefinition of Torture

Tom Coburn's dream world...

Tension high after Syria army kills four in Lebanon

Who will say something about gun control at the Oscars?

Barack Obama: A Letter to My Daughters...'What I Want for You — and Every Child

White House releases state-by-state breakdown of sequester’s effects

Ted Cruz (R-Crazy) still insists Harvard had twelve professors hell bent on overthrowing the US govt

Immigration Economics, Blaming, & Truth

While you are watching Oscars tonight, imagine what you would feel like if all of a sudden...

Beauty queen’s death unveils violence, opulence and mystery of Mexico’s narco country

People who are Anti-nuke.. Can they be called crazy on DU?

Watching last week's "Walking Dead."

JusticeIsCheap's Sunday Photography Adventure (6 photos)

Wayne Newton, still looking good

How is Seth MacFarlane doing as host of the Oscars? I don't have TV so just wondering.

Prediction on sequester cuts:

My wife was watching some old Molly Ivins speeches and wonder what she would think about

The Republicans have created the TEA-MONSTER, and it is eating them alive.

Defying Boycotts, Jagger, Stones, to Honor Israel’s 65th Birthday

Damn. Shirley Bassey.

In what cities do you think Obama won white evangelicals?

Oscars protest by visual effects workers over Life of Pi

If these Starlets get any more emaciated ...

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 25 February 2013

I need help identifying a song... Hope this works.

Sometimes bad things happen...and I hate it.

2014 US Senate Election-Republican Held Seats-Ideal Democratic nominees.

Can you believe that horrible joke that Seth McFarland just told on the Oscar?

(Florida) Activists want state to end use of word 'retard'

Man Who Barricaded Himself Inside Home With Guns Fires Shots At Robot

Official I hate Seth McFarlane thread

Gun Background Checks Negotiation Stalled Over Records Dispute

House Republicans hit back on sequestration with Academy Award-themed video

A year of fun at DU!

Love Anne Hathaway's pixie haircut.

Limbaugh Concedes: Liberalism Kicked His Ass.

Zombie Apocalypse survival tips from "Walking Dead":

Help ... please, from the computer genii at DU

Hooray, My First Thread!

I'm diggin the Adele song

Someone winning one of these Oscars should speak out against the NRA.

Rachel's show in 2009: Dorgan warned us 1999 on the repeal of Glass Steagal.

Don't want a pile on, but, was Kristen Stewart just limping when she walked up with

Those on the Gulf Coast - Hail Warnings for LA/MS/AL

History Channel's New Series "Vikings" -- SPOILER ALERT

*Kramer v Kramer on TCM now.

let's do the cuboid loogy boogie!

Barbara Streisand, in the HOUSE!

Barbra singing 'Memories'

New Defense Clandestine Service Blends Civilian and Military Operations

Who Picks the Oscars? White Men.

Renee Zellweger: Drunk

The Von Trapps Left The Building Because....

My radio show is now available in video starting today. Here is today's show...

WH: What Sequester means in Your State

Charlie Theron & Dustin Hoffman.

Pope Says God Told Him It Was Time To Go

Tabasco Maker CEO Paul McIlhenny Dies At 68

Calif. GOP 'can't even find a candidate to run for governor next year'

Help ... please, from the computer genius's at DU

I **need** inspiration! I need a 'pick me up' recipe

YouTube Clicks Included In Billboard Chart

So how come everybody is beginning sentences with the word "so?"

Wells Fargo gets the acct to provide mortgages to AFL-CIO members (whatttt??)

Thanks to the poster who posted about the book LIFE OF PI

Ang Lee! Yay!

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, February 26: 31 Days of Oscar: The Samuel Goldwyn Company

Darn, I wanted the little girl to win!

Jennifer Lawrence, followed by Merle Streep.

Jennifer Lawrence pulls a Kristin Stewart

Out Of Commision!!!!!!

WH releases cuts facing Florida in sequester.

MICHELLE introducing Best Picture nominees!

FLOTUS introducing the Best Picture Category

OMFG Michelle Obama at the Oscars!!

Assange electoral boost

Yes Occupy is still active in MN.. some upcoming events 2/24 through 2/27 Tar Sands, Brother Ali

Tonight, duct tape is just a little more humble

Oscar awards make me sick.

Seth was fab, and Our Dear First Lady out of context. Really

Sometimes life is stranger than fiction.

the Onion is in trouble

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, February 27: 31 Days of Oscar: London Film Productions

Rick Scott Really!!! I mean Really!!!

Legalized bribary by Statefarm in Texas, screwing home owners. TyT

Impacts of Sequestrangulation on the State of MN.

Found on FB: Not Relevant Anymore

Sequestration Watch -- The Life of a Political Football Edition.

Insurance commissioner faces tough confirmation

The challenge of expectations ruined Seth Macfarlane tonight.

"Propaganda" on cable?

How was it "inappropriate" that Michelle Obama was a surprise guest...?

Now that I'm over the distraction of Oscar, about Congress and sequestration, could somebody

We are 47 posts from 25,000 as a group

How do you pour gems and cupcakes?

Was that the longest Oscars in history?

The movie you know you want to see

Ben Carson Supports Flat Tax To "Please" God

abbey road?

The Onion taking a stab at Zero Dark Thirty:

China, it's time for REAL sanctions against North Korea

Is voucher idea fizzling?

Attendance 'scrubbing' tempts low-ranked schools

What is Your Reason To Live? (Oscar Short Film Winner Edition)

A piece of the cultural context for women's issues - Iphigenia: Women as accesories to nationalism

Second Geek Tragedy appreciation post because I can't get enough of this..

Veterans kicked out of bar

Young Afghan Actor's Family Proud of Oscar Nod.

Foyle's War - is it really over?

Jobs: Less spending = Less Jobs

Your favorite college fight song

I did some hiking today (pics)

One of my relatives quit a job this past week.

Mexican government prepares a dirty war

Whenthey sang that song at the end for the losers

Can you imagine a current-day Republican expressing sentiments like these?

A birthday wish ~ Sekhmets Daughter

Got a surprisingly difficult Email

Drones - Web Press GRILLS Obama

Coral reefs have stopped growing

'Grand Canyon' under the sea mapped by Royal Navy ship with state-of-the-art technology

Brazilian 2014 presidential campaign takes off with Rousseff bidding re-election

Topless Protest At Berlusconi As Italy Votes

Reinventing Government: the 1995 Speeches announcing the Road to Ruin

February photo contest results

February results are posted in GD

anyone here involved in a Transition roup (Post-peak oil)?

Gay marriage flap could cost Ill. GOP chair his job

The NRA has a charitable wing. (gif-toon)

Cardinal Keith O'Brien resigns as Archbishop

Did I dream about Michelle Obama appearing on the Oscars?

Ted Cruz WANTS to be the new Joe McCarthy

(UK) Activists launch campaign against ‘autonomous weapons’: Killer robots must be stopped

Look around the country today. This isn't a time of crisis. It's the new normal.

Syria says ready to talk with armed opposition

Poet jailed for life in Qatar insult trial has term cut to 15 years

Is Germany abandoning wind, solar and bioenergy?

Searching for Sugar Man wins Oscar Best Documentary

Afghan president: U.S. special forces creating ‘insecurity and instability’

One night mitt and queen ann are going over their expenses...

Watch How Being Tickled Can Actually Make You Go To Sleep In The Middle Of Fits Of Laughter!

Cops Use Facebook to Track Illegal Weapons

Mass Demonstrations Against Financial Coup In Spain

Most Mass Shootings Target Women and Families; Study Finds Men With Legal Guns Are to Blame

Think There's No Alternative? Latin America Has A Few

Water Torture, as American as Apple Pie

The All-Purpose Post-Academy Awards Classic Films Group Dish-and-Kibitz Thread.

Nearly half of illegal guns in Calif. purchased in states with lax gun laws

The Al Qaeda Most Americans Know Is Basically a Myth at This Point

I posted a disrespectful thread about Kathleen Turner yesterday.........

Michelle Malkin . . . U MAD?

biofuels converting U.S. prairie lands at dust bowl rates

Litter discovered in deepsea survey of one of Earth's final unexplored realms

Cardinal Keith O'Brien resigns as Archbishop

African lions – the killer kings in mortal danger from man and sham medicine

What's for Dinner ~ Monday Feb 25th

Hotter, wetter climate slashes labour capacity by 10%, study shows

Scientists divided over device that 'remotely detects hepatitis C'

Michelle Obama Oscars Appearance: First Lady Presents Best Picture To 'Argo'

Ranulph Fiennes forced out of Antarctic challenge

I'm from Monsanto and I'm here to help you

Tom Engelhardt: What If the Iranians Waterboarded an American?

Fox - a matter of focus

I'm with Wendell Pierce

Fragments of ancient continent buried under Indian Ocean

Fragments of ancient continent buried under Indian Ocean

School Offers Yoga Classes For Kids, Parents Sue For Violation Of Religious Freedom

Brain's 'stroke shielding' cracked

Chris Hedges: Rebels Stand Alone

Good Morning, Lounge!

I just watched the movie "Becket" again last night...

Jim Crow isn't dead, he just got lawyers

My Facts

Horse meat found in Ikea's Swedish meatballs

iceland's plan to ban internet porn sparks outrage

Powers to offer Iran sanctions relief at nuclear talks: U.S. official

Something about PI that makes me want to read the book

James K. Galbraith on "Inequality and Instability: What's Ahead for the World Economy"

Scotland's Roman Catholic archbishop, mired in abuse claim, resigns

Israel successfully tests Arrow 3 missile interceptor

Toon:Raising Minimum Wage

Toon: Ted Cruz gets a medal

Latest Simpson-Bowles health plan stirs worry but lacks detail

Chris Hedges: Rebels Stand Alone

We’ve Been Looking at the Spread of Global Pandemics All Wrong

Mich. GOP pushes on with electoral vote plan; Schostak re-elected

Leaflets warn Baghdad residents to leave, stirring fearful memories as sectarian tensions rise

BCA report on carry permits

President Obama's policies: big savings and smart spending

Oscars Poll

Lawmakers push for end to draft registration in US

German greenhouse gas emissions up 1.6 pct in 2012

Damn it!

Hotter, wetter climate slashes labor capacity by 10 pct - U.S. study

UPDATE 2-Grounding, budget woes cloud F-35 warplane sales push in Australia

Check out today's wind map..Oklahoma is sucking up all the air!!

OMG! Republicans prove they're not only despicable, but also desperate and lame. LOL!

FLORIDA: Task Force Backs ‘Stand Your Ground’ Law

DUZY-worthy Oscar tweet

Morrison Monday!

Is "Old Maid" sexist/agist?

McConnell's Court Martial for sodomy in 67 will be huge

This is why I love Meryl Streep.

A week of harsh truths, Day One: the sequester is NOT Obama's fault

Citi Offered Jack Lew A Big Bonus To Secure A 'High-Level' Government Position

Centre left takes strong lead in Italy election - polls

Limbaugh Admits Defeat: "The Left Has Beaten Us"

BBC condemns China's 'deliberate' jamming of World Service broadcasts

How long after the first 'Google Glasses' are sold will a wearer die or kill someone...

Pot/kettle, BecKKK feuds with "stupid" WWE, claims "demonizing" of TeaBaggers

It's not really difficult to keep the dog off your couch.

Everything you need to know about karma:

Charlie Sheen? P-f-f-f-t-t-t,

Someone call CPS about the mother who's neglecting this child.

After all these years, MiddleFingerMom has finally figured out a way to enjoy tea.

Sometimes MiddleFingerMom thinks his middle NAME is Homer.

Hamas Calls on Resistance to Capture Israeli Soldiers

Deal reportedly in place to trade 49ers QB Alex Smith

Pic Of The Moment: And The Oscar Goes To...

Iraq says Turkey rejects Kurd export pipelines

Gawker: You Should Eat Horse

Jack Lew's contract had an incentive to go into government

Google streaming music service?

Future U.S. Weather Will Be Stormy AND Drought Filled

Progressives attack Mitch McConnell again on guns

KRUGMAN re: GOP: They want a fiscal crisis; they need it; they’re enjoying it.

Molly has been wimpering all night.

Military Tracer Rounds Cause Raging Fire And Explosions At Texas Gun Range

State Department: Building Better Ties Through Trade: A Day on an International Film Set (Argo)

Anyone here been told they have an evil twin?

"This Michelle Obama remote is the flame that will light a hundred outraged Fox News segments."

Maddow Blog - "Woodward's unfortunate errors"

Titanic cruise ship one step closer as shipyard prepares for construction

Return Of Sectarian Threats In Iraq Raises Alarm

Anyone here been told they have a Minnesota twin?

Please allow me to introduce myself

Ezra Klein - "On the sequester, the American people ‘moved the goalposts’"

Lawmakers Push For End To Draft Registration In US

Supreme Court Rejects Virginia’s Appeal In Case Involving Death Row Inmate With Low IQ

Supreme Court Won't Hear Appeal Over Corporate Campaign Contributions

Wolves in the lower 48 states to be stripped of all Endangered Species Act protections. Urgent!

So if Corporation are people, my friend, shouldn't they be paying Medicare and SSI...

Golden Oldie from Whoopie Goldberg

A loose affiliation of millionaires and billionaires

Money in Politics:

It's not that I think that ALL Republicans are racist...

Are the Admins doing upgrades?

Sotomayor Condemns Prosecutor’s Racially Insensitive Remark

Friends in low places: where the real lobbying happens

Irony: Catholics not accepting charges against Cardinal O'Brien without solid evidence.

So Open It Hurts -What the Internet did to Aaron Swartz

Democrats and Republicans Priorities

US Caught In Awkward Embrace Of Myanmar 'Crony'

rock paper scissors lizard spock

Rand Paul's failed fish tale

Man Accidentally Shoots Self At Dayton Gun Show

U.S. Stopping Use Of Term ‘Negro’ For Census Surveys

UniteBlue: Developing Revolution or Business Development Scheme on Twitter

What's the most amazing thing about technology these days?

Maddow: Pew poll shows the public's striking opposition to spending cuts

excellent Ann Ortelee this week

CPAC 2013 Speakers Romney & Palin Will Discuss Best Ways To Lose Presidential Elections

Today in Peace and Justice history on February 25, 2011

Today in Peace and Justice history on February 25, 2011

OOOOOH! That sound!

Germany backs France in restarting talks with Turkey about joining the EU

Tx Republican State Rep's Chief of Staff Tony McDonald Demonstrates History of Racism & Homophobia

Don't understand how Full Moons "work?"

Juan Cole: A Different View of Iran, 2013 (Video) - in the US we seldom see this kind of footage

Regarding First Lady Obama and her Oscars Appearance - Gain Some Perspective

New Atheism offers better philosophy, faith than religion

Woman Sues Over Mislabeled Birth Control

How wet is it? NWS says we've had over 6 inches of rain since Friday

Fixing Social Security

If you had Britain’s most senior Roman Catholic cleric, Cardinal Keith O’Brien in the Pope Pool

DOJ Admits It Had To Put Aaron Swartz In Jail To Save Face Over The Arrest

some quotes of the day-bella abzug

What will global warming do to your city?

I got hired today!

today in women's herstory

A Costly and Unjust Perk for Financiers

Pondering the possibilities of bridge-building after Benedict

Say it ain't so . . . . Sven

Some people only talk to people if they want something from them. someone posted

a biography of the day-elizabeth britton (botonist, bryologist (study of mosses))

Question to Residential Solar Power Experts - ...

Jewish Values and the Judeo-Christian Tradition Do Not Belong to the Fundamentalist Right

Thom Hartmann: It's Time to Bring Back the Draft for Men & Women


More true facts from ZeFrank

British farming in crisis as crop losses from 'relentless' floods pile up woes

Laugh to keep from crying

Less than one-half of U.S. adults covered by employer-sponsored health insurance

Not ONE recorded leak from this loyal member of the White House

My shocking proposal for improving the Oscars:

magdalene asylums (or laundries)-- pedophilia is not the only horror in the church (woman-hating)

magdalene asylums (or laundries)--pedophilia is not the only horror in the church (woman-hating)

Why can't I upload a new avatar?

Notice of PBS Special - MAKERS

Watched fahrenheit 911 again

A major burden on the US healthcare system

S Korea swears in first female president

How Eric Cantor Gave Us an Endless Series of Fiscal Crises

GOP seeks Planned Parenthood study with hope to strip funding

My Mom used to say: "I've heard little frogs fart under the water before."

Notice of PBS Special - MAKERS


While I'm in here, I've been meaning to ask if anyone watched Coretta and Betty...

Poll: Pentagon should bear the brunt of deficit cuts

KFC launches China campaign to rebuild brand

Awesome picture of Michelle Obama

The tea party screaming they want their country back with misspelled signs has been

Conservative Democrat attends Jewish holiday party in BLACKFACE "basketball player" costume.

Notice of PBS Special - MAKERS

Quick! What is the collective noun for a group of baboons?

5 Reasons Republicans Don’t Want To Raise The Minimum Wage

Second Amendment Lawsuits Expose Rift At The Top Of Gun Rights Movement

500 yr old arrest warrant for MACHIAVELLI discovered

An Open Letter: Health Care can be Low Cost

Who Has the Guts for Gluten?

Ed Markey Senatorial candidate, Ma.

U.S. to air-drop toxic mice to control Guam snakes

Ready to charge the GOP Leadership with treason yet?

New picture of Zuri, rescued lamb, with friend. :-)

Quvenzhane, welcome to this wonderful, post-racist & post-sexist America.

Warren Buffet’s media group buys Tulsa World

Marine generals show rare dominance of top jobs

CAP: 5 Reasons the World Is Catching on to the Financial Transaction Tax

American Electric Power agrees to close 3 coal plants in emissions lawsuit

Most Mass Shootings Target Women and Families; Study Finds Men With Legal Guns Are to Blame

Tell teachers' retirement fund to DIVEST from standardized testing companies

Osaka resident world’s oldest woman

This is unbelievably funny: LOOK: GOP Governor Transforms Into Key Obamacare Supporter

Abbas warns Israel: Don't play with Palestinian lives

How the sequester will affect NC, specifically

Cuba...What is wrong here?

Match Game Story: "Lucius C. Ganglebottom eagerly spread his waiting ___ for some filthy hillbilly."

Assailant shoots into SF home with AK-47

France condemns video of 'kidnapped family'

Ikea official: I'd still eat our Swedish meatballs

Thousands attend funeral of Palestinian detainee who died in Israeli prison

This happened to my friend:

Should potential DU jurors be required to take a sobriety test prior to serving?

US Senator Elizabeth Warren: Sequester cuts are ‘just plain dumb’

The Girl From The North Country

Smartphone fired into space to see if screams can be heard

Lawrence Lessig marks apoinment to Harvard with a lecture honoring memory and work of Aaron Swartz

Shred some glass, can it be done?

miliary rape documentary "the invisible war" does not win oscar

The Gun Control debate can be ended simply.. and those opposed hoist on their own petard....

military rape dcocumentary "the invisible war" does not win oscar

Stupid shit about Senator McConnell's military Discharge- this was cleared up years ago

Officer Claims Cops Sell LAPD Guns to Civilians and Dealers

@SenToomey Senator Toomey Proud of his Economic Terrorism #JobsNotCuts #sequester

Prison for Man Who Amputated Kitten Toes

Dairy Industry Wants to Put Aspartame in Milk

Facebook agrees to remove some Newtown pages

Senator McConnell, whose side are you on?

Apple's response to Google glass....

4 Men (African American, Pakistani, Russian & Indian) & a White Woman....

Target MINNEAPOLIS etc. retail cleaning workers to strike - 10:00 pm tonight

Michelle, the Oscars and Autocratic Trappings

The Associated Press Mens Top 25 Poll 2/25/13

Will Ashley Judd Challenge Mitch McConnell for Senate? Kentucky Democrats Think So

Calling Dr. Dean, dammit!

Could the simple art of negotiation fix the Washington mess?

Guess what I learned this weekend?

Push to overturn Voting Rights Act tied to GOP voter suppression efforts

Senate Republicans Finally Get Their Hands on Benghazi Emails

Eric Cantor will propose Federal Law that Ends Overtime Pay for hourly workers

The Coca-Cola commercial you'll never see on the air:

UFW: New office: A giant step toward new contracts

Ikea Swedish meatballs found to have horsemeat

Ohio Man Says Image Of Jesus Appears In Bird Dropping

Job Jobs Jobs

Goldman Sachs director appointed to Colombia’s Finance Ministry .

Sequestration—On the one hand, $85 billion isn't a lot...

Meet California's Most Abusive Company

Jennifer Rubin gets catty with Michelle Obama...

Democracy NC Legislative Agenda for 2013 (pdf)

A Breif History of the Debt/Deficit Debate Over The Last 20 Years

Exposed "Fix the Debt" campaign: You Lose & They Gain.

Should 2006 lame ducks be charged with conspiracy to murder the USPS?

Mediteranian Diet Can Ward Off Heart Disease

Huge explosion rattles Syrian capital

Post your NASA approved zodiac sign!

I need better tech support

Colombia union president survives assassination attempt .

Remember when George HW Bush, as sitting prez, attended the CMA Awards in 1991?

Iranian News Agency Adds Sleeves To Michelle Obama’s Oscars Gown

Swiss ad

One more Oscar related OP: Jennifer Lawrence is just a riot.

TYT: The 7 Craziest Bills in the U.S.

Could We Please Not Do This on DU?

Medicaid: Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber: ‘No one thinks fee for service is working’

In "The Gatekeepers," Israeli Security Chiefs Say What US Leaders Can't

Arguing against sexism, racism, homophobia and discrimnation against the disabled is not "bickering"

The American First Lady: Gorgeous and cool

Why "Argo" winning matters.

One last update and I'll stop, I promise

Michelle Derangement Syndrome

Should Creationism Ever Be Taught In Schools?

Thousands of people indulge in a fantasy fetish of eating people?

Anti-Defamation League Slams Seth MacFarlane’s ‘Jews Control Hollywood’ Joke

Deepwater Trial: U.S. Prosecutors Say BP Knew It Was Drilling ‘Well From Hell’

In the history of DU there has only been one Democratic President

"Le Mis" Would Have Been Better As Best Picture Because -----

IHT: How Syria Is Becoming Bosnia

The Rude Pundit - Note to Glenn Beck: Don't Open Yourself Up to a Full Nelson from the WWE

"Franklin D. Roosevelt spoke to an Oscar audience by radio in 1941. "

Nanotechnology's lost history

Internet Raises Nearly $150k for Homeless Man Who Returned Woman’s Lost Engagement Ring

Warren Buffett buys Tulsa World

Say whaaatt?? According to The New Yorker, Eric Cantor's wife is a liberal democrat

What's this? Investing money in important services like education and health care...

"2013" is the first year since "1987"...

Bold Nebraska's Jane Kleeb Reports From The Keystone XL Pipeline Protest

Toon: Sign....We built this.....

Senate Judiciary Committee to consider assault weapons ban

Celebrating The Mortgage Fraud Task Force That Doesn't Actually Exist - David Dayen Explains

Yes We Can Blame Obama For His Part In The Sequester Mess

Iz about internetz kittehs - Tartar Sauce, Simon's Cat, Henri... Read plz...

Here goes Fox again: "Hit Obama documentary '2016' snubbed by Academy Awards"

Bored with the Oscars, I watched a critique of capitalism and xian fundies in the form of a horror

Why Democrats Are So Confident Of A Sequestration Victory

Gas prices spike in northeast; without nuclear imports New England "would have been toast"

Ignore. petition: Cuba is Not a Sponsor of Terrorism; Take Cuba Off the List

Money in politics? The sky is the limit in MO

'MSNBC: Selling the Iraq War' or: 'Hubris' in the Mirror

How Austerity Stifled The British Economy (And The Rest Of Europe) In Three Charts

A year ago we fostered a young kitteh for a friend who encountered hard times

Nobel prize for discovering DNA up for auction

Article: Michelle Obama Wasn't the First First Lady To Take Part in the Oscars...

I keep reading on DU that feminists and their supporters

"President Bill Clinton lifted the ban on CIA assassinations in 1998"

Assemblyman Defends Wearing Blackface to Party

Court fight starts over North Carolina districts

No More 'Negro' For Census Bureau Forms And Surveys

Sequester Squeals: Republicans Get Their First Taste of the Recession and They Don’t Like It

What Michelle Obama at The Oscars REALLY Meant to Say

Hey MST3k/RiffTrax fans...

Anyone know where this island is?

My feel-good lounge song for the day

Are you pro-drones or anti-drones?

Two Faced Boehner at his Best ... Again !!

There's a Better Avenue for Discovery with Mitch McConnell than Military Liason..

An American Pope Could Shake Things Up - CONAN

Israel Concerned New Palestinian Uprising Could Erupt

Ronald Reagan Would Always Call The Winner of the Superbowl, World Series, NBA Championships, etc.

White House estimates of state-by-state impacts of sequestration- breakdown also by program category

I'm on my way home -- I'll update with a LOT more information later.

Dear Eric, From We the People.

Analysis: Morning in America? U.S. Economy Poised To Accelerate

Republican Disgrace: Pre-Existing Conditions Like Totaled Car or Burned Down House

Trusts Offer a Legal Loophole for Buying Restricted Guns

So I Hear That They're Blaming The Down Stock Market Today On Italy.....

Chinese Transport "Workhorses" Extending Military's Reach

Dozens of Gun Manufacturers Refusing to Sell to Some State/Local Governments

Please this thread can use more recs

C. Everett Koop, ex-surgeon general, dies in NH

Big health insurance rate hikes are plummeting

Rest in Power, Doctor Koop. nt

How do they keep up with the lies??

Judd Acting Like a Senate Candidate

Consumption Drops, Unemployment Rises, and DC Politicians Are Clueless: Here's Why

Ugh. Big tally for Berlusconi throws wrench into Italy's election

Republicans will take the heat if no sequester deal is reached, poll shows

Tonight On EyeCenterwitness News

Parents welcome home baseball teams from Cuba

C Everett Coop died

Now CNN is slamming Michelle Obama for the Oscar appearance!

Aaaah SHIT! I just got my biopsy results. It's melanoma.

Source: Pats extend Tom Brady

It's pretty simple, the majority of people

Only 14, Bangladeshi girl charged with adultery was lashed to death

The outrage about Michelle by the Right is the Right in a nutshell.

Feds looking into Port Orange (Florida) shooting as possible hate crime

Newsreel 1941 Roosevelt Speaks At Academy Awards...

White House documents impact of sequester on Wisconsin

Republicans proceeding as if Election 2012 never happened...

Federal panel opens GOP computers in Wisconsin redistricting case

The legacy of Hugo Chávez: Low growth, high inflation, intimidation

John Boehner: Obama using troops as ‘props’ on sequester

"What is it about working men and women they find so offensive?"

Need a job? Can you weld?

Caiden Cowger is Worse than Rush Limbaugh

Boehner: Obama Using Service Members As ‘Campaign Props’

Republicans do not care about the future of our country or the consequences of their actions.

Do you have hummingbirds? Do you put food out for them? Do they

Thing X Apologizes

Boehner tells Obama 'You got your tax increase'

In This Nuclear World, What Is the Meaning of "Safe"?

DK Social Security Defenders #HandsOffMySS bogathon March 25-29 needs writers and graphic artist

GOP electoral vote-rigging schemes still alive and well

Boston Red Sox fighting for the right to be called the “Ped Sox”

Cops: Man arrested for threatening Colorado Representative Rhonda Fields

Bork Says Nixon Offered Him Supreme Court Appointment

Kansas: Third place in number of *starred* libraries

Off The Grid

This ventriloquist is hilarious...

In book published after his death, Bork says Nixon made offer of next Supreme Court vacancy

Tulsa World newspaper to be sold to BH Media Group

Grammys Flashback '97: Hillary Clinton...

In today's "A Handmaid's Tale" News, OK Legislature promotes women as breeding stock…

University Of North Carolina Rape Victim May Be Expelled For Speaking About Her Case

Oops! Pope forces out Cardinal Keith O'Brien

Any San Diego DUers remember the Dale Akiki case? Fundies coaching preschoolers to demonize...

Schweitzer, hedge fund target Montana mining company

CNN Host Schools Bobby Jindal For Spouting ‘Misleading’ Economic ‘Nonsense’

In today's Racist Teabagger News, Montana GOP Committee Chairwoman just can't help showing it

Keith Olbermann on Late Late TV Monday CBS

Report: High school dropouts cost economy billions

President Obama's Speech on Sequestration That He Needs to Give

I own a couple of firearms and support rkba BUT...

Downtown L.A. TB outbreak: LAPD urges officers to wear masks

About the President, First Lady, and the Arts...

Federal panel opens GOP computers in Wisconsin redistricting case

On their anniversary, man finds out he’s married to his sister

So, that's why…

23,000 To Lindsey Graham: No Foul to Use A-Word on Israel-Palestine

'Gender And Sexual Diversities,' Or GSD, Should Replace 'LGBT,' Say London Therapists

Supporting evidence

Jennifer Lawrence just doesn't have any fucks to give

Evangelical Environmentalists Blahblah Concern Grows Blahblah Churches' Green Activism Blahblah

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