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Ten places Roger Goodell can't eat or drink in New Orleans this weekend

These people are pure EVIL

Whose birthday is it?

The "Birds of Paradise" project

The Wrath of McKhain..

NLRB Office of General Counsel finds NY bus strike not unlawful

Quote of the Day

WOW! It's 66° out!

How Drought on Mississippi River Impacts You -- NatGeo--less freight due to the drought

Planningtorock Preps 'MISOGYNY DROP DEAD EP'

300 MW solar plant proposed near Phoenix

Good News - New Legal Precedent Set in Louisiana

Chris Ault and the pistol offense

"Richard Cordray CFPB Confirmation Imperiled By Senate Republicans, Again"

NOW can we say that Obama got the better deal in the fiscal cliff deal?

Oklahoma woman who fought off intruder, a gun rights symbol, favors background checks

My show today!

Nice story about a horse.

Real Entitlement Reform: 4 Steps to Cut Billions from the Budget Without Hurting the Safety Net

Do the members of the MIR Team see who alerted?

EWTN Catholic TV network will continue to fight Obamacare birth control mandate despite rule change

Defense wins Championships

I'd like to see Donald Trump run for John Kerry's open seat in the Senate

Everything you need to know about 20th century music in one photo

Inequality Is Holding Back the Recovery

"Egan: Right-wing media in decline" By DYLAN BYERS at Politico

Tuesday is engaged!

As much as Ed disappointed me in the early part of the double-oughts...

CatWoman vs XemaSab Live in GD

Did You Hear About Jerry?

Why Was An Anti-Feminist Organization Using Senate Time to Sell Guns?

Like the Super Bowl?

Presidential Palace in Egypt under attack by violent demonstrators (CNN)

"Message auto-removed"

This is what my dad just sent me.

Ah-Dorable interview with Jennifer Lawrence

Twitter hacked, up to 250,000 accounts may have been compromised

'Warcraft' Movie Lands 'Source Code' Director (Exclusive)

Lineup for Bill Maher's show at 10 pm /repeat at 11pm HBO tonight

Chasing Ice video

"2nd Oval Office Readied in White House Rehab Project"

Observation: Chef Ann Burrell and Glen Close could be sisters IMO..

Mapping Paid Maternity Leave


Brown won't seek Kerry's Senate seat

Hackers target Twitter, access about 250,000 user accounts

Steve Capus Out At NBC News

New Report Warns That Drones Could Be Used for Stalking, Voyeurism

Feeding the Homeless Prank - posted without comment

Jack Be nimble…

"Mark Kelly: Arizona Democrats’ dream candidate"

Infected salmon declared fit for human consumption by Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Image- Can't fix

Cinderella update:

Funny how that works, isn't it?

Pediatricians vs. the NRA: How the gun lobby is trying to gag doctors from talking about kids & guns

LIST: A few landmark U.S. Supreme Court cases that are relevant to current issues discussed

Etch A Sketch creator André Cassagnes dies at age 86

Taibbi: Can’t let Wall Street off the hook and jail someone for ‘a joint in his pocket’

"Doctor-assisted suicide measure...

John McCain why you so crazy?!?!

Chelsea and Hillary

Seattle's Cherry Street Coffee imposes new 1.5% 'sick leave surcharge'

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Once More, With Feeling! & a new Kitten gif

Should Taxpayers Be Funding Private Schools That Teach Creationism?

The Lounge Daily Inspiration.

When Truth Tried to Stop War

Anyone have the full list of Jim Greer's Witness List?

Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, Imprisoned Pussy Riot Member, Hospitalized

One day, if he's blessed to live long enough, John McCain will retire from the Senate

Super Bowl Shocker: Deer Admits to Using 'Ray Lewis Spray'

Grand Central Terminal Turns 100

Every Dollar Of Your Income-Except The Last One-Goes To Wars & Preparation For Wars

From GD: "Super Bowl Shocker: Deer Admits to Using ‘Ray Lewis Spray’"

MSNBC Presents Geraldo Rivera’s First Campaign Ad For New Jersey Senate Run (fake ad)

Does Jan Brewer intend to run for a 3rd term even though against their constitution?

Friday Talking Points (243) -- The Immigration Coalition

At least six hospitalized in bus crash on Interstate 35 in Austin incl Special Olympics participants

How can I make it yellow?

Left 3.0: The Extraordinary Transformation of the Democratic Party

Celtics' Sullinger will miss rest of season

Obamacare in Five Words Irony

One more image from January before they get archived.

Apparently, duct tape was just a "gateway drug" for graywarrior.

Bluesbassman's band played at his family reunion. They fit right in.

Why your dog is MUCH happier than you:

If your cat seems depressed, rule this cause out first:

MiddleFingerMom-Mon has heard a rumor that white guys with dreadlocks get free medical marijuana.

Many of you have requested a pic of MFM in his sexytime lingerie. Mark today as your lucky lucky day

Charlie Theron, Porn Hair Photo.

ACLU on the 7 Year-Old Boy Handcuffed for $5 'Robbery' story

"DNC, Obama campaign millions in debt, RNC in the clear, according to reports"

Fun Details About Mary Jo White

Uranium Mining Proposal Abandoned in Virginia

According to the Rude Pundit...

"Iran May Have Faked Its 'Successful' Space Monkey Trip"

Top Guatemala prosecutor pulls no punches

Eating Pom Pom pomegranite seeds. They taste a little off. How long would

Who has heard of Caboki? Hair returns likes magic.

An open letter to John McCain

I like this new Message Auto Removed rule.

Feeding the Homeless Prank - cross-posted from GD

San Diego drops red-light cameras

Easy emergency shrimp sauce! (When you find nothing in the cupboard...)

Groundhogs in NYC

LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We need some.

New show "House of Cards" is a must see for fans of political dramas

The Pro Fracking TV ads have started in earnest in NY.

Slain Texas prosecutor feared for life, brought gun to work

Bolivia Passes Law Declaring Mother Earth has Equal Status

Malala, teen champion of girls' rights, nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Here Troll *whistle*

Cory Booker!

Cold War Policies Revived by Honduran Intelligence Law

1,280 dead since Sandy Hook......This is heart breaking!!

Cold War Policies Revived by Honduran Intelligence Law (U.S.-created)

McCaskill calls the Missouri-Kansas border war on jobs ‘dumb’

Sen. Sanders:Income Inequality in American

Whoa, a "mommy dearest" daughter of Shirley MacCLAINE on 20-20

Most conservative and most liberal states.

Touch me!

It turns out nearly all Americans love Social Security


Federal Rule Limits Aid to Families Who Can’t Afford Employers’ Health Coverage

McCain Ruined His Posterity

Just watching 20/20 about papparize...

today in women's herstory

If the groundhog sees it's shadow tomorrow...

Noam Chomsky: 'Assad Is Facing Assassination No Matter What'

a biography of the day-hattie caraway

The face of pure, unmitigated evil

Erin Burnett is an Idiot

DU POLL: I'm just curious, do DUers live in an urban area, suburban or rural area?

Bill Maher, Cory Booker And Panel Slam GOP For Senate Hearings Antics

Fire in Gaza Kills Family and Stirs Rage Against the Power Company

Sen. Mark Kirk's message to stroke victims: "Don't give up"

Happy Imbolc

Middlefinger Mom: I must be watching the pinnacle of sponge bath scenes.

"I cannot fix my gay son"

Jerry Hahahaha :snort: Jerry Rivers is gunna run for Frank Lautenberg's seat?????

The snow last night was beautiful...

LOL, Ed Schultz Shows Parody of Geraldo's Senate Run Ad.

What are you reading the week of Feb 3, 2013?

The day is coming when a device will be available to explode ammunition remotely in your 30 rd

It's time for the annual posting of Richard Harris' MacArthur Park

Friday Night Catnip: The Songs Of Distant Earth (Mike Oldfield)

Random Thoughts on Saturday 2013

Exclusive: Venezuela seeks $4 billion China loan, $2 billion Chevron credit - sources

Where do you stand on the new Immigration Reform?

Has anyone here had any experiences on dating sites,

Maher Tears Apart ‘Con Men’ Beck, Limbaugh And Hannity, For ‘Separating Rubes From Their Money’

Post the most powerful, moving and beautiful music you know.

Bed Bug City Rankings 2012

Happy Sensible Day Everyone. Sensible Phil will let us know what the next six weeks entail...

dear du, i need to ask for some love for grannyk of the crawford peace house

Dorothy Ashby - By The Time I Get To Phoenix

Smith County Republican Chairman resigns, the GOP is "beyond repair."

DAILY KOS: Our Autistic Son was Handcuffed and Arrested in School, We Were Not Notified

what the heck is going on in Idaho? racist school board member, guns in dumpster, plus 2 more!

North Korea Threatens US For What It Calls Double Standards Over Rocket Launches By 2 Koreas

Sam Harris Sparks Epic Gun Debate With Bill Maher And Cory Booker: ‘Gun Nuts Have Many Good Points’

Pre-blessed food!!!

Best Sci-Fi movie ever?

The Right Predicts that Lifting Gay Ban Will Turn Boy Scouts into Horny Gay Molestees

Police: Dad fatally shot at home while son hosted sleepover party

So where is this NRA "Enemies List" and how do i go about getting on it?

Dallas Hair Weave Thefts Have Reached Epidemic Proportions

Just got season 3 of "Justified". Is it as

You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I'm telling you why: Rachel Maddow's

Chloe on Sandwiches

Rachel Maddow to Speak at SXSW Interactive

It's here! It's here!

Ain't this good news for the nation?

Allen West posted this on his Facebook page

Need some advice

The NRA is the biggest danger to the rights of gun ownership (they have an enemies list)

The Myth of American Living with Robert Reich

325 Army suicides in 2012 a record

Alabama abduction: Boy still held in underground bunker

This is what Chuck Hagel should have said to McCain at the confirmation hearing:

Gloria Steinem said Texans should 'dis-elect' Gov. Rick Perry

Butterflies Booking It North as Climate Warms

CNN "reporter" fawns all over Ted Nugent...

Hot potatoes! BASF drops GM spud plans in EU

You know why the Freepers embrace Orly Taitz and her mad crusade?

Iran unveils new homemade fighter jet

Greece’s ‘Nazis’ are on the rise... and now they’re going into schools: How Golden Dawn nurture the

You can regulate my speech, but not my fucking guns!

perforated things that just aren't damn perforated enough!

Were you involved in extracurricular activities growing up? Did you benefit from it?

Thirty-One Killed as Militants Attack Pakistan Checkpoint

Petroglyphs stolen from sacred eastern Sierra site recovered

Why Socialism? by Albert Einstein

Virgin Atlantic takes fine art to the skies

I think the authorities in Alabama child hostage case are doing the right thing

Boldly I Boycott

Happy Saturday Morning, Neighbor!

(Yet another) Critical Java Patch Update Java SE 7u13

RIP Ed Koch, the man who referred to Donald Trump as "Piggy, piggy, piggy."

Favorite album named after an energy conservation measure?

"Blues ain't but a botheration of the mind"

325 Army suicides in 2012 a record. How many of these were by gun?

Divisions Increase Among Palestinian Factions in Syria

It doesn't get any better than this.

Military expands mental health counseling in Afghanistan to soldiers over ‘classified Skype’

Pitbulls Used to Be Considered the Perfect "Nanny Dogs" for Children --

How about if someone posts a satirical article, let us know before you

Bill Moyers and Matt Taibbi: Everyone Pays If the Banksters Don't Go to Jail

RE: Mental Illness and Mental Illness Threads.

How Our Growth-Hungry Economy Has Devastated the Planet -- And How We Can Change Course

Fuck You, Glen Beck

us firms stash tens of billions in tax havens, government says

Strongest Dad In The World

Favorite group or singer with the word "head" in the name

creepy student essay contest: wall streets war for young minds

He is the President of the USA not the Pastor (LOVE THIS GUY)

UT football: Regents to discuss Applewhite incident

No shadow for Punxsutawney Phil

Clinton Brought Women's Rights In From The Diplomatic Margins

NJ man shot deer from truck while using girlfriend as gunrest

Military Suicides: One U.S. Veteran Dies Every 65 Minutes

Fox News this morning - Media coverage of 2012 election vastly more positive for Obama

Juan Cole: Matt Taibbi on Big Banks’ Lack of Accountability (Moyers Video Interview)

Sexy Russian women want to meet me!

Tommy Emmanuel & Jake Shimabukura "While My Guitar Gently Weeps":

4 arrested for defying San Francisco's nudity ban

Become a Dudeist Priest

Groundhog Day 2013: 'Punxsutawney Phil' Predicts Early Spring

This Week in Poverty: Time to Take On Concentrated Poverty and Education

RIP: Barney Bush, Former First Dog

Incredible Clinton fact:

UNESCO pledges to rebuild Mali’s vandalised heritage

Turn ons? Turn offs?


It's not 'whale vomit', it's ambergris. It's a nice word, and useful, so let's use it

When Taking Multiple Husbands Makes Sense

U.S. Proposes to Protect Wolverines

Delhi Sustainable Development Summit 2013 Explores Global Climate Change Challenges

Unhappy childhood linked to heart risk in later life

PSA: If it comes from the following, it's fake news; satire.

GOP Governor Corbett's son-in-law(police officer) nabbed for petty theft.

NYT solution to poverty: more hugs

Charts: What if Obama spent like Reagan?

New GOP/Conservative Meme On Jobs ---- Be Happy You Get A Paycheck

How Betty Shabazz persevered after her husband, Malcolm X, was killed.

Yowsa. This is an enemies list I can live with:

Let's Get It On!

Ports, longshoremen avert strike

Jon Stewart asks if Latinos hold grudges


Amazon Users Pen Sarcastic Drone 'Reviews' For Children's Unmanned Aircraft Toy

Alright hep cats and cool kittens,.....let's slow things down a little!

Hillary Clinton Exits Politics: Her Enduring Legacy

Gabriel Gomez (ex-USN SEAL) to run for Kerry's seat? Starting to look that way....

The unemployment crisis that lies behind the US monthly jobs report

Field work's dirty secret: agribusiness exploitation of undocumented labor

What's for Dinner ~ Saturday Feb 2nd

Herb infused carrots

A new plan for birth control coverage (Obama Administration proposal)

US military struggling to stop suicide epidemic among war veterans


Magnitude 6.4 earthquake in Hokkaido, Japan

Santa Clausifying Martin Luther King, Jr.

Homeland Security employee, his son arrested after armed brawl

Five Things to Know About the Robert Menendez Scandal

M6.9 - 15km SW of Obihiro, Japan

TN Sen. Stacey Campfield nasty email response goes viral

Politician Hall of Shame

2014 US Senate Election- Republicans need to win at least 7 Democratic Held Seats up in 2014.

the jobs report and why the recovery has stalled robert reich

Toon: ALEC

Why Religious Exemptions Matter

AAWW!! Overdose. The puppy bowl lineup

Because I have pretty good medical insurance, I admit I paid little attention

santaclausifying martin luther king jr.

With a friend like Jim Inhofe ...

National African American History Month, 2013 -- 'At the Crossroads of Freedom and Equality'

Groundhog day toon- maybe not the best for this particular day, but in the future...

Op-Ed: Sharon Lewis - Military's other risk is fiscal

Ex-slave's Catholic activism is drawing new attention

Toon- Questioning your judgement

It just struck me that I've never had a beer in the morning.

Hello. I'm Shelley Duvall.

Toon- Sarah, your 15 minutes are up....

Memorable moments in Grand Central's 100 years

The NRA vs. America (Rolling Stone)

Paul Krugman Battles 'Beltway Deficit Feedback Loop,' And Not By Himself

Religious Left All Fired Up to Ban Guns

more waste found in afghanistan as us heads for exit

Immigration "Reform"--

Candidates Reagan & Bush-41 Discuss Illegal Immigration in 1980 Debate

The Hitler home movies: how Eva Braun documented the dictator's private life

MAHER re-Consevative Con Artists: Why not just hogtie your audience & steal their disability checks?

TAX the RICH = The Myth of American Living = Robert Reich VIDEO

Yo, dudes: Alpha males are a myth, according to actual experts on wolves

New radio documentary about last summer's Melungeon gathering and DNA discoveries

Judge’s actions in Air Force sexual assault case to be questioned

Pat Robertson on Adoption

"Financial reform for a sustainable economy," Michael Kumhof

KRUGMAN: It Looks Like The Deficit Wars Are Over, And The Economy Is Entering A 'Virtuous Circle'

North Dakota's New Mantra: This Boom Is Different, This Time We Won't Screw It Up

France's parliament approve gay marriage article

anyone know if any of this

New Focus Of Hagel Confirmation Hearings: Whether Military Should Use Renewable Fuels

Love Affair with-Machine Gun Shoot Attracts-Hatred in Black and White-and No Democrats<-a mash-up

Things I Learned On DU. Post 'em here.

Saw Angelique Kidjo last night. What a show!

I need wub.

CO - Top State Regulator Pushes Against Anti-Fracking Referendum In Closed-Door Meeting

Perspective is everything

Frozen Pipes, Decaying Water Infrastructure Prompt State Of Emergency For Navajo Nation

Transgenic Food Labeling Ballot Initiative In Washington State Hits Threshold, Moves To State House

When standing your ground is not always equal…

why are women angry? because we STILL have to protest this s***

Dreamliner Problems? Obama's Fault, Because Commie Green Energy!!!!

why are women angry? because we STILL have to protest this s***

Secular Groups Respond to Obama Administration’s Broadening of Religious Exemptions to Birth Control

President Obama attacking Sean Hannity after he disarmed him and took his bible.

With love from GoT

More depressing, hopelessly stupid repub crap: House freshman calls NAACP chief 'racist' in email

Climate Central - Record Arctic Sea Ice Low Would Have Occured Even w/o August Cyclone

Ozone Hole-Induced Changes In Winds May Weaken Southern Ocean As Potential Carbon Sink

The Menendez issue isn't going away, and yes, it has legs.

Can Elliott Abrams be stopped?

Non-watery milk substitutes

When it rains, it pours.

Storm- And Drought-Linked Tree Mortality In Amazon Forests 9-17% Higher Than Generally Believed

today in women's herstory

Here's a real superhero!

North Slope Oil Output In January Down 7.9% YOY - Bloomberg

Judge Furious Over Mysterious Censors at Guantanamo Bay Trials

Lying Sack of S*** of The Week: John Kasich

Obama skeet shooting photo, and already there has been a fake photo that New Republic removed

a biography of the day-delia salter bacon

Groundhog Day 2013: 'Punxsutawney Phil' Predicts Early Spring

John McCain’s sad, bitter twilight

Study - Climate Scientists "Erring On The Side Of Least Drama" W. Overly Conservative Projections

Machine gun fire from military helicopters flying over downtown Miami Fl.

That filibuster reform could have come in handy

a biography of the day-sarah ann hackett stevenson (early physician, women's education)

Study - Mainstream Media Coverage Of Environmental Issues Basically Sucks

Indiana Bat Numbers Down 72% 2005-11; By 2060, Climate Likely Means No Reproduction In Current Range

African history month -Marco Cianfanelli's Nelson Mandela

Mayor Bloomberg and The Pepsi Generation --his BAN on 32 oz size sodas coming! Holy Prohibition!

Plouffe: Attn skeet birthers. Make our day - let the photoshop conspiracies begin!

Taibbi tells Moyers: You can’t let Wall Street off the hook and jail someone for a joint

A few reflection photos

C&L: Erick Erickson Kicks Off Fox News Career With Leering, Sexist Simile

To all the morans pointing out that Obama's aim

When bowls are outlawed, only outlaws will have bowls.

I'm just

The embassy bombing in Turkey; this is a possible sea change.

Groundhog Day

all in: ND anti-choicers seek heartbeat bans, hla's, TRAP laws and more

all in: ND anti-choicers seek heartbeat bans, hla's, TRAP laws and more

Nebraska Lt. Gov (R) Resigns - Made 1,000s Of Improper Calls To 4 Women On State Cell Phone

Obama Claims Shooting as a Hobby, and the White House Offers Proof

Could Men Handle the Agony of Childbirth?

Anyone Have The Jury Results On This Botched Decision ( 3/3 Split ): One For MIRT To Act On

It's time for an intervention, don't you think?

Meet the Unions who are bringing you The Superbowl

Netfilx's "House of Cards". The opening...

Today in Peace and Justice history on February 2, 1931&#8232;

Jimmy Lee Dykes Holds Alabama Boy Hostage For Fifth Day, Authorities Mum About Talks

Today in Peace and Justice history on February 2, 1931

'Conservative ideas are not stupid,' says deeply stupid conservative as he supports act of rape

NATO chief dismisses Russian missile defense worry

Hamas plans more "enemy language" Hebrew in Gaza schools

Raising up the Next Generation of Leaders

Lt. Gov. Rick Sheehy (R-NE) issues resignation (updated with comments from one of the women)

I must be watching the pinnacle of SpongeBob bath scenes.

Hmmm, a tasty snack!

Dont miss Sunday's Pre-Superbowl Making Sense with Steve Leser at 5pm EST

flat iron steak - what do I do for Superbowl?

ATF sting operation botched in Milwaukee's Riverwest neighborhood

White House releases photo of Obama firing gun

(San Francisco mayor) Ed Lee has plan to fundraise for Olympics

Delhi rape case: Five accused plead not guilty

Upgraded LCS Starts Certification Trials

43 GOP Senators Threaten Obstruction Unless Consumer Protection Bureau Is Weakened

Wouldn't it be fun if McCain was nominated for something

Photo of President Obama compensating for an inadequate package:

Black delegate decides against Va. GOP map

Google's Eric Schmidt calls China 'most sophisticated hacker' in new book

RBS bankers not taxpayers must pay Libor-rigging fine, chancellor says

In a Memphis Cheating Ring, the Teachers Are the Accused

Billy Twelvetrees plans to put down strong roots on England debut

Update:69 yr.Philip Sailors Veteran/Minister released on $10,000 bond.....

Roe V Wade Already Being Overturned State By State By Passing Obstruction Laws ----

Ed Markey's campaign Twitter account and email.

Beyonce ain't nothin'.

The "Original Pathway to Citizenship"

LIVE NOW:Coffee Party Radio: Politics Done Right w/Egberto Willies – Guns, Defense, & Political Dist

Sylvester Stallone?

Sting followed many suspicions about honesty of Corbett in-law

The Best Civil War Books, a list.

Skyward loses WI school contract to Minnesota based company

Massachusetts Republicans Are Having A Bad Time Today,

Some causes of death you wouldn't want on YOUR death certificate

Need input from those in the know about ObamaCare

High Health Care Costs Bankrupt One In Four American Seniors

"Manmade Carbon Pollution Has Already Put Us On Track For 69 Feet Of Sea Level Rise"

Anyone have a preference for NC chair? Etheridge or Voller?

War On Drugs Draws Canadian Military Focus In Central America

Saoirse Ronan snuck a vampire movie in when we weren't looking. Trailer

War On Drugs Draws Canadian Military Focus In Central America

2 Headlines

And when they tell you dolphins are just fish......and kitteh's have no souls....

Help me out here, please -any- Constitution scholars we have

Marxist Group Claims Attack on U.S. Embassy in Turkey

Quote from Fredrick Douglass, A clear understanding of the corupt bond of capitalism and religion

Introduction to INUYASHA

Rappers killed for ‘telling truth’ in Colombia

Katie Couric talks about her date with Larry King.

Did you ever wonder where your emails go when...

If women continue to vote Republican

OMG! A black guy with a gun in the White House!

Zack Kopplin: President Obama, Please Call for a Second Giant Leap for Mankind

Emergency Travel Costs are Outrageous

CA moves to open access to certified syringe exchange programs statewide


Paperman - Full Animated Short Film

Obama's Bold Demand, in Exchange for Release of Skeet-Shooting Photo

Nate Silver Picks the Super Bowl!

Happy Imbolc, everybody!

CA moves to open access to certified syringe exchange programs statewide

Peru exporting outlawed timber from Amazon to the US

French President Hollande Given Hero’s Welcome In Timbuktu

What if everyone is a law enforcement officer?

Can Anyone Tell Me Of an Internet Address That Will Be Broadcasting Live Coverage Of The SuperBowl?

Everything You Need To Know About The Administration’s New Birth Control Rules

Rosa Parks, Revisited (“I wanted to see him kill a Ku Kluxer.”)

My 82 year old mother bought too many bananas this week...........

100 Points to the house of anyone

Toon: Wayne LaPrick

43 GOP Senators Threaten Obstruction Unless Consumer Protection Bureau Is Weakened

If this isn't awesome, I don't know what is

Why Kids and Religion Mix

SInce gun threads are OK in GD...

Largest solar plant in Latin America to be built

This Is How Filibuster Reform Comes Back To Life

My Favorite "Obama With A Gun" Pic

Scientology book exposes religion's celebrity pandering: Neil Macdonald

I Too Sing America by Langton Hughes

Hey atheists: You’ve got a friend

Breaking Weather News

Cory Booker's rough primetime debut

What's the point of the NRA's list of gun enemies?

Oh, Google, however can I plunge the depths of your mysteries?

Juanita Jean chimes in about the 'gay' dawg (bwahahahaha)

Is Geraldo running for Senate????

I live in the greatest country in the world! Land of the free! (dial up warning, pics! Graphic!)

Guest Post: Rafael Correa’s Smooth Road to Victory

PBS NOVA - Secrets of the Samurai Sword

Is it true that Rand Paul is a gun runner for Libya?

Soledad O'Brien aces it again!

Germany busts Iranian with $70m

House Judiciary Chair Introduces Unconstitutional Bill To Permanently Abolish The Income Tax

"survivalist with deep mistrust of the government"

Seven Days Of Deception: TGIF, ‘School Choice Week’ Is Just About Over

Maine Guv To Schoolchildren: ‘Newspapers Are My Greatest Fear’ In The State

Thousands of seabirds may be harmed by oil off UK coast

P. Beinart - Why Hagel laid down

Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer on Whistleblowers and Prosecuting Bankers for Fraud (Satire)

The Power of the Dog

Video of police abuse stokes anger in Egypt

I just applied for some scholarships for the first time.

Opinion needed on the use of "aging"


Good dancing is 'sign of male strength', study says

Ted Nugent to Piers Morgan: "Kiss My Ass"

Inhofe and his stalagmites - Charlie Pierce on the Hagel hearing

There was a gun buyback in Hillsborough County Florida today and 2 rocket launchers were turned in

Posted without comment.

This is good news for America....

The New Atheist Movement Should Care About Poverty

Authoritarian Characteristics, Part One

New rules aim to get rid of junk foods in schools

I recommend that everyone see the BBC series: Racism a History

Totally Biased: Reggie Watts Performs

I am gonna

Chinese New Year!

Hate to say this, but I attended my first ever and last spin class this morning.

CBS decided this ad is too offensive for the Super Bowl (it offends Coke and Pepsi)

It's What You Value

Biohazard in my mailbox


German cardinal says yes to 'morning-after pill'

House of Cards Reviewed

I gave Glenn Kessler 4 Onions for his coverage of Skeetgate.

A customer on the phone said I sounded a bit hoarse

So, the President had his picture taken shooting a shotgun

Gavin Newsom allowed gay marriage in S.F., some Democrats blamed him for reelecting Bush

MA Senate Race: Iron Workers Endorse Stephen Lynch for U.S. Senate

Solving My Racist Sexist Homophobic Dipshit Problem

26 Degrees... I went outside!

On the Front Page of D.U.

My "You Might be a Republican" List

10 Reasons Why Private School Vouchers Should Be Rejected

Does anyone still listen to/own 8-track tapes - players?

Mayors Against Illegal Guns - It's Time (Super Bowl ad)

MA Senate Race: Iron Workers Endorse Stephen Lynch for U.S. Senate

I have a headache.

The ultimate purpose of life

White House: Hagel will win Senate confirmation

TCM Schedule for Monday February 4 - 31 Days of Oscar

Anime~First Episodes

Welfare Queens

Got a question about a computer I upgraded to Windows 8 from 7:

Update: Gov. Perry: Boy Scouts should keep no-gay policy

Gov. Perry: Boy Scouts should keep no-gay policy

Holding Education Hostage by Diane Ravitch

The man who helped create the middle eastern mess questions his judgement

I wonder if Phil saw his shadow?

God Watches Football

bwahahah: Massachusetts GOP reaching out to Romneys for a Senate run?

Want to Buy a Gun Without a Background Check? Armslist Can Help.

Skeet Birthers Freak Out Over President Obama Shooting Picture

Job Report Proves GOP’s Austerity Has Held Back Economic Recovery

Old dogs - new tricks

Alpaca porn

Hell Yes: The 7 Best Reasons for Swearing - Psychology Today

Mr. President, have you ever harmed a living creature?

Which is more likely?

First AFL-NFL World Championship Game

Kerry Washington at last night’s NAACP awards:

I'm sure this has been said (I've had the flu): Thanks for a job well done

Your self-image. Do you think of yourself as good-looking, attractive, handsome?

Gotta make one of my favorites, easy cabbage soup.

I love and admire Prez Obama. I really don't care to see him with a gun . I just don't. I know...

Shell India accused of tax evasion

my girl seems to be feeling a bit better

Blue Hippo

The Ban on Gay Scouts Will be Repealed

The two top numbers on this graph may vary, the bottom one not s' much

Blue Hippo Tang

Baby Elephant Walk

Freeper heads must be exploding at the sight of an African American using a firearm...

Can Straight Men Learn Anything From The LGBT Movement? *Will* They?

A little Saturday humor

Coming Soon to a theatre near you!!! "The Gay Agenda"

Dangerous Gun Myths (Gayle Trotter gun kookery)

Texas two-step: Hillary whips Rick Perry in Texas presidential poll Read more:

More like reality than satire. Teacher sues parents, students for loss of her merit pay...


Bubbles in the Wine

stuff I found on FB

Sly Stallone to gun nuts "Who’s going to attack your house, a (expletive) army?”

Biden Raises Possibility Of Direct U.S.-Iran Talks

British gangs use flare guns now because they can’t find real ones

The Light Before We Land

A Second Republican Voices Support For Hagel To Lead Pentagon

70 lbs. down. Now I can rant about obnoxious fitness fanatics.

Listening to local news and they are talking about the Obama gun photo

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The old saying goes, "A son's a son 'til he takes a wife. A daughter's a daughter the rest of...

Ed Koch Obit: What is this mysterious reference to Cuomo Sr. in middle paragraph?

Community Emergency Response Exercises in Florida

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Heh! I guess El will have to change his avatar again. OSU beat Kansas 85-80

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My son-in-law knows MA interim senator William "Mo" Cowan

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Welllll, I guess I have to start locking my car more often.

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