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Archives: February 19, 2013

Vin Diesel Will Finally Kiss Car In 'Fast & Furious 6'

Chinese Companies Projected To Make Solar Panels for 42 Cents Per Watt In 2015

Are you watching

Libertarian Group Fails at Statistics

Christian Mingle's new, sappy song actually nauseates me. The one with the

Tim Shorrock: Only Way Out of North Korea Nuclear Crisis is for U.S. to Embrace Direct Talks

Tunisia fails to create technocrat interim government

please help me research a supposed statement by Nancy Pelosi re. congressional pay raises

Morning-after pill contemplated by German bishops


Reminder 2 hours out - set your kitchen timer or something

Risks are low from medicated horsemeat

Best Buy Says It Has Killed 'Showrooming' For Good

Cornel West: 'Obama is a War Criminal' for Drone Strikes

Burger King plans apology after Twitter hack

Reader's Digest parent seeks bankruptcy protection

McCain's reasoned explaination for the filibuster of Chuck Hagel

Amazon fires German security firm amid probe

President Obama is outrageous

Yet another meteor? Fireballs over Florida

Defenseless dog no match for blue crab hex

More joys of fracking.

Arkansas Senate passes bill to ban abortions after 20 weeks

I finally found the perfect device for refrigerator steak storage

Webcam catches women harassing seals on CA beach

Wondering if anyone here agrees with me about why we went into Iraq

Zero tolerance or zero sense? Kids' suspensions over imaginary weapons renew debate

Nestle removes beef pasta meals after finding horsemeat

Russia meteorite chunks worth 40 times gold

Bobby Kennedy Jr speech before getting arrested at the White House

The first step is admitting you have a problem…

Just remember, this is supposed to be "THE LEARNING CHANNEL"

Arkansas Senate Passes Bill to Ban Abortions After 20 Weeks

Israel to urge court: Drop Palestinian farmers' complaint against settler attacks

2014 US House/ US Senate/ Governor.

EITC Isn't The Alternative to a Minimum Wage, This Is

GOP state senator from East Texas promotes gas tax increase to fund transportation

Go Deep!

O'LOOFAH & CAROLLA drooling over shirtless PUTIN with the meteor

UPDATE on my sister's son. There is hope.

Arrest in kidnapping of girl from school jn Philadelphia.

Rachel Maddow Iraq documentary (Spoiler Alert)

Mary Sue McClurkin, Alabama GOP Lawmaker, Claims A Baby Is The 'Largest Organ In A Body'

Remember when Rumsfeld said "Stuff happens" when Iraq's treasures were looted?

State Rep. Steve Toth (R) files 'Taxpayer Equitable Funding Act'

hello everyone --

State Rep. Steve Toth (R) files 'Firearm Protection Act'

Skinner has closed teh Lounge pool. I say: ignore him and jump in for a splash anyway!

The more you drive, the less intelligent you are.

Special kind of stupid

Change the world

Simple things over the past week have made my 82 year old mother happy..................

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Resistance is Futile! & a new Lion gif

'HUBRIS' on now, w Rachel, MSNBC.

Facebook tax refund question.

Republicans failed to stop Bin Laden's attack and failed to get him. Obama killed Bin Laden.

RimJob's Recess? FreeCesspool Down >13h

Watching "Hubris."

Just remember, this is supposed to be "THE HISTORY CHANNEL"

Martin Bashir - Rove’s ‘stupid’ GOP problem

On Now: The Dick Cheney Heart Attack Hour

Proving and Quantifying Sexism

Does this outfit make my ass look SQUEEEE!

"Obama Seeking to Boost Study of Human Brain"

The Rumsfeld Memo

We were sure then. We are even m ore sure now.

"Obama nominee for defense likely to get confirmed: top Republican"

It still makes my stomach ache to hear Bush, Cheney, Rummy, Rice Etc

I read Hubris. Rachel's documentary is infuriating me even more! We have mass murderers who

"REVEALED: Donors Trust is the Secret ATM Machine for Climate Deniers"

MFM enjoys the healthy food choices offered up at the hospital:

Link to still more depressing news

The press people being interviewed in Hubris are as guilty as Cheney

Dick Cheney should be tried as a war criminal

History and politics don't always mix

We've all been there

Two Options

Would you like to "rate" Freeperland? There's a poll that needs some love.

Dwight Eisenhower Was A Liberal

Free Republic is down...

Sources: Newtown killer wanted to top Norwegian's toll

For those of you old enough and for those of you not old enough: always a bridesmaid, never a bride.

Martin Bashir - GOP against immigration reform, Hagel, anything with Obama’s name on it

Wow, comparing gun insurance requirements with POLL TAXES????

Newtown shooter motivated by Norway massacre, sources say

That man -- again

Tell us what you REALLY think about the PERIODIC TABLE.

Right wing fuckheads are slamming Alec Baldwin on Twitter

This Chart is Truly Terrifying

Bush/Cheney would've gone to war with Iraq and gotten rid of Saddam even without intelligence

Where can I find a list of Limbaugh's sponsors that are still active?

Rivals' pact in Israel blocks Netanyahu from forming coalition

How Rubio’s Immigration Blowup Could Help Pass A Bill

my problem with the "Hubris" special

Shame, just shame it took so long: Mississippi Ratifies Slavery Ban After ‘Lincoln’

Sniper Posts Pic of Child in Crosshairs

Classic clip from Outnumbered.

Fox News Ravaged By Free Market As Viewers Flee, Primetime Ratings Dive To Pre-9/11 Lows

Martin Bashir: 2016 Shaping Up Badly For Jindal, Rubio, Ryan.... (Video)

Civil Rights Violations, Lies & Audiotape: B’klyn College Still in Spotlight

Winter Storm Q? WTF????

Short (Funny) Video on Heart Attacks-Please Watch!

I was very happy to see

Robert Saylor's Death Ruled A Homicide: Man With Down Syndrome Died In Police Custody

What made me the maddest watching Hubris tonight

Gun Safety Advocates Force NRA Backed Democrat Out Of Congressional Race

Eminent Domain

"Florida, Florida, Florida"

"We Support USPS Workers"

I didn't watch the Maddow Iraq War special tonight. But I wonder....

Who'da thought all of the Baldwin brothers would end up looking like Daniel!

Sheriff Says Spontaneous Human Combustion Kills Man

Lapidary Saw and Rock and Things

Nobody had the guts to blow the whistle?

WATCH Lawrence Show,

Russians Wade Into the Snow to Seek Treasure From the Sky

Is the Daily Show on tonight?

Malala Yousafzai: I have the right (Zen Pencils)

JFK speech as seen on The Last Word - Let the Word Go Forth - full video

If the God of the Bible exists....

Lauren Corgo

Is it possible that Rachel's show Hubris is a lead in to prosecutions?

On One of The Remotest Islands on Our Planet... Amazing and Tragic Images

Back from Austin and I wish I was still there.


Texas woman has two sets of identical twins in one day

"We’re living in a golden age of falsehood" (Harper & the conservatives)

Why You Should Stop Playing Hard To Get With Men. (Lesson about putting value on yourself)

Chinese Army Unit Is Seen as Tied to Hacking Against U.S.

Bobby Kennedy, Jr. says Obama will kill Keystone XL Pipeline:

DUers knew from the very outset that...

What a pretty kitteh...

THIS JUST IN – Mississippi Has FINALLY Abolished Slavery

The Ed Show - Sen. McCain rails over Benghazi again

Noami Klein "Iraq was intended to be rebuilt as a global corporate "utopia"

US: Massachusetts issues rules respecting identity of transgender students

Gun Safety Advocates Force NRA Backed Democrat Out Of Congressional Race

(Boston) Bruins bring a little cheer to families of Sandy Hook Elementary


Sometimes I feel like I'm the only sane person or I'm living in bizarro world.

Joe Rogan: There are only two reasons to hate gay marriage...

San Bernardino County sheriff details final shootout with Dorner

Remember: Richard Clarke Was The Only

Many Publicly Funded Charter Schools find ways to keep out poor and under-prepared students

Sweet DUers gave me hearts!

Hubris rerunning now.


The threat is real

"Stop me before I kill again."


Tension Filled The Air…

'A Baby Is The 'Largest Organ In A Body'

Mindy McCready marks fifth 'Celebrity Rehab' death

My problem with the "Hubris" special...too short

Suggestion for Melissa McCarthy

The depravity of the GOP knows no bounds.

Did "Hubris" present anything new or surprising?

Well. Watching Hubris for a second time because I'm shocked I haven't learned anything new.

Anyone know why I'd have difficulty finding a CSPAN video file for the KEYSTONE protest

Still new to DU

About Hubris, one thing I miss is statement of Wes Clark

Anyone on DU got the stomach to watch Faux news tomorrow, for Hubris rebuttle?

Obama Could Reconsider Arming Syrian Rebels as Assad Holds Firm

new Downton Abbey episode rerunning

Remembering Keiko Fukuda, the Mother of Judo

Anonymous dump US State Dept database on the web

Special Inspector General Final Forensic Audit of Iraq Reconstruction Funds

Is hating men THIS MUCH healthy?

Sandy Hook gunman Adam Lanza may have envisioned himself as Norwegian bomber's rival

Genius Alabama Rep. Says a Baby is the ‘Largest Organ in a Body’

Takeshima Day of Japan

NOVA scienceNOW w/ Neil deGrasse Tyson: What's the next big thing?

What's the name of the Congressman/Senator in Hubris

FOX NEWS FLASHBACK: Opposing (GOP) Cabinet Pick Is "Petty", "Mean Spirited" And "Obstructionist"

I knew it!

Karzai signs ban on NATO airstrikes

Veterans of lawsuit reform turn to education

Civilian casualties in Afghanistan fall

Police chief of Mexico border city is missing

Japan Finds Swelling in Second Boeing 787 Battery

Politics and Memory Along the Highways of Los Angeles

One of our DU family members needs your thoughts and prayers

"God" Made a 'Factory Farmer'

Mary J. Blige hit with 900k tax lien from N.J.

Seattle News Station Gets Three People Super High Puts Them Behind the Wheel to See How Well They Do

NE is a state where Governors become US Senator.

Mindy McCready Worked On Video About Suicide The Day Before Her Death

Identification Chart: Are you a terrorist?

What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday Feb 19th

Why Latin America Didn't Join Washington's Counterterrorism Posse

Chinese Army Unit Is Seen as Tied to Hacking Against U.S.

California program to seize illegal guns gaining notice

3 Michigan children reportedly left home alone die in fire

Jerry Buss, Lakers' flamboyant owner, dies at 80

U.N. Report Shows Fewer Killings of Afghan Civilians, Suggesting Shift in War

NFL player accused of having gun at N.Y. airport

The Age of Information

Are you kidding me?

The Latin American Exception--no participation at all in the US torture/rendition system

US Senators better off running in different classes.

Iraq DID have a stockpile of biological and chemical weapons at one point...

February 19: National Chocolate Mint Day

Texas Legislature needs to un-act some regulation pronto

Virginia pizza shop gives discount to gun owners

GOP Seeks Unity Against Landrieu

Future U.S. History Students: 'It's Pretty Embarrassing How Long You Guys Took To Legalize Gay Marri

Future U.S. History Students: 'It's Pretty Embarrassing How Long You Guys Took To Legalize Gay Marri

EU seeks deal on fixed-salary cap for bankers' bonuses

Cosmos may be 'inherently unstable'

Whoever you support for president in 2016, what foreign policy plank do you want Dems to run on?

Remember, Bushco began planning for Iraq war BEFORE 9/11

Medicaid: Is Rick Scott the Heart of the Problem?

New Whale Species Unearthed in California Highway Dig

The Minimum Wage Would Be $21.72 An Hour If It Rose With Productivity Since 1968

Shakespeare: Original Pronunciation

Let's take a trip in the way back machine

Edumacation in Kansas: Bill asks teachers to question climate change in class

Magistrate rules that Pistorious will be under 'Schedule 6' in arguing for bail:

8 armed men steal millions in diamonds from plane at Brussels airport

Mark Sanford is so stupid that

50 Years Ago: The World in 1963

Alan Grayson on the Sequester:

Sen. Coons: U.S. will likely have more active military role in Mali

Walmart had bad start to the month because the payroll tax is back???

Minimum Wage: Beggaring Workers does not Help Employment (Infographics)

No one on Scarborough has even mentioned "Hubris".... Rachel is a colleague of theirs, wouldn't you

I admit it...

To all you young people out there---- it will get better.

ITW appreciation thread

Job Corps closes the door on new recruits

Dave Chappelle (2003) "Asteroid is Black president's fault." FOX News (2013) "Meteor is a plot

Can Police Be Trusted With Drones?

No bad days

The Science of Panic: Why the NRA Is Wrong About Defensive Gun Use

Soldier Suicides rare in some foreign outposts

Sarah Palin Said What? The 15 Craziest 'Palinisms'

This story brought back my believe in God:

"There are two Americas when it comes to abortion"

Down memory lane with Robin Cook

Climate Central: Top 10 States For Damage To Crops During 2012 Drought

Damn You Obama! TX Utility Scraps Coal Plant - Had Pledged Cleanest Ever, But Fought Hg Limits

Carnival Cruises' new preparations (cartoon)

what is the cost with a week of daycare for toddlers.

Feetz don't fail me now

The 50 million Euro Antwerp diamond heist will beome one those legendary

Bloomberg targets NRA bought democratic congresswomen

Thom Hartmann: Banksters Rip Apart Spanish Health Care

Check out Berea's solar farm!

Inside the Brains of Internet Trolls

I see that the conservatives are melting down over President Obama's golf weekend...

Why Latin America Didn't Join Washington's Counterterrorism Posse

Hilarious Rant - "Scientology for Rednecks: What the GOP Has Become"

John Paul appointed Ratzinger to handle all sex abuse cases...

Altercation at Bingo over Avon

Washington Airport Agency Leadership Targeted Pro-Labor Board Members in Rail Line Fight

Pentagon reworks PTSD strategy

Kent offshore wind farm gets green light for growth

An Appeal to Ron Paul

Ouch- "You Kept your Promise"

Paul Bunyan's Footprint | Deborah Goodwin

Slowpoke Toon- Postal Service of the Future!

Singer Mindy McCready's death highlights role guns play in suicides

Chuck Todd too. No mention of 'Hubris'.

so many BAD posts in thread.... Arkansas Senate passes bill to ban abortions after 20 weeks

Beechcraft Exits Bankruptcy On Eve Of Air Force's Light Air Support Pick

Could the 'School of Turin' and Leonardo Notarbartolo be behind the Antwerp Airport Diamond Heist?

So God Made Republicans | Joel S. Hirschhorn

The Center Cannot Hold | John Michael Greer

Skin In The Game | John Michael Greer

F-35 warplane costs driven up by production choice: U.S. general

The Myth of the Rich Who Flee From Taxes

Rio 2016 venue hit by strike as IOC Coordination Commission begin visit

North Korea threatens "final destruction" of South Korea

Dean Baker: Only Spending Can Save Us Now

Venezuela's Maduro would win if Chavez goes: poll

Ed Asner Cartoon About Rich Vs Poor:

Oscar Pistorius 'thought he was firing at intruder'

The Saga of the F-35…And the Coming Sequester Flak

Meet 6 Politicians Getting Rich from America's Endless Wars

Pistorius: "I shot her by mistake." Excuse me, four shots through a bathroom door is not a mistake

Capturing Xbox 360 to laptop

Obama To Give Remarks On Sequester With Emergency Responders Tuesday

Arctic Needs Protection from Resource Rush as Ice Melts: U.N. Body

Anti-Gay "Doctor" Implies Host is Gay

Chicago Gun Violence Is More Than a Chicago Problem

Iraq at the Brink: A Decade after the Invasion | Ramzy Baroud

Fox News Turns Obama Pre-School Proposal Joke Into Reality

Police blotter: Atherton. (average home price over $4 million)

The F-35 Stealth Fighter Is Designed for No One

GOP is in weak position in sequester fight

Scale Implosion | James Howard Kunstler

Obama Seeking to Boost Study of Human Brain

Gram died Saturday night.

The Wizards At Lexington Institute Attack Time Magazine For F-35 Article

Why the LAPD's Hunt for Dorner Is Indefensible

(Canadian) National Defence to buy fewer bombs if F-35 selected as new air force fighter

Small town drama...gotta love it.

Maddow's "Hubris" is now on You Tube...all 44 minutes of it.

Labor Dept. Halts Enrollment in Job Corps

‘Sharon was about to leave two-thirds of the West Bank’

Will some reporter ask Obama's opinion on "Hubris"?

Scott Brown: My tweets are because Iphone 5 is too hard to use

Today in Peace and Justice history on February 19, 1972

Today in Peace and Justice history on February 19, 1972

2015 Solar Module Price Forecast Down To 42 Cents Per Watt

Finally, the press corps steps up and demands transparency from the administration (Digby)

Is this the proper place to ask about health care for an 18 year old?

Was "Hubris" a way for Comcast or MSNBC to ease out Maddow?

Pic Of The Moment: Mark "Appalachian Trail" Sanford Is Attempting A Political Comeback


Van Jones explains Keystone XL pipeline to President Obama

Dance with the Devil…

Republican-backed for-profit school caught deleting bad student grades

Profile In Courage:

Home-Builder Confidence Declines In February: NAHB

Seize THIS!!!

It's official! During Mardi Gras of 2006, New Orleans was host to the biggest boobs in its history.

backwoodsbob really loves his cars. He really, REALLY loves his cars.

The Last Beer Pong:

MiddleFingerMom is often proof that to know exactly what a threat is, you have to know its source.

MFM has always been a man of legendary appetites. Check out his one-hitter. (DIAL-UP WARNING!!!)

Iran Backs Nuclear-Free Middle East in Dig at Israeli Arsenal

Nuclear power: ministers offer reactor deal until 2050

Why A ’Drone Court’ Won’t Work

But they looked so cool…


Minimum Wage: Who Decided Workers Should Fall Behind?

I know, it's not like you haven't seen these before...

Tractors Tuesday! All aboard!

What's the hotline to MIRT?

Wireless Electricity Transmission Being Deployed to Power Korean Mass Transit

Who did this mess?

David Axelrod Joins NBC News, MSNBC As Analyst

US Business Hits Out At ‘Obamacare’ Costs

SC governor was caught using campaign funds/state funds illegally, and

This stirred my soul - especially after Rachel's work last night - New reason to like Chuck Hagel

I will tell you why Maddow's "Hubris" aired NOW and not back then. And you won't like it.


Chuck Hagel, Strategic Thinker (National Journal)

Do you think that some Republicans want the Sequestration?

Axelrod joins MSNBC

NYT LTTE's: Going Green Is Good for the Economy

If you only got a DU heart for Valentine's Day, be thankful.

Cosmos may be 'inherently unstable'

McCready’s Death Renews Questions For Dr. Drew

Rhianna's fashion show called "Fright-Night at Walmart,"

New Tarantino Movie: Djesus Unchained

Pressing question in the Lounge

Man wins $7.2M at casino after funeral

If The Russian Meteor Had Slammed Into The USA...(Horsey)

26 Major Corporations Paid No Corporate Income Tax For The Last Four Years, Despite Making Billions

Several Dead In Southern California Shooting Spree

Thank you Keith Olbermann.

The president will NEVER "schmooze" with republicans

Obama Warns Looming Sequester Would Devastate Economy

GOP Irony - Plenty Of Money For Universal Health Care In Iraq But None For US

Are Republicans REALLY interested in Immigration Reform?

Trust the guy who backed "liberal lesbian" Tammy Baldwin in Wisconsin to help us hold the Senate

Kansas Bill Would Require Teachers To Misinform Students About Climate Change

A simple poll - cynicism....

Great Rock Anthems with a scream - choose one.


2 Executives May Have Faked Deaths

'Simplified' brain lets the iCub robot learn language (w/ Video)

Religion, Science and the Attack of the Angry Atheists

White House Pre-Empts Israeli Request For Jonathan Pollard Release On Obama Visit

Did someone say "beer..."

It only took 148 years. What's the big deal?

UAE-funded MacBook laptop to tornado torn Joplin Missouri.

Attempted a stroll over to Freeperville...down for 50+ hours. New check site

Use for Radicchio?

Supreme Court Says Police Don't Have To Prove Dog Training

Definition of Bleeding Heart Liberal

It's official: Mississippi bans slavery

Change religion, politician tells Muslims

Virginia Pizza Shop Offers A Discount To Anyone Who Carries A Gun

Bill Moyers, "Buying the war"

What's So Great About Unions, Anyway?

I decided to pay off my home X years faster by taking the president's advice

Nigerian militants seize French tourists in Cameroon: Hollande

Did the National Prayer Breakfast Create a New Conservative Superstar?

How long did it take YOU?

When Crybaby Interviewed the President

anyone know what Maddow's market share was last night?

Missouri Republican Wants To Make It A Felony For His Fellow Lawmakers To Propose Gun Laws

Article about Vatican highly recommended by a friend:

The State of Mississippi Abolishes Slavery 147 Years After The Fact..

Dying for the Rhetoric of Old Men

U.S. Top Court Rules For Army Father In Custody Battle

Last toast for World War II Last Man's Club

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: Politico's Article on Obama's Media "Manipulation" Lacks a Mirror

Powell: "I wonder what'll happen when we put 500,000 troops into Iraq & find nothing?"

(WOW) Women sit on Saudi council for first time...

Does Facebook have a problem with women?

Texas lesbian couple finds motorcycle covered in urine and feces in hate crime

Jameson--"It's what's for breakfast"

"Here, Fido."

Targeted killings: OK if Obama does it?

Prayers for Bobby full movie

Thom Hartmann: How to prevent 5th graders from plotting to kill?

Breaking: Ohio Residents Shut Down Fracking Waste Storage Facility

Union members remember.....

85% of households in China plan to buy (or buy more) Ivory 'artwork,' as they become more affluent.

Reports: Shale Gas Bubble Looms, Aided by Wall Street

Joan Rivers on kissing a woman: 'I figured I might as well try it at this point'

The actual reasons for the Iraq invasion...

New Website: Union Members @ Work

A hoax IS a lie.....Hubris will make your blood boil.

This Modern World - "The Tree of Liberty"

Reeva Steenkamp's killer will have a bench trial

"Dear, Penthouse…"

I just found a $20 bill blowing in the wind outside in a parking lot

Google's stock price breaks $800 for 1st time

Does Mozilla have anything to do with Godzilla? nt

"Hubris" - -Can It Happen Again? Yes, It Can, and Yes, It Will Happen Again.

Who is actually stupid enough to vote for George W. Bush as president?

Minnesota Gun Ban bill DOA

Thom Hartmann: Rigging elections - The GOPers are the Energizer Bunny!

Jerry Jones' Luxury Cowboy Bus

OOPS: The GOP Governors Resisting Obamacare Are Endorsing A More Liberal Version Of Health Reform

How many homeless families does it take?

I love this stuff

Arizona bills to restrict public sector unions move forward

Now that the smoke has cleared, can anyone say why they didn't simply sit and wait?

Has there been any comment from the right about Hubris?

Nuke 'em, bomb 'em, fry 'em, shoot 'em ...

General John Allen To Retire, Not Take NATO Nomination

Police face misconduct allegations over Carnival incident

Is it typical to have an animal control officer who only deals with domesticated animals?

Some funny conservative skewering cartoons

Christie: ‘I’m not much different from Andrew Cuomo’

Photobucket: The new one. I asked about the upload SIZE feature

Crisis deepens in Tunisia as PM set to quit

Qatar criticises EU over Syria arms embargo

My question about the Pistorius shooting that I haven't found addressed:

Who Really Cares About the Palestinians?

Marco Rubio: The Electable Conservative? Nate Silver

Supreme Court Takes Campaign Finance Case, Will Rule On Contribution Limits

The case for blue-collar work: College no longer guarantees success

eHarmony founder says marriage equality "damaged his company"

Suppose the Russians think the US engineered that meteor to strike them, and decide to attack the

Gun owners get a discount at pizza shop

Another Revolution in Agriculture Underway?

North Korea threatens to follow up nuclear test and 'destroy South Korea'

Here's the tragic irony of airing "Hubris" on MSNBC

Epileptic man mistaken for drug abuser beaten by Indianapolis police, lawsuit claims

Hezbollah condemned for 'attack on Syrian villages'

Joe Lunardi Bracketology

Connecticut to consider smoking ban in cars with kids

Simpson, Bowles propose $600 billion in Medicare cuts

S. Ind. school to apologize for racist costumes

Obama leads poll on who is to blame for high gas prices

Tic Tacs. 1? 2? 3?

Polish prosecutors to drop charges in CIA jail inquiry: report

Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin to close four clinics due to state funding cuts

Tea party group pictures Rove in Nazi uniform

French soldier killed in Mali, 20 rebels dead

Colorado ammo magazine maker Magpul threatens to leave state over gun bill

Supreme Court upholds police "dog sniff" of truck

Gay Man Takes Down Antigay Preacher on Subway

BP to fight government's 'excessive' demands over Deepwater oil spill

How is it possible that the repubicans have even an iota of credibility left?

Transocean will pay $1 billion for oil spill

Big Tobacco, Koch Brothers Planned Tea Parties a Decade Before They Hit American Politics

I wrote this POEM for GW BUSH when he left office

The Google doodle celebrating Copernicus made me think of planetary mnemonics.

Hey freeps, how stupid do you have to be to keep lining rimjob's pockets?

Hubris on Roku?

(aside) An old friend died last night.

Of Climate, Oil, and Nuclear Energy Fears

Best boyfriend of all time.

'Price tag' attackers hit West Bank town of Yasouf for second time

I am going to save the US from a scourge. I am going to FL and establish residency. Then I'll

Gee, thanks so much, MSNBC

Thom Hartmann: Largest climate rally in U.S. history

MassGOP Calls On Markey To Cancel ‘Disgusting’ Fundraiser With Eliot Spitzer

Owning Your Own Jet AirPlane, Does NOT Mean You Have ANY Class...

OMG, OMG, OMG! Secretary Kerry To Skip Israel In First Trip

It's a bit undercooked, don't you think?

Former Powell chief of staff ‘damn sure the Bush administration cooked the books’ on Iraq

UPDATED: Rubio’s Office Insists Their Immigration Plan Isn’t The Same As Obama’s

Who wants to join me for a cold one?

Hubris as Zapruder

We're Heading for One Whacky NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament This Year

If We Let The Free Market Determine The Wage Will Firefighters And Police Be Privatized?

Kerry's first trip abroad as Secretary.

Why We'll Never Get a Full Account of the War in Iraq

Keiser Report: When Truth is Found to be Lies

Oscar Pistorius will likely get off because fear animates much of South African lives

What's Become Of US - Per Mother Jones - Oklahoma Law To Not Allow "F" For Students Claiming

The Tea Party is beating Mitch McConnell

An important article about DADT

Interview with my brother in law, George about his missing son and rest of the crew.

Karl Rove’s Ashley Judd problem

The Teabag Party Is A Totalitarian Aryan Christofascist Racist Party

Stereotypes of the United States

Quiz: How much do you know about gun violence and the NRA?

Obama’s ’14 toolkit

"Alabama state Rep. Mary Sue McClurkin believes a baby is an organ."

ISS Commander Tweets Ancient Planet Surface Photo --->

Bolivia Nationalizes Its Three Main Airports

What Obama will discover in Jerusalem and Ramallah

FBI Investigates 6 Philadelphia Cops Accused of Planting Drugs, Stealing Money

NH House voting on free ski passes for lawmakers

Michigan Auto Insurance - WTF???

Who watches Dexter?

Fracking fast-track bill moving ahead in Senate

Of all the other animals on this planet, I think that the dog is humankind's closest companion

This Day in History - 1942

The Republican Presidential and Vice Presidential Nominees for 2016 wil be.....

The Revolution Was Not Televised (10/31/2003)

Response from my Representative re: GMO labeling

Economic Stimulus Plans

Charts: The Staggering Cost of Death Row for California Taxpayers

Huge telescopes could spy alien oxygen

Imagine the GOP response if they both win...

Squarepusher - Live From San Francisco (2012)

Galveston judge may 'hurt or kill someone,' fellow judge says (updated 5/22/13)

Brazil's Rousseff says extreme poverty almost eradicated

the right is sinking like a rock in water

Why are regular working people held to higher standards than politicians are? For instance,

The Dog Ate My WMD (6/15/2003)

Judge: Corey has authority to prosecute Shellie Zimmerman (Mrs. George Zimmerman)

Nature Always Finds a Way…

Congratulations Mississippi

Raise it!

Former Central Texas Bank Employee Charged In $6 Million Theft


WOW! Robert Plant Hints at Led Zeppelin Reunion Next Year

Can a coal company get away with breaking promises to workers?

The "Journalist" are whining that the White House isn't spoon feeding them news....

“No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar.” — Abraham Lincoln

Who said this?...

Russian warships (four large landing vessels) head to Syria in show of power

Weed-infused candy gets students high during class

In Space, Infectious Diseases Reveal Their True Nature

TexMessage: Gun coverage by Texas media is deficient, says Columbia Journalism Review

After Hubris, does MSNBC or anyone else have the interest to take on the Florida voting chads?

'Checking out at the store,

MSNBC, GE and Phil Donohue -

Police: Man raped woman he met on Christian dating website

Freaking Frackers and their occult Republican ORIGIN

Washington State Next In Line To Abolish Death Penalty

Ecuador's Correa eyes broader change after re-election

USW Urges New Approach and Expanded Agenda for U.S.-EU Trade Talks

Claims of 'Post-Racial' Society and Other Denials of Racism May Reflect Ignorance of History

Federal courts: law enforcement use of diesel to burn house with armed anti-government fugitive ok

You know who I miss? I miss The Horse. Really. I miss Media Whores Online.

World Cup to use goal-line technology

Ireland apologizes to women of Catholic laundries

Southern poverty pimps

My great liberal state of Maryland becomes first to BAN GUN SHOWS

Flower Duet from the opera Lakmé by Leo Delibes

Fischer: Jesus says pray for Obama because he ‘is our enemy’

Larry David's Curb Your Enthusiasm...we just finished first DVD of season 8....

Seattle Teachers Refuse To Administer A For-Profit Standardized Test with Sarah Jaffe

The Republican euphemism of all time: "Mistakes were made," actually means:

Ari Berman On How The Right Is Trying To Destroy The Voting Rights Act

Remember when rock n roll was about raw emotion and hypnotic rhythms?

Photos from the huge climate change rally at the White House last weekend (picture heavy)

Pew Poll: Japanese and Americans have a very positive view of each other

Detroit Review Team Finds 'Financial Emergency' In City

100,000 dolphin pod seen off San Diego coast.

LePage signs bill to block access to concealed weapons permit information

South Africa, Sport, Crime, Gun Culture, and Domestic Violence

Pregnant Teen Wins Abortion Battle

Joe Biden Discounts Semi-Assault Weapons: ‘Buy A Shotgun’

Delicate flowers, pansies, and passive women.

Texas City to Charge Car Accident Victims Up to $2,000 for the Cost of First Responders

I love Joy Reid

‘Crash tax' raising eyebrows in Missouri City

OK, I have my laughter under control finally. Today SE Cupp suggested that Rs can rebrand

...Man Gets Dog Back After Stranger Takes Heartbreaking Photo At Animal Shelter


A question about retirement age?

Ambri’s Better Grid Battery

Ted Cruz says attacks on fellow Republican Marco Rubio are racial

ughh--caught a couple of minutes of cnn today--the passengers on that carnival cruise from hell

Max Cleland Could Win in Georgia

Homophobia in GOP Makes It Hard for Party to Compete Nationally - by Peter Beinart

Minimum Wage: Who Decided That Hard-Working Americans Should Fall Behind?

Our coffee grinder bit the dust, just stopped working, and is not under warranty...

today in women's herstory

Awright God make up Your &#?!! mind...are you pro-oil, or not?

2014 Texas Governor's Race: Democratic Primary Preview

Clive Davis says he's bisexual

Old habits are hard to break

happy 50th birthday-"the feminine mystique"

In New Jersey, Barbara Buono Is the Last Democrat Standing

NC Governor signs law cutting unemployment insurance

happy 50th birthday- "the feminine mystique"

Why we have black history month

Oh My God. Seriously. Why call me? Why?

50 years after "the feminine mystique"--are you better off than your grandmother?

Which is Likelier? Rise of fascism in a nation where

50 years after "the feminine mystique"--are you better off than your grandmother?

Oklahoma: Insist That People Coexisted With Dinosaurs…and Get an A in Science Class!

2014 US Senate Election-Freshmen Class.

Former Police Chief Believes "Massive Civil Disobedience" The Only Avenue

Papantonio: Public Needs To Pressure Democrats To Stay Strong

I think Celebrity Rehab is profoundly sick shit.

Half-Naked Ivy League Prof Opens Quantum Physics Course with 9/11 Footage, Hitler

Is Baltimore going bankrupt?

Tens of thousands of Americans who cannot get health insurance because of preexisting medical

American Experience tonight: Billy the Kid... PBS 8 pm EST)..

"Torture" - the word mainstream media doesn't want to use

UAE to buy US-made drones in military expansion

Funny how Baghdad Bob turned out more truthful than the Bush Administration.

Notable diamond heists

I gotta tell ya: These Xtian Fundies are getting out of hand

Remember that really "inspirational" photo of the Iraqi people pulling down the statue of Saddam?

"...we see congressional Republicans focusing on how best to play the blame game."

Downton cast 'sings' a song!

"Blade Runner" Story About Death Of Girlfriend Smells Fishy Like A Dead Mackerel

Even in retirement, the pope gets immunity

SF Mayor Pledges to Fix Muni

Hagel, Israel, "Apartheid"

I received my first training on implementing ACA


Tweety finally gets what I'e been saying

Search called off.

Conservative offers $10K for plan to overtake GOP establishment

A Tale of Two Sisters - Korean Horror FULL Movie 2004 with english subti

Am I the only person here who has an aversion to answering/talking on the phone???

Tea Party Apologizes for Sending Email Pic of Rove In Nazi Uniform

DU would be a much better place without the following:

Climate Change Resource Grab

North Dakota Senate passes “personhood” bill granting legal rights to fertilized eggs

Minnesota gay-marriage opponents weighing new 'counter' strategy

Rachel Maddow Special - Hubris: Selling the Iraq War Part 1

Joe Hisaishi in Budokan - Studio Ghibli 25 Years Concert (BluRay, 1080p)

We need to worry about State elections not the national ones!

President Obama Throws Out Gauntlet on Sequester–Congress Must Act (VIDEO)

IDF said set to build field hospital on Syrian border

MFM update 4:25 PM AZ time 2/19/2013 Tuesday

Will THIS sink Facebook, do ya think????

Hubris: Selling the Iraq War, Part 2: Iraq weapons threat hype

The latest step in Disaster Capitalism in BrownKochistan

(Alaska) Senate votes to ease cruise ship wastewater rules

Hubris: Selling the Iraq War, Part 3: 'Mushroom cloud'

International raid targets illegal timber trade (BBC)


One more shooting spree

Hubris? Fuckers!

Whales benefit from action on ocean noise (BBC)

Maybe Christian Mingle Thought Richard Mourdock Was "God's Match for You"

New Yorker: Love and Murder: The Oscar Pistorius Case


STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Richardson: State, city should help support 'coveted' NFL franchise

Tea Party Group Apologizes To Karl Rove (FULL STATEMENT)

That's mighty high praise coming from your standard, garden variety adolescent…

Hansel & Gretel Get Baked

Why are republicans flooding state legislatures with batshit insane legislation?

Texas Windstorm Insurance Association lost $180 million in 2012

Lawmakers Expect Legal Challenge If GMO Label Bill Passes

You might blame us for Sarah Palin, but...

Hubris: Selling the Iraq War, Part 4: Discredited evidence

Restaurateur: Obama mural is here to stay

Hubris: Selling the Iraq War, Part 5: Mis- and under-informed