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MRSA - "Farming Cannot Be Sustained At These Levels If It Is Generating These Types Of Resistance"

I am sick, sick, SICK of John McCain!!

There Are Giant Camera Resolution Test Charts Scattered Across the US

I'm so looking forward to returning to life before President Obama.

Thieves snatch $2M in jewelry from Four Seasons display case

Mississippi finally officially ratifies 13th Amendment

PBS Moyers-Campaign finance 7Billion for this Congress. Worth it so far?

Kitteh says... Open the door!

Meet The Shady Secret Money Group Helping The NRA Buy Up Judges And Attorneys General

Astronaut Chris Hadfield aboard the ISS sings a collaboration with the Barenaked Ladies.

Companies who milk Medicare - who owns them?

History Buffs, I could use a recommendation for a book to read during a hospital stay

Leaked Internal Wal-Mart Email: "Where Are All The Customers? And Where's Their Money?" -Bloomberg

What is the deal with Ted Cruz' father? I've read several accounts

Hanford nuclear tank in Washington State is leaking liquids

The Walking Dead 3.10 - Home - Discussion (Spoiler Alert!)

Thanks, Carnival Cruise Lines!

ultraísta - strange formula (David Lynch remix)

So if it's Folk Music Night ...

Atoms For Peace - What The Eyeballs Did

You know you are getting older when you see Bruce Willis...

Thom Yorke - Black Swan

FYI: Steam is selling the Penumbra games for $2 each.

Truth, part deux

Lali Puna - Alienation (Alias remix)

What Does the Past or Religion Matter?

Hannity is live in Israel...

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 18 February 2013

Bo doesn't seem to mind!

Married Catholic priest is a sign of changing times

Meteorite fragments found in Russia's Urals region

Guantánamo trials plunged into deeper discord as confidence in court wanes

Venezuela open to improving relations with US

What am I giving up for lent? Joy.

I am in Austin and the motel tv has The Walking Dead, all is well._

Time to "Toon Out" :)

Sorry, ya'll. I need a laugh tonight and I need my pictures!

Library of Congress Storing All Your Tweets

Head of Teabagger group calls Jewish group "nazis."

Luckovich Toon- Rebranding

Downton Abbey Season Finale coming up!

Toon: A great idea

We all need a giggle!

Rachel Maddow - Paranoid delusions not a disqualifier for US Congress

The L’Enfant Plaza Hotel Mystery

Rember this cute little piece of car advertising?

Alert for everyone in SoCal or who knows people in SoCal:

Who's watching 'The Americans' on FX?

Mindy McCready--Dead at 37

Old Blackhorse Ale commercial

Danica Patrick first woman to win pole for Daytona 500

Russian Meteor Blast 'Heard' Around the World

The unbelievable hubris of Cardinal Mahony

Words Matter

Susan B. Anthony quote...

Rachel Maddow - NRA political dysmorphia steers it to extremity

Uncertainty principle scaled up to visible size

Mindy McCready, Country Singer, Dead at 37

Toon: Republican State of the Union meltdown

Man charged with slapping toddler appears to be out of a job

Watching the documentary Bully

Obama Faces Risks in Pipeline Decision

What are the odds of a big meteor

The Dangers of VXX

At home, "The Walking Dead" starts in almost 2 or 3 hours.

Man slaps "N-word" baby on plane... a CONSERVATIVE. Like we couldn't guess.

Amazing AP article... well, it is NOW! RE: Wisconsin mining bill

You Can't Go Back (California Dreaming) a Box of Photos

Paul Krugman: 'We're Halfway To A Lost Decade' (Video) at Huffington Post

Thanks for the heart, whoever you were. nt

Funnest cartoon of the 2012 election season (from the VP debate)

Tim Tebow will speak at Dallas church with controversial social agenda

Legislative Budget Board Calls for Medicaid Expansion; Return to the State Is $4 Billion

Two Teens Hospitalized After Trying to Run Over Coyote With Truck

Rachel Maddow - NRA loses relevance as public ire turns to gun manufacturers

Sheriff Elizabeth Warren

"Ted Cruz -No Military Service and Ties to Goldman Sachs" (His father fought for Castro)

Scumbag Nikki Haley meme

Oh, noooos. “SC Gov. Nikki Haley Named As Other Woman In Divorce Case”.

Adam Carolla: ‘Stop Sh*tting Out Kids You Can’t Afford’

Nasty old toddler slapper on airplane out of a job.

Residents want anti-discrimination law in Grand Forks (North Dakota)

How long do we get to keep our hearts?

Kahlan and Cara video

"James And Stan Dissect The Rubio Debacle" by James Carville & Stan Greenberg

Has anyone here gone to EdCamp before?

Cult Diary

FORMER GOLDMAN BANKER: You Should Know The Ugly Math Behind Your Credit Card Debt

Report: Assange Sees Legal Defense in Politics

I am overwhelmed...Thank you for my hearts!

"Michigan Governor Rick Snyder’s poll numbers continue to sink like a rock"

Happy Birthday to Levar Burton

Thanks for the hearts, but mine belongs to these guys

Bill Nye: Creationism Is Not Appropriate For Children. Evolution denial unique to US

You got to admit it makes sense

MFM will never,....ever,....wear his hospital robe home again! Unless he knows where the dog is!

Thank you for the hearts!

Cats rule

The new sign appearing at Fenway this season...


For anyone familiar with the Walking Dead graphic novels

Man charged with slapping toddler now out of a job

Guantánamo trials plunged into deeper discord as confidence in court wanes

'SNL' "Explains Marco Rubio's Awkward Water Sip In SOTU Response" (VIDEO)

(Canadian foreign minister) Baird concerned with Iran ties with Venezuela

Sudanese refugees in Israel celebrate their culture with dance and music

Thank you to the five nice people who gave me hearts. Much appreciated.

Police: Woman undressed in front of elementary school assembly

The Last Word - Boehner's Senate strategy

Napa woman with 5 DUIs arrested on suspicion of drunk driving

Hope I'm in the right place now to say thanks for the heart!

Schools Ask: Gifted or Just Well-Prepared?

Pine Bluff, Ark.: on patrol in the most dangerous little town in America

Department of Whoa: Big Brother advertises on DU?

Thank you for the heart!

Obama's Chief of Staff Praises Catholic Influence

Marta and I have an acquaintance (Rock O'Bannon) with a new TV series starting Tuesday (Cult on CW)

Ecuador election: President Rafael Correa wins

Thanks to 'Lincoln,' Mississippi Has Finally Definitely Ratified the Thirteenth Amendment

Winter contest - seasonal - quick question.

Congressional staffers often travel on tabs of foreign governments

Marco Rubio Has Sold More Than 3100 Water Bottles, Raising $100,000

The Insidiousness of Unchecked Capitalism

Happy 80th Birthday, Yoko Ono!

Yippy Skippy! Lets keep it going: Run the tax dodgers out-of-town

Hey Corbett! Why not outsource the position of First Lady?

It's the blissed-out duck that makes it art

2014 Governors Election. Democratic Nominee.

Premont holds breath for state's decision on school district


Keep 'em coming

Life in Japan (Documentary)

The Last Word - What Senate's Hagel vote tells us about GOP

Julian Assange: Senate my ticket to freedom

Imagine these in the baby crib...

I have a small but good thing to report...

THANKS for the heart!

Posted On FaceBook. (I like it.)

Very Wrong, Indeed!

100 yrs ago today-- 1st minimum wage law in US takes effect

The luckiest trio EVER!

Taking your temperature - subject: blind voting

Get in mah TUMMY!

Major goof in tonight's The Good Wife

This guy has completely lost his marbles...

Please note.

Big Books

Stay thirsty my friends

Cortez the Gnome

NCAA Basketball player recreates scene from Enter the Dragon

Famed director Elia Kazan’s granddaughter Zoe Kazan

They Draw and Cook

Maybe it's something about human nature…

Newport 6-year-old finds solace in the sea.

Do the current TX US Senators make Phil Gramm and John Tower look reasonable or were they

I'll Take Your Back.

The Wunder Boner.

Equal Opportunity, Our National Myth

If I donated through paypal, how will I have to wait to get my star and hearts?

North Korea is walking the path of self-destruction

The Insidiousness of Unchecked Capitalism (Continued)

OMG! Check out: Americans for the Private Ownership of Bombs, Flamethrowers and Tanks

The Insidiousness of Unchecked Capitalism

The Insidiousness of Unchecked Capitalism (Continued)

Looks Like GOP Will Embrace Immigration Reform As Long As There Is No Path To Citizenship.

Why the Republican Party as we know it is doomed

The Insidiousness of Unchecked Capitalism

The Insidiousness of Unchecked Capitalism (Continued)

Tiger Woods joins vacationing Obama for golf round

I watched the movie Battleship tonight....

Two brothers win lottery, celebrate by blowing up house

February Photo Contest Thread #1

Meet Keith Tucker, he's a DUer and he is Amazing!!


Meet Keith Tucker, he's a DUer and he is Amazing!!

February Photo Contest Thread #2

ABC’s Jonathan Cari calls out Paul Ryan on Hypocrisy over pending Budget Cuts..

February Photo Contest Thread #3

California bill would bar condom possession as evidence of prostitution

February 18: Is Drink Wine Day!

February prelims are up in GD

Whole Foods Trims Sales Outlook

Mother Jones reporter wins Polk Award for Romney story

THE POWERBROKER: Whitney Young, Jr. ...Watch Independent Lens, PBS - premiering February 18, 2013

Sequestration Could Sideline USDA Food Safety Inspectors

Some rightie last nite was posting how many” lefties were going to jail”.

Prisoner X 'arrested over leaks to ASIO'

Key 'legal' positions in the Keystone Kaper

THE POWERBROKER: Whitney Young, Jr. ...Watch Independent Lens, PBS - premiering February 18, 2013


Hugo Chavez 'back in Venezuela' after Cuba cancer care

Pharoah Sanders "You Got To Have Freedom"

Elizabeth Warren's Wall Street Smackdown Goes Viral

Vernon Bowman's case against Monsanto to start tomorrow

Searching For a Place to Sleep

Is this a joke?: The builders of the Sen. Marco Rubio brand.

China plays by its own rules while going global -- AP

Work is Becoming More Like Prison As Some Workers Forced to Wear Electronic Bands

How Our Machine-Based Way of Life is Not Only Destroying Nature, It Is Also Destroying Us

NPPD: Keystone pipeline power won’t be done in 2014

Chaotic Guantanamo trials face more troubles as confidence in court wanes

Holiday: There are no Bill Press and Stephanie MIller shows today in my area,

Janay Mcfarlane Dead: New Mom Shot Just Hours After Sister Attended Obama's Gun Speech

TX weather.

epa unaware of industry ties on cancer review panel

2014/2016 US Senate Election.

can you please turn down the monday

Keystone XL Pipeline Work Delayed, Nebraska Utility Says

Israeli soldier posts Instagram image of Palestinian child in crosshairs of rifle

Pizza stone + peel for toaster ovens = perfect pizza

Tax fizzy drinks and ban junk food ads, say UK doctors

Pope Immunity: Vatican Will Protect Benedict From Sexual Abuse Prosecution

See how Michigan universities' growing net assets compare to tuition increases

Sequester: Final Death Throes for Republiconomics -- and Republican Party

Chris Hedges: Profiting From Human Misery

Dismissed: State trooper beats citations in fatal crash

Amsterdam steakhouse boss admits selling horse for 63 years

Brothers blow up house while celebrating lottery win with drugs

Thank you, fellow DUers, for the hearts! Wish I could have given one to each of you!!!

An American Gulag: Descending into Madness at Supermax

Ecuador's president Rafael Correa says citizens will be in charge, not money

Michigan Democratic convention this Saturday

President Chávez Returns to Venezuela from Cuba

So, when will McCain be made to answer for arming the Benghazi rebels who attacked the US embassy?

Banksy mural vanishes from London, appears at US auction

College leaders push gun laws

Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti mayors support assault weapons ban, stricter gun laws

Morning Joe has become totally unwatchable

Gingrich on Morning Joe - Top 3 Presidents

Is the US Collapsing Militarily and Economically after the Arab Spring Conspiracy?

Fitting Palestinian prisoners into the excitement of the Ben Zygier affair

Many gas stations in CT broke 4.00 mark this weekend

Sports Illustrated AL West spring preview

Yusef Lateef - Eastern Market

Chris Hedges: Profiting From Human Misery

Ryo Fukui - Early Summer

Arms sales drop for first time since 1990s

Leon Thomas - Song for my Father

Being Gay In High School

Lonnie Liston Smith - Expansions

Yesterday's New Quintet - Sun Goddess

Former AG says AG's Case Against Penn State Officials Likely to Fall Apart Because of Screwups

Bobby Hughes Combination - Nattergalen

Though he is rarely mentioned, I think Colin Powell has a share of the blame for the Iraq War.

bring it

The Two Faces of John McCain

Dr. Woody Monte (university of Arizona) explains why Aspertame is harmful to human health

Wisconsin: Back in 2010 Walker Promised to Keep State Share of Education Funding "Intact"

Now that we have oil galore and enough natural gas to last a century what's with tar sand?

Madlib - Distant Land

Ah, I love the smell of pretentiousness in the morning!

Update: They cut my food stamps even after following all the advice here.

TIFIA Loans Likely Skewed Towards New Road Projects

'one of the most unqualified, radical choices for secretary of defense'

Join the Party - a hilarious Betty Bowers treatment of the "rebranded" GOP

Umm . . . where are these 100,00 or so dolphins going?

Richard Briers dies at 79

Wisconsin: A Chance to Shore Up our LAST LINE OF DEFENSE

Why Microsoft’s new Office 2013 license may send users to Google Docs

How Many Times Can Lindsey Graham Be Wrong?

Health care question

Dear John McCain: Ted Cruz isn’t what’s wrong with the Senate, you are

350-pound running back to play for University of Hawaii

McCain and Graham Vow to End Bid to Block Hagel

Sen. Paul: Voters want to round up immigrants

Kentuckians Don’t Rule Out a Star as a Potential Senator

Reader’s Digest Files for Bankruptcy as Iconic Magazine Falters

Most of all I enjoy the people who foam at the mouth over it

Today's federal holiday is Washington's Birthday

Union leaders urge quick action to address Postal Service problems

The GOP Debt Ceiling Solution: Let the Sequester Fester

"Struggling to make ends meet" on $174K a year?? Really Nancy???

MN2020: Minnesota Ranks 12th in "Job Off-Shoring"

The War Christopher Dorner Brought Home

Kansas Drug Testing Next On The Docket Of 'Ultraconservative' Bills

Time to refer Syrian war crimes to ICC, UN inquiry says

Tom Tomorrow: The Tree of Liberty! (Try Not To Shoot Him)

Do you remember when TV Stations signed off late at night and broadcast a test pattern....

Chris Mathews on twice

Seattle Times: "Misstep in gun bill could defeat the effort"

The End of Barnes & Noble

Jindal: GOP Has ‘Fallen Into A Trap Of Believing The World Revolves Around Washington’

GOP Electoral Vote Scheme Still Alive And Kicking In Pennsylvania

Army plows ahead with troubled war-zone program

New NRA Talking Point: Banning Assault Weapons Is Just Like Racial Discrimination

Wayne LaPierre's State of the Union Response Brings Back Same Old Crazy

Happy Presidents Day!

Afghanistan Airstrike Ban: Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford Says He Can Work With Air Raid Prohibition

Why fondant?

Credible Military Threat Needed Against Iran: Netanyahu

My laptop powercord is going through the change.

Stronger Gun-Control Measures Clear First Votes in the Colorado House

Facebook, The Coolest Cutest Corporate Welfare Queen Of Them All

Star Of 2010 GOP Campaign Ad That Went Viral Charged With Shoplifting Beer

Foregone "Killing LINCOLN" would suck b/c O'LOOFAH but why did HANKS/Ridley SCOTT participate?!1

Just a third of Britons want to stay in European Union - poll

Moody Monday! Blues that is!

Cardinal Mahony, deeply implicated in child-rape cover-up, forgives those angry at him for it.

Cardinal Mahony, deeply implicated in child-rape cover-up, forgives those angry at him for it.

"Skip the idiot steps" Bad Teacher stories.

The GOP Gun Apologists Seem To Believe The Massacres Of The Past Are Irrelevant.

An example of the RW Distortion/intimidation machine in action

Persian Kitty sez:

Monday Toon Roundup 1- The Stinking ship that is congress

Monday Toon Roundup 2- Cruise

Monday Toon Roundup 3- GOP and Meteorite

What if?

Monday Toon Roundup 4- The rest

Israel Handling Of Hunger Strikers ‘Ethical Failure’: NGO

What do a Fireman, Chicken, and Spiderman have in common?

Israel to award Obama prestigious medal in visit

Cruise Ship ‘Survivor’ Politely Makes CNN Reporter Look Like Shallow Idiot (VIDEO)

Reminder: Hispanic and Women Farmers and Ranchers Claims Period Ends March 25

You got a problem with that?

Drone debate extends to Iowa

Profiting From Human Misery

CIA's covert drone program may shift further to Pentagon

So I'm not crazy after all (saw a fireball fall from the sky in N. Florida)

Can computers do tarot card readings? nt

OH my dog, this is the cute-ist frog ever. And I mean EVER

Autopsy finds that Md. man with Down syndrome died of asphyxia while in police custody

Ancient Teeth Bacteria Record Disease Evolution

Lackland trainer's trial first of four in 5 weeks

Protesting Yoga in Schools, But Welcoming Bible Study

Can somebody explain the message of this political cartoon?

I just had my first telephone job interview.

Lakers owner Jerry Buss dies

Topeka, Kansas, Urged To Remove Fluoride From Drinking Water To Protect Legislators' IQs

Is Big Oil Too Big to Tax in California?

The pictures they used of Michele Bachmann's and her "coach" is hysterical

Ohiosmith's dog always knows just the right question to ask.

Yo-yo-yo-yo-yo!!! You Only Live, um...

Where yummy, yummy, yummy-yummy bacon comes from (caution: very graphic picture)

Virtually EVERY post-grad Philosophy major I knew in college was self-described as...

You'll not see MFM in his poodle skirt often... but only because the matching shoes hurt his feet.

This was EXACTLY what MiddleFingerMom was talking about.

The Church Where Tim Tebow Will Speak Is Very, Very Antigay

One of my online classes has some kind of fatal coding error. Ask me anything

Which Holidays Should Government Recognize?

Today in Peace and Justice history on February 18, 1970

Today in Peace and Justice history on February 18, 1970

Vibes for my sister's family. UPDATE. UPDATE. UPDATE Mon 8:30 ish

juror 5, did you mean a hide. hurtful, rude, insensitive, over-the-top, and otherwise innappropriate

Anyone Watching "House of Cards?"

Police Focusing On Adam Lanza’s Obsession With Video Games

List something you "learned" listening to Hip Hop lyrics

The Zeitgeist Movement

Mississippi Officially Ratifies the 13th Amendment, Outlaws Slavery

From bread line to Lakers owner, Jerry Buss left a lasting impact on the NBA

Just came up with this quote:

Dear Senator McCain: STFU

Someone suggested we post our ignore list...I'll start

Republicans outraged that White House isn't sitting back and trusting them on immigration reform

Energy efficiency in a fuel-based economy

Letters from John Lennon's killer to be sold

Food retailers underestimating calorie content of some foods, scientists say

I guess the flat tax idea is resurfacing again.

Sarah Palin will speak at CPAC

GOP Sen. Johanns of Nebraska to retire

12 Tesla drivers successfully recreate storied NYT trip, give birth to term "Brodering"

Why the Hagel filibuster is a serious mistake for Republicans

Pakistan hands management of strategic Gwadar port to China

Krugman: Raise That Wage

What was the earliest childhood nightmare you ever remember having?

What in the hell is wrong with people

"Change Washington": Mark Sanford launches his political comeback

Burger King twitter account hacked, see it before they fix it!

86-year-old has property taken from him for fracking pipeline

Certain Television Fare Can Help Ease Aggression in Young Children, Study Finds

Banksy mural torn off London Poundland store for Miami auction

'93 WTC plotter Ramzi Yousef wants contact ban lifted

The Mile

Enjoyed "Into the Wild" by Jon Krakauer

The President asks for our help

A good laugh this morning

Democratic congressional candidate quits because of NRA ‘A’ rating

Pheline Physics 101:

There's no doubt about it, President Obama was once a bad-ass pirate...

RAVITCH: How charter schools exclude kids they don't want & shake down parents of those they do

LIVE hummingbird nest cam!

Thom Hartmann: Meet the 102 year old face of voter suppression

i just did my 5000 posts!!!! can we have a party?

Dem forced from congressional race over NRA support (The NRA is becoming toxic)

Billionaire Miner Fights Rivals to Halt Digs on His Ranch

Planned Parenthood Wisconsin Closes Four Clinics Due To State Funding Cuts

Let’s Show the Gun Lobby the True “Connecticut Effect”

US Gun Lobby On The Defensive As UN Arms Trade Treaty Negotiations Approach

Ex-Detroit mayor's corruption case in hands of jury

Downton Abbey - SPOILER ALERT!

Incase you missed it

Jerry Buss, Los Angeles Lakers' owner, dies at 80

Modern Lovers' 'Roadrunner' could become official rock song of Massachusetts

In North Carolina’s Government’s Rush to Allow Fracking and Drilling, What is Missing?

Amazon dismisses German warehouse security firm

On John McCain and cover-ups

What if...

Obama should push for mandatory preschool for...

Will We Have Enough Water? Adapting to a Warming, Water-Stressed World.

You may now call me Uncle 'Batou

The Invisible Iowans

E.U. foreign ministers reject arming Syrian rebels

Limbaugh "sequester doesn't cut budget"

NYC Teachers Hit Back... At Long *Friggin'* LAST.

Hillary Clinton To Give Paid Speeches

A pastor had this put together for their church in Burbank, California. HILARIOUS!

Anyone here know how to clean an old plush toy?


Did you lose a cat? (found photo)

Round-the-world UK cyclists killed in Thailand

PayPal Style on The Pope

Radical Feminism is Dead — Right….

Hillary Clinton Hits The Public Speaking Circuit, Writes Memoir, Plans Presidential Run

The high cost of cheap crap from China

Bill Would Extend Forfeiture Actions to Petty Misdemeanors .... Hawaii

This is why the duck is taped

Kerry to give his first major speech as Secretary of State Wednesday at University of Virginia,

What's for Dinner ~ Monday Feb 18th

So, the White House Press Corpse has its nose out of joint cause POTUS and Tiger did not

Louis CK Explains Historical Context To Jay Leno

How Liberals Became ‘Real Americans’

What type of person, indeed?


2014 US Senate Election- outgoing US Senators and replacements.

History Rhymes...

Is COCKTAIL the single worst soundtrack?

Uresti: "Noisy" scouts show need to maintain funding for Texas state parks

What? You think our teachers are overpaid compared to, say, Mexico or Korea?

This chart shows how Reagan destroyed the economy = reverse Robin Hood

Anybody got some Raid?

Look for the waxing gibbous moon tonight

It turns out we've been putting up with cats and their shit for a LOOOONG time

Dammit, I hate when Jeff Jacoby is correct...

Johanns will not run in 2014

Covered California (Obamacare) site

Has anyone gotten bumper stickers or other car signs made in bulk?

NRA President: ‘Today, Guns Are Cool’

"Would You Like To Buy A Pen?" She Asked Me

"Shut that n----r baby up"

Halve meat consumption, scientists urge rich world

Pelosi NEVER said she was "struggling to make ends meet."

The Epic, Surprisingly Sexist Fight That Brought the Minimum Wage to America

Bad student stories.

Why should "small businesses" be able to pay people less than a living wage?

If Congressional Salaries Bother You, This Really Should...

Google spent $18M lobbying D.C. in 2012. Apple spent $2M

Obama first sitting U.S. President to receive Presidential Medal of Distinction

Chelyabinsk meteorite nearly brought down the plane

Meet the Water Bear, toughest animal on the planet!

Can you dig it?

This PROVES Obama Is the WORST US President Israel's EVER Dealt With

Monday, February 18th. Jor-El's Thought For The Day.

(MN) Gay marriage bills reportedly to be introduced this week

Melissa Harris Perry awaits latest plan from Republicans

Illegal, Immoral and Fattening.

Bigger fish?

No matter how bad things get, can we on the Left agree not to make up fake chain emails.....

"Can this nurse/consultant reduce infant mortality?"

Taco Bell Calls Lorena Garcia a 'Master Chef'

This is a pretty funny idea...(LMAO)

A suggestion about ignored posts...

Piecemeal socialism is a clumsy thing

DC’s quest to silence Elizabeth Warren

After words

How politics and an earthquake led to prairie dog plague

Anyone noticing how quiet our catholic apologists are becoming?

Has Dark Matter Finally Been Found? Big News Coming Soon

This is a shining example of the problem with our gun debate

Speaking of Iraq (there seem to be several threads about it), we are coming up on the 10th anniver-

Rand Paul Calls for New Populist Libertarianism

A Game Aims to Draw Attention to Women’s Issues

I need your help identifying an older horror/sci fi movie.

Hubris: Selling the Iraq War - The Rumsfeld memos

When Jeannie moved in with me she had 17 cats, really.

A legal internet would never have caught on

Scott Walker’s cruel lie: health insurance for $19 a month

Colorado House Passes Ban on Concealed Weapons on Campus, Slew of Other Gun Bills

Hate-Filled Backlash After Paper Reports on Mississippi Gay Couple Who Married Despite Brain Cance

A man to remember on this day: President James A. Garfield

Joys of Privatization - 4 PennDOT subcontractors on I-95 stealing gates over drainage inlets

John McCain is a nasty human being

Mark Sanford political ad appeals to 'God of second chances'

Stop The Myth & Let’s Move On To Reality: Reagan’s Policies Were A Failure

Work is Becoming More Like Prison

So,.....does anyone here know the ins and outs of making a porno?

Fox News Bizarrely Blames Elizabeth Warren For The Financial Crisis

Climate Impacts from the Keystone XL Pipeline

The God Problem 3 (and finally)

Job in office of a friend, in SF:

Pro-Gun Voices in Congress Are Open to Bullet Capacity Limits

Hanako-san, Japanese Urban Legends

The Nation: The War on Drugs Is a War on Kids

Because we just know our students are so mature.......

Whooping crane flock size estimated smaller than last year

Sheboygan former mayor pleads guilty...

American Equal Opportunity For All Mythology

State Sen. Dan Patrick (R) files charter school reform bill (SB 2)

Damn, Steam DL is slow

Diner owner may have thwarted another Obama mural attack

Even "starter jobs" should pay a living wage.

The Lamest Excuses Money Can Buy

Food Porn -- Vin Diesel in (and Out of) a Blanket:

Delusional Walker Responds to MN Gov Job Growth Insult... By Comparing Himself to the Packers

Bobby Jindal did it Again! Oh Nooos!

All gun shows halted in Maryland county

John McCain... LOL

Have you ever been to a clothing optional place for vacation?

Father Knows Best (President’s Day Edition)

Gun owners talk: Self protection is more complex than 'stand and fight'

Israeli soldier posts Instagram image of Palestinian child in crosshairs of rifle

Second Chances, BS, and class administration

Winter contest - follow up on my thread from yesterday - another poll

Were the Repubs successful in re-writing the history of Ronald Reagan?

Ex-Guadalupe judge (and former state trooper) admits pot possession

Four Democratic Gun Safety Bills Win Final House Passage (Colorado)

The Era Of Giant Chain Stores Is Over — And They've Ruined America

Canadian House of Commons addresses Zombie Apocalypse fears

Canadian House of Commons addresses Zombie Apocalypse fears

Republican Party vs Tea Party?

The bitch is back in church

Dozens of supporters pack Lake County meeting on 'gay-straight' middle school club

Hey, DU'ers who use Ignore/been ignored: can you help me out?

‘WikiLeaks Party will attract the support of many women’: Assange

How to you respond to a friend who tells you she's having gastric

Animals understand what love is - many cute pictures

China takes over Pakistan port from Singapore

Accurate self-portrait.

'Jihad' Not To Be Confused With Terrorism, Turkish Minister Says

Russia To Continue To Supply Arms To Syria

Two photos with musical instruments

The film 'Lincoln' has inspired the state of Missabama to ratify the 13th Amendment

Happy 80th birthday, Yoko Ono!

44 morphing presidents

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Coast Guard: Cause of cruise ship fire was a leak

Prisoner X arrested after leaking Mossad work: ABC

U.S. lawmakers in Cuba to see Raul Castro, jailed contractor Gross

There's a football on the kitchen counter, next to the cooktop...

U.S. lawmakers in Cuba to see Raul Castro, jailed contractor Gross

3 against one homeowner.

Family of Boy Thrown from Bronx Roof Sues Landlord: Report

As Palestinian Hunger Strikes Come To A Head, World Begins To Take Notice

Senator Patrick Leahy leads US group to Cuba to seek release of Alan Gross

U.N. body says U.S. lax on clerical sex abuse cases

Where Did Obama Send Missing CIA Prisoners?

Best explanation of institutional racism I've ever heard

Psssssssssssst - have DUers seen the CPAC line up - latest speaker WilLIARd Rmoney


'Prisoner X' And The Security Elite's Unchecked Power

Hezbollah Unmasked

Office Depot, OfficeMax Said to Discuss Merger Under Pressure

Harry Reid's Hometown of Searchlight, Nevada, Up for Sale

The Second-Mortgage Shell Game - Elizabeth Lynch, NYT

We would like to have chickens in the back yard but we are sure the propty mgt won't

There's a football on the kitchen counter, next to the cooktop...