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Was it REALLY just 1 year ago Republicans wanted to fire union janitors-kids to work BAD chemicals?

How charter schools choose desirable students

Marco Rubio Is Taking a Spring Trip to Israel (Sound Familiar?)

Racist father forbid AA nurse to handle new baby ~Hospital obliges

Danica Patrick fastest in Daytona 500 practice

Just a few shots from my bird count.

What could the average citizen have done to stop the neocons from invading Iraq?

Racism and the hypocrisy of Israel's advocates

LFR, an Angel and a Devil are hanging out. Ask us anything!

'Force To Be Reckoned With': Israel's Settlers Dig In Ahead Of Obama Visit

Heard it first on DU? Thom or BIG ED are you listening?

Anthony Bourdain scheduled for Reddit IAMA on Feb 25th @ 3 pm

"That's not your message!"

Where Ron Paul Fails

why did I watch this? and the music makes it worse ...

Opinion polls............

Why Gender Equality Stalled

The God problem (part 2)

AFSCME: They keep us safe. Stand with them.

The Rockford Son of Liberty

Idaho Man Slaps Black Baby On Plane, Is Not A Racist

Go to GD to see this hilarious story:

White House unveils awaited Affordable Care Act profit margin rule

Rubio embarks on trip to Israel and Jordan

Toon: The Minimum Wage Awards

2013 MA US Senate Election.

The Eagles "Life in the Fast Lane" ---brilliant

Brothers celebrate lottery win by blowing up house

Republican lawmakers slam doctors on questions about gun ownership

Greens to rally on Mall to demand climate specifics from Obama

New Lib Dem wealth plan to target ALL assets

If I were a retiring Pope, you know what I would make my last official act?

Can you take something back out of your trash can?

'Russian Romeo' steals girlfriend from psych ward, sues mother for forced hospitalization.

OOPS: GOP Rep. Inadvertently Makes The Case For Nearly Doubling The Minimum Wage

After the storm, an amazing rainbow

Terrapin, Terrapin!! HOW ABOUT THEM TERRAPINS!!

The Republican Revolt

Kansas vs. Texas. Who was El Supremo rooting for?

How Long, Oh Lord, How Long?

hurry quick. watch something beautiful to erase the other one from your mind

What are you reading the week of February 17, 2013?

Your awwwwww picture for today ...

Dwarf Nigerian Goat


Police: CA rape suspect met victim on Christian dating site

'Tis the season

"Left-wing teabaggers." What does everybody think of this term?

Gun debate spurs threats at Colorado Capitol

Today's extreme right wing republican party and their followers are connected to the Borg

"Equal Opportunity, Our National Myth" by Joseph Stiglitz at the NY Times

"CNN Anchor Deborah Feyeric Asks Bill Nye if Meteor Is Related to Global Warming"

Bill Moyers: Democracy for Dollars

National protest against Obama sees little action at Colorado Capitol

Bill Moyers: As the SEC Door Revolves

Women and Men of Liberal America

Has this ever happened to you? No? Then I am glad.

"The defence secretary’s nomination - Hagelian dialectic" at the Economist

GrayWarrior left his mark behind.

Detroit emergency manager, a job for a "poor devil"

The meat scandal shows all that is rotten about our free marketeers

Will our democracy ever look like the internet?

Star Trek: The Captain's Summit (1-7)

If a Picture of Obama and a Child Can Not make you Smile...

First austerity and now trying to stop Hagel from being nominated, the GOP

Bambi Meets Godzilla, restored and full-screen!

Monday's MSNBC Special on Iraq...

An amazingly talented dog.

"Fox mocks 102-year-old who waited hours to vote"

Cessna plane escorted by F-16 fighter jets away from restricted airspace near President Obama (Fla.)

Nationwide gay and lesbian population count breaks new ground

Bear Park Video

Rubio: God gave me cottonmouth.

Exposed: Imprisoned

What's the difference between Dorner Trutherism and Sandy Hook Trutherism?

Google asks journalists to tone down story of "massive" Google Play security flaw

Who is Harry Hopkins? His life and the Works Progress Administration

Looting by IDF soldiers: 'But on the spoil, laid they not their hand'

"Actually, The Reagan Recovery Was All About Big Government Spending"

Chuck Todd Elizabeth Warren is exactly like Ted Cruz. I wonder who Chuck Todd works for?

2013 State of the Union: Mike Malloy's live commentary (4 videos+more)

Hurry Get Your Movies At Red State Box

House votes to extend federal worker pay freeze

MSNBC: "A hoax. That's what it was.": New evidence that Bush scammed the nation into war.

I can't wait for SCE's Sunday post

Saw this and thought it was a hilarious joke

Rhode Islanders repeatedly call cops over 12-foot snow penis

Package Of Gun Control Measures Get Initial Approval In Colorado

Pope Benedict XVI’s leaked documents show fractured Vatican full of rivalries

The G.O.P.’s Nasty Newcomer

Nevada assemblyman proposes fast food tax

Chuck Toad compares Senator Warren with Wingnut Cruz

The Politics Of Raising The Minimum Wage

Sunday Talk Shows: Denis McDonough, Mark Kelly

Solo Contendere: Coolest Solo?

Tarter Sauce gives statement on asteroid 2012 da14.

Marco Rubio can take a sigh of relief

Spray this stuff on yourself and never get wet

We finished making Limoncello tonight, It turned out pretty damned good!

A Horse dining on grass.

*Just saw Spirit of St. Louis on PBS; **N by NW on TCM now!

Two Observations on the Politics of the Minimum Wage

Settler security official: 'Palestinians are not supposed to stand next to Jews'

Has anyone heard from ERA Veteran??? I guess our sympathies should go out to

Five Syrian nationals wounded near border taken to Israeli hospital

Our Atomic Dominoes are Falling

Best Basketball player on the planet---

This Day in Media

What American accent do you have?

SNL’s Marco Rubio Attempts To Explain His State Of The Union Thirst - video link

I've hit the Trifecta! My dentist, my doctor and now even my priest are all women.....

It's just about time to tap trees here in MI.

Don't be fooled by all of the pretty pictures

The Conservative Idiot of the Week is on the front page of tomorrow's newspaper

Hot at the mall this week.

SNL’s Fox & Friends Tears Into Obama’s SOTU Speech And Interviews Fired Up ‘Ted Nugent’ - video link

In Capitalist America…

Alabama Shakes

From 2000. Squeezed to Death. Iraq after years of sanctions. John Pilger paints sad image.

So true…

Fairbanks area, trying to stay warm, chokes on wood stove pollution

PRINTED POISON by the Citizens for Decent Literature

Mayor Nanny Bloomberg, it's the end of the line for you and NOW possession of pot is a desk warrant?

What do Presidents Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, and Obama have in common

Texas redistricting appeal likely on hold at Supreme Court

Have to share this with you -

In my mailbox today...

Pet Toxins

Looking for Lapidary Saw

Ben Shapiro: Prop 8 judge "just using the power of his gavel to justify his sex life"

Mediaite: TV Anchor Mimics Oral Sex Demonstrating Her Vibrating Toothbrush

FaltyDL - She Sleeps ft. Ed Macfarlane


How well do you know the Bible?

Open States: search legislative data in all 50 states

Open States: search legislative data in all 50 states

Ten questions

Young pro-science/anti-Creationism activist wins TroubleMaker award

After White Stallion Power Plant Canceled, Coal Faces Dark Future in Texas

New Animation Shows What the Russian Meteor Really Di

Stanley Marsh 3 (creator of Cadillac Ranch), family, associate settle teen sex lawsuits

Rods from God: Space launched darts that strike like meteors


Some Walking Dead parodies

Bonobo : Cirrus

Did you know the UK has an official "mouser cat" ?

Disclosure - White Noise (feat. AlunaGeorge) (Hudson Mohawke Mix)

Some alleged developments in the Pistorious/Steenkamp case:

New York City's Hidden Lost Subway Station Pictures

Dave predicted it…


SNL Reviewed: Christoph Waltz and DJESUS UNCROSSED

Wooden Shjips - Lazy Bones

I_T_W is giving hugs away. Step right this way:

To the 17 DUers that thought of me and gave me a heart this year...

Most Terrorist Plots in the US Aren't Invented by Al Qaeda -- They're Manufactured by the FBI

5 Top Regrets People Have At the End of Their Lives

Understanding 'Post-Traumatic Ass Disorder': Tendency to Turn into Complete Buttheads After Trauma

Report: Bill would set an 8-year path to residency

Emory's President cites the 3/5 Compromie as a way to achieve goals:

Why 'Safe' Regulation of Fracking in New York Is a Fiction

5 Pointz

TX constitutional amendment to end GOP tax/fee double-talk

Oscar Pistorius murder charge: bloodied cricket bat found at Paralympic athlete's home The Telegraph

Gender discrimination at World Series of Poker 2013?

Cooking classes 'a boost to healthy diet'

Germany probes Amazon warehouse conditions after film

MAP: U.S. Redrawn As 50 States With Equal Population

torture and obama's drone program

All-in-all, you're just another brick in the wall…

Triumphant Trump wants second golf links on Scotland's wild coastline

The race to create 'insect cyborgs'

I have been looking for this for ages

Obama's Guantanamo Is Never Going To Close, So Everyone Might As Well Get Comfortable

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Sorry, Wrong Room Edition

Grasping Reality by Non Sequitur

NBC to play 'Hubris' on Primetime television

Why Our Gun Debate Is Off Target

the mark lynas mythology: a GMO 'conversion' non story

Jim Clyburn: Elizabeth Colbert Busch Will Protect Workers' Rights In Congress

If only Barack had the balls of Elizabeth...

My ongoing exposure to domestic violence

No More Lies

Karzai To Ban Airstrikes Requested By Afghan Security Forces

Bigger Picture

Nigeria gunmen kidnap foreign workers, police claim

Buddaha Bar ~ beautiful ~ music ~ videos

Exxon Cease-And-Desist Order Gets Climate Change Ad Pulled From State Of The Union Coverage

The surprisingly low-tech solution to big cities’ climate woes: Triple-pane windows

Sunday Morning Music Videos ...Spy Themes...!

An expression of appreciation for MIRT

So WHAT is the big deal if Jesus were married?

2014 US Senate Election.

Theresa May criticises judges for 'ignoring' deportation law

Here's What Life Is Actually Like On The Wind River Indian Reservation

Fiscal trouble ahead for most future retirees

Sunday's Doonesbury- Comparing Presidential Vacations

Did the Russian meteorite scare the crap out of you?

"How much longer must this country endure the GOP?"

It is that time of year again-Natural Yosemite 'Firefall' at Horsetail Fall

Y'all discuss this jury findings among yourselves:

SC Gov. Nikki Haley Named As Other Woman In Divorce Case

Dollarocracy -The new Iphone App for finding out who contributes to whom..!

Rihanna - Stay (Live on SNL)

Eleven crocheted Doctors and a crocheted TARDIS

Statistics from South Korea

Kansas - More attacks on women by the state.

Tom Toles Toon: Sequester

Raleigh-Wake MoveOn Council (and other progressive orgs in NC)

In 2002, Will Pitt wrote a book that completely exposed the run up to the Iraq war.....

Are China and Japan going to war?

It's just about time to tap kegs here in AZ (7:00 AM.

Colorado Gun Bills Will Result In Bitterest Hateful Election Campaigns From GOP In

Will Pitt 8 years ago.

General: U.S., NATO will abide by Afghan president’s decree

Drumbeat: February 16, 2013

Super tasty red cabbage

Does your dog make "yawn noise"?

Congress made Postal Carriers (a tribute to the USPS)

We Democrats have to be honest about the Iraq War....

Climate change forcing thousands in Bangladesh into slums of Dhaka

MSNBC Anchor Grills GOP Rep. On Why Congress Is Going On Recess Before Dealing With Sequester

If your cat is a LOTR fan, check these out:

Wayne LaPierre's new allies (cartoon)

John Lennon was a wise, wise man.

The Gun Report: Wayne LaPierre Edition

Benedict says pray for me and next pope

Republicans Are Losing the Post Election

Exclusive - The Case Against Oscar

Liz Shuler, national AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer, coming to NC

Woodward says to Rove "Some people never go away"

Only one member of either house of Congress voted against invading Afghanistan

The GOP’s three-step plan for being loved

Hezbollah fighter, 5 Syrian rebels killed in border fighting

Common Weapons & Their Alternative Uses

This, Ladies And Gentlemen, Is Pure 'Team NRA' Swill....

Ya know what I've noticed? I've noticed that John McCain never goes home.

The Hagel Filibuster Shows Republicans Hate America Almost as Much as They Hate Obama


Sports Illustrated AL Central spring preview: Tigers still the team to beat

Congress passed a law REQUIRING domestic use of drones.

Why the sudden popularity of Carly Fiorina as a teevee chat show guest?

Tracing weapons from gun shows to Chicago gangs

Tony Sheridan, sang with The Beatles on first recordings, dead at 72

Funny Rubio Skit on SNL

Rubio Blasts Obama’s Immigration Proposal White House Responds: Then Get Your Act Together

UPDATED Lindsey Graham: Cut Obamacare To Avoid Sequester

If you like John Lennon quotes, take a look at Bob Marley quotes

Ran across this ad for a hearse on craigslist.

Another Strong Argument for the Separation o' Church and State

NYC Teachers Hit Back... At Long Friggin' LAST.

Newt: Self-Deportation Comment ‘Fatal’ To Romney

The destruction radius if Asteroid DA14 had hit Toronto

Benedict XVI, the best-dressed pope

Obama Administration Refuses to Investigate Alleged DEA Killing of Women and Child in Honduras

The Gettysburg Tweet

Castro: Immigration Issue Helps Latinos Sort Good Pols From Bad Pols

Zen Groups Distressed by Accusations Against Teacher

Sunday Shooting Review

Doors slamming on anti-Islam MP (Australia)

thoughts and vibes needed for MFM again

ABC News Calls Out Paul Ryan For Hypocrisy Over Looming Budget Cuts

More damning information on Oscar Pistorius Murder case.

Limbaugh Is Losing! With Each Hateful Word, More Sponsors Leave. (300 Left Last Month) Total: 2,500+

A Sampling of Commons Action All Over

Israel ex-FM Lieberman on trial for fraud

Class Warfare For Real--the American Les Miserables

Doubling down on theft of benefits from seniors....

Why Beef Is Becoming More Like Chicken (cheap, uniform, and bland)

I find the biggest critics of "Obamacare"...

Today in Peace and Justice history on February 17, 1958

A case for government regulation, the scientific investigation and the collection of data, et al.

I bought an AK-47 yesterday.

Who needs a heart?

Bloody Cricket Bat Reportedly Found In Oscar Pistorius' Home

McCain: Hagel Will Probably Be Confirmed (but not with McCain's vote)

What is the message behind GE's new commercials? Their new theme "machines are smart and

Netanyahu Doubles Down On Spy Secrecy Following Prisoner X Fallout

Thanks again!!! to the DU'er who gave me another heart

They Keep Saying They Aren’t Racist, but…

FYI: My show tonight will have an update on the GOP war on women

Lindsey Graham: I Love Bombs, NOT People

House Science Committee Questions Existence of Meteors - Shocking Borowitz report

Woodward scolds Rove for fixing elections with Soviet-style ‘Politburo’

Obama nominee for defense likely to get confirmed: top Republican

Do These Congressmen/Women & Senators Like Each Other Or Is There Real Animosity ......

Oh, my goodness! I was given two hearts this morning! Thank you!

Jewish Leader Raps US For Taking Aircraft Carrier Out Of Gulf

I know I will never find another you

Shout out to the Dixie Chicks.

Cuomo Bucks Tide With Bill to Ease Limits on Abortion

So here it is. The Wingnuts believe that Benghazi was just like 9-11

It's a Hoax to Suggest that Most Dem Senators Who Voted for the Iraq War were Hoaxed into It.

McCain Goes After NBC Host For Questioning GOP’s Benghazi Conspiracy Theories

X-Post from Prop. Debunking: So here it is. The Wingnuts believe that Benghazi was just like 9-11

Let's not forget the most famous Stenographer of all time--- Judith Miller.

Georgia Legislators Propose Ending Direct Election of Senators (repeal 17th amendment)

Why Democrats Think They Can Retake the House in 2014

The gunman, Pikerson Mentor, 31, was sentenced last month to life plus 42 years.

C-Span broadcasting climate rally now

Inland Empire housing is more affordable but still out of reach-Investors pushing out homebuyers

Thank you, George Will

Sorry for being so late, but thanks for the heart!

Is There A Democratic Media Equivalent of McCain and Graham?

Thank you for the Hearts again

Health & Safety.

Public access tv...

Class warfare? How the Poor are denied access to basic BANKING


Heads up. "Forward on Climate" on CSPAN1

ABC This Week... No US Troop Battle Related Deaths For Three Cosecutive Weeks.

Some DUer’s supported the Iraq invasion?

you can't believe the right

It is very easy to fool/trick/hoax people into what they want to Believe

On Jan. 27, 2013, Obama instituted the largest tariff on U.S. small businesses in American history

After Full Year of Inactivity, D.C. Coroner Designates Congress Legally Dead!!!

Men Who Hate Women

Why On Earth Is The USPS Paying FEDEX Stockholders Millions In Dividends

Michigan Considers Fetus Tax Credit Bill After Slashing Tax Credits for Actual Children

No more wrestling at the Olympic Games

And yet I bet many cops voted for this jerk!!!

Study Confirms Tea Party Was Created by Big Tobacco and Pollutocrat Kochs

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, February 19: 31 Days of Oscar: Paramount Pictures

PSA for those who get H2: Great Black History Month program tonight!

The mile: From Obama's Chicago home to where Hadiya was murdered

Iraq: Bush lied

Man slaps crying baby, utters racial slur on Delta flight

my husband seems to be spiraling downwards again

Those of you whose Congress-Critter(s) chose to be complicit in the invasion of Iraq, please

Was it The Creator, GOD, or The Force?

Thousands form human pipeline at climate change rally

Does anyone remember THC tablets from the mid 70's?

More than dozen cities in Spain hold protests against part-privatization of health care

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, February 20: 31 Days of Oscar: Paramount Pictures

Pope resignation timing explanation: Thank you, Rhode Island judge. Papal papers unsealed friday.

Occupy Kindergarten

Colombia's Conservative Party rejects possible alliance with Uribe .

What's for Dinner ~ Sunday Feb 17th

Paramilitaries, Uribe's associates 'blocking' land restitution: NGO .


Corporate Profits Under ‘Socialist’ Obama Double Reagan’s –Middle Class Under Siege (VIDEO)

Does anyone remember THC tablets from the 70's?

Thank you for the hearts!

SNL: Fox and Friends welcome Ted Nugent

GOP Put to Ultimate Shame by the 'Papal Primaries'

Match Game Story: "Megwump the Archivist was last seen in her office collecting _____ for the fire."

On the eve of MSNBC's Bush ll documentary, I want to spread this video:

Let us tie military spending to a percentage of tax revenues

Repeating something Rahm Emanuel said while he was Obama's chief of staff got my post hidden

Quick, name a kitchen invention that you really like.

CHARTS: Renewables in Bed With Natural Gas?

In Mali, the Peril of Guerrilla War Looms

"McCain: Hagel ‘Probably’ Has the Votes"

The NRA And The Myth Of The 20-Minute Police Response Time At Sandy Hook

Dangerous Gun Myths & NRA Lies

AARP - Governor's plan "mostly smoke and mirrors"

.Oskar the Blind Cat - Mother Nature Reunion (Featuring Klaus) (Spring 2012)

New Rules - White Puff of Smoke Edition

Do The American People Really Support 5 Day Delivery? Hint: Not As Much As They Say

I can't stop listening to...

Windows shortcut keys......

LA's Cardinal Mahoney Forgives Those Who Are Angry At Him For Covering Up Child Rape

Remember the Project for a New American Century? You know those guys who wanted war with Iraq?

John Lennon's acoustic folk "Watching the Wheels

Soviet TV advertisements from the 1970s and 1980s

The GOP actually wants to fund some science......If it concerns asteroids!

The GOP actually wants to fund some science......If it concerns asteroids!

I just NEEDED to shoot something with color! ;-)

Playing with matches. Or not.

tablet advice

Carl Sagan on why we need to become a spacefaring species:

WATCH: Alaska Republicans Laugh at Reporter Who Asks About Gay Couples

Comment on these Facebook images

Boy! Those Ohio State Potheads sure stunk up the court.

Carl Sagan on why we need to become a spacefaring species:

Kevin Spacey on House of Cards...

What Gun Control Debate Can Learn From Marriage Equality

A Secret Deal Between Gov. Walker And Koch Brothers Buried In State Budget?

Red, yello, violet, and blue genes

Snow Horses

TenderBird Chicken Breasts

Boy, is the Northern Trust Open exciting or what?


Barnes and Nobles em? Hate em?

Worker shortages drive calls for high school curriculum changes

Irony is ...

Liar, Liar pants on fire had a come back years ago

Maker's Mark to restore alcohol content of whiskey

The tragedy of deforestation

Large, small stores at odds over Sunday alcohol sales

Danica Patrick wins Daytona pole

If Hagel does not become Defense Secretary get him to run for the US Senate in 2014 as a Democrat

Two Firefighters fall, 2 others injured in Bryan blaze

Hundreds sue Ky. hospital over heart procedures

Better late than never

Doctors nationwide defaulting on loans

Remember that David Corn co-wrote the book that "Hubris" is based on! He deserves

Mortgage Bill Praised By Obama Faces Uphill Battle In Congress

‘Djesus UnCrossed’ (SNL)

While Public & Media Focused on 2nd Amendment, 5th Amendment Quietly Dismantled

Medicaid doesn't pay for couple's heartbreak

So I got the best present evah!!! from my boyfriend

As needy groups grow, state faces Medicaid funding crisis

Why the Keystone pipeline would boost pump prices

Syria: The Growing Power Of Jihadist Groups

"Controversy" with SI Swimsuit issue...

Anyone remember the "American Beetles"?

Nissan Leaf tops 50,000 sales worldwide

Anyone with an update in what the FDP is doing to prep for Nov 2014?

a few bird pics - a cold Florida morning

"The Persistence of Memory" (2/12/13 Moment with Bob read by Mike Malloy)

Pope will have security, immunity by remaining in the Vatican

In a first, Obama plays golf with Tiger Woods

Norway plans 12-hour prime-time TV show of a fireplace

Blonde, Self-Tanning Essex Teen Girl Has Higher IQ Than Einstein

Went to see Dada (the band) for the first time on Friday night. Great show!

I know this post will get booted to woo woo and thats ok but, pope steps down,

Sunday Smack Down: The Mainstream Media Finally Challenges Republican Lies

A Good Sport (February 2013 edition) (Tons of pictures)

Elderly woman to sell everything she owns to keep a promise

Need help with Twitter please.

Support Bill C-400 (Housing Strategy): Contact Your Conservative MP

Gingrich: Republicans Will Oppose Any Immigration Plan Backed By Obama Because They Hate Obama

Call Gov. McCrory NOW!

GOP Eager For The Sequester To Go Into Effect So They Can Blame Obama For Its Devastating Consequenc

(The Wind Blows to the Future)Kaze Wa Mirai Ni Fuku~AKIMA & NEOS

America's 'Slave Narratives' should shock us

Danica Patrick wins pole for NASCAR's Daytona 500

So,.....I got my new Medical Alert Bracelet today!

Ann Richards on Broadway

Watching Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Was there ever a two more physical beauties than LT and PN?

Sunday Smack Down: The Mainstream Media Finally Challenges Republican Lies

As Supreme Court Hearing Looms over GM seeds, activists keep fingers crossed

What Is A Clone?

George Takei posted this on FB

"But I'm just a poor boy and nobody loves me"

The Feministing Five: Ilyse Hogue (great interview)

Cuomo to introduce legislation strengthening abortion care

(Fooly Cooly/Furi Kuri/FLCL) The Pillows

have you tried Hypnotherapy? let me know your results or lack thereof

WA State legislature bipartisan bill against enforcing NDAA

PHOTOS: 35,000 Protesters Demand Immediate Climate Action At ‘Largest Climate Rally In U.S. History’

Post some awesome bands that dont sing in English.

UK military academy, Sandhurst, 'betrays' heroes of Mons -for £3m donation from the King of Bahrain

Bennett on the Sate Of The Union

Pretending Away The Nakba Only Perpetuates The Conflict

Never trust the GOP on anything

Colbert takes on gun violence in Arizona

F.A.S.T. is:

One more: Colbert's take on Rubio's "Water" gate

Do lawd! The Dumbest Op-Ed EVER.

Meanwhile in New Zealand......

Anonymous Activists Hack Into 600,000 Israeli Email Accounts

We have ways of dealing with that...

Unbelievable, there was a Bald Eagle perched in my back yard.

You know, I don't feel any safer

A meal of owls (A pet owl is fed, about four years old from Japan)

Don't miss tonight's Making Sense with Steve Leser radio show, 7pm EST, SOTU, War on Women, Hagel

Ecuador's Correa wins re-election: exit polls

40,000+ Rally in DC for Forward on Climate

GAO Adds Destabilizing Climate To List Of Greatest Financial Risks Facing US, Notes Gov. Not Ready

Why The GOP Can No Longer Be Trusted On National Defense

today in women's herstory


(Republican) Tax Increases Affecting More Michigan Residents

Australian Flood Insurance Rates Spiking After Record Floods In Recent Yrs - Rises Up To 500%

Fall 2012 - Brown Bears Starved In Japan's Shiretoko Wilderness - High Temps Delayed Salmon Run

Group Of Congress Members Warns Iraq After Attack On Iranian Refugees

Mexican artist turns guns into musical instruments

a biography of the day-dorothy kenyon (lawyer, judge, feminist, activist)

Joss Stone - While You're Out Looking For Sugar

'We Did Participate in a Hoax': New Documentary Offers New Revelations About the Bush Admin's Phony

Oops. Wharton Study Linking Reusable Grocery Bags To Food-Borne Illness Doesn't Stand Scrutiny

Star-Tribune Op-Ed: Expect Obama Betrayal On Keystone XL

John McCain is a small bitter old man.

Coachelletta (The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, 2010) time shift video, enjoy

There's a BEAR in my backyard!!

the choir boy that squawked

Some things that should NEVER be "PRIVATIZED" in a Democracy:

Collaboration between IDF, settlers reaching point of no return

rubio the Rights singing choir boy

Woo hoo!! A HERETIC I AM has two posts from C & B under "Cool" on the front page!!

The cat which sleeps......

in tennessee, don't piss off a co-worker....

Miami man refused to be a victim.

Who remembers the Inner Sanctum?

Unholy Trinity

Proud 2 B a Merkin

Couldn't afford a camper and motorcycle,

Sports Illustrated AL East spring preview

Last day to enter the DU Photo contest.

OK, Downton Abbey fans, get ready for the season finale. And make sure you have tissue

Watch your thoughts, for they become words.

Lets face it...Republican Right Wingers do not give a shit about Deficits, Sequesters or any

FBI finds no evidence that Sen. Menendez patronized prostitutes....

Massive Use Of "Growth Promoters' (Antibiotics) Powering Antibiotic Resistance In Chinese Pork

Ill. woman killed same day sister sat behind Obama

Sunday night skunk