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The Fourth Law of Motion…

ER doctor's note after patient's death moves millions

White House Petition: "Create a federal holiday for the day of the US presidential election."

Happy Valentine's Day! Say something nice about another DUer

Better Late Than Never...Happy Valentine's Day!

Better Late Than Never...Happy Valentine's Day!

Can you imagine if passengers on that ship were armed?

NYPD investigating 911 calls from Katie Couric's dead husband

OMG, media, the Triumph "disaster" ain't the USS Indianapolis

McCain: Republicans oppose Hagel because he attacked Bush over the Iraq War

A few pics today I found while out surfing the web with some guy named Kai...

This is what the republicans want to send us back to..the "largesse" of

President Obama regarding the Hagel filibuster (skip to the 39:30 min mark)

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 15 February 2013

Democratic Senator Lautenberg, 89, won't seek re-election

How doctors and hospitals have collected billions in questionable Medicare fees

Nate Silver May Stop Doing Forecasts Out of Fear of Influencing Elections

My Great Big Fat Valentine's Day

GOP Response - Rubio's Hilarious Water Break

Illinois Senate OKs same-sex marriage

Thank you for the heart! :)

Burned remains ID'd as fugitive ex-cop Dorner

NYT Magazine: “They were playing chess while we were playing checkers,”

Why are Unionization Rates at Historic Low?

I'm dreaming of LBJ when he was the Senate Majority Leader.

To all the progressive women on DU - happy valentines day!

Pro-gun policies, NRA, may undercut GOP Latino outreach

New Items and New Deals to Love! (MADE in the USA clothing!)

Nerdfighters---President is interviewed and is awesome.

Homeless man returns diamond ring accidentally dropped into his change cup

Judge clears U.S. crackdown on Oakland medical pot shop

'I am the bullet in the chamber': Nike ad pulled from Pistorius web site

This is the fourth engine room fire that's left a Carnival ship without power

Happy Valentine's Day my DU brothers and sisters

Horsemeat scandal: France blames processor Spanghero

For $25 Rubio's PAC, the Reclaim America PAC,will send you an official "Marco Rubio water bottle."

Michael Moore & Chris Hedges, NDAA Part 2 (The Undercurrent)

It's Fido Friday! No Love Here! It is the age old battle!

Michelle Obama goes Bold For Black History Month

Galaxy - Yubaba

Happy Valentine's day! A toast to my DU friends!

Guards seized Guantanamo defendants' legal documents

Protecting starts young. Cute and sweet video.

Medea Benjamin: The CIA Has "Become a Death Squad"

Officials Discuss How They’ll Distribute $1M Reward In Dorner Case

Song for the night: Nils Lofgren "Valentine"

Remains of body burned in cabin positively identified as Dorner's...

Despite Offer of Direct Talks, U.S. Intensifies "Sanctions-Centric" Economic War Against Iran

The nonoption

Harry Reid is scheduling a vote anyway

"Very Disturbing": Former CIA Analyst on Cozy Relation Between John Brennan and Senators

Science Classroom

National Federation of Nurses to affiliate with the AFT

How Single Cats Are Spending Valentine's Day

Eastern Utah Will Be the New Alberta: 3 #TARSANDS Projects!

Maddow: Rubio’s SOTU rebuttal was written for the wrong Obama speech

Shots of the sun taken from a backyard-amazing!

Newark Man Beaten, Stripped and Whipped Over $20 Debt

Minnesota: Marriage debate reignited at State Capitol

George Carlin on Papal Authority

8 wonderful people have given me a heart.

Holes found in Keystone Pipeline

Britain and Norway Continue to Pay Toward Terrorist Salaries

Arctic Death Spiral Bombshell: CryoSat-2 Confirms Sea Ice Volume Has Collapsed


Obama Google+ Fireside Chat: Americans Need To Know More About Drone Program

Papantonio: Time For Harry Reid To Step Down

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I just tried the Savannah Smiles girl scout cookies...

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Saw BackBeat In L.A. Last night...

(astronaut) Chris Hadfield and Barenaked Ladies perform song that is literally out of this world

More ex LAPD officers speak up about the corruption, racism, and abuse of power rampant within LAPD

NASA to Chronicle Close Earth Flyby of Asteroid (LIVE 2pm tomorrow)

Obama to work with Congress on drone-strike policy

I have a few hearts left to give away.

Compilation of goats yelling like humans

Valentine's Day story....someone should donate a heart to this guy.

Embarrassing Medical Exams!

French incursion frees few slaves in Mali

HBO Real Time Guests: Friday Feb. 15, 2013... Robert Zimmerman

Yay the Milwaukee Zoo has 2 Jaguar cubs!! Here's the articles & links to the webcams

"A 26-year-old athlete, who has spoken publicly about his love of firearms."

Happy Valentine's Day ,DU ! Thank you for the hearts!

OK I gotta ask: Who's more watered down? Marco Rubio or Maker Marks Bourbon?

So one of us broke the screen on an iPhone 5. Guess what they want to fix it?

Thank you!!!

I have been most fortunate, another heart!

I don't post a whole lot therefore I'm shocked someone gave me a heart. Thank you from the bottom

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Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Hello Young Lovers! & a new Valentine Kitty gif

Charred remains, fecal matter and murder. If it bleeds it leads.

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Olympic Star, Oscar Pistorius, charged with murder in shooting of girlfriend. He was a gun nut.

Hey, I have an Idea to make more money for D.U.

Elizabeth Warren's First Senate Banking Committee Hearing

Living animal -- or ornamental brocade ?

Exotic birds abandoned, left to die in Grandview home rescued

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Two more, thank you both so very much!

So, the ocean is full of plastic ...

If a host locks a thread then goes away for a day, then nobody can unlock them

Orange tabby cat ...

Briny water flows into area streams

Pink Mosque - Shiraz, Iran

Tannenbaum: Sanchez deal may have led to firing

Obama: No drones used on American soil

This comic strip cracked me up...

2014 NJ US Senate Election. Democratic Primary.

Maybe the Pope got tired of the food at the Vatican.

Someone in the Math Dept. may be in trouble (adv) ...

'Ongoing, severe epidemic' of STDs in US, report finds

Ozzie Guillen and his cat

Arrested Development: now in Lego form!

I gave up the Catholic church for Lent.

Elizabeth Warren you Rock!!!

"The Power of Logic"

"The day will come . . ."

Our observable Universe (Dialup Warning...)

Remember the ditwit who sued Rachel Maddow?

In Sept. of 1967, my family crossed the Atlantic on the SS United States. I saved the menus.

So there are a bunch of conservatives in one of my community college classes I'm attending...

A Defense Against Tyranny?

Please help me unfreep this poll on Hagel & the filibuster

What Valentine's Day means to me....

Ellen DeGeneres Slated to Play Dory Again in 'Finding Nemo 2'

I see a

In my opinion, nothing says Valentine's Day like...

Hundreds protest mountaintop removal coal mining

You like me, you really like me!

The President Meets the 47% Video Guy

Always like the heart idea..

Thanks so much for the heart!

Senator McCain. Senator Graham. Go fuck yourselves. With tea stained corn cobs.

A small fantasy...

OMG it was freaking awesome you guys

Climate change could burn a hole in the government’s finances, GAO says

UPDATED: McCain: "a lot of ill will towards senator Hagel...he attacked president Bush mercilessly"

Rubio SOTU Rebuttal Reveals Boehner Not Only GOP Leader with Drinking Problem

Thank you for the hearts!

TCM Schedule for Friday, February 15 -- 31 Days of Oscar -- Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Thank you for the hearts!

Chavez undergoing "delicate" cancer treatment: Venezuela's vice president

Why Sometimes Religion Should Be Criticized

I watch cruise arrival, and I don't realizing that it called

Crippled cruise docking at Ala. terminal

Obama picked Hagel to be torpedoed

About the ignore option

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The Ayn Rand Valentine

Breaking: Carnival Triumph has arrived at the pier in Mobile, AL.

Carnival Triumph has arrived in Mobile, AL.

REALLY ! I"m glad the boat finally got into docking BUT really Do we need this as "Breaking News"?

How many are seriously wondering IF Ratzenburg (Pope) is actually guilty of sexual abuse himself

Student with folding shovel prompts school lockdown

Avakian and Merkley team up to produce historic win for LGBT military burial rights

MAJOR,MAJOR spoilers possible... Downton Abbey

My second "Thanks for the Hearts" thread

For those "Special" Valentine thoughts...

Wikileaks ** Search the GIFiles = The Global Intelligence Files

RE: Hagel, you know Bibi is pouring Champaugne tonight

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So I just got a fantastic research job in the defense industry

Anyone else sick of hearing about the cruise ship?

The World’s Oldest Pornography

Murder plot allegation against fifth-graders stuns Washington town

It's bad! You know it's bad! You do it anyway! Why?

The Postal Service is a public service for We, the People, not a business.

Let’s measure love (just like we measure teachers)


THANK YOU for the HEART(s)!!!

Rick Santorum on #Hagel

If you don't want to hear about the "Breaking News" just change the channel.

Report: Hagel Claimed State Department is Controlled by Israel

The Official Wesley Clark for Secretary of Defense string. The right person. The right time.

Massachusetts police chiefs sued over gun license limits

Krugman: 'Zombie economic ideas have eaten' Marco Rubio's brain

Triumph also had another issue

Is it time to make the Republicans stand & REALLY filibuster, with urine bags in place, until 2014?

"A Most Peculiar Test Drive": Elon Musk KO's NYT writer with data logs

Big Corporations Put Up Seed Funding for Republican Dark Money Group

Thank you x 3!

Same-sex couples stage civil disobedience at SF City Hall after trying to obtain marriage licenses

How SWEET it is . . . . . Maple Meth Lab????

Tesla's Revenge

Yes, Dorner was a murderer who killed innocent people.

Justice Department: Drone program? What drone program?

FreedomWorks Made Video of Fake Giant Panda Having Sex With Fake Hillary Clinton

Has Rand Paul finally proven that he is as malignant a neocon as Dick Cheney?

What The Publishing Industry Does To Photographs Of Women

Thank you for the hearts!

Providence College names 'combating' racism award after slain youth, Trayvon Martin

Senate Democrats offer plan replacing automatic budget cuts

I want say thank you

CBS And Dan Rather: Together Again (sort of)


NRA's Wayne LaPierre blasts Obama's State of the Union speech

Blue and green-screen effects pioneer Petro Vlahos dies (BBC)

So we now need 60 votes to confirm cabinet members

Explosions in Chelyabinsk; Meteorite Suspected-amazing videos

What cruise lines don't want you to know

World's reptiles at risk of extinction (BBC)

Thank you for all my hearts.

Bailbondsman gone wild. Glad he won't be working at that job any more.

Message to Republican Pundits and Radio Talkers

Ted Nugent Graphic from "Real Truth Now"

At the very least the recess should be cancelled.

Hi, DU. My Mom...

Yes, I imagine Nugent didn't exactly relate...

Jury glitch

Indiana Guardsman Gunned Down While Shielding 2-Year-Old Son

LAPD in the cross hairs (LAT Editorial)

Meteorite crash in Russia: explosions in Chelyabinsk

Switzerland, U.S. sign pact on fighting tax evasion

Fawzia Koofi - Jon Stewart interview

I like to complain about the complaining about the Cruise Ship stories about people complaining

Dealing with "too much stuff". A guy thing, or just a human thing, to hang on to "stuff"?

Nye The Science Guy Explained And Dumb Dumb TV Reporter Did Not Get It.

I have been blessed with three hearts. Four hearts!

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If I could think of something interesting to post, I would.

The Rubio water gulp is this year's Mark Block moment

Hundreds Battle In San Francisco Valentine’s Day Pillow Fight

Hundreds Battle In San Francisco Valentine’s Day Pillow Fight

As Valentine's Day wraps up -- thanks so much for the hearts!

Georgia Man Who Molested 3-Year-Old Gets 220-Year Sentence

No exception for Assange: Rape apologetics and the left

What’s Happened In The Trayvon Martin Case Since You Stopped Paying Attention

One intersting Obit: RIP Jungleyes Love 1956-2013

American Airlines Bulks Up.

IRS website overwhemled by eager taxpayers

Things that make you go, hmmmm.

San Francisco's 2013 Valentine's day Pillow Fight!

Ted Nugent sits next to openly gay civil rights activist...

School in Washington must be a tough place,

S Korea to activate Kill Chain to Strike N Korean Military Facilities

You can't make this shit up

Fox News Fuck Heads Mocks 102 -year old Voter

Ok, who had the bean burrito for lunch?

Meteor Strike caught on video: Russia

NYC Marijuana Arrests Will No Longer Mean Night In Jail, Says Bloomberg

So on Groundhog Day ...

Being a Republican means that you belong to America's Ownership Class...

I'm watching this Frontline called Cliffhanger....

Free College Courses Online!

TCM Schedule for Saturday, February 16 -- 31 Days of Oscar - Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

The city of St. Louis was founded February 15, 1764

TCM Schedule for Sunday, February 17 -- 31 Days of Oscar - Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Asian Music XIV

5th grader allegedly talked of revenge after arrest for bringing weapons to school to kill others

February 15: National Gumdrop Day

question about the Russian meteorite hit

State of the Union: Marco Rubio Takes the Sip!

Oh, no effin' way! ABC WWN: Rahm Emanual contemplating running for President next round.

Mali slavery problem persists after French invasion

That's not how it works!

Sen. Kelly Hancock (R) files SB 548 to abolish Office of Public Insurance Counsel

Daughter of GOP big wig in big, big trouble

CNN journalists prove John Broder wrong by driving Tesla Model S over same route

Oscar Pistorius:Athlete in court on murder charge. Will be held at police station until bail decided

Asteroids ..Neil DeGrasse Tyson plus impact photos from Russia

Imagine if Republicans had to have a conversation about Ted Kennedy and they couldn't

Mexico finds fire-god figure at top of Pyramid of the Sun

Meteorite hits central Russia, more than 500 people hurt

Veterans Administration again accused of covering up the causes of ‘Gulf War Syndrome’

National park in northern Maine

sig lines come, and sig lines go . . .

GAO Adds Financial Risks of Climate Change and Gaps in Weather Satellite Data to "High Risk List"

Barack Obama promises more transparency on drones

Obama should commit a so called impeachable offense.


Triumph cruise passenger: "Well, it wasn't as bad as

Scientist: The Climate Change Disaster Train has left the station

Time for Tony Blair to admit the Iraq war was a shameful abomination

Man Vs. Machine Primary for Open N.J. Senate Seat

Thank you

Who marched against the Iraq war in 2003?

Kitten Mittens

On Iraq, the Hawks Were Wrong About Everything

Corporations Advise School Closings, While Private Charters Suck Public Schools Away

Can Obama Rebuild Crumbling Infrastructure?

It's Just Shocking What the Drone War Cheerleaders Are Willing to Say Out Loud

Is Iraq on Its Way to a Civil War?

We Can Work Less, Make More Money and Save the Planet

I wonder how many people claiming Dorner was denied due process

The police have determined the cause of the fire in the Dorner case:

Thom Hartmann: Private Debt – Not Government Debt – Will Destroy America

Before You Do Anything Else You Must Watch This Meteor Tear Over Russia [VIDEO]

Carnival Cruise Lines, in addition to the Carnival Triumph, also owns . . . .

Commander denies SEAL's claim made in Esquire article

Beautiful Pictures Of Japan From Around 100 Years Ago

Murkier Than Oil

Russian Meteor: Contrail, Sonic Boom and Aftermath

Water fouled with fracking chemicals spews near Windsor

Hey Joe Sum - I heard you earlier saying that there are radicals on the left

Apple confirms iOS 6.1 lock-screen flaw, promises fix

Didn't Have My Glasses On - Thought It Said Hagel Wants To Reinstate Draft.....

*** ~ paging M T H ~ ***

Just suppose that your name is "Jan"...

Why Republicans Can No Longer Be Trusted on National Security

For those who would vote for Hillary in 2016 but would not vote for Rahm,

Great article: "Can the Republicans Be Saved From Obsolescence?"

The events of yesterday summed up in one sentence:

As VA struggles, delays and errors greet returning warriors

Fighting Fire With Fire: Uncovering The Unglamorous Underbelly Of Fashion Week

Egyptian Women Still Struggling For Rights 2 Years After Revolution

What's with the petitions to "re-open" the filibuster issue?

Revolving Door at SEC is in a Whirl as Hundreds Hired by Industry they Regulated

If you think this meteor was powerful, you need to know about Tunguska in Siberia in 1908

The Absurdity Of The War On Terror Is Becoming Clear

Bill Bans Pedestrians Texting While Crossing Roads

Doggies! Westminster’s Best of Breed

If we manage to hold the senate in 2014, we NEED a new senate leader

medical marijuana approved in czech republic

Thank you to whomever gave me the several hearts at 1247 in the morning!

Who choked on their champagne when Obama said "$9/hr"? Well...

$7.3 million Afghan police headquarters funded by U.S. sits unused

Fox News may have fatally shot mocking 102 year old woman for standing in line

Ind. bill would make undercover video at farms illegal

Antibiotics search to focus on sea bed

Norman Connors - "You Are My Starship"

"Reid Puts GOP In The Corner – Refuses To Acknowledge Holds On Obama Appointees"?

Obama Gun Measures Are for Wives, Ex-Lovers, Too

Family sugar remedy tested for healing people's wounds

Congressional women key to giving gun victims the vote they deserve

Isley Brothers - Hello, It's Me

VA grants burial rights for same-sex Ore. couple

Yam Who? - Star Of a Story

Should I just make the Boston Butt pulled pork bbq, or should I serve it as a roast first?

West Wing Week

FAA takes step toward widespread US drone flights

Does anyone know how to convert .swf to .flv?

Soulive with Dave Matthews - Joyful Girl

Funeral Services Held For Man Who Pulled 5-Year-Old Boy From Pond

Barack: 'Hey Michelle, Happy Valentine's Day'

Cory Booker gets his way

Afghan troop cuts invite comparison to Iraq

Luckovich on the US Postal Service

Toon: Guns and Conflict Resolution

Disagreeing with a Libertarian - Funny

Last night, I met a business owner who is very angry at Obama.

For all those fans of Obama's Drone War, Charles Krauthammer has your back!

Hey everyone! Just a post-Mardi gras, Ash Wednesday, Valentine's Day howdy to you all!

Neil deGrasse Tyson: Russian meteorite was 'once a decade' event

U of A student government votes against guns on campus

Perfect for all the grammar police!...

One in five reptile species faces extinction – study

Two videos of Peter Sprigg getting his (Ass) Hat handed to him by CNN

Phil Plait on the Russian meteorite...

Those Carnival Triumph folks must be delighted with

Poll: Markey leads Lynch among Democratic primary voters

Update: Meteor injures more than 900 in Russian city

Media campaign against windfarms funded by anonymous conservatives

Exclusive: North Korea tells China of preparations for fresh nuclear test

Meteor falls in Russia’s Chelyabinsk region; 700 injured


Fish Fight renews campaign to protect the seabed

Thanks for the hearts. :)

Tennessee county mayor creates nullification resolution targeting federal gun legislation

How to modify an NRA bumper sticker

Ooops, I missed. Sorry about that.

NRA exec accuses Obama of gun 'charade' at State of the Union

Eugene lesbian couple gains VA burial rights

Psst, Mr. President . . .

Valentine's Day dinner

New medal for modern warfare sparks strong reaction

Exclusive: North Korea tells China of preparations for fresh nuclear test

I gave up Catholicism for Lent

Tennessee Congressman's Alleged Twitter Love Is Actually His Long Lost Daughter

More Nice Things

Funny thing about drone warfare--when you blow up people's families,

Dog's best friend

Pistorius shot Steenkamp through a bathroom door.

Surprise! Corbett Administration has no concern about "voter fraud" during the primary election

Same-Sex Military Spouse Buried in Nat’l Cemetery - Believed to be the First

(Armed) Filipino group on Borneo claims to represent sultanate, Malaysia says

Kashmir border: India says Pakistani soldier killed

KRUGMAN: The GOP Zombie Doctrine

I'd hate to be the one to explain this to Human Resources:

"My Beef with the “I Love Boobies” Bracelets (in 2013)"

Elizabeth Warren: ‘I’m Worried To Big Too Fail Has Become Too Big To Jail’

SECRET AUDIO: Missouri Lawmakers, In Meeting AT THE MISSOURI CAPITOL, Threatened With Loss of Donors

Special Report: Class Struggle - How charter schools get students they want

Meteor with extra "crash-i-ness"

Retired Lt. Gen. Deptula: Drones Best Weapons We've Got For Accuracy, Control, Oversight; Critics Do

Rubio - Ready For His Next Big Moment

The argument from asteroids

What is President Obama doing to protect us from meteorites!?

happy birthday, susan brownell anthony (failure is impossible)

Why Beef Is Becoming More Like Chicken

Desmond Tutu Blasts US Drones: American or Not, All Victims Are Human

Recent Aerial View of Fukushima Nuke Plant

The Titties Bill: Female Nipples New Terrorist Threat

I laughed until I cried at a few of these (dialup warning)

seneca falls declaration of sentiments-1848

seneca falls declaration of sentiments 1848

Germany and Spain Move to Curb Green-Energy Supports

New Horizons - David Gray

Gay People Can't Work for the Boy Scouts, but Criminals Can

A national-service draft could be a very positive thing

"Major media" is the head of the rotten fish.

Meteor strike in Russia. Hundreds injured

Today in Peace and Justice history on February 15, 2003

Today in Peace and Justice history on February 15, 2003

Have people lost faith in their government?

Breaking News - Wayne LaPierre says all Americans need

U.S. a factor in 6 million Congo deaths

Beneath the ‘Fair Trade’ Label, Union-Busting Lurks

U.S. Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index Rises to Three-Month High

I broke my freakin' arm saying happy valentines day to a republican.

There's nothing McCain dislikes more than a Maverick!

Industrial Production Unexpectedly Decreases as U.S. Factories Cool

Every meteorite fall on earth mapped

If you would normally leave a post where a DUer is called a "Shitbag",

So when is the Anti-drone strike March on Washington?

Iran’s Nuclear-Technology Gains Suggest Sanctions Are Backfiring

The 'Blade Runner, Pistorius, charged with murder, will probably be found guilty..

Armageddon Not in the Stars as UN Takes Aim at Asteroids

For those with no farmers market, check out this option.

"I want my fair share--and that's ALL OF IT": The Kochs & the XL Pipeline By Greg Palast

Asteroid 2012 DA14: how to spot it

Belgium plans to store energy in giant North Sea doughnut

GOP Hates Obama So Much He Would Have No Cabinet - They Would Not Confirm Anyone -

Could a meteorite start a war?

Egypt Islamists Rally in Support of Mursi in Show of Strength

Russian Navy Warplanes Start Arctic Patrols

Yesterday we had to put the beagle down

I've Just Eaten 2 Magnums.

Are they starting to worry about Roggensack?

It wasn't a meteorite! The US tested a new weapon!!

Russian Meteorite Shows How Much Damage Could Be Done By Something Larger

I was just looking at a show on Discovery earlier yesterday about extinction level meteorite strikes

Mocking The Honda Fit “SHE’S”

Pic Of The Moment: "Too Big To Fail Has Become Too Big For Trial"

North Korea may stage two more nuclear tests this year, source says

GOP introduces legislation to tie hands of EPA

Majority of House Dems Call on Obama to Reject Benefit Cuts to Medicare,Medicaid,and Social Security

Heads up - Obama to give posthumous Citizens awards to Educators from Sandy Hook

ASPCA: Bronx dog fighter sentenced to hard time.

Satellite Images Show North Korea Making Progress On Long-Range Missile

Lemons to lemonade.

Do we need religion to win LGBT equality?

Extremists Deface Headstones In Jerusalem Muslim Cemetery With Stars of David

Gender, Objectification, And The New Catwoman

Rapper gets arrested for pot possession and the cops asked to pose with him. Not happy about it.

Illinois Lawmaker: Legalizing Gay Marriage Is ‘Discriminatory’

Chelyabinsk Meteor Shines Light on What May Be the Most Contaminated Place on Earth

I remember once seeing a fireball fly over my house one night.

New survey reveals that most religious people are not anti abortion (not even Catholics)

Obama, the US and the Muslim World: the Animosity Deepens

“I Will Leave BSA if Discriminatory Policy Does Not Change.”

Suburban police officers allowed to work 'half-drunk,' Chicago investigation reveals

Ignoring sexism in politics doesnt eliminate it.

Have to say it, Warm Bodies is a seriously awesome Valentine's Day movie

Cat Litter, time for a change

The Cool Kidz Club Is Open By Charles P. Pierce

Is the Dietitians' trade group in bed with the junk food industry.

Eugene Robinson: Obama, winning the argument

Timmeh Teblow to Speak at virulently anti-gay, anti-semitic Megachurch

Bus Carrying Passengers from Nightmare Cruise Breaks Dow

RECOMMENDED: Lecture by Devra Davis PhD, MPH @ National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

Won't Somebody Please (Not) Think of the Children? On the Benefits of Pre-K for Parents.

Need list of Hurricane Sandy first responders for media salute to honor them!

Youkilis: "I'll always be a Red Sock" ... "I'm proud to be a Yankee."

Stop North Carolina's Attack On It's Unemployed Workers!!...

Just thought of something wrong with Rubio's water glass ...

Women kissing and petting two lionesses.

OP in GD asking for Sandy first responders who served Long Island...

"Thank God it's not Mitt Romney in the White House",

Thanks for the hearts, kind DUers...

10 years ago today, millions around the world joined to protest the upcoming iraq war.

Do you keep a Pet Alert Card in your wallet/purse?

Al Gore Considers "The Future" on KWMU 90.7 Saint Louis Public Radio

Confession: I really, really like ...

Amy Dean On How Restaurant Workers Are Fighting For Sick Days, Benefits & Economic Justice

Obama Blames Republicans For Horrible Bipartisan Sequester He Signed Into Law

Senate Republicans Make a Spectacle of Themselves (from "The American Conservative" magazine)

Very touching awards to the 6 adults lost at Sandy Hook.

Watch asteroid 2012 DA14 flyby LIVE

Watch asteroid 2012 DA14 flyby LIVE

Thom Hartmann: Wayne LaPierre wants America safe for gun sellers...and no one else

Timothy Egan: Little economic upward mobility in the U.S.

Climate Change Causes Local Weather Events - Yeah, We Said It

"Safe" Violence results in Target Creep

A passenger on Carnival Triumph predicted the problem on 2/7

What about faith?

Chris Dorner Is Dead, Long Live Chris Dorner

Ceasing alcohol consumption leading way to prevent cancer death, study finds

It is official. The American Family Association is literally as vile as the Westboro Baptists.

I have a question about buying a vehicle...

Filibuster reform would have saved Hagel

interesting things happening in NY.

NYS Hydraulic Hydrofracking UPDATE *urgent action request*

The Gohmert Function

What is being done for that great crew?

North Carolina’s Jobless Face a Double Whammy of Aid Reductions...

Cornel West: Obama is a 'war criminal'

Grand Old Jurassic Party

Thanks so much for the hearts!

Suggestions re: which Occupy group to try to contact for this?

Controversial Preacher Bradlee Dean Kicked Off High School Campus In Florida

System Shock 2 is now on Good Old Games

Rubio Happy That Ted Cruz Isn’t Trying To Make Friends

GOP Claims Rubio Was Avoiding Asteroid DA14

Does anyone think that this commission will help solve long voting lines in Democratic districts?

Tom Vilsack Won’t Seek Iowa Senate Seat In 2014

Why was Gray Davis recalled?

WOW, GOP ends house session.

Saucer nuts have spoiled the 1908 Tunguska Event

Well, Fox News has replaced Sarah Palin with the gravitas that is Herman Cain.

History of Pope Benedict and the sex abuse scandal

Who gave me the hearts?

Herman Cain Joins Fox News As A Contributor

It's a Wonderful Day in the Neighborhood!


Spent all night walking around NYC last summer, saw no Latin Gangs...

It should be against TOS to advocate destruction of private property.

I'll bet Wayne LaPierre is kicking himself

North Carolina’s jobless face a double whammy of aid reductions

Congressman’s Wayward Tweets Reveal Daughter, Not Lover

PBO deliberately signed the sequester into law

US national soccer team player Robbie Rogers comes out and retires

Cisco Won't hire more Americans or acquire American Companies Due to 35% Corporate Tax

Fox Business host: Preschool is just Obama ‘handing out goodies’ to the poor

Worst Vacation Ever Continues as Cruise Ship's Bus Ride Home Breaks Down

Legislators tackle water use in Texas oil fields

Is there some progressive argument for the age of consent

I have a star :-) :-) !!!!!

Thom Hartmann: Austin vs Thom - Battles Lines Crossed Over Minimum Wage

Legal Loophole Could Hold Up $1Million Chris Dorner Reward

What the hell were you thinking?

State of Our Union

Magazine size discussion - Colorado

Watching Rubio one more time...

The Cost of War

222 House GOP just voted to adjourn for a 9 day recess- 4 legislative days left to avert sequester

Saw Richard Thompson last month, sometime before his new album was released. He was

Roof Collapses at Chernobyl Nuclear Plant

Maureen O’Connor: Former San Diego Mayor Bet More Than $1 Billion as a Result of Gambling Addiction

Facebook Paid No Corporate Income Tax Last Year, After Making More Than $1 Billion In Profits

Tea Partier former Rep gets two dollars in lawsuit related to phony 'ex-terrorist'

Facebook Paid No Income Taxes In 2012: Report

Sit back and enjoy this short video: What Goes On in the Garden When You Aren't Watching...

Hundreds protest across West Bank to support hunger strikers

EXCLUSIVE: Watch 'Two Men in Love' From The Irrepressibles

Tiny mutation may have shaped modern humans, scientists say

NYC teacher pension fund pulls money from gun makers: CFO

Toon: The Fugitive

Pediatrician Berry Brazelton receives the Presidential Citizens Medal from President Obama - pics

This Is (A Picture Of) the Russian Meteor Impact Site

Obama honors six educators killed in Newtown massacre

Playground banner is the place to stand if you need a friend (Duluth, Minn., anti-bullying effort)

President Obama awards Mary Jo Copeland of Minneapolis, the Presidential Citizens Medal - pics

Thom Hartmann: Debtors Prisons have Returned to America

toon: Ted Nugent 2016

Remember This When The NRA Tells You 'Guns Make Women Safer'

Yes, Mr. Cruz, there IS an Iranian agent in the senate.

There's Something Fundamentally Wrong With The College Business Model

Journal of Nature: The meteor blast far larger than the NKorean nuke

General rant about insurance

The NRA Is On Thin Ice, And Here's How You Can Tell

Damn that Harry Reid!

Penn State: Scandal costs stand at more than $27M

Sierra Club leader tells Moyers: Keystone XL ‘so horrendous’ we lifted our ban on civil disobedience

"Duck and cover" ETA link to many videos of the meteorite

I hope this is a joke (re: Russian meteorite on Ebay)

House Votes to Extend Pay Freeze for Federal Workers

Why technology loves Obama

President Obama gets another huge hug...

Sometime within the next 12 years, I plan on running for Governor of Oregon

How many DUers have me on ignore this week?

Cisco Won't Buy Any US Companies Or Hire Any US Workers Until The Tax Code Is Changed

Does anyone have a credible link to reports that a meteor just hit in Cuba?

Time to dig out the umbrella...

Markey’s debate proposal is rejected by Lynch

Breaking up the Banks with Robert Reich

The NRA doesn't speak for me

Iraq and the legacy of lies. Donald Kagan said it was our High Noon Gary Cooper moment.

Democrats Willing to Consider Medicare Cuts, Van Hollen Says

Gay teen wins right to attend prom with boyfriend

NASA TV Live Coverage of Asteroid Fly-by

LIVE: Asteroid 2012 DA14 set for record Earth pass

Fisker entertaining offers

Don’t Call Him Senator Yet: Cory Booker Could Face Primary Struggle

It only makes sense if you are stupid

I've actually received more hearts than ever before.

FOX: Why Obama Proposed Pre-K

Someone seems upset by taxes:

Of the Top 10 Tax Evaders; only ONE is not Banking, Energy or Defense...

When did rule of law and judicial system become debatable ideas here?

Palo Alto on-call nurses allege they must sleep in cars

Asteroid? FEMA? Help from Republicans?

NASA - Eyes on the Solar System

Artists turn Mexico weapons haul into musical instruments

Majority of House Dems against Social Security cuts

"Free Range Chicken...Flavor" - ???

Turning off subtitles on the Daily Show when viewed via the intertubes.

Thank you to whoever gave me valentine hearts!!

McCain Admits Republicans Put Grudges Ahead of National Security in Hagel Filibuster

If you're not following Astronaut Chris Hadfield on twitter, you should...


Fury as French teens get 'suicide note' homework

Thanks, President Obama! (and Bruce Willis)

Carnival Cruise From Hell refuses to end: Passengers’ bus home breaks down

Trickle Around Economics

Papantonio: Following The Money On The NRA

Senator Bernie Sanders: A Climate Crisis

Catholics are not monolithic in their thinking.

Facebook Paid No Corporate Income Tax Last Year, After Making More Than $1 Billion In Profits

Maddow on GOP blocking Hagel: ‘This is a fresh hell in American politics’

How state boundaries would look based on equal population

Looks like they changed security companies…

Harrison Ford In 'Star Wars: Episode VII'? Han Solo Reportedly Back For New Film

The Nike Orcar Pistorius ad - I am the bullet in the chamber

The problem is obvious to those who are paying attention nt

House committee to hold hearing on asteroid threat

Swedish shops to churn horsemeat into bio gas

A thank-you to Raw Story readers for helping propel an 89 percent audience increase in 2012

Gay teen wins right to attend prom with boyfriend

Let's get a move on, Eleanor Rigby

Man Quits Job Over "Mark of the Beast" On His Tax Form

Report: Most H-1B visas for outsourcers, Microsoft gets 11th most

Reeva Steenkamp's corpse was in the morgue, her body was on the Sun's front page

However dangerous & insidious you think the Koch Bros influence is, it's MUCH worse...

X-Post from the Science Group: That's not how it works!

Rihanna - Diamonds (Live on SNL)

15-Year-Old Girl Raped, Police Dismiss Case Due to "Low IQs"

A list of the greatest Band Names never ever to be mentioned on Christian Radio

Friday exercise...can you find the cat in this picture? Enjoy...

California Scientists Propose System to Vaporize Asteroids That Threaten Earth February 14, 2013

So much for that

Young Marine Must Continue To Pay Child Support for a Child That Is Not His

Wal-Mart Off the Hook on Tackled Worker's Death

What happened to the 'Hoarding' dog that inspired tears, outrage?

Amazon used “neo-Nazi” guards to control foreign workers

Our state's "Democrats" are being awfully wobbly on Social Security cuts

Wall Street Bankers Surprised That Senator Elected to Hate Them Hates Them

Game of Drones

False Spontaneity of the Tea Party: Al Gore

Thanks for the heart anonymous DUer. nt

DOH! Bus carrying passengers from nightmare cruise breaks down...

"Ted Cruz is the Michelle Bachmann of the Senate"

New Calif. Bill Will Save You Money if it Passes

The NRA goes full racial anti-Mexican propaganda to sell guns.

The President proposes a plan to “Fix It First”

Two 60s rock tunes you’ve probably never heard

Marco and the Meteorite

Sequestration would cut healthcare access for users of the military's Tricare plan

Teenybopper Tunes: Horny Hits?

Rinjani Scops Owl Identified In Indonesia As New Species

Carnival Cruise exploits workers, pays nearly zero in taxes

"C'mon, It'll be fun!"

AMAZON Germany security guards with neo-Nazi links intimidate foreign workers

Heads Up - Obama about to speak in Chicago

David Fladeboe says act 10 is working.

Wal-Mart shares tumble on leaked memo citing sales weakness

CARNIVAL Cruise included a prohibition against class action suits in the small print

House of Cards: Season Two

Videos of Russian Meteor Hit.

Bernie Sanders: Chained CPI: An economic and moral disaster

Catholic "criminals"

Two Minutes of Nothing But Goats Yelling Like Humans

One for every situation…

More on the effort to recall Lindsey Holmes

I haven't done a contest in a long time. Maybe I will.

Puttin' On The Ritz!

Give Texas state parks their money to stay open

Matching Set

Kerry Responsible for Meteor, Allegedly

Epic Gold Dome Gun Debate Underway (Colorado)

Galileo Galilei's Birthday Today

Can I keep him, Ma?

Latest "screw you" from authorities regarding former fugitive Dorner...

Have you thought about the importance of life insurance?

Five'll get you ten that the owner votes Republican

comic artists remorse, "what terrifies me now is that at the moment it felt so natural"

Texas Supreme Court says Houston cannot nullify state permits


"Penn State" spent 27 million on Sandusky case

Cool (new) tire technology


The majority of the House Democratic Caucus signs a letter opposing any entitlement cuts

Tenaris announces $1.5B Eagle Ford pipe plant

Russian politician: It was no meteor, it was U.S. weapons

*President speaking, in Hyde Park, NOW!

New Term for Republican Senate Obstruction

If the shoe were on the other foot...

Ben Shapiro (Breitbart) to speak at California Republican Party convention

Can anyone point me to a home phone, cell phone, internet bundle?

Exxon-Mobil pressures Comcast to yank issue ad

Which Republican Party are we dealing with?

Recalling Waco, Ex-Seattle Police Chief Questions Using Incendiary Tear Gas in Dorner Case

Some Friday entertainment: A cheap, mean-minded little song...

Inslee sends US Attorney Holder letter detailing state's efforts on legal marijuana market

Eugene Robinson: Obama, winning the argument

California Lawmaker Pushing Gun Control Got Death Threat

Hello my DU friends! Our wonderful Friday Afternoon Challenge today: The Venerable Genre of the ‘Nud

FBI: Man-slapped-crying-2-year-old-on-delta

"A Republican who told the truth about the Iraq War when it mattered..."

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Wisconsin Republicans: Forcing Women To Undergo Transvaginal Ultrasounds Is Our ‘Priority’

Harrison Ford to return as Han Solo in Star Wars, Episode 7?

Happy Friday, I've been fired!

Prosecutor leads effort to test long-abandoned rape kits, brings justice to victims

Martin Luther's anti-semitism: against his better judgment

Thanks for my hearts!

Time to sit back again and enjoy this beautiful video...the Birds of Paradise...

Federal charges filed against Jesse Jackson Jr., wife

What should Barack Obama and John Kerry's foreign policy goals be in the next 4 years??

Reich: Raising the minimum wage from $7.25 to $9 should be a no-brainer.

9 Spectacular Videos Of The Russian Meteorite Blast

Inhofe has kind words for Hamas--in 2006

Tim Tebow to speak at controversial Dallas church known for hate-mongering pastor

CHART OF THE DAY: Barack Obama's Monster Online Advertising Campaign

S.E.C. Acts on Suspicious Heinz Trading

Hedgecock is "very afraid" of "drone strike within the US," of Obama "dictatorship"

LOL. Watching Julia Child reruns. "Eggs should be hot out of the hen, then cooled or cooked."

Drunk man tried to have sex with ambulance

School Bus Union Weighs Calling Off Monthlong Strike

Russia Calls for International Anti-Asteroid System after Meteor

3 weeks update with a lonely dog...pic

Underwater ballet

New Mexico Senate Cancels LGBT Recognition Day

Louvre museum returns Nazi-looted artwork (BBC)

I am so fucking pissed right now.

Thank you!

The bug-hunters discovering new species in their spare time (BBC/PRI)

Facebook says it was hacked

Bus Transporting Carnival Cruise Passengers Crashes Into Sewage Treatment Plant

Natural gas isn’t the only reason U.S. carbon emissions are falling - Plumer, WaPo

Getting ready to unhook from TV due to this article...anybody else similarly inspired?

Christianity and the Holocaust of Hungarian Jewry

U.S. Soccer Player Robbie Rogers Comes Out

Gangnam Style - PSY (Jayesslee Cover)

Study published in New Zealand with MFM in mind

Liberal Support For Chris Christie Frustrates Democrats

Have ya ever felt like this?

JOBS: Need a job? Know of job openings or do you have any to offer?

Republican facebook comment of the day


I wish thy put pictures on this menu

Michael Vick Not Sure He's Got Another 4-12 Season In Him

Wayne Pepe LePew chastizes ... calls for more guns

Cranky old man slaps crying child on plane, calls him the 'n' word.

'Silent victim' of Clackamas mall shooting is near death

You know what I really miss here on DU?...

Black Nurse Sues Hospital for Not Letting Her Take Care of White Baby

Professor "Bans Students From Using Fox News As A Source: It ‘Makes Me Cringe’"

“Greedy Lying Bastards” Eco-Docu Set For March 8 Release

A Scary Reality About Wal-Mart's Customers Might Be Coming To A Head

McCain is on Meet the McCains er... Press Sunday!!!!!! can you believe it? wow!

Senator Warren does not "hate" Wall Street Bankers.

Waffle House in Atlanta adds 20% 'property management surcharge'

Kick and Recommend If You Are Loving Senator "Professor" Warren As Much As I Am!!!!

The Freeper Couch Militia is fantasizing about civil war again

Anybody heard of the documentary "Greedy Lying Bastards"? Looks interesting.

Lockheed Martin bets big on...nuclear fusion?

IC Bus workers join UAW

Petition against intelligent design being taught in Missouri schools

And lest we forget

Redlands man watches childhood mountain home go up in smoke. (Dorner Cabin).

Am I the only one here who watches the number of Posts in a not so positive manner?

Look what lives in New Jersey

Board finds Houston engineering firm unlawfully fired employee for discussing salaries with coworker

Accused Idaho racist baby slapper has Republican ties.

Finally got around to seeing, 'Land of the Dead;'

"Republicans Don’t Want You to Know That Obamacare Is Working"

A Calming.

Carnival-did anyone wonder why they didn't let passengers

Federal gov't clears way for first burial of same-sex spouse of veteran in a national cemetery