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Archives: February 14, 2013

EU, U.S. to start free trade talks

How long will it take before we start seeing the savings

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Rejects Medicaid Expansion

(Dorner) SB Sheriff dept press conference on CNN now...nt

My son contributed to the housing increase today.

The Professional Firefighters Of New Hampshire Praise Legislators For Voting Down ‘Right To Work’

Every single problem we have with voting has been created intentionally

Leahy to introduce legislation giving gay couples immigration rights

Gov. Kitzhaber at Obama SOtU

Iraq war plan based on 'primitive' grasp of Islam, admits Labour frontbencher

C'mon. 'Fess up. I know it was one of you.

Harsh conditions get stranded cruise passengers additional $500

Police pyro technique type canister used in cabin Dorner was in. Also called a 'burner'.

66-Year-Old 'Washington Post' Reporter Hopes He Liveblogged State Of The Union Right

Marco Rubio has learned nothing - Paul Krugman

I went on LAPD website..

President Obama Shows No CISPA-like Invasion of Privacy Needed to Defend Critical Infrastructure

Marco Rubio, Who Bragged About Living In "Working Class" West Miami, Is Selling His $675,000 House

If Spitzer(D-NY) had not resigned from the Governorship in 2008.

How Ending Violence Against Women and Girls Became My Passion

This commerciaL is pretty funny

I did it! I did it! I did it!

A Cosmic Rose for Your Spacey Valentine

Jeopardy! - The Exciting (And Amusing) Teen Tournament Conclusion

Some cardinals apparently started maneuvering for the succession as long as two years ago.

"A drop of ink on the luminous sky"

Kentucky Pastor wants his venomous snakes returned from Tennessee

U.S. senators introduce high-skill immigration bill in nod to Silicon Valley

Supreme Court justice: Security plan made with police in case colleague had 'tantrum'

Chavez undergoing "delicate" cancer treatment: Venezuela's vice president

Barry Bonds seeks to have conviction dismissed

Arizona House panel bars destruction of firearms turned in by public

Twitter’s New Anti-hero: ‘Florida Man’

WA residents alert: 24 hours to tell WA to label GMOs

Beck Reimagines David Bowie's "Sound and Vision"

BREAKING: AP Sources: American Airlines and US Airways agree to merge and create world's biggest air

In US, big strides in reducing domestic violence

Thanks for the Valentine heart, secret admirer!

Stop blaming video games for America's gun violence

Rep. Nadler blasts proposal to allow taxpayer funding FEMA $$ of churches

Tony Auth Toon- The Republican Response

Markey blasts Stop & Shop over hiring replacement workers

Big Loophole in Dorner Reward Money

Bill Moyers: America's Outrageous Imperial Drone Warfare

One of the best quotes from the State of the Union address....

Do you keep a Pet Alert Card in your wallet/purse?

Question--Who are the 5 (R) Senators that put Hagel through the filibuster?

The Ignorance Caucus - Paul Krugman

Was Ed Shultz involved in the MSNBC coverage of the SOTU last night?

Iceland attempting to ban Internet porn

Sheriff: Cabin not purposely burned in firefight

So Hagel got filibustered? Can he be put in again as the nominee?

Anyone else feel this way?

Pope suffered minor blow to the head in bedroom injury last year

Wayne LaPierre going full out to sell more guns...

World's First Printed House May Look Like a Giant Fossil

Fort McMurray school board contemplates four-day school week to deal with budget shortfall

"Vanity Fair" is even worse than I remember.

Ratzinger and the Vatican knew and did nothing!

Lindsey Graham digs in on stalling Obama nominees: ‘I’m gonna hit you and keep hittin’ you’

Israel's democracy myth

Clams Casino - I'm God

The State Of The Union Address Pushes For Higher Minimum Wage And More

News media exists for one reason. Never forget that.

"We feel blessed that he's dead"

OBSESSED: Jack Lew Faces Benghazi Grilling At Treasury Secretary Confirmation Hearing

dream, dream, dream

Slightly darkened streets of Tokyo

Joe Arpaio hired a convicted child-sex criminal for armed school “posse”

On Ed Schultz, showed clips from Rubio's watered down version of old Romney rant.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 14 February 2013

US attorney: 'Dirty cops' protected drug dealers

Kick a thread that's months old.

TIME Pulls Marco Rubio Cover After SOTU Response

Ryuichi Sakamoto - Neo Geo

God on trial

Want to give out hearts but have no $$$?   Free DU2 candy hearts inside...

Kick my thread that's almost a week old.

What's the latest book you've bought or read? Hard copy or e-book?

democracy = people+power

My twelve year old son just asked a very insightful question

Gina McKee - why have you people been keeping her from me?

Pink Martini plays "Brazil"... band leader Thomas Lauderdale, sat next to Ted Nugent at SOTU

Cat and hedgehog

For those with nothing better to do...

Marc Garneau accuses Justin Trudeau of empty rhetoric

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!Church Night.O Holy Nightmare

World's biggest: American, US Airways vote to merge

Ya know, I was not gonna post this, but it ticked me off so much I can't help it.

Mississippi House Passes Bill Affirming Right to "Eat 20 Big Macs," Guzzle "1,000 Sodas"

Great Backyard Bird Count: Feb. 15-18, 2013

why ted nugent was invited to the state of the union

Thomson Reuters to cut 2,500 jobs

Steve Roach - Earthman

Ted Nugent State of the Union: ‘More support than the president’

Philosophers Looting A Small Town.

Well, my nephew went and did it.

Nugent wimps out again!!

California GOP debt could be as high as $800,000

French driver trapped for an hour in speeding 125mph car with no brakes-survives intact!

HA! Rubio's house is for sale!

If they weren't killing our kids in the crossfire, I'd almost feel sorry for the NRA nuts.

Should this thread have been locked?

Jury votes 5-1 to keep comment calling Monica Quan's murder "justice."

26 Ways President Obama Has Completely Ruined The Country (from BuzzFeed)

I don't know about you, but I better see some vot'n going on in my capital soon!

Science proves being a Republican or Democrat changes how the brain functions.


Herman Wouk's "Winds of War" has ARRIVED on Netflix!

Obama’s Attack on Medicare Fraud Reaps Record Results for Second Year in a Row

Calling all Texas Bashers ~~ What Happened To This Gay Couple In Texas Will Surprise You

I tried... But a special thank you to Juror #3

A map showing pollution caused by ships

NY Times, MSNBC Whitewash BDS

We are being looted by the cellphone companies .... robbed ...

New York mayor seeks to ban Styrofoam

"Climate Change Belief On The Rise In America, New Poll Reveals"

We still need to speak up on ‘mainstream’ antisemitism

San Jose City Council backs SF in Prop. 8 court case; mayor objects

I knew it, Tebow has reverted to type.

Howard Dean just said that President Obama's SoTU speech was 'Clintonesque.'

I think it's time for open skies domestically

The River of Myths = population, family size, and child mortality rates

Heart's for someone everybody loves and respects, California Peggy.

"Last Night On Live TV, A Politician Called For An Economic Disaster — And Hardly Anyone Noticed"

Seven wonderful people gave me a heart. Bless you all!

I know that Mardi Gras is over but I just got to share this!

Traveling home with ashes on my head is always interesting.

I propose a virtual death penalty

Ben Carson detests poltics...but he could be drafted

Red Brain, Blue Brain: Republicans and Democrats Process Risk Differently, Research Finds

Keystone XL protesters arrested outside White House

Lawmakers take aim at limits on alimony payments

Upstairs, Downstairs - when does it get interesting?

Virginia cuts part-time state workers hours in response to Obamacare

Anyone else disturbed about the changes going on at YouTube? Click it and see what you get...

Hello SS? Tom Joad is cataloging assassination tweets on his FB page. 20 so far, and growing...

So, how should cops have taken Dorner alive?

one billion rising media checklist

one billion rising in the media

Want a heart? Who has been America's greatest president?

Being happy with what you have and where you are is okay, too.

Presidents of the USA Morphed in Sequence - AMAZING!

Boy, Lawrence has been having a field day with the NRA's enemies list.

WOW! Lawrence O'Donnell just crushed the NRA regarding their enemies list!

Simon(D-IL) not seeking re-election as Lt Governor in 2014.

Women in Abusive Religions:Why Do People “Drink The Koolaid”

Rosario Dawson on MSNBC right now - One Billion Rising

Not hide worthy?

Eat Ben & Jerry's ice cream!

Doggy shadow play

War on Whistleblowers

Kate is suffering, sad

Dammit. Got stuck sitting next to some liberal"Occupy" scum at "NObama"s State of the Union speech.

"A Letter from Kim Jong-un" Posted by Andy Borowitz

Has anyone seen a poll measuring Republican's rating of Rubio's speech?

'Prisoner X': Censorship and gag orders in the age of new media

Waiting in lines....

TCM Schedule for Thursday, February 14, 2013 -- 31 Days of Oscar -- Selznick International Pictures

Google privacy slip-up sends app buyers' personal details to developers

Imagine if...

today in women's herstory

Interview of Ted Nugent by Luke Russert - video link

Thank God for the FIRST Amendment! We are able to hear the insanity of the NRA

Marco Rubio is the gene of Michael Scott and Oscar Martinez.

a biography of the day-Anna Sartorius Uhl Ottendorfer (journalist and philanthropist)

Of course, the cops wanted Dorner dead

Stewart Tears Into State Of The Union, Slams Obama: ‘Who’s Running This Sh*thole, Right, People?’

Rubio Slams Obama's Teleprompter While In Front Of Telemprompters At CPAC.. Circa 2010

Minimum wage should be $21.72 per hour.

Rewarding the lawbreakers: New settlement homes on confiscated lands

"Unlike for physical attacks, there is no punishment for online misogyny, no matter how brutal,"

Happy Valentine's one and all at DU!

Weird Romance Roulette on Google.

Ok, since the NRA has an official enemies list...

Min wage in MN is lower

Stewart Blasts Thirsty Marco Rubio For Attacking ‘Fictional’ Obama In State Of The Union Response

Either, or…

The Cutest Animal In The World?

What "due process" does not mean:

The Rise and Fall of Progressive Talk Radio

Why do some people have to be hostile when they repond to people?

Israel In Uproar Over Gag On ‘Prisoner X’

YouTube Set to Introduce Paid Subscriptions This Spring

the google doodle for valentine's day is wonderful--george ferris 154th birthday--and a cool,

Six bloody years ago today, a warmonger pretzeldent said: ' MONEY TRUMPS PEACE.'

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Bill proposes ignition devices for all DWIs

There is a horrible human being on my TV talking to Charlie Rose. Dick Cheney.

So which justices were missing? Scalia, Alito and Clarence?

Rights Group: Israel Violated Laws of War in Gaza

DC Comics is allowing anti-gay author to distort Superman!

Jewish Democrats Blast Marco Rubio For Not Mentioning Israel

Damned Libertarians

Satellite reveals major loss of Arctic sea ice (pictures)

Rep. Engel: Obama didn't snub me!

Thank You for the star!

Pope's resignation a new angle to a tough news beat


Oh. My. God

What does MI-6 do to people who try attacking their satellite teams?

Sooty ships may be geoengineering by accident

What is the most vicious obscenity ever perpetrated on mankind?

Iranian General Is Killed in Syria

State of the Union: Fireside Hangout with President Obama

Rachel Maddow Exposes Phony Response To SOTU Address.

It is awful that people have to wait hours in line to vote

Now this is cool!

Jon Stewart: Water For Elephants

ash wednesday

Postmaster takes case for five-day mail delivery to skeptical senators

His name was Jeremiah Mackay

Frontline: Cliffhanger

Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young Fans

Games that my Toshiba Satellite P745 could handle?

LOL, Limbaugh Drinks 10 Gallons Of Black Cop Kool Aid

Pelosi: Boehner Was ‘Projecting’ When He Called Obama Weak

North Korea has more to lose than gain through nuclear test


Paralympics star Oscar Pistorius Held 'For Shooting Girlfriend'

this guy right here

Reports: Oscar Pistorius shoots dead his girlfriend

No Joke: Ted Nugent is going on concert tour with REO Speedwagon and Styx

With Guns, Killer and Victim Are Usually Same

"Gangnam Style" Prophesies -- here's a guy on YouTube having a lot of fun

Florida now requires an international drivers license for tourists.

A Valentine for my friends at Democratic Underground


AlterNet: Privatizing Roads, Bridges, Schools and Energy Grids? Corporatism Pervades SOTU


KRUGMAN: We Are On The Brink Of A Technology Revolution That Will Transform Our Economy

Unfinished work on the Group Hosts' wait list info?

Can anyone explain German toilets to me?

Marco Rubio - I should have had a V8; Obama - passion, principle & purpose

Comment thread for the February photo contest.


For the first time in American history ReTHUGs are filibustering

How Single Cats Are Spending Valentine's Day(video clip):

US Senate Seniority list- When Markey(D-MA) becomes US Senator to Jan 2015.

Bigfoot genome paper “conclusively proves” that Sasquatch is real

LHC switches off for two-year break

February 14, 1778

February 14, 1859

February 14, 1903 The United States Department of Commerce and Labor is established

February14, 1912 – Arizona is admitted as the 48th U.S. state

ack. it's early. I meant to post this to an existing thread.

February 14, 1949 The Asbestos Strike Begins

Stephen Fry describes Ted Nugent

Music to my dog's ears

February 14, 2008 Northern Illinois University shooting

Fox minimum wages hurt small business. Must have loved pre-civ. war cotton and tobacco growing

February 14th is National Creme-Filled Chocolates Day

10 Brutally Honest Valentines From Kids

Bute: Traces Of Horse Drug In Carcasses In UK

I am no longer heartless. Thanks to my secret admirer.

Disorder in the Wisconsin Supreme Court - Justice Ann Walsh Bradley Grants Recusal

200 Years Ago: February 14, 1813

cheap iPhone spectrometer

Simple spectrometer (cross-posted from Science)

Simple spectrometer (cross-posted from Science)

Hamas's "Hitler Youth" style movement prepares for jihad

Why It's Harder to Love Someone in This Era of Extreme Capitalism

Marvin Gaye - Come Live With Me Angel

Inside the Military Rape Cult

Why the Violence Against Women Act Is Crucial for Native American Women

Norman Connors - Valentine Love

Three charged in rhino horn smuggling ring

Obama repeals Magna Carta, asserting powers our forefathers denied to Kings

Sade - No Ordinary Love

I have 2 hearts left to give.

Happy Valentines Day

Bob Marley - Is This Love

State of the Union 101: Nine Obama proposals that might create jobs

A new owl species from Indonesia is formally described

Senate Intelligence Committee Oversight of CIA: It Would Be a Good Idea

Barry White - I'm gonna love you just a little bit more baby

A heart(ful) thanks

Daryl Hannah leads celebrity Keystone XL protest at White House gates

The GOP takes Harry Reid to the cleaners..... GOP says "Thanks Sucker!"

Police will oppose bail for Oscar Pistorious:

I have met some new friends on Twitter...

Carbon fat cats are killing the emissions trading mouse

Flu vaccines

Isley Brothers - You're the key to my heart/You're beside me

In Loving Memory Gabe 2012 Hero Dog

Hi, I'm Rocky

OMFG -I don't know who Golda Meir is, but they could learn a thing or two from HH Dali Lama.

The Great Catholic Cover-Up

Colorado survey shows expanding Medicaid saves money

Dennis is still the same old Dennis.

Isaac Hayes - The Look of Love

About damn time:...Mortgage processor pleads guilty to racketeering

Save Dutch the Service Dog

Drug prices jump again while other health costs decline

Tom Toles on the GOP Response to the SOTU Address

WTF!!!! I though I've seen and heard everything

Ohio Players- Heaven must be like this

Wisconsin GOP Poised To Legalize Sexual, Emotional Abuse

It's TAX SEASON! Just where do those tax dollars go?

Lil Wayne Offends: "Karate Chop" Remix Pulled Over Emmett Till Reference

National Foreclosures Fall And We Can Thank California For That

Compulsively lying, arrested adolescent Muppet whose sheltered mind is still blown by Atlas Shrugged

Euro zone economy falls deeper than expected into recession

Average White Band - A Love Of Your Own

Republicans Are Telling A Big, Dangerous Lie About The Economy Robert Reich

Crossposting an OMFG thread I started in GD - when should jurors decline to participate in a vote

So now that nothing will get done because good ole harry and other democrats didn't reform the

Poll: New Jersey Voters Not Behind A Geraldo Senate Bid

Obama Appoints a Controversial GOP Lawyer to His Voting Commission

Obama Administration Hits Back At Latest NRA Video

DU... Refresh my Memory (Spitzer)

"Holy smokes!" President Obama Releases Full Pre-K Plan

My Valentine's Day Songs in Japanese

Unpaid Internships Are a Rich-Girl Problem—and Also a Real Problem

Woman who received free tuition sues University for $1.3 million for a C+ in one class

Desalination Seen Booming at 15% a Year as World Water Dries Up

1,500-year-old landfill discovered in US Virgin Islands

South Americans Face Upheaval in Deadly Water Battles


Oscar Pistorius to be charged with murder

When Republicans play with fire

A Happy Valentine's Day to Valentina Tereshkova

Oh, man. This makes me want to just yoke these twerps right up through the screen!

Stevie Wonder - "As" with lyrics

hope you smile :D family tree of Vincent Van Gogh

Wikileaks Is A Rare Truth Teller. Smearing Julian Assange Is Shameful - Pilger

Data logs show NYT writer's peculiar test drive with Tesla Model S

Are liberals being hypocrites about Obama’s wars?

You Know, All This 'Wolf at the Door' and 'Hollow Force' talk is about

ohhhh..check out the Google logo.

Rickie Lee Jones -- My Funny Valentine

Stop calling us wives and moms

No court for drone oversight, says GOP

House GOP blames DOD on sequester

Krugman: More Marcoeconomics (No, that’s not a misspelling of “macroeconomics”.)

Things to take on your next cruise (PSA):

The lyrics and music of this song soothe my tired

'You Are Gay,' 'Fax Me,' 'Let's Read,' and 17 More Amazing Retired Sweetheart Candy Sayings

Thom Hartmann: Is Chained CPI on The Horizon?

Bill Moyers/Michael Winship: America's Outrageous Imperial Drone Warfare

my email to Morning Joe today re his latest tirade against Paul Krugman!

Buffett's Berkshire and 3G to buy Heinz

The Art of Infinite War

1930's Marital Rating Chart- Wife's Edition

what is for dinner today Feb 14th

the stronger the outrage after bloodshed, the greater the gun surge

Fox Dubiously Claims Minimum Wage Increase Harms Small Businesses

Jobless claims show sharp improvement, near five-year low

Report: Choice schools lack specialty teachers{wisconsin}

Official: US troop pullout from Afghanistan risks monitoring of billions in civilian projects

Krugman: the notion that traditional families and religion are essential to social order is a theory

Tea Hee: Thirsty Rubio

Justice Details ‘History Of Abusive Behavior’ At Wisconsin Supreme Court

Alicia Keys - You Don't Know My Name

JFK memorabilia draws hundreds to Mass. town

What is a Filibuster?

Toon: Holed Up

Hillarious response to the State of the Union in Spanish - Turn Cc on before listening to it.

On the big merger - when a mediocre airline (AA) merges with a pretty awful airline (USAir)....

NRA Caught Handing Out Newsletter Calling For Treason And Violent Revolution

Social Security head: Program fraying from neglect

Toon: Why Rubio was sweating so much

Vatican says pope hit head during Mexico trip

Dems to use minimum wage against GOP in 2014

Well, Joey Scar went back around the bend this morning:

CAP: roundup of progressive poll results on immigration, reproductive rights, marriage equality and

My old mac (the all white flat kind) will not turn on

Repeated gaffes ultimately halted ex-cop's rampage

The FUBAR: delicious confection, or...?

General: Afghan forces making progress

Rubio SOTU Rebuttal Reveals Boehner Not Only GOP Leader with Drinking Problem

13,000 Dresden anti-fascist protesters block neo-Nazi march in sub-zero weather

Cops seize large capacity ammunition magazines in Arlington

So the results are in about the water sipping Rubio in English....

Olympic sprinter (Blade Runner) charged with girlfriends murder claims self defense.

French environmental scheme targets farting cows

New Jersey Assembly Panel Backs Tougher Gun Laws

Wayne LaPierre: More Guns Needed For 'Hellish World' Filled With Hurricanes, Kidnappers, Drug Gangs

My Un-Valentines Day Musical Salute courtesy of The Smiths

Nuclear Revival Dying in Europe as Power Prices Slump

It doesn't get any lamer than the Astros new logo

Meet The Shady Secret Money Group Helping The NRA Buy Up Judges And Attorneys General


Happy Valentines Day--The President & First Lady Edition

The Real Obama

More from the state hospital

Arab Spring: the lack of political leaders emerging from rule by dictator

Venezuelans race to spend before devaluation

Afghan air force desperate for aircraft: commander

The Worst Online Dating Site In The History Of The World

Did anybody else see PBS/Frontline's GOP hit piece "Cliffhanger?"

Dems skirmish over Reid’s sequester plan

Iceland considers pornography ban

For Valentine's Day post a video with some heart.

Ted Cruz slanders war hero, embarrasses TX and violates Armed Services Committee tradition

Survivor Caramoan - Episode 1 Discussion Thread - NO SPOILERS PLEASE

Vermont DPS says Entergy is not to be trusted

Are honeybees losing their way?

129 Chicago Public School at risk of closing; West Side parents vow to fight

US ambassador to Canada: Obama's climate challenge will impact Canada

Reel Romance: Post a Pic of a Flick Kiss.

Help Save Dutch the Service Dog.

The "Water-Boarding" of Marco Rubio

Keiser Report: Horsemeat Burger vs Dutch Sandwich

Are you the subject of someone's horror story?

Minimum Wage Battle May Wound Republicans

More Trouble for Rupert Murdoch

Joe Scarborough compares Krugman to NRA's LaPierre

today in women's herstory

Be Sure to Get BCTGM for your VD

Whoa! Nike better pull this Oscar Pistorious ad yesterday!

Uber Cool F-18 Cockpit Video.

What a wonderful world

Pat Robertson: Islam not religion but 'demonic political system'

Victoria’s Secret Teen Lingerie Lures Ever-Younger Girls

Something fun and enlightening for Lent:

Doughnuts, coffee and Ashes to Go?

a biography of the day-anna howard shaw (suffragist, physician, minister)

Help me unfreep this poll on Rubio and his water bottle

EPA Allowed Chemical Industry to Control Panel Assessing Cancer Danger in Drinking Water

House passes bill to give disaster relief to religious groups

Reid To GOP: ‘Serious Consequences’ To Delaying Hagel Nomination

Lady Gaga to Undergo Hip Surgery, Forced to Cancel Rest of Tour

Obama’s 2024 Strategy - by Michael Tomasky

Guy with fake legs from Olympics kills girlfriend

Christopher Dorner hostages: 'He said he wouldn't kill us'

a biography of the day-margaret e. knight

Senate Democrats Said to Offer Plan to Delay Spending Cut

Google comedy with Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn

For Valentine's Day-LBJ and Lady Bird courtship love letters released

It is the 2016 presidential debate

Housing Industry Pins Hopes on Obama to Soften Down-Payment Rule

13.04% of taxes from corps, the rest from workers

"Ex-cops like Dorner may own banned guns". No shit?!

My petition to the North Carolina General Assembly for a full

GOP Warns Obama's Minimum Wage Plan a Bad Idea

Now you can rent girlfriends/boyfriends on FB to improve your image

Raising the Minimum Wage is good, but a Basic Income would be better.

I should know this but I don't. How to ask mod to lock OP?

Israeli soccer player on U.K. team barred from entering Dubai

“What if there’s a terrorist out there’s that’s famous and nobody knows about and they get off easy?

Jimmy Hoffa was born on this date

Am I crazy for considering a new dog?

God particle hunt halts as CERN closes for 'long break' (2 years)

Suggestion for a social experiment

Liberal Label Gives Way To Progress(ive)

Florida now requires Canadian drivers carry an international driving permit

Anybody heard of this 6-page climate study that everyone is talking about

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Rubio JUST finished paying his $100,000 in college funds a few years ago? Bullshit!

some quotes of the day-anna howard shaw

Was "the price is right" the right career choice for Drew Cary?

U.N. Atom Talks With Iran Fail, No New Meeting Set

I'm staying off Facebook today. Valentine's Day is bad enough when you are alone

today we observe v-day (The 'V' in V-Day stands for Victory, Valentine and Vagina.)

Ronald Dworkin, legal scholar and great liberal thinker, has died

Is there a problem with smilies? - Update: Nevermind :)

today we observe v-day (The 'V' in V-Day stands for Victory, Valentine and Vagina.)

TYVM to whoever gave me FOUR HEARTS overnight!!

Happy Hallmark Day DU.

NYT's Gail Collins: The State of the 4-Year-Olds

How do PWT feel about their Rethug reps blocking a (barely) living minimum wage hike?

Rubio has an excuse for the water break: "God made me thirsty."

New Nuclear Power In The UK Looking Increasingly Unlikely

Yes, it's Fox, but I'm posting it: Republicans vow to go to war with filibuster over Hagel

Bobby Jindal wants the GOP to stop being the stupid party?

I got Rush tickets for V-Day!

Apparently rich people say they want to leave the USA because of taxes

CWA: US Airways-American Merger Offers Opportunity for Workers at Both Airlines

For the big V day today, my card to my friends here:

Obama Stands By Hagel For Defense Secretary, White House Says

Now there's a teacher

Rubio Is Religious Right Teabagging Theocratic Candidate The GOP Has Always Wanted.

If Chuck Hagel gets pushed too far he may very possibly say.."That's it, I'm outta here." That

National Priorities Project

Highlights from former VP Al Gore appearance in St. Louis broadcast at 11am Central Time

Hagel Not Withdrawing, Despite Renewed GOP Opposition

Thom Hartmann: Daryl Hannah Needs Your Help w/ The Keystone Pipeline

A total of 120 violent deaths in Caracas in carnival

Happy Valentines Day Everybody! All of you are true treasures to me :)

On Washington Redskins’ name, it’s time the grown-ups talk sense into Daniel Snyder

Love is a Many-Flavored Thing (A Blunt and Cranky Valentine)

State lawmakers introduce patient safety legislation

Thirty seven Senators urge Obama to act on gay workplace rights

Foreclosure Activity Drops Sharply Thanks to New California Law

North Dakota workers seek unemployment compensation during lockouts

Georgia to feds: Send fewer foreign refugees here

How Congress Could Fix Its Budget Woes, Permanently

Obama trade proposal threatens more Minnesota jobs (pledged in his State of the Union speech Tuesday

FreedomWorks Made Video of Fake Giant Panda Having Sex With Fake Hillary Clinton

What is "working class"?

bwahahaha. Freepwad: Google promotes inter-species relationships on Home page

Japanese Fan Dancers from Andrea by Sadek - nothing else like them on the web...

Pic Of The Moment: Ultra Strength Benghazi

A Valentine for SalmonChantedEvening

Anita Dunn: 'Alternative Fox Universe' Is 'Crumbling' (VIDEO)

SEIU Local 26 janitors, security officers vote to authorize strike

Do we need a *READING COMPREHENSION* test for Jury duty?

Politician moves to make vulgar Photoshopping illegal

Secret funding helped build vast network of climate denial think tanks

So I take it "Anonymous" wasn't able to take down the SOTU on the internet

If I could make a poll on DU in Meta, I would ask, why does everyone come here to DU?

No dignitaries greet the President as he lands at Dobbins Air Force

anyone read "Wool" by Hugh Howey?

Valentine's wishes to one and all....and a thank you.

I Dare You

Pelosi uses her grandmother voice to call Boehner a giant wimp

Help with internet connection via 3g or 4 g

George Zimmerman has gained 105 pounds since killing Trayvon Martin

Water fouled with fracking chemicals spews near Windsor

Secret funding helped build vast network of climate denial thinktanks

Wisconsin expanding Medicaid could cover more than 274,000 lacking insurance

I stand firmly behind Hagel for Defense Secretary

Thom Hartmann: Marco Rubio & The Republican Ibogaine/Psychedelic Problem

Rubio Says Water Bottle Moment Was Message From God

About Lew and his $56,000 Cayman Island investment -

Oscar Pistorius, the double amputee that made history by racing in the Olympics, accused of shooting

Top 10 Guiltiest Dogs

A Short History of Valentine's Day Cards by Richard Thompson

One proposed map of the US with 50 equal-population States

Steely Dan "Haitian Divorce".

Cartel kingpin Chicago's new Public Enemy No. 1

Anyone have any reasonably priced Manhattan hotel recommendations?

Senate Dems Warn: Still Not 60 Votes For Hagel Confirmation

State's delegation on VAWA

Ellen and Sofia Vergara at it again.

HAHA! Is that a water bottle in Rubio's kitchen? (Slide show of his home)

Mr. Big talking climate change on NOW With Alex Wagner.

I Like It, The Blackout Allstars

CARNIVAL TRIUMPH being dragged into Port...

Former Florida GOP chief pleads guilty, spares Marco Rubio & Charlie Crist

I can't believe that I'm about to say something positive about willard romney.

Happy Valentine's from George Takei

The Rude Pundit - The NRA's Wayne LaPierre: Join Our Resistance and Get a Free Tote Bag

Report: Pro-Hagel ‘Friends of Hamas’ Group Doesn’t Seem To Actually Exist

Holy crap I just won 4 tickets to see the Alan Parson's Project on Saturday!

National Guard detains 6 students protesting at Cuban embassy (Spanish)

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. delivers rousing speech before being arrested outside the White House

Koch-funded charity passes money to free-market think tanks in states

Conan O'Brien makes fun of Rubio SOTU response


Thank you, thank you, thank you!

So I have to post

Susan Powell Case: Josh Powell's brother commits suicide in Minnesota, report says

"Eastwood and the Pope, Make My Day"

The perfect photo for Valentine's Day...

One of Our Own: The Death of a U.S. Embassy Guard

WTF Is Going On With Chuck Hagel?

Bread baking day

Pirate Bay to sue antipiracy site for pirating its design

Political hot potato: GOP trades blame with Obama for looming sequester

The Grumpy Cat Valentine

Water Use in Fracking Draws Legislature’s Attention

President Obama’s post-SOTU OFA call...

Gun nuts' fantasies vs. real world tragedies

After 3-1/2 Years of Unemployment, Husband Just Got Hired! Happy V-Day, Indeed!

Toon: Because Ted Nugent's in the audience (LMAO)

Chuck Hagel Blocked: Harry Reid Says He Doesn’t Have The Votes

Gun nuts misunderstand meaning of Constitution

The NRA's embrace of White $upremicism, End Time$ and $urvialism

Dorner case: Who, if anyone, will get $1-million reward is unclear

Ok, stupid me just received a ring up showing me how neuronally challenged I can be.

Has anyone used white, whole wheat flour? What are your thoughts?

(Awesome)The winds of change are blowing wild and free...

Today in Peace and Justice history on February 14, 1971

Revive The Threat Of Filibuster Reform, Harry Reid

Today in Peace and Justice history on February 14, 1971

Happy Valentines Day! LIVE Hummingbird Nest cam!

First World Problems - Police Blotter version

Benghazi? Benghazi? They're filibustering Hagel over Benghazi? What the everlasting fuck

Can you just imagine Rubio Debating Hillary?

Boy asks President Obama, 'Are you our teacher?' (PICS!)

Hagel Filibuster Declaration Of War Against American People - GOP Will Pass Nothing

“Political Photo of the Year”

Minimum Wage Boost Would Help Women Most

Thank you so much for the hearts! Happy Valentine's Day - pics

New California Field Poll shows support for 'soda tax'

Reds and more for love - Happy Valentine's Day, Lounge!

Johanns (R-NE) calls out GOP for holding up Hagel vote

Valentine’s Day; Biggest day on which dogs are taken to emergency rooms because of chocolate

Jon Stewart Paraphrases Marco Rubio: 'Medicare Helps MY Mom, But F _ _ k You

Wayne Lapier's latest statement is really demented:

Josh Powell’s Brother Commits Suicide

Most Approve of Ending Saturday Mail Delivery

The Calvin & Hobbes Valentine

Trooper Fired Over Roadside Cavity Search (Story update)

This Hidden Camera Footage Of A Gay Couple In Texas Will Shock You

The journey of a can of ravioli across Europe, the dreams and destinies of all who play a role in it

My point is: Fuck you!

Stay classy, FreedomWorks

If you’re ‘mad for’ someone, you should tell them


SIGN THE PETITION: Draft Ted Nugent to serve in the front lines of Afghanistan.

MORE for Valentines Day, JUKEBOX!!!

Ugh. Had a relapse. Will Shakespeare is sitting up w/a sick friend. Ask us anything.

If you have nothing nice to say about anybody,.....come sit next to me!

And their names are Maggie Carranza, Emma Hernandez and David Purdue.

Romney's Pollster Warns GOP Members Not to Count on Six-Year Itch

Am I the only person offended by this?

Australia's Minimum Wage is $15.96/hr - $606.40/wk - 5.3% unemployment

I personally dislike open or concealed carry

Protesters call on Zuckerberg to 'unfriend' Christie

Attorney General Kane rejects Pennsylvania lottery contract

The Republican Party Hates America.

"Richard Dawkins Baffled by stupidity"

Hagel nomination hits a wall - mccain & blunt lied

President Obama visits and plays with children at a pre-kindergarten classroom in GA - pics

KS School District reprints calendars showing a picture of President Obama on President's Day

Who wants to live in a world without love?

9 pounds of Callebeaut dark chocolate!!!!!

Sanders, Boxer Propose Climate Change Bills in the Senate

Democratic campaign buttons

New DFA Ad for Gun Control

Now McCrory wants drilling platforms off the coast of NC

Jesu, Lindsay Graham is a bitter little toad.

Republicans And Trolls Show NO SIGN Of Intelligent Life

When was the last time you absolutely couldn't STAND the wait for something --

Pedestrians and cyclists don't emit greenhouse gases, it needs to be safer to be one in our cities

Pedestrians and cyclists don't emit greenhouse gases, it needs to be safer to be one in our cities

UPDATED: McCain Satisfied With WH Benghazi Response, Ready To Press On With Hagel Vote

Papantonio On Ed Schult-CEO's Make In 1 Hr What It Would Take Family Of 4 - 47 Yrs To Make

A very intelligent read on the police scanner chatter from Jonathan Turley's web forums

Marco Rubio says he opposes minimum wage laws. What about the other GOP 2016 hopefuls?

Resolved: The Wonder Pets make Hello Kitty look like Hitler

AT&T has sent me a warning message...

Break The Chain~Largest Day of Mass Action Ever to Stop Violence Against Women and Girls

Ohmigosh! I'm so anxious, I can't even concentrate!

NC bill could mean prison time for topless women

Don't get mad, get even...

More Anti-Valentine music. "Angry Eyes", by Loggins and Messina.

Bobats on the roof, in a northern suburb of Phoenix....

A father's nightmare: "Dates"

Grandfather fights off gun-toting robbers in Toronto (story w/video)

Obama will be live at 4:50 ET today to answer questions sent in by people

When the word 'pussy' is used an insult, do you perceive it as sexist?

Missouri State House Democrats Introduce Legislation to Confiscate Firearms

Obama’s proposed voting commission under partisan fire from both sides

Carnival Cruise Ship Now STOPPED Because Of Broken Tow Line

A belated "THANK YOU!" to whomever gave me a Valentine heart

The Discovery Institute feels sorry for my students

Bloomberg: Marijuana Arrests In NYC Will Mean A Desk Appearance Ticket, Not A Night In Jail

Adorable Pic Of Obama In PreSchool

Inside FreedomWorks- Sexual harrassment,mysogeny and homophbia.

Impressive comments from Carnival cruisers about the crew--

Workers Need To Realize The Corporo-Business Mind Set Is That American Workers Are Too Expensive

Another reason drones matter

Wow, really DU? Frozen/Suspended for THAT??

Moor delay: Carnival’s cruise from hell won’t dock till dark

I got an error when I was serving on a jury

Failure of filibuster reform puts Hagel confirmation at risk. Progressives say: "We told you so."

Donald Trump to give keynote address at Oakland County(MI) Republican Party fund-raiser

Orange County Democratic Party

OOPS: GOP Rep. Inadvertently Makes The Case For Nearly Doubling The Minimum Wage

IRS Website Overrun by Refund-Seeking Taxpayers

Toward a Black Jesse James (good ATLANTIC article RE:Dorner)

Ex-San Diego Mayor O'Connor admits taking charity funds as she won, lost $1 billion gambling

Maybe some Lawyers or Law-Hobbyist can help me

No, President Obama is not overreaching

Aboard the stricken Carnival cruise ship..I understand they are showing the following movies

Wonder how much fuel Cruise lines consume annually, and how long they can continue in business.

Video from on-board Carnival Cruise of 3 hour long food line

Lautenberg will not seek re-election next year

No safe haven in Canuckistan

Orange County Democratic Party suffers a loss.

Sanders-Boxer climate protection bill includes carbon fee for nearly 3,000 top fossil fuel polluters

McCarthy Backs Piecemeal Gun-Control Strategy in Congress

Happy Heart Day, DU! and thanks to those who sent me a heart!

BREAKING: C.G. official: Disabled cruise ship stopped off coast of Ala. because of broken towline

Third Republican Launches MA Senate Bid

Brazeau, Harper and Idle No More

Roger Hedgecock answers critic by mocking the size of his penis

The Cranky Redskins Fan's Guide to Dan Snyder

General statement - any time you post with "Am I the only one"

NEW: Republican Sean Bielat In For U.S. Senate Race

What's for Dinner - Thursday Feb 14 - Valentines Day Edition

Your DC Valentines!

Obama acting too slowly on climate change risks, government audit finds

cool map: U.S. Redrawn As 50 States With Equal Population

With All The Cable News Camera's In Mobile It's No Wonder That Carnivale Would Want To Dock At Nite.

Anxiety drug found in rivers changes fish behaviour

Louisiana Voters Cold To Jindal Presidential Run

Joe Walsh’s New Life As A Taker - HAHAHAHAHA

So God Made A Gay Man

Beck: It’s ‘plausible’ that John Brennan is a secret Muslim

Steam for Linux leaves beta - over 50 games on sale

Senate Democrats to force vote to end debate on Hagel nomination

Check out this Daily Caller article I found:

Do you think Robots / Computers / Artificial Intelligence will take over majority of jobs in future?

Cruise Ship Nightmare a Vision for a Teabagger Nation/Voyage Through the Sewage Canal

Gun control hypocrisy at its best

Sheesh and crackers

Illinois senate passes marriage equality bill

Sen. Frank Lautenberg to Retire

Puritan Valentine's Day Cards

Anyone here remember Joe the Bartender with Crazy Guggenheim?

Poor health cited in case of Guatemala ex-general

Wave of Stranded Sea Lions Baffles Southern California

Thank you for the heart!

Really interesting stuff about Chuck Hagel we all should know

Thank you for the hearts!

Fox Mocks 102-Year-Old's Long Wait To Vote

Merkley On Hagel: I Told You We Should Have Reformed Filibuster

Biggest Loser in the World: Jim Inhofe

Lady in Red ~ Chris De Burgh

SE Cupp

Cruise ship on the move after latest setback

ADDENDUM - Corporo-Business Mindset - Next Gen CEO's To Be More Ruthless Than Present CEO's

MANY, MANY THANKS to the anonymous DU'er

Why did no one protest the violation of this man's due process rights?

Why anyone would listen to this lying lunatic - turn on Bashir right fugging now

Martin Bashir slapping Wayne Lapierre around

Wow, Luke Russert Gets A Boehner Scoop

Senate Democrats sequestration replacement plan (no sign of chained CPI)

N.J. Sen. Frank Lautenberg to retire

GAO: Climate change poses big financial risk to US government

Fish exposed to anxiety medication show altered behavior, study finds

When God Is Not Enough: Religious States Have Highest Rates of Anti-Depressant Use

The "Tell A Lie" Thread

I had a good karma experience today that I want to share....

This should be good!!!

I have gotten Hearts

Governors, Ganja and Gangsters

one generation’s “military rifle” is the next’s deer hunting rifle

Everything you need to know for Friday's big asteroid flyby

Happy Valentine's Day to Texas' better half

Thanks For The Hearts

Report: Pantex could furlough 2,500 workers under sequestration

Papantonio: Senate Democrats Need Stronger Leader Than Reid

American Airlines, US Airways Merge To Form World's Largest Inconvenience

My posts are automatically adding a "YouTube catcher" link

St. Edward’s University receives $20 million donation

So God Made a Gay Man (Crew Magazine's take on So God Made a Farmer)

Happy Valentine's day & thank you for the hearts!

The Grand Old Jurassic Party

Do your cats come when you whistle for them??

Ted Kennedy on raising the Minimum wage -

NDAA Nooz: A Youn Man from Occupy Virginia Speaks Out For 1st & 5th Amendments of US Constitution

Sexism lives - right here on DU:

Elections Do Not Matter If The GOP Has Enough Power To Obstruct Everything And The Dems Are Too

Thanks for the heart, from the heart.

Tornado Warning in Palm Beach County, FL

FAA seeks proposals to create six US drone test sites

Check out what this Father is doing every Sunday (a lot of pictures)

Obama meets James Carter IV

So God Made a Gay Man based on So God Made a Farmer

Holy heart attack, Batman!

Federal spending by the Obama administration

Ron Paul to launch daily radio commentaries in March

UPDATE on Dutch, the service dog

I Will just say thank you

Florida backs away from requiring 'international driving permit' from Canadians

*** Why is this So Important? ***

The US does have a spending problem, we have Congressional members obstructing instead

Rush Limbaugh ridicules Sheila Jackson Lee’s ‘freed slave’ comment, saying ‘she’s got to be over 110

So Dorner Truthers, and Calling a DU'er EVIL is acceptable?

Iowa Anti-Choicers Admit They Want to Imprison Women for Abortion

Now that the day is over, I would like to thank the person that gave me my heart.

Note to Republicans, Teabaggers, and Wayne LaPierre..........

59 -39 with one vote present

The Ultimate Wedge Issues: Rebellion and Civil War

When I despair over my forgetfulness...

Fla. mayor's push for bilingual city gets rebuffed

"Heart"felt thanks from this big DU fan, but small in posts. Eom

Coastal Water Quality Since BP's Oil Gusher?

No charges in Honduras prison fire


Sometimes You Have to Look at the Leadership Re: Harry Reid

Could you be friends with a Nazi??

Colombian mine contractor convicted of murder

House of Cards Reviewed: Episode 13

Senate GOP blocks Hagel nomination 58-40

$1 billion Riesel coal plant to go online after lawsuit, damage

Location tracking via cell phone number

IL Senate approves the freedom to marry

Harry F-ing Reid

Thanks for my HEART!

Indicted Kingsville ISD Board Member Not Willing to Resign

Promises, promises

BREAKING: Senate Republicans Make History: Go on the record as despicable assholes.

Horse-meat scandal is now mafia-linked horse-and-donkey-meat scandal

I have grown tired--mighty tired--of the word "butthurt."

NC lawmaker: Women should ‘duct tape’ nipples to stay out of jail

Adobe Homes in Peru's Andes Tell Centuries-Old Toxic Tale

Union reaches tentative contract at Ford's Brook Park (OH) engine plant that could double jobs

Live stream, POTUS answers your questions

GOP Filibuster succeeds! Harry Reid fails!

Top H-1B users are offshore outsourcers

Desmond Tutu Blasts US Drones: American or Not, All Victims Are Human

Tea Party Pisses On Rove: “Who died and made Karl Rove queen for a day?”

I feel sad that we have a good president but such bad government. How do you feel? eom

Five Year Old girl Stopped a Tornado in it's tracks, dad jealous he couldn't stop one

Portable toilet meth lab found on golf course

Pope hit head on trip to Mexico; Vatican denies link to resignation

2014 US Senate Election- Democratic Held Seats in Red States.

Tesla Motors debunks a New York Times smearjob review of the Tesla S.

Man steals donut truck, cops follow

Van Jones on Dorner

Can somebody please explain something to me about filibuster reform?

GOP approach to sequester jumps shark

"Tebow Bill" dies in Virginia Senate

(astronaut) Chris Hadfield and Barenaked Ladies perform song that is literally out of this world

Dalmation adopts spotted lamb

An Awwwww for V-Day: a little boy and his French bulldog

Thank GAWD Harry Reid reached an "agreement" with the GOP on filibuster reform.

Scalia: State of the Union ‘a childish spectacle’

Got an e-mail from White House. Take a look at the link it gave/

Senator Warren Goes To Town on Bank Regulators

Top 10 Conservative Idiots . . .

My sincere apologies

(Story Update) Dutch the dog to be put down

Random thoughts on Valentine's day from an incurable (and aging!) romantic....

Republicans blocked Chuck Hagel's nomination for defense secretary (CNN email)

"My ass" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "my ass".

Something a little different: Amazing amateur photos of the sun.

Obama Compares Congress To Preschoolers During Education Speech: Could Use A ‘Time Out’

South African Olympian Oscar Pistorious charged with murder of his girlfriend

Harry Reid Lambasts GOP After Hagel Vote Blocked: ‘Just When You Thought Things Couldn’t Get Worse’

Hadn't had a good steak and kidney pie in twenty years! Had a great one last Monday in Nanaimo!

I like to thank everyone that has given me a heart!

White House: Stop Playing Politics With Department Of Defense

MSNBC just showed a clip of Pres Obama bashing the Republicans re the filibuster (Updated w/video)

Pat Robertson calls Islam “demonic”

NHC upgrades Sandy to a Cat 3 in reanalysis

Nuclear inspectors fail to reach deal in Iran

Anti-Abortion Ideology Trumped Science . . .

The lie that the Federal Govt. caused the Housing Market Crash.....Must stop immediately!!

All About 401(k) Plans

Rep. Lon Burnam Files HB 1300 Providing for the Freedom to Marry in Texas

Reel Romance: Post a Pic of an Ass kiss

Valentine's Day pictures to enjoy and share (1 of 2 -- please kick now and then)

Some Orange high schools ban Valentine's Day exchanges

Lady in Black

Obama On Valentine's Day: "When Mama's Happy, Everybody's Happy"

Valentine's Day pictures to enjoy and share (2 of 2 -- please kick now and then)

Can the Republicans Be Saved From Obsolescence?

Spy Suicide Scandal Focuses Attention On Israel's Foreign Jews

RI lawmaker to landlords: hands off cat claws

The U.S. Government

A Right-Winger's Guide to Life's Value

Back in my day…

Asthma drug reverses obesity and diabetes in mice (w/pic of a fat mouse not named Mickey)

Do we really need an Assault Weapon Ban?

I know the election is over, but check out this site:

Four GOPers that voted w/Dems for cloture: Collins (ME) Murkowski (AK) Cochran (MS) Johanns (NE)

Republicans block a vote for no reason and the entire conservative media repeats an untrue smear

Joe Scarborough Excoriates Republicans & Wayne LaPierre Op-Ed Laced w/Racial Overtones (VIDEO)

Carter Grandson Who Found ‘47 Percent’ Video Meets Obama

To all the DU'ers who gave me hearts: Thank you, my friends! Hope you had a great day.

Mexico finds fire-god figure at top of Pyramid of the Sun (w/pic of what fire gods look like...)

The Pledge

Last spring we took a young woman into our home.

Happy Valentines Day GOP

This isn't political, but I just had to share it everywhere...

Congress Can Avert Dangerous Automatic Cuts & Protect Investments in Jobs by Closing Tax Loopholes

Awww, man. Thanks for the heart, somebody.

Panetta On Hagel Delay: Let Me ‘Get The Hell Out Of Town’ Already

Rubio Picks His Running Mate

This could be a beautiful trend: Adoptive Newborn Photos

BREAKING NEWS: Republicans Filibuster Chuck Hagel Confirmation For Being Anti-His Party (VIDEO)

Funny how that works, isn't it?

Gay Marriage Passed the Illinois Senate. Now It Goes to The House.

Headline of the day: Chubby Checker sues HP over penis size app

"73% of Americans Support Raising the Minimum Wage To $10 An Hour"

The condo Dorner was in on Friday was so close to the police staging point he

Marine adopts Chihuahua puppy who survived Ocean Beach cliff fall

Five thousand year old temple discovered in Peru

Thom Hartmann: Thom Destroys "Overpopulation" So-Called Expert...

Have the Republicans played right into Harry Reid's hands?