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Woman Drank Herself to Death with Coca-Cola

Earth 2100

House officials order Rep. Steve Stockman to take down ‘Obama Failometer’

Yay! My power is FINALLY back on! And thank you for the Valentines Heart!

Kai The Heroic Hitchhiker goes on Jimmy Kimmel Live!....Gets A Surfboard And Wetsuit

Fracking halted in New York State! From a post on Facebook...

NY fracking decision faces further delay on health study

KTLA announced that both deputies have died (live feed link)

Slavery is such an ugly word

Three Decades Of SOTU Climate Remarks Plus A Brand New Drinking Game

Republican Crazed politicians....

Teacher's aide accused of sex with student

Thank you so much for the hearts, you sweethearts! You are my sanity.

Per CNN, tear gas fired into the cabin

Cabin (Dorner) is completely engulfed in flames

Mother, toddler expected to survive morning shooting

Resigning Pope No Longer Has Strength To Lead Church Backward

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 13 February 2013

I watched W. last night

CNN showing live shot of cabin where Dormer is holed up billowing black smoke.

New Sony Nose Buds Allow Users To Blast Different Smells Into Nostrils

Dorner kills another LEO

"Top of the world, Ma!"

Name the next pope

Palestine’s Democratic Deficit

Things your dog will eat that surprised you:

Top Clinton Donor Confirms Hillary Will Run in 2016

CBS LA reporting police scanner indicates Dorner may have fled cabin prior to assault.

Why Liberal Zionists Won't Join BDS

Will we get to see the SOTU?

Anyone remember the Move On situation in Philadelphia?

Another one!!!! Thank you!!

Doesn't Doner have hostages tied up?! Granted wasn't able to keep up with this story all day.

I have a new heart!!! Thank You!

What a hoot!

If Dorner had surrendered to the game wardens, this final ugly scene


Ok, I need help (because I am *at* *it* again) With any legit link proving President Obama

Has anyone seen my stick?

Who should give the progressive response to the State of the Union speech?

I have a new heart thank you!!!

OK that was one great Jeopardy teen tournament

I have a new heart thank you!!!

Ted Nugent’s collected Twitter genius

Anonymous Wants to Ruin Your State of the Union Livestream

Pitchers and catchers reporting ...

They must have this cabin surrounded, making it impossible for him to escape

And God weighs in on the subject.

Anyone pick up the clever writing on Shameless Sunday night?

Physics is fun, until someone gets it in the face

50 Most Loathsome People of 2012 (Buffalo Beast)

Super Bowl Monday? NFL has contingency plans for snow next year

...if I only had a heart

Something stinks in LAPD, 2nd Ex-LAPD Officer releases manifesto...

Why is capitalism exempt from following Biblical tenets?

So how soon before the conspiracy whackos start with a Dorner conspiracy?

Seriously, what is Ted Nugent known for?

Waiting to head over to the State of the Union Address - pic

Although I don't have sympathy for Dorner, I do have a tremendous amount for his Mom and

Baby Huey - Hard Times

CNN just played audio of a shootout from earlier

So did the Prez invite Bruce to the SOTU?

Cliff Van Zandt… Really?!?

When all else fails, I hope this makes your day

I told you they were going to burn him out.

After ten years, two wars and three Presidential elections

Was Archie Bunker on the Texas Board of Education?

The Spinners - It's A Shame

Remember - Rand Paul's goon stomped a girl's head into the gutter and

Why Social Security Recipients Shouldn't Be Shackled With the Chained CPI

Do you think the media will cover the State of the Union address

If you were writing Obama's speech for tonight how would you complete this statement

What was your first dance song at your wedding?

Limbaugh: Liberal, Black Cop Killer Gets Media Praise

Cuba tones down Castro's positive words on Chavez health

OOH CHILD by The Five Stairsteps

U.S. Government ran a January budget surplus of $3B.

Bill allowing "guns in trunks" advances in Tennessee

Congressman Who Invited Ted Nugent to SOTU Ordered to Take Down ‘Obama Failometer’

How hard is it to explain homosexuality to children?

First time here, hope it's right. If you miss eating french fries...

bootsy collins stretchin out live

Fox Fail: Tucker Carlson WRONG About ACLU on Obama

It is now time to begin preparing for and focusing upon the President's State of the Union message

CSpan 1 has State of the Union Coverage

The Undercurrent: Hedges v. Obama, NDAA Part 1

Likud sources: Netanyahu offered Bennett top jobs

Whose going to start the official thread? nt

Silenced by Brooklyn College

Audio Reveals Brooklyn College Misled Public on Eviction of Jewish Students From BDS Event

Link to the SOTU, from the White House ....

Anyone else NOT watching the State of the Union?

Tweety is talking about OJ, just seven minutes before the SOTU.

Dorner used his own "2nd Amendment solution"

Nugent Stinking Up the SOTU

We @ Drinking Liberally Philly Want To Know About The Burning Cabin.

Storage Wars Regular Commits Suicide

Internet Version of the NDAA? Court Says Govt Can Secretly Access Personal Info in WikiLeaks Case


Ohio Attorney General Releases Animation of Police Shooting Involving 137 Shots Fired at Pursued Car

Jeremy Scahill: Assassinations of U.S. Citizens Largely Ignored at Brennan CIA Hearing

Only the bloviating Matthews could cover the Dorner story and drop the name of Ida Lupino.

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Altered States & a new Kitty gif

Is this the first SOTU Hillary's missed in 22 years?

Boehner is not wearing a green ribbon like Biden

Kick their asses Mr. President

Mitt Romney is NOT giving the SOTU tonight

ACLU: Obama Admin.'s Claim It Has Authority To Kill American Citizens Has No Geographic Limit

Terrorism by another name still smells as foul

Relaxing SOTU!

Today in dishonest Faux News charts...

My very UNpolitical Hubbie just got home from work

"What happen until innocent until proven guilty?" This is my wife's fustration of the Doner saga.

Hey which cabinet member got stuck watching this at home?

quick question: who was the guy who announced

Pope resigns, scientist applies for job

Mr. speaker.......

Michelle is working that dress

Pastel ties all across, looking great…

As President Obama gets going I just want to remind you of a famous Bill Maher

Did they let Ted "poopy pants" in to the SOTU

Hey! Boehner's not wearing a flag lapel pin!!!!

***** State of the Union LiveBlog Thread II *****

watching the SOTU what's with the PINS?

Would you like the Pope's job?

Facing the Stories: Q&A on New Documentary "It Was Rape"

Stop the Presses! Boehner isn't wearing a flag pin!!

Boehner Either has Hemorroids or is Constipated

Is it just me or...

Boehner is the leader of burping and licking his lips.

Disabled Turtle Yu Given Prosthetic Flippers

Word Cloud from FULL text of President's speech tonight:

DU this! Bing Pulse poll on SOTU

Is Boehner sipping Bourbon up there?

3D printing...

Lonely Progressive Muslims: Trapped in the Crossfire Between Islamophobes and Intra-Muslim Hatred

My Spy Boy saw your Spy Boy, Sitting by the Bay-o

Ha ha, only channel that's carrying the SOTU speech where Tan Man's face isn't showing is....

Why is Obama offering to make cuts to Medicare? I am so disappointed.

"We need to protect Mitch McConnel's habitat"

Great line in SOTU:

(UPDATE) Dorner manhunt: Confusion over whether body was found

Boner keeps checking for cues as to when he should applaud

Is Ted Nugent really wearing jeans?

***** State of the Union LiveBlog Thread III *****

Lawrence Krauss: Teaching Creationism Like Taliban, Child Abuse

The political science of papal elections

Fraid I might miss the response

Anyone have a safe place to download Active X?

High quality pre-school!!!

Am I seeing this right

Heart grateful :)

What happen to biden eye

Last non-cardinal elected Pope was Pope Urban VI (1378-1389)

So, is it true that Marco Paul and Rand Rubio are giving a duet of rebutts tonight?

Progressive and Liberal Christianity

Torn over Feb submits.

Chess Cake Bars. [Warning: special occasions only.]

Boehner is not wearing a green ribbon like Biden

Boehner did not cheer immigration reform. Very interesting. Latinos will not forget that Mr. Speaker

AFA Livid that Same-Sex Partners of Service Members May Be Buried at Arlington National Cemetery

Obama Proposes Raising Minimum Wage To $9 In SOTU

Republican women did not applaud having equal pay for women.

I noticed speaker bone

What is Boehner doing back there?

OK, I think I'm finally over the stress cause by the first 2012 presidential debate

Discovery Deception Derailed: Colorado Lawmakers Scuttle Creationist Bill

Bold Speech

Vassar Students Counter Westboro Protest With LGBT Fundraiser

Obama: 34,000 Troops Will Return From Afghanistan By Year’s End

What Biden doing

SOTU's striking tone - an inclusive speech where we all rise vs the sitting "screw you I got mine"

Obama Calls For Raising Minimum Wage To $9 Per Hour In State Of The Union

One congresswomen just scowled at the President calling for equal pay for women

It's being reported locally that a body was pulled from the burning cabin in Big Bear

Here we go. Internet security. Cyber Defense.

Anybody else think S.C.J Ginsberg was asleep tonight.

I hear Ted Negent

Text of the President's SOTU Speech

Fugitive ex-LAPD cop's body recovered from burned cabin

This map of global Catholic populations shows the church’s looming dilemma


Boehner's not applauding the right to vote.

This speech flows beautifully

TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) talk is scary


WHY do we have to watch the President

They deserve a vote.

"They deserve a vote"

Obama Promises To Work With Congress On ‘Targeting’ Of Terrorists

Anyone hear that person yelling out "YEA" and other things while the President is speaking?

"They deserve a vote....."

“The families of Newtown deserve a vote!”

Should pepperoni be called a banana defense?

Powerful stuff! They derserve a vote...

The Three Stooges of the Supreme Court didn't show up tonight.

what just happened with guns


What amazing 102 woman

President Obama kicked the ever-loving shit out of the GOP tonight

The President has gone after the republicons


YEAH, Yeah, yeah. We were granted the payment for our efforts. TONIGHT could have been Romney.

The Republican brand after tonight

Beaming with pride

What an incredible SOTU speech. That's MY President!

Bless CNN

Shout Out to COYOTI -- Host of the DU *****OFFICIAL***** SOTU threads! THANK YOU!!!!

France gay marriage: National Assembly backs law

Aaaaand another smash hit by our #1 guy, the President. n/t

Did anyone think Joe Biden's left eye looked odd?

Did Nugent get on camera? Or...

Shut Matthews THE FUCK UP

Bravo! Great SOTU address Prez...

Allow me to paraphrase Pres. Obama's message to Ted Nugent tonight:

They deserve a vote

Live webcall with the President now as followup to SOTU...

I'm disappointed in President Obama's SOTU Address ...

God, I love the guy--POTUS!!

The next time Anonymous makes a threat...

Michael Steele thinks that Obama was losing energy towards the end.

Which Albanian hosting company is providing bandwidth for Rand Paul's speech?

He kicks gop and tea party ass

Going up against entrenched petroleum interests? Expect the fight of your life.

Brian Murphy did not get the applause that he deserved.

My new congressman is being interviewed on CSpan!

The Winter of Boner's Discontent

31 Democratic members of congress brought guests who were directly affected by gun violence.

Knocked it straight out of the park ! Just like James Bond. "Nobody does it better!"

*31* children have been killed by guns since Newtown, and since 1979 the number might make you cry

Dear PBO, Stop Promising Victims You Won't Forget

John Alleman Dead: Heart Attack Grill Unofficial Spokesman Dies From Heart Attack

PBS will not carry Ayn Rand Paul's response. nt

Suppressing injustices: Hold on to that...

Here comes Marco

Thank you for my second heart!

Holy Shit Marco Rubio is one insincere fuck!!!

Oh Gawd it's Bobby Jindal version 2

This Rubio Response, its nothing but a campaign speech

Rubio's audio got cut off

I know who Rubio is! The one on the left....

Rand Rubio is on my teevee lying.

Yawn Rubio

I'm not watching ANY of the Republican Tea Party "Responses" (and here's why)

Rubio is lying so hard and fast

Sitting here watching and listening to Rubio, I can't wait for Rand Paul

Why is Rubio giving a 2012 campaign speech?

Psssst. Marco. Hey buddy. I gotta clue for you . . . .

Hello I'm Marco Rubio and I'm an Idiot

Bullshit Rubio

I thought I saw that asshole Cruz, looking like a 10 year old who's parents just told him

I don't hear or see anyone applauding Rubio

Can you say "Middle Class"?

"Hi, my name is Marco Rubio...

(WOW) The Three Stooges at the State of the Union Speech...

Dear Marco Rubio:

Same old tired Solyndra line of attack from Douchio.

Fuck you, Rubio!!

How much

Is it just me, or are Rubio's ears enormous? nt

So Rubio had 100K in student loans and "a few months ago paid them off"....

So, Marco Rubio believes in Government-run Health Care?

I have a few misgivings about the presidents' references to German school performance in the speec..

How much is Poland Spring sending to Rubio for that endorsement?

Oh damn Rubio

Rubio is from West Miami

Does he have rabies?? He just had to wipe drool off and then reach almost off camera for a bottle

Really? Marco Rubio stopped to take a swig of water.

The Sip Seen Round The World

Most Awkward Sip of Water on TV, Ever.

Just finished "Bright Sided" Barbara Ehrenreich's expose of the "positivity people"

Plouffe: Rubio speech "defensive and nasty screed"

I went to "Justified" until that jerk was off my tv. He's still talking...yawn...

tellin' pretty little lies makes a mouth dry!

THIS is the savior of the Republican Party?

Now its time for the "librul" media to start propping up Marco Rabio

Joe Biden chats with Boehner...

Tesla says New York Times electric car review 'fake'

Note to future GOP responses (BTW I predict a lot more of these in the future)

Rubio's Awkward grab and Gulp of Water Will be his "Dean Scream" shown all over YouTube

Rachel should had thrown the papers in the air after finishing

"Lie, Lie, Lie!"

Rubio's dream came true because of economic liberty?

I would like to give a bit of advice for the next time they due a response.

Oh oh...David Brooks just dissed the Rubio speech.

Marco Rubio Gets a Massive Fail in His First Attempt To Sit At The Grownups Table.

Hey, Marco Rubio!

Now Paul Ryan's trying to spin Rubio's speech

The decidedly apolitical ...

Rubio: Michael Steele "did not like the water bottle"....

Chris Matthews on Rubio: "Something You Would Hear On A High School Debating Team"

And they erupted in cheers when she finally put on a sticker that read “I Voted.” - pics


We are Orcs, baby!

German researchers extract hydrogen from wet biomass

I thought Rubio was having a Panic attack?

In historic first, Republican SOTU response to be given in two languages

Happening now: WH officials answer your questions on the State of the Union Address.

Thanks for the hearts!!

I hope Rand Paul follows up by pissing himself

Awkward Rubio drink

So is CNN not showing Rand Paul's Teaparty responce? Is this true? LOL!

Rubio (R - Can I be prez?) State of the Union response - We need more Republican babies.

Did Marco Rubio's Reaganesque charm capture your imagination?

Sunlight stimulates release of climate-warming gas from melting Arctic permafrost

I got a picture of the audience for Rubio's rebuttal

"No he didn't just bend down and take a swig..."

That didnt take long. First of many Marco Rubio Poland Springs videos...

Folks, the next time you are going to give the response to the State of the Union speech,

Just when the Republicans thought things couldn't get worse....

In historic first, Republican SOTU response to be given in two acts...

The BEST Twitter feed I've seen tonight...

The funniest drink of water in world history

Rubio's rising star and fell crash

Is Rubio really this idiotic?

Hillary is somewhere tonight, and she ain't drinking Poland Spring.

TPM: Rubio Takes Awkward Water Break At State Of The Union Speech (VIDEO)

The First Lady's Box at the 2013 State of the Union

Marco Rubio - The Picture of Fiscal Prudence.

"Marco Rubio's rebuttal wasn't great, but I'm sure it's soon all be bottled water under the bridge"

just an FYI - Tumblr is a Rubio GIF-a-thon right now

The Swig Seen Round the World!

Is the response to the SOTU...

Big Ed's Tweet re Rubio....

HARPO MARXO RUBIO! (it was like a scene from "Night At The Opera")

Anyone see Silver Linings Playbook?

No body has been found and no body has been identified

An Artist Finds a Dignified Ending for an Ugly Story

Now trending on Twitter: Poland Spring & #waterbreak

Above all else, my least favorite thing about Rand Paul is

Rubio Drinking Water GIF

Just for fun: SOTU Rubio Photoshop Contest

Is there a Union job anywhere in the country that pays less than poverty level?

Best twitter ever

SOTU...Gabby Claps her Hands...Heartbreaking!

Reverend Sharpton let Steele know

"Was that really a U.S. Senator giving the rebuttal to Obama's SOTU speech?

John Boehner Looks At His Boogers During The State Of The Union

Meet your next spokesperson for Moland Springs drinking water....

If you could bottle up one message that Marco wanted us to swallow, what would that be?

And it shows

Grumpy Boner

Okay. 'fess Up. Admit it. C'mon. Its okay.

I support universal access to pre-school

ROTFLMFAO-Hannity-Luntz Sham Focus Group Liked President Obama's SOTU Speech

Would it have been better if Rubio had actually done a full spit take?

This is my President...and I am so Very Proud!

Freepers Apoplectic about Rubio and #Watergate

Why the hell didn't they put the water bottle closer to Rubio

What if some other nut decided to run interference for Dorner?

CNN: Obama and Rubio deliver competing speeches, reactions TOO CLOSE TO CALL

Christopher Dorner Shootout - Cops say "Burn It Down"

Already on FB: John Boehner as Grumpy Cat

The sip of water laughed at world wide

What was with Tweety?

Okay, serious question about SOTUs:

Obama would have owned that water bottle

@marcorubio Bend down, reach way over, take a big swig and kiss your POTUS ambitions goodbye!

Did anyone carry Rand Paul's Teaparty rebuttle to the SOTU ?

CNN reporting Dorner not dead, not in cabin in headline.

Just got two hearts within a half hour! THANK YOU!!

Rubio SOTU response from the cluster****s

Yes, you can follow MarcosWaterBottle on Twitter.

Who wants to make the next SOTU rebuttal speech?

paul Ryan typical mis-info dude from the right

Rubio calls for sustained 4% growth

Rand Paul's SOTU rebutal

I am convinced the drink of water was product placement.

Breaking: The reason Marco's water bottle was so far away from him:

The President has completely RUINED EVERYTHING!

For those with thick skin - Rand Paul's SOTU response

Teabaggers' Response:


I didn't see Marco & the water bottle.

A timely DVD streaming on Netflix: "We Have a Pope" (Habemus Papam)

Rand Paul wants to raise taxes on the poor

WTF? (After all that) LAPD: No Body Found In Burned Cabin

Where is this clown?

So who plays the part of Rubio on SNL this weekend? What about the dick in a box guy

The perfect scenario in the future when Rubio speaks would be

What do you notice most about these French paint commercials?

How many drinks of water did Obama take during his 60-minute speech?

Watched the SOTU speech. Glad he ended with the appeal to go after gun violence.

Scalia says the State of the Union address is a "silly affair" that has become too political.

Red Roses, Blue Violets: Lit Mags That Publish Formal Poetry

KS legislature prays for "dark spiritual areas" in KS - which happen to be Democratic strongholds.

Something not mentioned in *any* recounting of Rubio's sip.

It looked like Rubio was struggling to keep his eyes on a teleprompter

“The greatest nation on Earth cannot keep conducting its business by drifting from one manufactured

Boehner & Gavel

OK, I'll admit Marco Rubio is being a good sport on Twitter

Stewart Tears Apart Cheney: Where Does This ‘Shi*ty’ VP ‘Get The Balls’ To Attack Obama?

Pres. Obama and Sen. Kirk: The Bipartisan Fist Bump

Pic Of The Moment: State Of The Union

Rubio's water break...

Was Ted Nugent even there tonight?

Anyone see any photos floating around yet of Rubio's end of speech creepy smile?

With apologies to Jonathan Goldsmith: I give you Ted Nugent!

Rubio's sweating, panic and the water bottle remind me of the Nixon's Kennedy debate

"Police: Cabin rubble too hot to examine, no body yet recovered at shootout site"

Marco Rubio's performance summed up in one graphic

Matthews just said he voted for george w, thinking he'd be 'common sense,'

Cops Torch Cabin Where Christopher Dorner Was Held Up

Rethugs blasting Obama for "allowing" North Korea to conduct a new nuclear test

Matthews just now, on his own show, admitted to voting for Idiot Son.

Scanner Feed: Cops Torch Cabin Where Christopher Dorner Was Held Up (tear-gas my ass)

This Made Marco Rubio Thirsty

Does anyone know

Let's ban "kicking the can down the road"

Climate Hawk Obama: ‘If Congress Won’t Act Soon To Protect Future Generations, I Will’

"Watergate" ...

Bishop calls for universal background checks, high-cap. mag. ban

Nugent on State of the Union: ‘Yawn’

Rubio's sip of water lights up twitter

Marco Rubio's response to the SOTU adress. He raised a few good points.

Obama's Israel visit itinerary released

So...I've got this small guest bathroom...

Thanks to someone for my heart!

Whoever sent me the heart...

The only choice left is military confrontation!

Let's all watch Rubio's panicked drink of water in extreme slow motion

Wide view shot of Marco Rubio's SOTU response room/studio - Photo

I missed the speech.

The OBAMA exploding fist Gif

I'm proud of our President

Here's video of police shouting "burn that motherfucker" and "burn him out" as Dorner was trapped.

*C-SPAN replaying SOTU now.

Poland Spring blows Rubio #watergate moment, fails Twitter 101

Marco Rubio Thirsts For Truth!

Rethugs thirst for the truth when doing rebuttals. Remember Ryan who nearly

I have this curse which I have turned into a gift...

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday Feb 13th

I'd like a kick- back from the drone industry

Tampa Bay Times Bill Maxwell laments "slow death of bookstores." I'm with him on that.

What the President said about cuts and changes to Medicare and Social Security.

Remember "Chariots Of Fire?"

Former White House press secretary Robert Gibbs Becomes MSNBC Contributor

Just a little something to remind you that creationism is a marvel to behold.

Has anybody tried to find Bob Denver music on Youtube?

CBS News: Marco Rubio's "Water Bottle-Gate" Moment

New temple found at famous El Paraiso archaeological site in Peru

Pendleton Murder Suspect Violated Probation 3 Times

*SOTU rerunning, again, on C-SPAN, now.

I am so grateful for my hearts!

David Hyde Pierce on Frasier, 5 minutes without dialog

President Obama's FULL State of the Union speech

Scary concept time. Maybe bad things can happen to bad people...

maximum net worth...

Progressive PAC buys anti-Perry ads in California

Passengers describe 'sewage running down the walls' and people acting like 'savages'

When did 'treating everyone equally' become a 'progressive agenda'?

Not so much with the H20, Marco. It's all anyone's really gonna remember. That, and Rand's hair.

Billionaires Slim and Gates Push Technology to Reduce Hunger

A request for a special DU Smilie for Beatle Fans, if it's not too difficult to create.

Mexico’s President Presents Crime-Prevention Plan

Dorner, openness and LAPD

Ten Afghans killed in NATO airstrike

Half the Republicans in the senate voted to not protect women from rape and assault!

How would you like to find this in your car grill?

With one sip of water on teevee,

Take the test...

Alan Rickman VS Marco Rubio....Tea or Water ?

Michael Moore, Chris Hedges on Challenging NDAA Indefinite Detention and the "Corporate Coup d'etat"

*PSA* Be very careful what you say when using a translator !!!

Rand Paul; did anyone really give a shit what the assclown said?

February 13: National Tortellini Day.

Sobeys Warehouse Workers Strike

Super Markets May Have to Change Dress-Code Policies:

Mother Jones arrested in Charleston 100 years ago

Shoppers' Concerns Over Prices May Be Coming Back

*props to* littlemissmartypants thread: Take the test ...

Gas prices hit a historic high: What's driving them up?

The Richest 1 Percent Have Captured 121 Percent Of Income Gains During The Recovery

Did anybody else find the President's remarks on climate change/energy policy contradictory?

Self publishing, by the numbers.

For the grammar police: One space after periods, people

Rand Paul (R-TeaBagger) - A reincarnation of Eddie Haskell or Eddie Munster?

Since we're having this discussion about the cops again…

Nate Silver: Avoids errors by paying close attention to a poll's 'margin of error'


Republicans choose state Rep. Jason Smith as 8th congressional district nominee

Doctors to review USS Cole suspect's CIA detention records

The Chihuahua says you're fucked, buddy

On Being Mother Theresa.

The Marco Rubio Word Cloud

Apparently the bottle wants some of the limelight too

Aren't touching your face and having a dry mouth "tells" that you're lying your ass off?

Retail Sales Forecasted to Grow 3.4% in 2013

The Hubris of the Drones

Guess which Senator led the opposition to VAWA? Yep, Marco Rubio

It says, "Lean Forward", not "Crouch Sideways"

Coors Brewing Co. Launches Recycling Initiative

Weis to Open Two Stores in Baltimore Suburbs

Which papal candidate offers the best hope for Catholic/Orthodox reunion?

Statement on State of the Union by Jobs with Justice and American Rights at Work Executive Director

World Austerity question

Longtime NBC Foreign Correspondent Tom Aspell Dead at 62

Mr. Citibank Update: Cayman account dogs Jacob Lew, Obama’s treasury pick

The Nation: Obama Urges Minimum Wage Increase and First-Ever Indexing

We Need Higher Wages for Middle Class, Not Just Higher Taxes on the Rich

UFW applauds President Obama's commitment to immigration reform in State of the Union speech

Fifty years ago, Kyu Sakamoto

VAWA matters

(SOTU) CWA: An Economy and Democracy that Works for All Must Be Our Goal

EU and US free-trade talks launched

Fall on Hard Times, Have Your Kids Taken Away? How America Treats Poor Parents Like Criminals

BofA bombshell: Whistleblowers Reveal Orchestrated Coverup and Massive Borrower Harm

So Joe Scum is praising Coburn for 'staying true'!!

How Do We Interpret Christopher Dorner?

ARKANSAS: Church Protection (Guns in Church) Bill Signed into Law.

OECD: Reading performance inequality is high in the USA, but decreasing

If we break it there is no repair

Just Got Here from The Yahoo! Message Board

Sioux City OKs firefighter contract

Robert Gibbs Becomes MSNBC Contributor

Professional ($270 per hour) to negotiate pact between county, Sarpy sheriff's deputies

'Half way through his rebuttal, Marco Rubio rips open a bag of cheetos and eats several handfuls.'

Why the War on Terror Endures: Spawning Terror Over There

Disgusting Facebook Meme

bill gates dodges questions on why he owns 500,000 shares of monsanto

Hidden mike revealed at Guantanamo meeting room

With Unions On the Decline, Will Workers' Alliances Take Their Place?

Meat products have been falsely labelled - EU health chief

Pork Curry

A Song For The Kasich

Coronavirus: Signs the new Sars-like virus can spread between people

Still Cheney after all these Years

The American Family Association demonstrates why it is a hate group

Sea slug's 'disposable penis' surprises

Extremely Peculiar' Sea Animal Has Grow-Again Penis

Crowd grills NRC at San Onofre meeting

Bush - "Don't forget Poland". Rubio - don't forget Poland Springs...nt

Floridians targeted for Love Scams

Republicans Unanimously Oppose President's Call for "Smarter Government"

What is the best way to answer this

The President's Dream State

All it took was one woman who cared - Pack of Hope

Noam Chomsky "Public Education and The Common Good"

Pelosi nails it: "I am more concerned about Steve Stockman being here than Ted Nugent,"

Early life care shapes African elephants' future

south africa says 96 rhinos poached so far in 2013

Comcast doubles down on TV in $16.7B deal for NBCU

The DU Effect

Colourful 'solar glass' means entire buildings can generate clean power

Monsanto sued small famers to protect seed patents, report says

Ex-News of the World staff held over 'phone hacking'

When I saw Desiline Victor sitting in the first lady's box . . .

Rubio had "Flop-Sweat"

26 Ways President Obama Has Completely Ruined The Country

They Built This

Cryosat spots Arctic sea-ice loss in autumn

Good read

Iran upgrades uranium enrichment despite US warning

Attention Photobucket. Survey question # 20 is unfair.

MAny Thanks

Detroit mayor to make final pitch to avoid takeover of city

Pentagon stands by use of lithium-ion batteries on F-35 fighters

You just might be from the Pacific Northwest if--

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- State of the Disunion

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Pope Gone

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- Congress, Budgets and Republicans

Sioux City firefighters

Ky. pastor wants snakes confiscated in Tenn.

Military Health Care Endangered by Cuts, Pentagon Says

I have been on DU for almost three years now.

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4- The Rest

A question about Rep. Stockman,

Owego Fire Department Honors 5-Year-Old's Kindness

Marco Rubio still lives in the same neighborhood he grew up in.

Defense officials again sound alarm on sequestration

Egypt floods Gaza tunnels to cut Palestinian lifeline

Is "walkie" an anachronistic term?

Letter to the Editor, re: NRA, today's Cape Cod Times

Did Paul even GET any live TV coverage last night?

Obama’s ambitious second term agenda intensifies GOP’s dilemma

If you misssed the SOTU speech, this is the essence of it

What is meant by this bumper sticker? (Sorry, no pic.)

Afghanistan can't handle direct aid, U.S. watchdog says

CNN - Stocks are headed for a correction

It's the policies, stupid.

GOP for-Profit School Caught Deleting Bad Student Grades

Minimum Wage Increase to $9/Hour

CNN: Stocks 'need to be corrected'

Ouster of Scientist from EPA Panel Shows Industry Clout

Hey, Reporters: 60 Votes Required Means Filibuster (Bernstein)

6 Game-Changing Ideas In The State Of The Union

I took some photos this morning and I have a dilemma

Memorial Service Today For Michael Crain

Italy: Former spy master gets 10 years over imam kidnap

Rep. Jim Langevin (D-RI) re: Nugent: "He probably has shit for brains."

US democracy: The power of money (aljazeera)

Pope Benedict: Resigning for 'good of the church'

President Obama's bold plan to reshape American higher education

Robert Gibbs answer to Lawrence O'Donnell ?

Senators To Introduce Climate Legislation With A Carbon Tax

Mentally Ill Botched Shooting Suspect Passed Background Check, Bought Gun Legally

FoxNews calls for GOP cooperation with the president

Big Pharma Apparently Wants All of us to Be Mentally Ill

Sample page from the new Superman Comic written by bigot Orson Scott Card

Rubio: ‘I’m Just Glad The Water Was Nearby’

This was at the top of Google News this morning :"Does kiss my ass ring any bells?"

Native Americans = Endangered Species according to MI legislator

Does Boehner recognize that Obama won the elections? ReTHUG presser on now

Happy Ash Wednesday!

Mac Thornberry: Congress Must Empower Special Operations - EXCLUSIVE

living under drones

Good news, 3 taliban killed. Also 10 civilians including kids. I feel safer now.

Former NFL player borrowed $300,000 to throw himself a party

So my 40 day Facebook sojourn begins today...

Republican-backed for-profit school caught deleting bad student grades

Wooden spoon trick

A New Pope

Early Valentine's Message from C.S. Lewis...

$9 Minimum Wage - Forget It. GOP Only Support Abolishing Minimum Wage

Retail Sales in U.S. Increase at Slower Pace as Taxes Take Bite

Is DU going to have a shamrock give away during March for St. Patrick's Day??

TYT: Why is Pope Benedict Resigning?

Joe Walsh Child Support: Ex-Tea Party Rep Says He Can't Afford Payments Post-Congress

the courage of the vigilante feminists is contagious

Ewok wins Westminster Kennel Club's Best in Show for 2013

the courage of the vigilante feminists is contagious

Business Trends Seem To Indicate That 28-29 Hours Will Be The New Full Time Job For -----

They don't care what Karl Rove thinks anymore. They care what Ted Nugent thinks.

Gun Lobby Helps Block Data Collection by Crimefighters

Tourist captures dramatic ice bridge collapse

More On the Pope's Resignation

Hey Rachel, Ed, Rev Al,Lawrence - one or all of you

Democratic coalition is ascendant, while the Republican one is shrinking

NREL and Partners Demonstrate Quantum Dots that Assemble Themselves

For hockey fans,.....or not! Hockey Night In Canada 60th anniversary tribute.

"Four Last Songs". Excellent movie!

Alleged Police Scanner Recording of Dorner Shootout: "Seven burners deployed and we have a fire."

Tea Party Nation: Hitlerian Stalinist Obama is making a one party state

Father indicted:-Moments after his 2 sons were killed by the driver, the drunk was fatally shot

AP source: Dorner's license found in burned cabin

Toyota Joins GM in Showing Auto-Quality Gains in Study

Seoul diversifies arms purchases away from U.S

**MY PERSONAL PLEA ** (updated)

For those of you who want me to lay off the Pope: "Let Me Show You"

Texas Wind Power Transmission Set To Skyrocket As Energy Exec Hints At End Of Nukes

South Americans Face Upheaval in Deadly Water Battles

Right-Wing Quote of the Day

The high cost of America's bad roads and bridges

DO IT!!! Universal Pre-K

Would DUers please explain the House bill coming up today allowing

Big Banks Are Told to Review Their Own Foreclosures

Rubio moment of distraction success....

ACLU Responds to Executive Order on Cybersecurity; Opposes CISPA

Missing the point on Rubio. Who cares about water bottles. Should be talking about this

Has anyone heard from MineralMan?

Carbon Capture and Storage FutureGen 2.0 Project Moves Forward Into Second Phase

Rut Roh...Christie About To Get Teabagged...

'Major modifications' expected to state boards overhaul bill

WTF - Bill O'Reilly on the postmaster general

I don't see how Obama can meaningfully address climate change without addressing fracking

New state report says prepare 1 week of supplies to survive Cascadia quake

Coke Overdose? Mom Drops After Drinking 10 Liters of Coca-Cola a Day

Thousands of Florida Students Arrested Annually for Actions that Used to Merit a Trip to the Princip

Pa. company cited in Neb. worker’s death (penalty is $14,000 if not appealed)

How Investing In Pre-School Education Could Boost The Economy And Combat Income Inequality

Thanks for the hearts.

2014 Midterm Elections. GOV and US Sen.

Guns Are Beautiful

Sugary drinks fee gains traction in Hawaii Senate

Dubuque Democrat Pat Murphy to Run for Congress

It's me again...

Humane Society of United States files gray wolf lawsuit against U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

"A secret CIA drone base, a blowback world, and why Washington has no learning curve"

Republicans, over here! Two Jindals in a row!

AI found better than doctors at diagnosing, treating patients

The 4th Amendment, Police, Deadly Force and the Rule of Law

Revealed! A graywarrior previous incarnation!

Sierra Club Statement on State of the Union

I've been told that if I behave at the Doctor's office that I'll get a lollipop.

OCD strawberry:

Instead of indexing the minimum wage, why not.....

Those who do not learn from MTV are doomed to repeat it.

Sorry for fucking up your Friday.

Hellhounds on MiddleFingerMom's Funnybone:

Starting from a very early age, Li'l MiddleFingerMom enjoyed altering his perceptions of reality.

North Korea’s Lesson: Nukes for Sale

Mexican 'ape woman' buried after 150 years

The Rude Pundit: Random Observations on the State of the Union Speech

World Austerity question

Macaque borrows photographer's camera to take hilarious self-portraits

Banks holding over $200 million in Sandy payments

The Boston Red Sox...discuss

This week only in Vegas' Hasbeen Bar and Lounge Marco and Charlie

Obama's favorite attack on Republicans

What makes a link dangerous? Self sending email.

Once Again Former Speaker Bill O’Brien Spews Hate Filled Anti-Union Propaganda

Ancient languages reconstructed by computer program

Why Is A Queer Atheist Spending All His Time On Interfaith Activism?

How Many Republicans Does it Take to Fix a Problem?

Happy Ash Wednesday!

The cop said, "Say the alphabet backwards," so...

A gun has two uses: To kill, and to threaten to kill.

My Toxic Couch’s Days Are Numbered: New Furniture Flammability Standard Proposed

If you are Rubio and you know you just screwed the pooch what do you do?

Orthodox rabbi seeks Israeli religious revolution

Would larger juries be a good idea?

Thank you to whoever gave me a heart!

Have you ever had people go after you in a negative horrible way?

Ashes for the unabashedly Catholic

It seems to me that the "drone" discusssion is being muddled.

Right wing conspiracy alert: Google is working for Obama

From Beau Biden - email (and link to petition) re: VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN ACT

Anyone have any experience with Thundershirts for anxious pets?

Grumpy Cat and The Nuge

State of the Union: What It Meant for LGBT Americans

Disposable Workers -This needs to be addressed before any "recovery" can be claimed.

Montana TV station issues bogus emergency zombie alert (VIDEO)

Obama: Orlando 'Ideally Suited' to Host Gay Games

Indexing minimum wage to inflation is a BIG thing

The old "political discourse" meme is back.

Which Opposition Responses to the State of the Union Message was Worse?

Unemployment is the proof that a "free market" economy does not work,

Pregnant Texas teen files suit against parents in abortion feud

The Disastrous Influence of Pope Benedict XVI by John Cassidy / The New Yorker

Just when Rick thought things couldn't get any worse . . . .

This is what love looks like.

U.S. Rep. Ed Markey lands new union endorsements in Massachusetts Senate race

Rat Robot Beats on Live Rats to Make Them Depressed

Let’s get This fucking Straight..Right now.!

Support Civil Disobedience at the White House - February 13th, 2013 (Keystone XL)

Anyone else watching POTUS on the road in Asheville, NC

Thom Hartmann: Thom's State of the Union speech

Name a piece of currently modern technology that you own, but underutilize.

Remember thou are from dust, and to dust thou shalt return.

Al Gore’s Nuclear Power Hypocrisy

Lehigh University student got a C+ and now seeks $1.3 million in lawsuit

Ok, here's one for the cosmologists

France, a long time opponent of Turkey joining the EU, has had a change of heart.

All the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust*

The Most Religious US State Is ...

To all the Catholic members here

Luke "Lucky Sperm club" Russert is now the MSNBC recognized expert

TN legislature kills bill to close failed online charter that told teachers to delete bad grades.

Pope Tweeted Into Retirement

How to deal with the media

Stay Classy, Ted.

Torching the cabin was wrong.

Bring it on: Battle over minimum wage is underway

Ted Nugent gets seated next to Thomas Lauderdale..of Portland's world-famous Pink Martini

Today in Peace and Justice history on February 13, 1967

Today in Peace and Justice history on February 13, 1967

Who are the 7 Celebrities You'd Want With You On A Desert Island - and why?

Thank you, anonymous donor for the heart. n/t

Thom Hartmann: Revealed - The Tea Party Paid for by Phillip Morris

Putting the rube in Rubio

I'm already bored with repackaged conservative Marco Rubio

Keep your govenment hands off my medical records

In Ireland and Egypt – and beyond – women are coming together to combat sexual violence

Is it just me or did Boehnet look constipated?

Steve Martin. A daddy at age 67.

Jet and I agree: until a Min-Pin wins,

Lady Gaga Can’t Walk Due to Secret Injury, “Devastated” to Cancel Concerts

Oops Gen John Allen withdraws his name from the NATO post

Shale gas finds could kill Nuclear in UK

I figured out the biggest problem at DU


Dunce Of The Week: "the 12 least religious states were located in New England"!!

Holy Dali. George Bush is a master artist compared to James Franco.

I wish to thank the DUer's for the hearts and acts of kindness

Dorner's con game worked

Thanks to whomever gave me the hearts!

Any chance John Kerry will run for POTUS in 2016?

Homo Religious (toon from Facebook)

Asheville is SOOO excited. Obama is there and said he may retire in Asheville. Says he LOVES IT SO.

WingNutDaily switches from Birtherism to Impeachment...

Tweet from the FLOTUS and a reply from a Canadian..

So did Nugent show up for the SOTU last night? Show his ass? Poop his pants?

Toon: Ask about our rebranding special!

Immigration Reform According to Ralph Reed's Bible

Thanks to the wonderful DUers who keep giving me valentine's hearts

Top 100 Genealogy websites for 2013

Anything to the left of Attila the Hun is considered "liberal" by the Republican Party.

GOP ‘Savior’ Marco Rubio Mocks Climate Change

"A Day In the Life of a Minimalist" -- free for three days (e-book)

Indiana School Decides Not To Discipline Teacher Who Says Gays Have No Purpose In Life

Carl Sagan quote

Library of Congress has plan to preserve U.S. history in recorded sound, some now lost

Get ur swagger on...

opinions please

I see a lot of travel in your future (toon)

Boehner Shoots Down Obama’s Minimum Wage Hike - UPDATED: WH Hits Back Against Boehner

Why Hedge Funds Get Away With Siphoning America's Wealth

FOX News hires Scott Brown as a contributor, will debut on Sean Hannity tonight

Rich White People Get Latino Guy To Do Some Work For Them

A little beach fun for a cold winters day

AWWW... Would you just Look at Joe's Face!

Damn you people!!!

President Obama visits Linamar Corporation in Arden, NC - pics

Scott Brown Joins Fox News As A Contributor

Practical Feminism with Nihal Saad Zaghloul

You and your terrifying orange juice, Mark Morford

Occupy Boston Defendants Denied Their Day In Court After 14 Months

Larry Davis and the Thrill of the (Man)Hunt - On Alternate Endings

Doesn't anybody else think that the water-drinking wasn't funny and all the fuss about it is stupid?

Walls, roof collapse at Chornobyl nuclear power plant

A simple way to confirm that we do not have a dictator running this country....

how rude is it that senators leave on-going proceedings?

Would any of you do this with a dog after it dies?

Regarding Dorner and the support of capital punishment

Poll Shows A Dismal Approval Rating For Bobby Jindal

Astrud Gilberto - Agua De Beber

Robert Kennedy, Julian Bond, Darryl Hannah among those arrested at WH protest

There were other options

Ron Paul in hypocritical battle with HIS OWN SUPPORTERS!

PPP: 67 Percent Of SOTU Viewers Approve Of Obama’s Speech

Saudi princes warn of damage to UK relations if allegations emerge in trial

No exception for Assange: Rape apologetics and the left

PPP: 67% of SOTU Viewers Approved of President Obama's Speech

Souza's View of the SOTU

Bloomberg the union-buster and special needs hater: "Disabled students, left out in the cold"

2014/2016/2018 US Senate Election.

NRA’s LaPierre To Respond To SOTU Thursday

QUESTION: "It's 3 in the morning and the phone in the White House is ringing ..."

Shaq gets thrown out of a Lakers game by security

A full 23% of Americans have been fired in the last four years

'Natalie Maines Likens Country Music to an 'Abusive Husband'

Hay Ted Nugent (R-Cat Poop Fever). Ya You............

Blunt says Senate repubs have the votes to keep the Senate from debating Hagel

There will be a medal for drone and cyberwar:

I will say that SOTU response speeches by the opposing party are, by their very nature, awkward.

If you watch one moment from the State of the Union, Make it this one

The State of Embarrassment

Napolitano: OK, The Border Is Secure … Can We Have Reform Now?

Accident crash - Fall from bike to the yacht

School bars So. Utah teen for 'distracting' hair

The 4 Words Our President Spoke That Resonate Now More Than Ever

GOP Rep. Brags He Was The First To Call Obama A ‘Socialist’

Hello General Discussion, I bring you a proposal. ANNUAL PIE FIGHT!

Marco Rubio, Tea Party pretty boy

Favorite SOTU pic

Winter Treetops

Stop and Shop Opens Hiring Center, Posts Ads for Scabs

Scott Brown(R-MA)-2010 victory was due to-

Carney: Rubio’s Message Same As Romney’s

Republican First Aid

LA Times: Dorner manhunt: Incendiary tear gas reportedly used on cabin

I don't always ruin my career on national television...

TPM Editor’s Blog: Rubio’s Thirst Was The Best Thing That Could Have Happened To Him

Progressive Caucus Applauds President Obama's Moves to Create Jobs and Bring Troops Home

Has any other President raised the gun control question at the SOU and

If you aren’t old enough to remember typewriters being in use

The math of online dating

Accused mobster Bulger says had license to kill

Krugman: Marco Rubio Has Learned Nothing (claims government caused the housing crisis)

Help! I just fell into a vat of chocolate.

Science and Religion: Never the Twain Shall Meet

Here's why Chinese products cost less!

Business group backs higher gas tax to fix highway system

That was an adventure with Marcy today.

Sing a love song for Me

GOP ‘Savior’ Marco Rubio Mocks Climate Change; Cap and Trade

Please, Please, Please, bring back . . .

Okay, enough with the fake news stories in GD. We'd like to have some credibility.

From national championship to jail for 4 Alabama football players

Rand Paul To Place ‘Hold’ On Brennan’s CIA Nomination

Thank you SO much for the heart kind stranger :)

Sincere thanks to the heart donor, I could have received nothing more humbling.

A Teacher Spells Out The Terms And Conditions Of Arming Our Schools

JON STEWART: The NRA Can't Make Up Their Mind On Why They Need Guns

The heart idea is wonderful!

Poll: Religious differences less important than bad sex

Marco Rubio Fail

'Nuff said!

Aussie of the day

So, Dorner's Only Means to Expose LAPD Corruption Was To Kill People?

'The Gun Show: A Collection Of Posters Against Guns' Encourages Artists To Fight Gun Culture

Marco Rubio's personal finances clash with call for fiscal discipline

Wisconsin: Walker sentences thousands to life without health care

Colorado Democrats Pass Bold New Gun Control Measures In House Committee

Aerial view of Boston two days after the blizzard

World Solar PV Capacity Surpasses 100 Gigawatts In 2012

The Boehner File

Rep. Loretta Sanchez!

Report: Big Ten to no longer schedule FCS opponents

Psaki to become State Department spokeswoman, other changes

Rolls Royce off road

2014 LA US Senate Election.

Rubio's working class house for sale for $675,000

Perry ending California trip empty handed--so far

For your viewing pleasure. Marco lip smacking

Killed deputy identified as Jeremiah MacKay

Cats must certainly break some law of can they put out

Walter Rhett: A State of the Union Address Filled with Common Sense

The Republican Party offers Zero leadership for America today except from the Extreme Right

Artistic interpretations of the year 2000 from 1900.

Why It Should Be Just As Hard To Get A Gun As It Is To Get Cold Medicine

Animal testing

Bashir on Rubio:

Study: Gun Homicides Increased 25 Percent After Missouri Repealed Background Check Law

Planet KOI 172.02, the Most Earth-like Exoplanet, Explained in Infograph

Get It Done

Poisoning the well - Dorner news crawl photoshop

Every time Ted Nugent brags about his proficiency with a gun, someone please remind him ...

Daniel Ellsberg on the NDAA: "The U.S. Government Sees the Public (As An) Enemy of The State"

Dems call on McCrory to allow Medicaid expansion

Sequester Could Kill 750,000 Jobs And Republicans Say It Will Happen

X-post: Kitteh video

Is it mutually exclusive to be both pro-gun rights and a Democrat?

Did Anyone Else Think Rand Paul Last Nite Sounded Like Owen Wilson......

Marco Rubio will star in this movie:

LIVE hummingbird nest cam!

A Good Time to Revisit The Vatican Leaks Story:

Name a President (elected -Ford doesn't count) that gave SOTU opposition response.

My 10,000th post....

"Yet another reason why Australia should rename itself to Nope" (

Obama’s ambitious second term agenda intensifies GOP’s dilemma

Pope’s resignation ‘linked to sex abuse crisis’, says ‘Mea Maxima Culpa’ director

Harry Reid Files For Cloture On Hagel Nomination


Ed Markey (D-MA) & Robin Kelly (D-IL) for Senate & 2nd district Congress (In Special Elections).

Audio catches cops shouting ‘Burn this motherf*cker!’ during Dorner siege

Ted Kennedy’s great 2007 minimum wage speech: “When does the greed stop?”

Two quotes from Schattschneider

How safe do women feel on a night out?

A letter from Kim Jong-un - delivered by Andy Borowitz

House GOP blames DOD on sequester

Catholic School Administrator Fired For Supporting Gay Marriage

Valentine’s Day Sweet For Illinois Same Sex Couples – Marriage Equality Set To Pass

Correa's and Ecuador's Success drive The Economist Nuts

Harry Reid Files For Cloture On Hagel Nomination

I really have no words to say how much I

15-Year-Old Girl Raped, Police Dismiss the Case Because Victim and Attackers Have "Low IQs"

The Panthers Want $200 Million In Public Funding To Renovate Their 17-Year-Old Stadium

Libertad para Florida.

Ohio town latest focus of religion legal debate

Onion Nails Rubio: Rich White People Get Latino Guy To Do Some Work For Them

Why are dog treats full of things proven harmful to dogs? Garlic, etc.

I haz hearts...

GOP party in Tennessee Senate is about to vote allowing Doctors to carry

A heart for everybody, for my 25,000th post...

NY to pass "Rape is Rape" bill

Pope’s resignation ‘linked to sex abuse crisis’, says ‘Mea Maxima Culpa’ director

Not one for the contest

New Paper Finds Modest Minimum Wage Increases Have Little Impact on Employment

LPGA rookie bitten by Black Widow on 4th hole. Uses tee to exise poison. Finishes round w/ 74.

Sorry Obama, There's No Way Manufacturing Can Save America

New stomach bug strain sweeps the United States

Does anyone know why the LAPD kicked Dorner off the force?

Call Congress Right Now! (Seriously)

Yes, Virginia, the Rich Continue to Get Richer: the Top 1% Got 121% of Income Gains Since 2009

I might be wrong, but don’t a lot of people on cruise ships travel on these ships because of

Fox Mocks 102-Year-Old's Long Wait To Vote

Is It Up To The President To Challenge Liberal Dogma Like McConnell Suggests?....

Obama Rolls Into North Carolina and Challenges Decades of Republican Minimum Wage Myths

GOP Tells America To Look beyond the Poland Spring

HUD, HHS partner to provide permanent housing, services to low-income persons with disabilities

Public's help sought to repaint Obama mural at Breakfast Klub in Houston

Barry Bonds seeks to overturn conviction

Enough with the Wretched Middle Class Already By Max Ehrenfreund

Undocumented immigrant attends State of the Union as Texas Rep. Marc Veasey’s guest

Poland Spring Water Suing Senator Marco Rubio For Defamation

Does anyone have a live MSNBC stream?

Here’s why mainstream America has given up on the Republican Party

Disaster at Xichang

Missouri Botanical Garden Orchid Show

Pelosi: Boehner Was ‘Projecting’ his own failures when he called Obama Weak

Our cable network carries the "sportsman channel".....just saw the NRA's program

All agree immigration policy needs reforms, but divides seen on how to proceed

Poland Spring Natural Spring Water --- Reflects On Their Cameo "WHAT A NIGHT"

House of Cards Reviewed: Episode 12

Valentine’s Day Sweet For Illinois Same Sex Couples – Marriage Equality Set To Pass

About that cruise ship with the clogged up plumbing, I know they aren't supposed to

Joe Arpaio hired a convicted child-sex criminal for armed school “posse”

Iraq war plan based on 'primitive' grasp of Islam, admits Labour frontbencher

Are you a landlord? If so, I have a question.

You can call me "Loco Daddy". How about you?

NYT: Kerry Says He Is Preparing Proposals on Syria Crisis

Think it's really him? Check out this reply I got to a post. Post post 141 possted at 1:41 pm

I drank fracking fluid, says Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper

20 Great Public Library Websites

the most searing indictment of the American rich ever written.

Study: Tobacco control lowers Calif. health costs

European-funded Ma'an published Holocaust denial

Julian Bond, Robert Kennedy Jr, Bill McKibben, 45 others arrested at White House

Thank you so much for the hearts. Right back at ya!

Ted Cruz, Texas's New Senator, Gets Schooled Over His Chuck Hagel Campaign

Collins says she will oppose Hagel’s confirmation

Pelosi: Boehner Was ‘Projecting’ When He Called Obama Weak

Photo of Nugent at SOTU

The million dollar Dorner reward

In regards to Medicare savings, read this article

Warren, Brown, Reed demand majority vote on Cordray nomination

Slower Growth of Health Costs Eases Budget Deficit -

"...sat through last night’s speech like a bunch of heads that belonged on...Easter Island."

The God problem (part 1)

Tom The Dancing Bug Toon:Obama's Secret Legal Technology for Drones

Gun battle with wanted ex-cop - caught on video: Dorner.

Obamist Isolationism? What are they thinking in Davos?

The 'Ideal' woman, circa 1926

Some Awesome Photos of President Obama

Who Was the Bigger State of the Union Distraction: Boehner or Biden?

"Most Americans Are No Longer Fooled By Republican Buzzwords and Dishonest Slogans"

Roger Hedgecock's nuclear fear-mongering: North Korea can now nuke the USA. (Wrong)

Dish Network has The Americans on FX tonight listed as episode 5. That can NOT be right.

oh my--go away for a couple of hours, and come back to TWO hearts!! what a wonderful way

Robotic Harassment Causes Depression in Rats

CODEPINK Repeatedly Disrupts Brennan Hearing Calling Out Names of Civilians Killed in Drone Strikes

State of the Union Seating Planners Troll Ted Nugent, Put Him Next to Gay Civil Rights Activist

I think President Obama should appoint Ted Nugent as Shit Czar

Nurse sues hospital over alleged racist note

An idea for how to undercut GOP arguments against raising the minimum wage

Picture of the week...

Groundbreaking Project Shows Drop in Hospitalizations & Rehospitalizations 4 Medicare Beneficiaries

Households asked to put a wash on when its windy (UK Wind Energy)

Know what I'm going to do with my DU hearts?

NRA's Wayne LaPierre: Buy A Gun Or You Will Be Killed

I need so help with finding the info on a story that the pro high capacity magazines...

USAID program to fight El Salvador crime

To the kind soul who gave me a heart today..

Missouri bill redefines science, gives equal time to intelligent design

"Total Kabuki Oversight": Jeremy Scahill on Lovefest Between Senators & John Brennan

Nicaraguan miners clash with authorities over Canadian concession


Little change in Honduras prison where 362 died

Just a word of caution about those luxury cruise ships

To Make What Difference We Can

Anyone remember this?

They Deserve A Vote

Sheriff’s School Security Posse Has Guns and a Pedophile. (Arpiao)

Worst cruise ever

Justice Details ‘History Of Abusive Behavior’ At Wisconsin Supreme Court guys? The Republicans just filibustered Hagel. A first for a Defense Secretary nominee.

2014 KY US Senate Election

Great photo of Ted Nugent at the State of the Union

Daisuke Tanabe - Ghost

“I’m Tired of Pulling Bullets Out of Kids”

Drought's toll hits Nebraska ethanol producers hard

So the day after President Obama's State of the Union Speech,

Time for President Obama to Choose Sides on Keystone XL

$1.5 Trillion in Deficit Savings Would Stabilize the Debt Over the Coming Decade

Open Letter to all you ultra-liberal wimps whining about Dorner being torched.

"Hey Congress: Pre-K is a better investment than the stock market"

Am I overreacting here? (Texas bashing)

Jon Stewart: "Every time Dick Cheney laughs, an angel gets stabbed in the dick."

Guantanamo warden says he didn't know about microphones in meeting rooms