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Archives: February 12, 2013

Oh-oh. Pope Benedict according to 12th century seer St. Malachy will be succeeded by the last pope.

Calling someone a "True Patriot"

"Nobody needs a 30 round magazine to defend themselves"

Has anyone else been watching "House of Cards" on Netflix?

Col. Lawrence Wilkerson Warns Obama's Drone War Violates International Law, Creating More Enemies

WV man killed in murder-suicide for efforts to save sexually-abused child

ok, this is just too funny. mom got a bee sting. is she alright?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 12 February 2013

It was the egg.

Baby pig has a wheelchair made of toys

Protesters Confront CEO and "Fix the Debt" Leader over Corporate Tax Breaks

'California is looking at our backside,' Texas Gov. Rick Perry says in San Francisco

Did the Anti-Christ force the Pope to resign?

NY Times: "Young, Liberal and Open to Big Government"

Asteroids 'playing roulette with the Earth'

Pope Jokes. Post em here!

Bush's illegal Iraq invasion. How does it compare to a drone strike?

While walking

2014 us senate election.

LOL! Wingnuttery: Prior to the 1970s women had the better end of the deal

Michael Healy on the Transformative Potential of Cooperatives

World could face outbreak of 'virtually untreatable' TB after deadly strain is discovered in SA

Nugent said he'd be dead or in jail by April 2013

We're Not Saying Gays Are Pedophiles, But…

Well, the healthy breakfast at my fitness group was pretty good.

Zionism neoliberal style

Just got my fifth heart. Thanks to all five of you.

Conservative Logic 101

Lighten up: Hullabaloo and the Lovin' Spoonful, anyone?

What The GOP Won’t Tell You: Our Debt Is Nearly Stabilized

Fuck You, Piglet

A 6 word sentence the President needs to keep handy tomorrow night;

Senator Menendez is looking worse and worse

I think I may have a stalker...

Disturbing quotes from the front runner to be the next Pope

Possible reaction to toradol injection?

Marc Oullet

I'm blowing thank kisses to my secret heart gifter!

Kate Clancy tackles Evolutionary Psychology

I believe the public in California are more afraid of being gunned down by the LAPD than Dorner..

Ron Paul is a Massive Hypocrite

CBO Social Security Policy Options

Why Even Radiologists Can Miss A Gorilla Hiding In Plain Sight

Lo, there will be much gnashing of teeth and rending of garments in Republican salons tonight...

Gov. Corbett: Lowest Approval Ratings in History of Franklin & Marshall Poll

This map is missing two things:

One more thanks for the hearts thread.

This is Your Representative on Guns

"No, dear..."

2 Charged with Murder in Hadiya Pendleton Slaying (Honor Student Who Performed at Inauguration)

How to survive a Nor'easter (from FB)

What Ted Nugent is trying to do

Joe Walsh, Captain Asshole

Deadbeat Walsh Wants To Stop Paying Child Support...

USA Today survey of economists: growing optimism about 2013

Montana TV Station’s Emergency Alert System Hacked, Warns of Zombie Apocalypse

Obama on protecting Seal Team 6 members while in Pakistan during Bin Laden Raid...

Wow, Joe Scarborough Doesn’t Understand Economics at All

Where's Kali? I'm saving my last heart for her.

Over-Population (One Solution)

President Obama Plans to Take His Agenda Straight to the People

Meet The New Hero Of The Right-Wing: Dr. Benjamin Carson

Man demands to smell his ex-girlfriend's feet, when she refuses he bites off her toe

Can President Obama "Reform" Public Education?

The problem runs a lot deeper than Ted Nugent

North Carolina Unemployment Benefits Cuts Harshest In Country: Report


Matzpen and the story of two ads

As a man, I'd love to see a female majority in the House and Senate

North Carolina Unemployment Benefits Cuts Harshest In Country: Report

I find it hard to pass up a good deal... but good god, what have I done.

House of Cards Reviewed: Episode 10

Rape Jokes are OK on DU, apparently

excuse me sir, but YOU speak for no one

Have you filed yet?

Ex-Rep. Joe Walsh: I Can’t Afford Child Support Payments

Indians upbeat about US proposal to grant more green cards to science & maths graduates

Lost-Links and Mid-Air Collisions: The Problems With Domestic Drones

Now that the Final Pope is about to be named...

Hostess cleared by court to auction off Twinkie brand

For my hearts

"The Connecticut Effect" tape = "The 47%" tape...

Is there anyone on DU without a heart left?

Jimmy Kimmel guest tonight Kai the Hitchhiker

Rubio is Limited Because He's a Crook

ACW Responds to "Ashley's Story" Ad from American Crossroads

Thom Hartmann: How MMT Will Save America & the World

Resigning Pope No Longer Has Strength To Lead Church Backward

Yet another delay announced for nuclear friendly Finland's new reactor

Will Dorner be the next D. B. Cooper?

Question about delivery as opposed to content

Dear Dick. tell us where the WMD's in Iraq are and you can tell the President who to nominate

Hadiya Pendleton's parents will sit with Michelle Obama at the State of the Union tomorrow.

Comic Sarah Silverman's sister detained by Israel

Walking Dead return smashes ratings record, creams the Grammys

Tests in Mice Misled Researchers on 3 Diseases, Study Says

If DU started an International Trade Group

FINALLY! UW Professor sues State over Capitol access policy

Abortion opponents tie woman's death to Nebraska doctor

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Best of Malloy & a new Kitty gif

A Letter for John McCain

Want to know how much a hip replacement will cost? Many hospitals won't be able to tell you

"Giffords Eases Steadily Into New Life, and Cause"


'Papabili' profiles

The Last Days of Hostess

I would like to watch the State of the Union address

‘Medal of Honor Winner’s Son Steals Show’:

Medicare Fraud: HHS announces record-breaking $4.2 Billion recovered in FY 2012

Sherrod Brown in on Rachel Maddow show.

Would Lincoln use drones?

Meet Artist Alfred Twu of the "High Speed Rail System" Rendering

Truth as truthy as truth can be

Gabby's new anti-gun violence ad

I am NOT a hypocrite.

The News-Times of Danbury, CT wins teh storm

Tonight my sweetie and I took the foster we cared for over the weekend back to shelter, 2+ years old

Video of testimony of mentally ill man LAPD kicked in the head (Dorner hearing)

Whoever they pick as Pope...just not that African Peter guy

In The Shoes of the Fisherman

Thank you for my heart

Well, I have to brag somewhere!

As Valentine's Day praise of liberal men

Thanks for yet another heart!

NRA Anti-Gun List Missing From Gun Group's Website

The MSM needs to start covering Nugent.

Why are little toes so easy to break?

A no-politics thread: Chris Kyle R.I.P.

As Valentine's Day praise of women

Thank You!

Hey, DU winos -- what have I got here?

I bet this has excellent gas mileage.

Should rejecting the 5th Amendment mean an instant PPR?

DNR eagle cam

My thanks for my lovely heart!

Is anyone watching Westminster?

Thank you for the hearts . . .

If you really think that Obama = Bush,

Thanks for the heart!

A sneak peek at Republicans’ post-State of the Union whining

Cut ties or not

WND Attacks Sandy Hook Father

I'm quitting, too

Alright. What the fuck is wrong with this image?

Sacramento Bee editorial says Texas is last in mental health care spending

I just want to thank you evil, water-carrying, fundie atheists in here for my hearts.

Dick Cheney Tells CBS: Obama Wants To Do Serious Damage To Military

How to talk smack to aliens

Seismic activity reported in area of previous North Korea nuclear tests

Seismic activity reported in area of previous North Korea nuclear tests

can someone pray for me?


Lawrence O'Donnell, re: NRA's enemy list. Britney Spears?

Thank you for my heart (arrived ca. 5:17 p.m. EST)!

Cheney: Obama Chose Hagel So A Republican Will ‘Take The Heat’ For Defense Cuts

Missouri Governor Wants To Keep Rams Team In State

North Korea Appears to Test Nuclear Device

Largest tea party group plans to challenge Rove

NASA Launches Most Advanced Earth Satellite

The Pope - He said in this statement that...

Genetically Engineered Meat, Coming Soon to a Supermarket Near You

Gun owners need to find a more sane alternative to the NRA

A couple of things I've been playing around with for the competition....

Should defending killing innocent people be grounds for instant PPR?

Good Lord. John Boehner actually did something nice.

From FB: Morgan Freeman

Is Ted Nugent REALLY an invited guest to the SOTU?

Who wants to argue about both sides do it?

Anyone else watching Coretta and Betty ?

I hate stepping in cat puke.

How can a man who has had so much incendiary language toward the President receive

Forgive Me if I Dupe... Antarctic Base Opens

"So wondering about homosexual scout leaders is I think legitimate for parents."--Berzerker banned.

Indiana teacher wants straight prom because LGBT people have no 'purpose'

My heart broke just now listening to Tom Harkin on the Ed Show

Brain-Dead Teen, Only Capable Of Rolling Eyes And Texting, To Be Euthanized

Nugent "I’ve got to demilitarize before I go.”

Labor unions file federal suit challenging Michigan's right-to-work legislation

S. Korean Defense Ministry Confirms DPRK Nuclear Ttest

Anyone else disappointed Obama is still going to these loony Prayer Breakfast things

Pope Suburban the first

U.S. marshal's office says Dorner may have fled to Mexico

‘Holy Quit!’ The Daily Show Predicts Romney, Perry And Rubio As Pope Successors

An Insiders View of Progressive Talk Radio

Best health care system in the world my fuckin ass!

Mind-blowing Malfeasance of Credit Scorers Exposed by 60 Minutes

JOBS Act Would Revive Dot-Com Abuses, Official Claims

Anybody remember the email from Ralph Reed to Jack Abramoff

Dorner during LAPD training

The Laboratory & Scientific department at Amazon...

I found this great website, take a tour of the Grand Canyon streetview.

Nugent cautions the press covering the State of the Union not to underestimate him

Something weird just occurred to me about the Dorner case.....

College hoops, NBA must be repaired

Oh, I got hearts! Thanks so much everyone. I love them!

How Female Leaders Should Handle Double-Standards

Thank you for the hearts

Chris Hayes says we face "stark choice between the war we are now fighting" and the law.

Arizona Planned Parenthood Law Overturned By Federal Judge

So does my one heart mean

Has Rachel married?

S. Korea believes N. Korea conducted third nuclear test

EU court rules against Iran Bank Saderat sanctions

GOP Dream - Raise Eligibility Age To 90 For SSA And Medicare. That Way There Will Be Almost No --

The first of this year's comets may be less spectacular than predicted...PanSTARRS news

Please Please sign this petition - Separate Prom for "Straights"

Tampa doctor gets $4M from blowing whistle on Medicare fraud

Small Things

Money misspent on prisons is money better spent elsewhere

National Emergency Powers, Mr.President?

Ted Nugent’s SOTU Invite Is The Best News Gun Control Advocates Have Heard All Week

Spaceport: Protect area resource

S.F. workers' computer use investigated (for online porn/gambling)

Can someone answer a simple question about Dorner for me?

Judge approves $1.9M settlement in Gregg County Jail inmate death

My thoughts on Dorner's whereabouts (FWIW)...just my thoughts, I'm not educated in this in any way.

New Mexico lawmakers propose changing film and TV subsidies

I just found out - realized, really - DU2 still exists. The echoes in the halls must be amazing!


I’m an old rocker, who has a hobby, N.Y. Doo Wop.

Pope Benedict XVI Resigning Papacy To Coach Football At Penn State

Thank you for the hearts!

Trouble serving on jury.....

The ultimate-fantasy spice rack:

Boehner Gets Emotional During State Of The Union - Jimmy Fallon Show

Chorale to Perform in Italy (including St. Peter's Basilica) Over Spring Break

Unions May Be Kidding Themselves by Banking on Getting Jobs Back After Hostess Liquidation

A State Rep. Wants Schools to Offer Gun Classes, Because This is Texas, Goddammit

North Korea did 3rd nuclear test

Remember Thaddeus McCotter, the Michigan congressman who's petitions were fake?

Special needs teacher says gays have no purpose in life.(very very very UGLY)

Japan can’t afford to leave nuclear power switched off

Elon Musk, New York Times engage in war of words over Tesla Model S range

North Korea confirms third nuclear test

Doctors Struggling to Fight 'Totally Drug-Resistant' Tuberculosis in South Africa

A trip down memeory lane - Britney Spears on trusting President Bush

Mike Malloy reviews the John Brennan confirmation hearing (4 videos)


Mexican Leftist Leader Launches Campaign Against Oil Industry Reforms

FBI Investigating Public Corruption in Puerto Rico

Fitch: Venezuelan Devaluation Fails to Clear Policy Uncertainty

Rare video of President Obama practicing for his SOTU address:

What statistics show how out-of-whack America with the rest of the world?

NYT/Nocera says gun advocates have a point regarding violent movies

Republicans need to have their Zell Miller.

SOTU Threads

2014 US Senate Election-Good Year for Democrats.

February 12, 1963 Construction begins on the Gateway Arch

Former Gov. Don Siegelman's Son Speaks Out

REVEALED! What Made The Pope Quit....

Ted Nugent’s SOTU Invite Is The Best News Gun Control Advocates Have Heard All Week

'Every new car' connected to web by 2014

Who Are the Nones and Why Did They Vote for Obama?

I've wondered for a while why my dreams mock me.

To whoever gave me a heart...

This Week In Science...

Hadiya Pendleton Charges: Two Men Charged With Murder In Death Of 15-Year-Old Chicago Honor Student

NRA prepares to celebrate Obama's second term

I've wondered for a while why my dreams mock me (cross post from lounge).

The Real Story of the Religious Right -- A Movement Born to Defend Racial Segregation

Conservative Folly: How the Right's War on Renewable Energy Could Doom Red States

The Pope replacement...

Story of "White Boy Rick": Feds Built Him into Drug Kingpin at Age 14, Then Threw Him in Prison

Gas company targets protected Manú park in Peruvian Amazon

Benedict, the placeholder pope who leaves a battered, weakened church

Seniors and Vets to Crash ‘Fix the Debt’ Party Hosted by Honeywell CEO

Barack Obama's Lincoln Moment

Another Study Confirms That Taxes And Regulations Aren’t Holding Back Job Creation

Second UK case of 'Sars-like' coronavirus identified

French Onion Soup from scratch, and I mean SCRATCH! (well, almost! lots of pics) (edited)

For Shame, Wealthy America: Some Facts About the Victims of Your Greed

Zinc 'keeps immune system in check'

Dogs understand human perspective, say researchers

Oil price gap a handy excuse for strapped governments: Steward

The Man Who Would be King of the Popes

John Brennan CIA drone hearing repeats hideous history: Mallick

Carnival Climax: Germany Goes Crazy at Rose Monday Parades

Are you or your SO the hardest of hardcore zombie fans. How 'bout a teddy bear?

in australia, wind power is already cheaper than fossil fuels and solar is right behind

Yeah, I'm goin' to hell...

Silence before the conccert

Occupied Greek Factory Begins Production Under Workers Control

Need surgery? Good luck getting hospital cost info

Is This the Secret U.S. Drone Base in Saudi Arabia?

I Am Hurting Too - The hurt of militarized authoritarianism in Singapore, Afghanistan and the world

Afghanistan confirms UN report on child killings by US-led troops

Happy Mardi Gras

Question for the war criminal of a Dick

Congress Does NOT Support Our Troops

for shame, wealthy america, some facts about the victims of your greed

Ted Nugent : "these imbeciles in the armed forces"

The Real Debt Issue: It’s Not How Much We Will Owe, It’s Who Will Hold the Note

"Freedom Red"?

Nothing New Under the Wingnut Sun: 'Textbook Wars'

So God made a banker

Afghan peace plan in trouble as Pakistani clerics balk at proposed meeting in Kabul

Krugman in 2008 (true today): conservatives win elections by exploiting white resentment BUT

Uh, Tweety, didn't Obama already try that jobs thing?

The Afghan Quagmire: Rural Afghanistan force with shady reputation may grow

Pedo, Poacher, Dodger, Ted Nugent to Attend State of the Union With Stockman

Nugent: ‘I Will Be Taking On Media Orgy’ After SOTU

Shell to tow Arctic drilling vessels to Asia for repairs

The Facebook Page of Rep. Steve Stockman

2013/2014 MA US Senate Election.

Survivor: Caramoan - Weekly threads return?

Innocent Until Proven Guilty; Imminent Until Proven — Too Late!

Hemp! Hemp! Hurrah.

Italian ex-spy chief gets 10 years in CIA case

Joe is such a douche

Smart Phone & future health care(wow! Just wow!)

Judge overturns Arizona law barring Planned Parenthood funding

Any other DU'ers tired of the "camaraderie" during the President's entrance before the SOTU address?

Deformity Rates Of Up To 20% In Cane Toads In Gladstone, Queensland - Extra Eyes, Limbs, Etc.

Cronkite, in 1967, accurately describes 21st Century home office

Tax Foundation: Oklahoma ranks 5th highest in sales tax

McCain is Obama’s unwitting ally

Iran soothes nuclear tensions by resuming uranium conversion

SOTU Addresses Typically Paved With Green Intentions

Dick Cheney helps his cousin - By Joan Walsh

Washington imposes sanctions on Venezuela's Cavim for support to Iran

World Bank Board Pulls Plug On Independent Audit Of Lending To Support Rainforest Logging

New lottery article

GOP Civil War Watch: According to Karl Rove's group, rightie leader Brent Bozell is a 'hater'

US Navy eyes March 23 deadline for extricating USS Guardian from Tubbataha

Lawmakers propose criminalizing United Nations election monitoring in Tennessee

Uganda deports British theatre producer over play exploring gay issues

Bush Can't Even Put A Glory-Hole In The Right Place

Bradley Manning Update: Where Is He, When Is His Trial, What Is His Defense?

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Pope

Pentagon Downgrades Specs for Its Premier Stealth Jet — Again

Semi-official lounge anti-Valentine's thread. I declare war on St. Valentine's Day!

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- SOTU

First Lady Michelle Obama invites 102-year-old North Miami woman to State of Union speech

Slowpoke Toon- Gun nut or killer?

Derf Toon- Not the Matrix we wanted

Reich: Obama should Batter Republicans Over The Head

Winooski (VT rep) hopes to slow down F-35

Unusual blast at tea party from FL state senate president (R) re. nullification & Obamacare.

The Super Hornet Would Out Perform The F-35 In Any Canadian Arctic Operation, Says CF-18 Pilot

Perry opens his mouth,

Ted Nugent is the guest of a Republican member of congress tonight

New Hattiesburg tornado footage!! These guys almost got too close!.....

Happy Birthday, Charles Darwin!!

The contrast between GOP and Tea Party, and the rest of the country, middle and left,

Gun culture fails to pass Buddhist muster

TN 'guns-in-trunks' bill gets 28-5 Senate OK; House votes next

Republicans support a path to citizenship except when Obama supports it

Thanks for the Hearts!!

Expect more respectful Republicans at the State of the Union address (cartoon)

Be amazed: Tea Party rebuttal to the SOTU - they are so smart, they can do it ahead of time-Borowitz

Cheney backs Obama policy on drone strikes

Who moved the slimy rock away from the troll cave?

A dirty game: Match-fixing is endemic in soccer

To whom ever gave me a heart, thank you

Laissez les bons temps rouler

Thom Hartmann: The USPS Media #FAIL

Studies: Flu vaccine effectiveness waned over 2011-12 season

Texas: DNA Test Leads to Freedom After 30 Years

If Dr. Seuss had been less subtle...

Barry Scheck's Innocence Project help free wrongfully convicted TX man after three decades in prison

The IOC is dropping wrestling from the Olympics.

Wild hospital cost disparities revealed

Toles, heh

Ted Nugent, GOP Ambassador

New Book: "Inside Rehab" by Anne Fletcher

Dorner's truck found near associate's property, court records show

Thank you!

Giant military catamaran docked in St. Petersburg

Israel's 'Prisoner X' was Australian Mossad agent, documentary claims.

Wrestling dropped from 2020 Games

HOLY SEED! - Bolt from the blue: Lightning strikes St. Peter's after pope's announcement

The New Cost of Dying in Ohio: Kasich's 20 proposed "Death Taxes"

Do you know what bothers me most about the recent North Korean Nuclear tests?

A Nugent Meltdown at SOTU - Good News or Bad News?

A headline that tells you every single thing you need to know about politics in America today.

Glenn Beck will celebrate July 4 by talking to the Man in the Moon (not a joke)

My son's theory on the "Following"

Navy urged to stay the course on ship repairs

Virginia Cuts State Employees’ Hours To Avoid Providing Obamacare Coverage

Hello, officers of the Los Angeles Police Department, we are Anonymous...#OperationDorner to commenc

Thanks to whomever gave me a heart.

The Dead rising from the grave in Montana

Vatican acknowledges that pope has had pacemaker

Please sign my petition and help it go viral today - RE: the msm & Nugent

Thank you for the heart!

Wango Tango arrives at Dulles International for SOTU appearance

Military weighs cutbacks, shifts in drone programs

8 famous people who accidentally shot themselves

Stop Saying Abortion: Planned Parenthood Provides MEDICAL SERVICES.

Please help me understand the doctrine

Nugent. The Patriot.

New Centralized Nuclear Plants: Still an Investment Worth Making?

In Afghanistan pullout, Pentagon favors phased reduction over 3 years

North Korea Blast Twice 2009 Size: Monitoring Agency

A warm thank you to the DUers that gave me hearts.

Part Of A Poem From Eastern Afghanistan

Obama to Announce 34,000 Troop Afghanistan Drawdown This Year

To detect rascism in a Obama hating Republican wait for the phrase "It is not because he is Black".

J'accuse, Pope Benedict

The Onion (at its best): Resigning Pope No Longer Has Strength To Lead Church Backward

Job Openings in U.S. Dropped in December From Four-Year High

Negative stereotypes about boys hinder their academic achievement

Boehner On Path To Citizenship: ‘How About A Little Foreplay First?’

Negative stereotypes about boys hinder their academic achievement

Germany considers buying armed drones

I just finished watching BBCA's"Whitechapel" on demand.....

Every Leftwing Activist needs 2 watch: NDAA Lawsuit- Hedges v. Obama, The Last Thin Line of Defense

I hope they select that African bishop as the new pope, just to see Republican Catholics

Which image should we use for today's Pic Of The Moment? Cast your vote!

Gitmo drill readies for migrant crisis

Only in Arkansas Can Tenants be Arrested if Landlords Say They Didn’t Pay Rent on Time

Judge Prez

Army to print guns, grenades, and more with new 3D system

Don't blame them. Li'l Skittles' parents tried everything to stop her asskicking proclivities.

Is "feminist shaming" an acceptable term on DU?

Catlover? Give up any aspirations to own worldly possessions.

You're pretty damned disgusting if God feels the need to put on a rubber glove before touching you.

This dog is crying out for help. And would appreciate it if you'd stop calling him a "weiner dog"...

MiddleFingerMom has done his fair share of PSA's... but none more personal than this one.

MFM really does appreciate all the DU hearts, but you're giving him a big head (no, not THAT one).

100,000+ Join Conservative-Alternative to Facebook (Story update)

Tea Party Issues Scathing Rebuttal to State of Union Twelve Hours Before Speech

Gasoline Hits Highest Price Since October

Success Of AIA's Anti-Sequester Campaign Looks Unlikely

Why Even Radiologists Can Miss A Gorilla Hiding In Plain Sight

No wonder John loved her.

Sensible Woodchucks understand drone warfare.

Well, what do you know? It looks like Allen West didn't go away after all!

New Networks Potential Untapped Until Services Shrink Units, Strip Hierarchy

Kerry Seeks To Unblock $700 Million In Aid For Palestinians

So much for shedding the 'stupid party' label

The No-Love Boat

You best mind your manners, Mr. Brown.

Happy Darwin Day!!!! How will YOU help advance Science and Humanity?

Happy Darwin Day!!!! How will YOU help advance Science and Humanity?

Anti-fracking Campaign Ads Drill Governor Cuomo...

Maybe Obama will reference "Cat Scratch Fever" in the SOTU.

A Second former LAPD officer releases a manifesto

Anybody else following MSNBC's series on the 91 gun deaths the weekend of Jan. 19-21?

Matt Damon Goes on Strike

Media Matters report on Ted Nugent

Dumb and Dumber: A Secret CIA Drone Base, a Blowback World, and Why Washington Has No Learning Curve

You're giving up WHAT for Lent?!!

Onion in 2003: N. Korea Wondering What It Has To Do To Attract U.S. Military Attention

Brutal Pope Toon: "AchTung Taxi"

Turn Off that Camera! Animal Cruelty Videos Being Blocked

Does Anyone in Congress Care? State of the Drones

Idle No More-Link to 8 bills that violate treaties and are meant to destroy & assimilate 1st Nations

Walker did something right.

Pope Accepts Senior Analyst Position At Catholic Think Tank

Today in Peace and Justice history on February 12, 1909

TV station's emergency broadcast system hacked, broadcasts warning of zombie apocalypse. Seriously

Today in Peace and Justice history on February 12, 1909

Homer (Illinois) rejects water sale to coal mine

For some of us, there's no escape from the Vietnam War

From Bad to Worse

Telesur news channel gives Cubans glimpse of world

Investigators believe slayings suspect Chris Dorner had accomplice helping him flee

Giving up alcohol for lent.....last time I tried this I lasted 3 days....

So, I went over to the good congressman's FB page

Walsh Threatens To Sue About The Latest Deadbeat Story...

The Doomsday Machine

Democratic, Republican senators clash at latest hearing on guns

McCrory backs bill to stop Medicaid expansion

NRA Convention Helps Distribute Literature Calling For Secession And Civil War

Ancient languages reconstructed by computer program

today in women's herstory

ZING! CNN Anchor Tricks Sexist Guest Into Accidentally Endorsing Racism

Inhofe: Hagel To Be Held to ‘60-Vote Threshold’

For those beginning to question why our govt. jobs need to be privatized,

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a squid

French Assembly passes gay marriage, adoption bill

NBA Star Calls Out Homophobia On Twitter

a biography of the day-myra bradwell (1st woman to practice law in US)

Keiser Report: Debt Junkie Nation

The Rude Pundit: No, Liberals Aren't Making Alleged Killer Christopher Dorner Into a Hero

Just caulk it. (subtext:Grothman is an idiot)

“Pope no more!” they cried. “No more homophobe” and “Bye bye Benedict!”

IOC drops wrestling from 2020 Olympics

Face time

You can say that "some men don't get it". You can even say that "many men don't get it".

a biography of the day-maggie lena walker (1st woman bank president in US)

Breaking: Sen. David Vitter (R-Poopy Diapers) to accompany Ted Nugent (R-Poopy Pants)

Boxer And Nelson To Co-Sponsor Election Reform Bill

Obama Flashback: His 2000 appearance on Chicago Tonight

Live hummingbird nest cam, 1 egg

All that soul-searching by Jindal, Rubio, and others for the heart of the republican party

Parody Website Fools The Washington Post Into Thinking Sarah Palin Heading To Al Jazeera

Why the State of the Union is more like a High School Reunion

Why blanch almonds

Glen Greenwald: Should an armed drone be dispatched to kill Christopher Dorner?

some quotes of the day-alice roosevelt longworth

Thom Hartmann: Sieg Heil is again being chanted in Europe

Heart Attack Grill spokesman dies of apparent heart attack

French lawmakers approve same-sex marriage bill

TV Emergency alert system hacked in Montana, hilarious warning about zombie outbreak!

"Divorce causes poverty, juvenile delinquency and lower scholastic achievement"

To the donor of my heart

Southern California school closes due to Christopher Dorner threat

For your amusement, and (hopefully) my education

NY Town Sued for Banning 'Frack' Talk at Meetings

Thank you for my heart....

'Illegal Immigrant Hunting Permit' sticker sold at gas stations

Oops! Woman Accidentally Shoots Husband In McDonald’s After Dropping Gun (SPECIAL BONUS VIDEO)

I'm generally okay with the efforts of 'Anonymous' but this is anti-Democratic

ABC/WaPo Poll: Obama’s Agenda Viewed More Favorably Than Congressional GOP

Suburban Phoenix police conduct 'de facto immigration checkpoint,' detain 11

'Gay-free' prom idea backfires on supporters in Indiana town (Story update)

Police: U-Md. student kills housemate, shoots another, in murder-suicide

9-year-old boy killed, 2 wounded by man randomly shooting at cars


Anyone have jury results for the "conservative troll fucker" leave?

Mark Balelo, reality t.v. character from Storage War commits suicide.

Forward on Climate Solidarity Rallies, Feb 17

Resolved - You can make a joke about anything!

Middle East river basin has lost Dead Sea-sized quantity of water

New euphemism for "exhausted"

WE DID NOT VOTE FOR THE CHAINED CPI.--- Dems Have To Remember That Fact.

Announcement On American-US Airways Merger Might Come Thursday

Boehner: Obama doesn't have the guts to cut spending

Thousands line Texas streets and overpasses to salute dead sniper

Senator Marco Rubio “Loser” & “A Token Slave Boy” Says Univision Assistant

State of the Union guest Desiline Victor, 102, will be the face of voting delays at address

Something tells me ...

Letter to Congress

Thank you for the heart "someone"! eom

Don't be a copy

If you don't have kids in Freerepublic's daycare program, be careful where you park.

President Obama: You Can Solve Both the Climate and Economy Crises Together

Tennessee Virtual Academy emails teachers to delete bad grades. For-profit online school.

Constitutionality of Proposed Firearms Legislation

SOTU tonite and Congressman jerk Steve Stockman

I've been invited to a Dinner with Steven Colbert, in support of his Sister's campaign...

Dorner manhunt: Girls basketball scholarship honors slain couple

Daily Show blames Manti Te’o: Pope questioned ‘relationship with someone he talks to all the time,

Cheap, strong lithium-ion battery developed at USC

Hadiya’s folks will humanize gun issue during State of the Union

The Freedom Firm...

Thom Hartmann: Are Dorner's actions the result of racism?

Thank you for my Hearts

How we could save billions of dollars and/or get tests

Slower Growth of Health Costs Eases U.S. Deficit

Objectification suppresses women’s desire to engage in social activism

Does Congresscritter Stockman Want Obama Assassinated?

Mark Rubio and his bilingual response to the State of the Union Address

Toon: And now a word from the people who say guns will preserve your freedom...

"WTF" story of the day, woman drinks more than 2 gallons of Coke a day, dies as a result

How hard is it to explain homosexuality to your childern?

Southern bashing

Legacy of "Police Terrorism" Should Prompt Serious Probe of Christopher Dorner's Claims

Larry Bird’s son arrested for allegedly trying to run over ex-girlfriend with a car

Alec Baldwin to Auction Part of his "30 Rock" Dressing Room for Children's Tumor Foundation

Papantonio: It’s Time To Prosecute Wall Street Criminals

Egypt: Hundreds of police stage rare protests

Unions call Michigan right-to-work law unconstitutional in lawsuit

here's a new twist on an old cliche

Israel Rocked By Australian Report On Secret 'Prisoner X'

Boehner accuses Obama of not having 'the guts' to cut spending

Biased magazine

Celebrating Darwin: Religion And Science Are Closer Than You Think

I have a question for the "There's no difference between Bush and Obama" crowd:

From Facebook regarding the Pope

An Apache helicopter fires a Hellfire missile. A drone fires a Hellfire missile. (w/ edit)

VIDEO: Younger son takes on Nemo's snowdrifts while Trixie and Gizmo look on. :^D

Lightning strikes St Peter's Basilica as Pope resigns.

Happy Mardi Gras from the cold, grey Pacific Northwest.

Alec Baldwin to Auction Part of his "30 Rock" Dressing Room for Children's Tumor Foundation

The Evolution of Religion, According to Darwin

Benedict’s Painful Legacy

Heart Attack Grill spokesman dies of apparent heart attack

Lot's of bad news out there. Here's a little party to take the edge off of the day.

Dad accused of abusing newborn in NICU

Dang! I'm posting something good about Kobe!!!

Pope fitted with pacemaker 'some time ago', Vatican spokesman says

So, We'll Have Rebuttals Tonight from Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, and Ted Nugent. Logically, the next..

Group uses Bible to justify destroying assault rifles to make garden tools


On Colbert he had Father Jame Martin on as a guest

Why not try a different approach with North Korea? Establish diplomatic relations, encourage trade

Another Study Confirms That Taxes And Regulations Aren’t Holding Back Job Creation

Right Wing Genius: "Wombs of Women on Birth Control 'Embedded' with 'Dead Babies'"

VIDEO: Republican Lawmaker Claims Frying Pans Are As Dangerous As Guns

Fox News Wastes Four And A Half Minutes Criticizing Adele’s Weight

Apparently, Clinton gets too much credit for good economy of 1990s

Should calling for members who call for PPRs be PPRed be an automatic PPR?

A Valentine From An Atheist To A Religious Scholar

Father Who Beat Daughter's Rapist To Death Will Not Face Charges

Holy fuck! If you're asking me for help with Internet Explorer, please be USING Internet Explorer!

Happy 204th. Birthday, President Lincoln! I can still remember when you

Why the Pope really quit!

Valentine’s Special: Saudi religious police deny intent to close flower shops

Miami-Dade County may require NFL to commit to a Super Bowl before agreeing to stadium fix-up money

Ted Nugent

Disappearances in Colombia shoot up: 7500 missing in 2012 .

Ah. Poor Cong Stockman had to shut down his Facebook page cause liberals were offending him.

Coca-Cola drinking 'linked to New Zealander's death

Who said it? Charles Manson or Ted Nugent?

Gender Dichotomy is a Fairy Tale We Have Been Telling Ourselves to Sleep at Night

FOR NOLABEAR ON MARDI GRAS -- The Louisiana State Commemorative Quarter:

Why does my cat do this?

Obama to use State of the Union to make case against spending cuts

The Latin America mistake:Memo to Secretary Kerry: Stop funding the bad guys in Honduras.

Barbour Goes to War with the Club for Growth

The Latin America mistake:Memo to Secretary Kerry: Stop funding the bad guys in Honduras.

Happy Birthday Honest Abe!

Still Catholic, despite hierarchy

Do you eat in the middle of the night?

Dems bringing in survivors of gun culture. GOP brings in draft dodger who threatened the President.

What is the most depressing song ever?

Do you know about the 2nd amendment? A C.S. Monitor quiz

Liberal Media

Republicans have more or less shut down various agencies simply by refusing

Common Sense Latest Victim of Colombia Peace Talks

On Darwin Day, Promoting Scientific Thinking

Rep. Rush Holt agrees that Science is the best way to understand the world we live in.

For some of us, there's no escape from the Vietnam War

A couple from last Sunday after the blizzard.

Sort-of gaming related question

Senate Committee Debates Hagel Nomination LIVE NOW ON C-SPAN3

What are you looking forward to most this February 14?

Then there's THIS Mississippi:

U.S. Government Posts $3 Billion Budget Surplus

The question none dare ask

Israel Rocked By Australian Report On Secret 'Prisoner X'

VAWA reauthorized in the Senate: Yeas: 78, Nays: 22

S-47 the violence against women act passed....

Josh Eidelson On The Rise Of Alt Labor Movements

Richard Blumenthal, Connecticut Senator, Demands NRA 'Reject' Lobbyist 'Connecticut Effect' Remark

Reid: I Won’t Honor Holds On Hagel Nomination (UPDATED: Graham Vows To ‘Fight Back’)

Please cast a vote for my 'tri-paw', Sugar, on the Human Society's Pet

"Speak out for Science"

Katie Klabusich On Having To Re-Fight Roe Vs Wade

SOTU Drinking Game (from Atrios)

Christopher Dorner manhunt: former LAPD officer could face death penalty

A Time-Lapse Map of Every Nuclear Explosion Since 1945

Don't SHOOT! I'm NOT Dorner!!

Astrophysicist Lawrence Krauss: Teaching Creationism Like the Taliban, Child Abuse

Post your big idea...

US Marines and the Drug War in Guatemala

Pope's brother: Pontiff was troubled by butler's revelations

Senate Passes Violence Against Women Act Reauthorization

Why are we forced to listen to Sippy Cup?

Oldest Restaurants in San Francisco Serve Up History

Ex-Rep. Joe Walsh Plans To Sue Chicago Sun-Times This Week Over ‘Hit Piece’

I want to thank DU

BREAKING: Senate Passes Violence Against Women Act, With No Help From 22 Republican Male Senators

Men Are Not Constantly Thinking About Humping You

Rep. Rick Nolan has introduced the "We the People" Amendment to the House.

Rep. Rick Nolan has introduced the "We the People" Amendment to the House.

Live hummingbird nest cam!

Hi, guys. Tell me what you think of doing DYI home improvements/maintenance.

Many thanks for hearts!

Le Miserables ROK parody Les Miserables

Judge orders Amarillo orthodontist to forfeit $1.5 million (Medicaid fraud)

Mexico’s own pyramids

Feds arrest man who admitted 'sexting' relationship with girl, 11

Stranger Than Fiction

My biggest issue with Nugent is not his draft dodging

Can we play, What If?

Former Washington Post Ombudsmen: Cutting Position Would Be A "Big Mistake."

Attention! ATTENTION PLEASE! We have an urgent PSA!

Hilarious interview with Mark Wahlberg, Sarah Silverman and Fassbender

Sen. Ted Cruz at gun hearing: Cities with strictest laws have highest murder rates

The newest candidate for Pope (toon from Facebook)

Best health care system in the world my fuckin ass! Continued

They say he stole the show...I believe it....

Spending Cuts Could Derail Meals on Wheels leaving homebound and disabled seniors on their own

How Mortgage Servicers Make Money by Screwing Their Homebuying Customers

Why is there so much ironwork in Nola? I mean all those iron railings. nt

Corporate-backed 'Fix the Debt' Campaign Only Wants to Protect Wall Street

Dear Republican Members of Congress:

Evictees commit suicide as Spain debates reform

Two simple but terrific ideas I found online concerning canned tomato paste.

Grassley votes against Violence Against Women Act.

Endorsement Obama Does Not Want on State of the Union Day

Monsanto sued small famers to protect seed patents, report says

Heart Attack Grill unofficial spokesman dies of...heart attack

Tim Minchin - The Pope Song

You know things are messed up when

Sounds like they may have Dorner cornered on the mountain

You'll Never Believe Who Rejected A Young Hillary Clinton

Listening to the FRC discuss Hagel, I'm beginning to believe that the repukes

Breaking: What are McCain and Nugent wearing to SOTU?

Texas A&M Health Science Center joins Alzheimer's research consortium

Cancer agency reforms clear first hurdle

Does Cheney receive classified information because he was a VP

Has anybody tried to find John Denver music on Youtube?

NASA: Alarming Water Loss in Middle East.

Cuyahoga County Public Library tops list of America’s best libraries

Big Bear Hostage Situation, Shooting Possibly Linked To Dorner Sighting

The Butler didi IT!

Live video, looks like they may have found Dorner

Breaking: Dorner may have been caught!

Dorner in gun battle with authorities

BREAKING: AP law enforcement source: Fugitive LA ex-cop exchanges fire with S. California authoritie

Senate committee considers reshuffling state water agency

Schlitterbahn set to break ground Friday for Padre Island water park resort

Is chained CPI making another comeback? I thought we stuck a fork in it, but Sen. Sanders has

Loney L. Garrett Had 200 Dead Dogs, 1000+ Bones In Backyard: Cops

Terrell’s lone hospital now shut down following moves by feds, state officials to terminate funding

The disease is spreading to Canada ...

Wow Claire McCaskill just ripped Inhoffe a new one

A phenomenal tribute to socialized Canadian health care that will leave repukes sputtering.

Reid: Senate Dems Will Introduce Sequester Replacement Plan This Week

BREAKING UPDATE: Accused Cop Killer, Chris Dorner, Found Dead in Burned Cabin

Solar Leases Will Drive Solar Home Growth to $5.7B

Final Interview: Ed Koch reveals the man he 'despises' most--Jimmy Carter

Jon Stewart Takes on Pope Benedict’s Resignation–Holy Quit! (VIDEO)


U.N. condemns "clear threat" from North Korea after nuclear test

What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday Feb 12th

Gunman on the Illinois State University campus in Normal Illinois

Comcast to Buy Rest of GE's Stake in NBCUniversal

Saban: arrested Tide players suspended indefinitely

Vote on Hagel scheduled for 5pm.

WTF is so "special" about Dorner & the LAPD, that unleashes Attack-Trolls on DU?

Wrestling to be dropped from 2020 Olympic Games (BBC) {WTF?}

What Would Sequestration Mean for Texas?

This may earn me more ignores

What "Unconstitutional" Means (by state senator Kirk Watson)

BREAKING: Police in firefight with Dorner in Big Bear

Dorner possibly holed up:

Happy Darwin Day

Size of the universe compared to a grain of sand.

There's average everyday moron, and then there's industrial-strength MORON

KABC TV live coverage link.

What really goes on inside rehab

Will Computers Kill Gun Control?

Bashir's show reported that Dorner manufactured guns

The Chris Brown caucus

CNN Live Blog: Arias sex tape played in court

Does Dorner have a .50 cal sniper rifle? Did he buy it legally before he turned "bad"?

The Hubris of the Drones -- essay by Bill Moyers

Assange to run for Victorian Senate seat

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ok, who the hell is "Ronnie the limo driver"?

Before Easter comes I want to tell you a secret

Have you ever read or heard of someone complaining because their script for thyroid hormone

Anonymous intends to block Webcasts of State of the Union

Elizabeth Warren - My guest to the State of the Union:

We could blow out all the fuses at DU if LAPD takes Dorner out with a drone

More on North Korea nuclear test: Do they possess a "deliverable" bomb yet?

Ted Nugent FAIL

Dorner has been supporting himself by 'making and selling weapons.'

Carnival Cruise: Carpets soaked in urine, sewage running down walls and onion sandwiches

Post a song with a location name in the title or in the song...

Eldest son of Chilean dictator Pinochet skips court date claiming lower back pain

Oy. The exGF sent me a dozen white roses at work.

Senate Committee Passes Hagel Nomination 14 - 11

Nugent Reminder

Logan Mankins: Gronk is a big meathead who’s not hurting anyone

Can the SS block Nugent from the Capitol building since

Thanks for the heart!

The nagging detail about presidents and the economy

KS Church & State pray for "dark" areas of KS that just happen to also be Democratic:

KS Church & State pray for "dark" areas of KS that just happen to also be Democratic:

Former Utah city councilman charged after shooting another dog

America has always love the outlaw

KS Church & State pray for "dark" areas of KS & prepare for JUDICIAL REFORM

There is a suicide unfolding in slow motion on MSNBC

Petition: Draft Ted Nugent to Serve in Afghanistan

You know how you can tell that it wasn't LAPD that first cornered Dorner in that cabin?

KS Church & State pray for "dark" areas of KS & prepare for JUDICIAL REFORM

House of Cards Reviewed: Episode 11

Is DUer BigBearJohn in the same Big Bear where Dorner has taken hostages? I sure hope he's safe.

Senator Rubio Votes Against Violence Against Women Act

This video made me cry - selfishly. It shows the destruction of what I posted about a month ago

Did you ever pray that the plane you're on would crash,....just to shut up the person next to you?

The Stupid Party

A thought on "more guns = more safety"

Obama Presidential Voting Commission To Be Announced

Is that great profiler Clint Van Zant on MSNBC?

Christopher Dorner held couple hostage in cabin, source says

Well as much as all this live coverage is annoying me

Michele Obama's SOTU guest

Cities Can Affect Climate Change, Says U of T Engineering Study

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Rep. Ed Markey will bring anti-gun violence advocates to State of the Union a

Two officers wounded in shootout with Dorner

Does anyone else think they are equipped to be an FBI Profiler

Thank you for my heart to whoever gave me one!

EFSA: FAQ on inserted fragment of viral gene in GM plants

The 99 percent are still in recession

Have any of the media mentioned Nugent attending SOTU? I've had the TV off for most of

Obama Plans Voting Commission

Dave Clark Five co-founder dies at 72

"He is Ron Burgundy come to life."

Great quote from Charles Darwin: Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge:

Why don't Catholics demand the right to elect their Pope?

David Shuster: "Obama speech tonight more confrontational with GOP than previously thought..."

Thank you for the heart!

I'm calling off my other thread & replacing it with the Bucky looks like Megan Draper thread


AZ Tea Party wants 'shadow army' to challenge signers of Arpaio's recall

A PSA from the Canadian Safety Council: How to walk on ice

New world record efficiency for thin film silicon solar cells (10.7%)

Someone gave me a heart!

20,000 is indeed a lot of posts. And this one is mine.

AP bans use of words “husband,” “wife” for legally-wed gay couples

Spring Training has started

To whomever gave me the hearts: I question your judgment

Carbon sponge could soak up coal emissions

If the LAPD execute Dorner in front of the nation....

I hope the Dorner situation is over before the SOTU coverage starts. Wasn't it the OJ chase...

Fun thread: Who is the next pope?

One of the officers Dorner shot has died. CNN has confirmed.

These 22 Republican Senators pretty much hate women

how confusing rape is for men with so many women reading 50 shades. *doublin'down*

I never expected a Heart, so Thank You, Thank You

Anonymous Issues Communique Announcing Plans to Disrupt 2013 State of the Union Address Over #CISPAF

Question about the Pope

22 mostly old White guys and ONE Black guy voted against the violence against women act

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GOP Has An Asian Problem - A whopping 73% of Asians supported Obama in 2012 Up 11% from 4 years ago

State of the Union address bingo card

Send in The Drones

Anyone noticiing difficulty getting gas for the car??

Obama to withdraw 34,000 troops from Afghanistan this year

Thai Airline Calendar With Maxim Models Has Officials Steaming

"My fellow combatants..."

62-year-old bird hatches another chick

***** State of the Union LiveBlog Thread I *****

Anybody else have only the internet on which to watch the SotU? And how will you feel

State of the Union Bingo

Justice Ginsburg: The Senate Is ‘Destroying The United States’ Reputation… As A Beacon of Democracy’