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Here's why ohiosmith keeps saying, "You know what they say about men with big heads, don't you?"

Cut him a break!!! Even The Buddha musta had his bad days, innit?

Poor kitty! Bad dog! ...............OMG... BAD, BAD BAD. BAD DOG!!!!!!!!!!

Admittedly, not one of his better puzzles;

MFM once danced for the POTUS. He must now maintain a 500-yd distance from Washington, D.C.

MiddleFingerMom has found the NEXT ex-MsMiddleFingerMom. (poss DIAL-UP WARNING!!!)

Have coal companies been ripping Americans off even more than we already knew?

10- and 11-year-old boys planned to kill an ex-girlfriend and hurt seven others

Tea Party Patriots

Someone gave me a heart

Here’s the depressing reality of train travel in America

Awww, many thanks for the heart to whomever..n/t

CODEPINK Repeatedly Disrupts Brennan Hearing Calling Out Names of Civilians Killed in Drone Strikes

Any "Justified" fans?

It’s time for women to take back the word “feminism”

I do recall Clint Eastwood in "The Gauntlet"... and apparently so did the L.A.P.D.

Condoleezza Rice hit spectator in head during first round of Pebble Beach

Ohio mayor resigns [over] alleged gay slurs

HuffPo: Joe Walsh Michelle Obama Funeral Flap

"Dog Eat Dog" short film based on the true story of how Zachary Quinto adopted his first dog

With apologies to Good Sir Aristus, the unofficial Shakespeare Quote of the Week.

Thank you for the hearts.

Michele Bachmann's ethical flexibility

Never Been Idle

Thank you for the <3

‘Suicide Conservatives’

Thanks for the hearts, dear hearts. :)

(Ohio) Purcell Marian staffer under fire for voicing opinions on gay marriage

US military leader plays down 'zero option' for troop levels in Afghanistan

Cops: 12-year-old robs schoolmate with replica gun at school

Storm indicators

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Will Congress Save the Post Office?

When a freeze shut down FIFTY natural gas and coal plants in Texas

Menendez speaks out strongly against claims

Thank you for the stars

india gang-rape trial brings fractional changes

OK, part of me finds this offensive but the other part is ROFLMAO

india gang-rape trial brings fractional changes

Which one is Orwellian?

Gabrielle Giffords, husband Mark Kelly to attend State of the Union

PED SOX prospect Bryce Brentz shoots self in leg

New Black History Month Products MADE i the USA!

Opinions needed on getting home ready to sell

The Walking Dead: I just got to the point where I don't check behind the shower curtain every

Seen on TV: "This Valentine's Day, give him what he really"

Thank you for the hearts. I needed them today.

Holy Crap!! Why is the tea party getting an opportunity to respond to the POTUS.

Introducing Cutski Bear

OMG, stars! And I haven't had to resort to giving any to myself!

Identity Thief Steals Big Box Office Win. (Eat that Rex Reed)

Well, today has been mostly a wasted one for me...Until a moment ago.

Another abbreviation I don't understand

Many thanks for the heart... I mean HEARTS! (updated)

Los Angeles police say they'll reopen investigation into firing of ex-cop wanted in 3 killings -RJJ

Penelope Soto, Fla. teen who flipped off judge, apologizes and avoids 30-day sentence

Panhandler Party


Why Addressing Mental Health Issues Means Reforming The U.S. Prison System

HAHA! $5 to whoever can watch this and not laugh.

Thank you very kindly, whoever you are :)

One Dish, One Hour

LAPD to reopen probe into fugitive ex-cop's firing

Mark Knopfler: Boom, Like That

"Why Republicans' Explanation Of The 2008 Crash Is Dangerously False"

Who knows about "firmware"?

News report on "buyback" programs in Tampa Bay

Astronaut and Musician Perform 1st Original Duet from Space and Earth

Ron Paul Is Feuding with His Fans

"Then we're shocked it should cost us some money"

Mr. Grumpy thanks you for his hearts

Want to feel good about things? Watch "Searching for Sugar Man" - just released on DVD

Matthew Rothschild: Postal Service Announcement Boosts FedEx, UPS Stocks

UPDATE: “Gay” Dog Gets A New Home

A Mortician Tells What It's Like To Work With Dead Bodies Every Day

Here is wishing everyone posting/reading in the Religion Group

What the Tea Party can teach us

Bill Maher...New Rules...Response to being sued by Trump the Chump

flooding uncovers sri lanka`s killing fields.

IMHO...Best First Lady, EVER!

Two adult size blue jay feathers and a lot of down feathers.

Who would you cast for Game Change II Repukes

I asked god for a bike, but I knew god doesn't work that way

Sunday Talk Shows

LAPD to reopen probe into firing of ex-cop suspected in three slayings

Arkansas Restaurant Cancels LGBT Fundraiser, Compares Group to KKK

THANK YOU to whoever gave me hearts(update)--such a warm gesture on this cold night. hope

A little Hearts Haiku....

This just knocked my socks off!!!!

What’s next for Hugo Chavez’s revolution?

Ahem. Friend of mine is on SNL tonight.

One more jaunt down town before the rains return.

The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword

Yippie, I've a heart.....

Good-bye photobucket.

Dod Gammit, which one of you gave me a heart?

That Special Moment When Fox Makes Complete Asses Out of Themselves!

Something that should make anyone who thinks an armed person can take out another armed person

Obama's Assassinations of U.S. Citizens Largely Ignored at Brennan CIA Hearing

9 threads in a row by the same poster deleted in "Creative Speculation"

Art critic thinks George W. Bush is a ‘good painter’

Nanotechnology has just gone mainstream. For $50 you too can spray...

Try not to giggle when reading this quote:

A maintenance worker then put up the flag, and the mistake wasn't noticed for a couple of hours.

My cat just puked.

Charlie Sheen's Plea Christopher Dorner ... CALL ME!!!

Stephen Hawking - Possible future space travel

A Horizon of Hearts!

Thank you so much for the hearts.

Cheers and thank you so much heart donor,

Majority Report: Obama's Drone Strike Policy & CIA Nominee Hearings with Chris Hayes

Credible Evidence of Abuse at Main West High School..

Let me just be the first to say....

DCFS: Credible Evidence of Abuse Exists at Main West..

Can someone tell me about the changes Photobucket is putting in?

Schwartz mulling run for governor

A must see documentary about AIDS: How To Survive A Plague

Bill O'Reilly Wishes You a Happy Black History Month

Democrats: We Won’t Sell Voter Data for Commercial Use

I have a heart....

Is it time for all religions to accept evolution?

George Will: Time to Break Up the Big Banks

Helpful advice to Graywarrior and all my other snowed in DUers

Thank you for the heart

Protester hurls shoes at Paul Bremer, former US envoy to Iraq

This is about the Miami Marlins, but is not a "Sports" story

Obama’s drone policy combines blind faith in technology with a sense of infallible righteousness

Going Postal with Mark Ames

Any comforting words or advice for a parent whose baby is leaving for college?

Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin, etc.

January 2004 Jimmy Breslin's column No Safer with Saddam in Slammer. Scathing.

Is this where my idea for another DU feature can be considered?

Thanks from the bottom of my heart...

Heartless Bastards Gun Nuts

My heart.

Men! You are not a number!

Post a great recent song by a no-longer-hot band

Jethro Tull - Thick As A Brick - 2012

I ran into Justin Bieber as he was putting money in the meter for his Escalade in L.A>

Yo, Lounge. I did something weird (surprise, surprise). I signed up for ...

EXCLUSIVE: David Petraeus was brought down after betrayal by vengeful CIA agents and his own bodygua

In Wyoming Speech, Former VP Dick Cheney Criticizes Obama Nominees For National Security Posts

Boy killed by carbon monoxide while trying to keep warm

Concerto for two hands

I’ve always thought..Tea Party was the dumbest fucking name for a political party ever.

A biking group or a hiking group?

I hate to seem overdramatic, but Dorner's still at large and the Grammys are on Sunday night.

Actor Steven Seagal Trains Arizona Posse On School Security

FL charter schools claim 80,000 on waiting list. Not true.

Cody, did you make this mess?

Thank you , Thank you...

Homemade bagels

Chad Littlefield's Family Defends Fatal Gun Range Outing

Virtual Heart Thread

Interactive Poll that needs your vote!

Big Bear visitors undeterred by ongoing Dorner manhunt

Half of Led Zeppelin played on this tune before they were Led Zeppelin

If the US government had drones in 1840...

An appreciation thread for The Magistrate

Anderson inquiry played to 2 audiences

Thank you to my secret admirer

Texas Insurance Agent under Investigation for Allegedly Defrauding Crime Stoppers

Texas Insurance Agent under Investigation for Allegedly Defrauding Crime Stoppers

Thank you for the know who you are!

Police: 4 wounded in shooting on Bourbon Street

I think most Catholic women are pro-choice.

The Roots of Social Welfare Programs

Thank you so much for my hearts

Denver Police Officers Won't Be Charged In The 2009 Landau Beating Case

Ohio mayor resigns over accusations of gay slurs

Thank you for the heart!

A 360-degree panoramic video of one of my favorite nearby spots (it haz birdz, Solly)

The Garden of Eden was America? So say the Mormons & ...

Insight - Apple and Samsung, frenemies for life

I Like Being Wrong

Jesse Jackson Jr. Signs Plea Deal In Federal Probe

I took a friend to the emergency room at 3am Saturday morning.

Donald Byrd - Cristo Redentor

U.S. Northeast digs out from blizzard, storm brewing in Plains

Thank you for the heart.

Drones: are we shooting the messenger?

The Indian establishment's craze for nuclear power and its destructive potential explained

The Doors - Love Street

Let's Go Fly A Kite!

A heart made my day. Thank you! nt

Social care: Inheritance tax freeze expected

* ? *

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Midwinter Squeefest Edition

Starting today Sue Paterno & a PSU gang are going to try to clear JoePa's name. Buckle up for BS.

'is 'oliness

The passage of the Social Security Act

Sanders: Are You With America or the Cayman Islands?

What It's Going to Take to Claw Back Middle Class Wealth from the 1%

Boomer Sooner! OU upends Kansas!

Miss a Traffic Ticket, Go to Jail? The Return of Debtor Prison (Hard Times, USA)

Afghan Children Deaths: Hundreds Killed By U.S. In Last Five Years, UN 'Alarmed' By Civilian Casualt

The Cyrkle - The Visit

States With Higher Gun Ownership and Weak Gun Laws Lead Nation in Gun Death

India's Kumbh Mela festival holds most auspicious day

‘Christian Nation’ Propagandist Channels Louis L’Amour’s Western Fiction

My wife was always a good and obedient subject to our CAT overlords until last night.....

Mohawk Nation News 'Holly Wood Lincoln'

Army refuses to release details of (VA) investigation

World Photography Awards 2013

Portrait of Dubya as an Artist

Uh... wait, what?

Iraq’s return to bloodshed

Boiling ft. Sinead Harnett (Joe Kay's Afterhours Vibe)

Buddha Groove

A Choice For Corporate America: Are You With America Or The Cayman Islands

David Miliband to head global fight to prevent eco-disaster in oceans

Homophobia. It's a-OK. EDIT: No it's not! LARED has been PPR'd.

Farmer’s use of genetically modified soybeans grows into Supreme Court case

I haz hearts!!!!

Walking In Sunshine

US Air Force Veteran, Finally Allowed to Fly Into US, Now Banned From Flying Back Home

Scary Flashes of Iraq and Afghanistan Wars in the LAPD's Manhunt for Chris Dorner

How do you put your pants on??

Dollars More Important Than Kids: Accidental Death, Suicide, Tragedies Highlight Safety Net Cuts

Attackers kill 3 North Korean doctors in Nigeria

Back button?

Newly diagnosed brain disease may be misdiagnosed as psychological disorder

Twins' DNA hinders France sexual assault investigation

Speaking Of Tipping Your Server: The Amazing Legacy Left By One Man

A yard sign (Obama for prez) led to a 400k court fight....


Two Friends

Library Boobs

ACLU: Private Prison Company Celebrates Black History Month -- Wait, What?!

I haz hearts....oboy oboy oboy...thank you!!!

The Fall of the House of Bircher

This may be of interest to this forum.

Giffords Eases Steadily Into New Life, and Cause

Top U.S. officer says sufficient troops to remain in Afghanistan

Cross posting for relevance to this group ... found in economy group

Let's do a MrScorpio Game later today

Bad pharma: Drug research riddled with half truths, omissions, lies

ACLU Files FOIA Request for Unreleased DHS Privacy Report on Laptop Searches at the Border

Today Anyone In The World Can Be A Lethal Sniper

Satellite Images of Penguin Guano From Space Lead to Discovery of 9,000 Penguins in Antarctica

Giffords Eases Steadily Into New Life, and Cause

So Illustrative of the Utterly Clueless Inanity That is FOX News

Please send love, care, prayers, healing thoughts, blessings -- hearts would be nice, too.

A Map Of Where Drones Are Allowed In The U.S.

Obama to propose pay hike for federal workers


my cat

homophobic right wing Christianity should not be tolerated here. It is.

Sunday Shooting Review


Veterans continue to die waiting for benefits: report

Pavlov's Cat

2013 Carnival and Mardi Gras Celebrations

Study: Contractors Exaggerate Job Loss From Defense Budget Cuts

Took this pic of a streetlight last night. Came out pretty well

Sailors across Navy will feel impact of carrier change

Open mic nights at bar lead to lawsuit from BMI over music, ask for $121,000

I rather have Obama's "2nd-rate people" than Cheney's "good folks" anyday!

{healtcare}Churning Isn’t Just for Butter Anymore

Gosh, when you explain it like that ...

meet the press....eric cantor....


I don't mind paying taxes ...


Was Stephen Pastis thinking of DU?

NYC School Bus Strike, Wall Street and the NLRB

PM names main topics for Obama visit

I was an atheist child, and the Girl Scouts didn’t want me

Liberal Arts Majors Didn't Kill the Economy

Goodwill husband-wife team earns $800,000-Store Workers $19.58 an hour (Salary/benefits/training)

Vietnam looks to amend religious laws

Your fiscally irresponsible policies will ruin the Country.

the twilight of the false gods

Opinion: Immigration reform through the eyes of the Catholic Church

Cardinal Mahony used cemetery money to pay sex abuse settlement (LAT)

A very different kind of dog sledding!!!!!

check out today's windmap..looks like an eye is forming over ..Iowa?

Astonishing Pictures Of Afghanistan From Before The Wars

Thank you for the Hearts!

Ex-Gitmo prosecutor slams drone policy: ‘Since 9/11 we’ve been the constrained and the cowardly’

LAPD To Give New Truck To Women Shot By Officers

The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a fake good guy with his fist!

A dollop of wasabi,....looks a whole hell of a lot like a dollop of avocado,....especially after two

hopeful oped on Obama's Interior pick

This critic doth possess a credibility problem........

What Bush’s War on Iraq Wrought

Zhuang Zedong, Chinese 'ping-pong diplomacy' player, dies

Marco Rubio - The Wonder Boy Who Doesn't Know Earth's Age, Can't Say If Climate Influenced By Man

I'm not around much... thanks for the hearts, you guys.

inspector general to review the EPA's 'watch lists'

New Program To Recycle Hatchery Salmon Carcasses Into Oregon's Coastal Rivers

So are ReTHUGs formally divided these days

For Your "Skeptic" Friends: Each 1C Increase In Temperatures Boosts Air's Ability To Hold Water 7%

Ohio mayor resigns after alleged anti-gay slurs

Uh oh,Toomey named to key banking oversight subcommittee!

Another "fun" Windows 8 feature.

Someone in the GOP needs to take Bush-Cheney apart

Merci pour les cœurs! Thank you for the hearts!

Who is a bigger piece of crap Lindsey Graham or Eric Cantor?

Obama’s Turn in Bush’s Bind

Tiger Woods a D-bag on taxes, too

Our Eagle Scout Badges Helped Prepare Us for (Same-Sex) Marriage

El Paso Shifting From Rio Grande To Wellwater; Elephant Butte Reservoir At Less Than 10% Of Capacity

"Until Now, EPA Has Been Able To Assume That Climate Is Relatively Stable" - Oh, Really? Really?!?!

Can't pay a debt, go to jail in Arkansas.

Drug War Mexico, NAFTA and Why People Leave

Execs off the hook at S&P

How I See The Shrub Self-Portrait


Sen. Graham Threatens To Delay Obama's Nominees For Defense, CIA Because Of Libya Attack

I have a pound of lamb stew meat. Never made it before.

Jane Goodall on climate change: ‘We’ve just been stealing, stealing, stealing from our children, and

Conservatives Revel In Their Racism As They Mock First Lady Michelle Obama

Afghanistan in the late 60s.

The True Costs of Tax Breaks and Social Security


Dramatic Increase In Atmospheric Arctic Methane Levels In January 2013

Travel Utah thru 3D panoramas. Absolutely beautiful....

(Telling?) Gingrich warns GOP: Don’t "appear" to ‘ignore people’ in immigration debate

Rep.Keith Ellison Destroys GOP Hypocrisy On Looming Budget Cuts

Today NASCAR is touting an African-American on the front page as their shining star in their drive

Question about minimum wage

Scary television

nolabear's wineglass:

Over or under? If you get it wrong, I am no longer going to take it... um... sitting down.

Women? If you want more foreplay from your man... there's a sure-fire way to GUARANTEE it.

Fuck this, Daddy. I'm going home.

Despite having bad-mouthed it in the past, MiddleFingerMom is trying out Internet dating.

Never give your address to MiddleFingerMom. I mean it!!! He'll just mail himself to you.

Opportunity Costs: The True Price of Internships

Missoula man says wrongful arrest hurt relationships, business

Go Fly a Kite... (don't miss this, really!)

Year of the Snake

Thank you for the heart! Life has been difficult for me lately

A Happy Year of the Snake to all...

a surprising island of positivity on the Internet

Dog Sledding

WND tries to defend itself against Rachel Maddow, fails completely...

WTF? & This From A Guy Who Voted EVERY SINGLE TIME With BUSHCO!!!

LIBOR scandal: 'This goes much, much higher than me,' says trader at center of probe...

How do I use to post an animated emoticon ? When I use "direct link" the emoticon ...

Rep Ellison Destroys GOP: "Problem with saying this is president’s idea is that YOU voted for it"

A Triumph over plutocracy...

Not quite as sweet as the deer rescue, but nice story from my neck of the woods.

I need a GD mod to contact me off list please

I was raised by racists, and then one day it just went away

Thank you for the heart

And then it dawned on me. . . .

Second week in a row, no soldiers kill in Afghanistan (or Iraq)

Alfred Fiandaca, veteran designer, dies at 75

Corbett's multiple tax increases on Pennsylvanians

Thank you for the heart, my thoughtful friend!

William Shatner calls out Reddit for racism and hate mongering

I'm enjoying my new smoker


Orangutan-Anti-Defamation League to Sue Bill Maher for $5 Million Over Slanderous Trumper Claim

Is Cooks Illustrated Really "All That"?

Forget gangs and drugs, you need to be worried about panhandling

STRIP JACK (1992) by Ian Rankin

New Facebook meme

Special drone court needed as check: Gates

Umm, seriously?

A nice counterbalance to a trainwreck of a thread

More School Districts Suing States For Education Funding

"Suicide Conservatives"

We have removed God from our ... wait, WTF?

Proactive ignorance

Today in Peace and Justice history on February 10, 1964

Today in Peace and Justice history on February 10, 1964

Dorner tells Wolf Blitzer, "Keep up the good work"

Stephen Colbert coming to Charleston to stump for his candidate sister

Homeowner spray painted message to bank (foreclosure): You're 'stealing' my house...

Paternos issue report, challenge Freeh's findings

Daniel Ellsberg: “They are reversing freedoms we’ve had since the Magna Carta.”

Why is everyone thanking people for their hearts on Meta?

Is there an explanation of all the abbreviations and DU icons located somewhere on the DU site ? nt

House Dems To Bring Victims Of Gun Violence To State Of The Union

LOL: “He’s everything we need and more. He’s modern. He knows who Tupac is. He is on social media.”

Religious Right magazine Charisma: 'Satan has Twisted' Beyoncé to 'Use for His Kingdom'

Egypt court bans YouTube over Innocence of Muslims trailer

More Forward Thinking From Detroit: Chrysler's New Line Of 6.4 Liter Muscle Cars - $40-45K

Japanese Town Inaugurates Statue to Honor Israeli Aid

Who is in this tree?

Dick Cheney Criticizes Obama National Security Appointees In Speech

I had the same reaction watching the Giant Squid's TV debut

Islamists attack Malian troops in Gao

Well-Played: Congressman Posts Picture Of His Unusually Adorable “Secret Service” Detail

China From Space At Night: 1992 Vs. 2010

wft! A shooting in New Orleans at Mardi Gras?

Nature vs Nurture? – Why We Need to Stop Using Evolution as an Explanation for Gender Differences

Norma Rae - (Based on Crystal Lee Sutton ) Showing Today on TCM

Panetta Farewell Ceremony on CSpan at 4:45 pm ET today

Fix the filibuster, talk about climate change, ensure privacy online - by Al Gore

Let me see, where to start (Darth Fuckwit edition)....

‘Hitler’s Pope’ Revealed As A Secret Friend To Holocaust Victims

Can Dorner fly?

Stephanie Cutter Lays Out Main Themes In Obama’s State Of The Union Address

Democratic Congressman Destroys GOP Hypocrisy On Looming Budget Cuts

GOP, lost.

Germany's nuclear phaseout translates to a global warming disaster - with American help

GOP Thought Process (?) Illustrated:

Go Red For Women ™ presents: 'Just a Little Heart Attack'

'We've had plenty of spending cuts,' says Nancy Pelosi

Sunday Dental Thread: Treating the Wealthy Edition

"Ours Is A World Of Nuclear Giants & Ethical Infants"

Rand Paul Says Ashley Judd is Attractive, Articulate and Doesn’t Represent Kentucky

Venezuela, Despite Troubles, Proudly Seizes on a Hat

Has Meta devolved into an extra-judicial "Star Chamber"?

Corn Shortage Idles 20 Ethanol Plants Nationwide

Do a thesaurus search for "toking."

Baby's first steps interrupted by pooping dog.

New charter school unions spring up coast to coast

Graham (R-#beatingdeadhorse) vows to delay Obama’s nominees over Libya

Off to hear music and eat BBQ

Ashley Judd is the real deal. I want her in the Senate.

I live in California...and on March 5th...

BSA, Eagles or DoDos?

Homeless man returns ring accidentally given to him

Another thank you for my hearts thread

An old friend lost a sister to a gun massacre in 07, dad was murdered Thursday (need $ for a funeral

Thank you for my Valentine! I'll hug this Dem Heart to me all week!

Thanks for the heart!

Thank you to whoever sent me the heart!

You know the "Don't Say Gay" TN state senator, Stacey Campfield?

What's for Dinner ~ Sunday Feb 10th

Les Leopold, 'Wall St. bonus bonanza must end or banksters will wreck economy'


What is the republican's incentive to negotiate on sequestration?

The Shameful Legacy of the Monroe Doctrine:Militarizing Latin America

Genetically engineered virus kills cancer: study

The Shameful Legacy of the Monroe Doctrine:Militarizing Latin America

"Dog Eat Dog" short film of how Zachary Quinto adopted his first dog

NCR Editorial: On HHS mandate, the bishops' fight is with themselves

A Faith-Based Opportunity for Obama

NRA Racket: Millions For Largest Prison Construction Boom EVER + Harsh Sentencing To Keep Them Full

If DU started an International Trade Group

Christian left sees optimism in Obama’s second term

Obsolete Humans? Why Elites Want You to Fear the Robot.

My take: A word to Christians - Be nice

Even a cranky ole fart

OMG Thank You to who ever gave me the valentine!!!!

Press the Meat: covered Post Office cutting Saturdays

THIS is what the rethugs want to do to the nation, re: sequestration

ok, ok, OK! You're ALL welcome!

Tiny state, big international NGO footprint

As Barnes & Noble shrinks, small bookstores are born

Does a vegetable significantly lose its vitamins and/or minerals

Younger White Males Often Portrayed As Ignorant, Stupid, Nincompoops, etc By Media.

Proof, the crazies rule

Should there be a limit on free speech?

Uruguayan Government Gives Out Bikes in Exchange For Guns

A song for folks who gave me hearts

The truth finally comes out.

Uruguayan Government Gives Out Bikes in Exchange For Guns

The Meat Industry Now Consumes Four-Fifths of All Antibiotics


The secret writing of American slaves Through rare diaries and letters, a portrait of ordinary life

Harmless, maybe, but very definitely fucking CREEPY.

At 100: Birth of the income tax

Contaminated horsemeat could harm health, environment secretary warns

You are not required to support Dorner,

Nicolle Wallace: GOP Needs Rubio Because ‘He Knows Who Tupac Is’

Just whose rights got raped?

Lawmakers discover that it is very, very difficult to re-regulate publicly-funded schools

Hance unsatisfied with $1 billion raised for Texas Tech, wants more

Two 3-3 juries on a new poster who does not want to raise the minimum wage.

Goodbye Joe the Plumber. Meet Dr. Ben Carson

The cost of one modern heavy bomber is this: a modern brick school in more than 30 cities.

What are you reading the week of February 10, 2013?

Witness : To the Last Drop (Tar Sands Documentary)

"My Broken Republican Party"

Update on my blind kitty.

Any comments on 'Smash'?

Is it OK to say thank you for a heart here?

I can't help but wonder if Dorner is

The Double Agent Who Helped Lead U.S. Drones to Anwar al-Awlaki

LA authorities to offer $1m reward after failure of Christopher Dorner manhunt

Obama’s Smart Move on Drones - by Michael Tomasky

New Cotterill book coming out in Feb 19...

Texas Democrats plan to force education votes

Bombshell article about Petraeus and Benghazi, based on e-book to be released Tuesday

Reflected sunlight sparked NJ house fire

Boom, boom, out go the lights. (UPDATED)(AGAIN)

Why I suspect many women have lil sympathy for the LAPD

"POLICE plan to use spy drones in the hunt for Rambo-style ex-soldier and policeman who has murder"

Gunbattle Rocks Gao After Rebels Surprise French, Malians

A bonging group or toking group?

Euthanasia of the Rentier

Destroying evolutionists' so-called arguments

Attorneys ask for video, radio calls after mistaken identity police shooting in Torrance

Karl Rove but the hollow shell of the man he once was

Twitter fight leads to 23-year-old's death

Kurtz rips O’Reilly’s ‘correction’ after falsely claiming NBC silent on drones

Post 2008 Crash Medical Professional Burnout....

Just another handgun murder. Carry on.

Report: Ex-Cop Christopher Dorner Is Now a Target for Drones

The secret history of drones

Robert Reich: The Non Zero-Sum Society

Why are drones such a big deal?

DU, I miss being here

Anyone Here Work From Home?

I Love

Asparagus crown search

GOP strategist: We need Rubio because ‘he knows who Tupac is’

I have a heart!

Confressions of an Earthquake Detective -- this regards the proposed Pebble Mine in Alaska

A drone, in and of itself, is not really much of an issue at all.

New family-run Lorena store features eclectic focus (alternative healthy treats along I-35)

Netanyahu goes gaga over planned Obama visit

Sunday Morning Music Videos (In the afternoon)

Venezuela Indians release soldiers held captive

Yosemite Sam displays the real true gun nut...

Thank you for the heart

GOP strategist: We need Rubio because ‘he knows who Tupac is’

Superbowl XLVII Power Outage brought to you by

L.A. Mayor Tony Villar announces $1 million dollar reward for info leading to the arrest

To whom ever sent me the Hart THANK YOU

Lindsey Graham Plans To Block Chuck Hagel, John Brennan To Get Answers On Benghazi

Okay just put up with me for a minute, please... I am EXULTANT!!!!

Guantanamo? Drones? We have to think these things through.

I'm sure this is a bug, want to make sure before I inform Opera

The Walking Dead -- Well, I guess my job here is done... you folks can have this back now.

I ask again, when does the need to know collide with too much information? Our President is

Monsanto trapping coyotes to help control population

Jury service tip: Start over if you change your mind.

LAPD Guide to Vehicle Identification

I’m driving around L.A. all pissed off at myself this morning.

Why are drone strikes any different than the bombing of Dresden?

Maybe the President should tell Dick to shut the fuck up before he has him arrested for war crimes

Hey, somebody(s) ~

So if two of my family members were killed in LA would the LA Police extend the same effort?

60 Groups to John Kerry: Prioritize Climate Change, Reject Keystone XL

"Iron Sky" on Netflix

I've come to the conclusion stick figure families are the 'baby on board' decal of this generation

GIVE hearts and GET hearts. self included??

Ermahgerd, jermping from my rerf into the sner... (video)

Thank you for the hearts!!! They are lovingly appreciated!!!

Paid Parental Leave Chart

Anti-gay religious group gets CIDA funds to work in Uganda

Confessions of an Earthquake Detective (re Pebble Mine in Alaska)

Red Widow March 3rd ABC...

I'm guessing that they're annoyed at my video posts

Golden Boy Tuesday Feb 26 CBS @ 10 pm...

Thank you for my hearts!


Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh, yes!

I got some hearts! Thanks!!!

Cult Tuesday Feb. 19 The CW @ 9pm...

Is Christopher Dorner a perfect example of why we need gun control?

It's Bryce Harper Day in Las Vegas

Southland Wednesday Feb 13 TNT @ 10 pm...

Student at Twin Peaks Middle School in custody, suspected of threatening school shooting

Monica Quan was 28. She was beautiful. She was a basketball coach. She was engaged.

There's an app for that

“To get the gold, they will have to kill every one of us”

First known photograph of “the finger”

Obama To Israel: Why Now?

Zero Hour Series Premiere Thursday Feb 14th ABC 8 pm...Updated..

I just want to make sure I'm following this

Beasts of the Southern Wild

Post Office Ending Saturday Delivery & Next Day First Class Service A New Tax

For some reason, I want this.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a squid (or a suspect to the LAPD...)

Obama’s Turn in Bush’s Bind

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Walking Dead (YAYAYAYAYAYAY) Sunday Feb 10 9 pm AMC...

Let's say that I needed to start on medicinal Mary Jane

Heaven....three cats, two dogs, one wife...home made potato leek soup, bread.

LAPD is corrupt and needs to be investigated thoroughly by USDOJ

Salon: Southern White Protestant resistance to change similar to the North in the early 1900's.

YO Rex Reed, you think Melissa McCarthy is a 'tractor-sized hippo'? Her movie won the weekend BIG

OK ladies, set your schedule or your DVR for this.....

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Funny story from last November, 3 guys from a bar get into trouble.

Sanity break - I hope I can age as gracefully and stay as youthful as Helen Mirren

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Israel Signs Off On 346 New West Bank Settler Homes

Eve Ensler on the passivity of men

House of Cards Reviewed: Episode 9

This thread is for the premiere dates for reality shows...

Happy Chinese New Year!

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The House Girl by Tara Conklin...

Survivor: Caramoan Wednesday Feb 13 8pm CBS

How do you dispose of the seed?

The Amazing Race Sunday Feb 17 8pm CBS...

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Psych Wednesday Feb 27 10pm USA n/t

Cleveland picks-up Dice-K from the scrap heap

12-Year Old Student Arrested After Email Warning Of Mass Shooting

'Fighting Joe' To Bring Troops Home

R.E.M. at Atlanta’s 688 Club, February 1981 -rare 40-minute set

On the hunt for the image of "ermergerd ...... Sner!

Jack Bruce, Rory Gallagher -Politician

Post a Random Playlist from your Collection, Have People Guess Your Age (My Fair Lady game)

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2 in custody in connection to Chicago teen's death

Not a solicitation of advice, because I have no intention of pursuing this further.

It's 6:35 PM in Macomb, MI. Back by popular demand, it's another installment of ASK MrSCORPIO!

Assange v. Zuckerberg - seen on FB

In the context of a online profile, what does "no drama" mean?

Imogen Heap, Jeff Beck, Vinnie Colaiuta, Tal Wilkenfeld -Blanket

Authorities announce $1 million reward for Dorner

Benjamin Netanyahu's Israel Coalition Partner Rules Out Peace With Palestinians

Roselle Park (NJ) family falls for terrifying scam

Security Tight As Grammys Stars Hit Red Carpet

George W. Bush and Alcohol Use During His Presidency

Putin: Orphans Should Find Families In Home Country

Ellison to GOP rep.: Don’t whine about sequester after forcing it by threat of default

Can you guess the 'prison Capitol' of the World?