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Archives: February 1, 2013

Explosion in Mexico City. 5 dead, 75 injured, 30 trapped at headquarters

Zachary Quinto Stars In A Short Film About Dog Adoption

Death penalty injustice, not such a new idea...

Had I been President at the time...


IF you believe....

What are your favorite places to buy supplements?

Ark. Senate passes measure to ban most abortions

This is also not a picture from Blade Runner

NLRB charge alleging illegal picketing at Wal-Mart held in abeyance

FBI, Philly Police Investigating Gov. Corbett's Son-in-Law

The NRA Vs. America

U.S. sues to stop beer deal to unite Bud and Corona

IBEW Face-to-Face Organizing

Here is where my new job is. I think I'll Fit In.

Triaminic, Theraflu Recalled After Children Poisoned

"Reality Bites Back" by Robert Parry at Consortium News

Inspired by Toll victory, 2nd group of port drivers ready to join Teamsters

A guy just shot himself in the bathroom of the cyber cafe I am posting from (Open carry activist)

Infographic: The Psychology of an Internet Troll

It's Fido Friday! This week we take a look at dogs and kids!

As Mali's Islamists retreat, Tuareg civilians fear vengeful army's reprisals

Charlie Baker rules out U.S. Senate run

Fox News audience drops to a 12-year low, MSNBC riding high

I don't know why I do it...wade into GD that is.

Mohamed Mohamud found guilty in Portland terrorism trial

Despite court ruling, EPA raises biofuel estimate

About being your President...

Wilkerson is on Ed to break down the ReTHUG Hagel madness today

UN human rights report on Israel paves way for sanctions, further isolation

Something to keep in mind about gun deaths

Online Backup Services

All Eyes on Kansas?! Missouri Faces Its Own Paycheck Deception (and Broadly Anti-Union) Battle

Granite State Progress Testimony Against HB 323 RIGHT TO WORK for Less

If you are not Terrified yet, You should Be...This is out of Control!

Calgary Secular Church The First Atheist Church In Alberta

Do you ever leave responses to your posts unread?


Brain Blister, Week One: Name This Game and Don't Win $10,000

Having some dinner with Will Shakespeare. Ask us anything.

FYI: The nuts are still out there and they're not letting up.

SYFY Continuum

Tribute to Cypress Hill

With a friend like John McCain, you have no need for enemies

Chess (February): Vitiugov wins in Gibraltar

Owner Sends 'Gay' Dog To Be Euthanized (PHOTO)

Ohio State President = Time Traveler

Vatican admits it doesn't fully understand youth culture

At first I thought Earl G must have posted this on Facebook

They need to reclassify Obama Derangement Syndrome as a bona fied mental illness

GOP push Bill To Defund Actions Of CFPB, NLRB Leaders: Fascism here we come!

Stephen Colbert's helpful advice to the newly not-racist Ku Klux Klan

"Every single day...."

Japanese whalers ordered out of Australian waters

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! And Now, From Washington DC . . & a new Kitty gif

I'm not the one....

Is it really better to have love and lost than to have never loved at all? How can one miss an

Tea time....

Mining companies undermine local democracy in western Colombia: NGOs .

Snowmobiler dies after X-Games crash

Governor's son-in-law said to be investigated by FBI

Study: Energy Industry Water Use Set To Double By 2035

Question regarding "spiritual" texts for atheists/agnostics

When people ask me if I believe in God because I am not religious...

McConnell backs hemp legalization in Kentucky

In a pinch and out of dog food?

A Roy Rogers Production. Original Teleplay by M.M. Raison.

NRA-backed federal limits on gun lawsuits frustrate victims, their attorneys

Woman uses gun to defend against five (5) burglars.

Great Toon on the Hispanics and the Republicans!

Read a pretty bad sexist remark tonight on DU.

Pennslvania Governor's son-in-law said to be investigated by FBI

Imaginary pep talk from Bill

Virginia Republican revives the 47% argument in new book

Punxsutawney, PA

Loaves and Fishes, by Dorothy Day

Where the heck is LynneSinn?

Family devastated after woman, 32, killed in road rage shooting

Female Militarism: Band of Sisters? by Zillah Eisenstein

Group launches Sheriff Arpaio recall effort

Has anyone else noticed...

Edward R Murrow vs Joe McCarthy

"Shooting Down Gun Lobby Myths" by Greg Mitchell

Hill suit calls Wyoming law a coup on superintendent office

Holding the steering wheel at 10 and 2 o'clock is no longer recommended

Michelle Rhee uses StudentsFirst to sell memoir

TYT: Interview with Noam Chomsky - Is Obama Progressive?

What is the best MP4 free software?

An hour with former Vice President Al Gore about his book "The Future" - Charlie Rose tonight

"Obama Has Completely Changed How The US Fights Wars"

80 marijuana plants located inside home damaged by fire

Post your ride

NASA Observes Day of Remembrance Feb. 1

February 1, 2003: STS 107 Columbia (Dial Up Warning)

Lights out – France to force shops and offices to go dark overnight

"Did you forget to provide proof of your accusation? Because on its face, this wasn't alert worthy

Jon Stewart rocks.

Jon Stewart is tearing ReTHUGs a new one

Anybody have a link to video of Cheney referring to the Constitution as "quaint"?

Must -See Stargazing Events for 2013

Redemption: Oscar-Nominated Doc Follows the Working Poor Who Survive on Collecting Bottles and Cans

Jenna Marbles. "THANKS Obama!" (Video, not for the sensitive)

Former BP Trader Sues Firm, Alleges Market Manipulation.

The party of"Christians",morals & family values showing their true colors when Gabby Giffords spoke

Every loving thing

Eating Among Locals on a Venetian Island

Cuomo's popularity falls in polls after gun control laws

Justice Department opposes big brewers merger, sues to keep beer prices down

Website Backed by EU, UNESCO Prints Anti-Semitic Article

Saw McCain badgering Hagel

Wow... my first hidden thread.

Stewart Trashes NRA’s Wayne LaPierre And Female Gun Advocate Over Senate Testimony

The Scheme That Backfired . . .

Debit ID raises concern of fraud

George Ryan goes home

Some Americans Are Exceptional All Right - STUPID - At Least The Guns Nuts Are.

The Bright Light Social Hour - "Detroit" - Live at Stubb's in Austin

Some of you may enjoy this..

it's long past time to lose the the roman numerals to designate SBs

The Bright Light Social Hour - "Detroit" - Live at Stubb's in Austin

Who here knows Morse code?

Perfect on Letterman * Viewers will watch Super Bowl with ...

A Citizen's Right To Life Trumps The Right To Own An Assault Weapon Regardless

Thank you Madam Secretary

Random Thoughts on Friday 2013

Stewart Mocks Obama Skeet Shooting: Why Won’t BlackMan Half Of U.S. Fears Release Picture Of Himself

List Of Crooks And Liars Of 36 GOPPERS Voting Against Aid Is Just Amazing And Sad

Chevron Loses in Ecuador Amazon Case

Idiot Who Picked Sarah Palin For VP Still An Idiot.

Al Gore, passionately: It's pitiful! PITIFUL!

Murder of Landless Workers’ Leader Recalls Brazil’s Dictatorship

Update: Government says death toll in Mexico oil company office explosion climbs to 25; 101 injured

I hope this wasn't a well done poll.........

China fireworks truck blast causes highway collapse

Today has been a very socially challenging day...

Try, try and try again.

JFK's statements on religion, public office, government and all that stuff

California's Hispanic population projected to outnumber white in 2014

Chicken Corn Chowdah...

Recommendation for Miss Marple and Poirot fans--from Australia

VA study finds more veterans committing suicide

Cardinal in Los Angeles Is Removed From Duties

Cat Twilight curled right beside me in

Dan Savage removes 49ers video from It Gets Better

TCM Schedule for Saturday, February 2 -- 31 Days of Oscar: Warner Brothers

TCM Schedule for Sunday, February 3 -- 31 Days of Oscar: Warner Brothers

Conservatives Launch Facebook Alternative

I think one of the reasons the NRA is harping on the 'background check' issue is because...

is this not gun porn? it is to me.YMMV

What is more dangerous than video games...

A Time Before Tabbouleh by Bittman

Tactical Chat: How the U.S. Military Uses IRC to Wage War

District 19 had an enthusiastic and productive meeting tonight re Holmes recall.

U.S. Looking At Taking Action Against China For Cyber-attacks

9 judges charged with Philly traffic ticket fixing

New Jersey Fusion Center School Shootings Commonalities Analysis

Tony Lip, who played 'Sopranos' mob boss, dies

Craig Fergusen has got a band

Former WDTW morning host Tony Trupiano has moved to sports station WDFN (show still political)!

The Stupid Is Strong

Follow-Up: Sgt. Chase Haag is doing very well

President of St. Paul (MN) Federation of Teachers Local 28: "You want to arm me? Good."

'Warcraft' Movie Lands 'Source Code' Director (Exclusive)

Senate panel airs complaints about controversial curriculum

Six months after corporate partnership roll-out at state parks agency, nothing to show for it

Chevron Paying At Least $326,000 Bribe to Ecuadorian Judge For False Testimony

Buzzfeed: Lee Mercer Jr. Is Already Running Television Ads For The Next Presidential Election

The Ten Most Regressive State and Local Tax Systems

Movie review: ‘Bullet to the Head’ – fun title, fun movie

Austin senator wants public vote on budget trick (dedicated funds shifting)

So, who do you think is going to win the Super Bowl?

Fuck you Rick Perry and that shit you made up about California companies and jobs moving to Texas

Randy Travis admits driving drunk, gets probation

Hitler's Willing Executioners: Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust

U.S., Russia, U.N. to meet Syrian opposition on Saturday

Anyone here in FB's DU group?

Iran 'steps up Syria support', Hillary Clinton warns

The claims about gun control and the Holocaust are bogus

BOOM! Investigation to Focus on Governor’s Handling of Penn State Abuse Case

Russian Zenit rocket with US satellite fails at launch

'No sell-off' for public forests

Hey McCain, was choosing that brainless idiot for VEEP the right thing? YES or NO !!!!!??????

Today is Saint Boris day, celebrate with vodka

Age of innocence

Nearly HALF of U.S. households live just one crisis from poverty

Argentina pulls out of Falklands talks

A teacher wants to be armed:

I got called to a jury and the post was gone

Iceland kicks out FBI agents investigating Wikileaks

Exposed: How Whole Foods and the Biggest Organic Foods Distributor Are Screwing Workers

Can a Small Community Throw a Monkey Wrench Into the Global Fracking Machine?

Analysis: France, Africa face tough Sahara phase of Mali war

4 Ways the Austerity Obsession in Washington Could Cost You Your Job

LA Cardinal Mahony 'stripped of duties' over sex abuse

Spread of hepatitis C pinpointed

UK moth numbers suffer crash, 40-year study shows

Australia protests to Japan over whaling ship

Shin Bet, IDF thwart Hamas terror plot

Breaking News: Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch dies.

Mystery substance could kill 'many more' birds

Former New York Mayor Ed Koch Dead at 88

Outside the system.

EU says pesticides linked to bee decline should be restricted

Petition drive to repeal LGBT ordinance falls short

Voter Empowerment Act Introduced in Congress

Why the 'Citizen Militia' Theory Is the Worst Pro-Gun Argument Ever

Explosion in Front of U.S. Embassy in Ankara (Two Killed)

Why We Took Cocaine Out of Soda

Republican Montana state rep wants ‘corporal punishment’ for offenders

Meet Your Friendly Neighborhood Great White Shark

New national Amber Alert system surprises cell phone owners with shrieking text messages

US carbon emissions fall to lowest levels since 1994

Fallows on Hagel hearing: Thankful the choleric and bullying figure that John McCain has become

Why The US Appointing An Aussie General To Command Its Pacific Troops Is a Big Deal

Are human-caused and natural global warming different? Study says yes.

Libertarians Attack The GDP Report, Because It Shows That Spending Cuts Are Hurting The Economy

I think we just found out what "value added" means:

Suicide bomber has detonated an explosive device at U.S. Embassy in the Turkish capital, 2 dead

Two dogs skyping

Socrates Convicted Again In Modern Mock Trial

James Fallows on the speech of Chinese dissident, Chen Guangcheng, at the Washington Cathedral.

'Known schizophrenic' bought guns before arrest in mother's shooting death

I see ReTHUG scumbag Dan Senor

Beyonce admits she lip synced at Inauguration

Gasoline prices get early start on spring surge

More amendments ahead?

lunch plans

Interesting chart on the growth of global internet traffic

Justice, Putin Style - Cartoon

There's A Reason Bill Gates And Jeff Bezos Both Call Washington State Home

Boy Fights Back, Punches Would-Be Kidnapper

Rush Is Right: There’s No Place For Latinos In This GOP

Police Union boss Pat Lynch calls for an assault weapon ban

What's the plus side of Hagel? I'm not seeing it.

Indiana Man To Plead Guilty To 'Sextortion'

Movements Making Noise Frances Fox Piven

Walker transfers another $40,000 to legal defense fund

Krugman: Our Incredible Shrinking Government (and the dip in 4th quarter GDP)

From debtor's prison to debtor nation

u.s. marijuana lobby sets sights on full legalization

France's Hollande to visit Mali on Saturday (not a 'surprise visit)

want an edge-of-the chair movie - see The Grey

Ramzy Baroud - No Security Firms for African Refugees: Opportunities and War in Mali

I want your first impressions of this article.

Do you remember when actors were almost guaranteed an Oscar if they did a nude scene?

US Embassy in Turkey attacked by suicide bomber.

China fireworks truck blast causes deadly road collapse

So the TV ads for The Pittsburgh Gun Show....

GOP prods a hesitant Scott Brown to run for Senate

I just declined jury service because the post was already hidden...

Nana Movie English Subs (Japanese)

The Syrian opposition coalition has condemned Wednesday's air raids by Israel as an attack on

The irony...

January payroll employment rises (+157,000); jobless rate essentially unchanged (7.9%)

Technical Point RE: Jury Duty

California's Hispanic population projected to outnumber white in 2014

I'm now calling the Second Amendment the Genocide Amendment

OK, it's sappy, but I dig it.

If you ever find a yellow rock, on the beach, that stinks keep it!!!

Scott Brown’s cold feet

Exposed: How Whole Foods and the Biggest Organic Foods Distributor Are Screwing Workers

Meet Ted Cruz, attack dog

TWO WEEKS until the trip I have waited for for 50 years!

Somali-American man guilty in Oregon Christmas bomb plot

Americans shocked to learn that there isn’t actually a Social Security crisis

Duties of Secretary of Defense

Robert Scheer: It’s Good to Be Goldman

Is the religious left too nice and without influence?

NRA Lackey, Gayle Trotter, Exploits 'Home Alone' Child Star

The Most Beautiful Video of Yosemite Ever Made

Moms, Dads With Kids: Homeless But Nowhere To Turn

I'm turning into a bird photographer

Into February With SE, Plains, West All Far Drier & Warmer Than Normal - Drought Holds On

Ed Koch, iconic NYC mayor, dies at 88

Is Morning Joe now turning slowly away from its austerity drumbeat?

Soldier admits shooting man trying to cure hiccups

Proud to be secular - and Jewish

Economy adds 157k jobs in January, revisions way up

British detective jailed in phone-hacking scandal

what happens when two DUers post the same story in the same forum at the same time?

The Worst State for Women?

Well, I suppose that's one way of dealing with it.

Grounded USS Guardian To Be Dismantled

Does your kid want to protect wolves?

Beach photos, begone: Hawaii lawmakers propose shielding celebs from paparazzi

In case you missed it.....

Ads pop up in the strangest places. (Large pic warning)

Clinton: Benghazi Critics Don’t Live In ‘Evidence-Based World’

Ohio patrol trooper reinstated after DUI

Drink Up: The Justice Department just came out in favor of cheaper beer

Georgia Ranked Among 10 Worst States for Gay Tourists

Quick, non-technical question

Mass Killings: Why American Men Are "Going Postal"

An Economic Alternative to Exploitative Free Market Capitalism

Milan appeals court convicts 3 Americans in CIA kidnap case, throwing out earlier acquittals

does anybody have the vid of Ted Cruz making an ass of himself at the Hagel hearing?

What should happen when 2 DUers post the same story in the same forum at the same time?

BREAKING: Unemployment Rate Rises; Economy Adds 157,000 New Jobs

Arabic Pledge of Allegiance recitation at Fort Collins school angers some

Reuters: Obama Considering Colorado Lt. Gov. To Lead Labor Dept.

A Final Letter To Mitt Romney, A Letter Worth Reading

Tawana Brawley ordered to pay up (over false kidnap/rape claims)

US carbon emissions fall to lowest levels since 1994

End of the outrage?

Toons: For those who haven't followed Non Sequitur's week about cult dieties

My term as host in GD just ended...

It’s Good to Be a Goldman Shame on you, Goldman Sachs. Now here's your bonus by Robert Scheer

Bristol Rail Archive

"Big Bang Theory Of Self-Defense:

For those worried about Scott Brown winning Kerry's seat, I offer this very interesting "Hmmmmmm..."

America Moves Forward with Obama as Republicans Double Their Attacks on Gays and Women

Why does law enforcement lie?

Gallup: Alabama, North Dakota, Wyoming The Most Conservative States

Va. Attorneny General Cuccinelli thinks Scalia too liberal

His political honor... has fallen victim to the way that Obama has gotten fatally under his skin

Conservatives Deserting Corbett

Kerry Says Obama Offered Him State Dept. Job A Week Before Rice Withdrew

Pakistan's nuclear bombs could be hijacked by radicals, claims scientist

If the GOP won't give the down-and-out some hope, what are they willing to give them?

Apple overtakes Samsung as top U.S. mobile phone vendor

Do you remember what was going on in your life when:

Hagel hearing: 136 mentions of Israel, 135 of Iran and only 27 of Afghanistan

The United States Could Be Violating Its Own Iran Sanctions

Super Bowl!

Nine current and former Philadelphia Traffic Court judges charged in probe

When she said she wanted state funds for religious schools, she didn't mean Muslim ones!

Ford, General Motors And Chrysler Reported January Vehicle Sales Gains That Topped Estimates

Jailed Pussy Riot band member in (prison) hospital

Friday Toon Roundup- Guns again

Friday TOON Roundup 2 -GOP

Friday TOON Roundup 3 -Immigration

White House On Jobs Report: More Work To Do, But Economy Is Healing

49ers' Donte Whitner ready to accept gay teammate, disappointed in Chris Culliver

Friday TOON Roundup 4- The Rest

The Panda wins another World Series and another MVP..

Posted without comment--watch the video at link.

The Long and Winding Nose

Egypt: Suez Canal Seen Kept Open by Army as Ship Agent Suspends Service

Ark. Senate passes measure to ban most abortions

NATO Secretary General Rasmussen Urges Russia to Be Open With NATO About Baltic Drills

I Can't Believe It's Not Jesus!

Sirius XM radio host Warren Ballentine INDICTED!!! DAMN!!!

KRUGMAN-'US ruled by fear of nonexistent threats+promised rewards that haven’t arrived & never will'

Tony Perkins Blames Gays In The U.S. Military For Surge In Suicides

U.S. Manufacturing Shows Fastest Growth In 9 Months

One nation, under Allah

Dow Jones industrial average trades above 14,000 for 1st time since Oct. 17, 2007

Consumer Sentiment Gains In January On Fiscal Deal Optimism

As 2014 NATO pullout approaches, more Afghans flee their homeland

Is the better economy too late for people like me?

Of Children and of Guns.

The Gatekeepers: 'If this film does not lead to change, there is no hope for Israel'

Reshaping Panama Canal Trade Means Boom in U.S. Gas to Asia

It seems Israel just picked another fight beyond its borders

‘Downton Abbey’ Fan Creates Show-Inspired Cookbook

A good sign: White House jobs council is no more

Texan-sized battery aims to green up the grid

Assault Weapons Or High-Capacity Magazines Used In 28% Of Mass Shootings Since 2009

#NotBuyingIt: Sexism in Super Bowl Commercials

Right Flight

The Boeing Debacle: Seven Lessons Every CEO Must Learn (Offshoring Issues)

Police Say O’Keefe Undercut Moran ‘Voter Fraud’ Investigation

WTF!! Anyone see Huffinton Post head lines

Anti-Wal-Mart labor groups agree to stop picketing the chain

Germany Marks 80th Anniversary of Hitler's Rise

Opt out option expected for religious insurers who oppose contraceptives

Today in Peace and Justice history on February 1, 1960

Today in Peace and Justice history on February 1, 1960

Dow Jones Industrial Average hits 14,000

Catholic, Reformed churches agree on baptism

Cumbria sticks it to the nuclear dump lobby - despite all the carrots on offer

5-Year-Old Threatened With Suspension For Making Gun Out Of Legos

OneTenthofOnePercent has been rounded down to zero

Presidents and jobs - a tale of the tape

Breaking: Obama goes on shooting spree

Nuclear Energy Making an Ultimate Comeback?

Construction Of New Centrifuges Not Against Iran's Intl Commitments - Lavrov

Assisted living facility hires strippers and escorts to provide residents “holistic care”

Thanks, EarlG! OneTenthofOnePercent is now a Zero, PPR'd troll...

Pet Tortoise Found Alive and Well After 30 Years in Storeroom

Duke Energy to Close Two Charlotte-Area Coal Plants Early

Marijuana consultants wanted in Washington state

Rush Limbaugh Denied Service at Mexican Restaurant

Buffett media buys News & Record

Why Petting Feels Good

Excellent and easy Mushroom/Parmesan Soup.

Homelessness & Neighbors Investing in Community

NC A&T State University Honors The Greensboro Four On The 53rd Anniversary Of Sit-Ins

Gov. Pat McCrory's comments on liberal arts elicit firestorm of debate

Obama Realigns, the GOP Declines: The New Political Paradigm - by Robert Shrum

What to do if your job makes you sick

Four at Once: Volcano Quartet Erupts on Kamchatka

Ah, so Kerry WAS Obama's first choice for Secretary of State

Syria may respond to Israeli air strike, says ambassador

Steve Horn On Obama's EPA Censoring A Damning Fracking Report

SKETCH: Frank Chow Celebrates The Rise Of The Asian American Voting Block

Pic Of The Moment: More Terrible Economic News (For Republicans)

Oh, Deer: Indiana Considers Case of Dani's Caretakers

Ray Lewis Isn't the Only One Bringing Religion to Super Bowl Sunday

Melissa Gira Grant On How The War On Sex Workers Is Actually Endangering Lives

Mustafa Akarsu (killed protecting people at the embassy bombing today)

Disgruntled Former Head of Bush Faith-Based Office Praises Obama's

Vatican admits it doesn’t fully understand youth culture (Not the Onion)

Sparks Fly! Thom Hartmann vs. Austin Petersen...Ending Billionaire-ism?

Missing property tycoon found lost, ragged and scarred (Ireland)

Timbuktu Update

UK man finds chunk of whale vomit possibly worth £100,000

Ten Ridiculous Questions From Chuck Hagel’s Confirmation Hearing

The Super Bowl is in New Orleans this Sunday

In Cuba, Lula meets with Fidel, but doesn't see Chavez (Spanish)

In honor of Groundhog Day...

Cardinal Mahony relieved of duties over handling of abuse

Classic album covers re-done...with Kittens

Media is missing the story on the Hagel hearings...

Is it getting EASIER?...then what the heck was UP this week?

Israeli warplanes fly over Lebanon

Cell users complain: Too many Amber Alerts

Sexy and Super Queer Video of Sam and the Womp

Man shot dead at gun range in Timonium

UPDATE2 UPDATE1: GOP prods a hesitant Scott Brown to run for Senate

Israel Vows To Use Veto Power If Chuck Hagel Confirmed As U.S. Secretary Of Defense

Mayoral election

Race, Rehabilitation, and the Private Prison Industry

Report: A-Rod Thinking About Betting On Baseball

Is America Ready for the First Active, Gay NFL Player?

Nation Excited For Opportunity To Watch Harbaugh Lose Super Bowl

Maryland bill would give $40,000 tax cut to yacht owners

Indiana mayor marries gay, lesbian couples

The Alabama Bunker Dude killed a dog with a pipe and owns an assault rifle

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

49ers Players Deny Being in Anti-Bullying LGBT Video They’re In

Can you say "piss off their base" on MSNBC?

NASA knew Columbia crew would die but chose not to tell them

Egypt protesters clash with police at President Morsi's palace

My favorite current muic video

joke..Two Doctors Open Up an Office in a Small Town

Fla. man arrested after pocket-dialing 911

No workout today! Pulled something in my groin last night!

Religious groups win fight over birth control

Once upon a time, Hagel was a preferred nominee for Defense Secretary.

The Beatles in previously undeveloped photos by Henry Grossman in the 1960s.

Nightmare Headlines for the GOP: America’s Bouncing Back (Obama’s Fault)

US carbon emissions fall to lowest levels since 1994

A tweet from Jay Carney (EOP)

Audio: Alabama school teacher doesn't believe in 'queers' or 'fat butt Michelle Obama'

A Man Named Odd.

Republicans consider filibuster of Hagel --No scandal, no embarassments; just policy differences

Just wanted to say, you IT people deserve a raise!

When Will These Senseless Gun Debates Come To An End?

94th Happy Birthday Jackie Robinson

Job Report Proves Austerity Fails–GOP’s Path To Depression

Mr. Fish Toon- The Long and Winding Nose

A Photo Of Hillary Clinton In Every Country She's Visited

William Hurt as legendary physicist Richard Feynman

'Like' a smoothie? Facebook to offer gift cards

Somebody hates me. I'm good with it. I'm not afraid.

Obama administration changes controversial birth control coverage rule to appease religious groups

All you need is love

Scott Brown is not running for Senate

Thom Hartmann: Hazardous Fracking - Is it Time for Civil Disobedience?

Papantonio: Privatization Killing American Labor Movement

This type of bs makes me sick

"Save the Internet" (New Book calls Americans a "Captive Audience) ---Tim Karr

Ed Koch’s enduring, uneasy gay legacy

White House Proposes Compromise on Contraception Coverage

Andrea Mitchell just reported that Scott Brown isn't running!

Boston Herald reporting Scott Brown ain't running for Senate

Goodbye, high-fat chips: New rules for school snacks

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg: Stand Up for Marriage Equality in New Jersey

Looking for a good laugh? Try "Punching the Clown".

Lindsey Graham challenges Hagel: "Name one Senator that is intimidated by the Jewish Lobby..."

Endangered Species Act Protection Proposed for Wolverine

Greensboro, NC. February 1, 1960. COURAGE IN ACTION

The other shoe drops, thereby discrediting all the liberal hand wringing about Kerry going to State

Merchant of Death

NRA Defends Right to Own Politicians

Glenn Beck Conspiracy Theory Generator

Energy Secretary Chu to step down

Four states considering laws that challenge the teaching of evolution

Senate Democrats Achieve 60 Votes For Violence Against Women Act

Ind. DNR wants charges dropped in deer rescue case

Maddow: Republicans wish we were still in ‘factually wrong’ Iraq war

A new Netflix original is up on streaming

DOW OVER 14,000! But, I thought our economy was doomed

17 pct of male Marines surveyed likely to leave Corps if women get combat posts

'Known schizophrenic' bought guns(at Walmart) before arrest in mother's shooting death

Awesome words from FDR

White House Expects Senate Confirmation Of Hagel

Congress has done something quite extraordinary - nothing at all.

2 bits of good news for Dems!

Friday fun with feminism, Faber and Faber and a f-f-f-f-ucking hell

Your fragrance(s)?

Scientists capture video of a thought being formed in a brain

Sec. Clinton: Benghazi critics don't live in "evidence-based world"

Obama's Executive Order on companies bidding for federal contracts to disclose political spending

Sandy Hook "Truthers"

45 Totally Superficial Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Should Run For President In 2016.

Here's the Starting Line-Up for Sunday's Big Game

Adam And Eve & Offspring Would Not Have Survived - T-Rex And Velociraptors Would Have Eaten Them

Reddit Shitlords Give Other Reddit Shitlords Prestigious Shitlord Award

documentary on right now about Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars - a must watch!

Lamar Alexander: "Videos games are a bigger problem than guns"

A chunk of the workforce evaporated during the Great Recession

Tennessee Senator's "Don't Say Gay" attack on a constituent goes viral

'Boyfriend Trainer' iPhone App Turns Domestic Abuse Into Disturbing Game

New GOP Meme - "You Have Anger Issues" If You Are A Woman Who Has Been Screwed Out Of Your ---

Who likes candy? FYI next Tuesday on Face off, the challenge is Candy!

BWAAAH Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!

DU gun owners that are PRO-CONTROL?

Americans Rip Up Retirement Plans

Aloha Democratic Underground

Luckovich's ESPECIALLY Brutal GOP/Evolution Toon

NO, We Were Right -You Were WRONG In 03 & 06 & Iraq War Was A MURDEROUS COCK-UP From Start To Finish

Help countering Right Wing article from parents

Connie Mack: Stop picking on Marco Rubio

Franken starts year with $1.3 million cushion and no clear challenger

N Eng J Med (1-28-13): Since Newtown, 76.9% in US unwilling to have mentally ill person a neighbor

Twin Cities Red Kettles to collect donations for heat

"Calgon, take me away" Seems like everything is falling apart.

Tennessee dog owner sends his dog to be euthanized because he suspects the dog is gay

Finally a picture of bi-polar...

Help Us Reach 1,000 Signatures: Petition for Marriage Equality in New Jersey

One of the most unusual weeks of January weather in U.S. history has drawn to a close

Hispanics soon to outnumber whites in state

Notice to the Democratic party....

Great News: Scott Brown will not run for US Senate

Hillary! Props to a great public servant on a great farewell speech!

What's for Dinner ~ Friday, February 1st

Does it show anywhere how many people are active

Shouldn't our government be "Too Big To Fail?"

Suddenly I can't see video thumbnail photos on ANY of my files.

Elmer Gantry Mixed With Bull Connor with a bit of Lester Maddox on the Side

Legal immigrants: What about us?

Obama administration offers religious colleges opt-out for contraception rule

The Second Amendment as interpreted by the NRA..

Citizens United To Supreme Court: Landmark School Desegregation Case Was Wrong


Not all Republicans are racist, but all racists are cheering this Republican

J'lem plans to bring non-Jewish US leaders to Israel

Presidential Proclamation: National African American History Month, 2013

Reconstruction and Beyond: The 8 African-American Senators

'Dont Say Gay' Stacey Campfield Calls Interviewer "Slime," Emails Published

For those that like to wear and expose their personal firearms at JC Penney

"Like if you put a speed limit on highway-pretty soon they're going to take your car away from you"



L.A. Times subscribers burglarized after requesting vacation holds

Turkish law will make legal abortion impossible, say campaigners

Ikea monkey to stay at sanctuary, judge rules


Seabirds wash up on English coast covered in sticky substance

Australian radio DJs will not be prosecuted over hospital hoax call

Poverty and Progress:Comparing the US and Venezuela

NRA On Obama’s Guards In Schools Plan: Thanks, But No Thanks

The Fundy Nutzie Churches And The Catholic Church Won't Be Happy On Contraceptives -----

Wave of threats against journalists in northwest

Convicted murderer mistakenly released in Chicago

Cheaper Medicine a New Year’s Gift for Salvadorans

Burger King Admits to selling Horsemeat in Britain, U.S. not involved.

The sculptor and the magic snow machine

In Travel, We’re All Boomers Now.

In Travel, We’re All Boomers Now.

Hopes For GE Food Labeling Bill Dashed By NM Senate

How Congress is not like America (in one infographic)

Hopes For GE Food Labeling Bill Dashed By NM Senate

Interesting multi-issue/topic exposee/FYI article that covers several bases in 1

Happy Birthday Phil Everly!

Interesting multi-issue/topic exposee/FYI article that covers several bases in 1 (X-post)

Hi, everybody. Dog tired.

Time for a WTF thread.

Wayne Lapierre's opposition to background checks

Zimmerman wants to delay trial for Martin shooting

On her last day as Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton walks with President Obama

Massachusetts: Brown Won’t Run for Senate

Curt Schilling on Gay Athletes...

Mr. President. Stand by your man.

Focus on Mental Health Laws to Curb Violence Is Unfair, Some Say

Republicans pledge to block Obama's pick to head consumer bureau

Washington Post Co. explores the sale of its downtown headquarters

Detroit to Close 50 Parks, Restrict Work in Others (to keep running Belle Isle)

Give SF 49ers Coach Jim Harbaugh a cheer!

Secretary Hillary Clinton says goodbye with four years of advocacy

Wise words from Voltaire

Watch the first episode of Kevin Spacey's House of Cards here even if you don't have Netflix

Secretary of State John Kerry

Report: Nation's Cattle Herd Smallest Since 1952

AM radio all righties.

Dow Ends Above 14,000 For 1st Time Since Oct 2007

The Urgency of Growth - E.J. Dionne - WaPo

Jimmy Lee Dykes Speaking Through Pipe With Negotiators In Kindergarten Kidnapping Case (Day 4)

Atheist Activism

FTC Says You Should Be Able to Block Smartphone Tracking

Strange interview with Michelle Rhee in the NYT. Odd questions.

Underground dentist not remorseful about illegal practice

So now that Kerry is Sec. of State ....

"Hug me, you sucky awesome party"

E.J. Dionne has an article in WaPo, "The Urgency of Growth". He's taking flack from usual idiot

I'm going to The Gentle Barn on Sunday to hug some cows and turkeys

Abortion rights and Gun rights

Donna Brazile: Hillary: Secretary of Empowerment

"I can't just live my life going on TV and being angry all the time."

My Forgotten Man...

Britain's religious right is on the rise

OUCH!!! Koch's Last Message for Cuomo

boozhoo !!!

My apologies for using 'closet case' re: a GOP anti-gay representative in another post.

Is Cardinal Mahony’s censure a sign of a new Catholic Church?

Killeen Preacher Charged With Sexual Assault Is Registered Sex Offender

The alert on Will Pitt troll is back.

Hello, DUers! Your Friday Afternoon Challenge awaits with “The Masterful Details.”

MIRT - Cleanup on aisle 6 asap please

Does your life revolve around the clock or, does the clock revolve around you?

St. Louis, MO Whole Foods project in Central West End entangled in union effort

Tweety - why is John McCain so angry??

Americans Overwhelmingly Want Feds to Let States Move Forward With Marijuana Legalization

Brownsville family accused of tax fraud over $760K (filing false returns on behalf of the deceased)

Two planes make safe emergency landings after colliding (College Station)

Just saw a post that said: Message auto-removed .........what is that about??

Recursive Tea, take a sip.

Uh oh, looks like trouble in America's online citadel of Liberty...


Catholic League’s Bill Donohue: ‘Being gay’ actually ‘a bonus for humans’

Served on three juries today -

Weekend Economists' SuperBawl Special: "NEVERMORE!" February 1-3, 2013

Are Conservative Republicans extremely superficial?

What is the best regulatory framework for legalized marijuana? (Baker Institute Series)

15 Great Leadership Lessons From John Kerry's Senate Farewell


Epic Time exposure (Not mine).

PA AG to name special prosecutor to investigate Corbett's handling of Sandusky case

Today's lunch special!!! INTERNATIONAL INSULTS for Rush Limbaugh !

Commission Declines to Raise Legislators' Session Per Diem Pay

John Kerry's major priorities as Secretary of State


'Traces of pork DNA' found in Halal prison meat

Ed Koch endorses Obama's reelection; defends his record on Israel and Iran

2013 MA US Senate Race is now in the Lean/Likely Democratic collumn.


NFL into lobbying

Report: Obama leaving the Oval Office, for another. UPDATE: debunked

NRA 'Anti-Gun' List Includes Boy Bands, Clergy, Celebrities, Ice Cream Company

Secret Service director to step down, announce retirement

Student Art from pupils of Miguel Francisco Santiago

Rambo, who needs an assault weapon

Alabama high school teacher slurs gays, First Lady in classroom rant

Owner Sends 'Gay' Dog To Be Euthanized

The Boy With a Thorn in His Joints

This could be the coolest thing you see all day! (Check out the horse & dog)


people are ringing boy scout

Increases in extreme rainfall linked to global warming

You've done it now Grey Warrior

2014 US Senate Election.

"The Most Persecuted, the Most Ostracized, the Most Condemned Black Man in America, Then or Ever" I

This is in GD and I'm cross-posting it here!

For our Pit Bull friends, supporters and lovers

Does anyone else here have Direct Express account with the Social Security Department?

BATTLESTATIONS!': Call-in war waged over Boy Scouts' ban on gays


U.S. Embassy bombing in Turkey renews talk of funds for diplomatic security

A tale of two stories...

Christian Right radio host: Birth control turns wombs into graveyards. Actual graveyards.

About those killer cats -

This is killer......

How Australia handled gun control:

How a Black child during Jim Crow got science books from the library...and became an astronaut.

YIKES! Seven different trolls (and counting) PPRed in a single thread

Changes in ocean put shellfish business in jeopardy

Gun owners tend to be male, white, married, living in south: Gallup

Why Are Women Angry? Because 'They Still Have to Protest This Shit"

US auto sales extend strong gains in January

BP tried to manipulate gas market, alleges trader

Let me see if I am getting this straight: WAR DRUMS are playing...

How would you describe this Congress in its entirety?

Republican Richard Tisei hints at run in Massachusetts special Senate election

Hawaii Fights Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United Decision

Lady Gaga’s foul-mouthed court deposition

Should Hagel leave the Republican Party?

"...there was no more unqualified person in the country..."

Tea Party Community, Conservative Facebook Alternative, Set To Launch


Hillary Clinton on the cover of Newsweek's latest issue..

Here's the Backlash You Can Expect for Blogging About Gender Norms

Exposed: How Whole Foods and the Biggest Organic Foods Distributor Are Screwing Workers

Oakland (Calif.) Cops Point Guns at Sleeping One-Year-Old


Charge: Man tied up girl, 4, then shot her with pellets

"Chuck Hagel on Murder in Vietnam" (what was he "Asked and Answered" in the Hearing?)

Cincinnati Kroger Stores Ending Double Coupons

Steven Chu resigns; letter hints at frustration in addressing climate change

Hindenburg Crash complete presentation

Feminists We Love: Jamilah Lemieux

So MIM is now a...

"These Are People Who Want to Kick You When You’re Down"

Why Labor Should Be Pushing Harder For Medicaid Expansion (By DUer Matt Murray)

Republicans Decide Voter Fraud Is the Only Way They Can Win

Germany's Problem with Women