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Archives: September 26, 2012

Tommy Thompson Says He Has A Plan To "Do Away With Medicaid And Medicare"

Lukovich Toon - Giddy-Up Elephant

DU Demands an Etiquette Lesson, Emily Post Delivers...

Young Turks Poop On That Troll ,Dick Morriss

My furniture has arrived!

Romney On Debunked Welfare Ad: 'We've Been Absolutely Spot-On'

Jerry Jones: With replacement officials, NFL has been ‘exciting’ and ‘great’..

Tune in to Ed's show now....he is calling out "for profit education."

And.....TODD AKIN is the official and FINAL Republican candidate for Senate in Missouri

Unions in Maryland Back Marriage Equality

Magnitude 6.3 earthquake strikes near Mexico's Baja Peninsula

What are the odds?


Let me see if I've got this right...

KO on Twitter is replaying his Special Comment on Koppel.

Romneyitis abounds

Do you see what happens?

Mark my words. The Republicans will come home to Akin.

Mitt Romney Calls NYC Parent a Liar

Duchess St. Rollins: Give A Man A Fish: The Teaparty Version

Caught! Revealing Walmart-warehouse Document Found on Shop Floor

Can anyone help me debunk this bullshit?

If you have loved ones in any of these states make sure they are protecting their right to vote

I resent Romney's thought process and his attack on 47% of Americans.

Do you eat apricots? What about grapes? Or plums? Or figs? Do you drink CA wine? (link corrected)

Great image: I concur absolutely

"No, you disgusting puke"? "you are sad, and pathetic"? Seriously? (jury rant)

Lounge daily inspirational message

New Yorkers Plaster ‘Racist’ Stickers Over Islamophobic Subway Ads

What do you think about this

Republicans Should Not Attempt Comedy

Burglars blinded beloved pet dog by kicking it in the head when they broke into home of elderly woma


You know you are middle-aged when...

It's getting better all the time - Nate has his new numbers out - creeping up!

Madonna - 2nd Night Speech - MDNA Tour - Washington DC 9/24/12

When is it time to replace the dishwasher?

Wow - Dems on the Wake School board said "Ta Ta" to Tea Party darling Tata!

What are your thought on the NFL negotiating stance with their refs?

Could it be..

The Seahawks getting jobbed returned instant replay.

You can't fix stupid, part 1

Iowa Absentee Ballot requests: 5:1 advantage for Democrats

Religion, Science And Easy Answers

You can't fix stupid, part 2 (of 2)

Richard L. Trumka AFL-CIO Sign our petition to NFL owners and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell!!!

It's a shame there's no good pictures of the two referees' faces in that GB/Seattle debacle

Who Was the Most Religious President of All Time?

The Stench...

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Must-Seethe TV & a new Kitty gif

Peanut butter recall expands to 76 products on salmonella fears

What are you willing to do to get MiddleFinger Mom to come back?

This picture of our President sums it all up...

Rachel is doing a brilliant job on the "skewing of the polls" trend...

More than a quarter of Mitt Romney's 2011 income was derived from foreign investments

Cinemax - Strike Back series Anyone watching this?

NASA releases Hubble's farthest-ever view of the universe

My experience as a first-time host

Obama: Disputed game means NFL needs regular refs

Poll: US Trust In Washington’s Ability To Handle Foreign Policy Hits Decade High

Is it me, or ...

The Florida Bar has so jumped the shark, that this latest effort, well, you would almost

Looks like OHIO may be this year's battle to the death.

Time to put the bullshit RW-aiding lie about drone policy to bed.

The Tragedy Is That Even Mitt Romney Doesn’t Know What He Believes

#RomneyPlaneFeatures - funny stuff


Ex-bankers pay penalties over SEC charges

What was your favorite cereal when you were a kid? and What is it NOW?

Workplace Pregnancy Bill Introduced Despite Opposition

Where is the socialism?

Hi everybody. I'm like John Wayne toilet paper...

Bonnie Franklin of 'One Day at a Time' facing pancreatic cancer

Re: Ann Romney's plane

Romney and Ryan have lost the following groups:

6.2 earthquake strikes near Mexico's Baja Peninsula

$200 Million swings to Vegas Sports Books on last nights blown call

Yes, Roger, this is YOUR fucking mess. Fix it. RIGHT FUCKING NOW.

A $250,000 manicure. A fuck you in conspicuous consumption.

Bill Moyers' Preview: United States of ALEC

Four years ago today ... Dow $11,022.06, NASDAQ $2,186.57 at close

Florida Times Union:Obama leads Romney 49%-46% in new Florida Poll

Live from Green Bay, it's Replacement Weather Guy!

Why is using Native American names for sports teams considered racist?

Give a Man a Fish: The Tea Party Version

Florida ballot f*****-up again,

President Obama Hits Romney’s Economic Policies, Addresses Libyan Violence On The View - video link

The Relationship Between Jesus of Nazareth and Mary Magdalene

Judge Suggests Pennsylvania Voter ID Law Could Be Blocked

When you learned to #@&% what car was it that you used?

OK, if Pot is legalized in Colorado, Me, wy Wife and a another couple are heading there to try it.

Wasn't it Mika Brezhinski's husband, Jim Hoffer, asking Chris Christie those mean questions?

(Prop 32) Koch Brothers try to kill California unions

According to Marc Campos, Harris County political operative

Romney Says Camp Has Corrected False Ads, Camp Can’t Name An Example

Greece set for anti-austerity general strike

This election season, Americans pony up for public transportation

RW site distorts President Obama's UN speech, Declares The Future ust Not Belong to Practicing Chri

YES! I am a concern troll! My ONLY concern: DON'T BE COMPLACENT! VOTE!

Feds Investigate Explosion In Indiana Candidate’s Mailbox

Romney Unwittingly Explains Why Citizens United Was Wrong

Scott Brown, POS

Senator Claire McCaskill's New Ad Against Todd Akin

My Wife, "Lucky Fuckin' Me"

President Obama Addresses the U.N. General Assembly - FULL speech

Provocative ‘Jihad’ Ads In New York Subway Branded As Racist… Literally (pic)

In my rambling around the internets I found this cool art blog

He's a Pathetic ASSHOLE!

Tom Tancredo Backs Legal Weed: 'Marijuana Prohibition Has Failed Us'

New Bloomberg National Poll: Obama leads Romney 49% to 43%

This is hilarious from The Last Word

Bloomberg News National Poll - (Obama +6)

"The Stench" Paul Ryan's alleged nickname of Mitt behind his back

"The Republican brain drain" by Richard Cohen at WP

Coal workers forced to participate in photo-op for Romney campaign ad or risk being fired

Va. GOP orders affiliate to remove offensive Obama photos

Romney, Obama zero in on Ohio, a GOP must-win

Lewis Turco's form of the week: 16) The Recombinant Poem

"Ryan's 'Secret' Tape Is Even More Extreme Than Romney's" by Richard (RJ) Eskow at AlterNet

Iconic Israeli newspaper of the verge of collapse

Scott Brown is officially persona non grata with me.

Romney campaign considering 'looks' for when addressing black voters!!

Curse of the Stench

I just heard the real reason on "The Last Word" why there are so few undecided voters.

China rattles an aircraft carrier

Political Party Plans Affecting the LGBT Community

Having 3 babies to 3 different fathers gives woman Preeclampsia?!

Why did Obama leave NY without meeting any international leaders?

AP Interview: Ahmadinejad pushes new world order

Robert Reich: Romney is the avatar of the upper-class

The Beer Party Give The Tea Party A Good Kicking

The ED Show - Romney misses the mark on education

Bloomberg poll: Obama 49, Romney 43

Ralph Nader: Obama is a war criminal

The ED Show - Republican picks strange strategy in pricey Senate race

"Obama vs. Romney Compared to Obama vs. McCain" (Obama doing better in 2012)

Morning radio hosts suspended for calling on listeners to post Muhammad depictions online?

Einstein's brain is now interactive iPad app

Election's taking most of my time. I sure miss this place

Romney Senior Advisor Don Senor Undermined U.S. Security Interests Today

Bank of America faces Fed complaint for how it maintains bank-owned homes in minority neighborhoods

ONE MORE TERM in Opera!!

Obama's Lead in the polls are BIGGER in samples that "include" cell phones

"Republicans to Pollsters: Too Many Democrats In Your Surveys" (LOL!)

100 Million Will Die by 2030 If World Fails to Act on Climate: Report

There Are No Union-Busters In Fantasy Leagues


Scroll through some shots stuck aside through my travels: The Love for the color Orange is Universal

Nate Silver's NOWCAST, 333.4 to 204.6 electoral votes with Romney having a 3.6% chance of winning.


A question for theistic RW legislators. What role does free will play, if any?

OBAMA To Blame

Joe Biden was never a subject of ridicule...

Pollsters Suggest Race Stabilizing in Obama’s Favor


Rachel Maddow - Bloated ballots latest tactic in Republican war on voting

"The Conversation Turns From Romney's Dog-On-Car-Roof Incident"

Rachel Maddow - Scott Brown's racial politics crosses line

Just saw on ABC news a car that just about drives itself.

Howard Dean had best quote of the evening on TV:

Detroit Woman to Mitt Romney: "What ARE You Thinking?"

Elizabeth Warren Expresses Support For Medical Marijuana Legalization


I am so proud tonight

Since Hillary's Leaving

There are twenty zillion #MoviesWithTheStench being posted on Twitter!

a computer buying question.

The democrats in NY and Governor Cuomo made this day possible

Queen Ann Mittoinette is gonna be on with Leno tonight

One of the albums I'm recording is a collector's item!

Which manager will be the next to be canned?

Just curious why my post was hidden..

How 'bout some battleground polls from RCP?

No, GOP, It's Not Us; It's You: YOU Really Are Unmitigated Dickheads (The Rude Pundit)

Asiatic cheetahs forced to hunt livestock

Ralph nader is a terrible person...

dangerous liaison

High school soccer players accused of hazing, sexual assault

"Five Signs Mitt Romney’s Campaign Is Crumbling" at The National Memo

Ann QB Romney on lENO RIGHT now


There's a kitty cat sound asleep on my chest.

It's about 45 minutes until Sept 26 in the state of Missouri. Do you know what that means

Income is income (period)

Letter to your older self

just as a matter of curiousity, how many movies or tv shows have scenes where a hole is

Another 4,119 Democrats and 2,276 Republicans Registered to Vote in Florida on 9/24

Study: Venezuela’s Chavez 4th Most Popular President in the Americas

Jon Stewart: Obama’s Winning Because Closer We Get To Election, ‘Dumber’ Romney Gets - video link

Experimenting with the Monochrome setting on my camera.

This one's for the workers...

Ever send off cereal boxtops as a kid or order from the back of a comic book?

Majority of Republicans Believe 2008 Election was Stolen

Romney camp trusts own data, strategy, not public polls, in Ohio

Rachel Maddow - GOP lashes out as polls deflate Romney fantasy

New Jersey considers 'Snookiville Law'

Aung San Suu Kyi visits a friend's restaurant.

Coming full circle- a miracle happens again

NYT editorial: Why Romney Is Slipping

Pres Clinton & President Obama Speak At Clinton Global Initiative - Full Video

Its scary when the state of the R ticket is such that, after several years of

Will the Occupy movement dissolve Spain's parliament? Christian Science Monitor

I given my notice at work

Christian Right Honcho Ralph Reed to the Rescue? How Clueless Romney Could Still Win

RCP Average (Obama +4.0)

Check out Mitt's new bullshit ad

Obama Answers Liz HassleBarack's Right Wing Talking Point.

This will SO make your day! Nicknames for Mitt....

Please, please, please, please put on the Homepage

GOP support for Akin’s Senate bid grows after withdrawal deadline passes

McCaskill launches first attack ad against Akin

Mitt Romney lowers debate expectations (LIKE DUBYA AND SARAH BEFORE HIM...)

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Tuesday, September 25)

Scott Brown misrepresented his ancestry to get mentioned in the NY Times when he was modeling

Russia Suspends Use of Genetically Modified Corn

Soldier Uses Gun to Scare Another Soldier With Hiccups, Accidentally Shoots Him in the Face

Current Intrade numbers: 73.1 Obama, 26.8 Romney

Rep. David Rivera Busted! Rivera (Marco Rubio buddy) ran secret campaign, Sternad tells FBI

The debunking of the media's spin regarding President Obama's appearance on The View

The stench of republicans panicking

Tommy Thompson, the superman politician ...

Clinton: President Obama is going to win

A Buyer on Ebay Just Screwed me Big Time!

My election forecasts...pulled straight out of you-know-where.

Charlie Gibson: Barack Obama is Going to Win

Google maps the ocean ... WOW

Attorney wants to inspect liquid found in L. Brooks Patterson's car.

Mirrors That Double as Computers High-Tech Looking Glasses Can Display Vital Signs, or Aid in Rehab

Why you are "politically obtuse".

Nikki Haley put 14 year old daughter on state payroll

Mitt Romney: :Teachers union money should not be allowed to go to political campaigns

Bill O'Reilly aired a falsely edited video to discredit Ted Koppel

Slavery wasn't so bad, says book published by OR Republican for Congress

D.C. Non-Residents Should Leave Their Guns At Home

Philosophraptor asks..

Romney being his own cheerleader ... who else will do it ?

Bum Rap—Joe Biden and the Neil Kinnock speech

Three video clips of Ann Romeny (dressed in black leather?) on Leno

97 Percent Of Republicans Use Government Social Programs: Survey

Democracy Now interview with professor Alfred McCoy, author "Torture and Impunity"

The Color of Fear

Romney's lying and the debates

Poll: Obama opens substantial leads in key swing states

4 years ago today: Obama 72.3 on Intrade. Today? 73.2

Health Care Now! seeking office manager

Quinnipiac/NYT/CBS: Obama Is Widening His Lead in Ohio (+10) and Florida (+9)

Laughter Break

Homer Simpson votes for Romney because he invented Obamacare

Why the debates won't matter...

Tommy Thompson GOP Senate Candidate (WI) Just Says It: 'Do Away With Medicare, Medicaid'

Grannies Decline to Be Starved

Sen. Roy Blunt pledges to work for Rep. Todd Akin's election

Phone-hacking: Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson in 2013 trial

Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. Forced To Sell Luxury Townhouse To Pay Medical Bills

Will New Mexico Women Have to Contact Their Rapists in Order to Get Child Care?

Polls Show Obama Is Widening His Lead in Ohio and Florida

Biker Rides 10 Mile Race With Kitten in Her Bra

Georgia's richest man runs for country's top job

Scab referees deliberately targeting socialist football?

Hell is freezing over. Get me a coat.

Getting it wrong again.

Sep 26, 1864: Rebels begin attack against Fort Davidson, Missouri

Nice image: Wisconsin got to love it

Mad Mitt Beyond Thunderdome, coming to your country...never. Because

Do I need an emergency seed vault?

The issue isn't 'safety'; it's guns

So here's a story, and then I have to go to synagogue...

Bikes you have possessed?

RT: 'Democracy kidnapped!' Madrid police fire rubber bullets. Thousands surround Spanish Congress

More on Spanish struggles

Are you smart enough to work at Google? Not unless you can answer these brain teasers, author claims

Romney views on Education and Parental Involvement

Not exactly


Brown goes racial. Good coverage on the Ed show.

Scott Brown gets to pick what racial component everyone is

Has Joe Scum ever condemned ReTHUG voter suppression?

iPad update now has Siri!

Calling someone a "stench" is not about governing.

White men are jumping ship from Rmoney after the 47%

I think it is illogical to blame Nader for the Bush years.

It's so infuriating that the Mittwit isn't damaged more by his refusal to release

New Original That I Will Dedicate To The Romney/Ryan Debacle

Remington liability case documents opened up to public

The county I live in has no Democratic Party.

No, not ALEC, silly, ALICE. Introducing the American Legislative and Issue Campaign Exchange

King says he's delaying lawsuit against Obama

#TheStench: why conservatives must inevitably lose the Twitter wars

Please! When you post about a candidate, include their Web site.

Only a Revolution in Our Thinking Can Save Us From a Water Crisis

In 25 Ohio polls dating back to June...Romney has led in only 3.

Romnesia: The Ability of the Very Rich to Forget the Context in Which They Made Their Money

There's Been a Dictatorial Coup -- Koch Bros. Have a Bunch of Czars Running Cities Across Michigan

Check out this comment on Ross Douthat's dumb ass "Imagine" op-ed in today's NYT.

Outside of the BART station in Berkeley the League of Women Voters

Hmmm...on REAL CLEAR POLITICS' own map, OHIO is no longer in play...Obama/Biden has 265 EV

Economic trend lines, for now, favoring Obama

Maplewood, MO Passes Ordinance To Prevent LGBT Discrimination

2 explosions hit near army HQ in Syrian capital

Egypt's new President Morsi debuts at UN

Will the Romney yard signs last until election day? ---- (they seem to be fading fast)

Scientists say India should not believe false promises of genetically modified crops


A Crucible of Political Disenchantment: 'Dismiss Whatever Insults Your Own Soul' by Phil Rockstroh

Ok ... stupid poll question ....

'Muslim Rage': So Much Easier Than Thinking

Romney releases new Video to repair damage from 47% scandal

Mitt Romney Believes In Dirty Bombers And Open Airplane Windows, But Not In Polls

I just made my first ever political contribution

Oh, O!

Ralph Nader Says Obama Is A 'War Criminal' Who Has Been 'More Aggressive' Than George W. Bush

Jesus, I’m married!

Morning Joe Scabby raises his voice to Meekhead this morning.

Removed because I posted in wrong forum...

It seems like it is the same people at different Romney events.

Half Drag

Intrade now at 78.1% for Obama only 22.2% for Romney

MSN: "Workplace Bullying on the Rise" - Has this happened to you?

Great Romney video!

Naomi Campbell Makes Wearing Couture to Do Community Service More Obnoxious Than Ever


India tiger killed by poachers inside Itanagar zoo

Another Devastating Nat'l Poll For Romney ($) Obama 49% -Romney 43%

Romney Campaign Takes Another Withering Blow In The Polls

Devatating Swing State Polls For Romney ($) FL -0 53% - 44% OH - O 53%- R 43% PA 0 54%- R 42%

On CNN just now - Rudy Guiliani is such a

Meanwhile in Ireland...

Every time I try to rec a post I just get sent back to the top

Lonely no more

Spongebob fail

NFL referee union officials watching Seattle game

Something I was pondering last night....

Pentagon orders new steps to prevent sexual assault in the ranks

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell must go—now


TPM's Early Voting Schedule Chart

"A new poll says 80 percent of Americans feel little or no personal connection to Mitt Romney

Study linking GM crops and cancer questioned.

Study linking GM crops and cancer questioned.


Election Day Starts Now: In Critical Swing States, Early Voting Expected To Exceed ‘08 Levels

Foundation buys former Tiller clinic to provide abortion services in Wichita

Study linking GM crops and cancer questioned.


Check in for those who are becoming obsessed with watching the polls....

Kerry attacks Romney's foreign policy (or lack thereof) and other stuff

Check out the MASSIVE SHIFT towards Obama in polls!

Fed Helps Lenders’ Profit More Than Homebuyers

Nate Silver: Obama The Clear Favorite, But We Could Be Surprised

Romney firm fired by FL GOP after submitting fraudulent registration forms in Palm Beach County

Watch Paul Ryan's brief but undeniable discomfort when listening to Mitt on taxes..

Mr. Fish Toon- UNbelievable.

Keeping Latinos Away From the Polls


Marylanders show support for same-sex marriage, Dream Act, Gonzales poll shows

Throwing down the gauntlet in Greece

Family sues Upstate college over son's choking death--I hope this is thrown out of court.

Krugman: Death By PowerPoint, Continued

Permanent Majority by Terror?

This election season, Americans pony up for public transportation

Why Mitt is Still Confident (VOTER ID); And Why He Still Can't Win

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Replacement stooges

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Willard and the rest

OK, so who's up for a DU meetup in Indy soon?

Was Romney "joking" when he said he didn't know why plane windows don't open?

Notice is hereby given:

Luntz: Anti-Romney Ad 'Devastating'

Most are negative about Mitt Romney’s “47 percent” comments

Sheila Bair rips Timmy Geithner

Obama Campaign out with new ad: Tough?

PBS Ombudsman Posts 72-Paragraph Apology/Explanation Of "Balanced" NewsHour Piece W. Anthony Watts

Toles: "So Romney Decided To Use His Bain Capital Skills"

poverty, climate change, gun violence

Breaking: Singer Andy Williams has died...

TAIBBI: This Presidential Race Should Never Have Been This Close

For MA voters: basic information about Elizabeth Warren

Climate A "Ghost Issue" In US Election Campaigns

The Dark Side of Drones Big Brother in Germany's Skies

‘Going Nuclear’ on Class

Jon Stewart: The Closer We Get To Election Day, The ‘Dumber’ Romney Gets

President Obama's Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Pick, Richard Cordray, Kicking Ass

Ham Or Bacon Fan? Get Your Fill This Year; High Prices, Shortages Inevitable In 2013

Andy Williams-RIP

Mitt Romney called Jack Nicklaus "the greatest athlete in the 20th century"

Any predictions on when Obama will have his first rallys in Atlanta or Phoenix?

Abu Hamza launches last-minute high court challenge to extradition

Football & The 47%

We tried our best to prevent it but unfortunately the Tea Party opened a park next to ours....

U.S. Officials Knew Libya Attacks Were Work of Al Qaeda Affiliates

*** Gets out staple gun and posts today's DU Lunch Special - yummy! ***

LA Times: Obama getting less debate practice than Romney

Mitt Romney's Unintentionally Hilarious Tax Return FAQ

Don't forget the Republicans' Ace in the Hole

So Long, Tommy T - Caught on tape 'who better than me' to get rid of medicare and medicaid

Legendary crooner Andy Williams has died

Handy Chart - Early Voting - State by State

Obama and Romney are still statistically tied in most of the national polls

Drumbeat: September 26, 2012

Italy rules 'no balls' insult is a crime

Drumbeat: September 26, 2012

"Mitt, let me explain- an airplane window, when opened, becomes just like you - it sucks all the air

One Term President

Scott Brown channels Jesse Helms

After Wasting $5 Billion Dollars, The Army Is Eyeing These New Camouflage Patterns

Brown Leads By 10 In Ohio; Nelson Up 14 Points In Florida

Correspondent for Iranian TV killed by sniper in Syria

Do you really think SoS Clinton could win in 2016?

AP-GfK Poll: Most Americans believe ‘Obamacare’ will be implemented

Favorite U2 ballad?

Criticism of Romney's Campaign Grows; Six in 10 Rate His Efforts Negatively

Mitt Romney is now a long shot

ANOTHER sad, sorry, pathetic Romney videoclip...and Joe Scarborough's priceless reaction.

NJ gay couple suing over photo in campaign mailer

Mika shows clip of Mitt trying to lead crowd in chant...Joe's response:

Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama ticket for 2016!!!

A New Guide to the Factions of Democratic and Republican Herds --Cool Videos & Stats -NYT

Huffington Post now has it 343 Obama to 191 Raw Money national map

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday Sept 26th

Romney would be ok if he had said 28.6%

Romney Firm Invested In Chinese Company That Touted Low Wages, Low Tax Liability To Investors

Great News out in Nevada - Shelley Berkeley has moved ahead in the Senate Race

The aristocratic old grandpa state

Note to all readers here at DU - Presidential elections are not won by popularity contests...

Nate Silver gets his ass handed to him by...

Geoff Calkins: Cross country runner saves life, finishes race

This is a little OT, but have any of you ever moved to a new climate

Judge hints he may block Pennsylvania voter ID

I think that the Romney campaign should face reality, bite the bullet and start . . .

My brother in MA hates Elizabeth Warren BEYOND reason

Can we now all agree that Pennsylvania IS NOT and NEVER HAS BEEN a SWING STATE?

Close to $250 million worldwide could have been bet on the Seahawks/Packers game

Was Roe v. Wade politically beneficial or harmful?

Madonna did the right thing:

Why there are fewer undecided voters this year...

Scott Brown Denies Making Remark About Elizabeth Warren's Ethnicity (seriously...not the Onion)


Fox Affiliate Duped by Phony Meat Loaf

Forget the polls. This election can be stolen.

Andy is sailing that Moon River in the sky.

Urban Coyotes Never Stray: New Study Finds 100 Percent Monogamy

Sales of New U.S. Homes Hover Near a Two-Year High

Could one of our tax experts put together a little table or graphic

Rick Santorum, Senator Jim DeMint announce support for Todd Akin

Future Health Risks for Obese Children May Be Greater Than Previously Thought

Boston Globe: Senator Scott Brown’s illusion fades

Ann Romney interview with Leno?

October is coming

George W. Bush Returns To America After Spending 4 Years In The Himalayas

Republican strategist says

The power of $4.00...

Pic Of The Moment: Joe Scarborough Sums Up The Romney Campaign So Far

Steve Jobs and Phil Schiller explain why no 'Intel Inside' stickers on Macs.

The Khaleesi has chosen. Who is Seth MacFarlane?

Poll: rural whites prever Ahmadinejad to Obama (the Onion)

Has Rmoney ever taken part in the Clinton Global Initiative

Samsung Smartphones And Tablets Vulnerable to Malicious Wiping With A Single Web Click.

Every DUer within driving distance of a Romney-Ryan rally should make sure to attend and

Andy Williams, Perry Como and Eddie Fisher with RFK & Teddy

Mitt Romney and the Infinite Sadness

Romney To Small Businesses: ‘Don’t Be Expecting A Huge Cut In Taxes’

Romney To Middle Class Ohioans: Don't Expect Too Much Tax Relief From Me

Conan Rages Against Elisabeth Hasselbeck Questioning Obama: 'She Didn't Even Win' Survivor

Was Mitt Romney Planning On Stealing The Election In Florida?

Second round of voter purge in Florida

iPhone 5 prototype jailbreak demoed

Romney's startling confession on taxes (even Ryan seems to do a double take)

Michele Bachmann's Seat in Peril As House Race Tightens

Warning: Things are about to get funny/sad/angry with RW family/friends

This is going to be a little tougher than I thought it would be...

Exclusive Behind the Scenes Footage: President Obama Talking to Handful of His Most Important Donors

Rasmussen- O Overperforming His 08 PA Numbers By 1 And Underperforming His 08 Nat'l Numbers By 7

Why Romney is losing must-win Ohio

Joe Scarborough reacts to Romney clip - 'Sweet Jesus'

Obama at the U.N.: A new religion doctrine

Today in Peace and Justice history on September 26, 1983

Today in Peace and Justice history on September 26, 1983

Judge hints he may block PA Voter ID

How do you feel about Madonna?

Religious Right Group Falsely Accuses Americans United of Scaring Pastors

I have $10...who should I send it to?

US To Boycott Iran Leader's Speech At UN Summit

Danziger Draws Mr. Boehner & Mr. McConnell (as they reconsider their "plan")

Fellow Mormons Say Romney Is Not The Face Of The Religion, He Sullies It

Proof we're in Crazy Squirrel Season

In the last five years, China has built 20,000 miles of expressways

Scarborough tweets "Ouch. Soul crushing" in response to "Mitt Romney and the Infinite Sadness" video

Electronic voting problems

Biggest English Polluter Spends $1 Billion to Burn Wood

Will 9 GOP Governors Electronically Flip Romney Into the White House?

Dear Tumblr: A Reminder Of Why We're All Here

Global Warming's Terrifying New Math

Something that will change your mind about Justin Bieber.

Its Gilligan and the Stench

The Republican Apologists Weighting Argument Doesn't Make Any Sense

Reed’s idealism only extended “as far as the cash goes.”

NPR/Diane Rehm Show running today with RW foreign policy memes about President Obama.

Rmoney will lower deductions and exemptions

Romney support in Ohio - Not a single blessed smile in the lot.

Is the Romney disaster of 2012 deliberate?

Guardian UK: The Spanish public won't accept a financial coup d'etat

Rupert Murdoch Inadvertently Registers As Member Of Controversial ‘Independence Party’

Who here has played the Half Life video games?

The Last Word - Romney speaks at Clinton Global Initiative

Should Governments rescind the Noble Lie of religions?

The Last Word - McCaskill: Todd Akin operates ‘on the fringe’

Prop 40 help!

Wear it like a badge.

Wonder why the US is an outlier in this chart

Campaign scrambles after Romney admits Obama didn’t raise taxes

The Plutocracy State: Toon

Did DU just go off line?

Iran, Israel, and Existential Threats

Uh oh, Google was locked out by the NFL and they brought in a replacement Google.

Mitt Shook Tweet - Excellent Advice...

MidAmerican Energy Studying Area Near Wilton for Nuclear Power Plant


The Last Word - Homer Simpson rewrites Republicans

Andrew Sullivan: "This might be getting close to over, mightn't it?"

Mentor Into Protégé

Cherokee Nation 'disappointed' with chants used by Sen. Scott Brown staff

Geology - courtesy of George Takei ,aka Sulu, on FB.

Midwest drought: how engineered corn saved some farmers from disaster

Sorry, but I think lauding Ahmadinejad here on DU, is beyond the pale.

The Last Word - Romney is 'the stench'

I done something today I never thought I'd do and I'm proud of it

Great Traditions in Journalism: The "Frankenstein Flash"

There's something wrong with this...

Ann Romney shot video vowing to never campaign again

Rollins on Mitt: "Everything he says just sounds like a thoroughly wiped ass when it comes out..."

So my father,the republican living on social security and medicare.

Heh...that didn't take long

WHY? Why this quote by John Lennon is so painfully true?

Josh Marshall, TPM: David Corn, Romney-Slayer?

So I'm back from synagogue early b/c a member of my family is not feeling well.

Campaign scrambles after Romney admits Obama didn’t raise taxes

Bluff ... called. Republicans fall in behind Todd "Legitimate Rape" Akin

Trial begins for Egyptian Copt accused of blasphemy for posting clips of ‘Innocence of Muslims’ onli

How one firm got Mitt Romney to invest in its Chinese factories

Hey Bully: Do you get the message???

The republicans called us "conspiracy nuts" when we said Bush was lying about

UC pepper-spray settlement about $1 million

Do I detect a love loss ???

About the close national polls between Obama and Romney

The female body HAS WAYS of shutting that WHOLE THING DOWN...

Controversy over a mosque. No, not in Tennessee. In the Bay Area.

I'm getting we're the ones being set up for a fall...

Arcade manager shoots, kills armed would-be robber

Taxes Threaten an Island Culture in Georgia

Meet the woman behind, "FIRED UP! READY TO GO!"

OMG. Relative of hubby just 'liked' The Tea Party on fb.

What do conservatives want to do about Iran?

The Romney Campaign: Like Watching the Hindenburg Crash into the Titanic

The Rude Pundit: The Existential Uselessness of Discussing the Mitt Romney Campaign Anymore:

I refuse to watch another NFL game until this ref situation is resolved

Cherokee chief: Scott Brown staffers “downright racist”

"Better Satire Please," from Ruben Bolling's "Tom the Dancing Bug"

Are top Republicans mostly con-artists or do they really believe the stuff they say?

who is a better Obama: Fred Armison or Jay Pharoah?

Post any comment you want here and my response will be...

Reports say the regular refs will be back Sunday

Staples to close 30 U.S. stores, dealing another blow to Mitt Romney's job creation claims

out of work

Vegetarians FAIL

Does it really matter if you remove a flash drive before computer says you can safely remove it? nt

Oldest Ivory Workshop in the World Discovered in Saxony-Anhalt

Big Ed: Romney can still win this thing because the republicans are doing everything they can

Papantonio: Republicans Crippled By Fear

President Obama at Bowling Green State University Wednesday

Rapist seeking visitation with child he fathered after attack on teen victim

Great article about Vanessa Kerry...

Romney To Middle Class Ohioans: Don't Expect Too Much Tax Relief From Me

"Freeze Frame" if you like real dark thrillers.

Ancient Buddhist Statue Made of Meteorite, New Study Reveals

Provisional ballots could be hanging chads of 2012

"A Peace Corps for Doctors, Built by a Senator's Daughter"...

getting just a *liiiiittle* bit ahead of things, i'm predicting a likely republican victory in 2016

Veterans Call For Elections Supervisor's Resignation - Osceola County, Florida

Obama re-election at 74.7 on intrade today!!

Want a good laugh..."Romney: My heart aches for struggling America."

The Dam Is Breaking...The Dam Is Breaking (Reprise) Gallup Poll Obama (D) 50% Romney ($) 44%

Upset about the infamous Green Bay-Seahawks blown call?

Madonna: 'Muslim' Comments About Obama Were 'Ironic'

Dear President Obama, (Email from

To much DOOM and GLOOM coming from Big Ed today for me

There is a difference between Cherokee citizenship and Cherokee heritage

FBI: Man paid hospital employee for patient data

An Ethiopian hero of the Korean War

We're Among Friends So We Can Be Honest

Colbert Goes Through Five Stages Of Grief Over Romney’s Dwindling Campaign Hopes

Christian school secretary accused of sex with student

We need a NEW Heitkamp/Berg (ND) poll--Last one was early July

Stinky and the Bain (image)

The NFL introduces its newest scab ref

Andy Borowitz Tweet

Just cleared up a fraudulent charge on a credit card. Anyone had experience with that?

Test of a true conservative

GOP strategist: Success of auto bailout 'a kick in the balls' for Romney

Ahmadinejad Tells UN 'Uncivilized Zionists' Continue To Threaten Iran

To Ryan Anyone Getting Help From Government Is A Looter So

GALLUP-Obama 50%, Romney 44%

Thank you my friends for your kind thoughts and good wishes! The second round of my labs and

TRIVIA FACT: When Obama was a 10-yr-old in Indonesia, Mitt Romney was already an asshole.

Would whistler-blower laws apply to the manipulation of Diebold voting machines?

Kids 4 Obama

Atheists condemn House resolution to reaffirm importance of religion

Within the Margin of Error doesn't mean what some think

Tweet from President Obama

"It was $15. That's really all we could give . . ."

The battle for white men

Jon Stewart dissects the reasons why Mitt Romney nose diving in poll (VIDEO).

we made it to our third anniversary

Romney on the Emotions of Sexually Active Teenage Boys...

Koch brothers attack

Get your official Stench / Ryan bumper stickers here!

The workers are so happy to see Romney in Ohio!1!

Woman arrested for marring anti-jihad NY subway ad

Former soldier charged in Fort Worth trafficking case

Missouri pot activists may sue after Springfield re-criminalizes marijuana

Deport them where? Nobody would want them!!

Joe Scarborough's facepalming "sweet jesus" is the seminal moment of the campaign for me

today is our wedding anniversary

Was Craig T. Nelson Drunk On Glenn Beck's Show? TYT

Americans have paid more attention to sports fraud in 2 days than election fraud in 8 years.

Thom Hartmann: Top GOP Strategist says ''Comrade'' President Obama is Hitler...

Reports: Deal between NFL, referees close

About to head over to Kent St to see Obama!

I like the 7-eleven poll

Feds crack down on Los Angeles medical marijuana shops ((AGAIN))

Mike Rowe's dirtiest job EVER --

Caption this pic

Are we a police state yet? House to house search of a whole neighborhood for... wait for it...

Bev Harris shows Howard Dean how voting machines can be easily hacked

I don't get Rasmussen's methodology of which states are "Swing States"

How can we shine the light on Charles and David Koch?

Problem with iPod nano & Stephanie Miller podcast


UC Pepper-Spray Settlement About $1 Million

The bottom of the ticket follows the top of the ticket...

The Marriott's TV commercial "anti-woman with baby on a plane"


Op-ed: What This Election Means For People with HIV

The AARP is mailing flyer's in Florida about What Romney/ Ryan will do to

Katey Sagal Joins Americans for Marriage Equality Campaign

Romney's Staples closing 60 stores around the world


Did Mitt Romney really tell a crowd in Westerville Ohio

Does the Justice Dept. have boots on the ground in swing states

Sage Advice from Captain Solo....

Longtime Ohio GOP strategist: Obama's advantage on the auto bailout "a kick in the balls" for Mitt

Here it is, the latest mound of HUMPDAY HATEMAIL!

Unusual Indian Ocean earthquakes hint at tectonic breakup

Mexican legal challenge to Enrique Peña Nieto's election win dismissed

Karl Rove's Super PAC Spends $1.2M to Defeat Tammy Baldwin

Folks, I need help - Do you live in Ohio? Do you live in Florida?

Michele Bachmann's Seat in Peril As House Race Tightens

My Letter to the Editor was printed today... "No transparency in vote counting"

Holy Crap? Mormons Plan To Fast For Romney (so he will do well in the debates)

Womens rights or lack there of

Hey Meghan McCain you still in a pissy

(oh boy...) Ann Romney Explains Mitt’s Airplane Remark to Leno

Thom Hartmann: Terminator trading should be banned

At 105, a Zen master blends East with a bit of L.A. to help guide his Western students

Real Clear Politics Senate estimate now 52/48 Dem -- ARIZONA now a Toss up

The Existential Uselessness of Discussing the Mitt Romney Campaign Anymore

Melky to be left off Giants' playoff roster..

I'm happy to announce our new Boys & Girls Club for DUers is now open......

Cantor camp turns down invitation to free public forum.

Barack Obama: Successful at Foreign Policy Because the Repubs Can’t Block Him There

Early birds camp out at Kent State for good seats to see President Obama

I have nothing against rich people - BUT - "A Parthenon For Chickens Is Just Clucking Offensive.

Studies of Substance Abuse with Interventions for the Youth of Native American Indian Community #11

What older commercial can you quote verbatim from memory?

Santorum, DeMint endorse Akin in Mo. senate race

"Well excuse me that I work for a living & don't rely on food stamps like you"

Shots fired at Mobile County Democratic Party Headquarters

I wish Stephen King would rewrite IN COLD BLOOD. I'd like to see his take on it.

Joe Scab's "Sweet Jesus!" This Morning

To Us - Obama for America TV Ad

Cantor camp turns down invitation to free public forum.

Alex and Chris want to get married.

These warnings/cautions posted here about the perils of polls and voting - What's it all for?

Mashup "Game of Thrones" and "The Wire"? Well, why not? Meet "A Song of Ice and The Wire"...

Clooney couldn't have said it better!!

Illinois Workers Fight Back Against Bain Capital Outsourcing Their Jobs to China

National voter registration day

LGBT Legacy Project to debut on Halsted

Romney’s Tax Rate Lower Than Any President’s Since Nixon

S.F. startup offers scooter rentals

University of California to pay nearly $1 million in deal with 21 pepper-sprayed Occupy protesters

Crap. I used my daily supply of work motivation in the first ten minutes.

Weird skills that you have - post them here

Romney Fundraiser planned Thursday in Hong Kong

Just met Tamron Hall & Dr Michael Dyson

What if Mitt Romney became president? Mittopia is here to answer what that will be like.

In Ohio, Romney says his 'heart aches' for jobless

Who Needs Evidence? Congressman Pins Blame For Capitol Hill Burglaries On Undocumented Immigrants

Stillwater OklahomaMiddle Schooler shot himself this morning in the middle of the hallway at school.

President Obama greets supporters during a rally at Bowling Green State University in Ohio - pics

Things right now are looking very good--are you worried about the debates?

Michigan wind farm opponents look to heliports for help

So calling a person a sinner is not speaking down to them ... ? ... very weird philosophy

Just Kick It!

Does Monsanto Man Mitt Romney Secretly Eat Organic?

Schoolteacher Cheryl Describes Meeting Mitt Romney

Grrr. Gay couple shocked to find their faces on anti-gay mailer

Redditors Get A Lesson In Tolerance of the Day

Poll: Chris Murphy Up 6 Points In Connecticut Senate Race

Clinton, world leaders announce contraception deal for women in developing world at UN

thank you for this, Skinner.

HIV patients aging prematurely

Egyptian blogger Alber Saber’s arrest shows differences over freedom of speech

You know there is wheat in everything

USPS Bailout Imminent: Postal Service Will Miss September 30 'Mandated' Payment

Nuclear danger grows from dumped Soviet subs

How Ohio Began To Slip Away From Mitt Romney

Opening the Religious Tent to All

Dr Vanessa Kerry has created a partnership with the Peace Corps to send doctors and nurses abroad.

In Praise of Mitt Romney’s Transcribed Laugh

Obama: Romney’s ‘tough talk’ on China is like a fox guarding the chicken coop

Hackers break into Congressman's campaign office and install Linux

Voting Machines Elect One Of Their Own As President

NRSC Takes A Fresh Look At Todd Akin

Puckish Russian Offers Romney a Plane Whose Windows Open

I can believe good news AND GOTV at the same time

A note from the girlfriend...

Mitt Romney would be an embarrassment to any political party. If he were to be elected

Wesley Clark to Newsmax: Israel Will Not Bomb Iran.

Shrimp Risotto recipe

TYT: NFL Refs: Ryan Rips Obama, Where Does Romney Stand?

Quick! DU this poll:

Virginia GOP branch won’t remove Obama “witch doctor” pics

Court to hear appeal over federal gay marriage law

6 Major Reasons You Should Care About the Labor Battles in Professional Sports

Germany to Tap Brakes On High-Speed Trading

From CREDO: "Reinstate the Federal Assault Weapons Ban"

The Organized Voter Suppression Criminal Activity Is Not a "Conspiracy"

Poll: Chris Murphy Up 6 Points In Connecticut Senate Race

Teabagger 2016 Film Challenge

US judge upholds Obama ban on lobbyists serving on boards

Army General charged with sex crimes

Rasmussen: Flake (R) drops from (+16) to (+6) in ARIZONA

Hitler Reacts To Replacement Refs (Golden Tate Touchdown)

The Atlantic: Mitt Romney's 'Them' Problem

"...feed the fish?" Clip of Ryan played on Martin Bashir's show just now.

I am stunned .... political discussion at work. I may be going to hell.

Romney Can't Dance

BUSHCO - DELETED Intel Report Passage Saying Saddam Would Only Attack in Self-Defense

Dog owners - picking up the "unpick-upable" on walks?

Vouchers or CouponCare when it comes to Romney/Ryan's Medicare Plan

Ohio is Gone

BBC: Hubble captures extraordinary view of Universe

Ralph Nader is a war criminal more aggresive than George Bush.

I had a horrible dream last night

PPP: IOWA (Obama +7), 51 - 44

Singer Andy Williams dies at 84

After Nearly A Decade Of Declines, Manufacturing Jobs Begin Rebound

Repuke whining about the media and polls is reaching a crescendo

"...they want to be able to call in the Army."

Abu Hamza: High Court judge halts extradition to the US

Is Mitt Romney the President?

Stunning new Obama video: "Mitt Romney was not an effective governor."

Oh No! Somebody whose music I liked passed away in 1999.

Julian Epstein "You're Going to Start HearingTwo Words: MANDATE and LANDSLIDE"

My tongue is bleeding

Attention Gun Experts!

Mitt Romney: Those People

US judge upholds Obama ban on lobbyists serving on boards

Reporters now "following the Romney campaign's steady march

Rupert Murdoch Joins Independence Party In New York Accidentally

Court in Sao Paulo orders YouTube to take down anti-Islam film or face $5,000 a day fine

The power of optimism

Mitt Romney Could Recoup Extra Tax Payments After Election With Amended Return

I'm Jonesing for Romney Fail

Can frozen air help store energy?

This is no fart joke: Donald Trump's Buttrick Ave Golf Course Spewing Out Gas

I KNEW that Ann Romney Leno wardrobe reminded me of something!

Patty Murray On NRSC’s Todd Akin Change Of Heart: ‘Absolutely Shameful’

Romney vs. Obama in Ohio: With superior ground operations, the president widens his lead

Now I get it...remember that big roadsign that pictured

Tammy Baldwin Whacks Tommy Thompson For Vowing To ‘Do Away With’ Medicare, Medicaid

Wayne Powell vs. Eric Cantor for Congress, interview w TYT Network

Mitt's "THEM" Problem

Has anyone been watching Martin Bashir?

Mittens campaign starting to look a lot like McCain's

Weird skulls that you have - post them here

GOP Blocks Passage of Veterans Conservation Jobs Bill

Romney camp goes all in on ad touting concern for ordinary Americans

ROFL! Fox's Kilmeade Accidentally Asks Dick Morris The Obvious Question About Polls.

Powell TYT Network interview, video

#ImWithMitt trending on Twitter... you know what that means!

This is Romney's agenda for the next 6 weeks

Connecticut Absentee Voters Get Blank Ballots

New study shows gut bacteria could cause type 2 diabetes

Really CBS?

Someone missing a pinkie?

Reid: Republicans Have Repeatedly Blocked Bipartisan Bills, And Hurt The Middle Class In The Process

An anti-Obama sign in the window of a County Courthouse.

Mr. 47% still doesn't get it

Hey Paulie Romney!!!!!

Saw a lady at the store who had silver & pearls...stuck onto her nails. Every

iPhone App Users Young And Wealthy, Android App Users Skew Older less money

Mike Rowe takes on his dirtiest job to date. Campaigning for Mitt and doesn't even mention his name

Exclusive - IMF, EU clash over Greece's bailout prospects

The Coming Romney Comeback Narrative

Tammy Baldwin Whacks Tommy Thompson For Vowing To ‘Do Away With’ Medicare, Medicaid

"I'm A Man" ... Chicago 1968

After Nearly A Decade Of Declines, Manufacturing Jobs Begin Rebound

Replacement Google

Anyone watching Revolution? I am wondering where this show is coming from. This week the

Police investigating racist pictures sent to Mia Love (Republican congressional candidate)

PPP: Obama leads with EVERYONE in IA

Kids in prison - "Juvenile in Justice" photo project captures kids behind bars

Tennessee fraternity suspended after alcohol enemas

Paul Ryan's Secret Tape


Ohio is Gone-This is evidence that the GOP is no longer a national party.

Hundreds gather in Fort Collins for Paul Ryan campaign stop

Gangnam Style!

From RT: Athens explodes right after Madrid

Reasons now emerging why Tata was let go (none of it surprising)...

DO it! DO. It. Head fake or real? Obama campaign flirts with playing for Arizona

The universe is much bigger than big

Need help from MIRT.

paul ryan is running for congress even though he's veep candidate

Ann Coultier

A Detroit area tradition, the Hoffa Dig. Time for another one.

House Ways And Means Google Results Hacked (Hilarious Hack - Still showing in results)

Obama Mulls Competing for Arizona

Sure says a lot about what the people of this nation prioritize...

Kos: Obama Campaign Flirts with Playing for Arizona - Head Fake or Real?

FBI to look for Jimmy Hoffa's body at Detroit-area home

Man Convicted of Putting Semen in Co-Worker's Water to Appeal

Meet the Welfare Queens of the 1%: The Moochers Mitt Missed Work for the Pentagon

Let us count the ways the GOP is getting its just deserts and deserves no pity

Egypt newspaper fights cartoons with cartoons

HOLY SHIT!! Be honest...did you see this coming? This early?

Is there an industry name for this?

Aljazerra weighs in on Greece too

Early voting starts tomorrow at 8 AM.

Scott Walker has figured it out. Romney's polling sucks because Republicans don't talk to pollsters.

Scott Brown disclosed money from law practice although current MA bar status is "inactive"

Put a fork in them, 'cause they are done

From Real News: Spanish Police Crack Down on Protesters Surrounding the Parliament

U.S. military designates Assange & Wikileaks as enemy of the state

Japanese Team Claims Discovery of Elusive Element 113

Blueberry Herbal tea is my new favourite! I don't know how many actual antioxidants

2012 is the Year the Public Awoke to the C in CAGW (Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming)...

Martin Bashir - Romney criticizes China, but massaged Chinese investments

Boy Scouts claim kids safer with them than at home

NC DU'ers: Come protest Art Pope tomorrow

Fort Bragg Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair facing sodomy, other charges

‘You’re the only guy that does something for us that never asks for anything.’” Adelson makes wanna

It's pretty bad when you have to be the cheerleader for yourself.

What's missing from pro-gay marriage TV ads? Gays

Danziger Toon: How's that one-term plan coming along?

Martin Bashir - Romney and Ryan, The Hollow Men

If you accept jury service for a post with a link,

Mitt Romney Hong Kong Fundraiser Planned For Thursday

So,...I'm watching Wes Craven's 1972 "Last House on the Left". Nothing has happened yet,...and

What Romey is really running for -

GOPers working HARD to discredit polling - are they covering their plans to steal the election?

Why do most of the MSM refer to the President as "Mr Obama"?

Ouch! David Spade is ahead in a "Who Wore it Better" contest with Ann Romney

DCCC Moving TV Resources to More Competitive Races

Hundreds of thousands of Greeks march against austerity

US calls Assange 'enemy of state'

Can Black Women Lead on Rethinking Marriage?

Wow-Look At Politico's Electoral College Map Obama (D) 347 Romney ($) 191

Martin Bashir - Ann Romney can’t cover for husband’s campaign; GOP takes Akin back

Of course it was too good to be true: Ryan never called Romney "The Stench"

What Has Happened To The Game That I Used To Know? (NFL)

Good image Toles

A Crescent Moon in the Martian Sky

Thom Hartmann: 1st they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win...

Take a Gander at a Cosmic Gull

Clam Chowder - New England or Manhattan?

Protest Art Pope tomorrow

Here's a bit of history for the 'youngsters' here. President Ford pardons Nixon. Video:

So... Which Mitt-son will "avenge" his Pop's devastating loss, by running in 2024?

Mike Love Sprinkles Some Bad Vibrations On Beach Boys’ Reunion Tour - sacks Brian Wilson, Al Jardine

Free speech...

I Thought It Was A Joke But The House Really Is In Play

Massive Protest Erupts in Spain! Sep, 25, 2012

Is Mitt Romney Stupid?

DNC responds to Mr. 47%'s new ad

Scott Pelley repeatedly refers to President Obama as 'Mr. Obama'

Salt Marshes Will Absorb Carbon until 2050, but Then Be Overwhelmed

Obama Mulls Competing for Arizona

Manufacturing jobs have grown more under Obama than Bush

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 27 September 2012

Gov's Branstad & Brownback want to sell Iowa assets to China

Presidential Halloween Mask Sales: Barack Obama Beating Mitt Romney (by 30%)

Michigan State Representative Tom McMillin - Being Gay is a choice

Andy Williams's legendary performance of the song Moon River

In Ohio Obama Speaks to Thousands While Romney Draws Hundreds

This Presidential Race Should Never Have Been This Close MATT TAIBBI

Ryan to Ohio Woman Re Welfare: "Teach a man to fish & you feed him for a lifetime. Don't feed fish."


Ryan Justifies Romney’s Low Tax Rate: It’s Ok, Because He Created Jobs

CNN going HARD after Obama on the Libya story

Two stolen states now polling such that stealing becomes almost impossible

Taking Our Country Back - Wayne Powell (Thom Hartmann) video

Three things need to happen

The Stench Connection (image)

Check out this email from the College Conservatives. Advocating violence against Obama.

"Mitt Romney's Budget Would Destroy Jobs: Report" The Huffington Post | By Bonnie Kavoussi

Assange UN speech live now...

"Mitt's campaign has a 'no whining rule'"? (LOL!)

Obama Without Romney (Or Ross Douthat fantisized that if Obama had no opponent, he might lose)

More Guns, More Mass Shootings—Coincidence?

No, the Polls Aren't Rigged to Look Like 2008

Romney: Massachusetts health care law is proof of empathy

"96 Percent of People Have Received Some Government Assistance"

Anyone else watching PBS Newshour talking about the Youth vote?

Securing the Future of American Health Care (New Eng Jour Med)

You ain't got a thing, If you ain't got no swing. (Election map update-Romney ain't got no swing)

Is there anybody that knows something about cooking amaranth?

Diebold Machines

So Rmoney was a one-term governor.

Here's a surprising fact: In 2008, more people in North Carolina

Mitt: “Frankly at this early stage, polls go up, polls go down”

VP Biden on Romney and taxes~

One of my brothers in law had a triple bypass a few weeks ago

Darden has a PAC?!!

what happens if neither Obama nor Romney get 270?

Romney Campaign Reboots For 72nd Consecutive Week

Open letter to Alabama Democrats

Steve Young Suffers Concussion Attempting To Explain Final Call In Packers, Seahawks Game

Guess Who: "Frankly at this EARLY stage, polls go up, polls go down."

Here's why Team Obama should fight in Arizona, Indiana and Montana in addition to the "swing states"

I don't want the Midwest sold to China

"U.S. carbon tax could halve deficit in 10 years: report"

What I did with my weekend!

Paul Ryan: Rape is a "Method of Conception"

Romney On The Emotions Of Sexually Active Teenage Boys

Army charges brigadier general with forcible sodomy, other crimes

3 million Americans march in Washington DC to protest......What?

"In Romney-Obama ‘Redistribution’ Debate, a Gray Area"

Josh Marshall: Irony & Karma Want To Kick Mitt’s Ass

Phoenix Mayor Attempts To Live On A Food Stamp Budget: ‘I’m Tired, And It’s Hard To Focus’

Remember this goody from 2008?

Coming Attractions: The latest/next RW Outrage

A few wedding pics: lisa and my wedding on saturday

Bush Deleted Intel Report Passage Saying Saddam Would Only Attack in Self-Defense

Those clips of pundits saying the same thing across networks

I think we need to remember that we love Republicans. We may not agree with them but we love them.