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Archives: September 23, 2012

Stepping out of the closet...

2012 Pennsylvania Derby

President Obama in Milwaukee. Best rally of the year.

Rasmussen... YES RASMUSSEN: Economic confidence at 7 year high.

How about a thread where we can brag about our work for the Dems?

Can Obama win again? Yes he can! Out of America special: In the linchpin state of Virginia,

Wealthy Welfare: UK to freeze benefits as inflation bites

Sometimes karma doesn't take very long

'US Muslim world intervention bred hatred over decades'

Femicide? Gynocide? What would you call it?

Simmer down now ....and CAPTION

House is absent on vacation, America is closed until they return.

Has WilLIARd Rmoney condemned the voter suppression

Another 1,937 Democrats and 1,129 Republicans Registered to vote in Florida on 9/21

It's funny but a little sad....

I Know this is a "Salt the Earth" Forum, but Penn State Helps Students Overcome Voter ID

Jobless Rate Rises in Five of 10 U.S. Campaign Swing States

Something to think about.

How to FORCE people to pay more taxes

President Obama's rally in Milwaukee Wisconsin - FULL speech video

New Poll has Obama down by only 7 in Tennessee (he lost by 15 in 2008)

Australian electricity smart meter data shared far and wide (with U.S.)

Paul Ryan Tells Florida Seniors That Obamacare Includes Death Panels

Jubilant 7-Year-Old Fan Of Arizona Cardinals Doesn’t Even See It Coming

ALTERNET: Mitt Romney's ROLE AS MORMON BISHOP Shows His EXTEMIST Religious Beliefs

Why are advanced search and search within groups down so often these days?

Massachusetts President and Senate poll

Indiana Poll: Romney up by 6 with close race for Senate

Missouri President: Obama trails Romney by 6 and McCaskill leads Akin by 7

Michigan Poll: Obama leads by 11

First lady gave an inspiring and powerful speech tonight before the CBC (watch-cspan)

Iowa loses to Central Michigan??

Debunking the ‘gun control is racist’ smear

I think this post was meant for Meta:

US News: Mitt Romney Calls U.S.A. a 'Foreign Country' in His Tax Returns

A Story in Pix

A voice from the past, William Shirer, talks about American businessmen's warm feelings toward Nazis

That's Pretty Awesome...

President Obama Brings Rain, Sun, and Rainbows to Milwaukee

Sunday Talk Shows. Interviews with Pres. Obama and Bill Clinton

Obama's and Biden's Signatures on Mars

Tonight (22nd Sept) is the 3rd annual International Observe the Moon Night (InOMN)

Anti-Europe party (in the UK) wants EU vote guarantee "in blood"

Romney thinks Hitler did something right (Video) and no, it's not The Onion

Michelle Obama gives another knockout speech at CBC Dinner.

A great example of the difference between Democrats and Republicans

Obama Judges A Sausage..... He “proclaimes it tasty.”

I'm calling BS on the Univision explanation for Romney's appearance on their show

WP reporter: Romney aides add new curtains to campaign plane to separate Romney & staff from press

Mitt Romney Calls U.S.A. a 'Foreign Country' in His Tax Returns


Romney Lawyer Admits They Manipulated Taxes to Conform to 13% Claim

Right Wing Christian Groups Want President Obama To Criticize The "Piss Christ" Exhibit

Republican Staffers Charged With 36 Counts of Election Fraud

Will all these demonstrations in the middle east actually help Obama? Because

Man Dies in Police Raid on Wrong House

How much rain has fallen in Valdez, Alaska?

In reference to my father's prior run-in with Mitt Romney...

CAPTION in fiont of the velvet curtain

"Top Dem: Romney will give us the House" by Alex Seitz-Wald at Salon

Cops leave Beach Park home in shambles after drug raid goes awry

Rebuttal to Romney's 47% comment written in 1843

I hate the expression "this says it all", but this says it all ... well, you know

Police Officer Charged with Conspiracy to Plant Drugs, False Arrest

The 100 Most Iconic Artworks of the Last 5 Years

Would someone please post a quick guide to searching DU with Google?

Mitt's Son Signed 'Abortion' Clause In Surrogate Birth Contract (A Contract Mitt Helped Pay For)

Cannot Watch Videos

First Lady Michelle Obama Speaks at CBCF's ALC Phoenix Dinner - FULL speech video

Pirates >>

UPI Poll: Obama up by 4 points on Romney

The next storm.

Ex-NJ officer gets 10 years for planting drugs

Democrats continue to outpace Republicans in voter registration

"A Conservative History of the United States" Posted by Jack Hitt at the New Yorker

DNC- Mitt Romney: The Worst Week in Washington (If this is the campaign, imagine the administration)

In Ryan Country, Obama Keeps Up Attack Over ‘47 Percent’ Remarks

Obama argues against Romney’s ‘top-down economics’

MSM Coverup? Why isn't this on National News?

Libyan militia in Derna 'to disband'

Israelis fear PM is meddling in US politics

The Ann Dunham Soetoro Endowment

Right first time!

"Romney speaks out of both sides of his mouth" by Colbert I. King at WP

Notre Dame 2, State of Michigan 0

Romney to teacher "I didn't ask you a question"

We had a Mud Run today. Took my camera. Got some pictures, Here they are.

Oh cripes. I didn't know this woman, who was murdered for nothing.

Fox will show "2016" tomorrow; Breitbart's swan song opens next week

How O'Reilly wound up on Fox News...

Some pics of The Late Great Blondie Puppeh Girl

Paul Ryan: Contraception Mandate 'Will Be Gone' On 'Day 1'

Seriously, you think we have some trouble with pastors now?

"Low on Cash, Romney Tries to Rally Donors for Final Phase" at the NY Times

I've found all the Romney signs and stickers.

I'm leaving tomorrow for Hawaii. I'll be gone for 2 1/2 weeks.

Congressional Republicans and their helpful ways:

DU Hockey Fans..........This pisses me off!

For the love of god, get rid of Landry Jones.

The reason the GOP is going down is not because of Mitt, it's because of Faux.

SNL ripping on the Undecided Voters

Why Obama Is the Least Efficient Antichrist Ever

While in California, Romney says Obama wants to make America "become California".

New Ohio Poll: Obama 51% Romney 46%

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

U.K. crackdown on millionaires who dodge taxex

"Obama's Big Social Media Edge: Will It Affect the Election?"

Mormon With Outspoken Blog Posts on Church Says May Face Excommunication.

GOB tampons SNL

Romney throws a "temper tantrum" at Univision forum

Billie Joe Armstrong reminds people 'I'm not F***ing Justin Bieber'

Girl, Please!

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Saturday, September 22)

Singer-Songwriter Taylor Ferrera (I'm Moving to Arizona, Legitimate Rape)

Austin PD - It Gets Better

Vote Seller "Boletera" who worked for Rick Scott exposed in Miami

My response to a false equivalence spreader

How to survive a plague. - Trailer

OK to bring your own leftover containers when you eat out?

SNL: Introducing G.O.B., The First Tampons Designed By The Men Of The GOP - video link

What's with the new conservative meme comparing abortion to lemonade stands

SNL‘s Weekend Update Asks ‘What Are You Doing,’ Obama? - video link

SNL Lets Us In On The Concerns Of Undecided Voters - video link

As a recovered victim of abuse...Romney makes my hackles raise.

Romney camp plans three-day donor retreat around New York debate

Thumbs up this if you like or laughed your a$$ off or admit you have done this yourself...

Ex-Blackwater to teach US spies survival skills

A picture 148 years in the making.

PIC: another way Romney could still win...

SNL: ‘Ann Romney’ Shares Advice For Her Husband’s GOP Critics - video link

Remember bar cars? This is the next big thing

CALIFORNIA - Senate - Field Poll - Feinstein (+26)

‘Left, Right & Center’: Mom, Apple Pie and Wealth Redistribution?

Republicans will NOT moderate if Willard loses the election.

I read earlier that Obama is ahead in Wisconsin. Now Yahoo news says he is slipping in the polls!

Thousands rally for Chavez re-election in Venezuela

Thousands rally for Chavez re-election in Venezuela

Romney's campaign is so dead...

Mom angry that male vice principal spanked child

Heads up...

Holder, Michelle Obama weigh in on voting rights at DC dinner

Re: Cornel West

Women for Mitt! Now featuring... Men!

Religious persuasions of Comic Book Characters...

Has there ever been a president whose parents were so viciously attacked as Obama's?

Grayson: Republicans want to destroy Social Security.. like in 1935

NASA Ready for Humans Beyond the Moon

Movie Trailer - Celebration Day - Official film - Led Zeppelin Live at The O2 2007

WH - West Wing Week: 09/21/12 or "The Dignity and Freedom That Every Person Deserves"

Koch Group Kicks Off Massive Voter Mobilization Effort; Summons Tea Party to Country Club, Outs...

Little-known female billionaire holds 15% stake in Koch!

Does anyone know how Bertha Venation is?

Democrats need to worry about voter turn out

Leadership Begins With Character

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

Obama vs. Romney: A Clear Choice

Rice harvest time in Japan

Pres Obama's Message to Commemorate 150th Anniversary of the Preliminary Emancipation Proclamation

WSJ on Romney: we don't silence fools.

Parse this nutty post from freerepublic

Sentinel Exclusive: NASA wants to send astronauts beyond the moon

Question for Republicans: Why do you want a balanced budget?

SNL Politics Reviewed

Note for your calendar: Early voting begins Oct 8!

Some important stuff about early voting

Is acupuncture essential health care? Weight-loss surgery? Under Obamacare, states choose.

Romney takes swipe at California & says Obama is taking America on a 'foreign' course

In Port Arthur, Tex., refiners await uncertain benefits from Keystone XL pipeline

Outside GOP voter turn out and Democratic voter suppression organized attack groups.........

Hague to launch worldwide network of commonwealth embassies to tackle 'superpower' EU

U.S. stops 20 Iran officials attending U.N. assembly - report

Top China official visits Afghanistan, signs security deal

Out of curiosity: I wonder whether there is civil liability for stuff like "Innocence of Muslims"

Maddow: Romney deliberately, retroactively inflated taxes to avoid hypocrisy

Russ Feingold: “Even worse than we expected”

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Bored Sheep Dog Edition

Shell Still Hasn't Cleaned Up A Two Large Oil Spills From 2008

Hypothesis: Romney doesn't REALLY want to be elected president . . . and he never did.

Scott Brown campaign missing financial information on $2M in donations

Pennsylvania Grandmothers Star in Global Fracking Debate

CNN's Use Of Christopher Stevens' Journal Is 'Disgusting': State Dept.

Australia Seeks to ‘Manage’ the Poor While Making Them Poorer

Himalayas avalanche sweeps away climbers in Nepal

188 Fact-Checked Promises President Obama Has Kept

Mitt's Comments Were Wrong - The Real View Is The 99% Are Moochers.

Paul Ryan Doubles Down On Putting An End To ACA, Medicare And Social Security

U.N. Report Chastises U.S. Over Status of Native Population

Sean Duffy “Paul Ryan’s Budget was GOOOOOLD” (AUDIO link of a Republican strategy session below)

Why is the emergency on Ann Romney's plane still a headline?

Looks familiar

Mason-Dixon poll: Obama +1 in FLORIDA, Rehberg (R) +3 in MONTANA


9/23 President's Intrade hits 70 Romney may go below 30 for the first time

Maureen Dowd just can't help herself.

Would This Man Recognize His Party Today?

Brown's Intrade number continues to plummet after the debate

That rally in the rain in Milwaukee yesterday? 18,000 people showed up...

Romney's America (cartoon)

Dismantling FDR’s Legacy

Does Willard Romney Remind You Of Don Draper Without The Charm And Panache?

Is Mark Leder suing the secret videographer??? "For now, I'm hiding"

The oppression ends over much of the state

Danziger Toon: Mitt the Bronze Star

Toon: The Wit and Wisdom of Willard Romney

France to probe study linking GM corn to cancer

Taking Stock of the Occupy Movement

Mormons Want to Excommunicate Romney Critic

Update on my friend's situation with WellsFargo

Things I learn about in the past 12 yrs from that Republicans?????

These might be the images the Romney donors must be having about now

Criminal investigation at Chevron refinery

QE3 Another Fed Give Away to the Banks

Undecided Voters Are a Menace

Noam Chomsky: "The Emerging World Order: its roots, our legacy"

The War On Women: What Are You Wearing?

Happiness In 26 Photos (just cause....)

Tampa Bay Times editorial: Romney's lean, mean Medicaid plans for nursing home residents

Data Centers Waste Vast Amounts of Energy, Belying Industry Image - NYT

CNN's Use Of Christopher Stevens' Journal Is 'Disgusting': State Dept.

Ann Coulter on This Week: "Civil rights are for blacks" - no other groups are "owed" civil rights

Asshole Monologues

Debate between Cruz and Castro.. where's Sadler?

We cooked our first big Pot-o-Chili for the fall

Libya orders disbanding of ‘illegitimate’ militias

Veterans and Chaos

I'm not sure this needs a CAPTION ....but .....

Watching MTP now and

For The Morning Crowd -OH - Obama 51%- RMoney 46%

Did I just hear Joe Scar say that the seniors in the country have their heads stuck in the sand?

Is there a video of Michelle Obama at the Black Caucus discussing voters rights issue

Unbelievable!.........Military Mom Arrested in Capital for yelling in Gallery at Republican's

In case you missed FLOTUS last night at the CBC dinner - MUST WATCH!!

Republican party on wrong side of history over female equality

NON felons with a criminal record CAN use a copy of their mug shot for Government issued ID!

golden oldie: an ode to Sarah Palin. Pretty Funny

If we can't afford Medicare for our old folks, we can't afford a defense budget for everyone else.

Did anybody else get this piece of crap?

Con Artist Ralph Reed Hopes to Nudge Mitt Romney to a Victory

A man who paints on his "tan" acts like a Prima Dona too.

Todd Akin's Apology. Funny

Mitt Romney’s hard-hearted twist on the Mormon work ethic

First lady: Voting rights is 'movement of our era'

And there you have it.

geez, what's wrong with Kelly Ayotte's annoying voice?

I Was a Welfare Mother

Public Policy Polling Is Releasing A FL & CO Poll This Evening

Life immitating art. This is straight from a gossip rag, so take it with a grain of zombie tripe

Anyone else watching the Student Education Summit on MSNBC?

Interview with CA shopowner who killed five gang members in three attacks.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Does Magic Mike Stripper Dance During SNL Monologue

How does Rasmussen get Party ID?

The Real ‘X-File’ Revealed: It Was LBJ’s Secret Dossier On Nixon

Millionaire parents - check. Private schools - check. Underdog status - WTF?

NY Times Cartoon "It's like a Plutocratic version of Borat"

Adviser Admits Romney’s Tax Plan Would Redistribute Wealth

Blame Fox News, not Mitt

Bill Clinton is great on "Face the Nation"

I just realized my district is changing in 2012. Incredibly bad news.

"I was hitch-hiking back to my college in Upstate New York, and the most amazing thing happened to

I'd like to offer the rest of the country this HEARTFELT APOLOGY

VERY bright and spectacular meteor seen over northern UK!

Schools Matter: Today in NYC a rally against Don't back Down. Chicago Teacher Union real thing

What delusional world does Bay Buchannon live in?

ROMNEY: I Wasn't Winning, SO "I tripped her."

The Puzzle of Dogma

The Eastern World It Is Explodin'


Bill O'Reilly: Romney Better 'Snap Out Of It'

The North Dakota Oil Fracking Boom Creates Clash of Money and Devastation

Anybody else having Yahoo mail problems?

3 different Infrared views

Romney’s Odd Definition of ‘Not Following the Law'

OK Jurors #3 and #4, explain yourselves.

The next 'gaffe' from....

The lines for Obama at Milwaukee event, Sept 22


Good Clay Bennett cartoon very funny

Bill Kristol: ‘Obama team turned around’ Bush’s financial meltdown

BREAK UP THE MONOPOLIES: banking, pharma, insurance, media, food producers, political parties...

Dead Eyes. Like a Doll's eyes.

Booze Protecting its Turf Against Pot in Colorado

poor thing...A "True" Christian

Some Questions for Mitt Romney for the Oct. 3 Debate

A second good cartoon from Clay Bennett

Democracy for Sale

can i melt tar in the microwave?

Borderlands 2 - PS3 - Review

William Kristol Wails From Under The Covers

Fracking? For whom?

I lived in a majority-black voter ward & got purged every yr-Then I Moved To majority-white ward &..

Hey Peggy Noonan

WOW! President Obama in Milwaukee, Sept 22

"They belong to all of us."

Novel courts handle low-level crimes across the US, often with therapy rather than jail

Mittoons for Sunday

Man revives dying bumblebee by hand feeding it honey

Organic farming is the "only way to produce food" without harming the planet and people's health

Found on FB

City gave to accused ‘boletera’ ballot broker

Krugman: Mr. Mental Recession

Bronx residents outraged as $97 million golf course planned by Donald Trump is belching Methane

First 3 voices on Meet the Press Roundtable-Joe Scarborough, David Brooks and Bay Buchanan

PBS Frontline on Artifacts From Obama's and Romney's Lives (and what they say about character)

Do you hear the popular rising anger at the privileged Wall Street plutocrats?

Bill Kristol: Obama Has Turned Around The Financial Meltdown ‘Pretty Well’

What Yom Kippur can teach us about spirituality

Another unexpected danger associated with Arctic shipping: soot deposition on the ice

Help in identifying a Sci Fi short story and a novel set in pre-history

Bill Kristol: Obama Has Turned Around The Financial Meltdown ‘Pretty Well’

A RW "friend" just posted on his Facebook page "Tell me NOT to do something, and I'll do it

Police hold several motorists at gunpoint. Suspect may go free due to poor police work.

AXE: Why Won't Romney be Straight With the American People?

‘The Right Club’ and what offends God

Incredible young man

*Virginia Senate Debate on NBC NOW.

Gibbs: What's Mitt Romney Hiding?

Republicans “support our troops” only when it’s politically convenient

Romney's viral videos: Brian McFadden in The Strip.

The day of Obama's inauguration, 15 or so repugs and

Nose-to-nose, Panetta pushes Asia strategy in New Zealand

Mike Huckabee: Chick-Fil-A CEO Assured Me They’re Still Against Marriage Equality

Why does Lieberman still have a chairmanship?

One story --- two wildly different approaches on State Dept. buying airtime in Pakistan

United beat Liverpool amid controversial calls

AP Poll - Ducks are a quackin'

Is Criticizing Mitt Romney an Excommunicable Offense? No.

The Mittster protested FOR the Vietnam War, then went to France to dodge the draft

Canadian skater a victim of U.S. sabotage: report


GOP Celebrating The Defeat Of Amendment Restoring $180 Combat Pay. And ---

Rmoney's Taxes vs. Your Taxes

Serious Question ...

Thought for Your Sunday: Theocracies Suck

from Rob Zerban's campaign, against Ryan:

When You Think You Have Heard It All You Hear ----

Unions reject partner benefits

Bill Clinton Goes After Mitt Romney’s 47 Percent Claim

Could You Live in a 120-Square-Foot House?

Are we ready?

'Mr. Romney, You're Just A Hateful, Narrow-Minded Bigot'

Todd Akin’s Senate bid regains momentum

Jonathan Alter Being An A-Hole on MHP's Education Summit

Life before the Internet

How's about some good news? The Tampa Times: "The Republican shot at unseating"

McCain 2008 Adviser: GOP Sees Romney Campaign As Less Of A ‘Calamity’ Than They Viewed McCain

PBS - Moyers program today is about Citizens United and secret corporate donations

The Republican base knows they're being lied to. They don't mind.

Ohio State Rep Hosts ‘Machine Gun Social’

Why do commentators ask activists what the other side should do to win?

Has Romney or Ryan said anything about voter ID laws or voter suppression

188 Fact-Checked Promises President Obama Has Kept

Abolishing Prostitution: A Feminist Human Rights Treaty

Is anyone else bothered by the "good old days" posts on facebook?

The archives are busted. I go to click on an old thread and I get:

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Moment of zen

Well The Pukes Lost Gallup -Obama (D) 48% -Romney ($) 46%/Approva -51% Disapprove 43%


A Great Link ... Lots of Info Here

Bill Clinton on CNN right now.

What's for Dinner ~ Sunday Sept 23rd

Ashley Judd Writes a Kickass Feminist Essay About Her Puffy Face

Ann Coulter: The democrats are dropping the blacks for the hispanics

Clinton: GOP money advantage could still swing the election

So there are ads telling the unemployed to not even bother applying...

America's Miasma of Misinformation on Climate Change

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Feminism But Were Afraid to Ask

How Big Does Pres Obama's Lead Need To Be Before The Claim That The Race Is "Dead Even" Goes Away?

The difference between republicans and democrats

The Innocence of U.S. Foreign Policy

The Drug That Never Lets Go

We Are Legion - The Story of the Hacktivists (2012)

Romney plans to "RE-SPARK" campaign with a bus tour! (unless he's handing out cash: FAIL.)

Amazing First Lady Michelle Obama Speech at Congressional Black Caucus (video and transcript)

How the Associated Press used their poll this week to mischaracterize the race for the White House


Today in Peace and Justice history on September 23, 1979

Today in Peace and Justice history on September 23, 1979

Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and Conservative Economics

President Obama back up by 2 in Gallup

Humans hunted for meat 1.6 million years earlier than previously thought

Bay Buchanan: "Every breath you don't take"

Ummm...Another Gallup Surge!!

Congratulations, it's a 3D printer...

The big networks keep asking why they are losing ratings on the Sunday "news" shows...

VOTERS NOT VICTIMS - DeEtte Beghtol Waleed

Conan's New Romney Attack Ad: Barack Obama Doesn't Exist

Voting Republican is no longer just voting against your interests, you're voting to be INSULTED

Egypt's President Wants More Independence From US

To answer the birthers--the "Citizeners?"

Need help with a poll

Reince Priebus: GOP Plan Has 'Specifics Coming Out Of Our Eyeballs'

The Gallup Obama/Romney Tracking Poll isn't very exciting, but...

Kansas group proposes new state-wide health care co-operative

Dear people whining about how you have to pay taxes to support "moochers"

Chris Kluwe: There’s a shift occuring in the NFL right now

Question for folks who use a Camelbak

Interesting information concerning the relationship between the Mormon Religious Industrial Complex

Kansas group proposes new state-wide health care co-operative

From The WSJ comments section: Why Romney's campaign is doomed.

so the laundry room is the last project---

Can someone tell me why I am forbidden by law from online gambling?

In response to those who have told me Romney doesn't "owe" us his tax returns. I say YES HE DOES!

The Latin American Left Today

And you want it when?!

Government for and by the people is the ultimate expression of self help.

Gallup Shows " Romney's 47% Tape" Bounce for Obama

I need another day in the week

French scientists report after long term feeding trials of Roundup Ready corn on rats.

ABC's "What Would You Do?" -- Sexual Harassment. (added Hulu link) (YouTube ADDED)

Will there be a DVD of the Democratic Convention 2012 coming out?

Sep 23, 1806: Lewis and Clark return to St. Louis


LGBT Rights Take Center Stage at the Supreme Court: What to Expect Next Week

Voter registration FRAUD at a Safeway in Colorado...WOW!

Mitt Romney Calls U.S.A. a 'Foreign Country' in His Tax Returns

LGBT Rights Take Center Stage at the Supreme Court: What to Expect Next Week

Oh shit - Bay Buchanan attacked Joe Scum this morning

Zerban's Congressional campaign against Ryan is really heating up

At the Root of My Longing, Social Justice, Feminism, and Spirituality by Ashly Judd

Could a vegetarian win the Presidency

A rambling idiot with a sleep disorder ...

Minnesota Poll: More than half of those polled back voter ID, but support is down

One of your posts has been hidden by a DU Jury

my my, joe scarborough and pat buchannan's crazy sister about to come to blows on mtp

Do not stop drumming away until the votes are counted.

Missouri to pay more for state worker pensions

A good President will always get down to your level...

I hate Ann Coulter

Questions for Romney - "What role does diplomacy have in your approach to foreign policy?"

I think I found a fan...

$750 billion. That's right-- $750 billion.

'The West Wing' Cast Films The Coolest Political Ad Of The Election Season

Romney's Sorry Sunday (DemRapidResponse)

Newborn giant panda cub dies at National Zoo

Ever see a $10 bill with this stamped on it?

Obama drinks Romney/Ryan's milkshake in Wisconsin while Mitt huddles in quiet rooms with plutocrats

Republicans reject Romney

"Mr Soul" & Neil Young Speech@Hersheypark Stadium, Hershey PA 9/22/12 Farm Aid 27

Honduras human rights lawyer who opposed private cities murdered

Honduras human rights lawyer who opposed private cities murdered

Concern Trolls Start Concern Threads. Pukes Use Said Threads To Imply Some Of Us Are Panicking

Note to Romney: Presidents don't get to press a reset button

Romney Apologizes To Nation's 150 Million 'Starving, Filthy Beggars'

Resolved: The candidate Rmoney shall no longer be referred to as "Mitt" only Willard.

I see that Matt Schultz's little voter fraud witch hunt has hit a snag.

If you have a "cat breaking lamps off the nightstand" problem.

Why is there no "View All" link in the OP

Do you agree with this Joe Scarborough quote?

Do crows, like humans, have a concept of 'hidden causal agents'?

More proof that the GOP hates Obama more than they love America!!


Trader Joe's orders recall of peanut butter

GOP pushes Romney to break from Obama's Afghan strategy

Many conservatives think she'd be a welcome alternative to the clown they're currently running

103,200 registered Democrats have asked for absentee ballots in Iowa

Why do double quotes screw up thread titles when you "edit"?

"You're good with computers...tell me how to use my new camera." or

(Hilarious) Jay Thomas on Letterman - The 'Lone Ranger' Story

Romney is Toast in 2012!

It's wrong to criticize Mitt Romney

Governments are People my friend.

Republican super PACs hit a crossroads

National Guard Troops at the Polls are People, My Friends !

Round the clock news on climate change ...

What percent of the country has Romney NOT offended?

Democrats are on a roll! We can smell the victory in the distance!

does anyone get On Demand?

I have to be critical of Shannahan here

I know All Sharpton feels that he's just been blessed!!

I just ate Taco Bell. Ask me anything.

Giant panda cub dies at Washington National Zoo

Five Guys Took A Boy Band Anthem And Created One Of The Best Romney Parodies, Hands Down

Headbanging to the Finale of Shostakovich's Fifth!

Ver-r-r-y interesting

Campaign 2012: 2nd District could be blue again (Obama got Omaha's 1 Electoral College vote in 2008)

Calling All Manifestation Junkies -- How to Deal With Things That Suck, Chela Davison

The Disaster Campaign Of Calamity Bain!

All 32 NFL Quarterbacks & Their Muppet Doppelgangers

San Francisco Giants 2012 NL West Champions!!

Sigh...Union groups supporting an add on 2 the state constitution to bar

David Brooks: Mitt Romney Is 'The Least Popular Candidate In History' (VIDEO)

Topless warriors start boot camp for global feminism

44 for 44

A Doctor Who quote that fits the GOP so well

Calls for crime lab to shut down amid more evidence doubts

At least 9 climbers killed in Himalayan avalanche

Romney Campaign Admits Their Tax Plan Redistributes Wealth to the Rich

I used to think Jesse Ventura was a nut but no more

Pro-Obama Romney Campaign Song Music Video:Talk That Talk

Bill Clinton Uses Facts to Destroy Romney’s Claims About the 47 Percent

I recorded many of the Sunday morning shows. Which should I watch.

An interesting statistic about This Week (Coulter has appeared twice as often as openly gay people)

is it true that Romney as Governor vetoed a law preventing outsourcing of jobs paid for by taxpayers

Professional Fire Fighters of Massachusetts Unanimously Endorse Elizabeth Warren

Want to help hold a Democratically-controlled Senate seat?

Well, I had to do it, and finally did.

Cute Obama dolls!


How Big Pharma pushes risky drugs on an unknowing public:

My current FB Status

Answer: It would take 2,733 years...

This is totally worth watching :0)

(Hilarious) Bipartisan Report Tweet

Salazar visits Mesa Verde, praises future visitor's center

Mitt is hanging his hopes on two things: The debates and a negative advertising blitz

Obama Draws 18,000 in Wisconsin While 650 Show Up for Romney in California

So this is what all the fuss is about over at the other blog ...

In Eagle Ford shale play, a changing role for South Texas, residents

Don't get me wrong.

Stadium upgrades: If colleges build it, will the fans come?

Cowboys fan checking here. How are the Eaglets doing!!

President Obama is right!!

In 2012, the GOP wants you to believe that Obama is to blame

Wisconsin: Second-guessing the decision

its time for more standardized tests

from the state that knowns Mitt Romney best....

Whatever Happened To Pat Caddell?

SuperPAC's vs the DVR - If a half billion dollars of negative ads run in the next 45 days....

Mitt Romney had a great fall… and even Fox News can’t put Mitt Romney together again.

Maxine Waters cleared of House ethics charges

20yr average for RMoney's taxes? did the media say anything about the changing tax law over 20 yrs?!

New Ohio poll: President Obama 51%, Mittwit, 46%

Hide the Cutlery

Remember, while we have a hard time "putting food on our family"...

Police Officer Kills Man in Wheelchair

This Pic Says Everything You Need To Know About WOMEN & MITT

How many of the 47%

Lincoln trailer: a reminder of what we expected of Obama and what he could still be

A neighbor JUST asked me why I think Romney isn't qualified as President

Right wing pastors intend to break IRS regs

My republican state rep just rang my doorbell

9 climbers killed, 6 missing in Nepal avalanche

The Bombshell by the Bay

Colorado voter registration FRAUD caught on camera

At work yesterday

Report: Riots break out at Foxconn factory in China

Republicans to Mitt Romney: You're no Reagan

Chris Hedges: Candidates "Forced to Spend Majority of Time With ONE Group - The Wealthy"

The real Mitt Romney finally stands up

Questions about the fitness tests for POTUS (medical)

Clinton: Republican voter suppression targeting African-American churches

Poll (Zogby) Shows Romney Losing Ground, Now Down By 8 Points; Wrong Track Voters At 52%

Mitt doesn't understand why the windows don't open in a jet airplane.

Atlanta Mayor: Romney a ‘defective’ candidate

Zogby Interactive Poll -Obama -49%-Romney 41%

Revisited an old browser, Omniweb.

Take this Constitution quiz. It says the average score is 25 out of 50. PRetty sad for the nation.

Fifteen Shades of Romney (another!! article giving prop's to DU)

The First Lady has the right idea...

How to be happy; just seen on Facebook:

World Health Organisation Says Has Found New SARS-Like Virus

Two fundamental questions related to tax policy, just and opinion

Mitt Romney's campaign is as dead as Julius Caesar.

First Lady Michelle Obama with Rev. Al Sharpton - pic

A friend of mine

Henry Rollins Video, a looong way from Black Flag but still kickass!

How much was bush's surplus....

Study: Voting rule changes may deter 10M Hispanics

Is anyone else having this trouble logging onto DU?

MITT ROMNEY'S SON Signed 'Abortion' Clause In Surrogate Birth Contract

Crooks and Liars: Chris Hayes: 'This is What Plutocracy Looks Like'

Anti-war song prominent in movie "Battleship"

GOP Senate Candidate Tommy Thompson: ‘Who Better Than Me… To Do Away With Medicaid and Medicare?’

(CBC, CTV, and NBC) Journalist Henry Champ dies at 75

Spain braced for further austerity as Madrid prepares for bailout

Future Without Higher Education Funding?

Obama tells 8-year-old Dora: ‘You’re inspiring’

Can Romney replicate Bush’s 2004 path to victory? It looks dicey.

Bill Moyers Essay: More Money, Less Democracy

PPP Poll-Florida Obama (D) 50% Ronmey ($) 46%

Why I didn't attend the wedding. Lucky break.


Rescued 655-Pound Sea Turtle Released

Vote for the worst repub!

We have a long way to go yet

Anyone see Peter Hart's VA Focus Group? Obama

Zogby poll: Obama (+8), 49% to 41%

President Obama on 60 Minutes tonight

Automatic Budget Cuts Now Spook Some Key Republicans (Obama to be scapegoated)...

Nazi, Muslim, atheist spat in Melbourne

PPP: FLORIDA (Obama +4), 50 - 46

What Being Poor Really Means

Another 1,372 Democrats and 726 Republicans Registered to Vote in Florida on 9/22

Please don't post EMMY spoilers in subject lines

Illinois court backs pharmacists on morning-after pill

One term more

Tick warning!

Creepshots and revenge porn: how paparazzi culture affects women

Romney grossly overestimated the country's hatred of Obama...

The war on women has been going on long, some interesting things I learned today,