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Stephanie Miller on Current T.V. tonight

NO on 32 websites and Resource Materials

I'm causiously looking forward to the debates...

Where is Ed Schultz

Tonight's Real Time Guests

Obama Erases Romney’s Edge on Economy, Poll Finds

Do some DUers think that hiding a post means that they are nuking a poster?

I never thought the words/phases compromise, apology, let's work together, helping one another

Bibi Triples Down on Romney

Ok DU cat lovers...

Google rejects White House request to pull Mohammad film clip

Remember Fiona, the blind dog? :-)

What should we nickname the neocons? Neo-Goons? I can't remember

Ever heard right wingers spreading the story of Johnny Depp leaving France due to taxes?

Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan were both heckled today while at separate events.

The TRUTH in Black & White. Chicago Schools

Wow. Right track jumped to 40% (CBS)

"Republicans Drop Energy Efficiency From Platform" by Ari Natter at Bloomberg News

Gods of the Vine

Strangest Excuse For Being Late To Work

Please like Jim Evans' facebook page.

Freepers show how classy they are, post accusation murdered ambassador was gay.

Bremer & Blitzer on Obama's "weak" Middle Eastern diplomacy

Heckler Kicked Out Of Ryan's Comedy Club.

Ten Ways to Celebrate Mabon

Thoughts on the Presidential debates - Everything I can think of favors the President

Social Conservatives Cheer Islamic ‘Ex-Terrorist’ Huckster At Values Voter Summit

New Obama ad: The Cheaters

Project 1 for my business writing class: A persuasive business letter.

"In the Twilight of Empire" by Jeff Faux at In These Times

We cant stop here

Pagan ritual still pulls in the crowds

"The Walking Dead" Season 3 Trailer

Did Mitt dye his hair recently?

"Romney’s foreign policy: An ideology that dare not speak its name"

The Penis Files

Amnesty demands end to police force against Kudankulam protesters

Who financed the film Innocence of Muslims ?

Obama Meets With Boy Shot in Aurora

Group aims for petition drive over anti-discrimination ordinances (LGBT)

President Obama, Chaplain Colonel J. Wesley Smith, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton - pic

Tentative deal reached with striking Chicago teachers

"Gravis Marketing" -- no one knows who they are -- trying to change "averages of polls"

It appears that Ansar al-Sharia organized the "protest"

Sweden's rape rate under the spotlight

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Brad Friedman subs for Mike & a new Kitty gif

Am I a good dem, but a bad father?

Pres Obama's unplanned meeting with boy he visited in hospital in July (in 'awe' of boys recovery)

Foreign policy at forefront is a Romney hurdle

Secretary Clinton's remarks on the events yesterday

Chris Murphy strikes back against Linda McMahon's smears/slander/libel

The young couple who live next door to me

Lets vote on this fox poll. Please

What if "trolling" were defined as a civilly actionable category

Jennifer Granholm on 'The Dating Game' back in 1978 at age 19

I have not seen Monty Python's Flying Circus since I was a kid but I loved

Are DUers watching Rachel

Farewell to a Hero: Photos From Armstrong’s Burial at Sea

Kristen Powers completes her journey to the dark side

i'm not sure if this is the right forum or not for this? Most of my images I do consider art, most

Judge blocks Schultz's new rules

Mike Malloy on mainstream media relying on twits like Erick Erickson and Frank Luntz (9/7/12)

‘Innocence of Muslims’: Could Actors Sue Over Anti-Muslim Re-Writes?

Satellite View of Guatemalan Volcano Erupting

Let's welcome a new DU'er - Gravismarketing

White House: Obama not skipping intel briefings

This GD thread belongs in Creative Speculation

Pet jerky treat death toll: 360 dogs, 1 cat, FDA says

Tom Joad: "You're welcome."

Strikes 101

In Fact It’s Cold As Hell: Mars Isn’t As Earthlike As It Might Look

The Unusually Colossal Kepler Supernova

OUCH - Official government news agency in China calls out Romney

Occupy Wall Street and the Personal Debt Crisis

Maple leaf ragged: what ails Canada?

I'm creating a new site

You Can't Drive

War- What Is It Good For?

Bonnie Raitt: 'God Only Knows' is one of the most beautiful and profound songs I've ever recorded.

Breaking News: Romney's code leaked!...

"Elizabeth Warren must sell substance over Scott Brown’s flash" by joan vennochi at

Peter Lougheed's death stirs emotions of Canadians

ROTFLMFAO- Wolf Is Trying To Look Like The Dos Equis Man

There are three types of people in the world:

I've actually met & know many smart & profound Communists in my life

Automatic U.S. spending cuts destructive: administration

Aha! Media for Christ & Arabic outreach satellite channel "The Way"

UBS trader Kweku Adoboli 'gambled away' £1.4bn (BBC)

Fareed Zacharia was talking to Wolfe Blitzer a few minutes ago on CNN. He said

Twitter censorship by the neo-GOP

‘Fan in Chief’ Obama honors Olympians at the White House

'The most interesting man in the world' to host Obama fund-raiser

It's official

Robert Reich says Romney campaign in free fall (Obama now leads on economy & jobs)

Victoria Jackson Watch - She makes appearance on.....

Cornell cuts ties to Adidas, cites workers' rights

So Paul Ryan was at a 'values voter' summit with a guy who has a 25M bounty on his head

I'm on our contract bargaining team for the first time...

What ever became of the SEC's Investigation of Moody's?

Chris Matthews is NOT prison...

Team Obama

Fox news turns on Romney

Chris Wallace Smacks Down Gretchen Carlson

Where is the end of days when you need it?

Romney’s definition of middle class raises eyebrows

My friend who was naturalized in January has been officially denied his right to vote in AZ.

Virginia Gov. McDonnell (R) just forced state health board to shut down ALL abortion clinics!

Jennifer Granholm is cracking me up. She's calling her guests,

NYPD "Show me your papers"

*snort* Toon: "The Prehistoric Party"...

How Much More Will the Romney-Ryan Medicare Bill Cost You?

Big problems w/ Voter ID, some were born w/o birth certificates, some have no proof of address

Goddamn Religions Won't Let Us Have Anything Nice

More recess????

Did Todd Akin step in it again?

Hey, Lounge! Question, is it CRAZY for a grown man to sing along out loud to music as he bikes?

Folks notice PrezO + Sec'y Clinton's hand shake/touch, @ Andrews event?

...Romney's missteps getting scary

Did you notice that an impeached president

I'm so happy that MSNBC features our political teams on Friday instead of depressing prison stories.

Peter Gabriel fans...

Former WWE Star Arrested Three Times This Week

**Minyou** traditional Japanese style singing

Bumper sticker....." O and Joe 2012 "

Obama Extends Lead With Jewish Voters

House Votes to Reauthorize FISA Amendments Act

Kansas Birther: says pressure, complaints led to withdraw ' not call anyone associated with me'

WOW, The Smoking Gun That Got Right Nut Media Pissy ALL DAY.

I can't remember who was conducting the

3 Stupid Ways to Talk About the Chicago Teachers Union Strike

You gonna miss my lovin'

Fox News flunks US Geography! Can't wait til their Election Night map!

Anybody else having trouble with their Phucking Photobucket account?

Why people look down on teachers

Peter Gabriel - Secret World - Full Show

Am I crazy for suspecting this video is a Right Wing hail mary?

We Need To Make Subcontracting Illegal

The 7 Biggest Economic Lies - Robert Reich - Awesome

Galllup Party Affiliation

Julia Garcia, Texas Mom, Sues Walmart After She Says Store Employees Ripped Up Her Money

I am curious about TV programming

Colour film of 1901, judged world's earliest ever, found at media museum (VIDEO!)

Excellent piece by NBC on "Arab Winter"

Advance warning about the attacks? What BS is this?

WATCH: It Took 260,000 Photos To Create This Stunning Time-Lapse Video Of The Pacific Northwest

Romney campaign bus stop in Mount Pleasant, Michigan draws a massive crowd

Claire McCaskill tweets photo of Missouri ballot

President Obama Speaks at Ceremony for Benghazi Victims

What does Mitt Ramney think he is accomplishing?

What do you think of our dispatching Marines to various Embassies in the Middle East?

The Lord Jesus Hates Dr Pepper and You Should Too

Bill Maher: Romney’s Reaction To Violence In Egypt And Libya ‘Lost [Him] The Election’

Bill Maher: Putting God On Our Money Is ‘Redundant’ Because ‘Our God Is Money’

Such loyalty the cons have.

Have You Seen This video ?? Obama watching Bill's speech

Dear Congress,

Holy Crap.....look at this sh*t.....all out effort to overturn Rove V Wade...

I have not posted much since Steve Deshazer died, but ..

U.S.S. Walmart... eh?

Fleischer: I'm proud to stand up for President Bush, especially when he's hit by a bogus charge

Awkward baby passport photo goes viral...

Colombian homicide rate among the worst in region .

I'm through with True Blood.

George Carlin says that a house is "a pile of stuff with a cover on it"

I feel Like this tension Has been building Up For 8years

(Oops!) How A Bunch Of Republicans Accidentally Voted To End Welfare-To-Work Requirements

Bibi Denies Election Meddling In... Adelson Paper

Fossil Fuel Industry Ads Dominate TV Campaign

Dog Lets Romney know exactly how he feels...

Venezuela's Capriles goes on offensive after graft accusations

rahm stands with republicans and fat cats.

George Carlin says that a house is "a pile of stuff with a cover on it"

Fantastic green bean recipes - have any?

Umpire Jim Joyce does CPR, helps to save woman’s life at Chase Field

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Friday, September 14)

An Unusual Remembrance Of 9/11

Flood Threat To Nuclear Plants Covered Up By Regulators, NRC Whistleblower Claims

Neil Armstrong, 1st to walk on moon, buried at sea

Anti-Muslim Film Figure Also Runs Leading Anti-Mormon Site

Three Days In Charlotte - a behind-the-scenes look

Obama could make the case that the GOP is not learning from its mistakes

I can't think of a single insult that would move me to riot & kill people

When alerting on spam

I will bet you $10,000

Police gas Sydney protesters

Pope says import of arms to Syria a "grave sin"

Maybe if we had more fire-fighters and fewer flame-throwers in Congress...

Tennessee State Rep. Curry Todd Pleads Not Guilty to Everything

The reason the GOP convention was so very boring this year was because ...

The top 5 reasons Romney won't release his tax returns

Did you know that Billy jack....

Judge temporarily blocks possible Iowa voter purge

Do you know who kills over symbolic offenses?

So, here's a photo I took of where I was for my Friday night, DU...

Zinger sign mocking "every sperm is sacred" (NSFW)

Romney denounces film aimed at Muslims

Friday-GottaVote Mashup

Why is Dave Spence so silent?

Mitt Romney tells 533 lies in 30 weeks, Steve Benen documents them

Rupert Murdoch’s crazy house (series by a Murdoch insider)

Will the election cycle conspiracy theories keep getting less plausible, or have we maxed out?

Alleged 'Innocence of Muslims' Filmmaker Taken in For Interviewing by Deputies

Las Vegas online sports book puts odds on Jim Schwartz-Jim Harbaugh handshake after (game)

Findings of the Tandem satellites probe the Moon's interior

The US has killed more Muslims over the past 30 years than all terrorist attacks COMBINED

"Mitt Romney makes my ______ hurt!"

The Fermi paradox vs the “Undetectability Conjecture,”

Brilliant. Charles Pierce on Paul Ryan

Bill Press: Anti-Muslim filmmakers are 'no better than al-Qaida' (cons swarming comments section)

There is no such thing as what Muslims think

Italian newspaper/website - Corriere della Sera: Photo of the Day

A Friday Night. REALLY Tough Week. Cool, Crisp Air. Bike. New "Personal Best".

This is a great time for EVERYONE to see Ike's Farewell Address, especially the TeaBaggers.

PHOTO: Biden meets mini Ryan.... or caption it yourself

When I hear Ryan pretending he wants to save Medicare & Soc. Security, this FDR speech comes to mind

In With Assange

Please keep Anchorage and Southcentral Alaska in your thoughts over the next couple of days.

I'm sad and I have no fabulous story about how I won over the racist

Pet jerky treat death toll: 360 dogs, 1 cat, FDA says

"I support Free Speech, but I do not consider _______ Free Speech."

"New Age" Music. Love it or hate it? I hate it! Is it just me, or is this a "guy thing"?

Obama ad argues economic progress under his tenure

Paul Ryan and Allies Dance on Grave of Slain U.S. Diplomat at Right-Wing Confab

Awesome Actions and Demonstrations Planned to Mark 1st Anniversary of Occupy Wall Street

Don't let up on the campaign. There is a lllllllllllong way to go. Keep engaged BIGTIME every day.

Does the left have anything near as radical as the Family Reseach Council?

If You Thought NAFTA Was Bad, You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

Dear President Obama, What does justice in Libya look like?


Um...Christine O'Donnell...what the HELL have you been SMOKING?

Mars rover discovers mysterious 'blueberries'

The Most Unsettling Electronic Weapons In America

Central Asia Really Could Go To War Over Lack Of Water

So, how large a force should be deployed to Libya?

American School In Tunisia Torched

Freedom of speech for the people behind the anti Muslim movie?

Elway Poll: Obama at 2008 level of support in WASHINGTON (+ 17)

Politicker NJ. As of interest.

Capitalism and Government Are Friends After All

Worst of Drought Expands as U.S. Marks New High for Dry

The downside to freedom of speech.

Who Will Save (the) US?

Should advocating free speech make you an open target for insults on DU?

The Wrong Way to Save Money on Healthcare

The Right-Wing Machine Behind ‘School Choice’

ReTHUGS - THUGs in name and nature

At least two US marines killed in attack on Camp Bastion in Afghanistan

How do you PullARomney?

Bush Light

Royals start another suit

Wow Jack Jacabs admits that the US is responsible

Lies and Hypocrisy from Fox News and others re: Embassy Attacks and Apologies

It isn't the movie. It's imperial power stripping the status of adulthood from people--

Which Cable Channel will be the first to play the full 'Innocence of Muslims' movie?

Why do people buy into the idea that a business man or woman would be a good choice to run

If you are in Columbus, Ohio today, Meet Amy Goodman! (from Harvey's facebook)

America - Fuck Yeah!

In other non-news, Morgan Freeman is still kicking

Collective Bargaining Benefits Non-Union Workers, Too

Words that start with R

So the video makers are regulars at anti-Islamic protests

Brass Balls Department; Mitt is running an ad that blames Obama for losing jobs

Parental divorce ups stroke risk in men

The staggering decline of sea ice at the frontline of climate change

Weekly Address: Carrying on the Work of Our Fallen Heroes

The same people talking about the freedom of speech of the filmmakers...

To the bat cave! US conservationists hope bunker can halt deadly fungus

Leaves are falling a little early in Colorado.

Vanishing Arctic ice is the planet's white flag of surrender

Are the Middle East violence and uprisings going to hurt Obama's election chances?

The Question - Obama For America TV Ad

Chuck Todd is flabbergasted that the polling has stratified so early in the process....

Golden Goose Awards honor "silly" science

Guardian: From Romney's dog to Ryan's run, one thing is clear: this election is bullshit

Why are we arguing about freedom of speech and not the Clerics and Ideology that caused the deaths?

Poll: Obama widens lead in Pennsylvania

Tony Auth: The Foreign Policy Debate: Send in the Clown

Romney's Peace Through Strength Ideology (short for Bullying)

RW think tanks sue each other over Reagan slogan

'The Kalamazoo Promise' - Why These Kids Get A Free Ride To College

This Week in Poverty: Poverty Tour 2.0 Hits the Battleground States (VIDEO)

Romney's first instinct - join terrorists in attacking US Govt

Tom Toles: The 2012 GOP

Suspected anti-Islam filmmaker questioned by Feds

How about a raft of Civics Lessons Online?

Elizabeth Warren for MA | TV Ad: Fighter

The Global Food System Casino

For fook's sake, send the little prince home from Afghanistan

If Romney loses, heads will explode...

It is interesting listening to the Egyptian lady report from Libya on UP WITH CHRIS. She


I think a lot of valid voters are going to get blocked from voting in the swing states. It is a

Isn't the posting of an image with gun sights on it free speech?

First Lady Love in Fredericksburg

Anti-Japan protests erupt in China cities over islands row

Kock Bros Exposed now on

So what IS a fair evaluation system for teachers?

I tell fellow Egyptians and fellow Americans it's about us, not about them - Mona Eltahawy

Philadelphia Inquirer: Obama +11 in PENNSYLVANIA (+14 in NEW JERSEY)

Van Gogh's Flowers In A Blue Vase damage seen in X-rays

The Director of Innocence of Muslims Is a Schlocky Softcore Porn Director Named Alan Roberts

NH legislature trying to make it harder for students to vote

I love Phyllis Bennis -on Up with Chris Hayes

"... a human wind sock... " John Fugelsang on Romney vs the GOP

The church broke the GOP

The Question - Obama For America TV Ad

Insult hidden on DU3? Post it on DU2.

I've been at this DU joint for ten years, I've just realized that.

A rational for the poor proformance of the economy over the past 30 or so years.

Why are my tax dollars going to fight your religious wars??

The headline is bad enough,but the reader's comment is the reason why we need to set things straight

Mitwit Tricked Ann's Date to Steal Her Away

Message to the Jeezoids...

Today in Peace and Justice history on September 15, 1996

For your viewing and listening pleasure, the song stylings of Ann Romney

Spanking new PA poll: President Obama up by 11 among likely voters!

POW! New Obama ad: The Cheaters. Take a look:

Chris Hayes said it on Bill Maher last night.

“You Don’t Get Used to It—At Least, I Don’t”

Actually, I think the debates will be fairly dull events.....

Ok, now that a bit of time has passed, what DNC speech sticks out the most in your mind?

There were NO storming of embassies under Bush...according to Krauthammer (Fox News)

drive simulator

What do you remember about the McCain/Obama debates??

Any room left for vitriol?

Obama ad: We're better off than in 2008

I donated $100 dollars to the Obama campaign today.

Punishment for Registering to Vote?

Serious question - Are the ReTHUGs capable of creating chaos

What is the Supreme Law of the Land, The Bible, or The Constitution?

True the Vote and Bullies at the Ballot Box on msnbc now

"It Just Doesn't Matter!"

Ryan lied that Obama did not keep Janesville GM plant open. Did Ryan try to keep plant open?

Gun control is a moving target

Thank you, Melissa Harris-Perry, for highlighting voter fraud.

I'm Not Giving Up My Free Speech Rights Because Some Cretin Made An Anti-Muslim Film

Memphis' guns-for-gas giveaway sparks debate

Religious Minorities Overstated In America According To Survey

How do you pronounce Rmoney?

Rasmussen was the most reliable poll last election: Huh?

Resident Evil: Retribution Expected to Beat Finding Nemo for Weekend Win

Sam Bacile Muhammad Movie - Innocence of Muslims


How Much Does the NRA Influence Elections?

Another Film That Created a Violent Reaction

what is going on in pa

That's My President

Eric Cantor's challenger, Wayne Powell, speaks with Salon.

Eric Cantor's challenger, Wayne Powell, speaks with Salon.

Professor Jacques Berlinerblau tells atheists: Stop whining!

Eric Cantor's challenger, Wayne Powell, speaks with Salon.


FBI grills high school student about his class project

Saturday, September 15th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

We need to turn "Romney" into a verb

A Comedian and a Cardinal Open Up on Spirituality

Having closed abortion access, what will Governor Ultrasound go after next to repress women?

Sometimes when I hit the Rec Button

Cantor not particularly popular in his district.

Obama salutes 'fallen heroes' of Benghazi in weekly address

Best cartoon summing up the zeitgeist!

The Obama campaign takes on the `are you better off’ question

Witnesses back Hicks on chemical torture

Conservative Christians Say it’s Okay to Vote for Romney Despite Doctrine

Romney can’t win it. But he can steal it.

Romney is Dangerous!! - Romney And Bain Boosted Agriculture Giant Monsanto In Spite Of Toxic Past...

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula's plan is to become a faux-political prisoner

GOP Farm Bill Obstruction Could Defund 90 Percent Of Department Of Agriculture

Jury thinks posting the stupid hate Muslims video on du is fine.

We say their prophet was a criminal. We mock their garb.

Survey finds gun dealers, pawnbrokers say it's too easy for criminals to get guns

There is a difference between condemning an example of free speech

Has anyone else been having problems uploading to photobucket?

How do you sign up to volunteer?

Afghan policeman kills two coalition soldiers


Obama lead over Romney grows among Jewish voters


"This is a man who would sell ad time during a moment of silence."

How do I find the hole in my tire?

Ashley Judd: Why I Support President Obama - OFA North Carolina

UPDATE: In a series of tweets posted just moments after the verdict was announced by AP, Walker

Crazy congressional caucus.

Five So-Called Liberal Pundits Who Are Attacking Teachers

Akin again

Occupy Wall St activists to surround NYSE in effort to regain impetus

OFA Highlights Video Of Romney Talking About Bain Profitting From Chinese Slave Labor

At the Kansas DMV, the waiting continues

There have been mentions several times of the limited number of people

Really strange political ads...

House Republicans Plan Two Month Vacation, Leaving Key Bills Awaiting Action

Israeli Plan For West Bank University Fuels Boycott Debate In British Academia

Krugman: Mitt Romney, Liquidationist

The TRUTH in Black & White - great video about what's going on in Chicago schools


Dana Siegelman: I Met Karl Rove at the DNC

Fracking leases up for auction at Arches National Park! Please join the protest.

Anatomy of a Campus Coup

Poll: Obama widens lead in Pennsylvania

The Last Temptation of Christ and the Christians' capacity to freak out too.

Whole Foods endorses Prop. 37

Scientists Tied to Tobacco Industry Propaganda, Funding from Monsanto, Turn Attention to Organic

This Week in God (VVS edition: O.M.G. LOL! WTH?)

I get to see Pres. Obama next week!!!!!!

The first 3 words of the Preamble to the Constitution are WE THE PEOPLE.

Maybe if we had more fire-fighters and fewer flame-throwers in Congress...

Maybe if everyone would stop offending and being offended.....

What Bible are Christians who equate “success” with “wealth” reading? Not mine!

Sen. Rockefeller vs. Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan's plan to destroy Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security

Foreign Policy

If zygotes are people, do they need a passport?

What is happening in the Middle East is obviously Obama's fault

Request for DUers. Please be ready to clarify your OPs. It may be clear to you what you

Study: 144,000 wind turbines at sea could power East Coast

Sudan rejects U.S. request to send Marines to secure embassy

Ugh, DU. The anti-Muslim sentiment here is getting to me.

So when it gets down to one undecided guy, are richie richers going to keep dumping billions to win

Rachel Maddow - Paul Ryan shares billing with 'former terrorist' at fringe conference

The ACLU Liberal seems to be in decline.

Ryan Resorting To Civil War-Era Rhetoric?

Rachel Maddow - Republican official blocked from purging Iowa voters

Is anyone else glad that public nudity is taboo?

Men Want To Stake Claim To My Uterus!!

The Tragic Geography of Disconnected Youth

Seriously, what idiot in the administration thought it would be a good idea to

Nate Silver: Sept. 14: Obama Forecast Declines on Poor Manufacturing Report

Now here is what a real Presidential apology looks like*

Voter ID law goes before Pa. Supreme Court

Rachel Maddow - Virginia war on women could cost Romney race

An e-mail from Sherrod Brown

Obama and 'His Leftist Minions'

Good Images: Toles on Romney's convention bounce.

On this day in 1963 the 16th Avenue Baptist Church was bombed. Lest we forget our own history.

Make them feel guilty.

Libya identifies 50 involved in U.S. attack - official

Sen Jim Dimwitt does it again

LATimes: Romney and GOP still toe the Bush line.

Explaining homosexuality to children...

Film protest: Egypt PM urges US to end 'insults'

Privatizing Public Schools: Big Firms Pimp "Failure" to Profit from "Fixing" It

What a national tragedy looks like after 100 years

Why can't people see what it means to vote for the Republicans?

LIVE NOW: Coffee Party Radio: What’s Next For OWS?–Middle East Unrest & Election Sat 12–2PM Central

“If Barack Obama wins this election, the Republican Party as we know it is finished”

Saudi Grand Mufti calls attacks on foreign embassies un-Islamic

Alleged anti-Muslim filmmaker taken to 'voluntary' talk with feds

America The Beautiful! (photos of the Rocky Mtns, this morning)

Probation department to figure out if fraudster behind film violated probation

Gallup -Obama -49% -Romney 45%/Approval/Disapproval 49%-45%

No side-splittingly hilarious, laugh till you cry signs painted on... just because fair is fair.

a very different take on the education debate- this american life

Was ‘Innocence of Muslims’ Director Also an Informant?

Mitt Romney Talks About Bain Profitting From Chinese Slave Labor (VIDEO)

Natalie Wood Death: New Audio Recordings Indicate Robert Wagner's Involvement

From a wheelchair-bound perspective, thank God I'm an atheist

Remember the Ignore Threads option on DU2?


Today’s College Football Thread (9/15/12)

A fight against religious extremism

Fun Video!

Pope tackles elephant in room of Christian exodus

Thank You Mitt Romney

I'm increasingly annoyed by the issue of Kate Middleton's topless pictures.

How are you guys doing?

Short of a crowbar, is there any chance of separating Obama and Arne Duncan before Nov?

(Video) Corey Robin: (Author of The Reactionary Mind) #Conservatives have always embraced ’fanatical

Right Wing Islam Obsession at the Values Voter Summit

Middle income: $200,000 to $250,000 - Romney

I still can't believe how the republicans have got away with sabotaging the economy

The film ‘Innocence of Muslims’ and the dangerous failing of the media

A suggestion on Gun Forum google dumps

Rachel Maddow - Romney adviser: Romney respectability would thwart terror

The Taiga is burning

Rick Santorum Says "Smart People Will Never Be On Our Side"

Isn't it now time to talk about ending privatizing the protection of our embassies and

Islamic fundies just discovering youtube?

Romney campaign bus stop in Mount Pleasant, Michigan draws several

Stephanie Cutter: Mitt Romney and China

The perspective of a Chicago teacher: "How a Political Poem Was Bullied Out Of Me"

Sudan REJECTS U.S. request to send Marines saying they can handle security themselves

Peace Be Upon You - Internet videos will insult your religion. Ignore them.

Creationists Go Apoplectic Over Dr. Pepper Ad

Seems fitting considering recent events: The Satanic Verses Affair

"Moral Clarity and firmness of purpose." I know this is code, but for what?

Shit Men Say to Men Who Say Shit to Women on the Street

God Angrily Clarifies 'Don't Kill' Rule

Santorum: "We will never have the smart people on our side"

Did you know: An Allosaurus wouldn't be able to hear your screams as he ate you

I just saw on TV crawl...Romney will start getting intelligence briefings next week!

i am the WORST parent EVER. just shoot me.

Radio interview with CPS teacher on working conditions

Who do you trust more?

I'm begging you! If we want to laugh at the "Moran" guy, and poke fun at the hilarious ...

I just heard Paul Ryan tell another lie.

Romney rips Obama on China despite investments

Did You See This? The Best Mars Landing Video Ever

Remember the good old days when reporters were reporters


Whoever made the film must be laughing their asses off

Dear President Obama

I am So Looking forward to November 7th

Jimmy Carter comments on our election system:

Romney rips Obama on China despite investments

You know what would probably be really effective at combating Islamic fundamentalism?

A question for people from Massachusettes


Is Romney's decision to exclude millions from 'middle income' to cause anxiety

House of (mis)Representatives

An image from Facebook: How working life has changed in one hundred years

Howdy yall

Mitt Romney: “I’m Kind of a Snooki Fan” (Not the onion)

State Department: Stop asking us about the Benghazi attack

Love this part of Obama's statement yesterday on the arrival of the bodies from Libya

Why would anyone think that Romney could fix the economy?

The Melanzanes

Has Anybody Seen This Poll?

Mr. Romney why did you ask Mr. Ryan for 10 years of tax returns when you haven't submitted them

Scalia has the long knives out for Roberts (ACA)

Romney campaign bus stopped at Central Michigan U. on Wednesday, drew crowd of "about 17"

Tinfoil protects oldest building from wildfire

The Public Health Implications of Global Warming

Rick Santorum slips, admits GOP not for smart people

Obama Launches Aggressive Effort Against Mitt Romney In Battleground States

If Obama wins then we should tell Israel no aid as long as Netanyahu is in office

Post got locked - why England is upset about Kate Middleton breast photos

This can't be good....

How many DUers have heard of Scott Lively?

Have you noticed that it is overwhelmingly men to kill people?

Have you heard of Scott Lively?

Andrea Seabrook's Decode DC is up and running!

(Not from The Onion) Santorum: "We Will Never Have The Elite, Smart People On Our Side"

Category 3 Typhoon Sanba hitting Okinawa

I think I found one that not even Elizabeth Banks will be able to save.

“Values voters” get their values challenged at D.C. summit

Our Freedom of Expression Is Killing Us

Assange gets an Aboriginal passport

video of Romney at fundraiser talking about factory in China

What if Romney provides all kinds of details and does a great job during the debates?

Which Makes Mores Sense?

Audio tapes reveal new information of Natalie Wood's death

Meet Paul Ryan's Joe Biden

Mitt turns mean

General Wesley Clark on MSNBC. He gets it.

From the first depression to the new one Somerset Maugham's the Gigolo and Gigolette

Mitt Romney Cheating On America With China (and Much More)

Perhaps if the US stopped sending billions to Israel every year...

Isn't Mitt taking an awful lot of time off? Apparently he doesn't work weekends.

Romney’s Character Comes To Light, And It’s Dark Indeed

Libyan President says foreigners were involved

I've seen individual signs on the net, but is there a website for the "This Doesn't Represent Us"

Untangling the Oxymoron of the Secular Jew

If you were stranded on a desert island the one thing you couldn't do without is ????

PPP on Twitter: May not even poll PA again until last week when they poll everything.

TCM Schedule for Monday September 17 - TCM Spolight: Bob's Picks

In 2010, the GOP promised us jobs, jobs, jobs.

Help me keep this going in GD...

GOP lawmakers say Romney campaign needs to change course

More details emerge on U.S. ambassador's last moments

The Tale of Two Second Amendments

Kansas Birther Case Ends After Joe Montgomery Withdraws Objection to Obama On Ballot

Glenn Grothman is at it again...

The Christian Left

When was this said?

A Rally for Warren, as Massachusetts Senate Race Intensifies

I am a Democrat because...

So glad these two are our top leaders!

Paul Ryan takes star turn in new DCCC ads

Okay ... this seriously cracked me up.

Here's a gift for the Birther in your life

Jack E. Boucher, longtime National Park Service photographer, dies at 80

Atheist extremists

In today's world, there's no shortage of things that could offend you

Bill Maher tweets

The Republican Party is DISEASED & my vote for Obama is to hasten that party's death

JPMorgan faces money laundering probe: source

What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Just a cross post...

'The Most Interesting Man In The World,' Dos Equis' Jonathan Goldsmith, Hosts Obama Fundraiser

Just a cross post...

I know this has been posted before, but it's worth another post

Halliburton misplaces mystery radioactive device: 'Do not handle'

Al-Qaeda says ‘meticulously executed’ Benghazi attack ‘revenge’ for number two’s death

Romney wants to wage a war on porn

"...every time Romney touches foreign policy, he breaks things."

I am starting to understand Voter Suppression

US prosecutor: 18-year-old arrested for attempting to set off car bomb outside Chicago bar

Don't underestimate the USA's ability to elect a complete idiot or crook to the White House....

Is anyone watching the UW/Portland State game?

Why Mitt Won’t Release His Taxes – a Theory….

Iranian analyst: For a fair offer, Iran will compromise on its nuclear program

The definition of delusional

What's for Dinner - Saturday Sept 15th

One of the few legal cases I recognize by name: Near vs Minnesota

Updated (again): Smoke near Long Beach, CA apparently a refinery fire (reported as planned burn).

gop in DISARRAY! lawmakers say Romney campaign needs to change course

US orders family, non-essential staff to leave Tunis, Khartoum embassies

Americans agree: Obama could totally kick Mitt's ass

GOP activists to Romney: Why aren't you winning?

March 7, 1934: Mock Trial of Hitler at Madison Square Garden

Exactly the same & yet Completely different

Romney Tax Cuts Work Only When Mortgage Break Mostly Reduced

I'm thinking about changing my avatar.

NY Times Editorial - "No Rush To War" - Re Netenyahu's Advocacy of Preemptive War On Iran

Topless Kate pix published in Ireland, Italy next

Republicans hit Obama on pending defense cuts

Great! Just what we need, MORE God in "the public square"!

Sorry, Juror #5, but you were incorrect.

Religion--just like the rest of life, rests on things that cannot be "proved.

Fareed Zakaria Considers What the Mideast Protests Reveal

Xbox tied Alaska Airlines just now

Can Congress Come Out and Play?

Micropenis research

Fearful white boys hide in woods, declare it a "conference"...

I have been doing some research into the question of whether Ambassador Stevens was gay

Dvorkovich: Romney's victory in U.S. election may lead to bigger arms spending

Rewriting history on Facebook....

Assange and Ecuador: no monopoly on hypocrisy (WW4Report)

Snippets of transcript of Rick Santorum's Values Voter Summit speech

To those that would censor Free Speech

DUers! Please DU this to help a fellow Dem

NHL to lock out players Sunday if no deal - refusing to bargain w/ union today

Are We Better Off Now Than We Were 4 Years Ago?

Allen West/Sarah Palin 2012

Impact of voter ID laws and GOP suppression tactics on the outcome of the election (Poll)

First ever Charlottesville Pride festival was held today! Great, diverse crowd & no haters!

OHIO SENATE RACE: Sherrod Brown (+8) - Rasmussen

How to get to Mars. Very cool HD

Karen Lewis at today's rally in Chicago

Northern Florida

Freedom of expression?

A good site to research household products

So I guess the talking point has been, and still is, "this election will be close"...

If Abortion Is Murder....

I don't quite get all the protests...

Pirated video from Romney fundraiser shows how far far far out of touch he is;

Oogum Boogum

US orders ALL non-essential diplomatic Personnel out of Tunisia and Sudan

The Original Stroll - February 1958

Inconsistent application of "free speech" principles

Angelina Jolie pushes plight of refugees in Iraq

Did you see These Guys commercial? Well there's another one too!

War. Who is it good for?

Feds investigate Ford police car steering problem

French Cows Drink Red Wine

Toon - Rahm's Replacement Teachers

Chris Hedges: Dems Owe Chicago Public Teachers Support for "Most Important Labor Action in Decades"

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, September 18: Gregory La Cava

I'll take "Empty Stadiums In Miami" for 600, please, Alex.

Is DU experiencing problems this weekend?

Mitt Romney can't Fix the Economy

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, September 19: Star of the Month: Lauren Bacall

Sept. 15, 1963: Four little girls killed in the Birmingham church bombing

Proof Dave Ramsey is dumber than a brick

Van Hollen's chances for a stay while appealing Act 10?

Birmingham marks anniversary of church bombing (one of the worst acts of violence of civil rights )

Juan Carlos Ferrero to retire

Your brain on pseudoscience: the rise of popular neurobollocks

I LOVE this stuff..rofl !

I have my work cut out for me!

Wasn't Gary Johnson a republican running in the past republican primary?

Europeans Really Don't Like Mitt Romney

Courtesy of George Takei on FB

Crowd that greeted Romney's bus in MT Pleasant, Michigan

Halliburton misplaces mystery radioactive device: 'Do not handle'

Does anyone remember salt cod in a wooden box?

Thousands of striking Chicago teachers rally in labor show of force, despite tentative deal

This is the main reason I feel so passionately that we must defeat Willard Romney

Paul Ryan slams President Obama, says if he wins, there's no going back

Boxing (9-15)

I went to the pharmacy this afternoon

Even CNN is now discussing voter supression

Confirmed: The Director of ‘Innocence of Muslims’ Is a Schlocky Softcore Porn Director Named Alan Ro

Another huge reason not to vote for Rmoney ...

Friendly, welcoming place for everyone?

I think this race may actually boil down to real policy differences this time.

This Not an Oh Noes Thread This is a....................

NSA whistleblower: Illegal data collection a ‘violation of everybody’s Constitutional rights’

More good news!!! NJ!!!

Do middle east dictatorships promote or suppress radical islamism?

Mitt Romney thanks hate group President for his leadership

Step by step how the anti-muslim video came to world attention