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List the dumbest lapse-in-logic in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

Romney is a Genius!

What do you think is in Romney's taxes?

Could Robert Kraft of the Patriots be Harry Reid's source?

The Presidency should be decided by popular vote (or not?)

Is Tommy Thompson drunk in his latest campaign commercial?


Does Mitt really want to serve his country?

Video: American Mitt-iot (Green Day song parody)

us 127 sale

"Promising Perseid meteor shower peaks on Sunday"

Meteor Shower reminder (X-posted from GD)

Strikers ‘still holding strong’ since May 1

Olympic update Katie Bell Clintonville, OH moves on to the semis in the 3 meter dive

This is so bad, it's funny. Romney VP

He can be taught!

It's good for what ails ya

Obama has hit 59% on Intrade...

BREAKING: Romney Tax Returns Show

I'm going to the movies this weekend....drunk and naked.

Romney campaign takes press pool on a wild ride (90 MPH and crashes Jewish wedding)

Juan Cole: top 10 differences between white terrorists and others

Hypothetical question my husband posed: Could a President-Any President sign a Executive Order

"Cynicism is the greatest enemy of reform."

Goldman Sachs Leads Split With Obama, as GE Jilts Him Too

A tweeter on "The Ed Show" came up with the perfect nickname for Romney:

President Obama and Sandra Fluke in Denver, CO - pics

Union Strike Could Shut Down SF Museums

Always choose wealthy parents (Romney's message)

From Huff Post: Andrea Saul, Romney Spox, Gets Pilloried

What's for Dinner - Wednesday Aug 8th

Scott Brown Hits China Comparison By Elizabeth Warren, Despite Having Made His Own

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Handshake deal reached between AT&T and union (22,000 in 8 states)

Cool Idea: Freeze & Preserve Fresh Herbs in Olive Oil

President Obama calls Prime Minister Manmohan Singh of India to express condolences... - pic

We Want More Votes

"Stop Helping!"

Bob Hoskins reveals Parkinson's disease, bows out

Romney v Romney

Fannie Mae posts $2.2B net gain for Q2

What ever became of pistol carrying William Kostric at the Obama event in New Hampshire?

India's Latin American Friends

Interesting photo album on MSN: Half Drag

See the “Martian Triangle” in the Sky Tonight!

Does anyone remember about 3 years ago when Health care debate is going like crazy and

Women VB'ers - hot?

A Brand New “Blue Marble” View of Earth

I recently posted a challenge about gay marriage/rights to an atheist discussion site

Typiical media trash implying Obama behind "misleading" ad

Susan G. Komen, breast cancer foundation, shakes up leadership

PHOTO: "Here, kitty kitty kitty...NICE kitty..."

Carbon Credits Gone Awry Raise Output of Harmful Gas

Anonymous Hacks IRS Database — Publishes Romney Tax Returns

I will never ignore anyone. Ever.

Let's talk about Randy TRAVIS. Whoever wrote "Forever ever amen" is a genius.

To educate more or NOT to educate more...?

The last place that meant more than any medal.

Man Orders TV Through Amazon, Gets Assault Rifle

Michael Moore to be up next on TRMS!


The microchip did its job.

My jalapenos recipe--

Just saw a rainbow, here in KCMO!

George Zimmerman trial for death of Trayvon Martin unlikely until 2013

Last Saturday night, some creepy dude walked into the movie plex in my town...

eBay - Handmade 14kt Gold Cameo Pendant by Ronaldo (One of a kind! Signed!)

Can Kansas moderates recover?

I have not seen this posted and even though it's a little late, it's great news!

Romney Ad Accusing Obama Of Failing Ohio Car Dealerships Shows Images From Oklahoma

Where the Hell Is Matt 2012.

There are currently 22 Sikhs serving in the U.S. Army

I accidentally found this video today...dedicated to my son.

Rush Limbaugh: I Want A 'Finder's Fee' For Sandra Fluke Attacks

Court tosses Righthaven fair use appeal

My teabaggy ex- coworker

So my sister has the shingles.

2012 Election To Be Outcome Determined By Working Middle Class Acceptance of Truth or Myth

Pine Ridge Indian homicide cases get new scrutiny

Curiosity Self-Portrait (The images from Mars are coming quickly now)

Vanity Post: My latest video

The Bigger Picture about the LA Voucher School teachings.

`Avatar' director launches China 3-D venture

No One Is Voting FOR Mitt Romney In November

A Cheerleader thread for El Trumado...

Cartoon: Republicans sure haven't made it convenient for minority voters

The truth is no one wants to be Romney's VP running mate

Game Over: Wikipedia Locks Down Potential VP Pages In Response to Colbert Mischief-Making

The ED Show - Republicans and Democrats love Paul Ryan

President Obama, Mitt Romney Agree: Gay Boy Scouts OK

My very conservative, life long republican brother

Natural booty

Inside Chernobyl (Arkitekture Films 2012)

Uncle Ruckus, aka Allen West, disses the Congressional Black Caucus by serving them Chick-Fil-A.

Dems Announce More Targeted House Races for its “Red to Blue” program

The ED Show - New low for Gingrich?

FAA proposes $1 million penalty against Horizon Air for cockpit door rivets

Federal report: Bag with bomb was at Detroit building guard desk for weeks

Heat Exhaustion in a Texas Prison

Does anyone else think that we may have riots after this election

Romney’s Surrogate Disaster Continues as Gingrich Debunks Welfare Ad

Parking solutions

Australian mercy mission Airbus lands in Antarctic

AZ Sheriff Arpaio Admits To Ignoring Child Sex Crimes

NY Times Editorial Slams Romney for Welfare Lie

Security questions

Christie Seeks to Weaken Oversight of Halfway Houses

Presidential Election History Question

I can't get to sleep - it's mathematically impossible

Damn. I was ready to sign off on that Honey Boo Boo show until something happened to the pig.

Why is it

The ED Show - Conservatives fume at Romney Camp over health care defense

Man orders TV online, gets assault rifle instead

How to Pay for Single Payer Health Insurance

"Obama has fucked up the economy!"

Did Andrea Saul Redeem Herself After RomneyCare Gaffe?

Alonzo Mourning To Hold Obama Fundraiser


Gundersen on lethal radiation levels: Even higher measurements to come - Nuclear core has leaked out

Who is your Favorite Doctor? (Doctor Who Fans)

Egypt's president fires intelligence chief

Michigan: AG Will File Charges in Thaddeus McCotter Petition Scandal Thursday

Rachel Maddow - Michael Moore on Michigan's troubled democracy

If you have any Republican relatives or acquaintances ask them this question

Mon Aug 13th Ellison to speak at Town hall on Torture Memos (he is for or against ?)

Leader of southern Michigan militia, son avoid longer detention for gun crime

Rachel Maddow - Ohio headed toward extra voting time for Republicans only

Jon Stewart Rips ‘Conservatives And Their Media Division’ (Fox News) For Exaggerating Voter Fraud

Here's one argument that might put to rest the who is this Olympian more Patriotic than another.

I think President Obama and VP Biden could take the next 3 months off!

Wealthy GOP donor Adelson files libel suit in NY

Texas's execution of a mentally retarded individual was a monstrous act.

interesting results on PBS flea marketing show this week

Carlyle Group reports loss as fund values fall

Out of beer? Just call 911!

Curiosity snaps self-portrait

(Oxford American magazine) Editor Fired Following Harassment Accusation

Defense Department having money-managing problems

Richie Havens - 'Freedom' - Woodstock 1969

I've pulled in my horns for the past year or so.

State Dept. Must Review Decision on Visas for Afghan Peace Volunteers

You can't make this stuff up........Republican chairman calls Obama supporter mentally retarded

Re Papa John's (getting spanked on FB)

Explained: Why WaPo and Globe refused Romney's demand for retraction of Romney's outsourcing history

Ezra Klein: Economists to Romney campaign: That’s not what our research says

Reflective Hillary Clinton urges South Africa to live up to Mandela's legacy

E-mails about clean-energy loans provide new details on White House involvement

*IF* Obama wins and the Dems control the Senate, how will the GOP respond?

The Guardian: Wade Michael Page and the rise of violent far-right extremism

Ok, who's playing with their Google doodle?

Truth & Rights

SF panel studies science of sentencing

Venezuelan cheap petrol policy backfires

QUINCY JONES - SOUL SAGA (Song Of The Buffalo Soldier)

One-Term Proposition ad debunked

Subliminal message?

"What has Obama done?"

We need to make Washington, D.C. listen. The middle class can’t be put on the back burner any longer

Why is there no GOLF in this Olympics?

Christian "charity" really slumlords

Self edited....

Mexican-US illegal migration has been largely static since the 1950s

What is it with misogynists and child molestation/rape?

Man Orders TV Through Amazon, Gets Assault Rifle

News Corporation posts $1.6bn loss as phone-hacking legal fees stack up

Wow. ABC/Yahoo story links to DU thread.

First 360 Images From Curiousity

Too late for Mars...

David Schuster got me wondering today

This makes me sad.

India, Israel sign $50 million academic research pact

Barbie's Proportions On A Real Woman Are Mildly Terrifying

Source: NYTimes Co. to sell to for $270 million

Give 'em heck, Harry!

Palin or Dick Cheney are probably the only ones to lobby for the VP slot. Will Mitt step up.

Tricky Dick resigned 38 years ago today

Gotta love this picture!

Mitt Romney: If "Corporations Are People"...

I just thought up this slogan for Romney.

Berkeley residents fight for post office

Exclusive: Justice Ginsburg shrugs off rib injury

"Walk, Walk, Walk It Back, Gently Down The Stream...."

Ohio voters will decide how political districts are created

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Wednesday, August 8)

Mr. Sciencey (comic)

Fear rejection? Before you ask a girl out, you have to look for certain signs.

Romney's VP decision has gone from being an opportunity

Senate GOP Ends D.C. Circuit Nominee's Bid a Second Time

Reporters Struggling To Maintain Energy Until Election

A legal question regarding something fishy Congress did yesterday ...

Whoa! Here's a graphic about Romney from the *Free Republic*.

What's for Dinner ~ Thursday August 9th

If you need a laugh or a pick me up ...

I'm Just a Prisoner of Love..

Curiosity might prove we've already found life on Mars (Gil Levin at SPIE next week)

Romney stands a good chance of being elected President

Time to REBEL! 5 Ways We Can Break the Big Banks' Death Grip on the Economy

US Open Cup Final

How Huge Food Corporations Will Make Upcoming Food Price HIkes Even Worse

Steam to start hosting non-game software (PC Gamer)

Great fall of China: section of wall collapses

We need to focus on US Senate race - Democrats are losing!

11-Year-Old Girl Accuses Father of Waterboarding Her

Space Oddity: an illustrated Major Tom story

Holy Crap! Bryan Fischer: Christians Should Kidnap The Children Of Gay And Lesbian Parents

Here's The Real Problem With Mitt Romney's Economic Plan: 'Rich People' Don't Create The Jobs

Diabetes May Be Reversed By Long-Used Vaccine For TB

Cambridge Joins Harvard In Opening Stem-Cell Institute

Great fall of China: section of wall collapses

New fossils hint at ancestral split

Apparently Randy Travis is really struggling with going through his divorce

Global groundwater use outpaces supply

Just when you though they couldn't go any lower against the President

Obama Ed Policies Cause Blowback - What Will it Cost in the Election?

3 Soap Stars Weigh In On Chik Fil Atio....

Romney's Surprise VP Pick

Richard Dawkins on Romney's Sheik blunder

The Homoeroticism of MTV's "Teen Wolf"

37 years ago today


Gun Control After Wisconsin Shooting: 'Everyone Looks At The United States As Uncivilized'

US starts landmark Agent Orange cleanup in Vietnam

Joachim Kühn - California Woman

Lesbian sends dinner request to Chick-fil-A chief

Masha Blackburn is on CNN defending Rmoney's BS

Argentina steps ahead of US in adoption rights: Gay couple legally recognised as fathers

Chinese official's wife admits poisoning British businessman, court says

Cuomo plans to make gun crime a priority in next session

Did Romney hire his campaign staff and

Newt lies even more than Romney

There is no woman in this picture.

Ohio Early Voting Cutbacks Disenfranchise Minority Voters

The shape of British summers to come?

Just when you think the Birther argument was the craziest thing you heard....

College Employee Caught Throwing Out Stacks Of Local Gay Newspaper

Honorary President of Boy Scouts (Obama) Joins Chorus Of Voices Calling For Scouts To End Gay Ban


Man With Down Syndrome Loses Job Due To "Budget Cuts." He Made $12...A Week

If you visit the SC beaches, do not have a water emergency.

Painting Series Gives Gay Disney Characters A “Happily Ever After” Of Their Own

Romney Disarray Deepens - Wingers Call for Boycott (Updated with Video)

Why Mitt Romney Is Losing

Romney's problem in a nutshell

Rmoney's VP?

How Likely Is It That Romney Paid No Taxes?

The Real Problem With Welfare: It Stopped Helping the Poor

Software Runs the World: How Scared Should We Be That So Much of It Is So Bad?

Does anyone else do the google olympic tasks??

Revealed at last! Mitt's Tax Return! (toon)

What if Reid is bluffing?

Fact check: Obama not trying to curb military early voting

Looks like Obama campaign thinks it might be Portman, too

Wealthy GOP donor Adelson files libel suit in NY

NYT: Fuzzy Math (Romney's "fantasy" proposal)

ETA News Release: Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (08/09/2012)

Former Employee Sues Infosys (Indian IT)


Child endangerment charges tell of 'waterboarding'

WSJ Makes The Case For Romney To Choose Paul Ryan As Running Mate

Kudzu question. If all humans suddenly disappeared from the earth, would

Feds investigating Lawnwood Regional for possibly performing unnecessary heart procedures

Avid Twitter users - looking for some advice.....

The Tax Return Mitt Romney Doesn't Want You to See

"We know more about the surface of Mars than we do about Mitt Romney's tax returns."

America's 10 Largest Corporations Paid 9% Average Tax Rate Last Year

VIDEO: What really happened in the Dotcom raid? Read more:

Sandra Fluke was great yesterday in Denver with the President.

Strongest Girl in the World...

Egypt pours military might into North Sinai

Adam Davidson’s Journalistic Corruption: NPR Host Shills for Wall Street, While Taking their Money

Anyone wanna disagree with this?

US starts landmark cleanup of Agent Orange nearly 4 decades after Vietnam War’s end

LEGO Piece Found in Boy's Nose After Three Years

Early Meat-Eating Human Ancestors Thrived While Vegetarian Hominin Died Out

And speaking of death squads...

Top cop blames NRA for law’s failings

Islamist sect found living underground near Russian city for nearly 10 years

Jobless claims show unexpected improvement

Sunday in Morrisville

If I had included the poster's profile comment, would the results be different?

Don Drysdale & RFK

Thursday TOON Roundup 1 - Rmoney Hood and his Taxing problem

Thursday TOON Roundup 2- Curiosity found the tax returns!

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- Wisconsin shootings

I had a nightmare last night...that I didn't vote.

Thursday TOON Roundup 4- the rest

Romney ad: Obama waging ‘war on religion’ (updated)

Fertilizer Company Goes Public with Romney Support

Fake Twitter accounts may be driving up Mitt Romney's follower number

Exclusive Romney Interview: On Humility and Tax Returns (Romney lies)

Ann Coulter tears the mask off FOX.

Gay Day celebration ends with threats of murder, rape

Anyone else think Bryan Fischer is creepy looking in a Jerry Sandusky kind of way?

Luckovich on Republicans' Voter Suppression

The Newest Reality Shows On Television

NPR this morning:

OMG shoot me now, last night while flipping channels during a commericial break...

Woo hoo! I got my first political lawn sign this a.m.!!!

Whale v Seal - who will you save? NOT A JOKE

Need a Substitute for Miracle Gro

Trifecta complete: joins Snopes and Politifact exposing Ohio Military Lawsuit lie

Romney ad: Obama waging ‘war on religion’

*** Gets her letter box out and makes sign promoting DU's New Day Spa ***

The Coming Oil Boom - Good for the US economy (short term), bad for the environment

Birther Moving On:Obama GAY, Was Married to Pakistani Man Before Michelle

Missouri prayer amendment passes

A frank discussion: why are so many middle eastern countries' muslims

Pastor on trial in Vt; mom still AWOL with child

...How Democrats Got Their Groove Back

I really think some folks here have no humor...


According to PPP Obama is currently ahead in Colorado but all I hear in the media is He's behind

Why Romney doesn't want us to see his tax returns

Gingrich admits: 'no proof' to support welfare smear

President Obama: 'They've tried to sell this old, trickle-down tax cut fairy dust before...'

Puzzle me this, how is it that we are in a War and its not mentioned in either Presidential campaign

NRA Members Quit Because Of Maggart “Bullying”

New Ras poll (according to Talking Point Memo's Poll Watcher) FWIW:

Disgrace For the Cure: Komen Prez Steps Down to Make More Money

Wind Power Co. Announces Closures Day After Senator Reid's Clean Energy Summ

NRA represents gun manufacturers — period

A Friend of Mine Living in England Posted This on Facebook (LOL!)

Zach GALIFIANAKIS called the KOCH brothers creepy. They're offended but don't deny being creepy.

"Conservative Maine group accidentally shows success of pre-LePage health care policy"

Drunken man gets fifth DUI while riding lawn mower

OK all you DU single woman you are OFFICIALLY STUPID!!

Today in Peace and Justice history on August 9, 1956

Colbert: Papa John’s pizza like "eating the ass off a raccoon that drowned in your bird bath"

Off With Her Head!

Sample Tax Return for Very Rich Guys

Help! I think I shrank the fonts on DU smaller. How do I make them bigger again?

Why Runaway Political Corruption? All the Burglar Alarms Are (or are being) Turned Off....

which "Terrorist Group" did this?

*Mudcat (for Wayne Powell)

Dying Daughter's Health Insurance Cut By Wells Fargo?

Mitt Romney admits he is a robot.

I'm all out of drowned raccoon ass, and there isn't a Papa John's in my town.

On the doing of small things

Yet another Gun at Batman showing - Connecticut this time

Sight - A short futuristic film by Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo.

Please join me in writing our Bishops to oppose the use of Pope John Paul's image in Romney's ad.

Egypt troops move into Israel border zone

Mourning Schmuck is crying his eyes out again this am about that bad bad Bill Burton ad...

Trayvon Martin Case: George Zimmerman will seek 'stand your ground' hearing, attorneys say

Jeremy Lin Skypes Heartbroken 5-Year-Old Knicks fan

Judge accused of creating ‘unusual shroud of secrecy’ in movie theater shooting case

DC man orders TV, gets assault rifle instead

Olympics closing ceremony

Romney meets with Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin, who has said Islam "should not be protected under the First

Gingrich Defends Investigations Into Links Between Obama Administration And Muslim Brotherhood

Nuclear waste issues freeze permits for U.S. power plants

This Is What A $60 Million High School Football Stadium Looks Like

Romney on not releasing more tax returns: ‘I’m not a business’

Ugandan's bravely hold a Pride March in a country with repressive anti-gay laws

Sexists thrive on DU

Tea Party takes over Alabama public TV

The Wall Street Journal wants Paul Ryan for Vice President...

Walt Wawra Feels Unsafe in Canada Without Gun, Writes Letter To The Editor

Suggestion for new group/forum. Help with SOP? Feuders Forum

Reps say, "anyone but Obama"?

8/8/12 Romney v Obama

Pic Of The Moment: Romney Campaign Endorses Plan They Want To Repeal

New Hateful Romney Ad: Obama Declared "War on Religion" And He's Like The USSR

First Full Resolution Images From Curiosity (Beautiful!)

This is how we win the House.

Taking the Nanny State Too Far....NYC Shuts Down Vibrator Give Away.

Romney (and the Pope?) vs. Obama's contraception mandate

I think if mittens loses the repubs are going be forced to face facts

Portman: 'I think I'll end up being' in the Senate (I think so too, as a failed running mate!)

America’s 10 Largest Corporations Paid 9 Percent Average Tax Rate Last Year

How Likely Is It That Romney Paid No Taxes?

Disappointment after executed Texas man with IQ of 61 is not George W Bush

Cornell, MIT Scale Back Aid Even as Endowments Rise

Anyone here a past or current member of the Brady Campaign?

Questions about voting? Download Election Protection App!

The third-party candidate who could derail Mitt Romney

Matt Taibbi: Obama, Not Reid, Should Be Taking on Mitt Romney's Tax Record

Campaign staffers charged in Mich. probe of fake petition signatures for former Rep. McCotter

Former DHS Analyst Daryl Johnson on How He Was Silenced for Warning of Far-Right Militants in U.S.

What happens if Mittens suddenly drops out of the race?

Apple/Samsung on Conan

It's about time.

the money you and I make to support ourselves is called income and is taxed up to 35 percent

Biore strips...


Young in G.O.P. Erase the Lines on Social Issues.

I've figured out why Romney won't release his tax returns…

Not sure what to do with my 16 y/o cat

Looking for a new RPG. Any suggestions?

Rachel Maddow - Democrats see victory in GOP primaries

My first contribution to the DU community

FBI: Right-wing terror is real

Fifty Shades of Yellow. Ryan Lochte on peeing in the pool

Women for Dalton

Absurd lie from a guy on C-span this morning, worth mention I think

Google settles FTC privacy case for $22.5 million, agency’s largest penalty

OH SHIT!!!! Big Ed is on FIRE

Diabetes in Appalachia: “Just give me a pill”

July was the hottest month in U.S. history

Things you ate as a kid that you'd never eat now because of your health:

Campaign staff charged in McCotter petitions probe

Fixing my grandma, er, grammar.

Rick Santorum Chuckles When Asked To Defend Mitt Romney On Health Care

Gingrich: 'We Have No Proof' To Support Romney's Welfare Attack

Can I go on record and state that the memorial gift chosen for our deceased coworker is terrible?

Will this piece of shit never stop lying?

Almost 6 million views for "Overly Attached Girlfriend"

Google agrees to record $22.5M fine on privacy

Postal Service reports $5.2B loss in 3rd quarter


C'mon in ya'll, just a quick dip!

Romney still faces conservative doubts as convention approaches

Daily Kos Founder Marko Moulitsas take on the state of the Presidential election

Why we are Democrats

Iguana dance all night ....

Dishwashers recalled due to fire hazard

"I never raped anybody, why should I care? It's not *my* fault."

Any news this morning on voting procedures in Ohio?

I wonder if my beloved JFK who said..

Mitt's taxes, visualize this

Romney, Marriott, "Son of Boss" scams, and "Lying for the Lord"

Suggested Name Changes For ACA (Affordable Health Care)

Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R) Ex-Staffers Charged Today With Forging Ballot Petitions

Funniest Pictures Mocking Mitt Romney

US Economic Outlook Brightens on Jobs, Trade Data.

Rachel Maddow - Mitt Romney's unmanageable messaging machine

The Atlantic: Why the Reaction Is Different When the Terrorist Is White

Tarryl Clark shows her true colors in the 8th district DFL race.

Romney: Japanese In Century-Long Decline

If the GOP allows Mitt's Nomination to go through, they lose ALL credibility on the TAX debate.

Do you ever feel like a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs?

We have a minimum wage, why not a minimum tax rate?

NY, Chicago, or St. Louis style pizza?

Playing field is tilted against voters

These things are happening in Texas!

Tell Congress: Don’t Outsource Amtrak Jobs

RCP poll averages: Obama/Romney = Obama/McCain

Economists to Romney campaign: That’s not what our research says

Koch Brother Will Be Official Romney Delegate At Republican National Convention

More health care companies shipping jobs overseas

Proof that Romney is a HUGE hypocrite!

Why not a transaction tax?

Red rover red rover, let Shep SMITH come over. On thin ice at Faux.

The Last Word - The fight for the women's vote

Bill Burton of Priorities USA: The ad isn't even up yet airing

Resource-rich countries do worse

Clean Coal...


Why is your state...

"When he has the lead, Peyton Manning doesn't pretend he's losing"

Obama hits ‘Romney Tax Hike' in 15 states

I used to think Larry Sabato was an intelligent, unbiased man, until I read this

Dams Contribute to Climate Change

Could David Koch be Romney's VP?

Media visibility and minority religion.

Why We Occupy DVD -- Mike Palast Live From NYC

A spiritual renegade's guide to a good life

US House Races in PA. - 1 Dem and 3 Repub Seats Potentially Vulnerable, Rest mostly non-competitive

These things are happening in Texas!

Mitt Romney is CALAMITY BAIN!

Olympics Boxing (SPOILER)

Seeing Through Rocks: Seismic Imaging of the Cascadia Subduction Zone

Dahlan: Hamas fostering terror, damaging ties with Egypt

Papantonio: The Endless Supply of Right Wing Hate

Netanyahu is burying the two state solution

PA. State Senate Races - List of Candidates with links to their websites

CSI Mars -- Curiosity imaged from orbit

Woohoo!!! Jeff Lynne is going to release another solo album in October

Republicans Sacrifice Human Health For Alleged Job Creation

Some info on mining in N. Wisconsin

Regional bigotry removed from DU's TOS?

The number of conservative hate groups has grown 69% since 2000.

President Obama’s campaign repeats call for more Mitt Romney tax returns...

Teen hospitalized after four-day Call of Duty marathon

Every single time I hear about a new Rmoney screw up, this comes to mind.

Most amazing photo yet from the surface of Mars

Did we invent God?...

Romney Hood and the Merry (Rich) Men

Saudi Arabia 'to Shoot Down' Iran-Bound Israeli Planes

The Rude Pundit: The Real Reason Mitt Romney Is Losing and Will Lose

You've heard of Tebowing. Now this is...

Los Angeles bans skateboard "bombing" after two are killed.

Gotdammit, I told you it not to force it

Cool Pic from Jet

Rmoney looks back at Bain and infamous picture with fondness

President Obama’s campaign repeats call for more Mitt Romney tax returns, citing tax shelter used by

The Barton Lies: Conservative Christian Scholars Debunk ‘Christian Nation’ Propagandist

Joe Walsh Accused Of Racial Insensitivity For Referring To Obama As ‘Son’

CNN: 310 million -- Total number of nonmilitary firearms in the US as of 2009

Mitt Romney's touch of gray

State charges 4 former McCotter staffers with forging petitions, faking signatures in election fiasc

‘Romney Girl’ Mocks Life in His World as ‘Taxless,’ ‘Fantastic’

The Most Influential Evangelist You've Never Heard Of

Holy Backfire Twit-Man! Romney Desperation Reaches Fever Pitch

Someone please explain to me how a douchebag like Mitt Romney was elected Governor of Massachusetts?

Obama slams Romney's opposition to wind energy tax credit

Koch Brother Will be Official Romney Delgate at Republican Ntl. Convention

Emails Reveal Wisconsin GOP’s Gerrymandering Intended to “Waste” Opposition’s Votes

Romney: Campaigns shouldn’t run ads that fact-checkers say are false

Mansions On The Hill

Did Kasich slip another new voting restriction law under the radar?

This guy is great. George Hutchinson Uber-Republican.

LOVE revisited!

Pace of Presidential Polling Has Slowed Considerably From 2008

Koch Industries: The Official Sponsor of the Republican National Convention

Rep Steve King (R-Nutjob) wants to repeal everything Obama's signed into law

Texas’ fracking disclosure law leaves questions

Bill O'Reilly, Greta Van Susteren Sued For Defamation, Emotional Distress

Paul Ryan

Environmental groups sue EPA for stronger dispersant rules

Zimmerman Will Seek 'Stand Your Ground' Hearing

Soundtrack of your life today?

And now for your regularly scheduled moment of squee

Its Obama Fault. His moratorium stopped the rigs

NRA Responds To Recent Shootings

Kid Selling Lemonade vs. Zombie Theme Park: Who Will Raise More To Help Detroit's Financial Woes?

Great update from the Mars Curiosity team...

Face Book just hammered me (for the first time in years) for requesting something less than 10

DNC announces new bus tour to stalk Romney

C.J.'s Brother

I felt like punching my radio after hearing this "values voter" profiled on Morning Edition.

Life imitates art

Iowa's Schultz Faces Court Battle Over Voter Fraud Rules

The American Family Association Advocates Kidnapping and Other Crimes Against Children

Head's Up. Final Round, USA vs. Japan women's soccer is on. No spoilers in the title, please.

Disposal of hydraulic fracturing wastewater biggest possible contaminator

Man who called 911 after finding naked Randy Travis: 'I'm spooked out'

Catholic Monks: Romney Rhetoric 'Degrading' Christian Religion

Israel Defense Chief Suggests US Has New Intelligence Bringing Worries Over Iran In Line With Israel

Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking in Ohio

Fill in the blank: Man who called 911 after finding naked _________ : 'I'm spooked out'

Mitt's latest reason for not releasing more tax returns.........

Not to interupt the fun here in the lounge, but has anyone heard from MFM lately

Mitt the Twit Phony! NYT: Mr. Romney Hits Bottom on Welfare (Update)

"Naked Randy Travis" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "naked Randy Travis".

President Obama stops at Romero's Cafe in Pueblo, Colorado - pics

My Fox addicted neighbor said the woman Obama claims Romney killed didn't die until five

Jon Stewart Looks At The Nonexistent Problem Of Voter Fraud

I predict Mitt gets rid of Andrea Saul

Go along with your business...There's nothing to see here...

Threatened with lawsuit, Miss. agriculture museum processing application for same-sex ceremony

Forest? What forest? All I see is trees.

Rush Limbaugh back to race-baiting...

I personally hold The Lounge responsible for making me witness to the end of humanity


I cannot explain how I felt when my daughter sent me a text...

Was Melvin Morse trying to induce a near-death experience when he water-boarded

Waterboarding Charges Against Delaware Doctor Who Tortured Young Daughter

Check out these billboards in Vegas!

Armed & Bailed: US 'Blackwater' mercs pay crimes with fines

Democrats to mirror Romney's middle class bus tour

Pistorius advances to finals after ruling.

Plumes of Smoke and Slurry Highlight Dangers of Oil and Mining

So... PUA's. Anyone not familiar with these groups?

Found this site today......Cantor has proposed 18 bills..........

"Son of Boss" - Obama for America TV Ad

Don Siegelman's Daughter Creates Petition for Presidential Pardon

The truth hurts!

AFL-CIO President: Obama’s Running The Election We Always Wanted

When the government spies on its citizens

New National CNN Poll via TPM Poll Tracker (that puts Ras to shame):

If The MSM is actually interested in the 'voter fraud' issue, NOW would probably be the time to ask

Mitt Romney Criticized By Franciscan Friars For Comments On The Poor

Weeding Out the Crazy

CNN Poll: Obama leads by 7 points, Mitt's unfavorable jumps 12 points among independents.

Indian IT workers didn't steal our jobs. Psychopathic billionaires did, and gave them to Indians.

A mosquito, my albedo

If someone could smell for the first time today, what aroma would you rec?

New Obama Ad ‘Son Of Boss’ Pushes Romney On Taxes

Just call it Romneycare!

Nation-sponsored malware with Stuxnet ties has mystery warhead

Romney: Candidate Con Man "Wake Up America!"

You need to sign this petition.

NY Times: Romney campaign carefully choosing speakers for convention (major snubs!)

Romney's Claims Against Obama Economy Contradicted by His Own Peers

Romney's tax problem goes way back to his days as Mariott's audit committe chairman

Romney endorses mass public-sector layoffs

Excellent article on the UAW's organization efforts in Mississippi

Scotts Miracle-Gro gives big money to Romney PAC

Sandpipers forgo sleep for days because there’s too much sex to be had

Which one is your favorite Doctor? (Doctor Wu fans)

Too late for Mars

See you on the other side!

Spoiler: Men's 200m

A Day in the Life of a Traveling Feline

Ezra Klein, WaPo: Mitt Romney’s wrong: You can balance the budget through taxes.

Can we put Romney on the couch/

Anyone else in the mood for a hooker?

Trayvon Martin corpse photo accidentally released by Florida prosecutors as part of botched evidence

Spoilers Involving American Women

Temple gunman's extremism grew in military

Harry Reid To Receive Boxing Gloves For Mitt Romney Tax Fight

Please offer your opinion re fundraising at work.

The link between white supremacy and the anti-abortion movement.

Right-wing brother at it again - need DUer help

Sedona housing?

I'm shouting out a big WHOO HOO for Flint's Gold Medal Olympian!!!

...for Fox viewers, Fox is only the most visible part of a vast alternative reality...

Goldman Sachs escapes untouched, yet again.

Kucinich's Brain Afflicted by Cell Phone Radiation Horseshit

Back to important news...Tennis

Do you think having so much less money is making the Dems swing harder?

spoiler on medal count... update

The Case for Gun Control - more facts about the Second Amendment

Mitt is projecting and whining again. This time about ads

Mom's obit (feel free to sign the book)

Here's a heartbreaking story..Bwahahaha

No, you don't qualify for that job

Romney Backs Romneycare and Pussy Riot

Retired trooper recalls dedicated canine 'partner' - Long relationship ends with dog's death

Wikileaks and Money

Just because...

Obama finishes speech in Colorado Springs.

CNN Poll: Obama holds 7-point lead over Romney (52-45)

Accused Colorado shooter has "mental illness," defense attorney says

McKayla Maroney isn’t a “mean girl”... American women dominating medal standings

Bill O'Reilly, Greta Van Susteren Sued For Defamation, Emotional Distress

How Many Checkpoints in One Morning?! Welcome to the Police State!

Report Card

Shameful fracking board appointment (from NC Conservation Network)

2 liter bottles of soda and a half gallon of milk, why

Letter to my daughter and son-in-law:

Obama 52% Rmoney 45% in new CNN national poll

There is one thing I am sure would flow from a Romney victory, and alone is scary as hell

Allegheny County Republican chairman makes an offensive joke.

Loosen your belts

Police State Update: The NYPD’s Domain Awareness System Is Watching You

*cough* "You gonna stay in bed all day?"

Anyone have the Jury Results for this?

Bobby Jindal

Attention Middle Class & Poor: Mitt Romney Is The Real Welfare Recipient

Turn on Rev Al right fugging now

Base-Baiting: Joe Walsh Calls President Obama 'Son' In Talk With Supporters - video link

6 U.S. retailers set to invade Canada's malls

How Likely Is It That Romney Paid No Taxes (for a period of ten years)?

4 Reasons Atheists Have to Fight for Their Rights

Gonorrhea Is Now Only Treatable With One Drug

What kind of guys get into equestrian sports?

Studies of Substance Abuse with Interventions for the Youth of Native American Indian Communities #7

Miicro tripping on LSD

And the worst "Web Teaser Headline" Award goes to....

Paul Smith, Tea Party Rally Attendee & Elected Official, Held Sign Depicting Obama's Head On A Spike

No relief for Mittster from Fox: New poll gives Obama nine-point edge (49-40)

Was just reading posts on Papa John's Facebook page

Okay okay... we need a shovel, some lime, the tax returns......and a CAPTION

From NPR: Tax Evaders Beware: Money's Getting Harder To Hide

Flag-Waver Ted Nugent to Perform near People Unlike Himself

Mittens/Marriott & Porn

Why Romney's Tax Plan is Mathematically Impossible

'Selfish' DNA in animal mitochondria offers possible tool to study aging'

ACLU files federal lawsuit challenging Missouri prayer amendment

Fox News Poll: Obama 49...Romney 40 (Obama +9)

More distortion from Romney campaign ...

Britain faces legal challenge over secret US 'kill list' in Afghanistan

July was a horrible, horrible month for Mitt - will August be better?

Harry Reid: My Source On Romney’s Taxes Is A Republican (updated)

Drudge Fabricates Obama Call For Industry Bailouts

Obama camp picks at possible Romney VP choices (so proactive and so BRILLIANT)

The air just went out of Mitt's VP pick -- Amazing in the Obama campaign's planning and brilliance

Mitt Romney: Gold Medal in Dishonesty

"Fraud" never mentioned at RNC meetings in Florida.

Mitt Romney Criticized By Franciscan Friars For Comments On The Poor

Tragedy: Sir Patrick Stewart reduced to... well... THIS!

Goldman says SEC drops probe into its role in MBS deal

Voter Suppression by the GOP. This is Our Only War Now.

Harry Reid Aide: Source On Romney’s Taxes Is A Republican (Update: he walked it back)

Danziger: Romney Hood's advice to the middle class; Be patient..

It matters where your money comes from

Don't mean to be nitpicky but

Romney's leading margins compared to Obama's...

Is that smell coming from my TV ? Nope, newt is on tweety.

It's been 6 days since I stopped eating meat

amazing Baby & Prez pic

Wal-Mart beats janitors' appeal on immigration, lockups

Scotts Miracle Grow - More Fertilizer For Romney's Bullshit

Sandusky "speaks out?!?" coming up on O'Really?

Had my first consult with the weight loss surgeon today. Everything went

Spider lives in woman’s ear for five days

A funny thing happened at the dental office today:

Analysis: Test ahead for U.S. law limiting gun-seller liability

RomneyHood - but wait, it gets worse...

Are you scientifically literate? Take our quiz

Adoption & Truth

Diplomats: Algeria's Brahimi could replace Annan

What helpfull things does your pet do? I just was sitting here eating cheetos while at my computer.

Tweety tells Cross eyed Christie he won't be silent

Ouch! The Political Compass: The US Presidential Election 2012

3rd world skeptic

Reid's Source: Matt Romney?

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish men offered blurry glasses look to keep Israeli women out of sight.

Glasses look to keep Israeli women out of sight

Mitt Romney strongly criticized by Catholic organization for attacking the poor

Scott Brown is outraged that too many poor people might be able to vote

Was Romneycare A War On Religion?

Dana Loesch Says Romney will Pick VP on Friday & it will be Bobby Jindal

Afghan finance minister breaks down in tears as he denies corruption

A sad. Bob Hoskins is retiring due to a diagnosis of Parkinsons.

Mitt has to go with Palin to have any chance at all. No one expects anything from her, she has been