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Archives: August 7, 2012

'Gun lover informs me temple murders were "another staged incident for the abolishment of the 2ndA'

Ed Schultz leading with the Dirty Harry story n/t

Ed is back.

Ed Shultz is back with a great line up tonight

Big Ed is back!

Romney’s VP list seems to get shorter as GOP convention speakers are announced

Awesome image of Curiosity landing with parachute, taken by Reconnaissance!


Do YOU Think Gov. Don Siegelman got a raw deal?

I'm sorry, but I'm so tired of Harry Reid

Obama just dubbed Romney's Tax Plan: ROMNEYHOOD!

I was going to post something on the differences of Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims, but...

The Science of Genocide (Questions We Need to Ponder)

LOVE the sandwich but HATE the politics? "The Food Lab: How to Make a Chick-Fil-A Sandwich at Home"

Romney is currently embroiled in a nasty fight with ________

Watch the White House Crush Romney’s Blame Obama for Harry Reid Meme

Romney, just show your tax returns damn.

Car show across the street from me... (Very picture heavy)

Curiosity's Descent (Rover's POV) (video)

Hey Mitt....

Mars rover Curiosity starting to stream live pics of Martian surface features.

Simple visual that clarifies why the Assault Weapons Ban renewal

Enbridge gets approval to reopen U.S. pipeline (2 years after Wisc. oil spill)

Cyclists, sad to report that the Cookie Lady of Afton mountain has passed away. June Curry, RIP

August Photography Contest Poll 1

Let's speculate: name something RMoney doesn't want REPUBLICANS to see

NO QUESTION: Mitt Romney is the BEST Republican candidate of ALL TIME!

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Days of Infamy & a new Kitty gif

Mittens Does A Shopping Photo-Op.

how bad is nbc olympic coverage, including scheduling, streaming, programming decisions, commentary,

August Photography Contest Poll 2

Romney adopts Mormon version of WWJD as his slogan..."Choose the Right"

With Socialists in power, the French Catholic Church plans to pray to defeat same-sex marriage

August Photography Prelims are up

Satwant Kalecka - a good man

Turn on Rachel right fugging now and then

I don't give a damn if Sikhs and Muslims intermarry and beat Lutherans at hockey

I grew up around alot of racism and this is what I know

Plato's Cave: My friend's video re. her NYC college students....

"Reid Rage!"

Ezra Klein: “Obama has proposed policies. Mitt Romney hasn’t.”

Curiosity heat shield spotted!

Greed was different in the Middle Ages.

Warring over tax returns

Mitt Romney Talks to Humans

Man accused of shoplifting book on ethics

Fox News Wonders Why Team USA's Uniforms Are Not Patriotic Enough

Harry Reid Joined In Romney Tax Return Fight By Workers Voice, AFL-CIO Super PAC

Are you a taxer or a birther? I am a proud taxer. Mitt, show me your long form. What say you? nt

Darrell Issa wants inspectors general to loop in Congress on big investigations

Tig Notaro: 'Thank You, Thank You, I Have Cancer, Thank You, I Have Cancer, Really, Thank You'

who is Reid's source?

Things you don't see every day......

Obama made a funny tonight in Connecticut

Breaking News: First Images Of Mars

Republican Governor Nikki Haley and her family respond to Sikh temple shooting

Best non political bumper sticker this month.

what an a**hole!

"Wages aren’t stagnating, they’re plummeting" - the Washington Post

Kitchen strolling, etc...

Elizabeth Warren: "I meant what I said"

Hospital Chain Inquiry Cited Unnecessary Cardiac Work

Remember when McCain named Palin as his VP choice?

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Today's Lead NY Times Editorial: Teachers Suck

SPOILER ALERT.. Pirates vs. Diamondbacks...

Fire roaring at Chevron refinery in Richmond, Calif.

#Romneyhood trending on Twitter

Chart of the day, HFT edition

U.S. Cheese Industry Works to Reduce Sodium and Fat

Innocent deaf woman Tased and jailed for days without interpreter in Tacoma

Fox Sports' Geography Gaffe: "Baghdad, Iran"

"Sikh Temple Shooting Reveals the Devastating Results of Hate Mongering"

Don't look now but the Tigers are on fire

Solve this Wheel of Fortune puzzle!

That priebus guy really is a p.o.s!

Rand Paul Tries to Intimidate & Harass Journalist After A Youtube Video

Mitt Romney suspiciously gets 116K Twitter followers in one day

So which bank is helping Iran get around our sanctions ...


Fox News Viewers Think Sikh Temple Shooting Story is ‘Inspiring’

Australian art critic Robert Hughes dies aged 74

Now I know who Ann Romney reminds me of

Watergate: The Hidden History


Dog had trouble hearing ----------

I've decided to throw "Double-Down" under the bus

What do you guys think about red light cameras?

MaryAnn or Ginger

Would Mitt's tax forms show large payments to foreign officials(if any) and low payments to Salt

Boomer retirement housing preferences shifting

Heh! I am now known as the "Ice-bag Nazi"!

Whoa! Here's Romney standing on a picnic table! What talent!

McCain hates this guy...why did he endorse him so strongly?? Maybe he is

Wondering if that idiot Walker has physically gone to the Sikh community to give support?

TCM Schedule for Thursday, August 9 -- Summer Under The Stars: Toshirô Mifune

A Brand New Poem..ROMNEYHOOD..

TCM Schedule for Friday, August 10 -- Summer Under The Stars: Lionel Barrymore

No, it's not Dan really is Julia Child - from 1963!

Understanding Harper's Evangelical Mission

War Criminal Dick Cheney Calls President Obama Un-American

New Veggie product- GOOD TASTING, healthy frozen dinners!

Did Mitt REALLY Say Something THIS DUMB?

Curiosity (toon)

"Sen. Graham: Contractors should issue layoff notices before election" at NBC

Mitt Romney Not Adored In France

Where is madfloridian?

Rurouni Kenshin trailer (subtitled)

Anti-Fracking Panel w/ Josh Fox, Bill McKibben, Tour De Frack

School Forces Pregnancy Tests on Girls, Kicks out Students Who Refuse or are Pregnant

Sturgis 2012

I just found out that my best friend and roommate, a well known Sikh from Punjab,

If Harry Reid is absolutely 100% certain Mitt Romney did not pay income tax for 10 years

Intellectual Honesty in Political Debates -- a Naive Expectation in this Current Day in Time?

A nice Mars landing

Chevron Richmond Said to Shut Equipment After Fire in Crude Unit

Former VT Prison Inmate’s Slavery Lawsuit Allowed To Move Forward

Larry Craig claims infamous bathroom trip was official business

So now we know what Harry was keeping his powder dry for...all these years...

The ED Show - Romney's not telling the truth on Ohio early voting

Penis Snake Discovered In Brazil! Omg.

Jon Stewart Calls Out Fox News’ Judith Miller For Hypocrisy On National Security Leaks

Eleven Afghan police defect to Taliban in Helmand province

The ED Show - Harry Reid is the GOP's Public Enemy #1

OMFG Pete Seeger is on Colbert

So, I guess Romney is under the impression his opponent is Harry Reid?

“It’s like Robin Hood in reverse—it’s Romney Hood.” - President Obama

Penis Snake discovered in United States

Government Employment At Lowest Level Since 1968

Good image: Republican Loyalty Card

Lucille Ball Born This Day in 1911

The phrase of the day is "Chick-Fil-A Show" Replace any phrase in a thread with

Help, I need a last line for my Romneyhood limerick

a visit from the white power community

Let's discuss the difference between punk rock and hate music.

Patrick Murphy on Romney Lies About Military Vote in Ohio

Hahaha: Boston Herald hypocritical editorial defends Romney against "the politics of slime"

Casting for Faulkners "As I lay dying" is this week a few blocks from my house. James Franco stars

With Profound the Hi-De-Ho Man...

Congress undermines Obama's mid-east peace efforts.

Mitt Rmoney's High School Report Card

Sandra Fluke to introduce President Obama in Denver (Wednesday morning)

Dawn of the Digital Sweatshop (6,039 words)

EVE Online

Secret CSIS committee weighs torture's role in terror tips

it DOES help to make some noise! Article front page DMN tomorrow- ..Paul Sadler

What kind of small bird might feed on insects fluttering around my porch light at night?

Return To The Civil Rights War Of The 1960's

To Increase Learning Time, Some Schools Add Days to Academic Year

MaryJane or Ganja

For some Olympic fun -- see where you fit in this chart

Whatever happened with the NFL refs -- has that been settled?

Sinking Further Into Dementia

Did I miss Hiroshima Day memorial threads? Or the fight ones? I don't see much here.

Anti-anxiety meds for a scaredy cat?

Furnishing new apartment...

{US Olympic} Judoka Nicholas Delpopolo tests positive for cannabis

Went for a bike ride Sunday right through a nuclear power plant

Parking FAIL video. How did this idiot get a license?

What's happening in Richmond?

This is what we want to get rid of:

Detroit police: 7 injured in riverfront shooting

Fighter Jets Intercept Two Small Planes in Obama Airspace

In my defense/Onion's bad joke-- Bachmann

Are you thinking about the song "Eve of Destruction" right now?

U.S. accused of tampering in Dugard case

Afghan civilians killed in bomb blast near Kabul

Wayne Powell for Congress (VA 7th) cartoons!

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Monday, August 6)

Bodyguard fears Assange may face death

Separation of Church and State

Let's invent new catchphrases!

British TV profile of Chicago mayor and former Obama chief of staff Rahm Emanuel

Beware of Romney Hood!

Occupy’s Frankfurt Camp Is Closed as Health Hazard

Western Civilization was built on Cats

The Jihadis Fighting Assad

Another meaningless poll by gallop. "More 2008 Obama Voters Than McCain Voters Switching Sides"

Peru to expand natural gas supply in poorest areas


Anonymous Hacks IRS Database — Publishes Romney Tax Returns!!!

President Obama's comments re: HAV/CCLF Act and Sihk Shooting Spree and Violence

IEA Bombshell: Global Warming May Lead To "Miami Beach In Boston"

Previous research at NSIDC documented that September Arctic ice extent

Presidential Proclamation -- Honoring the Victims of the Tragedy in Oak Creek, Wisconsin

The Oatmeal breaks down Breaking Bad: Relationship of Hair to Violence

All right!!! I "ran" it in 16.3 seconds and won two medals!

“You know the difference between the Mars rover and the Higgs boson?”

Hello fellow Occupiers, hows tricks? Check-in thread perhaps?

Comparison: Missy Franklin (swimmer) and Shawn Johnson(gymnastics)

Alzheimer's disease drug shelved after trial failure

Gibson settles discord on timber

jesus loves you

Watching Friends Commit Suicide: What It's Like Growing Up Gay and Mormon

Growth Hormone May Stem Cognitive Decline In Elderly

Gold Trove Found At Israel Castle Reveals Crusaders’ Forex Moves

NY regulator accuses British bank of scheming with Iranians to launder $250 billion

Belfer Center Launches Website Marking Cuban Missile Crisis 50th Anniversary

The Photo-Geek’s Guide to Curiosity Rover’s 17 Cameras

Toon:Government can't do anything right!

You Don't Need To Have Sex To Get HPV

Handgun type used on Sikhs is mass shooting weapon of choice

Parents’ insurance covers children up to age 26 — but not for pregnancy

New Technology Lets Students Cheat More Than Ever

This morning on MORNING JOE, the lead story is.....

Exactly 3 Months from This Morning, You're Gonna Need Some SERIOUS Lawyers!

Priorities ad ties Romney to lost health insurance, cancer death

You know what one of the best things about the Curiosity landing is?

Rafalca's Olympic run likely over

Occupy Nukes Day of Action Remembers Hiroshima and Calls for End to Nuclear Power

God Bless Harry Reid

Massachusetts' Decisive Move to Attack Health-Care Costs

Syrian forces encircle rebels in Aleppo stronghold

Then and Now: London 1948 and London 2012

Cutbacks to Unemployment Insurance Came Long Before the Great Recession

Democrats losing in house with very tight race in the Senate

Your pal, Science.

The EU and small island nations criticize the US on global warming goals.

Without cheating and preparing for it, go to Google, then come back

Has Your ISP Joined the US “Six Strikes” Anti-Piracy Scheme?

(from Vid & Multimedia) "Puppeteer’s TV show still on the air despite plot to eat children"

At WTO, a growing U.S. record of wins against China, but a less than certain benefit

Romney Being Mocked For Worst 2012 Photo-Op Gaffe of 2012!!

NYT: Under Attack as Muslims in the U.S. (from Bachmann and tea party types)

Brain Signal IDs Responders to Fast-Acting Antidepressant

Embracing Sheldon Adelson

Demonoid Busted As A Gift To The United States Government

Ecuador arrests prominent FARC guerrilla

Syria Bashar al-Assad makes rare TV appearance

Fast-Rising Seas Demand New Flood Plans and Smart Zoning

Why not ads targeting Rmoney's donors complete with a backhand to Mitt?

The massive policy gap between Obama and Romney

A man who is terrified of releasing his tax returns publicly is a man vulnerable to blackmail..

Jennifer Lawrence to earn $10 million for ‘Hunger Games’ sequel: report

Discovered a new likable mystery writer..

What do Page, Holmes, Hasan and Loughner all have in common?

Guess Who's Profiting Most From Super PACs?

Greenland Melt Spawns Iceberg Threat In Search For Offshore Oil

Prosecutor seeks jail for Russian punk rock band protest

Paul B. Farrell: WWIII: Great commodities war to end all wars

Thank you Mitt Romney!!!

Obama campaign steps up ad attack on Romney's record at Bain

MeanDaddy MITT wouldn't stop for potty breaks

I just looked up what Sikh's believe and it sounds like a wonderful loving, peaceful religion

America’s Plutocratic Traditions

Nigeria church attack in Kogi state 'kills 19'

Conservatives raise taxes on everyone: Freedom Taxes!!

Houston Astros: 2012's Bad News Bears.

"try not to call someone a "dirty liar" and then get caught lying on the same day"

Romney Ad Attacks Obama On Welfare: ‘You Wouldn’t Have To Work’

July 2012 Atmospheric CO2 394.49 ppm; July 2011 - 392.59; July 2010 - 390.49

Doctors at hospital chain giant performed unnecessary cardiac work, increasing profits

Marvin Hamlisch, Composed 'The Way We Were,' Dies at 68

Audience Award Winners - Traverse City Film Festival

Mitt FINALLY Paid Some Taxes!!!

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Red Rover

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2-Massacre

Alleged Colorado gunman's doctor reached police before rampage: ABC

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3- Mittens

Afghan defense minister quits, hands Karzai a security headache

Michael Tomasky: How Mitt’s Tax Returns Show His Character Defect

Tuesday Toon Roundup 4- The rest

POW! NYT Slams Mitt

New Report Reveals The Extent of For-Profit Colleges’ Corruption

From the UK: Anyone who now thinks Britain is too multicultural? (in light of the Olympics)

CNN idiot question of the morning - what can be done about Islamophobia?

MN: Study says $827 million rail expansion needed in St. Paul's east metro

Levi Johnston Sues Britsol Palin For Full Custody Of Their Son Tripp – Claims She Is An Unfit Mother

Wisconsin: So why the attacks on Lena Taylor?

FOX is concerned that America's (black) Olympians aren't patriotic enough

So Holmes psychiatrist did contact the University police six weeks

UPDATE: on younger son. He's started Prozac and will likely

George P. Bush takes a leading role with the state GOP

Medicated Jared Loughner set to plead guilty

Jury votes 4-2 to leave "democracy is bad - means taxes too high" libertarian post

i don't get white supremacism.

Since Aurora...

Question about college students:

Spotted the first "ROMNEY 2012" bumper sticker of the season . . .

Saab bankruptcy spurs Spyker to sue GM for over $3-billion

Reince Priebus hopes Sarah Palin speaks in Tampa

Josh Mandel, Ohio Senate Candidate, Wants The U.S. Economy to Crash, So He Can Get Rich


Wade Michael Page Exhorted Other White Supremacists To Act

Obama Derides Opponent's Plan As 'Romney Hood'

Class, today's figure of speech: SIMILE. "(Sex) sprouted like mushrooms in a moist cow patch"

How Legalizing Drugs Would Strengthen Democracy From Afghanistan to Mexico

Paul B. Farrell: WWIII: Great commodities war to end all wars

Romney Confronted By Reporters Coming Out of 'Bed, Bath and Beyond'

Sandra Fluke to campaign with Obama in Denver

Pro-Obama Super PAC Launches Toughest Bain Ad Yet

Dear Religion,

So "Romney coming to North Carolina Sunday" but where?

George Zimmerman Wins Motion To Postpone His Case

Pic Of The Moment: Romney Connects With You People

Today in Peace and Justice history on August 7, 1964

School Forces Girls To Take Pregnancy Tests, Expelled if Positive/Refuse

HHS: Affordable Care Act Will Protect Transgender People

Mitt's Hypocritical Veep Search: Aides have pored through tax filings to prevent surprises

Has McCain been asked about rMoney's taxes?

Marvin Hamlisch Has Died...He was 68

'Romney Hood' Slam: Obama Derides Mitt's Tax Plan

Christ Christie back in the VP mix???

Once Upon a Trickle Down: The Rise and Fall of Supply Side Economics

"The dog died"!

Business Insider: Samsung Has Been Copying Everyone Forever

Reporters Struggling To Maintain Energy Until Election

An idiot works for the New York Times (Sheila Dewan). Says single women vote "up for grabs"

Pete Seeger on Colbert today!

Would Palin be a bold pick for Mitt or just a ho hum pick?

Swimmer admits to breaking the rules during gold-medal performance in London

Man+Dinosaur=Tax Dollars at work in Education

Exclusive: Interview With Professor Who Extensively Studied Alleged Wisconsin Mass

'I don't think Mitt Romney understands what he's done to people's lives by closing the plant'

You know thanks to Rmoney Dressage has gotten a bad rap lately and it does in fact

Look, Romney's Failure To Disclose Is a Disqualifier

Romney could have taken any of the profits from closing down a plant

Brigham Young’s Great-Great-Granddaughter on Mormonism and Mitt Romney

For Women in Street Stops, Deeper Humiliation (about police pat-downs in nyc)

Very tight race in US Senate - candidates need our support

If Hell exists then Pat Robertson deserves to spend eternity burning there!

the biggest threat to our freedoms

Who is Roy Antigua? Tampa cops seek help tracking down serial imposter’s past after finding stash of

I wonder if he will pick Newt Gingrich

Happy Birthday Elizabeth Gurley Flynn! August 7, 1890

Poll gives Obama a four-point lead in Virginia

Jodie Foster as Nell or Sarah Palin as herself?

Mitt Romney’s Desperate Attempt to Spread the Welfare Lie

Here's How Mitt Romney Might Have Paid No Taxes

More proof The Patriarchy has full control of the Olympics

The official favorite DU chicken thread:

Trump & Bill O'Reilly at a baseball game exactly what you'd expect

Romney Hood - stealing from the poor and giving to the rich

I want to see Mitt's College Transcripts.

South African Olympian Oscar Pistorius meets a little girl who lost her hands and feet.

Dolan rapped for inviting Obama to Al Smith Dinner

***Name recognition for Wayne Powell, Virginia Dist 7 vs Cantor***

How MIT Students Scammed the Massachusetts Lottery for $8 Million


The Rude Pundit: The Case for More Allegations and Lies

someone who HAS seen 20 years of Romney's taxes

Are Mitt's polls bad enough to consider Christie?

Was the Canadian soccer team robbed?

Carter To Address Democratic National Convention

Get Tested Or Get Out:

Romney-Hood simply CAN'T release his tax returns.

Usain Bolt Stops Interview to Honor U.S. National Anthem (Video)

Faux-a-ganda techniques noted watching while working out this AM (revealing and nauseating)


Article about Dem candidates getting ready for 2014 Governor race (Joe Sestak???)

Is America ready for another George Bush?

Romney Hood Meme [pic]

Republicans demand lax IRS enforcement on Super PACS

Oh what the fuck, "If you want to call out someone, go to meta."

I like Obama's 'Romney Hood' quip...

Dressing up like batman and trying to help others? That's a jailin'

I feel bad for Mitt having to vet VP candidates while only

This must have caused apoplexy amongst the Florida wingnuts

Have Cheerios gotten smaller?

Help defeat cantor, SUPPORT WAYNE POWELL!

Question: If Usain Bolt Played Football (NOT the American style), How Do You Think He'd Do?

Challenge Chick-fil-A's practices

Ready, Set, Rover does Mars: Curiosity Project Scientist Lays Out Mars Tour Plans

Just an observation. Anybody see the "Fonality"......

Natalie Portman in her wedding dress.

Our Galtian Overlords On The Federal Teat

Romney Girl!

President Obama: Anne Hathaway Was “The Best Thing” In The Dark Knight Rises

Transgender Protections under ACA...defined...

Ohio police: Man had gun, knives at Batman showing


Cute response to a "family vlaues" hawking politician...

Wikipedia Edits may show Romney's pick for VP

Obama Super PAC Waiting To Unload On Mitt Romney's Embrace Of Paul Ryan Budget

Ghost Skins - "the fascist path of stealth"

Pat Robertson blames atheists for making neo-Nazi kill people

As one old timer here to others-with all due respect, do you remember the CLARKIES?

"Understands" Ad from Obama SuperPAC

Romney just used the same song OBAMA uses after a rally!

PPP: Obama leading 49-46 among voters in North Carolina

I hate Wisconsin Nazis...

MetLife Fined By Fed For Mortgage Lapses Ahead Of Bank Exit

Another gem from Pigtail Pals and Ball Cap Buddies


Jennifer Granholm via Current TV: "Is Ann Coulter really Madame Voldemort?"

Fmr Republican Governor: Romney has not stood up to the right-wing base of the party

chicken question -

Alligator bites woman on the hand; no, wait, the head. I have no idea. It's the Orlando Sentinel.

E-Mails Give Glimpse into Deal that Fueled Financial Meltdown

Please Tell Me More About The War On Christianity!

AFL-CIO: Prosperity requires stronger labor laws

history channel and oil

We are domesticated animals

Levi Johnston to Name Baby Daughter After a Gun

How Mitt Romney will pay heavily for his unreleased tax returns

Rachel Maddow - Wheaton College phony objections to health bill exposed

Vatican Crackdown:: Vatican II At Heart Of Dispute Between American Nuns And Catholic Church

Do you know what they call Romney picking Palin for v.p.?

14 Wacky "Facts" Kids Will Learn in Louisiana's Voucher Schools | Mother Jones

How Mitt Romney will pay heavily for his unreleased tax returns

Religious leaders join Sikhs in Wheaton to mourn shooting deaths

Spoiled Olympian: Rafalca's FAIL (R)

Little Baby's Ice Cream - (seriously freaky commercials)

Fmr. Gov. Whitman: Mitt Romney needs a Sister Souljah moment

We lost a great artist (and baseball fan, actually) today.

"She Got Rich By Screwing Everyone" - "So Did He"

Miami-Dade Voters Consider Lifting Pit Bull Ban

Rachel Maddow - HARRY REID SMASH!

YUP! Reid puts Romney in a bind over taxes - By Dana Bash, CNN Senior Congressional Correspondent

Oxmoor Mall Apple Store employee foils kidnapping

Romney will pay heavily for his unreleased tax returns Romney's refusal to release his tax returns

Mrs. V.'s dad is moving to the nursing home today, and he doesn't know it

1 August 2012 - Arctic Sea Ice Extent Lowest In 34-Year Satellite Data Record

Mourning Victims, Sikhs Lament Being Mistaken for Radicals or Militants

Politico copy and pastes another Drudge rumor

Warm extremes in Earth’s climate becoming more common

Why don't we, as Americans, eat lamb and goat?

Pregnant Women are Smug by Garfunkel and Oates

God at the Bedside and in the Boat

TIFWIW: Rumor Myth wants Petraeus

I'm pleased to see the "you people" meme get traction

Report says 15 percent of Mitt Romney Twitter followers are paid fakes

U.S. Job Openings May Presage Hiring Gains in Second Half of Year: Economy

An Interactive Visualization of Government Authorized small-arms sales across the globe

Curiosity says good morning from Mars (and has busy days ahead)

Spoiler...anyone else see the US Women's water polo v Australia?


Relatable Romney Meme, SPOT ON!

Papantonio: Welcome To The Era of Super PACs

Here's How Mitt Romney Might Have Paid No Taxes

Elizabeth Warren backs off demand that Scott Brown release more tax returns

Feds may trump states on health law

"After the election, white men will constitute a minority of the Democratic House caucus...

The Fox “News” argument against poverty

Nice. This is where my kid goes to see movies (man arrested with weapons in Ohio theater).

Did Romney get rich by running legal Ponzi schemes?

Abby Wambach's brains provided crucial assist to U.S. women's soccer's comeback against Canada

This * Day In Baseball History - 2007

“Hey, White Guys!”

Lying with impunity: Romney accuses Obama of dismantling welfare reform

Patriot Eats a Sandwich

Sandra Fluke to introduce Obama in Denver

Washington Post fact-checker calls Harry Reid a liar just 'cause

Why didnt one of you tell me about..Tom Waits Hell Broke Luce?

How much money does DU get every time an ad is clicked?

Finally an appropriately named RW economist

So what have you done today to prevent voter disenfranchisement?

Americans for Prosperity (Koch) Begins $25 Million Anti-Obama Ad Campaign

Discuss politics, issues and current events. No posts about Israel/Palestine,

The Koch Brothers Go After Zach Galifianakis and ‘The Campaign’

Disabled Students Almost Twice as Likely to Be Suspended, Analysis Finds

I'm beginning to have a queasy feeling about Elizabeth Warren's campaign

One thing about Romney, he's a consistent liar

What if Romney's playing rope-a-dope with his tax returns?

Bernie Sanders: Global Warming is Real

Poll: 44 Percent Of Voters View Romney “Less Ready” To Be President After Overseas Trip

Dork Tower comic comments on Curiosity and media coverage

When i see ads for the Movie "The Campaign" one charecter reminds me of Basil Marceaux (dot com)

Question of Diplomatic Asylum : Report of the [UN] Secretary-General [22 September 1975]

Bernie Sanders: Overturn Citizens United

Bernie Sanders on Deficit Reduction

Willard Romney speaks out courageously against right-wing hate and violence.

Rachel Maddow - Fewer swing voters puts focus on campaigns' turnout strategies

Willard responds to Romneyhood

Candidate Con Man

Recipe: Gallo Pinto with a South Asian Flare

New composite nanofibers next chapter in orthopaedic biomaterials

Flash videos are zoomed in when I try to watch them. There doesn't seem to be any way to fix it.

Here is what's eating me up about Romney's taxes

The Last Word - Romney's tax trouble

Clueless Mitt responds to "Romney Hood" on Fox: "If I were to coin a term, it would be 'Obamaloney'"

Colorado poll: Obama and Romney tied among likely voters (Rasmussen)

Worst. Candidate. Ever: Romney Dubs Obama’s Attacks ‘Obamaloney’

Zimmerman's Lawyer to speak at a guns Convention rally

Computer porn gone wrong: burglar stuck a mouse up his butt. Fortunately it was computer mouse

NCAA, pro leagues sue to stop New Jersey sports betting

George Zimmerman's Lawyer, Mark O'Mara, To Speak At Convention For Gun Rights Group

I'd like people to stop misusing the word skinhead around here.

The Last Word - The truth behind the 'Mittstery' man?

Mitt's 250Mil maybe just his household account and the other 850M might showup in his returns.

Activist Music: "Occupy Everywhere" at anti-fracking concert

The Last Word - Obama's real military record

*** Gets out her hammer and posts sign about the DU Lounge Remodeling ***

Scandinavian ship sails to challenge Gaza blockade

Detroiters complain of being frisked at polling location that opened late

Should Overdraft Protection Be Eliminated?

Americans for Prosperity (Koch Brothers) Begins $25 Million Anti-Obama Ad Campaign

Egypt moves to seal Gaza tunnels after border attack

Meanwhile . . .

Even MS advocates says Mitt is 'detrimental' and 'extremely harmful'

The underground economy of social networks

Tenn. mosque at center of controversy to open

Gunmen in Afghan Uniform Kill US Soldier

Michael Bloomberg is against renewing the Bush taxcuts (ALL of them, for everybody)

Can we discuss Wayne Allyn Root, because this is all over fb.

Mitt Midas

Prop. 8 campaign committee faces $49,000 in fines

Standard Chartered Bank.. "...uses Bain methodology recalibrated for financial services..."

Sandra Fluke has the look. POTUS in 2032.

do you think Americans understand the term "corporate raider"?

Martians getting nervous (toon)

Obama leads by six in CO (PPP) key is hispanic voters...

Santorum, Jeb Bush, Rand Paul added as RNC speakers, out as veep possibilities

Papa John Warns: Pizza Prices Will Rise Under Obamacare

Top 100 Teen Books (NPR survey)

Constantine's Sword documentary

GOP Rep. Ben Quayle To GOP Opponent: Apologize For Saying I'm Bisexual

The Golden Rule in various religions

One Clue To Romney's Veep Pick: Whose Wiki Page Is Getting The Most Edits?

Saudi Girls Demanding the Right To Own, Train With, and Carry Firearms

Standard Chartered Iran allegations investigated by justice department

82 Seconds That Made Olympic (And World!) History

People who constantly post any news they can find

Michael Jordan,NBA players to raise money for Obama

More Fraud Settlements for Companies, but Rarely Individuals

The problem isn’t Ed DeMarco

Married Couple Propositions 13-Year-Old Girl For Sex,and Naturally, People Blame… The Girl

Falling through cracks if states don't expand Medicaid

Judith Crist, Zinging and Influential Film Critic, Dies at 90

On the subject of gators (Alligator mississipiensis).

Hi. Yes, I'm new here. Hope you don't mind me stopping by.

Greek crackdown on illegal immigrants leads to mass arrests

We need a "No Guns Allowed" list - similar to the "Do Not Fly" list

10 Theories About What Mitt Romney's Really Hiding in Those Tax Returns

The MIddle Class And Poor Are Expendable

Pussy Riot Trial: Russian Prosecutor Seeks Jail Time For Protesters

before it goes down the memory hole: 2 MSM reports of multiple shooters at Sikh Temple + more

Brilliant article on Psychedelics covers creative-breakthroughs, transcendent experiences, and more

Fox News analyst: Sikh temple massacre ‘not domestic terrorism’

Legendary Openly Lesbian Singer Chavela Vargas Dies at 93

Obama 48%, Romney 46% (new PPP national poll)

What's for Dinner - Tuesday Aug 7th

What's going on in your life?

If Obama Wins Any One of These States: VA, OH, NC, or FLA, Then...

Harry Reid, Democrat of the Week

Do Google earth and Mapquest, etc., replace their satellite pictures periodically?

Refinery fire could kick up gas prices by 30 cents a gallon

image of the arctic low pressure system:

News International chief aggrieved at manner of journalist arrests

Vibes please for my sweet boy Cali

Medical bills add insult to injury for Colorado shooting survivors

Has anybody else been watching CSpan today? The Dem Platform Committee has been on all day.

You all ready for Honey Boo Boo & and her kin? I can guarantee you're not.

New word submitted to Urban Dictionary: "Mitticism"

THE most awful Palin pic, ever

Ezra Klein: Nine takeaways on Romney’s tax plan (and why it can't work)

Washington Post's Glenn Kessler has given Reid four Pinnochio's (called him a liar)

Romney Calls On Reid To Reveal His Source

So will Romney's VP be announced This Friday or Next Friday?


Euronews: Syria’s future could be determined this week, say regime supporters

Carville: “The Truth Of The Matter Is, Mitt Can’t Release His Tax Returns”

Today I noticed something I had not realized before...

The Mohawk Valley Formula

Fox News host "accidentally" calls RNC chair ‘free pussy’

Loughner found competent, pleads guilty in mass shooting

Shift in tone of the Romney camp.

WaPo introduces "The Issue Engine"

New Tom Waits Video "Hell Broke Luce"

Answer to "No president since FDR has been reelected with unemployment over 7.2 percent"

The cost of tax cuts for the top 5% since 2001.

It worked for W. and cocaine

Town Hall questions for Romney - Post your own

Who are YOU voting for in November?

Lightweight dog

OMG - ughhh! CNN is reporting on a Mosque was burnt to the ground in Joplin, MO.

If more churches actually followed what Christ taught they'd all have signs like this...

Dana Bash (CNN): Reid puts GOP in a bind over Romney's taxes

Window pussy

Pope John warns pizza prices will rise under Obamacare.

Explain Olympic bicycling please

Students of political science know presidential candidates only have 3 opportunities

NRC Votes Unanimously To Halt New Nuclear Licensing Amid Storage Debate

Wade Michael Page Exhorted Other White Supremacists To Act

Daniel Day Lewis as Lincoln

Were the deaths of the victims in the Sikh shooting God's will?

Spoiler - now that was close

Anybody know a good horticultural oil for spider mites?

Hey Mitt, I thought you were proud of being rich. Isn't that the RW life-goal? C'mon brag a little.

WAPO fact-checker gives Romney only 3 Pinoccios" re: Ohio military lie

Has Mitt Romney come up with ONE catchy phrase?

Spill Thrill: FBI on hunt for 'unauthorized' top-level leakers

Some people's manners . . .

Voting day, and something fishy going on in Missouri

Free Pussy Riot protest at Russian Embassy in DC - Justice Through Music Project

Camelo Anthony sacrifies the boys for his country

Rebus is back! Rebus is back!

Demonoid Operators Face Criminal Investigation in Mexico

Diseased Trees New Source of Climate Gas

TYT: Flash Mob Theft (Video)

The Curious Case of the Boycott

Ready for another George Bush?

Took out my legacy glass yesterday.

First PHOTO of Daniel Day-Lewis as LINCOLN released. HOLY. SHIT.

Caption Chris Christie what is he saying about Willard in this picture???

The new tax calculator: President Obama's Plan vs. Mitt Romney's

It's Hurricane Ernesto now - heading for Mexico

Political Cancers

TYT: What If Trayvon Had Died in a Drone Strike?

voted today .... very irritated

The NYPD has an accountability problem

They're starting to close the fundraising gap between Obama and Romney

what's up with the url???

What is this cartoon character seen at Korean Olympic soccer matches?

Awed by the Heavens

Remember When Republicans Blasted Obama Administration For Warnings on Right-Wing Terrorism?

Baltasar Garzón has gone round the bend and off the deep end:

Need Lounge vibes! Just auditioned for a gig as the organist at the local Mormon temple.

Church of England Loses Faith in Shares of Murdoch’s News Corp

Keiser Report: Where Money Goes To Die

RomneyHood gains from his own tax plan

So Maria Bartiromo, the poster girl for the Stock and Bonds crowd....

You Know, Birth Control IS Just Like 9/11 and Pearl Harbor!

Confess! Who buys meat in the expired meat section of the super market.

For our foster dogs, forever

Keiser Report: Crooks, Crime, Chaos

THIS is what intolerance looks like, imagine how it feels...

Senator Harry Reid, A Patriot Ensuring Americans Vote With Eyes Wide Open

obamaboy.... - I Have A Crush On Obama

H2O Man hunger strike January 2012, at the Capitol in Albany

Obscure Olympic classic sports that should be brought back

Nasa's Curiosity rover pictured on Mars by MRO satellite (BBC)

Today's TPM Electoral is such a beautiful color!

Man Creates Fake Craigslist Ad To View His Competition — He Was Quite Surprised

Need good vibes.............Update

Fox counters "Romney outsourcing" with "Obama donor George Clooney shot his movie...IN CANADA!"

I'm an usher at Denver event for President Obama tomorrow!!

Dear NBC: You suck

You know the saying "No good deed goes unpunished"??

Did you know that...

Mitt Romney cleverly waits until he's back from his trip to insult Israel

Confess your addictions to legal but unhealthy substances.

The Mohawk Valley Formula

Another guns in a theater incident - near miss

Hunter goes hunting wild animals with a rake...

A special speaker has been scheduled for the GOP convention:

Hey Teabaggers

Bob Costas About 2 Seconds Away From Comparing Badminton Scandal To 1919 Black Sox

Pssst, Lurch....

Okay, But What Would Romney Actually Say To Guy Whose Wife Died Of Cancer After He Got Canned?

Sometimes it all works out

How Apple and Amazon Security Flaws Led to My Epic Hacking

You Wonder How Many Firefighters, Police, Postal Workers, Union Workers, & Teachers Are GOP

Church of England loses faith in shares of Murdoch’s News Corp

Brilliant New Romney Campaign

Company previously known as Blackwater agrees to $7.5 million fine in arms smuggling case

just saw a great Obama ad... 'he pays less, you pay more'

Rommey makes appeal to working class racists with a loud dog whistle

Just back from the polls, voting completed - Missouri Primary

Portman's Wikipedia page has over 70 edits today (50 a page).

Why? Why Aurora, Ft. Hood, Gabby Giffords, VA Tech

Sigh - We Are Facing The Personhood Amendment For 3rd Time In A Row In Colorado

Talkingpointsmemo: Obama Camp Objects To ‘Hypocritical And False’ Welfare Attack

Obama leads by 6 in Colorado, 3 in North Carolina.

The Welfare Lie. It's The Rich Who Do Not Work

Found WMD ... or is it WM tree?

How Mitt’s Tax Returns Show His Character Defect

Study by MIT Economist finds ACA will make health insurance affordable for nearly all families

DU Poll: Has Hate Radio/TV/Internet crossed the line?

Is armed rebellion now justified?

and don't forget the "War On Women"

Can nature parks save biodiversity?

The Biggest Losses To Workers Thanks To The GOP And Big Business

Now that we know the Big Bang was in fact Penny....

This is a quote from the head of Costco...

What Marvel character would you love to see get their own TV series?

Ohio Man Arrested With Backpack Full of Weapons at 'Dark Knight Rises' Screening

AWHQ Party. See y'all tomorrow!

Egypt's Brotherhood blames Sinai raid on Israel's Mossad

Sale at the Gap? Caption Please

Study finds a new pathway for invasive species – science teachers

See?! The Republicans have a new plan to help the economy.

Forged for Infamy: 2012 the Hottest Year on Record for Northeast

After 8 years of President Cheney, Romney's VP pick could be REAL interesting....

Mitt's tax returns are in the same box as Schrodinger's Cat.

Arne Duncan says Obama agrees with NJ GOP thug Gov. Christie on education

Man Creates Fake Craigslist Ad To View His Competition — He Was Quite Surprised

Internet Archive Starts Seeding 1,398,875 Torrents

Politifact says 'Pants on Fire' doesn't mean 'lied'

Punchlines! They write themselves.

Standing under Ground Zero

American Exceptional-ism

Hey there cutie, do you think they can tell we're not really calling voters?

Sen. Kyl blasts sexual connotation of ‘goes both ways’ House ad

Holy Moley. I followed in LynneSin's footsteps and posted in the wrong forum!

Homeless At The Crossroads

I hate, hate, hate it when I forget where I put something! I spent the last hour looking for a bag

When a Fox contributor calls you "Free Pussy" you have a problem with your base

Hmm...someone thinks they belong in the Hall of Fame!

Homophobe's attempt to torch "gay cereal" ends in EPIC FAIL.

I just watched a little known Greta Garbo's movie..,

Did anybody lose a big wad of hundred-dollar bills with a rubber band around them?

Will Harry Reid's Source Come Forward?

Tweety's lead story: "Romneyhood"

Tweety ROMNEYHOOD will stick

Out of the mouths of babes:

How can "free pussy" et al call Obama a "dirty liar" and

Anthropologist Jason Antrosio says Romney and Jared Diamond are two sides of the same coin

I really want to win Florida. It would start to make up for 2000. Will we do it?

women, please tell your experience. some men do not get it. 19, 10pm, college campus

Sayyed Nasrallah: The No.1 Threat for Israel is Hezbollah

Border patrol agent arrested for aggravated assault for pointing loaded gun at Boise man’s head

"I don't really believe that he's got any kind of a credible source."

White Pastie Faced Doughboys who think they are tough guys...

A Sharks playoff choke job is nothing new... but in August?

May or may not be a Spoiler - Women's Beach Volleyball

WOMEN - Who Are You Voting For This November?

UCF = U. of Central Fl= U Can't Finish. Innovative student gets punished for helping UCF students

"When Mitt Romney Came to Town" - the one good thing Sheldon Adelson has given us

town disarms and expels cops

Hey Dick Cheney the Masters of War... Tom Waits just NAILED your ass. (Full Metal Jacket)

Every specially engineered decoration we buy for our betta almost kills him!

HBO's "The Newsroom" is absolutely brilliant...

The Perfect 45-Second Message For Young Girls Watching The Olympic Games

Mitt Romney Violated Twitter’s Terms of Service by Buying Fake Followers

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Dear FL Voters:

The One Thing You Should Know About Someone's Religion Before You Do Anything Drastic

CIA chief Petraeus denies interest in elected office

Is Caribou Barbie having a mid-life self-image 'situation' ?

Armed men attack checkpoint in Egypt's Sinai

America’s 10 most profitable corporations paid an average corporate income tax rate of 9% in 2011.

Red Sox owner Henry issues show of support for skipper Valentine

I'm not sure I can say anything about this that hasn't been said already. Worst Olympic dive ever?

"Social" media and the end of family conversation. (a smallish rant)

Great photo of amputee Olympian Oscar Pistorius

Do we still have a "marketplace"

Free association thread:

Gabby Douglas Gets The Fox News Treatment

Gallo Pinto with South Asian Flare