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Six hours from touchdown on Mars ... LIVE FEED

Well, the Freepers know EXACTLY who is responsible for the Oak Creek Massacre...

Am I over-reacting? 405 articles/editorials Re Cruz. 72 re:Sadler

Tribe Revives Language on Verge of Extinction

9 States have 18 Senators and Half the US Population

Romney comes out in favor of "special treatment" for military personnel (re: Ohio early voting)

who would you recommend to contact re News Bias in the Democratic party...

Update: 1 dead, 9 injured in lightning strike at Pocono

Freepers spout conspiracy theories, regret that Wisconsin shooter didn't kill Muslims instead

Emergency legislation keeping candidates who don't disclose 7 yrs of taxes off state ballots?

Discussion of guns on DU has changed your opinion - Yes or No?

I like the trend at the 538 poll site - seems to have updated today....

Sea ice area/extent differences and ratios: 2012 looks to be as exceptional as 2007

American Exceptionalism in the Olympics

Competence Was Linchpin For Both Sides In Tucson Case (NYT)

The phrase of the day is "inbred doucherocket" Replace any phrase in a thread with

RationalWiki: Tearing down the shoddy anti Obama arguments in Michael Savage's Trickle Up Poverty

UPDATE: 7 dead, including gunman, in shootings at Wis. Sikh temple

If there were an Islamic Terror Attack, not sure what I would fear most....

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 GOP Congressmen From Core Drought Areas Say No Link Between Warming, Weather Extremes

Funniest chicken joke I've seen

Extreme Rain & Snow Events In Michigan Up 37% Since 1948

GOP insider: Religion destroyed my party

It is not okay to gun down Muslims

Let's get this straight .....

James Hansen - Extreme Temperatures, Drought Are Linked To Anthropogenic Warming - AFP

Drone attacks in Pakistan mapped-link to interactive map.

At Least 10 Fires In Oklahoma On Saturday - Dozens Of Homes Destroyed, No Serious Injuries

When will these gun massacres become so routine

Climate Central - The Drought In Six Graphics

ALF Releases Captive Foxes from Farm in Northern Virginia This Morning

Update CNN on shooting

Occupy Kingwood – A Sustainable Form Of The Occupy Movement 33 Consecutive Weeks

In Ohio and elsewhere, battles over state voting laws head to court

I have question for you older DUers

So according to the msm in this country, the little rw wimp Cruz has already

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, August 7: Summer Under the Stars: Sidney Poitier

Demand Probe of Rupert Murdoch

Well, Frank G. live well in hell!

UGH, wing-nuts are already pulling the false equivalence shit with the Sikh shooting.

Why I like any 'Law And Order' episode or spin-off.

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, August 8: Summer Under the Stars: Rita Hayworth

Duchess On Board

$150,000 Olympic bonus for Missy Franklin in NCAA red tape

'World News' Political Insights: Mitt Romney Looks for August Reset

GSA’s ethics program approved just days after scandal-plagued conference

Revealing meta thread is revealing.

Jerk with 257k Ferrari tries to drive away from cop ticketing his car. Runs over cops' foot.

Ann Coulter was on the morning show today...

That's it! I've had enough!

Any bets as to what the right-wing radio blatherers will say tomorrow?

How long before RW extremists shoot people in your city? Or, is "now not the time" to discuss this..

If anyone who is having problem with the Nasa Website---Mars landing at 10:30pm

Amazing pet tricks

Duchess St. Rollins, our sides answer to Michelle Malkin

This is why America has gone gun crazy, and the NRA is to blame (three years ago)

Are you a Family Guy Person or Simpsons person.

Just a note of thanks to our juries.

I think Michele Bachmann is lining up her next job by joining the Ann Arbor

Is Romney Trying To Flip Flop On The Ryan Budget?

I wouldn't want him as my president, but my word, he's a handsome devil!

It’s Time to Impeach Justice Scalia

Court Upholds Domestic Drone Use in Arrest of American Citizen

RNC Chair Rinse Peenus concerned about "dirty lies?" Here are a few of his OWN RE: Wisconsin Unions.

There are at least 12 reasons why Mitt Romney would not make a good president. By John F. Ince

Mars rover set for landing tonight

Top 10 comments about Bain from Romney’s Republican rivals: Rick Perry & Newt Gingrich

Is Your Neighbor a Democrat? Obama Has an App for That

I cried again tonight when I saw the POTUS on tv.


"Predatory Privatization Puts Citizens and Communities at Risk"

Live Virtual Landing Party for the Curiosity Lander starting now

The Newsroom 8/5 (spoiler)

McCain, Haley Among First Announced for GOP Confab.

FBI asks local cops for tattoo databases

Virtual Landing Party for the Curiosity Lander

Native American fights against foreclosure from Native American bank.

Geez, our local TV news keeps referring to the community in Wisconsin as "sick".

Romney's Bain-era hidden Tax Returns; GOP's desire to beat Obama; Romney's retroactive retirement;

Secret Millionaire living in Miami trailer court on welfare

Doctor's giving off-label drugs to stop syndrom that makes babies masculine, lesbian, intersexed,

Minnesota's Occupy Homes organizer Anthony Newby will go to trial this Monday, August 6th St Paul,MN

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Sunday, August 5)

It's getting on to back-to-school time, and my son is heading off to high school in


"Damning evidence from CBPP lays responsibility for budget deficit on Republicans"

I am Opposing a Social Order.... (and Aug calender)

Will Ferrell - Bush V Bush (You're Welcome America Extras) - very funny

New video on JKMediaSource -- Press conference the day before yesterday

OMG, look what I just got at IKEA!

A disturbing photo on Facebook tonight.

Today and yesterday I tried mowing neighbors yards for free.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 6 August 2012

Romney took credit for the Detroit auto bailout. Name your SECOND favorite Willard "accomplishment."

Tamba Bay Times - "Romney's tax plan crunches middle class"

"Romney’s defense of his tax plan doesn’t add up" at Washington Post

This Isn't Your Father's Mars Landing; Or, How I Went From

"In northern Ohio, Obama ads effectively define Romney" By Michael Finnegan, LA Times

Voter ID laws could sway US elections

Wisconsin Shooting: 7 People Killed At Sikh Temple, Including Shooter (LIVE UPDATES)

The hateful disconnect is already apparent. Comments I've seen regarding the WI shooting

What's for Dinner - Monday Aug 6th

Romney files multiple appeals to reduce his La Jolla property taxes by $109,000

So much violence in the world...

When Superman’s dog goes to the bathroom (short film)

Bolivia: Gov't, indigenous communities agree to nationalise mining company

Greed was different in the Middle Ages.

Bolivia: Gov't, indigenous communities agree to nationalise mining company

Romney cannot specify ANY policy without political damage

Number Of Farmers Markets In U.S. Surges

CNN has live coverage/discussion of the Mars landing.

David Krone, Harry Reid's chief of staff, denounces GOP ‘cowards’

The Kitty Olympics

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most foolish of them all?

Fox News reports thousands of Martians waiting for Mars Science Laboratory landing

The lesser of two evils.

"Touchdown Confirmed. We're Safe on Mars."

"Seven Minutes of Terror" is a success.

BREAKING NEWS: NASA’s Curiosity Rover Touches Down on Mars

First pictures downloading from Curiosity ...

Michael Reagan Thinks 'King Obama' Declared War on Chick-fil-A

Boy, those government workers at NASA sure know how to get things done!

Obama associate got $100,000 fee from affiliate of firm doing business with Iran

The President should call NASA and congratulate them. /nt

What to ask the Romney defenders:

written for apollo 11 but appropiate for curiosity

Should the Shuttle program been decommissioned and given over the to public sector.

Anybody want to buy a nice Martian homestead? I can give you a really good deal

Early image from Curiosity

Writer Defends His Handling of Interview With Assad

Curiosity rover mocks Moon Landing Hoaxers

From George Takei's Facebook Page: First Image from Mars Rover Curiosity

NASA Press conference beginning now: (LIVE LINK)

Statement by President Obama on Curiosity Landing on Mars

While the right wing focuses on debt, culture wars, and hatred of working together,

Why did business at KFC spike this weekend? (joke I found on twitter. Think about birthers.)

I want to know what Mr Blond (Michael Madsen - Reservoir Dogs) is doing on the ELD team....

Romney, Republican Party raise $101.3 million in July

Does anyone else find this a bit disturbing? (Gender Benders)

NY Times - "Embracing Sheldon Adelson" Re Romney's New Sugar Daddy

Stop Chick Fil A Mountain View Ca

Private firms eyeing profits from public schools

FOX News Commentator: "MSNBC is refusing to show American success on Mars"

A, Ab, Cum, De, E, Ex, In, Sub, Sine

South China Sea: Beijing attacks US 'trouble-making'

South China Sea: Beijing attacks US 'trouble-making'

Curiosity's tweets were hysterical

Penis Snake is neither penis nor snake, but looks like both

22 of the cutest animal babies you might not have seen before

Romney Persona Non Grata In Italy For Bain’s Deal Skirting Taxes

Gay Kiss Gets Man Barred From Partner’s Bedside

President Obama & Nichelle Nichols (Lt Uhura) and an angry unidentified man in the background:

Mike Malloy April 13, 2012 hour 3: Calls (May Day, religion, racism, Hilary Rosen, and more)

Carbon monoxide's damaging role in heart rhythm found

Chemotherapy 'undermines itself'

Times Square crowd reacts to the Curiosity landing: in pictures

To put the Mars landing in perspective...

Women Olympic champions "too fat"?

"Touchdown Confirmed"

Cats and dogs aren't the only ones who miss you when you're gone

A Dog Goes Into a Bar

Syria premier defects to anti-Assad opposition: spokesman

Why grammar can be sickening:

Joe needs a smackdown... Obama did not have a Democratic filibuster proof Congress for 2 years!!!

Government work.

Hardship and Suffering (Japan)

"Super volcano", global danger, lurks near Pompeii

Bill Press caller: Myth Romney! Love it!

Giant tortoise death casts shadow over Galapagos Islands

CNN Sources: Sikh Temple shooter was an Army Veteran; may have been a White Supremecist

10 Ways School Reformers Get It Wrong

How the Drug War Fuels a New Racial Caste System in America

"The President" -- as said at the Obama/Kaine/DNC office

Very Bad Things Happen When We Depend on the Same People Who Caused the Foreclosure Crisis to Track

Louise Mensch to quit as an MP, triggering Corby by-election

Great Picture of the new and old Nasa generation.

found this on

Chris Hedges: The Science of Genocide

What's next with Curiosity?

Flashmob Celebration in Harlem for President Obama's birthday on Sat 8/4/12

In a Plutocracy, Only Moguls Have Megaphones

Video: Flashmob celebration in Harlem for President Obama's birthday, 8/4/12

Sikhs in metro Detroit fear misdirected hate is behind Wisconsin temple attack

White Blood Cells Mediate Insulin Resistance: Neutrophils' Role Is a Surprise

Noam Chomsky On Academic Freedom and Corporatization of Universities

So eight people are now dead including the terrorist

Official Identifies Man Suspected in Sikh Shooting

Toronto Star: Neighbourhoods getting involved construction of TTC line

CNN contributor: "Sikhs 'unfairly targeted'"


How will the MSM react today regarding the shooter in WI???

I cannot WAIT to do my True Blood recap this week!

Instead of the Dollar donation toward the Presidential campaign

From Neven's blog: Cyclone warning!

Poor Joe Scab. Ratner is destroying his election predictions.

"Now is not the time for a gun debate"

Americans Want to Live in a Much More Equal Country (They Just Don't Realize It)

Edit: sorry, wrong forum.

Sikh shooting suspect named:

Shootings at a Temple Test the Founding Faith of America

Petition to get NYU to remove Chick-Fil-A from their campus

Is anyone else bothered

Mainstream Media far worse than ever example..Jesse Jackson Jr.

Florida Paper Calls On Romney To Provide Specifics Of Tax Plan

The Next Frontier in Prison Privatization

*** Gets out her Staple Gun and hangs the sign for Today's Lunch Specials at the DU Cafeteria ***

Political tables about to turn?

You have a Word 2010 document with white text on a black background. How do you reverse

IMO this was the most frivolous alert ever. Was there any need to alert on this?

Who else stayed up to see the Mars landing coverage? Tired but happy here today...

WSJ Editorial: Reid’s Tax Charge Against Romney A ‘Smear From The Fever Swamps’

Nigeria's Oil Still Poisons Drinking Water 1 Year After Industry Pledges Clean-Up

Remember When Homeland Security issued a report about terror threats from the military?

Peak oil review - August 6

Peak oil review - August 6

President Obama Applauds Mars Curiosity Rover Landing

Today in Peace and Justice history on August 6, 1965

London Underground Breaks Passenger Numbers Record

Pediatric surgeon dies trying to save two kids from Lake Michigan

'Venezuela poor host for Olympic basketball qualifying'

Tactical urbanism: "Parklet" coming to Lexington Avenue parking spots (Asheville, NC)

It just dawned on me--which city, Hiroshima or Nagasaki

Is It Chauvinistic To Check The Olympic Medal Count Everyday?

Watch this NASA video simulation of Curiosity's final seven minutes before it landed on Mars

Wisconsin Shooter ID'ed: 40-yr-old military veteran

Curiosity: the Moment of Truth

Bulletin: Alleged Sikh Temple Shooter Former Member of Skinhead Band

New Romney Ad Hits Obama Over New Unemployment Numbers

This is a fun quiz from Pew - prob been posted before, but just in case...

Republican filibuster blocks Senate Cybersecurity bill

The Morning Plum: The Romney campaign’s disgraceful falsehood about military voting

Janet Napolitano was correct

Interesting set of maps from Pew - Income vs demographics for 10 large cities

So why hasn't John McCain called Harry Reid a liar?

“The Most Anti-Christian Congressman in History” – More Comments

Page is the former leader of a neo-Nazi music group called End Apathy.

Carbon monoxide's damaging role in heart rhythm found

Romney raises another $101 million in July, Rove group buys $25 mil for next month

Why are we so curious? (BBC)

Harry Reid Joined In Romney Tax Return Fight By Workers Voice, AFL-CIO Super PAC

Be Considerate When Practicing Hi-lob Shots

We don't pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes," billionaire hotelier Leona Helmsley

German Police Rescue Squirrel from Manhole Cover

Shooter, Wade Page, was Army vet, white supremacist

self-delete I found out the answer. :hi: nt

Thanks, jury!

GOP Announces its convention speakers

Is this the longest name in the Olympics?

When did water polo become the premier Olympic sport?

Short film about the hidden number between 3 and 4

Is there a specific rule against sockpuppets?

11 years later, August 6th PDB, warning President Bush about imminent Al Queda attack

Boy Scout files reveal continued abuse

Mitt Romney reveals his real self

How many days since you last had a post hidden?

NASA? Only Whites could make the trip?

First "Curiosity" photos reveal that Mars is really dirty

Sikh shooter's band End Apathy (photo) has 1262 friends

Drumbeat from this weekend and today...

Drumbeat from this weekend and today...

Extreme hot spells rising

Romney, Poland and the Unions

Hand-counting paper ballots is no good at all, argue critics, unless.....

"Surging Catholic Support for Gay Marriage, Gay Adoption (US)"

A Defense of Quiet Loners

Boy Scouts of America 'very sorry' as files reveal continued child abuse

Clegg says "Na na na na na, poopy-pants" to Cameron

Ezra Klein: The massive policy gap between Obama and Romney

Pic Of The Moment: Curiosity Sends First Images From Mars

Welcome to the DU Lounge Pet Olympics!!!!

The mars landing gets very little attention compared to the Olympics! Sad!

Romney For Obama in 2004? Blaming President For Economy, Job Market Is "Poppycock"

Mount Tongariro erupts

Post here - Biggest Douchebags in the movies

I Married a Monster from Outer Space 1958

a facebook post about penalizing the public for not buying healthcare: Help me respond:

Fire destroyed an Islamic center in Missouri last night

Project aims to extract useful oil from algae

If gun laws are to blame, then homicide rates ought to be fairly uniform within a state

As we prepare for an onslaught of Photoshopped Mars pics...

Should you find yourself in Nanaimo BC, you have got to visit the Firehouse Grill. Not only some of

Richard Dawkins on Curiosity

Majority of Paralympians fit enough to work, insists Iain Duncan-Smith

Why do conservatives expect the president to create jobs?

Washington Post reports that Obama raised $75 million in July

Bloomberg: “Romney Persona Non Grata in Italy for Bain’s Deal Skirting Taxes”

Candu expands deal with Chinese for development of alternative reactor fuels

While you've been watching stuffy,time delayed NBC coverage of the Olympics..

US general asks cut in nuclear stockpile

CNN discussing the temple shooter now -

Eddie Izzard- American Toilets and Republican Foreign Policy

Reid’s Chief Of Staff: Republicans Are ‘A Bunch Of Cowards’

It’s Time to Sound the Alarm on the National Debt!

My $.02

The metastasis of Prison Culture

Toon: Republican Culture

US helps the Philippines improve its military capability

Japan - France’s participation in the peace ceremonies at Hiroshima and Nagasaki (August 6, 2012)

aerial photography

Trump reacts to preliminary list that he's not one of the speakers at convention

Let me propose a name for this current wave of mass killings

Eisenhower: Every Gun . . .in the final sense is theft

Ocean acidification could disrupt marine food chains

Layla chasing her BALL!

Douchebag National Convention - who are the speakers

Air traffic controllers blamed for 2011 near-collision off New York

I guess posting photos of Ohiosmith in GD isn't a smart thing to do

Hiroshima Peace Declaration will be streamed in English by Mayor Kazumi Matsui

Romney gets caught lying about Obama, military voters

Ed Schultz Back Today

Valve reportedly preparing second-generation Source engine

Say Good By To NASA If Romney And GOP Get Power

Reid Staff Lands Right Hook:"They're a bunch of cowards-Shows You How SCARED They are of the TRUTH"

Average of 22 Electoral maps trends Obama

Opening scene to 'The Newsroom' (Wow, just wow!)

Tom Tomorrow: Experts Agree... Nothing Can Be Done

Nancy Pelosi: 'It Is A Fact' That Somebody Told Harry Reid About Romney Not Paying Taxes

Romney lied to GOP about his investments

we need to keep pounding "ALEC"

Romneys, caught in housing bust, got tax cut in La Jolla

Four arrested in nuclear weapons protest at Livermore Lab

Let's discuss the (INSERT SHOOTING TRAGEDY HERE) tragedy


"we have national academies to train soldiers, sailors and airmen,"No tuition. Why not nurses,docs?

Wisconsin Shootings Prompt Media Confusion Over Sikh Religion

Unfazed Harry Reid Keeps Hammering Romney On Taxes

I'm hungry. I'm thinking grilled cheese and tomato for lunch.

Romney has a busy day running errands - pics

Protestors remember Hiroshima victims at site of Y-12 security breach

GOP insider: Religion destroyed my party

We wrecked Iraq, we pulled out, we redeployed in Anaheim

Can we get Romney a Kinko's Gift Certificate? So he can get copies of his taxes.

Why Does Mitt Romney Want To Restrict Voting Rights For More Than 900,000 Ohio Veterans? (UPDATE)

Surging Catholic Support for Gay Marriage, Gay Adoption (US)

Curiosity The Right Stuff.

Mine me, Don't Mind me

Live Tweets from Mars! @MarsCuriosity

Japan utility releases videos from nuclear crisis

Mars briefing on CSpan starts at 12 pm edst nt

Wisconsin Sikh Temple’s Shooter Was Long Known As White Supremacist

Mars Rover Pic NASA doesn't want you to see....

What the Haribo ad?!

A Guide to Mass Shootings in America

home remedies for a kitty summer cold

"Unrebutted Presumption ... Tax Cheat Who Would, If Audited, Owe Us All $50 Million Plus Penalties"

QOTD: "like quitting your job and playing the lottery every morning to pay the bills"

Mars Bitches...

Business People And GOP Think Workers And Infrastructure Are Irrelevant To Their Success.

Congrats, Yanks!

Suppose Romney releases the tax returns - which finding would be the worst outcome for him:


Sorry - dupe - article already posted

FBI: 'Person of interest' not involved in temple shooting

BLOOMBERG: Romney Persona Non Grata In Italy For Bain’s Deal Skirting Taxes

Chick-fil-A supporter circa 1962

WaPo tries to help Mitt's case on Iran, Obama campaign responds by bringing up Mitt's investments

Hey Teabaggers, guess what?

Does Mitt have a medical level of "miser" condition? A former candidate

Texas to execute mentally disabled prisoner on Tuesday

Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker: Another experiment misfires.

FR: Sikh Temple shooter "was probably programmed by the left"

behold: ice cover August 4th, 2012 vs 2007

Italian Spiderman, the full 40 minute "movie"


Updated: person of interest in Oak Creek Sikh Temple shooting not involved per FBI

Fire at Joplin mosque for second time this summer

Pelosi defends Reid, says his story on Romney taxes 'is true'

Spiritual journey ends with decision to leave the church

Dennis Prager blames society for Sikh temple shooting

Mickey D's at the Olympics

FOX News viewers think Sikh Temple spree murder "INSPIRING"

Wisconsin Temple Shooting Hero Cop Brian Murphy Shot 8 Times, Waves Off Aid

Chris Wallace lying his ass of about Obama not letting Ohio vets vote early

Voting Question

Struggling Marlins Begin Construction On New Stadium

UPDATE 1-Syrian rebels: govt attack kills 3 Iranian captives

Mitt doesn't have to release his tax returns...

The first images received from the Curiosity Rover

Studies of Substance Abuse with Interventions for the Youth of Native American Indian Communities #6

Give em hell Harry !

"Oscar Pistorius and 'the Dignity of Risk' "

Malian youth, Islamists clash over planned amputation

Video: Bachmann still haunted by Iowa presidential campaign

Article in Winston-Salem Journal - Planned Parenthood is 'murder for hire'

It's that simple: If you are unwilling to show Mitt's Tax Returns then you cannot call Reid a liar

There's a larger context to the news stories we get excited about

POP QUIZ: What Did The GOP Go To The Mat For Last Year That Had Awful Results?

it must be very frustrating and probably a little scary

*Wayne Powell on Ed Schultz radio show @ 1:30.

Democrats Nominate Nutcase for Senate In Tennessee; Could Have Been Adverted

Toon: "Do Ya Feel Lucky, Punk?"

Harry Reid Is The Democratic Party's Evil Genius

What the job creators really do with the tax money

Can we call it stochastic terrorism now?

New York may suspend Standard Chartered over Iran dealings

Deaf woman tased, and jailed for 3 days with no interpreter after calling cops for help.

Interesting comment about John McCain

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Captures Amazing Image of Curiosity Rover’s Descent

Tales From The Grassy Knoll: a round-up of woo reactions to current events

Is there a known issue with quotes in a subject line?

Scary. Open at your own risk.

best tweet today so far - "Reince Priebus - take out the vowels and his name becomes RNC PR BS...

mitt romney & sheldon adelson

Shaken, not stirred

Trump On The RNC: "We'll See What Happens"

Hillary Clinton dancing in Malawi YOU GO GIRL

True Blood Recap - Russell & Steve! A match made in heaven ** spoilders **

"Thousands of fish die as Midwest streams heat up"

Tax court burns entire U.S. medical marijuana industry

Joplin mosque razed in fire; 2nd blaze this summer/

Si Mitt Romney gana, nosotros perdemos

If your idea of social activism is eating chicken sandwiches...

There she goes again AnnCoulter:Obama running White House like Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch

Juan Cole: White Terrorism at Oak Creek: The Paranoid Style in American Violence

Watch this Raised Bed Garden Come to Life!

OMG, "OMG" is a hundred years old!

Guaranteed minimum income: how much would it cost?

According to Bloomberg Romney skipped taxes in Europe too. As Italy struggles to pay soc. programs

A closer look at Romney's real-estate problem

Republican Issues Non-Apology Apology After Comparing Obama To Hitler, Stalin And Mao

What Happens If Sikhs Start Open-Carrying?

Ten things to ask Mitt Romney if you run into him...

Hey Mittfalca!!

Dear Mr. Romney,

NASA's own YouTube video blocked after Scripps Local News files DMCA claim

Vedic Astrologer Says Election Day Surprise and...

"Becomes an internet sensation. Too busy landing a robot on Mars to notice."

11-year-old girl married to 40-year-old man

"Gallup: Romney Converting More 2008 Voters Than Obama" - TPM LiveWire

Poll: 100 Days Out: From Serious Vulnerability to a Wave Election

Half the Sky

Free Aesop for Children app brings classic fables to smartphones, tablets, Android

""...You f---ing Americans. Who are you to tell us, the rest of the world..."

Olympics: Appropriately named 400m hurdler falls (possible spoiler alert)

For all those shites having the vapors about Serena's C-walk at Wimbledon,

Jewish Group Asks Romney To Apologize To The Palestinians

Pat Robertson Blames Atheists for Sikh Temple Shooting

These gals/guys don't like RMoney either.....

Gibson Guitar Settles Claim Over Imported Wood

This could be chilling to watch if you think of today's world.

G20 countries: the worst and best for women

Poetic Justice For Man charged in Olympic bottle throwing incident

Teva Pharma discloses SEC bribery investigation...shares trade up 3.2%

Virginia Tech Survivor Colin Goddard: To Stop Next Tragedy, Gun Control Must Follow Mourning

"Google Shopping is becoming a commercial site."

Man with IQ of 61 set to be executed in Texas. Link to petition.

Fox News Says Gabby Douglas’ Outfits Aren’t Patriotic Enough

Had to check all over to confirm the gunman who murdered the Wisconsin Sikhs was this guy

Mars Curiosity tweets first description of landscape:

Colleges see higher demand for degrees in agriculture

Have you seen the movie "Savior" starring Dennis Quaid?

I think these two are related

Olympic Soccer Heads Up: USWNT vs Canada - Starting Now

Are the radio right-wingers even MENTIONING the Oak Creek shooting?

GOP 2012 convention speakers announced

New camera, slighly damp Marcy

Call me crazy!

Five atheists who ruin it for everyone else

Does anyone know why the women's soccer game, US vs Canada won't allow recording?

lol. Just saw this Westborough Baptist spoof on facebook:

Much of the blame for the Oak Creek shooting I say is due to Michelle Bachmann.

Colin Goddard speaks at Congressional Forum {guns & gun laws}

The latest Sikh shooting is not the only one done by a white supremacist lately.

Synchronized Masturbation Team aka Congressional Republicans leave town..

Fuck you Label 56

The 10 worse beers as decided by DU - which is the worst

Baby elephant

"Checkmate Mitt!" by Old Fart Rants

Thom Hartmann live thread 8/6/12: Mike Pap guest hosting today! Gov Siegelman guest!

I guess it's time to start writing again

Never mind the medals... this guy has a heart of gold

England - no Olympics spoiler

If you had to lose one of your senses, which would it be?

The Rude Pundit: Random Observations on the Day After Another Mass Shooting in America

How will YOU survive global warming?

A timely message to frustrated white guys

NBC/BBC banner/logo placement in Olympic coverage (smile-break)

I found a whole new level of crazy/stupid on the youtubes

My first day on the new job, mom past away (updated)

Looking for advice to the lovelorn.

Mitch McConnell roasting on a spit.........?

Trayvon Martin family's HOA insurance claim lands in federal court

Anti-Gay Protest at General Mills goes wrong

Darcy Burner's Second Act

New Tact-- "How Much In FOREIGN TAXES Did You Pay, MR Romney?"

Where the Wounds Refuse to Heal

Romney Stuck In Endless Loop Of Uncomfortable Chuckling

C-SPAN WJ this a.m. wanted to know if Obama campaign was too negative ??

"The three amigos of death are back..."

I give up. How do you counter

So, less than 24 hours after the Wisconsin shooting, we have a probable mosque arson in Joplin, MO.

The Man With the 9/11 Tattoo

Dear CNN, you have got to be joking: Republicans point to Axelrod as Reid-Romney feud deepens

BYU Multi-spectral Imaging Project - Images online!

Conservatives equated themselves with white supremacist extremists

Meanwhile in Libya...

Well, we now know Page the shooter was a skinhead


Please Support Vote Petition against Romney's Lie

not that this is at all significant but. . . a FORTY YEAR OLD in a PUNK band? really???

Central America: Return of the death squads

Minor earthquakes seen near Texas injection wells: study

O4A calls For SEC and DOJ investigations into Romney's filings

So why isn't the MSM reporting that Romney is Persona Non Grata In Italy

The History of White People in America

Guess who is back???? Hint: Let's get to work.

I have no idea how this US vs Canada Women's soccer game is going to end, SPOILERS

Woz(niak): Cloud computing trend is 'horrendous'

'Remember, Macs can’t do real work, they’re only for useless artsy stuff like landing on Mars.'

Jets players brawl on sideline

Dear Religion, While you were debating what chicken sandwiches were okay to eat,...

Obama: America needs "soul searching" on gun violence

How Can We Live, Without Our Lives?

The official DU favorite cow breed thread

Journal Sentinel posts info on the Milwaukee shooter.

A closer look at the Republican party hack Corbett put in charge of Pennsylvania elections

Al-Qaeda thrives as US helps to 'flip' Syria

Toe sucker Dick Morris has seen 'the real polls' and 'trend is' toward Romney

"The October Surprise".... my speculation, for what it's worth....

Congressmen don't want to punish themselves for leaks?

Aussie relative here on holiday...

just saw a commercial for 'clean coal'

the news you need to know

Southern Poverty Law Center tracked Wisconsin shooter.

Sea of Trouble: 'US-China tension spells trouble for Asia-Pacific'

WATCH: A Man Tries (And Fails) to Protest General Mills With Fire.

I Don't Get This American Exceptionalism Garp!!!

Does Mitt Romney Even WANT to be President?

Honoring America's Veterans Act Signed By Obama, Restricting Westboro Military Funeral Protests

Romney announces four state Snooze Tour beginning Saturday

Texas Set to Execute a Man with an IQ of 61

What do Micheal Page and Michelle Malkin have in common? They visited Stormfront

Son wounded in shooting attack on journalist’s home, no let-up in threats

Son wounded in shooting attack on journalist’s home, no let-up in threats

Pennsylvania Supreme Court orders live broadcast of redistricting hearing!

Peru: Antibodies Seen in Amazon Dwellers Suggest That Rabies May Be Survivable

BREAKING: Romney Selects Florida’s West as Running Mate

Wade Michael Page | Mass Murderer

New bird species discovered in 'cloud forest' of Peru

My wasted attempt to get through to a conservative, Catholic colleague on the whole Chick-fil-A mess


Curiosity about Curiosity

OMG, I just heard that two of those idiot repug govs, Scott and Kasich

Politics everywhere seems to have descended into a farcical instrospective fog.

The natural disasters caused by global warming is the only thing holding the union together.

What if not paying taxes is the tip of the Iceberg (Romney's issue)

My car broke down today and 5 minutes later a cop

A biography of the day: Wangari Muta Maathai

When did our collective IQ sink so low?

On Human unity and the “Curiosity” NASA Control Room from Juan Cole

Could you live under Romney?

Protest against same-sex marriage goes terribly wrong.

Olive Trees Destroyed By Settlers In South Hebron Hills

The Clinton/Gore carbon tax of 1993: defeated by every republican in congress plus 4 Democrats

Has Curiosity killed any cats yet?

The Wit and Wisdom of Grover Norquist

Happy Anniversary!!

"Talking about a rich person's taxes, though—that's just too damn much."

Driver in death of Cuban dissident had bad driving record

Michael Reagan on Chik-Fil-A: God Save US from King Obama

Simplifying History: the BBC's Coverage of US and Cuba Relations

Apple won't include YouTube app in new mobile software

Romney and 913,000 Veterans in Ohio! (47th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act)

Rick Perry Factors Into State Budget Obamacare Funds He Had Pledged To Reject

Sheldon Adelson wants Romney to kill Israeli-Palestinian peace talks and pardon Jonathan Pollard

Will the Peasants Go Medieval on Bankers?

UA-led HiRise cam captures image of latest Mars landing

Romneys, caught in housing bust, got tax cut in La Jolla

Gibson Guitar settles U.S. probe into illegal wood imports

Does anybody know if there will be a replay of the US vs Canada Women's Soccer team?

U.S. drought could pinch world's poor, says think tank IFPRI

Chilling Interview with Oak Creek Shooter Wade Michael Page

Lovely. Porker gets to run for re-election essentially unopposed because of another Dem screw-up.

Sorry, dupe

I've been married thirty years as of tomorrow. In all that time, gays never threatened me.

A Picture of a Spacecraft Landing on Another Planet Taken by Another of Our Spacecraft...

Janet Napolitano was right

here's the single best acapella cover of that Gotye song you'll ever hear.

Increased productivity, not less energy use, results from more efficient lighting

Romney in DM Aug. 7th Glen Oaks Country Club


PolitiFact says you need evidence to make claims about Mitt's tax returns

Apparently Starbucks' influence is everywhere, including on the surface of Mars

The Voting Rights Act of 1965 was signed by LBJ on

Politifact Rates Mitt Romney Claim That Obama Is Trying To Restrict Military Voting FALSE

Papantonio: Harry Reid Is Right About Mitt’s Taxes

Michele Bachmann Thankful No Americans Died In Sikh Shooting

The Road to.... White?

Could McCain be the one who told Harry Reid about Romney's Taxes ?

Jerome Corsi needs to be put out of his misery

Morrissey Fumes Over 'Blustering Jingoism' of London Olympics ("The spirit of 1939 Germany")

Get Tested Or Get Out: School Forces Pregnancy Tests on Girls

Hey Facebookers...

Tweet of The Day

Mitt Romney finally releases his information

The Mars Curiosity cost every American taxpayer $7.00....

Fox Sports Says Baghdad Is In Iran While Reporting On Hamid Soryan's Gold Medal

Even Rasmussen has Obama up now

Two more Obama 2008 campaign promises rated KEPT

How I lost my faith (x post with Atheists Agnostics)

How I lost my faith (x post with Religion)

Elton John does not like Madonna.

A good indicator of something rotten is Romney's IRA....

If it were a "Christian" Church...

Are Your Politicians For Sale?

Notice to all Democratic robo calls in Missouri.

Why hasn't John McCain called Harry Reid a liar?

Obama raises $75 million in July – to Romney's $101 million

Bigots protesting against gay rights set fire to lawn of General Mills' corporate headquarters

Another Politifact "Politifail"!

10 Sikh Women You Should Know and Why You Should Know Them

Slouching Towards Tampa (Turn Right at Greenland edition)

Just put this out in the yard...

Fredericksburg, VA, tomorrow eve for 7th District's FIRST town hall

Salt Lake City Olympics - Is this true?

Voter fraud is a myth but ELECTION FRAUD is a very real and ongoing danger.

Colin Powell just drove into the National Stadium in Jamaica

NOT an Olympic alert,

The Cross and the Lynching Tree

Saw "The Dark Knight Rises" this weekend. *SPOILERS*

I am fucking LOVING this "Not Just Business, It's Personal" thing.

New OFA Video: Mitt Romney's Middle Class Tax Increase

The ‘Missing Evidence’ In Romney’s Tax Records

I've decided to reduce my carbon footprint.......

This is what happens when you stay away from 24 hour tv news:

A member wanted to know why the Olympic shooting sports weren't discussed in the Gungeon

WND's Joseph Farah bets that a "jihadist" did the Oak Creek shooting...

Romney is resolved...

Egyptian president Morsi confronts a Palestine-Sinai-Israel dilemma

Move and art

Luckovich Toon: Rover sexting

"Will Romney Be Sworn In On The Book of Mormon?"

Danziger: Dirty Harry Reid..

Fla. Gov. Rick Scott to speak at Republican National Convention

NYT: Rick Scott's/Bain's Hospital Corp. of America found to have performed dubious cardiac work

Is Romney really such a brilliant businessman?

Mitt Romney Campaign Inadvertently Slams Ronald Reagan In New Ad

Jules Feiffer's LITTLE MURDERS

Mitt Romney is so out of touch he thought "Less Than Zero" was going to