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Archives: August 5, 2012

UK cannot stop Assange flight to Ecuador

Digital pills make their way to market

Can you explain why beer is always on the shopping list?

Question about a movie (spoiler maybe, if you haven't seen it - The Final Cut)


Mitt is trapped.

I'd like to see one of those fake quote facebook things. GOP platform 1956 attributed to Obama.

Fond memories from four years ago!

Let's list all of the worst-case scenarios we can think of

DU this video of Mike Malloy's Chick fil a comment being swarmed by fundies!

Off-the-beaten-path in Washington DC???

In just 620 more posts, I will have 2^16 of them!

{Poll} - Best TV Western ever!

A New Hello!

OT - Frustration at our medical system.

Think Progress: Romney campaign "unable to back up their candidate’s claim" on Ohio voting

The US Postal Service (while we still have it)

Hambletonian 2012 -Market Share

Long arm of University of Texas fracking report reaches Eastern Europe

The Black Financial and Fraud Report: Agency Says No to Mortgage Relief

Who knows if Moses in the cradle are/is dangerous to rabbits?

Allen Jerkens returns to the Winner's Circle in a Grade I race....fucking awesome!

what will ReTHUGs come up with to try and change the conversation

New episodes for:

N. Carolina bans science from guiding decisions

Ernesto looks to be firming up...

Houston restaurant lampoons Chick-fil-A with ‘chick-on-chick’ sandwich

Olympics question. Why don't men and women compete against each other in Archery? Both have...

Hansen fades to 4th in the West Virginia Derby....

The Mayor of NYC is being called out on his hypocrisy for the disabled...

Maybe Mitt was projecting when he labeled others "bedwetters"

PAY ATTENTION: a billionaire opines about the 99%, 'You're the prisoners, we're the guards'

Watching Women's beach volleyball; they are wearing

Even if you've seen this, it's worth another look!

Hubby is going to have to give up his insurance in a couple of months. He just found out

Does Chick-Fil-A open on Sundays?

OK. Mitt Romney DOES look like a President of the United States...

Given The Severe Heat and Brush Fires in Oklahoma, Is Sen. Inhofe Reconsidering His Stance on GW?

Foreign Policy online "Rare photographs of a time when Britain really mattered." (ouch!)

Horse meat secret to Kazakh champion's success

Beware! Sneaky Reformer Trick in L.A.

OMG LOL Romney Campaign totally unable to back up their candidate’s claim against Obama RE: Military

I'm watching the Steve Nunn story - how come he'll get a pension from 2014?


The Question Is Will Oklahomans Still Stand By Climate Warming Denier Inhofe

9:53 PM EST 8/4/12 The Corgi babies are nursing! tune into the live cam now!

Feds Probe Adelson’s Casino for Money Laundering Activities

Nats come from behind with TD in eighth, fry the Fish, 10-7

Truthdigger of the Week: Ex-TARP Investigator Neil Barofsky

"Swing-State Numbers Look Good for Obama" at PBS Newshour


Is it bad to put ice cubes in a cat's water bowl?

Obama Eviscerates Republicans with Their Own Job Creator Argument

Compare Your Income To Obama vs. Romney Tax Plans

My best guess is that Romney doesn't release his tax returns until October. And republicans

WH: West Wing Week 08/03/12 or "98 & 98"

Bonus Chart of the Day: Public vs. Private Employment Under Bush and Obama

US man shot ex-wife's British husband in front of children (claimed self defense)

I seriously think we are seeing the beginning of America seperating into two or three countries.

Jared Loughner to plead guilty in Tucson shooting, sources say

The Olympics as metaphor for the larger society

"An Interview With Mike Lofgren, Author of "The Party Is Over"" By Leslie Thatcher, Truthout

Something to be investigated-- Health care Rebate checks not going to who they should.

Appeals judge off DeLay case

Get off my lawn!!!!

If they privatized the U.S. Postal Service

"6 Brands Playing Footsie with Conservatives and Paying the Price"- alternet

One thing that puzzles me about the Olympics this week ...

Britain makes history on Olympic 'Super Saturday' (The best Olympics need moments like these)

Does anyone know of a website to get quality canvas prints of famout artwork?

My Rowdy one has cancer

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Saturday, August 4)

Documentary seeks to explain why Albanians saved Jews in Holocaust (x-post religion)

"Birther Group Launches National Ad Campaign Seeking To Disqualify Obama From Reelection"

Americans Want to Live in a Much More Equal Country (They Just Don't Realize It)

Nine Inch Nails - In This Twilight - Lights In The Sky tour - Portland Oregon

Romney uses Facebook to spread another debunked lie about Obama

What is the best comedy movie you've ever seen?

Iran’s anti-Semitism makes it the greatest threat to Jews

anyone else floored by just how incompetent the rmoney campaign is?

Hamas slams Palestinian visit to "alleged" Holocaust site

Has anybody seen LynneSin?

If Jim Croce's music were released today, would he be considered a country artist?

“The Most Anti-Christian Congressman in History” – More Comments: by Alan Grayson

where is MFM?

Sunday Talk Shows

Lounge disaster pool

Tell me one law in Pakistan that has not been broken ...

Hey, Lounge, it's 1:51 AM EDT. What you doin' up?

*C-SPAN 3:00 A.M.Weekly addresses,

Anything you wish TeaBaggers would study? Here's this on (im)migration of the human kind

I'm done with the Cleveland Browns and the NFL

...Bond, James Bond.

Philadelphia Soul to face Arizona Rattlers in ArenaBowl

O.K., I'm officially facing a horrible fact about myself: the KARDASHIANs

"Rafalca Romney" -- 30 second TV ad by

Presidential debate schedule

I think there should be TWO Olympic competitions...

As the Romney campaign prepares to launch itself into oblivion the rats

TPM's poll average is garbage

Interesting John Diamond quotes on some alternative medicine proponents

I just watched the Green Lantern movie and thought it was pretty good....

U.S. flag falls during Serena Williams’s gold-medal ceremony at Wimbledon

News about Fukushima

Record Spending by Obama’s Camp Shrinks Coffers.

Has a Gay person ever protested a Straight person?

Oh great. CNN is completely off the deep end, again.

Spiral Dance?

W.T.F is with Eastwood.

Dilma welcomes President Chavez to the world’s fifth economy

Federal Election Commission Say Ex-Senator Larry Craig Needs To Narrow His Stance

Two crocs

Well, OK, this is about a coal ad on TV, but it was political

What Can You Do To Make The World A Better Place?

Here Come The Brides. New movie to be released next year?

Want to see a Rasmussen-free Electoral College map?

China calls in U.S. diplomat over South China Sea

Damn it! My knee went kablooey again!

Chikin Grafitti Artist Comes Forward (Read the hateful comments at the end)

Obama trails by only six points in South Dakota.

Men's Health: The Five Most Ridiculous Pieces Of Exercise Equipment, Ever.

Something is falling from the sky that we've not seen in a while

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Tastes Like Catfood Edition

Crash! Bang! Boom!

From the Humans Suck File: Doctors: Japan nuclear plant workers face stigma

Confucius Say: When Romney and Boehner Open Mouth, Lies Sure to Follow

Should the 2006 GOP Congress be charged with premeditated murder of the USPS?


Parents Get Physical With Unruly Kids, Study Finds

Russia seeks waiver from nuclear liability law; PM asks Law Ministry; Greenpeace: already answered

Well, you gotta say this for Romney and his campaign: They've got the Media figured out.

Oh, the things we've seen, and the things you will see

Half now...

Caterpillar to unions: Drop dead

Israel’s Fading Democracy

On virginia insight yesterday they said Grand Home Furniture is opening a Made In America section

The power of intermittent fasting. What do you think?

Repeal of Glass-Steagall: Not a cause, but a multiplier

Obama's campaign now low on cash

Ever Stop To Think About The Similarity

Don't Call it a Jinx

Southwest says computer glitch caused ticket woes

Okla. fires: dozens of homes burn, evacuations

Ancient North Africans got milk

Romney's Freedom to Pray Picture: Here is what I want to know....

Shelters date to Stone Age

Need a piano? (plus article about pianos going to landfills).

Syria rebel video claims to show abducted Iranians

Chick-fil-A video ranter uploads YouTube apology: 'It wasn't right'

The Catholic Church’s Complicity In NOM-Regnerus’s Anti-Gay Hate Speech

President Clinton at Hubert Humphrey ceremony

Here's the real reason republicans limited 3 day voting to military:

Major Effects Of 2012 Mega Drought On Critical Infrastructure


Olympic Spoiler

Keith Ellison slams Bachmann’s “galling” witch hunt

Must Read: An Interview With Mike Lofgren, Author of "The Party Is Over"

Chalk outlines of bodies to mark Hiroshima bomb blast

By the Next Olympics, Athletes May Be Getting Routine Gene Doping Tests

IMHO, David Axelerod may be a genius

Chick fil a drive thru guy apologizes to Rachel

Catholic Church wrong on gay nuptials

Syrian Rebels Say Hostages Are Iranian Guards

mr. romney. show us your tax returns......

Why did Chick-fil-A cross the road?

Toon: Fighting the culture war

Iran Asks for Help to Secure Iranians Kidnapped in Syria

Danziger Toon: Down in Texas....

Age of Fracture : A Different Country Now

gonna be this kind of a day....

Sunday's Non Sequitur Toon- The pinnacle of evolution

Papers, please!

Penn State case was bad, but the Catholic Church's case is worse

Romney’s Economic Plan Would Kill 360,000 Jobs In 2013 Alone

911 Puts Woman On Hold While She Watches Her Husband Being Shot

Olympic Spoiler

TED: Jamie Drummond: Let's crowdsource the world's goals

Where Free Speech Goes to Die: The Workplace

Would Jesus pack heat? Is gun control a God issue?

Parents who allow their boy toddler's hair to grow like a girl's,

New Study Links Current Events to Climate Change

What ever happened to Patriotism?

A few links for Curiosty landing information and viewing

Encouraging sign for November in western PA

'Women and children first' is a myth, shipwreck study shows

Vera's Kidney, Walter's Money Desperation, Greed and the Global Organ Trade

Who needs a Philip Seymour Hoffman fix? Comments regarding Catching Fire: Spoilers

If you were going to give advice to new DUers (not trolls)

"Protecting" America's borders......................

Why have gas prices risen 60-70 cents per gallon in the last 2-3 weeks?

U.S. Officials Brace for Huge Task of Operating Health Exchanges.

Fucking Welfare Queens

The gop War On Voting

Obama, James Holmes Billboard Comes Down After Comparison Sparks National Attention

Why Is A Fast-Food Giant Going After A One-Man Business?

Fucking Welfare Queens (xpost from GD)

What's with the freaky "Trigger the Vote" guy?

Third of children with meningitis are left with long-term effects

Ellen Page getting death threats!

Geez Dems on TV today .....When asked about repudiating Reid this is what you should say !

Ozzie AG Nicola Roxon discusses Assange with Sky News

Clark's Boot Camp

Mass grave in London reveals how volcano caused global catastrophe

ATTN Mitt Romney

A gathering of handsome young ladies and gallant young men went to Kendrick Mountain

Catch Face the Nation now

Son of Andy Reid, Phila. Eagles' coach, found dead Sun. AM:

Reince Priebus: Harry Reid Is A 'Dirty Liar' (Repukes just a little worried?)

Country Could Be Declared Legally Insane For Electing Romney

The Scary Future of Municipal Bankruptcy - California Leads the Way

What I see as Rmoney's strategy

The Final Bell Rings for Weekly Reader, a Classroom Staple

Released this date (8/5) in 1966

Should protecting the US Postal Service be an issue in the presidential campaign?

Video of Talking Heads 1975 Live At CBGB

Witch hunt against Kansas City-area Planned Parenthood coming to an end?

Did anyone else catch George S ...

I feel SO smart after reading this...

Timothy Noah: Why the Rich Are Getting Richer and the Middle Class Is Disappearing

How corrupt is Texas politics? See what Delay just did.

Punishing Iran, Endlessly

Why is Everyone Crapping on Harry Reid?

One party got us into a recession, the other got us out

The Nation: The Glaring Problem With National Starbucks Appreciation Day

Can someone explain to me a few things?

Tax Expert: Mitt Romney Is An Olympic Level Athlete At The Tax Avoidance Game

So when all is said and done, who *really* won at The Olympics?

Murdoch's NGS Channel's Devastation of The Hutterites

Eric Margolis: Drone Attacks Only Create More Enemies for the US

Garrett Reid, son of (Eagles coach) Andy, found dead

"John McCain saw 23 years of Romney's tax returns and THEN picked Sarah Palin!"

SPOILER: Men's Tennis Gold Medal Match *SPOILER*

Teabilly Libel?

What Women Need

Romney: ‘Very Wealthy Are Going To Do Just Fine’ Under Me Or Obama

In new ad, Romney doubles down on Jerusalem as capital of Israel

Axelrod Says Romney Could Put Reid’s Tax Allegations To Bed By Releasing Returns

Did the RJC Use a Fake Democrat in Its “Buyer’s Remorse” Ad?

Romney Campaign Vetting Chase for VP Slot

Garrett Reid, son of Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid, found dead in Lehigh dorm room

Top GOP Strategist Pushes Romney To Release More Tax Returns: ‘Two Years Is Not Enough, Obviously”

Comparing The Harm Of False Beliefs

Mitt Romney Campaign Busted Buying Hundreds of Thousands of Facebook LIKES and Twitter Followers

I'm so looking forward to the Olympics in Brazil (2016)

'As a poor Mormon missionary in Paris, Romney didn't have a refrigerator, but his chef did.'

Dirty Harry

What would it mean to our economy if people like me could retire...

Today in Peace and Justice history on August 5, 1981

"Trespassing" on Australian Civil Liberties

Hello Sucker, .....My name is __________.

Imagine if a liberal commentator had called Bush 41 the n word

Are you against the death penalty?

Candy Groooooowwwllly!!. Enough said. nt

Clint Eastwood Endorses Mitt Robme and a couple news article comments

Chet Barker on Sunday morning. Please come CAPTION Mitt ("My, it's dark up here") Romney!!!!!

Patients are tapping into health law's free preventive services (NE and IA)

Several People Reported Shot at Sikh Temple

What is the political make up of your family?

What's for Dinner - Sunday Aug 5th

Things to post in DU to make yourself sound like a douchebag


So Lurch....

West Bank conference scrapped after Israel bars envoys

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Saturday, August 4)

China calls in U.S. diplomat over South China Sea

"Dirty liar" would make a good cartoon

Yemen suicide bomber kills 45 in Abyan

Karzai accepts Afghan parliament's sacking of ministers

OMG!! OMG!! This Chik Fellatio Hoopla got me to try Popeye's Spicy fried chicken. YAY!!!!

The Expendibles 2?!?! REALLY!? It looks like they drag out EVERY action pack

The Dark Reality Behind India's Promising Growth

Romney wants 'something dramatic' to aid economy

Mass Shooting at Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin

Funny article about eating healthy....

Did you know there are IRS forms for requesting copies of your past tax returns?

Anyone have a time tested recipe for banana bread ........ Thanks

The Director Of The Opponent’s Fate

How Much Of His Own Money Has Rmoney Spent Running For Offices?.....

RMoney: “I know the very wealthy are going to do just fine – whoever’s elected”

Boulder County concealed weapons permit applications triple following Aurora Shootings

Batch watermarking?

"I can describe Mitt Romney’s tax policy promises in two words: mathematically impossible."

McCain folk saw Mitt tax returns - any claim Reid lying?

On the Road to Civil War….

Does Mitt Romney have a right to hide his income from the American people?

imagine if romney released 12 years of tax returns and Obama only one....

Did I really just hear that??

Day Twenty of "No More Tax Records" (Auburn Journal)

Romney's tax plan crunches middle class (Tampa Bay Times editorial)

Rence, old chap, you want to prove Reid's a "dirty liar". It couldn't be easier

Critics: Romney didn’t engineer Olympics turnaround by himself (Salt Lake Trib)

Pakistani wife in disputed marriage gunned down in court by her brother

You're an inspiration to us all, Gabby Douglas

Spain charges Russian nationals over 'al-Qaeda plot'

One shooter was killed at the Sikh temple

Did you see the Romney gaffe?

Three Catholic activists, including an 82 year old Sister, halt work at a US nuclear site.

Shooting at Sikh temple near Milwaukee

Yemen drone strike kills five

Senator Graham Says Reid Is ‘Lying’ About Romney Taxes (How the hell does Graham know?)

Shooting breaks out at Sikh temple in Wisconsin: witnesses

Lounge inspirational quote of the day

People & Power - Attack of the Drones

Chick-fil-A COO Dan Cathy: Meet with Our (LGBT) Family (E action)

live online stream of shooting incident still going on at Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, Wisconson

freeper reaction to shooting at Sikh Temple

Reid’s spokesman: Republicans forced to defend "the most secretive candidate since Richard Nixon"

Romney - Trust, transparency and ethics failure.

Damn, I take a lot of pills!

The contrasting campaign styles of Deb Fischer (R-NE) and Bob Kerrey (D-NE) for US Senate

RNC Chair Rinse Penis calls Harry Reid a "dirty liar"

Blame blistering heat waves on global warming, study says

Zambian miners kill Chinese supervisor and injure another in pay dispute

Gibbs to Romney: Go to Kinko's

Theory: The RNC is scared shitless about the fact Reid knows the truth on Romney and they don't

Sunday Morning on Falls Lake, Raleigh NC...every trip is different!

As Eagle Scouts return medals, gay ban still firm

Mitt Romnixon...

Got hidden because I said Allah has big ears!

Latin Americans Least Likely Worldwide to Feel Safe


It's amazing how right this place is at times.

Latin Americans Least Likely Worldwide to Feel Safe

New York Times Reports 7 Dead in WI Shooting

What has Harry Reid said?

Hillary Clinton comments about Gays

Eagles coach Andy Reid's oldest son found dead

Egyptian police killed in attack in Sinai

Making police into soldiers turns cities into war zones

Wealthy shaking in their boots about Romney's taxes?

Why marijuana policy gets ignored in Washington

Not only is Jennifer Rubin rMoney's biggest shill, like rMoney, she's a shameless liar

There they go again with the possibility of a deranged person theory

The police must be at the dead shooter's house by now.

Why Won't Any Of These MSM Commentators Ask The Question Of These Repug Shills That Say Reid Is....

When are journalists goint to start hammering McCain

I salute the bravery of the first responding officer at the temple in Wisconsin.

Is This Election Really Going to Be ALL About the Economy?

What will it take?

Judge Adams' pay up to $110,000 as his suspension drags on

Could Romney be an early dementia or Alzheimer's case?

Two Santa Clauses or How The Republican Party Has Conned America for Thirty Years

"Are you f---ing kidding me, Michelle Rodriguez?"

TV Coverage of Mass Murders make the NRA Mad....

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

How Wikileaks lost the support of the free speech advocate Index on Censorship

Sikhs seek peace. Whoever did this does not understand them.

Wasn't there a mass murder just a couple of weeks ago caused by guns??

Seeking some of those famous DU Vibes as I prospect for new business this week

"What We Did This Summer," by Congress

The Latest Howlers From Human Rights Watch on Venezuela

Hi All!

Movies ruined by a single performance?

Mitt Romney - Nutritional Information...

TOONS: Willard Wonka ---->

World Report 2012: Venezuela

Shit, its all just speculation, so here goes. Know how you can tell Romney's toast?

The true price of China's Olympic success

'Threatened' Honduran journalist requests US asylum

'Threatened' Honduran journalist requests US asylum

Is anyone staying up for Curiosity tonight?Open thread for the landing here.

Axelrod Calls Out Wallace Over False Claim About Blocking Military Voters

Report: Boy Scout files reveal repeat child abuse

What do you think of this Brazilian snake?

"Relatable Romney".

Willard is already a proven liar in regards to his tax returns

Is it inappropriate of me to point out that ALL police are fascist bullies?


"I'd rather die than be ordinary!" I shouted

Yet another gun tragedy to ponder

What type of gun did the Oak Creek shooter use?

I'm watching Olympic horse jumping...

AP: Social Security not deal it once was for workers

Chicagoland DUers: why are the White Sox wearing red?

Heads up 100 metres final

Washington's Press is the Cabin Boy of the Political Class – Do Quote Me on That

How DARE the Repubs say Harry Reid is a liar!

WND's Joseph Farah has gone off the deep end.

Top GOP Strategist Pushes Romney To Release More Tax Returns: ‘Two Years Is Not Enough, Obviously’

Olympic Spoiler and I mean spoiler

Was anybody handing out "Chick Tracts" at Chick-Fil-A?

Attention Missouri voters:

Attention Missouri voters:

Press conference live now (Temple shooting)

Endorsement from Catwoman:

AARP: 5 Myths About Canada’s Health Care System

How can RW's think they are different from ultra-conservatives who promote sharia law

The GE/Olympics healthcare commercial

Temple shooting is DOMESTIC TERRORISM

Does anyone find those messing with Sasquatch commercials

Scanner reports say a witness to the shooting told law enforcement the shooter was a white male,

Do you agree, or disagree, with this statement?

New study shows it is cheaper to register new voters than to appeal to swing voters.

Curiosity Lands on Mars: Know What You're Watching When You're Watching '7 Minutes of Terror'

Police: Temple Shooting "Domestic Terrorism"

A Modest Proposal for gun discussion in GD.

Thousands of fish die as Midwest streams heat up

Here's what asshat Gov. Scott Walker had to say about the shootings

Cornel West

Iran TV airs confessions in murder of scientists

Long Hot Summer....

Reid did NOT claim that Romney had not paid taxes in 10 years.

OMG... Hospital spokesman just said

fyi. 700,000 Sikhs in America.

First they came for students in a High School but I did not speak out because it was in a different

Proof that govt regulations matter - electrocutions at Lake of the Ozarks are killing swimmers

Kudos to the Fox News affiliate in Milwaukee re: the Sikh shooting

President Obama DOES NOT support abortions, you lying f**ks!

The REAL Reason Romney will not disclose his Taxes

Is the Fix In?

"An operation of Domestic Terrorism" Just heard on MSNBC in regards to the WI terrorism act.

I guess we'll find Joey on the fainting couch...

Blackout: What's wrong with the American grid

Neighborhood in Cudahy, Wisconsin evacuated - FBI, ATF, Bomb Squad on scene

Statement by President Obama on the Shooting in Wisconsin

Another mass murdering gun nut = influx of new posters coming to tell us to buy more guns

Repost from GD: Meta Thread Cage Brawl, the musical.

Syria's first astronaut defects to Turkey: Report

Shooting at Sikh temple in Wisconsin

A year later, S&P downgrade of US looks like a dud

Wis. police say shootings at Sikh temple treated as domestic terrorism, FBI to investigate

With a 9/11 Tatoo...

"I never understood horror movies."

The disadvantage of being a reality based liberal talking to a conservative :


Could there be something criminal in Romney's tax returns that the IRS wouldn't have caught?

Tomorrow's the day, my dear friends......for my choleycystectomy...And for vibes, if you will...

Bill Moyers: Suppressing Votes By Law

Spoiler: Men's 100m

I apologize for posting an apparently inappropriate item.

Statement by President Obama on the Shooting in Wisconsin

Homophobia... from Facebook...

Hey Romney, you know what they say about the company you keep . . . right?

Romney dogged by tax debate as he questions Obama's policy on Israel

Per the local police scanner...FBI is now in charge

Economy Wallowing Along – On Purpose?

You KNOW you're lucky when...

Mitt Bush

breaking/video: Wisconsin neighborhood being evacuated (temple shooting related...bomb squad called)

Conservatives fear media will slander white race

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Ceremony,7pm eastern

The Sikh Temple Massacre and A Primer on the 'Tone' of Today's Political Discourse

1 more hour and American football is back

Holy Cow Just got out of the hospital: I had a stroke!!!

Sixty Minutes is running the piece on the dangers of sugar and equivalents right now.

1987 episode of Twilight Zone - check out the costumes, the "set", the cast!

The Dallas Morning News has printed 405 R/ 72 D Senate articles I need help

Spanish government accused of purging critics from national radio and TV

US mayors run ad during Olympics coverage calling for tighter gun controls

I am officially a geek.

2012 Alfred G. Vanderbilt Handicap

One Reason Why Merit Pay Fails

The Joy of Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free Baking (Peter Reinhart and Denene Wallace)

Hamid Karzai backs parliament over security shakeup

Monti of Italy Warns That Currency Crisis Risks Europe’s Future

So according to the media, the 20something year old gunman moved into that house last week

THE Fake Bob Dylan Quote That Really Doomed Jonah Lehrer

The Google drawing is just not right.

Kirk Urso Dead: Columbus, OhioCrew Midfielder Has Died, Says Coroner

4 white males?

Who got banned for defending teacher's unions? An accusation here in META--

Please don't cling to all eye-witness statements

Organ Transplant Scandal Shocks Germany

What to do?

Pollsters Struggle to Get the Right (Cell) Number.

The Duchess strikes again!

IDF in heavy firefight with terrorists on Gaza border

Our addiction to instant information about everything

If only more of the Sikhs had been carrying concealed at Temple....

LOL! hired a plane with a banner reading...