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President Obama's Birthday Wish List

A poem: I will not eat at Chick-Fil-A


Private Prisons Spend $45 Million On Lobbying, Rake In $5.1 Billion For Immigrant Detention Alone

NASA’s Mars Curiosity: 11 things you may not know (Interactive)

Major Banks Help Clients Hide Trillions in Offshore Tax Havens

The Queen Endorses Romney ...

Why the right loves charity and hates taxes

"Mitt Romney Must Be Losing Sleep Over These 7 Charts"

Photographer Jeff Sheng Presents 'Fearless', His Epic Portrait Project of More Than 150 Out LGBT Ath

(Union job openings) Weekly Summary of Communications Postings for August 3, 2012

What is 67.9 miles high ... ?

If you can stand it, a really beautiful and heartbreaking thing

Moved here: More than gay marriage driving Chick-fil-A flap

Watch Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis read ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

Unions Expect Verizon to Impose Terms, Ready to Walk Out Again

Dodgers add Blanton in deal with Phillies

Free online concert in honor of Jerry Garcia

It's so hot, I'm gonna....

Take this NAFTA pushers (U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) just introduced)

So you vote Republican...

any way to watch Rachel without cable tv?

Credit Repair Scams

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Rhymes With Cluck & a new Kitty gif

HIV Rates Rises In Uganda After Aids Prevention Strategies Shifted Focus Abstinence Only Policies

Judge releases nun who broke into U.S. nuclear bomb facility

are you outraged by how the police are out of control in Anaheim, CA.

Dewhurst: Texans' anger at Washington misdirected at Texas Capitol

This post by TeenageBamBam needs to be shared...a lot

Seattle police officer accused of excessive force, relieved of duty

Friday Talking Points (221) -- "A Tax" On Romney?

Rmoney is a pathological LIAR

That MF is constantly amending all of his returns, that's why he can't show them.

O.K., what was the breaking news from Rachel about the Mittens tax returns

Anyone watching Rachel? Anyone notice the multi times Rmoney keeps stumbling over releasing

just mailed in my Republican Presidential Platform Survey

while some bitch others just get it done

When you're wrong, you're wrong. I was wrong.

China's Dong flips and twists to trampoline gold

Occupation, Not Culture, Is Holding Palestinians Back By MUNIB R. MASRI (NYT)

Illinois bans employers' Facebook requirements

Harkin Report SLAMS Cost of For Profit Colleges

And people have asked me why I call "Fox And Friends" the lowest part of the sewer...

Matt Taibbi: When Did Sandy Weill Change His Mind About Too Big To Fail? And Why?

The Osmond Family Is Exploiting The Election For $$$$ Gain

Hey, Okies! Stay safe from the fires! Check in!

The shit just keeps piling on Rmoney. I love it.

MN Rep Keith Ellison to speak at Town Hall form on Torture Accountability 8/13

A few articles on the real cost of the Olympics.

Fox News: Romney Tax- No Big Deal: "What about Obama's college speeches?"

JohnnyCash, Canada Trust ATM

They Actually Featured The Government Funded NHS At The Opening Of London's.....

Progressive DFL Minneapolis Uses Riot Charge To Discourage Occupy Protests at homes

The ED Show - Jenna Jameson: If you're rich, vote Republican

Senate Committee Report on For-Profit Colleges Condemns Costs and Practices

This is what Olympic Divers really look like when pooping.

The World's Biggest Story didn't get much play

As for me I think I will just call them "Bigot Burgers"

A better sense of community.

Two Daisy Maes want you to Impeach Beelzebub Evil Obama 666!

So my partner and I were going to go to Chik-fil-a and kiss, but I was tired from work

DU Poll: Is there a commonality between homophobia and racism

OMG Rachel Made Me So Happy Yet So Sad!

Well it looks like we need just one more gift from Teddy Kennedy or more accurately Vicki

The ED Show - Healthy jobs numbers out today, better than expected

Not new, but still pertinent - 14 propaganda techniques used by Faux "news" to brainwash people

Traits Of A Good Leader

Iowa Representative Steve King CONDONES DOG FIGHTING! Remove him from office! (Graphic warn & photo)

Just Got Back From the "Chic-Fil-Hate" Protest

Acid attacks in Colombia reflect rage

The ED Show - Harry Reid hits Mitt Romney on tax issue

I would like to ask DU to add a link.

Fox 17 pulls Wyoming city logo story; says reporter failed to disclose ties to atheist group

w00t! Got my ticket for Carnival of Death

Documentary seeks to explain why Albanians saved Jews in Holocaust

Have to hand it to these kids for their courage, but it is not just for children ...

PHOTO and VIDEO: Fox nursed back to health after a fight with dogs

Chik-fil-a story: please clear some things up for me.

How can a 16 year old sign a legally binding contract?

If you really want to make a statement, boycott ALL fast food.

Upton brothers both hit 100th career home runs an hour apart

The frugal and energy efficient water heater turned out to be not so frugal after all..

Clint Eastwood Endorsing Romney's Presidential Bid

Everyone just wants to be somebody

Education reform’s central myths

Alex Jones Needs To Lighten Up.

Cass Sunstein, top Obama adviser on regulations, to leave administration

NC just cut off the Olympics (women's 800 M finals!) with an ad!

Tennessee Democratic Party disavows U.S. Senate nominee

Tennessee Democratic Party Is Cutting Ties To Its Own Senate Nominee

I morally object to being morally objectionable to Republicans. (Margaret and Helen)

The Reagan GOP Legacy - 400 Billionaires

I feel awesome!

RNC Sends DNC Cake With ‘You Didn’t Bake That’ In Honor Of Obama’s Birthday

B.C. woman shocked to find her baby listed for sale online

My Surprise Encounter With A RWinger Today

Maybe THIS will give you some insight in to being Gay while Texan

Romney Refuses To Condemn Bachmann’s Islamophobic Witch Hunt

A soldier from my town died in Afghanistan

I'd like to thank President Obama

Petition to the White house to stop police brutality against civil protesters

NLRB upholds unfair labor ruling at Chicago bus company

New SuperPAC,, Smears President Obama For ‘Racism Against White Folks’

Berkshire (Warren Buffett) reports net income down 9 percent

so, I was sayin'...

Woodlands National Bank: Negotiate with Anita (petition, we need your help)

What to do?

Richard Dawkins Slams Liberty University

Syrians in Jordan fear hunt from Assad agents

As U.S. Postal Service Faces Default, Critics See Manufactured Crisis to Push Privatization

Reid v Romney: When Mormons Attack Each Other

What would we find if we saw Rmoney's tax returns? Any answer goes .,..

Both sides turn out for Omaha Chick-fil-A protest

Abbey Road Photobomb! lol

What if your bike was a station wagon?

The Influence of Woo on Naval Engineering

fun from America's Best Christian

Richard Dawkins Interviews Derren Brown (The enemies of reason series)

Military brought prostitutes to Colombian hotel

Reid's (and Dems) attack just knocked Pawlenty out as possible veep choice

Cusack/Romney mashup...say anything...classic

Richard Dawkins Slams Liberty University (cross post from Video forum)

Today in labor history: Remembering Florence Reece

Give 'em hell, Harry (Reid's statement on Romney)

'Blue Out' game at Penn State for abuse victims

Porn star Jenna Jameson endorses Romney!!!

"Climate change is here — and worse than we thought" - James Hansen, WP blog post

Accounts of Syria rebels executing prisoners raise new human rights concerns

Other corporations which are "religous" like Chick a Fil, although consumers may not know it, are:

Acid attacks in Colombia reflect rage

I just realized (sorry if you all already did)...

Living Almost Paycheck To Paycheck

Mitt Romney for Dummies

Anyone here familiar with the medical condition called DIVERTICULITIS?

What if your bike was a pickup truck?

"rape and PIV* are almost the same thing", Part II. Welcome to Bizarro World.


Chick-fil-A: Deep Fried Civil War

Romney confirms his tax cuts won’t be paid for

Oakland's Quan disputes interview quotes (in NYT magazine feature about Occupy Oakland)

Clint Eastwood Endorsing Mitt Romney

Paul W. McCracken, Adviser to Presidents, Dies at 96

U.S. Begins Packing Its Afghan War Gear for the Movers

Oil hits 10-week high to lead broad rally

Romney paid a shitload of foreign taxes in 05', 06' and 07'

Childish: The RNC's President Obama birthday cake

Ennio Morricone - Ecstasy of Gold

Is Romney a target for extortion/blackmail?

"Debt, Depression, DeMarco"- more essential Krugman, today's NYT

Kate Bush Cloudbusting

For all you folks that think going to Chick-fil-a is OK....

Completing Bush's Dream - National Highway System Toll Way


Olympic effort for London's DLR

I was impressed by the half-time Super Bowl ad

"Ten Theories on Romney's Taxes" - Joshua Holland, Alternet/Salon

The Southern Cross

What do you make of this article on generational cusps?

Nik Kershaw - Wouldn't it be good

Mike & The Mechanics - Silent running

Doug Schoen (worst pollster in the world) criticizes Pew Poll

Baltasar Garzon demonstrates how to blow smoke from the ass:

Is Prince Charles really chasing a chubby girl with bubbles? (great fake)

Shriekback - This Big Hush

Sabba (1972) Bruno Nicolai

Protesters marching, breaking windows in downtown Oakland

Simply Red - Holding Back The Years

I have permission...agnostic? atheist?

Band Of Horses - The Funeral

Looking for hate-free fried chicken recipes.

Dangerous War on Women - GOP Eliminating Women's Health Rights

For those who love

Books - what are you reading/have you just finished/intend to read

Here it comes, Chick-fil-A Rachel's fiance is has posted a pity dump on the internet.

Kavinsky - Nightcall

Praise Allah, the air conditioning is back on

i wonder what is in romney's 2009 tax returns

“There’s nothing more American, I think, than screwing people you don’t know for money.”

I'm lost right now.. Someone complain about gabby's hair?

non Chick Filey food

Hillary toon:

When Your Heart is Weak -Cock Robin

Thank you Jim Henson

gordon lightfoot the last time i saw her

The Chronicles of Mitt: Aug 3, 2012

Honduras Bans Guns In Colon Region, But Paramilitaries Will Be Exempt

Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

Honduras Bans Guns In Colon Region, But Paramilitaries Will Be Exempt

Clint Eastwood endorses Romney

South Dakota Poll: Obama within six-points of Rmoney--House race a toss-up

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Friday, August 3)

If Michael Phelps was a country...

So did this slip by DU entirely? Fenton/Homes

What's for Dinner - Satuday Aug 4th

"We've come a long way from tying pieces of wood around our necks."

I played basketball at the local Salvation Army rec. center tonight..


"Fox contributor" - Conservatives effect real political change; Liberals assault, maim, & rape

Cincinnati man takes landlord to court over 'White only' pool sign

They. Will. Fail.

Was bathroom visit official business?

Ballot drop box locations by zip code

Lets say you were going from DC to Georgia

Clint Eastwood endorses Romney's presidential bid

Tropical Storm Ernesto churns toward Jamaica

Ebay scammer - I should know better than to buy a preorder.

So essentially, there isn't a functional Democratic Party in TN

need help with removing a trojan

Republicans are *NOT* dinosaurs!

Nina Simone - I wish I knew how it would feel to be free

Occupation, Not Culture, Is Holding Palestinians Back

Interesting Olympics SPOILER (you get that this is a SPOILER, right?)

Good decision, but it was way too close!

Rmoney's Three Ring Circus: Returns And Raising Taxes On The Regular Guy

5 Reasons the 'Pray Away the Gay' Movement Is as Vile as Ever

I found Zombywoof!

6 Brands Playing Footsie with Conservatives and Paying the Price

Anthony Baxter on Donald Trump’s Callous Capitalism

Cute little jumping goat acts like asshole and uses other goats as a springboard

Small victory of sorts

Scalpel-Throwing Surgeons Stun Anger Management Pioneer

Wheat, Corn Gain As Indian Monsoon May Cut Production; Soy Rises

World’s Richest Gain $19 Billion As Stocks Surge On Jobs

Ohio Democrats Split On Whether Gun Control Can Be A Winning Issue

Local News Coverage from Yesterday's Protest

Truman's grandson visits Hiroshima

WTF???? Clint Eastwood endorses Romney's presidential bid

Fewer U.S. gun owners own more guns

Split verdict for Deming gun shop owners

Do guns make us safer?

NYT: Stuck in Place

WTF? Costas thinks racism is imaginary????

Tom Toles on Mitt's Tax Plan...

Why do creationists still have such pull?

Putting jobs first?

That 100m final tomorrow is going to be a battle between Jamaica

I have a different theory about rmoney's tax returns.

More far right racism

Could Mitt get a top secret security clearance?

India's Drought Highlights Challenges of Climate Change Adaptation

I am not going left

Sticks, stones and bones reveal emergence of a hunter-gatherer culture

External ills imperil tropical reserves

Maiden shows signs of TB-like infection

Rachel Maddow discussed Michigan court ruling to put Michigan emergency manager ruling on the ballot

Mideast violence goes way back

Top airports for spreading germs ID'd

Terrifying Corn Supply/Demand Situation Unfolding

Male contraceptive shows promise

Okay, so Clint Eastwood is endorsing Romney. Now it's time for *Dirty Harry* to fire back!

"Miss Me Yet?" (Not who you think)

Ann Coulter's going to be a guest on This Week with George Stephanopoulos Sunday

Lancaster County restaurant hasn't lost business since atheist's discrimination complaint, owner say

Strange Case going on in Brighton Colorado re:pit bull

An Eerie Photo Of Hong Kong Shrouded In The Worst Smog Ever Recorded There

Reagan recovery vs Obama recovery

PHOTOS: Same-Sex Couples Went To Chick-Fil-As Across The Nation To Stage A 'Kiss In'

Highway artwork depicting religious symbols to move forward

Matt Taibbi: When Did Sandy Weill Change His Mind About Too Big To Fail? And Why?

Keiser Report: Superstition Trading

Odd natal number for a president with such "Birth Certificate" issues



It’s so hot in Oklahoma that this squirrel melted

Bill Clinton in Minnesota today for HHH statue ceremony and dinner

Changing the World One Block at a Time

Kansas couple charged with lewd behavior at WalMart

Health Insurance Rebates Are Starting to Arrive!

Harry Reid, Mitt Romney trade sharper barbs over taxes

Big drop in stop-and-frisks by 'nervous' NY cops

Afghan parliament votes to remove key ministers

In First Presidential Debate, Mitt Romney Refuses To Admit His Name Is Mitt Romney

"Seems like whenever I get to liking someone, they ain't around for long."

Hello everyone

Clint Eastwood is not a chicken sandwich

6 Brands Playing Footsie with Conservatives and Paying the Price

Happy Birthday Mr. President Thread

SPOILER: My Greatest Olympian

Iran TV: 48 Iranians kidnapped in Syria

Ten Takeaways From Pennsylvania’s Voter ID Trial

Is the Faux network Mittens' tax preparer? (They say 8.3 = 15)

Hedge-Fund Chief’s Son Held in Death at Yellowstone Club

christians who use the bible to oppose gay marriage are bigots

The Fate of Julian Assange

Rachel Maddow: "Mitt Romney has a tell."

*Poss Spoilers* So I'm watching the Olympic tennis gold medal match and I realized...

California finds $119 million more in untapped funds

We have a Darwin Award Winner: Buliminic women brags she has no gag reflex, swallows knife.

I am watching an a** whopping..Olympic spoiler..

Since the VP and the POTUS cannot be from the same state, is this

Romney now a Windbagger. In Iowa, that is an Issue

This is why many DU teachers are so determined to fight education 'reform':

Late Sen. Byrd's FBI files reveal CIA leak uproar

Let's celebrate Clint Eastwood's endorsement of Romney

FLASHBACK: Romney Economic Advisers Predicted Bush Tax Cuts Would Lead To Huge Job Growth (updated)

Palestinians to renew U.N. statehood drive next month

New SuperPAC,, Smears President Obama For ‘Racism Against White Folks’

submissions close tomorrow

Tuna companies to pay $3.3 million to settle skimping claims

Just in case you missed Rachel last night

Japanese minister tries out Osprey plane at Pentagon

New Urban Ag Law Paves the Way for Growers in San Francisco

Recall Hand Count Audit suggests a Flip

Prank Egypt TV show exposes depth of Israel hostility

MY Presidential birthday wish: "Have have some fun, get some rest, prepare to FUCK Romney UP."

Recall Hand Count Audit suggests a Flip (WI)

India's economic growth hurt by lack of rain

Jeremy Hunt criticised for Rupert Murdoch Olympic 'meeting'

Help! I need a different cell phone plan.

"No one is going to listen to Romney until he comes clean."

Street Stops in New York Fall as Unease Over Tactic Grows

Tim Pawlenty faces tax return scrutiny as Romney VP choice nears

Did I miss Serena's medal ceremony??


Tax Returns Smoke Hides a Blazing Inferno of Romney Lies

Rachel Maddow - Romney caught in a lie on tax return demands


Gorilla asked for help in escaping...

A Hilarious 15 Year History Of Wall Street

Inside Story Americas - The US military scandal: A culture of rape?

FYI: John McCain got to see 23 years of Mitt's tax returns. American public an incomplete 2010

Two masterful strategic moves by a brilliant political operation.

Vast international child-porn network uncovered; a stuffed toy helped crack the case open

Lounge friends, a help request. RE my desire to write fiction for fun.

Today in Peace and Justice history on August 4, 1985

Cirque du Soleil's Billionaire Laliberté wasn't 'entirely' self-made...

Interesting Chart of Job Creation, 1937 -2009

Nate Silver's daily forecast. 8/4 President Obama 71% Romney 29% chance of winning.

Mitt's VP choice and tax returns

"Welcome, Dana. So Do You Know The Identity Of This Source?"

Cotton Pickin' Texans A Youtube Video Idea?

Stocks Surge After Jobs Report

It's called PUBLIC life for a reason, Mitt

Fox News knows Obama is good for business...theirs.

NYT: GOP Obstructionism Keeps Economy In A Rut

Romney campaign announces plans for a new gaffe app: OhMittNotAgain

"Prostidudes" coming to brothel near Reno.

The Hollow Man

I Have Nothing To Hide.....

Michael Tomasky on the (Possible) Coming Obama Landslide

Oscar Pistorius. I'd hit it.

Obama has 17% lead over Romney in Washington State (SurveyUSA)

Mark Clayton, Anti-Gay Lunatic, Gets Democratic Senate Nomination; Party denounces him

Kirk Douglas and his wife donate $50 million to charity

National day of same sex kiss Chick-fil-A photos

Everything is just coming down on me ..

Turkey retires 40 'coup plot' generals

Why Romney Insulted the Palestinians

Facebook being Flooded with GOP Spam Accounts - Rise of the FacePatriots?

Sex trafficking revolves around male dominance and financial profit.

If you are treated exceptionally well by someone in the service industry,

Survey of WI Republican leaders re: Romney taxes

Who are these Smiling Snapperheads?

{good grief} Wal-Mart Ensures Customers’ Voices Are Heard By Campaigns

Ryan Lochte's parents face foreclosure of Volusia County, Florida home

Regarding The Tea Party

Rachel Maddow - Romney demanded past opponents to release tax returns

MFM tried carpooling, got it wrong.

Romney's $360 Billion Problem (CNN)

Coffee Party Radio: Is Republican Budget Immoral Sat 12–2PM Central

What is this about Obama suing Ohio on voting by the military?

This week in the War on Women: What a great week to be a slut

Republican NJ assemblyman charged with writing bad checks - blames Obama & bad economy

Chick Protest Republicans Loved

"July was not a good month for Romney."

Usain Bolt .."Faster Than Lightening"

New PAC. Ad keeps Obama birth certificate theory alive

Going Underground

Greek police evict immigrants from Athens

Romney's Cruel Joke on the Middle Class

Congratulations to Cullen Jones

Did you know? Republicans and Democrats have a different God!

Ex-Idaho Sen. Craig: Bathroom trip official business

If it is possible to build a business without Government-

Romney tax plan on table. Debt collapses table.

Joe Conason: Chick-fil-A: Pigging Out On ‘Biblical Principles’

I've heard stories here, and in RL, about motorists harassing bicyclists.

Meddling for morality Republicans are for states’ rights—when it suits them

CIA drone strikes violate Pakistan's sovereignty, says senior diplomat

Super hi-res sunspot

Lounge inspirational message of the day

unbelievably frustrating shopping experience at Lowe's yesterday

2007 Congressional Wikipedia Vandal wins TN State House GOP Primary

The right way to leave a pube on the pisser

It's YOUR Birthday Barack Obama!

Did ya hear about the blonde who won a gold medal at the Olympics?

Airport security checkpoint fail

So buy, buy, American pie.

Not sure I'd want to stay here

Government and government regulations kill businesses and create poverty.

Ten Billion...

Can speech promoting bigotry, hatred or discrimination be classified as indecent or obscene?

John McCain!

We have rain! Sheets of it!

What would happen if Israel

Best Wishes, Mr. President!

Saturday, August 4th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

Bill increases restrictions on protests at soldiers’ funerals

What's wrong with labor?

"I'm Mitt Romney, and I approve these fucking lies"

Better than Common Core

NYC job market

Olympians Have No Lives (video)

Look for it

Two crops

The Business Plot v2. This time without exploiting vets as a private army.

I have a question about posting a link to my website

Damn it, ow ow ow...

Excelllent article here about the four kinds of conservatives.

Operation Rescue head blames Wichita DA for Tiller's murder

China, India Continue High Speed Rail Expansion Plans

How The Obama Campaign Is Spinning A Boring Report Into Campaign Gold

Stevie Wonder files for divorce


I think us poor, disenfranchise, ignored,.... are looking for our dignity.

Happy B-day to my grandson...and that other guy

Vast international child-porn network uncovered


I recently had a post hidden due to what was decided to be a "personal attack".

The Hobbit has a movie trailer just released!

From Mitt Romney's Facebook page:

It Struck a Chord

Coalition emerges against Union Pacific rail yard

How do you make Sweet Tea?

Take heart my friends.

Do all tetanus shots have a booster against whooping cough in them?

How much do you think Mitt Romney is worth?

Immigrants are Cash Cows for Private Prisons

New Obama Ad "Important" Attacks Romney on Planned Parenthood

The best article (I think) yet on what might be in Romney's tax returns

Grandson of President Truman lays wreath for Hiroshima dead

Tip for Kindle users. Turn off the wifi.

David Bowie - Heroes. BBC using for Olympics background music.

Could it be that the Mormon church is running a two tiered tithing system?

" can ask me anything."

This old Financial System is unacceptable - Capt. Ray Lewis

Quote that hits the nail on the head like few others

Holy shit, is there *really* this much stupid running around loose?

What are the pros & cons of taking the ACT/SAT as a Sophomore?

I've tired of this cliche: "Romney looks like a president"

Why Israel Should Withdraw From the West Bank—Now

Republican Congressman Compares Expanded Birth Control Access To September 11th, Pearl Harbor

Israel’s Fading Democracy

Israel losing international support, says British ambassador

Spoiler: Men's 4x100m Medley Relay

Olympics Sushi Soy Sauce Ban Outrages Japanese

Olympics Sushi Soy Sauce Ban Outrages Japanese

this thread from freeperville just devastates me-

This concern that Romney will somehow release his taxes in an October Surprise is just silly...

Syria divides the Arab left

Renaissance Fair Question

The perfect capitalist world of no government (toon)

Is it just me, or does NBC's national broadcast of Olympic programming seem to be unevenly focused

Michael Tomasky on the (Possible) Coming Obama Landslide (Daily Beast)

Did you hear? Romney is in the hospital for emergency oral surgery.

Post a Caption for this Photo.....

World Breastfeeding Week Sucks

Michele Bachmann joins board of Ann Arbor-based Christian activists

China, India Continue High Speed Rail Expansion Plans

The Week-End Economists go to the dogs.

Its payday......Boz Scaggs - Payday on NBC..late night good rcording

Romney: "we do not celebrate government" (Why does Mitt hate America?)

I Love America!!!

Matt Varilek is within one point of Kristi Noem

Meet Razia Jan, Afghan heroine.

Olympic Spoiler: Water polo....

May be poll-watching in Virginia on election day!

Conservative Christians in Georgia fear Satan is at hand

The Man Who Changed Iceland - The Message For Greece.

A very important video every woman should see

"Holy batshit, Batman!"

Kingsnorth: The new environmentalism: where men must act 'as gods' to save the planet

Biblical marriage made easy for conservatives

Olympic Gold Medals Are Made Mostly Of Silver And Copper!

Harry Reid says Romney is worth "a lot more" than $250 million

First day volunteering for the campaign - I registered 5 people to vote (Virginia)

Oklahoma is now in fact burning

To Texas Gulf Coasters

Mars Rover Approaching Red Planet

In northern Ohio, Obama ads effectively define Romney

51 Reasons To Vote For Barack Obama. A Birthday Photo Party.

Mathematicians find solution to biological building block puzzle

Wonderful blind quiz to give to the politically confused

who's your daddy?

Spoiler...Men's 10,000

Romney Smears Obama, Falsely Claims He Filed Lawsuit To Restrict Military Voting In Ohio

Catholic church leads rally against family planning in Philippines

Freepers discuss Mitt failing on the all-important Chick Fil A Appreciation

Question #2 - apartments NYC

Headphones for Cats!

Protesters aim to strike back at Chik-Fil-A madness by donating to food banks

Veterans’ Unemployment Falls To Lowest Level In More Than Three Years

Spoiler 100m female and I mean Spoiler

Speculation has it that Harry Reid's Source comes from within the Mormon Church...

New Obama ad hits Romney on reproductive rights

7 events: 4 gold, 1 bronze, 2 world records

Beware: Romney and The Right's New Lie: Obama Suing to Keep Soldiers from Voting (Update)

OK, how many R. Lee Ermey fans around here?

Ok well duh! but why are Hospitals all named after insurance company's these daze?

Farmers need kevlar lined tractor tires to counteract "spears" left by stumps of GMO crops

Spoiler: Women's 100m

They don't even know what the *bleep* they are supporting

RW Rag HotAir Destroys RW talking point that Obama is suing to keep military from voting

Repugs explained: (toon)

Look at this absolute bullshit being pedaled by a Freeper blogger.

This Chick Fil A poll could use a bit of DU Love....

Voters..listen to George Romney!!!

Yammouneh Rises: Hashish is Our Livelihood

Ezra Klein: Why Elections Matter, In One Graph

Whitherburo: superb analysis of Occupy, quite literally in a class of its own, for various reasons

Humor so often tells the biggest truths.

If Reid is guilty of McCarthyism, then Romney is guilty of Nixonism.

2000 Pontiac Montana - starting problem.

Pastor leaves pulpit, telling congregation he’s gay

TCM Schedule for Monday August 6- Summer Under the Stars: Van Heflin

Grandson of President Truman lays wreath for Hiroshima dead

my new Google website--problems and questions!

Romney: Obama trying to limit military voters’ rights, calls Ohio lawsuit ‘outrage’

Pakistan police suspended after parading naked couple

Olympic Spoiler: Men's 10000m marathon

Should this guy be competing in the able-bodied Olympics?

How Mitt Romney's Ohio ad featuring a "closed" Chevy dealership owner SHOULD backfire ...

Twitchy: Everyone (except Obama?) cheers Gabby Douglas’ Kellogg’s endorsement deal

Swiss-US Tax Amenesty Deal DID send someone to Jail

Slow-Motion Flaming Tennis is Awesome! (video)

Shell Game in the Arctic

Romney Smears Obama, Falsely Claims He Filed Lawsuit To Restrict Military Voting In Ohio

Conquering Poverty with Violins, in Venezuela and the World

Veterans’ Unemployment Falls To Lowest Level In More Than Three Years

OMG -- Rachel Maddow on MSNBC *SATURDAY* 5 PM CST !

(Lesbian) Toronto woman facing deportation to Uganda granted stay

Holy Shite look at fires in Oklahoma

romney's money man

A Bunch Of Wendy's Restaurants Put Up Signs That Say 'We Stand With Chick-Fil-A'

State Department and Pentagon Plan for Post-Assad Syria

My campaign is moving forward.

Gulf Coast fisheries affected by political fight~ Dump the expense on taxpayers to decom rigs .

Longtime lurker, first time poster

Sudan and South Sudan move towards ending oil row

If you let non-military people vote...

Fox News falsely implies Obama curtailing military voting in Ohio

Romney is out.

Yosemite's lost valley will be subject of vote (Hetch Hetchy)

Today's daycare lol...

Militia leader says conviction is God's punishment

Romney Stumps for Tea Party-Backed Senate Candidate Mourdock

Sarah Palin lunches in La Vista, NE with Fischer (R-NE US Senate candidate)

Clinton pledges US support to avoid bloodshed at Kenyan polls

4,000 march in 10th annual Jerusalem Pride Parade

The Real News: Major Banks Help Clients Hide Trillions in Offshore Tax Havens

"Romney's Heavy August" - Dan Balz WP

‘God Loving’ Conservative Sticks A Gun In The Face Of Liberals (IMAGE)

FOX News outdoes itself with biased, misleading graph.

This really needs to be made into a nationwide ad (Romney ignoring a dying person)

Register to vote question for Virginia

Romney attacks Obama in Indiana

Are Republican Super PAC Ads Going To Backfire?

Obama turns 51; plays golf, heads to Camp David

Greek Crisis: 120,000 Euros for a Champagne Bottle in Mykonos

"let's talk about THAT!"

The new extremists

Lollapalooza evacuated because of thunderstorm (estimated 100,000 fans)

You know who Mitt Romney looks like to me?

Chick-Fil-A Gay Haters Not Exactly Sure Why They Are Supporting Chick-Fil-A

Any steel guitar players on DU? I need advice

The Replacements '81 Kids Don't Follow

Hey, Bloomberg: Your police force is out of control. Cops Rough Up and Handcuff 15-Year-Old Girl

SNOPES Fact Check Romney Claim "Obama Restricting Military Voting in Ohio" FALSE

A year on, Tottenham still struggles to shake off the legacy of the riots

We don't need new laws for Twitter trolls, say police chiefs

"I'm not a racist. Some of my nieces are dark-skinned prietas.." PR rep insults First Family..

Obama camp: Romney's Ohio voting claim 'shameful'

NHS trusts 'breaking the law' by denying access to treatment

This is the gospel truth, I swear.

Who do you think will fare better in the election due to the "throw them all out" sentiment . . . .

Las Vegas Sands target of money-laundering investigation – report

Hudson Falcons - Free Lori

Afghan Officials Cite Revenge Killings in Latest Outbreak of Ethnic Hatred

Beauty salon - Philippines

Caption these kitties!

Mass grave in London reveals how volcano caused global catastrophe

What are you reading the week of August 5, 2012?

What's the next song you will listen to?

Washington’s culture of secrecy remains mostly intact

Remember "Space: 1999?"

Why couldn't this be an Obama song?

The President on religion...

The next 3 months are really going to suck. big time.

Congratulations to Serena Williams for the singles gold and go tomorrow in the women's doubles final

Today we got a sympathy card from our vet