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hey republicans, minorities can be assholes too!

Who here is really going to watch Mittens speech

New York friar blames youngsters who ‘seduce’ priests, coaches

Does Craig Romney look like Donny Osmond

I wonder when Chickens For Colonel Sanders are going to speak. nt

Rejoinder on Janesville auto plant: Republicans promised trickle-down worked!!

Is El Supremo now the New York Jests Owner???

Rolling Stones Plan First Shows Since 2007

So lemme understand this. Clint and Mitch are mutually parasitic? Is that about it?

Says it all.

If the RNC speakers are saying "We did build that!"...then next week the Dems must counter with...

The GOP platform.

Craig Romney Makes A Play For Hispanic Voters In Speech (updated)

Paul Ryan Sent Out 2008 Press Release On Decision To Close GM Plant

Jeb is giving his charter school sales pitch

Obama: seriously consider mobilizing a constitutional amendment process to overturn Citizens United

White Women: 51% for Romney… WTF?!?!

Did you all see this on GD?

South Plantation's Erin DiMeglio Breaks High School Barriers as Girl QB

Hey Jeb, your brother did NOT keep America safe. 9/11 happened on his watch!

From Here to Anonymity (RNC 2012, Wednesday)

Is Jeb Bush pitching brother Marvin's

I'M... H-O-M-M-M-M-M-E!!!!!!

Jeb Bush sure knows how to cherry pick from data...

Take a look at your browser searches....

for those who can't handle visual RNC - here is the Mittscript

Anyone know if their is a montage of Dubya blaming Clinton for everything for 8 years???

Miami Dolphins plane clips another at Dallas airport

Did Brit Hume say "word salad" while Sarah Palin was droning on after Ann Romney's speech?

I'm sorry to share this, but it really pissed me off

Pssst Jeb you brother's name is George

I Accept The Nomination Of My Parties...

President in Charlottsville VA sometimes they just make things up

Jeb has forgotten

Al Sharpton is a very intelligent, sophisticated, well informed man with whom I generally agree.

Lemon Boy tomato growers... ever grow a plant that produces orange fruit?

What a sexist... (I want to say ***** but I'll take the high road)...piece of crap.

Fuck Clint Eastwood

Whoever runs the ACM channel has a great sense of humor - guess what's on tonite?

Popular stuffed toy named after a president?

Really, Mitt? Health of the Mother???

Texas man fractures penis after taking sex pill

Sen. Lindsey Graham Says Republicans ‘Not Generating Enough Angry White Guys

Are they seriously gonna trot out...

Mitt: "My mom and dad were true partners, a life lesson that shaped me"

Hopefully, this guy puts the audience asleep before Rmoney...

The White Horse Prophet or the Kenyan Muslim?

Mike Thompson toon on the new mileage standards

Grant Bennett keeps stopping his speech and waits for applause.

Mitt's Family Feud!

Grant Bennett

Ryan Launches Campaign Theme of Lying About Everything

Only 113 days till the end of the world. Where's the gnashing of teeth?

War's Aftermath ~ Moral Injury

What's this? The Lawrence Welk fan club?

How Republicans Sabotaged the Recovery

I'm a huge fan of music: What bother's me about the RNC's House Band

Pentagon may take legal action against SEAL author

Reagan hologram at the RNC convention - they really were considering it!

People on the GOP podium stating they have been helped by Mitt Romney

is mitt going to come out and show the other eleven tax returns on live teevee?????

Most dishonest Convention Speech Ever? - MediaMatters

going full monty in mcminnville or.

"Bob White is a former partner of Bain Capital and Romney adviser"

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Duck and Cover & a new kitty gif

Staples created ZERO jobs. All they did was kill the mom & pop stores that did the same thing.

I keep reading people say "this is why we can't have nice things (at DU)"

Ecuadorean journalist granted asylum in Miami

Few working at Staples make a living wage.

Jeb Bush To Obama: Stop Picking On My Brother

Britain says no solution in sight to standoff with Ecuador over WikiLeaks founder Assange

When I was Resource NCO, I never shopped at Staples

Obama Campaign Shreds ‘Lies’ in Ryan Speech (from ABC, no less)

Who here has worked for now-dead major computer companies?

Slate's Fred Kaplan: Condoleezza Rice Has a Lot of Nerve

women who love republicans who hate them

"Staples founder Tom Stemberg has warned of the grave threat to economy"

Their VC argument: Banks finance mortgages, so it's all good

Jeb Bush line about whether you want to help kids or unions

*** RNC Thread #2 (rMoney, Inc.) ***

People just aren't that into Ryan

Clint Eastwood. Huh?

David Koch breaks from GOP on gay marriage, taxes, defense cuts

Don't see that this has been posted, sorry if it's a dupe. Excellent interview

Hey Mitt, If you were so great for MA...

If you post a reply without a subject, why doesn't the post carry to the "you need a subject" page?

Move over Death Panels... the Lactation Chambers have arrived!!

Hot at the mall this week.

On nights like this I really miss Molly Ivins

"Mitt hired some women..." Raise arms over head...

"The Speech: The Huge Lie" by Andrew Sullivan at the Daily Beast

Mitt Romney Campaign Bans Small Vendors From Republican National Convention

ThinkProgress:John and Abigail Adams scholarship fund, supported by state funds

fantasy women of the gop

"Healey ends her review of Romney’s record as governor of Massachusetts"

"Do you feel lucky, punk?"

"The Republican War Against Voters"

Taking it to the streets in a banker's suit. Wall street anthem.

the bushwomen--they're back

Brilliant plan for tonight ahead of Romney's speech

Local Army Generals and Veterans denounce Josh Mandel for calling Sherrod Brown's vote "un-American.

Vent about political posts on Facebook

what was the real reason Romney..............

"The Salt Lake City Olympics that Romney ran received $1.5 billion in government funds"

Paul "Ryan Sent Out A Press Release Announcing GM Plant Closing Oct 2008"

Seven kids with five women?

Well, It's on in 10 minutes (give or take). Who's with me in NOT watching the festival of lies?

I had to dip my foot in the cesspool...Fox News!

Software Meant to Fight Crime Is Used to Spy on Dissidents

Klein: Romney's budget 'is not a viable one'

Criminal complaint filed against officials who allowed promotion of dirty general .

I did raise 5 kids as a Working Mom


"YOU PEOPLE" need to turn to faux news and look at my story dammit!!!

Has Journey started performing yet?

With All The Excitement Of The RNC Convention Let's Not Forget About....

Anyone seen Inglorious Bastards? Is it worth the violence? I just started watching it

Try -- just TRY -- to get a comment posted on the Jeff Greenfield et. al. Yahoo "talk."

Thie is ONE AWESOME Music Youtube Channel!!!!

This bio is more boring than Mitt himself.

Rmoney speech yawn....

"Refugees from a revolution"? Really?

Time to turn off CBS so I don't have to listen to Scott Pelley

Good point:

Chris Matthews: Romney campaign video a "complete failure"

That is some wild hair Clint has...

akin flap undermines privacy rights for ALL women

Missouri GOP Delegate Dressed as Lincoln: Brutal Rapes vs. "Rape of Girl or Lady Who’s Inebriated"

Phooey, I dropped one of my special pills, wanna help me find it?

What on earth is this old fart rambling about?

Why Everyone Should Be in a Union

Is it just me, or is Clint Eastwood doing some rambling, embarassing shit?

Here's a guess: Clint's not using a Teleprompter


Wait, I thought the GOP was "anti-Hollywood"

If Yahoo! is any indication, we're fucked.

Child Abuse?

For such a supposed great actor

Apparently Clint was unable to attend and they booked Grandpa Simpson instead. This is SAD shit.

Defence: US shooting suspect tried to call university psychiatrist 9 minutes before attack


It's PRESIDENT Obama, Mr. Eastwood

I can hardly believe how incompetent Clint Eastwood's speech is.

this is painful

An empty chair, this is embarrassing

This stuff about Romney is like "The Three Stooges" wallpapering.

Did they go out of their way to find a brown chair to play the part of President Obama?

Somebody get the HOOK!

Good Lord Does Eastwood have alzheimers?

7 kids from 5 different woman (marriages, affairs, live in lovers)

Clint Eastwood "Attorneys Don't Make Good Presidents"

Awesome Special Guest GOP

Clint Eastwood. Epic Fail.

I'll never look at "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" the same way again

Omg, Omg, Omg. That poor dementia-ridden man on stage speaking to an empty chair for Romney

"Romney saying he fell in love with America by visiting national parks."

A businessman?

Is Clint Eastwood punking the Republicans?

America, Mitt, the baseball glove President, really, really?

"I don't say that word anymore" WFT word is he talking about

Well, that made my day.

*** RNC Thread #3 (rMoney on now) ***

Rachel was speechless. n/t

LOL. Rachel is literally speechless.

Bain attacks from within the GOP

Sad to see Clint Eastwood in such decline.

is Eastwood stoned?

Dear Mr. President: After Paul Ryan's speech, can you find ANY reasoning with those people?

Performance art, anybody?

I take it Clint Eastwood gave a really embarrassing speech tonight?

Wish i was watching the RNC Now, the Clint Speech Comments are Hilarious

BTW Romney does have a law degree, just saying

For once, Mrs. Greenspan is right.

Once again, Rachel Maddow speaks for me

Now I know why they didn't need Sarah Palin. Clint Eastwood!

Did Rubio just declare war on Cuba?? Sure sounded like it. nt

Marco Rubio . . . . Calls for . . . . What? . . . . . Invading Cuba?

Rachel: "That was the weirdest thing I have ever seen at a political convention..."

Uh, Clint, Romney is an attorney too

anybody remember how to fix firefox spellcheck to work in the subject line?

That man use to be

Team Romney just guaranteed tomorrow's headlines will be about how bizarre Eastwood was.

Mr. Eastwood, that was Fucking Pathetic.

Clint Eastwood: It almost has a Palinesque feel to it.

this convention will go down as the worst of all time

Well. That was bizarre. What was Clint trying to say?

F-U-C-K Y-O-U, RUBIO! Who the fuck are you to assure us that Obama's "not a bad person?"

So now an EMPTY SUIT will be following an EMPTY CHAIR?


Rubio stuipido at it again. Lying his ass about the facts just like Ryan.

Rubio looks like Richard from the old Patty Duke show.

I was taking a shit when Eastwood was speaking, but it sounded like he lost his mind.

Well, that was rather crude, Clint.

Give 'em bullshit, Harry

I've had a GREAT Week! I haven't watched one Second of the Right Wing Circle Jerk...

the pre-season game was over, so I switched channels to Clint Eastwood

Axelrod: What the heck IS this?

Montgomery County Board Members speak on Husted's voter suppression tactics

The most ridiculous thing about having C E speaking at a national

Yep I am feeling better 4 more years

Rubio you scumbag. Savings if wiped out were done under Bush.

If you don't want to watch the bullshit convention...

How can Mitt top Clint?

A Reagan hologram would have been better than Clint

LAPD Commander Removed In Probe Of Rough Arrest

What percentage of our counterparts will watch the Democratic Party convention?

rubio's just not very good

Why are the republicans working so hard on the failure to launch vote?

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz n/t

You all MUST look at the Twitter feed on Eastwood, it's hilarious

Has anyone heard any solutions discussed at the GOP convention. All I've heard is

I feel like that guy in the movie "Airplane"

Invisible Obama

Republicans really are obsessed with 'Making the Big Time'... it's kind of warped.

#Clint is trending on Twitter, and the tweets aren't kind

Holy shit, this is the cure for insomnia

"My question is..."

Hey look, Romney's small lead in a poll is not "essentially tied"

These Republican speakers have no novel ideas. It is a big zzzzzzzfest!

I've had a GREAT Week! I haven't watched one Second of the Right Wing Circle Jerk...

Eastwood's speech on youtube.

Mitt coming right up. Got my body condom on.

heeeeeeeeeeeeere's MISTER STIFF!!!!

It's like Ed Sullivan working the crowd.

Mitt's supporters are really trying to stampede to him so they can shake his hands.

I wish Hunter S. Thompson was still around to see this farce.

And here comes Mitch.

Best Clint Eastwood tweet ~

I think I saw the GOP coach furiously signalling for a timeout.

Did the 'birther' lie give Romney a blueprint for all his other blatant lies?

Murray Energy Sues WV Newspaper, Reporter for Libel (Romney Coal Miners)

Backstage somewhere, Clint Eastwood is yelling at people for almost sitting on Invisible Obama.

Sappy sentiments, worn out clichés, empty platitudes...

This will be the last speech of the shindig. I'm struck by how many "Vote For Me in 2016" speeches

Oops, Rubio "more government instead of more freedom"

"Oh, no, don't touch me!" Did he say that? n/t

Mitt is up - right now.

someone said "no no dont touch me" ???

Clint Eastwood's estimated net worth: GUESS.

Clint wasn't talking with Pres.Obama-

Umm did Rubio just credit teachers and others for success?

Mitt's ENTRANCE....WTF? He looks like he's on tranquilizers!!!

Most bizarre convention ever.

My wife would like to say about the Eastwood speech...

Clint Eastwood Delivers Bizarre, Rambling Speech To Empty Chair

Past 10:30 PM eastern time and Romney is not on yet?

Did they hire SNL or Colbert to put on this convention???

Rubio is clueless.

This the one video the DNC needs to air at next weeks Convention...

So now that the GOP says that the "Hollywood Elite" is okay, can we PLEASE have George Clooney?

Hey robo-log is up on the stage right now accepting the Koch brothers/Karl Rove

#clint on Twitter is pretty good

Who will be more reliable Mitt Romney or Barack Obama

Packing them in for Romney:

Mitt just gave someone a terrorist fist bump !!!

Romney likes the way Ryan lights up in the presence of his children

Invisible Obama has over 14,000 followers

No Charges Filed on Harsh Tactics Used by the C.I.A.

Stephanie Cutter on Clint's speech

Romney's speech sounds slurred

Invisible Obama is peeing on RMoneys leg!

Somewhere backstage, Clint Eastwood is still talking to that chair

Everyone is going to be talking about Clint, not Mitt, tomorrow...

Romney's eyes seem bloodshot.

Mexico electoral judges reject challenge to Pena Nieto vote win

Clint Eastwood knocked out a coat rack for hating Every Which Way But Loose. n/t

$5 says Eastwood comes back on stage during Mitt's speech, does a Kanye West, grabs the mic and...

The Paulites are shouting ha ha ha

Someone just yelled “No no no don’t touch me,” as Romney shook hands on his wa

Picture of Eastwood this evening talking...

This is supposed to be super-dooper Hollywood staging?

Mitt is summarizing the dangers of Capitalism.

Invisible Obama just smacked Mitt Romney in the mouth...

I'm missing Boehner, Cantor, McConnell and all the rest of the GOP congress

Don't touch me is trending.

Greg Mitchell: Clint's chair needling Romney from off-stage: "You're more wooden than I am."

ABC News: Mormons baptized Obama's deceased mother in June of 2008

I'm shocked by how poorly written and incoherent this speech is. O-O

So the big surprise speaker was Clint Eastwood talking to an empty chair?

Romney buys hashtags, diverts twitter feeds to GOP page

Their screeching about the DEBT is what gets to me most.


Mitt: Now with moar platitudes!

Are there only four sons and their wives sitting with Queen Ann?

Is anyone else annoyed by the syrupy condescension in Romney's voice?

'Love' Mitt is just creepy

Breaking news....

Mitt: The most uninteresting man in the world

Did Aaron Sorkin write the beginning of Romney's speech?

Stern-faced Romney aides winced at times as Eastwood's remarks stretched on.

Where's his polices?

I have been drinking, but what I have seen is an unmitigated...

Ann doesn't get kudos for raising 5 boys...

"Americans always come together after elections" - what a bold-face LIE from the Mittster

who else cant pay attention to Mitt because you are still in shock over Clint?

America - It's that special feeling

Mitt's at the "Bain American Success Stories" portion of his speech

Hey WiLLIARd where are your fucking

That was the weirdest damn thing I have ever witnessed... I'm not sure Clint Eastwood has alll his

I swear to god that Romney is an animatronic figure

Here's the Clint Eastwood RNC Full "speech", Talks to Invisible Obama

Rep. Says Romney Team Making Lists of Dems They Could Work With in Obama Lame Duck

Earlier today I said there should be a drinking game with Mitt's speech...

I had to bail on Mitt after his "rose story"

I AM better off than I was four years ago.

Could be game set match for President Obama


@InvisibleObama on Twitter has more than 20,000 followers already.

So is Mitt Romney going to leverage tax money to buy out companies??

"Someone just yelled 'No no no don’t touch me,' as Romney shook hands on his way to the podium.'

GOP Seeks to Replace Romney with Eastwood

The page I want to seen turned unlike Romney talks about

Sally Kohn is not Fox News

Breaking News:

Oh no he didn't!

Odds of Eastwood parody on SNL?

Semitic Anti-Semitism

Romney: "You need an American." Was that a birther joke????

This Saturday's SNL opener was written tonight. Bill Hader will be the lead as . . . . .

Bill Maher Thought The RNC Mystery Speaker Was Gonna Be George Zimmerman

Code Pink Protesters Just Interrupted Mitt Romney's Convention Speech

Just who is the Republican Convention appealing to?

Quick, how many conservative actors or actresses can you name?

Why do we need more trade agreements?

Okay, I must have missed it; what EXACTLY has Mitt Romney promised to do?

this is pandering on a grand scale.....grand scale

I guess he has a secret plan for the Economy? Same as McCain's

Do you think the RNC folks wish they had done hologram Reagan now? n/t

watching the convention, in my mind I keep hearing this

republicans are laughing at climate change....hear that bobby jindal?????

Yeah, fuck the planet.

Is this "The GOP Convention" or "The Lie Convention?" n/t

*snort* Rmoney says he will repeal Obamacare and replace it with Romneycare!

Say what? Romney says Obama promised to slow the rise of the oceans.

Did I hear it right? Did Romney really say he would guarantee Freedom of Religion?

"Romney says we should 'put aside the divisiveness and the recriminations.'"

Transcript: my only Fox post but this is a classic Clint Eastwood talking to a chair

Bill Maher just tweeted "Who can type fast enough to keep up with all the lies? "

"To heal the planet my promise is to help you and your family!"

does any other country spew such jingoistic scary nationalism?

I wish Anonymous had hacked the background displays for Rmoney's speech.

FUCK the environment! Yeah! Fucking planet! USA!! USA!! USA!!

Mitt says he wants to help us. How, Mitt? How? Be specific.

Caption Clint

This is becoming the Birther convention

I know I haven't posted in a quite a while, but I sincerely invite you to like this facebook page.

Aren't we there yet? Isn't this supposed to be over by now?

Romney banging the Iran war drums, promising to show Putin his "backbone"...

'Obama promised to slow the raising of the oceans <sly lip bite>.....

Rise for the judge? It's religious freedom, says Muslim defendant; Chaos could arise, says prosecuto

As a kid, what are the DUMBEST things a friend or classmate ever said to you?

Did the 'birther' lie give Romney a blueprint for all his other blatant lies?

I just heard sabers rattle....

Ahh. Now the Nuclear threat of Iran.

Man, Jon Stewart eviscerated Ryan...


"You Gotta Admit, Romney's Speech Was Great" coming in 3...2...1...

Please Gawd let it be over! nt

I'm expecting the podium to start rising up in the air! WIth loud blaring organ music to start! n/t

Does it sound like he wants his church to take over the world?

Thank God it's over. My ears hurt. My brain hurts.

Seriously that was pathetic

When a naturally bland man tries to act inspiring, he comes off as crazed.

It's over. Thank God, it's over.

Raise Your Hand If You're NOT Better Off Than You Were 4 Years Ago

Man says he's had enough and kills McDonalds

These united states

Let me sum up Mitt's speech...

Re: followup to DNC Closing speech

Good choice of music "Living In America" sung by James Brown....who is dead....and

Marco Rubio Gaffe: Government Over More Freedom at RNC Speech

What letter grade do you give Mitt the Twit?

the word "lie"

That was it?? A weak string of lies, distortions, half-truths, and homilies?

DAMN mitt didn't show his fucking tax returns tonight!!!!

OK...The calls for rebooting the Cold War and saber rattling with Russia

Clint Eastwood's Throat-Slicing Moment at the 2012 Republican National Convention

Shell gets OK for Arctic drilling prep

Understated Romney speech

Matthews taking Rmoney apart.

I Wish These Elitist, Hollywood Fat Cats Would Just Keep Their Damn Opinions To Themselves

Obama Camp On Eastwood: ‘Referring All Questions On This To Salvador Dali’

Mitt's certainly acting like a guy who fully expects

Um, what were those strange things on either side of Mitt Romney's podium?

I'm just going to be honest about his speech.

Some of Mitt's speech sounds familiar...hmmm...

"Hats off to Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan..."

I am feeling so much dumber after tonight.


It came to me what Clint Eastwood reminded me of tonight

Invisible Obama wins the night!

Some NPR stations playing classical or jazz instead of the convention

Putin? Did Rmoney mention Putin?

"We'll run a crazy convention -- then Mitt will look good in comparison!"

Bottle of wine later...I heart our iPOTUS..

Has anyone else ever set up a balloon drop?

America "will preserve a military that is so strong, no nation would ever dare to test it"

Now that he's done speaking,

Aww, they're singing "GOD BLESS AMERICA"...

Okay, that's genuinely funny and actually endearing . . . .

Eastwood on the phone with Obama...

Don't forget, we still have Cardinal Timothy (you don't have any evidence on me) Dolan...

Rachel Maddow: Clint Eastwood RNC Speech Was 'The Weirdest Thing I Have Ever Seen


Kinda dumb to be mocking environmentalists while folks in Louisiana

Vote on Romney's Speech

We need to break this fucker across our knee. But good.

question about canadian graves/cemeteries

Ok I'm late to the party tonight, but you guys are killing me w/ Clint & his chair.

I have to admit that last night I was a little down, but after tonight I'm feeling GOOD

Concealed Weapon permit holder on school property...

I'll take the empty chair over Romeny...any day.

What other mistakes will the Romney campaign make besides Clint Eastwood?

After That Awesome Speech - Changed My Vote to Romney

Obama Camp On Eastwood: ‘Referring All Questions On This To Salvador Dali’

A word about families

Did Mitt use the F word? Maddow's crowd just made a reference to that?

Well shit, Clint Eastwood is now outside the convention center fighting with a hydrant.

Notes on Romney's Speech

I missed the Eastwood moment,

Maddow: Eastwood Speech Was 'The Weirdest Thing I Have Ever Seen At A Political Convention' (VIDEO)

"Those who do not know their history are doomed to relive it"

"I thought this was a Cold War speech, and I thought it was bad for the country."

New Poll Has Akin Ahead of McCaskill

Michael Moore Predicts 'President Romney' in November

Exclusive photos from the GOP convention floor

California legislature passes overtime pay, meal and rest breaks for domestic workers (nannies,etc.)

The buzz tonight and tomorrow will not be Romney, it will be Eastwood.

Sorry, this function is disabled due to the site currently experiencing high traffic. Please try aga

what are some the days you felt best about having voted for Obama?

8 beers Americans no longer drink

Did Romney really believe he had to convince America that he loves his family?

A great labor post in GD by louis_c

Has the cold war been resurrected?

Pic Of The Moment: The Biggest Speech Of Mitt Romney's Political Career

What is up with the flag pins with holes in them?

And now predicting steaming piles that pollsters will be delivered in the next 48 hours.

Now they are playing James Brown

We just didn't understand what "Mystery Speaker" meant

Bob Newhart: "I heard that Clint Eastwood was channeling me at the RNC."

Mitt Romney did manage to prove one thing --

New Romney slogan based on "We Can Do Better"

New repubican logo

Steve Schmidt is delusional

George Romney was fed by the U.S. government

Paul Ryan reacts to Clint Eastwood's speech

I missed Romneys speech. Did he say anything that

So I'm browsing Reddit

For those of you sick of the pukefest in Tampa....

I just thought of a sure way for Obama to win!

After carefully scanning the throngs of Mitt groupies, it has

Did anyone else see the woman in the background in the Romney video?

The big 'gag moment' in Romney's speech

Talking about vetting, the 2016 GOP candidate, Jeb Bush Nazi Family History has never been...

Next stop The Democratic National Convention!! Sanity is just around the corner!!

Clint's hair?

Jeb Bush to Obama: stop blaming my brother for “your failed economic policies”

Did Romney Get His "Game Changer"

As a huge critic of this Administration, watching the RNC debacle is an excellent reminder...

Help, please: 2016: Obama's America.

I hate to tell you this now-But I gotta point out we are NEVER going to regain a strong middle class

Let's see, you have one $9 an hour job at Staples, and the other one is at.....

You Have To Give The GOP This...

I disagree with it, but I seriously think this line could be very effective

Just the bleeping crazy Olympics

The United States has been directly attacked by other nations...TWICE in its entire history.

Robbeme gets credit, because he was better than expected.

Rmoney has had his day

Is it possible Clint Eastwood purposefully sabotaged Romney's speech?

US welcomes extradition of Guatemala ex-president

US welcomes extradition of Guatemala ex-president

Rmoney and Rayn absolutely must be curbstomped.

Al Gore Calls for End of Electoral College

It's trivial, I know, but I think that pin on Ann's jacket would pay for a semester's tuition at

According To The Latest Polls...............

The US was a great host for the Republican Natonal Convention

OK. Romney sold me... I miss the cold war, let's bring it back.

Whatever you can do, do it without ceasing.

"Romney: My one page plan will create 12 million jobs" by Greg Sargent

Romney? Or empty chair?

Reagan hologram is real, was planned for RNC debut

So Romney mocks sea rise while New Orleans is drowning....

Choosing Government Over Freedom

I can say, with relief, worst Convention since 1968

"I am, I no one there. And no one heard at all, not even the chair."

After Tonight even Mitt Romney will vote for President Obama

Check out #eastwooding on twitter. Have fun (nt)

Fuck these people.

Clint's Throat-slashing moment....

Well one thing is for certain, no more SURPRISES for the rest of the Romney campaign

So, who's still nervous about November?

Empty Chair vs Empty Suit '12

"I am an Invisible Man" -- Ralph Ellison

how's this for another climate change joke, mr romney?

Here is reality. I went with my friend to pick up her 4 prescriptions today.

Seth Meyers | Props to Clint. 82 Years Old and Putting Twitter Over Capacity"

The Democratic Convention

Jon Stewart Blasts ‘Truth-Teller’ Paul Ryan For Inaccuracies In VP Acceptance Speech


Tweety should never interview comics.

The 5 Biggest Lies In Mitt Romney’s RNC Acceptance Speech

Just for the Historical Record

I listened to Romney's speech so you didn't have to.

Since Romney and Ryan want to play loose with the facts

Tiny Pacific island nations create world's largest marine parks

So, I was at a football game and missed the speech...

Partial list of Democratic convention speakers released

Massive Oil Find in Mexico's Deep Waters

Line after line fell flat

For A Better America…

Susan B. Anthony List is running this bizzare TV ad in Missouri on "abortion survival"

Did you know there is a hammer and sickle ascii character: &#9773;

LOL! Obama's campaign just tweeted: "This seat's taken."

Mr. Romney Reinvents History.

"This Seat's Taken"

This Seats Taken

In case you weren't about sure what you saw…

Old Man Yells at Chair

Rethugs are the greatest threat this planet faces.

Tweet from President Obama: This seat's taken.

Full text of clint eastwood's...performance.

Did Clint Eastwood bomb at Romney's convention? (Nice to the point article)

Now that the GOP finalized it, When will the shit hit the Mitt?

Will anyone be fired for the clearly piss poor planning around the Eastwood thing?

Mr. Eastwood is no therapist but maybe he got inspired by this...

Shit Beliebers say: Yeah, I'm a Belieber! Fuck you guys!


Here come the Cylons!

So, has Mitt successfully worked past the taxes issue?

Clint Debates Imaginary Obama and Loses

Clint Eastwood's Chair Speaks...

Brazil Enacts Affirmative Action Law for Universities

Brazil Enacts Affirmative Action Law for Universities

"We all have it coming, kid."

Clint the Bunny with the Pancake on his Head

The time spent on Romney's biography was a waste. That was supposed to be their main goal

So is Mitt going to debate against an empty chair?

kos at Daily Kos: RNC nightcap (Clint Eastwood and nothing else mattered)

Obama Responds To Clint Eastwood’s Speech (PHOTO)

Now the moran is selling guinea pigs

"Has debate with imaginary Obama. Loses."

Justice Department sued for hiding secret NSA surveillance program

Harvard University probes plagiarism outbreak involving 125 students

Never trust your future to anyone who uses "guffaw" in "normal" conversation

Thank you Obamacare!! Thank you President Obama

What are the freepers saying about Clint

NYT vid version cuts from Clint b4 he makes throat-slashing gesture when saying US should fire Obama

Screw Clint. I have a better Hollywood surrogate.

I've one thing to say regarding Clint Eastwood and Romney.

Stories about Romney's concern for fellow Mormons Melissa Gay and David Oparowski were nice, but ...


Only Romney can be upstaged by and empty chair . . .

Did Clint Eastwood lose the plot at Romney's convention?

Ed Schultz: Eastwooding after a long night of coverage

Ann Coulter: Unemployed young people "all voted for Obama"

It's official--Clint went OFF SCRIPT!

Well Mitt was hoping Clint would be a coup and now it overshadowed his night...

Daily Show Exclusive Preview: Romney - A Human Being Who Built That

First an empty chair, then an empty suit

I gotta ask....


We'll see who is the intellect when Biden debates Lyin' Ryan.

#Eastwooding MrScorpio style!

Belly up to the bar MIRT team, I'm buying you all a drink!

Maddow: Tea Party group will use whites to question black voters

Natalie Changes Channel. Obama/Biden 2012 !!

Eastwooding is the next new fad.

Black Rock City: Eastwood Back At Burning Man After Brief Absence

Jesus Whips the RMoney-Changers Out of the Temple

Witstream's Comedians created a special page just for Clint Eastwood tonight

'So, it looks like they're going to have Clint Eastwood on stage talking to a chair'

Looking forward to the DNC...

Tweet: Ari Fleischer says Eastwood had a script but threw it out prior to speaking

Clint Eastwood

The Invisible Man, not an empty chair

Mike Huckabee, Changed from Christian to Rommormon

Chicago teacher pal preparing to go on strike asks for advice. Please add to my reply.

Jimmy Thackery and the Drivers - "Solid Ice"

How did Sarah say IT?????

Maybe they put Clint on to make Romney look good...

Harvard’s ‘Introduction To Congress’ Class Full Of Suspected Cheaters

Paul Ryan's entire resume before going to Congress was as driver of WEINERMOBILE

Official Portrait Of The NEW GOP Ticket!

Invasion of the Paul Ryan Memes, #675645789

Please pass this link around

Shell gets OK for Arctic drilling

The Simpsons just got the headline on Clint

Two more attendees removed from RNC....

Self sufficient by 2020 numbers don't add up

Toon - Balloon drop at the RNC Convention

Vote For Clint As RNC's Best Speaker

Putting the wit in Twitter: Tweets on tonight's RNC

U.S. Arms Sales Make Up Most of Global Market

Humanize This!

Eastwood fail, the Ryan blunders... and they STILL can't lose

Got it! Clint Eastwood is promoting his new movie that is coming out soon,

RMoney from Bane

RMoney's 12 Million Jobs

Clint on presidential machismo...

70,000 Troops in Afghanistan and Romney FAILS to acknowledge them....But calls for MORE WARS

Robin Roberts mother passed.

Was Clint Eastwood the mystery guest or


Eastwood was vilified by GOP for the Super Bowl ad he made for Chrysler. Tonight was his penance....

Clint made Newt and Calissa look brilliant

Can we keep this thread near the top for DUers stuck in Isaac to check in?

WE OWN THIS COUNTRY. Thank you Clint for speaking the truth...

It's a disgrace that we live in a time when you can publicly...

RNC nightcap (Clint Eastwood and nothing else mattered)

Just like Camp Meeting! and other historic mistakes...

Romney shows his emotions in acceptance speech

US man admits China spy attempt

Many say conventions are outdated, but GOP activists still think party got a boost

They should have booked crazy "He's an Arab" lady

Anyone Else Here Who Would Have Loved To See in Realtime the faces of?

That Harvard political science cheating scandal? Not a problem for politicians allied with ALEC.

Ryan took Ann's Advice and Unzipped Mitt

How can they be trusted to handle the White House if they can't even handle one of these?

RMoney explained his beliefs

Paul rAyn Strikes back

Eastwood summed up in a 4 line tweet

Feds say ‘fracking’ OK in Wayne National Forest

Plutocrats Against Progress

Sandhill cranes

if you have nothing to do, Burning Man cam is going on this week

EASTWOOD not bizarre/senile; RYAN & RUBIO are twerps; and Mittens' human parents & women

Honey Boo-Boo Ratings Top Repuke National Convention

Mitt said that growing up, "To be an American was to assume that all things were possible."

Oh Really Mr. Reptilian Republican?

Wow...even Rory McElroy is a better QB than Sanchez and Teblow...

Goodbye, Liberty! 10 Ways Americans Are No Longer Free

By Bill Moyers, Bernard Weisberger: Where Is the Outrage over Money in Politics?

DNC going head to head with Cowboys/Giants

I Had a Terrifying Illegal Abortion -- That's Why I Will Always Fight for Legal, Safe Access

Five LAPD officers under investigation in death of woman




Anyone Catch Leonard Nimoy's tribute to Mitt on The Daily Show?

Rachel Maddow Left Speechless Over Clint Eastwood's Speech at RNC

You know Clint did say something good not too long ago.

To get anything done you have to be a real American...

OK DU'ers I didn't watch ANY of the rethug Convention what's all the Clint Eastwood talk


Clint Eastwood Pretended Obama Was A Chair In The Most Bizarre, Incredible Speech Of The Convention

An image: Clint Eastwood's chair for president

Why Inequality Is The Biggest Economic Threat To America

Harvard investigating dozens for possible cheating, including plagiarizing, sharing answers

They would have been better off with the Reagan hologram

Nate Silver: Obama has a 71.6% chance of winning in November

the only commercial team Obama needs should say this.

A Recap of the RNC. (AKA "Profiles in Clownage")

LA Police Captain Loses His Command Over Body Slammed Nurse

mitt, I'll vote for you for $50,000

Clint Eastwood can talk to as many chairs as he likes. Mitt Romney is still going to lose

Former insurance CEO explains why voucherizing Medicare is a shitty idea

BREAKING: Shooting at Pathmark in Old Bridge, NJ

Five LAPD officers under investigation in death of woman (stomped on her genitals)

David Sirota: The Climate Bites Back

Food prices jump will hit poor, World Bank warns {up 10%}

Who would you choose as a "Mystery Speaker" for our convention?

Active pensioners 'add six years'

'Nano pit' technique to extend life of hip replacements

Hurricane Isaac 'drove Mississippi River backwards'

DNA of girl from Denisova cave gives up genetic secrets

Craig Romney: "two immigrants -- my grandfathers -- who came to this country... "

Gene Robinson on GOP lies

NY Priest "Apologizes" for Saying Children are Often the "Seducer"

Publisher offers to pay black Hawaiians for copies of birth certificates

Two people who performed last night that should have stayed home

The trouble with atheists: a defence of faith

Widespread Anti-LGBT Bigotry in State GOP Platforms

This mornings Plante 'toon in the Tulsa World

Romney says 2002 US Olympic athletes didn't earn their medals all by themselves

'Spineless' animals under threat of extinction

"My grandfather immigrated to this country from Mexico" LIE

Romney promises to create 250,000 jobs a month

Ignored the Speech last night. Heard "excerpts" on NPR this morning.

Imagine. What would Faux News, Drudge, etc. be saying?

DU CNN Poll.Does MR speech make you less

When told of priest who had nude pics, bishop said "Boys will be boys"

Tony Auth: 'We Built This"

Perhaps Clint should have brought Clyde with him last evening.

Tom Toles: 'Check and Mate'

Clint Eastwood's next film was just announced.

Mitt wanted to know if we're better off than we were four years ago, ask..

Washington state Catholic bishop warned over anti-gay marriage campaign

Did anybody wonder WHY Mitt's Grandparents were in Mexico??

At least three dead in shooting at NJ supermarket

California okays driving licenses for some illegal immigrants

and the Eastwood Tweets just get better:

Clint Eastwood Named as Chair-Man of GOP

Ebooks For Libraries

*** Gets out her staple gun and hangs sign for the new DU Dog Collar for sale at DU Pet Store ***

Well they TRIED to get a hologram of Ronald Reagan as the mystery speaker....

Anti-Obama Concert In Charlotte Falls Through

Does anyone have the pic of Ann Romney's face while she was watching Clint?

So the posterboy for angry middle aged White men speaks at the RNC. How is this a surprise?

Steve Benen: Romney's missed opportunity to lead


Theme song for Tampa

I know it's rather cynical of me, but Mitt has run a very dishonest campaign, so I have to ask..

Halperin is making me laugh

Axelrod said it - Paul Ryan was busy on inauguration night

Who here use to party like it was 1999

Obama Team React to Clint Eastwood

George Romney, born on polygamist colony, touted as immigrant success

Michael Moore on Clint Eastwood’s Delusional and Detached from Reality Speech

Amtrak may reroute out of Kansas because the state refuses to fix the tracks. Thanks Brownback!

What do you want said about Romney at the Dem Convention?

Marikana murder charges: South Africa minister wants explanation

Eugene Robinson: Ryan's Diet of Whoppers

California woman strangled after refusing to take part in rough sex, detectives say

I spent a morning with a green heron this week

Check out this picture of Clint.

Did you know that the Green Party USA has a single payer plank in their platform?

Did You Say Good Morning To Your Chair Yet?

Exclusive: Inside Karl Rove's Billionaire Fundraiser

Eastwood Punks Romney

Texas Governor rick Perry's statement on Voter ID ruling

Joe Madison: Someone needs to PUNK SLAP!! Chuck Todd

Eastwooding ....I Haz a MEME.

Damn, they just had a 7.9 earthquake in the Phillipines.

Romney’s Plan To End Deficit Hits Poor As Well As Park Rangers

Here's a new take on Eastwood and the empty chair I hadn't heard

Romney to Louisiana to survey Isaac fallout

"Biggest Applause Of The Night" For Romney's Mockery Of Responding To Climate Crisis; Business Green

Chris Matthews on racism and this election

The republican convention

Pace Of Glacial Retreat In Hindu Kush/Karakorum Accelerating - IPS

George Romney, born on polygamist colony, touted as immigrant success

China Now Home To Biggest Installed Wind Capacity In World - Surpassed US This Year

It cannot be said enough:

And you were worried about falling rocks!

This seat is taken

Has there been any explanation

Ryan On Climate: "Classic Denialist Dogma" Reports U Chicago Climatologist Ray Pierrehumbert

Friday MegaTOON roundup- Last Day at the Convention, part 1

Friday MegaTOON roundup- Last Day at the Convention, part 2

"I am, I said..

Movie star debates chair, loses

Friday MegaTOON roundup- Last Day at the Convention, part 3

GOProud: "I understand I won't have equal rights, but I also want to be filthy rich, and I think the

So according to the Republicans, Obama can not only control the weather, he can turn invisible.

Friday MegaTOON roundup- Last Day at the Convention, part 4

"Informal" UN Climate Talks Begin; Don't Expect Translations Or Webcasts, Though - No Budget


"Non-stop orgasms" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "non-stop orgasms".

Brains... Brains... Brains...


The Empty Chair: The New Straw Man?

Karl Rove threatens to murder Todd Akin

chuck todd...why is it that republicans have more hispanic governors.....who gives a shit chuck?

7.9 quake hits off Philippines

Apple Loses Patent Lawsuit Against Samsung In Japan

Obama see electoral bump. I'll say.

Message for the DNC Convention in Charlotte: DON'T BORE US

The "Telling When Stuff Is Done" thread

Well there it is, the thing of dreams for which Franklin and so many other's died


NBC: Jindal Invited Romney To Tour Storm Damage (after Mitt's flooding jokes)


Ouch. The American Conservative calls Mitt's speech "infantilizing"

Was It Me Or Was Mitt Making A Funny Smacking Sound With His Mouth/Lips During The Speech?.....

A not-very-truthful speech in a not-very-truthful campaign

Tsunami alert issued for Asia, hope it bypasses Japan nuclear area and doesn't harm .

Anyone see Amy Goodman try to ask David Koch a question?

Romney 6/13/2011: Federal Disaster Relief For Tornado & Flood Victims Is ‘Immoral,’ ‘Makes No Sense'

I have to go downtown today.

Last night Romney and his team revealed how light-weight and soulless they are.

Carbon Nation

The Party of Reality - that would be US.

The Eastwood episode didn’t overshadow Romney, the convention, or the campaign. It was the campaign.

A Star is Born

Drumbeat: August 31, 2012

Drumbeat: August 31, 2012

Google, Apple CEOs in secret patent talks

Ryan's Reaction To Clint - Priceless

Mitt Romney mocks Climate Change in his RNC Headline Speech

Code Pink Protesters Just Interrupted Mitt Romney's Convention Speech

Finally Did The Last Clown Get Out Of The Clown Car?.......

Ann Romney:Clint Eastwoods speech was UNIQUE

OK---now let's blow them away with George Clooney or Meryl Streep

Clint Eastwood - GOP Action Figure

Whatever happenned to Donald's big moment?

Do you know who's REALLY happy this morning?

The Week In Tampa: A Stumble Out Of The Gate, And A Limp To The Finish

Paul Krugman- Ryan and the Medicare Killers

Re my post of yesterday re car: situation has drastically

The More You See The More You Hear Of R$R The Scarier It Gets

Mitt Romney's empty speech (updated)

Bill Kristol: No Mention of Afghanistan (What War?)

RNC Delegate Offended By Presence of ‘Mexican’ At Disney’s Epcot Center

Just saw this on the Kmart Jobs site


William Kristol: Romney blew it on Afghanistan and thanking our troops

Mitt Romney hits campaign trail as wife Ann says 'time for the grown-up to come'

Bernanke: QE has and can work more

Today in Peace and Justice history on August 31, 1974

not to allow politics to intrude on this forum, but

Mr. Romney Reinvents History (NYT Editorial)

Eastwood: Lawyers shouldn't be President. Umm, does he know that Romney has a JD from Harvard?

DU this poll

LMAO Best Tweet I've seen so far... From Chris Rock

Outrage at anti-Obama billboards calling President a 'village idiot' and showing a child giving him

Of Course the Republican Convention Helped Romney - But Not Very Much

Anybody else here ever go "disking" behind a speedboat?

"The Good, The Bad, The Crazy" - CNN headline

So wait - it's Ok to talk about how your mother found out that your father had died,

I finally made it

RAS Romney Bumb-Romney 45% Obama 44%

This old lady looks at Clint Eastwood and wonders how he turned out to

the cat was obviously a Democrat

Krugman- The Definition of Insanity

New batch of congressional race polls released...

Yesterday, upon a chair / Clint met a man who wasn’t there

'Once again, Romney showed that (he) will launch attacks with little regard for their veracity'

NBC's Brian Williams and Andrea Mitchell react to Clint Eastwood's empty chair speech

I just heard a RNC delegate defend voter suppression

These States

Samsung Executives Waited Four Days Before Telling Chairman They Lost To Apple

"...the main man is the least popular presidential nominee in nearly 30 years"

RMoney's campaign theme and the new signage on his plane is "I Believe In America".

I think Imaginary Obama should make an appearance at the Democratic National Convention.

As a Result of the Republican Convention Americans have a Profound New Respect for Romney

Clint makes the President's day!!

Obama ad on Romney's Plan

I'm sorry...but this is just hilarious.

Take the quiz - Who Said it - Clint Eastwood or Abe Simpson?

Clint haiku

I think that Betty White should be the mystery speaker at our convention

In a country weary of war and war mongers, The Candidate rattles his impotent saber


GOP Platform Declares Medicaid Unconstitutional

Watch this great video; it's Les Miserables for our election

Really, though, if it came down to a vote between Romney and an empty chair.....

Happy Birthday murialm99!

What is our simple message?

PANTS ON FIRE: Mitt Romney said Barack Obama began his presidency with an apology tour

West Wing Week 8/31/2012

Did anyone catch Mitt say, "you used to have a job that paid $22 a hour now it's $9 to that effect

CSM: After Mitt Romney's speech, voters may still ask: Can we trust him?

Mitt Romney smiles after his convention speech in Tampa

This Is What It Takes To Fire The Biggest Gun On The Destroyer USS Barry

ACLU - Voters to Personhood: Stick a Fork In It. You’re Done.

Update on Pakistani girl with Down's syndrome...

A treacly tone with a strange misty smile on his face suggesting he was about to burst into tears

The Manufacturing of Willard Romney, Human, Is Here - By Charles P. Pierce

Starcodes Aug 31 2012 Heather Roan Robbins

New York Times Editorial

Washington Post's Karen Tumulty chops up Obama's "You didn't build that" quote

Obama Truth Team recaps Mitt's speech: Say

Here's Tom Toles' summary of the GOP Convention.

Romney wants to remake American society with social experiment

Borowitz: POLL: Romney Trails Empty Chair

BEST Dem Convention EVER!

Funny Pic- Happy Friday :)

REAL PROOF - Mitt Romney Can't Even Change A Lightbulb !!

Faces of Change: A Skeptic's Story on Health Care

Mittens will view hurricane damage in Louisiana today

There is no bump.

Old man yells at chair

I demand invisible opposition at the Democratic Convention

Senate Candidate Assumes Women Must Be ‘Talking About Shoes’

Nit to pick:

Are you better off now than you were four years ago?

Republicans claim Clint Eastwood was unscripted...

Natasha, 'Genius Chimp,' Aces Intelligence Tests

She is not impressed.

"A chair is still a chair. Even when there's no one sitting there" -- Burt Bacharach

Ann Romney: ‘We’re Used To’ Passing Up Multi-Million Dollar Jobs

Fact Checkers & Media - Please keep the pressure on Ryan

Romney's charge that Obama went on "apology tour" gets PolitiFact's Pants On Fire rating

Investors seek to profit from privatizing public schools

What was the most memorable moment of the Republican National Convention?

Can we *please* get Samuel L Jackson to talk to an empty chair at the Dem Convention?

When all they are talking about after your speech is how bad the guy before you was...

Romney’s pre-election rhetoric on Russia unacceptable – Putin’s spokesman

Great 1-page fact sheet on the Afghan war with all the important bits highlighted

Why They Want to Suppress the Elderly Vote

"Chairs are people, my friend."

Investors seek to profit from privatizing public schools

OOPS: Mitt Romney Calls United States A ‘Company’

Eastwood's Empty Chair was NOT Surreal...

Romney Heckled By DREAM Act Advocates At Florida Farewell Rally

Romney Finds Religion

Ann Romney: Mitt showed the 'deepest part of his soul' in speech

Pic Of The Moment: America

3 Killed in Shooting at New Jersey Supermarket

Who said "No, no, don't touch me". ?

Barrack Obama Tweet on the empty seat

Pretend President Romney heads to Louisiana to tour Isaac damage

9 Important Omissions From Romney’s Convention Speech

Clint's Afghanistan remarks are being ignored

This Seat's Taken

Marikana Miners: The Massacre Of Our Illusions

Eastwood's Empty Chair Added To Seamus the Dog Game

Over any 4 year period of time, some of us will be better off and some will be worse.

Progressive Christian Group Formed to Fight for LGBT Equality (Oz)

Former Republican Chafee to address Democratic convention

Clint Eastwood: "We don't need lawyers in the White House"

A cat and boxes. Very small boxes.

What is it with desks and chairs?

Rubio follows Christie's lead, ignores Romney

LOL! Mittens bumped a bio video of himself to present CLINT EASTWOOD!

Betty White vs. Clint Eastwood

Arrigoni’s Murder Trial in Gaza: Answers Not Just a Verdict

Could RNC 2012 result in the smallest post-convention bounce in history...

OOPS: Mitt Romney Calls United States A ‘Company’

Why the Republicans could win big this year

Talkingpointsmemo: Eric Cantor ‘Can’t Speak To’ Why Romney Is Attacking Obama On Medicare

RMoney made snide jokes about Obama wanting to stop the rising sea..

Why was 34,969 Count von Count's magic number? (BBC)

Bishop hits up flock to beat Referendum 74

polll needs help

An Agnostic’s Guide to Marriage

Imma let you finish

Just found out my friend is a 'birther'.

What little bit of rMoneys speech I seen

Veterans Speak Out Against Mandel

A break from No Country For Old Men and Chairs: Dog Stuff!

Cut the Pentagon Budget, Not Social Security and Veterans' Benefits

World record as message in bottle found after 98 years near Shetland (BBC)

Obama administration reaffirms no healthcare support for undocumented immigrants

Bishop hits up flock to beat Referendum 74

While Mittens is thanking emerency responders I hope they will be reminded of this:

How can I be a poll watcher in Penn?

Report: Vt. school district violated civil rights


Hateful billboard that needs to get media attention

Way cuter than Romney/Ryan

If Leona Helmsley and Marie Antoinette had a love child this is who it would be.....

The theme and movie for the Republicants after last night's debacle...

Excellent Piece on Ryan's Vision for America

Looking for a couple of intelligent, civil posters who like to argue with extreme righties..

Missouri Farm Bureau To Reconsider Akin Endorsement

Very disheartening exchange on Facebook with a family member...

Best Clint Eastwood Film Title for Romney

USA Today - You Bet We Deserve Better!

Gina Rinehart: Proof that being a greedly, selfish thoughtless billionaire is not unique to America

There's a lot of demoralized Republicans in my office today.

romney and jindal are going to play politics with the disaster in new orleans

Just received facebook message - I used to like your posts but you have become so political

The infamous 3am phone call.

The Legitimate Children of Rape

I'm surprised that no one on DU gets Clint

Just made a quick donation to the President's campaign...

Gotta Register. Obama page to send via twitter and email

The origins of neopaganism and Prof. Ronald Hutton

HAHAHA! I Was Waiting For This.

Ron Reagan: "I didn't watch. I didn't want to see my father associated with THIS Republican party"

Now I have another reason to hate Paul Ryan:

one of my friends is wondering how many democratic operatives there are in the robbedme/rapedme

So. Am traveling, no internet/TV/Radio til this AM. last night RNC - 1 sentence - what did I miss?

Amid pressures of daily life, more Koreans revive interest in shamanism

Corporate media refuses to show handshake between Koch and Romney

Thom Hartmann: How the Main Stream Media Helps the GOP Big Lie

Daily snapshot: Most dishonest convention speech ever?

A Witch By Any Other Name (The Great Wicca vs. Witchcraft Debate)

You Did GREAT, Terrified Personal Assistant Tells Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood Isn't The Only One Who Can Talk To A Chair! Exclusive Interview With Invisible Romney

the RNC was a train wreck

Suddenly, I'm looking forward to our convention

It's Hard To Separate An Artist From His Or Politics

Fed Chairman Pushes Hard for New Steps to Spur Growth

If Clint Eastwood Wanted To Debate An Empty Chair There Were Plenty In Theaters When J. Edgar Opened

How 'bout that sour puss riot!

Remember the priest who blamed kids for seducing priests

Federal protections stripped for Wyoming wolves!

OK, so how much $$ did the Obama people slip under the table

ON NOW - James Lipton coming up on MSNBC

The Visual Secret Behind Every Stanley Kubrick Movie

About those testimonials for Rmoney..

Clint's got a movie coming up about an old guy who's losing it: He punked the RNC

Meanwhile, at the 1st International Cat Video Film Festival in Minneapolis...

Summer Contest - LAST DAY TO ENTER!!!

Sam Harris vs. P.Z. Myers

Would being married and having children change things?

Not to be cynical or a pessimist...

Rove's Convention Briefing to 70 of the Republican Party’s Highest-Earning and Most Powerful Donors

Federal Judge Restores Early Voting In Ohio After Obama Suit

Me thinketh Queen Ann hast told a lie. Like her husband, perhaps it is pathological?

Romney's Rising Oceans Joke

Ryan hits Obama for not supporting the Simpson-Bowles plan that

"My healthcare has skyrocketed" --help debunking healthcare cost

You just know this moment is coming:

So What Is The State Of The Race?

A stupid, but serious question :

The Bizarre Christian "Quiverfull" Movement Pushing Women to Procreate for "God's Army"

The GOP Nominee for Commander-in-Chief doesn't say "troops" or "veterans" in acceptance speech.

Honestly, the GOP and Mitt Romney should hang their heads in shame for what they did to Clint

They should consider an address to an empty suit at the DNC

Why wasn't Sarah Palin invited to speak?

Romney drops $100K on Twitter

They should have known something was wrong when ...

Missouri Farm Bureau reconsidering Akin endorsement

My take on the whole....

The Rude Pundit: The GOP Fever Dream Delusions

Any Mountaineers fans?

Some star reaction to the Clint Chair Incident.


Robin Williams Plotting Return to TV with Sitcom From Ally McBeal Creator

Papantonio: How To Undo Citizens’ United Damage

Republicans...How soon they forget...

We Are Not All Entrepreneurs

I really think Clint Eastwood did us Democrats a big favor with his "I have a chair" speech

Everyone should remember....

Sweet Talking Guy / Talking sweet kinda lies

the Republican Party remembers

Aug 31, 2012: bad haze today from fires in Nebraska.

How Soon Before A Celebrity Does A "Chair" Youtube?

Barbers say Mitt Romney needs a new look

My take on the race

Trailer for Diehard 5 from Letterman show

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

Julian Assange: I could stay in Ecuadorean embassy for a year

Panel of judges at NRC deny French company license to build reactor in Maryland

I like the new GOP

Intrade raises odds of an Obama win after Romney's RNC speech.

We Are Writing the Epilogue to the World We Knew


The Atheist Prayer Experiment

BREAKING: Federal Court Strikes Down Ohio Law Restricting Early Voting

What in store the next 4 years???

Biden Slams Ryan On GM Bailout

That chair is all that is left of the Bridges of Madison County.

Clint Eastwood was the perfect choice last night.

Ya'alon: US Is Undermining Military Threat Against Iran

Live from the PNC: P(ANN)DER ROMNEY

What right does the RNC have to put a confused old man on the convention stage to embarrass himself?

chair jokes

Workers Voting GOP Who Lose Their Jobs Deserve To They Are So Stupid

Thom Hartmann: Sensata Worker Outsourced by Bain Speaks Out

Beijing heard from

It's not his awkwardness that bothers me...

Idiot freeps think Eastwood was great and effective and dems are scared and jealous

Just one thing to think about, Clint

"Halftime in America" - Clint Eastwood did this, too.

Would You Vote For Mitt Romney Or An Empty Chair For President?

As Romney Rolls Into Louisiana, just remember this

Four decades ago, Canada spent about the same share of GDP on health care as we did

Gallup, 8/31: Obama 47, Romney 46 -- Obama's approval rating +1 (45%)

Which one of these pictures is true?

In defense of Clint Eastwood

We Are Writing the Epilogue to the World We Knew

A friend made this remark to me this morning:

Has Clint made any statements about last night?

Romney's advisor, Tara Wall is such a douche.

From Selling Daddy's Stock To Buying The Presidency?

The empty chair gets all the attention ...

Under GOP Medicare Will End Abruptly - That Is Their Promise

If DNC wants to do a similar skit, heres an idea:

Genome Brings Ancient Girl to Life

"GOP, The Party Of Gimmicks, Not Policies" ... how DNC could use Clint Fiasco

If You Wondered Why The GOP Hates Barack Obama So Much, Here's Your Answer

"Troubling ineptitude" in security at U.S. nuclear bomb plant

I wonder how Trudeau will incorporate the chair?

Feeling better now that it's over?

Clint Eastwood won’t be talking about convention speech, manager says

Question for Mitt:

Anecdotal evidence repugs are NOT happy with Romney's religion - Nevada

What's for Dinner ~ Friday August 31st

Romney Aides take cover.

I don't know why the media ever asks GOP spokespeople pointed questions on their fuck ups

A GOP Classic

Taxes Avoided by the Rich Could Pay Off the Deficit

Sister Anne Montgomery, Plowshares leader against nuclear weapons, dies

Here is what those tax cuts for the 1% are buying...

Fired up?

"(if) you can’t put on a three hour television show, you can’t run the country"

Federal Judge Restores Early Voting In Ohio After Obama Suit

After a Gunslinger Cuts Loose, Romney Aides Take Cover

Homeless Twix thief gets 180 days for swiping $2 in candy bars

Fuck any idea of emulating anything in rebuttal of the RNC crap at the DNC next week

sorry, dupe.

Clint Eastwood no Ronald Reagan

Clint Eastwood's RNC Speech Spawns 'Invisible Obama' Tweets (right wing writer?)

An Empty Chair followed by an Empty Suit

While Romney Was Joking About The Ocean Levels…

So damned sad: 3 electrocuted in Idaho ditch trying to save dog

Mitt Romney made a rising tides joke while a hurricane was flooding America

Who Said It - Clint Eastwood Or Grandpa Simpson? (Quiz)

The ROMNEYs were "refugees"?!1 Really, ROMNEYs?!1

'You Did Great!' Terrified Personal Assistant Tells Clint Eastwood

Federal Judge Restores Early Voting In Ohio After Obama Suit

Horsey: In Tampa: Low Expectations Achieved

OK, everybody stop picking on Clint Eastwood.

Romney Aides Call Eastwood Speech ‘Strange,’ ‘Weird,’ ‘Theater Of The Absurd’

My Neighbor Got Her Dog Back!!!!

Gallup - Obama (+1) for the 3rd day in a row

NY priest apologizes for saying child is often seducer in sex abuse cases

For whom do you feel less antipathy?

is he Atticus Finch or Attilla the Hun? Probably both.

The Republican National Convention week in review: A GIF guide

World's worst restoration of Christ painting draws tourists - and admirers

USA Today (print ed.) features an image of Mitt Romney with a direct quote headline:

Why am I seeing so many ads for chairs ?

Dear Teaparty Feces: Can You [email protected]#king Handle The Truth?

It's about more than Barack Obama. The whole is GREATER than the sum of its parts:

I hope next week that Obama...

the problem with Clint shooting for Master Thespian ...

You Go Ann; Connect with the hoi polloi: "We're Used To Passing Up Multi-Million Dollar Jobs

When they talk about "buyers remorse"

RNC Convention Workers Being Paid Below Minimum Wage

The Democratic Party of Arkansas Announces Special Guest Ashley Judd to Join “A Party Two Decades in

Thom Hartmann: Obama Endorses Constitutional Amendment to Overturn Citizens United

The Man in the Empty Chair

Factory Orders Increase Is The Biggest In A Year

Here's A Message Everyone On DU Needs To Get Out To Their Repug Friends......

Convention Bandleader G.E. Smith Not A Republican — Or Political At All

Bill Nye: Creationism Is Not Appropriate For Children

Editorial: CO Secretary of State Gessler owes some apologies

How did NYC SKP do that trash can trick in Meta?

Rising oceans, retreating president

Daily Show just posted a reminder on Facebook

Did anyone notice that RMoney didn't thank the troops?

GOP's 'We Built It' Refrain Is Both Puzzling And Telling (NPR)

Report: ConvertingTexas teacher pensions to 401(k) would be costly

Reid: Hypocritical Romney-Ryan Admin Would Be Unprepared For Hurricanes

The Elephants are Still Thirsty

Want to make a conservative squirm explain Romney's Debt Fetish

Watch James Lipton dissect Clint's performance. Pretty interesting.

Yahoo comment on Rove's murder "joke" about Akin:

Has anyone seen a poll showing a convention bounce for Rmoney/Lyin Ryan yet?

After early successes, Obama struggles to implement disarmament vision

Ryan's lies about running a Sub-Three Hour Marathon catching up with him

GOP juggling act

Ben Stein: REPUBLICAN Nabob Of Negativism Sez Romney 'Losing Candidate'

Jon Stewart Offers Up Hilarious Parody Version Of Romney’s Biographical Film (full)

Voter ID Laws in Texas and Ohio have been struck down by federal courts.

MICHAEL MOORE re: RNC "We Are Delusional and Detached from Reality. Vote for Us!"

For all the vets and active military

I have been telling my friends

Thom Hartmann: Scientists Say the World Must Become Vegetarian

Funny post from friend on Facebook regarding her rocking chair!

There is a real chance of Romney becoming President....

Special Request: Blue Moon Howl for My Missing Friend

I'm amazed more aren't talking about this despicable Eastwood moment.

BIDEN Uses TAIBBI To Gut Mitt: 'Romney Willing To Go To Extremes To Secure FEDERAL Bailout For Bain'


Latest Obama Ad: What Romney had to say in his acceptance speech

"What's the deal with these super-sized Category 1 and 2 hurricanes"

The GOP wins the record for the world's emptiest chair

Isaac's beneficial rains falling in drought-stricken regions

NOW we get it...

'when the world needs someone to do the really big stuff, you need an American' ---mitt romney

Why I think Mitt got punked hard

My only regret about the Eastwood performance: I wasnt in a room with SNL folks watching it.

and then Mitt said...

Add another tab for "Late Breaking News"

GOP Loses Another Voter Suppression Case

Democratic National Convention at Time Warner Cable arena in Charlotte, NC open house - pics

Keep the focus on the dishonesty

Who says digital technology is obsolete in 6 months? Not me.

Voting for the chair

DUers - what does your chair say when you talk to it?

CHAIRNOBYL AND BEYOND: A Hard Look Back. (pic)

Obama Signs EO to Improve Access to Mental Health Services for Veterans, Service Members, and ...

Donald Byrd - Where Are We Going?

Eastwood, Empty Chair Hijack Republican Media Coverage

Chris Rock Tweets

Limits on Voting Drives in Florida Fall Wayside

So, what did George W Bush do about Hurricane Isaac?

Anyone else pay any attention to HP's Electoral Outlook??

Donald Byrd - Stepping Into Tomorrow


Republicans have fallen for the Flashdance Fallacy.

Caption this Photo - RNC Edition

Romney just a puppet - real power in the Kochs and Rove

Donald Byrd - Places and Spaces

The CNN videographer who has peanuts thrown at her

Empty chair? The RNC is running an *empty suit*

Wicked Cool Wind Map of the United States

Kool and the Gang - Summer Madness

Arizona Republican Governor Jan Brewer Endorses President Obama (VIDEO)

Clint tells how to pick up chicks these days

Fact: The recovery was hindered by Republicans

Rove Is Playing Romney/Ryan 2012

RNC delegate offended by the presence of a 'person from Mexico' at Disney World

San Rafael boy gets letter from Neil Armstrong shortly before astronaut's death

Ramsey Lewis - Sun Goddess (1974)

Conservative Arrested: ‘Going To Have To Kill’ Girlfriend For Being Liberal

What is it with Eastwood and furniture?

I still can't get over Rachel last night.

I watched "Dirty Hairy", "Paint Your Wagon" and many Eastwood films with my father...

Romney to visit Isaac-damaged Louisiana

One Thing Is Clear About Clint Eastwood's ''Invisible Obama'' Moment . . .

Roy Ayers - Everybody Loves The Sunshine

Two Fools for Sister Chair-ah.

Video of Romney Talking About Buying a Slave Labor Camp Back in Bain

If Lincoln, Eisenhower, And Nixon Were Alive Today, They'd Be On The Next Flight Out Of Tampa

Is this where Eastwood got inspired?

DIAL-UP ALERT: Holy crap, these true-color photographs of Saturn are gorgeous

Koch Brother Breaks From Republican Platform – Endorses Tax Increases, Military Cuts and Marriage Eq

Protesters gleefully recount banner drop over Scott Walker at Republican convention

Stop the stressing about the DNC...all the CREATIVE people are Democrats.

Portland is Like Algebra

Did One Of Romney’s Housekeepers Make a Cameo in RNC Video?

Posted for the Twihards. Photo to see what Kstew will look like in thirty years.

One more Clint thread!

Key Florida "Stand Your Ground" Backer Bill Bunting Questioned on Killing of Trayvon Martin

Healthcare collections vs past due

DNC Convention idea

Joe Garcia takes big lead against criminal congressman

Evidently MFM is feeling well enough to go out for a drive

Summer Breeze - The Isley Brothers

Ann Romney not so high on Clint, implies Obama not a mature adult

Is this offensive?

Investors Seek To Profit From Privatizing Public Schools

Striking South African Miners Charged with Murder After Police Kill 34

Geraldo Rivera: "How can Republicans be......... so dumb?"

A Simple Flowchart For Anyone Who Feels They Are Entitled To Legislate A Vagina

Best They Could Get Accepts Republican Nomination

What's the only thing cooler than a biker? A Japanese biker

President Obama meets with actor Clint Eastwood on the patio outside the Oval Office

Lying or rewriting history correlates with extremism: what it tells us about Romney

Clint's appearance could've been worse

stupid question about fund raising

101 of Mitt Romney's loudest convention speech lip smacks

Chair Leads Mitt Romney in Polls!

Disappointed Obama supporter to Mitt: 'Obama at his worst is still preferable to you at your best.'

How About THIS For A Performance Art REBUTTAL Gag At The Democratic Convention?

How 'bout that? The Non-stop Orgasm store has a deli too

When I remember things Clint Eastwood did in 2012, I'll think of this....

U.S. drone strike kills 8 suspected militants: Yemeni officials

President Obama and VP Biden having lunch on the patio outside the Oval Office - pics

A Big Problem For Romney That Was Totally Mishandled At the Convention

News Outlets Around the World Totally Confused by Clint Eastwood

Michael Moore's comments about the buying of the election

I didn't watch every minute of the convention, but...

New & Returning Series Premiere Dates

awwwwwwww The New Yorker Cover

I know, I know, but this one's so good.

Ryan & wife are eerily similar to Mr. & Mrs. Will Ferrell in the film "The Campaign."

Larry Edelson – The Great Betrayal of 2012

Springsteen HAS TO Open the DNC with Born in the USA

Great, the newest lottery multi-millionaire....

Look who really was in the 'chair'.

abc news: Mitt Romney’s Mexican Roots...Romney's grandparents FLED America


the repukes have 3+ days of convention and it's destroyed by 11 minutes of Eastwood.

Clint Eastwood's Latest Nightmare...

My brother, the biker, said that according to his biker friends, Obama is gonna win

Margaret and Helen are back and doing the GOP convention

Mitt Visits LA To Play Moses (?): "Did the water come from the sky, or the rivers, or the ocean?"

The OVERPASS LIGHT BRIGADE, keepin' it real...

Can we at least start kicking "lulz from Facebook" into teh Longue?

Have you guys heard of "Truth the Vote"?

The bigger story of the week; The RNC convention or Hurricane Issac??

Turn on Bashir right fugging now

What is the zip code for the White House?

Deputy U.S. marshal indicted in off-duty fatal shooting

Akin’s Office: Rove’s Joke About Murdering Him Is ‘Deeply Disturbing’

Perfect cartoon to represent the Goopers.

Deep thoughts from Mitt Romney (Louisiana edition)

Obama: There’s A Difference Between Republicans In Washington And GOP Voters

There needs to be serious pushback when John Stewart and Stephan Colbert host Herman Cain!

Hey Mitt! Obama leading in Mass. by almost 20 points

Pleased with Eastwoods performance, GOP appoints co-star to Republican Science Advisory Counsil.

"Dog Whistle" is the new dog whistle.

Please reject the idea of an empty chair at the DNC Convention.

'You Did Great!' Terrified Personal Assistant Tells Clint Eastwood

Two more Chris Rock Tweets

Getting back to the facts ... which party is the real big spender?

convention reaction to Eastwood is the sequel to convention delegates wearing purple heart bandaids

Roosevelt/Truman 1944

Senate Democrats Tie Romney Gulf Coast Visit to Ryan’s Proposed Cuts to Disaster Relief

Obama Signs EO to Improve Access to Mental Health Services for Veterans, Service Members, and ...

Reid: Hypocritical Romney-Ryan Admin Would Be Unprepared For Hurricanes

I'm seriously wondering if Eastwood wanted to sink Romney's candidacy.

Big coal's plan to kill the planet

Pentagon Threatens Legal Action Against SEAL Author Matt Bissonnette

Mitt's Two Faces--David Horsey in the LA Times, today...

Ratings down 31% last night, only 25 million watched Romney

Bumped into a gallery of political illustrations...check'em out.

Twitter suspended @InvisibleObama. Why does twitter hate America?

The least offensive post in the history of DU

Sorry it's a hoax, not Hurricane Isaac

On the Most Important Night of Your Life....

Monday being Labor Day

The True Story of Mitt Romney & Bain Capital

Day After GOP Convention, Biden Slams Romney, Ryan

Red States finally learn that the Romney's are Mormon.

Chagas: one bite now, causes heart failure 20 years later

Anyone know where the recent thread regarding Mormon Undergarments is? I have a photo to add ...

Question of Women's Reproductive Rights Ridiculous for Election? Gov Scott Walker Says "Yes"

Runners World: We Can’t Verify Paul Ryan’s Sub-3-Hour-Marathon Claim

Chagas: one bite now, causes heart failure 20 years later

Native Foods

U.S. war deserter may appeal Canada deportation

EASTWOODING...the newest word in the English langauge.

Playing with the pano head

Young, intelligent, no college, and want a good job?

I'm going to see ParaNorman just for this!

So they got Clint Eastwood. Fabulous. The meme has more legs than the actual speech.

200 Marines sent to Guatemala for "Drug War"

What really killed the economy, and why it won't come back. Also why the "Recovery" isn't one.

Husted Watch Fighting for our right to vote

GOP delegate explains difference between "Brutal Rape" and "Rape of Girl or Lady Who's Inebriated"

Is it possible to have a nonpartisan President?

Obama focuses on veterans, military at Fort Bliss, on anniversary of Iraq combat end

Ann Romney is a terrible person, part eleventy billion

Argentina's ambassador to the UK badly needs a history lesson

We have a fresh troll on the hook in

(UK) NHS rationing is putting health at risk, says doctors' leader

Pentagon Threatens Legal Action Against SEAL Author

Last night's RNC had only 25 million viewers; Fox down 2%, competitors down double digits, from 2008

‘Sparks Fly’ Over US Policy On Iran At Meeting Between Netanyahu And US Envoy

Well is it me or was the Mitt speech heard round the world more like a great big thud?

Breaking: House Republicans Have Blocked Bill to Create Job of Sitting in the Empty Chair

Romney's invisible people

There's a live blue moon making my day

So I tried the NoScript. No likey. How do I get rid of it?

Paul Ryan On Eastwood Speech: Clint Being Clint

Saw a post here earlier today about a man (in Europe, I believe) who

I'm just in a pissy mood...........

U.S. Seems Set to Designate Haqqani Network as Terror Group

Harry Reid: Mitt Romney Trip To Louisiana 'Height Of Hypocrisy'

On one good note!

And then...

Gov Jindal demands Socialist Flood Relief for the WE BUILT THAT Crowd

Kissing Up to the Koch Brothers

What the Chair Could Have Told Clint

Tweety reminding all of Inauguration night- Paul Ryan and the other plotters

Teenagers in movies are usually one of three things:

I met President Obama today!

Your Friday Afternoon Challenge, DUers: The Pathos and Power of Landscape! Plus, a bonus question in

WOW! Just clicked a Rachel Maddow/Clint Eastwood link to the Hollywood Reporter. . . .

Rising sea levels aren't funny

I wonder if Clint Eastwood’s Imaginary Friend Speaks to Michele Bachmann’s Imaginary Friend?

The Academy Awards has known how to deal with Eastwooding for ages.

Single mother of three and CCW holder, successfully defends herself from armed carjackers

Why does Ramney need to be in Louisiana?

Poor Clint

Shoving Match Between Chris Matthews' Hecklers, MSNBC Producer Investigated at RNC (Video)

Mitt admitted last night the jobs he created weren't living wage

Kali's FAVORITE Barbecue sauce:

I'm celebrating the epic fail of the RNC with a donation to Obama

OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! I want to be in cider so badly I can taste it!!!

Sushi Fever!!! Catch it!!!

Maybe this should be in the Conspiracy Theory Forum, but there ARE successful alchemists among us.

Don't look now, but MiddleFingerMom isn't wearing pants again.

Did MiddleFingerMom ever mention that he's a Taurus? Oh yes. Oh yes indeed!!!

THE FEDERAL BAIL OUT OF BAIN CAPITAL - Mitt, you can say "thank you" to the American taxpayers.

South Florida is still flooded

Micky 'The Fighter' Ward KOs Scott Brown

Victoria Jackson mocks rape victims, trashes gay friends

Demographic question: Is the area you live in

President Barack Obama visits military personnel at Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas - pics

Greed and Debt: The True Story of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital - Rolling Stone

Karl Rove: On the "Secret Rituals" Eastwood sometimes participated in with Conservatives

Mental health poll

Worst attempt at spin ever: Clint Eastwood puts liberals in full panic mode

Borowitz: I'm waiting for Obama to do a bit at the convention where he talks to Mitt's invisible tax

Romney better than Bush

Reince Priebus: love child of...

Question of Women's Reproductive Rights Ridiculous for Election? Gov Scott Walker Says "Yes"

Brutal Rapes vs. "Rape of Girl or Lady Who's Inebriated" Missouri GOP Delegate on Akin

Just as I thought last night, the conservamedia says Eastwood was great.

Now for some good ol' country music - George Strait "The Chair"

You all need to go look at the Friday Art Challenge in GD and take a peek at the bonus question.

What's your earliest memory of voting?

Here's an advance look at the keynote speaker for the 2016 GOP convention

Unexpectedly best (maybe free) dinner you ever had?

Republicans resent being associated with a crazy person who talks to furniture

Austin police infiltrated Occupy Austin

I have never lived in a bubble. But "I" do not know anyone who has been raped

Video: Maryland Student Hovers 8 Feet High in Human-Powered Helicopter, Smashing Previous Records

If you are the quarterback, and your teammates refuse to catch the ball

I'm glad I waited for Pee Wee Herman to weigh in on Clint before I made any remarks...

Assange: Swedes May Drop Case

Whenever I speak to the invisible President...

Elevator in the Math Building

Could we retire the word "actually"?

What's with this "Old White Men" thingy going on here?

I would like to see the pundits who are

Mitt's taxes found!!!

Clint Eastwood; horse owner...

Poll: Mental health relating to the Dark Knight Rises shootings

Empty seat!

Another good deal for people who suck at math.

just saw this advertised on my Tee Vee

Paul Ryan Pulls Catfish From Rivers by Their Throats

Good tweet from Michael Moore

Invisible tinfoil hat: Clint Eastwood is a long-term plant for our side.

I have one word for people who claim regulation inteferes with business and innovation:

Martin Bashir - Bashir: Romney, Republicans party like it’s 1982

Clint and the RNC totally missed the point of an 'empty seat debate'.

I think the Eastwood appearance was a "Bold" move

Real Time is going to suck tonight.

I just put 'Rmoney' in the DU dictionary.

President Obama should walk on stage dragging a folding chair and say only sit Bo and

LAPD OFF THE CHAIN!!!! another female beaten kicked in the genitals and dies

Poor Clint.. He was channeling

Latest automotive safety technology

Not bad at 64 cents per ounce.

Parents of the Year

Dog left in the Karma

Heat claims another victim


Worker's Paradise

Another marriage name-fail.

I miss Gilda Radner. Her daffy Emily Latella character was satiric and charming at the same time.

India’s Auto Giant Seeks to Crush Independent Union

It's Raining Men!!

Crawford & Fisk, coal plants in Chicago, retired this week.

White man beaten to a pulp in public square for dating African-American woman in Georgia

Very funny Get You War On Is Back

Donald Romney...Having a bad hair day

Delbert & Jim Bob review Eastwood's RNC performance

I heard a new name for Rmoney today.

September's Starself Astrology Newsletter - The Five Personal Planets

I never saw soldiers reach out to Dubya this way.

which is the right path forward?

Anonymous Weekend Economists August 31-September 3, 2012

Florida opts out of federal rule to spend $2.6M on bike, walking paths

Guess what everyone: some really good news!

Only one man should ever tell a woman what she should do with her body

I'm not liking the new USGS earthquake monitoring map...

I just got to answer a NH Republican Poll!!!

Harry Reid: Mitt Romney Trip To Louisiana 'Height Of Hypocrisy'

Dedicated to the Blue Moon

So, it's a blue moon. What do you think is going to happen once on a blue moon?

1 Year for 4 Mil tax evasion vs 180 days for a Twix bar.

Mitt Romney tries something new

Judson Phillips of Tea Party Nation Opines Eastwood’s Unscripted Monologue is Cultural Phenomenon.

Martin Bashir - Every which way but scripted: Eastwood steals Romney’s thunder

Out-of-context facebook reply of the day:

Honoring Neil: Dramatic New Video Brings You to the Dazzling Lunar Surface

Even more Assault rifle fun this week, part like 200 this year

"...we are now climbing away from Vesta atop a blue-green pillar of xenon ions"

From Here to Anonymity (RNC 2012, Thursday)

Photoshop this: Talk to the Chair

Q: when is driving 35 Km an incredible feat?

Just tried looking at FreeRepublic... WTF?...

92 Year old World War II Veteran Ralph Maxwell says" "4 More Years!"

Austin police infiltrated Occupy Austin

Arizona sheriff Paul Babeu exonerated over alleged threats to boyfriend

Obama’s Odds of Reelection Increase After Romney’s Acceptance Speech

Only 2 arrests at the RNC in Tampa this week.

OK - How to counter this from a Teapublican FB friend.

Michael Steel: Voter ID rhetoric by GOP is irresponsible

Dishonesty and the chair.. a demotivational poster.

They Built It: The Right-Wing Media Crafted The Falsehoods In Romney's Speech

Just saw "Searching For Sugar Man". What a great documentary. What

Things you can do with a chair.

So ... could the "Tax Amnesty" program have anything to do with why Mitt Romney

Hurricane Isaac: A Repudiation of Republican Talking Points

Invisable Bo

Any post-speech polls yet?

Ann Coulter: Why are we letting 18 year old infants vote there brains aren't fully developed

Tweety kicked ass tonight

State pays back thousands after drug testing struck down

Can someone please explain to me

Who saw Tweety today? Brilliant.

2016 movie: any info about box-office vs. actual-butts-in-seats?

Equal Rights For Bullies: Religious Right Comes To The Defense Of ‘Faith-Based’ Harassment

2016 Republican Candidates. Okay GOP, now you have my attention.

8 Americans no longer drink beer


Finally,....trousers that fit!

Paul Thorn "Don't Let Me Down Again"

I got a new neighbor. His name is Sneakers

Can you imagine the ORWELLIAN lies that might emanate from a Romney White House?

Prominent Catholic Friar on ‘Poor Guy’ Sandusky: ‘A Lot of Cases, the Youngster Is the Seducer’

So, did anyone on FOX notice Romney's snub of our troops

Human wall stops journalist from interviewing David Koch

Doctor David Kessler: Fat Salt Sugar Alter Brain Chemistry, Make Us Eat Junk Food ..Washington Post

What the chair was thinking during Clint Eastwoods screed...

Man Accidentally Shoots Himself in the Head While Mimicking Movie Scene

We Gave Canada One Job: ‘Don’t Lose All the Maple Syrup.’ And They Couldn’t Do It.

KKKarl Rove jokes about murdering Todd Akin