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Archives: August 30, 2012

Rachel calls them LIARS - lied about intelligence

it took me only TWO years!

Rev. Al & Rachel tag-teaming Steve Schmidt, even though he's bald, like a RED HEADED STEPCHILD

Tonight's Convention Speaker Schedule (from bottom of C-SPAN screen)

So Rand Paul hit the libertarian highlights, Bush was an embarrassment (via video) as usual.

A Benedictine Nun speaks about being Pro-Life

Damn, XKCD was right on (re: Neil Armstrong)

For Ann Rmoney

I think I just threw up in my mouth...

Grampy McBush saddened that Obama chose not to bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran (and Syria)

Letterman: "Usually when Christie talks for 45 minutes, it’s into the clown face at Jack in the Box"

Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran

A heroic act from a brave, dying Seattle hero(from The Stranger's "Last Days" Column)

Secret Service agent leaves gun on Romney's plane

Amazing nighttime image of hurricane Isaac from space

Planned Parenthood supporters rally outside the Republican National Convention - pics

I was just about to find newborn respect for John McCain during his speech.

Krugman: The Snooker Factor (Ryan "not just a flim-flam man")

Michelle Obama's reaction when Letterman mentions Akin's name: "Oh, God!"

Don't let the screen door hit your fat Irish ass on the way out!

Oh eat a dick, Newt

2012 GOP convention live..Palin's running mate takes the stage

McCain just made a slip: "Romney has the right view of America in the, the WORLD"

Fuck John McCain.

Was LynneSin in Canada today? (Ryerson students break Guinness World record for cowbell ensemble)

Sheriff Joe Arpaio - I deserve a medal for keeping out illegals!

Pam Bondi, Sam Olens Call Out Chief Justice John Roberts

Why did Fox cancel on Sarah? Check out her Word Salad from yesterday -- OUCH!


Mitt Romney's GOP Convention Reset: Not Going As Planned

Vote for Christie Vilsack for DFA Grassroots Allstar.

Defense Spending: Our Top Priority?

Breaking! - Protestors going nuts in Tampa...(updated)

"Six of the Right's Biggest Zealots" By Peter Montgomery, Alternet at Salon

"Romney's Dirtier, Deadlier Energy Future: Is There Another Way?" at Huffington Post

The RNC house band. I hope Roger Waters cuts this guy loose from The Wall tour

Guaranteed: Here's the Up-Coming Gushing Post-Commentary on Ryan Tonight"

Niall Ferguson’s Bad Education

I'm astonished the majority of Floridians trust Romney on Medicare more than Obama

I bought The American Experience program about RFK I think I will watch it

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Church Night

Does anyone remember this site during the 2004 election

In a Mass Knife Fight to the Death Between Every American President, Who Would Win and Why?

Fox news reporting Clint Eastwood as the mystery speaker

His Supporters Treated 'Atrociously,' Ron Paul Refuses to Back Romney

U.S. drone strike kills suspected militants: Yemen official

TAIBBI's great expose on Bain's role in KB Toys came 228 days after reported/discussed at DU.

Most Awkward Ann Romney Speech Excerpts

wow, do these Republican speakers suck

Oh the irony: RNC speaker Tad True (LOL!)

Banks labeled 'slumlords' over foreclosure neglect

Think Progress: Portman asks: “where is Obama’s jobs bill?” It’s right here, senator.

Anyone looking forward to the DNC (party with Bill Clinton and Will.i.Am?)

Government is not a business

Obama suggests amendment on money in politics

DUers on Twitter - would you remind the GEM$NBComcast folks

The Cryptkeeper hopes Obama will be elected in November

Did Gov. Brewer just say: "If President Barack Obama gets elected in November, and I hope he does"?

There Could Be No Greater Repudiation of Ryan Than Hurricane Isaac

is it true the the CNN Camerawoman incident occurred during the Mia Love Speech?

OMG, did Jan Brewer just throw the ghost of Ronald Reagan under the bus?

Is it true?

Snort! Tampa Convention Billboard Highlights Kasich's (R-OH) "Belief" In Climate Breakdown

Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon Unite Artists Against Fracking in New York

Best name for the RNC palooza

Whenever you see policy polling from Florida or Michigan or wherever, and

An Intense Full Moon 8.31.12 and a Blue Moon to Boot ;=}

Do you know why Mitt squints all the time?

Zebra & Quagga Mussels Fueling Rampant Great Lakes Algae Growth - W. Bonus Botulism!

RNC doing a very deliberate brownwash of their party for the tv cameras

Ron Paul supporters protest in halls of convention

Republican or Democrat if you live in AZ

CDC Confirms New Tick-Borne Disease In Missouri - "Heartland Virus" Cuts Platelet Production

NBC must not be telling these Repubs that they would be on the air with Rachel Maddow

I'm watching a preseason football game. The Buccaneers are losing to the Redskins 30-3

Romney is way ahead of Obama. He's winning outright, 14-6!

More Visionary GOP Leadership: Platform Slams DOD Focus On Climate Change

Tampa homeless 'sidelined' by Republican convention pomp (BBC)

According to Nate Silver, Romney Is Losing Ground This Week

Listening to Pawlenty on the radio

'Hitler' shop upsets Jewish community, others in Ahmedabad

Chris Hedges: Hear the 99% Roar

Um, what is Mike Huckabee doing?

UC,Microsoft, Google folks are top sources for Obama funds While WallStreet tops Romney's list

huckabee is only speaking because todd akin is too toxic

News execs can sue Arpaio for arrest, court rules

Hey Fuckabee

Jan Brewer couldn't hear Chris Matthews but no trouble hearing Rachel Maddow two seconds later?

Mike Huckabee is going over like a lead balloon...

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer ‘Endorses’ President OBAMA At Republican National Convention - video

Reverend Huckabee appears to have added some avoir du pois since I last saw him

For some downtown businesses, RNC is a bust

Huckabee?!1 Is *that* ALL they got?!1 "Uncle Sugar" - wtf?!1 Oh, he's a FAILED CANDIDATE

The Real Truth Is That GOP Will Leave Millions More Without Health Care And They Don't Care

"Mitt Romney gives 16% of his income to Church and Charity..."

Did someone say "mining jobs"?

Shorter Huckabee: Obama was an Affirmative Action hire

While fooling around on today I got to doing Rmoney's family tree just for fun.

Paul Krugman Blasts Paul Ryan Budget Plan: It's 'Flimflam' (Video)

Got a new wallpaper, what does your desktop look like?

Romney Economics (anti romney ad)

Ugh. RNC folks are playing Obama's "Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours ..." campaign song ...

9/11! 9/11! 9/11!

9/11! 9/11! 9/11!

Christie ties to Mafia

KindaSleezy Rice starts with 9/11 attack!

McCain’s speech a ‘real bell-ringer for war’

Oh jeeze,

War criminal pimping 9/11 for some Condi-licious applause, echoes McCain on Syria

condi should know bad foreign policy...but she is so wrong here.

Uh, Condi...I don't know that you want to be the one bringing up 9/11

OMG! She's playing the 9/11 card.

And speaking now is the Rice woman, mercifully no longer secretary of state.

Debating the Bush legacy

Why are gas stations running short on gas in Missouri????

Hey Condi!

Why are Condi's front teeth pink?

This is what voter suppression looks like

Florida's ID voter registration law struck down

WTF!? War Criminal On Live TV! Don't they have security!!!???

Looks like her delegates just don't get Condo n/t

Strange that the GOP doesn't feature a real GOP hero prominently.

My fellow Americans, Condi is a real buzz kill

Well I had to change the channel 2 nites in a row from CBS.

It takes a special kind of crazy to stand up there on national tv and lie, lie, lie.

Crowd sourcing experiment - Help me find an image

"It doesn't matter where you came from, it matters where you're going..."

Lugar, Nunn honored for nuclear security efforts

When Barack Obama wins re-election - I want to hear the word Mandate come out of his mouth.

I look forward to the day when condilipsa rice is disgrace

Teachers (and Friends): So who's running for Congress this year that "gets it"?

Am I correct that Condi has mentioned Mitt Romney's name exactly once?

hey condi, Barack Obama came from nothing to become President Of the United States

Condi just praised some liberal hotbeds, California, Mass, Austin, TX.

Condi sounds like that...

Is anyone else hearing war drums sounding in Condi's speech?

Oh, fucking yawn...

U.N. nuclear watchdog creates task force to monitor defiant Iran

What the hell is Condisleeze Rice saying?

UN should not pull punches on issue of total nuclear disarmament: Leader

I think NBC has managed to put every single African American in the GOP audience on TV tonight.

Aug. 29 UPDATE from Nate Silver = Obama 300EV, Romney 238EV

Hey Condi - part II - Does this look familiar???

Kitteh wants treats...

images from inside the RNC Convention 2012

Reference to a 357 Mangum gets a standing "O"

please tell me the gloves are coming off next week

What a crock!

This Gov. Martinez is giving a good speech.

Condoleezza Rice: ‘You Cannot Lead From Behind’

Thankfully Michael Bay had his version of "TMNT" shitcanned...

Does condi know about the cnn camera lady?

Barry Goldwater's daughter backs Dem Carmona in U.S. Senate race

Only the Repubs Would be Proud of Condeleesa Rice and the Past Administration

Palestinian farmers ordered to leave lands

I'd heard New Mexico leaned liberal. Is Gov Martinez actually typical of the attitude there?

"I'll be damned, we're republicans!"

Prosecutors Link Money From China to Iran

None of them is really saying anything about Romney -- must be the campaign's strategy

I guess speaking spanish is ok if you're a repig...

I was just texted by a Republican, "They showed a black girl in the crowd at the convention"

Here comes Ryan. Get your drinks of choice ready.

Eddie Munster is all growed up.

*** RNC Thread #3 (Paul Lyin' on) ***

One of the most AWESOME tats EVER!


Fear and Division are all they have left

Here we go. Eddie Munster himself. The Big Kahuna.

Paul Ryan does not talk like a Wisconsinite.

has any of the republican speakers offered one thing positive? he grunting?

Did my eyes actually see it?

Ryan, the lying douche...

Please help me respond to a voter ID proponent on Facebook

Oh look! Carter Burke is up to speak!

I am trying to be objective, but they all seem so insincere. They say the words,

Romney's party boat at Tampa flying the Cayman Island flag that's what real patriotism is

Looks like Ryan is just repeating their litany of lies...

Paul Ryan is channeling his inner Eddie Haskell

Toddlers and Tiaras

Was that just a protester

How is "Obama didn't fix our fuckups fast enough" supposed to be a winning argument?!?!!

Now ryan is still telling the lie about Obama

Lindsey Graham: “We’re not generating enough angry white guys to stay in business for the long term"

I want to see Obama punch Rmoney AND Ryan in the nuts at the same time

Maybe the late Jack Kevorkian would be a good next speaker at this point

They are cheering on the LIES

Fucking Liar! There will be no Medicare for anyone under the age of 55!

He really is a liar

FYI, Michelle Obama is appearing on Letterman tonight!

I can't wait to see Joe Biden rip Ryan a new one in debate.

"The thrill of something new"?

Solyndra - something all DUers need to know about Solyndra...

Oh Fuck you Ryan.....

I hope there's a hell because then Paul Ryan will be going there.

Anybody know where DUer

Paul Ryan Has All The Personality Of A House Plant

Ryan's whole premise is "Obama didn't clean up the mess we created fast enough."

"Republicans Celebrate Romney Nomination, But Poll Highlights Low Popularity"

The truth about the GM Janesville plant shutdown

Romney's name is almost as absent in this RNC as is Dubya's

Biggest Cheer of the night

There is a silver lining with Ryan giving his speech nationally.

Paul aRyan is part of the congressional GOP leadership that has specifically chosen to stonewall . .

What music is playing at the GOP convention?

I'm playing the drinking game...

I really really REALLY


I think I saw two people trying not to go to sleep....

Ryan wants to limit government.

I'll be glad when ryan loses, i'll be even happier when he's out of politics all together....

Another proposed reactor bites the dust

I can't wait for our Democratic Conventon.

"and we choose to limit government" ...

Ordinary People...

Entergy Nuclear's Palisades "a disaster waiting to happen"

Maureen Dowd has a few words for Paul Ryan....

"Everyone's free but us"? WTF!

The bastard just promised 12 million jobs.

Paul Ryan needs to give me a list of the things he's not "free" to do in America.

I thought Ryan was going to say the trees are the right height in Wisconsin.

So, Paul Ryan's biggest applause line is a dig at Mitt Romney?

Ah yes little Mr Ryan you can think for yourself and

Man Who Killed and Dismembered a Lost Boy, 8, Gets 40 Years to Life

Save the dates: "A Mountain of Radioactive Waste 70 Years High: Ending the Nuclear Age," Chicago, De

Ryan says Romney is a fine businessman.

The Lord of Life Carrying a .357 Magnum . . . . or some shit

Paul Ryan is going to get rave reviews tomorrow

Uh, oh, Ryan's running long...

On facebook tonight, one of my friends said...

Oh my, is 2016 going to be interesting....

paul ryan is so much more dangerous than mitt romney. this guy is scary as hell.

Where are the nuns in the bus?

Hey, Paul Ryan's wife is Blonde...

Ryan slipped

Hmm.. my ultra teabagger neighbors are outside watering during Ryan's speech.

Tweety says it was a canned political advertisement

CODE PINK Protestors in the Hall...

Mike Huckagee -vs- Here Comes Honey Boo Boo!

Mendacity Stew

I may be a shy stay-at-home mom...

Chris Matthews called the speech negative and nasty...

maybe Im biased or been around the block but, it was just a speech???

a strange thread

How do you rate Ryan's 'speech'?

Ryan very eloquently mislead people - Al Sharpton

Go Reverand Al!

Glad the MSNBC panel tonite had their facts.

"Condoleeza Rice gave a presidential speech--Ryan did not!"

Ryan's speech was full of lies, but they were well-delivered lies.

Al Sharpton on the post game show (paraphrased): Eloquent Liars

Anyone Notice How Ryan and Family Tried to leave the podium to the Right?

The republican party motto "facts, we don't need no stinking facts"!

Post 10,000!!

PINK PROTEST (on convention floor during Ryan speech)

C'mon Andrea, ask her: WTF couldn't you guys get Bin Laden??

andrea mitchell asks condi about the two wars started on her watch....condi is unsettled

Mrs Greenspan with the Rice woman. What BAD lighting

Condi just told Andrea Greenspan Iraq war was because Saddam was "a threat in the middle East"

You just witnessed the apex of Paul Ryan's career & it wasn't even all that spectacular...

Condi makes me ill. Vapid and brittle.


Ryan's speech was a forcible rape of the truth !

I refused to listen to the speeches but did the speakers mention

Condi Rice, "...the Birther movement is an extreme..."

Scott Walker repeating the GM Plant lie

Now the scumbag Scott Walker is lying about the GM plant closing in Janesville.

FDR quote very relevant for this election (You Tube)

ThinkProgress Live Blogs the RNC (Ryan's speech compared with facts)


Scott Walker is ONE SLEAZY fuck looking bastard!!!

Rachel and Ed giving Walker hell about Janesville plant

If they had followed Rmoney's management method regarding GM

TPM's Josh Marshall mocks CNN's euphemisms as they try to note Ryan's lying without using that word

I wish the MSNBC panel would call Scott Walker a liar to his face on the air.

They're tearing Scott Walker apart on MSNBC

Seeing fresh ads that repeat the lies told by Paul Ryan tonight.

Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch breaks with Romney, GOP over federal ban on same-sex marriage

Two Steps to Counter overt lying: Start tying the lies to opponents knowledge credibility THEN..tie

itt Romney and the RNC: Stoking the racial politics of yesteryear?

Oh good, time to get Brokaw's opinion.

Somewhere, Joe Biden smiles, clinks the ice cubes in his glass, and says ...

ThinkProgress: Paul Ryan's speech was AMAZING. It just wasn't TRUE.

The Janesville plant lie will be immortalized and mainstreamed unless Obama smacks it down NOW

Colbert is off the hook....

Paul Ryan's speech gets a Wordle treatment...

Republican's Campaign Slogan on Awesome Ryan Poster

Remember when Condi & Bush waterboarded the Sheik and got Osama's home address?

I just flipped past MSNBC, and noticed something about the crowds at the convention.

Ryan should look on the bright side ...

Tweety just told Brokaw he was "blown away by the Churchillian gandeur" of Condi's speech

tweety was smitten by condi

Condi Rice "Soviet Studies Expert"

"We Will Not 'Be Dictated By Fact-Checkers"

Pic Of The Moment: Paul Ryan Speech: Full Transcript

"I knew her before she was a virgin"

Brokejaw said President Romney.

I had a conversation with my GOP cousin on facebook after Paul Ryan's Speech

Kansas Gov. Brownback acknowledges that Romney’s welfare attack is false

Are the Republicans pushing fast food?

Romney 2012 Becomes First Political Campaign to Buy a Twitter Trending Topic

There is a treat after all of that convention slime.

We Are The Party Of Diversity: Record number (470) LGBT DNC Delegates

David Gregory: Liberal Michelle Rhee is for Education Reform.

They showed "Dr" Phil's car license on Letterman tonite.

Ann Romney Wants Hispanic Voters To Get Past ‘Their Biases’

I love the team on MSNBC...

Jon Stewart Tears Apart RNC For Basing Entire First Night Around Misquoting Obama

Reince Priebus, Reince Priebus, wasn't he the politician

New Poll shows Obama ahead in his home state of IL by nearly 2-1

Michelle Obama is on Letterman tonight.

Well, I finally washed dishes and put away the clean clothes and towels, only took all day.

Reducing expenses is NOT cutting benefits! I can't stand DNC retort, if you're explaining your...

who would buy zombie killer bullets.

I was polled!

A dumb question......

It took a while but I finally recalled the name of Paul Ryan's public speaking mentor...

Every time I see folks promoting a constitutional amendment to fix something...

I guess if you screwed up but your alert failed, no apology

FACT CHECK: Ryan Advised GOP Leaders Not To Work With The President To Reduce Deficit

Paul Ryan’s Hypocritical Attack on Barack Obama

It bears repeating, the story of Joe six-pack Republican, self-made man

Romney voters aren't swayed by actual facts…

have any speakers mentioned 'abortion'?

Here is a thread on voter suppression in Florida. Seems it is working very well.

Ron Paul's Base Reacts to Being Snubbed at the RNC.

Whatever happened to the 800 TRILLION Libor scandal

From AC/DC To Zeppelin, Paul Ryan Knew How To Reference Non-U.S. Bands In His Speech!

What kind of flag lapel pin was on Paul Ryan's jacket?

A Kids' State Dinner at the Obama White House

In case you all missed it

Think search results

Paul Ryan has inspired me!

Tweety's midnight panel dissecting Ryan's speech....BLOWS!!!!!

In honor of the RNC Lie-Fest, I donated to the President tonight.

The WH needs to start using the word "LIE"

This is fabulous!!

hey matthews, how does condi square her story w/voter suppression

Truthfully, do you think Paul Ryan swayed the thinking of the low information

Someone photoshop this

The 5 Biggest Lies in Paul Ryan’s RNC Acceptance Speech

Given the chance many folks cheering Condi's speech would bar her from that lunch counter again

The 5 Biggest Lies in Paul Ryan’s RNC Acceptance Speech

How Romney Keeps Lying Through His Big White Teeth by Robert Reich

Funky Funky White People Dance At RNC Convention (Video)

Michelle Obama on Letterman

I just came up with a name for the Rmoney-rAyn ticket

Republicans don't hate women.

Zimmerman Judge Forced To Step Down, Appeals Court Rules He’s Biased

"I stubbed my toe on the way up the stage…"

4 Years Ago, Sarah Palin's Convention Speech Won Over the Media

Who scares you more?

John Fugelsang wrote this on his Facebook Page

Lyin' Ryan.

Righthaven's Las Vegas Review-Journal eliminates 7 top editor jobs

Governor Brewer endorses President Obama

Pecksniffian Paul Ryan.

Scott Walker is a double talking fucking LIAR

These people are nuts...

Manning Home Movie Could Come Into Play

Judge in WikiLeaks case weighs prosecution request to let prior misconduct be used as evidence

Mitt alienates another group

Go read Reince Priebus' Wikipedia page

Like “Fifty Shades of Grey” without the sex

Condoleezza Rice

AZ Gov. Jan Brewer endorses President Obama

MSNBC is showing Andrea Mitchell interviewing the murdering liar Condi Rice.

GAME ON! Blatant Lies and Misrepresentations

Peter La Farge-Drums

Thursday night drinking game!

Love Hendrix, but Stevie Ray absolutely nailed this tune...

Whoa! Did you guys see Maddow, Shultz and Sharpton go after Scott Walker?

Stephanie Cutter: "40 minutes of vitriol"

Dave Weigel: Ryan's speech "one of the more impressive strings of whoppers we've seen at this level"

Inside the mind of a Republican voter...

Fox News analysis: Ryan earns gold medal for number of blatant lies and misrepresentations


Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Wednesday, August 29)

The republicons believe USA stands for United Sweatshops of America.

Iran will form troika to explore Syria solution

Leonard Cohen - Hallelujah and Suzanne

Rushing to discredit his two women accusers is wrong way to protect Wikileaks founder.

From one monk to another.

Lawrence O'Donnell is wrong about Ryan's assessment

"We know our rights come from God and nature" -Paul Ryan

Taibbi "His personal fortune would not have been possible without the direct assistance of US gov't"

Mexico's ancient ruins center of protest

Caption this...

Anybody watching the new BBC series "Copper"?

Paul Ryan’s breathtakingly dishonest speech

Fact check: Paul Ryan, other convention speakers stray from reality

There IS a way to derail the Romney lie machine

Paul Ryan fails -- the truth

You can run, Ryan, but you can't hide!

Just Another Fucker.

Obama Endorses Anti-Citizens United Amendment In Reddit Chat


Excellent Source for Bookmarking: What has Obama Done? Here Are 200 Accomplishments! With Citations! on "Ryan’s VP Spin" - "several false claims and misleading statements"

Has everyone seen this Vid of Antimated Willard? "10 lbs of LIES in a 5 lb Bag"? Got him NAILED!

Fox News: "Cow dung flowed from Ryan's mouth."

Remember cereal boxes with removable books/stories on the back?

Juan Cole: Top Ten Repeated Paul Ryan Lies

If you are caught stealing, you grab the guy who caught you and yell THIEF!

200 US Marines join anti-drug effort in Guatemala

200 US Marines join anti-drug effort in Guatemala

The Most Dishonest Convention Speech ... Ever?

Media Calls Out Paul Ryan Acceptance Speech For Falsehoods

Paul Ryan decries Janesville plant closing in '08...

The RNC is proof positive that things are so much better when you give up on sanity

Google Chrome question

One more night of lies and Mittrepresentations to get thru. Lord give me the strength....

We Built It!!

Anyone else feeling fired up and ready to go?

I'd like to give an anti-Pulitzer to the Daily Caller

Five Australian soldiers killed in Afghan incidents

Ryan Lizza, The New Yorker: The Paul Ryan Speech: Five Hypocrisies

Insight - Peru's emerging consumer: Whoppers, alpacas at 10,000 feet

In Ascent to GOP’s Top Ranks, "Money & Pandering" Leads Paul Ryan to Drop Opposition to Cuba Embargo

WP editorial: "Paul Ryan's breathtakingly dishonest speech"

Chile police probed for stripping children naked

Chile police probed for stripping children naked

Consumers create businesses: businesses to NOT create consumers

Alarming levels of drug-resistant TB found worldwide

Which former president(other than JFK or Clinton)would have had the best sex tape?

Ok...when the guy stops running, place your cursor an inch above his head and watch what happens.

Is the "Navy Seal's" book setting off your BS monitor?

Border Agency decision threatens thousands of international students

"Going Home" --- a poem by Leonard Cohen (text & audio)

OMG! Even Fox is calling out Paul Ryan!

Democrat fundraiser Michael Douglas in talks to play Republican Ronald Reagan in new biopic Reykjavi

Crazy Country: 6 Reasons America Spends More on Prisons Than On Higher Education

“The Dumbest Idea in the World”: Corporate America's False Ideology of Shareholder Value

There Are Now More Slaves Than at Any Point in Human History


Condi Rice? I thought republicans hated lesbians.

US Performs Worst On Potentially Preventable Death Rates Compared to France, Germany, and UK

It bothers me that people focused on how Ryan spoke instead of what he said

Small Family Size Increases Wealth of Descendants but Reduces Evolutionary Success

My Repubican husband, who voted for Obama before, helped me understand.

Democrats platform should be...

Warren Buffett gives 'reverse birthday gift' to children's foundations ($2.08 billion)

Plug pulled on Russia's flagship Shtokman energy project

Being a poor American is bad enough without having to feel ashamed.

Five Australian soldiers killed in southern Afghanistan

Republicans think that they can motivate rich people my giving them more money

Chocolate reduces stroke risk for men, research claims

Misleading headline? "Obama endorses Bernie Sanders’ Constitutional Amendment to overturn Citizens U

How to spot completely miserable women, Mark Morford

Hey WiLLIARd Rmoney

The SPLC on everything you want to know about World Net Daily

A proposal: "How stupid do you think I am?"

Every time Mitt Romney lies, a white rat plays a tiny pan flute

As Republican convention emphasizes diversity, racial incidents intrude

Warning! Two scary moving pics here....

Toon- Set it for 1954, Sherman

So, when the Republiban delegates chanted "USA! USA" at that Puerto Rican GOP woman track ‘used to deter potential Martian assault’.

Tucson shooting survivors, family push Holder on guns

Toon- Connect the Dots

"Forty minutes of vitriol and a half dozen previously debunked attacks, but not one tangible idea."

Plante 'toon in this mornings paper

..Obama’s Rope Offensive FB posting.

Atheists Ignore Islamophobia At Their Peril


Has WiLLIARd agreed to write off Gingrich's debt?

Essex police call off search for unicorn after concluding photo was of a goat

The Low Paying Jobs That Have Replaced Good Ones Is The "Trickle" In Trickle Down Economics

Shift in Connecticut Senate Race as Democrat Is Put on the Defensive (McMahon Leading)

and I lied before, the anti Obama film is here starting Friday.....

Religious Right Roars at RNC

Samsung steals march on Nokia with first Windows phone

Volunteers at Catholic churches will collect donations to oppose Washington's gay marriage law

Mitt Romney pledges presidency devoted to killing John Connor

The GOP has been hijacked by r_ _ _ _ _ _. And I don't mean republicans.

Paul Ryan and the Which Way Is Up Speech

Army Ramps Up Language Instruction as War in Afghanistan Winds Down

I don't like the look of this one coming up behind Isaac.

Huntsman is looking pretty . . . Orange on CNBC.

CNN is grilling GOP on lies while Joe wallows in them


Clint Eastwood ... the "mystery" speaker...

Fear and Loathing in Florida 2012

"Paul Ryan fails--the truth"

Question about renewing my star account...

Amy Goodman: Workers Feel the Pain of Bain

The home team always has an advantage.

Fox reporter: "We don't really know what we're doing here"

Krugman: Wibbly-wobbly

The Republican Party's order of magnitude

That the polling is essentially a dead heat in spite of the repug war against women, social

Seniors respond to Paul Ryan convention speech.

"Death Threat Guy" is back.

Poll: Hey DU are you really watching the RNC?

Paul Ryan stands on a foundation of lies

CBC: World must back Syrian rebels, Egypt's president says

How the Right Is Building Its 'Poll Watcher' Network for November

ETA News Release: Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (08/30/2012)

I woke up feeling great today...energized, optimistic, filled with a boundless sense of joy. :)))

"Paul Ryan Is the Newest New Nixon": Once again, Charles P. Pierce says all that needs saying.

Photoshop Help Request: Romney/Ryan logo

GOP: We built this

NYT: European Conservatives Steer Clear of Romney (UK paper: Mitt the Twit)

I got a bad feeling about this one.

Jon Stewart gets herman cain to apologize for a republican lie.

AMC showing Pretty Woman all week; here's why

President stresses voter participation at Charlottesville rally

Do dried beans go stale or bad if stored in a cool, dark place?

"You and your family will be the first ones eaten."

(Eric "Etch-A-Sketch") Fehrnstrom: Ryan Didn’t Say Wisconsin Plant Closed Under Obama

I'm arguing with a winger and he claims

Koch nephew, Scott Walker, accidentally appears on MSNBC. You never saw a more uncomfortable man.

Alan Rickman

Chait: Paul Ryan’s Large Lies

What's for Dinner ~ Thursday August 30th

Liftoff! NASA Launches Twin Probes to Study Earth's Radiation Belts

Jan Brewer accidentally endorses Obama at convention

Reagan-era figure Brady urges GOP to consider gun control

Paul Ryan: Wrong for the Middle Class

Have you been tested for adenovirus-36, or discussed it with your doctor?

DU Poll: America, anymore, is really two countries in terms of what people want/think?

GOP poll gives Obama 1-point lead in Ohio (Nate Silver calls it good news!)

If the media were doing its job in this election, the story it would be telling over and over ...

Rand Paul, why did you and Chris Crispy only talk about yourselves and not Mr. Robme?

republican party...lying is better than losing

Mitt Romney's Foreign Policy experience

What a great idea - Restaurants recycling wasted food into Compost

Janesville GM plant > Space Center > Hope and Change.

The abortion debate is finally settled

Today in Peace and Justice history on August 30, 1967

Oh, another FB fight, and Baltimore has lost a friend (and so did I so back off) morning edition

JR Ewing for President

The World from Berlin 'Romney Message Too Closely Tailored to White Men'

Meanwhile in Russia...

Finally found a dentist with reasonable rates

German Shipyards See Future in Wind Power

So the mystery speaker? Who was it?

What could possibly go wrong?

Megan McCain coming up on MSNBC.

Obama: 'Don't boo. Vote!'

As Shell Struggles with Logistics in the Arctic, the Company Asks for Extension

Canadian immigration conference: Every single speaker ... agreed immigration is good for Canada...

How Can You Be "Pro-Life" and Call for Draconian Cuts to Medicaid?

bizzarro world: fox news points out ryan york times doesn't


President Obama on an Obama co-branded Mac yesterday...

Arctic collapse dramatically increases global warming

Paul Ryan: What A Nasty Little Piece Of Work

Fox News: "Ryan's Speech-attempt to set the world record for the greatest number of blatant lies."

Subtracting Calories May Not Add Years To Life

I'm suffering from exposure to TMR (too many republicans) right about now.

Michael Cohen: "Never have I heard a major political speech so brazenly and stunningly dishonest."

GOP, We Built This

Lovely Sunday morning turns into a real-life horror show for one OH man

What I think the Obama campaign needs to do

Attn. Paul Ryan: You have a problem when even FOX NEWS calls you a liar

Venezuela investigates alleged massacre in Amazon tribal village

From the Official 2012 GOP Convention song:

The Real Paul Ryan

Lovely Sunday morning turns horrific for central OH man.

Syria rebels 'down fighter jet' in Idlib province

Apple win whacks Android resale prices

Special report: Goldman's promised land: Salt Lake City

Half of Americans Die With Almost No Money

Charles Blow on Mitt's RNC speech: "Ha ha..well, I really don't BELIEVE he is writing it himself..."

"Paul Ryan: Wrong for the Middle Class" - new Obama ad uses media critique of Ryan lies

Paul Ryan's most hypocritical/lie of his speech....

Chris Jansen is tearing Barbara Comstock

Toon: Romney eating tuna in basement

** Gets out staple gun and posts sign reminding people to share the Lounge PSP player **

Obama's speech at Iowa State

NYT's Maureen Dowd: Will They Decipher the Cipher?

Ohio DUers, or not in play staters PM to find out how

PM me to find out how you can help hold Ohio, from the comfort...

NYT's Gail Collins: Renovating Mitt Romney

The Majority is Supposed to Run America

More Job Woes. Need Advice. After all of my recent fuss, I think I should quit.

Boston Herald: Ryan "took factual shortcuts; Santorum "stretch the truth"

Look who showed up to see Obama in Charlottesville.

Countdown on the Iron Range: Steelworker contracts end this week.


The Vacuum Behind the Slogans

Josh Marshall, TPM: Will the Liar Thing Break Through?

Meet the industry that makes the Koch brothers look poor

If a man who builds his house upon the sand is a fool...

Republicans risk becoming a 'minority party,' former chairman says.

Thou shalt not bear false witness ...

Borowitz: Ryan Launches Campaign Theme of Lying About Everything

I Just Got A Call From The Obama Campaign Staff...

Bachmann: Vote for Romney because Obama is ‘extremely wealthy’

Michael Tomasky on Paul Ryan’s Convention Speech and His Web of Lies

Siberia is releasing TEN TIMES more carbon than previously thought???

The Newsroom - Tea Party is the American Taliban

Arizona governor Jan brewer off her meds again...

Lindsey, you're giving the game away!

Dutch candidates hold debate before elections (socialist, liberal, conservative and far-right)

anybody else think the Dems should produce a TV ad called simply 'liars'?

She blew up the world, with the help of your newspaper.

Best Toon On The CONvention!

The RNC is boring the shit out of me...

Wait just a minute - what's that on either side of Paul Ryan's head???!!!

Yes, you did.

RIP Satire (100,000 BCE-2012)

Letterman: Ann & Mitt Romney Lies

Making You Inferior With Your Explicit Consent's pretty exciting to be at the Republican Convention...

Supermassive black holes and hot galaxies in giant haul

Hey Traditional SLAVE Media, GOP is BRAZENLY Insulting Your Intellegence

Missing teens, spread the word please!

Pic Of The Moment: Mitt Romney Rehearses For Tonight's Big Speech

Republican Party Not 'Generating' Enough White Males? What's the World Coming To?

If Ryan had not been spending so much time giving Obama the runaround during past 4 years

Best picture out of Tampa

Factually challenged...What Paul Ryan said (Obama campaign email)

Krugman: Ryan ‘mythical conservative’ in media, GOP’s dreams

In speech tonight Jeb is set to defend his brother against that mean Obama

We have something in common with some of those on the right who listened to Paul Ryan's lies last

Thursday Toons roundup 1- Convention, day 4

Another post about the lying w/in the speechs... what I saw when I went to

Thursday Toons roundup 2- More Convention, day 4

The Obama Administration new national standards for fuel economy...

Any Similarities Between These Two?

I Just Heard Ryan Talk About His Playlist - Starting With AC/DC & Ending With Zeppelin.....

The Perfect Susan B. Anthony Quote That The Religious Right Would Really, Really Hate

Meghan McCain: "I'd expect someone like Chris Matthews to see it as 'war mongering'...I LOVED it!"

Yahoo fires bureau chief for hot mic truth about Mittens and Queen Ann

Holy Shit, I agree with Fox News analysis of Paul Ryans speech!

Why We Think NASA Should Possibly Start Rooting For An Alien Invasion

The queasy, quasi-hypnotic background behind the speakers at the convention...

GOP calls for broader gun rights, unlimited clips

Don't you think that Mitt Romney would make a great President...

New 007 trailer

Lying in Post-Fact America

Want to be obscenely wealthy? Stop being a slack ass.

I Spit on Your Grave

Man, what is with that Republican crowd?

Some thoughts about diet.

Liar liar pants on fire (a compilation of "burning" reviews)

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: Why the Entire RNC and the GOP Campaign Don't Deserve Coverage Anymore

Republican bigot to NPR: Can't stand to look at Obama, wants First Lady who looks like a First Lady

OFA calls it LIES.

Lying Doesn't Matter: The Low Information, Undecided Voter

I just want to wish you guys all the best.

It's Hard Out Here for a Grifter

Meet Stan Lee

Is the mystery speaker Cheney or his daughter? n/t

The Republicans lie? Can't get their facts straight? That's complete bullshit.

Romney/Ryan slogan: We're broke but if the military says they're fine money-wise, they're lying

why I loath repukes # 5,849: What repukes call racism:

So, the Wingnutosphere is burning with outrage over Obama using an electric pen

I laugh at the posts about Ryan's lies last night - the theme of the RNC is a lie!!

CNN Camerawoman 'Not Surprised' by Peanut-Throwing

Why do Democrats put down Romney so much?

Montreal Student Strike Continues after Classes Forced to Reopen

Ann Romney Brags About Mitt 'Whacking' Their Kids (VIDEO)


The Romney Bunch Video from DNC's Rapid Response Site

Kos: No one thinks Romney will win, because he won't

CNN Camerawoman "Not Surprised" by Peanut-Throwing: "People Think We've Gone Further Than We Have"

Dieting Monkeys Don’t Live Longer

Best jury duty ever

For those Republicants who thought Clint was going to ride in....

Open Racism at RNC Convention - CNN camera woman called an "animal" for being black

FACTS MATTER: The Ultimate Guide To Mitt Romney’s Convention Speech

Preview of tonight's Mitt Romney speech

Breaking - evacuations ordered near Louisiana-Mississippi border

Alex Seitz-Wald, Salon: Paul Ryan: The definitive fact check

I know Jon Lovitz is persona non grata in these parts, but

The camerawoman at the RNC wasn't called an animal because of her race

Armstrong says he's 7-time Tour de France champ

ReThUGs are pathologically mendacious

ON NOW - Michael Moore coming up on HuffPost Live. Link:

FOX News Calls Paul Ryan’s RNC Speech “Deceiving” — Hell Freezes Over

Father Benedict Groeschel: You Have It Backwards, Those Kids Are Seducing US

Help I'm feeling really depressed I'm hearing that this is President Obama's to lose BUT

The Assange case: defining rape and consent

Congrats you have been picked to write Romney's sppeech for the RNC Convention...

Debbie Harry responds to the RNC

Dam nears collapse due to Isaac; thousands reportedly evacuating

'Splat Goes Obama': Air Force Times makes Obama/Osama mistake on front page

The press is actually doing a good job calling out Ryan's lies.... I'm impressed!

My husband actually records Hoarding: Buried Alive.

Voter ID could hurt Republicans, too

FOR REFERENCE: Text of Obama's welfare order

Joe Scarborough to Chris Matthews : "the truth shall get you banned".

This Dad's Superhero Cape Is A Skirt (I love this guy!)

I didn't know that unionized cafeteria workers were killing America...

Chris Christie at the Republican National Convention By Elizabeth Warren

Jeb Bush: ‘Wrong’ To Suggest Paul Ryan Lied In Acceptance Speech

This from Byron via Heidi's list

Debating idiots on Facebook, re: Fox News Reports on Paul Ryan's Lies in his Speech

Hats off to MIRT!

Ed Schultz is on fire....

Federal court rejects Texas voter ID law as unfair to Hispanics, African-Americans

How quickly will the US leave Afghanistan?

Federal Court Rejects Texas Voter ID Law

Compare: Michelle Obama's 2008 DNC Speech vs. Ann Romney's 2012 RNC Speech

CNN's website says nothing about all the lies in Ryan's speech last night!

Gaps in India's 'Iran' bomb case

Storage War fans check-in

Let's fix this.

His Grief, and Ours (Paul Ryan’s nasty ideal of self-reliance. )

Ann Romney Photoshop concept

65% of GOP convention viewers are age 55 or over per Nielsen...

Want to know a real red flag for me in movies? "Based On A True Story."

If you live in OH, PA, CO, FL, you are going to have to protect your right to vote

Cleantech Experts On Romney’s Energy Plan: ‘A Political Document Not Worth Serious Analysis’

Was late for the self check in at a kiosk.

Better GOP Theme: "We Bilked That!" Photoshop, anybody?

Peak oil notes 8/30/12

Peak oil notes 8/30/12

Paul Ryan stands on a foundation of lies

TYT: Hand love speech by Rick Santorum

Romney KNOWS His Role is to bow to the coup and execute the plan and his reward will be great...

I'm not sure whether the Literally Unbelievable site is more scary or funny.

Condoleezza Rice Really Set A New Standard Last Night.

Minorities are being used by the RNC

Mitt's secret weapon may keep bombing By Muhammad Cohen

UGH. Juror #2 Pay attention please!

Old allies, new dynamics in US pivot

Thom Hartmann: Thank Liberals for Saving America...

Looks like the RNC got one thing right:

TPM: Departure From Usual: Traditional Media Call Out Ryan For Factually Dubious Speech

Just had a heated discussion with two Republican men.

Experian: Top TV Shows for Reaching Key Voters

Why are we so shocked that they lie???? That is our problem, we

Breaking: Voter ID Law Struck Down In Texas!!

Mitt Romney's eyebrows

PPP: McCaskill leads by one-point, majority accept Akin apology

"ELUSIVE", my ass

How many people are really worried?

Black CNN Camerawoman Pelted With Peanuts At GOP Convention Speaks Out

Federal court rejects Texas voter ID law

PPP: Romney leads by 12 in Missouri

Daily Show correspondent Samantha Bee exposes GOP hypocrisy on abortion (

Howard Fineman: Obama campaign must call Ryan a liar ASAP

Rupert Murdoch backs anti-Barack Obama documentary

Egypt joins China club

Black Caribbean workers 'earned more per hour than whites before recession'

Blatant lies. I don't think this is the future of politics.

Sxth Circuit Court of Appeals decides open carry case


Jeb Bush: I’d Have Been ‘Spanked’ If I Acted Like Obama (VIDEO)

Okay, don't everybody cheer at once: Jersey Shore cancelled.

Cain says black republicans are at work when pollsters call; implying black Democrats not working

Paul Lyin's lies breaking further into mainstream coverage

The GOP thinks being mean is macho-They are using hate to overcompensate for their teeny-tiny dicks.

"A little girl grows up, then becomes SECRETARY OF STATE, then becomes a war criminal..."

Daughter of Billionaire GOP Donor Sheldon Adelson Pushes Democracy Now! Staff, Seizes Camera

Paul Ryan is anti government until it comes to his paycheck

Here's what it took for me to get a License and Voter Card in Pennsylvania…

I have a strange new addiction - Buying giant boxes filled with old jewelry

Teenager who shot intellectually disabled classmate was accustomed to firearms in his home

Home prices jump in 20 major U.S. cities

Thom Hartmann: Must Watch - Thom Hartmann vs. Senior Economic advisor to Mitt Romney

Venezuela oil refinery explosion--sabotage?

So now, LYING YOUR ASS OFF is called "taking factual short cuts" if you're a Republican,

Bill would allow sale of homemade foods

Mrs Greenspan Shilling For Ryan

Is Mitt Romney's Mormon religion fading as a negative?

CNBC: 'Drink Less, Work More', Billionaire Tells Non-Rich

U.S. revises second-quarter GDP growth rate slightly upward

Michelle Bachmann: Vote for Romney because Obama is ‘extremely wealthy’

"The Fairy" -- charming, funny and delightful French film

Chris Cilizza is a turd polisher

Fed 'beige book' survey finds economy grew in July, early August

L.A. County hotels see record occupancy rates in July

Favre attorneys: Brett shouldn't have to respond to claims that he's a perv

Prison official: American Taliban fighter Lindh, other Muslim inmates show defiance

Retail sales rise 3.6% in August, beating forecasts

Mystery Speaker? During the 1992 Republican Convention

Will everyone in NYC have to produce a drivers lic. to vote???

Capt. Paul Watson update on Sea Shepherds' "Operation Zero Tolerance" 8/30/2012

Dispute between Aetna, California Medical Assn. heats up

Israel's slowing economy may pose trouble for Netanyahu

Hate is such a strong word...

Boomers Defy Car Makers' Marketing Strategies

CA Legislators: Students who criticize Israel are antisemitic. Shitstorm & Hilarity follows.


Challenge To Clergy Tax Break Gets Green Light -- Next Stop, Scientology?

Misinformation, Fear, And Hate In America

Nebraska wildfires lead to evacuations, canceled classes

Many tea party freshmen congressman stay away from Tampa

"Mostly false"... Hmmmmmm.

Republican Convention's Real Theme.

Did anyone else hear on Democracy Now! about the dust up with their cameraman & reporter?

Lindsay Graham (R-SC) nails it. No, really!

Stephanie Cuter is on Andrea Mitchell

Is Paul Ryan A Liar?

I wish Dem. controlled states would start a counter to voter suppression.

Not Satire: Ann Romney calls Mitt and Ryan like two pigs in slop

#lyinryan starting to trend on twitter, Keith O. weighs in - please retweet

"If Obama has so much power he can *travel back in time* to close factories-we better vote for him"

Mexicans see a losing battle in the war on crooked police

Jeb Bush: I’d Have Been ‘Spanked’ If I Acted Like Obama...(WTF?)

The Truth is told at the GOP convention

Obama on the cover of Time Magazine

World’s richest woman to ‘jealous’ poor: ‘Drink less, work more’

Ga. prosecutor seeks death penalty for 3 soldiers

Disappointed in weight loss. Can't eat enough calories.

Daughter of Billionaire GOP Donor Sheldon Adelson Pushes Democracy Now! Staff, Seizes Camera at RNC

Police face legal, administrative hurdles to tracking guns

I posted this in General Discussion and it was suggested that it should have been posted here.

PPP Missouri Senate Poll: McCaskill and Akin are tied.

Iran expanding underground nuclear capacity, says IAEA

Ayn Rand on Lyin' Ryan:

Your Voice at the Democratic Convention

UAW President responds to Ryan speech

"attendance at the Romney event was mandatory, but no one was forced to attend the event"


Some happy news this RNC week: MTV to end Jersey Shore!

The biggest of all Paul Ryan's big lies

"As a socially disadvantaged minority woman, I appealed to the government

What "Lying" is, in sensible terms

Best guess for the Mystery Speaker?

Obama Campaign On Ryan’s RNC Speech: ‘He Lied’

Ryan's speech convinced one Ohio voter to switch to Obama...

‘Discriminatory Purpose’ in Texas

NASA finds ‘bonanza’ of millions of new black holes

John Kasich makes patronizing comment

GOP Fish Species Found In Mekong Delta In Vietnam

Did I just see a clip of Kindasleazy taking co-credit for the killing of Bin Laden?

Evacuations ordered in Mississippi over possible dam break

The Thrill Of It All!

Why Your Cellphone Has More Bacteria Than a Toilet Seat

National Atheist Party Cancels Convention Due To Lack Of Funding

South African Marikana miners charged with murder

Oh LOL, Ann Honey, you are such a hoot

Romney/Ryan and the Lullaby of Lying

Fox: Dem Policies Have "Infantilized" African-Americans & "Made Them Addicted To Crappy Programs"

Invalid Signatures Keep Colorado Personhood Off the Ballot in November

Roseanne releases these facts: Paul Ryan Was Born In Transyvania-He Feasts On The Blood Of Children"

Obama Campaign On Ryan’s RNC Speech: ‘He Lied’

Matt Taibbi one of best reporters out there Matt Taibbi goes into how Mitt Romney makes his money.

Interesting quotes

A better frame: *Ryan's lying to YOU.*

Court rules for religious group on after-school access

Julian Assange and 'The Women's Issue'

George Zimmerman's new judge: Debra S. Nelson

The Guardian UK comes through again: Ryan's "audacious untruths" this is the best one today.

Bill Maher on Tonight Show with Jay Leno

WE Built It !

“It was, by any reasonable standards, a staggering, staggering lie”

funny things my hubby says....

I can't wait for VP Biden to debate Ryan! Going to be the GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH!

Fox News' Sally Kohn: Paul Ryan's RNC Speech 'Was Attempt To Set World Record For Blatant Lies'

Clint Eastwood To Speak At Republican Convention on Thursday: Fox News

#LyinRyan is trending on Twitter

Scab official EPIC FAIL.

Consent of the Governed is giving way to Acquiescence of the Governed....

Catholic Priest Excuses Abuse: "A lot of the cases, the youngster — 14, 16, 18 — is the seducer."

Which Vice President would you prefer?

Bush Administration Praised Closure Of Auto Plant That Ryan Now Blames On Obama

Chuck Todd's idiocy goes on display...

Michael Moore: Romney will win in November

I'm afraid the voter ID law that the Courts just struck down will in Texas will be OVERTURNED

Soldier's WikiLeaks trial date set

LAPD Officers Bodyslam Cuffed Woman

Angry white guy bemoans lack of angry white guys in Republican Party

Clint Eastwood will be the surprise speaker tonight: TMZ

In Search of the RNC Cocktail Lounge

Thom Hartmann: The Secret Plot to Overthrow the U.S. Government

Prediction time!

Woman with bionic eye regains part of her vision; New retinal impant being tested in several patient

I can't believe Clint Eastwood would be shilling for these LIARS!!

The timely leak of their "mystery" speaker is confirmed in time to bump tonights viewership.

France and Germany may be moving towards closer political union

Father of the Year Helps Dress-Wearing Son Feel Comfortable By Putting on a Skirt Himself

RSA Animate - Changing Education Paradigms

Bush Administration Praised Closure Of Auto Plant That Ryan Now Blames On Obama

Eastwood to Ryan,"Feel Lucky Punk"

Second surprise guest! Former president George W. Bush to join Clint Eastwood on stage tonight!

Louisiana DUers check in

Looking for link to entire context: Paul Weyrich 'Goo Goo Complex' speech.

Researchers Believe They Have Found a Single Dose Cure for Malaria

Clint, tell 'em about "Made in Detroit"

I don't want to see this photo posted anymore...

Is this guy serious

'Drink Less, Work More', Billionaire Tells Non-Rich'

Newsroom supercut (just the shouting)

We have seen the future of the GOP, and he is:

In Tampa, Police deliver boxed lunches to Protestors

Jesus Christ - Tonight's GOP "Mystery Guest" Reveals Himself

Good mothers pay attention to politics.

David Gregory gives "Super" tongue bath to

Actor Sherman Hemsley unburied amid fight over his remains

Cooking blog I just found -

Obama: "Sometimes they just make things up"

(Link to) Alan Grayson's Politics 2012 Group post here

Powell brings campaign to Goochland.

Mr. Romney, I have a question for you - pic

Gallup - Obama (+1) for the 2nd day in a row

Self-delete (wrong forum)

Take the poll. How much should the top 1% pay in taxes?

A novella that really creeped me out big time...

Anyone going to watch and listen to Clint tonight if he is the surprise??

I just purchased Allan Lictman's latest 13 keys for 2012 he's predicting Obama will win 55% vote

The Everyday Sexism Project

Dispatch #3 From The Republican National Convention

Damn! We missed the casting call for Catching Fire.

Israeli attack on Iran 'would not stop nuclear programme'

Can Ryan be tied to Rove?

Drink Less, Work More', Billionaire Tells Non-Rich

Instead of Panicking, Donate Money or Your Time

I just had 2 LDS kids at my door They were really polite to me

Papantonio: Right Wing Courts Attack College Students

Wages rise and work continues in Argentina and Brazil, but not everywhere

MPAA praises Republicans' 'Internet Freedom' platform

Set stalker fans, this is your mission for Catching Fire: Spoilers:

If Clint Eastwood speaks, is he going to talk about the auto bailout?

They are NOT "factually disadvantaged". They do NOT "stretch the truth". They do NOT ...

Things I learned from the Bush Video

Paul Ryan's telling a whopper of a fish story

Anyone else remember this guy?

For the baking challenged (me) and kids in the kitchen: Super easy peach pie -

ROMNEY Banking On It: "Reporters/News Outlets Will Prove UNABLE To Keep Up With Skope/Volume Of LIES

Homer Simpson's idea of a Grand Old Party

BREAKING: TV Ratings for Wed RNC down 17 million from 2008!

Eat This GOP: Last day at the Janesville plant photo.

Yep, Att. Gen. Holder called Texas voter ID laws "poll taxes" last month- Law was struck down today

"We’re not generating enough angry white guys to stay in business for the long term"

Here you go, now go build it yourself!!

CBS's introduction of Ryan was as big a lie as the speech!

David Letterman's comment about Chris Christie

In 2008 the GOP Convention was ALL ABOUT "THE WAR ON TERROR" Do they even mention that anymore?

Full Text of Romney's Speech Leaked!

How the GOP became the Party of the Rich (Rolling Stone)

I have been gone for a while. Is it now acceptable to call a poster "an idiot"?

The Most Interesting Man in the World on The Man With No Name

Saw a bumper sticker which prompted a question...

Has there been a schedule posted for the 3 nights next week? Who is key noting? nt

Do you remember the military for Obama vid at the last DNC convention

Eastwood probably is the "surprise" speaker ... but I just keep remembering ...

I was reading another thread ...

MITT to YOU PEOPLE-Am I not what God Himself would have produced-if He'd only had been... well, me?

<Facepalm> And this guy's not even a Republican...

John McCain speaks at the Republican Convention, but Bush isn't allowed with a Gulf of it

Think about it . . . at this time in our nation's history, with our first African American president

argh. I can't get this song out of my head so I think I'll foist it on the lounge

Justice Department decides not to bring charges in CIA interrogations of terrorist suspects

Lyin' Ryan

Minimum Wage Raise is the Least We Can Do to Civilize America

Social Security cards as ID.

Ryan should be depicted as a liar by Democratic Party

Janesville, WI, Gazette: Last day GM last vehicle rolling off the line-banner says Dec. 23, 2008-pic

Minimum Wage Raise is the Least We Can Do to Civilize America

Your best rec for how Obama should respond to being swiftboated - ASAP!

10-year-old girl charged with manslaughter in death of Clinton (Maine) baby

Clint Eastwood's appearance at the RNC tonight baffles me.

Princeton Election Consortium projects 69% probability of Dem House takeover

Why is Clint Eastwood rich?

Dildo Sparks Airline Lawsuit By Gay Couple

Isaac aftermath

Does The Billionaire Chairman Of Samsung Own A Stolen $15 Million Ferrari?

New Romney Website Pushes Back On Bain Attacks

With Ryan Speech, Romney Campaign Goes Full Tea Party

14.8% of America is on Food Stamps - 64% increase since 2008

Paul Ryan Sent Out 2008 Press Release On Decision To Close GM Plant - More proof of his lies!

It's time for all good DUers to go to Reverend Al's Facebook page and give him a "like" for THIS one

'Fuk Obama' Bumper Sticker

Okay candy degenerates. How many on this list have you tried so far in your lifetime?

Paul Lyin'

I did a bad thing.

I know it's only a movie, but this scene freaks me out! I drove across this bridge several times a

Soapbox from Tiffany's

News meme of the 2000 Election: “Al Gore, Serial Exaggerator”

RNC Ratings Night Two: Networks Lose 17 Million Viewers Compared To Night Two Of 2008 RNC

Rmoney and Christie try to top each other (pic)

Hey Clint....

Based on The Deceptions in Ryan's Speech, Romney/Ryan won't survive the debates.

There's been a slew of new folks joining DU - check-in and introduce yourself

David Gregory: Paul Ryan has 'ideological amnesia'

A long, long list of articles citing Ryan's lies last night

The Republicans economic argument is basically this

Miners Charged in Deaths of 34 Killed by Police

Obama Predicts ‘Popping of the Blister’ of GOP Opposition in Second Term



Look what our conservative fireman friend emailed us

OMFG!! The stage is an almost exact copy of an Aztec step pyramid.

Catholic priest says victims of sexual abuse are the perpetrators and priests are the victims...

Absolute proof that Republican propaganda works!

George Huguely, former UVA lacrosse player, to be sentenced in Yeardley Love's murder

Bumper sticker: Win with Lyin' Ryan and Mitt the Twit

Alberta set to post $2.3- to $3-billion deficit on slumping oil prices

Romney's Acceptance Speech To Avoid Mentioning Personal, Professional, Religious, Political Life

Palin's Fox News contract in jeopardy

Caption this pic

Outstanding segment on last night's The Daily Show:

Harvard investigates 125 students for cheating on final exam

So Michael Moore thinks romney will win

#LyinRyan trending on twitter again

Thom Hartmann: Europe now looking at alternative economies?

avatar question

Bug report

Jimmy Carter Calls Corrie Case Ruling ‘Unacceptable’

maybe they'll get clint in drag as sarah palin?

Right to shoot 'Illegal' voters sought by two Florida Republicans

Ipsos/Reuters convention tracking poll shows Mittens in lead with convention bounce

Romney's Bounce

Actor Steve Franken passes at 80.

Schultz and Maddow pound Scott Walker on Paul Ryan’s auto-plant lie

Man allegedly obsessed with Fox News, GOP is in jail after threats made to girlfriend

Iran's Khamenei Calls for 'Nuclear Free Middle East'

Hey Paul Ryan, Obamacare Doesn't Steal From Medicare; Ryan’s VP Spin

Beneath Melting Antarctica, Powerful Greenhouse Gas Lurks

BabyGirl 1StrongBlackMan ...

Drunk Melon Balls: The Labor Day Party Must-Have

Deal’s Medicaid decision could put hospitals at risk

So pretty much all the reporters and pundits acknowledge Ryan lied


Republican Convention Viewership Drops by 17 Million

Wow. Fineman just referred to Ann Romney as "Queen Ann" on Hardball.

Romney in a Word: 'Honest,' 'Businessman,' 'Rich' (Pew Research Center)

Who was in your parents' album collection?

If Everyone Took "Don't Spend What You Don't Have" Seriously, No One Would Own A House

The Lying is So Bad, the Press Noticed

Wayne Powell said,

Mitt Romney embraces Bain with Web site

Bid to repeal L.A.'s ban on pot shops may be headed for ballot

Calif. pot dispensary shut down by feds reopening

Mitt Romney, you didn’t build that...the FDIC bailed you out...

PHEW Tropical Storm Leslie will be a fish storm

Is some DU'er an Afordable Health Care Act wonk?

Wake Up America!

Romney takes lead over Obama with convention "bounce": Reuters/Ipsos poll

End Of The 'Tell President Obama' Ads?

Image aside, GOP voters doubt ability to beat Obama

TSA agents swarm Ron Paul's plane, demand explosives check

"In 1968, France was a dangerous place to be..."

Bystander Fired Deadly Shot, Not Officer (Baton Rouge, La.)

Obama in Charlottesville, August 29

Auto Czar To Paul Ryan: Government Doesn’t Decide Which Plants Stay Open

Tonight we have a choice between watching the Cleveland Browns or Mitt Romney...

Toons: The Amazing Mitt

Help! I need arguments against this 400 Economists for Romney thing

A not-very-truthful speech in a not-very-truthful campaign

And they didn't even bother to pull his pants down first.

Note to self: Don't get drunk and buy shit on ebay

TOON: Romney & Ryan, Misleading From Behind

Another anti-vaxxer "expert" has lost his license due to quackery.

Biden quote

Man gets 99 years for sex assault of Texas girl

Jewish life in Egypt ends after 2,000 years

Ryan's Speech a litany of Big Lies

This old guy where I work today said he believed he'd vote for the white guy!

Paul Ryan should debate Rob Zerban already

Is everyone else hopeful? ----

Obama smear making the rounds in the RW Blogosphere.

sexual assault prevention tips for men--guaranteed to work

Daily lounge inspirational post

List the things you hated as a kid, but love now

World’s Richest Woman Says People Are Poor Because They’re Lazy Drunks

GOP U.S. Rep. Opposes Federal Law Preventing Ins. Companies From Denying Care To Leukemia Patients

Do you know Compulsive Liars in Real Life?

Goldwater heirs give Carmona support

Facing Grand Jury Intimidation: Fear, Silence and Solidarity

Fight backroom deals for the 1%

This is a picture of a nano-racecar made in 4 minutes using a 3D printer.

Woman dies during Nebraska wildfire evacuation

Romney Finicky About His Teleprompters In Tampa

Last night, Paul Ryan lied. Repeatedly, knowingly, and brazenly

Holy crap.....another USA woman coming up in the ranks

Is it just me or is Dave Letterman really having a blast egging on the GOP

Kaine and Allen...

Romney makes Moronism part of his big night.

"Pound for pound, Centrism is the biggest and most debilitating lie in American politics bar none"

CNN Quick Vote...LOL..

Martin Bashir - The GOP believe in bigger government – for war

Global Warming Hope comes from the Cloud!

Science and engineering, Conservatives hate them. Without them, there would be no RNC convention

OH BOY this isn't good LAPD cops beatup female nurse on video

"The President personally signs every letter to the families of fallen service members..."

We had a teacher send this to us yesterday - (the facebook page)

Your right to join a Union.

Will Romney actually say the word "Bain" tonight?

"free premium TV" application, too good to be true ?

Danziger: "The Uninvited"

Curosity goes to Mars and draws a dick

everyone ready for tonight's Romney Drinking Game?

Poll: Obama +3 in MICHIGAN according to EPIC-MRA

Isn't this the truth with a lot of the voters today?

Bachmann: Vote for Romney because Obama is ‘extremely wealthy’

Palin was right about one thing.

Chuck Todd: Democrats wish they had the diversity of speakers to show America

Cognitive Dissonance

I am getting tired of this gloom and doom

Martin Bashir - RNC closes with the good, the bad and the Romney

The biggest understatement of all time...

Martin Bashir - McCain, Rice, GOP delegates get their war on

Voter ID Laws

Bill Nye called Akin a f**king idiot on live TV! (satire)

#LyinRyan is trending

Daughter of Billionaire GOP Donor Sheldon Adelson Pushes DN! Reporter, Grabs Camera at RNC

CNN and the conspiracy of stupid.

If rape is simply another "method of conception", Rep. Ryan, then apparently (in your case) so is ..

So important to spread the word on this!

Fact checking and calling a lie a lie is important now

Help Us Spur More Federal Investigations of Union Busting

Talking with your wallet + the Streisand Effect + a general dislike of bullies & monopolists = THIS

My husband walks by the t.v. and sees Paul Ryan and says,

I got my Postal record today!

Political Dashboard of the RNC Convention-Current TV

US soldiers face death penalty for murder charges related to militia group (plotted to kill Obama)

Before Romney’s Big Speech, a Focus on Bain

Students launch class-action lawsuit over Quebec strike

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) about Debbie Wasserman Schultz: "It shows a certain level of desperation"

Why You’ll Never Convince Ryan Supporters His "Facts" Are Wrong - Eliot Spitzer

Quick vote - Who passes a budget?

Here is a letter (in full) I just got from by email. I'm assuming they won't

Yiddish Curses for Republican Jews

Business in Tampa is terrible. Could it be that the RNC is filled with seniors who

2012 Republican Convention, Democratic (Underground) Backdrops

Hardball - Hazy, crazy lies in Ryan’s RNC speech

Daughter of Billionaire GOP Donor Sheldon Adelson Pushes Democracy Now! Staff, Seizes Camera at RNC

Four words that make me throw up, "President Romney said today"

Hot air emanating from both ends -- Fox News -- fair and balanced .........n/t

Who knows Chris Lighty? Not good news.

Mitt Romney Is Capturing Zero Percent Of The Black Vote, According To New Poll

In-ground dog fence, advise please

RNC Previews - Ramen-ey

Rubio: Latinos Turn Into Democrats When They Move To Blue States

The Lying is So Bad, the Press Noticed

"Liars: How Much Unmitigated Hogwash Can the American Political System Contain?"

I Found Romney's Time Machine! Na, na, na, na, naaaa, naaaaaa!

Schedule for DNC events on Thursday?

Many Fewer Viewers for Paul Ryan Than Sarah Palin

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 31 August 2012

First Lady Michelle Obama on Letterman. 08/30/12

Republican Truth Burning Party bombs in the Nielson ratings

UAW statement on Paul Ryan’s speech at Republican National Convention: He’s no friend to working peo

Bill Hader as Clint Eastwood...

Good grief, is this what they have planned for tonight?

"promises gave way to disappointment and division," is what Mitt's speech will be about per CNN

Bastards use Cat Scratch Fever not 8 days a week

An Open Letter to Scientists Who Still Deny AGW

Who has earthlink?

Atheist Gets Probation for Disrupting School Board Meeting

Why You’ll Never Convince Ryan Supporters His Facts Are Wrong

Textbooks pushing falsehoods help the Republican right build an image of the US and its constitution

If enough $$$$$$$ makes a Lie the Truth.....

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaah Stephanie Cut up their lie


Romney makes Mormonism part of his big night

GOP Convention.."Poor-a-palloozza"...reminds me of this

Far fewer viewers tuned in for Ryan than for Palin four years ago...

The Mormon Bishop and Catholic Representative

Al Sharpton sure has a way of driving a point home

Clint Eastwood is a moderate repub...

The Middle Class

Rolling Stone unleashes major disaster for Mittster.

Weekly Summary of Communications Job Postings for August 30, 2012

I know the GOP convention is on, but I'm watching something else right now

Ben Lange is running for Congress in the 1st District in Iowa. From his ad on tv you can't tell

Paul Ryan Campaign Defends Much-Ridiculed GM Plant Closing Remarks

Hurricanes: The fear is now always at the top.

*** RNC Thread #1 (rMoney, Inc.) ***

So, it's come down to this.

RNC Live Thread.... because I want you to suffer along with me

Sensata Workers Respond to Leaked Video On Bain/Romney Business Model

What one-liners will EASTWOOD trot out to dazzle simpleton Rethugs with? Post your choices!1

The American Conservative: Revolt of the Rich: Our financial elites are the new secessionists

A statement from Leah-Lynn Plante on her refusal to testify before the grand jury

Sam Seder will be going all Mystery Theatre 3000 on Romney's ass tonight

Advance snip of Mitt's speech: "President Obama promised to slow the rise of the oceans..."

reagan making his appearance now...

You know why the media is saying Romney/Ryan is dishonest?

Can your dogs spell?

Excerpts from Romney's speech: Obama’s Reelection Means The Future Will Not Be Better Than The Past

Mitt Romney tells 533 lies in 30 weeks, Steve Benen documents them

In Loving Memory of Nama

Only a little OT. I need to stop watching the RNC...


Really? Callista? Why? Who the hell is she? Is Newt senile? Needs a minder?

Good fugging grief - she's feeling the blues

Here's an excerpt of Romney's speech: Lies, lies and more lies.

Romney’s Impossible Tax Promise

‘Honey Boo Boo’ beats GOP in cable ratings

A LOVELY fruit facebook page with some charming watermelon art

Eastwood is pretty damn smart for plugging his latest movie "Trouble With The Curve" 3 weeks before

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