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Archives: August 3, 2012

Mitt Romney Replaces Sarah Palin as America’s Most Hated Politician

Whatever happened to honesty?

Michigan GOP candidate allegedly siphoned off 95 percent of charity’s money

Mitt Romney To Harry Reid On Tax Dodge: 'Put Up Or Shut Up'

Racially motivated road rage attack?

Amway faces boycott over donation to anti-gay group

Is today the day California Peggy faces surgery for her gall bladder?

All due respect to Fred Gwynne, who was a very cool guy. That said:

Man shoots himself in thigh while riding down Highway 273, deputies say

Wes Clark wants Veterans to support President Obama.

Chick-Fil-A Debuts New Homophobic Sandwich

Congress closes loophole in stock trading law after CNN report

To counter all the bigot photos of the Chick-Fil-A crowds, here's one

Welcome to Tampa, GOP !

'Balanced' - Obama for America TV Ad

Play it again, Sam…

America's Sweetheart Wins Olympic Gold!

If people think that "taking the moral high ground" is about consuming fatty, deep-fried,

The perfect response

hello, my name is Hedgehog, and I suffer from snatch defeat from the jaws of victory syndrome.

Have dems just accepted that UE#s will just get worse?

Should we start a thread about how sh**ty NBC's Coverage of the Olympics is?

"Brookings Institution study bent over backward to be fair to tax plan. None of it helped Romney"

Caption this pic

"Sheep sex" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "sheep sex".

"Rise Up" - Stop The Frack Attack! - DC activist musician sings at anti-fracking rally

Caption Mitt

President Obama at Rollins College in Orlando,FL - pics

"Gore Vidal is Dead! Yes...we know but "NC" has a lovely Tribute:

Only in America...

Geting a 6-0 verdict to hide feels good.

Caption Romney and Rick Perry

Allowing the 2012 Shift to Come to You by Rick DiClemente;

The Angry Lightweight. What's worse than not having a coherent foreign policy? Mouthing off about it

New TV channel run exclusively by fully veiled women

Willard Rmoney has the exact same chance of winning

Rant - all the political ads during the olympics have caused me to finally turn it off

I delight in happy regional culinary surprises -- how about you?

Chick-Fil-A bigots inadvertently

TD5 is now Tropical Storm Ernesto

facebook album Re: "let's all eat at Chik-fil-a"

We, the members of the International Council of Chicken Affairs... - pic

Watching over on TCM the movie "The Best Years of our Lives"...

The Trauma of Affordable Health Care, with TV's Frank!

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Eat Mor Bigots & a new Kitty gif

Atheist group sends 2nd complaint about war memorial

Reid: 'Extremely credible source' said Romney didn't pay taxes for decade (updated)

Arijit Guha, Cancer Patient, Wins Twitter War Against Aetna Insurance

Nadia Comaneci (1976 Olympics - perfect 10 on uneven bars).

Anyone up for a VP pool?

Dana Bash (CNN) says her source can confirm Reid's tax allegation

Pic Of The Moment: Olympic Dressage: Rafalca Comes In...


U.S. Justice Department opposes undocumented immigrant's right to get Calif. law license

Genghis Kahn really got around. Seriously.

Oh God, Mitt's dumber than Sarah Palin -- my new meme.

Head's up. The Individual Gymnastic competition just started at 9:17 EST. No spoilers.

Romney Buys What He Desires. Could That End Up Being His Waterloo?

USA Today

Anyone wanna go to Spotsylvania to see Wayne Powell Tuesday?

South Korea producing more engineering graduates than the US

Central Banks Can’t Save the World This Time

There Has GOT To Be An Anti-Romney Ad Here...

Pussy Riot trial: Putin urges leniency for Russia punks

Rmoney hires the crisis management disaster guru

Dont believe the hype college is not a scam despite what people are saying

Dhaka Bans NGOs From Helping Rohingya (Myanmar refugees)

2,500-year-old chocolate may have been used by Maya as condiment

US resists control of internet passing to UN agency

Nance Greggs: WWJB – Who Would Jesus Boycott?

"Georgian Bay dining" today's CBC winner of the day's photo contest.

The Council of Concern Trolls... ;-)

LOL, Obama: Trickle Down, Tax Cut Fairy Dust

Wesley Clark says Obama best choice to lead country.

awesome ad by Graves calling out Bachmann for McCarthyism

The ED Show - Bachmann doubles down on 'Islamophobic' attacks

The ED Show - Romney's tax math doesn't add up

Lawrence starts with the F word

Chasing Rainbows

Who will the Republicans nominate...?

Quote from Chick-fil-A website: "Why were the Jim Henson puppets removed from the Chick-fil-A Kid’s

Ten million hits on Youtube and my new crush.

Can someone help me with adding an image from my computer to a message?

Does this guy look familiar?


CHICK-FIL-A VS. THE GAYS! (John Fugelsang/Caffeinated#2)

The ED Show - Obama puts Romney on the ropes over tax plan

BOOM! Harry Reid Just Responded To Mittfalca

BlackBerry maker Research in Motion agrees to hand over its encryption keys to India

The point is that Romney's returns will be revealing.

hey Mitt

The New Poll Tax – Restrictive Voting Laws Could Disenfranchise Millions

Oklahoma is so hot that street lamps are melting!

We had to put my mother's dog down today... :-(

President Obama at Loudoun County High School in Leesburg, VA - pics

The emerging ‘drone’ culture

we need more submissions

Combine fundy religion, Texas GOP politics, and blithering stupidity...

Anyone else feeling like giving a hand to "Give 'em hell, Harry Reid"?

Oakland Athletics

Great exchange between Matt Damon and a few reporters sent to bash educators

The current state of Mittwit's campaign

Fall 2012 Dr Who Trailer

Drip Drip Drip $$$

John Stewart nails the "Chick-Fil-A" controversy...

House passes bill to help livestock producers hit by drought

'Boston Herald' vs. Elizabeth Warren: Will Sexism Win? | The Nation

Paris in stop motion ...

Found on facebook: Excellent pic regarding the eat at Chik-Fil-A day

What did Dana Bash actually say about Reid's claim? (updated)

My friend posted this on FB. It's from Breitbart and seems a little vague to me.

I Don't Trust CNN, But Dana Bash Has Staked Her Entire Reputation On The Line, Possibly Even Career

Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson predicts pot will be legal by 2016

"So you think Jesus is impressed...."

Birthers harassed President Obama about his birth certificate for 3 freakin' years

Hah! Post this as your facebook status...

Video: 2004 Mitt Romney Says It’s ‘Poppycock’ To Blame President For Job Market

Lawrence O’Donnell Asks Tax Attorney If Romney May Be Hiding A Felony In His Tax Returns

RD doesn't like Chick-Fil-A...


Romney-Republican Strategy 2012

What if Romney is replaced at the convention?

In 1923...

Nicaragua: Folksinger killers laundered $1 billion

Worst Meeting Of My Life Today

Romney is the candidate! Why all the quit or replaced talk????

So How Does It Look For RMONEY Tonight.......

Double-decker bus slams into Illinois bridge

If Journalism was Functioning there would be a race to

Q: Is McCain lying about Mitt's returns?

"Every municipality is complaining about local police forces run wild. And no one does anything

Any tax experts here that can discuss the feasibility of Reid's claim?

Sprinkled or dunked?

Mitt must have cut ford stamps and Medicare out of the 2002 Olympic budget

Some good news: 1H2012 US CO2 emissions at 1992 levels.

Catholic churchs rituals units us more that beliefs

Pursuit cycling

Is there no Labor Movement forums/Groups???

Didn't John McCain see 20+ years of Mitt's taxes? Why doesn't he speak up

I was in the traffic.. I saw bumber sticker then WTF??? (warning dial up)

Just saw System of a Down play a PHENOM show...

Harry Reid's Brilliant Move

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Thursday, August 2)

The Exxon Valdez’s Eco-Friendly Afterlife

They have more on Mitt.


City Declines to Defend Sued Officer (Pepper-Sprayed OWS Protesters)

Mars dust storm, minor wobble give Curiosity scientists pause

some birds from galveston

Oh, Mitt? Just in case....

Hi, I'm here to re-welcome myself back, needed a break but I missed yas....

Japan Widens Inquiry Into Insider Trading

Medicaid health-care providers still paid by U.S. despite tax debts

A little perspective on the Chick Fil A thing

Harry Reid Turns Put Up or Shut Up Challenge Into Romney’s Worst Nightmare

Limbaugh Uses Dishonest College Transcripts Argument To Defend Romney

Reid: 'Extremely credible source' said Romney didn't pay taxes for decade

N.J. teens stymied in attempt to start a conversation about presidential debates

Political blame game plays out after Ohio coal mine operation shuts down

We Wrecked Iraq, We Pulled Out, We Redeployed in Anaheim

Naturalized Japanese Citizen Wins Olympic Medal

(In Virginia near DC) Obama says Loudoun County is key to 2012 chances

Mitt Romney Replaces Sarah Palin as America’s Most Hated Politician

Twindex: Real time twitter political index (with most recent results)

John Keegan, Historian Who Put a Face on War, Dies at 78

5 Jailed in ’95 Killing of Cabby Didn’t Do It, U.S. Inquiry Says

Naturalized Japanese Citizen Wins Olympic Medal

Floor installer will face Corker in Tennessee Senate showdown

Opposites attract... The Lady is a Tramp..

Made that Biz with no help from the governement? pu-leeze!

Larry Sabato: "it’s hard right now to see Obama actually winning Florida"

“Women are God’s most beautiful creatures,” he said........

One star member has me on ignore.

Carolyn Weikel Snohomish County Auditor

Sister of absentee voter denies signing ballot collected in Hialeah

Argentines find remains of Cuban diplomat slain by junta

Argentines find remains of Cuban diplomat slain by junta

Want to piss off a Republican?

Assange’s mother fears he would face death penalty in US

Argentina celebrates bond payoff as end of era

Anti-mine activists seek brutality investigation

Poor Rafalca! No medals, and it's a LONNNNG ride home!

TYT: Make Under 200k? Romney Will Raise Your Taxes

Argentina celebrates bond payoff as end of an era

G.O.P. Governors Gather to Rally Around Romney

Facebook prices may alter Calif. budget

RBS announces losses of £1.5bn and reveals £125m cost of computer glitch

CIA drone strikes violate Pakistan's sovereignty, says senior diplomat

Jon Stewart Mocks Mayors Trying To Ban Chick-fil-A And The ‘Million Mouth March’

Just made a contribution to the Obama/Biden campaign

Olympics: Ann Romney's horse fails to win dressage but avoids offending British

DIY justice: Mexico town expels cops, reclaims forest from illegal loggers

DIY justice: Mexico town expels cops, reclaims forest from illegal loggers

Mississippi governor: wedding ban on black couple was 'unfortunate'

Anyone know of a way to export an entire chat out of FB?

Seafair BeFair Pirates Take Action Against Foreclosures & Evictions

“In brightest day, in blackest night...

Residents of the new 9th CD interested in women's issues are invited--

Charter school advocates making massive financial investments in legislative races

Telegraph: Cameron to abandon House of Lords reforms

JPMorgan's "London Whale" was prodded to boost valuations - WSJ

Analysis - Israeli rhetoric not seen leading to Iran war - yet

Got into an argument with a friend about marijuana being a gateway drug.

So the ice slowed down for a couple days but then...

Vermont farmer crushes 7 police cars with tractor over pot arrest

Gay rights activists plan Chick-fil-A 'Kiss In'

Record early snow melt in the Austrian Alps

Proof positive that public political debate has hit bottom.

Pennsylvania Voter ID Case Could Upend GOP War On Voters In Swing State

How the For-Profit Education Business Is a Complete Taxpayer Rip-Off

I believe the general purpose of the culture wars

The Dark Knight Falls

(National Renewable Energy Lab) US: 200,000 GW of solar could be installed; 400,000 TWh/a

US resists control of internet passing to UN agency

'Spray-on skin' helps heal leg ulcers

It's not Harry Reid's fault.

I got a notice this week from employer provided ins. co. - we're getting a rebate!

Hindes admits to crashing deliberately, then backs away from comments

BWAHAHAHA Spotted On Yahoo Forums


No joke: Religion is a funny subject

Meet the pro-Bush tax rate Dems

Gun rights: A stinger for Antonin

Is there a huge story out there being missed by the media:


Did the ghost of Seamus return and eat the tax returns?

You've heard of Rafalca, but can you identify Macaroni?

If we can't afford to educate our kids, heal our sick or care for our elderly....

Obama Campaign Sues to Restrict Military Voting

Facebook app for political harrassment

Soledad O'Brien vs Robert E Murray (repug coal champion) this morning

The DUzies are going on vacation!

The Tra La La Song (Banana Splits Theme) - Liz Phair and Material Issue...

Staff at King (Wi) Veterans Home Stretched to the Breaking Point - unless they quit their Union

David Sirota: Congressional Carnivores Rage Over ‘Meatless Monday’

The Harry Reid/Romney tax story makes it to the Today Show.

Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen: Harry Reid's source.

What do TV, cigarettes, desktop computers, cars, newspapers and beer have in common?

CIA drone strikes violate Pakistan's sovereignty, says senior diplomat

Central Banks Can’t Save the World This Time

Breaking on CNBC: Unemployment Ticks up to 8.3%

Nonfarm payroll up 163,000 in July, rate at 8.3%

July payroll employment rises (+163,000); jobless rate essentially unchanged (8.3%)

Law and order crowd give mom 50 hrs. maintaining park grounds because 4 yr. old used chalk on rocks

Are your RW friends saying good things about Romney?

France Passes a Tougher Sexual Harassment Law

New Jobs up 165,000, unfortunately unemployment also up, 0.1%

On Morning Joe Van Jones just said that Mitt Romney has probably focus grouped the tax

Luckovich on Romney's Tax Plan...

Ann Romney, "She thrilled me to death."

Another trading firm going belly up..awwwwww

Friday TOON Roundup 1 - Les Hate, Mor Luv

Friday TOON Roundup 2- Willard the minimalist

Friday TOON Roundup 3- T-baggers and Republican do nothings

Friday TOON Roundup 4- Olympics

Friday TOON Roundup 5- The Rich and The rest-

Unemployment rate in 1980 was 7.1 percent

Just saw this on Reddit

Gov. Don Siegelman being re-sentenced today....

Chan Lowe: The death of trickle-down economics

Why is it the only cases of voter fraud that I'm aware of were done by REPUBLICANS

Ramadan Day 15: "Its like Gold out here," said the homeless man...

Conor Oberst with band Desaparecidos releases MariKKKopa Which Takes Aim At Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Reid Doubles Down: Bain Source 'Extremely Credible'

Job growth picks up steam in July, far exceeds expectations

Nuclear arms advocates get bolder amid nuclear energy debate

Let's boycott OhioSmith for not being able to *)#%ing spell my name right

Mike Luckovich toon: Romney's Tax Plan

Is the "No taxes for 10 years" claim a criminal or fairness issue?

it's harry's fault: 'Reid refuses to back up claim that Romney paid no taxes for a decade'

another awwwww...Zuckerberg Falls From Tech’s Richest as Facebook Falters

Nine takeaways on Romney’s tax plan: 3)...huge problem for the Romney campaign.

Mars: Curiosity

True Blood Recap - Folks, I'm really sorry but it's been a rough week in RL

What is rMoney's home state.

Portraying Men As Stupid to Undermine Women

A question about Spotlight in Lion

Is Romney one of 6 who paid no taxes on income over $200 million? (IRS data)

Chick-Fil-A...Religion...and the truth...

Remember: Romney released 23 years of tax returns to McCain

Reid has given RMoney a gift on a silver platter; why is RMoney refusing?

As this Romney "Paid no taxes" Scandal Develops,

News shows and sites already citing Gabby Douglas's race.

Love this picture

Romney Tax Plan-Illustrated...

Wingnuts on my Facebook page got nothin'

Today in Peace and Justice history on August 3, 1981


Tennessee candidates engage in anti-Islam contest

Dem Lawmakers Want Answers About Romney’s Enormous IRA

Marcy wore me out this morning.

Obama Picks Chocolate for Sasha, Malia Care Packages

terribly sad story i would like to share with you

Funny Friday...

Lounge daily inspirational message

I hope the mole from Bain comes forward

One stop shopping

How to drive RW gun nuts around the bend-advice from Susan Bankston

Remember kids, marijuana smokers amount to nothing in life...

Drumbeat: August 3, 2012

Who is Barack AD (I most hate this AD)

Drumbeat: August 3, 2012

'Harry Reid is the honey badger; he doesn’t give a shit.'

Romney campaign "is hoping the waters will recede, and looking for a safe mountaintop"

Question for those who've never left North America but would like to go.

The only hair Gabby should be worried about...

A few words in response to the national day of hate and chicken...

Zebra Drowning a Lion

Wow! After over a year of unemployment...

Rachel Maddow will have a breaking story today on her show (rmoney's taxes)

Spoiler....All I gotta say is...

Bedbugs force Wichita library closing

Bedbugs force Wichita library closing

So now Romney is trying to blame Obama for coming up with his tax plan

can we only copy in videos off youtube? I want to post a video from cnn

About Gabby... And other US olympians

Is "Bain investor" one who invests for Bain or with Bain?

Rmoney thinks raiding pensions funds and declaring bankruptcy is the right way to go.

What the first amendment does and does not protect...

Mrs. V.'s mom - update

Vatican showdown the latest chapter in Sister Pat Farrell’s dramatic life

Didn't Steve Schmidt from the McCain campaign say they vetted rMoneys taxes?

Update: I found the Dana Bash video confirming Reid's source

They’re creating a problem, with the purpose of supplying the ‘solution’: Privatization.

Porn is everywhere these days

Michigan City Outsources All of Its Schools

Dem Lawmakers Want Answers About Romney’s Enormous IRA

Congratulations Massachusetts

Temper! Temper! Vt. police: Man angry about arrest used tractor like monster truck to crush 7 cop ve

Richard Dawkins: an end to mythmaking?



Kristi Yamaguchi supports the candidate of racist fear mongers.

I'm not entirely sure what's going on here

Dramatic picture of the Milky Way as seen from Mars

Progressive religious voices not irrelevant, just ignored

Romney thinks 163K Jobs Created Last Month is "hammer blow" to middle-class families

Am I the only one who thinks there's something wrong with this?

Romney Press Aide Who Cursed Out Reporters ‘Taking Some Time Off The Trail’

Vermont man uses tractor to flatten 8 police cars - reefer madness?

The Twit's important new endorsement: Porn Star Jenna Jameson (cuz I'm rich)

DailyCaller: A Mitt Romney loss wouldn’t necessarily be a disaster

Voter Fraud ‘Study’ Authored By Republican Who Pleaded Guilty In Abramoff Scandal

Finally we got a real progressive to run in Seminole County, FL!

Romney’s Economic Plan Would Kill 360,000 Jobs In 2013 Alone

Ex Lockheed Lobbyist Now in Key Defense Oversight Role

The Royal iPhone

Congratulations Gabby!

Adam Smith, Chick-Fil-A Drive-Through Bully, Hassles Fast Food Employee And Gets Fired

Schumer defends Reid's attacks on Romney's tax returns

"Sleazy Bain Investors" is the phrase of the day. Modify any thread title to include.

1940 U.S. Census index

Olympics spoiler - if you can watch now

Will Ferrell does his impersonation of a Twi-hard's reaction after the Kstew & RPatz break-up.

71,000 year old basalt lava flow

Pic Of The Moment: Romney Says Allegations He Paid No Taxes Are

Anti-Islam challenge to Tennessee lawmaker fails

Can the left take back the term "Christian"?

United Continental reaches agreement with pilots union

"Harry Reid is the honey badger; he doesn’t give a shit."

Honey Harry

Hamas frees Qaeda-tied leader of militant group in Gaza: source

California defends use of offsets in CO2 market

Interesting knock on my front door. 2 young men, dressed almost alike, identified themselves

A 'quadruple play' of potential worry in the July jobs reports

Is there a "Texas Air National Guard Memo" in the works

Romney VP pick will be Giuliani?

Will Obama win by default?

The media lives in a bizarre, untouchable (so they think) bubble....

Vacant Detroit becomes dumping ground for the dead

Those of you who have been activists. We have an issue in Texas.

Three firms share $1.1 billion of NASA space taxi work

A decade of jobs numbers

Romney in 2004: Blaming President For Economy, Job Market Is "Poppycock."

The Rude Pundit: The Chick-fil-A Thing Gets Even Stupider

Romney has found his ideal VP................

Across the Imogene Pass.

The crazies are taking in Missouri...

Wanted: A dog-friendly hammock

How did your Million Dollar Dressage Horse do in the Olympics this week.

Tastes like chicken!

Workers In US 'Man Camps' Power Oil Boom

Facebook Stock Crash Hoses California's Tax Revenue

Porn star Jenna Jameson endorses Romney "when you're rich you want a Republican"

Why are they going to hold the next Summer Olympics during the winter?

Anyone out there own a Dr Z amp?

Year of the Woman: For first time all Olympic teams include female athletes

Glenn Ford is: The Sheepman

The Story of Us: St. Augstine's 450th Anniversary coming up

Rachel Maddow - Romney evasive about his connection to Ann’s horse

X-post Those of you who have been activists- we have an issue in Tx.

Picture of President Barack Obama’s signature on steel beam for World Trade Center

Email that I got from a veteran friend of mine ...

College enrollment shows signs of slowing

Why "You Didn't Build That" Stings the Successful

I don't think Adam Smith deserved to be fired (the Chic Fil A drive through guy)

In 2002 Romney's Spokesman Sounded A Lot Like Harry Reid

"I'm not even sure which day the sport goes on," Another bold-faced out-and-out Romney Lie...

Giant Moa Had Climate Change Figured out

US produces more goods and services than 2007, but with 5M fewer jobs

Conservative Facebook friend advice please

'Tastes like hate' scrawled on Calif. Chick-fil-A

A little homegrown political Schadenfreude

Rachel Maddow - House GOP wants you to speak English only

100 years ago, the standing high jump and standing broad jump...

Are you ready for some shotput?

Sleeper cell trolls?

Bull Market In Crops Extends With Drought: Commodities

Jesus: "OMFG, you guys, I said I hated FIGS"

Silver Spoons, with Ricky Schroder and Mitt Romney

Pakistani parents found guilty of murdering daughter in so-called honor killing in UK

A look inside a Creationist 'science textbook,' -- for those with strong stomachs!

Are Foreigners Allowed To Start Threads Here?

If you harrass/berate/shit on someone in the service industry because you feel like doing it...

I Started a Joke

Today in Astonishment: The Amazon Rainforest Gets Half Its Nutrients From a Single, Tiny Spot in the

This Week in Poverty: ‘Respect the Worker’

Romney To Harry Reid: You’re Wrong About My Taxes

New SuperPAC,, Smears President Obama For ‘Racism Against White Folks’

To Be American, Christian and Oppressed

What's for Dinner - Friday Aug 3rd

How Augmented Reality Vision Will Screw Up Your Love Life (Video)

HIV Risks Stalk Migrant Farmworker Communities

The Senate Petrifies Me

Tim Pawlenty faces tax return scrutiny as Romney VP choice nears

A lot of You People are Communists

Israel's Spending on Illegal Settlements Hits Two-Decade High of NIS 1.1 Billion

Drought worsens in midwest and threatens next year's corn crop

rmoney to balance the ticket by choosing....

Donated today to Obama's Campaign

How long until we get the "I am not a crook" speech ?

The Obama versus Romney Tax Calculator - post this everywhere and send to all your friends

Here's an interesting year-by-year statistical comparison

What is a G3Web toolkit?

Jenna Jameson (Porn Star) Endorses Mitt Romney:

I just donated to Paul Sadler for Senator. It felt really good.

Pregnancy Alters Resident Gut Microbes

Ex-pastor of Indiana church investigated for sex with teen

Greatest American band ever ???? Opinions

Can Rmoney be honest about ANYTHING??!!??

Something To Remember About Ted Cruz's Dad

How to write good

Good image about unemployment

GOP prepares to file lawsuit against Holder

Rachel Maddow - Did Romney make a bad PR move?

Watch Curiosity land with the Bad Astronomer

Enjoying BBC Live Interactive HD Commercial free coverage of the Olympics, my suggestion for NBC...

Romney Refuses To Condemn Bachmann’s Islamophobic Witch Hunt

Romney's assimilation of Freepers is well on it's way

Video: 2004 Mitt Romney Says It’s ‘Poppycock’ To Blame President For Job Market

God Bless You, Shep (a tribute to Shep Smith)

German rower leaves London after reported ties to neo-Nazis surface

Why Not Demand of Repubs: PROVE You Are Christian???

How Elephants Produce Their Deep 'Voices':

Police Chief Concedes Alleged Suicide As Cuffed Behind Back "Defies Logic"

The Last Word - Rewriting "an alcoholic" Congress

Bilingualism 'Can Increase Mental Agility'

Watermelon brings Jews, Arabs together in shadow of Old City walls

The Last Word - Romney Responds to Reid

Is the Chic Fil A controversy rallying Republican voters?

Average Number of Workdays: Americans vs Congress

Boring Vanilla Headline To Discourage You From Clicking On This Post.

Poor Mitt, We Know How He Feels

The Washingtons Post's Jennifer Rubin: Mitt Romney’s top media shill

My Dearest Romney,

Mitt Romney: A Voice for Freedom and Hope? Not for America's So-Called 'Troubled' Youth

MittWitt just now: "Categorically, I have paid taxes every year and a lot of taxes, a lot of taxes"

Why did Mitt Romney really go to Israel? It probably had little to do with undecided Jewish voters.

What happens if her stupid horse doesn't win?

Epic Fail. Will Ferrell & Zach Galifianakis attempt to read 50 Shades of Grey.

Air Force trainer gets 30 days in jail in sex scandal

German prosecutors charge German Taliban suspect

More news about the son of Central Florida Dem who was involved in a car crash. Not good news.

Cities as Gadgets: 8 Features This Brand-New City Has That Yours Doesn't

McDonnell puts more educators on university boards after U-Va. crisis

Tax Dancers

Breaking news regarding Chick-fil-A

How to Standout as a Gringo in Latin America

Centrist Dems fret about Warren's prime role at convention

Norah Jones' Miriam

Eaton Centre shooting: Alleged killer had firearms offences dropped in Hamilton weeks earlier (CDN)

Harry "honey badger" Reid is demonstrating the Power Of Not Apologizing

A few facts about American workers in one simple chart:

Next ridiculous Chic Fil A controversy?

In a post ChickFilA world will Romney pick Huckabee as VP?

more OUCH for Chick-Fil-A Today....

Democrats' support for gay marriage alienates black pastors

Papantonio: Media Giving Romney Free Pass On Bain

UN General Assembly denounces Syrian crackdown, criticizes Security Council inaction

Tastes Like...

McCain for Veep?

Is it possible that this is a trap?

Romney photo op - pics

The recorded replay of yesterday's 2012 Ascension tips astrologicially

The Republican budget is an immoral document–Rewards The Rich By Punishing The Poor

They're Olympic Champions, Not Prey

my 2,000 post

Hello! What usually comes after Categorically --How about the word DENY? Categorically Deny!

"8.3%" That One Number Is The Only Thing Keeping Romney In This Race


I'll have a heaping order of Deep Fried Southern style do I take a screenshot of a webpage again?you have to see this...

Tha Chavis Carter murder is worse- much worse- than the Trayvon Martin murder

Missile Defense Staff Warned to Stop Surfing Porn Sites

Too Funny

200m backstroke womens' spoiler

{how far can you roll your eyes?} WalMart leads call for higher pay in Bangladesh

Toronto Masters 1000 tennis tourney being decimated by the Olympics UPDATE

The Romney campaign hires an expert in disaster management

Craig: Airport Bathroom Trip Was Official Business.

Suppose there really were aliens . . .

Anyone been called for Federal Jury duty? A friend of mine got a summons in the mail yesterday.

Who said “We could have it all?”

'Cities in Motion' computer transit simulation game

Live blog: Siegelman resentencing

Hey, Mitt! Wasn't April 15th MONTHS ago? Where's your 2011 tax return?

Courtney Love Tells Lana Del Rey That 'Heart-Shaped Box' Is About Her Vagina

Pat Boone: Lay off Chick-fil-a. ‘Kiss-in’ is activist intolerance

Image: "The corporate grip on opinion in the United States..." - Gore Vidal

Silly question: My great grandson has asked me if spectators have to pay to get into the Olympics

Poor Mitt...

Parents Accused Of Forcing Kids Into Plastic Boxes

Mitt Romney declines to speak out against Michelle Bachmann

Goldman Sachs to invest $9.6m in New York inmate rehabilitation

Romney: My one page plan will create 12 million jobs

the Dallas Morning News political page today.

FR discusses "brokered convention" fantasy, FR food fight ensues

Siegelman resentenced to 78 months. Update with link to news story.

Can you help but do evil? I do not see how. Do you?

Romney's Tax Plan is a bigger Mystery than his Tax Returns

Obama closer to breaking even on jobs

Chick-fil-a parodies, for your viewing pleasure

Walter Jones (R-NC) On Mitt Romney's Tax Returns: 'I Don't Think This Will Go Away'

God Damn it....

Angels over Seattle

Group hopes to reverse new Wichita open-carry law

He Called Me “The Most Anti-Christian Congressman in History”

The hypocrisy within the tax returns issue and why it is important...

Siegelman sentence reduced slightly to 6 1/2 years

Michigan Supreme Court orders emergency manager law referendum on ballot

Will the astute MSM media ask this ONE question about Mitt's tax return debacle??

Roger Goodell: Football should “absolutely” be an Olympic sport

As true today as it was in the 1960's.

3 officials sentenced to prison for paramilitary ties (Colombia)

3 officials sentenced to prison for paramilitary ties .

It's a natural reaction to assume Chavis Carter was executed. But, IMO, there's a slight...

Quantum key distribution with single photons (BBC) {future of net security?}

Bureau of Elections reviewing Michigan Supreme Court's Public Act 4 ruling

Man finds two homes of rude hosts.

Nicolai is a Dalhausser clone

State Treasurer: Michael Brown out as Flint emergency manager once Public Act 4 referendum is certif

Sure, Rmoney has paid taxes.

Max is an official DU fat cat

Media Matters: Fox Spends Over 43 Minutes Smearing Elizabeth Warren

I knew this Dana Bash "source" story was going nowhere.

if the GOP wants the tax system to be fair to hard working people

Are there any Duer's in Wilmington, NC?

How do you know when Patty Pan squash is ready to eat?

BWAHAHA! Fox "News" is conducting a circle jerk RE: whether Romney has grounds to sue Harry Reid


Finding the Beauty of Atheism During Ramadan

'Bahrain boiling but US will never allow democracy'

I'm not backing down, Harry Reid

Religious festival ‘Rakhi’ celebrated across Pakistan

Drones for peace

Episcopal-to-Catholic Converts

Michigan to Vote on Emergency-Manager Law

Anybody else weary of the broad-brush South bashing that periodically crops up on DU?

Should Mitt retroactively file amended returns?

Ohio at there bullshit again trying to rig the election

Putin calls for leniency in Pussy Riot trial ( REAL headline)

WikiLeaks: bad for US, good for Latin America?

From the man who brought you Honey Badger - we now have Stiffy Goat!

Well there's your problem Mr. Romney......

Microsoft officially leaving Windows 8 Metro brand in the dust

LOL! CNN headline (updated)

How much vinegar do you use?

I built this business without Gov. help! Or did I?

Finish this sentence: A fool and his money...........

Accidental Truths from Mitt Rmoney...

All Romney has to do is prove that Reid is wrong...

Guess who has weighed in on the Chick-Fil-A fiasco? (Conservative fiasco, that is)

Carbonite CEO: Limbaugh Ad Pullout Hurt Company, But 'Things Would Have Been Worse Had We Not'

how did your taxes compare to Romneys?

Masterful journalism from Dana Bash, CNN

"I will never forget the day my son Jeremy told me he hated me...

It's DU Friday Disco Happy Hour! Woohoo!!!

I've been boycotting CFA for decades before this latest fal-de-rall

Right Wingers: If it were Obama's tax returns that were in question, what would Rush, say?

So,...LynneSin thought the posts about LynnSinn were about her!

Politics aside, the "free water at the Chick-fil-A driveup window" guy is an ASSHOLE.

A Democratic Country Should Put Public Education Before Corporate Profits

And now it is time for the Friday Afternoon Challenge, folks! Today: Gazes Returned*!

Hamartiology 101 - Sin in theology

THAT'S IT! Now I know where the Chick-Fil-A cows are coming from!

Corporation That Paid Nothing In Taxes For Four Years Tells Congress It Pays Too Much In Taxes


Sin for the rest of us

My conservative employer is making threats. (need advice)

Tampa strip club owners excited "Republicans have always been our best customers"

Irony thy name is Chick-fil-A

As far as Dan Cathy, Chick-Fil-A CEO, my household is thinking

Republican caught pulling a "Wiener"

*** Gets out her staple gun and hangs sign 'Free Friday Afternoon Massages' ***

"guys always say they can cook, but it turns out to be nasty"

Brains Needed: What would the unemployment rate be with a steady Public Sector?

America's 5 Favorite Ways to Ignore Jesus

"Mitt Romney has probably paid more taxes in ONE YEAR than Obama has in his WHOLE LIFE..."

Tired of watching professional Olympians? Well, here's your relief...

The media needs to get over comparing this election to past ones...

I am part of the 99%

Romney's Un-Artful Tax Dodge Purposely Omits the Word "Income" in His Statement

Chick-Fil-A (cartoon)

Your weight on other worlds

Mitt's PR Team

Nice cross

New bill would bar feds from seizing properties rented to medical marijuana businesses

CIA drone strikes 'undermining' democracy

If the Repubicans can rename "French Fries" to "Freedom Fries..."

R.I.P. British artist Richard Drew, A.K.A. Zacron, designer of "Led Zeppelin III" cover art

Sword-wielding knights rob medieval festival

Did you guys see this?! Apparently they are letting poor people in Ohio go ahead and line up to vote

Drone race will ultimately lead to a sanitised factory of slaughter

Gore Vidal quotes - Very Funny

What does "supporting the troops" mean to Mitt? Draft dodger AND tax dodger...

So Harry Reid pulled a Fox News "some people say" trick

You don't see this everyday

Obama drinking Romney's milkshake on taxes is an UnMittigated disaster for the GOP

‘There’s No Downside’ to Drones, Philosopher Says

Only six, seven million jobs away...

There's nothing sexier than a woman eating a popsicle

JPMorgan Chase denies manipulating California energy market

"Poll: Image of Mitt Romney takes a beating" By Catalina Camia at USA Today

Porn Star Jenna Jameson Endorses Romney As Candidate For Rich In SF

How did the protests at Chick-Fil-A go?

Al Sharpton just gave a shout out to Gabby Giffords...

Jobs, eh?

Maggie Simpson is back at Ayn Rand School for Tots

So, they are gonna sue Holder over Fast and Furious

GE CEO says nuclear power hard to justify financially compared to other sources

Rethugs probably praying for a hurricane

TOON: Chick-Fil-A (remember "WHITE" and "COLORED" drinking fountains?)

Nate Silver's 538 blog - "Aug. 3: A Good Week for Obama in Forecast"

Romney Bemoans False Campaign Ads While Doubling Down On False Attack

Major Banks Help Clients Hide Trillions in Offshore Tax Havens:

Breaking an already broken man. Don Siegelman committed to federal bureau of prison for 78 months.

Just want to say this: I love my wife

Latest Jobs Report Reveals Woeful Impact of US Austerity

Tomorrow at 5pm will be 30 days since I quit smoking

Obama's new ad:

The Flat Earthers are at it again!

FOX News guide to misleading infographics!

Honey Badger crushes seven police cars.

There has been a change in what 'ambitious' people do. They now go into finance


2nd Friday in a row - bomb threats called in to WalMart stores

I don't know if this is the place to post this.

"In northern Ohio, Obama ads effectively define Romney" "Swing suspicion"

"Chronicling Mitt's Mendacity, Vol. XXVIII" By Steve Benen at the Maddow Blog

Just saw this stunning picture on facebook!

Chavis Carter handcuffed-shooting case now under supervision of FBI

GOP stops blowing the dog whistle and goes full frontal racist:

TCM Schedule for Sunday, August 5 -- The Essentials, Jr.: Claude Rains

Just when you thought those Paternos would shut up....

Bill Moyers on Medicare

Murders of Trade Unionist in Colombia Decreased 'Significantly'

The butcher of Damascus fires cluster bombs into civilian population ...

I have "our" version of a weiner only in Texas

Brazil backslides on protecting the Amazon

Does Cybercrime Really Cost $1 Trillion?

Former Gov. Don Siegelman sentenced to 78 months in prison

"First On CNN: Massive 77 Million Ad Time Buy For Obama" by Kevin Bohn at CNN

This looks interesting...

Astronomers hear 'death cry' of star shredded by black hole

If you cannot watch women's gymnastics with a straight face. . .

"I could care less what they think" .... Harry Reid

Psssssssssst The Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea

July's new jobs of 163K beats forecasts

Raging Bulls: How Wall Street Got Addicted to Light-Speed Trading

Is anybody watching Hairball? Tweety is going on about Steve King

"Conservatism" at it's worst.