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Anybody care to help me explain to my Teabagger 'friend' why this cartoon by Glenn McCoy is racist?

The Sher Valenzuela "We Built That" Scorecard

UAW applauds publication of final rules regulating CAFE and greenhouse gas emissions (OBAMA!)

More Repug Hypocrisy - I Thought They Were For States Rights.....

A B C It's easy as, 1 2 3 As simple as, do re mi A B C, 1 2 3 why did Romney cross the road?

Breaking - Isaac made landfall extreme left of Plaquemines Parish

Tweety's toughest punch so far was unintentional.

My Chris Matthews aka 'Tweety' appreciation thread.

Piss on Chick-fil-a (a peaceful protest)

Sheriff: Drunken man turns off power on poultry farm, causes death of 70,000 chickens

Nope. No Romney bumperstickers in HOUSTON.

the GOP are putting all these women on stage

Had a thought about Ann Romney. Help me out please.

RNC forgets to send buses to pick up Florida delegation

Nikki Haley: 21 Things You Should Know Before Tonight's GOP Convention Speech (+drinking game!)

Here's my newest Crook video!

Anger over Australian supermarket 'no Indians' job ad

Ark. cop to be reprimanded after in-car death

He's never even run a lemonade stand?

Awww.... "President Obama has never even run a lemonade stand"

"Les Miserables".."One More Day"...NO! "One Term More".....

CNN cut coverage of the ReTHUG Con to cover

PEW research report - The Lost Decade of the Middle Class

Has there ever been a presidential convention not attended by a former president?

Website Listing Farms That Allow You to Pick-Your Own Produce

NEXT SEALs ad will attack Obama for 'bowing' to foreign leaders. Google Bush+Saudis+KISSING

Charlie Crist will speak at Democratic National Convention

'i got a feeling'..... feel THIS kasich

GOP convention not turning out entirely as planned

Raw Convention Feed

he is lying through his teeth Ohio has gotten horrible under him

From Hurricane Katrina, to Hurricane Isaac, The GOP hasn't changed one bit...

OH-gov Kasich dispicible "black-eyed peas" remark.

Robert Reich: How Romney Keeps Lying Through His Big White Teeth

Tonight's Convention Speaker Schedule (from bottom of C-SPAN screen)

I guess the RNC had hoped for a unified house against the President

Not Going To Look. Don’t Want To Know.

Thank the Liberals*

A Guide to the Ladies of the Republican National Convention

Syria's worst massacre: Daraya death toll reaches 400

Toon: Here they are Folks- The Empty Suit Duo!

FYI - Al Gore is sitting in on the panel on Current.

Mike Luckovich cartoon: Wooden

Letterman's "Mitch and Ann Romney LIES" lol

Danziger Toon: Mittens and Trump with 'junior'


Remember back in the day?

''Success Tax'' meme launched at NaziFest.

Governor Kasich just bragged about how well Ohio has done

Two General Categories For Denialists: Free-Market Ideologues Or Conspiracy Theorists

In Point Barrow Alaska, No Sea Ice Anywhere In Sight - LA Times

Cool King Crimson Mural

Obama is terrible, therefore you gotta vote for Robme" Chris Matthews analysis of Republican message

Am. Meteorological Society - No Doubt Remains That Climate Breakdown Human-Caused

Clooney aids Obama campaign with Geneva fundraiser (more than a half-million dollars)

Law Requires Disclosure Of Congo-Sourced Minerals; Giant Loophole For Wal-Mart, Target

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Gotta Keep The Loonies On the Path & a new

Ron Paul delegates slammed to the floor.

Boehner booed at Convention

Just think...Democrats in Wisc. openly admitted voting for this

Second Fatal Hantavirus Case Likely Contracted At Yosemite

Akin was right (sarcastic response)

Japanese River Otter - Subspecies Of Eurasian River Otter - Declared Extinct

We Don’t Need No Stinking Warrant: The Disturbing, Unchecked Rise of the Administrative Subpoena

So DUers if they're THUGging it out on the Paulites

WOW!! The RNC really went out of its way to welcome Christie

Shout out to Any/All of you watching the RNC debacle. I can't..just can't - reports are appreciated!

UK Transport Minister Will Likely Resign If Heathrow Airport Expansion Plan Goes Through - Guardian

Daily Arctic Sea Ice Loss Rate Now At Just Under 2X Area Of Ireland - Irish Times

The DainBramaged RNC Convention analysis (short and sweet)

Six minutes. I made it through six minutes of the GOP convention.

Heh. *snort*

Peter Wadhams @ Cambridge: Seasonal Arctic Ice May Disappear By 2015

Is the Daily Show with Jon Stewart running original episodes this week? I ask

Deb Fischer (R-NE) takes aim at Obama in convention speech

Question for Libertarians: What About The FAA Inspecting Planes?

Loss Of Flooded Savannah Biomes In S. America (Pantanal, Esteros del Ibera) 3X Rainforest Loss

What You Missed in Tampa on Monday

I don't have cable. Major networks aren't covering the GOP convention

Romney-Ryan Will Cost Middle Class. Young And Old Will Transfer Wealth And Income To The Rich

Well they tried to get the White guy vote using welfare & women's health care. Soon will come

A Troubling Chant on the Convention Floor

Bizarre dreams infiltrating Andy Murray's sleep

I'm not a violent person, but...

Info from new Bin Laden book starting to come out.

Is this Santorum's acceptance speech?

The Cycle that grinds us down…

"This is how we feed the animals".

Remember those coal miners posing behind Romney a couple of weeks ago?

The new RNC drinking game:

need help abt Obama honored Armstrong pic...

The Mormon Drinking Game:

Animated GIF: RNC - They Live

Obama re-election headquarters vandalized in Doylestown, PA

Who else is watching the Weather Channel coverage of the hurricane.

My Tea Party father has changed from the RNC Convention to watching the Yankees!

GOP attendee ejected-threw nuts at African American CNN camera woman-"This is how we feed animals"


derby's Quick and Dirty Guide To Good Music for Youngsters with Open Minds

Want Proof That the Republican Party is AGAINST the People? Part One

TCM Schedule for Thursday, August 30 -- Summer Under The Stars: Warren William

Newsroom... where can I see it?

Question for admins about election night and DU

Just a passing thought about the major TV Networks, advertising and the Conventions

can't really think of a good subject line - something about irony?

I'm all for friendly rivalries

Whoever picked "hands" as their drinking game word tonight ... Man. My condolences.

They clearly think this Welfare waiver Lie is their key to Winning

Couple to debate right to distribute atheist book

'We're Not Going to Let Our Campaign Be Dictated by Fact-Checkers'

According to Chris Matthews, none of the speakers so far have talked about Mitt Romney

Cleveland Brown gives a speech

Where's Heckuva-job-Brownie?

The Santorum Speech I SO wanted to hear tonight... (Jason Lee in Dogma)

Hey, loungers-- I made & posted this in GD with you in mind:

Isaac makes landfall in La.; Gulf Coast braces

"Mitt Romney: you didn't build that. You destroyed it" (new Obama ad)

Religious terms lead to Barrington Schools calendar debate

This, my friends, is true courage!

What if males were held liable for impregnating a woman against her will

So far - none of the GOP Convention has been anything positive about their ticket.

Obama: Americans ready to help out during Isaac


I can't stand listening to more of the lies

Anyone hearing about fallout from the GOP's inexplicable decision to insult the

If Forrest Gump and Bubba Blue had a kid it would be Artur Davis

Wonder if any news folks are keepin a tally of total number of LIES told on the RNC stage tonight :)

Poverty Stressors Lead to Impaired Learning Ability in Children

I'm watching the RNC and

Current TV's coverage is like MST3K - Cenk, Jennifer Granholm et al are commenting on the speeches..

Coordinates for Curiosity

Cardinal Dolan - and Sister Simone Campbell - to bless the Democratic convention

Forget Dolan, the DNC has also invited a Nun on the Bus

With Gov Nikki Haley they just declared war on union members.

"Rove counting on ‘white Democrats’ to vote for Romney" by David Edwards at the Raw Story

How do you reclassify an alert?

Queen Ann takes the stage to talk to us from her heart . . . .

Queen Ann is trying to turn Mitt into a human being

It's wealthy white power night in Tampa

Where Do the World’s Poor Live?

"For GOP, storm's timing makes it harder to be anti-government" at the LA Times

Democrats in Tampa: What did Romney build?

"I know a lot of 'you people' ... you guys" ~nt

Ann Romney seems nervous and tipsy:

TCM Schedule for Friday, August 31 -- Summer Under The Stars: James Caan

A demonstrator shouting "Stop the War on Women" removed from convention - pics

She sounds like shes a fucking...

I just saw Rachel's graph displaying how Democratic voter registration in Florida has cratered

Oh boy...this Tweet from The Donald should REALLY help Mitt with that "women don't like him" thing

And then we started raiding pension funds.

(VIDEO) Boehner booed at the 2012 RNC!

Does anyone have a good source for news photos?

Conspiracy theories from Assange supporters do his case no favours (Irish Examiner)

Mass is only 13% Republican?

OK...I'll bet $10,000 DOLLARS that Mitt is about to come on stage after Ann's speech.

Ann Romney.....

So now they are a Rags to Riches story?

Has suicide affected your family?

Has anyone heard about an Immigrant's Rights group doing anything in Charlotte?

Should we really be using the term "dog-whistles" with Rmoney?

Ecuador judge rejects extradition request for Belarusian, orders him freed immediately

Ann Romney: Mitt doesn't like me talking about how much he loves helping people

I had to turn it off ... bletch

"Fact checking for thee, but not for me" by Greg Sargent at WP

well, there you go. 'you can trust mitt' 'he loves america'

What an ENTRANCE! Ann Romney rode REFALCA on the stage, followed by Paul Ryan with a pooperscooper!

I spent the early part of the evening at a phone bank event for the Obama Campaign.

Ann says Mitt will save America just like he got her home safe from that 1st date.

Watching the Convention via DVR buffer

*** RNC Thread #3 (more macaronics) ***

Ann is supposed to be 'humanizing' him?

Apparently, Ron Paul is MUCH older than we thought he was...

well that was a fail

Fucking "conehead!" LMAO!

A little more confirmation of Shuster's "Feed the animals" report

A question for y'all, especially the anarchist contingent.......

Chris Christie is about to "weigh in" on the future of America...

WOW! Lawrence O'Donnel was in the hall & said the applause for Ann's sppeech was "mandatory".

Let me see if I have this right.

Is it just me or....

Geezus . . . . Christie sounds short of breath.

The Obama people treated Hillary's delegates with so much more respect

Lady Rmoney's speech was simplistic and fake...

Re: Christie's Speech

You know, if the Zombie Apocalypse occurred tonight in Tampa.....

Is Christie suggesting GOP should respect Rmoney even if they can't 'love' him? is a site with a picture I want to post here

Deputies killed two persons in Louisiana

A number of positive mentions about federal benefits / support from RNC speakers. Yet,

"Mitt Romney was born a poor black child..." - Ann Romney

And Christie is going to mention Romney at what point during his speech again?

Damn Skippy!

Who here has the oldest working tallywacker?

"Fundamentally reduce the size of government"?



Ah... Christie is on, and my hemlock is almost ready

Hayes: ‘We Built This’ theme appeals to resentment

Is he scolding the GOP members of Congress????

Two of my windows went black. Totally black. One was my email inbox and the other

This is a remarkably divisive speech

“CNN can confirm there was an incident directed at an employee...

OMFG!!! - XENOPHOBIC GOP BOOS Puerto Rico At Convention! Chants "USA! USA!"

Chris Christie: Dead man walking. This guy is 50. Due for a coronary.

Who here has the oldest working Dishwasher?

Wow. There is one black man at the RNC!

Kids can be hilarious!

And the planet dies

Gay Marine Beaten To Bloody Pulp To Fire Up RNC Crowd (Onion)

Thank God! The Daily Show!

How to drive Cons crazy.

funny things my hubby says....

NYT convention story compares shockingly different GOP platforms of 1980 and 2012

BWAHAHAHAHA! The freepers REJECT Ann's assertion that Mitt will "lift America up"...

so the theme of the Republican convention is we built that

Rachel Maddow ripping Christie apart...

Let's See . . . Chris Christie & All His Big Issues: 1. Economy 2. Deficits 3. Education

Reviewing GOP's false welfare talking point

heavy gusts just experienced in tampa

PigliCONs are harrassing Chris Mathews! They should be escorted to the door.

The 'gentle lady from Puerto Rico" goes on stage and the wing nuts start chanting USA USA USA

Sensory Dreams.... Are they precognitive, even if not lucid...?

Mitt texting Christie

Queston? What's Condi Rice really thinking as she sits there next to Romney?

Who here has the oldest working computer?

Yet another GOP candidate wants to lose to Bernie Sanders

Will the media have the courage to REPORT the ugly ugly back stories

RNC Attendee Tossed for Harassing Black CNN Camerawoman ('This is How We Feed Animals')

Just two more days of this crap...

The line in Ann Romney's speech that made my blood pressure rise

Maddow: Democratic voter registration ‘devastated’ in Florida

There is a VERY odd vibe to all of this tonight

Who here has the oldest working man in show business?

Right wing hysteria over Ellen Barkin's retweet hoping the hurricane drowns homophobes and racists

I think that a lot of the convention attendees will be crying themselves

Randy Newman "Louisiana 1927"

Democrats vs Republicans By the Numbers

Can anyone explain what that "SECOND American Century" talk was all about?

Not many Republicans actually like Romney as a candidate

"he had everything but the kilt" Matthews continues to burn.

"Let's forget how we got here" ... blah blah blah ... (paraphrased) look it up ...

So how many jobs have pigliCONs created in the last 12 months? And if any, list them or name it.

Ann Romney said "I'm not here to talk about politics/policy, I'm here to talk about love"* -THEN ...

the minders are coming up on MSNBC: Brokaw and Gregory

A candid of the speechifiers with Mittens after the convention session . . . . .

FOX's Juan Williams: Ann looked like a corporate wife whose husband takes care of her.

Tweety thinks Christie's speech was a barn burner.

The Big Lie version 2012

a biography of the day-bella abzug

Ohio, Wisconsin, New Jersey etc all doing Great under Obama

Mitt Romney and his wordsmithing

Rove counting on ‘white Democrats’ to vote for Romney

quotes of the day-bella abzug

Piers Morgan about Christie: "Great, uncompromising character & great, uncompromising speech"

Okay, the "Colbert Report" intro was very awesome!!!

Maddow interviewing Gibbs ~

Where's the fucking tax returns?

Hey everybody! My first post.

This is what voter suppression looks like

Anyone else think Christie's speech was meh?

Christie came closest to spilling the beans, ie "There are no Jobs" and

NOLA and south thread,

A reminder of tonight's RNC rules changes, etc. Divisive enough?

"What up with that?"

RNC's national debt clocks recall Bush-era economy

The GOP knows that they are going to have pull out all the stops to steal this election for Mitt

LOL! Bill Maher on Twitter: Loved #AnnRomney's speech especially the part about

Italian Mafia boss Salvatore Bonomolo arrested in Venezuela

RNC Convention in 100 Seconds

HEY KABLOOIE? I'm Calling You OUT!

Is this convention shaping up to be the biggest political clusterfuck since 1968?

A Troubling Chant on the Convention Floor (Video of puerto rico incident at gop convention)

I love what MSNBC is doing tonight!!!

Democracy for America Endorses Leslie Coolidge (IL-06)

Jon Stewart Slams Melodramatic Media Analysis Of Hurricane vs. GOP Convention

So Queen Ann is 63 yo. How many

Arafat’s death now a murder investigation, French prosecutors say

"Thar she blows!"

What’s wrong with Wisconsin?

Pic Of The Moment: Chris Christie Gives RNC Keynote Address

Breaking Bad (spoiler for last episode)

Christie calls for tough talk, demands RMoney show tax returns (NOT)

For fun: The electoral college map today compared to four years ago...

So typical Christie, blame the little guy again

Let's Give Romney the Finger!

Lawyers ask for emails about Army private accused of sending classified info to WikiLeaks

I weep for America

Cantor in Tampa Background

Repuke talking points decoded

Caption this photo - RNC Edition

I want you to listen to this classical tune...

I adore Jim Newell - RE: Rick Santorum's weird hand rant

JK to deliver major national security speech in prime time on the closing night of the DNC!

Looks like (TS) Kirk will probably not visit Charlotte. (picture)

Ann Romney worked the phrase 'real marriage' into her speech

Like Ann Romney, I want to talk about love

Anyone else here not give a shit about EITHER convention?

BREAKING: Entire Republican National Convention Stunned As Ann Romney Asks For Divorce

The face of the modern Republican Party

Wondering if I need medication or ?

Having never really looked at Chris Christie for any length of time, this is the image I...

Fox viewers outraged over Juan Williams calling Ann Romney

Is it just me, or does Mitt Rmoney have the WORST EXECUTIVE STYLE of any presidential nominee in

Ann Romney makes me Hate Willard Romney even More

Ann Romney's 1994 interview about how she & Mitt were so poor as students they had to sell stock

The Party of Lincoln and the Right to Vote

I have to tell you about this encounter with a right-to-lifer...

Anybody laugh about the way Ann kept referring to Mittens as 'Mitt Romney'

"He came out like he was on Wheels"

Anybody else ever notice Santorum's working 72-year-old gramps has no pension plan?

Am I just a jerk? I saw clips of Ann Romney and Christie, I thought they both sucked!

"God Bless You" all night long.


Already at least 2 disgusting episodes of racism at the GOP convention.

Ben Quayle loses his primary!

An attack works better if it is a Flat Lie

NYT - How the Republicans Built it.

Artur Davis - former Democrat, election loser, opportunist. Speaking at the RNC.

Our dog is a Democrat!

Al Sharpton just called Chris Christie the Ralph Cramden of the Republican Party.

Is this what the song "Come Together" is about?

Does anyone else find Steve Schmidt incredibly sexy?

The dissonance with Ann Romney's speech and the Mitt Romney addition to the RNC Platform

I finally got around to reading The Catcher in the Rye, and I have questions. (SPOILERS)

What would a "BIC for Him" pen look like?

WaPo update about incident with CNN camerawoman and crazy-ass racist

Rep. Schweikert tops Rep. Quayle in Arizona's member matchup

Public Schools Denounced at Tea Party Rally in Tampa, Blamed for Election

Chris Christie: Wall Street lobbyist for Bernie Madoff

Boehner's "bar full of guys looking for work"

Economic Collapse Prepping?

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Tuesday, August 28)

They should identify the delegate that taunted the black cameraperson

This much is clear: Four U.S. Army soldiers based in Georgia are accused of killing two people.

Mexico sect vows fight over public schools

Julian Assange asylum: Ecuador is right to stand up to the US (The Guardian)

It's been said, that since the Black support for Romney is at zero percent…

Michigan Supreme Court will hear arguments on 4 disputed ballot proposals

Chile education crisis: Water cannons and tear gas on the streets of Santiago (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

If It Walks Like a Duck & Talks Like a Duck: Racism, Bigotry & the Death of Respectable Conservatism

Re: DU changes. Where is the membership counter now?

U.S. welcomes Colombia's efforts to engage rebel group for talks

U.S. welcomes Colombia's efforts to engage rebel group for talks

I am technologically handicapped. How can I post a topic and add video so that it would appear on

Some seem to need a reminder about how BAD the US want Assange and...

US student's mouth stapled in 'anti-Semitic attack'

Nick Clegg (Deputy UK Prime Minister) demands emergency tax on Britain's wealthiest

Americans Shot in Mexico Were C.I.A. Operatives Aiding in Drug War

Americans Shot in Mexico Were C.I.A. Operatives Aiding in Drug War

Use the other door.

Seattle protester cleared of police assault charges by YouTube footage

Colbert's Tweet on the Romney Nomination

Please tell me it gets easier with teenagers...

What's for Dinner - Wednesday Aug 29th

Woooodamnwhoo! Congratulations! Penzone, Grijalva, Pastor and Sinema! Hope for AZ!

Juan Williams: Ann Romney Looks "Like A Corporate Wife" Hard For Me To Believe She Struggled

Isaac stalled over New Orleans . . .

Romney Hailed as Regular Guy by Woman with Horse in Olympics : Borowitz

Quayle beat down! Woohoo! and PPearce KKK lost his crap.

80-year study: Democrats better at economics

Having Dolan say the closing prayer at the DNC is a mistake

After Apple bruising, Samsung to bounce back with new Note phablet

Obama campaign looking for local interns.

Dem. Penzone to face Arpaio for Maricopa Sheriff

Bernie Sanders vs Who?

Anyone have a screenshot of the mittwitts watching Christie's speech?

Levee overtopped in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana

Government stoking anarchist fears… again

There's a Moderate - GET 'EM !!!!!

What I saw was CRISTIE and Queen Ann bombing. Plus Rethug Potemkin Village going on.

Actual CNN Headline: "Christie:Romney will tell TRUTHS".

No, Mitt, you're wrong again...the government SHOULD help "pick winners".

These are REAL "threats to traditional marriage"

There's Something so Weirdly Desperate About Romney

GOP convention not boom for Tampa merchants

Juan Cole on the white terrorist plot to assassinate the Commander in Chief

Tell 12 Governors Not to Block Medicaid

Republican Party officially declared Russia an enemy of America

Idea for an Obama campaign-ad: "We build it!"

So they flopped big time

Isaac v. Rommulus II

Yes, Vagina, There Is No Sanity Clause

Chris Christie is an asshole and a boorish bully

I find it rather scary

ShopRite Bows First-of-their-kind Reusable Grocery Bags in U.S.

College Students Are Going Homeless and Hungry -- And Corporate America Is Trying to Exploit Them

The R Way

Online Food, Bev Purchase Intent Grows 44% in Two Years: Nielsen

Optimistic or Delusional? Why Gay Republicans Stand By Their Party’s Bigoted Platform

The Gospel of Wrath

SEAL book raises questions about bin Laden's death

The Republican's "We Built It" theme doesn't seem very appropriate right now

When Mitt & Ann lose in November, they can do Vonage bundle commercials

Ann Romney Bain Story In Speech Leaves Out Critical Details

Scott Walker Speech Gets Hero's Welcome At Republican Convention

Stocks mixed in thin trading; oil creeps over $96

How Romney Keeps Lying Through His Big White Teeth by Robert Reich

I hope our convention isn't this mind-numbingly boooring!

Morally Indefensible: Tutu Refuses to Share Platform with Blair

Daddy In A Skirt

I think Mitt and Ann SHOULD win

At least Gov. Christie got to talk about the man he loves...

GOP convention not boom for Tampa merchants

Woke up this morning

Soledad is speaking with the President of Plaquemines Parish

People back on rooftops, stuck in attics in NO

Mitt Romney the GOP placeholder

So, Morning Joe is hosting a "Wake."

'No one will move heaven and earth like Mitt to make this country a better place to live.'Ann Romney

Luckovich: The Stage or Romney?

Christie Looks PATHETIC. They Can Rename The GOP The REPIGLICAN PARTY.

The Federal Bailout That Saved Mitt Romney - Gov docs show legend crafted by Romney basically a lie

RNC Keynote Speech (cartoon)

A+ A draft manifesto for ethical atheism.

There's a gigantic blob on the front page of DU this morning...

My wife and I nearly made a big mistake. We almost jumped from the frying pan into the fire

World War II Bomb Detonated in Heart of Munich

Andrea Greenspan didn't see Palin's "witty, sassy sparkle" in Chris Christie last night

Ex-Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell Questioned on Vote Suppression, from ’04 to Wave of ID Laws

George Romney in the Nixon Whitehouse

Only 40% of voters see Ryan favorably, so...

Yosemite hantavirus outbreak "unprecedented,"officials say

Jindal cannot find his bootstraps.. wants a promise from federal government for reimbursement

Hey Latinos---here's what the Republican party thinks of you.

Resistance is futile. Surrender

Ha! Rick Santorum is "handsy"!

The true face of the Modern Republican Party (read the lips)

Oh great. Cory Booker will speak in the Democratic Convention

The Kochs and Adelson, to name just a few. These are supposedly smart, savvy guys..I wonder

The good news and the bad news re Isaac

Flight Attendant Enters Record Book After 63-Year Career

Operation Bootstrap - For governor Bobby Jindal

Whose idea WAS it to open with Chris Christie?

Rubio Chalks Up Romney’s Struggles With Latinos To Campaign Spending Rules

Say all you want about Sarah Palin

What Do Republican Women Want?

California lawmakers vote to ban gay "conversion" therapy for minors

Christie said “I” 37 times in his speech and “Mitt Romney” only seven times

Interesting CNN poll vote...

Swedish Intelligence Agency Blows $800,000 On James Bond Themed Party

Let's compare the FEMA leaders for the last two New Orleans hurricanes.

Said on the TeeVee

The problem with conventions:

When you can't say something nice about someone…

Dutch send F-16 fighters to intercept Schiphol-bound plane

The Two Lessons Chris Christie IGNORED From His Italian Mother

FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (time for Jindal to take a look at this)

Republican National Convention puts a brown face on a white party

Naked woman shops at Ballston Spa store

a picture of rape with object passes community standards for our entertainment

'Tatooine-like' double-star systems can host planets

PHOTOS: Hurricane Isaac Makes Landfall And Is Pounding The Gulf Coast

"Obama has doubled the National Debt" - Kat$hit (R - SlowHio)

Eagle Scouts return awards to protest Boy Scout policy barring gay members

"We are Wisconsin" lashes Scott Walker as he's given hero's welcome at RNC (video)

Today in Peace and Justice history on August 28, 1957

New Details in Obama assassination plot:

If you were thought the nut throwers were sick...

Can anyone identify these white flowers? Photo is in Columbia, SC. I have

How will the pundits narrate the Democratic convention? I'm wondering about Scar's show

Occupy Wall Street, Year Two

Ann Romney's Convention Speech: What you need to know

Republican Kansas State Senator Tim Owens: "Koch Industries is just a terrible, terrible citizen."

Donors Invest Millions in Romney for Billions in Returns

Gay Republicans Sell Us Down the River With Lies!

Frankfurt to Award Professor Who Called Hamas, Hezbollah Progressive (VIDEO)

Tired of the bullshit from the Tom Brokaw types?

Donald Trump Gets Statesmanly By Calling Arianna Huffington Ugly. Florida GOP Stands By him

"Overpass Light Brigade" assaulted, intimidated by Milwaukee County Sheriff's Deputy

Ann's speech

Why is Mika drinking vodka funny?

GOP audience boos woman delegate from Puerto Rico

Obama Camp Does Newsreel Video with 'Bygone Era' Ryan


Jaime Solorzano was sentenced for contempt, the offending public officials (auto translated)

Ann Romney reaches out to women??????Republican style..

Modern Family Creator Offers Fan Ann Romney Role as Gay-Wedding Officiant

One of my Republican friends posted this on Facebook. What's your reaction?

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- CONvention, day 3

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- More day 3 CONvention

Scarborough says Chris Matthews' interview of Priebus was a waste of time

From the Real World Economics Review: The nutty GOP games commence

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3-The rest

Watching a program about the civil rights movement on H2.

Romney, on video, to address veterans' issues

That video of the delegates heckling the woman from Puerto Rico . . . . . .

a question about gasoline and my odometer

TAIBBI Finishes Mitt Off: Greed and Debt: The True Story of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital

The Rich Really Are Different

It appears the 'Mystery Speaker' will be Clint Eastwood

This Whole "I Built It " Theme Is Off Putting

Roy Blunt: Mitt can be President because "he went to the grocery store for months when Ann was sick"

Blind Activists Boycott Goodwill Over Subminimum Pay

"You didn’t build it, Mitt Romney — we all built it."

The Champagne Party

Strange question. Anyone here familiar with hunting/tracking Mountain Lions?

Doctor Shortage in America???

Lufthansa strikes loom after cabin crew talks fail

If rabbits can climb as good as cats, why do you never see one stranded up a tree?

To pass on to your RW relatives: 5 Ridiculous Things You Probably Believe About Islam.

CNN Finds Itself In An Awkward Spot Over The Taunting Of Its African American Camerawoman

good vibes to new orleans....

Public Education as "Government Schools"

MSNBC is preventing me from getting a stroke

GOP attendee ejected-threw nuts at African American CNN camera woman-"This is how we feed animals"

Isaac may be nearly as bad as Katrina

Pro-government hackers hound Venezuelan journalists

Trust Mitt?? Are They Fricking Serious?

Schweikert defeats Quayle in District 6 battle of incumbents

Martin Frost: The Wonder of Molly Ivins

I had no desire to watch Chris Christie yesterday, but for anyone who braved it, what was the gist?

mitt romney has released only ONE YEAR of his tax returns...ONE YEAR

What grade would you give the first big night of the GOP Convention?

Frothy loves hands

warning, don't look

I balked on my Retina MacBook Pro purchase.

Live coverage of storm on, in New Orleans. A family of five adults is stuck in a

Why the staged and forced unanimity?

Doctor Shortage May Swell To 130,000 With U.S. Cap

Best Tweet re: Nut Throwing at RNC

*** Gets her hammer out and posts sign for new services at the DU Laudermat ***

Hurricane Isaac Whips Storm Surge On Path To New Orleans

my landlord just apologized to me for a racial slur

Things That Shouldn't Be Said In Modern Society To Be Said At Least 1,400 Times At RNC

Since the start of the RNC, I'm more inclined to say "Fuck"

We have a real potential for a pick up in Arizona Senate Race

"Beware of mad dogs lurking, for lurking they will bite." In THE OTHER, this quote appears

You know you're a Lounge Lizard or Lady when you...

Pets offered to help internet addicts

latest Reuters tracking poll has Obama ahead 4%

"I hate the government even though I suck on the government teat."

Apparently the front office sent the word; BLOCKBUSTER speeches last night!

WARNING: Graphic Cuteness At Video Link

You'll Laugh Out Loud!

Situation in Braithwaite grim; flooding is massive

How 34 States Are Adding To A Rape Victim's Nightmare

“Saving your settings” – how come sometimes when a computer is booting up, it seems to get stuck at

Steve Levitan offers Ann Romney a cameo role as officiant at Mitch & Cam's wedding

Reframing the abortion debate

Media continues to call Ryan "wonk" without evidence

Ecuador court refuses to extradite Belarussian dissident

Last night it all became clear to me....

I know this is going to disappoint many DUers here but...

Comment from Andy Borowitz

I called 911 last night to report gunshots near my home for the third night in a week

Discover "FREE this weekend as opens all 713 million U.S. census records from 1790 to"

Argentinian politicians unveil plan to shoot seagulls that attack whales

"We're not going to let the campaign be dicated by fact-checkers."

The GOP gets it. Conventions are all about TV...

The Rude One does economic theory--

Obama in Fort Collins, Colorado

Don’t Stop Believin’ Mitt Romney Will Get A Better Convention Entrance Theme Song Than Paul Ryan!

Kids' Back to School Supplies May Be Filled With Toxic Phthalates

It's not every day a panel of judges rules that you're a racist

Matt Taibbi- Greed and Debt: The True Story of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital

The Quiet Racism of Abortion Bans

The equanimity of non-attachment is a double-edged sword.

Being a life-long Democrat I am very embarrassed to admit this but here it goes

THIS Is What Happens When Romney Plays the RACE CARD

Big Ag-Funded Congressmen Compare Investigations Of Animal Abuse To Terrorism

Senator Calls For Fed Probe Into Gas Price Spike

If you read *anything* about last night, read this: Charles P. Pierce is a man on fire.

The thing about humanizing a candidate is

Will the Republicans say the Gulf Coast doesn't need government help?

I'm a little annoyed by these articles that says "Ann Romney won them over!"

The Secret Weapon: All of Us

Hurricane Issac and the people of New Orleans...

Discussion Topic

Black CNN Camerawoman Had Peanuts Thrown at Her at GOP Convention

Paul Ryan is've been warned again!!

Has Any News Organization Interviewed Any Of The Delegates That Voice Voted "No" As Boner....

My father needs an ambulance, but is in the hurricane. -- UPDATE

Invitation to a Dialogue: The Corporate Citizen

Port Chester, New York public library to sell advertising space on its toilet paper

Obama addresses Hurricane Isaac preparations

Juan Williams stuns Fox News panel: Ann Romney just a ‘corporate wife’

Stupid Shit Andrew Sullivan Says, Ctd.

corgi - husky mix

America Love Long Harder Man

O yeah...the Republicans did build something!!

Republicans appeal to racism again: Platform says Medicaid is a "black hole".

enjoying the love?

Some (my) Unsolicited Advice for Democrats

GOP convention: A Horrible No-Good First Night

I would gladly accept a free press that takes some of our people to task when

NFLPA Director criticizes NFL; would not rule out players strike

Jay Leno comments on Mitt Romney's taxes

At Their 1972 Convention, Republicans Boasted Of Cutting Defense Spending To Lowest Point In 20 Year

Chris Christie - The Outlaw Jersey Whale

Desmond Tutu Refuses to Share Platform with Tony Blair

Paul Krugman on the GOP campaign

Rutgers N.J. Poll: Obama leads Romney by 14 points

Why is it noteworthy that Chris Christie is fat?

Author Of South Carolina Voter ID Law Acknowledges Racist Emails

Caption please....

Way to go New Zealand!

G-7 Countries Call for Increased Oil Output to Meet Demand

Juan Cole: Assad responded to peaceful protests with snipers & tanks to raise the cost of protesting

Ann, When did "real marriages" ever include...

San Onofre Prepares To Remove Fuel From Reactor

Drumbeat: August 29, 2012

Drumbeat: August 29, 2012

The Red Admiral & the Red-banded Hairstreak

how bain capital helped bp blow up the deepwater horizon

What is this line on Romney's face

America, "... the church* you can't see" from Dave Stewart, Forest Whitaker et al

Half of Americans die with almost no money

Hurricane Isaac rescues in Plaquemines Parish so far thanks to Jesse Shaffer and son

How did Christie get elected in New Jersey ?

"There wasn't a woman out there, Republican or Democrat, who didn't see her as warm and appealing"

Has Isaac Blown Any Remnants Of The Deepwater Horizon Gusher Up?.......

Modern Family Creator Invites Fan Ann Romney to Officiate Gay Wedding on Show

Not so ideal optics for Romney?

It must be very challenging, very difficult to make a soul-wrenching choice...

Lies, Damn Lies and G.O.P. Video

Governor Christie demands respect!

live video feeds - Isaac

Steve King again gets the Colbert treatment.

Isaac weakening, but relentless pounding 'not even half over'

Stop saying "they're not racist"...

A quote about hurricane Isaac

Dear Ann: Your husband pals around with misogynists

Hurricane Isaac's storm surge overtops levee, sends 12-foot flood into La. homes


I finally agree with Gay Republicans about something. Pity they're so out of touch in general!

Santoyo 'ordered forced disappearance of human rights workers' .

Crap. Crappity crap crap CRAP.

Six Budget Proposals Side-By-Side (Moyers & Company)

Industry Front Group Called "Energy in Depth" Attacks Critics

GOP Prom theme: "We Built This Lie to Fool You!"

Colombia-US Labor Action Plan led only to 'cosmetic changes': WOLA .

With her speech last night Ann Romney delivered...

A liquor store in greater Tampa, under threatening skies.

Angels Are Much More Effective than Vinegar, IMHO

Need some dog advice: WheN Pooka moved n with us, he was a scared little guy.

PPP: Obama leads in Connecticut by 13-points & Murphy leads McMahon

Just a little "legitimate" rape

The Rude Pundit: Random Observations on Last Night's RNC Funfest

Tribute to John Mella, Light Quarterly editor

Security at the RNC: George Orwell Meets a 'Call of Duty' Cityscape

CarMax co-founder: "I didn't do it alone"

Since he brought it up, do you RESPECT or LOVE Chris Christie? Please, share your feelings here.

Religious Leaders Turn Against Rep. Todd Akin After His ‘Legimate Rape’ Controversy

Trust him, Ann?

Spanish Magazine Depicts Michelle Obama As A Slave

Oh Please Let Rick Santorum Be Right

N.Y. Archbishop to Pray at Dem Convention; Nuns on the Bus Leader to Appear Too

Chris Christie is simply another Republican fraud

Local news and streaming video coverage of Hurricane Isaac

Ann Romney Was Great In Saved

Ann Romney’s Big Night at the RNC

Romney/Ryan Would Take Us Back To A Bygone Era (Newsreel)

Nate Silver: An Above-Average ‘Likely Voter Gap’ for Romney

Gravity waves spotted from white-dwarf pair (BBC)

Buccos or Birds. Who will MIM watch tonight?

Wonder if this commercial would ever fly in the U.S.?

Hurricane Issac is so big we are getting a wind gusts WNW here in Houston.

I need a dose of sanity

Thom Hartmann: Inside the ''War on Women'' GOP Convention

TOM THE DANCING BUG: Great Moments In Lady Parts Science

Rate The Republicant National Convention So Far

I think this makes sense about the Republican Party. See if you agree.

Dean Baker: The Pacific free trade deal that's anything but free

"The GOP campaign is based on five main themes, three negative and two positive"

Sweet! Astronomers spot sugar molecule that’s ingredient for life floating near star

Papantonio: Republican Hacks In Black Judge’s Robes

Romney-Ryan: The Best the Republicans Could Do.....

The Truth About Republicans by...George Carlin.

Why Is MSNBC Doing So Much Talking About The RNC Convention?.....

Post-Fukushima radioactivity low, gamma ray radiation more of a concern

Chris Christie Action Figure? Oh please.

Here are the Broadcast Networks ratings for RNC last night...

New Zealand Poised to Pass Marriage Equality; Obama Given Credit

Christie’s Fact-Free Keynote

Engineer proposes $1 trillion USS Enterprise


Thom Hartmann: Voter caging...should Rep. Tim Griffin be in jail?

More Things You Have To Believe To Be A Republican Today, No. 9

Issa Confident He'll Win 7th Term

Manitoba investigating after 1,300 piglets euthanized

President Obama campaigns at Iowa State and Colorado State University Aug. 28th - pics

Godzilla vs. GOPzilla

So if Ann Romney is so great and the GOP loves women....

Could somebody please explain the intricacies of electronica music

Some will get this. Some won't.

Alan Clemmons, South Carolina Rep, Admits 'Poorly Considered' Reply To Racist Email On Voter ID Law

Mitt Romney parties aboard a yacht called Cracker Bay that flies the Cayman Islands flag.

Rape victims speak out against Republicans on eve of Ryan’s speech

Melissa Harris-Perry's NOLA Home demolished by Isaac

President Obama in Fort Collins, CO and Ames, IA Aug. 28th - pics

How are Gulf Coast people doing?

Todd Akin Defended by Religious Right Leaders

Jeb Bush: GOP needs to ‘stop acting stupid’ toward Latinos

There was a revolt?

"Lawn fucking" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "lawn fucking".

I am going to endanger one of our Heroic Navy SEALs...

GOP Convention drinking game for non-drinkers: What words/phrases will you NOT hear?

Sensata (owned by Bain) outsourced job holders called Communists at Republican convention..

We built this??

The GOP is Revolting!

Come one, come all to my sausage barbecue this weekend. BYOB!

Aunt says the daughter of Cuba’s vice president defected for love

Romney Party Yacht Flies Cayman Islands Flag

Even if Akin is forced out by the GOP won't a lot of his supporters...

You Truly Like 'Modern Family,' Ann? How About Officiating At Mitch & Cam's Wedding?

OMG these people make me sick

Karzai Is Overhauling Top Cabinet Posts, Western Officials Say

An Argument Against Sex Education...

Romneys partied on this boat seeking Donors Wednesday

Man shoots at bulletproof glass; finds out it works and is injured

Second-Quarter Growth Revised Up to 1.7 Percent Rate

Anyone play Metro 2033 ?

Business people and consumers can you weigh in on this brief interruption of online certificates of

Say THANKS: If You Want to Reclaim Labor Day this Year, You Need to Look at This

Platform’s Sharp Turn to Right Has Conservatives Cheering

The RNC's mystery speaker is...

GOP NRCC Leader: Gay Republicans are OK, as long as they don't start demanding rights and stuff

Monitor editorial: Voters need to see Romney's returns (Concord, NH)

Realtors' Pending Home Sales Index Shows A Healthy Market

Roger Stone to GOP: Payback's a Bitch

"The repubicans have a plan to save Medicare without making a single change . . <pause> . . .

A Minority Person Wanting To Join The Republican Party Is Like

Oil Prices Fall As Supplies Up, Isaac Heads Inland

Romney’s Defense-Budget Growth Tops Cold War Pace: BGOV Insight

LOL- Romney Actually Losing Ground During The Republican National Convention According To Gallup

view from a 17 year old....

Wanna win nolabear's heart?

Dogs just can't help themselves. They're sweetiepies. Sick, disgusting li'l sweetiepies.

You can not ignore a cat... ... ... I... SAID... YOU...CAN...NOT...IGNORE...A...CAT!!!!!

"Breaking Bad" fans: Hector W-H-O-O-O?!?!?!?

MiddleFingerMom was ALWAYS able to talk bartenders out of cutting him off.

MiddleFingerMom is not quite as sensitive a man as he once was.

Rick Cantor just on Andrea Mitchell

Romney enlists family to tell Americans: Trust Mitt

Venus: The Two-Faced Cat

Ann Romney thinks Republicans know how to do the math?

Democrats Tap Sen. John Kerry for Stadium Speech on Foreign Policy

While Republicans chant about drilling for oil to make sure the USA is not dependent on foreign oil:

Based on her features, how old would you say this woman is?

Not sure if this is the correct forum, but It is driving me crazy

How many women would want to have more children if they had more money?

Stuff in my yard. (pic heavy)

FUCKING TEENAGERS! No good deed goes un punished!!

Sign of the times...

good god, they're pathetic. Dana Loesch says that John Kerry is a "corporate wife"

'Real' Homeownership Rate at Nearly 50-Year Low

Ann Romney tries again to make us like Mitt. And fails.

If Capitalism Really Was Working Like The GOP Claims We Wouldn't ----

Jane Romney on abortion, "Mitt won't touch that".

Bobby Jindal to Obama: More Isaac aid


Afforcable Care Act starts to show its Weaknesses - California OneCare"

RNC begins as court rules Texas GOP leaders violated U.S. 'Voting Rights Act'

More Pics Inside Romney Campaign Super Yacht In Tampa Bay With Cayman Flag

Egypt’s Morsi to decline Israel visit invitation

Halperin ignores nut throwing incident

Romney: "I didn't inherit money from my parents."

Why Mitt Romney does not "get it", and why he never will:

Arizona Republican: Middle Easterners ‘look Mexican’ and want ‘to cause harm’

Why do we call it our junk?

The Nation: The RNC in Tampa: They Didn’t Build That

'Vast reservoir' of methane locked beneath beneath Antarctic ice sheet

Twilight Zone – Examination Day (includes SPOILER)

Thom Hartmann: The Smoking Gun of Climate Change

Will Ryan's speech give any solutions to the real problem, when 1 person replaces a 1000,

How silkmoths could defeat terrorism and drug smuggling (BBC)

Yahoo News fires D.C. Bureau Chief over "hot mic" remarks about Mitt and Ann

andrea mitchell just said to patrick gaspard (DNC executive director)....

Patrick Gaspard DNC Exec Dir on Andrea Mitchell --- LMAO

Let's send some DU VIBES to MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry (her home was destroyed by Isaac)...

LAPD officers investigated for excessive force, apparently caught on tape

This is the RepubliKKKan Party...

Trump: "I knew Chris Matthews when he was sane..."

Maybe The Fact Republicans "Do It Alone" Explains Why There Are Less And Less Of Them.

Romney favorability rating getting worse

Guy Gets Identity Trashed for Quotes Supporting Obama

"Young cannabis smokers run a risk of lower IQ"

Who Mitt thinks he is

Todays Liarthon speakers at the convention for those who are interested:

My "Breaking Bad" Prediction

Jindal: Levee may be intentionally breached to relieve Plaquemines

Potential methane reservoirs beneath the Antarctic ice sheet

What to do to prevent West Nile Virus...

Do NOT go to the Apple Store. Just don't go there!

Florida Voter Registration Groups Win Major Victory As Judge Prepares To Block Draconian Law

Obama +1 in Gallup tracking poll now

I have a serious pet peeve with this

Where did Obama lose (some) people from 2008?

What to do to prevent West Nile Virus...see links at bottom for additional info.

Is Romney the most clueless candidate in history?

RNC Attendee Allegedly Threw Nuts At Black CNN Camerawoman, Said ‘This Is How We Feed Animals’

Condi Rice Can’t Name A Specific Obama Foreign Policy Failure

Nuclear Radiation and Mangled Corpses: Why Is No One Talking About the Human Cost of War on Iran

Jane Romney: My Brother Won't Ban Abortion-GOP candidate's sister says he's "much more in the middle


I know it's minor, but I can't stand the thought of Ann Romney as First Lady

Desmond Tutu refuses to share stage with Blair -

Fuck Off....

Nikki Haley is being hailed as a rising star in the Republicant Party.

Everything Wrong with the Tea party in 6 Minutes...

MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry has lost her home in New Orleans

Black Hawk helicopters' war games in downtown Minneapolis

Cheap Canadians? Vermont Restaurants Add Mandatory Tips

Anyone else use MS Windows Defender ?

Brownback concedes (Mitt's) welfare attack isn't true

If Isaac hangs on too long and continues to get worse

Can We Survive A Corrupt, Dishonest And Biased MSM?

In modern GOP, the old South returns

"We built America together, and that's what makes America great." - by Elizabeth Warren

Several people gave the RNC stage a new backdrop

GOP Senators Plan Resolution Promising Support Should Israel Strike Iran

Ann Romney Woos Hispanic Voters, Urging They Get Past ‘Their Biases’

Mega Giga Photo Pan of the Republican Convention

Yes, Vagina, There Is No Sanity Clause

WOW Obama at Iowa State University

Thom Hartmann: How much money does it take to buy a seat in Congress?

CNN Sweeps "Actual News" Under The Rug For GOP

Mitt’s Cayman party boat

Levee Breached, Plaquemines Underwater..Will the GOP Do Nasty Tonight?

BBC: Assad 'needs time to win battle' (18 months is apparently not enough time)

Rude Pundit knocks it out of the park

"It's not a question of whether he'll lose or not, it's a question of how bad." Said to me this

A drinking game that could kill you

Illy Ill - Presidential Swagger

TOONS: Paul Ryan

Thank you, Republicans, for the wonderful Starship earworm that you gave America.

Court rejects Florida GOP voter-registration restrictions

the perfect GOP symbol

Pigs (3 diff.ones) & Face of Mod. gop


Federal court rejects GOP-drawn Texas voting maps = Too Late for 2012

Where The Hell Is W?

Hurricane Isaac Information Channel.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan would take us back-We can't afford

Best photo in the Lounge, this week?

just like us...

Colorado newspapers on Obama visit

The Hindenburg II

"Legitimate Rape" Pharmaceutical Ad

Romney party yacht flies Cayman Islands flag.

Someone gave my 17 month old a toy telephone

Joy Behar: Paul Ryan Is 'The Devil In Disguise'

Pop goes the weasel?

Meghan McCain: Scarier Times?

After watching Ann Romney...

Rat number 2 (Perry) preannounces for 2016

Did anyone at the RNC mention, oh, a WAR in Afghanistan?

King Of The 1%

Paul Ryan is going to flop big time tonight

Gluten free hosts

FACT CHECK: Making their case at the convention, GOP speakers play loose with reality

I posted Will Pitt's "Charles Pierce" link on ensues...

Correspondence and collusion between the New York Times and the CIA- The Guardian

Freepers got nothing but tears. "Romney, GOP stage a coup at the RNC (screw you Tea Party)"

"Teacher Gives Obama the Skinny on Packed Science Labs"

Another warning about the analysis of "yet another glitch" in the ACA

Did you know that the Republicans handed out fake homemade signs last night?

Romney camp says they'll keep lying because it's working

Reverse Beverly Hillbillies.

Martin Sheen Helps Workers Reclaim Labor Day

HOLY SHIT! Krystal Ball just destroyed Sean Duffy re: Ryan's Medicare plan.

Romney: Hooray for Whiteness!!

Who is going to Charlotte next week?

PPP: Obama leads by three-points in Nevada

Christie/Huckabee 2016

Yahoo fires bureau chief for Romney remark

Game Changer: Biden Guarantees No Changes in Social Security

Mitt Makes Me Laugh???

On FB there is a story that MSNBC didn't show any of the speeches at the RNC hatefest

LIVE Isaac coverage from WWL in New Orleans (LINK)

Come on Democratic Party Peeps - that's the Bermuda Flag on that yacht


The Difference

CNN just exposed BIG LIE in romney healthcare BS

A beautiful Obama campaign video by his sister

Here I go......

"I Love Women," Ann giggled.

Help me out here, astro pros... Jupiter rules Republican party?

Obama's burning it up in Virginia!!


Republican National Convention Theme: "We Built It"

Is NOM’s Brian Brown Standing With Cardinal Dolan Against Church Child Rape Victims?

Men again telling women what to think -- about ANN!

The problem of left unity

Krugman: Unconventional

Did Romney Just Break The Law By Using A Caymen Island Yacht For A Fundraiser?

Are YOU targeted as an enemy in one of the repubs many wars?

Badge of Honor: Sarah Palin Says Grayson “Spews”

Preparing for the 2012 Paralympics (gallery)

YIKES! GOV DOCS Obtained By Rolling Stone Show The Legend Crafted By Romney Is Basically A LIE!

"I appreciate the invitation to join you on dry land this afternoon" Romney in Indiana today

Did any of you see

Best thing to happen to women...

'Obama has never apologized for gender selection abortion'

post a nonsensical phrase in this format: noun verb noun

Obama's new slogan. It's great.

Can someone change that cover photo of Christie?

I miss Jerry.

Making a woman laugh is the best way to get a date....

Chris Abele vetoes democracy in Milwaukee County

Disabled vets stuck in backlog limbo

Politico: Chris Christie's flop at the GOP convention


Isaac is just sitting there terrorizing folks

President Obama is doing a live AMA on Reddit right now:

In Florida, Tampa Is Essential to Romney Election Hopes

A Horrible No-Good First Night

I guess I don't need to worry about vampires bugging me.

why is mike huckabee getting primetime?

Ingrid Bergman would have been 96

Rush Limbaugh slammed Karl Rove on Wednesday and said he was “literally going insane”


President Obama is doing an AMA on Reddit right now.

Right-Wing Site Falsely Accuses ABC News Of Misreporting Romney Party Yacht’s Cayman Flag

Declining unionization caused one-third of increase in wage inequality during last 40 years

African American is Japan's Top Commercial Star

'Black lifestyle' in Japan

anybody in SoCal just feel that? I felt it in Burbank


Why (and How) Romney is Playing the Race Card---By Ron Fournier

An original photo from outside the REBUBLICAN NATIONAL CONVENTION...

2012 GOP Platform: The Tea Party’s Necronomicon

a 3lb rock just missed my foot..

WOW! Nostradamus predicted "a wife of an entitled prick" would "speak before a large throng" in 2012

James Fallows: Bit by Bit It Takes Shape: Media Evolution for the 'Post-Truth' Age

SO! The Romneys ate off of an ironing board.

On Reconciling Atheism and Meaning in the Universe

"Northern Marinara Islands"

Amish beard-cutting: Shears cut symbol of manhood, expert says

Woman critically wounded in school parking lot, no shots fired.

Little girl leaves evacuation instructions:

92yo WWII vet Ralph Maxwell rips Rmoney in verse

Hehe -- Martin Bashir has the jailbird fundy Baldwin brother on right now

This story is brief, but SO worth the read!

Wayne Powell for Congress is working to increase roadside visibility

Catholic college teacher suspended in gay marriage row

Christi: "I will eat the Poor"

Costs of war should not be ignored

Steven Baldwin, obviously the runt

TOONS: You Didn't Build That!!!!

Baby bobcat injured by California fire recuperating at wildlife shelter

Picture from the storm

Obama's war on veterans and the military? Look at this bullshit I just received.

Elizabeth Warren: We built it together (smacks down Chris Christie)

Conan on Paul Ryan

Does anyone else feel violated when loan companies swap out your loans willy-nilly?

Anti-immigration hawk - Russell Pearce (AZ) - trounced in primary

Anyone seen my 3lb rock? I was playing catch with it and now I can't find it

So I'm divorced after 18 years of marriage, back in the US after 9 years overseas,

"I kill sperm in my vagina with my mind"

Dennis Leary is not always my favorite comedian...

Remember, BAIN is a four-letter word.

Ann the Prop, reminds me of Cindy McCain...

If Obama is smart, he will not respond to the RNC this week. Instead concentrate on the Gulf.

Personhood Initiative Fails To Get On Ballot

President Obama Live IAMA on Reddit Right Now!

Romney Criticized for ‘Dry Land’ Remark at Campaign Event

Ron Fournier: Romney is playing a racial game

President Obama

Hmmm......Cinnamon Roll Cake

Please help me try to understand this "conservative" comment on race

I'm feeling petty right now so I am going to say this

Chris Matthews just announced his love for and admiration of Gov. Kasich of Ohio.

Vote White

Lady Rmoney says "I know what it's like to be the daughter of immigrants."

President Obama in Charlottesville, VA August 29th - pics

Ann Romney to Latinos: Wake up & and get past your biases

"the epic dishonesty of Romney’s campaign is finally prompting something of a debate..."

Tweet from Bill Maher on how he loved Ann Romney's speech

Foster Brooks Gives Speech at GOP Convention

Toon- Pushing Mom off a cliff


I am not a witch is on Tweety

President Obama does a Reddit AMA - pic

President Obama did an AMA on Here are the Q & A

Jeb Bush: GOP Should ‘Stop Acting Stupid’ With Latino Voters

OMG, it's Not A Witch with Tweety

South Texas mayor killed in apparent donkey attack

Obama vows to release his beer recipe

Bobby Jindal wants more big government money for Louisiana

American history according to Republicans...

Wow. Christine O'Donnell is such a friggin' idiot!

Ryan on tap to deliver 'hard truths' in VP nomination speech

Is the character of "Chris Christie" in that new RNC Mini-series played by Mike Meyers?

Warren’s Response to Christie’s RNC Speech? Sorry, Chris, but Wages, Pensions, Health Care and Union

Republicans will never stop blocking suffrage, so long as it involves poor and non-white people

I am now officially dumber after listening to those two women on Hardball...

Remember the Party of Personal Responsibility?

"Ladies & gents, take my advice, pull down your pants & slide on the ice." And oh yeah...

My reddit question to the POTUS. Wondering what everyones opinion is..(never did get to post it)

Appeal court grants George Zimmerman's request for new judge

WATCH: Paul Ryan's Brother Calls Him A "Career Politician"

New perspective, re: all these "young" guys in the GOP...

Chocolate may protect the brain from stroke (BBC)

No mystery here

This one is for you Mitt

Official US Open Thread...spoilers...

You want Cheap - You've got it. BusinessWeek bends the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Obama does first presidential 'ask me anything' chat on Reddit

About Ann Romney's hometown? Welcome to Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Jen had a miscarriage

Appeal court grants George Zimmerman's request for new judge

I am Barack Obama, President of the United States

Sicko of the day...

"Reagan inherited a terrible economy and turned it around"

Appeal court grants George Zimmerman's request for new judge

OMG, they are trotting out video of the Chimperor tonight!

Help, please? "MSNBC cuts every speech made by a minority from RNC speech coverage"

Miners' attack on Yanomami Amazon tribe 'kills dozens' (BBC)

poverty is not an accident...

a biography of the day--shirley chisholm

Got another one published

Latin America’s Clean Energy Future: A Snapshot

FOX canceled all Sarah Palin's interviews for tonight!

About 20 million viewers for the RNC

Stephen Baldwin the unusual suspect at GOP convention

CNN Goes On Air With Story About Incident Against Network’s Black Camerawoman

quotes of the day-shirley chisholm

Remember Mitt's ad about growing up in MI, featuring a photo of NY

Should Labor Boycott Charlotte?

Anntoinette Romney to Hispanics: Get Past Your Biases

Why no safe zone in Syria, yet? 5 complications (CS Monitor)

How the Republicans Built It? On Lies–Convention Puts 3rd World Propaganda To Shame

Mitt Romney is one of the greatest and most irresponsible debt creators of all time

Personhood Initiative Fails To Get On Ballot

Obama's speech at Univ of VA 8/29

When does Trump give his "birther" speech at the RNC?

What's lower than whale vomit? Well, gold for one thing...

Scott Walker: Radical chic

i thought Ann Romney's Speech was Horrible but Media is telling us otherwise

2004 DemConvention Speeches: Al Sharpton (Blast from the past)

Republican Governor of Kansas says Romney's welfare attack ads are false

Arianna Huffington plans to vote Obama, might switch if Romney advocates Afghanistan pullout

I have concluded that the current housing market is going to be the new normal

Martin Bashir - Matt Taibbi: Romney hypocrite to decry debt problem

Ronnie Contemplates The RNC From The Beyond.........

Stop Ace Tomato from using the legal system to block workers' contract

Martin Bashir - Stephen Baldwin, the unusual suspect at GOP Convention

Mitt Romney has an awkward sense of humor. At best.

Rep. John Lewis's message today on the importance of the right to vote:

Wow! I've been Pre-Selected!

The cat did it!

Retro videogame ad...

Our Gulf Coast neighbors

2012 will be known as The Campaign When the GOP Dogwhistle Broke

Tom Toles- Disappearing act

If the gop slashed a trillion from Medicaid, where does it go? What will poor sick folks do?

Sarah Palin: Fox News Canceled My Appearances

President Obama's full speech from Charlottesville, Va today

CNN Goes On Air With Story About Incident Against Network’s Black Camerawoman!

Citigroup to pay $590 million to settle investor suit

OK, Isaac sux. Go away, already.

I'm at a loss!

Book on the bin Laden raid

Ecuador upbeat about deal to end Assange standoff

Bashar al-Assad says there is no end in sight to Syrian civil war


Which purge will happen first? Racists from the Pubs, or homophobes from the Dems?

Cyber spying expands in Iran after operation is blown: researchers

Union job opening: DEPARTMENT: Public Affairs - Publications TITLE: Senior Writer

CarMax Co-Founder: I'd hire Obama, not Romney

How ironic is it that today I celebrate my special needs daughter's birthday while Paul Ryan speaks?

Severe Diet Doesn't Prolong Life, at Least in Monkeys

Judge To Block Florida Voter Registration Restrictions

Greed and Debt: The True Story of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 30 August 2012

Matt Taibbi: Greed and Debt: The True Story of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital


Paul Ryan Didn't Work All That Hard To Help His Own Hometown

Union seeks review of Romney event at Ohio mine

Rumor shot down: SEAL’s Osama tale film-bound

Stop saying the Romney marriage is fake!

“I appreciate this invitation to join you on dry land this afternoon” Mitt said, prompting laughter

Small Businessman Who Hit Obama at GOP Convention Got $850,000 in Government Loans (Mother Jones)

Sarah "Waaaaa" Palin was canceled on Faux Noise....

"The president who must not be named"

If Dolan had the opinon of African American, Jews, Hispanics, that he has of gays

BREAKING: Romney campaign REJECTS marketing effort targeting followers as "MittHeads."

Tonight will be the night they go full throttle after President Obama

Popcorn and socks.

OMG. Anyone else watching it?

Lifelong Republican voting for Obama. Here's why

From Here to Anonymity (RNC 2012, Tuesday)

Lord Rmoney makes disgusting joke about Hurricane Isaac...

Doing my part to keep Republicans in disarray, I'll be posting this all over their forums next week:

200 US Marines are patrolling Guatemala coast as part of region crackdown on drug trafficking

Well, McLipless just pissed off all of Western Europe.

The Hurricane is coming in spurts...

when condi rice and john mccain are whining at the RNC tonight about Obama's foreign policy...

icky yertle the turtle

Oops! Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) just called Romney “Mitt Ryan”

Did Mitch McConnell really say this?

Tony Auth Toon- Mittens!

Chuck Toad: Paper Ryan masks handed out by delagates on RNC floor "let you poke out his blue eyes"

Did I hear correctly that Romney's slogan is "We Bilked This"?

Legitimate Rape by the Renegade Raging Grannies


Post your Ryan toons, farks, memes here

Seems to be a lot of "experts" on obesity here lately.

Banks Want Another Account to Disguise Their Risky Trades

*** RNC Thread #1 (the Wednesday night horror show begins) ***

now for some deep doo doo.....rand paul

The Angry Faces of the Republican Party....

Rand Paul DESPERATELY HUMPING THE LEG of "you didn't build this."

A question to Conservatives who believe in a ban on abortions!!!

Rand Paul is telling about his grandfather

Received this email from Howard Dean today titled: Extremism

You may think that DUers never change, but I have proof that they do!

Paul Ryan speech/testimony preview.............

'Blue Moon' On Same Day As Neil Armstrong Service

Political Dashboard at Current TV!

Will Paul Ryan try to Etch-A-Sketch his position on rape?

panther here

Four ways the Ohio GOP is already stealing the 2012 election by Bob Fitrakis & Harvey Wasserman

Can a person negotiate how much they pay in rent or is it rude to try?

this bu$h* video is very interesting....

poppy looks really sick I do feel bad for him

Help! I tried to record Bashir at one o'clock pacific time today but

*** RNC Thread #2 (Bigwigs, Bigots, and Balderdash) ***

Get him Maddow...

Boxing (9-1-12)

Rachel taking on Steve Schmidt on WMD.