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Republicans for rape

Jesus drove a Honda…

Latest Data Confirm Spotty Monsoon Reports - India In Drought

"Stay's in Vegas", my ass

Congratulations to Hurricane Isaac....

SMH - With +/- 3 Weeks To Go, Arctic Sea Ice Extent Already 77,000 Sq Km Under 2007's Record Low

yours truly, the GOP

The New and Improved GOP,,,

So, OK...gather 'round, folks. Time for a huddle.

British Minister likens Anonymous to fascists and racists

Crazy: Stealing A Pizza Worse Than Stealing $1 Billion?

Mitt, just a regular guy with a wrench: "Whose Bichon Frise is that over there?

Any good resources in MN to prevent loosing home?

Romney Seeks Image Boost as Storm Stalks Convention (plus Bain protesters)

"Get ready for a rollicking 10 weeks."

Post 1000

Welfare Queen with Cadillac

Wheels Within Wheels - Corn Price Spike Puts Extra Pressure On Remaining Anchovy Fisheries

From Alan Grayson and Daily Kos: The Second Civil War

Rule changes forced through by Romney campaign at RNC provoke grassroots backlash

I was a jerk today.

Photos From Lexington, Ky Stop The War On Women Rally. Dialup Warning

Attempts By Governments To Hedge & Stockpile Likely To Drive Food Prices Even Higher

GOP convention briefs: Lynyrd Skynyrd concert off as RNC tent comes down

It's official: Mitt is a "legitimate" candidate.

Tea Party Opportunist Attacks Chicago Teachers for Exposing His Anti-Union Work with Mayor

Mary Matalin: GOP Will Run A Female Write-In Candidate in Missouri

If the US was really concerned about invading other countries to rescue

What my brother-in-law posted on facebook!

A first for me

If we wanted to do something cool in space just for the fun of it...

Before you make that outraged "Cancel my subscription" call to Newsweek ...

Have you ever noticed the cycle?

............only minutes away from some Republican somewhere spouting the words “permissible rape"

WOMEN!!! 8/26/1919

The Wrong Argument ( Joseph Gibbons | The Yorker)

Same old Canada, but with new & improved GOP talking points!

Pitt. Post-Gazette (Sally Kalson): "Rape is Rape, Dumb Is Dumb". Wonder Woman clones at work!

M + P: Musicians Fight "Legitimate" Rape and Russian Homophobia

Romney Tax Returns Show Strategy for Moving Money to Kids

The Middle Class is melting - pics

A Grizzly Bear can weigh 800 pounds, stand 8 feet tall and run as fast as a horse for 100 yards

The moral fabric of a society is demonstrated by how the most vulnerable are treated.

Stifling the Black Vote - The "Black Agenda Report"

Still Waiting for Harry Reid to Come Out

Will President Obama allow Louisiana to accept foreign aid if there is a New Orleans event with

My son, Julian, likes it when I post smilies on DU.

True Blood just started...Holy Crap!!!

The wolf dons his sheep costume

Breaking the silence: Confessions of IDF soldiers

I gotcher "No Drama in The Lounge" rahtCHEER!!!

Anti-Romney protests in Florida - pics

OMG! Watch this! Awesome Ad! Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan: The Do-Over

Getting over the MESSAGE of Obama's achievements

". . . probably sounded better in the original German." -- Molly Ivin's quip re: 1992 GOP Convention

Awesome Obama Ad! Romney & Ryan: The Do-Over. Rated "N" for Not Gonna Work

Trump won’t be in Tampa — Isaac will

Peyton Manning on the money vs. 49ers

Another refinery blows, kills 39, hurts more. Where are the safety

Rachel Corrie death: verdict on Tuesday

Makes you wonder how many kids get this...

Another awkward moment for poor Willard

What's at the intersection of Hollywood & Vine, on all four corners...

90 Days, 90 Reasons (to vote for President Obama)

Attacks on Shrines Rattle Libya

I admire my self-restraint tonightl You're welcome. n/t

George Pitcher

I have a big hole in my bathroom wall.

Still Waiting for Mitt Romney to Come Out

‘Operation Free Assange’: Anonymous Take Down Interpol Website

"Promises" - Obama for America TV Ad

Roger Clemens Strong Side / Weak Side

Stumping my Republican cousin with the economics degree.

hope you already bought your gas for next week

Neil Armstrong's Letter to Barack Obama.

President Obama's sister Maya Soetoro-Ng: Get Involved with AAPI

Ron Paul is addressing audience at RNC in Tampa on C-Span1 NOW!!

Tornado warning for Pembroke Pines area

Photo from the RNC Welcome Party in St. Petersburg

Rachel Corrie death: struggle for justice culminates in Israeli court

How would you define the term "DUer"? ("A DUer ________?)

On taxes, this is what the greedy rich are complaining about.

See Larry Sabato's Crystal ball's electoral map as of today

Now available - True Blood Cookbook

So the anti-Obama movie "dominated"

U.S. Arms Sales Make Up Most of Global Market

Tony Danza: What I learned teaching your kids

I'll give you a hint...

Neil Armstrong, Ted Kennedy, and the National Turning Away

When they finally saw her, Pete & Roger realized they had made a BIG mistake choosing Keith Moon.

The Last Supper -- updated and made relevant again:

Oh, this sucks.

Booty calls -- Not ALWAYS a good thing.

MiddleFingerMom's brain has always been kind of a... well, kind of a dickhead.

Moranic Media

Young and Alone, Facing Court and Deportation

"Romney's Dirtier, Deadlier Energy Future: Is There Another Way?"

"It’s Personal Now: Republican Women Explain Why They’re Voting Obama"

Gannett newspapers pulling a fast one on non-subscribers.

In Maryland, Gay Marriage Seeks a ‘Yes’ at the Polls

The Second Civil War

Republicans suffer from a huge inferiority complex.

The Newsroom

Afghan Army, Turning Their Guns On The Americans

Ever witness a mob hit? I have

Krugman: The Comeback Skid (Chris Christie, like Paul Ryan, is a fiscal fraud)

Anyone here a fan of The Wicker Man (1973 version)

My sister is a Birther...ugh!!!

Men and women here, ever been to a strip club?

Season finale of The Newsroom already?

"Breaking Bad" tonite....thoughts?

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Sunday, August 26)

Facebook pics to DU (Need comments!)

Isaac Keeps Trump From RNC Role, Proving Pat Robertson Right–God Speaks Via Weather

Heads up, SE Texas DU'ers!

Why is there so much hatred in America? OK, this is an essay question, I tried to make

As Restaurants Cut Salt, Some See Reasons to Pass

Hey, did anybody see this presidential income/tax rate graph?

Newsroom was fantastic!

Become a "Spin Detector"

Jimmy Fallon Does Romney on "Rom Bomb Video Vlog Blog" - HYSTERICAL!!!

RNC week Survival Guide. Post your ideas here.

Someone is sending me garbage about the movie 2016. The joe ricketts anti-Obama

Correa says Assange allegations 'not crimes' in 95 percent of the world

"Starving the Future" by Charles M. Blow at the NY Times

I know I am in the minority here in saying Republicans don't hate women....

U.S. Arms Sales Make Up Most of Global Market

Anyone else on the Eastern Shore who got flooded?

GOP caught with their pants down!

Tampa Bay Times, Monday editorial: Republican message needs a tuneup

Two different videos of: The Best Political Jokes of the Week (Updated/Fixed)

RNC welcome party lacks big names in national media

God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater

In the event of moon disaster

Are you ever SHOCKED by how butt-ignorant *SOME* young people are?

Joe Bonamassa

Above the fog at Mt. Tam

Police chief suggests storing assault rifles at school to protect students

Hashtag #iamnotarepublicanbecause Trending

BBC: Julian Assange row: Americas give Ecuador partial support

I am a fan of Busby Berkeley, this water scene in Footlight Parade is great.

Foundation plans to sue Memphis City Council over prayers

Romney Tax Returns Show Strategy for Moving Money to Kids

CFPB & PPACA Pay Off for Americans' Wallets, Obama's Resumé

A made up show about the news is doing a better job of reporting the actual news than the actual new

So...when Romney says Obama is "Dividing America"...isn't he REALLY saying...

Former Fla. GOP Gov. Charlie Crist to speak at Democratic National Convention

wise quote

M7.4 - 111km S of Puerto El Triunfo, El Salvador

Well that was number 7. We have been getting earthquakes all day long.

For the past several months (probably years) I've been reminding folks that over 3.5 MILLION Texans

Dozens of earthquakes hit Brawley CA

Swarm of quakes felt across region (CA), stronger quake possible in next 24 hours

Dr.s are experimenting on unborn children in order to guarantee straight babies

Ignorance and bigotry proudly displayed by RNC delegate

Diesel-powered British supercar Trident Iceni promises 200 mph and 69 mpg

Krugman: The Comeback Skid

Tsunami Warning issued after 7.3 quake: Mexico, Central & South America

NYT editorial: Paul Ryan’s Social Extremism

I have been watching a bunch of PBS documentaries about the financial crises,

What's a word you see occasionally, but don't know how to pronounce?

How to be a Far-Right Politician

Fox News: Mitt The Flip Flopper, Is Now The Cons Savior.

Disclaimer: spoilers in this thread.

Powell TV ad targets Cantor supporters!

Listened to Paul's speech

Cantor challenger Powell tv ad targets cantor supporters!

Lewis Turco's form of the week: 12) Haiku --->

Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell on FX!

Obama up in Missouri?

My wife's book about her breast cancer is now out in Spanish

Definition of a Liberal - send it to everyone you know

I want to create my own nut/fruit mix snack

We are Women Hear Us Roar ...

Nevada Same-Sex Couple Denied Hospital Visitation Despite Domestic Partnership

Bungled restoration attempt destroys painting.

My Vagina Has Legitimate Concerns About Electing Republicans (Margaret and Helen)

Poll: Obama, Romney neck-and-neck ahead of party conventions

COOL Egg-Separating Trick: All You Need Is An Egg And A Water Bottle (VIDEO)

WAPO/ABC comes up with yet another pro-Romney pseudo-poll

What I'm gonna do this week instead of watching the Republican convention:

#IAmNotARepublicanBecause Is Trending On Twitter...

Weeds seriously disappointed me tonight with it's depiction of "Durham".

The First Family...

My experience voting in Utah.. maybe I can, maybe I won't be allowed

The Creator of The Obama Film blamed Americans for 9/11 and expressed sympathy for the terrorists

Any chance the Paulites and Teabaggers will go "Yippie" on Mittens this week?

Shill for the wealthy, not advocate of the poor

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

For GOP, Pitfalls In Ignoring Poor

In a last-minute change for the GOP convention...

"Financial services professionals may need to engage in illegal or unethical conduct to succeed"

Naval analyst thwarts plan to provoke war with Iran

MATEWAN - The Battle of Blair Mountain

Gay hookers swarming into Tampa for Republican Convention...

HBO's 'Newsroom': Tea Party - the American Taliban

What causes rape? RAPISTS!

Yes, they really think like this

Civic activist Cheryl Chow comes out as a lesbian

Box Office Report: Anti-Obama Doc Beats New Films With $6.3 Mil on Eve of GOP Convention

Taliban behead 17 at Afghan party 'with music and dancing'

We'e getting screwed! What health care costs in civilized countries.

It's simple...Obama should spend ALL his time between now and the convention firing up the base

WVU Football: Marshall One Last Time; 2012 Mountaineer Season Is Here!

What Republicans want to regulate

Isaac Thread #1 From New Orleans

Mars sunset with a view of Earth, Venus, Mercury

Hurricane Isaac Forecast: NewsyToons

Twenty-two years ago, we lost Stevie Ray Vaughan

Nice to know the Catholic Church is staying out of partisan politics this fall

Buzz About Toyota Ad: Bikini Babe Gender-Bends Our Expectations

The Shocking Second HIV Epidemic Among U.S. Gay Men That No One Is Talking About

Greek kitteh:

Not-For-Profit Hospitals Make Billions—and Provide Little Charity Care

'Clot nets' help stroke recovery

Gun rights activist sues state after carry permit revoked

Juan Cole: Top Ten Pieces of Bad News for Romney on Eve of Convention

On Tuesday night, small business owner Sher Valenzuela will address the nation at the RNC...

Talkingpointsmemo: CNN: Sheldon Adelson Heading to GOP Convention

West Africa forest biomass 'on rise despite drought'

Mitt Romney is running for a very small constituency.

DU survival football- open to everyone- No limit

Each week---Newsroom eviscerates the Tea Party

Tea Party advances ahead of Tropical Storm Isaac

Tom Toles: 'Make him seem not stiff or mechanical'

No sewing machine? Try hand stitching, especially for smaller projects.

Chris Hedges: The Mirage of Our Lives

classy Obama volunteers

Illegal Mexican Earthquakes are crossing the border and endangering nuclear energy Jobs

How Do You Spell Misogynist? R-Y-A-N

A Bold New Labor Call for a ‘Maximum Wage’

Samsung attacks 'patent law abuse' after Apple win

We Arm the World! US Dominates Global Arms Sales

Analysis: Friend and foe; Samsung, Apple won't want to damage parts deal

Any fans of "Sons of Anarchy" in the house?

Born in Chains: the American Way of Birth in Prison

Add It Up: Taxes Avoided by the Rich Could Pay Off the Deficit

Romney campaign: Stop believin' that we paid Journey $500K to perform in Tampa, 'cause we DIDN'T.

To Republicans, women are simply the sum of their parts

Stepping On The Middle Class (MoveOn ad)

The Unrepentant and Unreformed Bankers

Rightwing Evangelical Gets Play Banned in Wisconsin State Park

What's for Dinner ~ Monday August 27th

Scabs got his head handed to him by HEILEMANN re: "compromise"/Rethug obstructionism

Last Night's Newsroom

Gas prices bound 2 go up.Funny how many hurricanes we had growing

ABC WaPo poll: Romney, Obama in Dead Heat Ahead of RNC

"Tearing down Mitt Romney to win an election."

New York Times: Intriguing Habitats, and Careful Discussions of Climate Change

Christie turned down VP slot due to money and his belief they'd lose

Storm quashes Jindal convention appearance, again

Tweety going off on Reince Preibus on Morning Joe! Must see TV!

Tweety taking reince to task...

Full Metal Jacket Actor Claims Geico Canned Him For Anti-Obama Views

In Politico: Romney quotes Popeye, botches praise for black female CEO, brags about being frat prez

Wow! Tweety is ripping rience priebus's throat out on msnbc

Study: Spending time with Dad good for teen self-esteem

I've figured out how Obama can put this election away.

Tweety tells RNC PR BS to his face that Mitt's playing the race card

Do you know of a really great root beer extract/flavoring?

Mitt's Convention Plan To 'Out-Goldwater' Goldwater

Archaeologists Complete Survey of Charleston Harbor Civil War Naval Battlefield

CHART: How Ending The High End Bush Tax Cuts Saves Nearly $1 Trillion

Christie got his shtik from Giuliani

Was John Heilemann kicked off Morning Joe this morning?

I wonder what old pasty face Priebus is

Fox & Friends played "It's Raining Men" before introducing Romney's sons this morning

Video of Chris Matthews ripping Priebus apart

The rat in the hat feeds E-Lax to his pack

U.S. court to test South Carolina voter ID law

Isaac has really punched a hole in the Repub convention

Scar show, "what did we learn today??"

Brooks: Bring back Bush years (H'ville Times headline)

Another Afghan soldier attacks, kills 2 NATO troops

Check out Karl Rove on C-span now.

Monday Toon Roundup 1- The CONvention

dubya's little brother to speak at the RNC, I guess dubya wasn't even invited.

Monday Toon Roundup 2- More on the CONvention

So Romney thinks that his Costco bought shirts makes him look like a regular guy?

Monday Toon Roundup 3- RIP, Neil

My efforts at frugal living

Monday Toon Roundup 4- The rest

Good people of New Orleans and Louisiana, my heart goes out to you

Kay Bailey Hutchison's tired wheeze on Morning Joe today...

Did anybody else watch This Week with George Steph. yesterday? The reason I ask is Mary Matelin was

Latinos Overwhelmingly Blame Bush for Economy,65% want to re-elect Pres. Obama

Chris Matthews Accuses Reince Priebus, GOP Of Playing Race Card: ‘It’s Your Garbage’

Song of the South (Alabama)

Tweety rips Priebus

Norway weighing whether to stop collecting repayment on loans to developing world

Study: For Body Fat, 30 Minutes of Exercise as Good as 60

Former Republican Gov. Charlie Crist of Florida will speak at the Democratic National Convention

Louise Mensch wrong to back Sun on Harry pictures, says Nadine Dorries

Tweety took a final dig at end of show...

RNC Protesters Set Up "Romneyville"

“The Trend in the Western World Is the Dissolution of Cities”

Peak cheap oil is an incontrovertible fact

How methane becomes fish food

Will the U.S. Run Out of Oil in 8 Years?

Today in baseball, 30 years ago:

Boston Globe: Distinct possibility GOP Convention will be cancelled

Peak oil review - August 27

Peak oil review - August 27

What helps Small Businesses More?

Report: Christie wouldn't resign to run as VP, had doubts about Romney's chances

Morning Joe says dont waste money in Mich and PA, plus the real math

Ever since MFM got his Macbook, he thinks he's a hipster

Drumbeat from this weekend and today...

Drumbeat from this weekend and today...

fight for women's vctes defines race

Scientists Successfully ‘Hack’ Brain To Obtain Private Data

Tampa's strip clubs await Republican windfall

One of my cats drools when he gets petted.

Just read an interesting article about IS MITT FIT, this is an eye opener.

Hospitals look to become insurers

Globe and Mail: For Republicans, Canada is a convenient truth

Tom Tomorrow: The Invaders!

I have absolutely no desire to watch the RNC convention

Costco right up Mitt Romney’s alley

Chris Matthews will be hobbling around Tampa until the foot he broke off in Reince's behind heals up

Republican President Pierotti caught on video tape!

Bachmann & Cain Teabagger Tampa Rally only draws 1200

Is it true that the RNC is blaming Micheal Steele for selecting Tampa during

So God spared the Republican Convention, with

MiddleFingerMom has a new signature line!!!

The origins of the GOP's war on women can be traced back to the summer of 1980

"Porn-cake" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "porn-cake".

Harvest Gold, Avocado, or Burnt Orange?

Man displays gun, gets uninvited to Chick-Fil-A

Romney Cites Businesswoman Who Presided Over Huge Losses And Job Cuts As Model For His Cabinet

Ron Paul: I don’t fully endorse Romney for president.

Todd Akin, Republicans Share 'Extreme Agenda': DCCC

Anyone else trapped by Facebook political insanity?

Howard Zinn: "Be Honest About the History of Our Country"

How bad can this possibly be?

Republican Party is anti-science

Chicago gangs don’t have to go far to buy guns

Ryan on rape & being pro-life: "the method of conception doesn't change the definition of life" how many sampling in the ABC/WP poll

A Most Dubious Republican National Convention

Images of the rnc tampa, i will be up dating with more daily

GOP Built This...

Dutch Socialists show major gains ahead of Netherlands elections

DON'T give me that small government stuff

Think the GOP is regretting cutting funds from FEMA and the NOAA?

Will we ever have an excellent media that reports on politics ?

GOP Platform Says ‘Impeachment’ Is A Solution To Judicial Decisions The GOP Opposes

OK - So How Soon Will Rence & The Repugs Be Demanding An Apology From Tweety & Getting MSNBC....

Guess who won’t be at the GOP convention?

Army vet takes on Cantor!

Jesus answered, “It is written: There’s no such thing as a free lunch.”

Awwwww, I know this announcement will sadden so many DUers here...

Bob Kerrey - Medal of Honor Winner

To my darlings who have suppported me, my phone interview went AWESOME!

Today in Peace and Justice history on August 27, 1967

Four Ways the Ohio GOP is Already Stealing the 2012 Election - by Harvey Wasserman and Bob Fitrakis

Was looking for something else and stumbled across this pic of an RNC keynote speaker...

Romney connects welfare to Obama's 'base'

It's all racism and class-ism. 100%. Don't try to find any Sense in it


Predict the future: Hurrican Isaac lands in New Orleans,

Prop 8 Supporter & Anti-Gay Activist Charged With Molesting Boys

Fear Not the Bump - Some preemptive reassurance for liberals

The Republican Party's most shameless lie

Charley Reese's Final column

Was that really a hotdog stuck in a porn cake?

Is the GOP giving up on the WH and primarily focused on Congress and States?

Control Issue

Support The Needy Not The Greedy

Papantonio: Climate Change Happening All Around Us

Romney’s high-wire act on religion at the Republican convention

Will there be fisticuffs on the floor of the Republican Convention?

Photos De'Alaska Faire

In other words, Romney didn’t build that, at least not without taxpayer backing.

"I've Got A Name"

8 ways faith will matter at the Republican National Convention

Ezra Klein: Race and the 2012 election

Good convention coverage at Democracy Now

"systematically trying to prevent minorities from having even any remote opportunity of being heard"

Dems are party of austerity to support tax-cut regime (Up w/ Chris Hayes)

IHT World: Leaked — Mitt Romney RNC Acceptance Speech (Satire)

Leave Mittney Alone!!!1!!

Serious question: what kind of name is "Reince Priebus" ?

George Romney nailed it, in a letter to Goldwater

Romney asserted active role in Bain to claim half-million dollar tax deduction in 2010

Michele Bachmann Hurricane Quote Mixes Religion and Politics

Republican Guv Crist to Speak at DNC Next Week

Obama’s America: 2016 Review – Want a “conservative” in 2012, “radical” Obama your best choice

Abstinence-Only Sex Ed Dominates In State With Highest Teen Pregnancy

What the *#@% Is Wrong With Republicans?!

Josh Marshall, TPM: Birth(er) Of A Nation!

What Is The Derivation Of The Term Affixed To The Mormons - "Latter Day Saints"?........

TSA orders retraining in wake of recent racial profiling in Newark airport and beyond

Which is it Rmoney? Either he WORKED AT BAIN in 2010 or he commited FRAUD on his taxes!!!

Tropical Storm Isaac on similar path as Katrina in 2005

Shameless plug for Occupy Boston Radio

The Rude Pundit - The Republican Strategy: The [email protected]@erization of the Democratic Party

Tampa No Longer Under Storm Watch, Warning

Fox News' primary concern RE: Isaac - It "threatens to overshadow (Romney's) moment in the sun."

We are under a Tornado Warning in the Treasure Coast, FL

Who wants some Jell-O?

Biden: ‘We Owe’ The LGBT Community For Its Courage And Sacrifice

NYT's Thomas B. Edsall: Making The Election About Race


18-Year-Old Welsh Rugby Player Describes Coming Out to Mom, Team in Emotional Video

Pic Of The Moment: RNC Preparations Almost Complete

MA Senator Scott Brown Repeats Assertion That Gay Marriage is 'Settled Law', Won't Comment on DOMA

Chinese sub-forum ?

Seventeen villagers beheaded in southern Afghanistan

Took my Family to the Alaska State Fair

REAL Voter fraud...

How to be gay in high school: Avoid Grindr, a Recent Grad Tells Gay High Schoolers

Bill Moyers guest: Nuns on the Bus, discusses Subsidiarity.

My Plea to all speakers at the Democratic Convention who read DU....

Help Olympia out here: Can the GOP rebuild their relationship with women?

Republicans unveil new strategy for dealing with dissent among their ranks.

Since it is a Flat Lie, why THAT lie?

What the *#@% Is Wrong With Republicans?!

I got a 20 says that Palin will pull some attention grabbing stunt in the next few days

Whoops! NBC News Reports Death Of Astronaut Neil ... Young

Heads-up BBC's "The Mormon Candidate" showing at 2 P.M. ET on Current TV (schedule for the month)

Tornada sirens going off in my Central Florida town.

US troops plotted to kill Obama

It's started. Top Republican strategist caught in naked photo.

Confirmed: Crist will speak at Democratic convention

A big thank you to Chris Matthews for having the courage and moral fiber

Republicans want to "take the country back" to when we had the "world's highest standard of living".

Coming to a public toilet near you - TP advertising

The politics of rape

Como se dice “dog whistle” en espanol?

2016 is bullshit, but can someone tell me why anti-colonialism is bad? /nt

If Akin should go then so should Holmes (lets tie them together).

CNN deletes ALL comments on corporate education reform critic Diane Ravitch TWICE

Guilt And Grief Over Son’s Suicide Led Tyler Clementi’s Parents To Leave Church

Romney Admits Obama Campaign's Criticisms Working

Where is George W. Bush?

Mr Tea on Welfare

The American Academy Of Pediatrics Adjusts Policy To Favor Circumcision

Romney: I yam what I yam--or not.

will mitt open the RNC convention with the disclosure of his TAX RETURNS?

U.N. body urges G20 action on food prices, waste

VP Biden praises the LGBT community for it's courage this weekend while campaigning.

While Romney campaign talks of forging ahead, Isaac may prompt convention cancellation

Flag ripped off Japan envoy's car in Beijing

At Convention, 2 Disruptions: Tropical Storm and Ron Paul

L.A. radio talk show host announces "smartest people in the country"

The Huffington Post is showing a large dangerous penis moving in over the south (media fail!)

Before Gunfire, Hints of ‘Bad News’

47-44 Obama-Romney in Rasmussen today

ryan re-invented himself (just another flip flopper)

RNC Port-a-Potties

The Newsroom's Centrist Conceit

The Newsroom's Will McEvoy Takes on The Tea Party

Alternative browser: Seamonkey (very similar to Firefox)

Mitt Romney Suggests Obama Welfare Waivers Are A Tactic To 'Shore Up His Base'

Student shot at Maryland high school on first day of class

will the real PAUL RYAN please step foward(just another flip flopper)

U.S. troops face punishment over Koran burning, urination video

Charlie Crist to speak at Democratic National Convention

Stepping on the Middle Class

Some Texas counties want Medicaid dollars

Chris Matthews' comments to Priebus --

We Really Wish We Hadn't Won This Gold Medal

A thing of beauty....

The Romney-Ryan Economic Plan - Robert Reich

RIP Curtis Armstrong (not really)

Image: SNL's Stefon reviews Tampa's hot spot

The Republican Strategy: The Niggerization of the Democratic Party:

This an actual capture. Possibly the only time Fox News ever got it right.

Anyone see Beasts of the Southern Wild?

For Chris Matthews to put his job on the line to go after Romney he must know something we don't

Cutting "entitlements"...blah blah..How about leveling the playing field fir$t?

Obama Approval Ratings are low in two demographics,

Louisianna/Alabama/Mississippi coastal DUers - hope you all make it thru the next couple of days!

I am a fan of Berkeley, this crowd scene in Sproul Plaza is great.

Most Americans say the rich don't pay enough taxes

Romney's Unsubtle Race-Baiting Campaign Can't Be Ignored

Another school shooting. Another bully shot. Another victim in police custody.

Chris Matthews' rant at Rinse this morning is the media darling. Upfront on HuffPo, The NY Daily

Aug. 26: Little Momentum in Polls in Advance of Conventions

Silent Mail Syndrome

President Obama leading Mitt Romney by four points in FL, bolstered by women!

Tom Toles Toon

The New New Deal: The Hidden Story of Change in the Obama Era


Presidential Campaign Reporting for Dummies

This will be a re-post Nov 6 2012 @ 10pm

I thought Reince was going to call for his Mommy after Chris Matthews yelled at him

Hurricane Isaac a very real challenge for Obama administration

The last NBC employee who told us the truth is GONE

The End of Ron Paul and His Selective Patriots

"That's one small step for [a] man, one giant clusterf*ck for linguists."

GOP's Concern for Disaster Preparedness Doesn't Extend Beyond Tampa

I love this ad: "He pays less, you pay more"

A great quote from Drew Barrymore

My turn to yell at a jury ... or TWO - sissy and girly man are not okay

OMG..CNN Poll..How Will You Be Watching the RNC Convention?..70%..Not Interested...n/t

Venezuela: RW plan to cut social programs, deregulate banks and privatize...

The anti space exploration people are so predictable.

State Fair Fotos

Average bear could be pretty smart

Formal FARC peace talks to be held in Norway in October: RCN

But he was president of his fraternity!

Will republican governors refuse federal storm aid that they opposed for other areas

If Repukes cared at all about human life....

Atheists try to make their voices heard

We shouldn't be too smug about choosing Convention sites in hurricane season

so the reTHUGS will have a **debt clock* going at wonder they don't want bu$h* there

Right now the religious right, en masse, is probably calling NBC to scream about Chris Matthews.

Mansfield man allegedly pulls gun on salesmen

Apple vs Samsung: Jurors talk to media about their deliberations, sound like absolute idiots

Romney Goes Full Racist: Accuses Obama of Cutting Welfare Work Requirement to "Shore Up Base."

Ohio GOP: We Don't Want Black People to Vote

CNN/Time Poll: Obama Leads in Florida among likely voters 50%-46%

Murder Case Uncovers Plot By US Soldiers to Assassinate President Obama

Road rage leads to prison

If you want to send Chris Matthews a high five for today, leave a one word message

Religious News Service accepts funds to provide more atheist articles

Legend has it the Horse will return some day....

Rabbi Meir Soloveichik delivering invocation to open Republican convention

Liberation: American Dream …. American Horror

Romney and his religion

Leaning blue electoral college votes are moving tossup. Romney still can't seem to move tossups red

Anybody up for the annual College Football Pool?

Message to those who have been offering me support vis a vis my job/personal situation.

Office365 question -

The GOP, rape, and personhood

First week of Catholic school done: My thoughts.

hold your lunch...

OOPS! RNC swag bag has Romney book with unaltered health care section

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef: Pray For The Destruction Of Iran

Obama Hit the Magic Number In Two Weekend Polls

France Says It Would Recognize Provisional Syrian Government

GOP Details Huge Medicare Change In Leaked Platform

Don't have a photo ID in PA then.....

Colombia's Santos sacks his cabinet to save his government OP/ED

CNN/Time Poll: Obama leads Mittens in Florida 50-46

Stanford researchers discover the 'anternet'

The Big, Racist Lie at the Center of the Romney-Ryan Campaign

Awesome monologue from Sascha Cohen's "The Dictator":

GOP Details Huge Medicare Change In Leaked Platform

Hip Hop Jerry

More scheduling fallout for the RNC

I have a Beat Mitt sticker on my car and I just had my first encounter with.....

Italy miners barricade themselves underground with explosives

Is anyone else looking forward

use Social Media to help Matthews stand tall! Chris Matthews does have a facebook page

Brokaw's "Both Sides Do It" Jerkdom Comes Out As He Refuses To Back Matthews' Racism Charges

Army Wives

they should have had dick cheney start the republican convention 'debt clock'

Gosh, Reince Priebus is an exciting personality!

Breaking: Giant Uterus Attacks Florida!

CNN /TIME FL POLL-Obama 50% Rmoney 46%

Just so you know Chris Matthews would do the same thing to Democrats

Lance Armstrong Lets Down Single Person Who Still Believed Him

America’s Descent into Poverty ~ Paul Craig Roberts

First Day of School and already a school shooting: Perry Hall HS in Maryland

Babysitting my ex wife's dog for the next three days.

Why does (R)asmussen have Obama's approval at 50% but Gallup has it at 45%?

CNN moving top anchors from convention to New Orleans

CNN Hosts Confront Director Of Anti-Obama Film About Falsehoods In Movie

Gov. Jerry Brown lines up unusual allies on his tax hike initiative (LA Times)

In 2012 they want you to believe Obama is to blame.

This election is about ignorance and racism.

Stuck Accelerator Takes Woman On Ride Over 110 mph

Private Neil Armstrong service planned for Friday

G4S chief executive Nick Buckles prepares to confirm Olympic loss

Paul supporters trying to mount convention floor fight over new GOP rules to limit insurgents

I will be watching to see if any one at the GOPfest calls the President a Socialist during a week

What if images of the Republican celebration air alongside shots of a hurricane striking New Orleans

Woman fired shotgun during alcohol-fueled argument over gun control

Obama Wants to 'Destroy' America with 'Poverty, Tyranny and Mass Murder'

Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" banned from Penn State sing-alongs due to "inappropriate lyrics"

What an unbelieveable and rousing opening to the RNC!!

The RNC convention has been gaveled into recess.

romney says Obama campaign has spent 'massively more than his campaign'

Race Takes Over the Race (Romney's camp thinks he can win with 61% of whites and little else.)

I Hope Neil Young Will Remember...

Caption this pic of Reince Priebus at the first day of the RNC

Polls on abortion are BS: 66% of pro-life voters believe the choice should be left to the woman

Romney can't go any lower than this: Obama's 'base' is welfare recipients

NDISC maps the record low Arctic Sea Ice.

The Politics of Schadenfreude

What do liberal people here now think about Susan G. Komen Foundation?

Mr. Romney, I am not on welfare and I AM part of President Obama's base, how dare you?

(Canadian) Record-high prison numbers sparking violence

Okay, font of wisdom that is the DU Lounge. Toner cartridges.

German track official killed after being hit in throat by javelin

The Republican National Anthem

For first time, Californians will be able to register to vote online

Lest we forget:

Good luck with that...

Any Woman Voting GOP Betrays Herself And Her Gender

The Republican Convention Schedule

Republican Kathleen Parker asks "What the *#@%* is Wrong with the Republican Party?"

Why is everyone calling him Mitt? Willard is his name.

Top Conservative Cat ‏@TeaPartyCat (best analysis of the Chris Matthews call out of Rinsed penis.)

Michael Steele tells the whiney repukes to take a chill pill.. I guess many are complaining

George Carlin quote (I had to read this one twice)


Any DUers still believe invading and occupying Afghanistan was a good idea?

Hey Jeb Bush - Your brother DESERVES THE BLAME

The GOP War on Women will be in Full Stride in Tampa this Week

This data company knows all about you

Donald Trump RNC 'Surprise' Canceled Due To Convention Scheduling Shift

David Gregory has Rinse Prebus(lol) on MSNBC. He has to softball

Let’s not confuse the activities of WikiLeaks with those of Assange

Arctic sea ice coverage plunges to record low

Does the campaign season even matter anymore?

Lynyrd Skynyrd Supports Romney???? WTF!

RNC swag bag has Romney book with unaltered health care section

You can be having a totally shitty day, but when a toddler waves at you, you can't NOT wave back.

"This is the arbiter on the propriety of racial politics? Seriously?"

Tod Akin said WHAT?!?!?!?!?!

The new Republican symbol...

Unbelievable! There is another storm forming that looks like it might head for the East coast.

The Church of Social Justice vs. Conservatism: Why this Catholic girl is praying for a schism

Sheesh, you'd think Adelson or the Koch boys or the Roveborg would be able to buy

Juan Williams just called out the Romney campaign on Fox News for playing the race card

Remember Tweety tearing into Michelle Malkin?

National Review Op-Ed calls for investors to drive stock marked down to help get Romney elected

Chain me up and harvest my babies..

Thom Hartmann live thread 8/27/12: Thom is now back in studio (not thru phone line)

Mayor Emanuel announces free fare card pilot program for select 5 CPS schools

OK The rain won't stop from Isaac here

Per Hartmann Your Corp Can Tell You To Campaign For Romney Does Not Violate Your Rights?

The anti-GOP protests in Florida continue - pics

Settlers attack elderly Palestinian

Just learned that we're becoming a blended family...........

There are more Democrats than Republicans in Tampa

‘I don’t think everybody likes me’: Rmoney runs for President, whines when his feelings get hurt.

If you really are interested, RNC-related coverage on CSPAN

An Interesting Pic Of Reince Prebus Opening The Repug Convention.......

In final stretch, Mitt Romney channels Lee Atwater

Crist may be persona non grata in 'his own party,' but polls show he'd beat Rick Scott like a drum!

Upon Reviewing The Situation I Am Convinced - WE ARE OUT OF OUR *&^*(%&^ing MINDS!!!!!!!

Republicans plan moving tribute to Neil Armstrong at GOP convention

RNC 'national debt clock' points out their own failure

Trial Judge Orders Prop 8 Case Closed

Newly appointed SF archbishop arrested for DUI

Kurt Cobain has always been dead

lol on these conservatives

Top 3 reasons to re-elect Obama

Public Health Wars: No, Virginia, the GOP is NOT Trying to Save Medicare

Commissioner Collins charged with misdemeanors for discharging firearm

US Justice Department to monitor Arizona elections

U.S. Troops Plotted To Kill Obama

Boehner Says Out Loud He Hopes Blacks and Latinos 'Won't Show Up' This Election

Reince Preibus photo bombed

Boehner Says Out Loud He Hopes Blacks and Latinos 'Won't Show Up' This Election

How does one post a video on DU?

Two questions

St. Bernard Parish (La.) President Dave Peralta orders mandatory evacuation for people outside levee

PA GOP Senate candidate compares having a child outside marriage to rape

Gaza 'will not be liveable by 2020' - UN report

Women Of All Ages Should Be Out Publicly Raising Hell Right Now

Couple decide to plead guilty in Alaska militia case

The Gov. Corbett back door approach to vouchers

Marines punish three for urinating on Taliban corpses; punishment due soon in Quran burning

Why Mitt Romney's 'Born In Michigan' Talk Falls Flat On Its Face

This is turning out to be the MOST AMUSING GOP convention of my lifetime.

Why Women Choose Abortion

Hitler Learns Juggs Bunny won't be at RNC in Tampa

New Wind Turbine Makes Drinking Water

Making the Election About Race

President Polk(1845-1849) is Mitt's role model. Do great things and leave after 1 term.

Lincoln to Palin: Republican convention slide show

Chilean Monitors Protect Citizen Rights amid Police Brutality

PA GOP Senate Candidate: Getting Pregnant From Rape Is ‘Similar’ To Having A Baby Out Of Wedlock

Heart of a Lion; Feet of Clay;

Sensata Workers Respond to Leaked Video On Bain

The picture EarlG posted inspired me to clone the idea. More seats, more signs, more things.

What Obama Is Doing About Hurricane Isaac

How did you come by your username?

I fucked you all

"Getting Pregnant From Rape Is ‘Similar’ To Having A Baby Out Of Wedlock"...

Women Need To Get Angry, Get Mean And Get Even Politically

U.S. consumer sentiment at three-month high in early Aug

Why would a man park millions of his dollars in tax havens…

Obama, DNC, DNCC, DNSC, NYDP, NYDCC and the individual candidates all want donations.

Romney calls Obama's rhetoric "devisive" while he descends into playing the Race Card

Get rid of that!

You Want Your Country Back???

Anti-LGBT Catholic bishop who created Prop 8 busted for DUI

Whoa Mitt Romney can lie without blinking. Signs of a sociopath.

Has any national political convention ever bombed so badly

FYI, Chris Matthews' Kid Is On The HBO Show, "The Newsroom"

Israeli PM: Bethlehem settlements will always be part of Israel

Republicons hate anyone who isn't a token minority, obedient

Queen Ann Romney is Not Off Limits.

Portman to play President Obama in Rmoney debate prep

(MI) Appeals Court orders collective bargaining proposal onto ballot

Bill Clinton, headline Charlotte party

Contest What will Rasmussens' post convention bounce be?

When Will Nation's Most Powerful Show Regard for Nation's Most Vulnerable? {video: witness to hunger

Regina Spektor being interviewed on Fresh Air today. Laughing with God.

Interesting Romney uses low information Obama voters to get point across from Media Matters

The Romney campaign is running more ads about welfare than just about any other issue

Martin Bashir's production values are spectacular

The problem with the polls -- who is actually a "LV"

Ohio, Virginia, Florida - the biggies

A question about finances and cancer

The great Mike Malloy once stated that the republicon party is a terrorist organization.

Alan Grayson sent this out. Hidden from History Department.

Maybe, this explains Gallups' ...

There's STILL no one as Irish as Barack Obama..

Atheist to give opening prayer at Tulsa City Council meeting

Bush supporters Rmoney supporters

What a freakin' line up.

What is going on with all the gun violence in Chicago?

Weekend at St. Ronnie's in Tampa

CNN/TIME poll: Romney ahead by only +1 in North Carolina

In 2008 Did we know 4 Days Before That Obama Would Win?

“The philosophy you hear from time to one of exclusion rather than inclusion..."

Hilarious picture says it all

Mitt Romney Suggests Obama Welfare Waivers Are A Tactic To 'Shore Up His Base'

Who here as the oldest working freezer or refrigerator.

Has everyone here seen the "We should be colonizing the Solar System by now' thread.....


Reason Romney us using the welfare issue so much is because it worked for Reagan so well

This is concerning a post earlier which said Republicans are the White Party and Democrats are the

Michael the token black man Steele is defending Robbedme's welfare lie.

Pot Use in Teen Years May Lower IQ, Study Shows

With Norquist in mind: save $256,381,931,608 annually, in Federal expenses in excess of taxes by

Are Guns Killing Our Freedom Instead of Defending It?

With Norquist in mind: save $256,381,931,608 annually, in Federal expenses in excess of taxes by

The stage at the Republican's Convention looks rather 'European' with a fancy 'Scan Design' look

Obama should make a joke now about having only 1 wife. Give Romney a taste of his own medicine

GWB may be a no show at the RNC, but the ghost of Katrina is front and center.

Go Tweety - devour Newt the scumbag ReTHUG

The ALBANY TIMES-UNION does a breakdown of the NY Delegate swag bag

Watching Newt Gingrich on hiding behind Michael Steele makes

Chris Mathews accuses Romney of playing race card

Hey, Romney! I'm an old, married, Christian, white, veteran ... and I think you fucking suck!

Our diversity is our strength and this is where

Which Republican candidate of the last 156 years is most like Romney ?

Rob Zerban is a DFA finalist and needs our help

No abortions for rape victims, says GOP Senate candidate

Don't respond to Romney by denying you are poor

One of my clients pulls a totally SUCK maneuver...

BBC: Arctic sea ice reaches record low, Nasa says

One of the first adult novel that I read was the Razor's Edge....

Hey DU'ers in New Orleans Hold on Tight!

Ezra Klein: Nine Takeaways on the new Post/ABC News poll

Guild Wars 2 - my credit card was charged 3 times!

Republicans looking to ban ALL porn.

A Get Out The Vote Ad Needs To Be Made Directed At Blacks & Latinos Saying That......

question for admins about election night and DU

Cake in a Mug Recipe

At 4:43 PM EDT, Isaac produced a waterspout in Tampa near #rnc.

"He who laughs last, laughs best". Could this be Steele's "best laugh"?

seen on facebook

Howard Fineman: Test polls have found that working class white women are

Rush Limpballs and Rep. Issa are at it again with the craziness...

Just received a poll from Mitt Romney


Americans Think Mitt Romney Would Favor Rich as President

For all you younsters here on DU---Journey and Lynyrd Skynyrd---

My suggestion for drinking games for the RNC convention

deja vu republican style.....

Let's face facts: He's gone there

Mitt Romney embraces his Mormonism in public after years of discretion

From Congressman Emanuel Cleaver's Facebook page. This man is a treasure.

I stand with Chris Matthews.....ring that bell..

I love Chris Matthews right now!

Just in case you were wondering

And Now, a Talking Sea Otter

Blinky the Clown has passed away.

Cardinal Timothy Dolan’s GOP convention blessing prompts debate

Democrats are standing firm (on the ramparts of moderate Republicanism)

GOP Details Huge Medicare Change In Leaked Platform

"We would like to invite you to speak to the National Leadership Conference of The Knights Party..."

Green Day Autographed Guitar: Last Chance

Mitt's magic 61% - he wins if he gets 61% of white people -

Why would a man say that he "believes in America"…

Loose screws blamed in Reno air race crash

The definition of insanity...

plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose

So now my father has lung cancer

Victory for Ben the Bear!

fans help team reach the goal

Booking a hotel in the Tampa area

Anti-gay activist confesses to molesting children for 25 years

Will Robots Cause Mass Unemployment in China?

Hey Republicans!

The Plan to Steal Ohio this Election

GOP Patriarchy: rape == having children out of wedlock

Folks, it's "TOE the line" not "TOW the line!"

I Hope Andrew Cuomo Got a Message Today

Is Tom Smith's shocking "out of wedlock pregnancy similar to rape" statement going to take off

Martin Bashir - Romney, GOP image makeover complicated by new abortion gaffe

I often read comments at the end of online articles and see a BIG difference between Repubs and Dems

Duers need to listen to this song.

Remember "The future of the Republican Party"?

Catholic Bishop Who Helped Create Prop 8-Arrested For DUI-Day After Being Named Archbishop

To kick off the GOPer Hatefest, I'm going to donate a few $ to Obama/Biden - care to join me?

Isaac: a blessing in disguise?

Army Corps protection plan for (New Orleans) metro area

Martin Bashir - Is Romney playing race card on welfare, birth certificate?

NYPD Commish Kelly Defends Use Of Force In Shooting Near Empire State Building

Pakistani Muslim leaders support Christian girl accused of blasphemy

Have you checked on who is contributing?

Why Issac is "just what the GOP ordered".

Mitt Romney: Abortion Rights Are Not On The Ballot This Fall

AUC commander confirms paramilitary support for Uribe's 2002 campaign .

Anderson Cooper covering the potential disaster in New Orleans

Christie was unwilling to risk leaving Gov'ship for VP run

The unconscionable attempt by Republicans to deny voting rights could result in revolution.

Tom Smith, GOP Senate Candidate: Pregnancy From Rape Similar To 'Having A Baby Out Of Wedlock'

Just a reminder...Prez O stuff is available here...NO shipping charges!

Does a goatee REALLY make you look like a douche?


Time to reprise Mike Lofgren's article on why he quit a long career as a GOP congressional staffer

Martin Bashir - Romney: Overseas accounts didn't help my bottom line -- just trust me

Martin Bashir - The true stars of the GOP convention: mega-donors

Remember the republicon platform states never under any circumstances, tell the truth.

Locked-Out Crystal Sugar Worker: 'We Didn't Do Anything to Deserve This'

Mystery Speaker at RNC

GOP divide deepens on abortion, immigration, gay rights - A party civil war could be looming

Remember when gasoline was below $4.00 a gallon?

How the heck can polls be close - they say this #@@#[email protected]# and then people are brainwashed

Why were there no republicans in the crowd

FACT CHECK: "Romney's Welfare Claims Wrong"

Buffalo Bills release Vince Young

Republicans braced for more disruption as Isaac heads for New Orleans

CNN: NC moves from lean Rmoney to Toss Up

About officially lying in public.

Is Liberal Catholicism Dead?

"Dukakis probably wasn't as socialist as Romney" and more Freeper hits

Mitt Romney loves mom jeans

wondering if anyone knows a website to get newer movies just released on DVD

Renowned pianist Van Cliburn diagnosed with cancer

What's so fucking special about David Lyle?

Tornado warning near RNC.

GM agrees to meet with Colombian workers; hunger strike ends

Go Topless Day in Venice Beach, CA

Mike Huckabee to Ron Paul supporters: You lost, move on

Does this happen in your family? Dad/Granddad is first in line at dinner.

Congressman Ellison to host annual Labor Day BBQ

GOP draft platform has an anti-porn plank added

The Newsroom - Reese Lansing got busted on the hacking scandal

The middle class.

Candidate's Joke: Thanks Storm for Keeping Biden Away

GOP Trying To Keep Elderly Voting Base Alive Until November

Caption the Rmoneys

Ryan Buell (Paranormal State) diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer.

idea for DNC/Obama SuperPAC ad....

I was so excited about this year's republican convention.

Will South African rock drillers end their strike? (where 40 striking drillers were shot & killed?)

Who is watching the Big Brother live feeds? (spoilers)