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Archives: August 26, 2012

Donna Brazile nails it on Mitt's birther shit and the media

Tim Eyman’s lawsuit over I-1185 fiscal impact “dimissed in full and with prejudice”

Lid blowing off Romney tax secrecy

Florida--problems with tracking paper ballots

Improvement in national voting systems stalls out

Voting Tech Errors Could Be a Deal Breaker in Swing States, Report Says

Bill Cosby - On Prejudice

In the mood for an action flick?

Ecuador says Britain withdraws threat to raid embassy in Assange standoff

Boomer alert - PF Flyers are available again.

Charlotte today...

Free Pussy Riot

stone boat, stoneboat, stone-boat ???

Robert Parry: Is Mitt Romney a Racist?

Dulce Et Decorum Est

Mitt Romney the Anti Christ? (mmmmm...maybe?)

[LEAKED VIDEO] Mitt Romney talks about using Chinese slave labor to profit Bain Capital

My brother, a lifelong republican, told me he was voting for Obama this morning.....

Borowitz: As Hurricane Approaches Florida.....

3 years today ...

Swiss miffed by Romney girl

Sunday Talk Shows

The Problem with Apathy

Glenn Campbell - Try a little kindness

What was for dinner Lounge? We had cheese fondu. It tasted fantastic. Never liked it

Jews: A religious group, people or race?

Wikileaks Greatest Hits: Steve Jobs' HIV test report

Pregnant Woman Relieved To Learn Her Rape Was Illegitimate

What are you reading the week of August 26, 2012?

5/3/12: Mike Malloy mocks Fla. Gov. Rick Scott for allowing guns in the Republican convention

To be the first human being to walk on the moon. Doesn't that just blow your mind?

Living color at the car show

The wives of Republican men are going to tell their husbands that they are voting for Romney.

Desperate stretches as cave dwellers try to deny "we built that."

Obviously a man of many talents

How many of you would trade places with your dogs? How many of your dogs would allow it?

Cat owners!!! How many of you recognize yourselves?

Breaking Bad Fans!!! Walter White gives up the meth business to really focus on the Empire business.

Be very CAREFUL with whom you play "Peanut, Peanut... Who's got the Peanut"!!!

Despite protests from the hospital staff, his doctor has prescribed a stronger water pill for MFM.

"The MiddleFingerMom/DU Lounge Relationship" as enacted by manatees:

OK, the APOLLO 11 that took U.S. to the moon ... WHO BUILT THAT, GOP?

I wonder if on the 700 Club Pat Robertson will discuss Hurricane Isaac...

Jews: A religious group, people or race?

The universal answer...

I joined Republican Party tonight.

Maher: Not a Coincidence That the Party of Fundamentalism is Also the Party of Fantasy

Nate Silver: Romney’s Momentum Fades Slightly Heading Into Conventions

Jonathan Alter apologizes on Twitter for wrongly saying Romney's birther line was a gaffe

My Sister-n-Law Don't Like Michelle Obama

I saw Roger "The Rocket" Clemens pitch for the Sugarland Skeeters.

MFM, something, something, something.

So Gonzalez homers on his first L.A. Yankees at-bat ...

Already Charlotte is heating up

Supporters unite in Tampa for the love of Ron Paul

You and me and a bottle of wine

Anti-Gay Legislator Injures Kids in drunken Boat Crash

It's a little tense in the Tobin household this evening.

I'll post this here in the science group. Apollo 11's desent to the moon

Help--Has anyone here ever heard of "eye freckles" or ocular melanoma?

In 1998, this Mad TV skit was comedic. In 2012 it seems prophetic.

Michele Bachmann posts her learned opinion regarding high gas prices on Facebook. Sue Bell replies.

Duchess St. Rollins: From the den of dumbfuckery, Christians Against Obama

Is the GOP preference for fossil fuel because big corporations are the only ones

Why it's so hard to find a photo of Neil Armstrong on the Moon

Local gun commercials here in Utah urging residents to get their guns before the election...

Ron Paul told he could speak at RNC only if speech vetted 1st by Romney team & included endorsement

Financial shows-Suze Orman, et al.

Air Force One if Romney becomes President

It will either go below 2 million square km, which is insane, or it won't and stay crazy like it is

"For GOP mega-donors, a convention of their own" at Politico

now this is cool!

Garrison Keillor says a mouthful...

1,000 Years from now, long after the USA falls, people will still know the name Neil Armstrong.

"Moral relativism - Rigid thinking" (re abortion) the Economist

Neil Armstrong had "The Right Stuff"

Do not be naive about how electronic voting is corrupted/rigged by the Republicans already.

Hachi, A Dog's Tale . . . . . . we just watched it.

Fox News Democrat Pat Caddell Teams Up With Citizens United To Make Anti-Obama Movie

Apollo 11: The Eagle Has Landed.

Neil Armstrong

Drought Reaches New Orleans; Hurricane Isaac Could Add Insult to Injury

Atheist group at odds with ethnic festivals

How the AP reported moon landing, Armstrong steps

Hiker photographs grizzly for 8-minutes before bear attacks and kills him

I just saw the moon break through the dense clouds a few minutes ago. I looked up

"Armstrong" (1969) ~ John Stewart. . .

Denninmi's Just Plain Weird Saturday Night 'Holiday-Boulevard of Broken Dreams' Fitness Challenge

So, will anyone in Tampa acknowledge Neil Armstrong

Mitt Romney quote about his grandfather...

Dear America, We Need To Start Seeing Other People by Martin Pribble

Atheist Pig: Just because people say it...

Lance Armstrong's official comment

This is unbelievable, Abe Vigoda...

Little something I made

A taxing day at the polls

USADA accidentally strips Neil Armstrong of "first man on moon" title

OK--who's the real freeloader?

Where can I find information on withholding rent. I may not be putting in the right info on yahoo.

BBC's "The Mormon Candidate" on Current (schedule). Not answering questions is m.o. for Mittens

Romney Adopts Harder Message for Last Stretch

Neil Armstrong never politicized his accomplishments. I wish we didn't feel like we need to either.

Former Gov. Charlie Crist: Here's why I'm backing Barack Obama

Furby is back! And it's been upgraded!

Fmr. FL GOP Governor Charlie Crist Endorses President Obama On Eve of RNC Convention

George Takei strikes again!

Certain actors I'll watch, even if it's in a mediocre movie.

I've had a rough night, and I hate the fucking Eagles, man...

Bad Lip Reading: Romney

These are enough Republicans to start a baseball team

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Saturday, August 25)

Former Gov. Charlie Crist: Here's why I'm backing Barack Obama

rape is just "another form of conception", according to ryan

"It's pretty amazing that they survived" (understatement of the year)

Creepy, creepy Paul Ryan (Facebook pic)

I have family in North Carolina, someone help me understand.

Uruguay wants to grow, sell marijuana to cut drug-related crime

How Mr. Romney Would Force-Feed the Pentagon

There's no better time than now to address the menace of unverifiable voting machines.

Uruguay wants to grow, sell marijuana to cut drug-related crime

Former George Romney aides: George would be "horrified" by Mitt's positions. "There would be regret"

Funny: Obama birth certificate 'MADE in the USA' button from the campaign!

Maroon Cheese

Dana Milbank: The GOP's rage platform


Show Me State question. Will the republicans attempt to run a republican candidate as an Indy?

Monica Crowley's creepy Tweet re: Neil Armstrong

Mitt Romney Reaped Huge Tax Benefits Based On 'Active' Role At Bain Capital

If you have to stop people voting to win elections---

Texas Health Officials: No Need To Call 911 For Mosquito Bites

What would Jesus NOT do?

UMC bulletin board

“Ask an Atheist” Questionaire for the candidates

If you eat the right mushrooms, you can watch this for hours

This is a very interesting read

Mitt Romney's top NY donors among RNC delegation

Democracy for America and Howard Dean Announce $125,000 in Donations to 6 Candidates

Monica Crowley Finds a Way To Politicize Neil Armstrong’s Death with Muslims and Obama

Sick and tired of the CFL!

David Letterman on the Delaying of the GOP convention

Ok, what's the deal with Oklahoma? or Politco?

Aug. 25: An Above-Average ‘Likely Voter Gap’ for Romney

Sunday's Doonesbury - What Rmoney Would Do...

Skin Jobs. ugh.

Romney campaign launches 'Woman for Romney'...

A reminder for Romney

What kinds of steroids must he have taken to help Lance Armstrong bike to the moon?

Statement by President Obama on the Passing of Neil Armstrong

Re: Ascension....can one be lost between 3rd & 5th dimension?

WH - West Wing Week: 8/24/12 or, "The Historic, First-Ever Kids' State Dinner Edition!"

The White House's 2012 Kids' State Dinner - more videos added

Border Cities Are Burdened With Calls for Help

U.S. Said to Push for Return of Fugitive Executive

I just cancelled jury duty over a porn-cake

Babies For Obama! Brought to you by lOl

Upcoming opportunities for screwing up Social Security.

Is this the photo that could clear Assange ?


Swimsuits at night? Must be a bunch of high school kids on their way to a swim meet. Good luck kids!

Daniel Ruth: Republicans on a major scavenger hunt

Romney to go more racist in final stretch

The Chastising Rage of Hurricane Issac Arouses Republican's Krappy Karma

Who remembers mercurochrome?

Question about global warming, carbon dioxide and half-baked idea

Syria: '200 bodies' found in town near Damascus

Data on gun permits kept hidden

Law Change Makes Concealed Weapon Permit Easier to Obtain in Clarke County

Multi-language songs

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Angr Manajmint Edition

Politics-as defined by Non Sequitur

July 20th, 1969--In honor of Neil Armstrong,

Threats from anarchists have Tampa on lockdown ahead of GOP convention

Godspeed, Spaceman


I'm hoping to talk my husband into making dal over Labor Day weekend.

It Should Be Over. It's Done. No More. Get Out.

1969, U.S. puts man on moon, 2012.....

Using DD WRT on a Linksys WRT54G wifi router as a repeater/range extender.. Success at last.

How Americans Became Delirious And Made Politics All About Sex

Bailed Out Banks, AIG & Freddie Mac Gave $6 million to 2008 Conventions

"Subversives": How the FBI Fought the 1960s Student Movement & Aided Reagan's Rise to Power

Anarchists? We don't have no steenking anarchists...

I hope this isn't in bad taste...

I don't want elected religious maniacs forcing their insane ideas on me thanks.

Good, clean fight in Round 1 of Senate debate (Republican Deb Fischer and Democrat Bob Kerrey)

Rachel Maddow Interview On Letterman 8/22/12

Nobody Likes Mitt

I saw another thread here by WillParkinson and I thought, why not?

Harley - How a dog trained to aid the deaf opened a life.

Protestors are evil, bad, violent people.

..."I'll be looking at the moon, but I'll be seeing you"...

Why Arctic sea ice shouldn’t leave anyone cold

Libya militants bulldoze Sufi mosque

Bill Moyers & Co: When Nuns Get Political

Bill Moyers: Invisible Americans Get the Silent Treatment

A pox on Lance Armstrong, USADA, and WADA

Agencies: Drones won't fly at RNC

MotherJones: 14 Wacky "Facts" Kids Will Learn in Louisiana's Voucher Schools

Are you a former fundamentalist? Why?

NYT: Romney's Hollow Plan: Dump It on the States

German campaigners mark the 20th anniversary of the worst mob attack against foreigners

Anti-Obama film rakes in $2.2 million Friday ... animated children's film brings in $2.3 million ...

RNC convention - No Palin/Newt/W(of course not) but.......JANINE TURNER!!

Lance Armstrong was tipped off 20 minutes before he was tested, claims French anti-doping official

Chicago Transit Authority new 5000 series train

What's for Dinner ~ Sunday August 26th

"What if the bank runs out of money?"

PIC of Tim Kaine's Richmond canvassing launch (yesterday)

Sun-Times: Getting a gun in Chicago quick and easy

Nice to see these ads from on Talkingpointsmemo

So proud of this response to a Romney supporting friend of mine....

In President Obama's second term, what people should receive a pink slip and why? nt

Heh Chris Hayes Just Showed the RNC Delegate Demographics

True love wins out

NY Times: Witnesses Made Case Against Armstrong Potent

...aaaaand the Lance Armstrong Wars on DU have begun.


Arctic ice shrinks to smallest on record

Republicans in beachfront hotels brace for Isaac

Republicans are evil, and not just garden-variety evil at that.

Racism and Xenophobia Still Prevalent in Germany

Republican leadership makes startling statement to their grassroots.

Abortion Debate Reveals Republicans' True Colors

In Interview, GOP Chairman Dismisses Obama Ground Game

Bishop's Extravagant Behavior Triggers Uproar

Michael Steele was just bawling for Jeb Bush

Germany's Gay Rights Debate Becomes Heated

Wow!---yo Lance apologists... check out this newest NYT piece..

Illinois GOP Congressional Candidate: ‘The Holocaust Never Happened’

Dudeism: The Path to Enlightenment

Alex Pareene, Salon: George Romney: Braver than Mitt

Drought Only One Factor Behind High Food Prices

Akin Senate bid tests GOP strength in Missouri

Great Thai Food in Tucson

Underwater, Feeling Our Ocean Origins

Two Pussy Riot members flee Russia

BO: 'The Power of One Small Step.'

NYT Editorial: No Crime, No Punishment

I'm a little irritated about the changes to The Hunger Games

Nicely nasty new Obama video on Romney & GOP Convention

How Mr. Romney Would Force-Feed the Pentagon

Editorial: Romney failed once again leadership test (Birtherism)

Humans extinct? Probably not, but

On Racism, Rev. Wright and Birtherism and the American Mainstream Media

Romney stars in Obama camp’s ‘The Do-Over’

Marion Williams: The Lord Will Make A Way Somehow

Ever Meek, Ever Malleable (NYT review of the movie "Compliance")

Just a sobering thought for a sunday morning

Kelly: A ways to go, but we are more accepting of homosexuality

Republican convention in Tampa postponed due to tropical storm Isaac

The Second Civil War

*Toon* from the NYT's: "RNC Preparedness Kit"

Breaking: Republicans running from Hurricane Isaac and their own policies

Apple cider vinergar works for weed control


Romney says Dems using Akin flap to discredit GOP

Digging into the roots of Mormonism

Mississippi Mass Choir - I'm Not Tired Yet{w/ Mother Mosie Burks}

China's ghost towns and phantom malls (BBC)

Republican National Convention 2012 Weather Report

Hey White Guys: A Public Service Announcement

Sunday Morning Media MittFest... "People just need to get to Know Mitt"

Kodak set to quit camera film and photo paper business (BBC)

Sunday's Non Sequitur Toon- Language Development

Why are the Lance Armstrong posts not pushed to the sports groups?

Spanish mayor likened to Robin Hood

O’Malley Slams Romney’s Birther Joke: GOP Sending ‘Coded Messages

Md. Gov. O’Malley Slams Romney’s Birther Crack: GOP Sending ‘Coded Messages’

Ever wonder if the right track/wrong numbers have more to do with Congress than President Obama?

Because we do not hear. KIA in Afghanistan this week.

When someone dies from "complications" following surgery, what does that mean

Live from Key West, Florida

Hendrik Hertzberg: Akin's Gift (best thing I've read on this)

By the time Isaac is finished with ReTHUGs

Poll: Obama Opens Big Lead Over Romney On Women’s Issues

Poll: Obama Opens Big Lead Over Romney On Women’s Issues

Romney and Ryan Are Peddling Fear to Seniors by Grossly Distorting the Facts on Medicare

Neil Armstrong Dies as Networks Differ in Breaking Coverage

Today in Peace and Justice history on August 25, 1920

Government to settle with BP for Gulf spew soon

Report: Egypt turns down U.S. request to inspect Iranian arms ship on way to Syria

Wilhelm Reich and the Sexual Revolution

I don't think I can watch TV this week, but thank goodness for this place!!!!

If this observation is sexist ...

"I have always believed he was born in the USA. For me, it is a non issue"

Jeb Bush: GOP ‘Needs To Change… Reach Out To A Much Broader Audience Than We Do Today’

'2016: Obama's America': What the Critics Are Saying

AP-GfK poll: Raise taxes to save Social Security

Romney: Women should support me because of ‘Romneycare’

I saw an interesting vending machine the other day ...

LOL.. Michael Steele is having Breakfast in the restaurant of my husband's hotel.


“The Chief of Police Stepped On Me and Then He Charged Me With Rioting”: {occupy minnesota}

What's with this anti-Obama movie

The Pukes will pound at the 8% unemployment, The President should point out 92% are still working.

Romney Touts Romneycare: I’m The Guy That Got ‘Health Care For All The Women And Men In My State’

Top GOP Operative: Republicans ‘Will Run A Write-In’ To Defeat Todd Akin

Trump: Romney Shouldn’t Turn Over Tax Records Until Obama Turns Over College Records

5 Weird -- and Terrifying -- Consequences of Climate Change You May Not Know About

Rape Fatigue and You: When There’s Just No Anger Left

Rubio: Opposing abortion isn't about denying rights

Former Florida Gov Charlie Crist Endorses Obama, Calls GOP ‘Far To The Extreme Right’

Neil Armstrong's LAST words from the moon

Seriously DUers seven years ago to the date

Hey white guys!

Isaac Strengthens; Threatens Florida Keys, Northern Gulf Coast (now including New Orleans)

Hey Lounge! I need a swift kick in the pants.

Hurricane Watch area now includes New Orleans

Romney defends Swiss bank account

Facebook is forcing people to "like" Mitt Romney.

Jeb Bush on White House run: 'I'm not there YET in my life'

Ooooh, another tidly of gossip from my "security guys" working a VA delegate party.

Why I am sad that the convention is being cut short

Mitt Romney: The Do-over

Are you happy that we're now on Mars?

I don't care if Neil Armstrong used performance enhancing drugs

Today's "Top 40" music...

happy women's equality day

happy women's equality day


The following PREVIEW has been approved for ALL AUDIENCES by obama for america

aug 26 1970 women's strike for equality

aug 26 1970 women's strike for equality

Gov. Charlie Crist Endorses Pres. Obama

"if men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament"-- florynce kennedy

RNC chairman Rinse Peenus defends Romney’s ‘birther’ joke as ‘levity’

Ron Paul site: Weed planted in hotel rooms at Republican Convention

Atypical Allies, Greenwald, Assange and Me.

Scientologists for Ron Paul

America’s Most Hated Industries

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan: The Do-Over

Mitt Romney says his health care plan in Mass. was a win for women

aug 26 day of action by WORD (Women Organized to Resist and Defend)

I see Rasmussen has had Pres. Obama up a couple points this week over Romney. I think he's trying to

I don't know what the fuck to believe anymore about the Assange case.

Romney pulls an Andrea Saul on health care

aug 26 day of action by WORD (Women Organized to Resist and Defend)

Searching for the economy through Nevada lens

There was an America Rising rally here yesterday. What are they about and

Aquarium, Okinawa

India's nuclear safety report warns of Fukushima-like disaster

Anyone watching the Sunday a.m. chat fests? Because of BP issues I stay away from them

"Would a polygamist President's junior wife be the Second-First Lady?"

"Biologically Stupid"

Backstage at the GOP Convention: Mitt Strong-arms, Sununu Has Left The Building

Fox News Analyst Reminds Us What Neil Armstrong’s Death Is Really About: Obama Spreading Islam

Teachers speak up to refute claims of reformers

"All of a sudden it just got fun and calm, and that's because they made us feel at ease"

I am VERY cross at my local newspaper.

Allison Macfarlane gives credit to her mentor John Holdren

Good Julian vs Bad Julian

GOP Md. Del. Dwyer acknowledges drinking before operating boat that struck another, injuring kids

Feels good to have a star again...

Given Jeb Bush's Comments Today - Do You Think The Repugs Are Knowingly Throwing This Election?....

Anyone wanna help me monitor a political facebook page

can they keep the hate tamped down for 3 whole days or

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) disclosed Friday that she was diagnosed with breast cancer

Willard MELTDOWN: “I mean, I could've said, don’t have Japanese TVs. Yeah, I could have done that."

This Sunday Rove complained Obama never thanked Romney for WTF!!!

Imagine getting almost a million write-in votes for President while in Prison

Doctor Who new season starts Sept 1

26 Things We Can All Agree On

If you've ever wondered what magic underwear looks like (I have), here you go.

What would happen if say several African American males showed up in the most white geographic

I'm really proud of my wife.

WikiLeaks' Most Terrifying Revelation: Just How Much Our Government Lies to Us

Help stop the expansion of crude oil tanker traffic on B.C.’s Coast E action

Shaken, not stirred

Judge rejects NY sex offender's religious claim

Isaac now headed towards New Orleans

Go and Build No More

Amish Beard-Cutting Attacks: 16 Face Trial In Ohio

A New Commercial Going Back to the Beginning of Social Security & Medicare

Republican Single Standard

If Seamus Could Vote Who Would He Vote For?

GOP Platform Chair: Rape A ‘Detail’ In The Abortion Debate

Tropical Storm Isaac - Haiti

Does Romney realize that they took away his Etch-a-Sketch?

Is there a Feminist co-relate to Paul Goodman's "Growing Up Absurd"?

If you stand by your claims, why not release your tax returns?

ThinkProgress: CHART: How Ending The High End Bush Tax Cuts Saves Nearly $1 Trillion

Is it possible to see my older posts, or is one page of "My Posts" all that is available to me?

Yes Mitt, we all know you were born in Michigan....

Spinster aunt is informed that Pussy Riot’s ideological carpet doesn’t match drapes

RNC Chair: Obama "is not real anymore"

need help here. does anyone know, or remember, the lyrics to a feminist song (from the 70's)

Melting ice caps and error bars

Why stash money in the Caymans and Swiss bank accounts if there's no tax advantage as Romney claims?

Is R Piehole losing his speaking slot due to Isaac?

Rupert Murdoch personally ordered The Sun to print naked Prince Harry pics

Lights, camera, action...

Mitt's "near death" experience in France

The Political Discussion I Encountered Yesterday At A Family Party......

92 years ago today.

Cheryl Mendelson, HuffPo: Why, in Politics, Crazy Goes With Mean

Wikileaks flashback: cable reveals U.S. State Dept. opposed wage increas in Haiti

So you have a Tea Party backed group called True the that are going to make people at the

It's not about rights, for mothers or the unborn, it's about money

hey rnc, where's george w. bu$h*? or the dick cheney?

Has anyone tried recycling their urine for plant use?

Republicans Converge on Tampa:

Fair and Balanced!

McCain: Akin ‘Would Not Be Welcome By Republicans In The United States Senate’

Do you know what floating is?

Caught a glimpse of Lumpy McInsane on Meet the Press before changing the channel.

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, August 28: Summer Under the Stars: Ava Gardner

Recycling urine for fertilizing plants.

How can the Republican Akin backlash best discourage the RW vote?

So how is pigliCON pty going to reconcile pink hater underwear with white magic underwear?

Scopes Monkey Trial Revisited

Charter school throws away school supplies

American Taliban seeks group prayer in Ind. prison

Focused Like a Laser on a Mirror Ball: How a Paul Ryan Fiasco Became Almost Unavoidable

George Takei FTW!

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, August 29: Summer Under the Stars: Ingrid Bergman

Ohio duers where can I send money to help Gotv in Ohio?

Charlie Crist continues political makeover with Barack Obama endorsement

FLIPPING MITTNEY Romney Touts Massachusetts Health Care Overhaul In Appeal To Women Voters

"Just say no when the TSA asks you to 'chat'"

with all due respect. dumbest damn jury decision i have seen yet

Just to let you know, Raging Grannies, "Legitimate Rape" 300,000 hits in 3 days...on you tube..

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to expel 98% of inductees for performance enhancing drugs

Obama Offers Support To Gov. Scott As Isaac Approaches

Is There Anyone Here That Attended Grant Park Chicago The Night Barack Obama Became President?.....

Paul Ryan hates babies

Ron Paul declines a speaking spot at GOP convention after Romney demands to review remarks

Do you really believe the Romney's when they say....

[Philly] Inquirer Editorial: Assange extradition not about freedom of speech

Why doesn't Charlie Crist just become a Democrat ?

Memories of a Cult from my childhood...

Texas may reconsider sending prostitutes to prison

President of Ecuador claims sharing a bed can't lead to rape as he defends Julian Assange

Last holdouts are warming up to central air (Soaring AC sales and record electricity demand in MN)

Born in Chains- US has the world's largest female prison population – but no plan for pregnancies

A sad song from a performer of whom most will never have heard


Your opinion on Over The Air (OTA) TV? Should it survive.

Any Alyona fans out there?

Cats are amazing

"Terror From the Right: Plots, Conspiracies and Racist Rampages Since Oklahoma City"

for once, worth a look at facebook

GOP convention: How do you feel about the pornographic elephant hats?

This shameless, duplicitous Third Way propaganda program is absolutely painful to watch continue.

The Romney Energy Plan (Image)

Lost His Willy

Ann Romney's Bad Ass Secret Service Team

I Just Caught A Ron Paul Campaign Event Broadcast Live From Tampa On CSPAN.....

And water is wet.

I caught my garden gnomes misbehaving in the neighbor's yard

I met SkepticScott and Mrs. SkepticScott!

Obama gets hurricane briefing, calls Scott

Buffalo Bill's moisturizer

Dos Boobies

Romney's Secret Service Codename is...

I See Where Hurricane Isaac Is Closing Down The Oil Rigs In The Gulf......

Huckabee Rallies Support for Akin

Can we just fast forward through this week and get to next week?


Marco Rubio Touts GOP Abortion Platform That Suggests Women Are Not Humans

Mitt Romney Reaped Huge Tax Benefits Based On 'Active' Role At Bain Capital

just felt BIG earthquake

Nauseous... My community is DEFENDING Akin...

Report: Romney Camp Pays Journey $500,000 for Convention Concert

Earthquake in San Diego right now!!!! everythings shakin' - not too bad, but alarming

Let's play "Guess the Richter" in San Diego -

"The Falcon and the Snowman" and the Bradley Manning/Julian Assange affair.

Have a trip scheduled to New Orleans today...

Found a great link @ C-span....Media links nationwide!

A the moment there are so many Romney (says) posts in LBN on the front page of DU

Romney: Akin’s Comments Hurt Republican Party

Their (non) record

Should I pull out of stocks before the election, or wait to see if Rmoney is elected?

Your Favorite Poll

Venus The Chimera Cat Attains Viral Fame (VIDEO)

Can I get a scorecard? Who's speaking when now?

To the Republicans, women are just

Lieberman to Haaretz: Israel must launch concerted campaign to delegitimize Abbas

California Schools Dragging Their Feet on LGBT History. I call BULLSHIT.

Exposing Israeli teens to IDF child abuse (Breaking the Silence)

rain rain rain

"Hi, My name is Ann Coulter and I'll be your waitress"

Clinton urges Egypt, Israel to talk on Sinai

Paul Ryan co-sponsored all of the most extreme anti-abortion bills

Would You Like To Be Rich?

Video: One Term More ---->

Afghanistan Drawdown: 202 Bases Closed, NATO Says

Slouching Towards Tampa (Things Fall Apart edition)

Safer Boots: Feds Urge Malware-Resistant BIOS

Columbus Dispatch Poll claims everything is Tied in OHIO

Mitt Romney Drops $500k on Journey Concert

In slow week, anti-Obama film hits #8 on box-office chart

Wind Map

Iran wants war

ON THIS DAY 92 YEARS AGO: Women win right to vote when 19th Amendment to Constitution *certified*

One Term More!

California earthquakes felt over a wide area, USGS says

ON THIS DAY 92 YEARS AGO: Women win the right to vote when the 19th Amendment is certified

Confessions of a Campaign Voyeur

‘Religious liberty’ for me — but not for thee

Obama's position in the polls today vs. four years ago today...

Wasserman Schultz brings her 'war room' to the RNC


oh Jesus, is anyone else watching baynews9 in St. Pete?

First Solar to Build India Farms as Outages Propel Sun Power

Is statutory rape considered rape for RW abortion purposes?

Legal myths about the Julian Assange case

Suppose YOU get to pick the song for the RNC convention...what would you pick, and why?

Just saw "The Campaign." *NO SPOILERS*

Hypocrisy of the "Pro-Life" Republican

I was making phone calls for Obama earlier

Republican Party Platform of 1956

GOP considering extending convention by a day (Updated)

Flight costs Assange all credibility (NZ Herald editorial)

Name some great Moon songs, in honor of Neil Armstrong

Fly me to the Moon

USA Today interview: Mitt whines about mean Obama, invokes his father

Tampa Readies Brisk Strip Club Business for R's


Has our banking system and the GOP been infiltrated by organized crime?

Legitimate Rape

President Obama took down Osama bin Ladin, what makes Romney think he can take down Obama?

Moonshot on History channel, now

Southern California Bombarded With Earthquake Swarms

Former Fla. Gov. Charlie Crist endorses Obama


"The GOP candidate failed to include...Swiss bank account on...personal financial disclosure forms"

#IAmNotARepublicanBecause trending on Twitter

Mayor of NO: In the event an evac. is called-no shelter provided.

Mitt RMoney: Bad Mormon or Bad Religion

Aren't there rules regarding coaches going out onto the field of play??

Ron Paul: I don't fully endorse Romney

Rick Scott Should Be In Jail

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu declares state of emergency (updated)

This place needs a cat on a train.

New Trade School Teaches Students to Profit from Hate

Watching Ron Paul rally on cspan.

If it Butts into Politics picking sides, it's not a religion but a political party and FAIR GAME

Just a few reasons why you should support President Obama and Democratic candidates everywhere.

Liam Fox feeding ideas to Mitt Romney's Republicans

Remember when Republicans were worried...

Who could interview Romney and actually back him into a corner without

Poll: Obama Opens Up Big Lead Over Romney on Womens' Issues

Pro-WikiLeaks hackers hit Assange supporter

My wife's blog and words, my pics - nice morning Kayak on Falls Lake

The RNC may still be doomed by Isaac

The Real News: Protests Grow Against Bahrain Arrest of Rights Advocate

RNC line-up-LOL

The Real News: 120 NAM Countries Head to Iran Despite Western Pressure

romney's convention: big storm, rape controversy (and women, rape and abortion aren't issues)

Teaching People to Hate Their Own Govt.

Lenin on the Need to Fight for Democracy Under Capitalism

What's this trash movie about Our President!

Man With Machete Arrested at Convention Protest

UK paper parts with controversial U.S. columnist soon after hiring

Weird episode of Sexual Harrassment in Walmart

So...14 of my facebook friends "like" Obama. Only 1 "likes" Romney.

"Catholic" email going around in support of Romney

New GOP convention schedule released - long list

Mitt Rmoney Hires Journey For Party.....

Customers disarmed Fred Meyer gunman

Confidential Documents Expose Romney On Taxes


Cracked - 5 Theme Parks Where Childhood Goes to Die

Astronomers find a rare, second kind of supernova

State of Emergency declared for NOLA

Who has that picture of the multiple stages of Earth that was posted in a Neal Armstrong thread?

If kids could vote...

the prez recognizes women's equality day

the prez recognizes women's equality day

The current Isaac storm track has me REALLY nervous.

i am not a supporter of the State. i am not a supporter - in the least of the Status Quo.

We should have been colonizing the solar system by now.

Willard Romney is not Mentally Fit to be President

Isaac reevaluated - may now go further west and hit New Orleans

Kuwaiti firm: Carlyle Group acted without license

women's equality day--what the heck do I tell my daughter??

women's equality day: what the heck do I tell my daughter?

My tax lawyer is so good...

Mysterious Video Claims Mitt Romney Employed Chinese Slaves

So, have we given up Choice for Rape and Incest?

Couple of boats anchored out in the bay, awaiting/dodging Isaac.

New Supernova

Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometimes

Which OTHER possible Romney disclosures would the GOP & MSM ALSO not care about?


A 30-year plan to study America’s ecology is about to begin

There should be a state funeral for Neil Armstrong

Rep. John Lewis: 'Make Some Noise' on New Voting Restrictions

This Is How Proud Romney Was to Be Pro-Gay Rights in 1994

Scientists Successfully ‘Hack’ Brain To Obtain Private Data

Oh, irony! A Fox News "Election History Moment"!

MR Tea on Birth Certificates

Diagnosed with cancer? Read "It's Not About The Bike" and join

RNC Attendees Wail About Food Prices

would religion be a part of the Presidential discussion if Obama was a Mormon?

Mitt ("Popeye") Romney, family man, on display in preconvention interview (ROFLMAO)

Elvis Presely meets the Wailers - Crying in the Chapel

Does anybody know anything about 'The Examiner'??

Despite Isaac's soaking, Keys residents laid back

Dinosaur footprints discovered outside NASA's Maryland flight center.

"model quality Thai females" ad.. Except the female in the ad looks to be about 12. Really sick.

check out tonight's 60 minutes

For all those who still support Journey...

China announces £800bn stimulus to boost confidence

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 27 August 2012

Food shortages could force world into vegetarianism, warn scientists

Tweet of the day

Neil Armstrong's Death Draws Limited Television Coverage

"Naked Darth Vader" approach could tame antibiotic resistant superbugs

An excellent quote

Poll: Raise taxes to save Social Security

My encounter at the gas station.

"No one doubts the brains and competence of Romney" (not a joke)

So, between the reduced Convention schedule and the Hurricane.....

What about the Bain Capital tax returns? Where are they?

"According to the Bible..." (Warning: brain cramp ahead) (for some)

All over Tampa, these warning signs are going up to warn the residents of an impending disaster!!


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