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Did Todd Akin Have His Presser?....

GOP official says God chooses to bless raped women with pregnancy

GRAPHIC: As OSHA’s Budget Drops, Workplace Fatalities Rise (and Other Obvious, Important Conclusions

Metamorphosis COMPLETE :)

A Nice Mug, Buy it and maybe you wont have to hear PRESIDENT ROMNEY

Romney's Birther Joke Explained in One Number: He Needs 61% of the White Vote


Another spin on RNC promos...

Legitimate Rape by the Renegade Raging Grannies

"Romney to fundraiser: 'Big business is doing fine in many places'" at the Hill

Biden goes to Minnesota and Michigan

Kos poster: "I abandoned the Republican Party!" and why

akin makes first MO appearance since rape remarks

Rmoney campaign has begun leaking Cabinet picks.

Biden's son slams GOP ticket's plans for veterans

A Little Something for MFM's Nurses

Do High School student counselors still tell kids this? "No, son, you are not college material."

"CNN Poll: Obama 49% - Romney 47% among likely voters" at CNN Political Ticker

Bill Nye: Creationism Is Not Appropriate For Children

Plain Talk: Bankers' profits soar on backs of home buyers

Wikileaks: the illusion of transparency

The Democratic Party platform of 1900

Texas Judge: Obama Second Term Might Cause Violent Uprising

I am replacing windows on my house and need advice

The Crazies in the House: The Crackpot Caucus

Presidential Candidates Wives

Do you think Weird Willard realizes where he is and what he has become?

Why was high-ranking Ohio Republican so candid with major newspaper?

Draft dodging, tax evading, cult leader, calls U.S. President

Gene Kelly or nude with monkeys? (Poll)

Just out of curiosity, do we get to complain that one of the factors slogging the economy,

11-mile stretch of Mississippi River closed (waters are too shalllow for barges)

"Foxy Ladies: Why one network applies so much makeup" By Liza Mundy at the Atlantic

Nobody has to ask if I accept the Nicene Creed!

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Just Another Day & a new Kitty gif

another fat cat "job creator"

No one asks Mitt Romney for his birth certificate, the state of PA asks

Anyone know the link to watch Maddow live on line?

Curiosity - sols 3 & 13 - Bradbury Landing Panorama

"Nobody Cares About the Deficit" by Paul Krugman at the NY Times

Have You Seen THIS Supposed Video Of Romney??

How not to make Fickelgruber's Never Melting Ice Cream

Ann Romney speech is moved to Tuesday to get on network TV

Death by China Documentary Film - Official Trailer

Black hole’s annual feast begins

Haven’t We All Done Steroids, In A Way?

MITT'S not the guy you can have a home-brewed beer with-He's the guy you can go cross-burning with.

Isaac Targets Haiti, Gulf Energy Rigs Begin Shutting Down

AP Source: Biden skipping stop in Tampa By JULIE PACE, Associated Press – 4 minutes ago COLUMBUS,

Mitt in the White House means war against Iran. And possibly Syria.

"The Big, Racist Lie at the Center of the Romney-Ryan Campaign" by Joshua Holland by AlterNet

Bill Nye: Creationism Is Not Appropriate For Children

Mysterious Disease Leaves Patients With AIDS-like Symptons, But Not HIV

RCMP, border agents can use torture-tainted information

The plane Rmoney flies around in is owned by gambling interests

LOL: @BarackObama declares 'Born in the USA' song of the day

Breaking: Arctic Sea Ice Reaches Historic Minimum

I'm convinced that the lack of empathy is just one symptom of RW malevolence

Organizers say 5,000-person march set for Republican National Convention's first day

PSSSSTTT!!! I know what LynneSin wants for her next birthday.

Tobin!!! For goodness sake, do NOT look at this (just teasing).

Ohiosmith is such a dog... but you all knew that.

You parents will definitely get this.

MiddleFingerMom was recently shown his full potential.

MiddleFingerMom has always felt at one with Nature... now he actually knows why.

CNN national poll Obama over Mittens by 2 among likely voters & by 9 with all voters

Saw some supporters of the marriage amendment for the first time today.

Prominent scientists sign declaration that animals have conscious awareness, just like us

What Ever Became of George W. Bush?

I hope people remember this the next time Rmoney goes on about Judeo-Christian traditions

Faux 'news' at it again

Paul Ryan did not just say this!!!

the Case of the Mysterious Marauder: Part 2

The ED Show - Fox News outs Seal Team Six member

"Looking at all the taxes" the Economist

Gay marriage backers ask high court to decline California case

Fuck off with this bizarro "Clinton as VP in 2012!" meme.

The God of Independent Minds

Judge rules Trayvon Martin shooter can travel to meet lawyer

"rape is just another “method of conception” and not an excuse to allow abortions." Paul Ryan 8/24

Republican Logic

Recording Industry Succeeds In Ruining a Kid’s Life Over 31 Stupid Songs

*so* many questions: WHY is VITTER (still) a "Senator"?!1 I'm talking to YOU, LA!1

Obama Campaign: ‘America Doesn’t Need a Birther-in-Chief’

New OFA Ad: America Doesn't Need a Birther-in-Chief

Giuliani On Romney’s Birth Certificate Joke: ‘Not The Most Tasteful Joke’

Unusual clouds - in pictures

Shout out to Scurrilous

Why Akin matters: Obama now leads Romney in Missouri

The ED Show - Romney says ‘big business is doing fine’

yiddish curses for republican jews

For the Birther on your shopping list

Through supporters, Bradley Manning still fights

The ED Show - Did Romney’s supporters get the joke?

The GOP doesn't Care about Rape

Venting - class sizes still huge!

Mike Huckabee rallies Southern Baptists for Todd Akin

Rare Springsteen Video with Obama Family

Real Time sucks tonight

Romney willing to deploy troops to secure Syria WMDs

The ED Show - Romney goes birther

Mysterious Video Appears To Show Romney's Private Remarks On Chinese Labor Conditions

Tell Your Lady Friends

What is it about Romney's Economic Platform that you Hate the Most?

Capitol Dome Is Imperiled by 1,300 Cracks and Partisan Rift

Chuck Todd Gives Romney a Lap dance on MSNBC...


mr romney, america is awaiting your tax returns release.....

City of Terre Haute removes yard signs showing Obama on a cross, in a coffin

OMG - tonight's prison show on MSNBC is dreadful

Mitt Romney: "I'm not racist for making a joke about Obama's birth certificate...

I just wanted to thank all of you for the kind posts the other night.

Why does Bill Maher have a panel loaded with conservatives

Koch Organized Crime has BIG ROLE at GOP National Convention

"No one's ever asked if Michelle was my only wife..."

Canadians Overwhelmingly Believe Climate Change Is Occurring (2% don't)

Kaine and Allen tied in Virginia!

Pic Of The Moment: Romney Makes Birth Certificate Joke

IBN Develops Superior Fuel Cell Material

Tropical Storm Isaac Lashes Haiti, Still Crippled by Earthquake

I'm reading this book about anti-gravity and I can't put it down.

Gambia’s Leader Declares Plans for Mass Executions

Diplomacy With Iran Still Is Viable, U.S. Says

Miscarriage. Hmmm wonder why this is coming out now?

Mormon owned KSL TV refuses to air gay themed sitcom "The New Normal"

Tax Credits Shed Light on Romney

Italians pack Speedos as Dolomites (alpine glacial) lake hit by soaring temperatures

Deputies: Man called 911, asked female deputies for sex

Occupy Detroit holding Midwestern conference in Detroit this weekend

Romney white paper on energy policy vague on renewable energy

Greatest post (and thread) on economic and fiscal facts - stats and graphs galore

Creepy. Scary. Wrong.

What has GOP done for workers?

Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles Make Rapid Progress in Range, Durability

Romney Birther: Dispicable Bigot Comment


Mitt and his birther "joke"

Sandusky victim sues Penn State

"I'm not the smartest box in the rocks"..........

Working hoverbike recalls Luke Skywalker's landspeeder

Energy Report: U.S. Wind Energy Production and Manufacturing Surges, Supporting Jobs and Diversify…

GOP Convention "We Built It"

Good films that didn't know how to end

Bain capital outsources plant / has US workers train their Chinese replacements

RNC posts platform on website

Yo, Romney get a load of this!

So, why DIDN'T Romney's teen gaybashing incident destroy his chances?

For a change of pace: How about Biden for VP in 2016?

A risky Ecuador-Assange alliance (PJ Crowley)

High School football on ESPN

Cruz and Sadler Agree to Oct. 2 Debate in Dallas

It's nice to think that only evil men are rapists

The true irony about Tampa getting the GOP

Legitimate rape test kit.

Bill Maher: GOP Is Made Up Of ‘Magical Thinkers’ Who Mistake ‘Superstition For Science’

Screw van Halen!!! This is the best version of Your Really Got Me I have ever heard!

You cannot be anti-abortion and also willing to go to war

GOP platform: Cut health costs, lose weight

GOP Voter Vigilante Project - True The Vote

Bill Maher And Panel Clash Over Todd Akin’s ‘Mystical Spermicide Theory’

Does Mitt have a valid Drivers Lic. and in what state. Show us your license!

Dear Paul Ryan:

How companies learn your secrets

Woman, 78, denies racist graffiti targeting (N word) John Ewing (D-NE)

Church arson being investigated as possible hate crime (Ohio)

Tonight Bill Maher said the new GOP symbol should be a unicorn, someone on the net made this ...


Iran to present 'acceptable' proposal on Syria

Post-Dispatch/News 4 Poll: McCaskill leads by +9

OK, so who's the idiot . . .

Whoever books Bill Maher's guests should be fired

Amway, West Michigan groups oppose ‘25 by 25’ energy constitutional amendment

The calm before the storm.

California OKs bill shielding illegals (TRUST Act, challenging Secure Communities)

Cash Moves by HSBC in Inquiry

OFA: America Doesn't Need a Birther-in-Chief

Chilean police accused of molesting student activists

Romney: "No One Has Ever Asked To See My Birth Certificate". But Everyone Asked to See Your Taxes!

whose idea was the basil freezer balloons?

kitty wearing a post surgery collar--how to manage eleven more days?

The IRCT condemns the (July 2010) killing of forensic expert in Ecuador (September 2010)

Disruptor Tip #838 - pronouns

Ecuador: Authorities misuse judicial system to stop protests

The Republican Platform

Irish Olympic Sailing Commentary

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Friday, August 24)

If we explain it as a "rapist's anchor baby" to conservatives, will they get it then?

The Sounds of Hate: The White Power Music Scene in the United States in 2012

Someone should ask Paul Ryan if he thinks that rape is an acceptable form of contraception

Austria investigates alleged anti-Jewish cartoon

This is absolutely marvelous!

Jennifer Granholm’s response to Mitt Romney’s birther remark is a doozy

On vacation, watching KRNV, the NBC affiliate, 11:00pm news just had 7 (seven) Rmoney ads in a row

A storm is headed toward Tampa... and then there's Isaac

So, if the RNC gets swept away by the hurricane...

Two significant problems with "one gun a month" and "Waiting periods"

Police fired on US gov't vehicle: Mexican Navy

Retired general sentenced to 25 years of prison for 1997 paramilitary murder .

Retired general sentenced to 25 years of prison for 1997 paramilitary murder .

There's a reason no one ever asked Romney for his birth certificate

I do not like it, Mr. Akin

If you get shot, and it's a legitimate shooting--

Ryan's Medicare plan is really very simple

Shocking stat: 1 in 38 pregnancies is tubal (ectopic) - life threatening

Global budgeting for MA health care? Not really.

Nicaragua seizes $7m from fake reporters

One thing to be prepared for...

Both the GOP and Isaac are heading for Tampa.

If a 2% lead=statistical tie, why not 2%=4%?


(CT) Anti-Islamic Ads Target Metro-North Commuters

My Ignore function seems to be "broken", as I have people on "ignore" that keep showing up.

After the Royal Vegas Nudie Shots scandal, what names are UK people coming up with

Children can break into gun safes with paper clips, straws: experts warn

Doesn't look like Hanes or Fruit of the loom

What's for Dinner - Saturday Aug 25th

The homeowners who cannot move home

Virgil Goode’s presidential campaign submits signatures to Virginia

Study: Frog Color Hints at Evolution Speed

This will be an interesting week. Virgil Goode just tentatively qualified for the Virginia ballot.

Israeli Archaeologist Digs into Nazi Death Camp

Could a licensed concealed gun carrier stop a tragedy?

Lynyrd Skynyrd to play at the Republican Convention. New album: "Last of a Dyin' Breed."

Rat That Doesn't Gnaw Discovered in Indonesia

Street Vendor Food Suggestions?

Advice from a killer: It’s time that America takes ‘the glory out of guns’

19 people shot in overnight shootings across Chicago (Thursday eve/Friday morn)

Is Climate Change To Blame For This Year's West Nile Outbreak?

How Privacy in America Went Virtually Extinct in Just a Decade

The Major Economic Ideas We Live By Are Shockingly Flimsy

"545 People" - Worth another read during this Election Season

Yep, another underwear/gun holster thread

Bill Moyers: How America Forgot Its Poor

Florida turns down $4.9 million from federal government designed to strengthen parenting

TCM Schedule for Saturday, August 25 -- The Essentials: Tyrone Power

New York's "Public View" Marijuana Law Ranked "Dumbest Drug Law" In America

How to Speak Republican

Tomorrow is my last day as a Lounge Host.

NewtAid at 16: The Failure of TANF and Conservative Social Policy

You Were Right When You Waved That “No Blood for Oil” Sign. Iraq Was About Oil

Latest 2 polls: McCaskill 9 & 10 points ahead of Akin

Please, I REALLY need advice about my job situation RE: Medical Leave/Time Off

Don't Piss Your Granny Off

The president showed you his birth certificate, but you're STILL hiding your taxes mittler

today's Non Sequitur

Frank Gehry Is Designing Facebook’s New Office Building And That’s Sad

Talk About Poverty (#TalkPoverty): Mariana Chilton's Questions for Obama and Romney

JPMorgan Starts Buying Congress Again

Will the magic invisible birth certificate be the main focus of the gop convention?

Republicans can find religion in not-so-religious Tampa

Retired DUers: did you wait until Medicare kicked in to take care of medical problems?

Lawmaker who thinks gays a threat to children crashes boat into children

So where is Jim Cantore?

Hurricane Isaac impact on Tampa

Toon: Not a Baby Yet

Toon: what Rmoney is really saying

The 1st Obama term drove them insane, what will the 2nd term do to the poor things?

President Obama vows to protect Medicare from GOP

Tom Toles: The Republicans' Flight Plan

Danziger Toon: The spirit of Bull Connor returns

Weekly Address: Preserving and Strengthening Medicare

Would a President Romney be a target of Right-to-Lifers?

The Rmoneys Try To Be Hip...

Tea Baggers/Radical right threatens to blow Mitt Romney off course as Republicans gather in Tampa

Up with Chris Hayes - the GOP and Abortion

Planned Parenthood’s Action Fund planning revenge on Mitt Romney

Arms and the Duck (plus 34%)

Have you heard of the spoof

Personhood Amendments: The most insane Republican position

Military spending and Manufacturing (more economics/charts)

If the Government has a weather machine, Isaac will turn and hit Tampa.

Yo Joey! FAA values football more than tennis.

Ann Romney to go prime time at RNC convention Tuesday, Mitt Romney disappointed in networks

TCM Schedule for Sunday, August 26 -- The Essentials, Jr.: Gary Cooper

Greg Palast: How Voter Suppression Could Swing the Election

Opponents of Tennessee mosque argue to intervene in federal religious discrimination case

Fatal blast at Venezuela's Amuay refinery

Mormon owned Utah TV station won't air NBC gay sitcom 'New Normal'

Dutch Socialists sense victory is near

Abortion, a love story

OWS Not DEAD But Police State Now Trying To Kill It

Is Romney a polygamist? We know from Big Love that...

New poll shows Obama with a significant lead over Romney in Pennsylvania

Finding Our Way in the Modern World

Guardian UK: Radical right threatens to blow Mitt Romney off course as Republicans gather in Tampa

U.N. to invade Texas? "Ridiculous," says world body

GOP Land Grab

Looking for a Good Job? Don’t Get Your Hopes Up

. . . Romney's birther remark -- I want to say this

Iceland did it right

RNC strips VIP passes from Florida GOP delegation, but lets all delegates on floor

"Promises" - Obama for America TV Ad

Embracing the Wind Denmark's Recipe for a Model Democracy

now that he's mentioned it, has anyone seen mr. romney's birth certificate?

Google search has been hijacked on my IE browser

Watching Up With Chris: Sometimes Melissa Harris Perry can be so far off

You can get pregnant in a car, you can get pregnant in a bar.....

CBO: Ending High-Income Tax Cuts Would Save Almost $1 Trillion

Protesters show at Paul Ryan event in Springfield

Body shop restores bullied gay student’s car free of charge {news video @ link}

GOP Rules Committee Meets In Special Session

Ohio Secretary Of State Sued Over Weekend Voting Curbs

Paul Sadler Says Ted Cruz Should Go Back To Canada

Ever been to (dialup warning)

Graphic evidence that we have passed a tipping point: Arctic Basin Sea Ice

"Romney in Crisis"

Sharing on facebook

Today in Peace and Justice history on August 25, 1969

One More Cartoon!

XPost: Embracing the Wind Denmark's Recipe for a Model Democracy

'Sexual freedom,' by Hugh Hefner

Yes It Can

Hot Anti-Romney Music Video

NPR's Andrea Seabrook fed up with all the lies quits

Romney/Ryan Campaign Floats a New Slogan

Republicans or Democrats?: No Difference for Educators

Moyers and Company: Nuns on the Bus

Next time you are in a quiet conversation with a 'reasonable' Republican whom you respect . .

Paul Ryan’s Environmental Record

NYTimes: Men, Who Needs Them?

Romney considering 1 term, wants to enact Ryan's Medicare-eliminating budget

If Romney as a conscientious objector during Vietnam War, has he changed his mind again?

China plunges into carbon capture technology, seeking emissions cuts and exports

"This is my body"

Obama in weekly address: Republicans do indeed want to effectively end Medicare as we know it

Four letters that would win the election for Barack Obama...

Phil. Inquirer PA poll: Obama leading by 9 among likely voters, Romney unfavorable rating at 50-43

Hugh Hefner: The GOP Want To "Dehumanize Everyone's Sexuality & Criminalize Your Entire Sex Life"

Far From Heaven - streaming on Netflix - *****

Will Emissions Disclosure Mean Investor Pressure on Polluters?

Toon: Shrinking Middle Class

It’s Official: Greener Cars Have Helped Improve LA’s Air Quality

“If Obama is not truly American, then America has still never had a black president.”...

I've been in many a tropical storm--they're fricking nasty.

Sanford Engaged to Former Argentinian Mistress

What Women are Learning from The Learning Channel

Evidence points to fundamental shift in climate

GOP has a "hole in its head"

Harper government cancels 3,000 environmental reviews on pipelines and other projects

Mitt Romney Energy Plan - Common Land Is Limitless, Common Land Is Ours

Even if this has already been posted, it is worth a reprise.

“We’re not going to beat Barack Obama...

West Point Survey Blasted for Religion Questions

Are there any somewhat sane and honorable Republican politicians left?

Any thoughts as to why they are moving the nomination to Monday night?

Ta-da! I finally finished Mr. Penguin for Yoshi


Remember when we thought Freepers were fringe lunatics?

Ryan on abortion exceptions: Rape is just another ‘method of conception’

Massachusetts Voters Splitting The Ticket

Romney never got a passport?

President Obama is to visit Ft Collins on Tuesday...

Can someone explain why it cost nothing to end your landline service, but it costs hundreds to

Ryan on abortion exceptions: Rape is just another ‘method of conception’

The Economist: So, Mitt, what do you really believe?

Racist Cartoon goes Viral on Eve of Republican National Convention

Considering posting this on Facebook. Would like your input please.

ok, who's the joker?

I must be starting to resemble a Good ole Boy as I age

Lab Tech In Georgia Gets Drunk, Pants-less And Parties With Monkeys

New Missouri poll: Romney 50%, Obama 43%

Romney said that he was merely making a funny. Hmmm, let's test that, shall we?


The Sun Also Rises

Lying Sack of Shit of The Week: "Pro-Choice" Republicans

Hearing held for Kansas parents who thought kids possessed

Some thoughts on the war on voters

5 Simple Things That Every Bad Cook Does Wrong

Another PA poll - Obama +9 (Philadelphia Inquirer)

I am floored by the results of the last alert I sent regarding mysogyny...Three out of three thought

All 9 people injured in shooting near NY's Empire State Building were wounded by police gunfire

Religious And Civil Rights Groups Call For Hate Crime Hearings

Philadelphia Inquirer Poll: Obama leads Romney by 9-points in PA

Birther jokes and dismissing the victim.

Dadgummit! I'm at a decided disadvantage.

Barrack, massive cleanup on aisle 5

Romney officials move Jeb Bush speech to Monday (non-televised) night

The Party of Legitimate and Forcible Rape…

Should athletes be allowed to use performance enhancing drugs?

Another Republican Congressman Pushes Back Against Mitt Romney’s Call To End Wind Energy Tax Credits


Anybody actually planning to see the propaganda film Obama 2016?

DNC Video: The Romney Bunch


Colleges Ship Freshmen to Paris to Boost Tuition Coffers

A message for Akin, Ryan, and their followers:

Are you sure you're a conservative?

"Extending health benefits to gays will spread AIDS" dude is now republican candidate

Tampa Bay Gay Prostitutes Gearing Up For Flood Of Closeted Republicans

Nation Celebrates Full Week Without Deadly Mass Shooting!

Now is a good time to listen to Rick Santorum..

Rachel Maddow - RNC rejects Akin but not his beliefs

"Tell these troglodytes it's 2012!"

Fox News is now a real traitor...

CBS: "No, no, not a swipe," Romney said.

Posted min/hr ago on 1 computer, time of day on our other computer

Anybody Else Hate Those Thursday Night Football Ads?

A hurricane and counterfeit money floating around. Not a good combination.

How the newly 'pro-life' Romney betrayed a 'dear, close family relative'

Questions for those who have a regular hairdresser

Iceland’s recovery continues, declared ‘impressive’

Ryan on abortion exceptions: Rape is just another ‘method of conception’

Britain Refuses to Extradite U.S. Sex Crimes Suspect on Human Rights Grounds

High Five!

Rachel Maddow - Romney trolls liberals for conservative cred

Obama: Romney Locked Into ‘Extreme Positions’ Even If He Doesn’t Believe Them

The leaked Bain documents: Romney, Bain dancing at outer boundaries of tax law


2007 U.S. House WikiVandal Hill Updates Bio as TN GOP Delegate to Tampa Convention

David Koch to Honor Himself at RNC Convention

Rachel Maddow - Actually, Massachusetts voters weren’t happy they hired Romney


Mitt Romney admits using Chinese slave labor...

Introvert refuges

Wunderground Is Now Showing Hurricane Isaac to be a Category 1 on Monday

It's all 'Greek' to Romney

Guardian dumps Joshua Treviño

If the only gun charge was brandishing

Ecuador: Sweden "inflexible"

Several thousand people including many immigrants in Greece protest against racist attacks

Romney discusses Bain outsourcing and Chinese working conditions

Obama TV ad says Romney would break ‘the Medicare Promise’

Queens Was Burning, Too: The Chaotic Spectacle of the 1977 US Open

A Republican oldie but goodie: the Wyoming Navy.....

Jeff Seidel: Dearborn couple says Lance Armstrong admitted using drugs

If they make Abortion illegal then what?

Pay attention in biology class.

Wanna buy a pretty neat Obama coffee cup?

LIVE Radio: We All Built That, Conservative Socialism, Rape, Birther Sat 12–2PM CST

TYT: Fox News Blames Black People (For Everything)

Article re NY shooting

CBS NEWS - Mexican cartel drug war adding to Chicago violence. ...

AP Interview: Obama on Romney's 'extreme' views

A cat can not wait for lunch

Look at what the Reagan worshipers are doing now...

Republicans shuffle speech lineup to give Ann Romney prime TV slot

Check in if you've been through a hurricane

Poll shows Akin's slide in Missouri Senate race

You want proof Rush Limbaugh is stoned on Oxy once more?

A great article from Hugh Hefner.

Gawd sending Biblickal-scale Chastisement to Force Republicans to Repent their Hate & Fear & Lies?

MSNBC Melissa Harris-Perry, Katrina Legacy

Mother Teresa & Abortion

Cole: Tampa repubs see 'baggers as “ignorant on the real issues,” “conspiracy theorists", "racists".

I'm still thinking they WANT to lose.

Romney’s Blood Money: Bain and the Salvadoran Death Squads

The Big Business of Charter Schools

"Billionaires for Wealthcare" - Are they gonna return to the stage for this election season?

Olympia Snowe: GOP Needs To Rebuild Relationship With Women Post-Akin

AJE's Inside Story, US 2012: Why do many Republicans distrust scientists? (panel, 25 min. video)

Look out northern gulf! Hurricane Isaac now projected as a CAT 2 storm, or higher

Once again my company is displaying family values, that means giving value to families

Occasionally, this forum just needs something silly.

Rachel Maddow - Partisans take a back seat to Big Money in Tampa

OK need help with a paul-bot

recent refinery explosions? isolated incidents?

Amy Poehler Stands Up for Domestic Workers

What has GOP done for workers?

A quality comment about Fox News by Jon Stewart...

RNC Convention - God's opening address is right on time.

Saturday, August 25th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

Well, my favorite arctic ice plot achieved a new record low. In August.

The "birther joke" explained.

I know a lot of people don't like John Wayne, but I've always liked many of his movies.

Famous Last Words

Jeff Seidel: Dearborn couple says Lance Armstrong admitted using drugs

corporate education reform film at Dem convention needs to be SWAMPED by real educators protesting

Planned Parenthood’s Action Fund planning revenge on Mitt Romney

Report: Sanford proposes to Argentine lover

Miguel Indurain calls probe 'strange'

New Poll: McCaskill Leads Akin By 9 (updated)

LA medical marijuana shops ban: City Council wants DEA's help

For all the Apple-bashers in the crowd...

Gangs and Government Put Their Cards on the Table in El Salvador

I may be wrong on this, but I'm guessing that freepers are NOT holding candlelight vigils today.

Mississippi Governor Blocks Benefits For Immigrants Granted Deferred Action

Irony! Obama's Presidency has brought BOTH gays and racists out of the closet.

Based on the interview by Harry Smith of the Mormons

Barack Obama will out himself as a Muslim at the DNC convention: and more from right wing crazyland

Just checking in: did that mass exodus of businesses ever materialize?

Republican Agenda:

The RW is like the Soviet Union breaking up

Mister Rogers Remixed | Garden of Your Mind | PBS Digital Studios

Romney & Ryan's GOP: Back to the Back Alley

This week in the War on Workers: Government regulations and government dollars, saving lives

Farmer: 'It was the system that failed us'

Romney admits big business knows, ...".how to get through the tax code.."

Macro Privatisations Bring Micro Benefits to Guatemalans

Any True Blood predictions?

A Dark Spot on Earth taken from Space

Awesome Pic I saw On Facebook Today

Anti-Obama Doc Bests Other New Films

So...Are we the next to leave Afghanistan declaring "victory"....????

How does Ryan make Romney more acceptable to the baggers when he defers to him on every position?

Awesome Pic I saw On Facebook Today

Okay, so assuming Obama wins and Congress stays the same...

6 Sep, 77 Summer St Boston MA; Bradley Manning Support Demo

Obese Youth Have Significantly Higher Risk of Gallstones

Right to Life...huh? Aren't there people who die every day who might have been saved with...

Big-City Districts Bail on Teacher-Incentive Grants

"Obama: Republicans Will Be Willing To Deal In My Second Term" - TPM. hmmmm....

Who is Julian Assange? By the people who know him best

Large Red Cross convoy spotted on I-4. (Isaac)

Arms and the Duck

Football starts next weekend (College), but I'm still in Baseball Mode

Nice op from the NYTimes "The Crackpot Caucus"

Red Sox fans - blockbuster trade - good...or bad?

State within a state. Christian Right groups want to be 4th Branch of Government.

Ted Kennedy: February 22, 1932 – August 25, 2009

America Doesn't Need a Birther-in-Chief

MSNBC Breaking: Neil Armstrong has died


Uygur: Did David Koch buy Paul Ryan the VP slot?

21 years in prison for 77 murders.

Mitt Romney: Nutritional Facts

The Political Week on Twitter: Assange special

Neil Armstrong Dead; Apollo 11 Astronaut Was First on Moon

This is what it looks like when a country makes abortion illegal--El Salvador

WSTFTD Special Edition: Neil Armstrong, Dead.

This is Love

Where were you when Neil Armstrong stepped off that ladder on to the Moon?

MICHAEL GRUNWALD: The Party of No: New Details on the GOP Plot to Obstruct Obama

This guy is awesome...

Neil Armstrong steps on the Moon. We had dreams then. Let's have them again.

Wagner's "Siegfried's Funeral March" was playing when I got the news about Neil Armstrong

The TV show Bewitched was shelved for a year because

I stood on the beach and watched Neil Armstrong fly to the moon.

Yes, Obama leads in PA, but "the poll’s results suggest the race could tighten." Th Hill says

Did War Change You At All?

We had a Saturday morning "Thin Man" brunch and I had to post this tribute to "Asta"!

"lizard winkie" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include the words "lizard winkie"

Poll on gun control methods

It's not just a birther joke at all.

Northern Ohio DUers, this article needs some help

"As President, will you do everything in your power to end legal abortion in the United States?"

The Todd Akin Medical Center

reading of neil armstrong's death today, I remembered a book written by some of the astronauts

Mitt Romney Sort Of Promises To Bank In U.S. If Elected President

To our DU Friends in the Florida Panhandle...Isaac is now projected to be a Cat 2 at landfall

Mitt Romney Sort Of Promises To Bank In U.S. If Elected President

Ryan on abortion exceptions: Rape is just another ‘method of conception’

Three Polls show Obama Blasting Past Romney in Pennsylvania.

Predict Obama's odds in the 2012 election - WaPo

In Ohio, Romney and Ryan target women voters

Let me make a distinction here, just for Government Haters

Romney turns to Ohio amid series of distractions (women need our help)

RNC Official: N.M. Governor ‘Dishonored’ Gen. Custer By Meeting With American Indians

the republican platform ...weep for America

Foreign Affairs: How Romney’s Millions Went Tax-Free Overseas

CBC: RCMP, border agents can use torture-tainted information

Here's good one posted on Facebook by a liberal Jewish friend of mine:

Pres. Obama: Romney Wouldn’t ‘Stand In The Way’ Of Push To Ban All Abortion

Actor Nathan Lane compares Paul Ryan to Wicked Witch of the West

Siemens - stop union-busting in the USA

Tea Party on Education

TCM Schedule for Monday August 27 - Summer Under the Stars: Jeanette MacDonald

McVey's concealed carry permit revoked

Democrats Plan Counterpunch at Republican Convention

Over 600 Ohio weapons permits invalid due to scam

Assange could go to international court

Gunman Had Conceal Carry License

GOP New Hampshire candidate says he would use deadly force to stop an abortion

My problem with the Christian Right is

Phil Plait, of Bad Astronomy fame, comments on Neil Armstrong's life and passing:

Phil Plait, of Bad Astronomy fame, comments on Neil Armstrong's life and passing:

Obama: Romney Doesn't Have a "Good Argument" Video of AP interview

Top Haqqani network militant 'killed in Pakistan'

Mullah Dadullah Dead: Key Pakistani Taliban Figure Reportedly Killed In Afghanistan

Mr Tea

I lost my dog's Bamboo Combat Extreme Flying Cow toy

From Bible-Belt Pastor to Atheist Leader


Real Time With Bill Maher: Arianna Huffington Goes Off On 'Doormat' Paul Ryan - video link

Agenda Illustrated

i'm probably just late to the table on this, but this is hilarious from the Obama campaign...

In honor of Neil Armstrong: The Top 40 July 20, 1969 - and a bonus

Did you ever own a cat with behavior carried over from previous life?

Hot Hatch Chili Recipe please?

Who has 2 thumbs and a husband who's released more than 2 years of their tax returns?

What The Left Won't Tell You About The Boom In U.S. Gun Sales

What Would You Do?

Here's a good gift for your conservative relatives - a mug with the President's Birth Certificate

They're getting desperate

Largest Gathering of Hate Groups (Guinness World Record?)

Is RKBA (Right to keep and bear arms) a Progressive value?

Ronald Reagan: Collective Bargaining = Freedom

Romney, Ryan reach out to female voters ahead of convention..bwahahahahahahaa

The Armstrong Family asks that you honor Neil by:


We’ve Taken a Bite Out of Palermo’s (Costco take action info too)

Barack Obama: 'Romney's policies would make things worse'

Romney/Ryan - the Birther/Bircher ticket

Neil Armstrong is dead.

Obama: Romney Not Owning Up to Duties

Obama: Romney Is Locked Into "Extreme Positions"

How easy would it be for the GOP to move their convention at the last minute?

a great gift for conservative relatives!

Obama: I'm Offering "a Path Forward"

a bay area liberal and a fundamentalist southern christian have more in common

Obama: Romney Doesn't Have a "Good Argument"

Conservative UK Economist newspaper cannot endorse romeny

Obama: Ryan Is the GOP's Ideological Architect

Obama: "We Aren't Where We Need to Be"

Obama: Compromise Is Not "a Dirty Word"

Family Statement Regarding the Death of Neil Armstrong

Garry Kasparov cleared of protesting at Pussy Riot trial


excellent video of republican woman turning their back on a lifetime supporting their party.

Some Tennessee Republicans dodge questions about GOP abortion language

It's my first time....

Belt-tightening time

I give you: Dogshaming!

Neil Armstrong 2012 Australian video interview

The Wicker Tree (movie non-review)

'Birther' bill supporters among GOP Platform Committee Member

Boston Bain workers criticize firm founded by Romney, to protest at Republican convention

Skin Tags. ugh

What Happens to US-Born Kids of Deported Immigrants?

Slate--Here Comes the Hillbilly, Again: What Honey Boo Boo really says about American culture.

Maddow and Hayes: Romney trolling liberals so racists will vote for him

Yes, its true.. The Hottest KPOP song out right now.. is

Feynman would have approved

I live in California and we don't see any polical advertisement on TV. I was wondering if in the

FBI promises to respond to Congress on Holder travel

Obama ad: We don’t need a ‘Birther-in-Chief’

Shout Out to PSU "Get Out the Vote" Volunteers...

Let me get this straight...

Have you noticed that the Romney campaign has yet to have one successful new cycle

All Outta Angst...

If you see a Will Shakespeare thread, please kick it. Will needs some love today.

1969: Neil Armstrong went to the Moon. Mitt Romney came back from France.

Aw, too bad. Sources: Tampa convention start could be delayed

NATO Says Pakistani Militant Is Killed in Afghanistan

Absurdity today.

Mitt Romney Sort Of Promises To Bank In U.S. If Elected President

Uygur: Did David Koch buy Paul Ryan the VP slot?

Neil Armstrong Died... Not Lance Armstrong!

Tropical storm Isaac drenches Haiti and hits Cuba en route to Florida

We're gonna trip the light

John Sununu calls major TV networks ‘hypocritical’ on convention coverage

IT'S A MANDATE! Church of LDS is "neutral" on a Willard presidential bid. USA! USA! USA! USA! USA!

Best Travers Stakes I ever saw...

In a Choice Election on Energy, Voters Favoring Obama

Toon: We did build it...

Obama: Neil Armstrong ‘Among The Greatest Of American Heroes’

(Tyler Clementi) After Gay Son’s Suicide, Mother Finds Blame in Herself and in Her Church

Romney: Neil Armstrong ‘Takes His Place In The Hall Of Heroes’

State of Emergency declared for the entire state of Florida

An anti-Muslim Wingnut diatribe and my response: (Please read the response before flagging)

The Roman Army Knife: Or how the ingenuity of the Swiss was beaten by 1,800 years

Funny: Proof That A Potential Mitt Romney Presidency is ALREADY Hurting Americans! (& other satire)

7 Birthers Speaking At The Republican Convention

Mr. Gorsky, we mourn with you.

Julian Assange

Are there any DUers in Nashville, TN?

Here's a shout out to all the NASA engineers and other Federal employees

Talking Points Memo (now Obama 274)

New: DNCC Announces Additional Speakers for the Democratic Convention

This Republican Party reminds me of a story from my Aunt Maggie...

Incidentally, Mitt, we built that

What does this image of Romney make you think of?

"Money can really fuck you up."

Obama: Neil was among the greatest of American heroes - not just of his time, but of all time

Romney's economic advisers...

Obama Says Debates Could Shake Up Race

The Way We Were: This is inspired by the increased interest here and elsewhere

26 killed in huge Venezuela oil refinery fire; gas leak suspected

Buzz Aldrin responds to passing of Neil Armstrong

An old joke remembered

In honor of my PWT family member's arrest for shoplifting at Walmart. Prison Playlist!!!

Famous people from your astrological sign who you're proud and ashamed of

Just on CNN: COnvention will actually begin on Tuesday.

Hurricane Issac changes path to closer to Tampa Repug Natl Convention

GOP delays start of convention until Tuesday

So long meant the world to us...

Akin cartoon

Breaking - ReTHUGS postpone di convention despite this BS release

Some Small Business FACTS!

Breaking - GOP Will Delay Convention Start

Found an animated gif that loungers will want to use in the near future

Chinese wetland has beachgoers seeing red

JFK: We choose to go to the moon

Government "spending" vs. "recirculation"

CNN Sucks. Why can't they just tell it like it is "Don't Trust Republicans"

Astronaut 'Neil Young' first man to walk on moon, dies at 82

Fishy alert, IMO. Anyone want to own up to it?

ParaNorman got applause at the end on a subtle gay issue

During the Presidential Debates when the moderator asks: "Boxers or Briefs?"

GOP Plants FAKE ‘Letter to Editor’ to Combat ‘War on Women’

Advertisements - all or nothing?

Chinese wetland has beachgoers seeing red

Alabama governor Robert Bentley cancels attendance at GOP convention

Space. The Final Frontier. Thank you, Neil.

Gov. Scott withdraws from RNC activities ahead of Isaac

Looking for religious glory, foreign fighters finding it hard to fit in

Wrong ball !!!!

UNMARRIED Women will decide who is president in 2013

Just rcv'd e-mail alerts: GOP to cancel 1st day's events...

Obama Admininstration Changes Sides, Backs Shell in Supreme Court Case

Why Akin matters: Obama now leads Romney in Missouri

First Moon Landing 1969

Ronald, you're FIRED !!

Neil Armstrong, Morman.

The City, Standing Behind (SF) City College

Toon: RNC Preparedness kit!

The almost-definitive guide to the Medicare debate

Tropical Storm Isaac hugs Cuba coast, expected to be Cat 2 hurricane in Gulf

Stay safe Florida DUers!

FDL Book Salon Welcomes Kim Stanley Robinson, 2312

Fox's U.S. TV station licenses challenged

Jimmy Fallon Does the BEST Mitt Romney Impression Ever!

Denmark's Recipe for a Model Democracy

Morning Joe will be interesting Monday. I wonder what they will talk about...

i wrote a long explanation for my decision here

Gallup Chart: Post Convention bumps avg 5% - (less Kerry, Dems best GOP post Nixon)...Clinton tops..

Romney drunk texting tribute to Neil Armstrong

Good News! PA is trending terrifically!!

Jacob Zuma risks removal over handling of Marikana mine killings

Here's a great interview - have a laugh!

This film is NOT done with miniatures!

HOLY SHIT!!! Neil Young has died.

Since when did the local movie theater

Who inherits your iTunes library?

Don't forget Tuesday (Aug 28) is Primary day (nt)