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Group robs bank, sends thank you note to mask company

List of people who should be consulted about rape, from most reliable to least reliable

The RNC could bring $140 million to Tampa businesses. So who built

safe abortion saves women's lives

The outlaw monkey of Tampa

Ballad Of The Chrome Nun

Republican Stimulus Hypocrisy Should Enrage Every Struggling American

70,000 women a year die from illegal, unsafe abortions

Gotta give Todd Akin some credit...

Who Am I-Country Joe And The Fish

Big Ed has some important updates on the voter suppression fights in Ohio and PA

Don't Crush That Dwarf, Hand Me The Pliers

Melissa Harris Perry on Romney's welfare strategy

Colorado DUers, update us on how the "Legalize Pot" chances are looking.......

Dammit. My Swiss cheese only has two holes in each slice.

Great quote from Al Franken

Sensata workers head to Republican National Convention

Sarah Palin sculpted votive candle !

Fox News poll: Romney + 1

Howlin' Wolf-Highway 49

The mormon missionaries don't even bother anymore

New York MTA: Suburban Passengers Get $7 Per Ride, Subway Riders, A Buck

ICE agents sue against deportation policies

FYI, Tweety on Leno tonight...n/t

Put me down, you bastard

Screaming Jay Hawkins-Little Demon

Federal Way man accused of vowing to 'kill the president'

Feeds 3-4

How we roll in America

"Retrieved" 9/11 canine heroes that are still with us.

Tell Alaska Airlines to stop impoverishing contract workers

Found on FB: Yiddish Curses for Republican Jews

Is too late to register absentee in Ohio?

Who said CaliforniaPeggy doesn't know how to party?

Lounge daily inspirational post

State Senator Nina Turner (D-OH) was pretty fired up tonight on The Ed Show


Simple but tasty cooking - crab cakes w/remoulaude sauce + pico de gallo

"Baroque Yo' Mama": Young Barack Obama's Genuinely Hilarious Self-Parody

If I Had A Hammer (Peter, Paul & Mary)

LOL! Mitt Romney: What I Learned at Bain Capital (WSJ op-ed) - updated

Ok a little anti-Romney eye candy...

I wonder if it is merely coincidence

Obama wins only on the strength of female turnout

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Blow, Blow, Blow the Man Down . & a new Doggie gif

The Talibangelicals' War on Critical Thinking continues

If Rush has his head up his ass,

Things the wacky right believes (feel free to add your own)

Lol...i love how Rachel Maddow pronounces...

Anti-Gay Pastor Convicted Of Obscenity For Masturbating In Public

Bain documents: "worthless" files or "unauthorized disclosure" of "confidential" statements?

Rmoney wants to kill the only network that will air his wife's convention speech

Now we did it. Jennifer Lawrence getting ready to film Catching Fire & she looks skinny.

'Disclosure,' One Direction Parody Featuring Shirtless Male Models, Zings Mitt Romney And GOP

This Is How Proud Romney Was to Be Pro-Gay Rights in 1994

RBS may be bigger Libor culprit than Barclays, says MP

Anybody else get migraines?

How hip-hop fell out of love with Obama


Psychohistory Predics Revolution In 2020

Are You Going To Watch Monday's Upcoming RNC Circus?

Study: Coverage of Obama, Romney highly negative

Limbaugh Says He Hasn't Spoken To Mitt Romney "In Weeks"

Mike Luckovich cartoon: Preserving Medicare

Chopin Liszt !

Obama: Romney's 'Energy Independence' an Empty Promise, Except to Big Oil

Limbaugh: Republicans Think Dems Are Stupid, So They Try To Trick Them Into Voting On The Wrong Day

Kuncinich: US policies create terrorism

Rev. Grant Storms, critic of Southern Decadence, convicted of obscenity for public masturbation

100-Year-Old Mysterious Package In Norway Set To Be Opened

Tom & Jerry - Cat Concerto

The party of rape enablers gets the blessing of rape enablers......

I'm now sorry I gave money to Jennifer Brynner :(

Romney May Be Nominated Early

The ED Show - Romney’s energy plan focuses on drilling

I hope DUers see the con - destroy ACORN

Romney: Big business is 'doing fine'

Cheaters Prosper: Disgraced Crescendo CEO Wins $240,000 Settlement

Romney is afraid to be Nominated on TV

Audit: FAA ineffective in program to keep animals from hitting planes

I'm Back! So does Isaac mean god hates Repubs, or is it still the gays?

Josh Marshall: Welfare lies my be Working

The Ed Show Tonight!

100-Year-Old Mysterious Package In Norway Set To Be Opened

President Obama's tweet regarding Vice-President Biden

American Business They Don't Need Americans Anymore - We Are Irrelevant

Need help with Debate Moderator Questions for Romney, please

Google and Amazon announce events in early September...

These 2 dimbulbs (Hannity & Coulter) want Akin out not because of what he said but because he,,,,

***Pics*** Sikh Solidarity, Boston MA 8-23-12

just got into Charlotte today!

The ED Show - Republicans on track to steal Ohio?

Universal vaccine could eliminate annual flu shots

"The Party of No: New Details on the GOP Plot to Obstruct Obama" by Michael Grunwald at Time

Drought Disrupts Everyday Tasks In Rural Midwest (wells running dry)

One of my younger sisters had a tubal pregnancy

''Startled'' Sheriff Shoots Navy Vet In Her Own Breast In Her Own Back Yard

So, when do we start passing laws regarding penises?

"Poll: Female voters say Romney 'out of step' on women's health issues"

wow the hits just keep coming...vos`s wife voter fraud

I refuse to watch any movie that has Chuck Norris in it.

Akin's message to rapists: "If she gets pregnant, she actually wanted it and it really wasn't rape."

Troubles with Facebook

Silent Running by Mike and the Mechanics

For all you Bill Clinton fans....

l don't want everyone to vote. Paul Weyrich.

“If challenged in court, Bain would lose."

'Girl Panic' Duran Duran. A more tightly crafted video.

A Discussion on American Protestantism, History and Development

Genghis Khan proves Akin et alia are fools!

Best to Worst States for Women

Armstrong Drops Fight Against Doping Charges

Do you project voices onto certain DUer's posts?

Today I got an email from Planned Parenthood - they informed me

My new bumper sticker... and why I ordered it.

Bottom line: Romney has not paid all the taxes required by law. (Victor Fleisher, CO Law Prof)

Did you all see the Ad released TODAY from President Bill Clinton?

Mitt Romney: Big Business 'Doing Fine' In Most Places

New Georgia Poll Romney 49 Obama 46

*Very cool ad by Patrick Murphy, Allen West challenger in FL!

The Urban League Urges Nike to Drop LeBron X Shoes

Book on bin Laden raid ignites controversy among SEALs

"Poll: Obama holds lead in fight for middle class vote"

The Atlantic: Fear of a Black President

Ryan: Obama on Notice to ‘Put Up or Shut Up’ With Defense Cuts Plan

Homeland Security Prepares for Civil War

Romney Does Florida - Counterpunch

Is Paul Krugman's reference to "Very Serious People" a direct reference to

Tagg, you're a twit, just like your dad, Mitt

USADA to ban Armstrong for life

Perfect. Billboard in Tampa

21 serial rapists discovered in first 400 kits of 11000 kit backlog found in '09. Tragic

"Bill Clinton to take Obama message to battleground states" By Olivier Knox, Yahoo! News

'The challenge for cable news,' by (yes) David Frum

BANNED FOR LIFE: Lance Armstrong To Be Stripped Of Tour De France Titles Over Doping Charges

romney will replace cuts to defense with cuts to food stamps (ryan spills the beans)

Totally Biased, with Kamau Bell...Any other devotees?

I hope the hurricane doesn't stop the train wreck

Will Ofac Pull the Plug on People-to-People Cuba Travel?

Poster calls for Arab men to keep away from Jewish girls

TYT: Cenk on Rush Limbaugh’s Hurricane Isaac conspiracy theories

TYT: Jerry Springer on right-wingers who want to abolish federal agencies

They Are Lying R$R Will Just Let Medicare Die

Romney could be nominated early in convention week

Are there certain actors that you refuse to see in any movie?

Police in southwestern Illinois say teenage girl held captive more than 2 years escapes

PSA: If something is really full metal jacket world class stupid it's always wise to suspect snark..

Ohio GOP Admits Early Voting Cutbacks Are Racially Motivated

"Eroding middle class falls to 51%, survey finds" By Rebecca Trounson, Los Angeles Times

A Significant Increase in Military Flights

paging MIRT

Known Associate to 151 pedophiles to "Bless" GOP National Convention.

Romney’s Economic and Social Suicide Pact

Suspicious: public-privatized states-within-a-state planned in Honduras

The Cowardly Right Starting A Civil War? HA!

"The Fascinating Differences Between The Conservative and Liberal Personality "

Drunken, anti-gay Repug lawmaker crashes speedboat into a vessel filled with children

Detained Marine veteran now released, per judge’s order

Sexual boundaries (Yes, Assange related)

the impact of illegal abortion

Gene Kelly or Fred Astaire?

The late "drink-soaked former Trotskyist popinjay" had a tender side.

Lance Armstrong Won't Fight Doping Charges

my question to Pat Robertson

A FB graphic on why people vote Republican

"The Real Strategy Behind Romney’s (Lying) Welfare Ads" by Nate Cohn at The New Republic

No longer obese.

Moving to Nevada soon...Yippie Ki Yo Ki Yay.

TCM Schedule for Friday, August 24 -- Summer Under The Stars: Irene Dunne

Next Republicans will move to outlaw miscarriage...

Looks like Isaac is heading just a bit further west of Tampa

Bentley the Bulldog Puppy

Romney adviser leading immigration lawsuit

Hands Off, Crazy!

don't know if you guys have seen this...

113 arrested in Chile student protests

Came home from work tonight to find my kitty was no longer with us...

The Party of No: New Details on the GOP Plot to Obstruct Obama

just got this gem of a cartoon from a bat shit crazy right wing friend

An image: No truer words were spoken

Defending Social Security Speakers Bureau

Secretion Team Delta-GOP....eeee-i-eee-i-oh-my

How will Republicans handle a hurricane?

"Dont Answer The Phone its Probably A Bill Collector"

Attn: Occupy- help me to help the country- listen to me please!

Julian Assange extradition: six myths debunked

What started out as a really mediocre day....

This Cat walks like Romney

Continuing thread to suggest NEW smilies

Rape and the left: Assange, Galloway and the problem with women

Mayo-tossing assailant arrested in Sapporo

the funniest get out the vote ad I ever saw:

The other side has still lost their fucking minds

Facts and Consequences: Legality, Incidence and Safety of Abortion Worldwide

In wide-ranging discussion, Judge Richard Posner weighs in on Wall Street, the Constitution

Republican platform said to eye return to gold standard

It is rude to say Republicans are anti-consent

Romney and Ryan: Right Wing Billionaires Think it's Time to Take the Gloves Off

this is not SPAM..this is information that Americans need to know.

history of abortion

Paul Ryan Goddam: Melissa Harris-Perry

My Mom caught a Musky!

Build a Truth Machine

Best 80's song with worst music video.

Well, Dick Pound's jihad against Armstrong succeeded.

Pass along the graphics: War on Women


For the lovers of 'poll list compilations' - here's a new page for Obama/Romney polls to bookmark

Why Romney is so unpopular with black voters

The Republican Platform: Return to the Gold Standard?

But would he keep that promise?

Aetna Builds Empire: One Denial at A Time

Washington Post puff piece: George W. Bush doesn’t miss ‘the swamp’ of politics

With Footwear Scanners Failing in Airport Tests, the Shoes Still Have to Come Off

Australia retrial for US surgeon Jayant Patel

Signs Suggest Iran Is Speeding Up Work on Nuclear Program

Anders Breivik should be declared sane, majority of Norwegians believe

Isn't it time to seriously think about changing the mechanics of Elections.

Some local donors still support Akin campaign

UK wants to resume talks with Ecuador over Assange fate

The Graphics War on Women Continues...

Breivik verdict: mass-murderer declared sane and sentenced to 21 years

Michael Higgins unloads on Michael graham

Kitten advice anyone?

When Conservative IDIOTS ask you...

The GOP's effort to steal this election should clear up any questions about Gore V Bush.

Oslo Court Sentences Extremist (Anders Behring Breivik) to Prison for Mass Killing

How the Gun Industry Got Rich Stoking Fear About Obama

The Sustainability Movement and Urban Farming

Prosecutors Dragging Activists into Grand Juries, Citing Their Social Circles & Anarchist Literature

A lot of people put down the 70's as far as music goes....

Prisons, Profit and Immigrants in Arizona

The Real News: Tunisia to Reject Odious Debt

You cannot be serious

Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong to Donate $100K to Planned Parenthood

WiLLIARd RMoney is running from Ron Paul

rush: 'I think the country could survive 4 more years of Obama' (smells like defeat)

Another song from the time I graduated high school, 1983

Toon: Consultants

Howard Zinn Turns 90: The Great Legacy of the People's Historian

Syria spillover clashes escalate in Lebanon

A BATTLE CRY by new DUer viguy007

The upcoming political implosion...

Thomas Frank thinks Obama will be less conciliatory in a second term

7 of the Craziest Myths About Female Biology of All Time

Cory Booker thinking about running against Christy for NJ Governor

They Are Really Hanging A Lot On Rmoney's Convention Speech....

RNC is rescheduling Ann Romney's speech for Tuesday, according to MSNBC this morning

Will the 'new' gop try to change, or double down on the nastiness?

Romney: Big business is fine, helped by tax havens (AP via Yahoo)

FOX NEWS names Navy Seal that killed Osama Bin Laden

Older dads linked to rise in genetic disorder

Is there some musical artist that everyone loves who you just can't stand?

More parents than ever in NI choose to give children MMR jab{ireland}

George Lakoff: How Romney-Ryan's Budget Would Destroy America's Soul

American, JetBlue, Southwest, United Airlines Shrink Legroom on Planes

With Armstrong out, who is winner of le Tour de France in each of those 7 years?

High School basketball player collapses in court during sentencing of assault and battery

How to have an opinion on women’s reproductive rights

Gallup: Obama leads on all personal characterists & 5 of 7 issues, BIG GAINS on healthcare, taxes

Pakistani girl accused of blasphemy traumatised: activist

Armstrong, Bonds, McGuire, Sosa, Clemens--fucking cheaters all.

Peru police seize dried seahorses

In Florida and Ohio, seniors back Romney over Obama on Medicare

Galt, Gold and God--Krugmans piece on Ryan's worship of Ann Rand, a must read.

Atheist Summer Camp Is Heaven on Earth for Nonbelievers

US drone strike 'kills 16' in Pakistan

Why are seniors a largely republican contituency?

Pluralism and prejudice: How conflicts over religious pluralism reveal America’s new ‘Sacred Ground’

CNN works on getting Romney the sympathy vote

With 2 Catholic rivals for VP, a cardinal at RNC, Catholics play prominent role in campaign

Q: Who was the first female to receive an electoral vote in a United States presidential election?

The New Science of Religion

David Sirota: From Greenwashing to Workerwashing

Misoprostol – a pill that saves women's lives or an excuse not to give them care?

Mitt Romney: What I Learned at Bain Capital (more delicious irony)

This is by far the best piece I've read on Mitt Romney to date.

Green Climate Fund to discuss $100bn pledged by rich countries

The bizarre, unhealthy, blinding media contempt for Julian Assange

Richard III could be buried under Leicester car park, archaeologists say

Tropical Storm Watch for Jamaica --- Isaac not following the forecast?

What Is The Controversy Around This Navy Seals Book?...

"No Exceptions"

Verizon Motorola Droid 4 ... Too many apps running, burning up bandwidth..

Don't Believe The Report Going Around About Veterans Flocking To Right Wing Extremist Groups

Patriot Majority puts anti-Koch Bros. ad on Florida TV

The Human Cost of War on Iran

"documents reveal...Romney has a lot of money doing complicated things in a lot of strange places"

AP: Romney Uses Secretive Data-Mining To ID Likely Donors

This is someone who fell in to the deep end, and there's no water in the pool.

Check Out America's Biggest Defense Purchases From The Past Week

Idaho Republican: ‘I Don’t Think Women Even Know What Rape Is’

With Akin going on, I had to think of Polanski and Whoopy Goldberg.

I Have PTSD, And I'm Tired Of People Seeing Me As A Lethal Loose Cannon

Paul Krugman: Oy Vey (posts link to Yiddish Curses for Republican Jews site)

Man sues gun range for 'Ladies Day' promo

Legitimate Hurricane?

This is a PSA only: There is a bunch of weird stuff going on here

Going Undercover at the GOP's Voter Vigilante Project to Disrupt the Nov. Election

Negative C-isotope excursions at the Permian-Triassic boundary linked to volcanism

Cory Booker Tells Party Chairs He's Contemplating 2013 Gubernatorial Run

Going Undercover at the GOP's Voter Vigilante Project to Disrupt the Nov. Election

Republicans Attempt to Axe Program Monitoring Carcinogens

States continue to move forward, build Affordable Insurance Exchanges

Novel Technique to Synthesize Nanocrystals That Harvest Solar Energy

Not so fast, pilgrim

RNC Memo Touts Momentum By Citing Polls That Show Obama With The Lead

Today in Peace and Justice history on August 24, 1970

OK, back in the dark days, Fox News went to Court in Florida and said

Just a simple thank you to todd akin:

Was DU down this morning?

The Crackpot Caucus

AGU: Link found between cold European winters and solar activity

Toon: Check with the Government!

CJR - On The Campaign Trail, The Silence On Climate Grows Deafening

Teen held captive for 2 years in Ill. home leads police back to child she left behind

Past Tropical Climate Change Linked to Ocean Circulation

Jerry Nelson 1934-2012

7 of the Craziest Myths About Female Biology of All Time

Honey badger, hell, Joe Biden don't care

Breaking on MSNBC (TV) - 5 shot at Empire State Building

FBI says akin receiving rape and death threats

Man accused of forcing unprotected sex against the will of women

Scientists produce H2 for fuel cells using an inexpensive catalyst under real-world conditions

Occupy the pubic hair of Assange!

seems you can get tickets to ryans sendoff in janesville on monday

Increased Access to Health Care May Decrease Abortions

...Can Romney repackage himself as warm and likeable? (LOL!)

Ohio’s Secretary Of State: Everything and Everybody Everywhere is Exactly the Same at All Times

No-Till Could Help Maintain Crop Yields Despite Climate Change (but not indefinitely)

Shooting near the Empire State Building

Why Equality Matters

Friday TOON Roundup 1 -GOP is Akin'

Friday TOON Roundup 2 - More Akin and repubs

I have to side with Fox on outing the Seal/Author

Please. Stop. PATRONIZING. Women. Please stop substituting YOUR judgement for their wishes

Friday TOON Roundup 3 - Repubs, all kinds

Compare polls at this time in 2008 to now and you would be surprised...

Friday TOON Roundup 4- War

Is anyone else getting email invites for the RaiderZ closed beta ?

Friday TOON Roundup 5- Mitt and politics

Is The GOP's Anti-Reproductive Rights Campaign A Response to the Strides That Women

Isaac and the reTHUGs

Friday TOON Roundup 6- Harry's Jewels and the rest

Good Friday morning quote from Bill Maher

If she floats, she's a witch

Is this a good site on absentee ballots and voter registration?

Paul Ryan said Rape is One "Method" To Get Pregnant...

U.S.: Israeli Probe Into Rachel Corrie's Death Wasn’t ‘Credible’

Romney Uses Secretive Data-Mining

Rasmussen - Obama +1 in Missouri (do you buy it?)

Trust Me to Save Medicare - Nick Anderson Toon

Luckovich nails Romney/Ryan on their pledge to 'preserve' Medicare and Medicaid

Germany's Gay Rights Debate Becomes Heated

Luckovich Toon: "We'll Make Sure They're Preserved....."

The Quebec Student Protest Movement and the Power of the Radical Imagination

'Consistent with Conservative Values' German Minister Supports Tax Benefits for Gay Couples

Romney Says ‘Big Business Is Doing Fine,’ But He’d Still Give Them A Trillion-Dollar Tax Cut

Ben Sargent Toon on Texas

Paul Ryan In 2008 Suggested Creating A 'Manhattan Project' To 'Put Fossil Fuels Out Of Business'


Please take a look at this map and tell me if you see what I see

REPORT: Seniors Will Pay $60,000 More For Medicare Under Romney/Ryan Plan

The Children Are Still Dying: Violence is Not News

Indo-European Languages Originated in Anatolia, Research Suggests

Mission Accomplished for Big Oil?

If I voted to leave it, it was an accident.

'Smart Catheters' for the Major Problem of Catheter-Related Infections

Hubble’s Hidden Treasures Revealed (big space pics!)

Republican excitement over Mitt Romney is building

Romney Moves Up Convention Roll Call

Calling All Harris County DU'ers

Advantage Flu Virus: Scientists Discover One of the Ways the Influenza Virus Disarms Host Cells

Group calls on Romney to drop Huckabee from Tampa over Akin

If your screenname is in an OP and you post in that thread --it's not stalking

I have two theories about fat.

1.5 million children in Colombia subject to child labor .

What Ever Became of George W. Bush?

NO Exceptions...

A Clue Emerges to Romney’s Gift-Tax Mystery

Kodak set to quit camera film and photo paper business

Uribe's former security chief worked 'hand in hand' with AUC: Mancuso .

Anti-gay Bryan Fischer compares Todd Akin to Rape Victim

RIP Jerry Nelson you will be always loved and missed

AT&T Paid No Federal Taxes in 2011, Saw $420 Million Refund

Growing older gracefully: meaning ?

Infographic: When Dollars Stop Fatalities

So, I'm in Yosemite this week, talking to a Dutch Woman there with her family

MSNBC on the web? I am going somewhere for 6 days without it on cable but with internet, help?

Drug lord's diary incriminating Colombian top officials is fake: Chief prosecutor .

Is anyone else getting just a black box

Getting older? You are wealthy beyond your wildest DREAMS!!!!

KRUGMAN: RYAN/GOP Modern Thinker-explicitly trying to make life harder for poor-for their own good

China Confronts Mounting Piles of Unsold Goods

Pic Of The Moment: Romney Now Unsure If Coming Or Going

does anyone have a walkthrough for rooting a

Mike Thompson toon on the upcoming "We hate gubmint!" GOPer convention

Welfare Peon to Planet Romney: Fact Check This!

Does Paul Ryan Really Love the Outdoors?

Human rights in Honduras: State Department looks the other way

Human rights in Honduras: State Department looks the other way

Climate Change and the Fate of a Million Kids

"the RNC doesn't want mainstream voters to think Romney's a's too late for that"

"... if intelligence were contagious, GOP would be giving out vaccines for it."

Report: Ton of marijuana seized, 7 arrested off Calif. coast

What the G.O.P. Platform Represents

SATC: I Am Woman!

I just received a text alert about a shooting outside the Empire State Building. Any news?

Apparently “you people” would rather watch paint dry than watch Lady Romney’s speech

Marylanders for Marriage Equality Coalition Surpasses 100 Partners

Woman’s Rapist Wants Custody Of Child

The Geordie Eye Test

Do you have nicknames for your pets?

This isn’t a story why?

Rachel Maddow - Echoes of George W. Bush's Iraq war in Romney campaign

Bain documents

Warren Ballentine: The republicans need to talk about the economy

Let's play "What's wrong with this analysis..." article by Charlie Cook

People Stay Homeless Because the Shelters Are So Damn Nice

Rachel Maddow - Romney's talkative about secret they want to keep

Rasmussen shows Obama leading in Missouri following Todd Akin controversy

Has anyone here read "Child 44"?

MiddleFingerMom update straight from the horse's, mouth!!!

Bill Maher - My New Rule for Todd Akin and the Republican Party

Millionaire Mitt’s Gotta Admit If He’s a Tax Fraud or a Vulture Capitalist (Tax Forms Hold Key)

NYC shooter: I figure that it would have been worse

Forget the Mormon moment; it's about Catholics

During GOP Convention Dems will not cede even one day to the GOP...

Drumbeat: August 24, 2012

NYPD spying on Muslims turns up nothing.

Peak oil notes - August 23

Fox Nation: Failed Baseball player headlines Obama's Fundraiser

Peak oil notes - August 23

Drumbeat: August 24, 2012

Watch Live : As 100-Year-Old Mysterious Package In Norway Set To Be Open Today

Nate Silver: 7 Ways to Evaluate a Poll.

How big is that voucher?

NPR corrects Family Research Council "misstatement" about President's comments

FACT CHECK: The Start of Romney’s Convention Re-Invention

homicide rates by years

Never Forget Rape is a Form of Oppression!

Mitt Romney 13.0: Bain is back

Billboard in Rep. Ryan's home town...

Legitimate Rape by the Renegade Raging Grannies

Greatest sports rant ever?

Markos Moulitsas: The race in the Electoral College ISN'T tightening

GOP Attorneys Gen'l: Voting Rights Act Should Be Struck Down To Boost Laws Suppressing Minority Vote

My Appearance today on RT's CrossTalk debating Obama vs Romney

This guy predicts a small Romney lead after BOTH conventions...

For GOP mega-donors, a convention of their own

A direct quote from my 82 year old mother in regard to the NYC shootings.........

GOP: The anti-woman warriors

mr. fish

Good Way To Make Them - ADMIT - TRICKLE DOWN Does NOT Work!

Powell fields questions at town hall.

Ancient Alien guy on rethugs

Once again today is an ELO kinda day

Good article on Lance Armstrong's doping

Most Mutations Come from Dad

Court: Gov't can fund embryonic stem cell research

Uh out for the Paulbots

wells supplying people’s homes are running dry

The Party of No:Details on GOP plot to obstruct Obama

Best Buy CEO---Stories like this make me sad.

Rachel Maddow - Romney a victim of bad advice in botch of Akin scandal?

Rasmussen claims Obama & Romney are TIED in VIRGINIA

Future of Gay

NYT: The Crackpot Caucus

Vanishing work places is the problem and we have no plans or even

"The female body can shut that down..."

Elizabeth Warren on health care and religion

The Last Word - Why Republicans now fear talking about abortion

Japanese Leader Meets With Antinuclear Protesters

Drought worsens in Plains, despite cooler temps

Romney comment echoes Pres Obama's 'Romney Hood' criticism that big businesses are avoiding taxes

Why Science Can’t Replace Religion

For Immediate Release, from Wayne Powell, cantor challenger.

8 Crucial Things You Should Know Before Travelling Abroad With Your Phone, Tablet, Or Laptop

It's still early on Friday, but the Republicans are already descending on Tampa

Bible game show aims for religious audience

Wading into the Assange and rape debate: Why hasn't Sweden charged him?

The Atlantic: "Why Do So Many Pretty Female Comedians Pretend They're Ugly?"

Has Wikileaks hacked your du-mail account yet?

A solution for the GOP's Hurricane problem...take shelter in the "Gentlemen's Clubs"

I want YOU to stop being AFRAID!

The Last Word - Romney follows Limbaugh's orders

Here's an idea. A really bad one: A Gun anyone can 3D-Print at home

Staff struggles to prevent wind from blowing down prop as Romney unveils plan abandoning wind power

From Texas TURF <[email protected]>

Punographics ... Just for fun!

The rethugs probably need this reminder before they enjoy their Tampa entertainment

Anti-Abortion Group Backs Scott Brown: He ‘Votes Pro-Life’

“No ones ever asked to see my birth certificate. They know where I was born and raised.”

Mitt Romney officially a Birther Now - makes a birther joke in MI updated to add video

Romney's Lying Machine

Mitt Romney Tax Returns May Have Employed Legally Dubious Maneuvers, Tax Experts Say

I like Elephants

Papantonio: Bain Capital’s Central American Blood Money

The Last Word - Romney’s new reason for hiding tax returns

I didn't know where else to put this, but I hope you enjoy it anyway.

Mitt Romney: ‘No one’s ever asked to see my birth certificate’

Dammit, they're birds!

A generation later, Colombian author rescues murdered father from ‘oblivion’

If you had last night in the "When will Randy Travis get drunk and crazy again?" pool, you won!

I think we should have a DU Graveyard forum...

Does anyone know why the Repub. convention is 4 days long but

Romney: Releasing tax returns would violate my religious privacy (updated)

Casey Anthony is a free woman

"Daddy" has plans. Those "ten billionaires" are playing the long game, not the short one.

How to have an opinion on women's reproductive rights

Tweety REALLY likes Ann Romney

Changed Wi-Fi Password...

Will Colombia's ex-president be brought to trial?

shutting down a teapublican while making calls the other night

U.S. court strikes down graphic warnings on cigarettes

BOOM! BAIN Bombshell-It is beginning to look as if Harry Reid knew exactly what he was talking about

I'm a progressive, and I know what rape is. I'm sick of men with a disingenuous RW political agenda

I Believe - John P. Kee

Let’s Void the Tour de France from 1999 to 2005

Ann Romney: 'When I tithe...I actually cry"

variation on the old decapitate a motorcyclist with a wire taut across the road trick

Ron Paul’s Convention Tribute Could Bring Israel Problems For GOP

Selig vs Hartmann - The Lost Decade

LaBolt: Romney embracing the most extreme elements in the conservative movement.

Stop benefits despair; fine ATOS when it fails (38Degrees petition)

Romney: ‘No One’s Ever Asked To See My Birth Certificate’

I heard on one of the morning shows that it's the economy that is keeping Romney in the race....

Majority PAC ad: Unconstitutional

What's for Dinner - Friday Aug 24th

Red-Giant Star Eating it's own Planet discovered

Latest tracking map for Tropical Storm Isaac

To those bashing the OWS movement, I think your timing is bad.

Turn out, torn off.

Romney camp tries to walk back birther joke, Obama camp responds

Lebowski Fans: ABC's Nightline to air segment on Dudeism tonight

Live bullfights back on Spanish state TV after outcry over 'shunning of culture'

Will The Koch Brothers Or Adelson Be Showing Their Faces In Tampa?....nt

Obama: 'No one's ever asked to see MY taxes going back 10 years you tea-bag birther suck up'

a question

Romney goes birther

The Paralympics has officially arrived. It has its very own cheating scandal!

Education Leaders See MOOCs, Distance Learning as the Future of Higher Ed

Romney's Nomination will come really quick and not at the end of the convention

Law enforcement source says 2 US gov’t employees wounded in shooting near Mexico City

OBAMA Campaign Re: Mitt's Birther Joke: He Has "Directly Enlisted Himself In The Birther Movement"

The case against Lance Armstrong.

Breaking: Theme song for GOP convention just announced

I feel dirty. National Review on rape pregnancy

"Harlan County, U.S.A." should be required viewing for every non-management worker in this nation.

Sinkhole radiation 15 times over limit, residents urged to record health signs

My Florida Medicaid Cuts

Sinkhole radiation 15 times over limit, residents urged to record health signs

T-Rex Would Have Eaten Adam And Eve.

Romney has now joined the birther movement-jokes about his birth certificate

Funny, isn't it, how with Tim Geithner, it was all

GOP Offers Delegates Tips on Pretending to Like Romney

I have been persuaded

Robot learns to recognise itself in mirror

GOP official says God chooses to bless raped women with pregnancy

President Obama’s formula for winning in November is 80/40. Mitt Romney’s is 61/74. Here’s why.

Limbaugh On Romney's Birth Certificate Comment: "Right On, Right On, Right On"

Seahorse ‘Kingpins’ Stopped in Action along Peruvian Coast

Romney: Releasing tax returns would violate my religious privacy

You want a thriving middle class in American again? STOP VOTING REPUBLICAN.

Auction for sacred South Dakota land cancelled

Toronto Mayor Ford to testify in removal challenge

Assange, Pinochet and Diplomatic Double-Dealing

Mitt Romney Tweaks John Boehner, Talks About Emotions, Crying

Hey Mitt, you fucking asshole, nobody's asked to see your birf sertificut

Top Ten Reasons abortion is never mentioned in the Bible.

AR: "I know this money is an indication of how much we trust God"

Mitt Romney Tax Returns May Have Employed Legally Dubious Maneuvers, Tax Experts Say

Mainers: What are your thoughts about Angus King?

Seriously!! Does Mitt Romney really want to be President

Limbaugh, RNC and Trump approve of Mitt's birther comment

Thom Hartmann: About Those 1/2 Million Call Center Jobs Shipped Overseas...

The Rude Pundit - Reacharound Friday: Guns Don't Accidentally Shoot Their Idiot Owners

Polls show diminishing lead for Brown in Ohio Senate race

Romney has a secret plan to end all the talk about his tax returns

Matt Taibbi, Eliot Spitzer on Eric Holder's Failure

So, what are the odds that Ron Paul will snake the nomination from Rmoney this week?

Mitt Romney: The Musical (The Dummies Return!!!)

Obama ahead of Romney by 4% in Colorado post-Ryan pick

The Last Supper - Akin, Romney, Ryan, GOP Eating Off the Same Plate!

Jerry Nelson, Voice of The Count on Sesame Street, Dies at 78

I wanna get a message to the DNC - attn: Debbie!! knr if you agree.

TYT: Stop Abortion With 'Deadly Force' - GOP Candidate Frank Szabo

WikiLeaks: Met police embarrassed as Assange plan revealed

Matt Nathanson "Modern Love"

Romney in Metro Detroit ( No One Ever Had to Ask to See My Birth Certificate)

China to Spend $382 Billion Reducing Energy Consumption and Pollution

Just when you thought you were going to get some!

Why some billionaires "can't afford" a small tax increase, CAN afford unlimited $ to buy politicians

From the San Francisco 49ers: It Gets Better

TYT: Mitt Romney Energy Plan Robs Taxpayers

Is Armstrong's claim valid that a USADA-directed arbitration hearing would be a "kangaroo court"?

Republicans' Seven Biggest Lies

First Thoughts: Romney's challenging summer (so far)

Mitt Romney, we don't want to see your birth certificate.

Republican Women for Obama

I'm running out of ideas for lettuce wraps!

NYT on Romney's birther comment: "It’s racism, pure and simple" (updated)

Accused Colorado gunman told classmate he wanted to kill people: document

Why the tax returns matter in a very concrete way

Mitt's birther comment has officially gone viral. 8+ pages on Google now.

For The Media Who Is Too Stupid To Realize This...

When did Obama, Biden and every other presidential?VP candidate release their tax returns?

MADDOW re: Mitt's Birther Joke - Not An Accident

Where are the jobs?

The Woman You Know And Love From 'House' Has A Chilling Message About All This GOP Rape Talk

Human Rights Campaign To Run Republican Marriage Equality Ad During GOP Convention

How come we never hear from Willard's sister??

Two Very Special Reasons Why Obama Is Fighting Against The Republican War On Women

Don’t Blink: Romney’s Nomination Is Gonna Be Early And Quick

Is it possible to be too considerate?

Yet another Floriduh connection: NY shooter's gun was bought in Fla.

Robert Reich And Jared Bernstein Expose Mitt Romney's Main Campaign Lies

Someone HAS asked for Romney's Birth Certificate...

Is Willard Romney A Birther?

To paraphrase the exquisite Ann Richards, Poor Mitt...

Four Laughable Explanations for Mitt Romney's Birther Joke

Protesters clash in Cairo over Morsi's rule

Another Fine Jackpine Prediction--

Hey Mitt, maybe you never had to show your birth certificate but at least Obama....

Hear me out on this one....

Obama spokeswoman: Romney joke latest in 'pattern' of 'gutterball politics'

Sippy Cup comes on, MSNBC goes off.

How many wives did Mitt's grandpa have? Guess we should all start "joking" about that.

How Pitiful! The National Lawyers Guild has raised only $957

Joan Walsh: Romney makes clear his strategy of doubling down on whiteness

A Guide to Mass Shootings In America

Thom Hartmann live thread 8-24-12: Encore of Monday's show with Mike Papantonio, but a new newscast

What states should Bill Clinton campaign in?

Romney Plan Would Raise Taxes On Middle Class To Finance Massive Corporate Tax Cut

One is all class...the other is all ass...

a sincere, non-trollish question, if I may.....

Romney Colorado spox off-duty for prohibiting Akin, abortion questions

Romney Declares Corporate Loopholes Off the Table in Tax Reform

Republican Women For Obama

GOP committee rejects Maine delegates; LePage won’t attend national convention

Nation Celebrates Full Week Without Deadly Mass Shooting. UPDATE: Never Mind

First there was Hank Williams Jr and now...Ronnie Dunn (from Brooks and Dunn)

A Warm Minnetonka Welcome!

Texas judge warns of civil war if Obama is re-elected

Mitt Really Stepped in it; Collection of Headlines So Far

So, the Sacramento Kings are talking about a move to Virginia Beach

Can the GOP keep the Paulites? They are trying to do so at the convention....

"The Boss Works Me Like a Dog. The Union Treats Me Like a Man.”

How Good Is It For Us Romney Is Playing The Birther Card?

Rmoney Spokesperson (former Hooters girl?) who told media NO Abortion questions, has been demoted...

Rick Warren cancels presidential forum; Lack of interest from both campaigns

Residents Benefited by Candidate's Plan

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Thursday, August 23)

How To Update Your Logo:

Rush Limbaugh: Romney ‘Test Driving’ Birth Certificate Line

Gay NYC judge challenges father's will

Thom Hartmann: Why Belong to a Party that Doesn't Want You?

Hospital chain to pay $16.5 million in kickback case involving the homeless

I hope I can get the smell off my hands - I voted for a teabagger

Expelled Libyan diplomats claimed refugee status in Canada

DU this comment... pleeease.

Romney: At least the press won't be talking about Akin before the convention

People still don't like Mitt Romney

Republican War on Seniors

And the economy claims another victim...

Tweet from Cher over Mitt's birther comment

Twitter: Akin press conference at 4:15 today.

Infographic: How Much More Will the Romney-Ryan Medicare Plan Cost You?

Jonathan Bernstein, WaPo: Romney’s birther joke and the closed information loop

Kansas City GSA employee works from home -- in Hawaii

Collapse of New Bridge Underscores China’s Infrastructure Concerns

Texas man freed after DNA clears him of 1989 rape

American Atheists Removes Religious Billboards from Charlotte

The ultimate Dead Musicians Band

#Birther hashtag is now trending on Twitter

I suspect that Isaac will be more welcome in Florida than the GOP convention

Trending on Twitter: #RNCconventionSlogans

Do you think Romney thinks he's gonna win?

Burger King smites Christian fired for wearing skirt, so feds smite back, suit says

Call to Stiffen Laws Worries Town Built by Guns

Are all murderers mentally ill? Article argues so.

CNN Sources Say Akin Will Announce at 4:15 pm (CT) he is STAYING IN

How do you email a thread and all replies?

Should the META forum be renamed?

Teaching a microbe to turn CO2 into a clean-burning biofuel

IRS Whistleblower - Informant Award

The gold standard in one question...

Gun deaths, car deaths, suicides

Genetically enhance humanity or face extinction - Julian Savulescu

I had to share this from an ad on DU...The Sarah Palin Project!!!

So let me get this straight, Mr Romney...

Water Wigs: a little photo levity for the weekend!

Future Landfill

US businesses curb capital spending

Embattled Akin to hold press conference Friday afternoon

Univision to Host Hispanic Forums With Obama, Romney

CNN Poll: Obama 49%/Romney 47% (LV); Obama +9 with RV

My congresscritter stood with Akin.

Rick Warren cancels presidential forum; mixed explanations as to why

Thank you, Old Spanish Lady, for the newest Jesus meme!

Daily Kos: Are you a regular there?


Miami Herald politics blog: Rubio's RNC speech to get bumped by Ann Romney's?

Just curious..Does anybody else think that Donald Trump deserves....

The state of the Presidential race (IMHO)

Steve King (R-IA) joins Bachmann: Clinton Aide Is ‘Deeply Entrenched’ In The Muslim Brotherhood

Al-Qaida websites vow 'destruction' of SEAL member outed by Fox News

Hey...Big Funny Rich Guy Running for President....

Movie about Bin Laden killing delayed until after the election after RepubliCON complaints

Is this the new church? Could be:

Political Conventions

Apparently I am about to lose dessert privileges.

I love you Jonathan Alter, but you're wrong. IT WAS FUCKING DELIBERATE!!!

"...a 24-year nightmare that ended Friday..."

Ask all lawmakers: Should a woman who has been forcibly raped be forced to bear her attacker's baby?

Corporations are people-gate, Londongate, Israelgate, Taxgate, Baingate, Akingate, Birthergate..

Hey Mitt, the birthers were going to vote for you anyway...

Is Romney like an open book?

yiddish curses for republican jews{ sheldon can you hear me now?}

Well done video featuring Ry Cooder's 'Mutt Romney Blues'

GREAT LINE from Letterman, repeated on Bashir show:

The largest gathering of hate groups ever!!

Dodgers put claims on Beckett and Gonzales

Anybody ever get a survey about DU?

Daily Beast piece on The Romney siblings

How can anyone say they support our troops if they don't pay taxes?

Last independent 4 African American Romney supporters give up.

Does the book of Isaiah say anything about Jesus of Nazareth?

Josh Marshall on CNN poll: Wow

Needed: Law Requiring Mandatory Rectal Exam for Men Seeking Viagra

I'm sick of this term "Dog Whistle". ....there are no fucking Dog Whistles....

Tonight's drinking game - every time I lob an "F" bomb at Willard, another shot goes down my gullet

7 Birthers Speaking At The Republican Convention plus Romney make it 8 Birthers

Lance Armstrong Rescues the GOP

An intriguing Friday Afternoon Challenge awaits you: Madness and Terror in the Romantic impulse!

Is the Gawker document dump the bomb I hoped for before the RNC, or is there more?

Left - Right differences chart

Gay NYC Judge challenges father's will

M. R. -- Mitt Romney --

The Professional Left podcast with Driftglass & Bluegal (Aug 24, 2012)

Things that have come along in my lifetime. ( since 1941)

Reich: Romney’s Lying Machine

What to Make of Mitt Romney's Birther Joke?

Penn Jillette: An Atheist's Guide To The 2012 Election

Do you think Lance Armstrong cheated?

Muppet stalwart Jerry Nelson dies at 78

I'm about to have a vegan vanilla chocolate chip shake...ask me anything!

**AKIN news conference now, MSNBC.

Akin is standing firm!

RNC posts platform on website (in error)

Akin and Other "Woman "Experts"

Akin just punked the media. Networks stopped to hear his statement which amounted to

RNC "Transvaginal Probe" Convention Poster

The Official Response to Mitt's "Nobody ever asked to see MY Birth Certificate" comment:

Romney Looks And Sounds Worse Everyday And MORE TERRIFYING

Australian rugby player speaks out for marriage equality on television

Righties are nervous about Huckabee's RNC speech

anyone here decided to NOT have biological children?

Lance Armstrong Rescues the GOP

Poll: Obama Leads By 4 In Colorado, Boosted By Women, Latinos

Jon Snow And Ygritte From "Game Of Thrones" Are Dating In Real Life

Obama campaign rips Romney a new one over birther comment

More Naked Harry Things?

So, who plans to watch Chuck Todd's big wet sloppy kiss to Willard?

The trade deficit is about 880 tons of gold per month

Brain Surgeon GOPers posted the RNC 2012 platform on website by mistake. LGBT'ers attacked front and

Akin punked the media.

Court rules controversial stem cell research is legal

RNC Official: N.M. Governor ‘Dishonored’ Gen. Custer By Meeting With American Indians

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Takes Appeal on Voter ID Law

Americans For Prosperity - NC bullshit mailer

No one needs to see you birth certificate, Mitt....

Magical Moon - 2012 Saratoga Maiden Race

Jury: Samsung's Phones Infringed on Some Apple Patents; Jury awards Apple $1.051 Billion

Al-Qaida linked websites threaten ex-Navy SEAL turned author with 'destruction'

Sun-Sentinel cartoonist Chan Lowe on "Mitt Romney and the birthers"


Romney:Birth certificate comment just ‘fun about us’...BULLSHIT it was pandering to your racist base

Romney snooping on Americans’ private data to sniff out potential donors

May your son the doctor introduce you to his new fiancee, Bristol Palin..

Al Qaeda calls for death of Navy SEAL who authored book on bin Laden mission

Arcade Fire fans here? New video of 'Arcade Fire' live & awesome.

Tort Reform and the KKK Manifesto

Is little Ricky Santorum going to be speaking at Tampa? Here's a good background graphic for him

The US policy on asylum and the strange deviation from it regarding Assange.

Do YOU think the drug wars are money well spent, or a waste of money?

How to get maximum height from a chiuaua

Martin Bashir - Romney to back birther baggage at GOP convention

Prominent scientists sign declaration that animals have conscious awareness, just like us

Martin Bashir - Rep. Welch: Ryan talk on welfare, budget ‘bogus’

Fair Elections Ohio Sues Jon Husted Over House Bill 194

Did Mitt Romney make $13 million off of aborted fetuses?

Sheriff killer gets conviction reversed.

Birthers in Their Own Convention In Arizona plan on calling on Congress to investigate O's B/C

This is what happens when people from Oregon or New Jersey travel out of state

Galt, Gold and God

Romney says "birther" joke wasn't a swipe at Obama

Today I switched parties..

Cuba’s Hurricane Preparedness: A Model for Florida and the Gulf Coast?

Group Sues State Over Ballot Issue Removal

For those interested in the economics of agriculture...

Mitt still trying to explain his birther comment

OAS urges Britain, Ecuador to resolve Assange row

"...and nobody's ever asked to see my tax returns."

Who is this model?

Karl Rove’s polling shows Obama leading by almost 30 pts

Only view this message if you are a stupid asshole.

Pictures from the old Yugoslavia scare the shit out of me

Almost perfect landscape

Best. Pro-Choice. Ad. Ever.

Seen this movie?

Best line I've heard all day, hate to break it to you people but.....

Is Mitt Romney a Real American?

REMINDER: Mitt RMoney has ZERO% Approval amongst African Americans.

2012 Ballerina Stakes

Anybody else notice that akin idiot looks like Oscar Goldman

Can you help me share this on Facebook?

BREAKING: Roger Ailes at Pakistani Embassy, Seeks Asylum After Clearing Publication of Navy SEAL ID.

Things Mitt Romney Finds Funny

I thought Scientology was the creepy religion

Republicans for Rape (Photo)

Show the rest of DU the Lounge effect and rec this thread to the homepage

Trying to find my Political Identity... not a troll I promise

GOP Candidate Haunted By Anti-Gay Disney Letter Claiming Equal Benefits 'Increase The Spread Of AIDS

Romney Defends Birther Line: ‘The Crowd Loved It’

This might be photoshopped

Greenpeace Activists Board Gazprom's Arctic Offshore Oil Rig [Video]

Why You Should Embrace This Summer's Worst Film

Best ad for PBR since Dennis Hopper

I just saw a bumper sticker ...

Weekend Economists Go Out with a Boom August 24-26, 2012

Daisy Mae did very well with her surgery. She is resting now

Watching Rev Al. "True to Vote". How do we stop them?

Kansas City Repube talk radio eviscerates Akin on press conference

Life Long Republican gone Democrat for Obama (Women for Obama) - pic

So, I quit my job today ...

romney played a serious race card today.


A quiz for fans of Star Trek:

President Obama-49% Birther In Chief 47%

Craven. Despicable: NYT: Mitt Romney Plays the Birther Card

Oh, Mitt. That wasn't even a dog whistle. Humans could actually hear it.

Republican Attorney Generals argue the Voting Rights Acts of 1965 is unconstitutional

Toon on the Florida GOP...

Is Mitt Romney a Real American?

Mitt Romney Financial Disclosure Probe Sought By SEIU, Ethics Groups

Funny or Die: 7 Surprising Item on the GOP Platform

so, since mittens does not want to talk about abortion, akin, or taxes, he is unleashing the birther

Heh! I'm going to get one of these coffee mugs and then a couple more for

Romney wants to be James K. Polk!?

Mitt Romney. Born at Harper Hospital, Detroit. Had a birther moment today in Commerce Township.

Why does the Milwaukee Urinal leave out Ryan's extremism and lies?

Disingenuous Asshole

Someone’s in trouble now: Rep Todd Akin just pissed off a group of Grannies

Sorryl You will never be able to look at Romney's logo in the same way again. Sorry.

Romney Invested In Company That Is Outsourcing Jobs, Forcing Workers To Train...Chinese Replacements

Psst, hey Romney, about that birth certificate

Ex-NPR Reporter Confides She Simply Repeated Political Spin

GOP People Not Voting For Us Not Allowed To Vote - That Is The American Way

So, Trump is going to "fire" an Obama impersonator at the RNC convention

Just remember, this is what happens if President Obama is not reelected...

Reagan-Appointed Judge: Deregulation Movement Made 'A Fundamental Mistake'

Report: Israel, Egypt reach understandings on Sinai

I would like to bring something up for discussion about MIRT.

[Adelson's]Sands' ties to Macau gambling figure draw scrutiny

First amendment attacked by "bullying" city attorney

U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit upholds Board decision on pre-recognition agreements

Nobody ever asked to see Romney’s birth certificate

Happy birthday Dave Chappelle! The 20 best ‘Chappelle’s Show’ sketches

LOL! Conservatives defend Romney birther comment before he disavows it

I've pretty much exhausted all of my anger at Republicans

Martians, flying saucers discovered on Mars, report extremely unreliable sources (CSM)

The Overpass Light Brigade has struck again!

Friday Talking Points (224) -- Stormy Weather

Got my tent packed and

The Racist, Homophobic, Anti-Woman, Birther Convention.

My conversation with a pro-life friend today...

Hey wanna give Huckabee a call he wants 'Obamacare' repealed

AFL-CIO: The Union Summer Experience

A cousin asked for my help: Describe my situation in one minute or less...

Help! There is a name for the process most used in Japanese sake cups where

OK, DU artists, draw this:

Bill Moyers speaks about poverty

Seems Mother Nature has a message for for the pukes about climate change, a Hurricane.

Alaska couple accused of planning to murder judge will plead guilty

What did John McCain call mitty in 2007 ?