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Newsweek admits that they don't factcheck - MediaMatters

I will be voting (why will you be voting)

If you are "pro-life" and have no adopted children...

Hey White Guys!

Tampa Bay gay prostitutes........

...Court Strikes Down Public Health Safeguards That Would Have Saved 34,000 Premature Deaths

Am I really that radical that I view abortion as a purely medical issue?

Ryan voted for debt-reduction ‘process,’ not for defense cuts, campaign says

more on anti-porn hero Judith Reisman's anti choice, pro religious right agenda

Akin website professionalism: 3 tries to get a common word right

Another one of Todd Akin's greatest hits:

Pro-life flag will not fly at Kelowna City Hall

What could be a party pooper for the RNC

Dear Republicans: I have had lots of orgasms in my life, and yet

Todd Akin Blames Drop Out Calls On The “Liberal Elitist Media” In a photo posted on his Facebook

Religious Zionist schools cancel summer vacation

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Excuse me but this butterfly can see with its butt

US allows NGOs to send money to quake-hit Iran

August 20th, KMEG News, Steve King Defends Todd Akin - What a guy

Sensational Sisters: Winding Way and Kauai Katie

PBS NewsHour USAToday writer and pollster can't figue out why Obama is beating Rmoney in polls

Fran Lebowitz on Homosexuality.

Federal Way, Washington man arrested for allegedly threatening Obama

C-Span 2 now: Panel of Supreme Court judges from USA, Canada, Israel

Ruh roh

Mars rover: Wind sensor damaged on Nasa's Curiosity

Is it OK on DU to attack another DUer for not having a star?

Mike Luckovich cartoon: Something Must Be Done!

POTUS in Reno Live streaming link - right now 5:36 PST

I tuned in late to the Ed Schultz radio show on Sirius

Man first Phyillis Diller and now William Windam

Ryan and Akin TLA

PQ would ban non-French speakers from running for office

Glencore food chief says US drought is 'good for business'

I just got Gallup polled

Assange, Correa, and Anti-Colonialism

Frankel faces toughest test yet in Juddmonte International

Toon: Akin's medical procedure

Anti-Abortion Crowd Blames Media, Tells Akin: Do Better PR.

‘Don’t Let the Republican Drive the Bus!’ spoofs popular children’s book

So Akin's is in, I haven't heard that he dropped out, right?

Cash-Hoarding Companies Neither Spend Nor Lend, Fouling Economy Further

go here ...

The Paul Ryan Insider Trading Story Won’t Die Because It’s Legitimate

Revivalist preacher Todd Bentley refused entry to UK

The fact Romney still hasn't been able to overtake Obama in most polls has to be concerning...

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Duesday & a new Kitty gif

Bellevue man sentenced for 7th drunken-driving offense

Following Akin on Twitter. His latest:

Breaking Bad Spinoff . . . Pinkman!

This man is so full of hate

wicked tin foil hat time - and I never put on the TFH....but...

The Todd Akin school of Christian thought on abortion and rape

Todd Akin ignores first deadline to drop out of Missouri race. Now what?

President Barack Obama speaks at Capital University in Columbus, OH - pics

"Happy-to-have-you-here sperm."

Looking forward to it.

I'm 6... I 'Heart' Obama - pics

After capitalism: 'There is no reason to wait for revolution. It is here already in each of us'

Could Democratic Underground use some good news?????

MFM learned to deal with stress at an early age.

The whole thing is shut down!

Vagina, vagina, vagina

DAYUM! DAYUM! DAYUM! I wish you could smell what I'm smellin'!

My dog is passing away, her heart it just giving out.

New Study Confirms Itrauterine Transfer Of PDBE, PCPs From Mother Belugas To Offspring

Time for Repubs to put up or shut up about the Rape issue

Sarcasm is dangerous.

Atlas Shrugged?

How may I post a jpeg to a thread?

Paging Canute: In Spite Of Scientists' Warnings, Coastal Towns Dump Money Into Beach Rebuilding

Romney Has ZERO Percent Support From African Americans In New NBC/WSJ Poll

97% Of Greenland Ice Sheet's Albedo Has Darkened Significantly Since 2000

5 Months Before Deadly Explosion, Wood Dust On Lights, Handrails, Pipes, Everywhere In BC Mill

DNC ad: Shop Around

BBC - Domestic Cod And Haddock Demand Now Exceeds UK Supply

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp Has Donated Almost $59,000 to Reelect Obama

Mongabay - Illegal Lobster Fishermen Hit With $54.9 Million Dollar Fine Under Lacey Act

Tropical Storm Isaac Could Hit Republican Convention

Another dog against Romney

Said no doctor ever.

Seems like an appropriate time to replay this

Warm-Climate & Subtropical Butterflies Rare Or Absent In Massachusetts 20 Years Ago Now Common

The Tea Party Consensual Sex

VoteVets.Org "Have Her Back" Ad for Claire McCaskill!

Multiple choice test for Republicans: Word association.

Court strikes down EPA rule on coal pollution

Borderlands 2 - Wimoweh Trailer

How the hell can Elizabeth Warren be trailing in MA?

Appeals court affirms rules for oil companies annoying polar bears, walrus off Alaska coast

RNC-related graffiti, 'suspicious items' found on downtown Tampa rooftop

Parents of girl electrocuted playing miniature golf sue resort

NBC/WSJ poll: Heading into conventions, Obama has four-point lead

Who else here thinks the GOP should change their platform from "pro-life" to "pro-fetus"?

So they still make automatic toasters?

Mitt dumping Ryan might be Akin's price. Mitt must wish he went with Palin.

Graywarrior lost a TON of money on a sports bet once. Only once.

*Rachel show, county voting commissioners in OH REVOLT!

Even though it's just Kali (OK, and her immediate family) within miles of the joint...

Actually Getting Married Tip #1: Brides should wait until AFTER the wedding before letting one rip.

Badasses For World Peace -- their first PSA:

MFM called MsMFM once to say he'd be home from the bar at 10 PM. This is what he THOUGHT he saw...

MiddleFingerMom is really buff... ... ... OK, OK... MiddleFingerMom really buffs it a lot.

Exactly how many cows does Kali own?

"Sex, Lies and Julian Assange"..Australian Broadcasting Corporations "4 Corners" Investigation

Senator Boxer: Akin is the symptom, but Ryan and Romney are the disease

Special update and request for Bubble & Squeak. NEW LINK.

Lawrence - Todd Akin refuses to abort his candidacy

Need a link to the ACLU PA ID appeal fund

Akin is the 'pregnancy' the GOP is being forced to carry to term

Akin to Destroy Republican party

Jake Tapper completes his journey to the dark side.


"At a campaign event in NV, this man requested a pic of Pres. Obama and his SS guy. POTUS obliged"

Activist Alert! (Animal Liberation)

The ED Show - Targeting the poor with GOP budgets

God may hate pugs.

Judge rules that poker isn’t gambling under federal law

Jeremy Scahill: "Long time since I watched U.S. Cable News..."

One thing that annoys the fuck out of me about the abortion debate are the ancedotes...

Funniest Joke You've Ever Heard!

NY Med makes me look at Surgeons as Gods among Us

Romney's Plan: SS and Medicare

Golden Rain Seed Pods.

Romney/Ryan Campaign Releases Medicare Plan Details

It needs to be posted again...if you're frightened, run and hide

Spokesman For Former Navy SEALs Group A Birther, Has Called Obama A Communist

BP Recalls 1.2 million Gallons of Unleaded Gas

"Five Things Government Does Better Than You" at Salon

Just found an old cult classic

Just Think NO

Palin to Greta suggested the way to win the Missouri Senate seat is for Steelman to run 3rd party

Can you come up with a 'reality show' title for

Does Paul Ryan's Black Ex-Girlfriend Matter?

The Boehner Bunch

Doctor behind Todd Akin's rape theory was a Romney surrogate in 2007

My generation has a huge battle ahead of it.

NBC/WSJ Poll: Obama Leads Romney w/ African-Americans 94% - 0% (Yeah, ZERO %)


OMG local news in KC leads with story of women who support Akin

Where is that poll that said we would donate if we got it wrong that Akin would drop out?

Armed Man Arrested for Alleged Obama Threat

Daily Kos Elections Polling Wrap: Will Todd Akin stall a semi-legitimate Republican surge?

The Queen isn't going to like this at all. WARNING naked prince inside

Just posted this on facebook and it's opening some eyes about the 2012 Republiclown Platform.

Here in Washington State, we've had some fairly popular Republican governors in the past.

A) Ayn Rand, Rand Paul, Paul Ryan and Alan Greenspan

Detective believes Bolger, Schmidt conspired to commit perjury in state House scandal

Does it seem suspicious?

God, please spare me from Paul Ryan.........

Politics is strange

"Paul Ryan's budget: 4 ways it proves he's not a fiscal mastermind" at The Week

Oklahoma high school valedictorian denied diploma for using 'hell' in speech

Best Buy reports 90% drop in profits

Gratitude: The Most Important Character Trait Missing from the Republican Party

Two weeks ago I asked for Good Vibes........

Patients Would Pay More if Romney Restores Medicare Savings, Analysts Say

Bumper Stickers, anyone??

Why is SEN McCaskill So Hated ?

Israel Asks Egypt to Remove Tanks From Sinai

Hi everyone...

PM Netanyahu condemns acts of violence and racism that occurred over the weekend

Harry Crawford challenging Bettye Davis for her Senate seat? WTF?

Rotisserie Our Future

The Conservative Psyche: How Ordinary People Come to Embrace Paul Ryan's Cruelty

Did the Democrats miscalculate in MO?

Zimmerman's depraved mind

Porn Shutdown: Syphilis Cases Spark Self-Imposed Moratorium On Production

Vibes for MFM's tune-up tomorrow!

Anyone here suffer from dysthymia or major depression? What's your story?

This is orgasmic!

The Answer's Simple: make it a capital crime for a rape-induced zygote to hijack a woman's womb.

The DUzy Awards for Friday, August 3rd, 2012

My dear Sane Republicans....

Wrong Direction's "Disclosure" - A Full Frontal Freedom production

Ex-Richmond cops get lenient sentences (for buying guns for teens)

Compositional Rules from DpReview

3 Cuban baseball players go missing in Edmonton

Found on Facebook, this is good

Read this comment on my local paper site from a republican

NBC Reportedly Ending 30 Rock And The Office After This Season… Could It Be Worse?

I don't know if this crap would be good for my cats or not, but it sure as hell is funny.

Fired GSA manager lands job with architecture firm

ATF official also holding private-sector job, Congress members say

Sea otter numbers up, but so are deaths

Why Are Americans So Confused?

President extends federal pay freeze

Anti-gov't 9/11 truther arrested for making violent threats

If you could ask Mitt Romney one question...

Oklahoma City Elementary School Principal Forces 5-Year-Old to Turn Michigan T-Shirt Inside-Out

Republicans love to say they are the party of "freedom". It's a pants on fire LIE!!

Nance Greggs: GOP: FYI

Syria Christian refugees in Lebanon fear Islamist rebels

5th Circuit Court of Appeals: Texas can cut off Planned Parenthood funding

An open letter to Todd (I'm not a doctor, just an uninformed idiot) Akin

Republican National Convention Reality Shows

The disabled may be hurt most by Paul Ryan's Medicare plan

The right-wing is frantically spinning to prop up Akins.

USDA closes slaughterhouse, eyes recall

Haiti's National Palace to be torn down (by Sean Penn charity)

North Korea 'places dome' on light water reactor

GOP Knows It's on the Ropes When It Comes to Choice

Ryan, Biden receive lukewarm reaction in new Post-ABC News poll

Mormon Prophesy, Remember This?

By the way, voter ID has a slight anti-female bias

New bug in jury duty?

Who is the NUTTIEST? Take your pick. Who's missing from the list?

"President Obama: Please restore justice and pardon my dad!"

Mexico Supreme Court declares unconstitutional key part of military law on crime jurisdiction

Welcome to beautiful Tampa

Paul Ryan is just a fresh face on a Taliban creed

The Rape of Richard Beck

Judge Says Chilean Military Kidnapped US Hiker

Judge Says Chilean Military Kidnapped US Hiker

How Republicans are reacting to the news that Akin will stay in the race. ;)

Freepers are now passing around information on voter suppression. That site should be shut down.

Romney Taps Energy Sources for $50,000 Apiece

Rochelle Riley: Rep. Steve King adds to GOP's Todd Akin problem

What if there is a US indictment against Assange, and the charges aren't espionage

The Craziest Obama Conspiracy Theory Gets Even Crazier

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Tuesday, August 21)

Wendell called me on Aug 10th

Are we missing an opportunity with Akin?

If you haven't watched the Starz show Boss before, the second season is kicking off....

This is worth a look

Rep. Steve King: Taxpayers pay for millions of abortions a year

It feels like the GOP is self destructing in a rather spectacular way ... but ...

John Lee Hooker

50 ways to survive the GOP convention...

Ecuador's dismissive media portrayal smacks of post-colonial arrogance

Billboard to RNC guests: Welcome to Tampa, a city run by Democrats

Sources: Akin may not really be in race for good

These embryo's today have it sooo easy...

Latin Americans will live in cities

Court: Texas can cut off Planned Parenthood funds

Environmentally-friendly lighting that isn't hideous? A rant...

Dwight D. Eisenhower - Cross of Iron Speech 1953


How many Dems have been asked to stay away from the Con? Any Repukes willingly skipping their con?

A 1960 interview with Martin Luther King Jr. has been found in a Tennessee attic

Iran Universities Reportedly Ban Women from 77 fields of study

Guatemala jails former police chief for war crimes

Guatemala jails former police chief for war crimes

So, since we're getting all fancy and stuff here with the DU website,

WE BUILT IT (with poster)

New Martin Luther King Jr audio tape discovered

Italy's instability deepened by "pigsty" law

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday August 22nd

Kucinich interviewed about Federal Reserve

Deadly fighting over Syria grips north Lebanon

Great Romney Parody song

Rare white buffalo calf died of natural causes, sheriff reports

ACLU to Argue Thursday at Guantánamo Tribunal Against Censorship of Torture Testimony

George Orwell is 'too Left-wing’ for a statue at BBC headquarters

Turtle taped to balloons floats over Calif. city

West Bank attacks by Jewish settlers deemed acts of terrorism by the US

Australian TV Documentary:Sex, Lies and Julian Assange

The Amazing Atheist on Todd Akin

Holy shit. The most sexist article I've ever read. And one of the stupidist.

Temp Worker Nation -- If You Do Get Hired, It Might Not Be for Long

Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson to start Friday

Saying goodbye..... (by Xena Jardin)

How My Church Tried to Make Me Hate Gay People

UN study says wealth gap in Latin America increases

Spouses of heart attack survivors 'suffer too'

Bugs sunbathe to 'stay healthy'

Scar is not on the show today! Mika UNLEASHED!

British singer Sarah Brightman may become next space tourist

Akin: "..misspoke... one word" -- my hiney.

America's gun laws: madness sanctioned by history

Today's Poll Perspective

Charlotte 2012: Ten additional speakers announced (ALL WOMEN)

Right-to-die man Tony Nicklinson dead

Voters are ready to discuss climate change, but are the candidates talking?

DNCC announces more speakers for the DNC (ALL WOMEN)

Ohio Six Year-Old *Hearts* President Obama

Anonymous defaces website of court that convicted Pussy Riot

Harold Ford - asshole elite

I've been inspired!

Analysis: Russia and China in WTO - a world apart

Does 'Ryan' Rhyme With 'Suppression'? by John Nichols

Is Twitter anything more than an online echo chamber?

$25,000 Ice Cream Sundae

Wow! Another Walker appointee, another scandal...

Atlantic City casino sues gamblers, blames unshuffled cards

The west's hypocrisy over Pussy Riot is breathtaking

High but not dry: Engaging new book about marijuana avoids the dullness trap

Who says Republicans don't believe in regulation?

Akin should be ignored. Rovian style deflection...

Great news! Romney leads Obama in Florida by 14%

32 bit browser versus 64 bit browser ?

Joe Biden: Wall St. reform critics 'sound like squealing pigs'

AP says Romney's "factully inaccurate"! In other words. he's lying.

Assange, Correa, and Anti-Colonialism

The Republican platform has the same language used

Another Nude Swim

National Review: Mitt Romney would make a better president because he's sired more males.

So, if a hurricane hits the GOP convention, is it God's will?

Krugman explains simple journalistic standards

What conflict of interest? State AG Van Hollen is Tommy Thompson's campaign chair.

Wasilla Candidate Says Some Children Not Worth Educating

Don't let them fool yah! ReTHUGs are akin to Akin's views on rape

Another in a long line of mistakes from Douchebag, Niall Ferguson


Off to the hospital.

Why ALEC / Republicans are pushing for photo I.D.s

Mooselini Endorses Third Party In Missouri...

GOP Endorses new type of Contraception.

Democratic senators highlight bill to stop outsourcing of call center jobs

In Drought Crisis, Company Sees Profit Opportunity

3 Cuban baseball players go missing in Edmonton

Multiple Factors, Including Climate Change, Led to Collapse and Depopulation of Ancient Maya

Luckovich strikes again! Nails the R's!

Romney Has --O-- Percent Of The African-American Vote

My dyed in the wool democrat cousin woke up this morning

Missouri Rep. Akin opposes spending on National School Lunch Program

Isaac is already a massive storm in terms of size

Akin attempts to make money from his rape comments

A question for older DUers and those who study history: Were repubicans always this nuts?

Has Obama Made the Job Situation Worse?

Father of girl killed over online dispute seeks end to teen violence

Robert Reich: Ryan Isn’t an Entitlement Reformer, He’s an Entitlement Destroyer

How To Succeed in Business Without Adding Value

Eugene Terre'Blanche murderer sentenced to life in prison

Poll: Obama +2 in NEVADA

Twinkie-Maker Gives Teamsters Brutal ‘Last, Best’ Offer

In Obama Education Ad, Romney 'Cannot Relate To' Public School Issues

todd akin was 'misinformed' about what ladies bodies can do in the case of 'legitimate rape'

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Cartoonists slam Akin and repubs

Mitt Romney fails to get significant boost from Paul Ryan selection

Man, 31, due in court in alleged Obama threat emailed to FBI

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- More Cartoonists slam Akin and repubs

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- More GOP suckers

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4- The Rest

Web Sites Accused of Collecting Data on Children

Tavis Smiley: Interview with Ralph Nader

Doctor cited by Akin for rape claim was 2007 Romney surrogate

RBS investigated over possible Iran sanctions violations –FT

RIP to a person who blazed a trail for women

Chuck Todd thinks voters would love Romney, if not for the negative view of the Republican brand

NYC Candidates Picking Sides in School "Reform" Struggle. Rhee's Group at Issue

Sliced tomato appetizer

Rep. David Rivera (R-FL) may have broken federal law

Workers Stand for America

Anyone see "Alexandra's Project"?

Mitt Romney reveals a literary connection with a Koch brother

...GOP To Remind Voters ‘We Did Build This!’ From A Stadium Built With Government Funding

Julian Assange sex claims not a crime in Latin America –Ecuador president

Boeing, In One Breath, Promotes Record Profits While Shifting Costs onto Employees

Akin Tells Hannity That Romney Exploited Rape Controversy For Political Gain

Midata project plan for compulsory customer data

Hybrid Electric Energy: Self-Charging Power Cell Converts and Stores Energy in a Single Unit

Good to be here.

DOWD: Ryan-"just a fresh face on a Taliban creed"

Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey scolds veterans over anti-Obama documentary

Multiple factors, including climate change, led to ancient Maya collapse

Log Cabin Republicans unhappy with 'antigay marriage plank' proposed for GOP convention

Romney and GOP Strike Deal With Ron Paul Loyalists Before Convention

BTW they took photos of MFMs last trip to the hospital....

NYT Editorial - What the G.O.P. Platform

Prince Harry to get "dressing down" after nude Vegas photos

Why aren't women better and more effective activists for their own rights?

Soybeans Susceptible to Man-Made Materials in Soil

You are a veritable collection of morons

The Devils Going Down To Tampa

Getting A Jump On the Next GOP Gasoline Lie

Ryan Refuses to Explain “Forcible” Rape as Dems Attempt More Akin-izing of the GOP Ticket

Someone Needs To Question Our Dear Republican Reps About Legitimate Rape

Economy Thrashing- have you heard?

Welp, This Was Probably Neil Barofsky's Last Time On CNBC

Republicans are suckers

Romney Continues to Push Discredited Welfare Attacks

*** Gets out Staple Gun and hangs sign for the big sale at the DU Lounge-Mart ***

Legalizing Marijuana is 42% more popular than Paul Ryan's Budget Plan

Tin foil hat time!

Newt Gingrich releases his delegates

Radio Host Reminds Ryan of Rape Exemption - Congressman Won't Explain 'Forcible Rape' Language

Millions of Heartland Acres Burn While Romnero Fiddles

T.Boone Pickens knows who Darla Moore is. Some info:

Hurricane Isaac looks like it's taking the same path as Hurricane Andrew

Santorum: Romney Won’t Win If Election Is About His Business Record

sweetest ad for "Freedom to Marry" running in Minnesota

Sarah Palin now speaks for MO Repubs

Was Vincent van Gogh Color Blind? It Sure Looks Like It

Dutch Liberals, Socialists lead in new opinion poll

Santorum: Romney Won’t Win If Election Is About His Business Record

DC-area Molly Ivins fans: "Red Hot Patriot" opens tomorrow

It's Earth Overshoot Day!

This year’s entering college class (2016) was born into cyberspace- The Beloit College "Mindset List

Do you think the Romney/Ryan ticket will get a bounce in polls out of their convention?

Sarah Palin Calls For 3rd Party Candidate In MO-SEN

Why Believe Romney Now, After His Lies on Medicare, Bain & Taxes?

OMG you have to see this rant "We Get It, GOP. You Hate Women. We Get It."

US investigating 3 more Colombian generals: El Tiempo .

US investigating 3 more Colombian generals: El Tiempo .

Amsterdam coffee shops back Socialists in election

Paul Ryan won't explain 'forcible rape' language

After capitalism: 'There is no reason to wait for revolution. It is here already in each of us'

China Says No to Independent Testing of Pet Treats

Today in Peace and Justice history on August 22, 1964

Book Review: ‘Better Off Without ’Em,’ by Chuck Thompson - A ... Cheer for the South's Independence

Sneak preview of the Republican National Convention

Rep. Steve King: I've never heard of a girl getting pregnant from statutory rape

TYT: Cenk interviews Dinesh D'Souza

The GOP panicked like a herd of cattle and fell all over themselves trying to distance themselves

Sinking Noah's Ark

We Stand With Todd!

I applaud the modification of how one becomes a star member

Poll: By More Than Two to One, New Yorkers Say Bike Lanes a Good Thing

On the bloomberg news crawl, "Paul Ryan's policy on abortion same as Todd Akin". That says it all

Akin picks up endorsement after Rape comments....

Akin Tells Hannity That Romney Exploited Rape Statement Controversy For Political Gain

The Official Guide to Legitimate Rape

"For of those to whom much is given, much is required."

AP poll: Obama leads Romney by 1% nationally

Romney & Akins, sitting in a tree-‘Cost Of Capitulating To Every Segment Of The Far Right’

The Real Global 1% Ruling Class

Birther and all around RW nutjob Rep. Steve King: Minority Students "Feel Sorry For Themselves"

The amazing thing is the republicans believe the only outrageous thing akin said was "legitimate"

Isn't It Hilarious

2012: what are you reading?

THE GOP/AKIN Platform!!!

So let me see if I understand the 2 biggest hot button topics on DU

If the US really had a secret indictment against Assange

According to the CDC-the number is actually 32,000 pregnancies from rape per year

Colombia asks US to share testimonies of convicted former Uribe-aide .

Colombia asks US to share testimonies of convicted former Uribe-aide .

Alienware - supreme bloat

The GOP reaps what it sowed

Paul Ryan pretends he doesn't agree with every 'outrageous' thing Todd Akin said

Inmates shot to death on the softball pitch

Maureen Dowd: Paul Ryan "just a fresh face on a Taliban creed"

Welcome to Tampa sign.

A little pickyboo into the Norwigian prison where Breivik might end up after setencing freday

The Luddite Fallacy Fallacy

Democratic National Convention to highlight GOP War on Women

Raped, pregnant and ordeal not over - 31 states give parental rights to rapists

Harry Belafonte | 'Sing Your Song' | HBO


Let's get Wayne Powell over $100,000 @ ActBlue!!!

Twisted Sister's Snider Hits Romney Use Of Song: 'There's Almost Nothing He Stands For I Agree With'

Go for Wayne Powell over $100,000 @ ActBlue

GOP Approves ‘Most Conservative Platform In Modern History’

higher than Mitt

Shitstain David Catanese apologized for defending Akin; used "imprecise wording"

Not Just Out of Africa: South America’s “Blood Diamonds” Network

Perhaps there is a god

Ryan’s Record Of Abortion Opposition Consistent With Akin’s

Romney and the Republicans: Outsourcing Religion

Republicans don't want to take the US back to the 1850's, of course not, more like the 1850's BC

75 % Atheist + 25 % Catholic = 100 % Paul Ryan

Air Force rules limit size of tattoos, role of gospel

Assange probably 'enjoying the attention': Rimington

Billionaire's Special Interests Ad

Thrashing of the economy: have you heard?

The gossip sites are bare of material. All I could come up with was the royal spare without his toga

Dear Rep Akin - Your vs You're

I've been watching the drafting of the GOP platform on Cspan

The Theological Roots of Akin’s “Legitimate Rape” Comment

11am Update for Tropical Storm Isaac

Drumbeat: August 22, 2012

Would a bachelor/bachelorette candidate...or a childfree one ever get elected President?

Drumbeat: August 22, 2012

Romney, Ryan and the Devil's Budget: Will America Keep Its Soul?

Who Are the Democratic Rising Stars?

I Just Don't Believe The Polls That This Race Is So Close.....

So, the "jury" on this thread in GD: "Malkin on Akin" by H2O Man...

George Galloway sacked by magazine

LynneSin prepares a little post-op surprise for MFM.

I almost feel sorry for Mitt Romulan

Clever Song 'Legitimate Rape' Captures Anti-Akin Outrage

At least 48 Kenyans hacked, burned to death: police

What do Ecuadoreans think of Assange?

Paul Ryan is running away as fast as he can from everything

I'm seeing something I haven't seen in well over a Decade...

Will Pat Robertson say something?

If you take the taxi driver out of the taxi, would you use a driverless car.

Pic Of The Moment: Three Quotes That Explain Romney's Position On Abortion And Rape

The Real Republican Party...

Has GOP party started early? Search is on for 2 stolen Tampa school buses Read more here

Brilliant comment....LMAO

Australia: Sweden Unlikely to Extradite Assange to US

Michael Baumgartner, Washington GOP Senate Candidate, Admits Telling Reporter To 'Go F--- Yourself'

BUBBLE & SQUEAK (kitties) would like to THANK YOU!! (w/one final request)

Please read and help keep this kicked (re: Glinda and the kitties)

PLEASE citizens of Virginia - Ladies of Virginia - VOTE HELL NO!!!

Ryan has a tougher anti-abortion record than Akin

Obama supports Gay Marriage and Abortion...Do You?

Iconic Tosca Cafe in San Francisco's North Beach faces closure; rent dispute

One last request re: kitties, Bubble and Squeak!

PPP: We didn't game the Akin poll

Thread in GD re: Glinda's friend and kitties, Bubbles & Squeak!

Rachel Maddow - McDonnell brings anti-abortion agenda to GOP platform

Sandra Fluke Dissects Romney, Ryan, and Akin

Just joined, quick question: How do I post pictures?

Hey Mitt! Where are your tax returns?

Thom Hartmann: This Election is about whether Medicare will Exist...or Not

Meet the GOP: the party of rape

Cook Political shifts MO-SEN from TOSSUP to LIKELY DEMOCRATIC

And nobody will talk about the wars,

Tampa to RNC: You're on your own.

A woman is a series of tubes

Pro-Choice Is Pro-Life: The Philosophical Basis of a Woman's Right to Abortion via the Ayn Rand

GOP? - Here is what they really mean...

Shoutout for independentpiney for prescience

Creating 150 MPH Hurricanes in a Giant Aquarium in Florida

Quad City Times (IA) - Dear Gov. Romney: Answer these questions

From Bible-Belt Pastor to Atheist Leader

Campaign vendors: GOP's U.S. Rep. David Rivera funded Dem's failed primary bid

I think all political ads should be like this one.

Rachel Maddow - Romney afraid party extremists could shut his whole thing down

Cutter and Axelrod: Is 26 Months of Job Growth All ya got ?

Issac and Akin, the Perfect Storm

Harry Reid Could View Romney Tax Returns, With Help From Senate Republicans

GOP Actions Speak Louder Than Todd Akin's Words

Editorial: Missouri shouldn't let Karl Rove control its elections

Lets Think of Things Mitt Romney Can Do After He Loses...

"The Book of Mormon" musical sensational, but what about faithful?

Rachel Maddow - GOP adds war on voting to party platform

Understanding Medicare “Cuts

Typical republican 1%er conversation with himself on his way to FundySchool.

Warning Satire! JURY Warning Satire! JURY Warning Satire! JURY

I've never wanted a campaign about "Social Issues" before

Assange vs Akin... so many hypocritical positions around here

Why Are Americans So Confused?

Texas Judge says he will join ‘Civil Unrest, Civil War Maybe’ if Obama is reelected

Siemens 'flaw' claim sparks US power plant security probe

2012 Rethug Platform: Ban Abortions, NO Exception for Rape

my nephew's blog

AT&T: Pay Me, Screw Net Neutrality

Other Things Missouri Representative Todd Akin Believes To Be True About The Uterus,....

YouTube launches presidential campaign live stream

Julian Assange’s Rape Case Has Nothing to Do With Free Speech

How to Tell if Your Campaign is in Trouble

Reagan 52% Mondale 48% *

Mike Thompson toon on Akin and friends

Ryan: Women’s Health Exception Rendered Abortion Ban ‘Virtually Meaningless’

'I was too important to go to Vietnam' Romney his religion and God

The evening news should be retitled "news to us."

GOProud Endorses Tammy Baldwin's Anti-Gay Opponent

Chomsky: Assange is a true Democrat.

Bullied NY woman sets up anti-bullying foundation

Ryan Refuses To Say Abortions Should Be Available To Women Who Are Raped

Proof that Bill Kooooooooocccccccchhhhptui.....

We Need a ‘Conservative’ Party - Friedman

Paul Ryan and the Promise of I've-Got-Mine-ism (current Seniors ARE impacted)

The Most Powerful Women In Politics, 2012

Didn't Republicans Try To Cut The National Weather Service which Tracks Hurricanes?

"I'm Just Wild About Harry"--Todd Akin

It could be that we are witnessing a Republican Party suicide run.

Tampa Mayor: City ‘Prepared’ To Call Off Convention In Event Of Dangerous Weather

Why Did The RNC Choose Tampa Over Orlando?

Tampa Mayor: City ‘Prepared’ To Call Off Convention In Event Of Dangerous Weather

Wayne Powell Calls on Eric Cantor to Explain Association with Embroiled Senate Candidate Todd Akin.

So, what Senate seats do the Dems have a chance

This should be required reading for every parent of a high school athlete

GOP Convention Will Formally Endorse The Todd Akin Platform

What deadline did Akin miss yesterday?

Ryan: President Obama 'Insisted;' Forced Me To Vote For Defense Cuts

When will those idiots stop showing up for a party they aren't invited to?

Tampa Mayor: City ‘Prepared’ To Call Off Convention

NYT: Romney-Ryan Medicare proposal would hasten insolvency, raising costs for current retirees

Top of my playlist now: "I'm Just Wild About Harry"--Todd Akin

Your honest, thoughtful opinion about a conservative's view of "liberals" with regard to "Obamacare"

Akin In the Districts -- anti-abortion dog whistling neutralized

I was raped.

Thom Hartmann: FDR Exposes the Origins of the Romney/Ryan ''Big Lie''

Cheryl Chow calls life in closet a "waste"

If the hurricane threatens Tampa next week...

Monitoring of federal workers’ computers spooks privacy advocates

Cantor must explain his relationship with Todd Akin!

Children - Obama for America TV Ad

Uranium from seawater idea boosted with shrimp shells (BBC) {harvesting chitin}

Romney raising cash from traditionally Dem cities


Who here has ALWAYS been openly Atheist?

The Tax Returns are Hurting Romney, Badly

Surveillance unit produced no terrorism leads, NYPD says

A great quote from Ike...

He Was Just Chillin'

Should FEMA trailers be sent to Tampa?

The Rape Skeptic-Todd Akin didn’t misspeak. He showed what he thinks:

I don't want my country back....

Lubbock Co. Judge warns of potential danger if Obama is re-elected

Rachel Maddow - State abortion rights battles draw national attention via Romney ticket

Romney Campaign's Ugly Anti-Muslim Strategy to Win Cash and Votes

I for one hope the hurricane steers clear of Tampa and all of Florida

a we there yet?

More BP f**kups

Southern FL DUers check in - hope you are all ready for Isaac

Honduras, Cuba ink maritime border treaty

REmember when that evil dictator Obama...

(RI-1)Democratic primary challenger accuses incumbent of voter fraud

Another hilarious quote from Stephen Colbert

Bao Bao, one of world’s oldest pandas, dies at Berlin zoo

CDC says U.S. deaths from West Nile virus jump to 41

Lubbock County judge: Tax hike needed to fund civil war against Obama

Bias is as Bias Does

El Salvador: Killed in cold blood on the banks of the river at El Calabozo

Tepco Finds Extreme Levels of Radioactivity in Fukushima Fish

School bus drivers to Romney: We do count

Ryan: "The Health Exception (for abortions) is a Loophole Wide Enough to Drive a Mack Truck Through"

The Last Word - Blaming the rape victim

What a priviledge. What an honor.

This made me laugh. Not all stereotypes are true.

The Problem is A Lot Bigger Than Todd Akin

Crazy Texas Anti-Obama Judge

The Last Word - Paul Ryan's secret lobbying history

Soros 1, Exxon 0: SEC approves oil payments disclosure rule

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: No, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan Won't Tell You a Goddamn Thing

So how naive was Julian?

Fill in the blank: People can't drive for shit in _________ .

Anti-Medicaid states: Earning $11,000 is too much

Former NYC mayor Ed Koch is delighted that "Pussy Riot" is going to jail...

I can certainly agree with this quote from Elizabeth Warren....

The theme of this year's RNC convention is "We Built This!"


Is John Willke a legitimate doctor?

"Is Buffalo the rudest place in America? "

Nate Silver: Romney Showing Improved Results in Swing State Polls

Why is this even an issue...? abortion, rape, etc...

Goodell Not Welcome at Vilma's Restaurant

Nowhere Man by Lawrence Hertzog -8.2 rating

LegitaRape-- (Facebooks Funniez)

How Can You Be Pro-Life, But Make Exceptions In Instances of Rape or Incest?

The Last Word - Kristol rewriting Republican tax orthodoxy

Sex, Leaks, and Swedish Law

Comment by Republican adviser to Ohio Gov. John Kasich sets off howls of racism

Obamacare benefits for women

"I STILL have old people who come into this office and ask me about 'the death panels.'"

Ryan Shrugged

Court Orders Release of Man in Stang Killing (Dorothy Stang, Ohio nun in Brazil)

PC gaming has "around a 93-95% piracy rate" claims Ubisoft CEO (PCGamer)

Big Bang Was Actually a Phase Change, New Theory Says

Secret Service all over the President...

New Marquette University Poll of Wisconsin--Obama leads by three

Weekly Standard laughs the movie "2016: Obama's America (the movie)" out of the theaters.

Court Orders Release of Man in Stang Killing

Romney campaign clinging to fantasy Ann can make voters not hate Mitt

USA Pro Cycling Challenge

Tampa mayor prepared to abort GOP Convention if life of participants in danger

Why Courts Are Handing Down Crappy Decisions on Voting and Abortion Rights

CBO argues for more trickle-down while CorpUSA sits on $3.6 trillion in cash?

GOING VIRAL: Mitt, Meet Mitt. Because Americans Deserve A Candidate Who Agrees With Them

What All Women (And The Men Who Love Them) Need To Know Before November

Prince Harry's Naked Escapades


RnC Food not Bombs world gathering Kickoff @ Occupy Tampa, Voice of Freedom Park

Hurricane Gustav delayed the opening of the GOP convention in 2008. Now Issac might do the same

Ryan-Romney-Ryan Economic Plan Explained:

New Wisconsin poll gives Obama the lead

I knew Akin reminded me of someone and Cal Coolidge it is. I truly mean they could have

Strange notebook problem

Bartolo Colon Suspended 50 Days for Positive Test

Are internal hard drives better than/preferable to external drives or does it matter much anymore?

I begin to understand why the President chose the theme "Forward." (not backward)

Two spaces after a period -- yes or no?

Dear Tampa, Doesn't having that many Republicans in your town already count as a disaster?

GOP Fool- Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach, advisor to Romney, Gays, like drug users/polygamists.

Thom Hartmann: Will Julian Assange change the global view of journalism?

USDA shuts slaughterhouse after group records cow 'torture' video (Warning: disturbing content)

Scarborough Laments his "Stupid Party"

MEMORIZE these economic facts! (updated with profits, wages, & defense spending)

GOP to American Women:

Elephants in the room: Urban poverty, climate change, and other problems we love to ignore

Fresh and steaming from the mailbag: it's Humpday Hatemail!

New rules for voter registration just posted.


Dan Rather Reports is covering coerced & forced adoptions, stolen babies, and

Want to see Ann Romney's speech at the Convention - Don't turn into the Network stations

Congressman's skinny-dip is applauded by nudists

Not sure what Nicole Kidman is shooting for with these latest shots.

Wayne Powell double dares Cantor


Thom Hartmann: Republican ''Legislative'' Rape - Not Legitimate!

This is why we've got to GOTV:


Legitimate Rape

Michael Baumgartner, Washington GOP Senate Candidate, Admits Telling Reporter To 'Go F--- Yourself'

Phillis Diller, GLAAD, and Hugs to LGBT DUers!


D'Oh! - GOP "We Built This" Convention - Being Held At Arena Built With 62% Government Funds!

what about rape victims who get pregnant and choose to have it?

George Zimmerman fights subpoena asking for release of medical records

Many at Fed Ready to Act if Growth Doesn't Pick Up

Prop 39: Closes a corporate tax loophole, but earmarks most of the money

Carrot cake, please. I like my carrot cake more spicy. What's the best combination

Master of His Universe: Limbaugh: "If I Had Demanded Akin Drop Out, He'd Be Gone"

If I Were Royalty, I'd Run Around Naked All of the Time

Ryan could end up president, so deferring to Romney's stance on abortion is not good enough

Limited Convention Coverage Will Leave Ann Romney Off Air

Welcome to the Non-Fiction Group.

How to conduct a useless poll

Strange and infuriating email problem.

A circus without reality (En cirkus utan verklighetskontakt )

Obama plans college-town push during GOP convention

Stange and infuriating email problem.

Frankel rolls to a seven length victory....

The 50 book challenge.

Walter Rhett: A Faith Lesson for Todd Akin

Feeling Trickled Down Yet?

Two Poll Numbers that Made Me Cough Up Fur Ball

What I love about August is that the sun sets

Bombshell! If This Is Why Mitt's Taxes Are Secret, His Base Will Disown Him

Oh My, Let's Look At This Juicy Contradiction In the GOP Platform!

How to wash a cat--

So it really is about just how Akin said it, not what he said.

Everyone can now relax: New Poll... Obama +3 in Wisconsin

Was Romney's Choice Any Wiser Than McCain's?

Guns 'R Us: Buying Guns in America

Art Inspired Cakes

Michelle Obama will appear on Letterman during GOP convention

Thom Hartmann live thread 8/22/12: Guess who's back?

The real danger of the rape "debate".

Just how do you contaminate cantelopes and melons?

Julian Assange: Why the world needs WikiLeaks

Cantor’s Democratic challenger brings race to county.

Powell brings race to Chesterfield.

I'm voting for...

Some of Marcy's buddies at the park.

Piers Morgan calls Aiken a "gutless little twerp".

Thom Hartmann: Obama's Stimulus Was One of the Best Kept Secrets - Why?

Afghans: Foreign spies at root of insider attacks

Good news! There *IS* a hangover cure, a bacon sandwich!

43 percent said Cantor should be replaced, w 37% approval rating!

For those anti choice people, who is to determine if the conception occurred via rape?

Does Mitt Romney believe in Polygamy? Does he have, or has he ever had, another Wife?

Paul Ryan Still Believes in Forcing Rape Victims to Give Birth to Their Rapists' Children

PPP Poll: Obama leads 50% to 45% in Virginia

Tennis US Open begins Sunday, so I won't have to watch ANY Repub. antics next week, and...

The President in Las Vegas

US sues Gallup, alleging pollster overcharged on government contracts

WVU tops UT in another poll!

U.S. CBO sees worse economic wreckage from "fiscal cliff"

Fewer Murders in Mexico than US before Drug War Offensive


Powell in Louisa County THIS EVENING,

Funny Tweet explaining Jenna Jameson's endorsement of Mittens

Limbaugh claims that Hurricane Issac is an Obama conspiracy to shut down the Republican convention

Point blank if the republicans win this time abortion will be illegal, Medicare and social security

West Wing vs. The Wire, Which is better?

CNN FACT CHECK: Romney's Welfare Ad Is "False", "Doesn't Work"

Eugene Robinson nails it on Romney "We don't give the school bus driver credit for the honor roll."

DNCC Announces Additional Speakers for the 2012 Democratic National Convention

RNC may abort convention....

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaah Ryan quotes the President - on Bashir

The RNC Convention will continue as planned.. No worries

So if it turns out that Julian Assange is guilty of rape....

Listened to someone trying to explain why we should have voter ID today, guess what, he failed

A friend..."I'm not going to vote."

High Price Of Corn Forcing Farmers To Feed Candy To Livestock

Missouri Republican Assembly Continues its support for Congressman Todd Akin

CT century break yesterday

Israeli government willingly lays foundations for Jewish terrorism

The Only Recipe for Ice Cubes You’ll Ever Need

NBC Poll: Percentage of African Americans who say they support Romney--ZERO.

Tampa Authorities Empty Jail In Anticipation Of Mass Arrests At GOP Convention

President Obama Fires Up Las Vegas Crowd


"Science" - Schmience!

Protecting Our Faith By Respecting the Constitution

National Review Goes Full Caveman

"Say It Again: Assange is a Sissy!"

Romney: Help us get 5 million "likes" on facebook

No more potato peeling!

Poll: Obama Earns High Approval Ratings From Latinos

This is what happens when somebody has the balls to call out teapublicans!

Tiny Zen Living: 8 Foot Square Mobile Cube

Ark. lab didn't perform residue test [in the shooting death of 21-year-old Chavis Carter]

Paging Dr. Akin! Paging Dr. Todd Akin!

Making my own yogurt--Part II (or III)

DNCC Announces Additional Speakers for the 2012 Democratic National Convention

Do other conservatives out there agree with National Review's "Real Men Don't Have Daughters" idea?

New Free App vets PAC ads for lies.

In Texas, Don’t Even Mention Abortion

Ryan is running on Americ's vacuousness.

U.S. middle class set back over last decade-report

This is a MUST read of one of the most amazing new members of DU and her story

Anyone else notice the huge female presence at Obama rallies?

"NEGLIGENT": Top Newspaper Editorial Editors Slam WSJ's Lack Of Rove Disclosure

DU men, how about starting some visible feedback to National Review to push back on their

So,.......Nurse Nicole won the MFM recovery room attendant lottery!

Quick and easy salad combo's anyone?

We built this.

Newsweek, Niall Ferguson, And The Conservative Echo Chamber

Hurricane Isaac - welcomes GOP

So...what happens NOW with the Republiban and the Mo. Senate race?

A dying Vietnam Vet is going to a Boston Red Sox game tonight...

A great rant - why a person should vote republican.

Value of honesty and liberty

Navy SEAL's book will describe raid that killed bin Laden

Mr. Fish

Papantonio: The Republican Rape Defenders

could someone tell me why the people in charge of the rnc would choose a coastal city at the

If Reid can legally look at Romney's taxes-don't you think he would have before he opened his mouth?

Prof. Jonathan Haidt on conservative and liberal morality

Newsmax: Krugman, Others Slam Newsweek's Ferguson

PLEASE Help! I got back from appt, Not what I was expecting. I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

Americans throw away 40 percent of their food: study

Delaware DUers Check in!

Toon: Jesus is coming soon...

Super-Strong, High-Tech Material Found to be Toxic to Aquatic Animals by Researchers at MU and USGS

The Dragapella Beauty Shop Quartet, The official GOP Economic Platform

Madeleine Albright: Forever...


New climate history adds to understanding of recent Antarctic Peninsula warming

Underwear DUers check in!

"Minn. lawmaker in rest stop scandal won't drop bid"

Remember Bartcop? Bart's still around.

DU Swearers Check the fuck in!

I must be weird, I like the ads on DU

Hey Girl...

Sky-high methane mystery closer to being solved, UCI researchers say

Do you know what the greatest tragedy in the country is?

DU Sweaters Check the fuck in!

You can't make this shit up: "Homocon 2012 will be the must have ticket for the RNC"

Election model with 100% success rate predicts Romney victory

A LIST of LINKS to 2012 Presidential Electoral Vote Forecast Maps

Glass offers improved means of storing UK’s nuclear (Intermediate Level) waste

"This is the convention prelude of the Republicans' dreams — their nightmares, that is."

Don't pee in my Wheaties

What disqualifies a citizen's right to bear arms?

At least 48 people killed in Kenyan tribal clashes

Ever the statesman...

Alaska Politician Suggests this it is Time to Stop Educating Handicapped Children

Anyone heard how MFM is doing?

The Court Cases That Changed Our World

I don't think they're going to run my response to the National Review


Correct me if I'm wrong but haven't modern day presidents had mostly daughters?

Curiosity Mars rover takes first drive (BBC)

TRUTH FAIRY: L.A. Mayor, L.A. Times Attempt to Expose the Horrors of Prop 32

It is NOT "pro-life". It is ANTI-CHOICE.

My pick for most beautiful city in the world

Republican convention theme "We Built It" a publicly financed and publicly owned arena

Larry David Wants You To Vote

Where does he get this stuff?

Hysterical FB smackdown re: Todd Akin!

Poll: Workers worry over benefits

Medicare Advantage is a 15-year failed experiment in privatization.

Akin has month to rally funds, forces to stay in Mo. race

Support Grows for a New Labor School at CUNY

Friday 24 August is the 20th anniversary of Hurricane Andrew

Hey Lounge! How's it going tonight for ya???

Despite Assange claims, U.S. has no current case against him

Are you a fetus? Are you very wealthy?

Anyone here know anything about bug identification?

Obama is attending three basketball-themed cash grabs in and around Lincoln Center

Sharing something small but important that happened to our family. Not politics!

Question for Pat Robertson

Blame Flies Over Police Massacre of 34 South African Miners

This is not a snake.

I am getting very tired of these damn telephone polls! Is anyone else being pestered??

What's your neighborhood's walk score?

My Vagina Has Legitimate Concerns About Electing Republicans

Romney "Doesn't Believe In Anything But His Own Ambition," Says Republican Operative To Bob Shrum

Dancing With The Traffic Cops

An 18 Point Swing in Economic Optimism Powers Obama Over Romney

One of my favorite movies is on right now...

Wanker Whipping Up Fear Bumper Sticker

Biden bemoans GOP Medicare plan in recession-ravaged Michigan

Said on the TeeVee

So the networks have decided to hide Ann "You People" Romney"?

Paul Krugman: Is Someone Trying To Tell Us Something?

Christine O’Donnell Lands In Hot Water Over Counter-Convention In Tampa Next Week (VIDEO)

I just had my interview with the local Chamber of Commerce.

A hurricane...? In Tampa?!

Who's Gonna Play Paul Ryan On Saturday Night Live???

***MFM UPDATE now with even more***

Massachusettsianans, can you answer a question ... ?

From Bible-Belt Pastor to Atheist Leader

We made grilled pizza tonight . . . . for the third time this month.

Rmney restoring cuts to Medicare wld cost beneficiaries more; hasten insolvency of Medicare by 8 yr

Paul Ryan attempts to draw a line under abortion row

Sheriff Candidate OK With Deadly Force To Stop Abortions

From Facebook........

Questions regarding The Senate Majority Leader

Robert Mugabe enjoys popularity surge among Zimbabwe's voters

I wonder if gun Nuts & 2nd Adm Absolutest have brains to figure out why people are scared of them

Flipside: What is the worst city you ever visited and why?

A film from 1947 predicting the effects of the 112th Congress.

"Why Akin Matters" by Joe Klein at Time

My rant on the neanderthals on the right - just need to let out my thoughts

WOW! Australian Broadcasting (4 Corners) Investigates Julian Assange!

Where’s The Outrage? Sarah Palin Says “Obama And Biden Have Put Our Children…In…Chains”

a biography of the day--judith sargent murray

Simpsons stamps wasted $1.2 million for Postal Service, report says

Story that will end the election for Romney if proven true

quotes of the day

Barbara Boxer: “There’s A War Against Women” And It Must Be Fought “At The Polls”

I just saw fucking Rmoney in person

Akin's ideas about rape hark back to the colonial era

NEW MEXICO: Obama up +14 in Rasmussen

Mitt Romney in Iowa tries to return to economic message following Akin fallout

CNN poll of polls shows President Obama up by four points.

Is the GOP's conference center in Tampa a hurricane shelter? Oh my! tee hee!

A dying Vietnam Vet is going to a Boston Red Sox game tonight...[x-post]

Judge strikes down Nevada’s 'none' voting option

Why Standardization Fails

"The Fanatical GOP" by Robert Reich

Pit bulls gnaw Calif. minivan in bid for kitten. Kitten okay.

Rep. Akin about to get medical procedure - (cartoon)

Older fathers pass on more genetic mutations, study shows

Spanish fresco restoration botched by amateur

'american bible challenge' new game show featuring jeff foxworthy

Tampa Bay Gay Prostitutes Gearing Up For Flood Of Closeted Republicans

Anyone want FREE Coltrane Jazz and Blues Fest tickets for High Point this weekend?

Just saw "The Campaign". "Caution - Strong language"

Cover of NY Observer

Prediction: Mitt Wins

Britannia Unchained: the rise of the new Tory right (UK)